Glamsquad Magazine December 2022

Lupita Nyong’o: The Black African Princess of Hollywood

Lupita Nyong’o: The Black African Princess of Hollywood


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december <strong>2022</strong><br />

20 Exotic<br />

Christmas<br />

Gift Ideas<br />

for Him &<br />

Her<br />

The Ultimate<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends For<br />

Spring-<br />

Summer<br />

2023<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends To<br />

Ditch &<br />

Embrace<br />

in 2023<br />

30 +1 Best<br />

Street Style<br />

Fashion<br />

Photos<br />

From <strong>2022</strong><br />

Exclusive<br />

Lupita<br />

Celebrity<br />

Day-To-Night<br />

Makeup<br />

Guide<br />

Nyong’o:<br />

The Black African Princess<br />

of Hollywood<br />

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A Celebrity’s<br />

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Makeup Guide<br />

FOOD<br />

Lupita<br />

Nyong’o:<br />

The Black African Princess<br />

of Hollywood<br />

60<br />

How to Cook the<br />

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- Like a Pro Chef!<br />

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H<br />

ello there,<br />

I met Lupita Nyong’o<br />

just once at the movie<br />

premiere in 2019. She is<br />

indeed as stunning as she looks<br />

today on the red carpet.<br />

Carol Odero has known and<br />

followed Lupita’s journey over<br />

the years. She was very helpful in<br />

providing the resources we used<br />

in putting this wonderful edition<br />

together.<br />

She recalls her only meeting<br />

with Lupita Nyong’o at the<br />

premiere of her documentary, In<br />

My Genes, back in 2009. I asked<br />

her about her striking looks and<br />

whether people found her exotic,<br />

and her response was, “No. I<br />

wouldn’t use those words. People<br />

are intrigued by my back story.<br />

The fact that I was born in Mexico<br />

and grew up in Kenya, they are<br />

always intrigued by what on earth<br />

a Kenyan was doing in Mexico,”<br />

she recounts.<br />

This edition is especially<br />

dedicated to everything Lupita<br />

stands for and undoubtedly one<br />

that would make Carol Odero<br />

and Lupita Nyong’o very proud.<br />

Our <strong>December</strong> edition also<br />

features Lizzo – the songstress with<br />

the voice of an angel, the<br />

attitude of a Queen Mother,<br />

and the body of a goddess<br />

– oh yes, I said it! Lizzo’s got<br />

a great body! Shame on<br />

you, Kanye!<br />

As usual, we have a full<br />

dose of the best fashion,<br />

lifestyle, and entertainment<br />

features for your pleasure.<br />

It is Christmas, so we have<br />

two features dedicated to<br />

getting the perfect gift for<br />

that special someone in<br />

your life.<br />

Enjoy this edition as you<br />

always have. On behalf<br />

of our amiable Publisher/<br />

Editor-in-Chief and the entire<br />

team, I wish you a lovely<br />

Christmas and New Year<br />

celebration.<br />

Lots of Love,<br />

A .<br />

Ameena Dayo<br />

Editor, G.S<br />

8<br />

Wardrobe<br />

Staples<br />

Our Editors<br />

Recommend<br />

for 2023<br />

Disclaimer:<br />

Please note that all photos used in this special<br />

digital edition of <strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> were<br />

sourced freely online.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> maintains no rights over the<br />

images/photos, while we have tried to give<br />

appropriate credit where due, we are aware<br />

some artistes were not credited.<br />

We remain committed to supporting<br />

intellectual property and creativity.<br />

© <strong>2022</strong> Tegali Communications<br />

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Fashion Styling 101<br />

The Basics of Putting<br />

A Look Together<br />

Praise David & Sierra Mayhew<br />

It might be surprising to hear<br />

this from a fashion designer,<br />

but I’m a morning person. It<br />

is usual for fashion designers to<br />

work late into the night, but no<br />

matter what hour I get to bed,<br />

I’m always up early doing one<br />

thing or the other. After my daily<br />

activities, I get to experience my<br />

favourite part of the day—playing<br />

dress-up.<br />

I used to be a person who<br />

incessantly planned their outfits.<br />

Every day of the week had<br />

an outfit right along with the<br />

calendar notifications. Now, I love<br />

the flow of getting ready and<br />

letting my outfit for each day<br />

reflect my mood, so I happily<br />

style looks in the moment before I<br />

head out the door.<br />

The joyous experience of handselecting<br />

each accessory from<br />

my collection is priceless. Below,<br />

you’ll find the four-step process<br />

that has never failed me.<br />

Step 1:<br />

Choose the “Hero” Piece<br />

Every single outfit I wear starts with one item that I like<br />

to call “the hero piece.” It’s what inspires my creative<br />

process.<br />

When it’s cold, that often tends to be a jacket,<br />

unsurprisingly. I like to make a good first impression,<br />

and outerwear is the first thing people notice about<br />

me, so I always make sure my outfits flow right along<br />

with it.<br />

In warmer months, though, I like to think about what<br />

activity I’ll be doing and dress for that. If I’ll be seated<br />

at dinner, I’ll think about what tops would best flatter<br />

my facial features with color palettes strongly kept in<br />

mind. When out and about, it’s all about the main<br />

piece, so a dress often comes into play.<br />

4<br />



Step 2:<br />

Play into the<br />

Colours & Textures<br />

Once I’ve chosen the hero piece, my<br />

favorite part happens to be this next step.<br />

I love finding items in my closet that help<br />

accentuate the little details on the hero<br />

piece.<br />

I often like to narrow in on the colour<br />

palette, especially when I’m wearing<br />

a print, so the accessories can draw<br />

attention to the less pronounced colours.<br />

For this look, I noticed that the print on<br />

my dress had touches of red, yellow, and<br />

blue, so I decided to make a bold move<br />

and skip out on my neutral accessory<br />

collection by styling it up with red shoes<br />

and a light-blue bag. This is a great way<br />

to make a look feel cohesive.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


Accessorize,<br />

Accessorize,<br />

Accessorize<br />

Accessories are everything. I’m not afraid<br />

to be an outfit repeater, so this leads me to<br />

pile up accessories so that a favorite “hero<br />

piece” feels brand-new every time I wear it.<br />

And my mind knows no limits—I have more<br />

bags, strappy sandals, oversize sunglasses,<br />

and hats than I can reasonably fit into my<br />

closet. I somehow squeeze it all in, but<br />

that’s another story.<br />

For this look, I wanted to play into the sunny<br />

colour scheme of this set, so I chose to go<br />

with orange accessories. This goes back to<br />

my second point that playing with similar<br />

colours is always a good idea.<br />

6<br />



And Never<br />

Forget Jewelry<br />

I don’t walk out the door<br />

without browsing my jewelry<br />

drawers. One of my favorite<br />

things to do to treat myself<br />

while shopping is just to add<br />

a fun jewelry gift into my<br />

cart so that I can round out<br />

my collection.<br />

I highly suggest this<br />

strategy. At this point, I<br />

have something to go with<br />

everything and couldn’t feel<br />

better about it.<br />

Tossing on the right jewelry<br />

for a trip to the airport was<br />

smart. It made my basic<br />

look feel not so basic.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7

Gold plated<br />

neck LacE<br />

Black Carnation<br />

Scrunchie<br />

Cross body bag.<br />

20<br />

The<br />

Double Breasted<br />

Jacket<br />

Sunglasses<br />

Chic List<br />

Wardrobe<br />

Staples<br />

Portable<br />

Perfume<br />

Our Editors Recommend for 2023<br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Cardigan<br />

8<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Like athletes, fashion people<br />

need very specific gear<br />

to perform at their biggest<br />

events. But with the exception<br />

of a select few sneakers, what<br />

keeps us energized and in<br />

motion couldn’t be more<br />

radically different.<br />

To be on top of your game,<br />

there are certain wardrobe<br />

staples one must have in the<br />

wardrobe – ready to save the<br />

day! Of course, some items<br />

inevitably work their way into<br />

our street style each season,<br />

like a spacious but aesthetically<br />

pleasing handbag and a good<br />

old white shirt.<br />

Then there are the one-offs<br />

that feel necessary if only to<br />

capture this exact moment in<br />

style, from suede cowboy boots<br />

to midi bubble skirts.<br />

These items may be our notso-hidden<br />

gems, but you’ll agree<br />

that having these items in your<br />

wardrobe would give you the<br />

perfect options for every event.<br />

Here, luxury and practicality<br />

are one and the same. So<br />

check out the 20 wardrobe<br />

staples we’re wearing, carrying,<br />

and applying to take in all the<br />

shows—which anyone on the go<br />

can use.

Sweater<br />

Big hand bag<br />

Waist bubble skirt<br />

Lip Gloss<br />

Small hand bag<br />

white<br />

shirt<br />

Giant-Fit<br />

Chino<br />

Pant<br />

Dillion Pants<br />

Tank Bra<br />

water bottle<br />

Patterned short<br />

sleeve shirt<br />

Loafer<br />

Boots<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


Fashion<br />

Trends To<br />

Ditch &<br />

Embrace in<br />

2023<br />

By Jamila Stewart, & Cioma Esui<br />

Like clockwork, it’s come time to<br />

ditch your old calendars and<br />

put up the new ones for yet<br />

another year. The bi-annual, dayslong<br />

gathering of shows across New<br />

York, London, Milan, and Paris, where<br />

the biggest trends of the next season<br />

ultimately find their start have all been<br />

concluded.<br />

The coming shows, of course, beg the<br />

question of which fashion trends will be<br />

set to dominate next spring, and some<br />

of the trends on the rise may already<br />

be a strong indication.<br />

While it’s true that the trend cycle<br />

shows no signs of slowing, most<br />

trends actually evolve into updated<br />

versions of themselves season after<br />

season rather than hitting a complete<br />

pendulum swing at once.<br />

A few Spring 2023 collections, such as<br />

Mowolola’s Paris Fashion Week debut,<br />

have already hit the runway, but the<br />

rest, and ultimately the bulk of trend<br />

evidence, is yet to come. Until then,<br />

we’ve left some thoughts on Spring<br />

2023 fashion trends you may be able<br />

to expect ahead – and of cause, what<br />

you need to ditch.<br />

1<br />

Denim On<br />

Denim will<br />

Remain<br />

What it lacks in novelty, the<br />

denim on denim trend (en route<br />

to becoming the next It-combo),<br />

makes up for in versatility.<br />

Not so much just the Canadian<br />

tuxedo (standard jeans and a<br />

jacket) anymore, the future of<br />

denim on denim looks a little<br />

different – Think denim bralettes<br />

and corsets up top, and mini or<br />

maxi skirts as bottoms (and we<br />

can’t guarantee you won’t see<br />

a denim bikini, too.) For spring,<br />

skip blue denim and try out the<br />

trend in color with green, yellow<br />

or orange.<br />

10<br />



2 3<br />

Grunge From<br />

The Past<br />

If you’ve been secretly attempting to<br />

will away the collective nostalgia for<br />

2000s fashion, better luck later in the<br />

year.<br />

While there aren’t any signs of Y2K<br />

dressing getting the boot anytime<br />

soon, Spring 2023 may come with<br />

a revamp of the aesthetic (and you<br />

can already find a few trendsetters on<br />

board) – Think trading in the Barbiecore<br />

and bedazzled jeans for edgier and<br />

sultrier counterparts of the era.<br />

Renewed<br />

Staples<br />

Maximalism has taken the front seat<br />

for a few seasons now, but if recent<br />

styles to hit the runway and blow up<br />

on social media are any indicator,<br />

we’re headed back to the basics.<br />

However, a staples boom never<br />

comes without a few twists to the<br />

norm — Think jeans with standout<br />

details such as cargo pockets or<br />

contrast stitching, taking styles such<br />

as cargo pants into dressier territories,<br />

and basic tops with deconstructed or<br />

asymmetric necklines.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


4<br />

Dresses<br />

Over Pants<br />

If there’s a running theme in<br />

fashion trends these days,<br />

it’s that anything goes.<br />

The discussion around<br />

sartorial self-expression feels<br />

bigger than ever, and with<br />

it comes more eclectic<br />

mainstream trends – some<br />

with unexpected layering<br />

combinations, such as<br />

dresses over pants.<br />

Not to be knocked until<br />

you’ve tried it, the sheer<br />

variety of dresses and pants<br />

to choose from on the<br />

market make this pairing<br />

one that looks completely<br />

different every time,<br />

whether it’s styling a netted<br />

dress over a bralette and<br />

jeans, or pairing a long<br />

tunic dress with trousers.<br />

5<br />

Jorts unexpectedly became a<br />

defining trend of Summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

(we’re talking ultra-long, especially<br />

baggy jorts), with fashion girls<br />

dressing up the grandpa-esque<br />

style with tube tops and heels.<br />

Before you write it off as one of<br />

the many fleeting microtrends of<br />

Goodbye Jorts,<br />

Hello Lorts<br />

the moment, it’s worth pondering<br />

its potential to progress into<br />

something a bit more versatile,<br />

such as slimmer long shorts in<br />

various fabrics, colors and prints<br />

that you can grab whether the<br />

dress code is sneakers or business<br />

casual.<br />

12<br />


Lighten Up<br />

When fashion is amid a dramatic<br />

pendulum swing as it has been<br />

since the onset of the pandemic,<br />

it’s not uncommon to see two<br />

trends existing at once that feel<br />

like the antithesis of one another.<br />

If you’re looking to get away from<br />

leather and bold hardware as<br />

Y2K takes on a grungier persona,<br />

try reaching instead for a<br />

combination of lighter hues and<br />

airy fabrics with garments such as<br />

lightweight, sheer button downs,<br />

and flowy maxi dress with ultrafeminine,<br />

springy details.<br />


6<br />

See Through Dresses<br />

7<br />

Sheer dresses have taken on a new purpose in fashion,<br />

elevating beyond its role as the designated beach cover<br />

up to now, a style you’ll find on the radar of any fashion girl,<br />

particularly in relation to their going-out wardrobes.<br />

The progression of the trend into 2023 can likely be expected<br />

to bring on more creativity and risk-taking when styling the<br />

look (think taking the bikini-style layering beyond the beach,<br />

or adding a vest on top), as well as designers refreshing the<br />

classic sheer dress with add-ons such as deconstructed<br />

elements, statement silhouettes and embellishments.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


20Exotic Christmas<br />

Gift Ideas for<br />

Him & Her<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

1<br />

Custom Engraved<br />

Bracelet<br />

Pinpointing the right gift for<br />

Him and Her is kind of like<br />

finding your better half. You<br />

might have to do some searching,<br />

but when you find it, you’ll know it’s<br />

the one.<br />

We’ll help you cut to the chase<br />

with these exotic gifts for Him and<br />

Her that are fun, practical and the<br />

perfect way to say, “I love you.”<br />

To whittle down the right gift for<br />

your favorite duo, start with a<br />

general idea of the type of gift you<br />

want to give.<br />

The best gifts for Him and Her<br />

typically fall into a few categories:<br />

practical items he or she will use,<br />

personalized gifts that celebrate<br />

their relationship or activities and<br />

experiences that’ll bring your love<br />

together.<br />

Think: a date night subscription<br />

box, a memory-filled photo book<br />

or an online cooking class for two.<br />

We have highlighted ten exotic<br />

Christmas gift ideas that would<br />

tick all the boxes and be perfect<br />

for him or her. All you need to do is<br />

pick the one that communicates to<br />

you best!<br />

2<br />

Hybrid Smartwatch<br />

3 4<br />

Portable Wireless<br />

Bluetooth Speaker<br />

Personalized Bath Robes<br />

14<br />



Shave Collection<br />

5 6<br />

7<br />

Funny Coffee Mug Set<br />

Mug + Slide-<br />

Lock Lid<br />

8<br />

Super-Plush<br />

Bath Sheets<br />

9<br />

Ultrasonic<br />

Jewelry Cleaner<br />

10<br />

Wool Adventure<br />

Calf Sock 4-Pack<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


12<br />

Portable Hair Dryer<br />

14<br />

line<br />

necklace<br />

11<br />

tree runners<br />

13<br />

Silk Tee Set<br />

15<br />

Slippers<br />

16<br />



18<br />

Sleep Eye Mask<br />


Cotton Napper<br />

16<br />

19<br />

apple air pod<br />

17<br />

Face<br />

Massager<br />

20<br />

leather<br />

leggings<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


Lupita<br />

Nyong’o<br />

The Black African Princess of<br />

Hollywood<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

Lupita Nyong’o has come a long way in her journey to becoming the<br />

Black Princess of Hollywood and a proud daughter of Africa. Everything<br />

about Lupita represents Africa, and Africans all over the globe are so<br />

proud of the woman she turned out to be.<br />

There is no doubt that whenever a Hollywood Director or Producer thinks<br />

of a role befitting a mid-age African lady, the first name on the list is Lupita.<br />

No matter the role, no matter the demands – Lupita always represents.<br />

In this feature, we present everything about Lupita – and at the end<br />

of this read, you will know much more about this daughter of a Kenyan<br />

governor who is giving Hollywood a run for its money!<br />

18<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


Who is Lupita<br />

Nyong’o?<br />

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is a<br />

Kenyan-Mexican actress. The<br />

daughter of Kenyan politician<br />

Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, she was<br />

born in Mexico City, where her<br />

father was teaching, and was<br />

raised in Kenya from the age of<br />

one. She attended college in the<br />

United States, earning a bachelor’s<br />

degree in film and theater studies<br />

from Hampshire College.Nyong’o<br />

began her career in Hollywood as<br />

a production assistant.<br />

In 2008, she made her acting<br />

debut with the short film East River<br />

and subsequently returned to<br />

Kenya to star in the television series<br />

Shuga (2009–2012).<br />

Also in 2009, she wrote,<br />

produced and directed the<br />

documentary In My Genes. She<br />

then pursued a master’s degree<br />

in acting from the Yale School of<br />

Drama. Soon after her graduation,<br />

she had her first feature film role<br />

as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s<br />

historical drama 12 Years a Slave<br />

(2013), for which she received<br />

critical acclaim and won several<br />

awards, including the Academy<br />

Award for Best Supporting Actress.<br />

20<br />



She became the first Kenyan<br />

and Mexican actress to win an<br />

Academy Award.<br />

Nyong’o made her<br />

Broadway debut as a teenage<br />

orphan in the critically<br />

acclaimed play Eclipsed<br />

(2015), for which she was<br />

nominated for a Tony Award<br />

for Best Actress in a Play.<br />

Following a motion capture<br />

role as Maz Kanata in the<br />

Star Wars sequel trilogy and<br />

a voice role as Raksha in The<br />

Jungle Book (2016), Nyong’o<br />

starred as Nakia in the Marvel<br />

Cinematic Universe superhero<br />

film Black Panther (2018).<br />

In addition to acting,<br />

Nyong’o supports historic<br />

preservation. She is vocal<br />

about preventing sexual<br />

harassment and working for<br />

women and animal rights. In<br />

2014, she was named the<br />

most beautiful woman by<br />

People.<br />

She was also named<br />

among the Inaugural List of<br />

100 Most Influential African<br />

Women in 2019 by Avance<br />

Media.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


What Part of<br />

Africa is Lupita<br />

Nyong’o<br />

From?<br />

Lupita Nyong’o East Africa<br />

story is in the right place. The<br />

internationally acclaimed actress<br />

is a pure Kenyan by blood<br />

although she was born in Mexico<br />

to Kenyan parents.<br />

Her politician father Prof<br />

Anyang Nyong’o together with<br />

her mother Dorothy Nyong’o lived<br />

in Mexico in 1983 when Lupita<br />

came to the world. Prof Nyong’o<br />

– the current Governor of Kisumu<br />

County – was a lecturer at a<br />

Mexican University back in the<br />

day.<br />

The family jetted back home<br />

in Kenya when Lupita was three<br />

years old. She grew up here<br />

and later flew to the US where<br />

foir further studies. She attended<br />

Hampshire College and pursued<br />

a degree in film and theatre<br />

studies.<br />

She then attained her Master’s<br />

degree from Yale School of<br />

Drama in Acting. Her acting<br />

exploits never diminished Lupita<br />

Nyong’o East Africa birth roots.<br />

22<br />



What Ethnicity<br />

is Lupita<br />

Nyong’o?<br />

She is a Luo, one of the largest<br />

five tribes in Kenya. The 39-yearold<br />

is the only guest to date to be<br />

invited on the show who carries<br />

DNA from the oldest maternal<br />

lineage termed Mitochondrial<br />

Eve.<br />

Based on her East African<br />

ancestry, she is a direct<br />

descendent of the woman who<br />

all humans descended from.<br />

The science in Mitochondrial Eve<br />

suggests that the descendant<br />

was of African origin too.<br />

That’s besides the fact that<br />

scientific research shows that<br />

there were no humans living<br />

anywhere in Africa then.<br />

However, mitochondrial DNA<br />

(mtDNA) comes nearly entirely<br />

from the female parent. It is<br />

concentrated in the egg of a<br />

parent and is extremely rare in<br />

sperm. Therefore, mtDNA passed<br />

down through the female line.<br />

When there are no daughters<br />

in the family, the mother’s<br />

mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is<br />

lost. Thus, this explains the Lupita<br />

Nyong’o East Africa genesis.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Is Lupita<br />

Nyong’o African<br />

or Mexican?<br />

The American-based<br />

actress is African since she<br />

is a Kenyan by nationality.<br />

However, she is also Mexican<br />

by birth.<br />

For the love of her<br />

motherland, Lupita regularly<br />

visits her native home in<br />

Kenya. Sometimes, she flies in<br />

unnoticed and heads to her<br />

parent’s home in Kisumu.<br />

She keeps a low profile from<br />

the public whenever she visits.<br />

Being born of a prominent<br />

political figure and being in<br />

the limelight as a celebrity<br />

actress, privacy is a big deal.<br />

Lupita has 15 awards in<br />

her career. Her first picture, 12<br />

Years a Slave, earned her an<br />

Oscar (2013). She has won two<br />

SAG Awards and a Daytime<br />

Emmy for her work in the<br />

industry.<br />

24<br />



Eclipsed (2015) was her<br />

Broadway debut. The role of a<br />

teenage orphan earned her a<br />

nomination for the Tony Award<br />

for Best Actress in a Play.<br />

Aside from performing,<br />

Lupita promotes historic<br />

preservation. She is vocal<br />

about eliminating sexual<br />

harassment, working for<br />

women’s and animal rights.<br />

In 2014, People named her<br />

the most beautiful woman.<br />

In 2019, Nyong’o wrote a<br />

children’s book named Sulwe.<br />

It became a number-one<br />

New York Times Best-Seller. That<br />

same year, Nyong’o narrated<br />

the Discovery Channel docuseries<br />

Serengeti.<br />

Again, it booked her a<br />

Primetime Emmy Award<br />

nomination for Outstanding<br />

Narrator. In 2020, Nyong’o<br />

became one of Africa’s<br />

“50 Most Powerful Women”<br />

according to Forbes.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


Lupita<br />

Nyong’o East<br />

Africa Love<br />

Story<br />

Lupita Nyong’o East Africa<br />

love story is incomprehensible.<br />

A major twist about it all is that<br />

Tanzania has a special place in<br />

her heart.<br />

Why the twist? Although she<br />

traces her roots to Kenya, she has<br />

an inkling for Tanzania’s wildlife.<br />

Same case to her beach life in<br />

Zanzibar.<br />

A week ago, she flew to<br />

Zanzibar to enjoy her idyllic<br />

beaches. The island has a<br />

reputation across Africa for<br />

its pristine nature, style and<br />

ambience.<br />

She charmed locals at<br />

Forodhani Beach, a popular<br />

swimming and diving spot in<br />

26<br />



Zanzibar after a fierce dive.<br />

A group of young men who<br />

regularly scuba dive for<br />

enjoyment and recreation<br />

challenged Lupita to visit<br />

them.<br />

The group led by Instagram<br />

celebrity Jamal, posted a<br />

video extending an invitation<br />

to the Hollywood and Oscar<br />

award-winner. He asked her to<br />

join them in scuba diving.<br />

To their astonishment, the<br />

US-based actress showed up<br />

after Jamal’s fans tagged her<br />

in his invitation video. To many,<br />

this was yet another classic<br />

case of Lupita Nyong’o East<br />

Africa endearment.<br />

Nevertheless, her Western<br />

exploits leave many people<br />

with questions on whether<br />

she has African blood. We<br />

tell you everything there is to<br />

know about the ‘Black Panther’<br />

actor.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27

How<br />

Lupita Views<br />

Racism<br />

Colourism is not peculiar<br />

to the African American<br />

community or other black<br />

communities in predominantly<br />

white spaces. It can also<br />

ironically be found firmly<br />

on the continent where<br />

the population is almost<br />

predominately black and<br />

brown. Oscar award winning<br />

actress Lupita Nyong’o<br />

weighed in on the issue and<br />

28<br />


her experiences on<br />

colourism.<br />

Recently, the Oscar<br />

winning Kenyan actress<br />

Lupita Nyong’o spoke<br />

on her experience with<br />

colourism as a darkskinned<br />

woman. In the<br />

interview she described<br />

colourism as “the<br />

daughter of racism”,<br />

explaining that she was<br />

once told at an audition<br />

that she was “too dark”<br />

for television.<br />

Credit: Africa News,<br />

Avance Africa, All<br />

Africa, EABW News,<br />

Future Africa, African<br />

Exponent<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


Model To<br />

Celebrate<br />

30<br />



Anok Yai:<br />

From Lonely Streets<br />

To Crowded Runways<br />

Praise David<br />

Born a Refugee, Anok Yai Is Breaking<br />

Barriers as One of Fashion’s Most<br />

Sought-After Models<br />

Deciding to attend Howard<br />

University’s 2017 Homecoming changed<br />

the South Sudanese’s life forever. Today<br />

she has walked fashion shows for some<br />

of the industry’s leading brands and has<br />

been on some of the most prominent<br />

covers.<br />

A photographer snapped her photo<br />

and posted it to his Instagram. The next<br />

morning the then college student awoke<br />

to thousands of followers and messages<br />

from modeling agencies. Her life hasn’t<br />

been the same since then. But followers<br />

and calls from modeling agencies is not<br />

enough to keep any new model relevant.<br />

By surrounding herself with a solid team<br />

of talented people and marrying her<br />

business savvy skills with strategy, Anok Yai<br />

and her team have strategically been<br />

able to position her as one of the fashion<br />

industry’s most sought-after models where<br />

the twenty-three-year-old has continued<br />

to stay relevant.<br />

Early life as a refugee<br />

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Anok and her<br />

family are originally from South Sudan.<br />

The nation has undergone two civil wars<br />

and, today, armed conflict is a reality of<br />

the nation. Anok was born as a refugee<br />

during the second South Sudanese civil<br />

war. Struggle and the fight to have a<br />

better life were the first chapters of her<br />

early life story. She knows the plight of<br />

being a refugee and today, it’s an issue<br />

that’s close to her heart.<br />

“Being a refugee myself, I know the<br />

kinds of struggles my own family went<br />

through,” she explains. “When we came<br />

to the US I was around 3 or 4 and we<br />

stopped in New York City first and then<br />

went to New Hampshire because they<br />

had the most benefits for immigrants.<br />

We were given government housing<br />

and assistance.<br />

Had we not been given that I don’t<br />

know where we would have ended<br />

up. Growing up I saw how much my<br />

parents struggled. Having assistance<br />

alone wasn’t enough. My parents were<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31

luckily able to find jobs but they<br />

came to the US with kids and<br />

they would work 12,16-hour days<br />

almost every day, and we kids<br />

had to learn to be independent.<br />

Basically, my parents were raising<br />

me and my older sisters, and me<br />

and my older sisters were raising<br />

the younger ones. Being an<br />

immigrant, the struggles that they<br />

face are immense.<br />

The reality of a nation being<br />

displaced is that it leaves<br />

refugees finding lost family<br />

members years later. Many of<br />

Anok’s family have passed away<br />

or have been scattered around<br />

the world.<br />

“<br />

Being a model<br />

means running a<br />

business, where<br />

essentially, I am<br />

the business.<br />

“Right now, I’m actually finding<br />

out about family members that<br />

I didn’t even know I had. Since<br />

I’ve become a public figure<br />

they were able to chase me<br />

down and send me photos of<br />

when I was a little kid when we<br />

were in Egypt. I have family in<br />

Europe, Australia and all over the<br />

world. While Anok hasn’t been to<br />

South Sudan yet she hopes to<br />

go this year or next. “I still have<br />

connection to my family of<br />

course and my mom and sister<br />

have gone back, so I’ve seen<br />

my home through photos and<br />

32<br />


Facebook.”<br />

New Hampshire also had its<br />

challenges and while Anok and<br />

her family were welcomed, “we<br />

were faced with a lot of racism,”<br />

she says. “As I grew up in school<br />

I was bullied for my skin color. I<br />

had to develop thick skin and I<br />

had to learn the language, be<br />

able to take care of my little<br />

siblings, then go to school. In<br />

order to fend for myself I had to<br />

develop thick skin.”<br />

Education is number one for<br />

immigrant parents and this is how<br />

Anok was raised. She was on the<br />

road to becoming a medical<br />

doctor when she was discovered<br />

to model. “I wanted to be in<br />

the medical field, to work in a<br />

hospital and get an MD degree,<br />

and I worked a lot on my merit.<br />

Education is still on my plate<br />

to do. But of course, now I can<br />

expand more with what I have<br />

now.”<br />

Getting Discovered<br />

Three years ago, she was<br />

discovered and her life hasn’t<br />

been the same since. “When<br />

I first got introduced into the<br />

fashion industry, I could have<br />

easily been a flash in the pan -<br />

and I’m sure that’s what many<br />

were expecting but right away I<br />

decided that I was going to do<br />

everything I could to become a<br />

powerhouse.<br />

Being a model means running<br />

a business, where essentially, I am<br />

the business. My likeness is what<br />

draws people in and my creative<br />

and business decisions are the<br />

forces that drive it. Wanting to<br />

work at a top level with leading<br />

industry creatives, the Italian<br />

brand Prada gave her the<br />

opportunity to do this, and it’s the<br />

foundation that allowed Anok to<br />

build her career upon.<br />

In 2018 Anok opened Prada’s<br />

autumn-winter women’s readyto-wear<br />

show in Milan. It was a<br />

monumental moment because<br />

no Black woman had done<br />

that for twenty years. Naomi<br />

Campbell had been the<br />

previous model to do so. “When<br />

it happened and I opened the<br />

show, I had no idea that I was<br />

the first Black model since 1997,<br />

since Naomi to open their show. I<br />

found out the next day. Ever since<br />

that show, I have seen other<br />

designers follow.<br />

I’ve seen a lot more Black<br />

models backstage opening<br />

and closing shows. It was a<br />

huge stride compared to the<br />

past. There are strides that we<br />

still have to make, but this is a<br />

positive one.” And then she’s<br />

gone on from there to be on the<br />

cover of American and British<br />

Vogue. “When I was shooting<br />

tests I basically told myself not to<br />

get too excited because when<br />

they shoot cover tests, it’s to see<br />

whether or not you’ll be on the<br />

cover- it’s never a guarantee.<br />

When I was on set shooting it, I<br />

was like ‘I can’t believe I might be<br />

on the cover of Vogue.’ It didn’t<br />

feel real until it came out and I<br />

saw myself on the cover, and I<br />

was in such shock. I was so proud<br />

of how far I came and my team<br />

and I celebrated that night.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33

Top 10<br />

Photos of 2<br />

EVENTS<br />

Nensi Dojaka<br />

Chanel<br />

Dolce & Gabbana<br />

Saint Laurent<br />

Louis Vuitton<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

Nensi Dojaka left a big<br />

impression this season and<br />

Bottega Veneta climbed<br />

the ranks, while mainstays<br />

Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga are all<br />

represented in the top ten.<br />

As fashionistas, we generally pay<br />

exceptionally close attention to the<br />

makers of their obsessions — social<br />

media helps with that — and they<br />

haven’t failed to notice or appreciate<br />

that Dojaka looks a lot like them.<br />

As tends to be the case most<br />

seasons, the other names on the list<br />

are more familiar. Paris brands shined<br />

a little brighter than Milan labels (New<br />

York, for the record, just squeaked<br />

into the top 20), and Kering has three<br />

collections in the top 10 to LVMH’s<br />

two.<br />

The list’s only other climber was<br />

Bottega Veneta. Matthieu Blazy’s<br />

second show held up to the promise<br />

of his debut and then some, with the<br />

likes of supermodel Kate Moss and<br />

the gallerist and #oldceline fan Lucy<br />

Chadwick joining the other catwalkers<br />

on a poured resin runway created by<br />

Gaetano Pesce.<br />

Hello lovies, here we bring you our<br />

RUNWAY REPORT – Top 10 Fashion<br />

Runway Photos of <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

Prada<br />

34<br />


EVENTS<br />

022<br />

Valentino<br />

Bottega Veneta<br />

Christian Dior<br />

Balenciaga<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35

Trends<br />

The Ultimate<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends For<br />

Spring-<br />

Summer<br />

2023<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

With fashion month fully in the rearview mirror,<br />

we’ve gotten a chance to digest the many<br />

trends we saw coming down the spring 2023<br />

runways.<br />

During the New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion<br />

Weeks there was plenty to soak in for the upcoming<br />

season, including a range of modern takes on classic<br />

silhouettes and styles.<br />

The 1980s is back in a big way—as seen at Saint<br />

Laurent, where models in hooded jumpsuits and leather<br />

jackets with larger-than-life shoulders channeled the<br />

inimitable Grace Jones.<br />

Column<br />

Dressing<br />

Old Hollywood, you’ve<br />

met your match. The new<br />

take on a column dress<br />

is sharp, tailored finely,<br />

and comes with surprise<br />

elements (see: the ruched<br />

drop-waist on Standing<br />

Ground’s version).<br />

36<br />


Fringe<br />

One of the most pervasive<br />

trends to carry over from fall<br />

<strong>2022</strong> is fringe: a fun, textural<br />

element that was seen at<br />

nearly every show this season.<br />

Our favorites were at<br />

Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander,<br />

Alexander McQueen, and<br />

Bottega Veneta.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37

Heavy Cargo Grecian<br />

Glamour<br />

Roomy pockets fashioned<br />

onto slacks have become a<br />

must, especially in light of the<br />

advent of the mini bag. Tiny<br />

purses that fit little more than a<br />

credit card and a lip gloss call for<br />

other places to stash your stuff.<br />

At Prada and Louis Vuitton,<br />

pouches were affixed to skirts<br />

like fanny packs, while Fendi<br />

and Sacai made riffs on a more<br />

traditional cargo pant.<br />

Ethereal gowns inspired by<br />

Greek gods and goddesses<br />

are nothing new in fashion.<br />

But this season, the draping<br />

took a next-level turn: at Saint<br />

Laurent, belly button cutouts<br />

gave the look an early<br />

aughts feel, while Loewe<br />

used layers on designer<br />

Jonathan Anderson’s take to<br />

set it apart from the pack.<br />

38<br />


The Grace<br />

Jones Effect<br />

Grace Jones may have hit<br />

the red carpet for the first time<br />

in months to attend the Knives<br />

Out: Glass Onion premiere in<br />

London this past weekend, but<br />

the legendary musician and<br />

muse has been serving looks<br />

for decades upon decades.<br />

Designers including Saint<br />

Laurent and Alaïa took note<br />

of her legacy, integrating her<br />

signature hood into their spring<br />

2023 collections.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


Best Picks:<br />

30 +1 Best Street<br />

Style Fashion<br />

Photos From <strong>2022</strong><br />

Praise David<br />

Sometimes, what you see<br />

on the street is even better<br />

than what you see on the<br />

runway. I have been a fashion<br />

designer for many years, and I must<br />

admit that I get the majority of my<br />

inspiration from street fashion styles.<br />

It’s admittedly a close call at the<br />

different Fashion Weeks of <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

where chic fashionistas permeate<br />

the sidewalks, bike lanes, and, of<br />

course, collections by cult-favorite<br />

designers, to name just a few.<br />

The difference is nearly<br />

impossible to distinguish, especially<br />

when you consider how sustainable,<br />

infinitely wearable, and readily<br />

available each piece is. Moreover,<br />

unlike some pieces you see on the<br />

runway, these items go straight to<br />

market.<br />

You can debate it all you want,<br />

but one thing is for sure: Street<br />

Style Fashion is a sight to behold.<br />

From vests and exposed midriffs<br />

to dresses and skirts layered<br />

over pants, these are looks you’ll<br />

desperately want to recreate, no<br />

matter your size, age, or body type.<br />

Here, we have shared 31 of<br />

our best street style fashion picks<br />

from the various shows of <strong>2022</strong><br />

– from London to Paris, Lagos to<br />

Copenhagen, New York, and many<br />

more. Check them out!<br />

40<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41


42<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43


Lizzo:<br />

A Queen with a Golden<br />

Voice, Great Attitude,<br />

and Perfect Body<br />

Jason Sheeler & Sasha Bokamoso<br />

My editor asked me to<br />

describe the multiple<br />

Grammy winner in<br />

one sentence. All I could<br />

come up with was that<br />

— Lizzo is a Queen with a<br />

golden voice, great attitude<br />

and a perfect body! As<br />

Jason Sheeler rightly puts it,<br />

- “there was no Lizzo before<br />

Lizzo.” I cannot agree more!<br />

“I think I have a really hot<br />

body! I’m a body icon, and<br />

I’m embracing that more<br />

and more every day,” says<br />

Lizzo, sitting down in the<br />

study of her home beneath<br />

a platinum record. The<br />

Grammy winner — and<br />

cover star of PEOPLE’s Women<br />

Changing the World issue — is<br />

clear that she has no problem<br />

talking about her body.<br />

Because, as she says, why<br />

should she?<br />

“It may not be one person’s<br />

ideal body type just like, say,<br />

Kim Kardashian might not be<br />

someone’s ideal, but she’s a<br />

body icon and has created a<br />

modern-day beauty standard,”<br />

she tells PEOPLE. “And what<br />

I’m doing is stepping into my<br />

confidence and my power<br />

to create my own beauty<br />

standard. And one day that will<br />

just be the standard.”<br />

Now 33, Lizzo lives high up<br />

on a hill above Los Angeles. It’s<br />

on one of those misleading,<br />

circuitous paths. Just when<br />

you think you’ve arrived,<br />

there’s another hill. Then one<br />

more. Then a big gate with<br />

a small, hidden door. That’s<br />

pretty much how her road to<br />

44<br />



success has been, Lizzo says.<br />

Switchback turns. Trapdoors.<br />

No trail map. “I had to blaze a<br />

trail,” she says. “There was no<br />

Lizzo before Lizzo.”<br />

Nearly three years ago Lizzo<br />

worked her way to the front<br />

of the pop culture scene—<br />

singing, dancing, rapping and<br />

playing the flute on her first<br />

No. 1 song, “Truth Hurts”—and<br />

quickly became unstoppable.<br />

“I deserve the spotlight,”<br />

Lizzo tells PEOPLE. “I deserve the<br />

attention. I’m talented, I’m<br />

young, I’m hot. You know?<br />

And I’ve worked hard.”<br />

Born Melissa Viviane<br />

Jefferson, she was raised in<br />

Houston by her mom, Sharie,<br />

who had a small business,<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


46<br />



and dad, Michael, an entrepreneur<br />

who died of a stroke when she was<br />

20. A self-described nerd, Lizzo<br />

learned how to play the flute in fifth<br />

grade. In high school, she was in the<br />

marching band and trained with the<br />

Houston Ballet Orchestra.<br />

By that point Lizzo (first it was<br />

Lissa; then, inspired by JAY-Z, the S’s<br />

became Z’s) knew two things. One,<br />

what she wanted to do. Two, the<br />

kind of world she was about to enter.<br />

“I grew up in a family that was very<br />

proud of our Blackness,” she says.<br />

In 2017 she released “Truth Hurts.”<br />

It took two years for the song to<br />

become a hit, after finding popularity<br />

on TikTok and being used in the Netflix<br />

movie Someone Great. She added it<br />

to her third album, ‘Cuz I Love You (in<br />

the music video, she marries herself),<br />

and the song’s viral lyric “100 percent<br />

that bitch” became part of the<br />

cultural lexicon.<br />

Lizzo Says ‘Nothing Changed’<br />

When She Became Famous: Her<br />

‘Anxiety’ and ‘Depression’ ‘Didn’t Go<br />

Away’<br />

As Lizzo’s music took off—she’s<br />

earned three Grammys, two Soul<br />

Train Awards and millions of fans—<br />

her body became a topic of<br />

conversation. “Okay, we all know I’m<br />

fat,” she says with a sigh. “I know I’m<br />

fat. It doesn’t bother me. I like being<br />

fat, and I’m beautiful and I’m healthy.<br />

So can we move on?”<br />

Lizzo lists the stereotypes women<br />

like her face: “The funny, fat friend. I<br />

played that trope in high school. Or<br />

the friend who is gonna beat your<br />

ass ‘cause she’s big. Or it’s the big<br />

girl who’s insecure ‘cause she’s big.”<br />

She pauses. “I don’t think I’m the only<br />

kind of fat girl there is. I want us to be<br />

freed from that box we’ve been put<br />

in.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47

Around The World<br />

Top 10 Entertainment, F<br />

& Event Stories of <strong>2022</strong><br />


Praise David<br />

The Entertainment and Fashion industry have been<br />

eventful through the year <strong>2022</strong> all around the world.<br />

From the Movie and Music industry to the Fashion<br />

trends from all around the world, have had some exciting<br />

new displays for fans of each category.<br />

Here, we are going to look into the Top 10<br />

Entertainment, Fashion and Event Stories of <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Oscar’s Best Actor<br />

- Will Smith (King<br />

Richard)<br />

The 94th Academy Awards were expected to draw in higher ratings, and<br />

the academy was expecting that movie fans would band together. Chris<br />

Rock, a comedian, made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair later in<br />

the ceremony, which caused her husband , Will Smith, to approach the<br />

stage and smack Rock as he was about to deliver the best documentary<br />

award.<br />

Smith later accepted his Best Actor Oscar and expressed regret to the<br />

academy and his fellow nominees.<br />

“Love will make you do crazy things,” he said.<br />

Most Streamed<br />

artist of <strong>2022</strong> -<br />

Drake (3 Billion)<br />

Only few artists can generate as<br />

much revenue from streaming as<br />

Drake.<br />

His latest album, Honestly<br />

Nevermind, continues his streak<br />

of breaking streaming platform<br />

records. The collection broke the<br />

all-time record for dance album<br />

first-day streams on Apple Music<br />

as it competes for Number 1 on<br />

the official UK albums Chart.<br />

With 324 million plays to date,<br />

Drake’s 2016 global hit “One<br />

Dance” is his most streamed<br />

song. One of the most streamed<br />

songs ever in the UK, the song<br />

spent 15 weeks at the top of the<br />

official Singles Chart.<br />

48<br />



ashion<br />

Highest Grossing Movie of <strong>2022</strong> -<br />

Top Gun Maverick ($1,484,590,000)<br />

On April 28, <strong>2022</strong>, Top Gun: Maverick<br />

had its CinemaCon premiere. On<br />

May 27, <strong>2022</strong>, Paramount Pictures<br />

released the film in IMAX, 4DX,<br />

ScreenX, and Dolby Cinema in the<br />

United States.<br />

Many critics singled out the aviation<br />

sequences as the film’s major feature<br />

and complimented it as being<br />

better than its predecessor. It is now<br />

the highest-grossing movie of <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

the second movie released during<br />

the COVID-19 pandemic to gross<br />

$1 billion, and the highest-grossing<br />

movie of Cruise’s career. It has made<br />

over $1.48 billion worldwide.<br />

Top 10 Entertainment<br />

Entertainment keeps an audience interest or provides pleasure<br />

and delight. It can be a task or an idea, but it’s more likely to<br />

be one of the things that have evolved over thousands of years<br />

expressly to retain people’s attention.<br />

Entertainment focus here would come from the Music and Movie<br />

industries with their deliveries and achievements of the year <strong>2022</strong><br />

respectively.<br />

Grammy’s Best New<br />

Artist of <strong>2022</strong> -<br />

Olivia Rodrigo<br />

On April 3, <strong>2022</strong>, in Las Vegas, Nevada,<br />

Olivia Rodrigo accepts the Best New Artist<br />

award live on stage at the 64th Annual<br />

Grammy Awards held at the MGM Grand<br />

Garden Arena.<br />

Most Awarded<br />

Movie at<br />

Oscars - Dune<br />

(6 awards)<br />

The 94th Academy Awards<br />

saw “Dune” win the most<br />

awards (6). The movie won<br />

Best Visual Effects, Best<br />

Cinematography, Best Film<br />

Editing, Best score, Best Sound<br />

and Best Production Design.<br />

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Black Panther 2:<br />

Wakanda Forever<br />

Premiere<br />

20 Best Dressed Celebrities<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

The highly-anticipated Black<br />

Panther sequel, Wakanda<br />

Forever, hit the cinemas<br />

in the United Kingdom on<br />

November 11, and we were<br />

more than EXCITED.<br />

To celebrate the world<br />

premiere, the cast took to<br />

the red carpet in some truly<br />

amazing looks. From Rihanna<br />

- who’s releasing new music<br />

on the film’s soundtrack -<br />

in a strapless sequin Rick<br />

Owens piece, to Michaela<br />

Coel sporting a breathtaking<br />

Ferragamo by Maximilian<br />

custom hooded gown.<br />

The event was awash with<br />

incredible designer moments.<br />

Check out our best-dressed<br />

celebs from the eve of the<br />

Black Panther 2: Wakanda<br />

Forever Premier. We hope<br />

these celebrities impressed<br />

you as much as they<br />

impressed us with their fashion<br />

and carriage.<br />

Michael B. Jordan<br />

Lupita Nyong’o<br />

50<br />



Angela Bassett<br />

Karrueche Tran<br />

Dominique Thorne<br />

Letitia Wright<br />

Danai Gurira<br />

Rihanna<br />

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Marsai Martin<br />

Daniel Kaluuya<br />

Connie Chiume<br />

Florence Kasumba<br />

Quinta Brunson<br />

Sheryl Lee Ralph<br />

52<br />



Amaarae<br />

Trinity Fatu<br />

Grace Africa<br />

Regé-Jean Page<br />

Michaela Coel<br />

Maya Macatumpag<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

A Celebrity’s Gu<br />

Sasha Bokamoso &<br />

Kiana Murden<br />

Hyperpigmen<br />

Day-To-Nig<br />

Growing up in Nigeria,<br />

I had black soap for<br />

my face and cocoa<br />

butter all over my skin,”<br />

says singer and songwriter Tiwa<br />

Savage, who used to take a no-frills<br />

approach to her skincare—but has<br />

since changed her tune.<br />

The Afrobeat star set out<br />

to level up her routine during<br />

quarantine. “I started researching<br />

things and trying to get rid of my<br />

pigmentation,” she explains. Since<br />

then, the results have been nothing<br />

short of glowing.<br />

According to the singer, her<br />

skincare regimen begins with a<br />

foaming cleanser and toner before<br />

a dash of eye cream (which she<br />

applies day and night without fail)<br />

and a veil of vitamin C serum.<br />

Finally, she uses a layer of<br />

sunscreen and a mist of hydrating<br />

essence to round out her skin<br />

regimen.<br />

Over the last few years, Savage<br />

has stopped using foundation<br />

altogether, even while performing<br />

at packed concerts or posing for<br />

photoshoots. “This is something<br />

54<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

that Naomi Campbell told me: she<br />

doesn’t use foundation, or hardly<br />

uses foundation,” she explains. “[So]<br />

I stopped using it. It takes a while for<br />

you to get used to it, but that’s where<br />

that inner confidence comes in.”<br />

Savage, who moved from Nigeria<br />

to London at age 11, recounts not<br />

seeing girls with her complexion<br />

represented in beauty at the time. “I<br />

actually tried to bleach my skin, so I<br />

was using these products to make you<br />

lighter,” she admits.<br />

But once her mom discovered<br />

them, she encouraged Savage to<br />

embrace and appreciate her natural<br />

beauty. “Now, with the inclusion<br />

of darker skin tones, it’s so much<br />

easier and so much better,” says the<br />

41-year-old.<br />

As for her day-to-night makeup<br />

routine, it all starts with perfecting her<br />

brows. “Even if I have a makeup artist,<br />

I still do my eyebrows myself,” she<br />

says while defining her arches with<br />

concealer. Then, she reaches for a<br />

tinted spot treatment to combat postacne<br />

scarring.<br />

Savage picked up many makeup<br />

tricks by studying pro makeup artist<br />

techniques and often does her glam.<br />

“Nobody else knows your face better<br />

than you; if you invest the time in<br />

skincare and makeup, I promise you—<br />

it might seem overwhelming, [but]<br />

you’ll get the hang of it.”<br />

After concealing her under-eyes<br />

and forehead and setting it in place<br />

with loose powder, swirls of powder<br />

add a touch of warmth to her<br />

complexion. Savage isn’t keen on<br />

covering all blemishes or dark spots on<br />

her face. “I feel like there’s perfection<br />

in imperfection,” she says of her<br />

beauty philosophy.<br />

Once she blends on blush and a<br />

highlighter, it’s time for lips. “I always<br />

admire it when I see women with red<br />

lips,” she says.” It’s sexy, bold, and<br />

confident. “I wanted to create a red<br />

color that would make me feel like<br />

that.”<br />

Then, moving onto her hair, Savage<br />

swoops her baby hairs with edge<br />

control to accent her tightly-wound<br />

braided updo.<br />

An essential last step is spritzing<br />

on a fragrance. “You always have to<br />

finish off with perfumes,” says Savage<br />

before spritzing on a trio of fragrances.<br />

“I’m obsessed with how I smell.” And<br />

with that, her “signature Savage look” is<br />


BEAUTY<br />

ide to Treating<br />

tation and<br />

ht Makeup<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

10<br />

Reasons to<br />

Consider<br />

Zanzibar Islands<br />

for Your Next Holidays<br />

Dr. Nkechi Juliet<br />

It’s time to put the tropical<br />

island of Zanzibar – just off the<br />

coast of Tanzania – on your<br />

travel bucket list.<br />

Why should you take our<br />

word for it? Well, we have come<br />

up with our Top 10 Reasons to<br />

Visit Zanzibar.<br />

The perfect<br />

backdrop for<br />

#travelgram pics<br />

Dhows, dolphins, and<br />

food markets make for<br />

the perfect photos! But,<br />

if turquoise oceans and<br />

white sandy beaches<br />

are more your vibes,<br />

you’re in luck too. If you’re<br />

an enthusiastic travel<br />

photographer, Zanzibar<br />

should be top of your list.<br />

56<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Stunning<br />

beaches and<br />

romantic<br />

sunsets<br />

Imagine basking in the<br />

late afternoon sun on silky<br />

white sand just a stone’s<br />

throw away from the Indian<br />

Ocean. You’re in one of<br />

the lesser-known travel<br />

paradises in the world. On<br />

the horizon, you see a pod<br />

of dolphins as the sun starts<br />

to go down. Sounds like the<br />

stuff of dreams, doesn’t it?<br />

But in Zanzibar, it’s real.<br />

With the average<br />

temperature between 24<br />

and 28 degrees Celsius<br />

daily, there’s no need to<br />

book for a particular time of<br />

year. Such is life for Zanzibar<br />

locals – c’est la vie!<br />

Stone Town, Zanzibar’s<br />

cultural capital, is a UNESCO<br />

World Heritage Site<br />

Stone town is a national treasure. The only word that can be<br />

used to explain this town is ‘ancient.’ The untouched architecture<br />

boasts of the medieval century it was built and has earned it the<br />

status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow alleyways<br />

leading to bazaars and mosques create a romantic notion of the<br />

“old days” in Zanzibar and are a must-visit for tourists.<br />

Love marine life?<br />

Zanzibar has worldclass<br />

coral reefs<br />

The fauna and flora<br />

around the coast of<br />

Zanzibar are indescribable<br />

– definitely a site to be<br />

seen with your own eyes.<br />

Snorkeling is an everyday<br />

activity for visitors to this<br />

island, but when you stay<br />

in a place like Zanzibar,<br />

why wouldn’t you snorkel<br />

every day?! Pods of<br />

dolphins, colorful reefs, and<br />

shoals of beautiful fish are<br />

quintessential parts of life<br />

in Zanzibar’s underwater<br />

world, which scuba-diving<br />

can best explore.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

Local Markets and<br />

Fresh Seafood<br />

The nature of island<br />

life means fishing is<br />

an integral part of a<br />

local’s daily life. While a<br />

restaurant in the US or UK<br />

might serve up a freshly<br />

caught line of fish to<br />

your table to enjoy, the<br />

experience is certainly not<br />

as beautiful as the one in<br />

Zanzibar.<br />

As a foodie,<br />

understanding your plate’s<br />

story is an experience. To<br />

see fresh seafood and<br />

smell the spices – the de<br />

facto of the land – makes<br />

every meal a memory.<br />

Dolphins<br />

If watching a pod of<br />

dolphins dancing in the<br />

waves is not enough,<br />

Zanzibar offers visitors<br />

the once-in-a-lifetime<br />

chance to swim with wild<br />

dolphins. The income<br />

from dolphin tourism is a<br />

huge part of Zanzibar’s<br />

economy, which is why<br />

our volunteers help train<br />

local boat drivers in<br />

how to conduct ethical<br />

tours that also consider<br />

the conservation and<br />

preservation of these<br />

incredible animals.<br />

58<br />


ESCAPE<br />

The Spice Island<br />

Zanzibar, also known as the ‘Spice Island’,<br />

farms aromatic spices often used in Western<br />

homes – cloves, black pepper, turmeric,<br />

cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemongrass. Ever<br />

wondered how these herbs make it from<br />

their homeland to your kitchen? Well, spice<br />

farms are open for touring.<br />

Budget-Friendly<br />

Yes, you heard that right. Foreigners really can get bang for their buck<br />

by visiting this beautiful spot. At the same time, the income generated from<br />

tourism goes a long way to ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future<br />

for the local people who call this island their home.<br />

That being said, the memories you create and experiences you<br />

encounter in Zanzibar are priceless.<br />

Friendly people<br />

Tanzanians are lovely, friendly people. As a Swahili nation, you might<br />

initially have trouble communicating with the locals, but it won’t stop<br />

their efforts to ensure you feel part of the community. Whether you stop<br />

to buy fresh fish on the beach, browse through the fruit markets, or island<br />

hop on one of the traditional boat taxis, the Zanzibaris are always ready<br />

to welcome you and show you their way of life.<br />

Sustainable<br />

Ecotourism<br />

Experiences<br />

We are all about responsible<br />

travel, exploring a destination in<br />

such a way that both respects<br />

and benefits the local people and<br />

environment. Zanzibar has got this<br />

right. They offer visitors a wealth of<br />

different eco-tourism experiences<br />

that ensure the long-term<br />

sustainability of their ecosystem and<br />

cultures.<br />

Whether you’re staying in<br />

an eco-lodge, volunteering<br />

with us on our community or<br />

marine conservation program,<br />

or undertaking an ethical dolphin<br />

tour, add the ‘responsible traveler’<br />

badge to your belt when you next<br />

travel.<br />

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FOOD<br />

How to Cook the<br />

Perfect Steak<br />

- Like a Pro Chef!<br />

Everyone loves a good steak,<br />

and who says you must visit a<br />

fancy restaurant and spend<br />

a fortune before you can enjoy a<br />

good steak?<br />

Here, we will show you how to cook<br />

the perfect steak - like a pro Chef!<br />

It is easier than you thought, but<br />

first, there are a few guidelines to<br />

remember if you want to cook the<br />

perfect steak.<br />

Before you start, get the steak<br />

out of the fridge and allow it to<br />

come up to room temperature<br />

about one hour before cooking<br />

– frying or grilling it from cold will<br />

stop the heat from penetrating to<br />

the middle as efficiently. You also<br />

need to ensure your pan, grill, or<br />

barbecue is super hot before you<br />

begin – this will help caramelize<br />

the meat, which is essential for a<br />

delicious crust.<br />

During cooking, aim to cook your<br />

steak medium-rare to medium –<br />

any more, and you’ll be left with a<br />

challenging piece of meat. Turning<br />

it every minute or so will ensure you<br />

get an even cook.<br />

After cooking, please leave it to rest<br />

and rub it with a bit of extra virgin<br />

olive oil or butter for an incredible,<br />

juicy steak.<br />

Remember these tips, and you’ll<br />

get great results every time. To<br />

make it even easier, follow these<br />

simple steps below.<br />

60<br />




FOOD<br />

Step 1:<br />

Rub the steak all<br />

over with a good<br />

lug of olive oil and<br />

a good pinch of<br />

sea salt and black<br />

pepper<br />

Step 2:<br />

Add the steak to a<br />

hot pan, then cook<br />

for 6 minutes for<br />

medium-rare or to<br />

your liking, turning<br />

every minute.<br />

Step 5:<br />

Or create a herb<br />

brush by tying<br />

woody herbs like<br />

thyme or rosemary<br />

to the handle of<br />

a wooden spoon<br />

and brush it over<br />

the steak every<br />

minute or so.<br />

Step 6:<br />

Once cooked to<br />

your liking, rest<br />

the steak on a<br />

plate that can<br />

collect all the<br />

lovely juices for 2<br />

minutes.<br />

Step 3:<br />

For more flavour,<br />

halve a garlic<br />

clove and rub<br />

it over the steak<br />

every time you<br />

turn it<br />

Step 7:<br />

Carve with a nice<br />

sharp carving<br />

knife, then serve<br />

with the resting<br />

juices drizzled on<br />

top.<br />

Step 4:<br />

Rub the steak with<br />

a knob of butter –<br />

the sweetness from<br />

the butter will make<br />

it taste divine!<br />

Everyone has their favourite ways to eat steak –<br />

with good old chips and a crisp, green salad, with<br />

pepper or horseradish sauces, or even a simple,<br />

fresh salsa verde to cut right through it.<br />

Whatever you choose, we’re sure your lucky<br />

guest will love you for it.<br />

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