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Marina<br />

www.marinaworld.com<br />

World<br />

<strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />

Issue 139<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators



SF Marina is a world-renowned expert on developing new or existing<br />

premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters and<br />

concrete pontoons to anyone anywhere who plans on building a marina<br />

with superyacht berths. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

Marina<br />

World<br />

<strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023 Vol. 24, No. 1<br />

26<br />

29<br />

44<br />


World News 7<br />

News Focus: Insurance 19<br />

Industry lobbies Government in Australia on cyclone cover crisis<br />

Industry Comment: Drystack 21<br />

Jean-Michel Gaigné gives his personal view on why drystack is<br />

less popular in Europe<br />

Events 23<br />

Metstrade 2023, with its Marina & Yard Pavilion, introduces a<br />

range of fresh initiatives<br />

Talking Shop 26<br />

Over the past decade, Karpaz Gate Marina in Northern Cyprus<br />

has developed into a luxury resort with 300 berths. Managing<br />

director, Liza Singer, talks shop<br />

Green Credits 29<br />

Marina-led innovative and forward-thinking environmental<br />

initiatives<br />

Celebrating Sail 44<br />

Donatella Zucca talks to representatives of two widely different<br />

marinas in different regions in Italy that have significant focus on<br />

sailboats<br />

Yard Machinery 53<br />

Cimolai Technology reports increased interest in fully electric<br />

boat hoists<br />


A-Z Guide to Pontoons/Docks & Decking<br />

Products, Services & People 66<br />

On the cover: Port 32 Tampa is<br />

one of several Port 32 locations<br />

in Florida to offer boating<br />

opportunities via Gulfstream Boat<br />

Club, a concierge-style service with<br />

an impressive fleet of Club boats.<br />

Read more on p.13.<br />

Image: brianadamsphoto.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Marina<br />

World<br />



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Seeking<br />

sustainability<br />


Sustainability has become the new watch word for the marine industry, and<br />

the marina sector continues to build up its efforts to reduce carbon footprint,<br />

keep waters clean, promote recycling, and work with local communities and<br />

environmental initiatives by supporting and actively taking part in projects and<br />

missions.<br />

There are many examples of action that can be taken to earn ‘green credits’<br />

and make a real difference, day-by-day, to enhancing and sustaining our natural<br />

world, and many accreditations to aim for, all of which not only deliver accolades<br />

but sharpen focus on what can and should be achieved by outlining goals and<br />

procedures. Clean Marina schemes, ISO standards, Blue Flag, Gold Anchor,<br />

Blue Star, and more, exist in part to help marina owners and operators develop<br />

environmental management plans that are practical and achievable.<br />

In this issue, we report on Lymington Yacht Haven’s work with the local harbour<br />

commissioners to reduce salt marsh erosion and thus maintain a natural and essential<br />

wave attenuator; fitting Seabins that capture plastics and other debris from the water;<br />

installation of mussel cages to establish how effectively they can cleanse water and<br />

rid it of microplastics; litter collection via remote operated vehicle; and oyster nursery<br />

projects that help recover the species and their ability to filter pollutants.<br />

Buckler’s Hard Marina announces its newly won Clean Marina status and Premier<br />

Marinas celebrates Silver EcoVadis recognition to complement the ISO 14001<br />

Environmental Management certificate it received in 2018. Premier has, most<br />

particularly, been focusing on installing pump-out facilities at its group marinas<br />

and FiltaBund wash bays at its boatyards, as well as continuing with an impressive<br />

programme of solar panel installation.<br />

D-Marin releases news that 14 of its 20 marinas in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy<br />

and Spain now fly the Blue Flag, operated by the Foundation for Environmental<br />

Education as one of the most recognised awards for beaches and marinas.<br />

Equipment manufacturers are also far from idle. Marinetek has become the first<br />

pontoon and floating solutions provider to form a partnership with Netherlands-based<br />

Water Revolution Foundation to aid its research in reducing the CO2 emissions of<br />

its concrete pontoons, both in terms of materials selected and production methods<br />

used, and Poralu Marine has launched an eco-friendly sanitary building as the first in<br />

a range of new sustainable floating buildings.<br />

Alternatives to diesel continue to dominate thinking: Cimolai Technology reports<br />

delivery and orders for fully electric hoists; Wiggins Lift Co selects a fuel cell system<br />

for its latest hydrogen-powered eBull forklift; and Aqua superPower reports new<br />

installations of its Aqua electric fast-charge system for boats on a monthly basis.<br />

Look out for the <strong>October</strong>/November issue of Mooring Post to learn more about<br />

the Expedition MED team’s visit to Marina Port de Mallorca; Marina Port Mahón’s<br />

support of the Moby Mummy 23 sperm whale nursery campaign; and Marina Ibiza’s<br />

use of bacteria to eliminate hydrocarbon residues in the sea.<br />

Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

Meet the Marina World team on Stand 17 at ICOMIA World Marinas Conference,<br />

Vilamoura, Portugal (9 th -11 th <strong>October</strong>) and on Stand 05.713 in the Marina & Yard<br />

Pavilion at METSTRADE 2023, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (15 th -17 th November).<br />

Mooring Post is Marina World’s digital newsfeed.<br />

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www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />




<br />

1975. <br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



'<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

CUSTOM<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

VALUE<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Headquarters<br />


<br />

P<br />

Americas<br />

SEAFLEX, Inc.<br />

<br />

P<br />

Oceania<br />

SEAFLEX Australia<br />

<br />

P<br />



Marine Centre plans<br />

for James Watt<br />

UK: Expansion plans for James Watt Marina on the River Clyde at Greenock<br />

have been secured by the lease of around 6ha (14.8 acres) of additional land<br />

and water. The marina will use the Great Harbour space to develop a marine<br />

trade centre.<br />

Marina Projects played a pivotal<br />

role in obtaining the lease and, in<br />

back-to-back arrangements with the<br />

marina, has also signed up Serco as an<br />

anchor tenant. Serco provides maritime<br />

services for customers in the Defence<br />

sector and operates nigh on 100<br />

vessels from five sites around the UK,<br />

working in British waters and around<br />

the world. It will provide commercial<br />

marine services, including towage and<br />

salvage and passenger transfer, from<br />

the Greenock site.<br />

Marina Projects provided support in<br />

negotiating the commercial terms with<br />

Serco and also establishing a site-wide<br />

masterplan and business case for the<br />

wider marine trade centre proposals,<br />

which took full account of the Serco<br />

operations.<br />

Dan<br />

McKiernan,<br />

operations<br />

director for<br />

Marina Projects,<br />

commented:<br />

“It has been<br />

a pleasure<br />

working with<br />

the Serco team,<br />

and being able<br />

to support<br />

their ongoing<br />

activities<br />

was a key aspect of our masterplan<br />

proposals. Having this anchor tenant in<br />

place provides real clarity on the future<br />

development and operation of the Great<br />

Harbour site and we are excited to<br />

provide our continued support to the<br />

delivery of the masterplan.”<br />




www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />

7<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


CLEAN<br />



PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts.<br />

When installing a wastewater management system harbor<br />

operators have to make several decisions depending on the location,<br />

number of berths and size to find the optimal system.<br />

The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance<br />

solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black<br />

water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated<br />

rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign<br />

matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop<br />

if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are<br />

vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue.<br />

For more information visit us at:<br />

vogelsang.info/uk/pierpump<br />



Monument buys<br />

Florida marine centre<br />

USA: Monument Marine Group, an investment firm focused on opportunities<br />

in the marine industry across the USA and Caribbean, has purchased St<br />

Augustine Marine Center, a renowned marine service centre located in the<br />

heart of St Augustine, Florida.<br />

This strategic acquisition in northeast<br />

Florida strengthens Monument’s<br />

expansion goals in the south-eastern<br />

USA while enhancing its capabilities<br />

to deliver exceptional services to<br />

customers across the marine industry,<br />

particularly those travelling along the<br />

eastern seaboard.<br />

St Augustine Marine Center is ideally<br />

situated near the St Augustine inlet,<br />

allowing easy and navigable deepwater<br />

access to the Atlantic Ocean, just four<br />

miles (6.4km) away via the Intracoastal<br />

Waterway. The facility, established<br />

in 1992, serves as a central hub for<br />

marine services in the area, with a<br />

long standing reputation for excellence<br />

in customer service and quality<br />

craftsmanship.<br />

The property covers 30 acres (12ha)<br />

and includes 1,100 linear feet (335m) of<br />


dockage with expansion potential, dry<br />

land storage, commercial rental space,<br />

a multi-building service centre and a<br />

paint building equipped to cater for<br />

yachts up to 110ft (33.5m) long.<br />

Oasis Marinas will be responsible<br />

for all on-site operations, ensuring<br />

uninterrupted delivery of service. “We<br />

are tremendously excited to welcome<br />

St Augustine Marine Center into<br />

our expansive network of premier<br />

service locations,” said Kenneth<br />

Svendsen, CEO of Oasis Marinas.<br />

“The Oasis Marinas service team<br />

has the expertise, relationships and<br />

capabilities to build on the already<br />

stellar reputation the St Augustine<br />

Marine Center team holds today. This<br />

property extends our core commitment<br />

of unmatched service to the St<br />

Augustine boating community.”<br />

Mooring<br />

Post<br />

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newsfeed. Sign up for free today at<br />

marinaworld.com/mooring post<br />

Highlights from August/<strong>September</strong>:<br />

• USA: Forging ahead with Adelaide<br />

Pointe<br />

• Greece: D-Marin as HELMEPA<br />

ambassador<br />

• Canada: Government grants for Town<br />

of Three Rivers<br />

• USA: Blue Water buys two Delaware<br />

marinas<br />

• Dominica: Government progresses<br />

Cabrits plan<br />

• Australia: The Dock opens at The<br />

Boat Works<br />

• USA: TPG to manage Epum marinas<br />

• USA: Suntex buys Port of Kimberling<br />

Marina<br />

NEXT<br />


MARINAS.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />

9<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />



North Island<br />

marina expands<br />

NEW ZEALAND: Whitianga Marina in Mercury Bay has completed an ambitious<br />

16-month renovation and expansion project with new pontoons and walkways,<br />

and a unique curved sea wall.<br />

The highlight sea wall needed to<br />

be both durable and efficient as the<br />

marina basin must be protected from<br />

heavy ferry and yacht wakes and windgenerated<br />

waves.<br />

Heron Construction Company, an SF<br />

Marina licensed manufacturer, removed<br />

an existing rock wall and replaced it<br />

with a 256m (840ft) long x 2m (6ft 7in)<br />

wide arcing fixed breakwater with public<br />

walkway that terminates in a distinct<br />

curved end. The decorative cast motif<br />

on the walls is a perfect example of how<br />

SF can customise structures to ensure<br />

they are attractive as well as practical.<br />

A 239m (784ft) long x 2m (6ft 7in)<br />

wide pontoon walkway, positioned<br />

just inside the breakwater, was built<br />

using SF Marina type 1120 floating<br />

concrete pontoons with angled ends<br />

that mirror the curve<br />

of the breakwater. The<br />

pontoons are moored by<br />

piles to accommodate<br />

a moderate 2.5m (8ft)<br />

tidal fluctuation. Type<br />

1515 pontoons were<br />

used to create 16 finger<br />

piers.<br />

All floating<br />

components for<br />

the project were<br />

manufactured at the<br />

SF Marina facility<br />

in Whangarei and<br />

were shipped to the<br />

marina on a Heron<br />

Construction barge. Removal of the old<br />

rock seawall, dredging and installation<br />

all took place while the marina<br />

continued daily operations.<br />

Whitianga Marina can accommodate<br />

231 vessels ranging in length from 10<br />

to 24m (33 to 79ft) and is a Certified<br />

Clean Marina.<br />


EXPERTS.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />

11<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


Delivering the marinas<br />

of tomorrow<br />

Dubai Harbour - United Arab Emirates<br />

Hi-tech solutions to connect land and sea<br />

Pontoons, breakwaters, superyacht piers, floating crossings and<br />

constructions, off-the-shelf or customised, with robust and<br />

reliable structures in steel, aluminium or concrete.

Port 32 expands partnership with Gulfstream<br />

USA: Port 32 Marinas has expanded its partnership with Gulfstream Boat Club. Its newest acquisition, Lighthouse<br />

Point Marina, joins existing Port 32 locations in Tierra Verde, Tampa (below) and Palm Beach Gardens that already enjoy<br />

partnerships with the Club.<br />

Led by owner Alex G Warner, South<br />

Florida-based Gulfstream Boat Club<br />

first opened its Delray Beach Club<br />

in 2009, later expanding to Boynton<br />

Beach and Lake Worth. The Club’s<br />

concierge-style member service,<br />

fleet of newer and larger boats from<br />

trusted brand names, and flexible<br />

membership options are designed to<br />

suit busy families, frequent travellers<br />

and avid boaters. Each boat is outfitted<br />

with top-of-the-line technology and<br />

comfort amenities, and is kept in peak<br />

performing condition. The fleet is<br />

frequently refreshed with new boats.<br />

Gulfstream is offering a limited number<br />

of memberships at each Club. Members<br />

can choose between flexible hourly plans<br />

or high-value unlimited plans. Hourly<br />

plans are valid for two years and ideal for<br />

seasonal visitors or frequent travellers.<br />

Unlimited plans offer the best value with<br />

unlimited boating for six months, a year,<br />

or two years at a time.<br />

brianadamsphoto.com<br />

“We are pleased to have found a<br />

wonderful partner in Gulfstream Boat<br />

Club that delivers an invaluable boating<br />

experience to its members,” said Austin<br />

Schell, CEO of Port 32 Marinas. “The Club<br />

allows boaters to experience the joys of<br />

life on the water, without experiencing the<br />


undertaking of boat ownership.”<br />

Warner described the arrangement<br />

as a “natural fit”, adding that “both<br />

organisations offer upscale products<br />

and an unparalleled level of service to<br />

provide a premium boating experience<br />

to its members and customers.”<br />

T he leading<br />

MARINA<br />


MarinaAssociation.org/ConferenceAndExpo<br />

Title Sponsor<br />

2022<br />


NOW<br />

JAN 30 - FEB 1, 2024<br />

Broward County Convention Center<br />


YOUR Industry<br />

YOUR Conference<br />

Network with over 1,000 industry<br />

leaders<br />

Over 25 educational sessions<br />

focusing on leadership,<br />

operations, design and<br />

engineering, HR and industry<br />

trends<br />

One-stop shop exhibit hall with<br />

over 150 booths showcasing<br />

cutting-edge products and<br />

services<br />

Pre-conference workshops and<br />

marina and boatyard tours<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


PATENTS: #10,967,941, #11,359,802, #10,189,685, #7,850,147, #10,520,083, #10,518,852,<br />

#7,509,916, #6,918,345, #6,470,816, #6,719,241, #6,205,945, #9,278,735

When it’s done right, it’s GOLDEN!<br />

239.337.4141<br />

sales@GoldenBoatLifts.com<br />

www.GoldenBoatLifts.com<br />


Via Alba-Narzole, 19<br />

Diano d’Alba (CN) - 12055<br />

www.boatlift.it<br />

info@boatlift.it<br />

+39 (0)173 500357

Upgrades at Port of Lisbon<br />

PORTUGAL: The Lisbon Port Administration (APL) continues to improve infrastructure at Alcântara with the renovation<br />

of floating walkways and installation of new fingers. Lindley Marinas was contracted via public tender for the supply,<br />

installation and refurbishment of the floating equipment.<br />

Will we<br />

see you in<br />

Vilamoura?<br />

PORTUGAL: The 2023 ICOMIA<br />

World Marinas Conference<br />

(IWMC) will be held at Vilamoura<br />

Marina in the Algarve 9th-11th<br />

<strong>October</strong>.<br />

Don’t miss this three-day<br />

educational networking opportunity,<br />

In addition to improving the existing<br />

walkways, 32 new 12m (39ft) long hot<br />

dip galvanised painted steel fingers<br />

were supplied and installed to provide<br />

64 new berths.<br />

The contract also included the<br />

replacement of walkways and fingers<br />

at Bom Sucesso basin that had been<br />

damaged by a boat fire.<br />

Lindley also supplied complementary<br />

equipment and accessories for the<br />

walkways, such as mooring bollards<br />

and multi-service pedestals offering<br />

lighting, water and electricity.<br />


which addresses a theme of ‘Big<br />

Challenges, Big Opportunities, Big<br />

Decisions’.<br />

Register at:<br />

www.worldmarinasconference.com<br />

Meet the Marina World team on<br />

Stand 17.<br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself to be a<br />

worldwide leader in the design, construction and<br />

installation of marinas and berthing facilities,<br />

<br />

182x132mm_Walcon_Anniversary_Final.indd 1 23/06/2023 11:18<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Mooring Solutions<br />



LIGHT<br />

AND<br />




DualDocker GmbH | www.dualdocker.com

Industry lobbies government<br />

on cyclone cover crisis<br />

The Marina Industries Association (MIA), the Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby (ACIL) and marina owners in<br />

northern Australia have raised alarm over a deepening insurance crisis created by the need to insure property against<br />

cyclone damage. A forum was held by ACIL in partnership with MIA for marina owners in northern Australia on 19 th July.<br />

and the economic impact on regional<br />

tourism areas such as the Whitsundays<br />

will be significant.<br />

“The consequences of this marina<br />

insurance crisis extend far beyond<br />

the marina owners themselves,” said<br />

ACIL chair Tyrone Shandiman. “Boat<br />

operators, both private and commercial,<br />

are feeling the impact of skyrocketing<br />

insurance costs. The combination<br />

of high insurance premiums, lack of<br />

adequate cyclone cover and increased<br />

marina berthing fees has led many<br />

boat operators to consider relocating<br />

to more affordable options in southern<br />

waters. The varying costs of insurance<br />

are causing social disparity between<br />

northern and southern parts of<br />

Australia.”<br />

The Cyclone Reinsurance Pool,<br />

established by the former LNP<br />

government, was scheduled to<br />

include marine insurance from 1 st July<br />

2023. However, the current Labour<br />

government decided not to follow<br />

through with this inclusion leaving<br />

coastal communities in northern<br />

Australia with soaring costs and other<br />

detrimental consequences.<br />

A quarter of Australia’s 300 marinas<br />

are located in the northern half of the<br />

country. Queensland boasts over 65<br />

marinas, which tend to be the largest in<br />

the nation, each averaging storage for<br />

over 300 boats and providing essential<br />

commercial tenancy for thousands<br />

of marine and tourism businesses,<br />

including marine trades, hospitality and<br />

tourism operators.<br />

Marinas are finding it difficult and,<br />

in some cases, impossible to secure<br />

cyclone cover for their on-water<br />

infrastructure. Some have only been<br />

able to secure partial coverage,<br />

some struggled to find cover at all.<br />

Furthermore, over the past five to<br />

seven years, marinas in northern<br />

Australia report triple-digit premium<br />

increases with some over 300%. Most<br />

have cyclone excesses of half a million<br />

dollars and are burdened by impractical<br />

policy conditions and endorsements.<br />

The consequences of these<br />

insurance challenges are profound. The<br />

sustainability of marinas<br />

has knock-on effects<br />

to marine and tourism<br />

businesses, which are the<br />

backbone of many regional<br />

coastal communities in the<br />

north.<br />

One example is Coral<br />

Sea Marina (above). With<br />

525 wet berths and two<br />

vibrant marina villages,<br />

Coral Sea Marina is the<br />

largest marina of its kind<br />

in central Queensland. It<br />

is home to over 50 marine<br />

tourism operators, over<br />

80 commercial vessels<br />

and over 140 bareboat charter vessels.<br />

It provides an entry statement to the<br />

bustling tourist town of Airlie Beach<br />

and is a top class marina facility. In<br />

a July statement, the marina noted<br />

that without inclusion in the Cyclone<br />

Reinsurance Pool, marine insurance<br />

premiums will inevitably continue to rise<br />


MIA CEO Suzanne Davies added:<br />

“High excesses and a level of selfinsurance<br />

means marina businesses<br />

are burdened with setting aside funds<br />

as unproductive security to cover<br />

potential cyclone events, diverting<br />

resources that could otherwise be<br />

reinvested into business development.”<br />

Both the MIA and ACIL are calling for<br />

urgent action from federal government<br />

to give relief to marinas in northern<br />

Australia by immediately including<br />

them in the Cyclone Reinsurance Pool<br />

or by subsidising insurance premiums<br />

for marinas until the policy is officially<br />

reviewed in 2025.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Upgrade to<br />



Upgrade to<br />



The best in boat handling<br />

The best in boat handling<br />

A diversified range of of equipment to to meet your exact requirements.<br />

Towed, self-propelled, and highway trailers<br />

Towed, self-propelled, and highway trailers<br />

Sling lift trailers and boat hoists<br />

Sling lift trailers and boat hoists<br />

Remote control hydraulic trailer tugs<br />

Remote control hydraulic trailer tugs<br />

Galvanized boat storage stands<br />

Galvanized boat storage stands<br />

Simple operation, rugged durability, flexible features<br />

Simple operation, rugged durability, flexible features<br />

We also supply floating docks and breakwaters<br />

We also supply floating docks and breakwaters<br />





North America 1.888.480.3777 Worldwide 705.378.2453<br />

North America 1.888.480.3777 Worldwide 705.378.2453<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com<br />

Quebec Drive, Seguin ON P2A 0B2<br />

1 Quebec Drive, Seguin ON P2A 0B2


Convenience is not a<br />

European value<br />

During a conversation with TransEurope Marinas members in July, Marina<br />

World asked why drystack facilities remain scarce in Europe. The response<br />

brought important traditional answers like lack of available space on shore,<br />

coastal planning, environmental issues, etc., but, in this follow-up, TransEurope<br />

chairman Jean-Michel Gaigné CMM, gets closer to the nub of things.<br />

European boaters are not in the habit<br />

of storing a boat on a rack, or on a<br />

cradle, if they can find a floating berth.<br />

Those who have experienced a good<br />

drystack operator are usually satisfied<br />

with the experience. Those who keep<br />

trailerable boats in their garden could<br />

be tempted to make room in their<br />

backyard by moving the boat close to<br />

the water, thus saving towing distance<br />

and having more time to enjoy a day on<br />

the water.<br />

But for the majority of boaters<br />

the main reason hampering the<br />

development of drystack probably lies<br />

elsewhere. Just compare the availability<br />

of space, the urban planning and the<br />

customs of Americans or Australians,<br />

and the development these countries<br />

has undergone over the last 200<br />

years. Cities have been built with wide<br />

avenues with a grid pattern layout,<br />

multi-lane motorways are straight,<br />

citizens have easy access to their<br />

homes with private car parking for<br />

two trucks, or an underground garage<br />

if they live in an apartment building.<br />

When they go shopping, they park their<br />

car in front of the shop or visit shopping<br />

malls. They have invented motels, and<br />

even move their house across the<br />

country if they need to relocate! In a<br />

nutshell, they put convenience first.<br />

It is, therefore, not surprising that<br />

they place practical solutions at the<br />

top of their priorities. To store a boat<br />

in a drystack facility is easy, safe and<br />

efficient. The boat is always clean,<br />

ready to be launched and all the<br />

incidental constraints are reduced to<br />

the minimum; the boat is there to enjoy<br />

boating, not to be looked after for hours<br />

or just to be admired for its beauty!<br />

Developing countries in Australasia<br />

have easily embraced the same trend,<br />

because they don’t have centuries<br />

of tradition, and have, whether<br />

consciously or not, an American<br />

tropism.<br />

Europeans on the other hand<br />

Jean-Michel<br />

Gaigné<br />

have another way of life. Aesthetics,<br />

traditions, and centuries of history have<br />

led to winding roads, bay moorings,<br />

villages clinging to the mountainside<br />

and cobbled streets with restricted<br />

accessibility. Shopping malls do exist,<br />

but people prefer high street shops,<br />

even if they need to carry heavy loads<br />

back home. European countries are not<br />

lands of great plains, even if agriculture<br />

remains an important activity, and<br />

populations are concentrated in towns,<br />

which have been built since the Middle<br />

Ages. A few ‘new towns’ with practical<br />

amenities, like Milton Keynes, Evry or<br />

Lelystad have been developed in the<br />

second part of the 20th century, but<br />

most Europeans find them cold and<br />

soulless, and still prefer Cambridge,<br />

Versailles or Amsterdam.<br />

On this basis, access to boats can<br />

be pretty tricky. The car park can be<br />

a few hundred meters from the ramp,<br />

where a rowing tender is needed to<br />

transfer to the yacht. The marina can be<br />

in the heart of a charming fishing port,<br />

which takes an hour to cross during the<br />

crowded summer. But that’s European<br />

boating life! Since we accept that the<br />

pleasure of a stop-over in Portofino<br />

may take as much effort as queuing to<br />

visit ‘Le Musée du Louvre’, why put a<br />

boat on a shelf, along a canal in a field<br />

outside the city?<br />

Of course, there are exceptions, but<br />

offering a European boater drystack<br />

storage, is like offering a guy from<br />

Arizona life in a narrow street in Naples,<br />

only accessible by Vespa!<br />

+61 7 5594 8200<br />

info@superiorjetties.com<br />

www.superiorjetties.com<br />

Sanctuary Cove Marina<br />

World Class Marinas | Custom design to suit requirements<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Fresh initiatives for the<br />

leisure marine industry<br />

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Metstrade introduces a range of pioneering<br />

initiatives aimed at addressing key challenges affecting the leisure marine<br />

industry, including marinas and yards. The focus is set on crucial areas such<br />

as employability, gender equality, accessibility, sustainability, and innovation.<br />

Initiatives include the cutting-edge<br />

Foiling Technology Pavilion (FTP)<br />

in collaboration with the Foiling<br />

Organisation, which includes an FTP<br />

Theatre, showcasing the<br />

latest advancements in foiling<br />

technology. Additionally,<br />

the Start-Up Pavilion in<br />

collaboration with Yachting<br />

Ventures will provide a platform<br />

for innovative start-ups to<br />

shine, featuring a start-up<br />

pitching event to attract<br />

potential investors. The new<br />

Next Generation Propulsion<br />

Zone will focus on pushing<br />

the boundaries of propulsion<br />

technology.<br />

In a first-time collaboration,<br />

Metstrade will host the<br />

prestigious Mirabaud<br />

Yacht Racing Image Award<br />

competition’s Award Ceremony<br />

with Yacht Racing Forum,<br />

adding a touch of glamour<br />

and celebration to the event.<br />

Another exciting addition is the Career<br />

Corner, situated within the Young<br />

Professionals Lounge, where students<br />

and young professionals can receive<br />

valuable career coaching sessions from<br />

Marine Resources’ recruiters.<br />

While looking to the future, the event<br />

will continue to build on its existing<br />

successes. The DAME Design Awards<br />

John Hogan (Superior Jetties), Steve Sammes (Mulpha Sanctuary<br />

Cove Marina) and Oscar Siches (marina consultant) discuss building<br />

sustainable marinas at the Marina World panel session in the<br />

METSTRADE Theatre 2022.<br />

will see new categories and jury<br />

members. Furthermore, the event will<br />

uphold its commitment to the BBA,<br />

SuperYacht Forum, and METSTRADE<br />

Theatre.<br />

EVENTS<br />

Vibrant networking in the Marina & Yard<br />

Pavilion (MYP).<br />

For professionals involved in<br />

managing, operating and providing<br />

services for marinas and boatyards, the<br />

Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) remains<br />

the go-to dedicated area within the<br />

exhibition that caters specifically to the<br />

thriving marina and boatyard industry.<br />

This includes the latest equipment,<br />

technology, infrastructure solutions,<br />

dock systems, maintenance tools,<br />

environmental management, and more.<br />

The pavilion creates a vibrant and<br />

interactive environment, allowing<br />

attendees to forge partnerships<br />

and explore the latest trends and<br />

advancements in the marina and<br />

yard sector. Don’t miss the special<br />

additional networking opportunity at the<br />

Waterfront Drinks reception, hosted by<br />

Marina World.<br />

During this year’s show, the<br />

dedicated METSTRADE Theatre will<br />

host insightful discussions about the<br />

marinas of the future, and rethinking<br />

approaches to marina personnel - both<br />

sessions powered by Marina World and<br />

chaired by Oscar Siches.<br />

In ‘Marinas of the Future:<br />

Infrastructure, Policy and Social<br />

Values’ the sustainable character<br />

of the marina of the future will be<br />

discussed, i.e. how to maintain social<br />

value and deliver strong economic<br />

performance while balancing<br />

technology with the human<br />

touch. Will the transformation<br />

of old marinas be part of<br />

the solution? Restrictions<br />

hamper development - is it<br />

up to the industry to push for<br />

government action?<br />

In ‘Diversity Breeds<br />

Diversity’ visitors can discover<br />

how yachting is changing,<br />

adapting to different cultures,<br />

and different places, in part<br />

because of crew diversity.<br />

Should marinas seek greater<br />

staff diversity so as to offer<br />

their boating customers<br />

broader perspectives?<br />

Metstrade will run this<br />

year from Wednesday<br />

15th November to Friday<br />

17th November, a one-off<br />

adjustment to the usual show days. See<br />

www.metstrade.com/tickets for visitor<br />

details<br />

Visit www.metstrade.com/exhibiting to<br />

learn about exhibiting.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />





Are you a marina owner, operator, developer<br />

or supplier? Then this year’s METSTRADE<br />

will have plenty in store for you!<br />

Get ready for an unforgettable<br />

2023 edition of METSTRADE<br />

as we mark our 35th show<br />

anniversary. Exciting initiatives<br />

are in store as we shape the<br />

future of the marine industry<br />

and celebrate groundbreaking<br />

products and solutions that push<br />

the boundaries of marine and<br />

boatbuilding technology.<br />

During this year’s show, the<br />

dedicated METSTRADE Theatre<br />

will host insightful discussions<br />

about the marinas of the future,<br />

and rethinking approaches to<br />

marina personnel - both sessions<br />

powered by Marina World.<br />

In ‘Marinas of the future:<br />

infrastructure, policy and<br />

social values’, the sustainable<br />

character of the marina of<br />

the future is being discussed,<br />

maintaining a social value<br />

and delivering strong<br />

economic performance while<br />

balancing technology with the<br />

human touch. Find out if the<br />

transformation of old marinas<br />

is part of the solution and if it<br />

is up to the industry to push<br />

for government action.<br />

In ‘Diversity breeds diversity’,<br />

you can find out how yachting<br />

is changing, adapting to different<br />

cultures, and different places,<br />

in part because of crew diversity.<br />

Should marinas seek greater<br />

staff diversity so as to offer<br />

their boating customers broader<br />

perspectives?<br />

In addition, the dedicated<br />

Marina & Yard Pavilion will bring<br />

together the world’s largest<br />

concentration of exhibitors from<br />

the marina and boatyard industry<br />

in a business-to business<br />

environment, complemented<br />

by key training and networking<br />

events for marina professionals.<br />

We hope to welcome you on<br />

15-17 November. Don’t forget to<br />

register for your free ticket now.<br />

See you at METSTRADE!<br />

METSTRADE will be held at the<br />

RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam<br />

and will run from Wednesday-Friday<br />

15-17 November 2023.<br />

Get your free ticket, go to<br />


GET YOUR<br />






WED 151123<br />

THU 161123<br />

FRI 171123<br />

The METSTRADE Show is the happening meeting place in Amsterdam where<br />

the international leisure marine community gathers. In a hospitable and safe<br />

environment, we make you feel at home to meet and mingle with the entire<br />

industry. Feel connected and charge yourself to optimise your business.<br />









Karpaz Gate Marina:<br />

A home away from home<br />

Since Marina World last wrote about Karpaz Gate Marina more than a decade ago, this 300 berth marina in Northern<br />

Cyprus has transformed into a unique, fully serviced, world class haven for superyachts and yachts from around the<br />

world. Charlotte Niemiec invites managing director, Liza Singer, to talk shop<br />

Liza<br />

Singer<br />

Lying in crystal blue waters that<br />

straddle Asia and Europe, the Platinum<br />

5 Gold Anchor Karpaz Gate Marina<br />

strikes the perfect balance between<br />

offering a five-star, boutique-feel marina<br />

and a bustling international standard<br />

yachting hub that opens up the whole of<br />

North Cyprus to the boating community.<br />

Singer has been with the project<br />

from the start. Israeli born and raised,<br />

her impressively long list of accolades<br />

and skills include being a lawyer and<br />

accountant (CPA) with an MBA in<br />

finance and 18 years’ experience in<br />

private equity and investments. In 2004,<br />

she began collaborating with a British<br />

entrepreneur to realise his vision of<br />

establishing Karpaz Gate Marina on the<br />

pan handle-shaped Karpaz Peninsula.<br />

Singer has overseen the design and<br />

construction of the marina since 2006<br />

and continues to lead its expansion,<br />

including the recent opening of its hotel,<br />

hamam and spa.<br />

Developing a modern marina in a<br />

Karpaz Gate Marina has been positioned<br />

to strike a perfect balance between a fivestar,<br />

boutique-style marina and a bustling<br />

international standard yachting hub. With<br />

300 berths available in its protected marina<br />

basin (above) and tranquil luxury in the<br />

Beach Club, it offers guests a very special<br />

secluded haven.<br />

country that stands at a historical,<br />

linguistic and cultural crossroads<br />

between two continents hasn’t always<br />

been plain sailing, Singer explains.<br />

“There have been great challenges<br />

in working in a multicultural, diverse<br />

environment as a foreign investor while<br />

introducing a new sector of tourism to<br />

this part of the island. Starting from rock<br />

bottom with no infrastructure alongside<br />

the geopolitical challenges and lack<br />

of supporting ecosystem for yachting<br />

services, there was a lot of work to<br />

be done, including educating the local<br />

market and gaining support from<br />

multiple industries, from taxi drivers and<br />

tour guides to technical expertise and<br />

chandleries. It has been challenging<br />

learning the local culture and cultivating<br />

the right business relationships within a<br />

new environment.”<br />

But the ambitious plans and hard<br />

work have paid off. Today, Karpaz Gate<br />

Marina is an official port of entry to the<br />

country with customs and passport<br />

checks completed on-site for arriving<br />

sailors, and a marina basin that<br />

caters to the needs of all boats up to<br />

superyacht size.<br />

“The unique qualities of our marina<br />

resort combine to create a special<br />

and secluded marina haven unlike<br />

any other,” says Singer. “Cyprus is still<br />

largely undiscovered by the yachting<br />

community and still unknown to tourists<br />

visiting the rest of the island. Karpaz<br />

26 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023


Gate is a unique marina in that it was<br />

designed and developed to operate<br />

as a whole resort with high standards<br />

being met across all its operations.<br />

The levels of service you’d expect in<br />

a luxury hotel extend to berth holders<br />

and marina guests, so concierge and<br />

room services are all available from the<br />

comfort of a visitor’s own boat as well<br />

as all the usual marina services you’d<br />

find in a high-end marina. This is what<br />

sets us apart from other marinas – our<br />

level of service is unparalleled, with<br />

access to all the luxury facilities that our<br />

resort offers. We aim to entice visitors<br />

with the assurance that we go the extra<br />

mile to provide all they could need to<br />

allow them time to relax, indulge and<br />

explore the local area and waters.”<br />

All mod-cons<br />

The marina offers 300 berths on<br />

floating pontoons, catering for<br />

superyachts up to 60m (197ft), and<br />

18,000m² (194,000ft²) of shipyard<br />

and dry dock, which can provide hard<br />

standing for up to 20 vessels of various<br />

sizes. The marina has a fuel station<br />

and a well-equipped and experienced<br />

team at the shipyard’s Technical Centre,<br />

which includes a 300-ton Ascom travel<br />

lift that can service vessels of up to<br />

10m (33ft) beam. The team carries out<br />

both minor and major projects, such<br />

as servicing of engine and reduction<br />

gear, rudder systems and navigation<br />

equipment, electrical works, yacht<br />

painting, hull repairs, anti-fouling,<br />

woodwork, teak deck applications, and<br />

polishing and varnishing.<br />

“We have 24/7 surveillance with<br />

extensive CCTV across the marina<br />

and resort as well as security staff who<br />

regularly patrol the safe and secure<br />

marina and resort,” Singer confirms.<br />

On-site leisure facilities are available<br />

for hotel and marina guests and are<br />

just a short stroll from the pontoons,<br />

featuring a hotel, spa, gym, fitness<br />

facility, beach club with 33m (108ft)<br />

infinity pool, children’s pool and play<br />

area, private beach area, watersports<br />

centre and beachside restaurant. All<br />

guests enjoy free use of the leisure<br />

facilities, and discounts in food and<br />

beverage facilities. They can also enjoy<br />

free access to the Yacht Club area.<br />

Eco-focused<br />

From the beginning, respect for the<br />

natural beauty of this unspoilt area was<br />

a key consideration in the development<br />

and the build focused on using<br />

ecological materials and accessories.<br />

The resort is immersed in, but also<br />

reliant on, its natural surroundings.<br />

Vibrant trees and flowers thrive in the<br />

on-site nursery, while the vegetable and<br />

The marina accommodates a good mix of<br />

vessels, including superyachts up to 60m<br />

(197ft), and a wealth of technical and<br />

leisure facilities just a short distance from<br />

its private beach (below left).<br />

herb garden and greenhouse provide<br />

fresh produce straight to the plate<br />

alongside homemade bread and fresh,<br />

locally-sourced dairy, fish and meat.<br />

To encourage green energy, an on-site<br />

solar plant supplies over half of the<br />

total electricity usage, while ecological<br />

and recycling initiatives include minimal<br />

usage of non-recycled materials like<br />

plastics.<br />

A no fishing rule is also in place to<br />

protect the wildlife and preserve the<br />

water, which supports the protection of<br />

the many species that thrive throughout<br />

the peninsula, both on land and in the<br />

warm, clear waters and sea caves<br />

along the coast.<br />

A bright future<br />

Over the coming years, Singer hopes to<br />

further strengthen the capabilities of the<br />

marina’s Technical Centre and shipyard<br />

as “we have all the physical capabilities<br />

and the economic benefits to be a<br />

very competitive solution in the East<br />

Mediterranean for yacht owners.”<br />

“We also hope to be able to raise<br />

awareness for a new status quo<br />

between the two parts of the island<br />

to allow all to enjoy the joint seafront,<br />

hence our support in the ‘Winds of<br />

Change’ project – a pioneering sailing<br />

venture that has brought together<br />

the first bi-communal Cypriot sailing<br />

team to sail around the divided island<br />

together.”<br />

“I feel privileged to establish<br />

our company and get to know the<br />

marvellous local people who have<br />

supported me and worked with me<br />

since we arrived. There is always a<br />

challenge when arriving in a foreign<br />

country, especially in a country like<br />

North Cyprus with the special political<br />

and social circumstances. This was<br />

a new experience for me, and due to<br />

various circumstances, I was given<br />

the responsibility for all aspects of the<br />

project – construction, financial, legal,<br />

team building, team training, marketing,<br />

service, and building a relationship<br />

with all the stakeholders. More than<br />

anything, I’m proud of our team, mostly<br />

local from Turkey and a few foreign<br />

members who give our resort its<br />

special, friendly, and welcoming feeling.<br />

Karpaz Gate Marina is a home away<br />

from home for so many nationalities.”<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


“Ocean Reef Marina”, Panama<br />





- Easy recharging and guaranteed autonomy for a full<br />

working day, thanks to the high-performance lithium-ion<br />

battery core.<br />

- Incorporation of an autonomous solar panel support<br />

system, which provides up to 20% of the daily energy used.<br />

- Optimization of the docking area thanks to the variable<br />

span, allowing to adjust the boat hoist to the beams of<br />

the different boats.<br />

Boat<br />

Hoists<br />

Marine Jib<br />

Cranes<br />

Dry<br />

Docks<br />

Motorized Boat<br />

Trailer<br />

Let´s meet at ICOMIA!<br />

Want to book an appointment?<br />

+34 649 975 090<br />

motion@ghcranes.com<br />

motion@ghcranes.com<br />



Tangible benefits for<br />

the local area<br />

Family-owned marina group Yacht Havens, which comprises eight marinas in<br />

the UK and one in the Netherlands, has been operating marinas for more than<br />

50 years, having opened its first marina – Lymington Yacht Haven – in 1972.<br />

Since then, the group has built up an impressive portfolio of marinas offering<br />

4,000 berths located in some of the UK’s most picturesque areas famed for<br />

their coastlines, seas, wildlife and habitats.<br />

“We take the stewardship of our Yacht<br />

Havens and local environments very<br />

seriously, working collaboratively to<br />

protect and maintain our marinas for<br />

future generations to come,” explains<br />

the group’s marketing manager,<br />

Jonathan Cook. The group is committed<br />

to providing sustainable, responsibly<br />

run marinas and has combined<br />

forces with several environmental<br />

accreditation initiatives to ensure this,<br />

such as British Marine, The Green Blue,<br />

Blue Flag, Royal Yachting Association<br />

and Gold Anchor Accreditation.<br />

“We invest in a wide range of<br />

environmental projects and initiatives<br />

around our sites,” Cook continues.<br />

“These projects all offer tangible<br />

environmental benefits to the local<br />

area, the local community and/or our<br />

boating communities. They are driven<br />

by passionate staff who are not only<br />

able to support the launch of these<br />

projects, but also assist and maintain<br />

them on an ongoing basis.”<br />

Dredging barges in Lymington Yacht<br />

Haven on their way to help protect the<br />

nearby salt marshes.<br />

For example, each marina<br />

boasts accessible and regularly<br />

maintained facilities to make it<br />

easy for all marina users to recycle<br />

glass, plastics, oil, batteries and<br />

cardboard. On-site sewage pumpout<br />

services are available at every<br />

marina, along with clean and<br />

convenient washroom facilities to<br />

avoid the use of sea toilets.<br />

Most Yacht Haven locations have<br />

also launched a green initiative<br />

that best supports the local area.<br />

“From autonomous waste vessels in<br />

Plymouth, marshland regeneration<br />

on the Solent, washdown filtration<br />

systems in North Fambridge, to<br />

oyster nurseries in Largs – we are<br />

proud that each of these projects<br />

contributes towards operating<br />

a sustainable and responsible<br />

marina,” Cook adds.<br />

Dredging at Lymington<br />

At Lymington Yacht Haven, on<br />

England’s south coast, a rise in sea<br />

levels and the rigours of natural waves<br />

have eroded the saltmarsh coastline<br />

over the last century, impacting the<br />

town’s harbour. As the marshes play<br />

an important role in shielding marinas,<br />

moorings and sea defences from<br />

wave attacks, marina manager Rupert<br />

Wagstaff decided that “something had<br />

to be done to protect the sustainability<br />

of the salt marshes, inhabiting wildlife<br />

and the future enjoyment of boating<br />

enthusiasts to come.”<br />

In a pioneering scheme, the marina<br />

joined forces with Lymington Harbour<br />

Commissioners (LHC) to reduce marsh<br />

Interceptor tanks installed at Plymouth<br />

Yacht Haven trap oils, paint fragments and<br />

other materials to ensure they cannot enter<br />

the water when boats are lifted ashore.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Plymouth Yacht Haven is the first<br />

marina in the group to have a Seabin<br />

debris collection device installed. It can<br />

hold up to 20kg of litter at a time.<br />

erosion by dredging mud from the<br />

outer reaches of the riverbed and<br />

relocating it to the east side of the<br />

river. This creates a sediment-rich<br />

reef that helps to protect the salt<br />

marshes behind.<br />

The first phase of the scheme<br />

finished in 2017, having dredged<br />

19,380 tonnes of mud to build an<br />

intertidal area at ‘Boiler Marsh’,<br />

which had previously suffered<br />

considerable erosion. The marina<br />

was then awarded a five-year licence<br />

for a second scheme to dredge<br />

10,000 tonnes of mud every year<br />

until 2024.<br />

The marina is continually monitoring<br />

the effects and so far has seen that<br />

much of the deposited sediment has<br />

consolidated, resulting in marsh plants<br />

growing, wading birds feeding and wild<br />

fowl now nesting along the coastline.<br />

“As custodians, we’re responsible<br />

for maintaining our marinas for the<br />

next generations, protecting and<br />

preserving our neighbouring wildlife’s<br />

habitats,” Wagstaff says. “[We’re]<br />

doing what we can to future-proof our<br />

marinas for generations to come, so<br />

our berth holders can potter in and<br />

out of Lymington River, spot different<br />

species of wading birds, wild fowl,<br />

marine wildlife and enjoy the beautiful<br />

surroundings.”<br />

Removing plastic<br />

from the sea<br />

Plymouth Yacht Haven is the<br />

group’s first location to reap the<br />

benefits of the award-winning<br />

‘Seabin’ technology, which removes<br />

debris, plastics and microplastics<br />

from the sea. Made from recyclable<br />

materials, the Seabin draws water<br />

in before pumping it through a fine<br />

mesh and collecting the resulting<br />

waste. The device can hold up to<br />

20kg of litter at a time, and can<br />

capture over 1.4 tons of debris a<br />

year. The marina team can then<br />

collect the waste from the basket<br />

and recycle it.<br />

First developed in 2016 in<br />

Australia, there are now almost<br />

1,000 Seabins worldwide, but<br />

this is the first permanently located in<br />

Plymouth, which has recently become<br />

the UK’s first National Marine Park.<br />

“Working and living by the water, we<br />

see first hand the impact of marine litter<br />

and its effect on marine wildlife around<br />

Plymouth,” says Steve Kitchen, marina<br />

director.<br />

“We’re not stopping with the Seabin,”<br />

The Industry Leader in HDPE<br />

Wave Attenuation Systems.<br />

Designed and Built to Last.<br />

» Protects Human Health and Property from High Wave Energy<br />

» All Season » Cost Effective » Low Maintenance<br />

» Reduces Long-Term Adverse Environmental Impacts<br />

» Designed and Manufactured by PNP » Reduces Coastal Erosion<br />


KINGSTON, WA | (360) 297-0858<br />

30 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023

www.marinaworld.com – November/December 2022 45


he adds. “This month we’ve installed<br />

bug hotels, wildflower gardens and bird<br />

feeders around the marina to increase<br />

the biodiversity on-site. We partnered<br />

up with various local organisations to<br />

run workshops with our customers to<br />

increase awareness and education<br />

around these issues. The team behind<br />

the autonomous Waste Shark vessel<br />

ran demonstrations on-site and we also<br />

organised litter picks on Mount Batten<br />

beach.”<br />

Mussels vs microplastics<br />

Scientists at Plymouth Marine<br />

Laboratory (PML) have installed<br />

cages filled with mussels at three<br />

Yacht Havens sites as part of a trial<br />

project to establish how effectively they<br />

can remove microplastics from tidal,<br />

estuarine waters.<br />

Earlier laboratory experiments<br />

conducted by the team using a customdesigned<br />

flume tank showed that a<br />

cluster of 300 blue mussels – around<br />

5kg – could filter out over 250,000<br />

microplastics an hour. This is achieved<br />

by harnessing the natural filtering<br />

power of the mussels, which get their<br />

food by filtering seawater, sieving out<br />

plankton and other nutritious particles<br />

and flushing out unwanted particles<br />

from their digestive systems. As part of<br />

this process, microplastics are ejected<br />

in their waste, which can then be<br />

collected as it sinks.<br />

Mussel cages have now been placed<br />

at Plymouth Yacht Haven, Turnchapel<br />

Wharf, Yacht Haven Quay, as well as a<br />

location on the Kingsbridge estuary.<br />

Scaling up the mussel filtration reef/<br />

system would provide several other<br />

benefits, as the humble mussel’s hardy<br />

nature and water filtration capabilities<br />

means it can improve overall water<br />

quality, reduce pathogen numbers and<br />

soak up pollution, while increasing<br />

local biodiversity and seafood<br />

quality in a given area.<br />

Left: Dredging and relocating mud from the<br />

outer reaches of the riverbed in Lymington<br />

is creating a sediment-rich reef that helps<br />

protect the salt marshes behind. Below<br />

left: An oyster nursery at Largs Yacht<br />

Haven (photo: Zoological Society London).<br />

Below right: Interceptor tanks at work in<br />

Fambridge Yacht Haven, Essex.<br />

“An estimated eight million tonnes of<br />

plastic end up in the ocean every year<br />

– that’s the equivalent to a full truckload<br />

dumped into the sea every minute,”<br />

explains Professor Pennie Lindeque,<br />

head of Science, Marine Ecology and<br />

Biodiversity at PML. “Through labbased<br />

experiments and early trials, we<br />

have shown that mussels could play<br />

a valuable role in helping to extract<br />

microplastics – effectively collecting<br />

up and leaving the recycling out for us<br />

to then dispose of. We are incredibly<br />

excited to see how well these new<br />

custom-made cages will work and very<br />

grateful to Yacht Haven Marinas Group<br />

for their support.”<br />

Waste Sharks at<br />

Turnchapel Wharf<br />

Last year, Yacht Haven’s 14-acre<br />

(5.7ha) marine business park,<br />

Turnchapel Wharf in Plymouth, began<br />

trialling use of the ‘Waste Shark’ – a<br />

remote operated vehicle (ROV) that<br />

surveys the surface of the seas, collects<br />

litter and helps to keep the natural<br />

environment clean.<br />

Working in collaboration with<br />

Plymouth-based robotics and artificial<br />

intelligence expertise MSUBS and<br />

Marine AI, the project will look at<br />

adapting and enhancing the technology<br />

of the basic Waste Sharks to work<br />

autonomously moving around the water<br />

to where the plastic waste is collecting.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Oyster nurseries at<br />

Largs Marina<br />

In 2021, Largs Yacht<br />

Haven on the Firth of<br />

Clyde in Scotland was<br />

selected to take part<br />

in the Wild Oysters<br />

Project, which saw<br />

1,300 native oysters<br />

returned to the water<br />

as part of an ambitious<br />

restoration project to<br />

bring back these ‘ocean<br />

superheroes’ from the<br />

brink of extinction.<br />

The three-year,<br />

£1.9 million Wild<br />

Oysters Project is<br />

a partnership between<br />

the Zoological Society of<br />

London (ZSL), Blue Marine Foundation<br />

(BLUE) and British Marine.<br />

Native oysters provide great benefits<br />

to the health of the ocean by filtering<br />

pollutants. However, human activities<br />

have contributed to a 95% decline in<br />

their numbers since the 1800s and<br />

many of these benefits have been lost.<br />

Today, Largs Yacht Haven is home to<br />

nurseries filled with oysters suspended<br />

underneath marina pontoons, which<br />

create a micro habitat where the<br />

oysters can reproduce. Each adult<br />

oyster can filter 200 litres of water a<br />

day.<br />

British Marine environment executive,<br />

James Scott-Anderson, said: “British<br />

marinas are once again enabling the<br />

recovery of oysters. Largs Yacht Haven<br />

is one of the largest in the UK with over<br />

The Seabin team at Plymouth Yacht<br />

Haven l to r: Steve Kitchen, marina<br />

director; Viki Lakey, boatyard<br />

coordinator; Sam Blackburn,<br />

engineer Boskalis Westminster; and<br />

Isobel Loxton, compliance officer<br />

Boskalis Westminster.<br />

700 berths … [and is] a great<br />

example of how large and busy<br />

facilities can host environmental<br />

projects, proving how industry,<br />

science and sustainability can<br />

work together successfully.”<br />

Trapping nasties<br />

At Fambridge Yacht Haven in<br />

Essex and at Plymouth Yacht<br />

Haven in Devon, Yacht Havens<br />

has installed state-of-the-art<br />

interceptor tanks that trap oils,<br />

paint fragments and other<br />

materials to make sure they cannot<br />

re-enter the river when boats are lifted<br />

ashore. The new system collects and<br />

filters the water used when washing<br />

boats, effectively recycling it and<br />

reducing water wastage. The marina at<br />

Fambridge has also partnered up with<br />

a new waste provider to become a zero<br />

waste site, ensuring that no waste ends<br />

up in landfill.<br />

34 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023



Thinking greener? Let Rolec electrify you...<br />

Electric Service Pedestals<br />

Electric Vehicle Charging Units<br />

Electric Boat Charging<br />

Electric & Water Management Systems<br />

It’s no secret that the world is<br />

steering towards cleaner and greener<br />

modes of transport. As world leaders<br />

in providing service pedestals and<br />

associated products for marina and<br />

waterside destinations, and with over<br />

10 years’ experience in the electric<br />

vehicle charging industry, Rolec are<br />

able to provide a solution to suit your<br />

electrification needs. Enabling you<br />

to offer your visitors a seamless<br />

charging experience, whether it’s for<br />

electric vehicles or electric boats.<br />

For more details contact Rolec’s technical / support / sales team<br />

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KINGSTON, WA | (360) 297-0858


Protecting a sensitive ecosystem<br />

Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour on the Beaulieu River has been awarded The<br />

Yacht Harbour Association’s Clean Marina accreditation in recognition of its<br />

efforts to help protect the UK’s oceans and waterways.<br />

The Beaulieu River is a special<br />

place and the Beaulieu Estate works<br />

closely with environmental agencies<br />

to do what it can to protect this unique<br />

environment. It is one of the few<br />

privately owned rivers in the world, and<br />

the custodianship of the Montagu family<br />

for over four centuries has focused<br />

on maintaining its natural charm and<br />

protecting its habitats and species.<br />

The Clean Marina accreditation<br />

criteria and assessment includes<br />

blackwater capture and treatment,<br />

correct management of hazardous<br />

waste, spill prevention and treatment,<br />

washdown capture and filtration, drain<br />

interception, the use of sustainable<br />

products and preventing plastics<br />

pollution.<br />

Buckler’s Hard staff are trained to<br />

respond to oil spills and have additional<br />

training in waste management. A free<br />

pump-out facility is available to berth<br />

holders and visitors alike, and all boat<br />

owners must comply with rules not to<br />

discharge into the river or surrounding<br />

waters. Pontoons are inspected<br />

annually and cleaned regularly, along<br />

with monthly monitoring to ensure<br />

pollution of the watercourse does not<br />

occur.<br />

The marina is working to eliminate<br />

its use of single-use plastics, and onsite<br />

caterers are also encouraged to<br />

support the team with this approach.<br />

In addition, all boat owners are<br />

encouraged to use environmentally<br />

friendly products while on site.<br />

Harbour master Wendy Stowe said:<br />

“We are delighted to be one of the<br />

first marinas assessed and awarded<br />

the International Clean Marina<br />

accreditation. The protection of the<br />

river’s environment is still the most<br />

important consideration, and the whole<br />

marina team works hard to maintain<br />

our high standards of sustainability and<br />

environmentally friendly practices.”<br />

Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour sits on a<br />

privately owned river in a sensitive rural<br />

environment.<br />

Silver EcoVadis<br />

for Premier<br />

Leading UK marina operator<br />

Premier Marinas has been awarded<br />

the prestigious Silver EcoVadis<br />

recognition for its commitment<br />

to sustainable business practice.<br />

This achievement builds upon the<br />

Bronze EcoVadis medal it secured<br />

in 2022 and complements the ISO<br />

14001 Environmental Management<br />

certification it received in 2018.<br />

EcoVadis is an independent, globally<br />

recognised sustainability assessment<br />

platform that evaluates Environmental<br />

Social Governance (ESG) performance.<br />

It provides businesses with a<br />

comprehensive rating system that<br />

allows them to benchmark their<br />

sustainability efforts. EcoVadis ratings<br />

are trusted by organisations worldwide<br />

to identify and partner with sustainable<br />

suppliers and service providers.<br />

Reducing and preventing water and<br />

air pollution is at the top of Premier<br />

Marinas’ sustainability objectives. To<br />

achieve this, pump-out facilities are<br />

being rolled out across many sites.<br />

Premier opened its newest pump-out<br />

facility in Gosport Marina in July.<br />

The company has also invested<br />

in marine-specific FiltaBund wash<br />

bays at its boatyards. This innovative<br />

technology collects the run-off water<br />

from jet washing and removes marine<br />

Harbour master Wendy Stowe and her<br />

team work hard to ensure Buckler’s Hard<br />

is worthy of its new Clean Marina status.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



FiltaBund wash bays at its boatyards and solar panels on many buildings including those at<br />

Universal Marina (above) are examples of initiatives that have secured Premier Marinas its<br />

Silver EcoVadis recognition.<br />

debris, paint flakes and pigments as<br />

well as copper and zinc pollutants.<br />

The water is then recycled to use<br />

for further jet washing and tackles<br />

another sustainability objective – to use<br />

water more efficiently. The boatyard<br />

at Chichester Marina has recently<br />

commissioned its second FiltaBund<br />

wash bay.<br />

Promoting renewable energy is<br />

another objective and installing<br />

extensive solar PV panels across<br />

all feasible buildings has been a big<br />

investment for the future. Premier’s<br />

Universal Marina completed the<br />

installation of 193 solar PV panels<br />

in July, switching on the potential to<br />

harness 74.3kW of power from the sun.<br />

This takes Premier’s total solar capacity<br />

across all sites to 522kW.<br />

Premier Marinas CEO, Pete<br />

Bradshaw, said: “We are thrilled to have<br />

38 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023



SMART<br />

Develops innovative solutions<br />

designed to satisfy the customer<br />

with care and reliability<br />

The smart system has been<br />

created to support marinas<br />

in managing the services<br />

<br />

and add value to the port<br />

structure and berths. Our<br />

multi-platform solution is<br />

able to remotely control<br />

from PC and Smartphone<br />

the columns, making the<br />

systems integrated.<br />


the future with<br />

<br />


Via dell'Artigianato, 2/4 - 48022 Lugo (RA) - ITALY<br />

Phone (+39) 0545 32900 | Email info@gigieffe.com<br />

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 REG. N.19255-A

Flying the Blue Flag at Gouvia Marina,<br />

one of 14 marinas in D-Marin’s portfolio<br />

to meet the stringent<br />

FEE criteria.<br />

been awarded Silver EcoVadis which<br />

highlights our ongoing commitment<br />

to be a sustainable business.<br />

We recognise the importance of<br />

environmental responsibility and<br />

strive to implement measures that<br />

protect and preserve our precious<br />

waterside ecosystems.”<br />

Flying the<br />

Blue Flag<br />

D-Marin has been granted the<br />

iconic Blue Flag Award at 14 of<br />

its 20 marinas, recognising its<br />

commitment across the network<br />

to protecting the environment and<br />

marine life.<br />

The flags have been earned<br />

through a series of initiatives, which<br />

are part of D-Marin’s ongoing<br />

Environmental Social Governance<br />

(ESG) commitments across its<br />

premium marina portfolio, and are<br />

proudly flown at marinas in Greece,<br />

Turkey, Croatia, Italy and Spain.<br />

Water quality testing and treatment,<br />

coastal clean-ups involving the marina<br />

teams and local community, use of<br />

renewable energy, health and safety<br />


training, ethical waste management<br />

and sustainable investments are all<br />

activities which contribute to renewal<br />

of Blue Flag.<br />

“D-Marin marinas are based<br />

in the most spectacular yachting<br />

destinations in the world and we<br />

want to do our part to protect these<br />

regions,” says health, safety and<br />

environmental officer Areti Priovolou.<br />

“Our robust ESG strategy to create<br />

sustainable marinas for present<br />

and future generations is welcomed<br />

with open arms by all our marinas.<br />

The commitment is the least we can<br />

do to help the destinations we call<br />

home, and we will always seek new<br />

ways to enhance the environment<br />

and marine life.”<br />

Blue Flag, operated by the<br />

Foundation for Environmental<br />

Education, is one of the most<br />

recognised awards for beaches<br />

and marinas. Recipients must meet<br />

stringent criteria and flags are<br />

renewed annually to ensure ongoing<br />

responsibility. Zea Marina in Greece is<br />

the most recent D-Marin marina to be<br />

granted a Blue Flag while other marinas<br />

have received renewals from 2022.<br />




Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

+34 933 601 101<br />

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

Vigo, SPAIN<br />

+34 986 906 770<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . p t<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


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Marina<br />

World www.marinaworld.com


Marina di<br />

Scarlino and its<br />

owner Leonardo<br />

Ferragamo<br />

(right), and<br />

operator<br />

Claudio<br />

Cilemmi, CEO<br />

of La Marina<br />

Srl (below).<br />

Majoring on<br />

the minority<br />

Marina Monfalcone and Marina di Scarlino are two very different marinas in<br />

different parts of Italy. But, in a world where sailboats represent just 9.5%<br />

of the global leisure fleet, they prove that sail-dominated marinas can be<br />

operated successfully and effectively. Donatella Zucca reports<br />

A very high proportion of the world’s<br />

leisure sailing boats are to be found in<br />

northern Europe, with the UK, France,<br />

Netherlands and, most particularly the<br />

Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway<br />

and Finland – dominating (source:<br />

Trend 2022/2023 Nautica in Cifre –<br />

Confindustria Nautica).<br />

In Italy, sailing boats account for<br />

23% of the registered fleet and sports<br />

sailing is taken very seriously. Various<br />

Italian yacht clubs scattered all round<br />

the coast, sailors, investors and keen<br />

supporters all rally to the cry of events<br />

like the Louis Vuitton Cup and the<br />

America’s Cup.<br />

The operators of Marina Monfalcone<br />

(CEO Hans-Peter Steinacher) and<br />

Marina di Scarlino (CEO La Marina Srl,<br />

Claudio Gilemmi) are inspired by the<br />

thrill of competitive sailing.<br />

Marina di Scarlino<br />

Marina di Scarlino, a luxury<br />

marina owned by the<br />

sailor and entrepreneur<br />

Leonardo Ferragamo, who<br />

also owns the Nautor Swan<br />

shipyard, sits in Tuscan<br />

regatta country. Countless<br />

regattas are staged by Yacht<br />

Club di Toscana and other<br />

clubs throughout the year.<br />

Ferragamo took to sailing as<br />

a boy with his beloved Swan<br />

and in 1998, in addition to<br />

playing his part in the family<br />

fashion house, he took over<br />

the Nautor yard, relaunched<br />

and renewed it to ensure<br />

it continued on a path of<br />

excellence. Nautor Swan<br />

Global Service and Marina di<br />

Sail boats ready for a regatta in<br />

the Marina di Scarlino shipyard.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Perfect conditions for sailing, and ideal<br />

on-site maintenance with comprehensive<br />

yard services.<br />

Scarlino are now the perfect example of<br />

an integrated offering; a mix of highlevel<br />

services for pleasure and sports<br />

boating.<br />

ISO 14001 9001 certified, Marina<br />

di Scarlino has a multifunctional<br />

electronic badge and 400 parking<br />

spaces for electric cars. It offers 580<br />

wet berths for vessels of 10 to 36m<br />

(33 to 118ft) at floating pontoons with<br />

fingers and a further 380 moorings up<br />

to 12m (39ft), in a canal basin. On land,<br />

exclusive resort apartments provide<br />

an unforgettable stay for owners,<br />

crews, passing nautical guests and<br />

sportsmen. The Isole di Toscana Yacht<br />

Club, chaired by Andrea Lunginotti<br />

Buitoni, organises competitive regattas<br />

and supports national and international<br />

sporting events, including several<br />

World Championships, the Melges 24<br />

Championship and the RC44 World<br />

Championship. The Swan regattas,<br />

such as Swan One Design Circuit,<br />

Swan Rendez Vous, and much<br />

more, complete the picture. The SYS<br />

shipyard, Nautor Swan’s authorised<br />

centre for the Mediterranean, provides<br />

technical assistance for sailing events<br />

and enjoys busy refit activity for tourist,<br />

racing and even motor sailing boats. Its<br />

clients include Azimut Benetti.<br />

“In general, I believe that sporting<br />

and cultural activities that focus on the<br />

relationship between man and nature<br />

should always be encouraged and<br />

rediscovered, unfortunately this balance<br />

is often lost sight of,” says Leonardo<br />

Ferragamo. “Sailing<br />

has this peculiarity,<br />

as well as being a<br />

discipline capable of<br />

forming and inspiring<br />

the best sporting values,<br />

favouring the creation<br />

of deep and lasting<br />

relationships between<br />

those who practice it.”<br />

Claudio Cilemmi,<br />

CEO of La Marina<br />

Srl, develops this<br />

view by outlining that<br />

Marina di Scarlino<br />

was created specifically to welcome a<br />

large community of lovers of sailing,<br />

sea, nature and relaxation. Located<br />

in the heart of Maremma and the<br />

Tuscan Archipelago, a few miles from<br />

Elba Island, it enjoys a great density<br />

of parks, nature reserves and fauna.<br />

It is also one of the safest and most<br />

protected marinas in the Mediterranean<br />

and its value as an ‘integrated offering’<br />

is being extended. “A further expansion<br />

of the housing offering with the<br />

Residenze Isole di Toscana complex is<br />

in the final stages,” Cilemmi confirms.<br />

“This will add 66 exclusive homes.”<br />

Q: How important are sailing sports<br />

activities, such as the Club Swan<br />

regattas and those organised by the<br />

Yacht Club Isole di Toscana, and what<br />

do they mean for the marina?<br />

A: [Claudio Cilemmi] They are one of<br />

the fundamental elements of the project<br />

as well as being an important driving<br />

force for the seasonal adjustment<br />

of the tourist life of the marina. The<br />

international calibre of the competitive<br />

circuits that we host ensures great<br />

visibility and constant growth in terms<br />

of value, with the presence of important<br />

Popular event space amidst Marina di<br />

Scarlino’s sea of masts.<br />

44 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023


Discerning guests at the Marina di Scarlino<br />

resort can choose from a range of holiday<br />

apartments, including the Deluxe Seafront<br />

Suite (below), shop in the mall, and relax<br />

around the beautiful swimming pool.<br />

shipowners and entrepreneurs who<br />

share a passion for sailing. In order to<br />

host important and structured events,<br />

we have to face demanding technical<br />

and logistical needs and undertake<br />

challenging coordination.<br />

We have always managed to achieve<br />

excellent results thanks to the strong<br />

team spirit of the various sectors<br />

and the availability of our community,<br />

made up of yachtsmen, shopping mall<br />

operators and our shipyard Nautor<br />

Swan Global Service, which assures<br />

us the impeccable specialist technical<br />

support that is essential for the regatta<br />

operations and for assisting the boats.<br />

Thanks to the concierge at our resort,<br />

we provide a complete service for all<br />

tourist needs helping them to better<br />

enjoy what Maremma offers.<br />

Q: What are the essential conditions<br />

and the most requested services?<br />

A: Marina di Scarlino was created<br />

in a location suitable for sailors. The<br />

marine weather conditions are perfect<br />

and always make it possible to sail<br />

in a fantastic geographical context<br />

surrounded by nature. The mild<br />

microclimate, with winds blowing all<br />

year round and the presence of Elba<br />

Island with the Tuscan archipelago, are<br />

key elements.<br />

The marina offers high quality<br />

services which guarantee great safety<br />

and comfort in all climatic conditions<br />

thanks to the finger piers and the<br />

logistics of the complex. The technical<br />

assistance for mooring, and the support<br />

provided to yachtsmen, guarantees<br />

excellent standards and, as mentioned<br />

before, the concierge service enables<br />

every tourist to better enjoy what<br />

Maremma has to offer, from nature and<br />

food and wine, to art, culture, sports<br />

and entertainment.<br />

Q: How important are the non-sports<br />

boats?<br />

A: Despite having had very important<br />

sailing calendars over the years,<br />

including more than ten high-level<br />

international regattas, and making<br />

international regattas one of the main<br />

assets of our port, visiting sailboats<br />

ensure that a large number of boats<br />

are always moored up at the marina,<br />

enjoying the extraordinary duration<br />

of the season in our area. Their<br />

importance prevails.<br />

Q: Is it possible that so much sports<br />

sailing inhibits tourist sailing?<br />

A: I believe the passion for sailing can<br />

be experienced on both levels at the<br />

same time. It is no coincidence that<br />

the most innovative vision to support<br />

this trend is best represented with the<br />

latest generation boat models. Nautor<br />

Swan perfectly combines the dream of<br />

being able to have a versatile boat to<br />

enjoy both for leisure moments and for<br />

high-level technical regattas, without<br />

sacrificing design and style. Over the<br />

years, Marina di Scarlino has alternated<br />

sailing classes of different genres and<br />

this has given it the versatility to offer<br />

everything from youth classes up to<br />

shipowner classes.<br />

Q: Can you make an identikit of the<br />

average sailing tourist and sports<br />

sailor? What do they appreciate most<br />

and complain about the most?<br />

A: Sailing tourists loves tranquillity and<br />

silence and sometimes tend to sail<br />

without a timeframe: they always know<br />

their departure time, but never their<br />

arrival time. The very meaning of sailing<br />

is the journey, exactly the opposite<br />

of the motor boater who plans the<br />

day with times and destinations. Our<br />

yachtsmen appreciate the climate and<br />

the location, as well as the restaurant,<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Do You Own a Marina? Let’s Talk About Ways to<br />

Maximize Revenue and Store Larger Boats.<br />

Contact ASAR Today<br />

• Bringing Capital to Your Property<br />

• Investment Opportunities<br />

• Redevelopment Options<br />

• Joint-Venture Partnership<br />

(239) 334-8800<br />

asarautomation.com<br />


shopping and event services. We<br />

receive reports and useful suggestions<br />

from them which we value with the<br />

greatest attention. Further development<br />

of access points to the sea and the<br />

yacht club, with all its services, are<br />

among the objectives we are pursuing.<br />

This will complete in 2024, and the<br />

calendar of autumn and winter 2023<br />

events is already active.<br />

Q: Is it wrong to think that in Italy the<br />

most passionate sailing boaters are<br />

mostly in the north, as is the case in<br />

northern Europe?<br />

A: In our marina, the ratio between sail<br />

and motor is the same, thus highlighting<br />

a counter-trend with respect to the<br />

national and world average. Certainly<br />

the ideal climatic conditions and the<br />

context favour an abundance of sailing<br />

vessels. Our yachtsmen mainly reside<br />

in central Italy and northern Europe.<br />



Marina Monfalcone<br />

Previously known as Marina Hannibal,<br />

Marina Monfalcone is located in the<br />

northern Adriatic where the spirit of<br />

sailing is at its most passionate. CEO<br />

Hans-Peter Steinacher, born and<br />

raised in the heart of the Austrian<br />

mountains, took to sailing with the<br />

same determination as when climbing<br />

peaks or tackling a black ski slope.<br />

Together with Roman Hagara,<br />

Steinacher was part of the Red<br />

Bull Extreme Sailing crew, won two<br />

Olympic gold medals and important<br />

global regattas. In their final World<br />


Marina Monfalcone is Italy’s top marina in the Upper Adriatic and was inspired by sail from<br />

its beginnings in the 1950s.<br />

Championship in Villasimius, Sardinia,<br />

they sailed Red Bull Sailing to victory in<br />

the GC32 World Championship.<br />

Marina Monfalcone was inspired by<br />

sail from the outset. Established in the<br />

1950s by the sailing champion Sergio<br />

Sorrentino, it was seen as a futuristic<br />

project. Now owned by the Austrian<br />

holding company DM GmbH, it is<br />

currently part of an important restyling<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Marina Monfalcone<br />

CEO Hans-Peter<br />

Steinacher (left) is an<br />

Olympic champion<br />

sailor who lends his<br />

passion to all marina<br />

operations including<br />

exciting plans for<br />

the Red Bull Foiling<br />

Academy (CGI right),<br />

which is due to<br />

complete in 2025.<br />

and development of the entire area,<br />

thanks to the acquisition of extra space<br />

for pleasure boating, and the creation<br />

of an academy for the preparation of<br />

foiling world athletes. The 298-berth<br />

marina is the top marina in the Upper<br />

Adriatic and accommodates boats<br />

up to 40m (131ft) in length. Onshore<br />

facilities include equipment for all types<br />

of seasonal maintenance and refitting<br />

for sailing and motor boats up to 50m<br />

(164ft). Originally covering an area of<br />

12ha (29.7 acres), today - including<br />

purchases and concessions – it has<br />

26ha (64.2 acres) of space.<br />

Q: What are your ongoing plans, in<br />

general, and for sport sailing?<br />

A: [Hans-Peter Steinacher] We see<br />

great potential for the nautical sector<br />

here and we are diversifying our<br />

activity. For example, by constructing<br />

a beach and building a petrol station<br />

for the whole area. The central point of<br />

innovation and the direction we want<br />

to give to the investment, however, is<br />

influenced by our contract with Red Bull<br />

for the Red Bull Foiling Academy.<br />

The Academy, due to complete by<br />

2025, is a partnership with sailing<br />

federations and sailing clubs of all<br />

countries and will welcome athletes<br />

who want to prepare to excel at the<br />

Olympics in foil disciplines. This is<br />

our vocation and a substantial part of<br />

our future. We are doing something<br />

in the world of sailing. In two years’<br />

time, Marina Monfalcone will become<br />

a reference centre, which will have a<br />

high-level sports industry and context<br />

around it. The geography, the winds and<br />


MARINA<br />

BULL<br />




+1 (805) 485-7821 wigginslift@wigginslift.com<br />

www.wigginslift.com<br />

48 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023

Are you interested in<br />

taking your marina to<br />

the next level?<br />

Marketing Marina is building a commercial network between marinas. We<br />

conceptualize marketing opportunities for partners in a high quality way.<br />

We have a portfolio of innovative special elements to be sold to premium<br />

brands which will be installed in the marinas. We also invest in stylish<br />

digital screens and take care of the advertising sales which will be split on<br />

a revenue share base with the marina. As a part of the concept the marina is<br />

able to use the screens for its own communication.<br />

This is a way for the marina to get considerable added income, develop<br />

the marina area and serve the boaters and the visitors even better.<br />

The concept is cost-free for the marina.<br />

You are welcome to join our network. We are happy to tell you more about<br />

the possibilities and benefits for your marina when cooperating with us.<br />

Please contact us: marinas@marketingmarina.com - +358 400 60 60 11<br />


The Last Decking Solution<br />

You’ll Ever Need!<br />

NEW!<br />

2’x 4’<br />

PANEL<br />

Coming in Fall 2023, the ThruFlow Legacy XP Series panel will be available<br />

in 2’ x 4’ panel! This panel will support 16” and 24” on center (OC), to<br />

<br />

888.478.3569 | thruflow.com |<br />


One-stop Marina Construction<br />

Aluminum and Concrete Pontoons<br />

Floating Breakwater<br />

Sea Plane Dock


the position make this area a perfect<br />

place to develop this activity.<br />

Q: Despite the sailing tradition present<br />

in many countries, motor boating<br />

prevails. What do you think has gone<br />

wrong in the world and in Italy?<br />

A: What is “wrong” with sailing is not<br />

the competition with motor, but the<br />

lack of educational programmes. The<br />

best teachers do not take part in the<br />

world of pleasure boating, but only<br />

the competitive arena, so those who<br />

want to approach sailing too often find<br />

teachers who are not suitable for the<br />

task. The difficulty in learning and being<br />

at ease in this context means people<br />

often give up and do other things. It is<br />

up to our industry, our world, to reverse<br />

the trend. We at Marina Monfalcone<br />

are doing it, for children, with the Tito<br />

Nordio Sailing School, the first in Italy<br />

to offer courses for adults and children.<br />

The different market share between<br />

sailboats and motorboats is affected by<br />

the fact that sailing requires more skills<br />

and more time and therefore there is<br />

a slower learning curve. To increase<br />

the market share of sailors, we need to<br />

offer more training.<br />

Q: What does hosting so much sailing<br />

entail? What are the indispensable<br />

conditions and the most requested<br />

services?<br />

A: Marina Monfalcone hosts sailing and<br />

motor boats in a basin protected from<br />

prevailing winds. Being in the extreme<br />

north of the Adriatic, in a strategic<br />

Above & right: Marina Monfalcone is a<br />

sailboat oasis with emphasis on education,<br />

competition and leisure sailing. With<br />

excellent yard equipment and facilities,<br />

it is a reference port for yachting in the<br />

northern Adriatic and has ongoing plans to<br />

further strengthen its offering.<br />

position with respect<br />

to central Europe, we<br />

have the fundamental<br />

elements for pleasure<br />

sailing as well as quality<br />

of infrastructure and<br />

environment. On the<br />

competitive sailing<br />

front, we focus on every<br />

element necessary to<br />

host events: efficient<br />

docks suitable for racing<br />

hulls; facilities for land<br />

activities, such as<br />

convivial and technical spaces; services;<br />

and a shipyard whose service meet<br />

the needs of competitive events. The<br />

restaurant, the concession services on<br />

the beach, the bar and the bungalows<br />

for those taking part in the sailing<br />

courses are upgrades. We deliver a<br />

perfect sailing arena, and an excellent<br />

environment for regattas, a sector in<br />

which we continue to invest.<br />

Q: What takes precedence for you –<br />

sport or leisure sailing? Is it possible<br />

that the first inhibits the other?<br />

A: It’s a fact that professional sailors<br />

don’t like to train in isolated settings -<br />

they’re not in the military!<br />

Just as passionate sailors<br />

enjoy professional contexts<br />

as an added value to<br />

their experience. There<br />

is no reason for the two<br />

types of sailing to get in<br />

each other’s way. Our<br />

experience is the opposite:<br />

a context of tourist<br />

sailing is appreciated by<br />

regattas, and the services<br />

necessary for sport sailing<br />

make it possible to raise the level of<br />

quality to the advantage of everyone<br />

with sailing passion. Our spaces are<br />

designed to accommodate both types<br />

of sailboats and owners.<br />

Q: Can you make an identikit of the<br />

average sailing tourist?<br />

A: Ours is a marina undergoing an<br />

upgrade and different sailor profiles<br />

coexist. Alongside the owner who has<br />

moored here for many years, there<br />

are a growing number of foreigners<br />

who treat the marina as a home port.<br />

In the Upper Adriatic the average size<br />

of boats is under 15m [49ft], but our<br />

infrastructure allows us to have larger<br />

sailing and motor hulls. The generous<br />

land area and the entrance, which has<br />

a depth of over 7m [23ft] as it shares<br />

the entrance basin of a shipyard wellknown<br />

for cruise ships, guarantee safe<br />

and straightforward access. Thanks to<br />

the refitting know-how and the facilities<br />

on land and at sea, we are the reference<br />

point in the Upper Adriatic for boats<br />

over 50ft [15m] under sail, and we<br />

concentrate on guaranteeing owners of<br />

these vessels the best services, with an<br />

extremely high focus on quality.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Leading the Industry in Quality,<br />

Versatility and Innovation<br />

Specialists in the design,<br />

fabrication and installation of<br />

customized aluminum and<br />

timber floating dock systems,<br />

fixed piers and gangways for<br />

marina projects worldwide.<br />

From project design and<br />

management to<br />

manufacturing, installation<br />

and maintenance,<br />

Bluewater Marine competes<br />

globally with fabrication<br />

facilities in Hawaii, California<br />

and North Carolina.<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 449 2007<br />

<br />

www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />



Interest builds for<br />

electric hoists<br />

2023 has been another year of growth for Italian company Cimolai Technology,<br />

especially in terms of mobile boat hoist production. Most notably, two electric<br />

machines have been added to its reference portfolio.<br />

A fully-electric 1500 Mobile Boat<br />

Hoist (MBH) for Hyak Shipyard in<br />

Astoria, Oregon, USA is currently under<br />

production and will be delivered in mid-<br />

2024. Offering 1,500 tons capacity, 29m<br />

(95ft) of height and 32 wheels, Cimolai<br />

Technology claims it will be the biggest<br />

boat hoist of its type in the world. It will<br />

be fully electric and powered by long<br />

life lithium batteries, and represents an<br />

important new achievement with regard<br />

to environmental sustainability.<br />

To complete the electric product<br />

range, a fully electric 30-ton MBH has<br />

just been delivered to Marina Punta<br />

Gabbiani in Aprilia Marittima in the<br />

north-east of Italy. The marina customer<br />

already owns Cimolai Technology<br />

machines and adds this full electric<br />

version as proof of its commitment<br />

to making its site innovative from<br />

an environmentally friendly and<br />

sustainable point of view, and as<br />

evidence of its green investment.<br />

The machine is equipped with a<br />

lithium battery pack that provides<br />

total power of more than 100 kW/hr,<br />

which guarantees up to 20 handling<br />

operations. The status of the battery<br />

charging cycle is monitored and<br />

A fully electric 30-ton mobile boat hoist is<br />

now in use at Marina Punta Gabbiani in<br />

north-east Italy.<br />

optimised thanks to an electronic<br />

“Batteries Management System” and<br />

it can be charged via electric network<br />

recharging in a very short time.<br />

Requests for these boat hoists reflect<br />

market demand for both large electric<br />

boat hoists for shipyards and smaller<br />

boat hoists for marinas, and indicates<br />

that the market is also moving towards<br />

fully electric machines.<br />

At the smaller end of the order book,<br />

a 450-ton MBH and a 115-ton boat<br />

hoist, together with a 45-ton boat trolley,<br />

are due to be delivered to Turkey. In<br />

addition, Cimolai Technology has just<br />

assembled and commissioned a 50-ton<br />

MBH for Porto Verde in Scarlino, Italy<br />

and two machines for the French group<br />

Monaco Marine: a 140-ton boat hoist<br />

for Beaulieu sur Mer and a 300 ton<br />

machine for Antibes.<br />

Aside from machines delivered to<br />

marinas, the company has a series<br />

of large mobile hoists, from 500 to<br />

1,200 tonnes, in production for refit<br />

and shipbuilding all over the world.<br />

Examples include two units, one of<br />

820 tons and another of 1,200 tons<br />

telescopic in width, capable of reducing<br />

the track when fully loaded.<br />

At the top end of this range of<br />

machines, Cimolai Technology has<br />

recently delivered and commissioned<br />

a huge boat hoist of 1,150 tons for<br />

Papilas Shipyard in Perama, Greece.<br />

www.cimolaitechnology.com<br />

At the top end of the Cimolai Technology<br />

range are huge machines, such as this<br />

1,150 ton hoist delivered to Papilas<br />

Shipyard in Perama, Greece.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



American Muscle<br />

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication<br />

manufactures both floating and fixed boat dock<br />

systems, hardware, aluminium gangways and<br />

marina accessories. Everything is fabricated<br />

in-house in its USA factory so as to save costs,<br />

ensure quality and expedite custom orders.<br />

American Muscle’s mission is to build<br />

stronger, simpler and more aesthetically<br />

pleasing dock products, and its name<br />

underscores its main focus: the ‘muscle’<br />

that comes from more steel and more<br />

welds for high strength equipment<br />

that can well withstand harsh water<br />

environments.<br />

Pile guides, timber dock hardware,<br />

steel truss hardware and frames,<br />

C-channel dock kits, ramps and jet<br />

ski lifts all have extra strength drawn,<br />

Bellingham Marine<br />

where appropriate, from<br />

seam welding, corner<br />

gussets, horizontal and<br />

vertical supports, thicker<br />

male/female connection<br />

tabs and elongated pre-punched holes.<br />

After manufacture, all metal products<br />

are galvanised to help prevent rust,<br />

and powder-coated finishes are<br />

also available for stainless steel and<br />

aluminium.<br />

American Muscle uses innovative<br />

Cruise ship tender access docks, San<br />

Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua<br />

manufacturing techniques to give its<br />

customers, whether commercial or<br />

residential, a unique and superior<br />

product for a better price.<br />

See advertisement p.22<br />

Bellingham Marine is a worldwide marina<br />

and waterfront design/build construction<br />

company with manufacturing facilities<br />

around the globe. The company is a<br />

leader in floating pontoon design specialising in floating<br />

dock systems, platforms and wave attenuators.<br />

Bellingham Marine brings an<br />

extensive portfolio of products and<br />

widespread expertise to every project<br />

it undertakes. Its fully integrated<br />

service model, along with a design/<br />

build methodology, provides clients<br />

with a low risk, cost effective and highly<br />

streamlined approach to their projects.<br />

The company maintains a strong<br />

financial base, instilling confidence in<br />

its clients that it can deliver everything<br />

it promises.<br />

Having supplied<br />

over 25 million<br />

square feet of<br />

floating systems for<br />

clients around the<br />

world during its 60-<br />

year history, Bellingham knows what’s<br />

been tried, what has worked, and<br />

what hasn’t. Time-proven construction<br />

methods combined with advancements<br />

in materials and an appreciation for<br />

value engineering are the foundation of<br />

Rybovitch Marina, West Palm Beach, FL, USA<br />

an award-winning portfolio of projects.<br />

These can be seen around the world in<br />

diverse sites – from iconic harbours to<br />

public boat launches.<br />

See advertisements p.7, 9 & 11<br />

Bluewater Marine &<br />

Dock Specialties<br />

Established in 1997, Bluewater Marine and<br />

Dock Specialties is one of the premier dock manufacturers in the Pacific<br />

basin and beyond, specialising in the design, fabrication and installation<br />

of aluminium floating dock systems, fixed piers and gangways.<br />

Commercial dock system installations range from large scale marinas to<br />

small facilities.<br />

The company’s low maintenance,<br />

flexible, modular designs include custom<br />

proprietary aluminium extrusions,<br />

stainless steel hardware and other<br />

recyclable materials. All products are<br />

fully engineered by an experienced team<br />

of licensed civil and structural engineers,<br />

are ADA compliant (where applicable)<br />

and are designed to meet site-specific<br />

environmental conditions.<br />

All Bluewater Marine dock systems<br />

are fabricated in-house and<br />

shipped to site ready for<br />

installation.<br />

In 2001, the company built<br />

and installed 120 boat slips at the<br />

Waikiki Yacht Club. This project was the<br />

first aluminium floating dock system<br />

ever installed in the state of Hawaii.<br />

Following this success, Bluewater went<br />

on to develop a portfolio of innovative<br />

projects throughout Hawaii, California,<br />

Portside Ventura Marina, Ventura, CA, USA<br />

Micronesia, the Philippines and beyond,<br />

and now – with fabrication facilities in<br />

Hawaii, California and North Carolina –<br />

it implements projects globally.<br />

See advertisement p.52<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


•<br />

•<br />

•<br />

•<br />

Sustainable, long-term solution for<br />

marinas and shoreline structures<br />

For most round or square piling<br />

(steel, FRP, wood, vinyl and concrete)<br />

Multiple lengths available<br />

Ready to slide down the pile<br />

Fuse welded PE flat or cone top caps,<br />

factory-attached<br />

LC 120, 187, 200 HDPE PILE SLEEVES<br />


Lee Composites, Inc<br />

P.O. Box 130363<br />

The Woodlands, Texas 77393<br />

281-782-2477<br />

boblee@leecomposites.com<br />

www.leecomposites.com<br />

LeeINC<br />


A-Z GUIDE<br />

Golden<br />

Manufacturing<br />

Having spent over four decades perfecting and innovating<br />

its products and services to meet the demands of<br />

clients throughout the world, Golden Manufacturing has<br />

recognised a growing trend for the delivery of complete<br />

marine projects.<br />

Its response to this is to offer a mix<br />

of award-winning products and an<br />

attractive ‘slip/boatlift combination’<br />

to form a one-stop-package that<br />

generates a stronger bottom line for<br />

marina owners. Company founder, Bill<br />

Golden, believes that close attention to<br />

product detail and development, and<br />

forward thinking, are the cornerstone of<br />

Golden’s success and longevity. Golden<br />

uses modern methods, technology<br />

and skilled technicians, and delivers<br />

Horizon Marina<br />

systems that<br />

are safe, goodlooking,<br />

easy<br />

to operate and<br />

dependable.<br />

Golden offers<br />

aluminium and concrete floating<br />

dock systems that are built to fit sitespecific<br />

needs. Systems are virtually<br />

maintenance-free and have a long<br />

lifespan.<br />

The patented timber-free concrete<br />

River Cove Marina, Miami, FL, USA<br />

system comprises concrete decking, a<br />

patented aluminium whaler system and<br />

polyethylene UV resistant floats.<br />

See advertisement p.14 &15<br />

Horizon Marina is an<br />

accredited national hightech<br />

enterprise based in Shenzhen in the Guangdong/<br />

Hong Kong/Macau Greater Bay Area in China. The company<br />

has many years of experience in supplying floating dock<br />

solutions, partnering with marinas to provide design,<br />

manufacture and installation.<br />

Always focusing on quality and<br />

design, and on delivering the best<br />

customer service, Horizon Marina<br />

has become one of the main marina<br />

builders in China. The company has<br />

also accumulated project experience<br />

around the globe, not only with its<br />

aluminium systems but also with<br />

its concrete docks. In the past two<br />

years, for example, it has completed<br />

nearly 10,000m²<br />

(107,600ft²) of<br />

concrete pontoon<br />

installations in<br />

Saudi Arabia.<br />

From aluminium,<br />

concrete and<br />

steel pontoons,<br />

to breakwaters, floating houses and<br />

marina equipment, Horizon Marina<br />

Shimei Bay International Marina Club, Hainan, China<br />

provides clients with turnkey marina<br />

construction services.<br />

See advertisement p.50<br />

Ingemar<br />

Ingemar has over 40 years<br />

of experience in marine<br />

engineering and in the development of concrete<br />

floating structures. It is one of few companies<br />

in the sector to have its own independent<br />

production facilities, enabling it to carry out R&D<br />

in anticipation of market demands. The company<br />

is committed to quality, with ISO 9001 certification<br />

and SOA certification for public works up to €15.5<br />

million.<br />

The Ingemar product range includes<br />

modular all-concrete pontoons,<br />

discontinuous floating pontoons with<br />

galvanised steel or aluminium frames,<br />

hardwood decking and fibre reinforced<br />

concrete or roto-moulded polyethylene<br />

floats. It also offers fixed piers and a<br />

complete range of high quality concrete<br />

floating breakwaters up to 20 x 10 x<br />

2.4m and 185t displacement. Some<br />

of these are constructed using mobile<br />

production sites.<br />

Ingemar know-how covers water<br />

sports floating facilities, floating<br />

platforms and bridges, and heavy-duty<br />

mooring structures for megayachts,<br />

Dubai Harbour, UAE<br />

commercial and naval vessels. It<br />

operates from production facilities<br />

in Casale sul Sile near Venice, Italy<br />

and serves the markets in Italy, the<br />

Mediterranean, Red Sea and Gulf.<br />

See advertisement p.12<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency?<br />

They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name!<br />

Tested and Certified by<br />

IMANNA Laboratory Inc.<br />

• Falling Dart Impact Test<br />

• 7-Day Hunt Water<br />

Absorption Test<br />

• Encasement Wall<br />

Thickness Standard<br />

• And More!<br />

IMANNA Certified<br />

www.imanna.com/customer-spotlight<br />

For over 30 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has<br />

elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry<br />

standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability<br />

and longevity. Visit www.acefloatdrums.com for a variety of product<br />

sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.<br />




With SenTrance Control Power<br />

• SenTrance Control Power increases energy<br />

<br />

• It saves energy costs<br />

• <br />

<br />

• <br />

<br />

• <br />

<br />

visit seijsener.com<br />

Or scan QR-code<br />

Seijsener voor Marine World 2023 juiste afmetingen v6.indd 1 14-2-2023 10:48:22

A-Z GUIDE<br />

International Marine<br />

Floatation Systems<br />

Since 1983, IMFS has been a global leader<br />

in building innovative floating concrete<br />

structures that give people the opportunity to live,<br />

work and play on the surface of the water. The company<br />

maintains the highest level of quality with customer<br />

service, and honours this commitment to past and present<br />

customers.<br />

IMFS designs, engineers and<br />

manufactures concrete floating<br />

structures that take a project from initial<br />

conceptual design to final installation<br />

and has over 40 years of experience<br />

with such projects. The company has<br />

built marinas, wave attenuators, floating<br />

homes, yacht enclosures and large<br />

commercial floating buildings.<br />

A licensing programme enables<br />

IMFS to work<br />

with people and<br />

projects all over<br />

the world, bringing<br />

its expertise<br />

and years of waterfront experience<br />

directly to each market. IMFS floats are<br />

manufactured of structurally reinforced<br />

concrete according to engineer’s load<br />

requirements for wind, wave and snow<br />

Westport Marina, Victoria, BC, Canada.<br />

in specific locations. Full sections are<br />

monolithically cast to meet customer<br />

requirements.<br />

See advertisement p.56<br />

Kropf Industrial<br />

Since starting out as a<br />

custom fabrication shop<br />

in 1977, Kropf Industrial has grown to become one of the<br />

premier suppliers of floating dock and breakwater systems<br />

in Canada. Kropf offers a range of advanced floating dock<br />

designs and its floating breakwater systems have been<br />

extensively tested and proven through both modelling and<br />

real-world applications.<br />

Kropf steel pipe floating dock<br />

systems offer unmatched stability and<br />

strength in high-energy sites, especially<br />

where winter ice is a factor. Finished<br />

in a variety of materials depending<br />

on your requirements, the docks will<br />

provide extended service life and low<br />

maintenance in real-world conditions.<br />

HDPE pipe floats are also available,<br />

backed by a limited lifetime warranty,<br />

and providing a heavy duty design<br />

that is superior to<br />

traditional plastic box<br />

floats.<br />

Kropf’s floating<br />

breakwater<br />

systems utilise<br />

full-length steel<br />

pipe floats and a range of steel<br />

attenuation structures, depending on<br />

site conditions. Available with or without<br />

decking and fingers, the breakwaters<br />

Floating breakwater at Big Sound Marina, Town of Parry Sound,<br />

Ontario, Canada<br />

are proven to provide superb basin<br />

protection and extended service life in<br />

harsh northern conditions.<br />

See advertisement p.20<br />

Lindley Marinas<br />

Lindley Marinas specialises<br />

in the design, manufacture,<br />

installation and maintenance of floating solutions for marinas,<br />

recreational ports and fishing harbours. Headquartered in<br />

Cascais, Portugal, it is part of Grupo Lindley, established in<br />

1930.<br />

With more than 35 years of<br />

experience in the marina and<br />

port market, Lindley’s technical<br />

staff have developed a broad and<br />

flexible range of products, including<br />

floating breakwaters, concrete,<br />

steel, aluminium and timber floating<br />

pontoons, pontoon access bridges and<br />

gates, floating platforms and mooring<br />

systems.<br />

Lindley Marinas<br />

is participating at<br />

the ICOMIA World<br />

Marinas Conference<br />

2023 (9th-11th<br />

<strong>October</strong> Vilamoura,<br />

Portugal) as a sponsor<br />

of the marina tour and<br />

as an exhibitor.<br />

See advertisement p.41<br />

Marina Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Marina World<br />

Digital Editions<br />

Available for remote reading<br />

As remote as you like<br />

Sign up at<br />


A-Z GUIDE<br />

Livart Marine<br />

Founded in 2008, Livart<br />

Marine provides premium<br />

marina solutions to customers<br />

worldwide. Systems are designed by a team of marine<br />

engineering experts and manufactured in high-tech factories<br />

in Guangdong, China. Livart has its own network of branch<br />

offices and subsidiaries in capital cities around the world to<br />

ensure high quality, swift and direct service.<br />

Livart has delivered over 300 marina<br />

systems worldwide. The product line<br />

includes concrete and aluminium<br />

pontoons, aluminium or SS316 access<br />

gangways with anti-slip decking, as well<br />

as Livart-Astra floating breakwaters.<br />

The company’s experienced<br />

structural engineers and designers<br />

can customise modular bridges and<br />

pontoon systems to suit precise<br />

requirements<br />

irrespective of<br />

geographic or<br />

environmental<br />

challenges.<br />

Livart prides itself<br />

on owning the biggest floating pontoon<br />

manufacturing facilities in Asia and<br />

being a one-stop customer-focused<br />

centre offering a service from proposal<br />

Heavy duty concrete marina extension,<br />

Pearl Qatar, Qatar<br />

stage to final project delivery.<br />

See advertisements p.36 & 69<br />

Marinetek<br />

Marinetek is an<br />

internationally<br />

recognised brand name for premium marinas and<br />

advanced floating solutions. With the industry’s widest<br />

product range and a network of 300 marina experts around<br />

the world, Marinetek can match different customer needs<br />

from a custom-made floating structure to a world-class<br />

marina.<br />

The company offers world-famous<br />

concrete, hybrid aluminium and<br />

timber pontoons, breakwaters, floating<br />

solutions and marina equipment.<br />

Through collaborative partnerships,<br />

Marinetek provides its customers with<br />

turnkey services for concept design,<br />

engineering, manufacturing, installation<br />

and modernisation.<br />

It is not just about size or volume.<br />

By listening to its<br />

customers’ needs<br />

and learning about<br />

their culture and<br />

values, the Marinetek team establishes<br />

relationships that last a lifetime.<br />

Ultimately, its aim is to develop winning<br />

solutions for its customers and to keep<br />

its promises.<br />

Operating in over 40 and<br />

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE<br />

manufacturing in ten countries,<br />

Marinetek has delivered over 2,500<br />

marina references to 55 countries<br />

worldwide.<br />

See advertisement p.4<br />

Martini Marinas<br />

Martini Alfredo has a history of<br />

industrial excellence, innovation<br />

and expertise which goes back<br />

over 75 years. It is a market leader in the plastic<br />

industrial containers sector and its Marinas Division is<br />

a well-established manufacturer of infrastructure and<br />

mooring equipment.<br />

Martini Marinas produces a full range<br />

of hot dip galvanised steel-framed<br />

floating pontoons fitted with ecological<br />

moulded floats. They are easy to<br />

assemble and require little ongoing<br />

maintenance. Access gangways,<br />

adjustable fingers, floating breakwaters,<br />

mooring systems, service pedestals<br />

and all main marina accessories<br />

complete the catalogue.<br />

A focus on<br />

environmental<br />

issues is<br />

integral to the company’s culture and<br />

it was the first in Europe to replace<br />

teak timber with extremely durable and<br />

eco-friendly Similteck for the decking of<br />

pontoons, fingers and gangways.<br />

To date, Martini Marinas has installed<br />

over 2,000 facilities at coastal, lake and<br />

Brissago Marina, Locarno, Switzerland<br />

river marinas both in Italy and abroad.<br />

It prioritises safety and technology and<br />

was one of the first in the sector to<br />

achieve ISO 9001 certification.<br />

See advertisement p.20<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


A-Z GUIDE<br />

Perspective<br />

Products<br />

Perspective Products is the parent company of long-lasting<br />

and durable Sure-Step decking. Sure-Step is a high quality<br />

and maintenance-free polypropylene decking system<br />

that has been engineered for outdoor space on and off<br />

the water. The high impact material is claimed to exceed<br />

competition and is maintenance-free.<br />

If you are worried about storm surges<br />

on your pier, Sure-Step’s slotted surface<br />

helps minimise the waves and rising<br />

water levels. Its light penetration surface<br />

is a perfect choice for marine and other<br />

environmentally sensitive areas like<br />

protected nature areas or beaches.<br />

Additional features include an antislip<br />

surface for worry-free walking<br />

and playing, and the use of premium<br />

materials that withstand the elements<br />

and maintain their<br />

beauty even in<br />

the harshest of<br />

environments.<br />

Versatile options<br />

are available to match specific styles<br />

and complement waterfront settings<br />

and the low maintenance requirement<br />

means you can spend more time<br />

enjoying your waterfront paradise.<br />

Sure-Step decking offers safety,<br />

Decking project Miami-Dade County,<br />

Florida, USA<br />

durability and aesthetics and is suitable<br />

for decks, marinas, walkways, docks,<br />

gangways, and more.<br />

See advertisements p.34 & 40<br />

Ronautica<br />

Quality Marinas<br />

Ronautica Quality Marinas is a highly reputable and<br />

experienced Spanish manufacturer of concrete and<br />

aluminium marinas. Its systems are internationally<br />

recognised for quality, strong design, ease of<br />

maintenance and very competitive pricing. Systems<br />

are installed swiftly by Ronautica staff using its<br />

equipment.<br />

Ronautica installed its first marina in<br />

its home city of Vigo in 1989 making it<br />

the first marina manufacturer in Spain<br />

and one of the pioneers in Europe.<br />

Since then, it has installed hundreds of<br />

marinas worldwide and has a very strong<br />

presence in the USA, Central America,<br />

Ireland and Portugal.<br />

Company projects vary from the<br />

simple supply of structures to design,<br />

build and<br />

execution of<br />

complex and<br />

substantial<br />

projects on a turnkey basis anywhere<br />

in the world. In addition to marinas, the<br />

company has built systems for fishing<br />

harbours, sailing and rowing clubs,<br />

military and paramilitary organisations<br />

and always adapts to its customers’<br />

Ocean Reef Marina, Panama City, Panama<br />

needs. To complement its floating<br />

pontoons, it supplies special platforms,<br />

breakwaters, fixed aluminium<br />

walkways and gangways.<br />

See advertisement p.28<br />

SF Marina<br />

Breaking Waves since<br />

1918. SF Marina is<br />

internationally recognised for providing its customers with<br />

a century of experience producing tailor-made premium<br />

marinas and advanced floating solutions all over the world.<br />

SF Marina offers a full range of<br />

marine related services and has the<br />

in-house knowledge and experience to<br />

design, permit, manufacture, install and<br />

operate marinas. The company is a fully<br />

integrated corporation that understands<br />

the needs of the marina industry and<br />

can deliver the best marina products<br />

in the world to meet those needs.<br />

SF’s flagship product, its own-design<br />

Swedish floating concrete pontoon<br />

marina system, originated back in the<br />

1920s.<br />

SF Marina<br />

is based in<br />

Gothenburg,<br />

Sweden and<br />

has affiliates<br />

worldwide. The<br />

company is familiar with and has<br />

completed installations in climatic<br />

conditions ranging from north of the<br />

Arctic circle to the tropics. Operating<br />

in more than 50 countries, SF Marinas<br />

Bristol Harbor Marina,<br />

Rhode Island, USA<br />

has delivered over 1,000 marina<br />

references worldwide.<br />

See advertisement p.2<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />


Global Coverage, Global Marketing<br />

Book your advertising space in print and online to make your business stand out<br />

in the Marina World November/December METSTRADE issue<br />

Marina World Contacts<br />

The Americas — Philippe Critot pcritot@marinaworld.com • France — Catherine Metais catherinemetais@marinaworld.com<br />

Italy — Eva Green nauta@ediconsult.com • Rest of World — Julia Hallam juliahallam@marinaworld.co.uk<br />

We are building our global marine fast charge network, creating local and<br />

regional charging hubs and corridors.<br />

If you are looking to offer electric boat supercharging to future-proof<br />

<br />

technology at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com<br />


A-Z GUIDE<br />

SunWalk Docks<br />

SunWalk is the<br />

environmentally friendly,<br />

storm-resistant, UV-stabilised, non-slip decking choice for<br />

docks, ramps, gangways and jetties. The company brings an<br />

impressive variety of technologies and surface options to the<br />

dock and decking market.<br />

At the heart of all SunWalk products<br />

is a proprietary micro-cellular-core<br />

manufacturing technology that provides<br />

industry-leading strength and structure.<br />

Its ability to withstand the rigours of<br />

weather, temperature, surf and UV<br />

is unparalleled and it has been thirdparty<br />

laboratory tested for accelerated<br />

weathering so you can have faith in its<br />

long-term performance.<br />

Decking is available is three distinct<br />

styles, multiple colours and multiple<br />

Superior Jetties<br />

Superior Jetties is a multiple<br />

award-winning worldwide marina developer and builder with<br />

over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of high quality<br />

docking systems.<br />

Superior’s products have a solid<br />

reputation for being innovative, durable,<br />

functional and low maintenance and<br />

with this background, Superior Jetties<br />

is now recognised as one of the world’s<br />

leading manufacturers of marinas<br />

and commercial berthing applications.<br />

This reputation, forged on quality,<br />

performance and delivery, has resulted<br />

in many of Superior Jetties’ products<br />

being installed in some of the world’s<br />

most stunning marine locations.<br />

An enviable product range, from<br />

the heavy-duty concrete Super Elite<br />

system, designed for superyacht<br />

ThruFlow<br />

sizes meaning<br />

SunWalk has the right<br />

decking product for<br />

your applications.<br />

The company<br />

boasts a highperformance<br />

commercial team<br />

that combine market<br />

experience with<br />

application know-how. They are able<br />

to help your business and save you<br />

berths and largescale<br />

commercial<br />

marinas, through<br />

to the stylish and<br />

versatile Superior<br />

Modular Docks, the<br />

large offering can be<br />

tailored to suit any<br />

location and berthing<br />

requirement. The<br />

innovative new environmentally friendly<br />

Superior Eco Tile is a game change in<br />

the industry transforming gangways,<br />

pontoons and platforms.<br />

A commitment to quality in everything<br />

Sunwalk 90-Series decking, Quebec, Canada<br />

money, and can work to help new<br />

designs reach the market faster.<br />

See advertisements p.38 & 46<br />

The award-winning Superior Eco Tile<br />

is a genuine promise when partnering<br />

with Superior Jetties.<br />

See advertisement p. 21<br />

ThruFlow Premium Decking offers<br />

industry-leading products that are<br />

easy to assemble, maintenancefree,<br />

safe, and ideal for any outdoor<br />

or marine application – personal or<br />

commercial. ThruFlow designs and<br />

manufactures premium products to<br />

withstand all Mother Nature can throw<br />

at them and provides you with worryfree,<br />

permanent decking solutions<br />

that will always go with the flow.<br />

As the pioneer of the open<br />

architecture, pass-through decking<br />

panel, ThruFlow is proud to supply its<br />

panels all over the world. ThruFlow’s<br />

Legacy XP, Surge and Impact panels<br />

far exceed the other panels in<br />

their class through extensive<br />

third party testing. The company prides<br />

itself on its ability to deliver tough,<br />

versatile and creative solutions for<br />

ThruFlow decking installed in British Columbia, Canada<br />

your project, such as its walkable solar<br />

decking panel, SOL.<br />

See advertisement p.50<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Walcon Marine<br />

Walcon Marine is a leader<br />

in the design, construction<br />

and installation of marinas, yacht harbours and berthing<br />

facilities.<br />

A global organisation, its pontoons,<br />

walkways, bridges and marina fittings<br />

can be found in over 30 countries.<br />

Recent projects have ranged from<br />

two-stage, redevelopment/regenerative<br />

programmes of 200+ berth marinas<br />

to the installation of its heavy-duty<br />

Jumbo and Docking Solutions products<br />

for windfarm support vessels, naval<br />

facilities, fishing boats, fuel docks<br />

and other public and commercial<br />

organisations. Walcon also works with<br />

many smaller clients, including local<br />

harbour authorities, sailing clubs and<br />

private individuals.<br />

Internationally, pontoons and<br />

walkways have been supplied to<br />

New lifts in facility upgrade<br />

Toms River Marine and Motorsports in New Jersey, USA has installed<br />

20 Golden four-post boat lifts in an enhancement project that included a<br />

new boat ramp.<br />

The boat lifts, installed by Borel<br />

Docks Marine Construction – a<br />

Golden Manufacturing dealer<br />

and installer for 20 years – are<br />

constructed using fully-welded<br />

6061 T6 marine grade aluminium<br />

to provide an extremely solid<br />

and durable structure that will<br />

give a long service life even<br />

when supporting boats weighing<br />

28,000lbs (13,000kg). Hardware<br />

projects across<br />

a wide variety<br />

of settings<br />

in countries/<br />

regions<br />

including<br />

Australia,<br />

Egypt, the<br />

USA, the<br />

Netherlands,<br />

Italy and the<br />

Middle East.<br />

Walcon prides itself on supplying<br />

durable products, designed to last<br />

decades with support and maintenance<br />

just a phone call away. Custom<br />

products can also be supplied to<br />

and cables are 300-series stainless<br />

steel for use in a corrosive saltwater<br />

environment.<br />

Lifting power is provided by the<br />

long-established Golden Sea-<br />

Drive. Said to double the industry<br />

standard, it provides 8,000 in-lb<br />

of torque. Because of its design, it<br />

cannot back drive so will never fail<br />

and accidentally drop a boat.<br />

www.goldenboatlifts.com<br />

Noss-on-Dart Marina, Devon, UK<br />

meet specific specifications including<br />

increased stability, decking materials<br />

and the inclusion of client branding.<br />

See advertisement p.17<br />

Boosting<br />

sustainability<br />

with the WRF<br />

Marinetek has formed a partnership with<br />

the Water Revolution Foundation (WRF).<br />

WRF is a Netherlands-based public<br />

benefit organisation that focuses on driving<br />

sustainability in the superyacht industry<br />

through collaboration and innovation, leading<br />

the way towards neutralising its ecological<br />

footprint and preserving the world’s precious<br />

oceans.<br />

Marinetek is the first pontoon and floating<br />

solutions provider to partner with WRF and<br />

its first goal is to speed up its research in<br />

reducing the CO2 emissions of its concrete<br />

pontoons – both in terms of materials<br />

selected and the production methods used.<br />

In the longer term, Marinetek will be<br />

studying how to build marinas with floating<br />

pontoons and breakwaters which have<br />

minimal effects on the marine environment<br />

and, hopefully, even have positive effects on<br />

marine biodiversity.<br />

The company is currently looking to reduce<br />

the CO2 emissions related to its concrete<br />

pontoons by searching for ways to replace the<br />

cement used in concrete and the galvanised<br />

steel used in pontoon reinforcements. It is<br />

also changing the lights in its facilities to LED<br />

to reduce the use of electricity, and switching<br />

to green energy sources to further reduce its<br />

carbon footprint.<br />



Floating patio becomes<br />

new marina hub<br />

US marina build company Marina Development Inc (MDI) of Eufaula, Oklahoma<br />

has completed an expansion project at Clinton Lake Marina in Lawrence,<br />

Kansas. The work was designed and carried out with the assistance of the<br />

University of Kansas (KU) architecture department.<br />

The project included construction of a<br />

new 37 x 80ft (11 x 24m) floating patio,<br />

fuel dock and courtesy dock, as well<br />

as an expansion of the club’s slip area.<br />

The pergola-style covers that provide<br />

shade and aesthetic features to the<br />

patio and fuel dock were designed by<br />

KU as part of a student project headed<br />

up by Professor Nils Gore.<br />

The students met the marina owners<br />

on a weekly basis to discuss design<br />

aspects and received valuable work<br />

experience. As part of the design, they<br />

used the marina’s GPS coordinates<br />

to calculate the ideal 71° angle for<br />

the pergola slats to receive maximum<br />

shade during the summer months.<br />

The project was undertaken to<br />

expand slip opportunities and provide<br />

a central location for visitors with or<br />

without boats. The upgraded space<br />

incorporates a brand new draft beer<br />

and seltzer bar, as well as a stage<br />

for live music. Increased foot traffic<br />

due to the remodel has already<br />

provided boosts to the marina’s<br />

rental boat and club programmes,<br />

ship store and restaurant.<br />

“We wanted to build out the new<br />

space to double our capacity, as<br />

we were consistently maxing out<br />

our space, and to give us room to<br />

keep growing our rental and club<br />

fleet,” said Erin Meiusi, Clinton Lake<br />

Marina co-owner. “Frankly, the new<br />

space turned out better than we<br />

were even expecting. And with the<br />

patio space, the marina now has<br />

a focal point and general hangout<br />

area, giving people space to enjoy<br />

the beauty of mother nature while<br />

floating over the lake.”<br />

www.marinadev.com<br />

Hydrogen<br />

power<br />

California-based Wiggins Lift<br />

Co has selected Loop Energy to<br />

provide the fuel cell system for<br />

its latest hydrogen-powered eBull<br />

forklift.<br />

Loop Energy supplied the system<br />

earlier this year so as to support<br />

commercial deployment of hydrogenelectric<br />

machines by the end of<br />

2023.<br />

Wiggins’ transition aligns with<br />

California Ports’ target of achieving<br />

net-zero transmissions by 2030, with<br />

hydrogen emerging as an accessible<br />

solution.<br />

www.wigginslift.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023<br />



Sanitary building kick starts<br />

floating building range<br />

Poralu Marine has boosted its offerings in the waterfront development sector<br />

by launching a floating sanitary facility as the first concept in a new range of<br />

floating buildings.<br />

The facilities aim to improve<br />

comfort for boaters while also<br />

protecting the marine environment.<br />

Buildings can be accessed landside<br />

or waterside; preserve water quality;<br />

enhance services and improve<br />

marina image; and free up land<br />

space for other purposes.<br />

Poralu Marine has drawn on its<br />

40 years of experience with floating<br />

solutions to make an innovative<br />

turnkey offering that is economic,<br />

sustainable, secure, stable and<br />

customisable. The solutions include<br />

access, anchoring structures, the<br />

building and its platform, as well<br />

as water and power connections.<br />

The arrangement has been<br />

approved by an independent naval<br />

design office, and interior design,<br />

equipment, cladding and accessories<br />

are customised.<br />

The major challenge with this kind of<br />

infrastructure is wastewater treatment.<br />

To preserve site water quality, two<br />

options are offered: pump-out or<br />

tank storage. Other solutions can be<br />

discussed.<br />

www.poralu.com<br />

Meet us at METS booth 05.764<br />

The choice of professionals<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original<br />

68 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023

Pearl Qatar Heavy Duty Concrete Marina Extension Works<br />

Established in 2008, Livart Marine has been focusing on design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance<br />

of marinas and water construction related products. After 15 years of operation and development, we have<br />

sold our products to more than 30 countries and regions, and constructed various major projects of high<br />

quality around the world. Projects that we successfully accomplished include: Pontoon Project in Shenzhen<br />

Stadium for the World University Games, Construction of the Sailing Port of Hainan Station for the Volvo<br />

Ocean Race, Design and Construction of dozens of medium to large Government projects in Saudi, Pontoon<br />

Project for Kuwait Police’s Officer Club, Construction of Yacht Terminal for Dubai DP WORLD (P&O Marina),<br />

Construction of Water Sports Terminal for the Qatar Football World Cup, and Construction of EMAAR<br />

MARASSI Marina in Egypt, etc.<br />

In 2019, the company decided to optimize its business strategy by seeking sustainable development through<br />

merger and acquisitions. Livart Capital Pty Ltd was then registered in both Shenzhen and Sydney. In the same<br />

year, Livart Capital obtained the controlling interest of Walcon Marine Australia (WMA). Through capital<br />

injection, new technology advancement, sales channels exploration, Livart Capital well supported WMA to<br />

survive the trough during the pandemic. Afterwards, WMA managed to expand its business to Middle East and<br />

Northern Africa, while developing new products of concrete pontoons and modular dock products for private<br />

jetties.<br />

Livart Capital invested in a new manufacturing facility in 2020, which is so far the largest marina production<br />

base in Asia with an annual output of 5,000 standard pontoons and pontoon-related accessories. This includes<br />

concrete pontoons, aluminium alloy frames, plastic pontoons, decking, and fender etc. It’s no exaggeration<br />

that the manufacturing capacity of this production base can meet the requirements of most floating<br />

breakwaters and marina customers in Europe, Asia and Oceania.<br />

To meet the design and structural calculation requirements of various projects, Livart Capital also owns an<br />

engineering company, Australia Marina Engineering Pty Ltd (AME). This company is led by a team of<br />

professionals with strong marine engineering background, who are dedicated to providing yacht feasibility<br />

reports, marina distribution analysis, anchoring methods comparison, selection and loading analysis, floating<br />

pontoon material selection and force calculation, as well as utility arrangement advice to our customers. AME<br />

adds great value to Livart Marine and WMA because it provides solid theoretical basis and ongoing support<br />

for the operability of various projects that we are delivering.<br />

In 2022, Livart Capital purchased the ASTRA floating breakwater connection structure in Spain, which<br />

enormously enriched the product range of Livart Marine, significantly reduced the breakwater construction<br />

cost, and enabled the company to gain more competitive advantages in global market.<br />

The company also launched an independent online service for cross-broader e-commerce in 2023. Customers<br />

can log in to the website directly to purchase various products from Livart and receive our high-quality<br />

products at competitive lower price by air freight. Our website: www.livartshop.net<br />

As always, Livart Marine welcomes various forms of collaboration with industry peers to offer better solutions<br />

for our marina customers. Livart Capital is also keen to provide capital injection, technology transfer and<br />

network sharing to relevant worldwide brands and companies to achieve win-win cooperation. We see this as<br />

a sustainable way of passing along your brand effect and realizing maximum brand inheritance. Together, we<br />

are all contributing to the prosperity of the world’s marina industry. If you are interested in knowing more<br />

about our companies or seeking further cooperation, please contact Ms. Ella Yan, and send relevant<br />

information to ella@livartmarine.net.


Index to Advertisers<br />

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Industries, Netherlands 68<br />

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Sunwalk Docks, USA 38 & 46<br />

Superior Group, Australia 21<br />

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Walcon Marine, UK 17<br />

Wiggins Lift Co, USA 48<br />

Charging<br />

options on<br />

both sides of<br />

the Channel<br />

Marinas on opposite sides of the Channel crossing have installed marine fastcharge<br />

stations from Aqua superPower in a bid to encourage electric boating.<br />

Saint-Quay Port d’Armor (right) in<br />

the Bay of Saint-Brieuc in northern<br />

Brittany officially switched its Aqua 75<br />

station on in early July to coincide with<br />

the departure of the prestigious Tour<br />

de Bretagne à la Voile and Tour Voile<br />

sailing regatta. By becoming the first<br />

harbour on the French Brittany coast<br />

to offer electric charging, the marina<br />

aims to lead by example in terms of<br />

environmentally responsible marina<br />

management.<br />

Simon<br />

Goodhead<br />

Simon Goodhead has joined<br />

the board at UK-based Marina<br />

Projects as commercial director.<br />

The appointment recognises his<br />

contribution to the consultancy over<br />

the past decade and the skills and<br />

experience he can bring to the role.<br />

Over the past 12 years, Goodhead<br />

has provided<br />

specialist marina<br />

consultancy to a<br />

range of national<br />

and international<br />

clients and has<br />

also utilised his<br />

knowledge as<br />

a former yacht<br />

charter captain and<br />

manager to give specific advice based<br />

on operational experience.<br />

“It has been an exciting period at<br />

Marina Projects. We have recently<br />

relocated our UK office to larger<br />

premises and expanded the team in<br />

response to an ever-increasing portfolio<br />

of national and international projects,”<br />

he said. “The business continues to<br />

go from strength to strength and I’m<br />

pleased to play my part in its growth<br />

and development.”<br />

Across the water a little later in the<br />

month, Cowes Harbour Commission on<br />

the Isle of Wight, UK made headlines<br />

by inaugurating three fast-charge<br />

stations; two on Trinity Landing and<br />

another at Shepards Marina. Cowes<br />

is renowned globally as a yachting<br />

hub and the Commission is embracing<br />

electric boating as part of its carbon<br />

management plan.<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

Bruce<br />

Birtwistle<br />

The Global Marina Institute (GMI)<br />

has appointed Bruce Birtwistle as its<br />

chairman for the next two years.<br />

A seasoned marine industry<br />

professional of nearly three decades,<br />

Birtwistle<br />

is general<br />

manager<br />

Australia for<br />

Bellingham<br />

Marine, a<br />

director of<br />

the Marina<br />

Industries<br />

Association<br />

(MIA) and<br />

a huge<br />

supporter<br />

of industry education. He holds an<br />

MBA from Massey University in<br />

Auckland and has completed the GMI<br />

management courses.<br />

The GMI is a partnership between<br />

British Marine and the MIA and<br />

coordinates with the American Marina<br />

Institute (AMI) in providing the globally<br />

recognised accreditations of Certified<br />

Marina Manager (CMM), Certified<br />

Marina Professional (CMP) and<br />

Certified Marina Operator (CMO).<br />

70 www.marinaworld.com – <strong>September</strong>/<strong>October</strong> 2023


GREEN<br />


SEWAGE<br />


Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use<br />

in marinas and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and<br />

bilge water from boats and all facilities<br />

around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

Eco-sustainable system<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour, no spills<br />











Our services cover the entire spectrum of marina and waterside development.<br />

With uncompromising standards in all areas of our service, we have the credentials to<br />

take the vision and aspiration of any marina development to its ultimate conclusion.<br />

www.marinaprojects.com<br />

U NITED KINGDOM +44 (0)23 9252 6688 | H ONG KONG +852 3796 3533 | C YPRUS +357 97714495

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