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The Customer Magazine of the Doppelmayr Group Issue 3/2021 46th Year/No. 214


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New lifecycle assessment calculator

Cablebús conquers

Mexico City

Faster routes for 600,000 residents


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10-MGD Cablebús Línea 1, Mexico City (MEX)

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Flagship project for tourism

Olang 1+2 in South Tyrol is a modern, high-capacity 10-passenger gondola lift that is

also a real architectural eye-catcher.



Norway’s longest ropeway

The new reversible aerial tramway in Åndalsnes provides a breathtaking view

of the natural gem that is Norway’s mountain landscape.

Green mobility for Floriade

Expo 2022

With the gondola lift at the international horticultural

show in the Netherlands, visitors enjoy a fantastic

view of the colorful exhibition.



What we experience


Lenzerheide places the emphasis on bikes

The Swiss vacation region Lenzerheide is pushing its offer

for mountain bikers. This includes an upgrade of the 6-seater

chairlift Weisshorn Speed for bicycle transport.


Memory focuses on the exceptional. We store wonderful experiences and tell

other people about them – special places, fascinating people or amazing things.

We are in the unique position of working in a business field – the ropeway sector

– that is characterized by precisely these aspects.

We are constantly meeting interesting personalities who inspire and challenge

us with their ideas. This is how our ropeways come to be built in places that are

unrivalled in their own special way.

Locations for recently built installations that impress their guests include a Chinese

water park, a Norwegian fjord landscape, a vibrant city and snow-covered

mountains. Our customers have an eye for the right choice. They make business

decisions with the necessary emotion and courage. To implement their projects,

we develop the right solutions featuring functions that impress and turn ideas

into something exceptional.

We enjoy passing on our knowledge. New apprentices began their training with

the Doppelmayr Group this fall and in future will be contributing to experiences

that people like to talk about. We also pass on our knowledge to our customers

and their teams, who operate ropeways and are responsible for ensuring that

their passengers get to their destination in safety and comfort. Our comprehensive

international training program provides them with optimal support in this respect.

We take pride in the fact that our work contributes to the creation of beautiful

memories that people like to communicate to others.

A site with many benefits

Unique ropeway projects become reality

at Doppelmayr USA.

Thomas Pichler

István Szalai

Executive Directors, Doppelmayr Holding SE

4 Facts & Figures

21 new Doppelmayr apprentices




apprentices in

total in Wolfurt

5 trades

Steel construction engineering

• Mechanical engineering

• Machining engineering

• Mechatronics

• Electrical engineering

September 1, 2021, marked their first day at

Doppelmayr for 21 new apprentices. These

youngsters will be serving apprenticeships in

steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics,

machining engineering and mechanical

engineering. As part of their training,

the skilled workers of tomorrow will be involved

with international ropeway projects. The comprehensive

training program includes acquiring

basic skills like using a fi le and a saw in the

apprentice workshop before experiencing the

work of other departments. Steel structures

weighing in some cases tons are created in the

steel construction department, while the electrical

workshop focuses on the electrical equipment

and control technology for ropeways. In

the interests of fully rounded vocational training,

not only technical but also social skills and

coaching to promote personal development

are all part of the training content. Doppelmayr

currently has a total of 108 apprentices (9 female,

99 male) at its site in Wolfurt.

Fiscal year 2020/21: Doppelmayr Holding SE

remains confident despite drop in sales

Doppelmayr Holding SE posted sales revenues

of 763 million euros in the 2020/21 fiscal

year, which represents a fall of 12.5% over the

previous year. The operating result decreased

by 30% to 669 million euros. Both of these developments

are attributable to the global Covid-

19 pandemic, which hit the company’s core

business – ropeways for alpine tourism applications

– particularly hard. Doppelmayr nonetheless

remains confident, even if Covid-19

continues to have an impact in the next few

years. The projects completed in fiscal 2020/21

include major contracts such as the ropeways

for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing,

the cutting-edge tricable gondola Eiger Express

in Grindelwald and the biggest intralogistics

solution in company history.

A large number of new developments in ropeway

technology equip the Group for the future.

Digitalization plays a key role here. With the

Kumme gondola lift in Zermatt, Doppelmayr

introduced AURO, a novel system for autonomous

ropeway operation. The lift is unmanned

and equipped with cutting-edge, integrated

technology. A trend that has already been evident

for some time is that winter destinations

are moving toward year-round tourism experiences.

Doppelmayr has a range of sports

equipment carriers in its portfolio to support

these activities. Examples include options for

transporting bicycles to access bike trails or

for entire bike parks. Our latest innovation is

the Bike Cab for gondola lifts.

Fiscal Year 2020/21:






in Austria




Latin America



This guarantees high ropeway capacity combined

with top comfort for passengers. With

a current headcount of 3,192 employees,

Doppelmayr is in a stable position following

the first year of the pandemic. Now more than

ever, employee training – from skilled workers

to the more than 100 apprentices currently

employed – represents a major investment

in the future.

Rest of World

763 million euros




5% 19%

Sales revenues









information can

be found at:

Facts & Figures


Spectacular installation of lattice towers

57 meters – that’s the height of the tallest lattice

tower on the new Valisera gondola lift,

which is currently under construction in the

Silvretta Montafon ski area. A helicopter was

used for the installation of the three lattice

towers. Alongside the Heliswiss crew, employees

from Silvretta Montafon and six Garaventa

fitters were involved.

3 new

lattice towers

57.10 m tallest lattice

tower on the

lift installation

The new Valisera gondola lift will go into service

this winter – then at the latest, ropeway

fans as well as winter sports enthusiasts will be

able to marvel at the new AURO installation

and its lattice towers.

20 years of RopeCon ® technology

The RopeCon ® is an innovative combination of

belt conveyor and ropeway technology. 2021

marks an anniversary for this system. Doppelmayr

used a RopeCon ® for the first time 20 years

ago during the construction of the Strengen

Tunnel in Tyrol. Back then, more than 600 tons

of tunnel excavation material per hour were

transported over the Rosanna River, the Arlberg

West railroad line and the Arlberg national highway

to the dump. This saved around 115,000

RopeCon ® is currently operated in

the following countries:




Papua New Guinea

truck trips – which also makes the RopeCon ®

a success model in environmental terms.


In the meantime, RopeCon ® technology is being

used on four continents: from the transport

of gold ore in Papua New Guinea to limestone

in Guatemala and wood chips in Austria. The

great advantage of RopeCon ® systems is that

they can cross all kinds of obstacles with ease

and occupy little space on the ground.


South Africa


20 years of RopeCon ® in figures:

Total transport length: 28 km

Track rope length:

177 km

Belt length:

57 km

Number of plastic wheels: 17,700

First transparent carbon

footprint for ropeways

Looking at emissions alone is not sufficient when it comes to assessing the sustainability

of an installation. The Doppelmayr Group is the first provider of mobility solutions to offer

an integrated lifecycle assessment of its ropeway systems from the cradle to the grave.

This is made possible by a sophisticated database-assisted CO 2 calculator. Comprehensive,

project-specific lifecycle assessments for urban ropeway projects are now possible, which

enables comparisons to be drawn with other transport solutions.

8 Main Report


obility is a basic need. People want

to get to work, go shopping, get to

school, visit friends and family, or

simply discover the world – none of these things

are possible without mobility. Transport nevertheless

brings challenges for our society, particularly

from an ecological perspective. This is

why the European Union, for example, is planning

to reduce transport-related greenhouse

emissions by 90 percent by the year 2050 with

the EU Green Deal. The search for a way to improve

mobility without harming the environment

leads first and foremost to the option of public

transport. The goal is to shift mobility away from

private transport in favor of local transit systems.

The public transport offering of the future must

be environmentally friendly but also multimodal

and provide a good service. No mean task –

especially as environmental friendliness is not

always transparent and simple to assess.

construction process and installation as well

as upstream measures like dismantling and

disposal. An example: To run a bus or streetcar

as a means of transport, you need not only

gasoline or electricity but also roads, depots

for the maintenance work, plus a garage or

parking areas for idle times. All this has to be

included for an honest assessment.

More than just emissions

With more precise analysis, it soon becomes

clear that it is not sufficient to consider emissions

alone when assessing a means of transport

for its ecological sustainability. We also

have to look at downstream processes like the

use of materials, production, distribution or the

Main Report


Ecological footprint of a ropeway installation

The environmental impacts of the ropeway are assessed throughout the entire

life of the installation in order to obtain an integrated lifecycle analysis.










First provider with integrated

carbon footprint

Doppelmayr is the world’s first provider of

mobility solutions with ropeways to present

transparent assessment of the integrated carbon

footprint pursuant to ISO 14040/44 and

therefore the overall environmental impact of

its ropeway systems. Customers receive a

comprehensive overview of the respective

emissions during the lifecycles of the commonest

ropeway solutions. This is made possible

by a database-assisted CO 2 calculator. The

calculator uses a verified calculation method

that Doppelmayr developed in collaboration

with myclimate. It is based on the ECOINVENT

database and is audited by an independent

institution to ISO 14040/44.

Comprehensive and comparable lifecycle


The tool enables the creation of project-specific

lifecycle analyses (LCAs) for the commonest

types of ropeway for urban applications. In

these lifecycle analyses, the environmental impacts

of the ropeway are assessed throughout

the entire life of the installation from the cradle

to the grave. For the purposes of the assessment,

the project-specific parameters for the

concrete mobility project, the areas to be accessed,

and the required transport capacity as

well as capacity utilization scenarios are formulated.

Operating hours, period of use and

associated infrastructures are also considered.

The functional units, which enable a

transparent, reliable comparison relating to a

concrete project, are derived from all these

factors. On the basis of the formulated functional

units, it is then possible to compare and

contrast alternative solutions with other means

of transport.

Environmental impact and savings potential

Once all this data has been collected, the CO 2

calculator creates a lifecycle analysis that is

precisely tailored to the project and provides a

transparent picture of the environmental impacts

of the planned ropeway. The lifecycle

analysis shows the detailed environmental

impacts split into the phases material, production,

distribution, installation, operation, maintenance,

dismantling and disposal. It also

gives a breakdown of the emissions according

to point of origin where the greenhouse gases

arise in the value chain, and states how much

greenhouse gas could be saved during operation

through the use of renewable energy.

The future is sustainable

The Doppelmayr Group is seeing an increasing

demand for environmentally friendly transport

solutions from (ropeway) users, project

partners and customers. Political efforts are

also clearly going in this direction. In the European

Union, for example, the introduction of

clean air zones is being discussed alongside

carbon pricing and infrastructure charging.

This means that specific CO 2 values must not

be exceeded in specific areas (primarily cities).

Carbon budgets for infrastructure projects are

also being considered. The Doppelmayr Group

therefore wants to give a clear signal right now.

As a company, it is important to be aware of the

true costs and the environmental impacts of

your products and to provide customers and

partners with optimal support when it comes to

assessing their mobility projects.

The Doppelmayr experts in International

Business Development will be pleased to

provide further information and to answer

your questions. They can be contacted by

mail to mobility@doppelmayr.com.

10 Technology & Innovation

Grip manufacture:


through precision

and digitalization

In Wolfurt, Doppelmayr produces around 5,500 grips a year for

different ropeway systems. A digitalized production process that

is coordinated through to the smallest detail ensures maximum

efficiency in the manufacture of these components.

Technology & Innovation



he grip is one of the key components

of any ropeway. It is the element that

connects the carrier to the rope. Safety

is the utmost priority on this component,

which is why top precision is called for in the

manufacturing process. This is made possible

by modern and efficient production methods.

Doppelmayr customers benefit from the decades

of experience and know-how in the development

and manufacture of grips.

Efficient assembly

The fully automated grip manufacturing line

incorporates cutting-edge technology plus a

host of digital features. The work steps are

precisely tuned to one another and each operative

has their defined work area. In the first

step, the grip components – some of which

are preassembled, such as spring packs, grip

levers, running wheel plates along with pins

and bolts – are assembled by an operative.

Comprehensive data is recorded for every individual

grip assembly group. All screw tightening

torques are transmitted by W-LAN with

the aid of a special torque wrench and automatically

documented electronically. Following

assembly, the quality control is performed

in two steps: First, an industrial robot scans

the entire grip down to the smallest detail and

performs the first function test, which is electronically

monitored. For the final inspection,

an operative carries out all the inspection steps

once again and saves them electronically. A

second, final function test is also performed as

part of this step.

Transparency and full traceability

Digitalization and the complete recording of all

data bring many benefits. This provides valuable

information for preventive maintenance of

grips – throughout the entire life of the grip.

Transparency, short routes, the availability of

all parts, traceability and the provision of all

the relevant information are important prerequisites

for a sustainably efficient production

process – and the same goes for the grip

manufacturing line.

The Cablebús conquers Mexico City

10-MGD Cablebús Línea 1 | Mexico City (MEX)

Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

377 cabins 6 Stations Main axis: 7.5 km 66 m 4,000 pphpd 6.0 m/s 26 min

Leg: 1.7 km 158 m 1,000 pphpd 5.0 m/s 7 min D-Line

The Cablebús Línea 1, an almost tenkilometer-long

urban ropeway connection in

Mexico City, provides direct access to the

local transit system for 600,000 residents in

the Cuautepec district.

22-million-inhabitant metropolis. The almost

ten-kilometer-long installation brings passengers

directly to the city’s largest transport hub,

Indios Verdes, where they can conveniently

transfer to the bus and metro.

making a valuable contribution to inclusion and

social balance in the city. In addition, the

Cablebús Línea 1 has directly created 300 new

jobs for Mexico City.

Since July, Mexico City’s long-awaited urban

ropeway, Cablebús Línea 1, has improved mobility

and access in and to Cuautepec. With this

modern 10-passenger gondola lift belonging

to the D-Line ropeway generation, Doppelmayr

is expanding the urban transport system of the

Faster routes

High traffic volumes and hour-long jams are a

normal feature of the transport network in the

Mexican capital. The first line of the Cablebús

cuts traveling times for many commuters by

more than half, which boosts the attractiveness

of local transit and makes life easier for

the district’s residents. Many journeys are

now easier to plan, reliable and hassle-free. In

the safe, comfortable 10-person cabins, passengers

enjoy a relaxing trip with optimal

views while gliding over congested roads and

difficult routes.

Improving the social balance

The new Doppelmayr ropeway is more than

a mobility project. The modern 10-passenger

gondola lift is barrier-free and offers a means of

transport for all – rich or poor, young or old, fi t

or mobility-impaired. Doppelmayr is therefore

For us, the ropeway is not only a mobility project,

but also a social one. We want to offer

the best public transport to the people of our

city and we are starting where improvement

is urgently needed. Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum

Pardo, Mayor of Mexico City

International Projects


Fresh boost for tourism in South Korea

8-MGD Samaksan Cable Car | Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do (KOR)

Daemyung Sono Group

3,619 m 350 m 1,200 PPH 5.0 m/s 13.17 min 66 8-passenger cabins 10/2021

A new ropeway makes Samaksan Mountain

the perfect destination for day-trippers

from Seoul.

Chuncheon-si is just 80 kilometers from South

Korea’s capital Seoul and is a popular destination

that visitors can reach quickly and conveniently

by train or car. The city lies at the foot of

Samaksan Mountain, which rises up 654 meters

and impresses with its stunning natural

beauty. Up to now, tourists were only able to

enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery on

foot. Since fall 2021, a modern gondola lift has

provided access to the summit. The new installation

is more than three and one-half kilometers

in length, making it one of the longest

tourist ropeway installations in South Korea.

The customer, Daemyung Sono Group, expects

it to provide a fresh boost for tourism in

the region.

Ingenuity called for during construction

The 13-minute trip on the gondola lift opens up

entirely new perspectives. From Chuncheonsi,

the route crosses a wide river as well as hills

and streams on the way up to Samaksan

Mountain. The magnificent terrain nonetheless

posed challenges for the Doppelmayr team

and the customer, Daemyung Sono Group. As

there is no road access to the top station, most

of the construction material had to be transported

by means of a material ropeway. And

that was not all: One of the towers on the new

installation stands in the middle of the river,

which made it necessary for the installation

crew to use boats.

Fan-shaped parking facility

The new station buildings feature exceptional,

eye-catching architecture that harmonizes with

the natural landscape. The fan-shaped design

also infl uenced the construction of the ropeway

as the parking facility for the cabins precisely

matches the station building and is slightly

curved. Doppelmayr also provided the perfect

answer to customer wishes with the innovative

drive Doppelmayr Direct Drive, a recovery concept

and three additional freight carriers.

The gondola lift up to the Samaksan was our

fi rst project with Doppelmayr. In view of the

excellent collaboration, we

are already considering new

joint tourism projects for the

future. Min Byung So,

CEO of Daemyung

Sono Group

Gondola lift in water park

8-MGD Snow Peak Ropeway | Danzhou City, Hainan (CHN)

Hainan Heng Qian Material Equipment Co., Ltd.

166 m 28 m 1,000 PPH 4.0 m/s 1.6 min 7 8-passenger cabins 07/2021

The Snow Peak Ropeway in Danzhou City

ensures genuine alpine flair at the heart of

the Fairyland Water Kingdom.

Ocean Flower Island is a themed artificial island

in Danzhou City, in Hainan Province,

China. Visitors can look forward to a host of

leisure, hotel and shopping facilities. The water

park known as Fairyland Water Kingdom occupies

110,000 m 2 of this exceptional island.

Snow-covered mountains are the theme of this

park – and, needless to say, the inclusion of a

ropeway was therefore a must. The gondola lift

Snow Peak Ropeway from Doppelmayr is a

true eye-catcher amid slides, swimming pools

and loungers. It is an attraction in its own right

and not merely a means of transport.

Gondola ride rather than slide

Seven comfortable CWA cabins carry passengers

with speed and comfort up to the

top of the Snow Mountain, where they can

enjoy views of the water park or eat at the

restaurant. The downhill route is then by one

of the many adventurous slides. The ropeway

provides the perfect alternative for those

who don’t care to slide. In particular, seniors

and mobility-impaired visitors prefer to take

the gondola for the downhill trip as it is also

entirely barrier-free.

The relatively short route means that the rope

is exposed to increased bending. For this reason,

Doppelmayr installed the Performa rope

from Fatzer on this gondola lift. It is particularly

resilient under high load and also very quiet

in operation.

Experience makes for smooth collaboration

For Doppelmayr, the Snow Peak Ropeway is

the first gondola lift in a theme park on the

Chinese mainland. Many international companies

were involved in the construction of the

ropeway. This, plus the circumstance that the

theme park was fully operational during the

construction phase, called for a lot of patience

and fl exibility on the part of the teams. Professional

time management and close coordination

of all the parties concerned were key to the

successful completion of the project.

International Projects


Architectural gem makes waves in South Tyrol

10-MGD Olang 1 + 2 | Kronplatz (Plan de Corones), South Tyrol (ITA)

Olanger Seilbahnen GmbH

3,021 m (Olang 1), 1,050 m (Olang 2) 909 m (Olang 1), 200 m (Olang 2) 3,900 PPH 6.5 m/s

9.74 min (Olang 1), 4.2 min (Olang 2) 182 10-passenger cabins D-Line

The new 10-passenger gondola lift Olang

1+2 is not just high-performance and cuttingedge

but also an architectural showpiece.

In spite of the diffi cult situation due to Covid-19,

the Kronplatz (Plan de Corones) ski resort in

South Tyrol took the conscious decision to go

ahead with the planned construction of its

ambitious 10-passenger gondola lift Olang 1+2

in collaboration with Doppelmayr from summer

2020. The both visually and technically outstanding

installation has two sections and

represents a flagship project for tourism

throughout the entire region. The new lift acts

as the main feeder from the catchment area

Olang, Rasen-Antholz and Hochpustertal in

winter and summer.

A touch of Hamburg flair

The first thing that catches the eye is the impressive

architecture of the station buildings.

The striking wave design and a distinctive roof

made from translucent foil are the result of an

architecture competition that was won by the

innovative Hamburg-based architecture firm

studio schlotthauer matthiessen architecturemade.

Three stunning station buildings were

created at elevations of 1,164, 2,073 and 2,274

meters in just five months. The dome-shaped

roof construction, which overarches the machinery,

is transparent and allows visitors to

see the technology in action. The bottom station

houses the information and ticket desk as

well as the offices that are accessible from the

inside. The new mid station incorporates the

cabin parking facility, which was previously in

the bottom station on the predecessor lift. In

addition, this station also provides space for

parking snow vehicles.

High-performance and record-breaking

The performance specifi cations for this installation

are remarkable. In comparison with the

previous 6-passenger gondola lift built in 1989,

capacity has been almost doubled. Its rope

speed of 6.5 meters per second, the 64 mm

rope diameter and the 2,130 kW drive power

are unique in Italy and also virtually unequalled

in the rest of Europe. Passenger safety is ensured

by a high-tech system for continuous

monitoring of the rope position on the sheaves.

This is the first time that the RPD Nexo system

has been used in Italy. For top comfort, the

elegant OMEGA V cabins are fitted with seat

heating. Visitors to the Kronplatz can look

forward to an exceptional ropeway experience

on the Olang 1+2.

With this lift installation, we want to set the

trend for the entire region and perhaps encourage

other tourist areas

to do the same and join

forces to boost momentum.

Matthias Prugger,

President, Olanger


16 International Projects

Bicable ropeway for greater efficiency

in material transport

BGD-M Buriticá | Buriticá, Antioquia Department (COL)

Zijin-Continental Gold Limited Sucursal Colombia

1.4 km 646 m 175 t/h 6.0 m/s 20 carriers 1 02/2021

In the gold-mining area of Buriticá in

Colombia, a new material ropeway is providing

a capacity of 175 tons per hour.

Doppelmayr has built a new material ropeway

in Buriticá, in northwestern Colombia. The region

lies 72 kilometers from the city of Medellín

and is a gold-mining area. A vertical rise of 646

meters has to be climbed when transporting

the reusable residues that are used for backfilling

purposes. The deployment of trucks in this

mountainous region is a huge challenge and

produces high emissions. The new material

ropeway went into operation in February 2021.

This means the transport operations can be

mastered quickly and effi ciently and dispenses

with the need to use vehicles, as was previously

the case.

Intelligent loading and unloading system

To allow for the haul rope to be run at a constant

speed, the buckets are automatically

detached from the loop in the stations and

braked before they are loaded via a chute.

Once a bucket has been fi lled, it is accelerated

up to running speed again and re-attached

to the haul rope before leaving the station.

In the unloading station, the bucket is once

more taken off the haul rope. At the designated

unloading point, a special mechanism unlocks

the latch on the bucket and starts the

automatic unloading operation. Once this has

been completed, the bucket is re-attached to

the haul rope before traveling back to the

loading station.

Continuous-movement bicable ropeway for

greater efficiency

For this project, Doppelmayr’s engineers revised

the design and mechanics of continuous

bicable ropeways from scratch and optimized

it for the transport of material in buckets. As a

result, the 1.4-kilometer-long ropeway is able

to carry up to 175 tons of material per hour.

The installation has a fixed tensioned track

rope for the material buckets with their carriages

to travel on. The buckets are driven by

the continuously moving haul rope loop to

which they are connected by means of detachable


International Projects


Weisshorn Speed becomes a biker lift

6-CLD-B Scharmoin–Stivetta (Weisshorn Speed) | Lenzerheide (CHE)

Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

2,279 m 741 m 605 PPH 1.730 PPH 3.5 m/s 5 m/s 11 min 8 min

38 6-seater chairs and 38 bike carriers (4 bikes each) 1999

The chairlift known as the Weisshorn

Speed in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, was fitted

with 38 bike carriers this summer. Riders

now have fast and convenient access to their

downhill fun.

The Lenzerheide Bike Kingdom is a paradise

for sports enthusiasts. The area has plenty to

offer and riders get a great kick out of blazing

down the spectacular trails over the many

jumps and banked curves on their downhill

bikes. The impressive and at the same time

formidable sounding names of the trails like

The Pipe, The Motta Express or The Great

White, which opened in the summer, promise

awesome adrenaline rushes.

In conjunction with the new trail, the feeder lift

was upgraded and converted from winter operations

only to year-round use. The Weisshorn

Speed chairlift, originally built in 1999, now has

a new control system, 76 new chairs with bubbles

plus 38 new bike carriers. This means that

riders can get to their trails with even greater

speed and comfort as well as having more

downhill runs to choose from – because up to

now they had to ride their bikes up the mountain.

But it’s not just the mountain bikers who

are thrilled by the fact that the Weisshorn

Speed now operates in the summer. Thanks to

the lift’s uphill and downhill service, it provides

the ideal addition to the Arosa Lenzerheide

hiking region between the Parpaner Rothorn

and the Urdenfürggli.

Simple handling

The bike carriers are fitted with bike clips. Handling

is entirely straightforward. Riders attach

their bikes themselves and then follow their

bikes on the next chair. The reduced transit

speed in the bottom station and the practical

bike clips make attaching the bikes particularly

convenient. In the top station, the bikes are

retrieved with a simple hand movement. In

Lenzerheide, four bikes can be transported

per bike carrier. Alongside the 38 bike carriers,

the Weisshorn Speed runs 38 chairs in the

summer and 76 chairs in the winter for passenger

transport. For the operating company,

this gives optimal capacity utilization and a

high transport capacity.

The lift upgrade was performed last spring.

As part of this project, Garaventa carried out

various inspections and replaced the ropeway

control system – which now has both a

summer and winter mode. This means that

the control system is simply switched over for

the winter season and the bike carriers go

into weatherproof storage in the converted

parking facility.

The modernization of the Weisshorn Speed

has taken the attractiveness of the Lenzerheide

Bike Kingdom to a whole new level. Riders will

be delighted as they can look forward to an

enhanced biking experience.


Suitable for bikes with the following specifications:

Weight up to 25 kg

Wheel size between 24” and 29”

Tire width up to 12 cm

Marsh Guard possible


Carriage of up to fi ve bikes

High transport capacity

Speeds of up to 6 m/s possible

Long service life

Suitable for ropeways with a steep rope inclination

The new bike carriers and the control

mode that is specially designed for

bicycle transport are a

genuine innovation and

the combination of the two

is unique in Switzerland.

Thomas Küng, CEO,

Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

© Nicole Trucksees

© Nicole Trucksees




© Romsdalen

Norway’s longest ropeway

45-ATW Romsdalsgondolen | Åndalsnes, Møre og Romsdal (NOR)


1,676 m 692 m 495 PPH 10.0 m/s 2 45-passenger cabins 05/2021

With a length of 1,676 meters, the new

Romsdalsgondolen reversible aerial tramway

up to the popular Nesaksla Mountain is the

longest installation of its kind in Norway.

© Romsdalen

Surrounded by picturesque fjords and located

in the heart of the Scandinavian mountain

landscape, Åndalsnes is a popular destination

for active vacationers. Nesaksla Mountain, in

particular, is a true natural gem. Until now,

however, the summit could only be reached

by a challenging two-hour hike. That changed

with the construction of the Romsdalsgondolen:

Norway’s longest ropeway was built here in just

13 months. It now takes only four minutes for

visitors to reach the summit. The tram offers a

capacity of almost 500 passengers per hour and

panorama windowsensure stunning views from

the fjord to the mountain top during the trip.

Convenient access

During the planning stage for the tram, the

focus was on convenient access for all passengers.

For this reason, the lower terminal is

located directly next to the harbor and the railroad

station. This makes the tramway easy to

reach for arriving guests without the need to

walk or travel long distances, irrespective of

whether they use the local transit network or

come by cruise ship. The barrier-free access

ensures a comfortable trip for all guests,

including those with strollers or wheelchairs.

The Romsdalsgondolen has also been awarded

the Green Key eco-label.

View of natural gem

From the upper terminal, visitors can access

the large hiking area on the Nesaksla. The

easy trails lead to several viewing points. From

here, they get to enjoy unrestricted vistas of

the impressive Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene

mountains, lush valleys and the emerald

green Rauma River. And those who prefer to

simply enjoy the view without hiking can do

so in the summit restaurant that also offers

far-reaching vistas. The tramway operates all

year round.

We’re delighted to be able to carry our

visitors directly up to the Nesaksla with

the new tram because

our magnificent mountain

landscape has something

for everyone.

Pål R. Amundsen,

CEO, Romsdalsgondolen

International Projects


Green mobility for Floriade Expo 2022

10-MGD Floriade Almere | Almere, Flevoland (NLD)

Floriade Expo 2022 B.V.

850 m 35 m 2,250 PPH 5.0 m/s 4.6 min 34 10-passenger cabins 07/2021

© Fotolinie Almere

The new ropeway has given lots of prospective

visitors a chance to take a look at

progress at the site of Floriade Expo 2022

ahead of the exhibition.

The international horticultural show Floriade is

held in the Netherlands every ten years. The

next one is in 2022 – this time in the city of

Almere. In line with the theme of “Growing Green

Cities”, a ropeway installation from Doppelmayr

was chosen as a sustainable means of transport

for the exhibition grounds. During the

5-minute trip, visitors will enjoy a fantastic

view of the unique show: The arboretum with

trees, plants, shrubs and fields of flowers

along with other attractions such as the attractive

architecture of the different buildings

can be admired from above, opening up an

entirely new perspective. The gondola lift will

link the northern and southern parts of the

park and cross the A6 highway – making it the

first ropeway in the Netherlands that passes

over a highway.

Sustainable means of transport

Other green mobility solutions, such as electrically

operated canal boats, will also be presented

during the Floriade exhibition. But the

centerpiece will be the gondola lift – a great

chance to experience the potential of urban

ropeways at first hand. With its electric motor

housed in the station, it produces no exhaust

or particulate emissions during operation and

is also very quiet running. In addition, the lift

takes up very little ground space with only two

stations and seven towers. Following the exhibition,

the ropeway will be dismantled and

reinstalled at another location.


Those who couldn’t wait for the opening of the

Expo on April 14, 2022, were given the opportunity

to experience the gondola lift in summer

2021. The installation was opened to the public

for a Floriade preview. This enabled visitors

to take a look behind the scenes of the upcoming

show and, at the same time, to discover

what it feels like to take a ride on a comfortable

urban ropeway.

The gondola lift fits perfectly with the theme

of ‘Growing Green Cities’ as it’s a sustainable

means of transport and the

ideal addition to the mobility

offering in modern green

cities. Hans Bakker,

CEO, Floriade

20 International Projects

New ride experience with

the Cloudsplitter Gondola

8-MGD Cloudsplitter Gondola | Wilmington, New York (USA)

Whiteface Mountain

2,587 m 741 m 2,000 PPH 6.0 m/s 60 8-passenger cabins 05/2021

The upgrade of the Cloudsplitter Gondola

on Whiteface Mountain ensures greater comfort

and higher transport capacity.

Doppelmayr upgraded the Cloudsplitter Gondola

on Whiteface Mountain in the US state of

New York in two phases. Since the beginning

of July 2021, visitors to the awe-inspiring

Whiteface Mountain have been able to look

forward to a new and comfortable ride experience.

During the 15-minute trip up to 1,120

meters, passengers get to enjoy unique views

of the breathtaking natural surroundings and

Lake Placid thanks to the panorama windows

on the OMEGA IV cabins. In 1980, Whiteface

Mountain provided the venue for the alpine

skiing competitions (downhill, slalom, giant

slalom and combination) of the Winter Olympic

Games in Lake Placid. Today, Whiteface

offers visitors a host of activities all year

round, from hiking in the summer to skiing in

the winter.

Trust through long-standing partnership

The partnership between the ORDA (Olympic Regional

Development Authority) and Doppelmayr

spans more than 40 years. This gave rise to a

whole series of ropeway installations built in

the run-up to the 1980 Winter Olympics. Today,

the ORDA operates four ski resorts in New York

State, which are equipped with a total of

13 lifts from Doppelmayr. These include the

Cloudsplitter Gondola built in 1999. As a reliable

partner, Doppelmayr USA was chosen to

upgrade the installation.

During the course of this modernization, the

electrotechnical equipment on the Cloudsplitter

Gondola was upgraded to state of the art and

now features the Doppelmayr Connect control

system. The new OMEGA IV cabins enable

easy, barrier-free boarding and disembarkation

for all passengers. With a transport capacity of

2,000 passengers an hour, more guests can be

carried up the mountain at peak times and

waiting times avoided. For Whiteface, the

modernization of the Cloudsplitter Gondola

means a major quality boost.

Technologies change. With the

modernization of the Cloudsplitter Gondola,

we are meeting the latest

standards and keeping our

finger on the pulse.

Aaron Kellett,

General Manager,

Whiteface Mountain

Comfort like never before on the Hochsiedel

6-CLD-B Hochsiedel | Oberstaufen, Bavaria (GER)

Hündle GmbH & Co KG

606 m 202 m 2,200 PPH 5.0 m/s 2.61 min 31 6-seater chairs 12/2020 D-Line

The first D-Line chairlift opened in the

Oberstaufen ski region. The installation has

many special technical features to offer.

The new 6-seater Hochsiedel chairlift at the

Hündle resort replaces two old surface lifts and

is the fi rst D-Line in Oberstaufen. It impresses

with plenty of comfort. Bubbles protect passengers

against snow, rain and wind. The seat

heating keeps winter sports enthusiasts warm

while they enjoy the magnifi cent view of the

Alpsee lake. Once visitors reach the top, they

have access to the resort’s ski trail highlights.

Easy boarding and safe trip

The new lift is specially designed to cater for

the needs of families with children. The loading

conveyor with elevating platform has a passenger

height detector and helps the younger

guests as they board the chairs. The autolock

system for automatic locking of the restraining

bar ensures maximum safety during the trip.

Top technology

It’s not just the passengers who benefit from

the modern lift design – the ropeway control

system Doppelmayr Connect makes operating

the installation straightforward and efficient.

The lift is propelled by the proven Doppelmayr

Sector Drive (DSD). The bottom station of the

chairlift is also equipped with a semi-automatic

grip pull force testing device, which ensures

simpler and faster maintenance.

A classic, elegant design was chosen for the

styling of the lift installation. The chairs and the

top station are in red and black. The mesh

banners on the backs of the chairs whet the

appetite for the warmer months of the year as

they advertise the resort’s summer offers.

This new chairlift, which incorporates all

the latest features from seat heating and

loading conveyor to bubbles, makes our ski

resort even more attractive

as a destination for families

in particular. Thomas Lingg,

Managing Director, Hündle

GmbH & Co KG

New splendor for the aerial tramway

Meiringen–Hasliberg Reuti

80-ATW Luftseilbahn Meiringen–Hasliberg Reuti | Meiringen-Hasliberg, Canton Bern (CHE)

Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg AG

1,476 m 440 m 900 PPH 8.0 m/s 2 80-passenger cabins 07/2021

Garaventa collaborated with Bergbahnen

Meiringen–Hasliberg on a major overhaul

with extensive modernization of the tramway

up to the Hasliberg.

The reversible aerial tramway Meiringen–Hasliberg

Reuti has been a popular means of

transport for guests and locals ever since it fi rst

opened in 1973. As well as bringing visitors to

the popular vacation resort of Hasliberg, it

provides the shortest connection down to the

valley for the people who live in Hasliberg and

is used by commuters, school students and

day-trippers on a daily basis. After almost 50

years of service with an initial rebuild in 1998,

the installation has now undergone another

technical and visual upgrade.

Character retained

The extensive overhaul by Bergbahnen Meiringen–Hasliberg

has given the tramway a new

splendor without altering its characteristic look.

Rather than replacing the two cabins, CWA put

a lot of life and soul into modernizing them. The

large cabins were originally built in Olten over

20 years ago. They recently returned to the

CWA site to receive new fl oors and windows as

well as a technical upgrade and a new paint

fi nish in a refreshing shade of red. Alongside

the cabins, the most eye-catching change is

the modernization of the stations. The facade

and stair access to the top terminal shine in a

new splendor, and visitors to the bottom terminal

now enjoy barrier-free access to the cash

desk and the tramway following the full rebuild.

Track rope replaced

The major overhaul was not limited to the “external

values” of the tramway. Frey AG Stans

replaced the entire drive control system. In

view of the limited space and the fact that the

time schedule had to be coordinated with the

construction work, replacing the track ropes

also proved to be a challenge. Garaventa completed

the project by checking the functionality

and safety of all systems as well as carrying

out comprehensive load tests and test runs. As

the tram is an integral part of the public transport

network, an energetic schedule had to be

maintained in order to ensure that the tramway

could go back into service again for local residents

as soon as possible. Thanks to excellent

coordination, Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg,

Garaventa and all the other contractors involved

were able to complete the major overhaul in

just 13 weeks.

Our aerial tramway is now state of the art

again and, in combination with the revamped

stations, has retained its

unique character.

Hanspeter Wenger,

Chairman of the Board,

Bergbahnen Meiringen-

Hasliberg AG

Curious about how a major

overhaul is carried out?

Find out more on the

Bergbahnen Meiringen-

Hasliberg YouTube channel:

International Projects


Even more fun on the slopes at Ukraine’s

biggest ski resort

6-CLD Bukovel Lift 3 | Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (UKR)

Bukovel GmbH

818 m 223 m 3,000 PPH 5.0 m/s 3.14 min 53 6-seater chairs 12/2020 D-Line

The first D-Line in Ukraine has opened in

the Bukovel ski area and provides access to

new ski trails.

Last winter saw the start-up of the 6-CLD Lift 3

in Bukovel, which is Ukraine’s first D-Line

chairlift. The ski area lies in Ivano-Frankivsk

Oblast in the Carpathian Mountains and first

opened in the year 2000. Bukovel is the biggest

ski resort in Ukraine with over one million

room-nights per annum. It boasts more than

68 kilometers of ski trails covering all levels

of difficulty for skiers and snowboarders, a

children’s area, several practice areas, a snow

park and a large number of restaurants. The

new lift provides access to a new section of

the ski area.

High transport capacity

A large number of winter sports enthusiasts

can now use the new lift for fast, safe repeat

rides up the mountain. The modern chairlift

handles the high volumes of visitors with ease.

The installation is propelled by an AC drive and

ensures top performance with a transport capacity

of 3,000 passengers an hour. A loading

conveyor in the bottom station makes boarding

easy for young and old alike. The trip on

the comfortable 6-seater chairs over a distance

of 818 meters takes a matter of minutes

and promises breathtaking vistas of the entire

ski area.

Top and bottom stations in eye-catching design

The lift includes the ropeway control system

Doppelmayr Connect – which makes operation

particularly convenient and straightforward for

the lift company. A generously dimensioned

station building at the top has a mini parking

facility with a maintenance platform and space

for three chairs. In addition, a large recreation

room provides ample comfort for ropeway personnel.

The design of the red bottom station

and blue top station, refl ecting the colors of the

ski resort’s logo, is particularly eye-catching.

With the new chairlift, we can offer skiers

and snowboarders fast transport up the

mountain. At the same time, we’re expanding

our ski resort to include a

new section, which enables

us to boost the winter sports

enjoyment of our guests.

Oleksandr Shevchenko,

Bukovel GmbH

24 News from Around the World

A new take on bridge-building:

Urban ropeway for the Paris metropolitan area

With the Câble A, Île-de-France is creating

new connections by using a ropeway as a

means of public transport.

Simply gliding over obstacles – this is a dream

that is about to come true for the residents

of Île-de-France in the metropolitan area of

Paris. Doppelmayr won the contract to build

an urban ropeway solution in April 2021. The

Câble A gondola lift is due to go into service

in 2025. A 4.5-kilometer ropeway connection

with five stations is planned. As a new link in

the public transport system, it will bring together

different metro and bus stops as well

as ensuring better access to local transit offers

for new catchment areas. This will mean time

savings and additional mobility options for the

20,000 inhabitants and 6,000 workplaces in

the connection’s catchment area. Traveling time

between terminals will be just 17 minutes – and

the trip will be entirely unhindered by road congestion.

With its technical features and reliable

operation, the D-Line perfectly fits the bill for

an urban transport application. Consistently

implemented barrier-free access goes without

saying as this is the only way for a gondola lift

to provide top comfort for all passengers in a

public transport setting.

The project is currently in the planning phase.

Building a connection in such a complex

transport network as Paris will require particularly

close collaboration between the experts

in the fields of infrastructure, landscaping,

civil engineering and architecture in the team

centered around the ropeway specialists from

Doppelmayr. The construction work is due to

start in 2023.

Quarry implements pit restoration with

ropeway solution

Reduction in CO 2 emissions thanks to

RopeCon ® system at Bardon Hill Quarry.

Restoring exhausted pits is a major factor in

modern quarrying activities and includes emplacement

of the overburden from the active

quarry to restore the landscape. This is the

solution currently being adopted at Bardon Hill

Quarry, which is one of the UK’s oldest continuously

operated quarries. In order to make this

restoration as eco-friendly as possible, Aggregate

Industries UK Ltd decided in favor of a

RopeCon ® system from Doppelmayr. In future,

a combination of ropeway technology and

conventional conveying technology will transport

the overburden used for restoration within

the quarry in Leicestershire. This solution will

significantly reduce CO 2 emissions and environmental

impact compared with road haulage

or the footprint associated with a conventional

surface conveyor system.

Simultaneous conveying and

emplacement activities

The system spans across the entire pit with

track ropes. The belt, which transports the

overburden, moves on these steel wire track

ropes and the material can be transferred onto

a second belt directly in the rope span. This

second belt is reversible and therefore allows

simultaneous conveying and emplacement

activities. The RopeCon ® system also offers the

ability to control the drop height, which will

minimize the impact of noise and dust during

the system’s operation. The solution is currently

under construction and will be the first such

installation in the UK. It will transport Bardon

Hill’s overburden at rates of up to 1,000 tons

an hour.

News from Around the World


More skiing fun in Lech Zürs

am Arlberg

The new Zugerberg and Madloch lifts offer

added value for winter sports enthusiasts

and landscape.

At the winter sports destination Lech Zürs am

Arlberg in the west of Austria, two new lifts are

set to create huge added value for all skiing

fans. The popular chairlifts Zugerberg and

Madloch are going into a well-earned retirement

after over 50 years of service and will be

replaced by two cutting-edge ropeway installations.

In future, skiers can look forward to getting

up the mountain faster, in greater comfort

and without waiting times. Once at the top,

they will have the legendary alpine ski circuits

White Ring or the RUN of FAME to choose from.

The construction work is scheduled for completion

at the start of the 2021/22 winter season.

New Zugerberg lift

The new Zugerberg lift will be a 10-passenger

gondola with panorama windows. The top station

and the cabin parking facility in the bottom

station will be built underground, which will

bring benefi ts for the unique landscape and for

nature conservation. In addition, accommodation

for 36 lift employees is to be built directly

above the underground carrier parking facility.

© 3D.Manufaktur Visualisierung

New Madloch lift

After more than 12.5 million trips, the Madloch

lift is to be replaced by a comfortable 6-seater

chairlift with seat heating and bubbles. The

Madloch lift provides an important connection

between the ski resorts of Zürs and Lech.

Alongside the ultramodern look, safety plays

a major role in the construction of the new

stations – relocation of the bottom station will

vastly improve access while, at the same time,

avalanche protection is to be extended in the

area of the top station.

Modernized funicular for

the Montréal Olympic Tower

As part of a complete rebuild of the Montréal

Olympic Tower in Canada, its funicular

railway is also undergoing a major upgrade.

With its exceptional inclined architecture, the

Montréal Olympic Tower is one of the most

striking tourist attractions in the province of

Quebec. The entire surrounding Olympic Park

and the tower are being extensively updated

as part of a major renovation project promoting

eastern Montreal. This includes the funicular

railway, which opened in 1987 and leads

to the observatory at the top of the tallest

inclined tower in the world. The Doppelmayr

Group was awarded the contract to modernize

the funicular, with reopening scheduled

for 2023.

Unique design

In terms of its visual design, the funicular will

look as stunning as the Olympic Tower. The

new car will incorporate modern styling with

sweeping curves reminiscent of the Olympic

Park. In addition to its fresh design, the modifications

on the installation will include a new

drive as well as a cutting-edge control system.

The rebuild is a joint project for the Doppelmayr

Group: Garaventa, Frey AG Stans, CWA and

Doppelmayr Canada are working closely together

to create a well-orchestrated funicular.

For Doppelmayr Canada, this project is practically

a “home game” as the Olympic Tower

is just a 50-minute drive from the Canadian

production site in Saint-Jérôme.

Doppelmayr USA:

Customer proximity and

exceptional projects

Ropeway innovations for the US market are created within 85,000 square meters of

floor space in Salt Lake City. The area around the Rocky Mountains ranks among

the most popular winter sports regions in the USA. The Doppelmayr Group’s North

American subsidiary in Salt Lake City implements unique ropeway projects in many

ski resorts in the immediate vicinity.

Doppelmayr USA was founded in the

state of Colorado in 1982. Following the

merger with Garaventa/CTEC in 2002,

the company moved to its current location in

Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2008, the company

has operated under the name of Doppelmayr

USA and now employs 192 people. Katharina

Schmitz has headed the North American subsidiary

since 2020. The premises in Salt Lake

City cover 85,000 square meters and include

offices, warehousing and manufacturing space

along with electrical production, shipping and

installation archives dating back to the 1970s.

In addition, around 4,200 square meters are

dedicated to an ultramodern training facility for

professional instruction in all things related to

ropeway technology.

Proximity to many ski resorts

The site’s location is of huge benefit both to

the company and its customer base. The western

section of the Rocky Mountains Range is

home to North America’s major winter sports

resorts such as Aspen, Beaver Creek and Vail

Resorts along with many smaller ski areas –

which makes the company ideally placed

to serve their needs. Some of these resorts,

among them Deer Valley and Park City, lie

within just 35 minutes’ reach of the plant. This

central location also means that experts can

be on site faster, physical meetings make

collaboration easier, and access to training is

more convenient.

Unique projects

The customers of Doppelmayr USA are highly

innovative and open to completely new products

and solutions. The 1980s saw the completion of

the world’s first detachable quad chairlift and

Doppelmayr Group


Project list Doppelmayr USA


World’s first detachable

quad chairlift,

Ski Corporation

Breckenridge, Colorado


Mandalay Bay Tram (Cable Liner),

Las Vegas, Nevada


Oakland Airport


(Cable Liner),

Oakland Airport,

Oakland, California


Ramcharger 8

(D-Line chairlift),

Big Sky Resort, Montana

World’s first 8-passenger

monocable gondola lift,

Steamboat, Colorado


Marquam Hill

(reversible aerial tramway),

Portland, Oregon


Hogwarts Express (funicular),

Universal Studios Theme Park

Orlando, Florida


© 2014 Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.

HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia

are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR. (s14)


Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotels in Las Vegas,

was opened in 1999. Its futuristic design and

panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip make

the ride a unique experience.

8-seater chairlift, was built at Big Sky Resort

in Montana in 2018. As pioneers in winter tourism,

Boyne Resorts invests in innovations that

continuously boost the guest experience.

Doppelmayr USA

Founded: 1982

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Headcount: 192

Core market: USA

Role: Project engineering, sales,

production, installation, start-up,

customer service, training

the very first 8-passenger monocable gondola

at ski resorts in Colorado. The Mandalay Bay

Tram, which links the world-famous Excalibur,

Another successful Cable Liner project was

built at Oakland International Airport. The

Oakland Airport Connector moves people between

the airport and the BART public transport

network with a trip time of just 8.5 minutes.

Since 2014, this Cable Liner has carried several

thousand passengers and operated 20

hours on a daily basis. That same year saw

the completion of another exciting project,

which continues to make the hearts of Harry

Potter fans skip a beat. At Universal Studios

in Orlando, Florida, a funicular was created

as an exact replica of the famous Hogwarts

Express steam train.

D-Line installations can also be found in the

USA. The Ramcharger, North America’s first

Doppelmayr USA will continue to work with

customers to jointly accomplish many more

exciting and innovative projects in the future.

Many of the most popular ski resorts in the

US are located in close proximity to our

plant in Salt Lake City – a major benefit for

our customers. We can rapidly be on the

spot with our know-how and

our technical capabilities,

and drive forward many

innovative projects.

Doppelmayr USA’s CEO

Katharina Schmitz

Taking training to

the customer

The Doppelmayr Group offers a well-conceived training program

for customers worldwide directly on site.

Doppelmayr has a large, ultramodern

training center in Dornbirn and also offers

training courses at its subsidiaries.

However, as ropeway personnel are not always

able to travel to Austria or get to the nearest

local office, the company provides a practical

alternative: training on site – i.e. directly on

the customer’s premises. For expert training

courses, a training container is used that can

be fitted out to suit individual requirements.

Here, errors can be simulated and eliminated

under the instruction of the trainers. This

means the customer is actively involved in the

solution process without interrupting regular

ropeway operations.

Experienced and professional

The instructors who belong to the training

team are experienced engineers and technicians

from a range of disciplines within the

Doppelmayr Group, external experts, and experienced

operations managers. They ensure

that ropeway personnel are able to utilize

the full potential of the ropeway. Professional

care of the installation also reduces running

costs and increases availability. The concrete

training program for ropeway employees will

depend on the learning goals and previous

knowledge. Courses always include theory

and practice.

A good basis

Doppelmayr offers courses aimed at different

levels of learning, which can be attended individually

or successively. The basic course is

directed at newcomers to the industry. Participants

gain an overview of the ropeway product

and everything associated with it, such as

hazards, organization and passenger operations.

The goal of the course is to acquire an

understanding of the interaction between the

individual ropeway components and to internalize

proper maintenance.

Customer Support


Operation support for safe operations

The operation advisory, which builds on from

the basic course, is directed at the operating

crew and offers operation support – it is not

a training course in the conventional sense.

Experienced operations managers from the

Doppelmayr team of experts support and instruct

the ropeway crew during operation and

assist them when carrying out operational

checks and inspection runs. They also give

valuable tips and information on organizational

questions or operating rules and explain

important ropeway functions and processes.

All things related to maintenance

For in-depth knowledge regarding ropeway

maintenance, there is the maintenance assistance

course. This is directed at the maintenance

team and consists of numerous

modules that can be combined as required.

These include the sheave assemblies plus

sheaves, maintenance work in the stations,

grip inspection, lubricating intervals and much

more. Combining maintenance assistance with

the activities of the Doppelmayr service team

is a popular option. Their goal is to support

the ropeway crew with recurring maintenance

tasks. As part of maintenance assistance, the

crew perform maintenance work in the presence

of the instructor. The instructor provides

help if anything is unclear, shows tips and

tricks, and addresses particular topics requested

by the crew.

Training projects worldwide

Customers like to take advantage of the onsite

training offer. In 2021 alone (up to the fall),

Doppelmayr has conducted 22 training courses

abroad lasting from two to eight weeks.

Examples of large training projects include the

Cablebús Línea 1 in Mexico City and the 3S

gondola lift Cat Ba in Vietnam. This fall, there

will also be a major training drive in Haifa, Israel.

The training project in Mexico City was of

major importance for the entire Doppelmayr

Group in Latin America as the training container

used is to stay in Mexico so that in

future comprehensive continuous training can

be offered directly on site. The container will

subsequently be used not only for customer

training but also for training Doppelmayr’s own

employees and ensuring they are always up to

date. This is an important step toward setting

up a central support service for the country

organizations and representatives in Latin

America. The company can then offer consultancy,

project development, ropeway training

and maintenance activities in close proximity.

This will hugely facilitate collaboration on urban

mobility and tourism projects in the region.

30 In Brief

AURO wins innovation award

Doppelmayr received the innovation award in Wolfurt with great pride: (from left to right) Provincial

Economics Minister Marco Tittler, Provincial Governor Markus Wallner, Doppelmayr AURO Project

Manager Gerd Dür, Doppelmayr Executive Director Thomas Pichler and President of the Economic

Chamber Hans Peter Metzler.

The Province of Vorarlberg and Vorarlberg’s

Economic Chamber jointly confer an annual

innovation award for outstanding ideas. In 2021,

a total of seven companies were honored with

the award. These included Doppelmayr for

AURO (Autonomous Ropeway Operation). In

particular, the jury praised the seamless interplay

between a wide range of innovations,

which together brought the autonomous ropeway

to market maturity. The savings potential

it creates while retaining the same level of

comfort was also commended.

More about AURO:

Quality seal in winter sports

The International Ski Area Test ranks as

one of the most important benchmarks in

the ropeway sector in terms of quality, guest

services and innovation. For 25 years, the

Ski Area Test team have been conducting

anonymous quality checks at participating

ski resorts and tourist destinations in accordance

with proven, comprehensive cat-

egories. The award ceremony for the winners

in the 2020/21 winter season was held in

Rattenberg (Tyrol) on May 28 and was attended

by 230 guests from the ropeway sector.


Ski Area Test 2021 Gold:

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad, Switzerland

Mountain Experience of the Year 2021:

Lauchernalp Bergbahnen, Switzerland

Rising Star of the Year 2021 Gold: Bergbahnen

Hohe Salve Hopfgarten-Itter, Austria

Best Event Platinum: Audi FIS Ski World Cup

women’s and men’s slalom, Snow Space

Salzburg, Austria

In Brief


Energy wonder Schilthorn tramway 20XX

In the Swiss Schilthorn ski area, the operating

company of the same name is planning

a new project focused on sustainability.

The Schilthorn tramway 20XX is to be operated

with an innovative and efficient hybrid

battery system. Individual trips will be entirely

self-suffi cient thanks to stored braking energy

and photovoltaics.

In addition to reducing energy consumption,

it will be possible to cut energy costs by

around 10 percent while doubling the transport

capacity. The Schilthorn tramway benefits

from the collaboration and know-how of

Garaventa and Frey AG for the implementation

of the energy concept.

© Schilthornbahn AG


Webinar series on urban

mobility of the future

Inclined length

Vertical rise

Number of towers




Trip time




Summer operation

Winter operation


What are future-proof approaches to urban

mobility? Where is the future of public transport?

What moves transport planning? Or:

Transport and sustainability: a contradiction?

These and other questions are addressed by

Doppelmayr in the latest series of webinars

dealing with urban mobility of the future. For

roughly an hour, experts provide fascinating

insights and interesting perspectives on improved

multimodal and sustainable offers and

possibilities. Taking part in the webinar is free

of charge. All webinars can also be viewed

subsequently in German and English.

Further dates

and information

can be found at:

Proprietor, editor and publisher: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen

GmbH, Postfach 20, Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1, 6922

Wolfurt, Austria, dm@doppelmayr.com, doppelmayr.com;

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photos: Doppelmayr; printing: Thurnher, Rankweil; editorial

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of source and explicit written authority; status: September 2021;

errors and omissions excepted; In the interests of better readability,

we dispense with the use of gender-specifi c wording

in the magazine; General Terms and Conditions apply.


The integrated ropeway

For Doppelmayr, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) means innovative product and service integration.

The technical foundation was laid for increasing integration with the ropeway control system Doppelmayr Connect and the latest

cabin generation. Cabin functions such as lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning and two-way communication can be controlled

centrally using the straightforward ropeway control system Doppelmayr Connect.



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