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<strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Issue 133<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators

SAFE<br />





SF <strong>Marina</strong> is a world-renowned expert in the development of new or<br />

existing premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters<br />

and concrete pontoons to anyone, anywhere, who is planning to<br />

build a marina. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

Contact Michael Sigvardsson +46 (0)733 50 70 99<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Vol.23, No.1<br />

19<br />


<strong>World</strong> News 7<br />

News Focus 19<br />

Construction begins on Dana Point Harbor in<br />

California<br />

Planning & Design 21<br />

A journey through the pandemic to develop<br />

Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong> in New Zealand’s South Island<br />

25<br />

65<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Management & Consulting:<br />

Buying and managing <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Punta del Faro, Italy 25<br />

Rebuilding Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong>, the largest<br />

marina in Florida 32<br />

Adelaide Pointe: a new US development model 40<br />

Events 47<br />

The <strong>Marina</strong>s22 conference and exhibition, held on the<br />

Gold Coast in May, welcomed over 320 attendees<br />


A-Z Guide to Pontoon & Decking Manufacturers 51<br />

Products & Services 65<br />

On the cover: <strong>Marina</strong> Punta del<br />

Faro Resort in Friuli Venezia,<br />

Italy, has become the sixteenth<br />

marina in the D-Marin portfolio.<br />

Its stunning swimming pool<br />

design is inspired by Roman<br />

archaeological finds in Aquileia.<br />

Read more p.25<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3

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Celebrating<br />

design<br />

If you need inspiration to pursue environmentally aware,<br />

transformational projects, this is your issue. From one side of the<br />

globe to the other, new marina developments are emerging that,<br />

although involving a patient and determined journey through planning<br />

and approvals, are delivering landmark marinas:<br />

• Dana Point Harbor – a huge municipal marina in California crying out<br />

for improvement is now, via a PPP, being redeveloped into a vibrant hub<br />

for locals and visitors, with top notch marina services and infrastructure,<br />

dining, retail and hotel accommodation.<br />

• Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong> – set amidst stunning scenery and positioned on an<br />

environmentally sensitive lake in New Zealand’s South Island, Iraj Barabi’s<br />

dream-come-true facility merges seamlessly into the lakefront scene and<br />

has a touch of nostalgia in the mix.<br />

• Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong> – massively damaged in 2017 by Hurricane Irma,<br />

this municipal marina – the largest on the US eastern seaboard – has<br />

benefited from robust repairs and upgrades while remaining open to the<br />

public.<br />

• Adelaide Pointe – visionary owners Ryan and Emily Leestma have flipped<br />

the traditional model on its head to create a marina, hotel, retail and<br />

residential development on Muskegon Lake, USA. Key elements include<br />

an open plan approach that is accessible to the local community, soft<br />

shorelines, natural materials and green energy.<br />

These, together with <strong>Marina</strong> Punta del Faro (featured on the cover) and<br />

examples of many special marinas in our Advertisement Feature A-Z Guide<br />

to Pontoon & Decking Manufacturers, make this <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> issue of<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> a celebration of modern marina design.<br />

Our annual A-Z Guide, which features 22 companies, is a valued<br />

reference source for anyone looking to develop, rebuild or expand a marina<br />

facility.<br />

Start planning!<br />

Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

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www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5

Custom engineered mooring<br />

technology that lasts<br />

<br />

applications like marinas,<br />

wave-attenuators, buoys,<br />

<br />

We understand the water. We have the products and the knowhow<br />

to move away from old fashioned methods like piles, chain,<br />

or cables. <br />

<br />

Contact us at<br />

<br />

accomodate for the depth.<br />

SEAFLEX SWE +46 90 16 06 50<br />

SEAFLEX US +1 (310) 548-9100<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Sustainable materials that ensure<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

back to provide constant stability.<br />

Small footprint - always<br />

<br />

<br />

from a company that cares.




Bristol town<br />

upgrades harbour<br />

USA: Further to a five-year planning process, the town of Bristol on<br />

Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island has completed a large-scale harbour<br />

expansion project. The centrepiece of the work is an SF <strong>Marina</strong> floating<br />

concrete breakwater and pontoon system.<br />

After removing Bristol Harbor’s<br />

aging fixed wave fence, local company<br />

Reagan Marine Construction installed<br />

12 SF500 Series (5.2m/17ft wide)<br />

floating breakwater pontoons. These<br />

are virtually unsinkable, exceptionally<br />

stable and are coupled in a way that<br />

absorbs and distributes stress loads.<br />

The pontoons are anchored using 48<br />

16-strand Seaflex mooring hawsers.<br />

“The breakwater works great,” said<br />

harbour master Gregg Marsili. “Not<br />

Mooring<br />

Post<br />

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Highlights from August/<strong>September</strong>:<br />

• Ibiza: new superyacht yard<br />

development<br />

• Maldives: floating boating community<br />

wins approval<br />

• UK: Council seeks funding for Barry<br />

Docks<br />

• USA: preliminary submissions for<br />

Seaport San Diego<br />

• Cyprus: town planning approval for<br />

Larnaca<br />

only does it protect the marina, but<br />

also the shoreline, our other marina at<br />

Rockwell Park, the fuel pier on State<br />

Street and the Prudence Island ferry<br />

dock.”<br />

The 790ft (240m) long structure<br />

includes an interior dock array for<br />

a total of 34 tapered fingers. Bristol<br />

Harbor has 22 transient slips for boats<br />

up to 39ft (12m) in length and an<br />

additional 499ft (152m) of dock space<br />

for vessels up to 197ft (60m).<br />

• Qatar: M3 to develop Pearl yacht club<br />

• USA: Suntex buys The Wharf in<br />

Marathon, Florida<br />

• USA: Freedom Boat Club expands to<br />

Chula Vista<br />

• New Zealand: Westhaven <strong>Marina</strong> –<br />

first in country for Gold Anchor<br />

• Croatia: <strong>Marina</strong> Rijeka – new marina,<br />

new standards<br />

BONUS: Refresh your reading on the<br />

thorny topic of leases and concessions<br />

with our archive articles, sign up now.<br />



AUSTRALIA IN 2021<br />












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CLEAN<br />



PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts.<br />

When installing a wastewater management system harbor<br />

operators have to make several decisions depending on the location,<br />

number of berths and size to find the optimal system.<br />

The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance<br />

solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black<br />

water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated<br />

rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign<br />

matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop<br />

if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are<br />

vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue.<br />






MarineMax to buy<br />

IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

USA: MarineMax, the world’s largest recreational boat retailer, has entered into<br />

a definitive agreement to buy Island Global Yachting (IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s).<br />

MarineMax will acquire IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

for US$480 million in cash, with an<br />

additional potential payout of up to<br />

$100 million two years after closing,<br />

subject to the achievement of defined<br />

performance metrics. IGY is projected<br />

to generate over $100 million in<br />

revenue in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The deal is expected to close in the<br />

first half of 2023 and Tom Mukamal,<br />

CEO of IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s, and the existing<br />

IGY management team will continue to<br />

lead the growth and operations of the<br />

business.<br />

“We are delighted to announce<br />

our acquisition of IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

a transformative transaction for<br />

MarineMax, that significantly<br />

strengthens our ability to provide the<br />

best customer experience to yacht<br />

owners around the world,” said W<br />

Brett McGill, CEO and president of<br />

MarineMax. “The addition of IGY<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s positions MarineMax as the<br />

Common<br />

nautical<br />

rules sought<br />

BELGIUM: A declaration on<br />

“developing common rules for truly<br />

European nautical tourism” was<br />

launched in Brussels in July at a<br />

European Parliament Intergroup on<br />

Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal<br />

Areas event.<br />

The influential cross-party Intergroup,<br />

co-organised by European Boating<br />

Industry and the Conference of<br />

Peripheral and Maritime Regions,<br />

brought together 107 MEPs from 23<br />

different member states and six political<br />

groups.<br />

The main measures highlighted in<br />

the declaration are the recognition of<br />

private boaters’ licences, the mutual<br />

preeminent leader in the superyacht<br />

industry – the only company able to<br />

offer an integrated experience coupling<br />

high value superyacht berthing and<br />

marina services in premier locations<br />

with exclusive superyacht service<br />

offerings. Moreover, this investment<br />

continues to diversify our business mix<br />

with not only higher margins, but also a<br />

larger geographic footprint, especially<br />

in highly desired destinations in the<br />

Mediterranean and Caribbean.”<br />

McGill continued: “We are very<br />

pleased to strategically expand with<br />

IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s and have tremendous<br />

respect for their outstanding<br />

management team for building a<br />

high-quality real estate portfolio of<br />

luxury marinas with extraordinary<br />

growth potential. IGY has experienced<br />

significant recent growth, as its brand<br />

has become sought-after by yacht<br />

owners, as well as public and private<br />

marina owners worldwide.”<br />

recognition of skipper qualifications,<br />

the sustainable development of<br />

pleasure ports and inland recreational<br />

navigation, and the alignment of<br />

reduced VAT rates across the tourism<br />

sector to ensure a level playing field.<br />

With close to 200 registered<br />

participants, the event featured some<br />

of the highest-level players from the<br />

European Commission and European<br />

Parliament, as well as the German<br />

Ministry of Transport and Digital<br />

Infrastructure.<br />

Speaking for the industry were<br />

Roberto Perocchio (Assomarinas and<br />

Confindustria Nautica), Olivier Albahary<br />

(Globesailor and FIN) and Harald<br />

Kuhnle (Kuhnle Tours and BVWW).<br />

They highlighted that the rules for landbased<br />

activities need to be replicated<br />

for the water. Boater licences, for<br />

example, should be treated in the same<br />

harmonised way as car driving licences.<br />

All speakers agreed on the need for<br />

a more European approach to tackling<br />

the issues flagged up at the event.<br />

In a thriving sector, this would push<br />

sustainable growth of nautical tourism<br />

and manufacturing in coming years.<br />



ZEALAND IN 2021<br />












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Mooring Solutions<br />



LIGHT<br />

AND<br />




DualDocker GmbH | www.dualdocker.com




Interest builds for<br />

megayacht marina<br />

GREECE: According to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund<br />

(HRADF), four interested parties have submitted Expressions of Interest for<br />

the sub-concession of the right to build, operate, manage and maintain a<br />

megayacht marina on the island of Corfu.<br />

The parties are: a consortium of Avax<br />

and Aktor Concessions; D <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Hellas; Lamda <strong>Marina</strong>s Investments;<br />

and Tekal. All are being evaluated to<br />

determine whether they qualify for the<br />

second phase of the tender (binding<br />

offers).<br />

The Corfu megayacht marina will<br />

be located on the east coast of the<br />

island, to the west of the existing<br />

commercial port and adjacent to<br />

the cruise terminal. As such, it will<br />

enjoy all the benefits of being on the<br />

Ionian coast, be close to many tourist<br />

attractions and just 3km (1.8mi) from<br />

an international airport.<br />

Golden centrepiece<br />

at Beach Marine<br />

USA: Windward <strong>Marina</strong> Group has undertaken a radical lifts and docks<br />

renovation programme at its Jacksonville Beach <strong>Marina</strong> (Beach Marine) on<br />

the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida. The marina has over 180 wet slips and<br />

drystack for 300 boats.<br />

The project called for 15 Golden<br />

aluminium four-post boat lifts with<br />

28,000lb (13,000kg) capacity, and a<br />

further ten for vessels up to 40,000lbs<br />

(18,140kg). It also involved the<br />

installation of 25 customised Golden<br />

Marine Systems 9-Series aluminium<br />

walkways, configured as fixed docks,<br />

for access to each lift.<br />

Each dock measures approximately<br />

44ft (13.4m) long x 3ft (1m) wide and is<br />

built from fully welded 6061 T6 marine<br />

grade aluminium with stainless steel<br />

components, topped with an attractive<br />

Endeck composite decking.<br />

“We’re seeing a new trend of marinas<br />

upgrading to lift slips,” said Michael<br />

Shanley, president Golden Marine<br />

Systems. “Especially for larger vessels<br />

that push the limits of indoor storage,<br />

lifts keep the boats out of the water<br />

and safe from the elements. They also<br />

provide owners fast and easy access,<br />

while reducing the need – and expense<br />

– for marina staff to be involved in every<br />

launch. In addition, marina owners are<br />

realising premium<br />

rates for lift slips<br />

with fast return on<br />

investments.”<br />

Allen ‘Gus’<br />

Gustafson,<br />

Beach Marine’s<br />

director of marina<br />

operations,<br />

gives positive<br />

feedback: “Our<br />

customers have<br />

been happy with<br />

the unrestricted access to their boats<br />

that the lift slips offer. We’re pleased<br />

with the product and currently working<br />

with Golden on adding more lifts in the<br />

future,” he confirmed.<br />

Windward <strong>Marina</strong> Group is also in the<br />

process of upgrading Beach Marine’s<br />

shoreside power offering.<br />

397 PROJECTS<br />


US IN 2021<br />













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La Valletta Loano Hammamet Stora Palau<br />

Fiskardo Aqaba Dubai Port Gogek Khiran<br />

Castellammare di Stabia Lefkas Tripoli<br />

Venezia Spalato Maratona Salerno Piskera La<br />

Maddalena Gouvia Muggia Maratea Gedda<br />

Capo d’Orlando Tremezzo Doha Tivat Trani<br />

Lixouri Procida Al Fintas Carrara Brissago<br />

Genova Rodi Dammam Sistiana Locarno<br />

Cagliari Atene Lacco Ameno Palermo<br />

Manfredonia Novi Vinodolski Montecarlo<br />

Viareggio Rab<br />

Alassio Farasan<br />

Budva Ravenna<br />

Portorose Bari<br />

Villasimius Taranto Biograd Cala di Volpe Trieste<br />

Jesolo Savona Lisbona Portovenere Novigrad<br />

Bisceglie Aiaccio La Spezia Portoferraio<br />

Lustiça Montecarlo Santa Manza Riva del<br />

Garda Castiglioncello Kastela Al Faw Portofino<br />

S. Margherita Ligure Volme Methoni Livorno<br />

Haquel Napoli Marsaxlokk Jesolo Aci Trezza<br />

Taranto Mgarr S. Teresa di Gallura Grado<br />

Rovigno Chioggia Vibo Valenza Mitilene<br />

Imperia Como Agios Kosmas Monfalcone<br />

Tel. +39 0422 702412<br />

info@ingemar.it www.ingemar.it<br />

Made in Italy


First phase completes<br />

at Windermere<br />

UK: Walcon Marine has completed the first phase of a two-stage project<br />

to replace berthing facilities at Windermere Village <strong>Marina</strong> in the north of<br />

England’s Lake District.<br />

The marina is undergoing a<br />

complete transformation, with a<br />

new layout that will accommodate<br />

335 boats of up to 15m (49ft) in<br />

length at floating pontoons as<br />

opposed to fixed timber jetties.<br />

Designed and project managed<br />

by <strong>Marina</strong> Projects, the new<br />

marina will take full advantage<br />

of available space, with back<br />

walkways following the contours<br />

of the shoreline and encircling<br />

five piers.<br />

All work is being done in two<br />

off-seasons. The 2021/22 phase<br />

began with Walcon removing<br />

much of the old infrastructure,<br />

including around 700 piles, so<br />

as to allow local contractor Jetties &<br />

Moorings to implement the dredging<br />

programme.<br />

Walcon System 2000 pontoons have<br />

so far been used to create some of the<br />

back walkway and three piers. Bespoke<br />

bowspring bridges for berth holder<br />

access to and from the shore have also<br />

been installed.<br />

The marina is also renewing all<br />

power pedestals and adding deck-level<br />

lighting and fibre internet connections.<br />

Windermere marina manager, Dan<br />

Fairweather, speaks positively<br />

about the progress to date. “It<br />

has been great to work with<br />

Walcon. The project was a<br />

number of years in the making<br />

and they were very patient<br />

and have worked well with our<br />

staff and local contractors,”<br />

he says. “There was a lot of<br />

boat moving as the old jetties<br />

were removed and with <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects they planned and<br />

handled that very efficiently.<br />

We are very happy with the<br />

results so far and look forward<br />

to having it completed.”<br />

Walcon will recommence<br />

work this <strong>October</strong> with<br />

completion scheduled for<br />

March 2023.<br />

Do You Own a <strong>Marina</strong>? Let’s Talk About Ways to<br />

Maximize Revenue and Store Larger Boats.<br />

Contact ASAR Today<br />

• Bringing Capital to Your Property<br />

• Investment Opportunities<br />

• Redevelopment Options<br />

• Joint-Venture Partnership<br />

(239) 334-8800<br />

asarautomation.com<br />

@asarmarine<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 13

Upgrade to<br />

Floating<br />





The best in boat handling<br />

MARINE<br />

THRIVING A diversified IN HARSH range of ENVIRONMENTS equipment to meet FOR your OVER exact 30 requirements.<br />

YEARS<br />

Steel pipe floating breakwater systems<br />

Towed, self-propelled, and highway trailers<br />

Range of designs backed by scale-model testing<br />

Sling lift trailers and boat hoists<br />

Available with or without decking and fingers<br />

Remote control hydraulic trailer tugs<br />

Steel or HDPE pipe floating dock systems<br />

Galvanized boat storage stands<br />

Full range of options and accessories available<br />

Simple operation, rugged durability, flexible features<br />

Conolift hydraulic equipment including lifts and trailers<br />

We also supply floating docks and breakwaters<br />



North America 1.888.480.3777 <strong>World</strong>wide 705.378.2453<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com<br />

1 Quebec Drive, Seguin ON P2A 0B2

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 17<br />

Composite Decking & Bumpers<br />

Tested and Certified by<br />

IMANNA Laboratory Inc.<br />

Falling Dart Impact Test<br />

7-Day Hunt Water<br />

Absorption Test<br />

Encasement Wall<br />

Thickness Standard<br />

And More!<br />

Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency?<br />

They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name!<br />

IMANNA Certified<br />

www.imanna.com/customer-spotlight<br />

For over 25 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has<br />

elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry<br />

standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability<br />

and longevity. Visit www.acefloatdrums.com for a variety of product<br />

sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.<br />


Second contract for 2024 Olympics<br />

FRANCE: Poralu Marine is to supply and install floating docks for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games dinghy, catamaran and<br />

keelboat competitions at Roucas-Blanc <strong>Marina</strong> in Marseilles (CGI below). The contract follows its successful bid in June<br />

2021 to upgrade the rowing basin and sprint race course on Vaires Torcy Lake in Vernes-sur-Marne.<br />

At Roucas-Blanc, Poralu will build<br />

405m (1,330ft) of floating docks (including<br />

15 footbridges) and 18m (59ft) of<br />

overhanging docks (attached to the quay).<br />

Delivery will be in the third quarter of this<br />

year.<br />

For Vaires Torcy, the company removed<br />

and recycled former rowing installations,<br />

improved the slipway, built, supplied and<br />

commissioned new international standard<br />

floating installations, and supplied and<br />

installed automatic starting gates.<br />

Poralu is very familiar with work for<br />

rowing competitions and the Olympics.<br />

It designed and built infrastructure<br />

for the 2012 London Olympic Games<br />

and Paralympic Games, the 2010<br />

Singapore Youth Olympic Games, the<br />

2001 Rowing <strong>World</strong> Championships in<br />

Lucerne, Switzerland, the 2009 Junior<br />

Rowing <strong>World</strong> Championships in Brivela-Gaillarde<br />

and the 1997 Rowing <strong>World</strong><br />

Championships on Lake Aiguebelette.<br />

Composite Decking & Bumpers<br />

High Impact Resistance<br />

<br />

Easy Maintenance<br />

In-house Tooling<br />

Made to Order<br />

Weatherproof<br />

Excellent OIT*<br />

High load<br />

capacity<br />

Soprefa, S.A. Portugal<br />

Tel: +351 256 880 470<br />

soprefa@soprefa.com<br />

MORE THAN 250,000m 2 INSTALLED!<br />

*Oxidative Induction Time

BPC1993 Inland & Coastal 182x132 ad OLAW.indd 1 03/07/2020 11:48


The latest CGIs show the vibrant scope of<br />

the rebuild plans for Dana Point Harbor,<br />

which will become a community asset and<br />

visitor attraction.<br />

Construction starts at<br />

Dana Point Harbor<br />

USA: Construction of the new marina at Dana Point Harbor in Dana Point,<br />

California has begun. Over the next five years, it will be rebuilt by Bellingham<br />

Marine in 15 phases with an extra two phases in the outer basin.<br />

Although revitalising the marina has<br />

been under consideration for over two<br />

decades, turning the dream into reality<br />

has been down to Supervisor Lisa<br />

Bartlett and her vision and commitment<br />

to a Private Public Partnership over her<br />

eight-year term.<br />

As the first pile was pulled at C Dock<br />

on 4 th August to mark the start of the<br />

construction, Bartlett said: “Our beloved<br />

harbour has served our community well<br />

for over 50 years. As we embark on the<br />

harbour revitalisation, I am excited for<br />

all the improvements that are coming<br />

that will enhance the experience for all<br />

the citizens of greater Orange County<br />

as well as for visitors to our harbour<br />

from near and far.”<br />

“As a partnership, we have been<br />

committed to having Dana Point Harbor<br />

set a new standard for marinas on<br />

the West Coast,” said Bryon Ward,<br />

president of Burnham Ward Properties<br />

and partner in Dana Point Harbor<br />

Partners (DPHP). “We immediately<br />

embraced Bellingham<br />

Marine’s concept of a<br />

non-ferrous dock system<br />

not only to enhance<br />

longevity but to also<br />

reduce the number of<br />

pilings in the harbour.<br />

This method aligns<br />

with the partnership’s<br />

goal to create a more<br />

environmentally<br />

conscious harbour as it<br />

also eliminates the need<br />

for treated lumber.”<br />

“The new dock system will be<br />

enhanced in almost every aspect,”<br />

added Joe Ueberroth, founder of<br />

Bellwether Financial Group (partner<br />

in DPHP) and owner of Bellingham<br />

Marine. “The new design addresses<br />

both ADA accessibility and public<br />

access, the guest services will set a<br />

new standard for the West Coast, and<br />

the electrical and pump-out systems<br />

will meet the needs of boaters for<br />

generations to come.”<br />

Bellingham held a pre-construction<br />

meeting with County and City officials<br />

and staff describing phasing plans,<br />

building Best Management Practices<br />

(BMPs), and construction logistics.<br />

“The Bellingham team will be a<br />

fixture in the harbour for the next five<br />

years,” explained Eric Noegel, general<br />

manager of Bellingham’s southwest<br />

division. “Working for a client that is<br />

truly dedicated to the development of<br />

a marina that protects the environment<br />

while having the longevity to serve the<br />

community through its entire leasehold<br />

has been inspirational to our R&D,<br />

manufacturing and installation teams,”<br />

he added.<br />

DPHP has spent millions of dollars<br />

and countless hours behind the scenes<br />

over the last four years to get to the<br />

point where construction is visible<br />

in the harbour. “It is difficult for most<br />

people to imagine the heavy lifting that<br />

takes place during the years prior to<br />

commencing construction. We now<br />

enter a fun period where the installation<br />

teams go to work and the community<br />

can witness the transformation of<br />

the marina in its 15 phases while we<br />

continue to operate as the largest<br />

marina on the West Coast,” Ueberroth<br />

noted.<br />

The Partners<br />

DPHP comprises three property<br />

development firms who are<br />

working in partnership with<br />

Orange County.<br />

Burnham Ward Properties is<br />

responsible for stewarding the<br />

harbour’s commercial core activities,<br />

e.g. retail, restaurants, office and<br />

parkscapes; Bellwether Financial<br />

guides the marina operations<br />

including the boat slips, boater<br />

facilities, dry boat storage, dayboat<br />

mooring, guest slips and<br />

launch ramp areas; and R D Olson<br />

Development leads the hotel<br />

redevelopment.<br />

The partnership has developed<br />

a master plan that connects the<br />

harbour’s landside and waterside<br />

to become a cohesive waterfront<br />

experience.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 19


Iraj Barabi<br />

South Island gem for<br />

boating community<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s are rarely built in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island and rarest of<br />

all in the south west – where the Southern Alps give dramatic backdrop to<br />

Queenstown and the dog leg-shaped Lake Wakatipu. Developing Queenstown<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> has been a long thought through and challenging process but the<br />

result is a new community hub for the lake with unique features and room for<br />

expansion.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> owner Iraj Barabi of Lakes<br />

Marine Projects thinks back to 2010 and<br />

the early planning stage. “It seems like<br />

ages ago now. I had almost forgotten<br />

how painful the approval process was<br />

– thanks for reminding me,” he smiles.<br />

“This is a very exceptional area and<br />

Lake Wakatipu is a highly sensitive<br />

environment. It is understandable<br />

and actually encouraging that the<br />

Queenstown Council, Otago Regional<br />

Council and Land Information New<br />

Zealand (LINZ) would scrutinise every<br />

detail and aspect of the project with<br />

insistence to oversee the development.”<br />

“As frustrating as the process was,<br />

looking back we had great support from<br />

all government agencies and the local<br />

community. Seemed everyone liked the<br />

idea. Knew it was needed but wanted it<br />

done right. And that is understandable<br />

as two previous attempts to build a<br />

marina at the site had failed miserably,”<br />

he adds.<br />

Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong> – at first phase<br />

– currently offers 80 berths for a mix<br />

of vessels of 8 to 18m (26 to 59ft) and<br />

a second phase is at design stage.<br />

Bellingham Marine New Zealand<br />

(BMNZ) completed phase one and is<br />

collaborating regarding the second<br />

stage. Berths are leased primarily to<br />

locals and New Zealand residents,<br />

and all moored boats are motor boats.<br />

Barabi is working to accommodate a<br />

couple of electric boats.<br />

“Considering the circumstances,<br />

COVID and border lockdowns, the<br />

interest and the uptake in the berths<br />

has been exceptional,” Barabi says.<br />

“The 8m berths are fully occupied.<br />

There are still a handful of 10m berths<br />

available. Considering the lack of<br />

historical data and an existing marina,<br />

I would say we got the mix of the berth<br />

sizes pretty right. We also sized the<br />

marina well for the demand.”<br />

A challenging build<br />

The project scope for Bellingham<br />

Marine was to provide an engineered<br />

turnkey design and build solution for<br />

new piers and attenuator, confirms<br />

BMNZ general manager Chris Lamont.<br />

The marina site is exposed to a 3.9km<br />

(2.4mi) fetch from the south west,<br />

with a wind generated wave reaching<br />

a maximum height of 1.8m (6ft).<br />

Platforms for floating buildings were<br />

also in the project brief.<br />

Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong>, painstakingly developed<br />

on environmentally sensitive Lake Wakatipu,<br />

is a new boating and community hub.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 21



Thinking greener? Let Rolec electrify you...<br />

Electric Service Pedestals<br />

Electric Vehicle Charging Units<br />

Electric Boat Charging<br />

Electric & Water Management Systems<br />

It’s no secret that the world is<br />

steering towards cleaner and greener<br />

modes of transport. As world leaders<br />

in providing service pedestals and<br />

associated products for marina and<br />

waterside destinations, and with over<br />

10 years’ experience in the electric<br />

vehicle charging industry, Rolec are<br />

able to provide a solution to suit your<br />

electrification needs. Enabling you<br />

to offer your visitors a seamless<br />

charging experience, whether it’s for<br />

electric vehicles or electric boats.<br />

For more details contact Rolec’s technical / support / sales team<br />

t: +44 (0) 1205 724754<br />

e: rolec@rolecserv.co.uk<br />



“This project was unique in that it<br />

was the first substantial marina to be<br />

built on the lake, which is a gem on<br />

the New Zealand tourism circuit and<br />

fiercely protected in its waterfront<br />

development,” Lamont explains. “The<br />

location in the middle of the Southern<br />

Alps, with no port access and restricted<br />

road access, required us to look at<br />

other options outside of casting in our<br />

own manufacturing plants for the larger<br />

pontoons required for the attenuator<br />

and floating building platforms.”<br />

A satellite casting yard was set up<br />

in Cromwell, 50km (31mi) from the<br />

site, where there was a good supply<br />

of concrete. Challenges had to be<br />

overcome as casting was undertaken<br />

during the winter to allow for installation<br />

in the summer. Winter temperatures<br />

were often below 0°C so heating and<br />

blankets were utilised to help with<br />

curing and hot water was added to the<br />

concrete mix.<br />

Visual impact is very important in<br />

such a sensitive environment. “BMNZ<br />

proposed an engineered telescopic pile<br />

solution during the consenting process<br />

as our preferred option,” Lamont<br />

says. “This system has been used<br />

successfully in a number of attenuators<br />

in Australia and the USA. The ‘plunger<br />

pile’ is connected to the pontoon using<br />

a pin connection and hangs inside the<br />

larger bottom driven into the lakebed.”<br />

The attenuator pontoons measure 4m<br />

(13ft) in width with skirts, and the first<br />

30m (98ft) has trenches for fuel and<br />

sewage pump-out lines. Unifloat marina<br />

pontoons were used to create four<br />

building platforms of 9m x 20m (29ft 6in<br />

x 66ft). They are timber walered and<br />

post-tensioned using GRP rods and<br />

have Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP)<br />

through bolts and glass-filled nylon nuts<br />

to reduce maintenance and corrosion.<br />

Walkways, platform and attenuator<br />

pontoons are ducted for power, water<br />

and data, and pontoon fingers have<br />

rounded boat-friendly ends. The pier<br />

walkways have a nominal width of 2.4m<br />

(8ft).<br />

A Keco pump-out and fuel pumps<br />

offering petrol and diesel (available<br />

for marina guests and the general<br />

public) are located on the breakwater.<br />

All berths have power (16-32 amps)<br />

and water via a combination of M-Tech<br />

Sterling and Platinum pedestals. Fire<br />

hose reels with lifebuoys and fire<br />

extinguishers in M-Tech fire stations are<br />

also installed. Wi-Fi can be provided to<br />

all berths if needed.<br />

Right for the environment<br />

One of the most striking features of<br />

Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong> is its array of<br />

floating sheds, which add colour and<br />

character and a yesteryear ambience.<br />

“It is very unique, blends in with the<br />

environment, and is very nostalgic,”<br />

Barabi says, but uptake has been<br />

hampered by the restrictions of the<br />

pandemic. “The completion of the<br />

marina coincided with the outbreak and<br />

the border closures. Fortunately, Lakes<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects was in a position to<br />

absorb the costs associated with delays<br />

in occupancy. Currently, there are many<br />

interested parties intending to lease the<br />

floating buildings but we are selective<br />

in who will occupy these buildings as<br />

we want the proper ecosystem.” An<br />

art gallery in the floating buildings for<br />

Spike, a well known marine artist, has<br />

already become a community favourite.<br />

One of the three land-based buildings<br />

The marina’s nostalgic array of floating<br />

sheds is one of its most striking features<br />

and is perfect for a wide range of<br />

commercial purposes.<br />

is occupied by K-Jet (jet boat rides) as<br />

anchor tenant and the other two will be<br />

for food and beverage. Other amenities,<br />

including shower rooms and toilets,<br />

and enhanced car parking facilities are<br />

underway.<br />

All plans, on land and water, take the<br />

sensitive lake environment fully into<br />

account. “Our detailed environment<br />

policy is focused on ensuring the<br />

marina and the watercraft do not<br />

adversely affect the lake. This is done<br />

by policies, advanced equipment, such<br />

as fuel reservoir, lines and pumps,<br />

mitigation and routine inspections<br />

to ensure functionality of systems<br />

and structures plus regular lake bed<br />

inspections for invasive weeds.”<br />

There are no further plans to develop<br />

any landside structures but the design<br />

phase of stage two is progressing. “With<br />

the data generated since the marina<br />

became operational and the input we<br />

have received from the boaties, we are<br />

finalising the berth size mix. Stage two<br />

will complement and expand the berth<br />

offerings by another 100 berths. We<br />

expect construction to begin next year<br />

with a completion date of 2024.”<br />

A newbuild marina and the restrictions<br />

of a global pandemic were not a happy<br />

mix but, once opened, operation has<br />

been smooth. “The marina management<br />

is relatively pain free, mostly due to our<br />

top notch team. Our main challenge has<br />

been to keep focus on our vision and<br />

goals to keep this marina as an inviting<br />

and functioning hub that adds another<br />

dimension to this truly exceptional<br />

part of New Zealand despite external<br />

and unexpected challenges that have<br />

restricted movement and access during<br />

the last two years. And once we have<br />

accomplished our goal of building<br />

the best marina in New Zealand, the<br />

challenge of course would be to keep it<br />

at the top.”<br />

Queenstown <strong>Marina</strong> is a stunning<br />

complement to one of New Zealand’s<br />

most scenic towns and an iconic<br />

reference for Bellingham Marine.<br />

Embraced by the local community as<br />

an additional lakeside destination and<br />

as a much-needed boating facility, it<br />

has already merged seamlessly into the<br />

lakefront scene. The future looks bright.<br />

“It is a great feeling to know people will<br />

be enjoying this marina for generations<br />

to come,” Barabi says.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 23

Via Alba-Narzole, 19<br />

Diano d’Alba (CN) - 12055<br />

www.boatlift.it<br />

info@boatlift.it<br />

+39 (0)173 500357


Oliver Dörschuck<br />

Buying and managing<br />

a first Italian marina<br />

The recent acquisition of <strong>Marina</strong> Punta del Faro Resort in the Italian region<br />

of Friuli Venezia is potentially the first step in an expansion process for<br />

leading premium marina operator and marina consultant D-Marin. CEO, Oliver<br />

Dörschuck, tells us more.<br />

At the most extreme point of Lignano<br />

Sabbiadoro where the magical colours<br />

of the Adriatic Sea merge into the fresh<br />

water of the Marano Lagoon, <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Punta del Faro Resort is seen as a<br />

‘pearl of pleasure’ in the Upper Adriatic.<br />

Its 1,200 moorings are supported<br />

by a high level of assistance and<br />

services, and there are many leisure<br />

opportunities on site and in the local<br />

area.<br />

The marina resort is a perfect<br />

acquisition for a group that is renowned<br />

for service, quality and the offering of<br />

unique experiences, and it expands the<br />

portfolio into completely new territory<br />

while bringing the tally to 16 marinas.<br />

These are based in Greece (where<br />

D-Marin has its headquarters), Turkey,<br />

the UAE, Montenegro and Croatia.<br />

Punta del Faro is a 25-year-old<br />

tourist port that offers privacy, safety,<br />

tranquillity and beauty in a well-tended<br />

environment with special features,<br />

such as the splendid swimming pool<br />

inspired by the archaeological finds in<br />

the ancient Roman colony of Aquileia. It<br />

has a sandy beach and a neighbouring<br />

pine forest, protected and recognised<br />

as a Site of Community Importance.<br />

Sports infrastructure includes a<br />

tennis court and a five-a-side football<br />

pitch, a Technogym gym and a sporting<br />

club, which opened in May. And the<br />

classics of a good modern marina<br />

are all present: 24-hour mooring<br />

assistance; pump-out; dining service;<br />

golf buggies; internet corner; disabled<br />

access; electric car charge points etc.<br />

Leisure offerings are complemented<br />

by the technical, with yard services<br />

spread over an area of 2ha (5 acres).<br />

This gives space for external storage,<br />

and for the shipyard, where boat haul<br />

and transfer takes place using an<br />

80 tonne boat hoist, a 4 tonne selfpropelled<br />

crane with extendable arm<br />

(up to 25m/82ft) and a 20 tonne selfpropelled<br />

trolley.<br />

Covered storage sheds include the<br />

sail loft, the joinery and carpentry<br />

department, and mechanical<br />

workshops for the installation and<br />

repair of electrical and electronic<br />

systems. On-site operators include<br />

Nautimotor Toniutto (Yanmar and<br />

Lombardini Marine workshop and<br />

Yahama dealership), Motornautica<br />

Casasola (Volvo Penta workshop) and<br />

Piccoli Giuseppe Falegname (nautical<br />

carpentry, interior fittings etc).<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> guests can spend leisure<br />

time in various bars, restaurants<br />

and retail outlets, can join water<br />

aerobics courses and have swimming<br />

or diving lessons on site and in the<br />

surrounding area. Various sport and<br />

sailing school activities are also offered<br />

via the Lignano Yacht Club, whose<br />

regattas start in April with the Regata<br />

dei Due Golfi and end in November<br />

and December with the Campionato<br />

Autunnale della Laguna, held in <strong>2022</strong><br />

Punta del Faro Resort (above) is beautiful,<br />

peaceful and well-tended, with abundant<br />

leisure facilities and extensive yard services<br />

(right).<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 25

GET YOUR<br />






The METSTRADE Show is the happening meeting place in Amsterdam where<br />

the international leisure marine community gathers. In a hospitable and safe<br />

environment, we make you feel at home to meet and mingle with the entire<br />

industry. Feel connected and charge yourself to optimise your business.<br />

15 16 17<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />










SYP<br />



MYP<br />





This year’s show will be back in most of<br />

its original shape with more companies and more<br />

marine equipment on the floor. More side events and<br />

a comprehensive content program will enhance the<br />

METSTRADE experience and offer more value in terms<br />

of knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.<br />

METSTRADE will be back as the largest global B2B<br />

event on leisure marine equipment and we are<br />

receiving very positive feedback that the industry<br />

is eager to attend the show in November!<br />

During this year’s show, the<br />

dedicated METSTRADE Theatre<br />

will host an insightful discussion<br />

about building sustainable<br />

marinas, as well as diving deep<br />

into the transition to e-handling<br />

– both sessions powered by<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>.<br />

concentration of exhibitors<br />

from the marina and boatyard<br />

industry in a businessto<br />

business environment,<br />

complemented by key training<br />

and networking events for<br />

marina professionals.<br />

Are you a marina owner, operator, developer<br />

or supplier? Then this year’s METSTRADE<br />

will have plenty in store for you!<br />

The <strong>2022</strong> HISWA <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Symposium will focus on market<br />

developments for marinas.<br />

HISWA Holland Marine Industry<br />

organizes this symposium<br />

exclusively for its members, both<br />

inside and outside the marina<br />

industry. Participants can apply<br />

by registration via HISWA-Recron.<br />

And as every year, the dedicated<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> & Yard Pavilion will bring<br />

together the world’s largest<br />

The <strong>Marina</strong> & Yard Pavilion will<br />

be located in Hall 5, making it<br />

the go-to hall for building and<br />

managing a marina, hosting<br />

marina owners, operators,<br />

developers and suppliers from<br />

around the world.<br />

We hope to welcome you on<br />

15-17 November. Don’t forget to<br />

register for your free ticket now.<br />

See you at METSTRADE!<br />

METSTRADE will be held at the<br />

RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam<br />

and will run from 15-17 November <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Get your free ticket, go to<br />



Around 1,200 berths are located throughout<br />

the site.<br />

for the 47 th and 33 rd year respectively.<br />

All facilities and event programmes<br />

have been developed without losing<br />

sight of the need to protect the marine<br />

environment and to meet the criteria<br />

of the Blue Flag status it has held for<br />

many years.<br />

Specific environmental attention is<br />

paid to the disposal and separation<br />

of used oils and batteries, and the<br />

maintenance of clean water. A Seabin<br />

has been installed near one of the<br />

central piers for the collection of<br />

microplastics and small scraps of<br />

floating waste. Due to the currents,<br />

it collects around 1.5kg (3lb 5oz)<br />

of waste per day, which equates<br />

to 500kg (1,100lb) per year. The<br />

Seabin installation is the result of<br />

a collaboration with Lifegate, an<br />

environmental consulting company that<br />

fosters sustainability in the workplace<br />

and boasts a community of over five<br />

million people.<br />

Aside from plentiful nearby attractions,<br />

Punta Faro <strong>Marina</strong> is just an hour or so<br />

away from Venice by car or train and<br />

is a unique experience by boat. In just<br />

over two hours, you can reach Cortina<br />

d’Ampezzo, one of the most renowned<br />

ski and mountain resorts in the Alps,<br />

and also enjoy relaxing breaks in the<br />

Collio hills, famous for the vineyards<br />

producing Tocai, Pinot, Sauvignon,<br />

Cabernet and Merlot wine.<br />

And the marina is the start of things<br />

to come for D-Marin, according to<br />

Oliver Dörschuck:<br />

“Punta Faro is our first marina in Italy<br />

and becomes the 16th marina in the<br />

D-Marin group. We’re really excited to<br />

enter the Italian market. Our acquisition<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> staff focus on offering efficient and<br />

personal service.<br />

of Punta Faro enables us to extend the<br />

sailing destinations we can offer both<br />

our new and existing clients and is the<br />

ideal complement to our marinas in<br />

nearby Croatia,” he says.<br />

“Our goal is to build a premium<br />

marina network, particularly across the<br />

Mediterranean Sea. We are looking<br />

forward to welcoming new marinas<br />

to our family in Italy and are currently<br />

discussing several opportunities.”<br />

Q: What attracted you most to this<br />

particular marina?<br />

A: We are very selective about the<br />

marinas we add to our network. Indeed,<br />

Punta Faro is an excellent addition. It<br />

is a large marina, is well-run and offers<br />

all the services and facilities like great<br />

restaurants, dry dock, gyms, tennis<br />

courts and a pool. We look for marinas<br />

with similar values to us that offer high<br />

quality services, delivered by a team<br />

that is committed and truly cares about<br />

its customers.<br />

As people are the real differentiator,<br />

we look for teams with the right<br />

innovative mindset that fits our purpose.<br />

Q: What are the main advantages for<br />

you and for Punta Faro <strong>Marina</strong> Resort?<br />

A: Our purpose is to enrich yachting<br />

experiences and provide our clients with<br />

first-class experiences whether they use<br />

their boat for sports or exploring. A key<br />

advantage to welcoming Punta Faro<br />

to the D-Marin family is it enables us<br />

to offer more choice to our customers,<br />

opening up new destinations for them to<br />

explore with us thanks to our reciprocal<br />

berthing programme. D-Marin already<br />

has a high brand loyalty. From time to<br />

time, customers choose a new yachting<br />

location, but most of them we welcome<br />

to one of our other D-Marin marinas<br />

in a different location. Punta Faro will<br />

get new customers from the D-Marin<br />

customer pool.<br />

In addition, Punta Faro will benefit<br />

from the innovative digital services,<br />

which will improve the experience for<br />

customers, making it even easier to<br />

visit Punta Faro. Given our scale, Punta<br />

Faro will also benefit from our presence<br />

at boat shows and our strong D-Marin<br />

website.<br />

Q: Are you planning to make changes<br />

to services, infrastructure, personnel<br />

and internal management? If so, which<br />

ones and why?<br />

A: Our main focus will be the<br />

introduction of our quickly appreciated<br />

digital services at Punta Faro. I am<br />

convinced the digital experience exists<br />

to make our lives quicker, easier and<br />

more effortless and complements the<br />

overall yachting experience in Punta<br />

Faro.<br />

Clients are able to create online<br />

profiles where all documents can be<br />

uploaded, check-in can be completed<br />

online, and booking and paying for a<br />

specific berth takes only a couple of<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 29

Big Challenges<br />

Big Decisions<br />

Plan your participation in this unique global marina event<br />

The biggest meeting of the recreational boating industry<br />

www.icomia.org appr.direcao@gmail.com +351 289 310 560


The sporting club, which opened in May<br />

this year, complements a gym, tennis court<br />

and five-a-side football pitch.<br />

minutes. And there is more to come.<br />

We keep innovating and designing new<br />

services and processes.<br />

Digital services not only reduce<br />

administration for customers, but they<br />

also save our team time too, leaving<br />

more time available to spend with<br />

clients, especially those who prefer<br />

more face-to-face-contact.<br />

Punta Faro is already well cared for,<br />

but we will certainly continue to invest<br />

to improve the services and facilities we<br />

offer our customers. We are ready to<br />

invest and upgrade the marina.<br />

Q: D-Marin claims to support the social,<br />

cultural, environmental and economic<br />

development of local communities and<br />

regions. Where will your focus be at<br />

Punta Faro <strong>Marina</strong>?<br />

A: The D-Marin network is very much<br />

aligned on our Environmental, Social<br />

& Governance (ESG) strategy; we<br />

are developing a concept to support<br />

a stringent ESG approach across<br />

marinas in six countries. However, most<br />

of the activities will be implemented<br />

locally and we will develop a Punta Faro<br />

specific concept with the local team.<br />

We like to be good neighbours and<br />

integrate well in the local communities<br />

and preserve the environment. A few<br />

examples of activities our teams have<br />

been involved in include collecting and<br />

recycling sails, investing in solar panels<br />

to produce clean energy and supporting<br />

local youth training facilities.<br />

We recently received the silver medal<br />

from EcoVadis for our ESG activities<br />

last year, which ranks us in the top<br />

30% of all leisure companies (see<br />

Products & Services). This is a great<br />

achievement we are very proud of, but<br />

we will continue to seek ways we can<br />

improve our ESG efforts further.<br />

NEW<br />

d 2 Dura Grating<br />

for Marine Environments<br />

New 23mm Micro Mesh and Mini Mesh GRP Grating with incredible performance to weight ratio.<br />

23mm Micro Mesh features special finer grit, ideal for leisure facilities.<br />

Retains 95% of slip resistance after 1 million footfalls – making it our safest ever product.<br />

Up to 1/3 lighter than competitor products – quicker and easier to install with less stress on the substructure.<br />

Unique design of the aperture sizes complies with BS 4592 and European 20 mm ball falling test - whilst<br />

maintaining light transmittance for marine life and improving visual inspection capability of the<br />

substructure below.<br />

+44 (0)1255 440297<br />

info@duracomposites.com<br />

www.duracomposites.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 31


Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong>, with<br />

587 slips, is the largest<br />

marina on the eastern US<br />

seaboard.<br />

Repairs bring new energy to<br />

Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong><br />

by Cat Olnick<br />

<strong>October</strong> marks one year since the reopening of Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong> and its<br />

restoration to original operating capacity since suffering disastrous hurricane<br />

damage in 2017. Located in the Coconut Grove neighbourhood of Miami,<br />

Florida, Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong> is the largest wet slip facility on the eastern United<br />

States, and Florida’s largest marina with 587-slips.<br />

Hurricane Irma was an enormously supporting the ultimate construction.<br />

powerful storm that caused extensive A short walk from the heart of<br />

destruction throughout Florida and Coconut Grove village where you<br />

parts of the Caribbean. When it made will find retail and entertainment, the<br />

landfall in the USA on 10 th <strong>September</strong>, marina serves as a destination for<br />

the wind speed, storm surge and wave South Florida’s tourism economy with<br />

impacts caused considerable damage<br />

to all of the marina’s nine piers. Vessels<br />

from the mooring field and anchorage<br />

outside the marina chaffed through<br />

and snapped mooring lines under the<br />

extreme forces resulting in vessels<br />

crashing into the marina. The damage<br />

was devastating, impacting 60% of the<br />

dockage.<br />

After the completion of planning and<br />

permitting work in 2019 led by Moffatt &<br />

Nichol, the City began working with the<br />

Design-Build (D-B) team to repair the<br />

damaged marina and make significant<br />

upgrades to the facility. The D-B team<br />

was led by Kearns Construction<br />

Company and included Cummins<br />

Cederberg as the lead marine engineer<br />

overseeing the engineering design<br />

of structures and utilities, as well as<br />

overnight and monthly<br />

accommodations.<br />

Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong><br />

is the City of Miami’s<br />

flagship municipal<br />

marina, generating<br />

valuable revenue. This<br />

restoration project<br />

included repairing or<br />

replacing structural<br />

elements for nine piers<br />

totaling over 7,200ft<br />

(2,190m) in length<br />

and restoring full utility<br />

services along with<br />

system upgrades.<br />

Remaining operational during<br />

construction was a challenge the D-B<br />

team had to face.<br />

Construction phasing<br />

The ability to keep the marina<br />

operational was a crucial element of the<br />

timeline. Cummins Cederberg worked<br />

closely with the Kearns Construction<br />

team to sequence the approach and<br />

minimise operating disruptions to the<br />

marina.<br />

“The project phasing was really a<br />

fluid challenge for the project team to<br />

work through and coordinate during<br />

the entire construction operation,” says<br />

Kearns Construction team lead, Brock<br />

Sullivan. “Not only did our D-B team<br />

have to physically divide the work areas<br />

and staging locations, but we worked<br />

Building new marina piers following the<br />

devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in<br />

2017.<br />

32<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself<br />

to be a worldwide leader in the design,<br />

construction and installation of marinas<br />

and berthing facilities, with renowned

Clement Germany - <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> 4.pdf 1 24.08.<strong>2022</strong> 11:43:20<br />

<br />

<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />


Grubenstrasse 48 18055 Rostock Germany<br />

T: +49 381 25 22 10 F: +49 381 25 22 132<br />

W: www.clement-germany.de E: info@clement-systems.de<br />

<br />

T he leading<br />


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<strong>2022</strong><br />

YOUR Industry, YOUR Conference<br />

NETWORK with over 1,000 industry leaders<br />

LEARN from over 25 educational sessions focusing<br />

on leadership, operations, design and engineering,<br />

HR, and industry trends<br />

SHOP over 150 booths in the one-stop shop exhibit<br />

hall showcasing cutting-edge products and services<br />

2023<br />

Ocean Center Daytona Beach, FL<br />

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Left: old finger piers were underwater<br />

during 2021 ‘king tides’ but new piers<br />

experienced no flooding. Below: hurricane<br />

damage in 2017 affected 60% of the<br />

dockage.<br />

with the existing upland utilities to<br />

ensure service was uninterrupted for<br />

active slip users and dockmaster staff.”<br />

Concrete and<br />

finger pier repairs<br />

The core of the structural work<br />

consisted of replacing the concrete<br />

access piers with a more slender profile<br />

consisting of two pre-cast beams laid<br />

parallel. This improved section provides<br />

more robust resistance to future wave<br />

impacts and allows easier access to<br />

utilities if future repairs are needed.<br />

Cost-efficient concrete repairs were<br />

performed to other existing walkway<br />

spans, pile caps and select piles in lieu<br />

of replacement.<br />

As part of the D-B team’s efforts<br />

during pre-construction and active<br />

construction operations, opportunities<br />

were identified to optimise the<br />

construction scope and project budget.<br />

Cummins Cederberg and Kearns<br />

Construction performed multiple<br />

walkthroughs with the City to identify<br />

components that could be salvaged<br />

by means of repair, allowing funds to<br />

be reallocated to other improvements,<br />

such as replacing mooring piles or dock<br />

piles.<br />

Storm damage repair<br />

and mitigation<br />

The D-B team, in collaboration<br />

with the City, made the strategic<br />

decision to raise all the finger piers<br />

during the reconstruction to not only<br />

reduce future storm surge impacts<br />

but resist increasing seasonal water<br />

levels. Subsequently, at the end of<br />

construction, the 2021 ‘king tides’<br />

provided record high water levels. The<br />

recently renovated piers experienced<br />

no flooding, while the existing docks<br />

in place during renovation were under<br />

water.<br />

The original scope for the timber<br />

dock piles included a mixed approach<br />

of replacing all framing and decking<br />

in certain areas, while other locations<br />

called to only replace select framing<br />

and dock piles. By<br />

performing design level<br />

inspections prior to and<br />

during construction, the<br />

team found more dock piles<br />

could be salvaged than in<br />

the original plans.<br />

“There’s another layer<br />

when seeing the project in<br />

real time versus on paper,”<br />

states Cummins Cederberg<br />

senior project manager,<br />

Rasheed Muslimani. “By<br />

performing continual inspections, we<br />

found more opportunities to optimise<br />

the budget for the City and in this<br />

situation some dock piles didn’t need<br />

to be replaced, making it possible for<br />

all docks to receive new framing and<br />

decking.”<br />

The D-B team’s optimised dock<br />

improvement scope provided new<br />

framing and decking for all timber docks<br />

– creating a consistent look, stability<br />

and access.<br />

Upgraded utilities<br />

Given most of the utility fixtures or<br />

supply feeds sustained damage from<br />

the storm, the scope included full<br />

overwater replacement of all utility<br />

systems including domestic water, fire<br />

protection, wastewater, electrical and<br />

low voltage. With MEP (Mechanical,<br />

Electrical and Plumbing) design led<br />

by Basulto & Associates and fire<br />

suppression design led by REDI<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 35



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ensuring a successful integration of all your marina related facilities.<br />

Our sustainable solutions and practices distinguish us from our peers, our<br />

focus throughout the process will be to reduce the impact of your marina<br />

installations and activities on local ecosystems.<br />

To guarantee the maximum return on investment, MM&C works with you from<br />

concept studies to management and operation, efficiently implementing your<br />

business model based on a risk and profit sharing approach.<br />

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Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

+34 933 601 101<br />

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . p t


Engineering, the team overcame many<br />

constructability challenges to address<br />

re-using existing upland utility feeds,<br />

adapting the design to meet current<br />

code requirements and maintaining<br />

service in phases.<br />

A significant milestone was the<br />

successful acquisition of a City of Miami<br />

code variance to design and install<br />

seven submersible electrical panels<br />

to protect the electrical system from<br />

future flooding during a hurricane event<br />

without having to position them 11<br />

feet (3.3m) above the existing ground<br />

surface. The variance required not only<br />

a state-level review from the Florida<br />

Building Code Board, but also created<br />

a new operating policy for the Dinner<br />

Key dock master operations team.<br />

Wi-Fi and security<br />

New utility components were installed<br />

to provide a state-of-the-art user<br />

experience for both the marina staff and<br />

slip users. New security cameras were<br />

installed throughout the piers, along<br />

with Wi-Fi towers, and remote pedestal<br />

monitoring to track water and power<br />

consumption.<br />

Safety and access<br />

One of the functionality improvements<br />

incorporated by the D-B team was to<br />

replace the pier walkway surface with<br />

a fibre-mesh grating with a mid-span<br />

support beam instead of the previous<br />

pultruded glass fibre grating. This<br />

robust system provides greater stiffness<br />

under foot and support for golf carts<br />

Left: new fibre-mesh grated decking is<br />

non-slippery, safe under load, and allows<br />

sunlight to filter through to preserve<br />

marine life. Above: the scope of the project<br />

included full overwater replacement of<br />

utility systems.<br />

and other operational equipment, as<br />

well as increased sunlight transmission<br />

through the pier to promote the health<br />

of underlying marine resources.<br />

On Wednesday 20 th <strong>October</strong> 2021,<br />

the City of Miami celebrated the<br />

completion of this comprehensive repair<br />

and upgrade project to the Dinner Key<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>, and it remains fully operational<br />

one year later. Funding for the marina<br />

repairs came through the Florida Inland<br />

Navigation District (FIND), the Federal<br />

Emergency Management Agency<br />

(FEMA), and revenues generated by<br />

the marina and other City funds.<br />

Today, Cummins Cederberg<br />

continues work with the City of Miami<br />

to protect this $22.5-million investment<br />

by enhancing the protective spoil<br />

islands surrounding the marina. These<br />

enhancements will include a mix of<br />

hard and soft protection measures,<br />

such as rock breakwaters and naturebased<br />

enhancements as well as<br />

increased recreational opportunities<br />

to support the community friendly<br />

atmosphere prevalent in the region of<br />

Dinner Key <strong>Marina</strong>.<br />

Cat Olnick is marketing manager for<br />

Cummins Cederberg, a professional<br />

engineering firm working exclusively in<br />

the coastal and marine environment. Its<br />

team of coastal and marine engineers,<br />

scientists, and regulatory experts,<br />

specialise in marina design, coastal<br />

dynamics, biological monitoring and<br />

environmental permitting.<br />

www.cumminscederberg.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 39


Aerial CGI highlights the scope<br />

of a site that was once a fenced<br />

off marine facility.<br />

Adelaide Pointe:<br />

a new development model<br />

by Greg Weykamp<br />

For most developers in the United States, the path to success when<br />

building on the waterfront has been focused on securing a prime parcel<br />

and immediately setting about creating an exclusive, fenced off private<br />

enclave behind gates and guardhouses. Value creation was based on limiting<br />

access and manufactured scarcity, with little thought or only lip service to<br />

environmental protection and long term sustainability. For Ryan and Emily<br />

Leestma, the visionary owners behind Adelaide Pointe, an entirely new<br />

approach that flipped the traditional development model on its head was the<br />

only path they ever considered.<br />

The City of Muskegon was once<br />

a very wealthy community of lumber<br />

barons providing much of the timber<br />

used to rebuild Chicago after the great<br />

fire. Located along the sandy beaches<br />

of Lake Michigan, Muskegon Lake is<br />

a large inland water body that is still<br />

home to commercial shipping, along<br />

with interstate ferry services and world<br />

class recreational boating. After the<br />

lumber mills came paper mills and steel<br />

foundries, and a local economy based<br />

largely on industry while the rest of the<br />

West Michigan shoreline communities<br />

shifted to tourism and recreation.<br />

Sustainable community<br />

The Adelaide Pointe project is located<br />

on a 29.7 acre (12ha) site that was<br />

Mass timber multi-family and mixed<br />

use buildings along the lakefront have<br />

been designed and constructed with<br />

sustainability in mind. Image: Korb &<br />

Associates (architects).<br />

formerly home to a steel foundry,<br />

munitions plant and warehousing<br />

facilities. Over many decades, the steel<br />

foundry dumped hundreds of thousands<br />

of cubic yards of used foundry sand<br />

into the lake, creating a peninsula that<br />

will soon become home to<br />

over 400 units of mixed-use<br />

residential, hotel and retail<br />

uses, alongside a new 270-<br />

berth marina protected by a<br />

980ft (300m) breakwater.<br />

While permitting a project<br />

of this scale would have been<br />

relatively easy decades ago,<br />

today there is a much greater<br />

focus on protecting public<br />

trust waters that requires<br />

much greater care and<br />

creativity in order to complete<br />

the entitlement process. With<br />

a passion for the environment<br />

and a deep love of Muskegon<br />

Lake, the Leestmas decided<br />

to build the most sustainable waterfront<br />

community they could imagine, and<br />

share it with as many people as<br />

possible.<br />

Open waterfront<br />

Rather than putting up gates, they<br />

began the project by taking down<br />

fences and inviting the nearby Nims<br />

neighbourhood residents to enjoy the<br />

waterfront. In partnership with the<br />

City of Muskegon, this new waterfront<br />

community will make every inch of the<br />

waterfront open to the public forever<br />

under permanent dedicated public use<br />

easements, resulting in 1 mile (1.6km)<br />

of new public trails and over 2.5 acres<br />

(1ha) of new public waterfront park<br />

space.<br />

The breakwater includes an access<br />

trail and fishing overlooks to support<br />

deep water fishing for the public,<br />

and a peninsula of City land with a<br />

derelict marina facility that has been<br />

40<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

“Ocean Reef <strong>Marina</strong>”, Panama<br />

The Last Decking Solution<br />

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sales@thruflow.com<br />

888.478.3569<br />



Left: Soft shorelines have been adopted for<br />

over 82% of the project. Below: A floating<br />

timber dock system, manufactured locally,<br />

reflects the preference for natural materials.<br />

behind fences for decades will soon<br />

be cleaned up and opened to the<br />

public at the developer’s expense. In<br />

addition to public trails and open space,<br />

Adelaide Pointe aims to make boating<br />

on Muskegon Lake accessible for<br />

everyone in the community regardless<br />

of income by offering affordable paddle<br />

craft rentals, boat rentals, boat clubs<br />

and dry rack storage on site.<br />

Soft shorelines<br />

While traditional shoreline treatments<br />

for lake environments with 3.4ft (1m)<br />

wave heights rely heavily on armouring,<br />

the Adelaide Pointe project has<br />

committed to utilising soft shorelines<br />

wherever possible. As a result, over<br />

82% of the shoreline will be a native<br />

wetland restoration very carefully<br />

designed by fisheries and wetlands<br />

biologists. Creation of the marina basin<br />

will require dredging of over 2,300,000<br />

ft³ (65,000m³) of foundry sands and<br />

353,000ft³ (10,000m³) of contaminated<br />

organic sediments.<br />

While dredging at this scale would<br />

usually be a significant environmental<br />

impact, in this case the removal of the<br />

foundry spoils will expose the original<br />

lakebed, which has been proven to<br />

greatly improve aquatic habitat. The<br />

dredged sand materials will be used<br />

to raise the site to final grades, and<br />

organic materials amended where<br />

possible and reused in the parks<br />

and landscape areas. Where stone<br />

armouring is absolutely necessary, as in<br />

the breakwater, the traditional quarried<br />

limestone armour stone will be covered<br />

with a layer of native Michigan fieldstone<br />

below the water in order to provide much<br />

better habitat value for invertebrates<br />

and native plant and fish species. When<br />

complete, the interior shore of the<br />

Adelaide Pointe marina basin will be a<br />

fully restored native wetland protected<br />

by a conservation easement forever.<br />

Natural materials<br />

Moving inland, the development<br />

proposes a series of six storey, high<br />

density multi-family and mixed use<br />

structures organised in a walkable<br />

neighbourhood connected to the nearby<br />

downtown and Lake Michigan beaches<br />

by a regional trail network. Surface<br />

parking is intentionally<br />

limited, with the majority<br />

of parking below structure,<br />

creating a waterfront district<br />

where residents and visitors<br />

leave their cars behind as<br />

soon as possible.<br />

All of the buildings will<br />

be constructed using mass<br />

timber, a method that relies<br />

entirely on laminated wood<br />

structural panels, posts and<br />

beams for all components.<br />

This makes every structure<br />

far less carbon intensive,<br />

with significantly reduced<br />

steel and concrete than<br />

typical buildings. The lighter<br />

weight of the buildings<br />

requires much lighter<br />

foundations, resulting in<br />

significant savings, faster<br />

construction, and a more<br />

sustainable structure that<br />

harks back to the historic<br />

lumber mill uses on the<br />

site. Continuing the use<br />

of native plant materials throughout,<br />

each building will incorporate intensive<br />

green roof systems focused on habitat<br />

creation for pollinators and migratory<br />

bird species.<br />

Green energy<br />

As the Leestmas also own a<br />

commercial solar business, Adelaide<br />

Pointe will incorporate extensive use of<br />

solar energy generation throughout the<br />

project. All new and existing structures<br />

will incorporate rooftop solar, and the<br />

10ft (3m) wide waterfront trail system<br />

will have solar panels in the pavement.<br />

The marina will be constructed using<br />

a locally manufactured floating timber<br />

dock system with solar panels mounted<br />

to the walking surface of the main piers,<br />

offsetting a significant percentage of<br />

the marina’s electrical use.<br />

As early adopters of electric vehicles,<br />

it made sense to the developers to<br />

install over 20 Level 2 Destination EV<br />

chargers, a Level 3 DC fast charger,<br />

and EV charging capacity at each<br />

residential parking space in the<br />

development. Looking towards the<br />

future of electric boating, the marina will<br />

offer high speed chargers for electric<br />

boats on the water today, and design<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 43


Fisheries and wetlands biologists very<br />

carefully undertook a native wetland<br />

restoration project.<br />

the marina electrical system to allow for<br />

in-slip charging in the future.<br />

Widespread support<br />

As you might imagine, this very<br />

unconventional approach to sustainable<br />

and accessible waterfront development<br />

has garnered broad community support,<br />

including unanimous city planning<br />

approvals and the support of local<br />

environmental organisations such as the<br />

Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership.<br />

Customers have also responded<br />

positively, with the first 50-unit residential<br />

building securing enough buyers to<br />

commence construction in only a few<br />

months, the first commercial/retail<br />

structure fully leased, and roughly 20%<br />

of the marina berths leased even before<br />

construction has begun. The idea of<br />

living and working in an environmentally<br />

sound yet vibrantly active and connected<br />

waterfront is clearly attractive to many<br />

buyers.<br />

Another major benefit resulting<br />

from the focus on community access,<br />

public waterfronts and environmental<br />

stewardship is significant funding<br />

support from the US Fish and Wildlife<br />

Service, the State of Michigan and<br />

local brownfield remediation TIF funds.<br />

By working together with the Michigan<br />

Department of Natural Resources and<br />

the City of Muskegon, Adelaide Pointe<br />

is a model public private partnership<br />

and a great example of commercial<br />

success based on doing the right thing<br />

for the environment and the community.<br />

Gregory Weykamp is president of<br />

Edgewater Resources, LLC, specialists<br />

in delivering real-world solutions<br />

for complex coastal and waterfront<br />

projects. Edgewater acted as consultant<br />

for the Adelaide Pointe project.<br />

www.edgewaterresources.com<br />




Remote monitoring<br />

—<br />

With the APP “Service Mobile” we manage<br />

preventative and corrective maintenance<br />

actions.<br />

Client Portal. A platform providing<br />

up-to-date crane information that both<br />

GH and the client can access.<br />

Remote monitoring of the crane’s<br />

operating data in real time. Making<br />

prevenptive and corrective maintenance<br />

more efficient.<br />

Boat<br />

hoists<br />

Marine jib<br />

cranes<br />

Dry<br />

docks<br />

Motorized Boat<br />

Trailer<br />



motion@ghcranes.com<br />

www.motion.ghcranes.com<br />

44<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Ready for a change of ownership or direction?<br />

Marine Project means investing, buying, selling and operating marinas.<br />

We enable our clients to successfully participate in attractive marina investments.<br />

Our success proves us right.<br />

www.marine-project.com | operations@marine-project.com

Titan Deck is engineered to be the last decking you’ll ever<br />

use. Made of UV-protected 100% polypropylene, it won’t rot,<br />

warp, dent, splinter or bend and will never need painting or<br />

staining – perfect for commercial docks and piers of any size!<br />

All Titan Decking is backed by a 12 year limited warranty.<br />

Titan Classic Titan X-Series Titan Open-X Series<br />

TitanDeck.net | 877-207-4136

EVENTS<br />

Below (clockwise): The Hon. Michael<br />

Healy; Joe Ueberroth; and Ashley Fell.<br />

MARINAS22:<br />

inspiring – and successful<br />

The <strong>Marina</strong>s22 international conference and trade exhibition reaffirmed its<br />

place as one of the largest marina industry conferences in the world after<br />

welcoming over 320 attendees across two days to the Australian Gold Coast<br />

23rd-24th May.<br />

The conference was opened by<br />

the Hon. Michael Healy, Queensland<br />

Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry<br />

Development, a strong supporter of the<br />

industry who highlighted the measures<br />

in place for future sector growth. An<br />

economic overview, forecast and<br />

implications for industry was delivered<br />

by Tapas Strickland, NAB chief<br />

markets economist, before Ashley Fell,<br />

demographer and social researcher<br />

and director of advisory at McCrindle<br />

Research, outlined the changing<br />

consumer and demographic trends and<br />

the opportunities ahead for the marina<br />

industry.<br />

Andrew Chapman, MIA president,<br />

released the findings of the 2021<br />

Health of the Australian <strong>Marina</strong> Industry<br />

Survey (HAMIS), which presents a<br />

resilient and strengthened industry but<br />

challenges operators and governments<br />

to provide additional storage capacity to<br />

support the boating boom.<br />

Joe Ueberroth, president and owner<br />

of Bellingham Marine, delivered a<br />

thought-provoking presentation on<br />

how marinas could maximise their<br />

returns. The conference hall buzzed,<br />

with delegates busy re-evaluating their<br />

current business practices to take on<br />

board some of the ideas presented.<br />

Specialist topics<br />

With the macro picture painted and<br />

the industry opportunities examined,<br />

the first afternoon presented delegates<br />

with a choice of specialist subjects<br />

to examine. Conference committee<br />

chairman, Mike Harvey, commented:<br />

“The <strong>Marina</strong>s22 programme was<br />

designed to allow delegates the<br />

opportunity to delve into topics by<br />

choosing between two workshop<br />

streams, each with a panel of experts.<br />

Day one included innovation, the<br />

environment and decarbonisation,<br />

boatyard evolution, marketing and<br />

marina events.”<br />

The Innovation Showcase was<br />

the highlight, and showcased five<br />

new products, four of which were<br />

environmental initiatives. A live poll<br />

was taken from over 150 delegates<br />

in attendance<br />

and the Man<br />

Overboard <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Alarm System was<br />

announced as the<br />

winner in a tightly<br />

contested result. In<br />

receiving his award,<br />

product creator Paul<br />

Williams explained<br />

the genesis of his<br />

idea: “It was conceived after a near<br />

drowning incident in a marina where<br />

my boat is moored. A woman had fallen<br />

into the marina late at night and by the<br />

time her cries for help were heard she<br />

was suffering serious hypothermia as<br />

well as other injuries. I went home that<br />

night and came up with a solution that<br />

has consumed my life ever since.”<br />

Second day<br />

Day two of the conference focused on<br />

encouraging delegates to look internally<br />

at their operations to further capitalise<br />

on the recent industry growth. This<br />

was led by Darren Vaux, vice president<br />

of ICOMIA and managing director of<br />

Empire <strong>Marina</strong>s Group. He provided<br />

delegates with insights, and discussed<br />

opportunities on how the industry could<br />

engage with new and old boaters as we<br />

move into a post-COVID environment.<br />

Suzanne Davies, <strong>Marina</strong> Industries<br />

Association (MIA) CEO, provided an<br />

overview of the MIA, outlining how it<br />

is supporting industry and following<br />

a strategic direction. Davies then<br />

introduced Ed Shute, membership and<br />

programmes manager, who explained<br />

the importance of the environmental<br />

and accreditation programmes the MIA<br />

administers, along with the industry<br />

training and educational programmes.<br />

New industry support initiatives<br />

including My <strong>Marina</strong> Guide and Marine<br />

Jobs were also presented. In closing,<br />

Shute commented, “it is our business<br />

to help members grow theirs,” – a<br />

sentiment embraced by the room.<br />

Day two workshops delved into topics<br />

and key pain<br />

points, such<br />

as insuring<br />

against and<br />

managing risk,<br />

legal issues<br />

facing marinas<br />

and creating<br />

an engaged,<br />

productive and<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 47

Leading the Industry in Quality,<br />

Versatility and Innovation<br />

Specialists in the design,<br />

fabrication and installation of<br />

customized aluminum and<br />

timber floating dock systems,<br />

fixed piers and gangways for<br />

marina projects worldwide.<br />

From project design and<br />

management to<br />

manufacturing, installation<br />

and maintenance,<br />

Bluewater Marine competes<br />

globally with fabrication<br />

facilities in Hawaii, California<br />

and North Carolina.<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 499 2007<br />

<br />

East Coast: St. Petersburg, FL -<br />

727 209 7110<br />

inserto_gigieffe_22a.pdf 1 24/06/<strong>2022</strong> 09:08:44<br />

www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />

info@bluewaterdocks.com<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />


K<br />

Develops innovative solutions<br />

designed to satisfy the customer<br />

with care and reliability<br />


the future with<br />

www.gigieffe.com<br />


SMART<br />

The smart system has been created to<br />

support marinas in managing the services<br />

offered to their customers and add value to<br />

the port structure and its boats places. Our<br />

multi-platform solution is able to remotely<br />

control from PC and Smartphone the<br />

columns, making the systems integrated.

EVENTS<br />

high performing workforce through<br />

training and development.<br />

Lyndon Turner, CEO Nautilus<br />

Marine Insurance, chaired a panel of<br />

experts who discussed current market<br />

conditions and provided delegates<br />

with useful guidance on key risk areas<br />

affecting their marinas.<br />

During the ‘Lessons and Learnings’<br />

session, Scott Finsten, harbour master<br />

Ocean <strong>Marina</strong> Yacht Club in Thailand,<br />

described a recent boat fire at his<br />

facility, explaining the key takeaways<br />

and best practices that need to be in<br />

place to avoid disaster. Panel chair,<br />

Innovation<br />

Showcase<br />

shortlist<br />

• Jellyfishbot from IADYS is an on-water<br />

robot. It is the size of a small suitcase and<br />

collects floating solid and liquid waste floating<br />

on the water surface.<br />

• Collect’Thor from The Searial Cleaners<br />

is fixed to the edge of a marina or seawall<br />

where it attracts and contains waste floating<br />

on the water surface. It is totally silent and<br />

can collect and store up to 100kg (220lbs) of<br />

waste before being cleaned.<br />

WINNER: The Man Overboard Alarm<br />

System, developed by Paul Williams, enables<br />

a casualty to simply pull a cord under the<br />

pontoon decking to sound an audible alarm.<br />

This not only raises attention but also gives<br />

marina management the location of the<br />

person in distress.<br />

• Sucoil from Sustainable Oil Recovery is a<br />

cost-effective, recyclable solution to removing<br />

hydrocarbons from water. Deployed on a<br />

sponge, the spill attracts the hydrocarbons,<br />

which can be squeezed from the sponge and<br />

recycled. The sponge can be reused and<br />

repurposed, reducing landfill.<br />

• Seavolt is an electric charging network for<br />

ports and waterways – soon to be installed in<br />

Empire <strong>Marina</strong>s Group marinas.<br />

Andrew Chapman, commented: “It’s<br />

these first hand experiences that help<br />

build knowledge amongst the industry<br />

and in the long run will reduce the<br />

number of catastrophic accidents<br />

occurring.”<br />

Final flourish<br />

The conference programme concluded<br />

with Jonathan MacDonald’s keynote<br />

address: ‘Inspiring Success’.<br />

MacDonald invigorated the room to<br />

embrace innovation. Suzanne Davies<br />

summed up: “Jonathan gave our<br />

marinas a lot to think about, changing<br />

their mindset of the business<br />

they think they are in and shifting<br />

this to the business they are truly<br />

in. When we selected Jonathan<br />

to be our keynote speaker,<br />

we were drawn to his ability<br />

to invoke deeper thinking and<br />

inspire an audience to challenge<br />

the status quo.”<br />

And finally, the ‘blue carpet’<br />

was rolled out for the Gala<br />

Dinner. The evening provided<br />

an opportunity for the industry<br />

to celebrate achievements and<br />

recognise some of the industry’s<br />

long-serving members: Colin<br />

Bransgrove for his 13 years<br />

of service as MIA CEO, and<br />

Phil McGowen CMM, marina<br />

manager of Birkenhead Point<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>, for over 14 years<br />

of service volunteering and<br />

providing his knowledge, skill and<br />

time in the creation and delivery<br />

of many industry courses.<br />

Five industry professionals<br />

were formally acknowledged as<br />

new Certified <strong>Marina</strong> Managers<br />

by the Global <strong>Marina</strong> Institute<br />

and One°15 <strong>Marina</strong> Sentosa<br />

Clockwise from top left: Darren<br />

Vaux; Phil McGowan CMM;<br />

Jonathan MacDonald; Suzanne<br />

Davies, Paul Williams and Andrew<br />

Chapman; Colin Bransgrove; and<br />

John Spragg.<br />

Cove, Singapore, was awarded<br />

Platinum 5 Gold Anchor accreditation.<br />

The Gala Dinner concluded with<br />

presentation of an MIA Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award – the highest<br />

honour given by the association – to<br />

John Spragg, vice president MIA. The<br />

award, only three of which have ever<br />

been made, recognises individuals<br />

who have been major contributors to<br />

the marina industry over an extended<br />

period of time and for a majority of their<br />

professional life.<br />

“John has been a true believer<br />

in what the MIA stands for,” said<br />

Andrew Chapman. “During his tenure<br />

at Bellingham Marine, John ensured<br />

that the MIA<br />

had the seed<br />

capital to<br />

operate while<br />

it was merely<br />

a volunteer<br />

organisation,<br />

through to<br />

today as the<br />

association’s<br />

Platinum<br />

Sponsor.<br />

Without John’s or Bellingham’s<br />

involvement the MIA would not be the<br />

strong association it is today.”<br />

The above article was first published<br />

in the June/July issue of Mooring Post<br />

– <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>’s digital newsfeed.<br />

Sign up to receive Mooring Post and a<br />

heads up on <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> ahead of its<br />

print distribution at<br />

www.marinaworld.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 49

The EcoPile is a fully composite PVC/Fiberglass piling with a specialized internal truss system<br />

extruded on the inside for increased lateral and load bearing support. Coated in a highly impact res<br />

istant and UV stable compound, the EcoPile will stand up to the elements for decades with little to no<br />

maintenance.<br />

The Conch Inn & <strong>Marina</strong> in Marsh Harbour felt the full force of Hurricane Dorian. The owners of the<br />

facility wanted to rebuild the property with the most environmentally friendly and longest lasting<br />

components. The Conch Inn is now a “Forever Dock” relying on composite EcoPile pilings and<br />

WearDeck’s composite dimensional boards and decking materials.<br />

www.ecopile.com | +1 (904) 696 2981 | info@ecopile.com


American Muscle<br />

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication<br />

manufactures both floating and fixed boat dock<br />

systems, hardware, aluminium gangways and<br />

marina accessories. Everything is fabricated<br />

in-house in its USA factory so as to save costs,<br />

ensure quality and expedite custom orders.<br />

American Muscle’s mission is to build<br />

stronger, simpler and more aesthetically<br />

pleasing dock products, and its name<br />

underscores its main focus: the ‘muscle’<br />

that comes from more steel and more<br />

welds for high strength equipment<br />

that can well withstand harsh water<br />

environments.<br />

Pile guides, timber dock hardware,<br />

steel truss hardware and frames,<br />

C-channel dock kits, ramps and jet<br />

ski lifts all have extra strength drawn,<br />

Bellingham Marine<br />

where appropriate, from<br />

seam welding, corner<br />

gussets, horizontal and<br />

vertical supports, thicker<br />

male/female connection<br />

tabs and elongated pre-punched holes.<br />

After manufacture, all metal products<br />

are galvanised to help prevent rust,<br />

and powder-coated finishes are<br />

also available for stainless steel and<br />

aluminium.<br />

American Muscle uses innovative<br />

Cruise ship tender access docks, San<br />

Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua<br />

manufacturing techniques to give its<br />

customers, whether commercial or<br />

residential, a unique and superior<br />

product for a better price.<br />

See advertisement p.56<br />

Bellingham Marine is a worldwide marina<br />

and waterfront design/build construction<br />

company with manufacturing facilities<br />

around the globe. The company is a<br />

leader in floating pontoon design specialising in floating<br />

dock systems, platforms and wave attenuators.<br />

Bellingham Marine brings an<br />

extensive portfolio of products and<br />

widespread expertise to every project<br />

it undertakes. Its fully integrated<br />

service model, along with a design/<br />

build methodology, provides clients<br />

with a low risk, cost effective and highly<br />

streamlined approach to their projects.<br />

The company maintains a strong<br />

financial base, instilling confidence in<br />

its clients that it can deliver everything<br />

it promises.<br />

Having supplied<br />

over 25 million<br />

square feet of<br />

floating systems for<br />

clients around the<br />

world during its 60-<br />

year history, Bellingham knows what’s<br />

been tried, what has worked, and<br />

what hasn’t. Time-proven construction<br />

methods combined with advancements<br />

in materials and an appreciation for<br />

value engineering are the foundation of<br />

Rybovitch <strong>Marina</strong>, West Palm Beach, FL, USA<br />

an award-winning portfolio of projects.<br />

These can be seen around the world in<br />

diverse sites – from iconic harbours to<br />

public boat launches.<br />

See advertisements p.7, 9 & 11<br />

Bluewater Marine &<br />

Dock Specialties<br />

Established in 1997, Bluewater Marine and<br />

Dock Specialties is one of the premier dock manufacturers in the Pacific<br />

basin and beyond, specialising in the design, fabrication and installation<br />

of aluminium floating dock systems, fixed piers and gangways.<br />

Commercial dock system installations range from large scale marinas to<br />

small facilities.<br />

The company’s low maintenance,<br />

flexible, modular designs include custom<br />

proprietary aluminium extrusions,<br />

stainless steel hardware and other<br />

recyclable materials. All products are<br />

fully engineered by an experienced team<br />

of licensed civil and structural engineers,<br />

are ADA compliant (where applicable)<br />

and are designed to meet site-specific<br />

environmental conditions.<br />

All Bluewater Marine dock systems<br />

are fabricated in-house and<br />

shipped to site ready for<br />

installation.<br />

In 2001, the company built<br />

and installed 120 boat slips at the<br />

Waikiki Yacht Club. This project was the<br />

first aluminium floating dock system<br />

ever installed in the state of Hawaii.<br />

Following this success, Bluewater went<br />

on to develop a portfolio of innovative<br />

projects throughout Hawaii, California,<br />

Portside Ventura <strong>Marina</strong>, Ventura, CA, USA<br />

Micronesia, the Philippines and beyond,<br />

and now – with fabrication facilities in<br />

Hawaii, California and North Carolina –<br />

it implements projects globally.<br />

See advertisement p.48<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 51

Meet us at METS booth 05.711<br />

CAT-handling at its best<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original<br />

Looking to offer supercharging at your marina?<br />

<br />

at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com (quote MW1)<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

<br />







A-Z GUIDE<br />

Clement Germany<br />

Clement Germany is a world leader<br />

in the design, manufacture and<br />

installation of large floating concrete<br />

structures. Its systems are some of<br />

the most innovative on the market,<br />

offering high quality, extreme<br />

durability, versatility and high<br />

functionality.<br />

Clement uses German engineering<br />

and the most modern technology<br />

to produce floating heavy-duty high<br />

performance systems that are low<br />

maintenance with long lifespan to give<br />

a high return on investment. The loadcarrying<br />

capacity is ground-breaking,<br />

making it possible to float entire<br />

residential estates, holiday resorts and<br />

even multi-lane roads on bodies of water.<br />

Dura Composites<br />

Dura Composites has over 25 years of<br />

experience in designing, manufacturing<br />

and supplying safer, stronger, faster and<br />

proven composite products for marine<br />

infrastructure projects.<br />

Through its unique design,<br />

technology and manufacturing<br />

innovations, Dura Composites has<br />

developed a distinct range of Glass<br />

Reinforced Polymer (GRP) floor<br />

walkway grating, structural profiles,<br />

duct covers, ladders, hand railing<br />

and access platforms known as the<br />

d2 product range. All products offer<br />

customers a low life cycle cost and<br />

are a sustainable choice thanks to<br />

their long life expectancy and superb<br />

chemical and corrosion resistant<br />

Golden<br />

Manufacturing<br />

Having spent over four decades perfecting and innovating<br />

its products and services to meet the demands of<br />

clients throughout the world, Golden Manufacturing has<br />

recognised a growing trend for the delivery of complete<br />

marine projects.<br />

Its response to this is to offer a mix<br />

of award-winning products and an<br />

attractive ‘slip/boatlift combination’<br />

to form a one-stop-package that<br />

generates a stronger bottom line for<br />

marina owners. Company founder, Bill<br />

Golden, believes that close attention to<br />

product detail and development, and<br />

forward thinking, are the cornerstone of<br />

Golden’s success and longevity. Golden<br />

uses modern methods, technology<br />

and skilled technicians, and delivers<br />

A policy of<br />

continuous R&D,<br />

enables Clement<br />

to offer advanced<br />

options, and every<br />

system sold is<br />

individually tailored<br />

down to the last<br />

tiny detail. Pontoon<br />

systems are very versatile and can be<br />

installed in challenging site conditions.<br />

As simple jetties or pontoons, elements<br />

are aesthetically pleasing but can<br />

also be combined with creative and<br />

performance in<br />

waterside and marine<br />

locations.<br />

For leisure<br />

environments,<br />

Dura also offers a<br />

range of clever lowmaintenance<br />

aluminium and composite<br />

timber decking and cladding.<br />

In 2017 and 2020, Dura Composites<br />

earned a Queen’s Award for Enterprise<br />

in recognition of its achievement at the<br />

systems that<br />

are safe, goodlooking,<br />

easy<br />

to operate and<br />

dependable.<br />

Golden offers<br />

aluminium and concrete floating<br />

dock systems that are built to fit sitespecific<br />

needs. Systems are virtually<br />

maintenance-free and have a long<br />

lifespan.<br />

The patented timber-free concrete<br />

Ostseeresort Olpenitz, Kappeln, Germany<br />

architecturally demanding structures to<br />

create extraordinary floating solutions.<br />

See advertisement p.34<br />

Dura Grating 22mm Mini Mesh,<br />

Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong>, UK<br />

forefront of composite product design.<br />

See advertisement p.31<br />

River Cove <strong>Marina</strong>, Miami, FL, USA<br />

system comprises concrete decking, a<br />

patented aluminium whaler system and<br />

polyethylene UV resistant floats.<br />

See advertisement p.14 &15<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 53

December 6–8, <strong>2022</strong> • Nashville, TN<br />

Docks is presented by:<br />

This annual trade show connects marina, boatyard, and private<br />

dock owners and operators with the latest training, products,<br />

and services. Attendee registration includes access to education<br />

<br />

docksexpo.com<br />

Waterscape<br />

by Superior<br />

Luxury on Water<br />

Romain Reglade<br />

+61 7 5594 8200 | info@superiorjetties.com | www.superiorjetties.com<br />



at your fingertips<br />

SEE YOU AT METSTRADE <strong>2022</strong><br />

MYP 05.817<br />

marinamanagementsoftwaresolutions<br />



IN YOUR<br />


Visit our website<br />


Horizon <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Horizon <strong>Marina</strong> is an<br />

accredited national high-tech enterprise in the marina<br />

construction field in China. With many years of<br />

experience in supplying floating dock solutions, and<br />

partnering with marinas to provide design, manufacture<br />

and installation, the company has delivered more than<br />

300 marina references around the world.<br />

Always focusing on quality and<br />

design, and on delivering the best<br />

customer service, Horizon <strong>Marina</strong><br />

has become one of the main marina<br />

builders in China. The company has<br />

also accumulated project experience<br />

around the globe, not only with its<br />

aluminium systems but also with its<br />

concrete docks. In the past two years,<br />

for example, it has completed nearly<br />

10,000m² (107,600ft²) of concrete<br />

Ingemar<br />

Ingemar has over 40<br />

years of experience<br />

in marine engineering and in the development<br />

of concrete floating structures. It is one of<br />

few companies in the sector to have its own<br />

independent production facilities, enabling<br />

it to carry out R&D in anticipation of market<br />

demands. The company is committed to quality,<br />

with ISO 9001 certification and SOA certification<br />

for public works up to €15.5 million.<br />

The Ingemar product range includes<br />

modular all-concrete pontoons,<br />

discontinuous floating pontoons with<br />

galvanised steel or aluminium frames,<br />

hardwood decking and fibre reinforced<br />

concrete or roto-moulded polyethylene<br />

floats. It also offers fixed piers and a<br />

complete range of high quality concrete<br />

Inland & Coastal <strong>Marina</strong> Systems<br />

Inland & Coastal <strong>Marina</strong> Systems (ICMS)<br />

specialises in the design, manufacture<br />

and installation of pontoons, marinas and<br />

commercial vessel berthing, providing water<br />

access solutions for the marine industry.<br />

Working internationally with<br />

three offices – Banagher (Ireland),<br />

Lossiemouth (Scotland) and<br />

Southampton (England) – Inland &<br />

Coastal projects span leisure marina<br />

pontoons, commercial concrete<br />

breakwaters and crew transfer vessel<br />

berths.<br />

The state-of-the-art bespoke systems<br />

are designed to enable vessels of all<br />

shapes and sizes to moor safely and<br />

securely.<br />

The range of pontoon and berthing<br />

options include standard leisure marina<br />

pontoon<br />

installations in<br />

Saudi Arabia.<br />

Ranging from<br />

aluminium,<br />

concrete and<br />

steel pontoons,<br />

to breakwaters,<br />

floating houses<br />

Visun Royal Yacht Club, Sanya, Hainan Island, China<br />

and marina equipment, Horizon <strong>Marina</strong> turnkey marina construction services.<br />

provides clients with customised<br />

See advertisement p.46<br />

floating breakwaters up to 20 x 10 x<br />

2.4m and 185t displacement. Some<br />

of these are constructed using mobile<br />

production sites.<br />

Ingemar know-how covers water<br />

sports floating facilities, floating<br />

platforms and bridges, and heavy-duty<br />

mooring structures for megayachts,<br />

pontoons, concrete breakwater<br />

units, heavy duty pontoons,<br />

continuous concrete pontoons<br />

and service pontoons.<br />

Making life easier for users<br />

and operators alike, ICMS offers a<br />

variety of non-slip, low maintenance<br />

and durable decking options, affording<br />

continuous safe access and egress<br />

from vessels throughout the year. The<br />

decking options include GRC, GRP,<br />

timber and timber composite.<br />

Experienced in working on projects<br />

with multiple stakeholders, clients<br />

Dubai Harbour, UAE<br />

commercial and naval vessels. It<br />

operates from production facilities<br />

in Casale sul Sile near Venice, Italy<br />

and serves the markets in Italy, the<br />

Mediterranean, Red Sea and Gulf.<br />

See advertisement p.12<br />

A-Z GUIDE<br />

Carrick on Shannon <strong>Marina</strong>,<br />

County Leitrim, Ireland<br />

include local and regional government,<br />

port and fishery authorities, marina<br />

operators, sports and recreational<br />

clubs, development consortiums,<br />

consulting engineers, architects and<br />

main contractors.<br />

See advertisement p.18<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 55

Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency?<br />

They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name!<br />

Tested and Certified by<br />

IMANNA Laboratory Inc.<br />

• Falling Dart Impact Test<br />

• 7-Day Hunt Water<br />

Absorption Test<br />

• Encasement Wall<br />

Thickness Standard<br />

• And More!<br />

IMANNA Certified<br />

www.imanna.com/customer-spotlight<br />

For over 25 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has<br />

elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry<br />

standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability<br />

and longevity. Visit www.acefloatdrums.com for a variety of product<br />

sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.

A-Z GUIDE<br />

Kropf Industrial<br />

Since starting out as a<br />

custom fabrication shop in<br />

1977, Kropf Industrial has grown to become one of the<br />

premier suppliers of floating dock and breakwater systems<br />

in Canada. Kropf offers a range of advanced floating dock<br />

designs and its floating breakwater systems have been<br />

extensively tested and proven through both modelling and<br />

real-world applications.<br />

Kropf steel pipe floating dock<br />

systems offer unmatched stability and<br />

strength in high-energy sites, especially<br />

where winter ice is a factor. Finished<br />

in a variety of materials depending<br />

on your requirements, the docks will<br />

provide extended service life and low<br />

maintenance in real-world conditions.<br />

HDPE pipe floats are also available,<br />

backed by a limited lifetime warranty,<br />

and providing a<br />

heavy duty design<br />

that is superior to<br />

traditional plastic<br />

box floats.<br />

Kropf’s floating breakwater systems<br />

utilise full-length steel pipe floats and<br />

a range of steel attenuation structures,<br />

depending on site conditions. Available<br />

with or without decking and fingers,<br />

Oyster Bay Docks, Town of Oakville,<br />

Ontario, Canada<br />

the breakwaters are proven to provide<br />

superb basin protection and extended<br />

service life in harsh northern conditions.<br />

See advertisement p.10<br />

Lindley<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Lindley <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

specialises in the design, manufacture,<br />

installation and maintenance of floating<br />

solutions for marinas, recreational ports<br />

and fishing harbours. Headquartered in<br />

Cascais, Portugal, it is part of Grupo Lindley,<br />

established in 1930.<br />

With more than 35 years of<br />

experience in the marina and port<br />

market, Lindley’s technical staff<br />

have developed a broad and flexible<br />

range of products, including floating<br />

breakwaters, concrete, steel, aluminium<br />

and timber floating pontoons, pontoon<br />

access bridges and gates, floating<br />

platforms and mooring systems.<br />

Marinetek<br />

Lindley <strong>Marina</strong>s is a leading player<br />

in Portugal and Spain, with the<br />

associated company Almarin, and has<br />

a strong presence in the African and<br />

Itajaí <strong>Marina</strong>, Santa Catarina, Brazil<br />

Latin American markets.<br />

See advertisement p. 38<br />

Marinetek is an<br />

internationally<br />

recognised brand name for premium marinas and<br />

advanced floating solutions. With the industry’s widest<br />

product range and a network of 300 marina experts around<br />

the world, Marinetek can match different customer needs<br />

from a custom-made floating structure to a world-class<br />

marina.<br />

The company offers world-famous<br />

concrete, hybrid aluminium and<br />

timber pontoons, breakwaters, floating<br />

solutions and marina equipment.<br />

Through collaborative partnerships,<br />

Marinetek provides its customers with<br />

turnkey services for concept design,<br />

engineering, manufacturing, installation<br />

and modernisation.<br />

It is not just about size or volume.<br />

By listening to its<br />

customers’ needs<br />

and learning about<br />

their culture and<br />

values, the Marinetek team establishes<br />

relationships that last a lifetime.<br />

Ultimately, its aim is to develop winning<br />

solutions for its customers and to keep<br />

its promises.<br />

Operating in over 40 and<br />

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE<br />

manufacturing in ten countries,<br />

Marinetek has delivered over 2,500<br />

marina references to 55 countries<br />

worldwide.<br />

See advertisement p.4<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 57

A-Z GUIDE<br />

Martini <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Martini Alfredo has a history of<br />

industrial excellence, innovation<br />

and expertise which goes back<br />

over 75 years. It is a market leader in the plastic<br />

industrial containers sector and its <strong>Marina</strong>s Division is<br />

a well-established manufacturer of infrastructure and<br />

mooring equipment.<br />

Martini <strong>Marina</strong>s produces a full range<br />

of hot dip galvanised steel-framed<br />

floating pontoons fitted with ecological<br />

moulded floats. They are easy to<br />

assemble and require little ongoing<br />

maintenance. Access gangways,<br />

adjustable fingers, floating breakwaters,<br />

mooring systems, service pedestals<br />

and all main marina accessories<br />

complete the catalogue.<br />

A focus on<br />

environmental<br />

issues is<br />

integral to the company’s culture and<br />

it was the first in Europe to replace<br />

teak timber with extremely durable and<br />

eco-friendly Similteck for the decking of<br />

pontoons, fingers and gangways.<br />

To date, Martini <strong>Marina</strong>s has installed<br />

over 2,000 facilities at coastal, lake and<br />

Brissago <strong>Marina</strong>, Locarno, Switzerland<br />

river marinas both in Italy and abroad.<br />

It prioritises safety and technology and<br />

was one of the first in the sector to<br />

achieve ISO 9001 certification.<br />

See advertisement p.20<br />

Poralu Marine<br />

For more than 35 years, Poralu Marine has<br />

designed, built and sold aluminium docks<br />

for the yachting sector and has completed<br />

over 8,000 marina and port installations<br />

throughout the world.<br />

As a manufacturer, with production<br />

sites in France and Canada, its added<br />

value lies in its ability to use innovation<br />

and technology for ports, municipalities,<br />

the private sector, recreational sports<br />

and resorts.<br />

The group has also diversified<br />

in recent years, integrating new<br />

activities into its business model, and<br />

undertakes to develop projects (e.g.<br />

footbridges and docks), products (e.g.<br />

seaside waste collectors) and marina<br />

management services. It is firmly<br />

Ronautica<br />

Quality <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Ronautica Quality <strong>Marina</strong>s is a highly reputable and<br />

experienced Spanish manufacturer of concrete and<br />

aluminium marinas. Its systems are internationally<br />

recognised for quality, strong design, ease of<br />

maintenance and very competitive pricing. Systems<br />

are installed swiftly by Ronautica staff using its<br />

equipment.<br />

founded on the<br />

desire to respect<br />

and protect the<br />

environment,<br />

society, and<br />

the well-being<br />

of individuals,<br />

so that people<br />

can live<br />

harmoniously<br />

with their ecosystems.<br />

Based in Port in Ain, France, Poralu<br />

Marine has 150 employees. The<br />

One°15 Brooklyn <strong>Marina</strong>, New York City, USA<br />

company has seven sales offices and<br />

works with 25 agents in five continents.<br />

See advertisement p.36 & 37<br />

Ronautica installed its first marina in<br />

its home city of Vigo in 1989 making it<br />

the first marina manufacturer in Spain<br />

and one of the pioneers in Europe.<br />

Since then, it has installed hundreds of<br />

marinas worldwide and has a very strong<br />

presence in the USA, Central America,<br />

Ireland and Portugal.<br />

Company projects vary from the<br />

simple supply of structures to design,<br />

build and<br />

execution of<br />

complex and<br />

substantial<br />

projects on a turnkey basis anywhere<br />

in the world. In addition to marinas, the<br />

company has built systems for fishing<br />

harbours, sailing and rowing clubs,<br />

military and paramilitary organisations<br />

and always adapts to its customers’<br />

Ocean Reef <strong>Marina</strong>, Panama City, Panama<br />

needs. To complement its floating<br />

pontoons, it supplies special platforms,<br />

breakwaters, fixed aluminium<br />

walkways and gangways.<br />

See advertisement p.42<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 59


MARINA<br />

BULL<br />




+1 (805) 485-7821 wigginslift@wigginslift.com<br />


A-Z GUIDE<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Breaking Waves since<br />

1918. SF <strong>Marina</strong> is internationally recognised for<br />

providing its customers with a century of experience<br />

producing tailor-made premium marinas and advanced<br />

floating solutions all over the world.<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong> offers a full range of<br />

marine related services and has the<br />

in-house knowledge and experience to<br />

design, permit, manufacture, install and<br />

operate marinas. The company is a fully<br />

integrated corporation that understands<br />

the needs of the marina industry and<br />

can deliver the best marina products<br />

in the world to meet those needs.<br />

SF’s flagship product, its own-design<br />

Swedish floating concrete pontoon<br />

marina system, originated back in the<br />

1920s.<br />

Soprefa/Twinwood<br />

Soprefa remains at the forefront of decking technology<br />

with its Twinwood brand. Manufacturing in-house<br />

moulds/dies for customised deck profiles, it offers<br />

customers a competitive and diversified range of<br />

solutions and geometries both in boards and bumpers.<br />

Soprefa has developed its product<br />

specifically for pontoons and marinas<br />

and supplies it cut-to-size. Of high<br />

quality and with exceptional resistance,<br />

it enables pontoon and marina<br />

manufacturers all over the world to offer<br />

a unique deck installation both for new<br />

projects and refurbishments.<br />

For 2021, Soprefa intends to continue<br />

on its path of innovation by presenting<br />

a new glass fibre reinforced Twinwood<br />

product and a revolutionary concept of<br />

clip-installation. This groundbreaking<br />

SunWalk Docks<br />

SunWalk is the<br />

environmentally friendly,<br />

storm-resistant, UV-stabilised, non-slip decking<br />

choice for docks, ramps, gangways and jetties.<br />

The company brings an impressive variety of<br />

technologies and surface options to the dock and<br />

decking market.<br />

At the heart of all SunWalk products<br />

is a proprietary micro-cellular-core<br />

manufacturing technology that provides<br />

industry-leading strength and structure.<br />

Its ability to withstand the rigours of<br />

weather, temperature, surf and UV<br />

is unparalleled and it has been thirdparty<br />

laboratory tested for accelerated<br />

weathering so you can have faith in its<br />

long-term performance.<br />

Decking is available is three distinct<br />

styles, multiple colours and multiple<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong><br />

is based in<br />

Gothenburg,<br />

Sweden and<br />

has affiliates<br />

worldwide. The<br />

company is<br />

familiar with and<br />

has completed<br />

installations<br />

in climatic conditions ranging from<br />

north of the Arctic circle to the tropics.<br />

Operating in more than 50 countries,<br />

clipping and<br />

structuring<br />

system<br />

will reduce<br />

installation<br />

time and<br />

make it easier,<br />

even for nonprofessionals.<br />

Installation options will<br />

be extended to terraces, porches,<br />

verandas etc.<br />

The GRP decking will enable<br />

installers to extend the space between<br />

sizes<br />

meaning<br />

SunWalk<br />

has the right<br />

decking<br />

product<br />

for your<br />

applications.<br />

The company boasts a highperformance<br />

commercial team that<br />

combine market experience with<br />

application know-how. They are able<br />

Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong>s has delivered over 1,000<br />

marina references worldwide.<br />

See advertisement p.2<br />

Twinwood decking, Aveiro, Portugal<br />

joists up to 50cm without the risk of<br />

bending or warping thus saving both<br />

time and material.<br />

See advertisement p.17<br />

Sunwalk 45 series, Cedar Lake, IND, USA<br />

to help your business and save you<br />

money, and can work to help new<br />

designs reach the market faster.<br />

See advertisements p.18 & 38<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 61



Visit us in the MYP at<br />

METS on stand 05.816<br />

One man can easily and safely do dry docking and launching of sailing<br />

and motor boats on ramps and slipways with a SUBLIFT. Typical usage is<br />

docking for fast service, cleaning of hulls and for winter season storage.<br />

1<br />

12-90<br />

ton<br />

sales@sublift.se | www.sublift.com<br />

Are you looking for increased profits and<br />

operational efficiency? Book your demo today.<br />

Pacsoft’s fully featured software can bring greater clarity to many<br />

of your day-to-day business functions...www.pacsoftmms.com<br />

Pacsoft is a Jonas Software Company<br />

Pacsoft <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> Ad_Jan_20_Quarter Pg.indd 1<br />

11/01/21 3:55 PM

A-Z GUIDE<br />

Superior Jetties<br />

Superior Jetties is a multiple<br />

award-winning worldwide marina developer and builder with over<br />

30 years’ experience in the manufacture of high quality docking<br />

systems.<br />

Superior’s products have a solid<br />

reputation for being innovative, durable,<br />

functional and low maintenance and,<br />

with this background, Superior Jetties<br />

is now recognised as one of the world’s<br />

leading manufacturers of marinas<br />

and commercial berthing applications.<br />

This reputation, forged on quality,<br />

performance and delivery, has resulted<br />

in many of Superior Jetties’ products<br />

being installed in some of the world’s<br />

most stunning marine locations.<br />

Superior’s team of highly skilled and<br />

professional design, production and<br />

manufacturing experts place<br />

high importance on continual<br />

product development and<br />

improvement. This constant<br />

review of the range ensures<br />

that products meet and can<br />

adapt to any location in the<br />

world.<br />

From the heavy-duty concrete Super<br />

Elite system, designed for superyacht<br />

berths and large-scale commercial<br />

marinas, through to the stylish and<br />

versatile Superior Modular Docks, the<br />

large product offering can be tailored<br />

Southport Yacht Club, Gold Coast, Australia<br />

to suit any location and berthing<br />

requirements.<br />

A commitment to quality in everything<br />

is a genuine promise when partnering<br />

with Superior Jetties.<br />

See advertisement p.54<br />

ThruFlow<br />

ThruFlow<br />

Premium Decking offers industryleading<br />

products that are easy to<br />

assemble, maintenance-free, safe,<br />

and ideal for any outdoor or marine<br />

application – personal or commercial.<br />

ThruFlow designs and manufactures<br />

premium products to withstand all<br />

Mother Nature can throw at them<br />

and provides you with worry-free,<br />

permanent decking solutions that will<br />

always go with the flow.<br />

As the pioneer of the open<br />

architecture, pass-through decking<br />

panel, ThruFlow is proud to supply its<br />

panels all over the world. ThruFlow’s<br />

Legacy XP, Surge and Impact panels<br />

far exceed the other panels in<br />

their class through extensive<br />

third party testing. The company prides<br />

itself on its ability to deliver tough,<br />

versatile and creative solutions for<br />

ThruFlow decking installed in British Columbia, Canada<br />

your project, such as its walkable solar<br />

decking panel, SOL.<br />

See advertisement p.42<br />

Titan Deck<br />

Titan Deck is<br />

engineered so your<br />

decking will be the last thing on<br />

your mind. Made of durable 100%<br />

polypropylene, Titan Deck will not<br />

fade, cup, rot, peel, blister or break<br />

under normal use and weathering. It<br />

is a UV protected, barefoot-friendly<br />

decking that stays cool in extreme<br />

temperatures and fits most docks<br />

and piers.<br />

The design of Titan Deck allows it to<br />

handle the wildest weather changes<br />

and thus minimise damage from wind,<br />

waves, high water and storm surges.<br />

This is why all products are backed with<br />

a lifetime limited warranty.<br />

Three versions are available: Titan<br />

Classic, Titan X series and Titan<br />

Open-X series.<br />

Products are top choices for<br />

commercial boat piers, marinas<br />

and marine docks and are ideal for<br />

Camp Raven Knob, Mount Airy, NC, USA<br />

gangways. Aluminium stiffeners can be<br />

added to reinforce Titan Deck board to<br />

safely cover longer spans.<br />

See advertisement p.46<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 63

First-rate electrical installations<br />

are essential for every marina<br />

seijsener.com<br />

info@seijsener.com<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> world versie 2 July August issue <strong>2022</strong>.indd 1 22-6-<strong>2022</strong> 12:07:36<br />

Mega Tango by<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

Digital Editions<br />

Available for remote reading<br />

As remote as you like<br />

Sign up at<br />


Walcon Marine<br />

Walcon Marine is a leader in<br />

the design, construction and<br />

installation of marinas, yacht harbours and berthing<br />

facilities.<br />

A global organisation, its pontoons,<br />

walkways, bridges and marina fittings<br />

can be found in over 30 countries.<br />

Recent projects have ranged from<br />

two-stage, redevelopment/regenerative<br />

programmes of 200+ berth marinas<br />

to the installation of its heavy-duty<br />

Jumbo and Docking Solutions products<br />

for windfarm support vessels, naval<br />

facilities, fishing boats, fuel docks<br />

and other public and commercial<br />

organisations. Walcon also works with<br />

many smaller clients, including local<br />

harbour authorities, sailing clubs and<br />

private individuals.<br />

Internationally, pontoons and<br />


walkways have<br />

been supplied to<br />

projects across<br />

a wide variety<br />

of settings in<br />

countries/regions<br />

including Australia,<br />

Egypt, the USA,<br />

the Netherlands,<br />

Italy and the<br />

Middle East.<br />

Walcon prides<br />

itself on supplying durable products,<br />

designed to last decades with support<br />

and maintenance just a phone call<br />

away. Custom products can also be<br />

Lake Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> Village, Windermere, UK<br />

supplied to meet specific specifications<br />

including increased stability, decking<br />

materials and the inclusion of client<br />

branding. See advertisement p.33<br />

Third gen business buys third MT<br />

Bock Marine, a full-service or do-it-yourself boatyard on a 16-acre (6.5-ha) site just north of Beaufort, NC, USA has a<br />

new Marine Travelift (MT) 85BFMII mobile hoist. This is the third MT machine the yard has purchased to date, mirroring<br />

its three generations of Bock family ownership.<br />

Founded in 1975 and subject to a<br />

site change for expansion and a name<br />

change, the yard still uses its 70-ton<br />

MT hoist purchased in 1995 but has<br />

now retired its first 60-ton hoist bought<br />

back in 1988.<br />

The new machine, designed with<br />

the same footprint as the existing<br />

70-ton hoist, has been well received<br />

by the Bock team. “We were able to<br />

immediately start using the lift for<br />

launching and hauling because of the<br />

similar size and set-up,” explained yard<br />

manager Ryan Sherman. “With the<br />

new lift we are able to do the same<br />

jobs with fewer people because of the<br />

wireless remote, and we are able to lift<br />

larger boats with more ease because<br />

Carl Bock Jr.’s son Kenny and his wife<br />

Nancy, and grandchildren Alex Bock and<br />

Carlee Robbins, head up Bock Marine.<br />

of the increased weight capacity.”<br />

“The addition of the remote control<br />

was obviously a big change for our<br />

operators, but as soon as they started<br />

using it, they fell in love with the ability<br />

to get a 360 degree point of view<br />

during jobs. The remote makes lifting<br />

even the larger boats a much simpler<br />

task,” he added.<br />

The new 85BFMII will act as Bock<br />

Marine’s daily driver with the 70-ton<br />

machine available for emergency<br />

hauls and repairs. “The addition of<br />

our second lift has opened up our<br />

efficiency immensely,” Sherman said.<br />

“Running two machines at the same<br />

time has been an absolute game<br />

changer.”<br />

www.marinetravelift.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 65


Silver and gold for D-Marin<br />

D-Marin has received a silver medal rating by EcoVadis, positioning it within the top 30% of companies in the leisure<br />

industry.<br />

Didim <strong>Marina</strong> is one of three D-Marin<br />

marinas to have retained 5 Gold Anchor<br />

status.<br />

endeavour to be the best in the industry<br />

for sustainability.”<br />

The company’s sustainability<br />

rating increased by 22% over 2021,<br />

a substantial increase that clearly<br />

demonstrates D-Marin’s commitment<br />

to employing sustainable practices<br />

across its business. The assessment<br />

covered four areas: environment; labour<br />

and human rights; business ethics; and<br />

sustainable procurement.<br />

Chief operations officer Konrad<br />

Tyrajski commented: “We are extremely<br />

New decking<br />

proud to secure a silver medal rating<br />

by EcoVadis. Aligning our focus to<br />

make our operations more sustainable<br />

is not only the right thing to do but at<br />

the heart of our DNA as a business.<br />

Improving every day and caring about<br />

the environment and our communities<br />

are two of the key behaviours we would<br />

like to see in each and every employee<br />

at D-Marin. We are constantly working<br />

toward achieving a gold rating and we<br />

The gold rating has, meanwhile, been<br />

secured by three of D-Marin’s Turkish<br />

marinas in the form of Gold Anchor<br />

accreditations. Didim, Turgutreis and<br />

Göcek marinas are all 5 Gold Anchor<br />

rated under the certification jointly<br />

administered by The Yacht Harbour<br />

Association (UK) and the <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Industries Association (Australia). It<br />

is the fifth time that Didim, and the<br />

seventh time that Turgutreis, have<br />

received the awards.<br />

“We’re thrilled that our marinas in<br />

Turkey have been recognised with Gold<br />

Anchors,” said chief commercial officer<br />

Dean Smith. “The accreditation is<br />

widely recognised around the world and<br />

provides our customers with peace of<br />

mind and a clear indication of the level<br />

of service and facilities they can expect<br />

from us.”<br />

prompts rethink<br />

The installation of Dura Composites’ GRP Dura Grating on the Walcon-built<br />

pontoons used to create its Island Berths concept, prompted a new line of<br />

thinking at Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong> in Middlesex, UK.<br />

Shepperton opened ‘The Island’ in<br />

August 2021 as a unique addition to its<br />

D Basin (see <strong>World</strong> News). It features<br />

26 new berths for boats of 10 to 14m<br />

(33 to 46ft) arranged in a circle. Dura<br />

Composites supplied Walcon with its<br />

sand-coloured Dura Grating Mini Mesh<br />

decking product, which is strong, long<br />

lasting and anti-slip.<br />

“We chose the composite Dura<br />

Grating for this project for a number<br />

of reasons, mainly the safety, low<br />

maintenance and aesthetic aspects,”<br />

said Shepperton’s Lisa Harris. “During<br />

the colder months when pontoons can<br />

become icy or slippery, the composite<br />

grating surface remains safe for our<br />

staff and customers to walk on. In<br />

my opinion, from a health and safety<br />

point of view, you can’t beat it.”<br />

Harris says that the marina has<br />

spent a lot of time over the years<br />

replacing wooden deck boards.<br />

This is not necessary with the Dura<br />

Grating product, which saves both<br />

time and money. Many customers<br />

have also complimented marina<br />

staff on how safe they feel walking<br />

on the new decking.<br />

A rethink was prompted. “Thanks<br />

to the successful installation of our new<br />

Island Berths, we have now established<br />

a complete pontoon decking<br />

replacement programme where we will<br />

replace timber with GRP Dura Grating,”<br />

Harris confirms. “We expect to complete<br />

this in the next couple of years.”<br />

www.duracomposites.com<br />

66<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>







+ 800 boats<br />

100 %<br />

100 %<br />

in the database<br />

of cradling solutions<br />

of the world’s leisure<br />

boats can be cradled<br />

with 2 models of NAUTIPARK cradles<br />

of French <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

work with us<br />

time saved<br />

in cradling and handling<br />

safety & comfort<br />

for people and boats<br />



3 international sites:<br />

USA / Canada<br />

Australia / New Zealand<br />

Brazil<br />

10 sites in Europe: Corsica, England, Spain, Germany,<br />

The Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal<br />

Headquarters & production workshop: France<br />

www.cradleboats.com<br />

www.nautipark.com<br />

100 % French


Customised forklift for<br />

Saxon Wharf<br />

MDL <strong>Marina</strong>s has invested over £350,000 in a new Wiggins <strong>Marina</strong> Bull forklift<br />

for its Saxon Wharf facility in Southampton, UK. The machine is proving<br />

invaluable for continuous drystack operation.<br />

“We’re delighted with the new forklift,<br />

which was put to use straight away with<br />

the boating season in full swing,” said<br />

Saxon Wharf manager, Dave Walters.<br />

“Wiggins <strong>Marina</strong> Bull forklifts are the<br />

best in the business, and we’ve been<br />

able to customise our forklift to meet<br />

our specific needs and requirements<br />

to ensure we can offer our drystack<br />

customers the best service possible.”<br />

Situated on Southampton’s Itchen<br />

River, Saxon Wharf’s extensive<br />

drystack facility offers secure berthing<br />

and on-demand launch and lift for boats<br />

up to 13m (42ft 8in). Its location close<br />

to Southampton Water and the Solent<br />

offers an almost endless supply of<br />

cruising destinations. MDL’s ‘Dry Stack<br />

plus Otium’ berthing package gives<br />

unlimited launching on demand – seven<br />

days a week, 365 days a year – as well<br />

as up to 15% back on fuel in points to<br />

spend on other MDL services or with<br />

Otium Rewards partners.<br />

In addition, berth holders will soon be<br />

able to book a drystack launch/lift out<br />

Fast charge expansion<br />

to US and Sweden<br />

Aqua superPower has expanded its marine fast charge network into the<br />

USA and Scandinavia with installations in Tahoe City <strong>Marina</strong>, Lake Tahoe<br />

(North America’s largest alpine lake) and Lyckans Slip <strong>Marina</strong> (below) in<br />

Fiskebäckskil on the west coast of Sweden.<br />

“The US and Scandinavia are key<br />

strategic markets for Aqua superPower,”<br />

notes CEO Alex Bamberg. “Tahoe City<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> and Lyckans Slip <strong>Marina</strong> are<br />

prime examples of the locations leading<br />

the way in adopting clean electric<br />

boating and the charging infrastructure<br />

we provide.”<br />

online via the MyMDL customer portal<br />

and can also call the marina office for<br />

on-the-day bookings.<br />

www.wigginslift.com<br />

“We have always aimed to be at the<br />

forefront of environmental work, and<br />

the decision to be the first in Sweden<br />

to join the Aqua superPower network is<br />

one part of this,” explains Lyckans Slip<br />

marina director Conny Holmberg. “I want<br />

Lyckans Slip to be well ahead of the<br />

expected surge in clean electric boating.<br />

With over 70 electric boat builders<br />

currently in operation, there is a growing<br />

and fast-evolving range of models for<br />

boat lovers to explore. Our new Aqua<br />

75 DC rapid charger will allow them to<br />

charge and regain their autonomy in as<br />

little as 20 to 90 minutes. That’s the time<br />

it takes to have a leisurely lunch at our<br />

on-site restaurant.”<br />

“As members of the Clean <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Program, Tahoe City <strong>Marina</strong> is proud<br />

to be the first boating destination in the<br />

US to provide marine fast charging with<br />

the Aqua supercharger. This firmly puts<br />

Tahoe City <strong>Marina</strong> and Lake Tahoe on<br />

the map as a viable location for electric<br />

boat owners and boat makers to bring<br />

their craft,” says general manager Jim<br />

Phelan.<br />

“The transition to e-marine mobility will<br />

accelerate as a result of the enhanced<br />

convenience afforded by the expansion<br />

of plug and go charging infrastructure.<br />

Partnering with Aqua superPower is part<br />

of our wider environmental efforts and to<br />

enable us to service the growing number<br />

of electric boat users. We look forward<br />

to welcoming clean electric boating to<br />

Tahoe City <strong>Marina</strong> and the lake,” he<br />

adds.<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

68<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Partnership boosts<br />

green awareness<br />

The Searial Cleaners, a new brand of green clean technologies from Poralu<br />

Marine, has signed a partnership with the Blue Flag programme to help<br />

combat pollution on beaches and in harbours.<br />

The two players are combining their<br />

strengths to raise awareness, with a<br />

view to equipping 30 new Blue Flag/<br />

Searial Cleaners sites by the end of this<br />

year.<br />

Launched in June 2021, Searial<br />

Cleaners now has four new<br />

technologies to reduce marine and<br />

coastal pollution. The brand relies<br />

on the group’s international network<br />

(8,000 locations throughout the world)<br />

to provide a comprehensive solution<br />

to local authorities and businesses<br />

that want to incorporate environmental<br />

issues into their development policies<br />

for land and marine spaces.<br />

Each year, the Blue Flag, a<br />

symbol of exceptional environmental<br />

quality, rewards and promotes the<br />

municipalities and marinas that<br />

Searial innovations: the BeBot beach cleaning<br />

robot (below); InvisiBubble (top); Collect’Thor<br />

(centre right); and PixieDrone (bottom right).<br />

implement an ongoing sustainable<br />

tourism development policy. Present<br />

in over 5,000 sites in 48 countries, the<br />

award has become a global reference<br />

in the tourism, environment and<br />

sustainable development sectors. A<br />

guarantor of high environmental quality,<br />

the Blue Flag, hoisted over a beach or<br />

marina, spreads a positive, dynamic<br />

image among residents and visitors.<br />

In this way, it also promotes general<br />

awareness to foster behaviour that is<br />

more respectful of nature.<br />

Poralu’s Searial Cleaners range<br />

has been developed to fill industry<br />

shortfalls. After reviewing the products<br />

already on the market, the company<br />

found that existing waste collection<br />

systems were not very well known and<br />

that these systems focused on a single<br />

process for a single environment.<br />

The Searial range (in order of<br />

launch) currently comprises:<br />

• The BeBot<br />

electric beach<br />

cleaning robot,<br />

capable of picking<br />

up small waste from<br />

1cm/0.4in in size<br />

without harming<br />

the sandy shoreline<br />

(fauna, flora, turtle<br />

eggs etc)<br />

• PixieDrone, a<br />

floating drone that<br />

collects waste and data. It runs on a six<br />

hour charge and can collect up to 160<br />

litres/35 gal per mission.<br />

• Collect’Thor, a pontoon-mounted<br />

waste collector with capacity for up to<br />

100kg/220lbs of waste and ability to<br />

catch tiny microplastics.<br />

• InvisiBubble, a bubble barrier that<br />

purifies the water, diverts waste,<br />

confines hydrocarbons and protects<br />

wildlife.<br />

www.poralu.com<br />

The BLUE STAR MARINA programme<br />

<br />

<br />

Ulrich Heinemann, IMCI CEO<br />

bluestarmarina.org<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 69


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Roodberg - a brand of<br />

Frisian Industries, Netherlands 52<br />

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Seaflex, Sweden 6<br />

Seijsener, Netherlands 64<br />

Sunwalk Docks, Canada 18 & 38<br />

Superior Group, Australia 54<br />

Swede Ship Sublift, Sweden 62<br />

ThruFlow, Canada 42<br />

Titan Deck, USA 46<br />

Twinwood by Soprefa, Portugal 17<br />

Walcon Marine, UK 33<br />

Wiggins Lift Co, USA 60<br />

Historic club installs<br />

movable rowing pontoon<br />

Marlow Rowing Club at Bisham on the River Thames, UK has invested in a new<br />

rowing pontoon to upgrade its launching area, improve access, and increase<br />

space for disabled rowers.<br />

The project entailed a complete<br />

rebuild of the waterfront of the historic<br />

club by removing the old quay and<br />

replacing it with a re-profiled and<br />

aligned hard standing and quay wall.<br />

Inland and Coastal <strong>Marina</strong> Systems<br />

(ICMS) worked with P&D Environmental<br />

to create the best solution.<br />

ICMS designed and manufactured the<br />

40m (131ft) x 4m (13ft) low freeboard<br />

(150mm/6in) modular rowing pontoon<br />

which connects to the quay. It has been<br />

specifically designed to accommodate<br />

a rowing eight alongside, with oars<br />

partially deployed, while still allowing<br />

space for wheelchairs to pass along the<br />

length of the pontoon for boat access.<br />

Designed with special adaptations<br />

to decouple the joints, the individual<br />

modules of the pontoon have towing<br />

cleats positioned to enable the sections<br />

to be detached and transported<br />

to other parts of the river to form<br />

separate landing stages during major<br />

competitions.<br />

“The water’s edge at Marlow Rowing<br />

Club was uneven and needed to be<br />

replaced prior to installing the club’s<br />

new rowing pontoons, providing safe<br />

water access for its members,” said<br />

ICMS sales manager Jon Challis. “To<br />

find the most cost-effective solution for<br />

the club, rather than subcontracting we<br />

collaborated with P&D Environmental<br />

to replace the quayside. Working in<br />

this way, we ensured the best possible<br />

outcome for Marlow Rowing Club’s<br />

members while making tangible savings<br />

for the club on the overall project.”<br />

The pontoon is topped with ICMS<br />

GRP mini mesh decking to give a more<br />

stable, non-slip platform and the gap<br />

between pontoon and quay wall has<br />

been reduced to improve wheelchair<br />

access.<br />

David Plaskitt, who headed the<br />

project at the Club, appreciated the fact<br />

that the new pontoon was delivered on<br />

time and that all was well managed. “It<br />

has been well received by our members<br />

who appreciate the stability provided by<br />

the single rigid pontoon with consistent<br />

freeboard, making boat egress simpler<br />

and safer for our competitive, adaptive<br />

and para rowers alike,” he said.<br />

www.inlandandcoastal.com<br />

70<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


GREEN<br />


SEWAGE<br />


Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use<br />

in marinas and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and<br />

bilge water from boats and all facilities<br />

around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

Eco-sustainable system<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour, no spills<br />




Waterfront & marina development<br />

consultancy at its best, worldwide<br />

Concept Design & <strong>Marina</strong> Masterplanning<br />

Feasibility Studies & Market Research<br />

Business Planning<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> & Waterfront Design<br />

Tender and Project Management<br />

Marine Operations Management<br />

Environmental and Legislative Advice<br />

Property Consultancy Services<br />

Our independent services cover the entire spectrum of marina<br />

and waterside development. Through a wealth of international<br />

experience and specialist industry knowledge, our team<br />

understands what it takes to deliver world class marinas with<br />

uncompromising standards in all areas of our service.<br />

enquiries@marinaprojects.com |<br />

www.marinaprojects.com<br />

United Kingdom +44 (0)23 9252 6688 | Hong Kong +852 3796 3533 | Cyprus +357 97714495

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