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<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Issue 142<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators



SF <strong>Marina</strong> is a world-renowned expert on developing new or existing<br />

premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters and<br />

concrete pontoons to anyone anywhere who plans on building a marina<br />

with superyacht berths. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong> Vol. 24, No. 4<br />

21<br />


<strong>World</strong> News 7<br />

Superyacht Facilities<br />

Developing a megayacht business at<br />

Dock Maarten in the Caribbean 15<br />

Key infrastructure at <strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito, Costa Rica 21<br />

Boosting refit standards at Lusben facilities, Italy 25<br />

Buying and Selling <strong>Marina</strong>s 30<br />

Key professionals from CBRE, Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

Capital Real Estate and Investors Realty Service give<br />

opinions and advice<br />

38<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Chains 38<br />

D-Marin had a hugely successful 2023 with many<br />

acquisitions and innovations<br />

Nautical Events 40<br />

Introducing the GCCM Gold Coast Mackay Yacht<br />

Race; status boost for Ibiza JoySail Superyacht<br />

Regatta; preparing <strong>Marina</strong> Lanzarote for the RORC<br />

Transatlantic Race<br />

40<br />

Fuel Technology 45<br />

The world’s first network for green hydrogen refuelling<br />

of recreational boats<br />

Boat Sharing 48<br />

Nautical Boat Club opens new club in Kemah<br />

Boardwalk; Agapi and Axopar launch AxA<br />

Products & Services 50<br />

On the cover:<br />

Family-owned Dock Maarten<br />

on the half Dutch, Half French<br />

Caribbean island of St Martin<br />

has recently completed one of<br />

the largest private megayacht<br />

slips in the region. The move is<br />

part of a decades-long marina<br />

development programme. Read<br />

more p.15<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>Marina</strong><br />

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Green assets<br />

The global marina market is experiencing significant growth, with projected<br />

expansion from US$18.89 billion in 2023 to an estimated US$24.22<br />

billion by 2028 according to market research information released by<br />

researchandmarkets.com. The increase reflects a compound annual growth<br />

rate (CAGR) of 5.1%.<br />

The research points to various key drivers: economic prosperity in coastal regions;<br />

increasing popularity of boating; sustainable marina initiatives that sit well with ecoaware<br />

customers; and continued market interest from corporate entities seeking<br />

partnerships and acquisitions.<br />

This final driver shows no sign of flagging and the positive vibe from the Buying<br />

and Selling <strong>Marina</strong>s feature in this issue (p.30) is thus a very important barometer of<br />

the health of the sector.<br />

Although the feature is primarily focused on the Florida market – arguably the<br />

most significant boating hub in North America – the buying trends roll out nationwide.<br />

Michelle Ash refers to “a spike in marina acquisitions fuelled by new funds and<br />

groups entering the market”; Christian Johannsen notes “we’ve seen at least four to<br />

six new entries [chains/groups] into the marina space that were not here before”; and<br />

Julie Fisher Berry explains “chains are expanding but they sometimes have certain<br />

restrictions which have allowed newer groups a better opportunity to enter the<br />

market and begin developing portfolios.”<br />

In this issue alone, we highlight the latest acquisition of the Australia-based MA<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Fund – the largest marina group in the southern hemisphere – and the<br />

addition of ten marinas in 2023 (including three new territories: Spain, Malta and<br />

Albania) to the D-Marin portfolio.<br />

If sustainable marina initiatives are also driving growth, this is well-deserved. Large<br />

groups, as well as private and family-owned marinas, all champion environmental<br />

responsibility and, in addition to attracting new eco-aware customers, have almost<br />

certainly educated seasoned boaters about greener practices. Huge ongoing<br />

emphasis is placed on re-using water, maintaining pollution-free water, adopting<br />

alternative energy systems (especially solar power) and recycling waste. Marine<br />

industry-wide focus is also being placed on fuels and fuel technology for leisure<br />

boats and a step change is upon us with the NatPower H initiative (see p.45).<br />

Marketed as the world’s first network for green hydrogen refuelling of<br />

recreational boats, NatPower H is on a mission to install 100 of its fuel stations<br />

in the Mediterranean within the next six years – before going global. The first 25<br />

installations will be made in Italian marinas and ports. One hundred stations will<br />

supply up to 3,650 tonnes of green hydrogen every year. This will eliminate around<br />

45,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for vessels and, once again, position<br />

marinas centre stage for promoting a cleaner world.<br />

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Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




<br />

1975. <br />

<br />

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'<br />

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CUSTOM<br />

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VALUE<br />

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<br />

Headquarters<br />


<br />

P<br />

Americas<br />

SEAFLEX, Inc.<br />

<br />

P<br />

Oceania<br />

SEAFLEX Australia<br />

<br />

P<br />



Thumbs up for AMI Expo<br />

USA: The Association of <strong>Marina</strong> Industries (AMI) secured another big success<br />

with AMI Conference & Expo <strong>2024</strong> held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the close<br />

of January.<br />

The event, which offered multiple<br />

break-out sessions, pre-conference<br />

educational opportunities and<br />

networking and social events, was<br />

anchored by two well-attended keynote<br />

presentations and a lively exhibit area<br />

with over 160 booths.<br />

Bill Benjamin kick-started conference<br />

discussion with his presentation ‘Build<br />

a high-performance, last 8% culture,’<br />

and David Atkins re-engaged attendees<br />

at the start of Day 2 with the prompt<br />

‘No excuses – break through fear and<br />

adversity to play a bigger game in<br />

business and life’.<br />

Pre-conference highlights reminded<br />

everyone that AMI Expo is primarily<br />

an educational opportunity with a<br />

broad reach. Delegates could attend<br />

the annual American Boat Builders<br />

and Repairers Association (ABBRA)<br />

Conference, clean marina course,<br />

insurance workshop, docks and<br />

marinas course, the <strong>Marina</strong> 101 preconference<br />

workshop and the everpopular<br />

marina and boatyard tour.<br />

On Conference Day 1, certificates<br />

were awarded to 36 newly qualified<br />

Certified <strong>Marina</strong> Managers (CMMs)<br />

and Certified <strong>Marina</strong> Operators<br />

(CMOs), and on Day 2 delegates were<br />

welcomed to a first-time ‘Women’s<br />

Leadership Breakfast Panel’ prior to the<br />

conference welcome.<br />

AMI Conference & Expo returns<br />

to Fort Lauderdale in 2025 (28 th -30 th<br />

January) and shifts to Daytona Beach<br />

for 2026 (2 nd -4 th February).<br />

ADSP opens bids for<br />

new Cagliari port area<br />

ITALY: The Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia (ADSP), which<br />

governs the port of Cagliari, has opened bids for state concessions for a new<br />

17.4ha (43.2acre) port area with pontoons that will be dedicated to vessel<br />

construction, refit, repair, maintenance, storage and complementary activities.<br />

A total of 13 lots will be available,<br />

two of which are reserved for various<br />

sized boats and include water area.<br />

The remaining space is earmarked<br />

for various purposes including engine<br />

repairs, electrical and electronic system<br />

installation, manufacture and repair of<br />

textile and metal items, and navigation<br />

and lighting equipment.<br />

Mooring Post<br />

Don’t miss Mooring Post, our regular digital<br />

newsfeed. Sign up for free today at marinaworld.<br />

com/mooringpost<br />

Highlights from February/<strong>March</strong>:<br />

Australia: QLD Government invites bids for marina on<br />

The Spit<br />

UK: MDL marks 50 years with multi-million spend<br />

UAE: D-Marin sells Business Bay <strong>Marina</strong><br />

USA: Nine <strong>Marina</strong>, Oklahoma, completes major upgrade<br />

Thailand: Ocean <strong>Marina</strong> Jomtien voted best for berths<br />

Successful bidders will need to build<br />

the infrastructure necessary for their<br />

business activities and the ADSP will<br />

take this into account when evaluating<br />

the expressions of interest, along with<br />

the management and organisation<br />

plan, experience, expected levels of<br />

employment and economic benefit to<br />

the overall plan.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



CLEAN<br />



PierPump - hassle-free disposal of waste water and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts<br />

Skippers and landlubbers alike are clear about one thing: water is<br />

precious. Whether due to legal requirements or on their own initiative,<br />

more and more port operators also feel obliged to offer a professional<br />

disposal station for waste water and bilge water. With its powerful and<br />

robust rotary lobe pump the PierPump from Vogelsang comes at just<br />

the right time for all of them. It is easy to install and can be used by boat<br />

operators at the touch of a button. Emptying the tank takes just a few<br />

minutes and the waste water is discharged directly into the port‘s waste<br />

water system.<br />

More information at:<br />

vogelsang.info/int/pierpump-<strong>2024</strong><br />



<strong>Marina</strong>s.com<br />

Oasis to manage<br />

Dania Beach<br />

USA: Oasis <strong>Marina</strong>s has secured a strategic partnership with the City<br />

of Dania Beach in South Florida to manage its municipal marina.<br />

“We are delighted to welcome<br />

Dania Beach <strong>Marina</strong> to our portfolio<br />

and are proud to be part of such<br />

an integral aspect of Dania Beach’s<br />

community fabric,” said Oasis<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s CEO Kenneth Svendsen.<br />

“Dania Beach <strong>Marina</strong> is not just a<br />

marina; it’s a vital cornerstone for<br />

residents with a significance that<br />

extends beyond its exceptional<br />

amenities, serving as a hub<br />

for recreation, commerce and<br />

connection within the local area.”<br />

The collaboration builds<br />

upon the marina’s rich history,<br />

originally developed by the City<br />

Considered to be the largest<br />

investment deal in Egypt’s<br />

history, with potentially $150<br />

billion involved, the city will<br />

be positioned not only as an<br />

with the support of the Broward<br />

County Board of Commissioners.<br />

Situated on the scenic Intracoastal<br />

Waterway oceanside in Dania<br />

Beach, the marina offers a host of<br />

amenities for boaters and visitors<br />

alike and benefits from Bellingham<br />

floating concrete docks, and pumpout<br />

stations at every slip.<br />

Under the leadership of general<br />

manager, Tyler Girolamo, efforts<br />

will concentrate upon enhancing<br />

grounds maintenance and<br />

optimising network connectivity.<br />

Girolamo and his team will<br />

maintain a strong on-site presence.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> in plans for<br />

Ras Al-Hekma<br />

EGYPT: A direct investment deal with the UAE to build Ras Al-<br />

Hekma, a massive new city on the country’s north coast, was<br />

signed in February. The project will be undertaken by the New<br />

Urban Communities Authority and the Abu Dhabi Development<br />

Holding Company.<br />

urban business and residential<br />

centre but also as a tourist<br />

hub. A large marina is planned<br />

amidst hotels, resorts and<br />

entertainment venues.<br />


<strong>Marina</strong>s24<br />

finalises programme<br />

AUSTRALIA: The programme for the<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s24 International Conference and<br />

Trade Exhibition, to be held 27 th -28 th May at<br />

the Royal International Convention Centre,<br />

Brisbane has been finalised.<br />

The event kicks off with an economic<br />

overview and forecast from National Australia<br />

Bank’s Tapas Strickland, and quickly moves<br />

to focus on the opportunities for the marine<br />

industry in Australia and the broader Asia<br />

Pacific region as we head towards 2032.<br />

Delegates will receive the findings of the<br />

2023 Health of the Australasian <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Industry Survey (HAMIS), which for the<br />

first time included New Zealand. This data<br />

provides an overview of historic trends<br />

and key industry benchmarks. The <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Industries Association (MIA) will share how it is<br />

supporting industry and its long-term strategy.<br />

Special focus will be given to: designing<br />

marina precincts; being climate-ready;<br />

alternative power systems; energy and<br />

compliance obligations; maximising yield;<br />

increasing projects through shared boating<br />

clubs; and topical operations matters, such as<br />

recruitment and retention, marketing and the<br />

ever-popular innovation showcase.<br />

Rodney Longhurst, owner of Riviera<br />

Australia, will deliver the closing keynote,<br />

sharing the inspiring story of ‘The rebirth of the<br />

Riviera’.<br />

Social and networking events include the<br />

North Harbour Happy Hour; Breakfast with<br />

the Exhibitors; and the Superior Jetties Gala<br />

Dinner.<br />

The full programme can be viewed at www.<br />

marinas-24.com<br />

MA <strong>Marina</strong><br />

boosts portfolio<br />

AUSTRALIA: MA Financial has further boosted its<br />

MA <strong>Marina</strong> Fund portfolio by acquiring privatelyowned<br />

East Coast <strong>Marina</strong> in Manly Harbour.<br />

“With 330 berths and prime location, this transaction<br />

marks a significant milestone for our MA <strong>Marina</strong> Fund,<br />

expanding the Fund’s footprint to 13 marinas and<br />

solidifying our position as owners of the largest marina<br />

group in the southern hemisphere,” MA Financial said<br />

in a statement.<br />

MA <strong>Marina</strong> Fund owns Bateman’s Bay and Port<br />

Macquarie, the d’Albora <strong>Marina</strong>s assets, Horizon<br />

Shores and Port of Airlie.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


Delivering the marinas<br />

of tomorrow<br />

Porto Montenegro, Tivat - Montenegro<br />

Hi-tech solutions to connect land and sea<br />

Pontoons, breakwaters, superyacht piers, floating crossings and<br />

constructions, off-the-shelf or customised, with robust and<br />

reliable structures in steel, aluminium or concrete.


NEOM<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> access to<br />

mountain retreat<br />

SAUDI ARABIA: Aquellum, the latest addition to the ongoing NEOM regional<br />

development in northwest Saudi Arabia, has been announced.<br />

Concealed from the outside along<br />

the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Aquellum<br />

is hidden within a breathtaking 450m<br />

(1,480ft) high mountain range and<br />

represents a futuristic ecosystem that is<br />

harmoniously integrated into the natural<br />

surroundings.<br />

Visitors embark on an extraordinary<br />

journey to access Aquellum, beginning<br />

at a floating marina. Here, they board<br />

a specially designed vessel to enter<br />

via a concealed underground canal.<br />

Once inside, visitors will be treated<br />

to an exhilarating 100m (330ft) high<br />

vertical experience with an impressive<br />

courtyard space stretching from the<br />

water to the sky.<br />

A dynamic boulevard winds through<br />

the courtyard, connecting diverse<br />

social and events spaces, world-class<br />

hospitality, immersive arts, shopping<br />

and dining. A signature space, dubbed<br />

‘The Generator’, houses unique<br />

research labs for disruptors, innovators<br />

and creative thinkers, offering a<br />

platform for reimagining the future.<br />

An omnidirectional internal transit<br />

system facilitates easy access to<br />

upper floors, transporting residents<br />

and visitors to their homes and hotels,<br />

ascending to rooftop gardens with<br />

breathtaking coastal views.<br />

Brisbane River marina<br />

fills ‘overnight’ gap<br />

AUSTRALIA: A 42-berth marina where commercial and tourist boats can dock<br />

overnight on the Brisbane River will be built at Raptis Seafoods, Morningside<br />

near the Gateway Bridge. The marina is one of five projects that have been<br />

awarded a share in AU$15 million under round one of the Growing Future<br />

Tourism programme.<br />

While the facility will not provide a<br />

tourist pick up and drop off point, the<br />

marina will give Brisbane’s marine<br />

tourism operators a place to anchor<br />

after a tough few years that included<br />

the 2022 floods and displacement due<br />

to waterfront developments across the<br />

city.<br />

Queensland Government funding<br />

for the projects will leverage AU$66.6<br />

IGY<br />

launches<br />

Savannah<br />

Harbor<br />

USA: Island Global Yachting (IGY<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s) has announced a new<br />

marina in the heart of Savannah,<br />

Georgia. To be developed in<br />

partnership with Savannah Harbor<br />

Partners LLC, it will be branded<br />

IGY Savannah Harbor <strong>Marina</strong>.<br />

Upon completion in spring<br />

2025, the marina will feature 100<br />

berths for vessels of all sizes,<br />

including over 1,000 linear feet<br />

(300m) to accommodate deep<br />

draft superyachts. Located just five<br />

miles (eight kilometres) from the<br />

Intracoastal Waterway and with no<br />

air draft and depth restrictions on<br />

the Savannah River, it is an ideal<br />

stopover point for both cruisers and<br />

transiting superyachts.<br />

“We are excited to be involved in<br />

this wonderful project and a catalyst<br />

of nautical tourism in this thriving<br />

area,” said IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s president<br />

Steve English. “The opportunity to<br />

develop and operate IGY Savannah<br />

Harbor <strong>Marina</strong> means we will deliver<br />

the highest levels of service to our<br />

global clientele in this incredible<br />

destination.”<br />

Myrick Marine Contracting<br />

Corporation will provide services<br />

as the general contractor. Meeco-<br />

Sullivan Wahoo docks will be<br />

installed in the small boat inner basin<br />

and Marinetek floating concrete<br />

pontoons utilised for the superyacht<br />

dock located along the river.<br />

million in private investment, supporting<br />

an estimated 313 jobs during planning<br />

and construction and 669 ongoing<br />

operational jobs.<br />

The new marina is due for completion<br />

by <strong>April</strong> 2025, subject to development<br />

approvals. Other projects include a<br />

fixed 50m (164ft) jetty at Lindeman<br />

Island Resort, and a marine tourism<br />

hub at Flinders Street Wharves,<br />

Townsville, featuring marina berths and<br />

a floating bar/restaurant.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


Leading UK Manufacturer<br />



Seen across prestigious marinas and<br />

waterfronts globally since 1990<br />

Let’s discuss<br />

your next<br />

development<br />

today!<br />


• Development surveys<br />

• M&E designs<br />

• Branding<br />

• Installation & project management<br />

• Expert aftersales support<br />

• Aiding sustainability goals<br />

• Comprehensive product range<br />

• Emergency equipment<br />

• Sanitation pump-outs<br />

• Superyacht services<br />

• E-boat & EV chargepoints<br />

• Smart metering<br />

For more details contact Rolec’s <strong>Marina</strong> team<br />

t: +44 (0) 1205 724754<br />

e: rolec@rolecserv.co.uk<br />



Dock Maarten:<br />

A mecca for megayachts<br />

Dock Maarten on the half Dutch, half French Caribbean island of St Martin has<br />

recently finished building two of the largest private megayacht slips in the<br />

region at 187m (614ft) in length, helping it serve as a key destination ideally<br />

positioned within the superyacht circuit between Antigua and St Thomas.<br />

The marina has a long history<br />

of catering to the superyacht and<br />

megayacht community in the<br />

Caribbean. The Deher family, which<br />

has been developing and operating<br />

the property for more than 45 years,<br />

first conceived plans to expand to<br />

accommodate megayachts two<br />

decades ago in response to an<br />

increase in demand. While the nearby<br />

Below: Brian Deher with his father<br />

Michel in earlier days of the marina<br />

build. Michel and his wife, Kathy, began<br />

building Dock Maarten – previously<br />

named Great Bay <strong>Marina</strong> – in 1978 and<br />

expanded it six years later. Right: Michel<br />

Deher is still hands-on in the continuing<br />

property development.<br />

Port of St Maarten has two megayacht<br />

slips available, this was not enough to<br />

handle demand, leaving many 80m+<br />

(262ft+) yachts no option other than<br />

to anchor out in the bay and wait on<br />

availability at the port or relocate to<br />

other islands. The marina has worked<br />

hand in hand with the port and the local<br />

government to fill demand by expanding<br />

the number of megayacht slips it<br />

offers. Construction was delayed as<br />

the family gathered funds, but finally<br />

began five years ago.<br />

Dock Maarten’s megayacht slips<br />

have been built in stages, with the<br />

first eight opening two years ago.<br />

At that time, however, the marina<br />

did not have sufficient draft to<br />

accommodate yachts above 70m<br />

(230ft). After years of both hydraulic<br />

and mechanical dredging, the<br />

marina can now safely moor vessels<br />

in excess of 100m (328ft) with drafts<br />

of up to 5m (16ft).<br />

Brian Deher, founder and<br />

managing director of marina<br />

services company St Maarten Ultra<br />

Marine, says: “There are more<br />

yachts built every year than there are<br />

new megayacht marina slips. The<br />

average size of the newly built yachts<br />

is growing and many existing marinas<br />

are not designed to handle their length,<br />

draft and/or their gross tonnage. It<br />

is very difficult to build a megayacht<br />

marina as the permitting process is<br />

difficult, the investment is large and<br />

there are only certain places that the<br />

yachts want to be. We see tremendous<br />

growth year over year in the yachting<br />

industry in general and we believe that<br />

the northeast Caribbean will continue<br />

to be a hub for charter activity in the<br />

winter months.”<br />

Dock Maarten is working with various<br />

companies around the world to offer<br />

shipyard services that will help extend<br />

the Caribbean yachting season, as<br />

yacht owners will be able to repair<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


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If it’s on water<br />

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Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

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Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

Vigo, SPAIN<br />

+34 986 906 770<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . p t


and maintain their vessels while in<br />

the region. “The goal is to reduce the<br />

need for yachts to have to relocate to<br />

Europe or the US to go to traditional<br />

shipyards,” Deher explains. “Over the<br />

next ten years, we see growth in the<br />

entire yachting industry and we believe<br />

St Maarten is well suited to continue to<br />

be a leader in the yachting industry in<br />

the Caribbean.”<br />

Current facilities<br />

Today, the marina boasts 12 megayacht<br />

slips – eight of which are capable<br />

of accommodating yachts in excess<br />

of 100m (328ft) – and can also<br />

accommodate more than 20 boats<br />

under 25m (82ft). Dock Maarten’s<br />

robust structure enables it to offer<br />

extensive shipyard services to its<br />

clients, including the accommodation<br />

of 100-ton cranes or larger on either<br />

side of a newly built cofferdam that<br />

allows two 100m+ vessels to moor<br />

up alongside.<br />

“The cofferdam is wide enough<br />

to accommodate cranes and<br />

scaffolding on both sides and<br />

still leave enough room for fuel<br />

trucks and other service vehicles<br />

to access the yachts,” Deher says.<br />

“This represents a significant<br />

enhancement in the marina’s<br />

(and the region’s) capabilities and<br />

offerings.” Additional side-to and<br />

med-moor slips will be added in the<br />

next two years, doubling the available<br />

capacity.<br />

The entire property is reclaimed<br />

land, with the dredged sand used to<br />

backfill behind the sheet pile bulkhead<br />

and between the cofferdam, creating<br />

over four acres of property that will<br />

be dedicated to providing additional<br />

megayacht services and amenities for<br />

guests and crew.<br />

Its location in an<br />

open bay means the<br />

marina is affected<br />

by hurricanes, and<br />

vessels are required<br />

to leave in the<br />

event of inclement<br />

weather even<br />

though the marina<br />

infrastructure is<br />

specifically designed<br />

Brian Deher: “We see tremendous growth<br />

year over year in the yachting industry in<br />

general and we believe that the northeast<br />

Caribbean will continue to be a hub for<br />

charter activity in the winter months.”<br />

for hurricanes. For example, the marina<br />

opted not to install floating docks and<br />

instead custom built its docks from<br />

concrete, on steel pipe piles filled<br />

with fortified concrete and rebar. The<br />

bulkhead is built on top of 12m (39ft)<br />

long sheet piles driven to refusal and<br />

tied back to 6m (20ft) tieback walls.<br />

“In the case of the cofferdam, the 12m<br />

sheet piles are tied to each other with<br />

threaded tie rods. We designed our<br />

own concrete pedestals that have<br />

meters, switchgear and transformers<br />

in a transformer room that is well<br />

protected from any potential swells, so<br />

only the breakers and connection points<br />

are located out on the docks,” Deher<br />

explains.<br />

Crew amenities<br />

Dock Maarten is a full service facility<br />

that also serves as a destination,<br />

complementing other world-class<br />

marinas on the island.<br />

It is located along the boardwalk<br />

between St Maarten’s cruise facility<br />

and the town of Philipsburg – the<br />

capital of Dutch St Maarten and one<br />

The impressive cofferdam significantly<br />

enhances megayacht mooring<br />

opportunities in the region.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Dock Maarten – now (right) and in 2020<br />

(below). Significant thought, effort and<br />

investment has gone into developing the<br />

marina to help fill a market gap.<br />

of the main shopping districts and<br />

tourist destinations on the island. The<br />

marina property has a gym, shops, VIP<br />

showers and bathrooms, restaurants,<br />

bars and a beach, and guests can<br />

walk along the boardwalk through the<br />

town to many other amenities. Dock<br />

Maarten is continuing to add to the<br />

property’s amenities with padel and<br />

pickle ball courts, volleyball courts, a<br />

pool, more food and beverage options<br />

and shopping. There will also be more<br />

service-related additions to the marina<br />

including a machine shop, a chandlery<br />

and support offices.<br />

The marina is designed to allow<br />

visitors to drive directly up to every slip,<br />

where high-speed fuelling, pump-out<br />

services, heavy equipment and other<br />

services are on offer. “The marina’s<br />

design also allows us to offer shipyard<br />

services because we can get heavy<br />

equipment and scaffolding directly next<br />

to the yacht,” Deher explains.<br />

Ideal location<br />

St Maarten is ideally situated in the<br />

northeast of the Caribbean, just 15<br />

miles (24km) to St Barths and seven<br />

miles (11km) to Anguilla – both<br />

popular charter destinations – and<br />

centrally located between the two main<br />

megayacht ports in the region. The<br />

island also has airlift facilities to the US<br />

and Europe, making it an ideal place for<br />

crew or guests to join the yacht.<br />

Other megayacht slips on the<br />

island are located in the Simpson Bay<br />

Lagoon, which can only be accessed by<br />

going through the Simpson Bay Bridge.<br />

This “has draft and beam limitations,<br />

opens on a fixed schedule, and can be<br />

difficult to navigate depending on the<br />

weather and size of the yacht,” says<br />

Deher.<br />

“We’ve found that while we focused<br />

on the yachts too large to enter the<br />

lagoon, many yachts that can easily<br />

enter Simpson Bay Lagoon still visit<br />

Dock Maarten as a destination while<br />

on charter. The water in Great Bay is<br />

crystal clear and we have a beach on<br />

the outside of our cofferdam. Guests<br />

can swim right from the marina or<br />

use the vessel’s water toys in the bay<br />

while the yacht is safely moored at the<br />

marina.”<br />

The marina has a mix of transient<br />

and permanent vessels, most are<br />

transient but Dock Maarten does offer<br />

annual and long-term slip agreements.<br />

Expansion plans<br />

Deher, who specialises in designing,<br />

building and operating megayacht<br />

facilities, says the family wants to<br />

continue to focus on megayachts and<br />

their needs. “Currently, the Caribbean<br />

is frequented only by a small majority<br />

of yachts in the world. Most stay in the<br />

Mediterranean, the US or other parts<br />

of the world. As we develop better<br />

facilities, offer more services, and<br />

promote unique events, I believe the<br />

Caribbean market will continue to grow<br />

quite steadily,” he says.<br />

“Dock Maarten is heavily focused<br />

on expanding the service side of the<br />

business as that is one of the areas<br />

where the Caribbean is lacking. When<br />

we expand the service side of the<br />

yachting industry in the Caribbean, we<br />

will increase the length of time yachts<br />

stay in the region and help increase<br />

the job opportunities for locals that<br />

are able to work on repairing and<br />

maintaining yachts. St Maarten is<br />

widely considered the best island in the<br />

Caribbean to provision and get repairs<br />

and maintenance done because of the<br />

many skilled professionals on the island<br />

and because of the duty free status and<br />

ease of travel to the US and Europe.”<br />

For now, Deher intends to wait until<br />

the marina has evolved over the next<br />

few years and gained a core customer<br />

base. “Several customers have<br />

requested long-term berthing rights<br />

to Dock Maarten’s largest slips due to<br />

our proximity to St Barths, the limited<br />

number of 100m+ slips in the world and<br />

the home-port features that an island<br />

like St Maarten can offer,” he says.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>Marina</strong>s24 International<br />



Royal International Convention Centre (RICC)<br />

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Luring megayachts<br />

to Golfito<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito, a redeveloped marina on the Pacific coast of the Central<br />

American country of Costa Rica, is an impressive example of how floating<br />

dock systems can be installed for superyacht berthing in idyllic environments.<br />

Owner and developer Enjoy Group<br />

has taken full advantage of the marina’s<br />

deep water and sheltered position to<br />

reinvent the facility, and not only double<br />

its superyacht capacity but do so in<br />

style by extending the offering to yachts<br />

up to 100m (330ft) in length.<br />

The developers opted to complement<br />

an existing aluminium pontoon<br />

system with a floating concrete dock<br />

arrangement from SF <strong>Marina</strong>, and to<br />

secure the docks with environmentally<br />

friendly Seaflex mooring hawsers.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito is no stranger to<br />

Seaflex as the company was involved<br />

back in 2016 when the marina was first<br />

built.<br />

“When it was time to expand and,<br />

given our stress and maintenance free<br />

experience with the existing marina, it<br />

was natural for us to renew our trust<br />

with Seaflex and its elastic mooring,”<br />

said marina director Pedro Abdalla<br />

Slon. Seaflex CEO, Lars Brandt, is<br />

equally positive. “We are thankful<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito chose Seaflex<br />

again for its well-designed expansion.<br />

Seaflex, coupled with SF <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Systems’ concrete docks is a state-ofthe-art<br />

solution for superyachts.”<br />

Super-spec docks<br />

The new SF docks run perpendicular<br />

to a 36ft (11m) walkway and comprises<br />

three piers measuring 295ft (90m) long<br />

x 20ft (6m) wide; 197ft (60m) long x<br />

16ft (5m) wide; and 147ft (45m) long x<br />

16ft (5m) wide. This allows the marina<br />

to host two 300ft (91m) superyachts,<br />

two 200ft (61m) vessels and two<br />

150ft (46m) yachts. The docks are<br />

equipped with aluminium bull bollards<br />

of 40 tonnes breaking load, large<br />

utility boxes for electrical conduits and<br />

pedestals, and are connected using<br />

SF W400 flexible connectors which<br />

have a breaking load of 2 x 99 tons<br />

per joint. The Seaflex mooring hawsers<br />

– inherently elastic – can withstand a<br />

substantial drag force.<br />

Although the marina is well-sheltered,<br />

the SF docking pontoons are built<br />

to withstand hard commercial use<br />

and extreme weather conditions. By<br />

virtue of their substantial mass, they<br />

offer sufficient stability for vehicle<br />

use. Maintenance-free and virtually<br />

unsinkable, the docks have a 2ft (0.6m)<br />

freeboard and are equipped with<br />

400A/400V electric outlets, potable<br />

water and other utilities in concealed<br />

ducts. A separate high-capacity fuel<br />

dock offering the fastest fuel pumps in<br />

the country – in fact the fastest between<br />

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and<br />

Above & right: Redeveloped <strong>Marina</strong> Bahia<br />

Golfito is set in a gulf within a gulf framed<br />

by the lush mangroves of two national<br />

parks. The marina is well-sheltered and<br />

located close to the amenities of the town of<br />

Golfito and its domestic airport.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



SF floating concrete pontoons, moored<br />

by Seaflex, withstand hard commercial<br />

use and extreme weather conditions.<br />

Chile – can service two superyachts<br />

simultaneously.<br />

Infrastructure in an<br />

eco paradise<br />

“<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito is a secluded<br />

tropical gem,” said SF <strong>Marina</strong><br />

international project director Peter<br />

Santesson. “During the design phase of<br />

the project, we worked extensively with<br />

Enjoy Group to ensure the new docks<br />

would complement the quality and<br />

aesthetic of the extensive upscaling<br />

they were undertaking.” The “upscale”<br />

aim has been to expand the marina<br />

and create an intimate, village-style<br />

destination, not only for yachts to berth<br />

At least six superyachts in the 300ft<br />

(91m) to 150ft (46m) range can moor<br />

up at the new dock arrangement which<br />

complements the smaller boat berths.<br />

but for avid sport fishermen, tourists,<br />

international home owners and Costa<br />

Rican residents to enjoy.<br />

The marina setting is unashamedly<br />

idyllic. Golfito itself is a port town of<br />

some note, located on the Golfo Dulce<br />

opposite the Osa Peninsula in the<br />

southern region of Costa Rica. It is a<br />

gulf within a gulf framed by the lush<br />

mangroves of Corcovado and Piedras<br />

Blancas National Parks and home to<br />

some of the world’s richest biodiversity.<br />

The town benefits from being a small<br />

community but offers wide-ranging<br />

attractions, such as whale watching,<br />

hiking in the tropical rainforest,<br />

snorkelling, horseback riding, scuba<br />

diving, kayaking and surfing. And, while<br />

offering a level of privacy and seclusion<br />

that sets it apart from the average<br />

tourist spot, it is also easily accessible<br />

– especially by plane. The marina<br />

is very close to the town of Golfito’s<br />

domestic airport and flights connect<br />

to San José, the nation’s capital.<br />

Plans to extend and expand<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito have been<br />

influenced by the rise of ecotourism<br />

and careful thought is<br />

being given to preserving the<br />

environment at every level. The first<br />

steps include the development of 11<br />

waterfront villas, 40 condominiums,<br />

six restaurants and 20 boutique<br />

shops to complement an existing<br />

boutique hotel and restaurant. A<br />

high percentage (perhaps around<br />

85%) of residential property buyers<br />

are expected to come from the<br />

USA and the target demographic<br />

includes vacation home owners looking<br />

for adventurous destinations.<br />

Year-round superyachts<br />

Another big push for <strong>Marina</strong> Bahia<br />

Golfito is the knock-on effect of the<br />

introduction of a new marina law<br />

in 2021. This gave marinas fairer<br />

concession periods and opened<br />

up charter opportunities for foreign<br />

superyachts of 24m (79ft) and above.<br />

With appropriate permits, such vessels<br />

can now be chartered legally and<br />

remain in the country for potentially<br />

two years. The law, in part the result<br />

of lobbying by the Costa Rica <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Association, was implemented in a bid<br />

to boost the economy of coastal zones<br />

and attract investors.<br />

Enjoy Group, which is an experienced<br />

developer and manager of tourismbased<br />

projects in Costa<br />

Rica and other Central<br />

American countries,<br />

expands the appeal of<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Bahia Golfito<br />

via its partnership with<br />

IGY whose international<br />

marina management<br />

and ownership portfolio<br />

is high-end. It will also<br />

be able to benefit from<br />

the fruits of investment<br />

in safe, secure docks<br />

carefully configured within<br />

a deepwater basin; and<br />

the upside of being the<br />

closest deepwater marina<br />

in Costa Rica to the<br />

Pacific exit of the Panama<br />

Canal.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




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NOVEMBER <strong>2024</strong><br />





<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> official media partner<br />









Lusben development<br />

boosts refit standards<br />

Lusben, the historic refit and repair yard, which is now part of the Azimut-<br />

Benetti Group, is transforming the Italian port of Livorno into a one-stop<br />

service centre for motor and sailing megayachts. The overarching project also<br />

involves shipyards in Varazze and Viareggio. Donatella Zucca reports<br />

Strengthened by a 2,500 ton shiplift,<br />

a 180m (590ft) long floating dock, a<br />

pressurised paint booth (ventilated and<br />

heated up to 70°C/158°F), and much<br />

more, the Lusben development project<br />

offers unprecedented standards for<br />

luxury yacht refits.<br />

The commitment is made easier by<br />

being part of the Azimut-Benetti Group;<br />

the largest builder in the world of yachts<br />

over 24m (79ft). The biggest yachts are<br />

built in Livorno where Benetti is able<br />

to simultaneously build three vessels<br />

of over 100m (330ft) and launch them<br />

within 100 days. Examples include the<br />

107m (351ft) yachts Luminosity and<br />

Lana, and the 108m (354ft) IJE.<br />

Part of the Lusben upgrade also<br />

sweetens the path for sailing yachts.<br />

Since 2022 a new concession basin<br />

has been able to accommodate vessels<br />

such as the famous 88m (289ft)<br />

three-masted Maltese Falcon, which<br />

has recently been refitted. A modular<br />

inspection pit is being constructed for<br />

sailing ship daggerboards up to 70m<br />

(230ft), with variable width and depth<br />

so as to also receive fully extended<br />

centreboards and manage the entire<br />

maintenance process.<br />

Lusben also features a ‘technical’<br />

marina with perfectly equipped docks<br />

and moorings for the largest vessels,<br />

supported by free Wi-Fi, concierge and<br />

24-hour mooring assistance including<br />

connection/disconnection of electricity<br />

supply. A dedicated car park, CCTV<br />

video surveillance and a security guard<br />

complete the picture.<br />

Currently, and still within the scope<br />

of Azimut-Benetti, Lusben also has<br />

important infrastructure and equipment<br />

in <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze and also in<br />

Viareggio but it owes much to its own<br />

history of offering refits and tailormade<br />

services for every type of vessel<br />

since 1956. It continues to offer a 360°<br />

customer care dedicated to captains<br />

and crew before, after and during the<br />

refit process. There are guest quarters<br />

and entertainment areas, laundry,<br />

tailoring, and cleaning and security<br />

services when yachts are unmanned.<br />

Various touristic, cultural, sporting<br />

and medical services are available via<br />

specific partners as well as training<br />

courses and fully-equipped offices.<br />

Equally important is the management<br />

service covering technical<br />

documentation relating to the rules,<br />

regulations and requirements inherent<br />

to refit and repair activities, which must<br />

Lusben Livorno is being developed to work<br />

on the world’s largest yachts.<br />

be obtained from classification bodies<br />

to guarantee the safety of people and<br />

transported goods.<br />

Heading up the expansion of Lusben<br />

is Giorgio Casareto, director of <strong>Marina</strong><br />

di Varazze, and responsible for the<br />

development of the other Azimut-<br />

Benetti marinas as general manager of<br />

the new corporate structure. He works<br />

with Giovanni Paladino, the commercial<br />

director, Alessandro Lazzerini, who<br />

heads up production, planning,<br />

logistics and project management,<br />

and procurement manager Leonardo<br />

Santini.<br />

The total project figure runs at €19<br />

million, of which €12 million is being<br />

spent on Livorno alone. Within three<br />

years, this substantial investment<br />

will see delivery of a new 22ha (54.3<br />

acre) basin area – and thus even more<br />

opportunity for refit projects to build<br />

on Lusben’s success, which has a<br />

growth forecast<br />

of around 10%<br />

per annum for<br />

the next three<br />

years. The yard<br />

closed 2023<br />

with a turnover<br />

of around €45<br />

million but<br />

Paladino is<br />

cautious, “it’s<br />

possible that<br />

Giovanni Paladino<br />

<strong>2024</strong> could be slower depending on<br />

how the market goes.”<br />

In the near future, Lusben will benefit<br />

from the close proximity of a 600-berth<br />

tourist port thanks to the recent, hard<br />

fought 40-year concession obtained by<br />

Porta a Mare SpA. This company was<br />

founded in 2003 with the involvement<br />

of Azimut-Benetti but the Group<br />

subsequently pulled out. “The project<br />

does not involve Lusben,” Paladino<br />

clarifies, “but having a nice marina<br />

nearby, like our competitors in Antibes<br />

and Barcelona, can only be positive.<br />

Having tourist areas and ports around<br />

is good.”<br />

Talking to Paladino<br />

Q: You have experience in other areas<br />

outside Lusben. Is there a sector or<br />

company that has particularly inspired<br />

you or given you inspiration for running<br />

this business?<br />

A: Certainly Bombardier, in the<br />

approach to the product as well as<br />

the production, in after-sales service<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




www.livartmarine.net<br />



and, in particular, asset management.<br />

However, I have also worked in the<br />

small cruise ship sector, which has<br />

a similar dynamic to the megayacht<br />

market. Both, perhaps more so the<br />

latter, inspire both asset management<br />

and the 360° assistance concept.<br />

Q: Is the growth in newbuild or repair<br />

and refit for large yachts the prevailing<br />

reason for Lusben’s development?<br />

A: In the near future we expect a<br />

significant increase in refit work as in<br />

the recent past, due to the pandemic,<br />

important developments have taken<br />

place with regard to new products. We<br />

expect some stability now so that the<br />

refit area can be further expanded.<br />

Our strategy is synergistic with regard<br />

to continuing to be a leader for both<br />

newbuild and refit.<br />

Q: In a post-pandemic climate that is<br />

rife with political instability and warfare,<br />

what is the large yacht market asking<br />

for in terms of refit, and what are the<br />

main issues?<br />

A: At the moment, the market is asking<br />

the refit world to accommodate vessels<br />

to the schedules and volumes required.<br />

This is not trivial as it depends on<br />

infrastructure; there aren’t that many<br />

shipyards. The first requirement,<br />

therefore, is to have adequate<br />

infrastructure, and the second, efficient<br />

performance. This needs to take<br />

into account the lengthening of the<br />

seasons, the demand to have yachts<br />

available, and the lengthening of their<br />

time of use. Yacht owners require even<br />

complex work to be completed in a<br />

shorter time and the dynamics become<br />

more complicated when the vessels<br />

spend longer at sea. This means<br />

that it’s becoming important to have<br />

widespread presence so that yacht<br />

owners can be supported in multiple<br />

places.<br />

Q: Do Livorno, Viareggio and Varazze<br />

have different shipbuilding structures<br />

and company dynamics or are they<br />

pieces of a single company strategy?<br />

A: They are different structures that partly<br />

follow a group strategy. The approach to<br />

the customer is identical and there are<br />

no differences in terms of workmanship<br />

or in the methods of managing the<br />

yacht. The change in structure, however,<br />

gives us diversification. For Varazze,<br />

the strategy is to refit vessels up to a<br />

maximum length of 48m (157ft) and to<br />

focus on those with heritage value so as<br />

to best use the shipwrights skilled with<br />

wood that were employed back when it<br />

was a Baglietto shipyard. For Viareggio,<br />

the centre of gravity is yachts of 35 to<br />

52m (115 to 171ft), and in Livorno it’s<br />

limitless dimensions to cover the very<br />

largest yachts.<br />

The famous 88m (289ft) three-masted<br />

Maltese Falcon has recently<br />

been refitted at Lusben Livorno.<br />

Q: Can you give some examples of<br />

new equipment, especially advanced<br />

technology, that is being installed in the<br />

yards?<br />

A: In Livorno, for example, the ship<br />

lift has more advanced technology<br />

than the travel lift and the painting<br />

booth is operated in a controlled<br />

environment. We use 3D technology<br />

to provide drawings, calculate internal<br />

volumes etc., for yachts so that we<br />

can deliver an interior design proposal.<br />

At the moment, we don’t have an AI<br />

application for the shipyard although<br />

I would see this linked to onboard<br />

systems.<br />

Q: What investments are your<br />

priorities?<br />

A: Modernisation of the entire site,<br />

including the squares, existing<br />

buildings, storage areas and crew<br />

lounge. The main infrastructure<br />

The focus at Lusben Viareggio is work on<br />

yachts of 35 to 52m (115 to 171ft).<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Lusben Varazze refits vessels up to 48m<br />

(157ft), taking special advantage of its<br />

shipwrights skilled in working with wood.<br />

investment, however, is the area for<br />

large sailing yachts. Existing technology<br />

is being upgraded and there are also<br />

organisational changes. We have set<br />

up a corporate body that takes care<br />

of commercial, operational, quality,<br />

project management and customer<br />

care. It’s a more structured and modern<br />

organisation.<br />

Q: What are the most requested<br />

services by owners, crews and captains<br />

of large yachts?<br />

A: The crews are asking to be looked<br />

after in terms of accommodation<br />

and recreational opportunities and<br />

want functional logistics and efficient<br />

services. Fitness, gym, spa and<br />

sporting activities are also important.<br />

In Livorno, we are developing an entire<br />

crew area and Viareggio already has<br />

guest houses and lounges for the crews<br />

as well as proximity to restaurants<br />

and pubs. Captains and crews ask<br />

for efficiency in terms of tools, such<br />

as cranes, and processes, such as<br />

unstepping.<br />

Q: How does your plan fit with<br />

environmental concerns?<br />

A: We are working on it. Currently, we<br />

are modernising certain technologies<br />

and sustainability is an element that<br />

we have always actively looked at. We<br />

are collaborating with the International<br />

Council of Marine Industry Associations<br />

(ICOMIA) to define eco-compatible<br />

standards for construction sites.<br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself to be a<br />

worldwide leader in the design, construction and<br />

installation of marinas and berthing facilities,<br />

<br />

182x132mm_Walcon_Anniversary_Final.indd 1 23/06/2023 11:18<br />

28 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


Recently sold by CBRE, Faro Blanco<br />

in Marathon, Florida Keys, is a<br />

trophy marina with an iconic historic<br />

lighthouse, plentiful amenities, and<br />

mooring for vessels up to 140ft (43m).<br />

Trading covetable assets<br />

Buying and selling marinas has become a highly lucrative niche in the global<br />

property/real estate market. What are the trends? Who are the buyers? How<br />

do you prepare for sale? <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> spoke to key professionals at leading<br />

property companies CBRE (Julie Fisher Berry/JFB), Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s (Michelle<br />

Ash/MA), Current Capital Real Estate Group (Calum Winsor/CW) and partners<br />

Investors Realty Services, Inc (Christian Johannsen/CJ) primarily with regard<br />

to the market in Florida.<br />

Q: Can you give an outline of<br />

the scope of transactions you’ve<br />

covered over the past two years?<br />

JFB: The CBRE <strong>Marina</strong> Group is<br />

recognised as the primary source of<br />

signature marine property transactions.<br />

The group specialises solely in<br />

premier marinas and superyacht<br />

facilities, having executed over US$2.5<br />

billion in recent marina and shipyard<br />

transactions including notable facilities<br />

such as Lauderdale Marine Center and<br />

Rybovich Yachting Center. CBRE is the<br />

largest commercial real estate firm in<br />

the world. Its global platform positions<br />

The CBRE <strong>Marina</strong> Group for US and<br />

international transactions alike.<br />

CBRE <strong>Marina</strong> Group has transacted<br />

approximately US$300 million in recent<br />

superyacht marina and refit facility<br />

transactions. Although we are currently<br />

representing owners throughout the US<br />

and abroad, our recent primary sales<br />

occurred in South Florida. One of our<br />

signature transactions included the sale<br />

of The Perry Hotel and Stock Island<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> in Key West, Florida. This asset<br />

traded well in to nine figures, however<br />

the actual price is confidential.<br />

Another premier transaction was<br />

the sale of Lighthouse Point <strong>Marina</strong>,<br />

which is located in the greater Fort<br />

Lauderdale area, just inside the<br />

Hillsboro Inlet. This was a highly sought<br />

after asset due to its location and<br />

immediate access to the Intracoastal<br />

and the ocean. It is a haven for high<br />

end sportfishing yacht owners who<br />

want to be out on the ocean within<br />

minutes. It is difficult to find a<br />

marina in the South Florida market,<br />

especially in Fort Lauderdale. The<br />

value allocation for just the marinas<br />

in these multi-asset properties<br />

typically trade at US$300,000 or<br />

more per slip. This value is based<br />

on a trophy location which has been<br />

maintained, has little to no deferred<br />

maintenance, and provides on-site<br />

amenities.<br />

CBRE <strong>Marina</strong> Group also<br />

represents the long-term leasing<br />

of Sunrise Harbor <strong>Marina</strong>, a<br />

superyacht marina located in the<br />

heart of Fort Lauderdale. Long term<br />

marina leases are another desirable<br />

acquisition. Situated near the Fort<br />

Lauderdale International Boat Show,<br />

this marina has the attributes that<br />

attract the most discerning marina<br />

operators and owners in the industry.<br />

MA: We have been fortunate to have<br />

relationships with new and repeat<br />

marina sellers that culminated in over<br />

US$380 million in marina sales over<br />

the last two years across all regions of<br />

the US. An example of repeat clients<br />

is the sale of a portfolio consisting of<br />

six marinas that we represented. We<br />

worked with the seller initially as a<br />

buyer.<br />

CW: We have sold marinas and<br />

boatyards from the Florida Keys all<br />

Long-term leases have become desirable<br />

acquisitions as they require less capital.<br />

CBRE recently negotiated the sale of the<br />

lease for Sunrise Harbor <strong>Marina</strong> in Fort<br />

Lauderdale, Florida.<br />

30 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


The sale of Lighthouse Point <strong>Marina</strong> was<br />

a premier transaction in a location where<br />

each slip is typically valued at US$300,000.<br />

the way up through to New York. The<br />

deal size on closed transactions varies<br />

from somewhere between US$7 to 25<br />

million. However, that being said, we<br />

have worked on and continue to work<br />

on deals that are US$4 to 7 million and<br />

much larger marinas in the US$100<br />

million range.<br />

Q: During this two year timeframe,<br />

has there been increased interest<br />

and what types of marinas are most<br />

sought after?<br />

CW: Over the last several years we<br />

have seen an increasing demand for<br />

marinas, and I think this was inevitably<br />

a result of COVID and people wanting<br />

to get away from people and crowds<br />

(where else but on your boat at sea).<br />

We already know boat sales are way<br />

up as a result and given Florida’s all<br />

year-round boat market it has been<br />

a real destination for all, or at least<br />

on their radars, and given that these<br />

boating markets were only shortly<br />

impacted from lockdown restrictions<br />

they performed well given the<br />

circumstances.<br />

There is also a decreasing supply<br />

of marinas due to the ever-growing<br />

waterfront luxury real estate and<br />

condo markets. There have been many<br />

instances of waterfront marina/boatyard<br />

operations that turn into some new high<br />

rise development to maximise the land<br />

use and gentrification. Private Equity<br />

and REITs were never on the radar for<br />

There is an increase in dry storage<br />

demand especially as racking and boat<br />

moving technology develops. Current<br />

Capital sold Stump Pass <strong>Marina</strong> within the<br />

past two years.<br />

the marina industry, I think because<br />

marina assets can be quite complex<br />

real estate asset classes compared to<br />

your typical cookie cutter multi-family,<br />

industrial or retail properties. I think<br />

when SUN Communities purchased<br />

Safe Harbor <strong>Marina</strong>s in 2020 for<br />

US$2.11 billion that brought a whole<br />

new set of eyes to the table and interest<br />

from all over the world, because who<br />

wouldn’t want to own waterfront real<br />

estate in a thriving market and asset<br />

class?<br />

There is an increase in dry storage<br />

demand as the racking and building<br />

possibilities grow with new technologies<br />

for larger boats, along with increasing<br />

forklift capabilities, which all in allow<br />

for a safe secure indoor environment<br />

to house boats. However, given the<br />

ever increasing size of yachts and<br />

superyachts these days, if the water<br />

depths are deep enough to support the<br />

vessels, you will find all these wet slip<br />

marinas are usually pretty full. People<br />

with 50/60/70/80ft+ boats obviously<br />

take up more space (which space is<br />

limited) and the desire for bigger and<br />

better isn’t going anywhere.<br />

CJ: The pandemic clearly increased<br />

the demand for boats…but the lowest<br />

interest rate environment in my 52+<br />

year career provided an opportunity for<br />

basically everyone to go purchase their<br />

“28ft centre console” fishing/day boat.<br />

So, we’ve had an enormous increasing<br />

demand.<br />

Also, in Florida in 1989, the Florida<br />

State Legislature enacted the Manatee<br />

Protection Plan (MPP) for 13 counties.<br />

The MPP ensures the long-term<br />

protection of manatees within specific<br />

county boundaries. Each of these 13<br />

counties is now allowed a maximum<br />

number of vessels collectively (both dry<br />

and wet). So, for example, if a county<br />

is limited to 5,000 boats, and it already<br />

has 4,850 vessels, one could only add<br />

150 racks/wet slips – irrespective of<br />

the demand for same. This has really<br />

put a damper on the supply side of the<br />

equation.<br />

MA: The past two years have continued<br />

to see a spike in marina acquisitions<br />

fuelled by new funds and groups<br />

entering the market. Investors are<br />

attracted to marinas due to the limited<br />

waterfront and therefore limited spaces<br />

to build marinas, attractive cap rates<br />

and accelerated depreciation. Add<br />

to this the appeal that waterfront<br />

properties have.<br />

Various factors have continued to<br />

accelerate and keep the marina market<br />

strong and attractive: new funds and<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




SMART<br />

Develops innovative solutions<br />

designed to satisfy the customer<br />

with care and reliability<br />

The smart system has been<br />

created to support marinas<br />

in managing the services<br />

<br />

and add value to the port<br />

structure and berths. Our<br />

multi-platform solution is<br />

able to remotely control<br />

from PC and Smartphone<br />

the columns, making the<br />

systems integrated.<br />


the future with<br />

<br />


Via dell'Artigianato, 2/4 - 48022 Lugo (RA) - ITALY<br />

Phone (+39) 0545 32900 | Email info@gigieffe.com<br />

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 REG. N.19255-A<br />


Signature <strong>Marina</strong> and Shipyard Properties<br />

Domestic & international brokerage. Call us for a confidential discussion.<br />


Julie Fisher Berry<br />

+1 954 562 3270<br />

julie.berry@cbre.com<br />

Sheila Roux<br />

+1 954 331 1755<br />



Calum Winsor was involved in the sale of the high end Marathon <strong>Marina</strong> resort,<br />

which caters for a broad range of vessels and RVs.<br />

Wall Street players who entered<br />

the market; the pandemic effect<br />

on increase of boat sales driving<br />

marina occupancy near 100%<br />

occupancy, in general; cash buyers<br />

and alternative funding; and<br />

attractive cap rates compared to<br />

other commercial real estate asset<br />

types.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s with mainly rental<br />

income from wet or dry slips as<br />

well as established long term<br />

commercial tenants are attractive<br />

due to lower risk and higher<br />

returns. <strong>Marina</strong>s with amenities are<br />

also a factor buyers prefer in order<br />

to maintain and attract customers.<br />

JFB: <strong>Marina</strong>s have been a highly<br />

coveted asset. Two years ago,<br />

we would sell marinas before<br />

going out to the open market. It<br />

was a seller’s market, and the<br />

buyers were ready. The desire to<br />

acquire marinas has remained<br />

strong. However, changing market<br />

conditions have recently affected<br />

some buyers in how they acquire<br />

assets and how they assess the<br />

upside potential for increased<br />

value. The market did not change<br />

the appetite to acquire marinas,<br />

just the method by which they are<br />

acquired.<br />

As this asset class becomes<br />

increasingly desirable, new<br />

investors are entering the space<br />

and request to be on the selective<br />

list when we are selling a marine<br />

property. As many groups tighten<br />

their approach, it has provided an<br />

opportunity for others to acquire<br />

trophy locations through their<br />

willingness to be aggressive,<br />

knowing that there is always an<br />

upside in rates due to the lack of<br />

available slips. Supply and demand<br />

dictates markets, and this is no<br />

exception. The lack of supply<br />

has driven the rates up and it is<br />

not likely to change in the active<br />

yachting markets.<br />

Additionally, there is a market<br />

for long term marina leases.<br />

We have represented private<br />

owners and public entities in the<br />

bid process to operate premier<br />

marinas. The benefit of a lease is<br />

the reduction of capital needed for<br />

the price of an acquisition. Capital<br />

improvements may be needed,<br />

however this is subject to the<br />

condition of the marina, structure<br />

of the bid, and revenue sharing<br />

agreement.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s that accommodate<br />

vessels from 40ft [12m] up to<br />

superyachts over 180ft [55m] will<br />

always be in demand in active<br />

yachting areas. Buyers typically<br />

seek marinas with greater than 100<br />

slips, or any size marina that can<br />

accommodate megayachts, which<br />

command a much higher rate per<br />

linear foot. As a board member for<br />

the US Superyacht Association<br />

and Marine Industries Association<br />

of South Florida, I continue to see<br />

the reports showing a consistent<br />

upward trending demand for larger<br />

yachts.<br />

More yachts are coming<br />

online while availability of slips<br />

is declining as marine properties<br />

succumb to other types of<br />

development. Our purpose is<br />

to promote the marine industry<br />

domestically and internationally, so<br />

that we protect marina operators<br />

and berths to accommodate the<br />

increasing number of yachts<br />

entering the market each year. It<br />

is critical to our industry. And it is<br />

The <strong>Marina</strong> Owner’s Guide –<br />

How to Prepare<br />

your <strong>Marina</strong> for Sale<br />

The guide is divided into three sections. The<br />

first covers ongoing awareness and steps<br />

taken throughout the marina ownership;<br />

the second highlights steps to take as<br />

you approach the decision to sell; and the<br />

third addresses aspects of the sale. The<br />

publication provides recommendations that<br />

cover: pre-sale strategic planning, valuation,<br />

buyer qualifications, due diligence, contract<br />

negotiations and exit strategy. The guide<br />

aims to increase the marina’s appeal, add<br />

value, and offer a negotiation advantage that<br />

will be useful in discussions with buyers.<br />

“We suggest that marina owners allow<br />

sufficient time well ahead of when they plan<br />

to sell, to be able to implement some of<br />

these recommendations,” Michelle Ash says.<br />

The Guide covers three stages for preparing a<br />

marina for sale:<br />

Ongoing Preparation<br />

• Study the <strong>Marina</strong> Market<br />

• Understand what <strong>Marina</strong> Buyers Look For<br />

• Identify New Profit Centres<br />

• Explore Expansion Potential<br />

• Maintain Reliable Financial Records<br />

• Examine Deferred Maintenance<br />

Exploring the Sale: Pre-Sale Strategic<br />

Planning<br />

• Build Your Sales Team<br />

• Your <strong>Marina</strong> Broker<br />

Time to Sell: Ensuring a Smooth Sale<br />

• Confidential Sale or Open Market<br />

• Prepare a Due Diligence Package<br />

• Prequalifying a Buyer: Financing and Price<br />

• The Purchase and Sale Agreement<br />

• The Transition<br />

“We have put together this guide to provide<br />

marina sellers with the insights we’ve compiled<br />

to ease the process of selling your marina,<br />

achieving a seamless sales transition, and<br />

unlocking the full potential of your marina<br />

investment,” Ash explains.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> owners can request a digital copy<br />

from: team@simplymarinas.com<br />

Michelle Ash, founder and principal of Simply<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s, has an MBA, a PhD, and a post<br />

doctorate in business management related<br />

fields. She was CEO of a PBS affiliate with<br />

150 employees and a US$50 million budget.<br />

National director, George Ash, undertook<br />

graduate work in real estate finance and<br />

has a BA in hospitality and recreation. He<br />

managed and owned award-winning hospitality<br />

businesses. They are also marina investors and<br />

lenders.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />





• Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment<br />

• Yard, self-propelled, and highway models<br />

• Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency<br />

Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile<br />

boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE<br />

pipe floating docks, and steel floating<br />

breakwaters.<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com 888.480.3777<br />

The smart payment<br />

solution for marinas<br />

and boatyards<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>Pay is an end-to-end solution that<br />

makes it easy to receive online or on-site<br />

payments for berth rentals, shop items,<br />

and other products and services.<br />

Learn more at pacsoftmms.com<br />



Based on decades of experience<br />

250+Transactions $380+ million in 2022/23 sales, alone<br />

Copies are available to marina owners: Team@Simply<strong>Marina</strong>s.Com 305-390-0397 Simply<strong>Marina</strong>s.Com<br />

We look forward to optimize your marina's value


Sunset Harbor in New York is now under<br />

new ownership following a sale negotiated<br />

by Current Capital Real Estate.<br />

THE CAST<br />

Julie Fisher Berry<br />

Senior vice president,<br />

CBRE Capital Markets<br />

CBRE <strong>Marina</strong> Group |<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s and Superyacht<br />

Facilities<br />

julie.berry@cbre.com<br />

+1 954.562.3270<br />

Christian Johannsen<br />

Chairman and CEO,<br />

Investors Realty Service,<br />

Inc<br />

cjohannsen@<br />

inreserve.com<br />

+1 305 586 5351<br />

because of this demand that the marina<br />

asset class will continue to increase as<br />

a coveted investment as new investors<br />

enter the market.<br />

Q: Do you see chains/groups<br />

expanding and additional chains<br />

developing?<br />

JFB: All marina investors are expanding,<br />

however many have greater access to<br />

capital and can expand more rapidly<br />

than others. Chains are expanding but<br />

they sometimes have certain restrictions<br />

which have allowed newer groups a<br />

better opportunity to enter the market<br />

and begin developing portfolios.<br />

CW: Yes, we are seeing new capital<br />

finding new groups with the desire for<br />

each to acquire as many marinas as<br />

possible and expand in all markets.<br />

CJ: Absolutely. The “institutional” world<br />

has finally caught on to the “cash flow<br />

cows” of marinas. We’ve seen at least<br />

four to six new entries into the marinas<br />

space that were not here before.<br />

MA: Several funds and groups entering<br />

the market have contacted us with<br />

the intent of placing large investment<br />

amounts in marinas. Their intent is to<br />

create a marina portfolio and in some<br />

cases to partner with proven marina<br />

operators. Established marina groups<br />

who have consolidated several marinas<br />

continue to expand due to economy of<br />

scale, higher returns, and competitive<br />

edge.<br />

Q: Is there a market for selling a<br />

single marina for buyers who wish<br />

to run it as their sole business (i.e.<br />

a new generation of start-up family/<br />

private ownership)?<br />

MA: Very much so. Larger companies<br />

prefer marinas over US$10 million or so<br />

and have stringent requirements.<br />

Individual buyers, lifestyle buyers,<br />

marina operators, and end users are<br />

here to stay. Keep in mind that in spite<br />

of recent consolidation of marinas by<br />

larger groups, the majority of marinas<br />

are still mom and pop owned and make<br />

a good match for individual buyers.<br />

JFB: There is a market for selling<br />

a single marina. However, it is hard<br />

for a lone buyer to compete with the<br />

highly funded investment groups in<br />

prime locations which tend to sell for<br />

higher prices and lower cap rates. If a<br />

single marina is in a non-metro area,<br />

it presents a better opportunity for a<br />

single marina buyer.<br />

CW: Are you referring to a family private<br />

ownership looking to sell their marina?<br />

If so yes, we have helped many private<br />

individuals and families sell their<br />

marinas. If you are asking if the marina<br />

class is a new possibility for families,<br />

I think that is often how it starts, from<br />

boat sales, to boat service and storage,<br />

these individuals and families establish<br />

a great business and service to get<br />

ahead and work well in markets.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s can be time and cost<br />

prohibitive compared to other asset<br />

classes, which requires patience<br />

and flexibility in having to deal<br />

with Department of Environmental<br />

Management (DEP), Army Corps<br />

of Engineers (ACOE), MPP and<br />

other governmental agencies to get<br />

approvals, and the cost to construct<br />

(seawalls, dredging etc). That being<br />

said, there is a lack of marina<br />

developers and groups willing to<br />

undergo the time and risk these days.<br />

Calum Winsor<br />

Current Capital Real<br />

Estate Group<br />

cwinsor@cc-reg.com<br />

+1 954 966 8181<br />

Michelle Ash<br />

Principal, Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

ash1@<br />

simplymarinas.com<br />

+1 305 439 9581<br />

I think that there is a need for more<br />

marina developers to expand and grow<br />

the limited supply of marinas. I think<br />

people can be extremely successful if<br />

they pursue this as their sole business<br />

but do need to understand the industry<br />

and hurdles they will face.<br />

CJ: It used to be more so with<br />

individuals. Today, individuals/<br />

families can’t afford the time or cost.<br />

If you could develop a new marina (or<br />

redevelop an old), it could conceivably<br />

take around three years to get the<br />

necessary permits from Department of<br />

Environmental Resource Management<br />

(DERM), DEP and ACOE.<br />

Furthermore, pricing and costs<br />

have increased so much that a marina<br />

acquisition today is probably well<br />

beyond the ability of most individuals/<br />

families. The average sale price of the<br />

marinas we’ve sold in the last three<br />

years is US$17 million…<br />

Q: What tips would you give a marina<br />

owner wishing to sell?<br />

JFB: The best thing a seller can do to<br />

prepare for a sale is to have as much<br />

documentation compiled and organised<br />

as possible. Having their financials<br />

in order, along with other documents<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




The next step in custom smart green<br />

electrical infrastructure<br />

Upgrade your marina today!<br />

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Four Corners <strong>Marina</strong> and RV Park was<br />

part of a portfolio of six marinas positioned<br />

for sale and sold by Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s.<br />

relating to the condition of the marina,<br />

including surveys, recent capital<br />

improvements, permits, etc., makes the<br />

process much smoother.<br />

When we represent sellers, we assist<br />

with obtaining due diligence items<br />

needed for a seamless transaction. We<br />

guide them in preparing how to best<br />

present the highest and best value and<br />

work with them through the entire sale<br />

process. Professional and experienced<br />

representation helps a seller achieve<br />

the best value through seeking<br />

interested parties who participate in<br />

a bid process. It is essential to have<br />

all the necessary information for the<br />

process to be successful.<br />

CW: First work on understanding the<br />

market as a whole and think creatively.<br />

CJ: Be prepared. Know the condition<br />

(and age) of everything – seawalls,<br />

docks, piers, pilings; know all the<br />

allowable entitlements. Are there any<br />

environmental issues? Is the asset<br />

in compliance with all governmental<br />

regulations? A well prepared seller can<br />

really add value to their asset.<br />

MA: For decades, the Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

team has assisted sellers with presale<br />

strategic planning and valuation<br />

before the marina is on the market.<br />

Based on our experience with over<br />

250 marina transactions, we have<br />

recently released a guide that outlines<br />

tips, recommendations and strategies<br />

to help marina owners contemplating<br />

selling their marina: The <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Owner’s Guide – How to Prepare Your<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> for Sale.<br />

In addition to the team’s experience<br />

with marinas, its qualifications<br />

and business background have<br />

contributed to the comprehensive<br />

recommendations provided in the<br />

marina seller’s guide (see p.33).<br />


www.martinialfredo.com<br />



SINCE 1974<br />






Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 | 22078 Turate (CO)<br />

+39 02963941 | marinas.export@martinialfredo.it<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Amongst D-Marin’s most recent<br />

acquisitions, 961-berth <strong>Marina</strong> degli<br />

Aregai is one of the largest marinas in<br />

the Italian region of Liguria.<br />

A year of growth,<br />

achievement and<br />

innovation<br />

Premium marina owner and operator D-Marin achieved remarkable things in<br />

2023, expanding its portfolio and strengthening commitment to innovation,<br />

environmental stewardship and customer experience.<br />

“We are pleased that 2023 was<br />

an exceptionally successful year for<br />

D-Marin,” says CEO Oliver Dörschuck.<br />

“Our ambition is to pioneer the sector<br />

with our focus on three strategic<br />

pillars: exceptional customer<br />

service underpinned by digital<br />

innovation; high engagement<br />

for the environmental and local<br />

communities (ESG); and the growth<br />

of the number of marinas in our<br />

selection of premium marinas.<br />

We clearly can see measurable<br />

success in all these areas, building<br />

a great company for our people, our<br />

customers and for today and future<br />

generations.”<br />

Growing the portfolio<br />

Last year D-Marin added ten<br />

marinas to its portfolio and entered<br />

three new territories, Spain, Malta<br />

and Albania. Concurrently, D-Marin<br />

formed a strategic alliance with<br />

the Azimut Benetti Group, aiming<br />

to develop an integrated network<br />

of marinas and enhance the<br />

yachting experience throughout the<br />

Mediterranean. As at December<br />

2023, the Group offered 13,000<br />

berths in nine countries with<br />

ambitious plans to acquire or<br />

partner with more marinas in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

As 2023 drew to a close, highlight<br />

acquisitions included <strong>Marina</strong> degli<br />

Aregai and <strong>Marina</strong> di Lorenzo<br />

in Liguria, bringing the number<br />

of D-Marin marinas in Italy to a<br />

total of five and boosting the total<br />

portfolio to 26 marinas across the<br />

Mediterranean and Gulf regions.<br />

The new marinas were carefully<br />

selected to fit with the company<br />

mission to provide an enriched yachting<br />

experience to its customers and are<br />

located on the Riviera dei Fori, a 58km<br />

(36mi) stretch of stunning coastline<br />

steeped in natural beauty and cultural<br />

heritage.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> degli Aregai is one of the<br />

largest marinas in the Liguria region,<br />

with 961 berths accommodating yachts<br />

up to 50m (164ft). The marina offers 24-<br />

hour mooring assistance, a shipyard, a<br />

vibrant shopping complex with over 20<br />

shops, restaurants and a hotel.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di San Lorenzo is a premium<br />

marina with 268 berths for boats up to<br />

40m (131ft) and a recent investment<br />

in superyacht berths. It also offers<br />

hotel amenities, with a spa and private<br />

beach.<br />

Turgutreis <strong>Marina</strong> in Turkey, won Best<br />

Overall <strong>Marina</strong> in the 2023 Abu Dhabi<br />

Maritime Awards.<br />

38 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


<strong>Marina</strong> de La Duquesa in Málaga is<br />

one of three marinas in Spain in the<br />

D-Marin portfolio.<br />

Innovation and<br />

environment<br />

D-Marin’s commitment to innovation<br />

is evident through significant<br />

initiatives introduced throughout the<br />

year. These include the launch of a<br />

customer app, with features like true<br />

online booking and annual online<br />

renewal; introduction of free boat<br />

sensors for remote monitoring; and<br />

installation of smart pedestals for<br />

remote control of energy and water<br />

consumption.<br />

The company places high priority<br />

on environmental and social<br />

responsibility and made a €1.7<br />

million investment in green energy by<br />

installing solar panels in Turkey and<br />

Croatia, covering 71% of its energy<br />

consumption across five marinas<br />

– the equivalent of the annual<br />

consumption of 1,345 households.<br />

D-Marin also donated over €70,000<br />

to youth sports, culture and volunteer<br />

and social causes in Croatia, Greece<br />

and Turkey while being actively involved<br />

in environmental initiatives engaging<br />

local communities. It conducted<br />

training sessions and HSE awareness<br />

sessions, emphasising its commitment<br />

to sustainable marinas and was<br />

rewarded with a Silver EcoVadis award<br />

for sustainability, and the Blue Flag<br />

Award for 14 of its marinas.<br />

Customer experience<br />

In addition to its achievements in<br />

innovation, environmental sustainability<br />

and community engagement, D-Marin<br />

recorded exceptional Net Promoter<br />

Scores (NPS) for 2023. The NPS,<br />

seen as the gold standard of customer<br />

experience, is used by millions of<br />

businesses globally to track how they<br />

are perceived by customers. The results<br />

are calculated by how likely a customer<br />

is to recommend a service to a friend or<br />

colleague.<br />

With its eye-catching circular basin, D-<strong>Marina</strong> Zea<br />

is a vibrant megayacht marina near the bustling port of Piraeus, Greece.<br />

For the third consecutive year,<br />

the Group witnessed a noteworthy<br />

increase in its NPS, demonstrating<br />

a remarkable improvement of seven<br />

points to reach a value of 51 in 2023.<br />

The elevated NPS aligns D-Marin<br />

with premium and luxury brands<br />

such as Apple, Microsoft and Gucci,<br />

showcasing its commitment to<br />

excellence in customer satisfaction.<br />

“The significant increase of the<br />

NPS reflects the dedication of the<br />

D-Marin team, consistently enhancing<br />

services based on valuable customer<br />

feedback,” notes CCO Dean Smith.<br />

“This commitment is at the core<br />

of D-Marin’s operations, further<br />

satisfying our position as the<br />

preferred choice for yachting<br />

enthusiasts seeking premium<br />

marina services. We utilise the<br />

NPS results to monitor customer<br />

views in real time and look forward<br />

to continuing our outstanding<br />

customer excellence throughout<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. We are deeply committed to<br />

improving our services.”<br />

This dedication to customer<br />

excellence has been recognised<br />

by prestigious awards including<br />

Best Overall <strong>Marina</strong> at the Abu<br />

Dhabi Maritime Awards for D-Marin<br />

Turgutreis marina, the globally<br />

prestigious IF Awards for pioneering<br />

approach to customer experience,<br />

and the digital award from the<br />

Greek Yachting Association.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



JoySail joins<br />

the racing elite<br />

Further to its third event in 2023, the Ibiza JoySail Superyacht<br />

Regatta now features in the calendar of top regattas according to<br />

prestigious media partners in the yachting industry. This is a huge<br />

milestone in its blossoming career and a sign of the recognition the<br />

event has gained within the global superyacht racing community.<br />

Ibiza JoySail, promoted by STP<br />

Shipyard Palma and <strong>Marina</strong> Ibiza,<br />

takes place in the breathtaking<br />

waters of Mallorca, Ibiza and<br />

Formentera, and is a thrilling<br />

experience for both experienced<br />

and amateur sailors as there<br />

are various types of categories,<br />

ranging from Performance to the<br />

more gentile Corinthian. There<br />

is no need to change the yacht’s<br />

configuration or take on extra<br />

crew members or sails.<br />

The chance to race in different<br />

categories according to the level<br />

of competition sought by each<br />

owner, and the wonderful family<br />

and friends format to close the<br />

summer season in a laid-back<br />

atmosphere, are two key factors in<br />

the success of the event.<br />

Due to the popularity of the<br />

first two races, JoySail became<br />

invitation-only in 2023 to make<br />

it more exclusive and more<br />

desirable, but also so that the<br />

organisers could have everything<br />

under control and focus on every<br />

last detail, which has always been<br />

highly appreciated by contestants.<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> event (19 th -22 nd<br />

September) will be full of new<br />

developments, with sailing lovers<br />

in Ibiza being given the chance to<br />

break the race record, currently<br />

held by the Swan 115 S/Y Moat.<br />

During a 30-day window before<br />

the race, participants will be able<br />

to set sail at any time, depending<br />

on the weather conditions, in an<br />

attempt to snatch the record from<br />

the Moat team.<br />

GCCM<br />

badges new<br />

Gold Coast<br />

race<br />

Gold Coast City <strong>Marina</strong> & Shipyard (GCCM)<br />

has become ‘Naming Rights’ partner<br />

of Australia’s newest ocean race – the<br />

inaugural GCCM Gold Coast Mackay Yacht<br />

Race, which will set sail on 1 st August.<br />

Australia’s newest race has a magnificent<br />

start location, setting sail from the ocean waters<br />

of Surfers Paradise, and plenty of on-water<br />

and onshore viewing opportunities. Southport<br />

Yacht Club, the race organiser, has launched<br />

the 520nm race as the perfect follow-on from<br />

Noakes Sydney to Gold Coast Race.<br />

GCCM chief operating officer, Andrew<br />

Chapman, says supporting sailing and race<br />

boats is a vital part of the shipyard’s busy<br />

business operations. “As a group of boaties<br />

supporting boaties, GCCM and our marine<br />

trade partners have been servicing and rigging<br />

sailing boats in the Gold Coast for more than<br />

20 years,” he notes, “and we’ve been increasing<br />

our collaboration with race competitors and boat<br />

builders as a specific strategy as I share the<br />

passion for sailing.”<br />

“We are the proud sponsors of Southport<br />

Yacht Club members, such as Xavier Doerr who<br />

attempted to circumnavigate Australia last year.<br />

We sail weekly in GCCM Arctic Blonde, a Hick<br />

39 performance sailing yacht based in Southport,<br />

and have enjoyed supporting Grant Wharington<br />

in the transformation of his super maxi for Sydney<br />

to Hobart at GCCM,” Chapman adds.<br />

All vessel owners registering in the new race<br />

receive 20% off their stay at GCCM, including<br />

berth, lift, water blast, environment and<br />

hardstand fees.<br />

Southport Yacht Club vice commodore of sail,<br />

Glenn Burrell, welcomed GCCM’s support and<br />

recognition of the importance of establishing<br />

this new ocean race for Queensland. “We are<br />

delighted to increase our collaboration and work<br />

with GCCM with so many racing yachts able to<br />

enjoy the peace of mind that GCCM offers for any<br />

refit and repair work to their prize racing yachts,”<br />

he says. “This exciting new partnership will not<br />

just give rise to a very exciting blue water ocean<br />

race for Australia but provide excellent refit and<br />

repair opportunities for our competing sailors.”<br />

40 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


The base behind the race<br />

Melanie Symes of Innova <strong>Marina</strong> is prompted by her involvement with the<br />

RORC Transatlantic Race to share her thoughts on the<br />

preparation and logistics required by marinas when hosting<br />

nautical events.<br />

The tenth RORC Transatlantic Race<br />

set off from <strong>Marina</strong> Lanzarote in the<br />

Canary Islands this January and I was<br />

delighted to be invited to run the race<br />

commentary, together with press officer<br />

Trish Jenkins and sailor and writer<br />

Enda O’Coineen.<br />

Many boats in the fleet were new<br />

to me and so preparation started with<br />

chatting to the crews and listening to<br />

their stories. As final preparations<br />

were being put in place, there was a<br />

palpable atmosphere of excitement<br />

on the docks – tinged in some<br />

cases with a little anxiety. 3,000nm<br />

is no small distance and beyond<br />

the emotional challenge of sailing<br />

offshore, carrying enough provisions<br />

and spares is essential – whilst not<br />

compromising performance due to<br />

too much weight.<br />

This race attracts an incredibly<br />

diverse mix of boats, from 11m<br />

Above: Boats lined up at <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Lanzarote ready for the RORC<br />

Transatlantic Race. Centre right: The<br />

crew of Ocean Breeze. Right: Zoulou<br />

ready for action.<br />

(36ft) monohulls to<br />

sleek maxis and<br />

record-breaking<br />

MOD 70 trimarans,<br />

all competing in<br />

their respective<br />

classes. Crew<br />

sizes differ from<br />

just two members<br />

to over 20 sailors<br />

on board, and the level of experience<br />

varies from seasoned professional<br />

offshore racers to a fair few undertaking<br />

their very first transatlantic crossing.<br />

James Mitchell Robert Hajduk<br />

James Mitchell<br />

42 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


With two significant and unusually<br />

south-spreading depressions, the<br />

forecast for the crossing was another<br />

reminder that every eventuality needs<br />

to be carefully considered.<br />

Gathering support<br />

For marinas, hosting an offshore<br />

race event start can be a major coup,<br />

attracting international acclaim and<br />

positioning the facility in yachting<br />

circles and beyond. That said, it can<br />

require substantial financial, logistical<br />

and human resources, which involves<br />

investing time in setting up reliable and<br />

mutually beneficial collaborations with<br />

local or regional authorities and private<br />

sector sponsors.<br />

Preferences for organisers tend to<br />

be to berth boats as close as possible,<br />

which can be logistically challenging.<br />

And few marinas are able to host<br />

performance yachts drawing up to 5m<br />

(16ft 5in) or even 7m (23ft). Relevant<br />

Maggie Adamson and Gavin Howe on Sun Fast 3600 Tigris (above)<br />

and MOD 70s at <strong>Marina</strong> Lanzarote (below). Photos: Robert Hajduk<br />

languages are required, and crews<br />

need nearby facilities such as hotels,<br />

restaurants and marine services.<br />

Some teams are fairly autonomous,<br />

while others may request help with<br />

matters such<br />

as tracking<br />

packages,<br />

sourcing<br />

parts, storage<br />

or customs<br />

procedures.<br />

Expert<br />

on-the-water<br />

support is also<br />

essential, with<br />

local knowledge<br />

handy for<br />

organising<br />

the start line,<br />

helping to<br />

maximise<br />

visibility, and<br />

supplying RIBs for escorting media<br />

crew or marshalling the marks to<br />

avoid collisions with spectators. The<br />

host destination will often be asked<br />

to provide a hospitality programme,<br />

for which venues, catering and<br />

permissions will all need to be acquired.<br />

Social events provide the means to<br />

build inter-team camaraderie and for<br />

the host to create a positive impression<br />

on the fleet and race organisers,<br />

showcasing their cultural and<br />

gastronomic heritage.<br />

Engaging with others<br />

Optimum media coverage is highly<br />

desirable in both the preferential<br />

language(s) used by the organiser,<br />

and the host’s native language. The<br />

event can provide opportunities to<br />

enhance a reputation by promoting the<br />

destination to an attractive international<br />

audience; perhaps also celebrating<br />

local nautical heritage or procuring<br />

emblematic photos of landscape from<br />

the sea. Special interest groups can be<br />

invited to visit the yachts, such as local<br />

sailing youth or maritime students etc,<br />

or schools can get involved in science<br />

projects being carried out by specific<br />

boats, boosting the connection with the<br />

host destination.<br />

The values of offshore racing are<br />

also relevant and should be celebrated<br />

as part of the event, such as fair<br />

competition, nautical proficiency,<br />

teamwork, adventure, resilience and<br />

tradition. As an events host, we share<br />

a key role in nourishing a passion<br />

for the sea and for commending<br />

nautical excellence; supporting the<br />

wider boating community and helping<br />

establish new standards in racing and<br />

sailing craft.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />




250.000m²<br />


High Impact Resistance<br />

Customizable Profiles<br />

Easy Maintenance<br />

Weatherproff<br />

Twinwood®<br />

95% Recycled | 100% Recyclable<br />

Excellent OIT*<br />

Oxidative Induction Time<br />

TWINWOOD® Trademark of CJ PLAST Portugal | Tel:. +351 256 880 470 | geral@cjplast.pt<br />




CRANE<br />


Via Alba-Narzole 19, 12055 - Diano d’Alba (CN)<br />

tel. +39 (0)173 500357 – info@boatlift.it<br />



NatPower H’s dramatic refuelling station.<br />

CGI: Tecma Solutions<br />

Going green<br />

with hydrogen<br />

Italian entity NatPower H and British company Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)<br />

have announced the world’s first network for green hydrogen refuelling of<br />

recreational boats. The first 25 installations will be made in Italian marinas and<br />

ports as part of a goal to reach 100 in the Mediterranean before expanding<br />

globally. Donatella Zucca reports<br />

NatPower H, part of the NatPower<br />

Group, is investing €100 million in<br />

the project, which should see the first<br />

installations this summer and has a<br />

target to reach the 100 figure over the<br />

next six years.<br />

Founded in 2019 by current CEO<br />

Fabrizio Zago, NatPower boasts a<br />

wealth of renewable projects, all of<br />

which have helped in the establishment<br />

of NatPower H as the first global<br />

player for production, storage and<br />

distribution of green hydrogen. The<br />

company believes that the use of<br />

hydrogen to carry energy through fuel<br />

cells and electric motors promises<br />

an excellent combination of winning<br />

vessel performance and respect for the<br />

environment.<br />

When established, the 100 stations<br />

will supply up to 3,650 tonnes of green<br />

hydrogen every year thus eliminating<br />

around 45,000 tonnes of greenhouse<br />

gas emissions from vessels. The<br />

hydrogen is obtained using RINA<br />

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)<br />

certified low pressure metal hydride<br />

technologies. RINA, formerly the Italian<br />

Naval Register, is today a businessto-society<br />

company supporting<br />

sustainable growth.<br />

The RINA connection adds to the<br />

Italian involvement with the project,<br />

as does the strategic positioning<br />

of NatPower H with the Baglietto<br />

shipyards in La Spezia, which – via<br />

the Bzero project – are debating the<br />

production of storable hydrogen in<br />

solid form. No less important is the<br />

partnership with the America’s Cup<br />

through Bluegame, a Sanlorenzo Group<br />

shipyard of which NatPower H is the<br />

official technical sponsor.<br />

The protocol for the 37 th America’s<br />

Cup, to be held later this year in<br />

Barcelona, requires each team<br />

of challengers to build and use a<br />

hydrogen-powered foil chase boat.<br />

As its part of the project, NatPower H<br />

aims to do two things: create a network<br />

of sustainable energy hubs in major<br />

marinas, and establish ideal conditions<br />

to facilitate the development and use of<br />

hydrogen-powered boats.<br />

NatPower H’s decision to collaborate<br />

with ZHA for the refuelling station<br />

architecture is based on the latter’s<br />

research into modular systems offering<br />

adaptable and customisable designs<br />

according to location. Infrastructure<br />

is designed to respond to specific<br />

requirements in terms of size, climatic<br />

characteristics, exposure, reception,<br />

bicycle charging, pedestrian circulation<br />

etc.<br />

The components of each structure<br />

are created using robotic 3D material<br />

positioning, and are built using lowcarbon<br />

concrete. The masonry is<br />

dry-assembled and is completely<br />

recyclable. In appearance, the<br />

composition is layered to echo nature,<br />

with striated shapes similar to natural<br />

Mediterranean formations and marine<br />

ecosystems.<br />

The design was developed by ZHA’s<br />

Computation and Design Research<br />

Group, together with the Block<br />

Research Group and Incremental<br />

3D, and is based on studies of<br />

unreinforced masonry structures, 3D<br />

printed concrete and sustainable digital<br />

concrete constructions. Examples can<br />

be seen in the 3D printed concrete<br />

pedestrian Striatus Bridge presented at<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



NatPower H stations use advanced<br />

circular building technologies reflecting<br />

commitment to an ecologically<br />

responsible future.<br />

the 2021 Venice Biennale and in Holcim<br />

Innovation Hub’s Phoenix Bridge<br />

in Lyon, France; the first 3D printed<br />

concrete masonry bridge, built with ten<br />

tonnes of recycled materials.<br />

Italian-born ZHA director, Filippo<br />

Innocenti, explains that “the structural<br />

strength of ZHA’s hydrogen refuelling<br />

stations is generated through geometry<br />

rather than increased use of materials.”<br />

“Integrating the latest innovations<br />

in construction techniques with<br />

the historic engineering developed<br />

throughout the Mediterranean by the<br />

Romans more than 2,000 years ago,<br />

the stations use advanced circular<br />

building technologies, reflecting<br />

NatPower H’s commitments to an<br />

ecologically responsible future.”<br />

Negotiations for the 25 stations are<br />

currently underway in marinas and<br />

ports such as Trieste, Genoa and La<br />

Spezia and, bureaucracy permitting,<br />

should soon get the green light – but<br />

the launch station will be in Venice.<br />

Selecting Italy first is not a patriotic<br />

coincidence but a response to the<br />

great turmoil regarding hydrogen fuel<br />

for recreational boats that has been<br />

apparent around the country for some<br />

time. There is thus much focus in the<br />

country for the potential for hydrogen,<br />

and progress too.<br />

The Sanlorenzo Group, for example,<br />

in addition to having seen the hydrogen<br />

boats from Bluegame put into play,<br />

will launch the first 50m (164ft) steel<br />

superyacht this year with fuel cells<br />

powered by hydrogen obtained from<br />

green methanol for the generation of<br />

onboard electricity. And, in four years<br />

time, the first 50m steel superyacht<br />

powered solely by green methanol<br />

is expected to be launched as the<br />

second step in an R&D project aimed at<br />

achieving carbon neutrality.<br />

NatPower H CEO, Andrea Minerdo,<br />

says: “Our goal is to facilitate the<br />

energy transition of this crucial market,<br />

promoting the use of boats powered<br />

by hydrogen and without direct CO2<br />

emissions.” The mission is credible if<br />

one considers that in just a few years<br />

NatPower has become one of the most<br />

prominent independent developers and<br />

is actively operating in Italy, the UK,<br />

Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada, Tunisia<br />

and Chile.<br />

In addition to Baglietto Yachts and<br />

Bluegame, the NatPower H and ZHA<br />

project has collaborated with, amongst<br />

others, Linde, Fichtner Italia and<br />

Bluenergy Revolution Soc Coop, a<br />

100% Italian company based in Genoa<br />

that promotes innovative solutions<br />

for energy transition based on green<br />

hydrogen, low impact technologies and<br />

systems that use recyclable materials.<br />

The challenge of the Mediterranean<br />

is very important as the diverse depths<br />

of its waters are surrounded by unique<br />

cultural, historic and natural heritage.<br />

For this reason, stations are being<br />

designed so as to be adapted and<br />

strategically placed in<br />

locations with different<br />

peculiarities. Using local<br />

materials, such as sand<br />

and soil, together with low<br />

carbon impact concrete<br />

reduces ecological footprint<br />

and creates organic forms<br />

that integrate well with the<br />

environment and celebrate<br />

its characteristics and<br />

beauty.<br />

Furthermore, by being<br />

unreinforced and dryassembled,<br />

the station<br />

walls do not require<br />

carpentry and are easily<br />

and entirely recyclable.<br />

It’s an innovation that<br />

optimises the efficiency<br />

of materials and sets a<br />

new standard for waste<br />

reduction.<br />

46 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


Nautical Boat<br />

Club heads to<br />

Kemah<br />

US-based Nautical Boat Club,<br />

marketed as “the first and only<br />

boating country club”, plans to open<br />

a new location at Kemah Boardwalk<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> in Kemah, Texas this spring.<br />

The move will give club members<br />

unparalleled access to the amazing<br />

boating opportunities on Galveston<br />

Bay and Clear Lake.<br />

“We are thrilled to be welcoming<br />

Nautical Boat Club as our newest<br />

commercial operator at the Kemah<br />

Boardwalk <strong>Marina</strong>,” says marina general<br />

manager Brad Grace. “Their commitment<br />

to an exceptional guest experience,<br />

superior boating model and impeccably<br />

high standards for membership services<br />

makes them an ideal addition to our<br />

boating community here in Kemah. We<br />

are confident that the Nautical Boat<br />

Club will strive to provide its members<br />

with remarkable experiences and create<br />

fantastic memories on the water.”<br />

Club members will be able to go<br />

boating and fishing in local waters and<br />

then return to Kemah to enjoy its first<br />

class restaurants, shops and family<br />

attractions.<br />

Nautical Boat Club has been<br />

established for over 25 years and has<br />

multiple locations in Florida, Georgia,<br />

South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and<br />

Wisconsin. Its boat fleet is constantly<br />

expanded and kept up-to-date, and<br />

members enjoy unlimited use of all boats<br />

for over 300 days of the year.<br />

Member privileges include<br />

complimentary use of premium<br />

watersports equipment – skis, surf<br />

boards, wakeboards, tubes and more –<br />

and full benefits at all clubs nationwide.<br />

Service is premium “white glove” and<br />

concierge-style.<br />

Kemah Boardwalk <strong>Marina</strong> has 400<br />

slips and is one of the best marinas on<br />

the Texas Gulf Coast. It offers excellent<br />

hospitality services and amenities, new<br />

and pre-owned yacht sales, boat rentals,<br />

catamaran charters and lessons, luxury<br />

wine and cheese electric boat charters<br />

and multiple boardwalk attractions.<br />

Agapi and Axopar<br />

launch AxA<br />

Axopar, a rapidly growing brand renowned for multi-functional boats, and<br />

Agapi Boat Club have unveiled a joint membership club. The new venture<br />

also introduces Global PayGo membership exclusively for owners of<br />

Axopar boats.<br />

Established in 2017, Agapi Boat<br />

Club has pioneered premium<br />

membership boating, and its<br />

strategic partnership with Axopar<br />

is set to attract a new generation of<br />

boaters looking for circular economybased<br />

models, sustainability and<br />

alternatives to traditional boat<br />

ownership.<br />

A key element of the new venture<br />

involves new club locations that<br />

enable members to enjoy boating on<br />

a global scale. And to facilitate rapid<br />

growth and expansion in <strong>2024</strong>/25,<br />

backed by Axopar, financing is being<br />

sought to secure further investment<br />

in the fleet and additional strategic<br />

partners.<br />

New locations<br />

The Axopar x Agapi Club (AxA) offers<br />

worldwide membership with new<br />

club openings in Spain (Menorca<br />

and Empuriabrava), France (Corsica<br />

and Bay of Saint-Tropez), Italy (La<br />

Spezia), Netherlands (Amsterdam),<br />

Channel Islands (Jersey), Chile<br />

(Patagonia) and Mexico (Cancún) in<br />

<strong>2024</strong> to complement existing Agapi<br />

Boat Clubs in Nordic countries, the<br />

UK and the Mediterranean.<br />

For spring <strong>2024</strong>, this results in<br />

an extensive network spanning<br />

25 harbours across more than ten<br />

countries. Collaboration between<br />

Axopar Boats, Agapi Boat Club and<br />

Axopar’s dealer network ensures<br />

seamless integration, utilising<br />

established businesses and skilled<br />

staff. More locations are to follow.<br />

Peder Asplund, founding partner<br />

and CEO of Agapi Boat Club, is<br />

happy to open the doors to the first<br />

new joint clubs with Axopar. “The<br />

onboarding of all these new partners<br />

has already begun and, apart from<br />

adding a lot of exciting locations<br />

to the great benefit of our growing<br />

member base, we are also adding<br />

the knowledge and experience from<br />

these new partners with a strong<br />

local presence that share our mission<br />

on how to bring boating to a new<br />

dimension,” he says.<br />

Axopar founding partner Jan-Erik<br />

Viitala adds: “Our new club concept<br />

aligns perfectly with our dedication<br />

48 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


to bring more people out on the water,<br />

encouraging shared usage of boats<br />

and a perfect way for our Axopar<br />

dealers to expand their business into<br />

urban mobility and subscription based<br />

services.”<br />

Boating made easy<br />

Being a member of AxA is a<br />

comfortable and carefree way of going<br />

boating. The clubs handle everything<br />

for their members by keeping the boats<br />

ready to go and providing concierge<br />

services upon request. Flexible booking<br />

routines, access to a variety of premium<br />

boats in different sizes and access to a<br />

global network of attractive destinations<br />

are some examples of the premium fullservice<br />

concept. Depending on the boat<br />

category selected, customers enjoy<br />

access to models ranging from 22 to<br />

45ft (6.7 to 13.7m).<br />

Becoming a member is easy.<br />

Customers simply select the<br />

membership that aligns with their<br />

boating experience, needs, preferences<br />

of boats and lifestyle. AxA offers a<br />

personalised experience, guiding<br />

customers through the entire process<br />

and, as their experience grows,<br />

members have the opportunity to<br />

upgrade to bigger boat categories at<br />

any time if so desired.<br />

Plans range from €3,500 to €45,000<br />

per year, depending on boat category<br />

and usage.<br />

Global PayGo<br />

As of January this year, Axopar boat<br />

owners around the world have been<br />

able to join Global PayGo. Membership<br />

enables them to travel and use a boat<br />

that is already very familiar to them in<br />

some of the most exotic locations in the<br />

world.<br />

Members gain access to boats of the<br />

same size range as their own boat in<br />

all AxA and Agapi Boat Club locations.<br />

At all club locations, a member will<br />

be welcomed and, prior to going out<br />

boating, will be guided through the boat<br />

of choice and will receive information<br />

on local rules and legislation. The<br />

staff will also recommend attractive<br />

destinations to visit, local hidden<br />

gems, harbours and restaurants. An<br />

increasing number of locations offer<br />

hospitality services, allowing food,<br />

snacks and drinks, for example, to<br />

be pre-ordered directly to the boat or<br />

overnight accommodation, moorings<br />

and restaurant reservations in local hot<br />

spots to be booked in advance.<br />

Global PayGo is based on a pay-asyou-go<br />

model and sales are conducted<br />

by Axopar dealers worldwide. The<br />

annual fee is €3,500 and includes<br />

e-learning and online onboarding and<br />

20,000 cash-points to be used in any<br />

Agapi Boat Club locations. 20,000<br />

cash-points are equivalent to three day<br />

trips with an Axopar 22 or one trip with<br />

an Axopar 37. The actual cost in cashpoints<br />

depends on boat model, season<br />

and region. Once the cash-points are<br />

consumed, more points and services<br />

can easily be purchased directly in the<br />

Agapi app when booking a new trip.<br />

Before boating for the first time,<br />

members will undergo comprehensive<br />

e-learning and receive on-line and<br />

on-site onboarding by an Agapi<br />

certified instructor. The e-learning and<br />

onboarding will be packed full of useful<br />

knowledge, something even seasoned<br />

captains will appreciate.<br />

Represented in over 40 countries<br />

www.flovac.es<br />

Taking the<br />

Green approach<br />

to the Blackwater<br />

problem<br />

Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas<br />

and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water<br />

from boats and all facilities around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Suitable for boats and docks of any size<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Double sanitation<br />

system in Sitges<br />

Flovac has installed a double sanitation system in Port<br />

d’Aiguadolç in Sitges, Spain, a 742-berth marina on<br />

the Mediterranean that is about a 30 minute drive from<br />

Barcelona.<br />

The dual system<br />

collects wastewater (aside<br />

from rainwater) via two<br />

independent stations dividing<br />

wastewater from the marina<br />

and the fishing village. This<br />

makes sampling easier before<br />

water is released to the public<br />

sewer. Hydrocarbon and bilge<br />

water in the nautical system is<br />

collected and concentrated at<br />

a point close to its origin so as<br />

to carry out separation of the<br />

polluting load.<br />

In order to serve the<br />

seaside town, the double<br />

network has around 1,800m<br />

(5,900ft) of main line piping.<br />

The town has around 170<br />

apartments, a 50-room hotel<br />

and about 17 restaurants.<br />

The vacuum network, as<br />

always, is designed above the<br />

existing water table and will be<br />

completely sealed.<br />

By investing in the system,<br />

the concession holders Port<br />

d’Aiguadolç-Sitges SA, which<br />

has operated the marina<br />

since 1972, has reaffirmed its<br />

commitment to protecting and<br />

respecting the environment<br />

in a protected area that is<br />

particularly popular for sailing<br />

regattas and canoeing.<br />

www.flovac.es<br />

Flovac piping installation in Port d’Aiguadolç, Spain.<br />


Booth 13<br />

50 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


Swedish Riviera marina<br />

rebuilds and reconfigures<br />

Skänors Hamn, a marina just south of Malmö in Sweden, has been rebuilt and<br />

reconfigured by SF <strong>Marina</strong>. The owners sought to increase mooring capacity<br />

and create infrastructure that was better sheltered from rolling seas generated<br />

by the occasional 21m/s northerly breeze.<br />

Prior to the reconstruction, Skanörs<br />

Hamn had two main piers with<br />

Mediterranean-style mooring and space<br />

for additional boats along the harbour<br />

basin wall. The docking process was<br />

overly burdensome to boat owners,<br />

Rebuilding Snook Bight<br />

Snook Bight <strong>Marina</strong>, a full-service Suntex facility on Estero Bay southeast<br />

of Fort Myers Beach, Florida has been rebuilt following extensive damage<br />

caused by Hurricane Ian in 2022.<br />

The storm, which claimed the lives<br />

of over 150 people and caused over<br />

US$112 billion in damage, completely<br />

tore away all the marina’s wet slips, its<br />

fuel docks and piles. Making matters<br />

worse, the 15ft (4.6m) surge left 8ft<br />

(2.4m) of water in the marina office,<br />

store and drystack barn, where it also<br />

destroyed the company’s forklifts.<br />

Suntex put the reconstruction<br />

out to tender and selected Golden<br />

Marine Systems, with Panama City,<br />

Florida-based RJ Gorman Marine<br />

Construction as the contractor.<br />

The new system utilises Golden<br />

850 Series premium marine-grade<br />

6061-T6 aluminium docks with<br />

integrated E-Tracks that allow the 12in<br />

(30.5cm) cleats to slide fore and aft to<br />

accommodate individual vessels. The<br />

marina is designed with a 240ft (73m)<br />

especially those with outboard engines<br />

who found it challenging to safely board<br />

and disembark their vessels.<br />

The configuration comprises four<br />

main jetties. One – at 50m (164ft) long x<br />

3.25m (11ft) wide – is constructed using<br />

centre walkway with two 8ft (2.4m) wide<br />

x 725ft (221m) long cross sections,<br />

each with 11 4ft (1.2m) wide finger<br />

SF1230 floating concrete pontoons.<br />

The remaining three have been built<br />

using series SF1030 pontoons and<br />

measure 50m (164ft), 52m (171ft) and<br />

55m (180ft) long x 3.25m (11ft) wide.<br />

The pontoons were installed by SF<br />

Pontona Sweden who added finger<br />

docks and Y-boom fingers with floats to<br />

accommodate approximately 120 boats.<br />

The pontoons are secured using 200mm<br />

(8in) and 400mm (16in) piles.<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong> floating steel-reinforced<br />

concrete pontoons are claimed to<br />

be virtually unsinkable and have a<br />

low centre of gravity, making them<br />

extremely stable. A unique connection<br />

system allows the individual pontoons<br />

to dilute loads generated by wave<br />

action or bumps from heavy vessels.<br />

The pontoons include integrated utility<br />

ducts for power and water.<br />

In addition to the main dock array, SF<br />

Pontona Sweden also delivered and<br />

installed a dinghy dock on the quay<br />

adjacent to the launch ramp. It further<br />

removed the chain and concrete block<br />

anchoring of a smaller dock it had<br />

added several years ago and replaced<br />

it with piles.<br />

Skanör is known for its sandy<br />

beaches and rows of colourful cottages<br />

and is often referred to as the Swedish<br />

Riviera.<br />

www.sfmarina.com<br />

piers. All are finished with fade and slip<br />

resistant Endeck composite decking.<br />

The end result provides 70 interior and<br />

linear slips.<br />

Snook Bight also has a 160-boat<br />

drystack operation, rentals, sales<br />

and service, a Suntex Boat Club and<br />

award-winning restaurants.<br />

www.goldenmarinesystems.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Smart approach to billing<br />

Ensuring that customers are charged for every unit of electricity and water they use, is time-consuming and vulnerable<br />

to inaccuracy if costs are calculated manually. Smart utilities monitoring technology from UK-based Smarter<br />

Technologies Group provides a simple, cost-effective and easy safeguard that not only ensures accurate billing but<br />

provides detailed consumption reports.<br />

With sharply increasing energy tariffs, marinas<br />

and yacht clubs can incur huge losses across<br />

their utility network and large infrastructure costs<br />

may be needed to put this right. Constant on-site<br />

activity, multiple users and systems adds to the<br />

challenge around energy and water management.<br />

Potential financial losses can be avoided with<br />

real-time data monitoring via SmarterView, either<br />

as a user-friendly dashboard that is remotely<br />

accessible or via an API into the marina’s<br />

management system. Users have an online app<br />

allowing instant access to data and payment<br />

gateways.<br />

SmarterView has no upfront cost options and<br />

can be retrofitted to existing pedestals or supplied<br />

built-in to new units. It is a complete management<br />

system delivering real-time data and remote on/<br />

off supply switching. Smarter Technologies uses<br />

proprietary technology and Orion IoT network<br />

infrastructure.<br />

www.smartertechnologies.com<br />

+61 7 5594 8200<br />

info@superiorjetties.com<br />

www.superiorjetties.com<br />

Sanctuary Cove <strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> Class <strong>Marina</strong>s | Custom design to suit requirements<br />

52 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

Making marinas – truly – smarter<br />

Smart <strong>Marina</strong> by Konnected Technology has unveiled groundbreaking Smart <strong>Marina</strong> Technology & Dashboard<br />

distributed by US-based Premier Materials.<br />

Unlike other players in the field<br />

who focus on front office connectivity,<br />

Smart <strong>Marina</strong> by Konnected innovation<br />

extends the conventional boundaries<br />

by focusing on the physical (smart<br />

dock) to technical infrastructure (smart<br />

Wi-Fi) of marinas, ushering in a new<br />

era of efficiency, safety and seamless<br />

management.<br />

While the norm is to offer softwarebased<br />

systems focused on boater<br />

management and revenue collection,<br />

the Konnected system stands out<br />

for its unwavering commitment to<br />

the actual marina infrastructure. The<br />

technology utilises Internet of Things<br />

(IoT) devices to collect real-time data<br />

from physical components within the<br />

marina and feeds it into a sophisticated<br />

software system that leverages<br />

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for in-depth<br />

analysis and proactive decisionmaking.<br />

Key features include:<br />

• Monitoring and analysing incoming<br />

internet speed, ensuring uniform<br />

distribution of Wi-Fi throughout<br />

the marina for a seamless boater<br />

experience.<br />

• Providing secure gate control with<br />

advanced access management<br />

features.<br />

• Utilising IoT devices to identify<br />

potential hot spots in the marina,<br />

preventing fires before they occur.<br />

• Offering real-time monitoring of load<br />

capacities, with instant alerts for<br />

attention and adjustments.<br />

• Ensuring optimal anchoring<br />

conditions with alerts for adjustments,<br />

enhancing safety and stability.<br />

• Managing boaters in their slips with<br />

alerts for boat departure, permission<br />

controls for Wi-Fi and gate access,<br />

and scheduling boat repair and<br />

maintenance appointments.<br />

MDL boosts tech plan<br />

Following a successful pilot<br />

programme for smart marina<br />

technology at its Queen Anne’s<br />

Battery marina in Plymouth,<br />

UK, MDL <strong>Marina</strong>s is rolling the<br />

technology out to Hamble Point<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> (right) on the English<br />

south coast.<br />

MDL has partnered with<br />

digital firm Falco and its marina<br />

management software provider<br />

Havenstar with a view to adopting<br />

smart technology across its network<br />

of marinas.<br />

Connecting the marina office, staff<br />

and boaters digitally, the wireless<br />

technology works by detecting<br />

occupancy in real time with the<br />

use of motion sensors installed at<br />

each berth. This provides instant<br />

data on boat movements, providing<br />

more accurate numbers in terms of<br />

spaces available for visiting yachts<br />

at any given time.<br />

“After trialling the project at Queen<br />

Anne’s Battery, we found the real<br />

time data on the number of available<br />

berths, without having to physically<br />

check, enabled marina staff to spend<br />

more time on the pontoons meeting<br />

and greeting customers, improving the<br />

quality of the marina experience for<br />


• Delivering real-time weather alerts<br />

to boaters, enhancing safety and<br />

preparedness.<br />

• Integrating existing marina systems<br />

into a single, user-friendly dashboard<br />

for streamlined management and<br />

operational efficiency.<br />

Premier Materials president, Lisa<br />

Marquis, is excited about the launch.<br />

“Our Smart <strong>Marina</strong> technology<br />

represents a paradigm shift in how<br />

marinas are managed,” she said. “We<br />

are not just offering software; we are<br />

transforming the very infrastructure<br />

that forms the backbone of marina<br />

operations. From safety and security<br />

to seamless boater experiences,<br />

our technology is set to redefine the<br />

industry. We want owners and builders<br />

to expand what they think about the<br />

definition of Smart <strong>Marina</strong>s beyond<br />

office software solutions.”<br />

www.premiermaterials.com<br />

berth holders and customers alike,” said<br />

MDL sales and marketing director Tim<br />

Mayer.<br />

MDL will install a total of 84 sensors<br />

around the marina at Hamble Point and<br />

14 sensors on its events pontoon.<br />

www.wefalco.com www.havenstar.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


We are building our global marine fast charge network, creating local and<br />

regional charging hubs and corridors.<br />

If you are looking to offer electric boat supercharging to future-proof<br />

<br />

technology at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

MonoDock System<br />

Superyacht<br />

Heavy Duty<br />

Breakwater<br />

727-954-3604<br />

www.bluewatermarinesystems.com<br />



A gateway to Fiji and its surrounding<br />

islands, Port Denarau is a haven for<br />

a wide range of vessels including<br />

superyachts. The marina is a multi<br />

award winner and continues to add<br />

accolades year on year.<br />

Software support<br />

keeps Pacific “jewel”<br />

on track<br />

Out of all the jewels of the Pacific marina scene, Port Denarau sparkles<br />

particularly brightly, bursting at the seams with superyachts and commercial<br />

ferry operations, and juggling waiting lists for its berths.<br />

Part of its ongoing success is down to<br />

a Pacsoft marina management software<br />

package that assists the multi-awardwinning<br />

Fiji marina in managing an<br />

impressive 100% berth occupancy, and<br />

planning for expansion in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> chief executive, Cynthia<br />

Rasch, says PacsoftNG has been<br />

essential to its success, helping her<br />

team manage bookings, invoicing and<br />

other key areas of Port Denarau’s<br />

operation since the software was<br />

introduced in 2008. “It’s so convenient<br />

and easy to use - we couldn’t live<br />

without any of it,” she notes.<br />

Rasch admits they are “on a high<br />

at the moment”, with the marina<br />

welcoming up to 60 superyachts and<br />

approximately 400 smaller yachts last<br />

season. “Over the past decade we have<br />

grown exponentially in terms of super<br />

yachting and yachting. We are now<br />

well recognised regionally and globally<br />

as an international marina. Right now<br />

[December] I should be expecting<br />

an empty marina, but I’m not. I’m still<br />

transiting 40,000 to 50,000 passengers<br />

in a month for our commercial<br />

operations, which is a fairly high<br />

number considering this is supposed to<br />

be off-peak season.”<br />

Around a dozen of the marina’s team<br />

of 30 staff use PacsoftNG to keep<br />

the bustling marina humming and its<br />

customers satisfied, with the smart<br />

software’s Visual <strong>Marina</strong> tool providing<br />

instant awareness of the position of<br />

every boat in the marina.<br />

“Everybody loves PacsoftNG; it’s<br />

visual, it’s easy to use and I love the<br />

colours because I can easily spot<br />

arrivals and departures for the day,<br />

where double bookings are and things<br />

like that. The Visual <strong>Marina</strong> is fantastic<br />

because it’s very easy for anybody to<br />

use no matter how computer savvy they<br />

are. For example, the security team<br />

that monitors and keeps track of the<br />

boats can see everything they need<br />

to know at a glance.”<br />

New team members sometimes<br />

only have basic computer skills, so<br />

having user-friendly software makes<br />

it easy to bring them up to speed<br />

and saves a lot of time. “We have<br />

recruited a few new staff who will<br />

go through training. The training is<br />

quick and easy to use, with a training<br />

database for the team to test run with<br />

their learning before they go live.”<br />

Port Denarau is on Fiji’s main<br />

island, Viti Levu, and as its flagship<br />

marina it acts as not just a gateway<br />

to Fiji, but also to the bounty of<br />

idyllic islands sprinkled around it,<br />

including Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, New<br />

Caledonia and the Solomon Islands, as<br />

well as the more distant destinations of<br />

Australia and New Zealand.<br />

The world-class marina aims to be<br />

a one-stop shop for visiting boaters<br />

and is offers 144 berths, 20 of which<br />

can accommodate superyachts up to<br />

85m (279ft) in length. It also boasts<br />

Fiji’s most comprehensive suite of<br />

marine services, including a haul-out<br />

facility, 30-tonne boat hoist, short- and<br />

long-term boat storage, drystack and<br />

a wealth of other marine maintenance<br />

facilities. The marina also owns a<br />

complex of 70 land tenancies.<br />

Swimming in accolades, Port<br />

Denarau was inducted into the<br />

prestigious <strong>Marina</strong> Industries<br />

Association (MIA) Hall of Fame in<br />

2019 after hauling in the International<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> of the Year of Award for two<br />

years running. It recently received<br />

a Recognition Award at Fiji’s Prime<br />

Minister’s International Business<br />

Awards after previously receiving a Fiji<br />

Excellence in Tourism Award from ANZ<br />

in 2018 and 2023. Port Denarau is also<br />

an accredited MIA Superyacht Ready<br />

Gold Anchor marina.<br />

With its dedication to protecting the<br />

marine environment around it, the<br />

marina is also accredited by the MIA<br />

with “Clean <strong>Marina</strong> – Level 3” and “Fish<br />

Friendly <strong>Marina</strong>” status.<br />

Established in 1999, Port Denarau<br />

has become so successful that in<br />

August 2019 it was locally listed on the<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />


Design, Manufacture and Installation of Floating Pontoons, <strong>Marina</strong>s and Fishing Ports.<br />

(+34) 986 607 235<br />

Specialists in the design, fabrication and<br />

installation of customized aluminum and timber<br />

floating dock systems, fixed piers and<br />

gangways for marina projects worldwide<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 449 2007<br />

Pacific: Oahu, HI - 808 237 4504<br />


www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />



South Pacific Stock Exchange, and with<br />

the post-Covid sailing boom in full effect<br />

– and waiting lists to satisfy – there are<br />

plans to expand its capacity.<br />

Rasch says Port Denarau deserves<br />

to be described as the “cream of the<br />

crop” of Pacific marinas, nestled in<br />

one of the world’s ultimate holiday<br />

destinations. Fiji is the perfect Pacific<br />

paradise where people can unplug from<br />

the fast pace of modern life and enjoy<br />

rich culture, stunning biodiversity and<br />

the welcome of friendly locals in a safe<br />

environment, she believes.<br />

“For those who want to be able to<br />

explore the untouched beauty of the<br />

islands it’s all there for them: whatever<br />

your heart desires – under the water,<br />

on the water, or over lush land – we’ve<br />

got it all.”<br />

www.pacsoftmms.com<br />

The choice of professionals<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Index to Advertisers<br />

ASAR, USA 16<br />

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Management, USA 20<br />

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Bluewater Marine & Dock, USA 56<br />

Bluewater Marine Systems, USA 54<br />

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Slovenia 50<br />

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Scribble Software, USA 41<br />

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METSTRADE, Netherlands 24<br />

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Pacsoft, New Zealand 34<br />

PierPump by Vogelsang,<br />

Germany 8<br />

Plus Marine, Italy 22<br />

Poralu Marine, France 18<br />

Rolec, UK 14<br />

Ronautica, Spain 56<br />

Roodberg - a brand of Frisian<br />

Industries, Netherlands 57<br />

SF <strong>Marina</strong> System, Sweden 2<br />

Seaflex, Sweden 6<br />

Seijsener, Netherlands 36<br />

Simply <strong>Marina</strong>s, USA 34<br />

Smarter Technologies, UK 56<br />

Superior Group, Australia 52<br />

Twinwood by CJ Plast, Portugal 44<br />

Walcon Marine, UK 28<br />

WISE Handling, UK 54<br />

Inspiration for the<br />

waterfront<br />

Floating structures can add<br />

innovative opportunities for<br />

waterfront developers enabling<br />

facilities to be expanded without<br />

losing valuable space on land.<br />

Projects developed by Finnish<br />

company Bluet, such as a floating<br />

padel court at Keilaniemi <strong>Marina</strong>,<br />

Espoo (right), are part of a one-stopshop<br />

service approach.<br />

Bluet floating solutions vary by size<br />

and purpose and include pools, spas,<br />

food and beverage spaces, yacht<br />

club facilities and amenity areas,<br />

e.g. showers and changing rooms,<br />

and the company believes they will<br />

form an increasing element in marina<br />

development. <strong>Marina</strong> locations are<br />

especially well-suited to floating<br />

projects as they already have essential<br />

infrastructure and connections right at<br />

the shoreline.<br />

Each project is unique, dependent<br />

on location needs and baseline and,<br />

for this reason, Bluet creates scalable<br />

Protection from<br />

lightning strikes<br />

Safeguarding marina facilities, valuable<br />

yard equipment and all kinds of vessels –<br />

from day boats to superyachts – from the<br />

devastating impact of lightning strikes is now<br />

a straightforward process thanks to innovative<br />

CMCE lightning protection technology developed<br />

by Sertec Srl.<br />

Much is owed, of course, to the<br />

groundbreaking invention of Nikola<br />

Tesla in 1916, whose unique insight<br />

into electrical principles led to the<br />

development of a solution that, unlike<br />

the earlier Franklin rod, eliminated<br />

the accumulation of charge and thus<br />

prevented the conditions conducive to<br />

lightning strikes.<br />

Today’s CMCE solution is designed<br />

with a universal approach, it operates<br />

as a passive sensor system, providing<br />

permanent protection by balancing and<br />

and feasible solutions that fulfil specific<br />

needs – and implements all, from the<br />

initial idea for a profitable high-quality<br />

outcome.<br />

Working with a comprehensive global<br />

network of representatives, Bluet has<br />

implemented projects worldwide and,<br />

whether creating new structures or<br />

revitalising existing facilities, creates<br />

floating solutions that are cost-efficient,<br />

time-efficient and ecologically sound.<br />

www.bluet.fi<br />

deionising atmospheric phenomena<br />

using one or more compensators. By<br />

stabilising the existing electric field in<br />

its environment, the CMCE system<br />

effectively cancels the formation of<br />

ascending tracers, ensuring a neutral<br />

state of safety within the protected area.<br />

Solutions are specifically tailored for<br />

marina installations and generate longlasting<br />

performance in the harshest<br />

marine environments.<br />

www.technicalmarinesupplies.co.uk<br />

58 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>














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