Windward Review


Volume 18, 2021

Chris Ellery

A Fence Got Tired of Being a Fence

A fence that kept these worlds apart

Decided just to up and move away.

I guess it got tired of keeping worlds apart,

So it just upped and moved away.

Have you seen what becomes of This and That,

What happens to the Other when a fence is removed?

When worlds that once were two are not,

The Now-One World is greater than two.

When there isn’t any more Over There,

There can’t be any more Don’t Come Here.

So everywhere the wind blows through

Is Hallowed Ground—One Ground, not two.

Thanks to the fence that moved away

The two old worlds are One and New.

It shows us all what we ask a fence to do:

Keep them out and keep us in.

Keep the good things in for us.

Keep the bad things out for them.

Consider what could be—and should—

If all the fences woke up one day

And saw they weren’t doing any good,

So they just upped and moved away.

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