Glamsquad Magazine Oct-Nov 2021

Better Than Nigeria: 60+ Under 60 Female Archievers

Better Than Nigeria: 60+ Under 60 Female Archievers


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<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

OCT/NOV <strong>2021</strong><br />


NIGERIA:<br />

60+ UNDER 60<br />

FEMALE<br />


VIEW<br />

MORE<br />

INSIDE<br />

A <strong>Glamsquad</strong> Celeberation www.glamsquadmagazine.com Of Nigeria’s 1<br />

Young & Thriving

Inside<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>Oct</strong>/<strong>Nov</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

HEALTH<br />

31<br />

10 Research-<br />

Based TIPS<br />


CANCER<br />

Vandana<br />

Evanna:<br />

Evanna<br />

Fashions<br />

House<br />

6<br />


NIGERIA:<br />

60+ UNDER 60<br />

FEMALE<br />


10<br />

A <strong>Glamsquad</strong> Celeberation<br />

Of Nigeria’s Young &<br />

Thriving<br />

glamsquadtv glamsquadNG glamsquadTV glamsquadtvmag<br />

2<br />


<strong>Glamsquad</strong> Girl’s Fashion<br />

Guide: How to Wear Pants<br />

T<br />

hey are not your usual suspects: the list we<br />

compiled of 60+ Nigerian female achievers<br />

was a list of people who were not always in<br />

your face. As a matter of fact, I had not heard<br />

of many but their compelling achievements made it<br />

imperative for them to be included.<br />

Why did we compile this list? As Nigeria marked<br />

it’s 61st independence, with so little to show for it, in<br />

terms of development and infrastructure, we felt that<br />

the individual achievements of many Nigerians is an<br />

indication that the Nigerian is not the problem with<br />

Nigeria.<br />

The problem with Nigeria is the collection of<br />

individuals selected to run the country. In other<br />

words, the problem with the sick nation Nigeria, is its<br />

leadership.<br />

Successive election/selection of leaders who lack<br />

vision have brought the country to this state of near<br />

failure. Yet, while the country lies comatose, Nigerians<br />

all over the world are doing exploits; garnering<br />

accolades.<br />

We decided to focus on just women and, then,<br />

narrow the list to women under 60 years.<br />

Nigeria gained its independence about the time<br />

these women were born. While they have all gone on<br />

to do remarkably well, Nigeria, born around the same<br />

time with them, is still struggling to feed itself.<br />

Robbed of all its resources and potential, Nigeria<br />

is a sorry case. Who will rescue it? It’s a million dollar<br />

question; the answer is blowing in the wind!<br />

See our list of 60+ under 60 female Nigerian<br />

archievers who have done better than Nigeria.<br />

See pp 8.<br />

Our fashion pages feature the latest trends and how<br />

to do the Boss Lady!<br />

As part of our partnership with the Aberdeen<br />

Fashion Week, we have featured Vadanna, a talented<br />

designer from Singapore. Hear her vision. See her<br />

collection.<br />

Enjoy the package!<br />

See you next time!<br />

R .<br />

Remmy Diagbare<br />

Editor - in-Chief<br />

4<br />

Editor-In-chief /<br />

Publisher<br />

Remmy Ifueko Diagbare<br />

COPY Editor<br />

Dodoiyi William-West<br />

Senior<br />

correspondents /<br />

blog editor<br />

Gift Adene<br />

Correspondents<br />

Sebastianne Ebathemi<br />

Amenna Dayo<br />

Stella Daniels<br />

Glory Uyiowi<br />

graphics / Web Manager<br />

Layi Success<br />

MARKETING Director<br />

Tega Diagbare<br />

International Director<br />

& Global strategist<br />

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+44 7369 280243<br />

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Africa<br />

Imioms Dan-Anyiam<br />

+234 803 844 4955<br />

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By VGC, Lekki , Lagos, Nigeria<br />

Tel: +2348115933500, +44 7404 990166<br />

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Director 08115933500 or email,<br />

info@glamsquadmagazine.com,<br />

glamsquad.magazine.tv@gmail.com<br />

We pay for exclusive celebrity stories.<br />


8<br />

Corporate<br />

Looks<br />

Decoded<br />

Disclaimer:<br />

Please note that all photos used in this special digital edition of<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> were sourced freely online.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> maintains no rights over the images/photos, while we have<br />

tried to give appropriate credit where due, we are aware some artistes<br />

were not credited.<br />

We remain committed to supporting intellectual property and creativity.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Tegali Communications<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 3


<strong>Glamsquad</strong> Girl’s<br />

Fashion Guide:<br />

How to<br />

Wear<br />

Pants<br />

Word By Glory Uyi<br />

Hello Glam lovers, today<br />

we will be talking about pants,<br />

pants – pants! Gone are the<br />

days when ladies were stereotyped<br />

to skirts – long done are those days.<br />

Today, the different exciting array<br />

of pant options available in the<br />

market has given women the ray<br />

of hope to dress for any occasion<br />

without getting a wrong perception.<br />

In this article, yours truly will guide<br />

you on the most popular pants<br />

options you should consider and<br />

how to wear them right. I will also be<br />

giving a little something extra on the<br />

type of shoes – and tops you should<br />

rock these pants with.<br />

I am such a guardian angel –<br />

right? Oh yeah, I know. Let’s not<br />

waste words; I know you are all<br />

sizzling to go on with it, as I am.<br />

So, for this piece, I have picked<br />

my top 6 favourite pants – out of the<br />

one zillion of them we have in the<br />

market these days. Trust me when I<br />

say this is one for the girls, enjoy!<br />

Palazzo Pants<br />

Palazzo pants have been around<br />

forever and it is loved by women<br />

of all ages, sizes, and shapes. It is<br />

the direct opposite of skinny jeans<br />

because it is flared from the waist<br />

down to the tip.<br />

It is often made from beautiful<br />

fabrics and prints that give ladies<br />

a rhythmic movement which we<br />

all love. What to wear it with? Wear<br />

fitted tops to contrast the pants<br />

and I love it with hills – although the<br />

palazzo covers the shoes anyways.<br />

Boot Cut Pants<br />

There was a time when boot cuts were the<br />

real deal, they are not as popular as they<br />

used to be but are still in good demand<br />

– and highly fashionable. The pants are<br />

taped at the knee area before they flare<br />

out freely. For tops, it is best to go for a<br />

cropped top or bomber jacket.<br />

These pants were naturally designed<br />

to accommodate boots – hence the<br />

name. So, you should wear it with a<br />

boot, pointed pumps, or high-hilled<br />

sandals.<br />

4<br />



Tapered Pants<br />

A Tapered pant is somewhere between<br />

a straight cut and skinny pants. It has a<br />

normal fitting from the waist down to the<br />

thighs but gets narrower from the thighs<br />

towards the ankle. I can see the smile on<br />

your face, you know what I mean, right?<br />

They are also called Peg legged pants<br />

and are best when paired with a satin<br />

top – not longer than the waistline; and a<br />

good pair of strappy sandals. Since the<br />

narrow feature emphasizes the ankle,<br />

make sure your footwear is capable of<br />

turning heads.<br />

Straight Cut Pants<br />

Not my personal favourite, but I can assure you that<br />

this style of pants will flatter your body type – because<br />

it looks good on everyone. It is a straight-down type of<br />

pants – straight cut right from the waist to the ankles.<br />

The best shoes for this type of pants are shoes with heels.<br />

You can decide to wear ankle books or sky-high stilettos.<br />

However, if you have long legs to die for, feel free to<br />

wear ballet flats or any beautiful sandals. Any top will do!<br />

High-<br />

Waisted<br />

Pants<br />

As the name rightly implies,<br />

these are not the regular<br />

patterns of pants and they<br />

have their waistline that<br />

begins from the top of the<br />

navel. They broke into the<br />

fashion trend a few years ago<br />

and do not look like they are<br />

dying down anytime soon.<br />

The interesting aspect about<br />

them is that they can be<br />

skinny or flared at the bottom.<br />

It can also be used with a<br />

corporate or casual outfit.<br />

Throw in a turtle neck and<br />

blazer for a corporate look<br />

and sheer or lace camisole<br />

for a casual blend. The show<br />

can be from high heel to flat,<br />

the choice depends solely on<br />

you.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


Corporate<br />

Decoded<br />

Words By Amenna Daayo<br />

In this article, we will highlight what<br />

constitutes corporate looks and also illustrate<br />

(with images) the right clothing items and<br />

accessories need to own the office dress<br />

code.<br />

I cannot say this enough, because it is so<br />

true – times are changing! When you talk of<br />

women’s corporate looks in the past only one<br />

thing comes to mind – a woman in a suit! A<br />

long-shirt suit for that matter!<br />

Thank goodness those days are long gone<br />

and today, there is a new definition of what a<br />

corporate look for a lady should be. in fact,<br />

until a few decades ago, pants weren’t even<br />

accepted as corporate attire for women.<br />

Today, things are completely different and<br />

ladies now have the time and freedom to<br />

experiment with their corporate looks. Unlike<br />

before, there is now more flexibility to play<br />

around with fashion pieces and still achieve<br />

that great corporate look you truly crave!<br />

Let’s move on to decode corporate looks<br />

and highlight what it takes to own the office<br />

space as the super fashionista that you are –<br />

yes, a super corporate fashionista!<br />

earrings<br />

naomi<br />

campbell<br />

clutch<br />

wristwatch<br />

6<br />



Looks<br />

Rules for<br />

the Perfect<br />

Corporate<br />

Outfit/Look<br />

Trouser<br />

handbag<br />

blazers<br />

No Room for Sloppiness:<br />

A corporate outfit must be tailored<br />

to perfection. You cannot afford to<br />

have an oversize piece – except<br />

cause it is part of the fashion<br />

concept.<br />

It Must Be Respectful: Before<br />

your corporate outfit can command<br />

respect, it must first be respectful in<br />

itself. You should be conservative<br />

of some sort actually if you want to<br />

spot a corporate outfit.<br />

Create a Balance: Make sure<br />

you balance the outfit with the right<br />

attitude and approach and stick to<br />

only one statement piece, rather<br />

than trying to have a little bit of<br />

everything.<br />

Always Pay Attention to<br />

Detail: Your corporate outfit<br />

should be well pressed and devoid<br />

of any stains or dents. If it has one<br />

thing someone can point out to<br />

correct, then the entire outfit and<br />

purpose are ruined.<br />

Use the Right Colours:<br />

Always make sure that the colours<br />

are appropriate for the outfit and for<br />

the occasion. When in doubt, obey<br />

the golden rule by sticking to a white<br />

or black outfit – you can never go<br />

wrong with this.<br />

Wear the Right Shoes: What<br />

is a good corporate outfit without<br />

the right type of shoes? You should<br />

always wear closed-toe shoes and<br />

resist the temptation to wear slippers<br />

or open-toe shoes.<br />

black shoe<br />

jumpsuit<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7

Vandana<br />

Evanna<br />

Vandana Evanna, the founder and designer<br />

of Evanna Fashions House in Singapore, has<br />

been honored by Worldwide Branding for her<br />

passion, leadership, and brilliance in fashion<br />

merchandising and design.<br />

Ms. Vandana got a Bachelor of Arts in fashion<br />

design and an advanced diploma in fashion<br />

marketing to prepare for her work.<br />

After launching her company in 2011, She<br />

participated in a few exhibitions, trade shows<br />

and organized 15 fashion shows in Singapore,<br />

and joined a few International fashion weeks,<br />

such as - “Miami Fashion Week”, “Mercedes<br />

fashion week Australia” and World Fashion<br />

Week in Malaysia. “Asia lifestyle week” and<br />

“Jaipur couture show” in India.<br />

She is featured in various interviews and<br />

fashion articles in <strong>Magazine</strong>s, Newspapers<br />

and TV channels in Singapore,Malaysia, India,<br />

USA & UK.<br />

8<br />


About Collection<br />

Agragrami was born from her<br />

articulation of edgy fashion sense<br />

and versatile designs. Her fashion<br />

label derived from the word<br />

“Agragrami’’ True to its meaning<br />

“Avant-garde” experimental or<br />

innovative.<br />

Vandana endorses this philosophy<br />

in all her collections. Agragrami<br />

is an original contemporary<br />

label, which reflects the spirit of<br />

its thrill-seeking, fun loving and<br />

adventurous founder. She focuses<br />

on balancing classic tailoring with<br />

an edgy use of silhouettes and<br />

colors, with classic details. She<br />

has constantly been inspired by<br />

paintings and art of different artists.<br />

The challenge of truly flattering<br />

the body remains integral to her<br />

take on contemporary fashion. Pin<br />

tucks, pleats and strong patterns<br />

dominate the collection and colors<br />

are metallic grey, brown, orange<br />

and black. Each outfit of this<br />

collection has a unique story and<br />

way of sustaining the livelihood of<br />

women artisans who worked for it.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9





Words By:<br />

Gift Adene, Adeleye Kunle, Harry Choms,<br />

Ngere Ikenna, Kaybeewrites & Oma Damians<br />

As Nigeria marks her 61st Independence<br />

anniversary, Glam Squad <strong>Magazine</strong> is out to<br />

celebrate 60+ FEMALE under 60 achievers.<br />

Entrepreneurs, journalists, activists, scientists, socialites<br />

and entertainers who give everyone reason to hope<br />

that the future of Nigeria is bright are featured.<br />

Some are defying the odds and building<br />

businesses despite Covid-19; others are helping<br />

to fight the illness, serving on hospital frontlines or<br />

working to discover new things.<br />

60+ Female Under 60 achievers are regarded as<br />

the leading showcase for the brightest talent working<br />

across numerous niches and making tremendous<br />

changes around the world.<br />

In no particular order, see our full list below:<br />

- Literature<br />

Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie<br />

43-year-old Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a<br />

Nigerian novelist, short story writer, and nonfiction<br />

author. In Nigeria and around the world, she has<br />

remained a strong advocate for female equality.<br />

In 2012, American singer Beyonce sampled her<br />

TedEx speech “We Should All Be Feminist.” Her<br />

most popular novels include; Half of a Yellow Sun,<br />

Americanah, Purple Hibiscus, We should all be<br />

feminists and many others.<br />

- Advocacy<br />

Ayodeji Osowobi<br />

Ayodeji Osowobi is a multi-award-winning<br />

advocate for gender equality. She is the executive<br />

director of the Stand to End Rape Initiative (STER)<br />

and has extensive expertise addressing systemic<br />

social barriers that encourage violence against<br />

women and girls.<br />

10<br />






Ibukun Awosika<br />

- Banking<br />

Ibukun Awosika, who is 58 years old, was the Chairman<br />

of First Bank of Nigeria Plc. She is a businesswoman,<br />

motivational speaker, and author. Following the<br />

departure of Prince Ajibola Afonja on September 7,<br />

2015, Ibukun became the first woman to be named<br />

Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria. She serves on the<br />

boards of Digital Jewel Limited and Cadbury Nig Plc,<br />

as well as the International Advisory Board (IAB) of IESE.<br />

She also recently acted alongside Temi Otedola in<br />

Kunle Afolayan’s 2020 film “Citation.”<br />

- Literature<br />

Sefi Atta<br />

Sefi Atta is a Nigerian-American novelist, short story<br />

writer, playwright, and screenwriter who has won<br />

numerous awards. Her works have been translated<br />

into numerous languages, and her radio plays and<br />

theatrical plays have been performed all over the<br />

world. Several literary honors have been bestowed<br />

upon Atta’s writings.<br />

The Red Hen Press Short Story Award in 2003, the PEN<br />

International David TK Wong Prize, first place in 2005,<br />

the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa in 2006,<br />

and the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa in 2009<br />

are among her many honors and distinctions.<br />

Nkemdilim<br />

Begho<br />

- Technology<br />

Nkemdilim is the CEO of Future Software Resources<br />

Ltd. (Futuresoft). She is an Obama African Leader<br />

and a Forbes’s Top Ten Female Tech Founders<br />

in Africa. In 2019, she was appointed as a Non-<br />

Executive Director for Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11



- Medicine<br />

Dr. Yolanda<br />

George-David<br />

Dr. Yolanda George-David is a neurosurgeon with a<br />

background in obstetrics and gynecology. She’s also a<br />

Clinical and Relational Psychologist specializing in child<br />

development. She is a professor, a multi-award-winning<br />

international public speaker, and a host of a radio show.<br />

Through her work as the Founder and Servant-in-Charge of<br />

Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation and the convener of Aunt<br />

Landa Market Square, she is also a Human Rights Activist<br />

and humanitarian.<br />

- Banking<br />

– Banking<br />

Yemisi Edun<br />

Born in the late 1960s, Yemisi Edun was appointed<br />

as the acting managing director for the First City<br />

Monument Bank, FCMB in early <strong>2021</strong>. Yemisi was<br />

the bank’s immediate past Chief Financial Officer,<br />

a position she held after working for the bank in<br />

various roles since joining in 2000.<br />

- Business<br />

12<br />




Dr. Anino Emuwa<br />

Dr Anino Emuwa, an international management<br />

consultant is the founder of Avandis Consulting, a<br />

strategy and financial advisory firm based in France.<br />

Anino is a fervent believer in the role of entrepreneurship<br />

in economic development.<br />

- Business<br />

Dr. Emuwa is a proponent of gender equality in the<br />

workplace and organizes worldwide and regional<br />

gatherings of female CEOs and founders, such as<br />

Women@Davos and the African Women CEOs Network.<br />

Pamela Yough<br />

Pamela Yough until September 30 this year, was the<br />

chief executive of Zenith Bank (UK) Limited. With a career<br />

spanning over 25 years in banking, she has a plethora<br />

of knowledge. She managed and ran a self-owned<br />

Consulting Firm that provided Financial Advisory Services<br />

prior to joining Zenith Bank (UK) Limited.<br />

She worked with Zenith Bank PLC in various roles for<br />

nearly 13 years (1999-2012), notably as the General<br />

Manager of MCP Group (Multilateral, Conglomerates<br />

& Private Banking) and Investor Relations, where she<br />

arranged all of the Zenith Group’s long-term foreign<br />

finance.<br />

She has also led departments such as Treasury, Head<br />

Office Operations, Public Sector, Correspondent Banking,<br />

and Revenue Collection at Zenith Bank PLC. Ms. Yough<br />

has served on the boards of multiple Zenith Group<br />

entities, including Zenith Registrars and Zenith Realtors, as<br />

a Non-Executive Director. She is a Stanford and Oxford<br />

University alumna.<br />

Abimbola<br />

Bamigboye<br />

Abimbola Bamigboye is the founder of Audeo<br />

which provides business intelligence and supports<br />

to everyday business problems. She created Audeo<br />

in 2011 with the goal of providing organizations with<br />

cutting-edge help by implementing easy, costeffective<br />

back-office and decision-support solutions to<br />

common business issues.<br />

Abimbola also started The Healthy Salad Company<br />

to pursue her love for living a healthy lifestyle via good<br />

nutrition.<br />

Abike Dabiri<br />

- Politics<br />

Abike Kafayat Oluwatoyin Dabiri-Erewa was born<br />

in the Nigerian state of Jos Plateau. Nigerian<br />

politician who served as a member of the Nigerian<br />

Federal House of Representatives, representing the<br />

Ikorodu Constituency in Lagos State, for a period of<br />

eight years. Her previous position was the Chair of<br />

the House Committee on Media and Publicity.<br />

As Senior Special Assistant to President<br />

Muhammadu Buhari on Foreign Affairs and<br />

the Diaspora, she was appointed in 2015. In<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember 2018, Dabiri-Erewa was promoted to<br />

the position of Chairman and Chief Executive<br />

Officer of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13



- Movie<br />

- Media &<br />

Film Making<br />

Mo Abudu<br />

Mosunmola Abudu, also known as Mo Abudu, is<br />

a media mogul and philanthropist. The 57-yearold<br />

has been dubbed “Africa’s Most Successful<br />

Woman” by Forbes and named one of The<br />

Hollywood Reporter’s “25 Most Powerful Women in<br />

Global Television.”<br />

- Movie<br />

– Entertainment<br />

Apaokagi<br />

Adedoyin<br />

Maryam aka<br />

Taaooma<br />

Apaokagi Maryam popularly known as Taaooma<br />

is a Nigerian comedian, content writer, content<br />

creator and social media influencer. The 22 year<br />

old award winning comedian is known for her<br />

multiple roles in her comedy skit.<br />

14<br />




Funke Akindele<br />

Funke Akindele, 44, is a well-known figure in the<br />

Nigerian film business. The multiple award-winning<br />

role interpreter and producer “Jenifa’s Diary” and<br />

“Industreet” have been praised for generating one of<br />

the most memorable characters in recent years as<br />

well as encouraging fresh talent through her many<br />

comedy programs.<br />

Omo Ghetto: The Saga, her most recent project, is<br />

also the best-selling Nollywood film, having sold over<br />

500 million copies since its premiere in the Christmas<br />

season of 2020.<br />

Kemi Adetiba<br />

Kemi Adetiba’s commitment to her profession is<br />

deserving of all the praise she can earn. With ‘The<br />

Wedding Party 1’ and the critically acclaimed and<br />

commercially successful ‘King of Boys,’ Adetiba is<br />

unquestionably the best Nigerian director/filmmaker.<br />

Between 2010 and 2015, Adetiba shot ten music<br />

videos for major artists including as Banky W, Waje, Tiwa<br />

Savage, Olamide, and Niyola, with Niyola’s “Toh Bad,”<br />

Banky W’s “Lagos Party,” and Olamide’s “Sitting on the<br />

Throne” placing first in terms of quality.<br />

She surprised the industry when she decided to direct<br />

and produce her major feature, ‘King Of Boys,’ despite<br />

having only a few TV productions and shows to her<br />

name. The two-hour political thriller was in theaters for<br />

14 weeks before going on a worldwide tour, grossing<br />

approximately N104 million. She went on to film Part 2<br />

of The King of Boys: The Return of The King, which was<br />

sold to Netflix.<br />

- Activism<br />

Obianuju<br />

Catherine Udeh<br />

(DJ Switch)<br />

Obianuju Catherine Udeh, better known by her<br />

stage name DJ Switch, is a Nigerian DJ, singer,<br />

and musician who, at the age of 29, won the first<br />

season of The Glo X Factor in 2013.<br />

She earned her bachelor’s degree in geology from<br />

the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State.<br />

DJ Switch live broadcast the aftermath of the<br />

purported Lekki Massacre on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 20, 2020.<br />

They attempted to remove a bullet from a man’s<br />

leg in the video by putting a Nigerian flag around<br />

his leg.<br />

Mary Remmy<br />

Njoku<br />

Mary Nnenna Njoku is a Nigerian actress and film<br />

producer, as well as the Director General of the awardwinning<br />

Lagos-based film studio ROK Studios, which<br />

was recently acquired by CANAL+, French television<br />

powerhouse.<br />

Njoku started ROK Studios in August of 2013. ROK has<br />

produced over 540 films and 25 original TV programs<br />

since its inception in 2013.<br />

- Film Making<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15



- Business<br />

Dr Amy Jadesimi<br />

Amy Jadesimi is a Nigerian businesswoman and the<br />

chief executive officer of the Lagos Deep Offshore<br />

Logistics Base (LADOL). She completed an internship at<br />

Brait Private Equity in Johannesburg, South Africa, where<br />

she worked as a transaction executive in Private Equity.<br />

She later moved to Nigeria where she set-up a financial<br />

consultancy firm before joining the Management Team<br />

of LADOL (Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base).<br />

- Business<br />

Chidimma Umeh<br />

Chidimma Umeh, popularly known by her channel<br />

name “That Igbo Chick” is a Nigerian beauty and lifestyle<br />

YouTuber. With over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and<br />

138,000 followers on instagram, Dimma ranks among the<br />

most popular Youtubers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.<br />

Aisha Yesufu<br />

- Activism<br />

- Lifestyle 47-year-old Aisha Yesufu is a Nigerian sociopolitical<br />

activist and co-convener of the Bring<br />

Back Our Girls Movement, an advocacy group<br />

that draws attention to the terrorist group Boko<br />

Haram’s abduction of over 200 girls from a<br />

secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria, on 14 April<br />

2014. She also protested against the government<br />

in Nigeria at the #EndSars protest in 2020. She has<br />

subsequently become known as one of the most<br />

iconic women of the contemporary era.<br />

16<br />




Dr. Nneka<br />

Abulokwe (OBE)<br />

Nneka Abulokwe, OBE is a British Nigerian entrepreneur<br />

in the fields of technology and digital governance. She<br />

is the founder and CEO of MicroMax Consulting and<br />

one of the first Afro-Caribbean professionals in the United<br />

Kingdom to serve on the board of a leading European<br />

digital transformation company.<br />

Queen Elizabeth II awarded her the title of Officer of<br />

the British Empire (OBE) for services to business in 2019.<br />

Abulokwe is one of the first black women to serve on the<br />

board of a multi-national IT firm in the United Kingdom.<br />

- Religion<br />

Laurie Idahosa<br />

- Religion<br />

Jemimah Mbaya<br />

53-year-old Jemimah is a philanthropist, gospel<br />

singer, author, motivational speaker, business<br />

coach, and the founder and senior pastor of<br />

the Latter House Christian Centre. She also has a<br />

background in public communication. She is the<br />

founder and CEO of several successful companies.<br />

She has won numerous honors and frequently<br />

volunteers for mentoring and empowerment<br />

programs, sharing her experiences with young<br />

Nigerians and the less fortunate.<br />

She most recently led a drive to raise humanitarian<br />

supplies and finances for the benefit of internally<br />

displaced people.<br />

Rev. Mrs. Laurie Whetstone- Idahosa was born in<br />

a pastor’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, United<br />

States of America.<br />

She has visited more than 40 countries and worked<br />

with well-known ministries. Her undergraduate<br />

degrees in biblical studies and ministerial training<br />

were earned at the School of Biblical Studies<br />

and School of Ministerial Training in New Castle,<br />

Delaware, and her bachelor’s degree in Christian<br />

ministry was earned at Chesapeake Bible College<br />

and Seminary in Maryland, USA.<br />

As well as becoming a missionary, she received<br />

training as an Emergency Medical Technician, a<br />

First Aid and CPR instructor, and a Disaster Relief<br />

Responder. She is a talented event planner, real<br />

estate investor, and business owner who has built<br />

a number of profitable enterprises. She is trilingual<br />

in Spanish, Pidgin, and English, and she is fluent<br />

in all three languages. Rev. Laurie has worked at<br />

Benson Idahosa University since 2003, and she<br />

is currently the Director of Campus Life Division<br />

and a member of the university’s Executive<br />

Management.<br />

She founded Nathan American Academy, a<br />

successful nursery and elementary school in Benin<br />

City, which opened in 2013.<br />

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- Oil & Gas<br />

- Oil & Gas<br />

Catherine Uju-<br />

Ifejijka<br />

Catherine Uju Ifejika was born on 28 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

1959 in Opobo in Rivers State to Chief Clifford<br />

Ogwu and Elizabeth Ikpeze of Ogidi, Present Day<br />

Anambra State. She graduated from Ahmadu<br />

Bello University, Zaria with a Diploma in Law and an<br />

LLB (Hons.) in 1985. She was called to the Nigerian<br />

Bar in 1986. Catherine is the first and so far, the<br />

only woman to become chair and CEO of an<br />

Upstream E&P Company in Nigeria.<br />

Her career in the petroleum industry started when<br />

she joined Texaco’s Legal Department as Junior<br />

Counsel in 1987 and rose swiftly to become<br />

Company Secretary in 1997.<br />

In 2003, her Government and Public Affairs<br />

responsibilities were extended to Cameroon, Togo,<br />

Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, and the Democratic Republic<br />

of Congo. She joined Brittania-U Nigeria Limited<br />

in 2007 as Chair/CEO and has since steered the<br />

indigenous company to its current market leading<br />

position.<br />

- Business<br />

Ijeoma Igbaji<br />

Ijeoma Igbaji is the founder and CEO of White<br />

Rabbit Favours, a dynamic gifts and surprises<br />

company that designs and delivers one-of-akind<br />

gift packages and gorgeous surprises for<br />

any celebration in order to wow the celebrant,<br />

make their day extra special, and leave them with<br />

unforgettable memories.<br />

18<br />




Godrey<br />

Ogbechie<br />

The Group Executive Director of Rainoil Limited,<br />

Mrs. Godrey Ogbechie, has made a name<br />

for herself in the banking as well as oil and<br />

gas sectors. A 1988 graduate of Agricultural<br />

Economics and Extension from the University<br />

of Calabar, she also holds a Master’s Degree<br />

in Business Administration. In this interview with<br />

KINGSLEY JEREMIAH, she spoke on critical issues<br />

in the two important sectors, challenges facing<br />

marriages, women in Nigeria and more<br />

Linda Ikeji<br />

- Media<br />

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a former model and pioneer<br />

Nigerian blogger, writer, and entrepreneur. She is wellknown<br />

for her famous blog (Linda Ikeji’s Blog). The<br />

40-year-old foremost Nigerian blogger and media mogul<br />

is unquestionably deserving of a spot on our list. Avance<br />

Media selected her to the inaugural list of 100 Most<br />

Influential African Women in 2019.<br />

- Entrepreneurship<br />

Irene Ochem<br />

With her feet firmly set in reality and a firm belief<br />

and resolve, AWIEF’s founder and CEO, Irene<br />

Ochem, will see them through any challenging<br />

circumstances that may happen. The fact that she<br />

has persevered across countries and continents,<br />

through daunting obstacles and deep-seated<br />

prejudices, has propelled her to where she is today,<br />

as the leader of a highly influential pan-African<br />

women’s economic empowerment organisation<br />

poised to become the number one, globally<br />

recognised platform for female entrepreneurship<br />

in Africa. A product of the University of London, she<br />

holds bachelors and master’s degrees in business<br />

administration as well as an MBA in International<br />

Management.<br />

- Entrepreneurship<br />

Abisola Akintunde<br />

Abisola Akintunde is a Top Nigerian Make up artist whose<br />

desire is to see women present the best version of<br />

themselves. She is the brain behind “Makeupbyashabee”.<br />

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Kiki Mordi<br />

- Journalism<br />

30-year-old Kiki is a journalist, media personality,<br />

filmmaker, and writer from Nigeria. At the Nigerian<br />

Broadcasters Merit Awards in 2016, she was named<br />

Outstanding Radio Program Presenter. She and a<br />

team from the BBC Africa Eye aired a documentary<br />

in <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2019 about sexual harassment of students<br />

by instructors. Her film prompted the introduction of<br />

a senate measure to prohibit sexual harassment in<br />

institutions.<br />

- Life Coach<br />

- Advocacy<br />

Cassandra<br />

Akinde<br />

Dr Cassandra Akinde is a medical professional<br />

with a strong dedication to child health<br />

advocacy, humanitarian duties, human rights<br />

and environmental sustainability. Through<br />

her commitment to child health and social<br />

responsibilities, Dr Cassandra has gained 4 years’<br />

experience of working and making landmark<br />

achievements in various non-profit organizations.<br />

- Politics<br />

20<br />




Joana<br />

NnazuaKolo<br />

- Politics<br />

Joana is a 2018 graduate of Library Science from<br />

Kwara State University and the youngest commissioner<br />

in the history of Nigeria. She is a humanitarian,<br />

advocate for good governance, and the youngest<br />

serving commissioner in Kwara State. Joana was<br />

recommended for appointment two weeks before<br />

her NYSC ended. She is a grassroots mobilizer and<br />

enthusiastic advocate for community development.<br />

Emem<br />

Nwogwugwu<br />

Emem Nwogwugwu is a professional project manager,<br />

entrepreneur, author, and life coach. She has inspired<br />

people to strive to be the best version of themselves for<br />

more than a decade.<br />

She has organized events that have influenced people<br />

positively in various businesses and spheres of life, thanks to<br />

her warmth and passion for seeing people succeed.<br />

Emem has recently created the Parent Organiser, a one-ofa-kind<br />

planner and coaching program that tackles some<br />

of the most pressing family and parenting difficulties.<br />

Clare<br />

Omatseye<br />

Clare Omatseye, is the founder and Managing Director<br />

of JNC International Ltd. (JNCI). She graduated from<br />

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria with a Bachelor of<br />

Science degree in Pharmacy; and holds an MBA from<br />

Universidad De Navarra, (IESE) Barcelona.<br />

Clare founded JNCI in 1994 on the need to make a<br />

difference in the medical infrastructure landscape in<br />

Nigeria through the delivery of cutting edge medical<br />

diagnostic and interventional technology solutions<br />

and after sales service. Over the last 10 years, she has<br />

grown JNCI into a proudly ‘Nigerian National Corporate’<br />

company receiving several International and Nigerian<br />

Awards/recognitions such as the renowned Frost &<br />

Sullivan Award for Quality in Customer Service.<br />

- Oil & Gas<br />

Audrey Joe-<br />

Ezigbo<br />

Audrey Joe-Ezigbo is the Deputy Managing Director<br />

of Falcon Corporation Limited, a leading wholly<br />

indigenous midstream and downstream Energy,<br />

Gas Distribution & Trading Company which she cofounded<br />

in 1994.<br />

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- Athlete<br />

- Business<br />

Barbara Okereke<br />

Barbara Okereke, born in 1991 is a Nigerian<br />

cake designer and entrepreneur, founder and<br />

managing director of Oven Secret Limited. In 2019<br />

she was included on the Forbes list of ‘30 under-30’<br />

people to watch in Africa.<br />

Barbara Okereke has a degree in Electrical<br />

Engineering from Anambra State University, and an<br />

MBA in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry<br />

University. She learnt cake design at Fair Cake<br />

culinary school in Greenwich, London. In 2015<br />

Okereke started her own cake baking business in<br />

Port Harcourt. She has created over a thousand<br />

cake designs, and trained over has five hundred<br />

students physically and online.<br />

– Business<br />

Chiamaka<br />

Ndukwu Theresa<br />

– Business<br />

Co-founder of AgroHive. AgroHive is an Agri-tech<br />

company that offers agricultural businesses and<br />

farmers’ trained and skilled personnels. The company<br />

recruits, trains and outsources agricultural experts for<br />

agricultural businesses such as farm managers, IT<br />

experts, attendants, interns.<br />

This initiative has helped 2,300 households combat<br />

hunger, created over 300 employment opportunities<br />

and ensured improved livelihoods of 300 people.<br />

AgroHive also organises agricultural advocacy and<br />

sensitisation activities.<br />

22<br />




Blessing<br />

Oborududu<br />

Blessing Oborududu is a freestyle wrestler from Nigeria.<br />

She is now listed as the world’s number two female<br />

wrestler, and she is the first Nigerian wrestler to win an<br />

Olympic medal. From 2010 to 2020, she was a tentime<br />

African champion.<br />

Oborududu, a Business Administration graduate<br />

from Niger-Delta University, went on to achieve even<br />

greater sporting success, showing great intent from<br />

the start in her struggle against Mongolia’s Battsetseg<br />

Soronzonbold to win the competition.<br />

Chioma<br />

Ifeanyi-Eze<br />

Chioma Ifeanyi- Eze is an Accounting guru with over 11<br />

years of finance, bookkeeping and business consulting<br />

experience spanning over several industries of the<br />

economy. An expert in start-ups, she has been involved<br />

in starting up finance functions for several companies<br />

and projects.<br />

Trained in PricewaterhouseCoopers Nigeria, Chioma<br />

had further career stints in BankPHB, Jumia and a host<br />

of other companies where she headed the Finance/<br />

Accounting functions.<br />

She is the Founder of Accountinghub.ng. Nigeria’s<br />

premier professional services online shop focused on<br />

offering brilliant bookkeeping and tax support to startups<br />

and small businesses at super-affordable pricing. She<br />

presents virtual, retail and tech-accounting in Nigeria.<br />

– Advocacy<br />

Carolyn Seaman<br />

Carolyn Seaman is the Founder & Creative<br />

Director of Girls Voices Initiative, promoting digital<br />

literacy and citizen journalism skills among girls<br />

and women, using digital media to amplify<br />

girls voices and advocacy through their stories.<br />

She is a 2016 World Pulse Voices of Our Future<br />

Award-winning Correspondent and World Pulse<br />

Mentor with the ‘Intel She Will Connect’ Project in<br />

Nigeria. Carolyn has trained women and girls on<br />

digital empowerment and is currently teaching<br />

girls the power of storytelling and using their<br />

stories to mobilize community action towards<br />

girls’ empowerment through her digital action<br />

Campaign, ‘Make Girls Voices Count’.<br />

- Business<br />

Damilola<br />

Olokesusi<br />

Damilola Olokesusi is a Co-Founder and CEO of a<br />

transport and tech company called Shuttlers, a start-up<br />

currently revolutionising the way professionals commute<br />

in metropolitan cities like Lagos.<br />

Olokesusi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical<br />

Engineering from the University of Lagos. As an<br />

entrepreneur, Damilola uses innovation and technology<br />

to solve economic and social problems. She possesses<br />

the ability to recognise opportunities in everyday<br />

problems as well as the tenacity and diligence required<br />

to break barriers whilst solving these problems.<br />

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Chinwe Esimai<br />

Chinwe Esimai, an award-winning lawyer and the first person<br />

to hold the title of Chief Anti-Bribery Officer at Citigroup, has<br />

achieved many great things throughout her career.<br />

Chinwe Esimai is Managing Director and Chief Anti-Bribery<br />

Officer at Citigroup, where she oversees the firm’s global antibribery<br />

program. She was born in Nigeria and is passionate<br />

about inspiring immigrant women leaders. She shares<br />

leadership insights for immigrant women at chinweesimai.<br />

com.<br />

– Advocacy - Research<br />

- Healthcare<br />

Dr. Irene Olumese<br />

Mercy Chinwo<br />

- Music<br />

Mercy is a singer, songwriter, and actress who specializes<br />

in gospel music. She became famous after winning<br />

Season 2 of Nigeria Idol in 2012. On numerous streaming<br />

sites, her tracks have received millions of views.<br />

Irene Titilola Olumese is an Author, Inspirational<br />

Speaker, and a Faith-informed Transformational<br />

Coach. She is certified in Trauma-Informed Care<br />

and Integrated Family Therapeutic Counseling,<br />

and she is now pursuing certification in Integrated<br />

Systems Couples Therapy and Core Transformative<br />

Coaching.<br />

Irene is a Bilateral Amputee and a Lung Transplant<br />

Survivor. After twenty years of coping with chronic<br />

respiratory disease (Bronchestasis) and a crippling<br />

neurological-muscular disorder, she lost both legs<br />

owing to complications from a lung transplant<br />

(Myasthenia Gravis).<br />

Now, she uses her multi-faceted and lifethreatening<br />

traumatic experiences to encourage<br />

hope in individuals facing life’s obstacles and<br />

adversity.<br />

24<br />




Dr. Wendy Okolo<br />

Dr. Wendy Okolo is an aerospace engineering researcher<br />

at NASA’s Ames Research Center’s Intelligent Systems<br />

Division. She leads a group of engineers working on<br />

a space technology project aimed at developing<br />

guidance, navigation, and control systems that will make<br />

precise landings for deployable entry spacecraft a reality<br />

for planetary exploration.<br />

Dr. Okolois a recipient of the U.T. Arlington Distinguished<br />

Recent Graduate Award, the 2019 Women In Aerospace<br />

Award for Initiative, Inspiration, and Impact, and the<br />

2019 Black Engineer of the Year Award for Most Promising<br />

Engineer in the United States Government.<br />

- Entrepreneurship<br />

- Business & Activism<br />

Dr. Shola Mos-<br />

Shogbamimu<br />

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a political<br />

and women’s rights activist who has taught<br />

intersectional feminism to female refugees and<br />

asylum seekers, scrutinizes government policies for<br />

gender and diversity inclusion, and co-organizes<br />

marches and social campaigns for women.<br />

She launched She@LawTalks to encourage women<br />

and BAME leadership in the legal profession, and<br />

she founded the Women in Leadership journal<br />

as a forum to inspire positive change on relevant<br />

problems that affect women internationally through<br />

compelling personal leadership experiences.<br />

Folake Kuye<br />

Huntoon<br />

Folake Kuye Huntoon, who was born in the Bronx<br />

and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, has been building<br />

her profession since she entered fashion school<br />

at the age of fifteen. She chose to make her<br />

own path rather than follow the standard fashion<br />

school route. After returning to the United States for<br />

college, her desire to create and her enthusiasm<br />

for fashion continued to illuminate the path<br />

forward.<br />

While Folake’s style evolves over time, it is always<br />

motivated by the aim to create pieces that are<br />

attractive, easily accessible, and affordable for<br />

the everyday woman. Her clothing are meant to<br />

be worn by everyone; she has developed a strong<br />

bond with women of colour all over the world and<br />

is a relentless advocate for equal representation in<br />

the fashion industry.<br />

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- Lifestyle<br />

Natasha<br />

Akpoti<br />

- Politics<br />

Natasha is a politician, a lawyer, and a social<br />

entrepreneur. In 2019, she stood for the Social<br />

Democratic Party’s Kogi Central Senatorial District<br />

seat, as well as the Kogi State Governorship<br />

election, which took place in <strong>Nov</strong>ember.<br />

She is the founder of the Builders Hub Impact<br />

Investment Program (BHIIP), a social impact and<br />

sustainability enterprise that helps governments<br />

and businesses maximize the impact of their<br />

social investments.<br />

She rose to national fame after presenting an<br />

investigative report on fraudulent practices at the<br />

Ajaokuta Steel Mill before the National Assembly<br />

on March 1, 2018. The investigation highlighted<br />

the repeated misappropriation of government<br />

funding and theft since the steel mill’s construction,<br />

which has remained dormant despite many<br />

attempts to restart it.<br />

Tiwa Savage<br />

- Music<br />

Tiwa Savage is edging closer to being Nigeria’s<br />

most consistent female musician in recent<br />

memory. Since her debut, she has never gone a<br />

year without releasing at least three hit singles. She<br />

was the first African woman to win Best African Act<br />

at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018. Tiwa has<br />

a large following among Nigerians.<br />

26<br />




Amara Kanu<br />

Nwankwo<br />

Amara Kanu Nwankwo is the wife of Nigerian<br />

football legend and a fitness expert and author.<br />

Speaking in an interview about her areas of<br />

specialty, she said, “I specialise in high-end<br />

residential homes and I have had valuable<br />

experiences working with high-end hotels in<br />

London like the London Marriot Hotel. I prefer<br />

designing high-end residential because I love<br />

modern designs, clean lines and practical<br />

spaces for living. I am referring to those that are<br />

visually appealing for the user.”<br />

Uche Pedro<br />

- Media<br />

Uche Pedro is a Nigerian businessman. She is the founder<br />

and CEO of BellaNaija, an entertainment and lifestyle<br />

media blog. BellaNaija’s social footprint has grown to<br />

be one of the largest on the African continent, with<br />

more than 200 million monthly impressions, thanks to its<br />

collective brands - BellaNaija.com, BellaNaija Weddings,<br />

and BellaNaija Style.<br />

Tope Oshin<br />

- Movie<br />

Tope Oshin is a model of dedication,<br />

perseverance, and professionalism. The awardwinning<br />

Nigerian filmmaker made a name for<br />

herself by directing up to 750 episodes of some of<br />

Africa’s most popular drama series, including MTV<br />

NaijaShuga, Tinsel, Hotel Majestic, and Hush.<br />

Tope was named one of OkayAfrica’s Okay100<br />

Women of 2017. She studied filmmaking<br />

at the Colorado Film School in Denver and<br />

cinematography at MetFilm School. She wanted<br />

to demonstrate her ability in cinema by directing<br />

‘Journey to Self’ in 2013 after working on various<br />

TV programs. Following that, she directed three<br />

highly acclaimed films between 2017 and 2018,<br />

including ‘New Money,’ ‘We Don’t Live Here<br />

Anymore,’ and ‘Up North.’<br />

Jade Rawa<br />

- Fashion<br />

Jade is the founder and creative director of Melia<br />

by Jade, a ready-to-wear Afrocentric fashion label.<br />

She makes clothes that appeals to people of all<br />

social classes and donates a portion of her profits to<br />

organizations that help women with breast cancer.<br />

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- Beauty<br />

Tara<br />

Durotoye<br />

44-year-old Tara Fela-Durotoye is a Nigerian<br />

lawyer and beauty entrepreneur. She was<br />

a pioneer in the Nigerian bridal makeup<br />

industry, having developed the first bridal<br />

directory in 1999, as well as world grade<br />

cosmetics studios and the country’s first<br />

makeup school. She founded House of<br />

Tara.<br />

- Life Coach<br />

- Business &<br />

Advocacy<br />

Farida Yahya<br />

Farida Yahaya’s company, Lumo Naturals, is<br />

situated in Abuja, Nigeria, and specialises in<br />

natural haircare solutions. Aside from that, she<br />

works as a startup tutor and is the founder of The<br />

Brief Academy, a learning hub for female business<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />

Her duty is to assist you in simplifying techniques,<br />

developing a workable plan, and feeling confident<br />

enough in your business to assist it in growing!<br />

She’s learnt a few things from running a successful<br />

Natural hair care business for over 6 years and<br />

coaching over 300 entrepreneurs, many of whom<br />

are women, about where people get stuck, halted,<br />

or stressed out and how to get them growing<br />

again.<br />

- Law<br />

28<br />



Amba Eyang-<br />

Ajakaiye<br />

- Business<br />

Amba Eyang is a digital strategist, trainer,<br />

author and founder of “iDareNotDread<br />

Nigeria”, a platform crested to help build<br />

women communities online and empowers<br />

them with creative and innovative skills for<br />

business growth.<br />

Intisar Bashir Kurfi<br />

Intissar Bashir Kurfi is a Green Architect and a seasoned<br />

environmentalist who works in the field of green<br />

architecture. She is a strong supporter of the UN’s<br />

Sustainable Development Goals.<br />

She has also engaged out a large number of outreach<br />

activities on sustainability both within and outside of<br />

Abuja, Nigeria. In addition to educating people in the<br />

creation of briquettes, she has provided solar-powered<br />

lamps to a Fulani community in Abuja and trained<br />

young women in the production of reusable sanitary<br />

pads, among other numerous life-changing projects.<br />

Fabia<br />

Ogunmekan<br />

Fabia Ogunmekan is the Executive Secretary of Women<br />

in Successful Careers (WISCAR). She is a lawyer and<br />

corporate executive with over 20 years of experience in<br />

the domains of law and development in both corporate<br />

and nonprofit organizations.<br />

She has worked as an Associate with The Law Union in<br />

Lagos, as a Corporate/Admin Secretary with Hygeia<br />

Group, and as a Corporate/Admin Secretary with<br />

Pronatura Nigeria, a sustainable development NGO in<br />

Port Harcourt focused on empowering communities in<br />

the Niger Delta to achieve sustainable livelihoods.<br />

She is a 2018 Rise Up Leader who is passionate about<br />

Africa’s development and the role of women in making it<br />

possible.<br />

Asa<br />

- Music<br />

38-year-old Bukky Elemide, often known as Asa, is<br />

a Nigerian-French singer, composer, and record<br />

producer. Young African women were introduced<br />

to the beauty of freedom and faith in one’s intuition<br />

and creativity by the Nigerian recording artist, who<br />

is also a multi-instrumentalist. Asa has released four<br />

studio albums.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29

- Business<br />

Amba Eyang-<br />

Ajakaiye<br />

Amba Eyang is a digital strategist, trainer,<br />

author and founder of “iDareNotDread Nigeria”,<br />

a platform crested to help build women<br />

communities online and empowers them with<br />

creative and innovative skills for business growth.<br />

- Activism<br />

Ngozi Ejedimu<br />

Ngozi is a breast cancer survivor and the founder<br />

of WhatCancerNaija, a breast cancer awareness<br />

platform that includes everything from breast<br />

cancer prevention to post-surgery care.<br />

Adekemi<br />

Adeniyan<br />

- Health<br />

Adekemi Adeniyan is a dentist and the founder of<br />

Dentalcare Foundation, an organization which is<br />

focused on providing free oral health education<br />

and treatments to the less privileged, and more<br />

importantly people in rural areas.<br />

- Business<br />

Adesuwa<br />

Okunbo Rhodes<br />

Adesuwa Okunbo is a the founder and<br />

managing partner of Aruwa Capital<br />

Management, a growth equity gender lens funds<br />

in Africa. She also empowers women by investing<br />

in small and rapidly growing businesses.<br />

30<br />


HEALTH<br />

10<br />

Research-Based<br />


CANCER<br />

Word By Glory Uyi<br />

All over the world, <strong>Oct</strong>ober is set<br />

aside for breast cancer awareness.<br />

It will be a play on words to say<br />

cancer has become ‘a cancer’ in our<br />

world today – but that is the truth.<br />

Within the last decade, cases of cancer<br />

appear to have skyrocketed, although<br />

medical experts claim the disease has<br />

been with us for far longer. They claim<br />

that awareness, especially through the<br />

online media has brought it to the fore –<br />

which they also claim is good if the world<br />

plans on winning the war against cancer.<br />

Many things can cause cancer, and like<br />

many other terminal diseases, it is easier<br />

to prevent it than to cure. Interestingly,<br />

cancer can be prevented by simple<br />

healthy habits and research has proven<br />

that those who adopt basic eating and<br />

healthy procedures lower their risks of<br />

cancer.<br />

However, this is not to say that some<br />

factors cannot be subdued, for example,<br />

age and family history. But it is better<br />

than do your part and reduce the<br />

chances of cancer rather than leaving<br />

up your chances to fate.<br />

Below, we have highlighted 10 researchbased<br />

tips that can help us prevent<br />

cancer. You will find out that these are<br />

simple everyday tips that can go a long<br />

way in making significant changes in the<br />

cause of our lives.<br />

Say<br />

No to<br />

Smoking<br />

It is as easy as that<br />

– or maybe not so<br />

easy. But the truth<br />

is that smoking is<br />

the major reason<br />

for lungs cancer.<br />

Research has also shown that smoking can cause<br />

cervical, bladder, mouth, and throat cancer.<br />

If you are having issues quitting smoking, think of cancer<br />

or watch videos of cancer patients online. If you want to<br />

prevent cancer, you should run away from smoking.<br />

Avoid Second Hand Smoke<br />

You do not smoke, but you are always around someone (or<br />

people) who smoke. Well, according to research, secondhand<br />

smoke is as dangerous as smoking itself – perhaps even more<br />

dangerous because you could get lungs cancer without ever<br />

lifting a stick of cigarette to your lips.<br />

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HEALTH<br />

Limit Your<br />

Alcohol Intake<br />

Alcohol increases the risks for liver, breast, throat,<br />

and colorectal cancers. This is as simple as it<br />

can get, the less you drink alcohol, the lower your<br />

chances of cancer.<br />

If you must drink, you should do so in moderation,<br />

i.e. one drink per day for women and two for<br />

Maintain Routine Medical<br />

Check-Ups<br />

When you maintain routine medical checkups, you<br />

lower your risks of cancer by half.<br />

One reason why a lot of people die from cancer is<br />

that they often get informed late – at a time when<br />

there is little or nothing that can be done. You should<br />

choose a health care center with the necessary<br />

equipment and diagnostic technologies that can<br />

catch cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages.<br />

Be More Physically Active<br />

According to research, physical activity reduces<br />

different types of cancer, like colon and breast<br />

cancer. You should try to engage more in walking,<br />

sports, yoga, or household chores – something to<br />

keep you off on your feet.<br />

According to the American Cancer Society, adults<br />

are recommended to get at least 150 minutes of<br />

moderate-intensity activity each week, while children<br />

and teens should get at least 1 hour of moderateintensity<br />

activity each week.<br />

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HEALTH<br />

Eat More Vegetables<br />

It is no news that our choice of food can increase or<br />

reduce our chances of cancer. To be on the safer<br />

side, always get vegetables or make them a significant<br />

portion of your daily diet.<br />

The American Cancer Society recommends that<br />

eating a healthy diet, with an emphasis on vegetables<br />

prevents the risks of cancer. You should take more<br />

vegetables and fruits, and reduced the intake of<br />

processed foods and meat.<br />

Watch Your Weight<br />

You need to consciously watch your weight if you<br />

want to reduce your chances of cancer. Too much<br />

weight – especially around your midsection area can<br />

increase your chances of different types of cancers,<br />

like breast and colon cancer.<br />

Not to mention that being overweight also<br />

significantly increases your chances of diabetes.<br />

So, isn’t it best to consciously watch your weight and<br />

reduce your chances of cancer – and diabetes?<br />

Be on Your Feet More<br />

According to recent studies, sitting too much – especially<br />

on one spot can increase your chances of cancer. So if<br />

you want to prevent cancer, you should stand up more.<br />

Researchers advise that you should stand up and walk<br />

around every two hours to help promote blood circulation<br />

and prevent your chances of cancer.<br />

Protect Your Skin<br />

The ultra-violent ray from direct sunlight has been<br />

discovered to be a cause of cancer. So, you should<br />

protect yourself from direct sunlight more, if you want<br />

to reduce your risks of cancer.<br />

If you must be under the sun for tanning, you should<br />

always apply sunscreen to reduce the effect of the<br />

sun on your skin, to prevent your chances of having<br />

cancer.<br />

According to experts, when you’re in the sun, always<br />

apply sunscreen to your skin that has at least a<br />

sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. Some doctors<br />

recommend at least SPF 30.<br />

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