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December 2021<br />

“Remember<br />

this December,<br />

that love weighs<br />

more than gold!”<br />

– Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

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says<br />

“It’s A Wrap”<br />

December 2021<br />

Contents<br />

Volume 20, Issue 12<br />

About the Cover Artist:<br />

The Budapest-based artist, Dorina Nemeskéri, has not stopped drawing<br />

from the moment she could hold a pencil in her hand. It was never a<br />

question that she would pursue her passion to become a full-time artist.<br />

Her creations are inspired by an olden-time, vintage vibe. She wants her<br />

art to offer people a chance to escape their reality and feel cozy. Dorina<br />

explained, “I turned to fantasy to escape my environment of a city largely<br />

consisting only of what is usually often referred to as ‘commie blocks.’<br />

Painting gave me an outlet to briefly move away from that grey reality!”<br />

To set this atmosphere, she usually goes for oil-based and acrylic<br />

material. You may also notice that her characters have a unique taste<br />

in fashion. That is because her other love is vintage fashion/fashion<br />

design. As an introvert, art is definitely the best way for Dorina to truly<br />

express herself.<br />

ETSY: www.etsy.com/shop/AtelierDorina?ref=seller-platform-mcnav<br />

CASETIFY: (phone case shop) www.casetify.com/atelierdorina/collection<br />

SPOONFLOWER: (fabric/wallpaper design shop)<br />

www.spoonflower.com/profiles/atelierdorina<br />

WEBSITE: www.atelierdorina.com<br />

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/atelierdorina/<br />

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/atelierdorina<br />

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What We Want for Christmas<br />

by Erika Hoffman<br />

Christmas in Our Hearts - But We Need Lights Around It<br />

by Mary McClure<br />

Karen Riordan: Making Magic in Myrtle Beach<br />

by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson<br />

The Season of Love, Joy, and Wisdom<br />

by Rose Ann Sinay<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong> Wish List<br />

Perfectly Imperfect<br />

by Margaret Lea<br />

Songs of the Season<br />

by Ellen Fannon<br />

Evan’s Elf<br />

by Melissa Face<br />

December 2021 Events<br />

Our Chinese Food Christmas<br />

by Linda Baten Johnson

from the Editor<br />

Growing up, my parents and<br />

I mostly spent Christmas day<br />

traveling to spend time with<br />

my mom’s side of the family,<br />

which is pretty big. Instead of<br />

bringing gifts for every single<br />

family member, we collectively<br />

participate in a gift exchange.<br />

The Santa’s Hat Gift Exchange<br />

has a few various names, but<br />

the rules pretty much remain<br />

the same.<br />

Everyone included brings one<br />

wrapped gift of similar value<br />

that is usually either really<br />

great or really funny and the<br />

gift is placed under the tree<br />

anonymously. All participants<br />

pick a number from a Santa hat and take turns choosing a gift in their<br />

designated order. It’s important to note that you are not allowed to pick<br />

up or touch a gift unless it is the one you are opening. In other words,<br />

you cannot test how heavy the present is during your decision making.<br />

The fun really begins when a player decides to “steal” an already opened<br />

gift from someone else instead of opening a new one. Each opened<br />

present is allowed two steals and the third person gets to go home with<br />

it. From experience, it seems that the best numbers to have are either<br />

the first or the last because those candidates have more gift options.<br />

Regardless of the outcome, everyone involved goes home with a gift<br />

and gets a good giggle out of the game.<br />

However, my family coined an iconic gift about a decade ago that<br />

(due to its lack of cuteness) reappears every year, the pink pig planter.<br />

Family members have gotten a little more strategic with it now and do<br />

not wrap the pig itself because it’s too easy to spot. We would think, the<br />

bigger the gift, the more likely you are going home with the infamous<br />

pig. So now, most gifters take a picture of it and place it with another<br />

item that is actually a really good gift, to make up for the pig, of course.<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong> wishes you all a wonderful holiday season surrounded by what’s<br />

most important - loved ones and treasured memories.<br />

Cheers,<br />

Publisher<br />

Delores Blount<br />

Sales & Marketing Director<br />

Susan Bryant<br />

Editor<br />

Sarah Elaine Hawkinson<br />

Account Executives<br />

Erica Schneider<br />

Gay Stackhouse<br />

Art Director<br />

Patrick Sullivan<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Chasing the Light Photography<br />

Web Developer<br />

Scott Konradt<br />

Accounting<br />

Gail Knowles<br />

Executive Publishers<br />

Jim Creel<br />

Bill Hennecy<br />

Suzette Rogers<br />

PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576<br />

fax 843-626-6452 • phone 843-626-8911<br />

www.sasee.com • info@sasee.com<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong> is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand<br />

Strand. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website<br />

for details on submission.<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong> is a Strand Media Group, Inc. publication.<br />

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registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.<br />

6 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

What We Want for Christmas<br />

by Erika Hoffman<br />

I attended a Christmas luncheon yesterday. A choir of older<br />

women sang traditional holiday carols flawlessly. Yet, the<br />

highlight for me was not the mesmerizing music and their<br />

jovial red vests and joyful smiles but instead the performance<br />

of a little old lady who is the troupe’s comedienne.<br />

She stepped forward in front of her compatriots and with<br />

a little twinkle in her eyes began her story. Neither Jimmy<br />

Kimmel nor Jimmy Fallon can deliver a joke with better<br />

timing, tone, affect, and enunciation than she did, and<br />

she performed it live too in the midst of 100 folks. That’s<br />

no laughing matter because most of us amateur jokesters<br />

wouldn’t have had the nerve!<br />

She segued into her joke from a song the group had warbled<br />

about making a list to let Santa know what your heart desires<br />

for Christmas. She said she knew a woman who hinted about<br />

her wishes days on end before the holiday. This woman told<br />

her husband repeatedly what she expected to see in her<br />

driveway on Christmas morning. Like most husbands, her<br />

spouse didn’t appear to listen. She became more explicit in<br />

telling him what she wanted. The gift wasn’t to be delivered<br />

under the tree but in front of the garage. “I want something<br />

that goes from zero to 150 in three seconds” this woman had<br />

trilled to her non-responsive hubby.<br />

“Zero to 150” she repeated each day leading up to December<br />

25. “No need to wrap it.”<br />

That Christmas morning- we were told- this woman rushed<br />

out to her driveway and looked to her right and then to her<br />

left, turning in a complete circle. As our raconteur told this<br />

part of the tale, she exaggerated the head turns, and then<br />

our performer looked straight ahead at us with a bewildered<br />

gaze. Our jokester twirled around. Imitating the woman in<br />

her story, she searched for her zero to 150 surprise! And then<br />

she looked down at her feet.<br />

She said, “There set a digital scale.”<br />

We all howled.<br />

Mature women like jokes that resonate. Women of a<br />

certain age understand the scenario of a nagging wife, an<br />

unresponsive partner, her desire for something extravagant<br />

and sporty and his answer to her wish - something frugal<br />

and practical. A literal answer. A comical twist. And the<br />

glaring truth of the joke which most of us accept - we gain<br />

weight as we age.<br />

We related to her joke.<br />

So many women in their fifties and sixties complain<br />

about husbands’ habits as though they’ve just discovered<br />

these things about their partners, despite four decades of<br />

marriage. I always elicit a stare from my pals when I declare:<br />

“It’s too bad my husband was so dang good looking when he<br />

was a young man.” Ears perk up. Brows raise. Smiles form.<br />

“If he hadn’t been so handsome, I’d have noticed how odd<br />

he was.” Then everyone guffaws.<br />

People laugh because we’re all alike. We marry when we’re<br />

young and pretty and then as the years go on and our faces<br />

sag along with our bellies, we start noticing traits of our<br />

partners we didn’t see in the heady days of youth. Suddenly,<br />

it seems the smitten groom you married is morphing into<br />

your grumpy father-in-law or you are accused of turning<br />

into your husband’s critical mother-in-law. We start noticing<br />

DNA we hadn’t considered when blinded by attractive looks<br />

and springtime. C’est la vie. With age, we notice chinks in<br />

our armor, but we also laugh about those chinks and do not<br />

take the world or each other too seriously. We appreciate<br />

truths we’ve discovered along the way.<br />

So, with many Christmases behind us, we enjoy listening to<br />

songs more than opening presents. We appreciate a good<br />

joke more than a good cup of wassail. And the camaraderie of<br />

friends and acquaintances over a pleasant meal in a pleasant<br />

setting entertained by pleasant folks who “get us” is a merry<br />

way to celebrate the season, to celebrate life.<br />

Erika Hoffman<br />

resides in Chapel Hill, North<br />

Carolina with her one and only<br />

husband for many, many years.<br />

Her kids are grown and gone.<br />

But they left their pets behind. So<br />

now her doggies are her kids and<br />

writing is “her thing.”<br />

8 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

Wishing You...<br />

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Christmas in Our Hearts -<br />

But We Need Lights Around It<br />

by Mary McClure<br />

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas,” I say<br />

hopefully each December when the temperature drops<br />

down in the 30s. I say, “feels like Christmas,” not “looks<br />

like Christmas,” because we Okies know that a white<br />

Christmas is as rare as a partridge in our pear tree. It<br />

does happen, once in a while, but I am not one of those<br />

looking at the sky and dreaming of a White Christmas<br />

because snow can really foul up travel plans for everyone<br />

but Santa Claus. What I’m hoping for, starting with the<br />

first weekend in December, is the perfect day to put<br />

up the outside Christmas decorations. A perfect day I<br />

define as somewhere between 33 and 99 degrees, not<br />

raining, although a little mist would be OK, and wind<br />

gusts no more than 25 miles per hour. I would make a<br />

list each year. Read it to my husband: “Go to the storage<br />

place, get 15 boxes of decorations. Cut enough cedar<br />

boughs for the lamp post and front door. Decorate lamp<br />

pole. Decorate front door. Put lights in tree.”<br />

“What was that last thing?” he always asked suspiciously.<br />

“Put lights in tree,” I’d say cheerily. “We’ll just work it in<br />

on a pretty day.” He would look noncommittal. He knew<br />

I was using the editorial “we” and it was he who would<br />

have to lug the ladders around the front and climb up<br />

and down them to string lights in the elm tree.<br />

occurred to me that they could take over this essential<br />

part of the Christmas festivities. As it turned out, they<br />

didn’t find it very festive either. I insisted for several<br />

years until, finally, one son, high atop a ladder, said<br />

bitterly, “Mom, you just ruin Thanksgiving making us<br />

put these lights up in the tree.”<br />

That got my attention. What kind of a Ma Scrooge, what<br />

kind of a Grinchette had I turned into? So, I hired it<br />

done by people who put ads in the paper saying if there<br />

was anything they loved to do, it was climb up in brittle<br />

old trees and wind strings of little light bulbs around<br />

even more brittle branches. Or, more precisely, “We do<br />

what others won’t.”<br />

That elm tree is more than 50 years old now, which is not<br />

that old for a tree, but high winds and bad ice storms,<br />

have taken their toll. This year, there aren’t enough<br />

reachable branches to wrap lights around. I finally had<br />

to concede that what we’re reminded of every year - that<br />

the true spirit of Christmas lies not in decorations, in<br />

gifts, in celebrations, but in our hearts – that’s what is<br />

important. I just wish I could find a way to string some<br />

lights around it.<br />

“I’ll help,” I’d add quickly. “I’ll go get stuff and hand it<br />

up to you.”<br />

Eventually, I’d encourage him - well, OK, nag him<br />

into climbing up into the elm tree to string lights. The<br />

Christmas spirit curve took a nosedive around our<br />

house during this stage. It was a task he hated, as he<br />

continually reminded me in left-over Marine Corps<br />

terminology. But I always got a great rush of Christmas<br />

joy when I’d drive up to the house and see our elm tree<br />

aglow with twinkling-colored lights. Since our three<br />

sons were always here for Thanksgiving, it finally<br />

Mary McClure,<br />

editor of the Fort Sill Cannoneer for 18<br />

years when it was rated among the Army’s<br />

top three newspapers, was also the first<br />

woman inducted into the Army’s Public<br />

Affairs Hall of Fame. She has received the<br />

Lawton Citizen of the Humanities Award and<br />

the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters<br />

Outstanding Achievement award for Special<br />

Programming among metro radio stations.<br />

12 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

It’s the Moments Together<br />

That Change Us Forever.<br />

When your family is faced with difficult<br />

end of life decisions, you need to focus<br />

on what matters most.<br />

PruittHealth Hospice is committed<br />

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the hospital to home hospice care<br />

through our unique service offerings.<br />

So that you can focus on more moments<br />

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And be changed forever.<br />

PruittHealth Hospice is part of the<br />

PruittHealth Family of Services:<br />

Florence • 843-662-8633<br />

PruittHealth.com<br />

2379 Cypress Circle, Conway, SC 29526<br />

843-347-8179<br />

Myrtle Beach • 843-353-1152<br />

The PruittHealth Organization complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.<br />

PH HOSPICE <strong>Sasee</strong> Ad 12_13_2019.indd 1<br />

12/13/19 4:16 PM

14 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021<br />

With a passionate background in tourism marketing and sales, Karen<br />

Riordan made her way to the Grand Strand in 2018 to become the new<br />

President and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce<br />

(MBACC) and the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). “What I appreciate<br />

the most is the incredible team I work with every day, and the fantastic<br />

business community we have here!” Karen continued, “I enjoy the<br />

legislative advocacy aspect of my role and I absolutely love getting the<br />

opportunity to serve all of the amazing small businesses.”<br />

Our local, small businesses deserve to be supported all year, but especially during the holiday season. Karen prefers to shop<br />

at local stores and goes crazy for creative arts and crafts. She explained, “Art, candles, and the many other handmade type<br />

gifts are my favorite to buy. They are all made with love and feel extra special and personal to give as gifts to my loved ones<br />

because they are all such unique presents.” She likes to wrap as soon as she selects a gift and enjoys making them personalized<br />

with gift bags and pretty tissue paper, tags, etc.<br />

Karen and her husband get excited every year to decorate their Christmas tree with their collection of special ornaments<br />

that they have received from their parents, friends, and family members through the years. One year, their kitten climbed<br />

the tree and knocked it down, causing quite a few ornaments to fall. Luckily, not too many were broken, because pulling<br />

each ornament out and placing it on the tree is like a lovely walk down memory lane for them as a couple.<br />

Christmas is Karen’s favorite<br />

time of year and she cherishes<br />

her quality time spent with her<br />

family who all travel to Myrtle<br />

Beach to be together. They<br />

celebrate with lots of great food,<br />

especially cookies, pies, cocoa,<br />

and many other chocolate<br />

desserts. Karen’s family always<br />

attends Christmas Mass on<br />

Christmas Eve and they have<br />

a tradition of opening one gift<br />

that night as well. Growing up<br />

in the north surrounded by<br />

snow this time of year, Karen’s<br />

family also had the tradition of<br />

going ice skating. “This year, we<br />

will just have to go ice skating at<br />

the Winter Wonderland festival<br />

right here in the heart of Myrtle<br />

Beach,” she exclaimed with<br />

enthusiasm.<br />

Karen Riordan:<br />

Making Magic<br />

in Myrtle Beach<br />

by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Winter Wonderland at the Beach is an exciting new festival that features a magical, walk-through light experience plus a<br />

real ice-skating rink...just like Rockefeller center. This is the first time in many years that a real, outdoor ice surface has been<br />

brought to the Myrtle Beach area and it will be located at Burroughs & Chapin Pavilion Place. The light show will take you on<br />

a walking path through the park where you will be able to tour Toyland, Peppermint Valley, and several other interactive and<br />

picture-perfect light displays. This family-friendly holiday attraction was created by the MBACC and the CVB along with the<br />

City of Myrtle Beach and produced by the City of Myrtle Beach Parks, Recreation, and Sports Tourism Department. During<br />

the whole month of December, every day (except Christmas Day) until January 2nd, the downtown and boardwalk areas will<br />

be transformed into a sparkling holiday dreamland. Filled with twinkling lights and family fun, the Winter Wonderland at<br />

the Beach festivities are a must this holiday season.<br />

Visit the website and the Facebook page to keep up with the latest magical events:<br />

www.WinterWonderlandatTheBeach.com • www.facebook.com/events/404655734369960<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021 :: 15

The Season of Love, Joy, and Wisdom<br />

by Rose Ann Sinay<br />

It was the year of the Cabbage Patch Kids, and I was making<br />

my bi-weekly visit to the Zayre’s toy department to peruse<br />

the aisles, hoping for a surprise shipment of the hottest doll<br />

of the year. The toy was all my three-year-old daughter could<br />

talk about. Some of her little friends carried their babies with<br />

them everywhere they went, and Kailey wanted one of her<br />

own to love.<br />

Although I wanted more than anything to make it happen,<br />

these special “kids” were nowhere to be found. There were<br />

sightings of the doll and frantic buying, only for the toy to<br />

disappear, again, leaving some moms triumphant and many<br />

others dismayed that their child may not have the most<br />

important toy on their list. Although I was doing my due<br />

diligence to find the doll, I couldn’t relate to the craziness<br />

reported on the news about parents stepping over one<br />

another to snatch this plaything. What was the world coming<br />

to?<br />

Suddenly, the stock room doors flew open. A large cart<br />

appeared piled high with boxes–Cabbage Patch Kids.<br />

Women scrambled like crabs holding two or three boxes in<br />

their pincers and under their arms. A high-pitched buzz and<br />

a horde of bodies descended upon the toy section. My anxiety<br />

spiked as I tried to find some space. As the boxes were being<br />

attacked, I watched a carton being pushed across a shelf and<br />

wedged between the lower shelf and the wall. I lunged for the<br />

package, landing hard on the tiled floor. No pain, no gain, I<br />

muttered to myself moving forward. I huddled the object like<br />

a large football and retreated from the growing mob. I didn’t<br />

care which Cabbage Patch Kid I had–blue-eyed, green-eyed,<br />

red hair, blonde hair, no hair. It didn’t matter; I had scored!<br />

My knees were wobbly as I made my way to the register, and<br />

I thought I might have bruised a rib. The previous week, I<br />

had snagged a He-Man figure (Masters of the Universe) and<br />

a few of his freakishly muscled cohorts for my son, but there<br />

had been no frenzy, just a calm, successful shopping trip.<br />

The toys were already wrapped and hidden in a plastic bin<br />

in my closet. Although I was pleased and relieved to have<br />

them, there hadn’t been that desperation that I had just<br />

experienced.<br />

Battered and bruised, I thought an ice cream sundae and<br />

a cup of coffee would be the perfect way to celebrate my<br />

coup and lick my wounds. I made my purchase and headed<br />

directly to Friendly’s next door. With my package in tow, I<br />

found a booth, ordered my treat, and proceeded to take the<br />

box from the bag. The doll had red hair in two thick pigtails<br />

and freckles across her nose. She was perfect.<br />

I couldn’t wait to see the looks on my kid’s faces on Christmas<br />

morning. I took a long draw on my coffee followed by a<br />

spoonful of fudge. Life was good.<br />

“Mommy,” a young voice screeched, “a Cabbage Patch doll!”<br />

“Excuse me,” her mother said, “Where did you find the doll?<br />

Were there any left?” She looked as desperate as I had felt<br />

before my death-defying lunge.<br />

“Next door,” I said. “The boxes were disappearing as quickly<br />

as the stock boys put them out, but, if you’re quick, you might<br />

get one.”<br />

Before I knew it, the woman and her child were out the door<br />

rushing across the parking lot.<br />

The chocolate in my mouth was suddenly too thick and<br />

sickeningly sweet. Had I really charged like a linebacker to get<br />

this red-headed piece of plastic and cloth? Embarrassment<br />

set in. I had gotten caught up in a material mania and my<br />

priorities had been scrambled. This was not the reason for<br />

the season.<br />

I went home, wrapped the package, and put it in the bin<br />

along with He-Man. There was no longer any pleasure in the<br />

fact that I had gotten the doll.<br />

***<br />

Christmas morning, my son and daughter were up early. We<br />

heard them scramble down the stairs and squeal with glee at<br />

the sight of the presents lined up under the tree. My husband<br />

and I grabbed a glass of eggnog and snuggled on the couch,<br />

watching our children open each gift. Their delight was<br />

contagious, and we laughed at their excitement.<br />

16 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

My son opened his assortment of<br />

Masters of the Universe figures and<br />

jumped up and down. His wish had<br />

been granted.<br />

My daughter opened the box containing<br />

her doll and she began to cry and laugh<br />

at the same time. “Santa brought me<br />

a Cabbage Patch baby,” she managed<br />

to say hugging her ginger-haired doll<br />

to her chest. An hour later, she laid<br />

the doll in a cradle, also delivered by<br />

Santa. From time to time, she picked<br />

the baby up, burped her, and ran her<br />

small hand over the doll’s pigtails. She<br />

was enchanted.<br />

I was still embarrassed by my actions in<br />

aisle nine of the department store but<br />

watching my daughter’s happiness let<br />

me forgive myself a little.<br />

I fished the “adoption” certificate with<br />

the doll’s name out of the box. I laughed<br />

out loud. Her name was Joy; of course,<br />

it was.<br />

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Let Us Wrap You in Peace and Love<br />

My self-recrimination slipped away. I<br />

had learned my lesson well. This bit of<br />

wisdom was my gift in this wonderful<br />

season of love…and joy.<br />

Rose Ann Sinay<br />

Assisted Living & Memory Care<br />

is a freelance writer newly relocated<br />

Assisted Living Memory Care<br />


to Connecticut. She continues to write<br />


about moments worth remembering,<br />

graciously provided by family and<br />

friends.<br />

Assisted Living & Memory Care<br />


Call to Schedule<br />

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Services of Remembrance<br />

Services of Remembrance<br />

A time to reflect, celebrate, and light a candle<br />

A time to reflect, celebrate, and light a candle<br />

honoring loved ones who are no longer with us.<br />

honoring loved ones who are no longer with us.<br />

Across From The Fresh Market in Pawleys Island<br />

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Wish List<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong> is incredibly thankful for all of you, our devoted readers, and we hope all of you understand just<br />

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This limited-edition Gingko Leaves sculpture was<br />

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Perfectly Imperfect<br />

by Margaret Lea<br />

Standing back to admire and enjoy the lovely decorations<br />

I’d put up in our home for Christmas 2020, I noticed that<br />

the table runner on the long table in our family room was<br />

extremely uneven. One side dangled nearly to the floor, while<br />

the other side barely hung over the table.<br />

On top of this wayward table runner was an elaborate display<br />

consisting of pinecones, cute ornaments, a small glass<br />

Christmas tree, and a dancing Santa who boogied to “Jingle<br />

Bell Rock” when his start button was pushed. (My three girls<br />

pushed this often.) Two long strings of shiny beads, placed<br />

precariously around the outer edges of the table runner,<br />

completed the festivities.<br />

It had been a lot of creative fun placing everything just<br />

so on the table, but I did not want to remove it all, adjust<br />

the runner and do it again. So, the funkily-placed runner<br />

just lay there mocking me, “Hey, Little Miss Perfectionist,<br />

congratulations on the FANTASTIC job you did of placing me<br />

on my table! A little too jolly with the wine while decorating?”<br />

As I’d had no wine at all while decorating, I knew this was a<br />

ludicrous taunt. However, the intent behind the query still<br />

stung. How could I have allowed this quite rude table runner<br />

to be placed so negligently in my very own home? Mr. Table<br />

Runner was quite correct in his keen assessment of me as a<br />

perfectionist - well, as long as you don’t count how tidy and<br />

clean the house is… or isn’t.<br />

With three teenagers, I long ago waved the white flag for<br />

that battle. Technically, I waved the grey flag; I can’t keep<br />

anything snowy white anymore. So, while my kids have<br />

steadily chipped away at my perfectionism for years,<br />

COVID-19 dealt it the final blow. Our family vacation in<br />

2020 was to the delightful island nation of Hobby Lobby,<br />

with special add-on shore excursions to Walmart and Dollar<br />

Tree. To be fair, we did spend a good bit of time at the lake...<br />

the tiny, man-made one in our subdivision, which we walked<br />

around frequently for exercise and to keep some sanity.<br />

My husband lost his job due to the pandemic, thus freeing<br />

him up for a couple of months of luxury home-spa relaxing.<br />

Well, I guess it could have been relaxing if not for the<br />

constant networking, job searching, and extremely expensive<br />

COBRA health insurance payments. (Thankfully, he did find<br />

a new job that he enjoys even more than his previous one.)<br />

Our kitchen nook was turned into a ceramics workshop<br />

thanks to virtual school. Our daughter’s teacher informed<br />

her that working with ceramics is not advised in small closed<br />

spaces like bedrooms, due to the possibility of breathing<br />

invisible toxic particles of silica dust. Apparently, it’s much<br />

better to share that noxious dust with the entire family.<br />

Two of our three girls succumbed to Netflix and Hulu’s<br />

siren songs, with a corresponding drop in GPA. One girl<br />

blamed us, the parents, and claimed that her grades would<br />

dramatically improve when we let her return to in-person<br />

school. (She did return to campus for the last three months<br />

of the school year. Alas, the wondrous improvement in her<br />

grades never materialized.)<br />

Like everyone in the pandemic, we were forced to spend an<br />

inordinate amount of time at home with only immediate<br />

family, to stop going most places we love, and to basically<br />

just survive in a weird limbo, learning to negotiate cramped<br />

quarters and trampled-on emotions. It made me realize that<br />

perfection is grossly overrated.<br />

I even learned to appreciate the freakishly weird aspects of<br />

my fellow family members, as they did with me. Peaceful<br />

coexistence, progress, kindness, and good health have<br />

replaced my former goal of perfection. I know now without<br />

a shadow of a doubt that nothing will ever be perfect, and<br />

that’s OK. If things are running even moderately smoothly,<br />

that’s a major win.<br />

So, take that my dear Mr. Table Runner! I’m not listening to<br />

any more of your jeers. You were just fine the way you were<br />

in 2020. Perhaps I’ll even place you in exactly the same goofy,<br />

lopsided position again this Christmas. Then again…Nah!<br />

Margaret Lea<br />

is a wife, piano teacher, writer, and<br />

mother of three beautiful teenage<br />

girls. She has been published in<br />

“Chicken Soup for the Soul.”<br />

26 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

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Pat Puckett Fine Art<br />

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Cheryl Newby<br />


Is proud to introduce<br />

Award Winning<br />

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Brittney Tough<br />

843.979.0149<br />

11096 Ocean Highway<br />

in The Shops at Oak Lea<br />

Pawleys Island, SC 29585<br />

CherylNewbyGallery.com<br />


By Brittney Tough | Watercolor on Paper | 36” x 36”<br />

<strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021 :: 27

Presents with Personality<br />

by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson<br />

For some gift-givers, the actual wrapping of the present is one of the most important and fun elements when<br />

giving a gift. Whether the aesthetic matches you or the one receiving the gift, try wrapping your presents<br />

with some personality. Here are a few gift-wrapping styles that are trending this holiday season:<br />

The Modern Minimalist<br />

The Traditional Lady

The Eco-Friendly Conservator<br />

The Crafty Queen<br />

The Glam Goddess

Stay Local, Eat Local,<br />

Support Local...<br />

How big is Your heart?<br />

Get Your Holiday Goodies Here!!<br />

The Sweetest Little Place in Pawleys Island<br />

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10517 Ocean Highway<br />

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Hours of Operation:<br />

Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm<br />

Sunday 6am-1pm<br />

www.pawleysislandbakery.com<br />

email: max@pawleysislandbakery.com<br />


843-293-1137<br />

4452 Socastee Blvd • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588


Saltwater Storks & More<br />

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Our storks are 6 ft. tall and a<br />

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Contact us today!<br />

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Samuel B Cuff<br />

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Conway, SC 29526<br />

(Closed Sundays)<br />

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Give the gift of Adventure, Family Time<br />

& Memories this Holiday Season!<br />


Kitchens & Baths<br />

Great for all leveled anglers<br />

Fully outfitted<br />

Inshore • Offshore • Gulf Stream<br />

1/2 Day • 3/4 Day • Full Day Charters<br />

Reservations can be made at<br />

www.laidbackchartersoib.com or<br />

by calling (910) 733-2608<br />

Owned by Allison Harrington and Daniel Walters<br />

Captained by Danny Cox<br />

(910) 733-2608<br />

contactlaidbackcharters@gmail.com<br />

32 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021<br />




8435 Ocean Highway,<br />

Pawleys Island, South Carolina 29585<br />

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm • Saturday: 9am - 1pm<br />

www.prodigykb.com • (843) 314-0444

Speech Solutions Inc.<br />

Meeting the Speech and Language<br />

Needs of Our Community Since 2003<br />

We assess, diagnosis and treat our patients to<br />

help improve their speech, language, cognitive,<br />

communication, voice, swallowing, fluency<br />

and other speech disorders We also have the<br />

equipment and certified Speech-Langugage<br />

Pathologists to provide Vital Stem Therapy.<br />




10:00 - 5:00<br />

Nationally Accredited<br />

and State Licensed<br />

Speech Solutions, Inc.<br />

is owned by<br />

Allison Harrington<br />

M.Ed., CCC-SLP<br />

“The mission of Speech Solutions, Inc. is to provide speech<br />

and language needs with integrity and accountability in<br />

the communities we serve, to give back through community<br />

service and to inspire moments of optimism and happiness<br />

while creating value and making a difference.”<br />

910-754-3484<br />

127 Village Drive, Suite B<br />

Shallotte, NC 28459<br />

www.speechsolutionsinc.com<br />


11096 OCEAN HIGHWAY<br />

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC 29585<br />

(843) 237-8080<br />


<strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021 :: 33

Songs of the Season<br />

by Ellen Fannon<br />

I love all kinds of Christmas music–carols, secular<br />

songs, children’s songs–provided it is not played before<br />

Thanksgiving. That being said, there are a number of songs<br />

associated with Christmas time that really don’t seem to<br />

have anything to do with Christmas.<br />

Take the old standard, “Jingle Bells.” There is no mention<br />

of Christmas in the lyrics. According to Wikipedia, it<br />

was written by James Lord Pierpont, J.P. Morgan’s uncle,<br />

in 1850, and was inspired by one-horse open sleigh<br />

races between Medford Square and Malden Square in<br />

Medford, Massachusetts. It was originally intended for the<br />

Thanksgiving season and was often sung as a drinking song<br />

at parties. Personally, I’ve never been in a one-horse open<br />

sleigh, so I don’t know if it is fun or not, yet I sing with gusto<br />

as if I know it is.<br />

There are several other “winter-themed” songs heard only<br />

during the Christmas season, such as “Winter Wonderland,”<br />

“Frosty the Snowman,” “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Sleigh<br />

Ride,” and “Let it Snow.” Living in the south and having<br />

lived for two years on the equator, it is hard to appreciate<br />

the requisite for snow in order to have a real Christmas, but<br />

it must be true as all the Christmas movies feature snow.<br />

I sometimes wonder how other people who live where<br />

Christmas falls during hot weather feel about this stereotype.<br />

As for me, I am quite happy not having a white Christmas,<br />

which is one of the reasons I escaped Ohio. In fact, the song,<br />

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” conjures up visions in<br />

my mind of shoveling snow, having my car stuck in the snow,<br />

and breaking my neck on ice. More like a nightmare than a<br />

dream. Snow is only beautiful when one is inside a warm<br />

house with a roaring fire, sipping a mug of hot chocolate<br />

with marshmallows, and gazing out the window at the<br />

pristine newly fallen snow before it turns into black slush.<br />

One of the traditional Christmas songs which never fails<br />

to amuse me is “Little Drummer Boy.” Now don’t get me<br />

wrong, I like the tune and the lyrics are sweet. But I have<br />

to consider it from the perspective of Mary, the mother of<br />

Jesus. The poor woman had to travel approximately seventy<br />

miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the joyful purpose<br />

of paying taxes (talk about rubbing salt in the wound), in<br />

the condition of being “great with child.” This couldn’t have<br />

been easy. The Bible doesn’t tell us whether she walked or<br />

perhaps rode a donkey or had other modes of transportation.<br />

Nevertheless, any journey in her late stage of pregnancy<br />

would have been uncomfortable. Then when she arrives in<br />

Bethlehem, there is no place to stay, so she ends up having<br />

to give birth in a stable (which was probably a cave rather<br />

than what we think of as a wooden structure). Although the<br />

Bible doesn’t explicitly say, it is assumed there either were<br />

animals present, or the area had been used for animals, as<br />

baby Jesus was laid in a manger, which is a feeding trough<br />

for animals. So, in addition to the ordeal of having just given<br />

birth, the lack of cleanliness and the barnyard odors most<br />

likely added to her discomfort.<br />

Then what happens? A snot-nosed little brat shows up and<br />

bangs on a drum! He probably woke the baby after she’d just<br />

gotten him to sleep! Somehow, I find it difficult to envision<br />

any woman who had just gone through what Mary did<br />

nodding her head when the drummer boy asked if he could<br />

play his drum for baby Jesus, rather than asking Joseph to<br />

please get rid of the kid and especially his drum. Who wants<br />

to hear a drum solo when one is stressed, exhausted, and (oh<br />

yes) just given birth in a stable? But as the little drummer<br />

boy is not scriptural, I suppose I shouldn’t attach too much<br />

significance to the scenario.<br />

Enjoy all the wonderful music of the season, don’t worry<br />

about analyzing it too deeply, and “Have Yourself a Merry<br />

Little Christmas.”<br />

Ellen Fannon<br />

is an award winning author,<br />

a practicing veterinarian,<br />

former missionary, and church pianist/<br />

organist. She originated and wrote the<br />

Pet Peeves column for the Northwest<br />

Florida Daily News. She and her<br />

husband have also been foster parents<br />

to more than 40 children, and the<br />

adoptive parents of two sons. Her<br />

first novel, Other People’s Children,<br />

the humorous account of the life of a foster parent, was released<br />

November 2017 and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and<br />

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Evan’s Elf<br />

by Melissa Face<br />

“I’m never allowing an elf on my shelf - or anywhere<br />

else in my house for that matter,” I proclaimed at my<br />

firstborn’s baby shower. I was a new mom and full<br />

of ideals, philosophies, and many other “I’ll never”<br />

statements. I hadn’t read the popular book, and I really<br />

didn’t want to read it. I didn’t like the idea of having<br />

something else to monitor during a season that is<br />

already so hectic.<br />

For about eight years, things went as I planned. We<br />

enjoyed Christmas with our son, Evan, and eventually<br />

with our daughter, Delaney. We wrote letters to Santa,<br />

visited him at the mall, and enjoyed Santa-themed<br />

pancake breakfasts. None of us mentioned the elf, and<br />

we still didn’t have one in the house. I laughed at images<br />

my friends posted on social media of their elves getting<br />

into mischief and making whipped cream and sprinkle<br />

messes on kitchen countertops. It still wasn’t enough to<br />

make me want one.<br />

Kids have a way of learning about things, though. Elf<br />

stories circulated around my kids’ elementary school<br />

and at dance class.<br />

“Why don’t we have an elf?” my children asked.<br />

“We don’t need one,” I said. “We know that Santa is<br />

watching your behavior.”<br />

“Well, my friends have an elf,” Evan said. “He does fun<br />

things around the house and leaves notes for them.”<br />

“Yeah! And he moves to a different spot every day!”<br />

Delaney echoed.<br />

I didn’t budge, and we enjoyed another “elfless”<br />

Christmas season.<br />

Two years ago, we went shopping a couple of days<br />

after Christmas. I wanted to buy some discounted<br />

wrapping paper, bows, and decorations. My children<br />

were enjoying rummaging through a holiday toy bin.<br />

They resurfaced with several small, plushy creatures<br />

including a fox, a reindeer, and an elf. I didn’t think<br />

much about it at the time. My arms were full of gift<br />

wrap; I was distracted, and I had no rebuttal for my kids’<br />

best argument: “Everything is seventy-five percent off!”<br />

They got me.<br />

On the way home, they chatted incessantly about their<br />

new friends and how excited they were to finally have an<br />

elf. I cut my eyes at Evan in the rearview mirror. He saw<br />

me and quickly said, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ve got this.”<br />

For almost a year, the elf and his cohorts hid out in<br />

Evan’s room. When the following Christmas season<br />

came around, Evan stayed up a little later than his sister<br />

each night to help the elves find a new spot around the<br />

house. He helped them hide behind canned food in the<br />

pantry, set up a carnival on the living room floor, and<br />

write notes about being good and eating vegetables.<br />

Delaney was in love with the elf. She couldn’t wait to<br />

get up each morning to find out where he was and what<br />

kind of message he had left for her. In fact, she got up<br />

so early some mornings that I had to tell her to go back<br />

to bed - even the elves were still asleep.<br />

One morning I was exceptionally grumpy when Delaney<br />

came into my room at five a.m. and stood by my bed,<br />

waiting for me to notice her arrival.<br />

“Mom, can I go check on my elf?”<br />

“No!” I shouted. “Go back to bed. And if you wake me up<br />

again, the elf is leaving for good!”<br />

Delaney returned to her room without much<br />

complaining, but a few minutes later I heard Evan<br />

quietly crying in his room. I got up to check on him and<br />

asked him what was wrong.<br />

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“I’m just sad about the elf,” he said.<br />

“I’m really having fun surprising<br />

Delaney each day. I don’t want him<br />

to go away.”<br />

I told him I understood, and I<br />

promised not to ban the elf. While<br />

I didn’t exactly appreciate being<br />

woken up at five in the morning, it<br />

was a small price to pay for the joy<br />

that my children were experiencing.<br />

Delaney loved the excitement of<br />

finding her elf each morning, and<br />

Evan loved creating that magic for<br />

his sister.<br />

I still haven’t read the popular book,<br />

but I have accepted the elf as part<br />

of our Christmas tradition. I’ve also<br />

allowed a few other items into our<br />

home that I said I never would, years<br />

ago, before I was a mom, and before<br />

I really understood the wonder of<br />

creating magic for little ones.<br />

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all the people: today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord,<br />

was born for you in the city of David.<br />

- LUKE 2:10-11 HCSB<br />

Melissa Face<br />

is the author of I Love You More Than<br />

Coffee, an essay collection for parents<br />

who love coffee a lot and their kids...a<br />

little more. Her essays and articles<br />

have appeared in Richmond Family<br />

Magazine, ScaryMommy, and twentyone<br />

volumes of Chicken Soup for the<br />

Soul. Read more at melissaface.com.<br />

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Our Chinese Food Christmas<br />

by Linda Baten Johnson<br />

In 2021, the polar vortex left millions of Texans with no<br />

electricity or water available. My niece’s family, warned<br />

about the stoppage of water, filled bathtubs and containers<br />

with the precious liquid. Other friends with no electricity left<br />

their homes to go to warming shelters or to live with those<br />

who were experiencing only temporary electrical shutdowns.<br />

We connected with our three daughters during that<br />

challenging week through a joint text fest. My husband and I<br />

experienced rolling blackouts but had water. We camped out<br />

in our smallest room, the office, a sanctuary in the middle<br />

of the house with only one window. We ran a small electric<br />

heater when the power was on and hung blankets in front<br />

of the lone window. We even wore our long underwear,<br />

coats, and hats while working puzzles and reading during<br />

the daylight hours.<br />

In one text, our youngest daughter said, “When it’s this<br />

cold, I get a taste for Chinese food.” Her comment drew<br />

immediate responses of LOL, happy faces, and Yum-Yum.<br />

We all regard our Chinese-food Christmas as one of our best<br />

holidays.<br />

The year before our girls left home, we planned a family<br />

vacation to Europe. We dreamed of a delightful Christmas<br />

as we boarded the airplane to take us from sunny Texas to<br />

the “blessed plot” of England, the place we’d seen in films,<br />

on television, and imagined when reading books.<br />

My husband mastered driving on the left side of the road<br />

and roundabouts. Our youngest daughter organized<br />

our underground excursions, and our older daughters<br />

organized our must-see stops. Emerging from the tube<br />

station and seeing Big Ben brought gasps from all of us. We<br />

walked cobblestone paths with a nippy chill in the air and<br />

marveled at the shop decorations celebrating the season. As<br />

in America, people rushed through the English streets, many<br />

armed with packages, and most wearing smiles as the bells<br />

and recorded carols competed with the busy traffic sounds.<br />

For our English Christmas, we’d booked a charming bed and<br />

breakfast in Bath, which promised a separate apartment<br />

for our family. With Jane Austen’s memorable characters<br />

in our heads, we rang our host for final directions and<br />

confirmation.<br />

“We’re expecting you, but the weather is going to be<br />

unusually cold. Bring your jumpers and plenty of 20p and<br />

50p coins.”<br />

After she terminated the call, we surmised that a jumper was<br />

a sweater, but we were puzzled about the need for coins.<br />

Advertising pictures can be deceiving.<br />

When we arrived, our daughters dubbed the abode as the<br />

Munsters’ Homestead as the exterior reminded them of the<br />

black-and-white television show. Optimistic that the inside<br />

would be better, we knocked on the door. We saw no spiders<br />

weaving webs, bats flying through the rooms, or a dragon<br />

peering out.<br />

We issued a collective sigh of relief until our hostess led us<br />

to our private apartment–a cramped and unheated space<br />

unless you put 20 pence or 50 pence in the heating meter.<br />

Our abode did have four beds as promised but distinctly<br />

lacked charm and ambiance. We unpacked and went to the<br />

local market for breakfast and lunch supplies as we planned<br />

to celebrate Christmas in an elegant restaurant.<br />

The predicted unusual cold arrived, and we abbreviated our<br />

scheduled Christmas Eve exploration of Bath. We hurried<br />

back to the apartment, snuggled up under blankets we<br />

pulled from all the beds, and sat on the sofa wearing hats<br />

and gloves. The heating meter had a voracious appetite, and<br />

our stack of pence coins dwindled. We decided to feed the<br />

machine only when absolutely necessary. It became a game<br />

as to who would be the first to request heat. Despite the<br />

cold, we were warm and happy, all bundled up and spending<br />

Christmas Eve together.<br />

Christmas Day dawned, and we dressed warmly as we<br />

searched for a nearby restaurant with notions of a blazing<br />

fireplace, gleaming china on white tablecloths, and perhaps<br />

some figgy pudding.<br />

Nothing. We agreed to postpone our special English dinner<br />

until the next day and compromised on Chinese food for<br />

Christmas. Stomping our feet to keep warm, we begged for<br />

as many 20 and 50 pence coins as the proprietor of the takeout<br />

shop could spare and gratefully ordered our favorite<br />

44 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021

dishes and extra egg rolls. Of course, we<br />

received fortune cookies.<br />

Our fortunes didn’t tell us that<br />

restaurants would not be open the<br />

next day either. England celebrates<br />

Boxing Day on the day after Christmas,<br />

a holiday designated for the workers<br />

to spend with their families. So, we<br />

ate leftover Chinese food on Boxing<br />

Day. Fortunately, we didn’t worry<br />

about spoilage as our tiny apartment<br />

was colder than the inside of any<br />

refrigerator.<br />

The morning of the 27th, we boarded a<br />

plane back to the United States. When<br />

family and friends trot out stories of<br />

Christmas memories at holiday times,<br />

I often notice smiles or winks between<br />

our daughters. We all remember our<br />

perfect English Christmas when we<br />

learned that shared times with family<br />

members create a warmth greater than<br />

any 20 or 50 pence coin can purchase.<br />

So, when our daughter texted that the<br />

polar vortex conditions made her want<br />

Chinese food, she reminded us all that<br />

bad times pass, but the joy and love of<br />

family and friendship are forever.<br />

916 N. Ocean Blvd., ld Myrtle Beach, SC<br />

On the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk one block south of the SkyWheel®<br />


Available a t<br />

Celebra ting 75 years!<br />

Linda Baten Johnson<br />

loves traveling, meeting people,<br />

and collecting stories. Her favorite<br />

memories include parasailing, white<br />

water rafting, and being mistaken for<br />

a tour guide in Mexico and Russia.<br />

Named Best Consignment Shop 13 years in a row<br />

Visit us at our NEW LOCATION<br />

843-780-1136<br />

1468 Hwy 17 • Little River<br />

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm<br />

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70% OFF<br />



60% OFF<br />

John S. Gore,<br />

Owner, Designer, Allied ASID<br />

843-692-7844 • bgrahamint@aol.com<br />



MON - FRI 9am - 5pm • SAT BY APPOINTMENT<br />



HANDEL’S<br />

Messiah<br />

FREE<br />


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2021 | 2:30 PM<br />

In lieu of tickets, nonperishable food items or monetary donations<br />

for Sea Haven are appreciated and will be collected at the door.<br />

46 :: <strong>Sasee</strong>.com :: December 2021<br />

South Myrtle Beach<br />

843-626-7272<br />

North Myrtle Beach<br />

843-280-3222<br />

Garden City<br />

843-357-6400<br />

Socastee<br />

843-293-7272<br />

Conway<br />

843-347-7272<br />

papajohns.com<br />

Ring in the New Year with Long Bay Symphony<br />

Strauss on the Strand<br />

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2021 | 2:30 PM<br />

“Provide a Safe<br />

Place for Youth in<br />

Crisis” with respect<br />

and dignity.<br />


$25<br />

Both holiday concerts will take place at First Presbyterian Church<br />

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 843.448.8379<br />

OR VISIT US ONLINE AT www.LongBaySymphony.com<br />

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comes in many shapes and sizes.<br />

Pain<br />

of the most debilitating being the<br />

One<br />

and tingling that comes with<br />

burning<br />

neuropathy. A disease that<br />

peripheral<br />

with years of shooting,<br />

comes<br />

pain that gradually ends in<br />

stabbing<br />

balance problems and on<br />

numbness,<br />

amputations. A disease that<br />

occasion,<br />

R. of Murrells Inlet was facing<br />

David<br />

a fate.<br />

such<br />

neuropathy is a result of<br />

Peripheral<br />

to the nerves, commonly<br />

damage<br />

by a lack of blood flow to the<br />

caused<br />

in the hands and feet. This<br />

nerves<br />

the nerves to begin to<br />

causes<br />

due to lack of nutrient<br />

degenerate<br />

Most peripheral neuropathy<br />

flow.<br />

experience a heightened<br />

sufferers<br />

to touch making it almost<br />

sensitivity<br />

for those diagnosed to<br />

impossible<br />

wear shoes, much less enjoy life.<br />

even<br />

was like walking on sharp river<br />

"It<br />


I<br />


ON<br />

David, whose experience is<br />

shares<br />

uncommon for those diagnosed<br />

not<br />

is until he found Dr. Tonya<br />

That<br />

of AIM|Acupuncture &<br />

Weber<br />

Medicine of North Myrtle<br />

Integrative<br />

Dr. Weber and her staff have<br />

Beach.<br />

a cutting edge, medical<br />

pioneered<br />

to treat neuropathy,<br />

solution<br />

or greatly reduce its<br />

eliminate<br />

and give people their lives<br />

symptoms<br />

And they’re doing it without<br />

back.<br />

use of prescription medications<br />

the<br />

is incredible at<br />

“Acupuncture<br />

blood flow and stimulating<br />

restoring<br />

nerves preventing them<br />

damaged<br />

dying off,” tells Dr. Weber. “We<br />

from<br />

our treatments a step further by<br />

take<br />

ATP Resonance<br />

integrating<br />

which targets specific<br />

BioTherapy<br />

in the body using micro-<br />

nerves<br />

ATP therapy is like watering<br />

current.<br />

plant. This treatment will stimulate<br />

a<br />

blood vessels to grow back<br />

the<br />

the peripheral nerves and<br />

around<br />

them with the proper<br />

provide<br />

to heal and repair.”<br />

nutrients<br />

for the staff at AIM. "We have<br />

atypical<br />

90% success rate in treating<br />

a<br />

neuropathy," shares Dr. Weber.<br />

number of treatments needed to<br />

The<br />

the nerves to fully recover will<br />

allow<br />

from person to person and can<br />

vary<br />

be determined after a detailed<br />

only<br />

and vascular evaluation.<br />

neurological<br />

long as you have not sustained<br />

So<br />

than 85% nerve damage AIM<br />

more<br />

hope where there once was<br />

offers<br />

David’s peripheral neuropathy<br />

While<br />

idiopathic meaning the cause is<br />

was<br />

Dr. Weber’s treatments<br />

unknown,<br />

also help people whose<br />

can<br />

is caused by diabetes or<br />

neuropathy<br />

chemotherapy.<br />

schedule a consultation and<br />

To<br />

evaluation call (843)273-<br />

complete<br />

but do so quickly because AIM<br />

4467<br />

taking a limited number of new<br />

is<br />

patients. For more<br />

neuropathy<br />

and to take advantage of<br />

information<br />

new patient offer visit<br />

their<br />

AIMLiveLife.com.<br />

www.AIMLiveLife.com to learn more<br />

Visit<br />

to take advantage of their NEW PATIENT OFFER!<br />

and<br />

Local acupuncture clinic is treating the untreatable,<br />

peripheral neuropathy with incredible results!<br />

with peripheral neuropathy.<br />

was once classified as irreparable.<br />

“I stopped golfing. I wasn’t taking<br />

walks on the beach with my wife.<br />

I was living on gabapentin and<br />

antidepressants and everywhere<br />

I went; my doctor, the specialists,<br />

the pain institute, told me there<br />

was no cure. How are you<br />

supposed to live your life knowing<br />

that everyday brings pain<br />

and suffering?”<br />

and invasive surgeries.<br />

none.<br />

“We have seen tremendous<br />

success in treating neuropathy<br />

of all types through very<br />

personalized treatments,<br />

specifically tailored to treat<br />

each individual case.”<br />

Three months later David is<br />

thrilled with his progress,<br />

“I can walk barefoot on<br />

the beach again!”<br />

rocks. I barely left my recliner.”<br />

Success stories like David's are not

As a fresh holiday season settles<br />

over Pawleys Island, revelry and song fill<br />

the halls and fends off the chill as The<br />

Lakes at Litchfield collective gather and<br />

visit with family and friends, all in the safety<br />

of their perfectly wonderful community.<br />

Call Us Today • (843) 353-6040<br />

Independent Living • Assisted Living • Memory Care • Skilled Nursing • Rehab<br />

120 Lakes at Litchfield Dr. • Pawleys Island, SC 29585 • Lakes-Litchfield.com • (843) 353-6040

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