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aunching a line of NFT’s is by no

means an easy challenge, how did

you get into that world, and can

you share with us a bit about them

and why yours are so unique?

B I had been hearing about NFT’s for the past few

months and found that whole world fascinating. It is

still so new, and you can be very creative and build

whole worlds, not just a piece of art. Then I partnered

up with ‘DIGITFULLY’ a platform that does a lot of

NFT campaigns, I created a whole around my alter ego,

a superhero that fights for injustices around the world.

What is unique about my NFT’s is that they will be used

to help causes and raise money for different charities.

You will be playing a game and giving back to society.

Given what you are doing with

NFT’s, charity is clearly a large

part of your make-up, was this

something you were taught

growing up in your family? This

also naturally brings us onto

the school you opened in West

Africa, how did this come

about and how are the children


I think fighting for the

underdog was always a very

present theme while I was

growing up. Be it through

my grandfather’s films or

simply knowing that I was

lucky to be born where I was

born, and that being kind and

compassionate is a must. Over

the years I had met many different charities but

when I met Waris Dirie, founder of Desert Flower

Foundation, it really hit a nerve. She started her

foundation to fight against FGM (female genital

mutilation) and being a big supporter of woman

empowerment, I couldn’t think of anything more

barbaric and messed up to do to a young girl. We

had a long discussion about how to fight this in the

long run and education is the best way. So, I joined

forces and we have started building schools. We chose

Sierra Leone to start as 70% of the population there

cannot read or write. And there for the cycle of poverty

is never ending, and girls will continue to be married

off young without any choice.

“I think

I got my

love for


from my



Let’s talk about business and fashion, you have

partnered with countless fashion labels, having

created a sneaker, watch and scarf line all of which

are available globally. As a businesswoman you must

wear multiple hats to get something like this off the

ground, please give us some insight into what it takes?

After working as a model for 20 years you

develop a lot of contacts. I believe it’s about finding

the right partners. Also, it’s about not being shy to

ask for what you want. If you have a concept, don’t

be afraid to reach out and ask people if they want to

collaborate. What’s the worst that can happen? Like

my acting teacher used to tell me: “relax, you’re not a

neurosurgeon. No one is going to die if you mess up.”

I try to use that philosophy to everything that I do.

of her?

It’s been a while since you have

been back in LA due to COVID,

which stores will you be hitting

up and what’s on your shopping


Funnily enough I just went to get

some See’s Candies and a Coffee

Bean Vanilla Soy Latte … I want

to check out Fred Segal, Beverly

Hills and Robertson Blvd.

Your grandparents were known

for throwing incredible dinner

parties to Hollywood

A-Listers at their house, and your

grandmother Oona was quite

the style icon. Did you get your

style and love of fashion from her

and please share some memories

Yes, I think I got my love for fashion from her. She

always looked so glamorous in pictures and even when

I would see her at home, she had a relaxed style, but it

was still chic and unique. She also had a lot of beauty

creams that I loved to try, as well as her shoes.

Ok, confession time, what’s been your biggest splurge

on your closet, and we also want to know about your

biggest fashion mistake, we’ve all been there!

Fashion mistakes, unfortunately I can see many when

I look at my old red carpet pics LOL! From racoon

make-up to ugly dresses … as for my biggest splurge, it

would probably be in bags or jewelry. But to be honest



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