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<strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Issue 137<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators



SF <strong>Marina</strong> is a world-renowned expert on developing new or existing<br />

premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters and<br />

concrete pontoons to anyone anywhere who plans on building a marina<br />

with superyacht berths. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong> Vol. 23, No. 5<br />

19<br />

43<br />

49<br />


<strong>World</strong> News 7<br />

Cover Story 14<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> talks to Austin Schell, CEO of Port 32 <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

about operations, current trends and future plans<br />

Drystack Storage<br />

Industry Feedback 19<br />

Monica Capria, Esteban Biondi, YP Loke, Alex Pares,<br />

Greg Weykamp, David Coyle, John Matheson, Alain<br />

Giudice, Max Brown and Robert Brown share their<br />

views on drystack – now and for the future<br />

New marina forklift for the centre console market 33<br />

Clark Island <strong>Marina</strong> drystack opens in Charleston, USA 34<br />

Wet versus dry in the Mediterranean 37<br />

Talking Shop 43<br />

Hendren Plastics continues to expand the reach of<br />

its premium Eagle Floats product line. Owner and<br />

president, Jim Hendren, talks shop<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Update 46<br />

Moss <strong>Marina</strong>, Fort Myers Beach, Florida was up and<br />

running in record time after being hit by Hurricane Ian<br />

Operator Talks: Smart Moves 49<br />

Matthias Gehring (D-Marin); Matt O’Hara (Queen Boat Co); Kevin<br />

Lussier (Ocean Havens); Darrell Barnett (Soldiers Point <strong>Marina</strong>);<br />

and Mark Jaraczewski (Circle Boating, Suntex <strong>Marina</strong>s) discuss<br />

implementation of smart technology<br />

Product Focus 57<br />

VoltSafe Marine electrical shore power connectors<br />

and outlets set a new standard<br />

Products, Services & People 61<br />

On the cover: Lighthouse Point<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> on the Hillsboro Inlet of the<br />

Intracoastal Waterway is one of the<br />

finest marinas in South Florida. It<br />

was purchased earlier in the year<br />

by Port 32 <strong>Marina</strong>s. Read more<br />

about Port 32 on p.4.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


<strong>Marina</strong><br />

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Time to stack<br />


As increased interest in boating<br />

continues, the shortage of wet berths<br />

in developed boating markets will<br />

become a growing problem. Now is<br />

the time for the industry to turn its<br />

attention to the many benefits of<br />

drystack storage as a ‘needs must’<br />

rather than optional alternative.<br />

The advantages of drystack have been recognised for years but uptake has been<br />

minimal if compared to the development of wet berth marinas. This is fundamentally<br />

due to public perception – both from the boat owner as well as the local resident.<br />

Boat owners cannot stroll the marina and admire their boats bobbing in the water;<br />

local residents don’t want to live near tall and potentially noisy commercial buildings.<br />

But this is <strong>2023</strong>. Boaters have become more educated about the benefits of<br />

stacking their boats in covered buildings and NIMBY fears have been somewhat<br />

allayed by the increasing attention paid to developing architecturally-pleasing<br />

buildings that resemble upmarket hotels and US-style shopping malls. And the<br />

major sea change is just emerging with the advent of electric forklifts and improved<br />

automated crane technology.<br />

These diminish the noise and remove the pollution element that has had many<br />

a local resident running scared. New buildings can also be mixed-use, taking<br />

prominent place in a waterfront vista and delivering a residential component to make<br />

all more attractive to a developer.<br />

The theories are sound, but people power combined with the difficulty of finding<br />

appropriate sites and lengthy and complicated permitting processes remain<br />

negatives that need to be offset by the positives: taking smaller boats out of the<br />

water leaves water space for vessels too large to be racked; crane systems require<br />

reduced footprint and rack more boats in the given volume – density = dollars.<br />

The site question is interesting and throws up two immediate benefits for drystack<br />

versus wet berth facilities. Firstly, because of the enhanced technology now available<br />

drystacks can be located further from the water’s edge and in fairly confined spaces.<br />

Secondly, they are a more environmentally-friendly boat berth option, especially<br />

when boat handling equipment is electrically driven.<br />

This makes drystacks particularly ideal for lakes, which are often governed by<br />

tough environmental regulations, and lakeside drystack appears to be on the rise.<br />

Last year we reported on the impressive new Quick Launch Dry Stack built by<br />

Hagadone Marine Group on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, USA; and gave updates<br />

on Port Corsier, which opened on Lake Léman in Geneva, Switzerland in 2021. In<br />

this issue, we release breaking news on a stacker crane facility for Aqua Boat Club<br />

by Mission Group on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, Canada (see p. 19).<br />

In our Drystack Industry Feedback section, Greg Weykamp of Edgewater<br />

Resources picks up on this trend, noting a “significant increase in demand for<br />

drystack across the Great Lakes region.” He explains that because environmental<br />

limitations inhibit an increase in wet slips, operators are trying to meet customer<br />

demand for slips by racking smaller boats. He also adds: “Providing smaller, lower<br />

cost drystack slips can be a profitable way to meet local community demand for<br />

boating access to the water for residents at lower income levels, which can be<br />

helpful in obtaining local zoning approvals.”<br />

There is a wealth of information in our Drystack feature. Look out for more in future<br />

issues.<br />

Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue<br />

are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing<br />

Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this<br />

magazine does not constitute endorsement of the<br />

companies, products and services concerned by Loud &<br />

Clear Publishing Ltd. The publisher reserves the right to<br />

refuse advertising.<br />

Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




<br />

1975. <br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



'<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

CUSTOM<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

VALUE<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Headquarters<br />


<br />

P<br />

Americas<br />

SEAFLEX, Inc.<br />

<br />

P<br />

Oceania<br />

SEAFLEX Australia<br />

<br />

P<br />



Guidelines for<br />

sustainable infrastructure<br />

WG 148: Guidelines for Sustainable Recreational Navigational Infrastructure<br />

(RNI), is now available from PIANC.<br />

Giving guidance for sustainable<br />

design, it also outlines the benefits<br />

that sustainable RNI provides, as<br />

an economic engine with social and<br />

environmental benefits, in sustainable<br />

tourism, in large infrastructure<br />

projects, in urban waterfront projects,<br />

and as part of broad conservation<br />

strategies.<br />

The report identifies and provides<br />

analysis of typical concerns that are<br />

faced in the practice of achieving<br />

environmental sustainability in these<br />

types of projects.<br />

It describes the alignment between<br />

Best Practices in marina design and<br />

Working with Nature and provides<br />

case studies, and also features 15<br />

projects that illustrate environmental<br />

design features, as well as examples<br />

of innovative design process<br />

implementation and of successful<br />

regulatory processes.<br />

The 90-page report is free for PIANC<br />

members and priced at €120 for nonmembers.<br />

www.pianc.org/publications/reccom/<br />

wg148<br />

New marina at<br />

town gateway<br />




MONTENEGRO: A new marina has been completed directly in front of the main<br />

gate of the stunning medieval walled town of Kotor. The investment by the Port<br />

of Kotor will significantly boost nautical tourism and offers mooring for 142<br />

boats from 8-50m (26-164ft) in length at a Marinetek floating marina system.<br />

After the completion of the public<br />

procurement procedure in January,<br />

Marinetek produced and installed the<br />

pontoons, anchoring systems and<br />

mooring equipment in a very short<br />

time, finishing the project by the end of<br />

March <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The 80m (262ft) long floating<br />

breakwater that protects the marina<br />

is made with Marinetek’s standard<br />

M3820BR breakwater elements and<br />

is anchored by Seaflex. Two piers<br />

perpendicular to the shore, and one<br />

pier parallel to the shore, with a total<br />

length of 204m (669ft) were built using<br />

3m/10ft-wide Heavy Duty pontoon<br />

elements. A standard four-berth<br />

Mediterranean-style anchoring system<br />

is installed, and all vessels have access<br />

to electricity and drinking water.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

7<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


CLEAN<br />



PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts.<br />

When installing a wastewater management system harbor<br />

operators have to make several decisions depending on the location,<br />

number of berths and size to find the optimal system.<br />

The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance<br />

solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black<br />

water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated<br />

rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign<br />

matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop<br />

if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are<br />

vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue.<br />




Operator chosen<br />

for Elounda<br />

GREECE: Camper & Nicholsons <strong>Marina</strong>s is to provide management,<br />

operational and branding services to the boutique marina at Elounda Hills, an<br />

ultra-luxury sustainable resort on the Mediterranean island of Crete.<br />

Developed by Mirrum Group in<br />

partnership with 1 Hotels, the 56ha<br />

(138 acre) resort will feature a 137-key<br />

hotel and 257 residences in its first<br />

phase. The marina will be surrounded<br />

by a private beach club, fitness<br />

and wellbeing facilities, shopping<br />

boutiques, lively restaurants and<br />

bars across 2km (1.2mi) of coastline.<br />

Seasonal mooring for superyachts will<br />

also be available.<br />

Angelos Angelidakis, CEO Mirrum<br />

Group, comments: “We are thrilled to<br />

unveil our masterplan for Elounda Hills.<br />

Although a popular tourist destination,<br />

Crete remains largely undeveloped and<br />

Mooring<br />

Post<br />

Check out our digital newsfeed. Sign<br />

up for free at www.marinaworld.com<br />

Highlights from April/<strong>May</strong>:<br />

• Sweden: Three-year build completes<br />

at Önnereds Boat Club<br />

• Abu Dhabi: Rahman Island mega<br />

project<br />

• Australia: Marking a decade at Abell<br />

Point <strong>Marina</strong><br />

• Belgium: 2030 target on end-of-life<br />

boats<br />

• Albania: Work starts on Vlora <strong>Marina</strong><br />

our vision to create a new international<br />

lifestyle destination for the island has<br />

been many years in the making.”<br />

Phil Ladmore, commercial director<br />

at Camper & Nicholsons <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

says: “We are delighted to be working<br />

with Elounda Hills and look forward<br />

to providing pre- and post-opening<br />

marketing, branding and operational<br />

marina management support to ensure<br />

the marina becomes a prominent<br />

and successful cruising destination.<br />

The new marina will benefit from our<br />

global marketing reach and brand<br />

equity, increasing awareness amongst<br />

yachting and luxury communities.”<br />

• USA: Las Olas <strong>Marina</strong> progress in Ft<br />

Lauderdale<br />

• Greece: Tekal invests in Nafplion<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> project<br />

USA: AMI Expo 2024 –<br />

Call for Seminar proposals<br />

Deadline: 1st <strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Info: www.marinaassociation.org/<br />

conferenceandexpo<br />

NEXT<br />


MARINAS.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

9<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />




Thinking greener? Let Rolec electrify you...<br />

Electric Service Pedestals<br />

Electric Vehicle Charging Units<br />

Electric Boat Charging<br />

Electric & Water Management Systems<br />

It’s no secret that the world is<br />

steering towards cleaner and greener<br />

modes of transport. As world leaders<br />

in providing service pedestals and<br />

associated products for marina and<br />

waterside destinations, and with over<br />

10 years’ experience in the electric<br />

vehicle charging industry, Rolec are<br />

able to provide a solution to suit your<br />

electrification needs. Enabling you<br />

to offer your visitors a seamless<br />

charging experience, whether it’s for<br />

electric vehicles or electric boats.<br />

For more details contact Rolec’s technical / support / sales team<br />

t: +44 (0) 1205 724754<br />

e: rolec@rolecserv.co.uk<br />



Investment plans for Pylos<br />

GREECE: D-Marin is leading a partnership with TEMES SA to deliver a<br />

premium marina experience in Pylos on Navarino Bay on the southwest coast<br />

of Peloponnese. The 40-year concession was awarded by the Hellenic Asset<br />

Development Fund (HRADF).<br />

Pylos <strong>Marina</strong> currently has berthing<br />

capacity for 129 yachts up to 30m<br />

(98ft) in length and specific berths for<br />

the local fishing fleet. The facility will<br />

benefit from D-Marin’s commitment to<br />

customer service and luxury facilities,<br />

and its investment of over €10 million in<br />

digitisation and innovation.<br />

“The Messinia region has<br />

the potential to be one of the<br />

Mediterranean’s finest yachting<br />

locations. Together with our highly<br />

reputable partner TEMES, we are<br />

committed to integrating the local needs<br />

as we transform the offering and put<br />

this exceptional location on the map of<br />

Don’t miss<br />

IWMC <strong>2023</strong><br />

PORTUGAL: Don’t forget to register for the <strong>2023</strong> ICOMIA <strong>World</strong> <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Conference (IWMC) and marina exhibition, to be held in Vilamoura, Algarve<br />

from 9th-11th October.<br />

The event, which moves to a different<br />

country every two years, is a first-time<br />

visitor to Portugal and will be hosted<br />

by the Portuguese Association of Ports<br />

and <strong>Marina</strong>s (APPR).<br />

maritime tourism,” said D-Marin CEO<br />

Oliver Dörschuck.<br />

The investment in Pylos <strong>Marina</strong> will<br />

include development of the local area<br />

to provide more parking and areas for<br />

events, as well as other amenities and<br />

a focus on digitisation and sustainability.<br />

The wider area of the marina will be<br />

open to the public to freely enjoy its<br />

benefits.<br />

D-Marin now has marinas at 20<br />

locations. Pylos joins three other luxury<br />

marinas across Greece and, within the<br />

last six months, D-Marin has acquired<br />

four new marinas, entering the markets<br />

in Italy and Spain.<br />

For full information on how you can<br />

join the conference crowd in discussing<br />

‘Big Challenges – Big Opportunities –<br />

Big Decisions.”<br />

www.worldmarinasconference.com<br />


EXPERTS.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

11<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


Building on the water<br />

Ingemar: Delivering the marinas of tomorrow since 1979<br />

Pontoons, breakwaters, superyacht piers, floating crossings and<br />

constructions, off-the-shelf or customised, with robust and reliable<br />

structures in steel, aluminium or concrete, from design to turnkey delivery.<br />

Made in Italy. Designed to be built on your doorstep.

<strong>Marina</strong> completes waterfront regeneration<br />

UK: The new marina at Dover, a crucial element of the town’s plan to revitalise its waterfront, opened in April.<br />

Surrounded by the <strong>Marina</strong> Curve – a large outdoor entertainment space completed in 2021 – it is ideally positioned to<br />

attract locals and visitors.<br />

Around 50 permanent berth holders<br />

are already on site and more will move<br />

over during the first half of this year. A<br />

total of 160 yachts and small leisure<br />

boats can be accommodated.<br />

Highlights for berth holders include<br />

access to a dedicated fuel dock,<br />

hardstand and boatyard, and a new<br />

marina office. All elements have been<br />

designed to suit a sustainable mixeduse<br />

scheme.<br />

Doug Bannister, chief executive of the<br />

Port of Dover, commented: “The port is<br />

transforming, and the marina opening<br />

is the perfect showcase of our new<br />

Trophy asset for east<br />

coast portfolio<br />

USA: Integra <strong>Marina</strong>s, a leading owner, developer and operator of<br />

marinas in major coastal growth markets along the east coast, has<br />

acquired The Perry <strong>Marina</strong> on Stock Island in Florida’s Key West.<br />

The purchase was made by<br />

Integra Investments and marks the<br />

company’s eighth and largest marina<br />

acquisition to date.<br />

The Perry <strong>Marina</strong> is situated on<br />

nearly 35 acres (14ha) just minutes<br />

from ‘Old Town’ Key West. It is<br />

the largest deep-water marina in<br />

the Florida Keys, offering 288 wet<br />

slips at Bellingham Marine floating<br />

concrete docks, and can berth<br />

superyachts up to 350ft (107m) in<br />

modern look and identity. My thanks<br />

go to the marina and Dover Western<br />

Docks Revival teams for working so<br />

hard to provide this world-leading<br />

facility for our berth holders.”<br />

“It’s also a fantastic new<br />

attraction for Dover and being<br />

perfectly situated next to our cruise<br />

terminals, brings communities<br />

together from across the nation and<br />

globally. We face a bright future, and<br />

I am confident that the waterfront<br />

will soon become one of the best<br />

destinations for exploring the south<br />

east coast.”<br />

length. Facilities include high-speed<br />

fuel, a ship’s store, captain’s lounge<br />

and resort-style pool.<br />

“The Perry <strong>Marina</strong>’s location<br />

within a world-class destination for<br />

domestic and international boaters<br />

allows for some of the top fishing and<br />

nautical experiences of any coastal<br />

location, making this an anchor asset<br />

for our growing portfolio,” said Victor<br />

Ballestas, a principal with Integra<br />

Investments.<br />

Ismailia<br />

contract<br />


awarded<br />

EGYPT: Following an intensive period of<br />

preparation and design, Marinetek has been<br />

selected for the design, manufacture and<br />

installation of the floating pontoon elements<br />

for Ismailia Yacht <strong>Marina</strong> on Al Temsah Lake,<br />

the first marina on the Suez Canal (see<br />

article <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> March/April <strong>2023</strong>).<br />

After completion of the first phase, the sailing<br />

club will have 96 berths for vessels of 10-40m<br />

(33-131ft) in length. A total of 34 concrete<br />

‘Heavy Duty’ and ‘Breakwater’ pontoon types<br />

will be produced in Marinetek’s factory in<br />

Šibenik, Croatia by the end of this month (<strong>May</strong>),<br />

transported to Egypt and installed using steel<br />

piles.<br />

The Suez Canal Authority, the project<br />

investor, plans to open the first phase of the<br />

marina by the end of <strong>June</strong> and, in subsequent<br />

phases, a modern service centre and other<br />

related facilities will be built. Marinetek’s partner<br />

in the project, Deutschland Technology, will take<br />

over the installation of the entire infrastructure<br />

and the management of the project itself.<br />

The marina will encourage smaller yachts to<br />

stop and rest in the Suez Canal on their way<br />

between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea<br />

and is a significant step in the country’s aim to<br />

further develop its nautical tourism.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Promoting a customer-focused culture<br />

Austin Schell<br />

With a mantra to elevate the<br />

recreational boating experience, the<br />

Port 32 management team works<br />

hard to ensure its collection of well<br />

located Florida marinas delivers the<br />

very best to its customers. Newly<br />

appointed CEO, Austin Schell,<br />

shares insight with <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>.<br />

Q: How are you bringing your<br />

professional expertise to your role as<br />

the new CEO? Do you have a marine<br />

background? What is your major focus<br />

in further developing the company?<br />

A: Our leadership team comes<br />

from a variety of backgrounds,<br />

both inside and outside the marine<br />

industry. The diversity of perspectives<br />

and experiences gives us a deep<br />

foundation of marina expertise,<br />

while simultaneously challenging the<br />

standards of conventional industry<br />

thinking. Since joining, my focus<br />

has been on building a winning<br />

team, building relationships with<br />

our employees, growing through<br />

acquisition, optimising the core<br />

business and cultivating a customerfocused<br />

culture.<br />

Q: Are you intending to remain Floridafocused?<br />

Are you looking at additional<br />

properties in Florida? Do you plan<br />

expansion in any other US states?<br />

A: As a life-long avid boater and<br />

sport fisherman, I tend to think of<br />

our marinas as a launch point for<br />

unforgettable experiences with family<br />

and friends. We want to be wherever<br />

Smith Aerial<br />

people are passionate about boating.<br />

We love Florida because it is a<br />

year-round boating market for our<br />

members; however, we are evaluating<br />

opportunities across the entire Atlantic<br />

Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Specifically,<br />

we target best-in-class properties<br />

and/or redevelopment opportunities<br />

in premier coastal locations. We<br />

want to provide access to incredible<br />

experiences on the water, so we’re<br />

looking at opportunities from a macro<br />

point of view.<br />

Q: How different is your management<br />

approach for wet slip and drystack<br />

marinas?<br />

A: For many of our members, time is<br />

the most valuable resource. Whether<br />

those members prefer a wet slip or a<br />

dry slip, we aspire to offer an elevated<br />

level of service, aided by modern/<br />

innovative technology, so that Port 32<br />

members can focus on stepping on and<br />

off the boat and maximising their time<br />

on the water.<br />

Above: Lighthouse Point <strong>Marina</strong> on the<br />

Intracoastal Waterway is Port 32’s most<br />

recent acquisition. Previously under family<br />

ownership for over 50 years, the highprofile<br />

property welcomes visitors and<br />

has a loyal customer base. Right: Port 32<br />

Tampa has multiple offerings, with wet<br />

slips, a drystack, repair and maintenance<br />

yard and boat club.<br />

Brian Adams Photography<br />

14 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


Able to accommodate vessels up to 140ft<br />

(43m), Jacksonville at Ortega Landing has<br />

extensive slips for mid- and long-term slip<br />

holders as well as visitors.<br />

Q: Do you have any kind of club/<br />

network membership scheme?<br />

A: This is something we spend a lot<br />

of time thinking about. In a previous<br />

venture at a company called XOJET,<br />

we had success launching a club<br />

offering to our membership base.<br />

Our customers loved it. At Port 32,<br />

we think a club can be a channel to<br />

provide unique, curated experiences to<br />

members who are seeking an elevated<br />

suite of offerings. Our vision for the club<br />

is to extend Port 32’s relevance beyond<br />

our marina footprint to waterfront<br />

experiences and partnerships that<br />

club members and our surrounding<br />

communities will value.<br />

Q: Drystack is a more popular concept<br />

in Florida than anywhere else in the<br />

USA. Why do you think this is? Do you<br />

think there will be further growth for<br />

drystack in Florida?<br />

A: We think so. There is a scarcity of<br />

affordable, waterfront<br />

property suitable for<br />

marina development, so<br />

the most economical way<br />

to serve the most boaters<br />

is to build vertically.<br />

Q: If you had a choice to<br />

build a wet slip marina or a<br />

drystack from the ground<br />

up, which would you<br />

choose and why?<br />

Cape Coral offers secure<br />

drystack, on-site service,<br />

repair and maintenance, and<br />

boat rentals.<br />

Brian Adams Photography<br />

A: I think we would want a combination<br />

of both. Our guiding principle is to<br />

provide an elevated marina experience<br />

that passionate boaters find appealing<br />

– some members prefer a wet slip or a<br />

lift slip, and others prefer dry storage.<br />

Why not aim to give them the best of<br />

both worlds?<br />

Q: Please give an overview on the<br />

trends you see emerging in boat<br />

ownership. Are you welcoming younger<br />

customers? How do you feel the<br />

industry will develop in coming years?<br />

Where will the emphasis be? What are<br />

customers looking for above all?<br />

A: We think Port 32 sits at the<br />

intersection of three broad trends. First,<br />

the pandemic introduced a younger<br />

generation to boating and enabled<br />

many of us to reconnect with nature.<br />

We absolutely welcome this younger<br />

consumer and are investing in digital<br />

innovation to provide our members<br />

more flexibility and efficiency in how we<br />

experience the water.<br />

Second, we are seeing remarkable<br />

innovation in outboard engine<br />

Brian Adams Photography<br />

Port 32 Portfolio –<br />

Cape Coral: drystack for boats up to<br />

35ft (11m); rentals; service, repair and<br />

maintenance.<br />

Fort Lauderdale: drystack coming in<br />

<strong>2023</strong> for boats up to 55ft (17m); repair<br />

and maintenance with wet slips up to<br />

150ft (46m).<br />

Jacksonville at Ortega Landing: wet slips<br />

to 140ft (43m) available daily (transient),<br />

monthly and annually.<br />

Lighthouse Point: newly renovated; 100+<br />

wet slips to 80ft (24m) for transients and<br />

annually; liveaboards allowed.<br />

Marco Island: drystack for boats up to<br />

37ft (11m); rentals.<br />

Naples: drystack for boats up to 42ft<br />

(13m); rentals; members-only club.<br />

Palm Beach Gardens: drystack for boats<br />

up to 47ft (14m); Gulfstream Boat Club.<br />

Tampa: drystack for boats up to 42ft<br />

(13m); wet slips to 110ft (33.5m)<br />

including transient slips; repair and<br />

maintenance; Gulfstream Boat Club.<br />

Terra Verde: drystack for boats up to<br />

42ft (13m); wet slips (to 42ft/13m) and<br />

boat lifts (to 38ft/11.6m); Gulfstream<br />

Boat Club.<br />

technology, which is propelling bigger<br />

and bigger centre consoles. We<br />

are finding that older marinas often<br />

cannot equip these larger vessels,<br />

due to shortcomings in their steel<br />

infrastructure, concrete depth, lift<br />

equipment or slip sizes. At Port 32<br />

we are building marinas for the next<br />

30 years, not the past 30 years. This<br />

means we are making significant<br />

investments in the infrastructure and<br />

equipment required to accommodate<br />

larger, modern vessels. Our newest,<br />

state-of-the-art facility in Fort<br />

Lauderdale opening next month (<strong>May</strong>)<br />

is a great example of this.<br />

Last but certainly not least, I’m a<br />

big believer in experiences as an<br />

investment theme and as<br />

a way of life. Personally,<br />

I find myself choosing<br />

to invest in experiences<br />

over “things.” <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

and boating are platforms<br />

for extraordinary<br />

experiences… for<br />

exploration and<br />

adventure, for leisure<br />

fishing or competition, for<br />

time away from the fray<br />

with friends and family,<br />

and for natural beauty on<br />

the water. I haven’t yet<br />

studied the neuroscience,<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Mooring Solutions<br />



LIGHT<br />

AND<br />




DualDocker GmbH | www.dualdocker.com


Port 32 Naples is drystack-focused with<br />

a club atmosphere that extends to a<br />

restaurant and event space.<br />

but there is something about the<br />

ocean that soothes the soul.<br />

Q: What is your five/ten year goal<br />

for Port 32?<br />

A: It sounds a bit ambitious when<br />

you put it in writing. First and<br />

foremost, every day we are trying to<br />

build a company that our members,<br />

investors and employees can be<br />

proud of. As far as goals, I believe<br />

we are well ahead of schedule in<br />

our quest to assemble the best<br />

leadership team in the industry.<br />

We also have a strong foundation<br />

of irreplaceable, high quality marina<br />

assets. Building on this foundation,<br />

it is our goal to aggregate the<br />

premier portfolio of coastal marina<br />

assets on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.<br />

We don’t need to be the biggest,<br />

and frankly we want to avoid diluting<br />

our brand, customer experience or<br />

employee experience in pursuit of<br />

scale, which is what you’ve seen with<br />

other large marina consolidators.<br />

Big picture, we want to deliver a<br />

distinctive experience to our members,<br />

who are the lifeblood of our company.<br />

We want to deliver industry-leading<br />

risk-adjusted returns to our investors.<br />

We want to be a great place for our<br />

employees to work and to feel a<br />

sense of purpose and connection.<br />

And we want to be a straightforward,<br />

transparent and trustworthy partner to,<br />

or acquiror of, individual marinas and<br />

owners/operators who are looking to<br />

participate in the world and lifestyle we<br />

are building at Port 32.<br />

Brian Adams Photography<br />

Our hand-produced,<br />

electropolished trolleys<br />

made from stainless<br />

steel have been a<br />

proven solution at<br />

marinas for 30 years.<br />

Trolleys (with changed<br />

tyres) from 1993 are still<br />

in use!<br />

A sustainable solution<br />

and a great investment.<br />

30<br />

A proven solution<br />

years<br />

for<br />

mail@marinatrolley.com<br />

www.marinatrolley.com<br />

+45 31 45 18 75<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Do You Own a <strong>Marina</strong>? Let’s Talk About Ways to<br />

Maximize Revenue and Store Larger Boats.<br />

Contact ASAR Today<br />

• Bringing Capital to Your Property<br />

• Investment Opportunities<br />

• Redevelopment Options<br />

• Joint-Venture Partnership<br />

(239) 334-8800<br />

asarautomation.com<br />

@asarmarine<br />



SMART<br />

Develops innovative solutions<br />

designed to satisfy the customer<br />

with care and reliability<br />

The smart system has been<br />

created to support marinas<br />

in managing the services<br />

<br />

and add value to the port<br />

structure and berths. Our<br />

multi-platform solution is<br />

able to remotely control<br />

from PC and Smartphone<br />

the columns, making the<br />

systems integrated.<br />


the future with<br />

<br />


Via dell'Artigianato, 2/4 - 48022 Lugo (RA) - ITALY<br />

Phone (+39) 0545 32900 | Email info@gigieffe.com<br />

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 REG. N.19255-A

Thorny problems –<br />

but a bright future<br />

With the recent significant and ongoing rise in boat ownership, covered<br />

drystack is the most obvious solution to creating safe and secure boat storage<br />

in a world that is short of wet berths. <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> asked industry experts how<br />

they thought the market was developing; what stumbling blocks existed; and<br />

whether they expected drystack to represent a noticeably larger slice of overall<br />

boat storage/mooring solutions in the future.<br />

Monica Capria, Capria<br />

Stacker Machinery<br />

Development: Drystack is the solution<br />

for boats up to 5 tons/32ft (10m) in<br />

South America and Europe and up to<br />

10 tons/43ft (13m) in North America<br />

and Australia,<br />

but the<br />

market for<br />

new drystack<br />

projects is<br />

not rising as<br />

fast as boat<br />

ownership.<br />

Basing our<br />

views on<br />

our team’s<br />

experience<br />

and<br />

conversations with clients, marina<br />

consultants, project owners and<br />

developers over the past ten years, we<br />

realise that markets, macro and micro,<br />

are also different and have different<br />

priorities. For example, we compare<br />

Europe with North America but Europe<br />

is not homogenous, e.g. drystack<br />

development is unlikely in Italy; there<br />

has been pioneering automation in<br />

France; and in Norway the focus is on<br />

winterising.<br />

Obstacles: Permits take so much<br />

time, over five years and, according to<br />

some Americans, ten to 15 years, that<br />

investors may change the objective of<br />

the project, i.e. a drystack becomes a<br />

shopping mall…<br />

Future growth: Yes. We think that<br />

because of the noise and odour-free<br />

eco-friendly electric solutions (stacker<br />

machines and new forklifts) the new<br />

generation drystacks will enable<br />

dry storage to be integrated into the<br />

community alongside housing, hotels,<br />

restaurants, offices and commercial<br />

areas. And preserve the most beautiful<br />

views close to lakes and oceans that<br />

will bring benefits to the community.<br />

Esteban Biondi,<br />

Applied Technology &<br />

Management<br />

The market is evolving differently in<br />

terms of economic, physical and boat<br />

use conditions. But this evolution<br />

responds to common fundamental<br />

drivers.<br />

Drystack facilities are a relevant<br />

element of a boating infrastructure<br />

system and can efficiently<br />

accommodate a potentially important<br />

share of the boats in a region. Their role<br />

within a regional system (described in<br />

PIANC WG 132) must be recognised<br />

in coastal/marine spatial planning,<br />


regulations and boating industry growth<br />

plans.<br />

Fundamentally, drystack is an<br />

excellent solution for light motorboats<br />

under 10 or 12m (32 or 39ft) in length<br />

(including jet skis). This is especially<br />

convenient when there is a relatively<br />

high cost of waterfront land, scarcity of<br />

water space and high demand for small<br />

boats. This becomes critically important<br />

when the highest and best use of the<br />

water space<br />

in a marina is<br />

for berthing<br />

larger yachts.<br />

Therefore,<br />

as demand<br />

for berthing<br />

grows, a<br />

larger share<br />

of the small<br />

boat capacity is accommodated in dry<br />

storage; and as land cost increases,<br />

drystack becomes the preferred<br />

solution. For example, Pete Peterson<br />

(ATM) points out that the rise of larger<br />

and expensive centre consoles plays<br />

a huge role in the need for more<br />

drystack in Florida and some resort<br />

communities.<br />

Where land is available in the short<br />

term, demand is weak and water level<br />

Stacker crane for<br />

lakefront facility<br />

Argentina-based stacker machinery expert Capria has recently installed a<br />

customised 8 tonne top running stacker crane at the new Aqua Boat Club<br />

by Mission Group facility in British Columbia, Canada.<br />

The machine can pull boats up to 35ft (10.6m),<br />

weighing up to 17,600lbs (8,000kg).<br />

The Club, which is positioned within a<br />

residential lakefront community on Okanagan<br />

Lake in Kelowna, will accommodate nearly 200<br />

boats in its new 30,160ft² (2,802m²) drystack<br />

facility.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


SAVE<br />

THE<br />

DATE<br />


IT UP FOR <strong>2023</strong>.<br />



WED 151123<br />

THU 161123<br />

FRI 171123<br />

The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest marine equipment trade show<br />

and the only truly international B2B exhibition. With excellent networking<br />

opportunities, a broad range of showcased innovations and located in one of<br />

the most beautiful cities in the world, the METSTRADE Show is an unmissable<br />

event for every professional in the marine industry.<br />









variations are low, surface storage and<br />

boat ramps are preferred. For example,<br />

drystack facilities are still uncommon<br />

in the Middle East, where the market is<br />

used to surface dry storage on trailers.<br />

Philip Slagle (ATM) notes that covered<br />

hard stand dry storage remains popular<br />

in the region given affordability. While<br />

drystack facilities may not be justifiable<br />

in the short-term, long-term planning<br />

requires their consideration to allow for<br />

the growth of boating without capacity<br />

ceilings. For example, drystack facilities<br />

in Mexico were built within the last two<br />

decades as part of master plans that<br />

allocated waterfront land for other real<br />

estate uses.<br />

Within the drystack solutions,<br />

technologies for forklift based systems<br />

(more flexible) and crane systems (more<br />

space-efficient) have evolved over three<br />

decades (the fundamental concepts<br />

are also described in PIANC WG 132).<br />

Larger trucks and electric propulsion<br />

are now available for the operation of<br />

higher capacity forklift systems. After<br />

decades of technology improvements<br />

and limited projects built, crane systems<br />

appear to be achieving more popularity.<br />

For example, automated crane systems<br />

have been built in Florida and are<br />

being considered in Texas and in South<br />

Carolina, as well as for large scale new<br />

Pioneering<br />

drystack buys<br />

larger forklift<br />

Yacht Haven Quay has taken delivery of<br />

a brand new Wiggins Bull marine forklift<br />

to support drystack and boatyard<br />

operations at its Plymouth facility.<br />

The popular Plymouth marina, which<br />

was the UK’s first purpose-built drystack<br />

when it opened in 2008, now operates with<br />

three full time forklifts to cater for over 200<br />

boats.<br />

The new larger forklift can also support<br />

boat lifting operations in the boatyard,<br />

allowing yard and drystack operations to<br />

take place simultaneously in line with the<br />

growing demand for services.<br />

The new forklift arrived on site in the<br />

winter and was in full operation ahead of<br />

the new <strong>2023</strong> season.<br />

projects in the Red Sea.<br />

In terms of stumbling blocks,<br />

some urban, tourism and real estate<br />

developers overlook the role of smaller<br />

boats and underestimate the value of<br />

drystack facilities. Some early adopters<br />

in new regions were built with drivers<br />

not fully established in the market<br />

and have not always performed as<br />

expected. This has reduced momentum.<br />

In the future, I expect the role of<br />

drystack facilities to consolidate.<br />

YP Loke,<br />

Spinnaker International<br />

Drystack berthing has been growing in<br />

popularity around<br />

the world, but it<br />

has not been as<br />

widely adopted in<br />

Asia. There are<br />

several reasons<br />

for this, including<br />

the historical<br />

promotion of<br />

boating as an<br />

elitist activity<br />

leading to a preference for larger boats.<br />

The effect of this is that many boat<br />

owners preferred their boats to be<br />

visible and easily admired, making wet<br />

berths more appealing than drystacks.<br />

However, recent developments suggest<br />

that this trend may be slowly changing.<br />

A growing boating population has<br />

made boating activity perceived as less<br />

exclusive in many parts of Asia. The<br />

Covid pandemic has accelerated this<br />

trend as it drove a new demographic<br />

to the water, with younger boat owners<br />

eager to reconnect with nature and<br />

enjoy the great outdoors. This has led<br />

to an increase in demand for smaller<br />

boats, which has in turn brought new<br />

business to drystack facilities.<br />

However, despite these positive<br />

developments, the lack of drystack<br />

developments in Asia remains a<br />

challenge. In most cases, marina<br />

development is driven by private<br />

enterprise, with many marinas<br />

being part of upmarket integrated<br />

developments. As a result, drystack<br />

facilities often lose out to alternative<br />

land use options that may be more<br />

economically viable or better aligned<br />

with the development’s aesthetic goals.<br />

While efficiency of storage and<br />

sustainability are key drivers,<br />

developers should also explore new<br />

partnership models between public<br />

and private sector entities, as well as<br />

innovative architectural solutions that<br />

blend drystack facilities aesthetically<br />

into the development in a way that adds<br />

value to the overall offering.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Dry stack<br />

project delivered<br />

in Switzerland.<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />




We combine GH Cranes & Components'<br />

cutting edge technology alongside<br />

Drysta's expertise to develop high<br />

performance dry stacks projects.<br />

Crane<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

Boat<br />

Hoists<br />

Marine Jib<br />

Cranes<br />

Dry<br />

Docks<br />

Motorized Boat<br />

Trailer<br />

K<br />

Want to know more about how<br />

can we help you increase boatyard<br />

capacity and improve client´s service?<br />

Launcher<br />

motion@ghcranes.com<br />

www.motion.ghcranes.com<br />


If it’s on water<br />

<br />

Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

+34 933 601 101<br />

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

Vigo, SPAIN<br />

+34 986 906 770<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . p t


Alex Pares, Drysta<br />

Development: The drystack solution<br />

is clearly the most efficient way<br />

to maximise space, especially in<br />

overcrowded marinas, where a larger<br />

number of boats can be stored on the<br />

same space. In addition, each space<br />

that is released from the wet slips can<br />

be used for larger boats, generating<br />

greater profitability<br />

for the marina.<br />

In the last few<br />

months, we have<br />

been working<br />

on a number of<br />

projects around<br />

the world, both for<br />

marinas that want to reorganise their<br />

moorings and for new facilities that are<br />

planning to incorporate drystacks from<br />

scratch.<br />

After the pandemic and due to the<br />

need to connect with enjoyment, the<br />

outdoors and recreational activities in<br />

general, many projects started up again<br />

and we are seeing significant activity in<br />

our sector, as in other outdoor-related<br />

sectors.<br />

Obstacles: Projects for new marinas,<br />

as well as their refurbishment, take<br />

a long time to plan and are highly<br />

subject to regulation by the authorities.<br />

Drystacks are no exception to this<br />

reality, which means that decisionmaking<br />

takes a long time.<br />

Inflation and interest rate increases,<br />

as well as the price of steel and other<br />

materials, together with rising labour<br />

costs, have led to an increase in<br />

investment analysis, but as drystacks<br />

involve a much more efficient use of<br />

labour and materials per boat unit, due<br />

to the incorporation of vertical moving<br />

Drysta and GH Cranes worked together on<br />

their first European drystack project at Port<br />

Corsier in Geneva, Switzerland.<br />

equipment such as bridge cranes and<br />

shore elevators, we come out ahead in<br />

the investment analysis, with returns on<br />

investment in the order of 20 to 25%.<br />

Future growth: The economic benefits<br />

for marina operators, the space<br />

efficiencies due to overhead storage,<br />

the user experience of 24/7 availability<br />

of boats in a matter of minutes, and the<br />

savings in wear and tear, ensure that<br />

we will see many drystacks in marinas<br />

in the coming decades.<br />

Greg Weykamp,<br />

Edgewater Resources<br />

We are seeing several trends in the<br />

drystack market, including increasing<br />

demand in the central and northern<br />

United States<br />

where drystack<br />

has historically<br />

been less<br />

prevalent, and<br />

increasing interest<br />

in automated<br />

drystack facilities.<br />

In particular,<br />

we are seeing a significant increase in<br />

demand for drystack storage across<br />

the Great Lakes region, which is in<br />

response to a number of factors. First,<br />

increasing environmental limitations<br />

on the expansion of existing and/or<br />

development of new wet slip facilities<br />

is limiting the ability to respond to<br />

market demand for either more wet<br />

slips or larger wet slips. In response,<br />

marina developers are trending<br />

towards building larger wet slips<br />

within limited developable areas and<br />

moving the smaller boats into adjacent<br />

drystack facilities. This allows the<br />

facility to greatly expand the number<br />

of slips it can provide at a much lower<br />

environmental impact, which further<br />

reduces permitting delays.<br />

Additionally, providing smaller, lower<br />

cost drystack slips can be a profitable<br />

way to meet local community demand<br />

for boating access to the water for<br />

residents at lower income levels, which<br />

can be helpful in obtaining local zoning<br />

approvals.<br />

As boaters are moved from wet slips<br />

to drystack facilities, we have found it<br />

very helpful to provide more community<br />

gathering spaces within the marina to<br />

maintain the social aspects of marina<br />

life, such as fire pits, grills, play areas<br />

and restaurants.<br />

Another trend driving demand for<br />

drystack facilities in northern climates<br />

is the simplicity of winter storage of<br />

the boats already in the racks, and the<br />

ability to use the aisles of the facility<br />

for supplemental winter storage. Many<br />

more boaters, in particular those with<br />

higher value centre console boats in<br />

the 35-45ft (11-14m) length value the<br />

additional protection from the elements.<br />

These facilities are also providing a<br />

much higher level of concierge service<br />

in terms of fuelling, maintenance,<br />

cleaning and provisioning that further<br />

increases profit margins.<br />

Automated drystack facilities offer<br />

a range of benefits in the Great Lakes<br />

region, especially in areas where space<br />

is limited and there are concerns over<br />

emissions and noise from beeping,<br />

diesel-powered forklifts. All electric<br />

automated crane systems are quiet<br />

and reliable, and can stack larger<br />

and heavier boats on all levels of the<br />

facility for much greater efficiency and<br />

effective use of the interior volume of<br />

the structure. They can be taller, which<br />

allows for more boats in a smaller<br />

footprint, and can offset their demand<br />

for electricity through the use of solar<br />

panels on the rooftop. If sufficient<br />

battery back-up systems are employed,<br />

the facilities can continue to operate<br />

even during power outages.<br />

While southern markets for drystack<br />

facilities are more mature, boaters in the<br />

northern and central US are beginning<br />

to see the benefits and marina owners<br />

are building more and more of them in<br />

response. The only major challenge is in<br />

the architectural design of the facilities,<br />

in particular in areas within historic<br />

maritime districts or other sensitive<br />

areas that require a high level of care in<br />

the design and detailing of the structures<br />

to avoid blocking views and negatively<br />

impacting the scale and character of the<br />

waterfront with a building grossly out of<br />

scale for its context.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



David Coyle,<br />

Mack David Buildings<br />

Development: Demand is definitely<br />

growing, and I see many marinas with<br />

waiting lists. With the need for marina<br />

drystacks increasing, the logistics of<br />

storing additional boats is changing the<br />

marketplace.<br />

Now more<br />

than ever, it is<br />

critical to obtain<br />

a market study<br />

to determine<br />

the likely<br />

boat sizes<br />

and general<br />

demand so as to plan for maximum<br />

capacity. Height restrictions and<br />

building size will dictate the most<br />

efficient storage - think usable space,<br />

not number of spaces. An empty rack is<br />

bad for business.<br />

Builders who customise racks are<br />

becoming more sought after than those<br />

who throw together generic racks. Short<br />

term, generic racks are more affordable<br />

but when you operate month after<br />

month and year after year with empty<br />

racks, the cost is much greater. I cringe<br />

when I go into marinas and see wasted<br />

space because they didn’t plan in the<br />

beginning for enough room at the top.<br />

So, yes, they have more racks, but what<br />

good are empty racks?<br />

Obstacles: With well publicised<br />

storm damage, boat owners are<br />

also turning to more secure options<br />

for their storage needs. To support<br />

this growth, automated systems are<br />

becoming popular as well but, as they<br />

are relatively new to the market, the<br />

technology can be a great help but<br />

sometimes a hindrance. I am working<br />

on an automated/manual system where<br />

should the power fail, operations don’t<br />

have to stop. Upgrades in how we store<br />

boats are as important as improving<br />

basic marina storage operations.<br />

The quick release, adjustable bunker<br />

board system makes for more efficient<br />

operations as the bunk board can be<br />

adjusted with no tools necessary - it’s<br />

safer too.<br />

Keeping convenience in mind for the<br />

customer needs to be a top priority.<br />

When they are able to keep their boats<br />

in a slip at the docks, they can just hit<br />

the water at their leisure. Making boat<br />

owners wait to get their boats can send<br />

them looking to the competition for<br />

better service. Planning for more than<br />

just maximum storage means a better,<br />

more profitable business.<br />

A Mack David designed<br />

drystack and custom racking<br />

system looks good and<br />

maximises the use of rack<br />

space.<br />

Future growth: Absolutely.<br />

Robust outdoor racks<br />

are a worthy option as<br />

well, based on location.<br />

In places that are prone<br />

to hurricanes and other<br />

wind events, it is critical to<br />

go sturdy, and not skimp<br />

on costs. Centre-bolted,<br />

angled X bracing, and<br />

minimising the deflection of beams<br />

are two major considerations. The<br />

bottom line is that finding a builder who<br />

understands the big picture will make<br />

marina dry storage more profitable<br />

in the long run, and able to better<br />

accommodate future growth.<br />

John Matheson and Alain<br />

Giudice, F3 <strong>Marina</strong><br />

The demand for drystack storage in the<br />

US is clearly on the rise and will likely<br />

continue to increase in the foreseeable<br />

future. This is due in part to the record<br />

pace of new<br />

boat sales<br />

over the<br />

past several<br />

years but also<br />

reflects an<br />

evolution in<br />

the way many<br />

people use<br />

John Matheson<br />

their boats.<br />

There is a<br />

preference to spend more time boating<br />

and diminish the effort to launch,<br />

clean and store a vessel particularly<br />

in Florida, the eastern seaboard and<br />

many inland lake marinas. Probably<br />

less so on the salt water marinas on the<br />

west coast due<br />

to the type of<br />

boats that are<br />

in that market.<br />

International<br />

interest has<br />

also grown,<br />

along with<br />

boating<br />

demand.<br />

Alain Giudice<br />

In markets<br />

exposed to hurricanes, there is also a<br />

strong need to have boats stored out<br />

of the weather in a hurricane rated<br />

facility. Finally, there is a preference<br />

for drystacks to provide a high-end<br />

experience for boaters, families and<br />

guests by locating in more convenient<br />

sites with quality building finishes,<br />

comfortable lobbies/restrooms and<br />

amenities you would expect in the best<br />

hotels.<br />

As there is strong demand and many<br />

drystacks are full with a waiting list that<br />

24 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>




Safely move CATs… and monohulls, sailboats, cradled vessels, and just about anything else.<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com 888.480.3777<br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself<br />

to be a worldwide leader in the design,<br />

construction and installation of marinas<br />

and berthing facilities, with renowned<br />

<br />

Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong><br />

182x132mm_Walcon_<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>_2022_Final.indd 1 14/12/2021 12:29


F3 <strong>Marina</strong> Fort Lauderdale has been built<br />

to resemble a 5-star hotel and is fully<br />

automated.<br />

can take years for an opening, why are<br />

there not more under construction?<br />

New drystack development has not<br />

been able to keep pace with demand<br />

and will continue to have major<br />

challenges in the future for several<br />

reasons. Regulatory factors, such<br />

as height and use restrictions, local<br />

opposition and site availability are<br />

key factors. In addition, new drystack<br />

developments are competing for<br />

waterfront access with condominium,<br />

multi-family and hotel developments.<br />

There is also a stigma with drystack<br />

structures creating strong opposition<br />

and a “not in my backyard” attitude.<br />

Finally, marina prices have skyrocketed<br />

in the past three years with many<br />

investment firms and developers<br />

jumping into the industry to take<br />

advantage of the nationwide growth in<br />

boating. This has driven marina prices<br />

higher making the margin for error very<br />

thin from a developer perspective.<br />

Internationally, drystack demand has<br />

also increased along with the boom<br />

in new waterfront developments. The<br />

challenges here are similar to those in<br />

the US as waterfront sites are highly<br />

desirable locations and it is difficult to<br />

find available building land. The types of<br />

boat and boat usage vary significantly<br />

from region to region as well, and some<br />

locations do not demand drystack as<br />

much as others.<br />

This does not mean drystack<br />

development will stop. Drystack<br />

developers that are persistent and<br />

possess the right formula can react<br />

to the current market realities and<br />

still be successful. At F3 <strong>Marina</strong>, we<br />

have overcome these challenges by<br />

perfecting the fully-automated drystack<br />

concept. An example is F3 <strong>Marina</strong> Fort<br />

Lauderdale, a fully-automated drystack<br />

located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale<br />

close to the ICW and Port Everglades<br />

inlet. The building is beautifully<br />

constructed to look like a 5-star hotel<br />

and has a quiet operation, enabling<br />

us to be good neighbours for condo<br />

developments directly across the canal.<br />

Because of the automated nature<br />

of the structure, we are able to<br />

create density allowing us to build<br />

on expensive real estate and take<br />

up a smaller footprint than traditional<br />

drystacks with 250 slips on less than<br />

1.5 acres (0.6ha). The automated<br />

concept can also be constructed<br />

away from the water such as behind<br />

a waterfront condo as long as there is<br />

about 30ft (9m) of access (either land<br />

or water).<br />

Automated drystacks are very<br />

complicated and expensive structures<br />

to build. However, with the right team,<br />

they are the path to overcome the<br />

challenges of meeting strong and<br />

growing demand by boaters. It is<br />

our belief that drystacks will take an<br />

increased share of the market for boat<br />

slips in the coming years.<br />

Max Brown and<br />

Robert Brown, ASAR<br />

Development: Generally, a drystack<br />

marina serves to protect boaters’<br />

investment while allowing them access<br />

to the water. From an investment<br />

standpoint, dry boat storage is<br />

effectively increasing the density<br />

of leasable,<br />

revenueproducing<br />

space<br />

in a restricted<br />

footprint.<br />

The advent<br />

of concrete<br />

structures and<br />

automated<br />

solutions is<br />

Max Brown<br />

revolutionising<br />

the drystack<br />

industry by<br />

merging them with country club<br />

visages, lifestyle amenities and<br />

residential components to create<br />

destination locations around the world.<br />

As with a condo building versus a<br />

single-family home, more units can<br />

be offered by building vertically. This<br />

increases the supply of boat storage<br />

slips in a given area and allows an<br />

investor to make the maximum return<br />

on his/her investment.<br />

On a global level, dayboats, pleasure<br />

yachts and fishing vessels have been<br />

difficult to access for the middle classes<br />

for some time, specifically in Europe<br />

and the Middle East. The introduction<br />

of drystack developments in these<br />

areas would serve to make storage,<br />

maintenance<br />

and accessibility<br />

far more cost<br />

effective than<br />

wet storage for<br />

vessels in the<br />

7-20m (23-<br />

66ft) range.<br />

With Europe’s<br />

environmental<br />

regulations, a<br />

space saving,<br />

Robert Brown<br />

electric system would be a good<br />

solution. We are seeing growing<br />

interest and discussion in dry storage<br />

automation as the cost per vessel is<br />

far less with ASAR than the traditional<br />

forklift building.<br />

On top of this, the use of concrete<br />

building materials has proven itself to<br />

be a safe haven from the elements, and<br />

even the threat of natural disasters. For<br />

example, Gulf Star <strong>Marina</strong> in Florida<br />

was hit by the strongest storm surge<br />

and winds of Hurricane Ian, yet did not<br />

lose a single vessel and only reported<br />

minor damage. On top of that, it was the<br />

first drystack marina fully operational<br />

and launching vessels, despite having<br />

been impacted directly by the shrimp<br />

boat fleet coming untethered and finally<br />

landing just to the north on land.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Regionally, in the southeast USA,<br />

dry storage is an extremely limited<br />

resource, and the market is vastly<br />

underserved. Every year tens of<br />

thousands of day boats and centre<br />

consoles are built but very few dry<br />

storage buildings or slips are being<br />

created. This is causing the demand to<br />

rise ever higher, and pricing to go with<br />

it. For example, Haulover inlet, Hamilton<br />

Harbor Yacht Club and Riviera Beach<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> all saw up to 25% increases in<br />

rent rates over the last year, and didn’t<br />

lose a single customer according to<br />

management, while maintaining an<br />

ever-growing waiting list. We don’t see<br />

the market for dry storage decreasing<br />

any time soon.<br />

Obstacles: As mentioned before, very<br />

few new dry storage projects are being<br />

built, and there are several reasons for<br />

this.<br />

Governmental requirements exist<br />

as barriers to development almost<br />

everywhere in the world, and can<br />

range from zoning, legacy sites, height<br />

restrictions, setbacks, architectural<br />

requirements and many more.<br />

Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club, built in<br />

2008, was the world’s first all-concrete dry<br />

storage barn.<br />

Historically, dry storage buildings have<br />

been built using pre-engineered metal<br />

building systems and incorporate<br />

the use of massive diesel forklifts.<br />

These developments are noisy, not<br />

environmentally friendly, and can be<br />

eyesores to the surrounding community<br />

and its residents. None of these are<br />

ingredients for an easy permitting<br />

process or smooth community<br />

acceptance.<br />

There are also many environmental<br />

restrictions that vary by location<br />

throughout the world. Regionally in<br />

Florida, one piece of legislation in<br />

particular is the manatee protection<br />

programme. Its many rules and<br />

restrictions that vary by county have<br />

made approvals for a drystack marina<br />

extremely difficult. Often disjointed and<br />

superfluous (with a few exceptions such<br />

as Collier County), these plans often<br />

require the existence of “manatee slip<br />

credits” that, if not properly claimed<br />

Gulf Star <strong>Marina</strong> in Florida proved<br />

its hurricane resistance when hit by<br />

the strongest storm surge and winds of<br />

Hurricane Ian.<br />

and maintained, can disappear for ever<br />

from a property never to be re-created.<br />

These credits can be purchased<br />

and transferred from an area of high<br />

protection to an area of low protection,<br />

but this is a costly and laborious<br />

process, if it is even feasible. Aside<br />

from that, many factors both on the<br />

upland and the submerged land, such<br />

as endangered species, presence of<br />

seagrass, density of mangroves etc.<br />

can have an impact.<br />

As a result, many waterfront<br />

properties in locations where the<br />

market for dry storage development<br />

is strong have to compete with other<br />

alternate uses, such as condo,<br />

residential and resort/hotel. Often these<br />

other development types can perform<br />

just as well and can be easier to permit.<br />

In fact, many dry storage buildings<br />

are being removed or torn down<br />

and replaced with such competing<br />

development types. One example is in<br />

Fort Myers Beach, where Hurricane Ian<br />

demolished several dry storage barns.<br />

Moss <strong>Marina</strong> is operational but plans<br />

to redevelop to become a large mixeduse<br />

bayfront destination (see article<br />

on p.46). In this development, the dry<br />

storage component will be demolished<br />

and only the wet slips will remain.<br />

Future growth: For some time, forklifts<br />

and metal dry storage barns have been<br />

the only offering in the market. GCM<br />

Contracting Solutions built Hamilton<br />

Harbor Yacht Club, the world’s first allconcrete<br />

dry storage barn in Naples,<br />

Florida in 2008. Nearly a decade later,<br />

GCM and ASAR developed the world’s<br />

28 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>




www.martinialfredo.it<br />


MARTINI ALFREDO S.P.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43<br />

22078 Turate (CO) - ITALY<br />

+39 02 963941<br />

marinas@martinialfredo.it | marinas.export@martinialfredo.it


The design of Rose <strong>Marina</strong> shows how well<br />

thought out design can fit seamlessly into<br />

waterfront areas.<br />

first fully automated all-concrete barn,<br />

Gulf Star <strong>Marina</strong> in Fort Myers Beach.<br />

Both represented new options in the<br />

market that didn’t exist before. With<br />

the rise in ultra-luxury centre consoles<br />

and day boats, some with a price tag<br />

north of $4 million, the demand for dry<br />

storage is only growing larger. In order<br />

for dry storage supply to grow, the<br />

stumbling blocks we mentioned above<br />

must be overcome. That is the reason<br />

the ASAR system was created.<br />

Stacking boats taller and multiple<br />

deep allows a far higher density of<br />

boats for a lower price per slip. Being<br />

all electric, the ASAR system is very<br />

environmentally friendly, and can<br />

even be powered completely by solar<br />

panels with very little roof coverage.<br />

The operation cost is always less,<br />

but depending on the number of<br />

boats stored, there can be upwards<br />

of $750,000 per year savings in<br />

operational costs alone. The concrete<br />

construction is designed like a<br />

fortress, and is not only aesthetically<br />

pleasing and able to be modified to<br />

fit virtually any architectural design or<br />

motif, but can also adjoin mixed use<br />

spaces, such as commercial, dining,<br />

residential and hotel, both vertically<br />

and horizontally.<br />

This means that a developer/<br />

investor doesn’t need to choose which<br />

investment type to construct, but rather<br />

can have a wide range of revenue<br />

streams, and please the community at<br />

the same time. As a result of emerging<br />

technology in this space, we see not<br />

only more dry storage projects coming<br />

online here in Florida, but rapid growth<br />

globally. We are currently in design<br />

phase on projects on four continents:<br />

South America, Australia, Europe and<br />

North America, specifically Florida. The<br />

future is bright for dry storage. Demand<br />

is growing, and supply has no option<br />

but to follow.<br />

CAT-handling at its best<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




www.livartmarine.net<br />



The all-new M4200H at work in the Viking<br />

Yachts facility in Riviera Beach, Florida.<br />

Forklift design for growing<br />

centre console market<br />

US manufacturer Marine Travelift has designed, built and delivered a new<br />

model of marina forklift specifically engineered for the growing centre console<br />

market. The M4200H (42,000 lbs/19,000kg capacity) centre cab Hydro M_Drive<br />

forklift was recently delivered to Viking Yachts in Riviera Beach, Florida for use<br />

in hauling the Valhalla line of boats and more.<br />

Viking Yachts currently has a 150 ton<br />

Marine Travelift boat hoist at both its<br />

north and south yards but was looking<br />

for a faster more efficient way of moving<br />

smaller craft around, as well as loading<br />

and unloading trailers. There are also<br />

future plans for a rack system at the<br />

yard to help with space constraints and<br />

the number of vessels moving through.<br />

A marina forklift was the best solution<br />

for current needs and future plans.<br />

The growing popularity of larger<br />

centre console vessels means that<br />

drystacks need to increase their forklift<br />

capacity. “There is definitely a growing<br />

need and market for this range of<br />

forklift,” said Brock Rubens, director<br />

of sales/marketing at Marine Travelift.<br />

“In order to best meet our customers’<br />

needs it was time to expand our product<br />

offering, and with Viking being such a<br />

great customer of ours for decades the<br />

timing was perfect,” he added.<br />

While designing the M4200H,<br />

Marine Travelift put extra emphasis<br />

on serviceability, cycle speeds and<br />

turning radius. All of the improvements<br />

are also being applied to the M3600H<br />

(36,000lbs/16,000kg capacity) and<br />

M5200H (52,000lbs/24,000kg capacity)<br />

models. Shorter wheelbase, combined<br />

with a tighter turning radius, allows<br />

marinas to upgrade without needing to<br />

make major infrastructure adjustments.<br />

The M4200H comes in either a 140in<br />

(3.5m) or 129in (3.2m) wheelbase and,<br />

with Marine Travelift’s own-manufacture<br />

steering axles, it is said to provide an<br />

unrivalled turning radius.<br />

Serviceability is key. Service points<br />

are typically accessed from underneath<br />

a forklift but for ease of maintenance<br />

the access points on this unit are top<br />

side. The tyres are also solid as Marine<br />

Travelift realises that most marinas<br />

don’t have the proper size compressors<br />

to inflate to the necessary 145 psi. This<br />

eliminates any issues with flats and the<br />

need to call in an outside company to<br />

keep the tyres properly inflated.<br />

A larger engine was also chosen<br />

for the M4200H model so as to give<br />

it adequate drive speed and power<br />

necessary for efficient navigation in<br />

virtually any marina or service yard.<br />

An additional benefit is the power left<br />

over for increased mast, carriage and<br />

fork speeds. The combination of all this<br />

equals faster cycle times, which means<br />

more boats launched and retrieved in<br />

the same amount of time.<br />

The standard centre cab<br />

configuration moves the operator as<br />

far forward as possible, achieved by<br />

setting the steering column forward<br />

of the front guard rails. The forward<br />

position and standard rear back-up<br />

camera displayed on a 10in colour<br />

screen, gives the operator maximum<br />

visibility. A Moment Indicator System,<br />

which provides a green/yellow/red scale<br />

to indicate the limits of the machine,<br />

allows the operator to safely and<br />

efficiently move boats.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



First phase drystack<br />

opens in Charleston<br />

Family-owned company Ross Marine has opened a 160-slip drystack at newlybuilt<br />

Clark Island <strong>Marina</strong>. The facility delivers desperately needed boat storage<br />

just a short drive from the vibrant US city of Charleston in South Carolina.<br />

Charlotte Niemiec reports.<br />

Phase one of the project, which<br />

opened in April, aims to provide a<br />

solution to the dearth of storage space<br />

in and around the city. Ross Marine<br />

general manager, Paul Speights<br />

Jr, explains: “There’s a big need for<br />

drystack here,” he says. “If you go to<br />

any public boat ramp in Charleston –<br />

especially the south side on a busy<br />

weekend – you can hardly get into the<br />

boat ramp to launch your boat, it’s a<br />

logjam. So we’ve looked at ways to<br />

provide residents with another option.”<br />

The project is being developed<br />

Left & below left: Boats are transferred to<br />

and from the water by a Marine Travelift<br />

machine. Below right: Plans for the marina<br />

site, which should see double the number of<br />

drystack spaces.<br />

over two phases. The first phase, now<br />

complete, comprises 160 drystack<br />

spaces installed by local company SJ<br />

Hamill. Using a Marine Travelift, the<br />

marina can haul and launch up to 35ft<br />

(11m) outboard boats. Phase two will<br />

seek to double the number of drystack<br />

spaces available, Speights confirms. “If<br />

it fills up like everyone’s telling me it will,<br />

phase two will come quickly!” he adds.<br />

“So far, we’re ahead of expectations<br />

and we’re starting to put boats under<br />

annual contracts for dry storage. We<br />

have about 12 exclusive wet slips<br />

as well, which we’ll also rent under<br />

annual contracts.” Over the next ten<br />

years, Speights envisions a full, 300-<br />

slip bustling marina with a ship store<br />

and amenity centre, hosting plenty of<br />

community events.<br />

40 years of repair experience<br />

Ross Marine is a well-known shipyard<br />

operated by the same family for 65<br />

years. Speights’ grandfather purchased<br />

Clark Island in the late 1960s and ran<br />

a sandblasting contractor business<br />

that eventually became an army/navy<br />

contractor shipyard. “In the 1980s,<br />

after the navy left town, the shipyard<br />

business became less lucrative and the<br />

family started Ross Marine in 1986,”<br />

Speights explains. “This is our core<br />

business, offering private yacht repair,<br />

refits, storage, engine repairs at a full<br />

service boatyard, with a 70-ton Marine<br />

Travelift, where we can haul up to 75ft<br />

(23m) boats.”<br />

The company’s extensive repair<br />

history helps separate it from other<br />

drystacks in the area, Speights says.<br />

“You drystack with us and there’s<br />

34 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


Clean access and plenty of manoeuvring space dockside (left) at the first-phase drystack for 160 boats.<br />

nothing we can’t do from a maintenance<br />

and service point of view, so it’s a<br />

one-stop-shop, a maritime village<br />

where we have tenants that do custom<br />

carpentry and diesel engines, electrical/<br />

electronics, canvas … We’re looking to<br />

create a service where you can pull in<br />

and get everything done.”<br />

Long in the works, the project<br />

received its first permit in 2007 and<br />

has since seen two extensions – one<br />

during the economic recession of<br />

2008/09 and the second during the<br />

Covid pandemic in 2020. However, the<br />

delays have ultimately worked in their<br />

favour, Speights says. “A lot of things<br />

have changed in the Charleston area<br />

since 2007 – we’ve become a boom<br />

town, we’re on a barrier island called<br />

Johns Island and it is one of the fastest<br />

growing parts of Charleston, a lot more<br />

populated and with a much larger<br />

demand for dry storage and marinas.”<br />

Along with the rest of his family,<br />

Speights helps run all the services on<br />

Clark Island. “We’re not a big marina<br />

group,” he says. “A lot of the industry has<br />

shifted to a corporate set up and private<br />

marinas are becoming less common,<br />

but our roots are here, we’ve been in<br />

this industry and community our entire<br />

lives, grew up on the water. We intend to<br />

continue to do just that.”<br />














www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



MARINA<br />

BULL<br />




+1 (805) 485-7821 wigginslift@wigginslift.com<br />

www.wigginslift.com<br />

“Ocean Reef <strong>Marina</strong>”, Panama


<strong>Marina</strong> Arenella is perhaps the largest<br />

and most efficient drystack in Italy and is<br />

located at the northern end of Sicily’s Gulf<br />

of Palermo.<br />

Wet versus dry in the<br />

western Med<br />

The western Mediterranean, although a favourite international boating<br />

destination, is not big on drystack. Due to rules, laws, limited land space and<br />

customer preference, just a few in fact exist – and these are mostly uncovered<br />

or only active in the summer season. Donatella Zucca reports<br />

Roberto Perocchio, president of<br />

Italian marina association Assomarinas,<br />

explains: “Average Italians, and maybe<br />

‘Mediterraneans’ in general, don’t like<br />

being restricted by times and rules.<br />

The freedom of having a boat on the<br />

water tends to outweigh the advantages<br />

offered by a traditional drystack.”<br />

Exceptions to this trend may be found<br />

in urban situations where demand for<br />

berths exceeds availability but it is<br />

nonetheless difficult to modify urban<br />

planning, obtain permits or construct<br />

drystacks at existing marinas (where<br />

sufficient land is not usually available)<br />

or build them from scratch.<br />

Variety in Italy<br />

Although it enjoys a central<br />

Mediterranean position, a long<br />

coastline, many islands and a number<br />

of well-equipped marinas, drystacks are<br />

a rarity in Italy. This is surprising given<br />

the excellent health of its marina sector,<br />

which according to Confindustria<br />

Nautica enjoyed a turnover of around<br />

€1 billion in 2022. In the last ten years,<br />

the country has been enriched by 40<br />

marinas and 22,000 berths but, in<br />

part due to the challenges of finding<br />

sites and obeying laws, drystack<br />

development has been difficult.<br />

“Combining a building with access<br />

to the sea is always very complex,”<br />

Perocchio says. “If a suitable building<br />

exists and you can get permission for<br />

change of use, this is easier than trying<br />

to build new; a mission that is almost<br />

impossible due to laws that protect the<br />

coast.”<br />

In years past it was easier, as can<br />

be found at the Consorzio Cantieristica<br />

Minore della Giudecca in Venice, where<br />

a state-of-the-art covered drystack<br />

storage operation was created years<br />

ago in the historic city centre. Venice<br />

is, however, on the Adriatic – and the<br />

Adriatic veers more to the east than<br />

the west. Perocchio continues: “With<br />

Confindustria Nautica, we are trying to<br />

explore this type of service by appealing<br />

to Article 49 of the New Pleasure<br />

Boating Code, which favours the issue<br />

of concessions for dry storage. However,<br />

the problems of slow urban planning,<br />

the scrutiny of various superintendents<br />

and other delays remains. Many<br />

operations have in fact been developed<br />

with only partial permissions, gradually<br />

establishing themselves and then<br />

obtaining an amnesty.”<br />

Most Italian drystacks are to be<br />

found in the south, especially in Sicily,<br />

although they are often variations on<br />

the theme. The largest and perhaps<br />

most efficient is <strong>Marina</strong> Arenella at<br />

the northern end of Sicily’s Gulf of<br />

Palermo. Equipped with three forklifts<br />

to rapidly lift, launch and store boats<br />

up to 13m (43ft) in length, the facility<br />

houses around 230 boats, 180 of which<br />

are stored on multi-storey racks, 30 in<br />

a covered building and the remainder<br />

on outdoor<br />

dry storage<br />

space. In the<br />

summer, about<br />

100 wet berths<br />

are available.<br />

“During our<br />

30 years of<br />

experience,<br />

we have<br />

Assomarinas.<br />

revolutionised the concept of the dry<br />

port,” says marina manager Massimo<br />

Acierno. “Customers can use their<br />

boats 24 hours a day, seven days a<br />

week because, once launched, the boat<br />

can stay in the water as long as the<br />

customer wants.”<br />

“In recent years, we have developed<br />

software that allows you to book a lift<br />

or launch, make special requests etc.,<br />

via a smartphone. The requests arrive<br />

via the app on displays located on<br />

the forklifts and in the back office. The<br />

customer<br />

is then told<br />

where to<br />

find the boat<br />

and given<br />

details on<br />

the services<br />

provided<br />

by smart<br />

pedestals.<br />

We have car<br />

parking, bar,<br />

Roberto Perocchio,<br />

Massimo Acierno,<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Arenella.<br />

restaurant services, Wi-Fi, fuel, mooring<br />

assistance, a mechanical repair shop<br />

and shipyard. If we had a quay big<br />

enough to host a US-style drystack, we<br />

would be truly unbeatable!”<br />

Other dry ports in Catania include the<br />

Nautica Glem dry rack business and<br />

Vento Maestrale opposite the entrance<br />

to the port of Trapani. This efficient dry<br />

port caters for dinghies and small boats.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Capo d’Orlando has a beautiful<br />

drystack facility at planning stage but<br />

is not moving forward with it as it is<br />

devoting all its usable yard space to<br />

large boat storage.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Notables elsewhere in<br />

Italy include <strong>Marina</strong> Santa<br />

Marinella’s Porto Castello, a<br />

dry port for sailing boats in<br />

the province of Rome, and<br />

Deiva <strong>Marina</strong> Service, the<br />

only drystack in Liguria. Deiva<br />

caters for boats up to 10m<br />

(33ft) and uses a hydraulic lift<br />

platform, electric forklifts and<br />

trolleys. It is active from <strong>June</strong> to<br />

September and then winterises<br />

boats. It has no wet berths.<br />

Dry ports for France<br />

There are several dry ports<br />

but very few true drystacks<br />

in southern France. They<br />

strive to offer the ambience<br />

of a wet marina. Jean Michel<br />

Gaigné, representative of the French<br />

and TransEurope marina industry<br />

associations, cites the best examples<br />

as Port Inland at Mandelieu La<br />

Napoule, Portland at Hyères and Port<br />

Navy Service at Port Saint Louis du<br />

Rhône.<br />

Other<br />

examples<br />

are mostly<br />

in open<br />

areas where<br />

something<br />

akin to<br />

drystack is<br />

Pascal Jourdan, Portland. offered in the<br />

summer. They are close to maintenance<br />

and refit facilities, and space for<br />

wintering within first class marinas.<br />

How do they differ from drystacks<br />

in the UK and northern Europe? “We<br />

started up in 1989 and we represent<br />

the first European dry port,” says Erika<br />

Drouard, director of Port Inland, which<br />

has 800 berths for motor boats up to<br />

Port Inland at Mandelieu La Napoule in France is seen as the first<br />

European dry port and has 800 dry berths.<br />

11m (36ft) and 5 tonnes. She believes<br />

they have an edge because customers<br />

can access their boats seven days a<br />

week year round (except Christmas<br />

and New Year) and have access to<br />

maintenance, free parking, speciality<br />

shops, a bar, restaurant and a huge<br />

range of on-site industry professionals.<br />

Customer trends show increased<br />

storage demand for boats of 9m (29ft<br />

6in) and above and recent frustrations<br />

lie in the regional drought. “The inability<br />

to wash their boats has annoyed<br />

customers a lot,” she admits, “so much<br />

so that some have even given up using<br />

theirs.”<br />

Further south, on the bay of Hyères,<br />

Portland offers 500 dry berths and 50<br />

wet berths and has been in operation<br />

for 25 years. Pascal Jourdan, manager<br />

of both dry and wet port, explains<br />

the dry operation: “We have no roof<br />

or sides for 75% of the racking. We<br />

do not use apps. The staff record<br />

customer requests via telephone<br />

or when they arrive.” Customers<br />

appreciate the reduced<br />

boat maintenance,<br />

excellent security,<br />

comfortable waiting area,<br />

the successful ‘parking<br />

formula’ (various fees<br />

for different usage),<br />

management of boat<br />

shares and summer<br />

aperitifs.<br />

Customer practices and<br />

demands have changed in<br />

recent years. “Boaters go<br />

out less, but for the whole<br />

day – from 10.00am to<br />

Portland is a busy drystack<br />

on the French bay of Hyères<br />

with racks for 500 boats and<br />

50 wet berths.<br />

7.30pm – to make the most of<br />

the opportunity. What hasn’t<br />

changed is the strong demand<br />

in August,” she says, and notes<br />

the new demands as being<br />

for categories the marina<br />

cannot cater for – like sailboats<br />

and catamarans. “There are<br />

currently about 130 ongoing<br />

requests for space and, when<br />

offered at reasonable prices,<br />

most customers also want<br />

follow-up maintenance. All<br />

appreciate the turnkey readyto-sail<br />

option.”<br />

Jourdan believes the<br />

scarcity of drystacks in the<br />

Mediterranean is less about<br />

demand than feasibility.<br />

“You need to have a lot of land for<br />

car parking. On a rotational basis on<br />

average you have to calculate two cars<br />

per boat.”<br />

While Portland is forced to turn away<br />

catamarans, Port Navy Service in Port<br />

Erika Drouard, Port Inland.<br />

Saint Louis du Rhône is a very different<br />

story. Nicknamed Cataland, it hosts sail<br />

and motor boats up to 120 tonnes for<br />

maintenance and mooring on a 22ha<br />

(54.4 acre) site, which includes large<br />

hangars and extensive outdoor space.<br />

Considered the largest dry port in<br />

Europe, it is also popular for winterising.<br />

But although it guarantees fast delivery<br />

and short waiting times, it is far more<br />

a fantastic dry port than a traditional<br />

drystack and in 2010 enriched its<br />

offering by opening an elegant yacht<br />

club for its members.<br />

Plan first in Catalonia<br />

Although detailed information is harder<br />

to come by, Spain suffers a similar<br />

dearth of drystacks. Javier Garcia<br />

Camps, manager of the Yacht Harbour<br />

Association in Catalonia (ACEPT)<br />

says there are only three in Catalonia:<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Vela Barcelona; <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Badalona; and Port Forum.<br />

Why only three? “The reason is very<br />

simple for Catalonia,” he says. “When<br />

a group, a company or a private entity<br />

38 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


<strong>Marina</strong> Seca at <strong>Marina</strong> de<br />

Badalona offers 211 drystack<br />

spaces on the outskirts of<br />

Barcelona, Spain.<br />

builds a marina, the<br />

project must include a<br />

drystack. If the concession<br />

doesn’t cover this from<br />

the very beginning, costs<br />

and permits make it very<br />

difficult to introduce. It<br />

can sometimes be done<br />

towards the end of a<br />

concession but the costs<br />

involved and the time<br />

remaining can’t deliver a<br />

good return on investment. It’s better to<br />

give the idea up if it wasn’t part of the<br />

original project plan.”<br />

Customer choice is also a factor.<br />

“In the Mediterranean, people prefer<br />

to have their boat on water. When<br />

they arrive, they want it ready and<br />

available. In the Costa Brava, which<br />

is cold, drystacks work well but in the<br />

Mediterranean I don’t think they are<br />

a good idea. This is demonstrated<br />

by the fact that there are only three<br />

in Catalonia out of 23 marinas.” He<br />

does, however, report that there are<br />

some ongoing projects that include dry<br />

shelter areas that could possibly be<br />

transformed into drystacks.<br />

Barcelona, however, offers proof<br />

that drystacks can work in cities as<br />

it has Catalonia’s three drystacks<br />

at <strong>Marina</strong> Vela, Port Forum and<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> de Badalona. <strong>Marina</strong> Vela is<br />

a modern automated operation for<br />

222 boats up to 9m (29ft 6in) long. It<br />

offers swift turnaround (five to eight<br />

minutes) and all the top level services<br />

Javier Garcia Camps,<br />

ACEPT.<br />

of the associated<br />

wet marina. Port<br />

Forum in Sant Adria<br />

de Besos, a few<br />

minutes from the<br />

centre of Barcelona,<br />

accommodates 220 boats of 6 to 11m<br />

(20 to 36ft), racked on a Bellingham<br />

Marine Unistack system in the mix of<br />

its vast technical area and wet berth<br />

marina.<br />

The third drystack – on the outskirts<br />

of Barcelona – is <strong>Marina</strong> Seca, the<br />

drystack associated with <strong>Marina</strong> de<br />

Badalona. This offers 211 drystack<br />

places in a 640-berth marina. Boats<br />

are handled by crane and housed in a<br />

sustainable building with a roof of solar<br />

panels.<br />

Leading the Industry in Quality,<br />

Versatility and Innovation<br />

Specialists in the design,<br />

fabrication and installation of<br />

customized aluminum and<br />

timber floating dock systems,<br />

fixed piers and gangways for<br />

marina projects worldwide.<br />

From project design and<br />

management to<br />

manufacturing, installation<br />

and maintenance,<br />

Bluewater Marine competes<br />

globally with fabrication<br />

facilities in Hawaii, California<br />

and North Carolina.<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 449 2007<br />

<br />

www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />

info@bluewaterdocks.com<br />

40 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


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Developing the<br />

Eagle Float<br />

Long in the forefront of plastic float manufacture, Arkansas-based Hendren<br />

Plastics continues to expand the market reach of its premium Eagle Floats<br />

product line. Jim Hendren, owner and president, talks shop.<br />

Q: How did your business life develop?<br />

A: My dad bought a very small plastics<br />

plant in our home town of Gravette in<br />

1967. I was four years old so I grew<br />

up in the business. He and I started<br />

my current company, Hendren Plastics<br />

Inc. in 1984 as I was graduating from<br />

college. However, I decided to join<br />

the Air Force and see the world. I was<br />

fortunate to get to fly the F-15 Eagle<br />

and that is where the name for “Eagle<br />

Floats” came from. I came back from<br />

active duty in 1992. He and I ran the<br />

company together for a few years<br />

and then I purchased it from him in<br />

2006. We have been making plastic<br />

here for over 30 years now.<br />

Q: When did you first start supplying<br />

plastic floats for the marina industry?<br />

How did the floats change over time?<br />

A: Prior to the encapsulation<br />

requirement, we provided white foam<br />

Eagle Floats support docks, gangways and<br />

fingers at marinas in overseas boating hubs<br />

such as Turks & Caicos (above) and on<br />

home territory in the USA (right).<br />

for the market clear back to the 1960s.<br />

We watched as white foam that had<br />

been in the water for over 25 years<br />

was removed and replaced with Eagle<br />

Floats. The white foam had taken on<br />

a lot of water<br />

but was still<br />

providing<br />

sufficient<br />

buoyancy. It<br />

truly is a great<br />

product for<br />

flotation. After<br />

regulations<br />

required<br />

encapsulation,<br />

we waited<br />

Jim Hendren<br />

a few years<br />

to determine the best method and<br />

technology. We made our first Eagle<br />

Floats in 2008 and are now making<br />

over a thousand a day.<br />

Q: Over the course of your career,<br />

what were the most notable changes/<br />

advances in core materials and plastic<br />

float manufacture?<br />

A: The resin quality has improved<br />

significantly for both polyethylene and<br />

expandable polystyrene. This makes it a<br />

little easier to provide consistently high<br />

quality. We’ve also seen widespread<br />

incorporation of computer devices for<br />

controls and equipment management<br />

that also have greatly improved quality.<br />

Q: You must have invested a lot in<br />

maintaining the best manufacturing<br />

equipment. How has this changed over<br />

time? Do you expect equipment to<br />

develop further? If so, how?<br />

A: When we first began the company<br />

we did not have enough capital to buy<br />

new equipment so we bought mainly<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Marine structures, such as this cabin,<br />

remain afloat on Eagle Floats.<br />

used equipment and refurbished<br />

it. Beginning in 2000, we were able<br />

to buy new equipment for all of our<br />

processes. While the capital costs<br />

are high, the efficiency, quality and<br />

capacity are incredibly better than older<br />

technology.<br />

The change in technology is very<br />

rapid in terms of equipment and it is<br />

always occurring. We strive to stay<br />

current. For example, we just added<br />

a completely new computerised<br />

control panel to a 20 year old block<br />

mould. The mechanical parts are<br />

still solid, but with new controls it is<br />

now performing like a completely<br />

different machine. We also build a<br />

lot of our own custom equipment,<br />

including adding programmable<br />

logic controllers to many basic<br />

machines to improve performance<br />

and consistency.<br />

Q: Why do you believe your floats<br />

are the best?<br />

A: Engineering and the use of high<br />

quality equipment and resins. As an<br />

electrical engineer, I understand the<br />

value of quality engineering. We are<br />

the only manufacturer with the ability<br />

to custom build our own tooling. We<br />

also use automated steaming,<br />

dispensing and measuring equipment<br />

that we built and designed in house. We<br />

have done objective testing to verify that<br />

the quality is superior, and the use of<br />

technology and engineering have also<br />

allowed us to be lower priced than the<br />

competition.<br />

Q: While no one can ever guard<br />

completely against freak accidents,<br />

there have been some disturbing<br />

pollution issues with polystyrene<br />

escaping from plastic floats. Is the<br />

quality and/or arrangement of the<br />

polystyrene a risk factor or is it down<br />

to shell impact strength? What types of<br />

quality/strength tests do you undertake<br />

to minimise the risk of pollution?<br />

Hendren Plastics president, Jim Hendren, and vice<br />

president sales, Susie Wallace, proudly display their<br />

latest industry awards from the <strong>Marina</strong> Association of<br />

Texas.<br />

A: We strive hard every day to make<br />

sure that even if a float is punctured<br />

or damaged, the EPS foam core is<br />

fused properly preventing the escape<br />

of beads into the water. We do this<br />

using a proprietary steaming system<br />

that measures the parameters every<br />

50 milliseconds to make sure the<br />

steaming process is correct. If the<br />

foam is fused properly there is almost<br />

no chance of pollution of the water by<br />

loose beads. That also prevents loss of<br />

buoyancy and performance of the float.<br />

Q: Are there any feasible alternatives<br />

to the use of expanded polystyrene for<br />

floating dock systems? Is there any<br />

ongoing R&D in this field?<br />

A: We have tried a couple of<br />

different products, including a resin<br />

called ARCEL that is not prone to<br />

flaking. We have found nothing as<br />

convenient for attaching and as<br />

durable as encapsulated EPS foam<br />

(Eagle Floats). I’m sure research will<br />

continue, but compared to the days<br />

of unencapsulated white foam flaking<br />

off and being destroyed by animals or<br />

abrasion, the encapsulated float is a<br />

huge improvement.<br />

Q: What significant factory expansion<br />

have you undertaken?<br />

A: Since making our first Eagle Float<br />

in 2008, we have invested nearly $7<br />

million in additional equipment and<br />

plant expansion. In the last two<br />

years we have added an additional<br />

15,000ft² (1,400m²) of manufacturing<br />

space and both a new carousel<br />

and shuttle rotational moulding<br />

machines. These were some of the<br />

largest machines in the industry<br />

and nearly doubled our production<br />

capacity. This expansion has cut our<br />

backlog by two thirds and given us<br />

the ability to make even larger parts.<br />

Q: What is your market reach? Do<br />

you have plans to extend this?<br />

A: <strong>World</strong>wide – we are always looking<br />

to expand our reach and increase our<br />

overseas business.<br />

Q: What are the biggest challenges<br />

currently facing manufacturing<br />

companies in the USA?<br />

A: Labour shortages. Last year the<br />

supply chain was a real problem but<br />

it seems to have settled down. Every<br />

other manufacturer I talk to has the<br />

same struggle as we do of finding<br />

sufficient workers to meet the demand.<br />

44 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


Moss <strong>Marina</strong>:<br />

surviving the storm<br />

Family-owned Moss <strong>Marina</strong>, located on the island of Fort Myers Beach in<br />

Florida, US, claims the impressive accolade of being the first marina to reopen<br />

after Hurricane Ian hit the region in September last year. <strong>Marina</strong> president, Ben<br />

Freeland, explains how good preparation and an enthusiastic team helped pull<br />

off a near-impossible recovery in just two months. Charlotte Niemiec reports<br />

Despite facing category 4 hurricane<br />

winds of more than 150mph (240km/<br />

hr) and over 13ft (4m) of storm surge,<br />

which wiped out much of the island’s<br />

infrastructure, by teaming up with<br />

the company that installed its docks<br />

– Golden Manufacturing – Moss<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> was able to fully reopen by 1 st<br />

December.<br />

Before the hurricane, Fort Myers<br />

Beach was a charming Florida beach<br />

town with a fun and eclectic vibe, at<br />

the heart of one of the world’s premier<br />

boating regions. With beautiful calm<br />

waters, white sandy beaches loaded<br />

with world-class shelling, incredible<br />

backwater fishing and wildlife<br />

exploration, world class tarpon fishing,<br />

offshore fishing of grouper/snapper and<br />

wildlife sanctuaries galore, it was the<br />

ideal stop-off point for excursions to the<br />

Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas around<br />

100 miles (160km) away. The area<br />

is home to fun and laid back people,<br />

magnificent boating and personal<br />

experiences with nature.<br />

Today, however, extensive work<br />

is ongoing to rebuild the paradise<br />

Fort Myers was. Six months after the<br />

hurricane hit, many homes remain in<br />

pieces while the town’s officials work to<br />

organise repairs from tents and trailers.<br />

Left & Below: Despite the debris inside<br />

and out, the core elements at Moss <strong>Marina</strong><br />

sustained minimal hurricane damage. Swift<br />

repairs ensured all was up and running<br />

again in record time.<br />

Coastal properties and marinas were<br />

especially hard hit, with many simply<br />

destroyed.<br />

“Homes, businesses, community<br />

assets and the dreams of many felt like<br />

they washed away with the tide,” says<br />

Freeland. “But, despite the devastating<br />

losses to our property, buildings,<br />

equipment, inventory and employees’<br />

livelihoods, the Moss <strong>Marina</strong> team and<br />

our family locked arms and went to<br />

work immediately rebuilding what was<br />

left.”<br />

No stranger to strong winds, marina<br />

teams over the years had carefully<br />

installed extra sturdy buildings and<br />

docks designed to withstand hurricaneforce<br />

winds. After Ian, most of the<br />

buildings built in the 1960s remained<br />

standing. The marina had previously<br />

lost its hard docks during Hurricane<br />

Irma in September 2017. These<br />

were rebuilt the following year using<br />

Golden Marine Systems’ aluminium<br />

docking. “Golden docks are designed to<br />

articulate in wave and wind situations,<br />

which prohibits them from binding and<br />

breaking like most rigid dock systems<br />

do,” explains Mike Shanley, president,<br />

Golden Marine Systems. “This, coupled<br />

with a strong pile design, played a<br />

factor in the resilience of the floating<br />

dock system.”<br />

The clean-up operation was a<br />

team effort between the marina<br />

and Golden Manufacturing, which<br />

is headquartered in Fort Myers and<br />

also found itself directly in the path of<br />

Hurricane Ian when it made landfall.<br />

When the storm subsided, “our docks<br />

had sustained some damage and were<br />

misplaced, along with some utilities,”<br />

46 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


The drystack (right) and marina below<br />

were both usable within two to three<br />

months. The floating dock system<br />

received some new elements (gangway<br />

below right) and minor repair and<br />

reattachments.<br />

says Freeland. “But we were able<br />

to recover and rebuild the existing<br />

floating docks to their original<br />

layout.”<br />

Work was completed quickly.<br />

Shanley explains: “Some of the<br />

docks had to be reattached as<br />

they were compromised, but all<br />

in all they were able to use the<br />

docks within days. The marina<br />

arranged for Golden to be escorted<br />

onto the island by the US Coast Guard<br />

to deliver parts and assist with the<br />

smaller repairs. Some docks got hung<br />

up on the pilings but, once they were<br />

down, the docks floated perfectly and<br />

were then again utilised.” Two other<br />

marinas using Golden installations –<br />

Gulf Star <strong>Marina</strong> and Nervous Nellie’s<br />

– were also up and running shortly<br />

after the storm.<br />

As one of the only usable marinas in<br />

the region, the US Coast Guard then<br />

used Moss <strong>Marina</strong> as a temporary<br />

base from which to launch its search<br />

and rescue missions. Today, the marina<br />

has retained the 55 wet slips it had<br />

installed before Hurricane Ian hit and<br />

has managed to rebuild 120 of the<br />

210 drystack spaces it previously had<br />

available.<br />

Preparing for the storm<br />

Living for six months of the year in the<br />

direct path of hurricanes blowing in off<br />

the Atlantic Ocean, the Moss <strong>Marina</strong><br />

team always makes sure to prepare<br />

as much as possible when alerts<br />

are issued. Ahead of Ian, it removed<br />

as many in-water vessels from the<br />

basin as possible, secured boats and<br />

potential flying debris, shut down its<br />

fuel system and ensured its back up<br />

generator was operational.<br />

When asked what recommendations<br />

Freeland would make to other marina<br />

operators, he says: “Every property is<br />

so unique it is hard to be specific other<br />

than to really evaluate every aspect<br />

of your facility for potential risk with<br />

maximum tidal surge in your area,<br />

and design your docks and facility<br />

to accommodate this appropriately.<br />

Have your hurricane plan written and<br />

practised. Take all your important<br />

documents and irreplaceable items off<br />

the property ahead of time.”<br />

Forging ahead<br />

Freeland remains undeterred in his<br />

plans for developing the marina. “We<br />

were exploring a three to five year<br />

redevelopment plan pre-hurricane and<br />

expedited the plans post-hurricane.<br />

After seeing the destruction to the<br />

island, we felt we could really help to be<br />

an economic driver for the town of Fort<br />

Myers Beach, while providing a great<br />

example of how to bridge the history<br />

and unique personality to the future of<br />

the town.”<br />

The marina has been a landmark<br />

of Fort Myers Beach for more than 80<br />

years, with the Moss family owning and<br />

operating the business since the 1950s<br />

before George Freeland purchased it in<br />

1982. “Through the years, Moss <strong>Marina</strong><br />

has been the largest volume Chris-<br />

Craft dealer in the world, was home<br />

to the Big M Casino boats for over 15<br />

years and currently is the temporary<br />

home to the US Coast Station on Fort<br />

Myers Beach,” explains Freeland. “With<br />

six generations of the Freeland family<br />

calling southwest Florida home since<br />

1966 and owning multiple businesses,<br />

including the 40+ years of Moss<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>, the roots run deep.”<br />

“Now that the US Coast Guard<br />

station and Moss <strong>Marina</strong> are<br />

operational and we all have a better<br />

sense of the challenges facing Fort<br />

Myers Beach, our family is rising to<br />

the challenge to be the driving force in<br />

rebuilding and stabilising the economic<br />

engine,” says Freeland.<br />

His vision for the future is to develop<br />

a vibrant and unique mixed-use<br />

bayfront, integral to the downtown<br />

district with a complement of<br />

restaurants, shops, cafés, hotel rooms<br />

and bayfront access for the public to<br />

enjoy, he explains. DPZ CoDesign<br />

– renowned for its award-winning<br />

work throughout Florida – will be the<br />

marina’s design partner.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Enhancing customer service<br />

across a multi-national portfolio<br />

D-Marin, a leading marina network with marinas in six countries, is on a<br />

continued mission to enhance and expand its digital offerings. Matthias (Matti)<br />

Gehring, responsible for the company’s smart initiatives, gives <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

an update.<br />

Q: What principle areas of marina<br />

management do you believe benefit<br />

from digitisation?<br />

A: There are many areas, the principle<br />

being customer convenience,<br />

ensuring we can provide a faster and<br />

more seamless service, improving<br />

communications at all levels of the<br />

business, and doing all we can to make<br />

our customers’ lives effortless.<br />

Our marina management and<br />

customer experience has been<br />

enhanced through digitisation, not least<br />

with our brand-new native app. This<br />

app serves as a centralised platform<br />

for our customers to access all the key<br />

information they need and communicate<br />

with our teams. In many ways, the<br />

native app strengthens the relationship<br />

between our marinas and customers.<br />

D-Marin customers can use the app to<br />

check in and create real time bookings,<br />

as well as pay online and complete the<br />

check in procedures remotely, which in<br />

turn significantly reduces waiting times<br />

and has had a demonstrable return on<br />

maximising marina occupancy.<br />

The digitisation of the experience<br />

through our Smart Pedestal solution<br />

should deliver a direct reduction in<br />

our environmental footprint, allowing<br />

customers to book, monitor and optimise<br />


energy and water consumption to<br />

ensure more efficient and sustainable<br />

use of resources, which will result in<br />

direct savings for our customers.<br />

The roll out of our smart boat sensors<br />

has also seen many benefits to marina<br />

management, enabling us to monitor<br />

and assist our customers even when<br />

they are away from our marinas –<br />

offering remote support and helping to<br />

address any issues or concerns.<br />

We can see many benefits with<br />

digitisation and are committed to<br />

leveraging these current and future<br />

innovations to ensure our customers<br />

enjoy a seamless and enriching<br />

yachting experience.<br />

Q: How have you implemented digital<br />

systems in these areas?<br />

Are these D-Marin specific<br />

and are they integrated<br />

throughout the entire multinational<br />

portfolio?<br />

A: All digital systems<br />

have been implemented<br />

Above: D-Marin Borik is<br />

a top-of-the-line boutique<br />

marina offering 177 berths<br />

in the ancient Croatian city<br />

of Zadar. Right: Turgutreis is<br />

D-Marin’s flagship marina<br />

located just 20km/12.4mi from<br />

Bodrum, Turkey.<br />

across our entire portfolio, allowing<br />

us to offer a consistent and effortless<br />

experience that meets our premium<br />

quality standards. By integrating these<br />

solutions in all our marinas, we can<br />

guarantee that our customers receive<br />

the same exceptional service and<br />

systems in any D-Marin location.<br />

Our approach to digital<br />

implementation is two-fold. Firstly,<br />

we are developing our own D-Marin<br />

proprietary systems, such as our<br />

booking platform, which has been<br />

designed to offer a seamless reservation<br />

process. By utilising our in-house<br />

solutions, we can ensure a high level of<br />

quality control and are agile to adapt the<br />

platform to meet the unique needs of our<br />

customers across different locations.<br />

Secondly, we are actively<br />

collaborating with strategic partners<br />

or integrating world class systems to<br />

bring the best solutions to our marinas.<br />

An example of this is our partnership<br />

with Sense4Boat, a company that<br />

specialises in smart boat sensors. By<br />

integrating its cutting-edge technology<br />

into our digital offering, our customers<br />

can closely monitor the status of their<br />

boat within our marinas, enabling them<br />

and us to proactively address potential<br />

issues and provide the highest level of<br />

care for our customers’ vessels.<br />

Q: When did you first start to look<br />

at your management systems with<br />

a view to digitising them? Did you<br />

inherit very different systems with<br />

each portfolio addition over the years?<br />

Did this encourage you to develop a<br />

standardised system?<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



D-Marin Mandalina in Šibenik is the only marina in Croatia designed for superyachts.<br />

Vessels up to 70m/230ft can be accommodated.<br />

A: Our commitment to meeting our<br />

customers’ needs has always been at<br />

the forefront of our decision-making<br />

process. We began exploring the<br />

potential for digitising our management<br />

systems very early, when we realised<br />

the importance of embracing<br />

technological advancements in order<br />

to enhance the overall customer<br />

experience.<br />

To ensure that our digital solutions<br />

would address the genuine needs<br />

of our customers, we conducted<br />

extensive research across all our<br />

marinas and within the industry. This<br />

involved conducting in-depth interviews<br />

with customers and marina experts,<br />

gathering feedback, and identifying<br />

any issues that customers face in the<br />

marina industry. Through this process,<br />

we gained valuable insights into how we<br />

could best leverage digital technology to<br />

alleviate these potential issues, while still<br />

maintaining the essential human touch<br />

that defines our premium service.<br />

As we consistently add new marinas<br />

to our portfolio, we indeed inherit<br />

a variety of different systems. The<br />

diversity of these systems encouraged<br />

us to develop a standardised, unified<br />

approach to digital marina management<br />

that could be implemented across our<br />

entire group. By doing so, we were able<br />

to ensure consistency in the level of<br />

service we provide and make it easier<br />

for customers to navigate our marinas.<br />

Q: How is your smart marina initiative<br />

more customer-friendly?<br />

A: Our Connected <strong>Marina</strong> initiative,<br />

brought together in our native app,<br />

elevates the customer experience by<br />

combining the advantages of digital<br />

technology with our unwavering<br />

commitment to personalised service. By<br />

addressing our customers’ needs, we<br />

have created a more customer-friendly<br />

environment that sets us apart in the<br />

marina industry.<br />

Our app is an easy-to-use intuitive<br />

solution for customers to access all our<br />

services and information. It includes<br />

a real time booking platform, remote<br />

check-in, full information about the<br />

marinas and the ability to have direct<br />

contact with the team – all designed<br />

to enhance our customer experience<br />

whilst maintaining the human touch.<br />

Although a key element of our strategy<br />

is digitisation, we remain committed<br />

to preserving the personal human<br />

element that will continue to define our<br />

premium service. Our team is always<br />

available to assist customers, ensuring<br />

that technology enhances, rather than<br />

replaces, the valuable interactions<br />

between our staff and customers.<br />

Q: You say your smart system<br />

has helped maximise visitor berth<br />

occupancy. Can you expand on this?<br />

A: We are proud to say that our<br />

digital initiatives, specifically the<br />

implementation of our digital booking<br />

platform, have significantly contributed<br />

to maximising visitor berth occupancy.<br />

The real-time view of current<br />

occupancy and future reservations has<br />

enabled us to predict and manage our<br />

berth availability more efficiently.<br />

Thanks to the enhanced visibility<br />

and control provided by our booking<br />

platform to our sales and front office<br />

teams, we can quickly identify periods<br />

of high and low demand. This allows<br />

us to devise and execute targeted<br />

marketing and sales activities to<br />

optimise occupancy rates during<br />

various seasons. By offering tailored<br />

packages, we can attract more<br />

customers during off-peak times,<br />

ensuring a more consistent flow of<br />

visitors throughout the year.<br />

Our efforts have already proven to<br />

be successful. In 2022, approximately<br />

30% of our transient bookings were<br />

already made, paid for, and invoiced<br />

online using our digital platform. This<br />

demonstrates the effectiveness of<br />

our Connected <strong>Marina</strong> initiative in<br />

streamlining the booking process,<br />

improving convenience for our<br />

customers, and maximising berth<br />

occupancy across our marinas.<br />

Q: What are you looking to introduce<br />

next?<br />

A: We are constantly looking for ways<br />

to enhance our offerings and provide<br />

additional value to our customers. Our<br />

next project focuses on expanding<br />

our digital platform to include a<br />

comprehensive boatyard management<br />

solution. This new feature will enable<br />

customers to conveniently book a wide<br />

range of services directly through our<br />

app or online portal, such as lift, launch,<br />

pressure wash and antifouling.<br />

By integrating these services<br />

into our digital platform, we aim to<br />

streamline the process for customers<br />

seeking boatyard services, providing a<br />

seamless experience and reducing the<br />

need for time-consuming phone calls<br />

or in-person visits. We believe that this<br />

expansion of our digital services will<br />

further improve customer satisfaction<br />

and consolidate our position as a<br />

leading marina operator.<br />

In addition to the boatyard project, we<br />

are committed to continuously listening<br />

to our customers’ needs and gathering<br />

feedback to inform our future initiatives.<br />

We understand that the preferences<br />

and requirements of our clientele may<br />

evolve over time, and we strive to adapt<br />

our services accordingly. By staying in<br />

tune with our customers’ expectations,<br />

we can ensure that we remain at the<br />

forefront of innovation and continue<br />

to deliver an exceptional marina<br />

experience.<br />

50 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

We are building our global marine fast charge network, creating local and<br />

regional charging hubs and corridors.<br />

If you are looking to offer electric boat supercharging to future-proof<br />

<br />

technology at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

Mak Marin Managemen<br />

plai sailin<br />

Manage berth bookings, accounts,<br />

customer communications and so much more<br />

at your marina, yacht club or boatyard<br />

Learn more at pacsoftmms.com


Smarter management,<br />

happier customers<br />

Implementing smart technology is usually a gradual process that delivers<br />

positives along the journey. Matt O’Hara, Kevin Lussier, Darrell Barnett and<br />

Mark Jaraczewski give operator feedback for Molo, <strong>Marina</strong> Master and Stellar<br />

software systems. Each was asked about how they implemented smart<br />

technology; the benefits and problems; customer response; and plans for<br />

future smart initiatives.<br />

Matt O’Hara, owner,<br />

Queen Boat Co –<br />

Freedom Boat Club Lake<br />

George, USA<br />

We bought the marina in 2018 and<br />

when we bought it, the former owner<br />

did everything very old school: pen,<br />

paper and file folders. We were lucky<br />

to even have contact info for some<br />

customers, let alone service records<br />

and work orders. The first thing we<br />

decided we needed to change when<br />

we got here was that we needed a real<br />

system of being able to keep track of<br />

customers and of the work we’re doing<br />

Matt O’Hara<br />

The operations system at Queen Boat Co<br />

has moved from pen and paper to singlesystem<br />

management and communications.<br />

on boats, while having it all in one<br />

software system, including inventory<br />

and all. We shopped around and found<br />

Molo and were happy with what their<br />

system was and how easy it was to use.<br />

Then we implemented that to handle<br />

all our service work orders, all our<br />

parts and customer billing, customer<br />

interactions, loading insurance and<br />

customer vessels.<br />

Benefits include all the<br />

communication with members; sending<br />

invoices and allowing them to pay<br />

online. It’s really streamlining these<br />

things that have been the benefit.<br />

These things were happening before<br />

but through multiple different software<br />

systems and multiple people. With<br />

Molo, we can do all these things<br />

internally and customer-facing in one<br />

spot.<br />

It’s been a big improvement. Any<br />

time customers call, we can pull up<br />

the service history for their boat in two<br />

seconds and let them know what we<br />

did and when. It’s been a huge help<br />

for our customers to offer them online<br />

billings. Sending invoices to customers’<br />

emails, which is what everyone wants<br />

now, gives them the ability to pay<br />

online versus calling to get credit card<br />

numbers. It’s much more streamlined<br />

for payments and it’s a much more<br />

frictionless experience.<br />

The customer interaction with us is<br />

just easy and smooth and quick so it’s<br />

just made their overall experience with<br />

us great.<br />

The next smart initiative we are<br />

adding is putting in charging stations<br />

at our dock to give electric boats the<br />

ability to come and charge up at our<br />

marina. The smart part of that is that<br />

the company has an app, enabling<br />

customers to find marinas that have<br />

superpower chargers. They then find all<br />

their information already loaded into the<br />

app, and can make payment through it.<br />

We are really excited about this as<br />

we will be the first marina with this<br />

charger in the northeast and I think the<br />

third in the United States. I think in the<br />

next few years we are going to see a lot<br />

more of these superchargers, but we<br />

are really happy to be piloting this in the<br />

region.<br />

Kevin Lussier CMM,<br />

director of operations,<br />

Ocean Havens LLC, USA<br />

All of our marinas have implemented<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Master software to streamline<br />

the reservation process, send<br />

automated emails, build seasonal<br />

dockage<br />

contracts, and<br />

more, with<br />

ease. <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Master software<br />

is integrated<br />

into our website<br />

to enhance<br />

the user<br />

experience.<br />

We even<br />

Kevin Lussier<br />

developed a<br />

loyalty programme to give back to<br />

our customers with discounts on fuel,<br />

dockage, and more.<br />

We use other forms of smart<br />

technology beyond our reservation<br />

and communication system. To create<br />

better security at our facility, we give<br />

each customer a key fob that allows<br />

them access onto their dock and keeps<br />

unauthorised individuals from entering<br />

the marina. Our parking lots also use<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Charleston <strong>Marina</strong>, an Ocean Havens<br />

marina, uses wide-ranging smart<br />

technology. The team is always thinking of<br />

new ways to use its software and leverage<br />

automation to best advantage.<br />

technology to keep record of available<br />

spaces and allow our customers into<br />

the lots with their key fobs.<br />

Our marina staff have seen an<br />

increase in efficiency, knowing<br />

technology has automated processes<br />

that previously took away from other<br />

responsibilities.<br />

The team at <strong>Marina</strong> Master is<br />

knowledgeable and quick to resolve any<br />

problems that arise. For example, when<br />

we noticed customers signing up for<br />

the loyalty programme multiple times,<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Master quickly adjusted the<br />

contract automation to only display the<br />

sign-up form for those not already in the<br />

programme to prevent duplicate records<br />

from being created.<br />

Customers respond very well to the<br />

loyalty programme. <strong>Marina</strong> Master’s<br />

software helps determine the status<br />

level for a customer, and applies their<br />

benefits to applicable transactions.<br />

Being rewarded with savings is<br />

incredibly valuable to our boaters.<br />

Our team is always thinking of new<br />

ways we can use the software and<br />

leverage automation to our advantage.<br />

Something on deck at Charlestown<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> is creating a scheduled pumpout<br />

form through <strong>Marina</strong> Master to<br />

make this amenity at the marina more<br />

efficient.<br />

Implementing smart software at Soldiers<br />

Point in Australia has improved day-to-day<br />

operations and saves thousands of dollars<br />

per year in operational costs.<br />

Darrell Barnett CMM<br />

general manager,<br />

Soldiers Point <strong>Marina</strong>,<br />

Australia<br />

We implemented the smart <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Master solution step by step, focusing<br />

on CRM smart technology that<br />

enables us to offer our guests unique<br />

customer experience. The best thing<br />

is how versatile the system is and how<br />

cooperative and diversified the owners<br />

are in being willing to customise to our<br />

needs. Nothing is too hard – everything<br />

is prioritised and to date they have met<br />

all expectations.<br />

The software enables a lot of<br />

flexibility in customising solutions<br />

according to our requirements and ever<br />

evolving customer services. It not only<br />

improves the day-to-day operations<br />

but is saving me thousands of dollars<br />

a year in operational costs. <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Master has managed to integrate with<br />

MYOB.<br />

As for customer response, clients<br />

who try our marina services and<br />

facilities are returning and becoming<br />

long-term loyal customers. my<strong>Marina</strong><br />

enables them to make restaurant<br />

reservations, call<br />

for assistance by<br />

boat or car and<br />

have quick access<br />

to marina business<br />

offers from tenants<br />

and more.<br />

Smart initiatives<br />

are part of our<br />

Darrell Barnett<br />

future strategy in<br />

updating and upgrading luxury facilities<br />

and services for our guests according<br />

to latest marina industry trends.<br />

Customer and marina requirements<br />

are constantly developing according to<br />

the rapidly changing environment in the<br />

marina industry.<br />

Mark Jaraczewski, vice<br />

president, Circle Boating,<br />

Suntex <strong>Marina</strong>s, USA<br />

When implementing Stellar as online<br />

booking software, the customer<br />

experience is very easy and simple.<br />

We use Stellar for all our boat clubs<br />

and boat rentals, and we have been<br />

with them for six or seven years. We<br />

are currently operating 20 boat clubs<br />

across the United States, and we have<br />

29 properties that use Stellar for rentals<br />

on The Circle of Boating that handles<br />

our division. It’s been a great system<br />

for us as we can target key areas with<br />

certain pricing structures as well as get<br />

the report for things that we need. It’s<br />

a very good system for the boat rental<br />

market and the boat club market.<br />

54 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

www.marinaworld.com – November/December 2022 45


The Circle of Boating division at Suntex<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s runs smoothly, and enjoys multiple<br />

benefits, using online booking software for<br />

its boat clubs and boat rentals.<br />

A lot of the advantages we see lie<br />

in how booking grids work and how<br />

you arrange the booking grids. The<br />

willingness to design the platform and<br />

make it more appealing for the frontend<br />

user for our operations is big and<br />

we run a big operation here.<br />

I think the future<br />

advancement in<br />

dashboards and<br />

creating different<br />

structures for<br />

dashboards will<br />

make a difference.<br />

For example,<br />

having revenue for<br />

my division for the<br />

Mark Jaraczewski<br />

boat rental market<br />

in the cloud. It’s been a seamless and<br />

easy system to navigate and operate.<br />

I’m boarding new properties and it’s<br />

pretty easy for us to do that, so I think<br />

that is an advantage and it would<br />

be different if you didn’t have this<br />

technology behind you.<br />

The understanding of the system as<br />

we grow means we know the system<br />

inside and out now. It’s really been that<br />

easy for us to install at the properties<br />

and move to a more positive direction<br />

so I think that the install and learning<br />

the system is very simple.<br />

And the customer experience<br />

has been a huge advantage for the<br />

business. Having the online booking<br />

experience is very easy and simple to<br />

utilise which has allowed for a better<br />

experience for the customers.<br />

In the future, we want to move<br />

forward with some other changes when<br />

it comes to booking windows: how can<br />

we increase our booking window times<br />

and make sure a person books more<br />

effectively? I think you’ll see us in the<br />

future looking at our operating system<br />

as we advance with our marinas. We’re<br />

going to be working on some future<br />

designs and how we can enable the<br />

customer to book more quickly and<br />

easily.<br />

The Industry Leader in HDPE<br />

Wave Attenuation Systems.<br />

Designed and Built to Last.<br />

» Protects Human Health and Property from High Wave Energy<br />

» All Season » Cost Effective » Low Maintenance<br />

» Reduces Long-Term Adverse Environmental Impacts<br />

» Designed and Manufactured by PNP » Reduces Coastal Erosion<br />


KINGSTON, WA | (360) 297-0858<br />

56 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


VoltSafe CEO Trevor Burgess (left) and<br />

CTO Sanad Aridah.<br />

Setting a new<br />

standard in marine<br />

electrical safety<br />

VoltSafe Marine electrical shore power connectors and outlets set a new<br />

standard in marine EV charging and shore power safety, with smart features<br />

like current leakage detection, power-metering and automated utility<br />

billing. This level of unprecedented safety ensures both marina operators and<br />

boaters alike have confidence knowing there are safety levels near that of the<br />

aerospace sector, while optimising operational efficiency.<br />

VoltSafe Inc., an inventive<br />

tech company headquartered in<br />

Vancouver, Canada is on a mission to<br />

improve electricity use for everyone,<br />

everywhere. Technology has rapidly<br />

advanced many facets of our lives,<br />

yet – until now – we have seen little<br />

innovation or significant improvements<br />

with how we connect to and control<br />

electricity – particularly when it comes<br />

to marine shore power.<br />

Traditional marine electrical power<br />

pedestals can be problematic, with<br />

recessed contacts that make it<br />

impossible to detect corrosion, a major<br />

cause of marina and boat fires. Shore<br />

power pedestals can also require<br />

maintenance and labour to manually<br />

monitor and manage electricity usage,<br />

which can be inefficient and costly.<br />

VoltSafe Marine electrical connectors<br />

do not use prongs to connect to the<br />

electrical outlet, they use magnets and<br />

VoltSafe’s patented technology. On<br />

the outlet side, a sleeve-over adaptor<br />

with flat metal contacts retrofits to the<br />

outlet and magnetically mates with its<br />

connector allowing power to safely flow.<br />

With no prongs or recessed outlets,<br />

VoltSafe Marine connectors eliminate<br />

the arcing, corrosion and risks that can<br />

lead to disastrous boat and marina<br />

fires. The design of the connector<br />

prevents corrosion from building up and<br />

being hidden.<br />

VoltSafe’s patented technology – a<br />

proprietary blend of internal integrated<br />

circuitry – keeps the plug off by default<br />

until a secure connection with the<br />

pedestal is established. “The power<br />

only flows once the outlet recognises<br />

an exact electrical signature from its<br />

counterpart, and this all happens in<br />

less than five milliseconds once the two<br />

sides are fully connected,” explained<br />

VoltSafe’s CEO, Trevor Burgess. “So,<br />

if you accidentally drop your plug<br />

in the water, it’s not going to pop all<br />

the breakers or electrocute anyone.<br />

People are talking about electric shock<br />

drowning a lot these days, and this<br />

eliminates any potential for it.”<br />

This level of safety ensures both<br />

marina operators and boaters alike<br />

have confidence knowing there are<br />

safety levels near that of the aerospace<br />

sector, without the aerospace pricing.<br />

Jeffrey Poole, a founder, executive and<br />

advisor in the marine industry, recently<br />

noted: “VoltSafe is positioned to disrupt<br />

an age-old shore power system,<br />

accelerate electrification and set a new<br />

standard in marine electrical safety.<br />

Discussing prototype design (right) and in<br />

operation on a marina pedestal (above).<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

Digital Editions<br />

Available for remote reading<br />

As remote as you like<br />

One man can easily and safely do dry docking and launching of sailing<br />

and motor boats on ramps and slipways with a SUBLIFT. Typical usage is<br />

docking for fast service, cleaning of hulls and for winter season storage.<br />

1<br />

12-90<br />

ton<br />

sales@sublift.se | www.sublift.com<br />

Sign up at<br />

www.marinaworld.com<br />

<br />








VoltSafe is going to disrupt the power<br />

supply and delivery space, a sector<br />

ripe for innovation. The safety aspect<br />

of VoltSafe products should set new<br />

regulatory standards and change how<br />

power cords are connected to devices.<br />

Marine electrification needs VoltSafe’s<br />

technology.”<br />

The interest in VoltSafe Marine<br />

extends beyond pleasure-craft boaters<br />

and marinas and into industrial shipping<br />

and national defence too. Learning<br />

about VoltSafe’s technology and marine<br />

solution, Alex Rueben, executive<br />

director of the Association of British<br />

Columbia Marine Industries and former<br />

chief operating officer of the Canadian<br />

Navy, stated: “This plug will set a new<br />

standard for marine electrical safety<br />

and adds further ‘smart’ capabilities that<br />

promise to accelerate the electrification<br />

of vessel fleets. This is an exciting<br />

technology addressing a real need.”<br />

Reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs)<br />

through electrification is the future,<br />

but energy management is equally as<br />

important. VoltSafe believes what gets<br />

measured gets managed, and has built<br />

its connectors with smart capabilities<br />

that allow a user to monitor power<br />

being used at the outlet level. With this<br />

IoT-enabled connectivity, boaters can<br />

manage a boat’s power usage from a<br />

smart phone, and a marina operator<br />

can manage every slip from a single<br />

dashboard, all while relying on the<br />

With VoltSafe’s power management<br />

software the marina operator can manage<br />

every slip from a single dashboard.<br />

Smart adaptors ensure safe and<br />

secure connection.<br />

safest standard in marine<br />

electrical safety.<br />

Sanad Aridah, VoltSafe’s<br />

CTO, describes the root<br />

benefits as follows: “An<br />

investment in a VoltSafe<br />

Marine connector is like getting<br />

an insurance policy on your<br />

vessel. Along with previously<br />

unattainable levels of safety,<br />

energy usage also comes into<br />

play with the electrification of<br />

boats becoming increasingly<br />

popular. The accompanying<br />

VoltSafe mobile application<br />

will help boat owners and<br />

marinas reduce their power<br />

consumption effectively.”<br />

Elisabeth Charmley, executive<br />

director and co-founder of the<br />

Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate,<br />

added: “As electrification of assets<br />

proliferates, VoltSafe’s patented plug<br />

and outlet connectors will play a key<br />

role in energy management – VoltSafe<br />

is ahead of the curve.”<br />

VoltSafe recently received its eighth<br />

patent approval, and approvals are<br />

still pending in 40 additional countries.<br />

“VoltSafe’s patented technology is<br />

the engine that drives prongless<br />

(conductive) connectors delivering safe,<br />

simple and smart-enabled solutions.<br />

Protecting our IP enables us to optimise<br />

opportunities for licensing agreements,<br />

proliferating our technology worldwide.<br />

We are currently placing heavy focus<br />

on advancing our technology within<br />

the marine industry, a sector that<br />

is ready and primed for safer, ultraconvenient<br />

shore power solutions that<br />

save lives, money and reduce GHG<br />

impact,” Burgess added.<br />

Earlier this year, VoltSafe earned<br />

a CES <strong>2023</strong> Innovation Award. The<br />

company will be exhibiting at several<br />

trade shows this year, including IBEX<br />

in Tampa, Florida, this October, taking<br />

centre-stage in the Tech Talk Theater<br />

to deliver a one-hour presentation of<br />

its marine application as a solution for<br />

marine EV and shore power. VoltSafe<br />

will also be attending Metstrade in<br />

Amsterdam for the second consecutive<br />

year.<br />

A final word of approval comes<br />

from marina operator, Mauricio<br />

Guerra Navarro, dock operations<br />

coordinator at Coal Harbour <strong>Marina</strong><br />

in Vancouver. “VoltSafe Marine is the<br />

most modern and convenient way of<br />

shore power solutions; a fully integrated<br />

shore power system with optimised<br />

functionalities,” he says. “It’s easy to<br />

use and convenient for manual plug-in.<br />

With VoltSafe, there are no complicated<br />

plug-ins, no more hassles and no<br />

more need of twist locks that usually<br />

fail. Integrated with a modernised<br />

software app, with true live monitoring,<br />

it’s extremely user-friendly for captains<br />

and boat enthusiasts, as well as marina<br />

and facility operators. [It’s an] all in<br />

one product destined to cover all the<br />

needs of the industry. It is extremely<br />

convenient and a great tool to survey<br />

the use and distribution of electric<br />

power in the marina/dock grid. This is<br />

definitely the future of shore power.”<br />

For a limited time, VoltSafe is<br />

inviting select marina operators<br />

across North America to join a<br />

beta pilot programme to conduct<br />

a large-scale test of its patented<br />

technology within an active<br />

marina.<br />

As part of this pilot, each marina<br />

will actively test the control box and<br />

pedestal-side connectors retrofit<br />

onto a small number of existing<br />

pedestals and have access to<br />

VoltSafe’s power management<br />

software. <strong>Marina</strong> test partners are<br />

required to place a refundable<br />

deposit for the beta units. At the<br />

end of the test project, these beta<br />

units can also be converted into a<br />

purchase order for first-access to<br />

commercial units at a later date.<br />

Interested marinas should contact<br />

marine@voltsafe.com or visit<br />

voltsafemarine.com/aboutbetapilot<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


©<br />

The Industry Leader in<br />

HDPE Floating Docks.<br />

Designed and Built to Last.<br />

» All Season » Cost Effective » Low Maintenance<br />

» Designed and Manufactured by PNP<br />


KINGSTON, WA | (360) 297-0858<br />



at your fingertips<br />

C E L E B R AT<br />

I N G<br />

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Y E A R S<br />

marinamanagementsoftwaresolutions<br />



IN YOUR<br />


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Flovac wins<br />

second<br />

Mallorca<br />

contract<br />

Flovac is to provide the sewerage pipes<br />

and vacuum wells for the buildings at Club<br />

de Mar in Palma de Mallorca (above). The<br />

contract is the second the company has won<br />

for work on the remodelling of the marina.<br />

The remodelling project is being carried out<br />

in two areas and has been awarded to two<br />

different construction companies. Both networks<br />

will be connected to a single vacuum station.<br />

In the marina area, Flovac has been working<br />

since 2021 on pipes, manholes and turrets for<br />

emptying wastewater from yachts up to 150m<br />

(490ft). Water is treated with hydrocarbon<br />

separators also supplied by Flovac.<br />

Both the manholes for the boats and the wells<br />

for the buildings are supported by Flovatronic<br />

software, which allows real-time supervision of<br />

everything that happens in the marina’s vacuum<br />

sanitation network.<br />

www.flovac.es<br />

Valterri Vauramo<br />

Valterri Vauramo (right) has returned to Marinetek Finland as its new director,<br />

central and northern Europe. He has 22 years of experience in the international<br />

marina industry.<br />

Vauramo previously worked with<br />

Marinetek Group and Marinetek<br />

Finland in various roles for over ten<br />

years before deciding to leave Finland<br />

in 2012 for the UAE, where he worked<br />

as a business unit manager for a local<br />

marina construction company.<br />

In 2020, he moved to the Australian<br />

Joint connector enhances<br />

breakwater performance<br />

The design for the Astra semi-flexible rubber joint for connecting<br />

concrete floating breakwater modules has been purchased by Chinese<br />

marina builder Livart Marine. The technical transfer was made in 2022.<br />

Developed by Spanish engineers,<br />

the joint adjusts the strength of<br />

the connection by changing the<br />

number of rubber blocks, allows<br />

for small amplitude movement and<br />

energy absorption, and is easy to<br />

assemble.<br />

Thanks to the Astra connection<br />

design, Livart Marine’s floating<br />

concrete breakwaters are now<br />

designed with a hydrodynamic<br />

approach to provide the best<br />

Gold Coast to become general<br />

manager and senior engineer at a local<br />

marina company.<br />

Santeri Suoranta, CEO of Marinetek<br />

Group, is delighted to have him back.<br />

“We are really happy to have Valterri on<br />

board with us with his wide knowledge<br />

on marina business and technology<br />

attenuation for wind and waves.<br />

All breakwaters are structurally<br />

designed in accordance with Euro<br />

2, and manufacturing quality is<br />

assured under ISO 9001:2015<br />

standards.<br />

Custom manufacturing enables<br />

Livart to design and fabricate<br />

for every configuration and thus<br />

minimise stress on structural joints<br />

even in the roughest conditions.<br />

www.livartmarine.net<br />

and his excellent personal touch. He<br />

will be a vital part of the next steps of<br />

Marinetek,” he said.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



Index to Advertisers<br />

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Conolift by Kropf Industrial,<br />

Canada 26<br />

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Scribble Software, USA 51<br />

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Service, Denmark 17<br />

Marinetek, Finland 4 & 35<br />

Martini <strong>Marina</strong>s, Italy 30<br />

METSTRADE, Netherlands 20<br />

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PierPump by Vogelsang,<br />

Germany 8<br />

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Industries, Netherlands 31<br />

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Walcon Marine, UK 26<br />

Wiggins Lift Co, USA 36<br />

UK marina group signs<br />

four-year service contract<br />

International marina consultancy firm, <strong>Marina</strong> Projects, has signed a four-year<br />

service contract with <strong>Marina</strong> Developments Ltd (MDL) for the provisioning of<br />

licensing, project management and technical support for its marina dredging<br />

and capital works programmes.<br />

MDL owns and operates 19 marinas,<br />

predominantly on the south coast of<br />

England.<br />

In addition, it also manages through<br />

an agent two wholly owned subsidiary<br />

businesses: Hythe <strong>Marina</strong> Village Ltd<br />

and Ocean Village <strong>Marina</strong> Management<br />

Company Ltd. Both have a portfolio of<br />

property and marina assets.<br />

The agreement covers the full<br />

portfolio of marina sites, including<br />

those at Hythe and Ocean Village<br />

(Southampton).<br />

Two clearly defined work streams<br />

have been established: support<br />

for the delivery of a dredging<br />

campaign to include licensing and<br />

project management activities; and<br />

Geoff Phillips<br />

Twenty-one years after founding<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects, chairman Geoff<br />

Phillips has announced his<br />

retirement.<br />

Confirming the news, managing<br />

director Mike Ward said: “The<br />

whole of the <strong>Marina</strong> Projects family<br />

wishes Geoff well for his well-earned<br />

retirement. He has played a significant<br />

role in some of our most successful<br />

and substantial projects, with no<br />

better example than Geoff’s vision<br />

and master planning guidance for<br />

Porto Montenegro.”<br />

“Geoff has also been instrumental<br />

in the establishment and delivery of<br />

the lease and operating arrangements<br />

at Whitehaven <strong>Marina</strong> and James<br />

Watt Dock <strong>Marina</strong> and the setting up<br />

Geoff Philipps (second from left) with the<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects team.<br />

programme/project management<br />

support for the delivery of the annual<br />

capital works programme, including<br />

lock shutdowns, infrastructure audit and<br />

pontoon replacement projects across<br />

the various marina developments.<br />

“The framework agreement with MDL<br />

provides both parties with long term<br />

benefits and assures MDL of continuity<br />

and project delivery,” said <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects managing director Mike Ward.<br />

“Furthermore, it demonstrates the<br />

breadth of skills and experience that<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects has at its disposal and<br />

the benefits of applying that support<br />

to an organisation with an extensive<br />

marina portfolio such as MDL.”<br />

www.marinaprojects.com<br />

of the Hong Kong Office. I know that<br />

the team will miss Geoff’s passion for<br />

the industry and our business. He can<br />

be very proud of the contribution he<br />

has made to the marina sector across<br />

a working life largely dedicated to the<br />

industry.”<br />

Geoff Phillips commented: “As we<br />

pass the 21st anniversary of <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects, the time has come for me<br />

to move towards retirement and I do<br />

so with an immense feeling of pride<br />

at everything that has been achieved,<br />

and safe in the knowledge that the<br />

company is in good hands and set<br />

fair for the future. The highlights have<br />

been many but above all it has been<br />

the satisfaction that comes from the<br />

establishment of a business that is<br />

well respected within the industry and<br />

where the focus has always been on<br />

the development of a team ethos and<br />

spirit.”<br />

62 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong>


GREEN<br />


SEWAGE<br />


Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use<br />

in marinas and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and<br />

bilge water from boats and all facilities<br />

around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

Eco-sustainable system<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour, no spills<br />











Our services cover the entire spectrum of marina and waterside development.<br />

With uncompromising standards in all areas of our service, we have the credentials to<br />

take the vision and aspiration of any marina development to its ultimate conclusion.<br />

www.marinaprojects.com<br />

U NITED KINGDOM +44 (0)23 9252 6688 | HONG KONG +852 3796 3533 | C YPRU S +357 97714495

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