Modern Sewing Starts Here Edition 9

Modern Sewing Starts Here is the digital publication which features articles, reviews and handy tips for anyone with an interest in contemporary sewing This month we bring you: Pick of the latest sewing patterns ... Focus On Fabrics .... what's new and coming soon ... Trendsetter - 3 key trends to top up your handmade wardrobe this season ... All Matthew Boudreaux AKA Mister Domestic wants to do is spread joy & positivity through sewing and crafting ... Brazilian-born sewing blogger, Rachel Pinheiro shares how to create your own capsule wardrobe ... Pattern Speak - Julie Bonnar shares her guide on what to look for when selecting patterns ... + More ...

Modern Sewing Starts Here is the digital publication which features articles, reviews and handy tips for anyone with an interest in contemporary sewing
This month we bring you:

Pick of the latest sewing patterns ...
Focus On Fabrics .... what's new and coming soon ...
Trendsetter - 3 key trends to top up your handmade wardrobe this season ...
All Matthew Boudreaux AKA Mister Domestic wants to do is spread joy &
positivity through sewing and crafting ...
Brazilian-born sewing blogger, Rachel Pinheiro shares how to create your own capsule wardrobe ...
Pattern Speak - Julie Bonnar shares her guide on what to look for when selecting patterns ...
+ More ...


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<strong>Edition</strong> 9 – March 2020<br />

<strong>Modern</strong><br />

sewing<br />

starts here..<br />

SPRING<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Gorgeous fabrics to<br />

sew this season<br />


Win fabric, bag<br />

pattern and stabiliser!<br />

wear the<br />

TREND<br />

5 unlined coats to make<br />

SEW<br />

Mindful<br />

We catch up with Matthew Boudreaux,<br />

AKA Mister Domestic who wants to<br />

spread joy & positivity through sewing!<br />

Playroom designed by Matthew Boudreaux<br />

for Art Gallery Fabrics<br />


Getting the most from your sewing pattern<br />


Editor’s Letter<br />

Hello<br />

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, and we’re certainly looking forward<br />

to some better weather. This edition will definitely put you in the mood<br />

as we take a look at the newest fabric collections from the designers at<br />

Art Gallery Fabrics. Talking of designers, we talk to Matthew Boudreaux<br />

(AKA Mister Domestic) about how sewing makes him feel.<br />

Still in need of a lightweight coat, then look no further than our<br />

feature on 5 stylish unlined versions to make. Rachel Pinheiro shares<br />

her planning process for making her capsule wardrobe and invites<br />

you to find out what your style is!<br />

Happy stitching!<br />

Hantex team<br />

www.hantex.co.uk<br />

www.modernsewingstartshere.co.uk<br />

Subscribe free to get your copy – click here<br />

WIN WIN WIN!<br />

We have 3 prizes to giveaway.<br />

Each winner will receive a Catch<br />

All Caddy pattern from By Annie,<br />

Soft n Stable interfacing, and a<br />

bundle of Playroom fabric from<br />

Art Gallery Fabrics.<br />

For a chance to win – click here<br />

Closing date is<br />

31st April 2020<br />


If you’re a bag maker then you’ll love this over-sized, sturdy<br />

Catch All Caddy with lots of easy-to-access slip pockets and<br />

dividers to hold and organise all your crafting supplies. Comfy<br />

padded fabric handles make carrying easy and attach with<br />

rectangle rings allowing them to fall flat along the side when<br />

in use. Why not make more for the nursery, office, car or the<br />

garden – this handy organiser makes a great gift too!<br />

To view the whole By Annie bag sewing patterns – click here<br />


Focus on<br />


OH MEOW!<br />

Inspired by Jessica Swift’s two cats, this collection<br />

celebrates all the things that feline friends love the<br />

most. From yarn, string, and windows to peer out of,<br />

you’ll discover a purr-fect world in these playful and<br />

bright prints.<br />

To find out about this fabric collection – click here<br />

Feast your eyes on the latest fabric<br />

collections that are perfect for spring<br />

We’re excited to share the latest spring fabrics<br />

from Art Gallery Fabrics. All the collections<br />

below include cottons, rayons and knits so you<br />

can make the most of your sewing.<br />


This AGF Designers’ collection is<br />

inspired by a certain cosiness that<br />

comes with quiet mornings and a<br />

warm cup of tea! It highlights lovely<br />

blush tones with soft, dainty and<br />

subtle textures. Beautify your home<br />

and bring the spring indoors with<br />

quilts, garments, pillows and table<br />

runners made with this fabric.<br />

To see more from this collection<br />

from Art Gallery Fabrics – click here<br />


Designed by Amy Sinbaldi, this collection is<br />

reminiscent of her visits to Shepherd Market,<br />

Piccadilly, Hyde Park and Covent Garden.<br />

Amy sketched the flower-filled neighbourhoods<br />

that surrounded her beloved hotel in Mayfair<br />

and this is reflected in this collection with<br />

a colour palette rich of greens, plum and<br />

marigold. This collection is ideal for home<br />

décor as well as garments.<br />

To view the full range of colours – click here


Feel the warmth of the coastal sun in Katie Skoog’s<br />

latest collection, Hello Sunshine with its whimsical feel!<br />

You’ll get to mix and match bold, vibrant prints like<br />

fruity pineapples, chic geometrics, and birds of paradise<br />

flowers that will have you dreaming about the carefree<br />

days of warmer days ahead!<br />

To view more of the lovely designs – click here<br />

DARK & MOODY<br />

Discover an enchanting forest that awakes at dusk,<br />

when woodland animals come out to forage amongst<br />

the dark, moody florals, and towering trees with the<br />

Foresta Fusion collection by AGF Designers. Grounded<br />

in cranberry and pine with dusted pinks, this collection<br />

is for those whose hearts are filled with wanderlust, and<br />

filled with gorgeous versatile florals, trees and textures.<br />

These prints will affirm your love for the wilderness and<br />

inspire you to make beautiful creations such as quilts,<br />

accessories and garments.<br />

For more information about this range – click here<br />


Designed by Cassidy Demkov, an artist and surface<br />

designer from Salt Lake City for Cloud9 Fabrics. This<br />

collection is made from 100% organic sateen cotton for<br />

a happy you and happy earth. It features sweet floral<br />

wildflower designs in pastel hues, which<br />

are ideal for making beautiful garments and pretty<br />

things for the home.<br />

To see more from this Cloud9 collection – click here

mindful<br />

All Matthew Boudreaux AKA Mister Domestic wants to do is spread joy &<br />

positivity through sewing and crafting<br />

When did you start sewing?<br />

Although I owned a sewing<br />

machine for much of my life,<br />

I barely had the skill to sew<br />

curtains that didn’t fall apart<br />

until after my almost sevenyear-old<br />

daughter Helena was<br />

born in 2013.<br />

I had always talked to my<br />

spouse about wanting to<br />

learn to sew and how neat it<br />

would be to connect with our<br />

child if we were ever blessed<br />

to have one. Shortly after her<br />

birth, I was gifted a couple of<br />

apparel sewing classes for my<br />

birthday, which was precisely<br />

what I needed to uncork the<br />

magic that was hiding inside<br />

just waiting for the right<br />

inspirational moment.<br />

What has sewing brought<br />

to your life?<br />

At its core, sewing has<br />

brought a dependable joyfilled<br />

activity into my life that<br />

I know I can escape into any<br />

time that I need to re-centre<br />

my spirit.<br />

On a grander scale, sewing<br />

has provided a medium,<br />

and the Internet has given<br />

me a platform to create a<br />

community of like-minded<br />

sewists, quilters and makers<br />

that share my mission of<br />

spreading joy and positivity.<br />

Never in my wildest dreams<br />

did I imagine that, at 43<br />

years of age, me just being<br />

my authentic self combined<br />

with my fearless approach<br />

to impossible projects and<br />

colour would be the catalyst<br />

for all this. There’s not a day<br />

that goes by where I’m not<br />

both inspired and grateful<br />

by this journey, and all of<br />

the wonderful people it has<br />

brought into my life.<br />

People talk about sewing as<br />

a way of instilling an inner<br />

hygge. Why do you think<br />

sewing and crafting has<br />

this effect?<br />

Okay so first, I had no<br />

clue what hygge was and,<br />

now that I do – it’s my new

dared to dream in the past.<br />

I tell everyone that I’m a<br />

maker first, so I’m always<br />

thinking about how different<br />

prints and designs could<br />

work in actual projects as I’m<br />

designing. So it’s super cool<br />

to then get those designs and<br />

then make the things I was<br />

envisioning in my head as I<br />

was designing. It’s great to<br />

then see others make beautiful<br />

things with my fabrics – I am<br />

honoured, so so privileged!<br />

favourite thing! <strong>Sewing</strong> and<br />

crafting are done at home<br />

for the most part, which lends<br />

them both to be filled with<br />

the comforts and coziness<br />

of home.<br />

Add on top of that the<br />

love that goes into every<br />

stitch and the community<br />

(whether online or in person)<br />

that sewing and crafting<br />

both inspire and you’ve got<br />

yourself some hygge soup<br />

right there!<br />

Tell us about your YouTube<br />

channel and the amazing<br />

response that you’ve had?<br />

For years, I was petrified to<br />

get on YouTube. As anyone<br />

who follows me on any of<br />

my social media platforms<br />

know, I unapologetically live<br />

my truth and pride myself on<br />

my authenticity. I spent too<br />

many years peeling back the<br />

layers of protective artifice to<br />

stand firmly in my skin (warts,<br />

vulnerabilities and all) to be<br />

anything but me.<br />

And YouTube is that space<br />

on the interweb where the<br />

most of any creator is on<br />

display, also potentially<br />

inviting the anonymous<br />

hatred of trolls into their<br />

life. But the leap to YouTube<br />

became a business need for<br />

Mister Domestic as I found<br />

video the easiest way for me<br />

to answer questions, and<br />

share information to as many<br />

folks as possible. I had no<br />

idea that it would take off<br />

like it did, and that so many<br />

people from all across the<br />

globe would be drawn to my<br />

style of teaching and sharing.<br />

Now 150+ videos in, I’ve no<br />

plans of stopping and will<br />

continue sharing to as many<br />

folks as are out there that<br />

need a little extra joy and<br />

positivity in their lives.<br />

What’s it like to become a<br />

fabric designer and having<br />

your designs in print?<br />

It’s wild! Never in a million<br />

years did I ever think I’d<br />

become a fabric designer in<br />

my 40s. The guidance and<br />

support that I receive from<br />

my Art Gallery Fabrics family<br />

blows my mind and propels<br />

me to heights that I never<br />

If you could collaborate<br />

with anyone in the sewing<br />

world, who would it be<br />

and why?<br />

Awe, I know this is going<br />

to sound cheesy, so be<br />

forewarned. Honestly, I would<br />

continue to collaborate with<br />

the entire sewing community<br />

online and in person. Every<br />

day, multiple times a day,<br />

I am awestruck and inspired<br />

by folks in this community,<br />

which lifts me up and both<br />

makes me better as a creative<br />

and makes me want to be a<br />

better human.<br />

The message of spreading<br />

joy and positivity through<br />

sewing and fabric play over<br />

in the Mister Domestic world<br />

isn’t something created by<br />

me. It’s created by all of us,<br />

and I am so honoured to be<br />

on this journey with so many<br />

awesome folks who just want<br />

to keep it positive.<br />

To view Mister Domestic<br />

fabric collections for Art<br />

Gallery Fabrics – click here

Designing a<br />



Brazilian-born sewing blogger, Rachel Pinheiro shares how to create<br />

your own capsule wardrobe<br />

My favourite part of making my own<br />

clothes is the planning, and imagining<br />

the final result, and which elements<br />

will make me joyfully exclaim “This<br />

garment is so me!” To help you on your<br />

journey, I’ve broken down some of the<br />

key principles of the design<br />

concept that you will need to<br />

consider:<br />

Silhouettes<br />

Silhouettes provide the first<br />

impact when people look at<br />

what you’re wearing from afar.<br />

Lines<br />

These are used to emphasize<br />

or conceal your body<br />

shape, such as seams.<br />

These direct our gaze and<br />

provide the tone. Does the<br />

garment promote the idea<br />

of femininity and flexible<br />

with curves or rigidity and<br />

strength?<br />

Repetition<br />

Simple things like distance<br />

between buttons can often<br />

improve a design’s aesthetics.<br />

Graduation or radiation<br />

Does the main design feature<br />

increase, decrease lines,<br />

shapes, colours, or textures<br />

from the centre? Is your eye<br />

drawn towards a particular<br />

area of a design?<br />

Volume and texture<br />

It’s important to choose the right fabrics<br />

both for sewing and to the touch. The<br />

way fabric behaves when sewn and<br />

manipulated takes a little time to learn.<br />

Contrast<br />

Challenge expectations on the focus<br />

areas. For example, a jacket that has<br />

sleeves could be transferred into a<br />

cape or a relaxed look using traditional<br />

menswear tweeds.<br />

Harmony<br />

This relates to the overall look of your<br />

garment, and how other elements such<br />

as shoes and accessories bring the<br />

whole look together to create a welldesigned<br />

outfit.<br />

Balance<br />

Symmetry and vertical balance such as<br />

mirroring – lapels, pockets and buttons;<br />

horizontal such as top or bottom heavy<br />

all provide symmetry.<br />

Proportion<br />

Look at how separate elements work<br />

together as a whole. Each person’s<br />

body will have its weight differently<br />

distributed creating unique proportions.<br />

The most common proportions in terms<br />

of body type are pear shape, hourglass,<br />

apple etc. Those visual representations<br />

often reflect a silhouette. Use those<br />

design lines to highlight your favourite<br />

body parts.<br />

Matching your lifestyle<br />

Above are some basic<br />

principles of fashion design to<br />

consider when designing<br />

your clothes but these<br />

won’t mean anything if the<br />

clothes you make don’t match<br />

your lifestyle.<br />

It can take a little time to<br />

define the ‘formula’ that<br />

creates ‘you’. Have fun<br />

exploring when shopping<br />

and see how your favourite<br />

garment is cut, how it behaves<br />

on your body, and how<br />

comfortable it is.<br />

What I love the most about<br />

sewing my own wardrobe<br />

is the ability to mix known<br />

design elements in a manner<br />

that feels authentic to<br />

my style.<br />

When looking at a pattern<br />

try to separate the elements<br />

such as bodice, skirt, sleeve<br />

and neck-line, to explore the<br />

individual design possibilities.<br />

With just a few small basic<br />

alterations such as hem<br />

height, neckline placement or<br />

changing from semi-fitted to<br />

fitted – you can transform a<br />

‘meh’ outfit to a ‘wow!’<br />

COLOUR<br />

Colour plays an important influencer,<br />

and creating an interesting palette that<br />

suits your personality and lifestyle. It’s<br />

a fun part of planning your handmade<br />

wardrobe. Use your gut instinct and<br />

think about the hue that represents<br />

how light or dark a colour is, as well as<br />

saturation, which is the intensity of<br />

a colour.


Finally, connect with your personality. We are not just one style type<br />

but generally we will prefer one and have two others we sway towards<br />

accordingly to your mood:<br />

Casual<br />

Keyword: comfort<br />

Silhouette: relaxed<br />

Personality: practical,<br />

informal, and not worried<br />

about fashion trends<br />

Composition: simplified,<br />

breathable, mix and match<br />

fabrics and garment<br />

Fabrics: linen, cotton,<br />

sweatshirt jersey, denim,<br />

and twill with<br />

no texture<br />

Colours and<br />

prints: solid and<br />

light colours<br />

Classic<br />

Keyword: timeless<br />

Silhouette: semi-fitted,<br />

masculine and minimalist<br />

Personality: focussed,<br />

reserved and professional<br />

Composition: tailored and<br />

straight lines<br />

Fabric: high quality fabrics<br />

such as crepes, silks,<br />

and tweeds<br />

Colours and<br />

prints: traditional<br />

prince of wales,<br />

pinstripes,<br />

neutral, browns<br />

and camels<br />

Contemporary<br />

Keyword: modern<br />

Personality: elegant and<br />

energetic<br />

Composition: similar to<br />

classic but with one-of-akind<br />

influences on lines and<br />

balance.<br />

Fabric: shirting, wools,<br />

crepes, jersey, and wool-silk<br />

mixes<br />

Colours and prints:<br />

trendy prints,<br />

colours from<br />

vibrant to discrete<br />

Romantic<br />

Keyword: delicacy<br />

Personality: sensitive,<br />

dreamer<br />

Style: discrete designs,<br />

sometimes retro, frills and<br />

ruffles, volume.<br />

Colours and prints:<br />

pastels and florals,<br />

Fabric: lace, chiffon,<br />

pleated, and viscose<br />

Click on the images to learn more about the patterns and fabrics

Click on the images to learn more about the patterns and fabrics<br />

Sexy<br />

Keyword: sensuality<br />

Personality: confident,<br />

determined and bold<br />

Style: tight, showing skin<br />

with cuts and length.<br />

Colours and prints:<br />

bold colours and<br />

patterns<br />

Fabrics: leather,<br />

sequin, and<br />

transparency<br />

Urban<br />

Keyword: rebel<br />

Personality: strong-willed<br />

Style: street, a bit rock<br />

chick or punk<br />

Colours and prints: black,<br />

contrasting with metal<br />

details<br />

Fabrics: leather and<br />

cotton<br />

Creative<br />

Keyword: uniqueness<br />

Personality:<br />

unconventional, free to<br />

experiment with new<br />

combinations, and loves<br />

art<br />

Style: colourful and<br />

asymmetric<br />

Colours and<br />

prints: all prints<br />

and colours<br />

Fabrics: all<br />

“<br />

Make sure your<br />

wardrobe matches<br />

your personality as<br />

well as your lifestyle.<br />

“<br />

Want to practice what you have learned?<br />

Why not grab a copy of my book, House of<br />

Pinheiro: Work to Weekend published by<br />

David Charles. It contains seven full-size<br />

patterns to create your own formula.

Pattern<br />

SPEAK<br />

With the introduction of the indie sewing patterns, patterns are<br />

becoming easier to understand but if you are still baffled, Julie Bonnar<br />

shares her tips on what you should look for<br />

The common things on a sewing pattern:<br />

Fabric recommendations<br />

<strong>Sewing</strong> patterns will always suggest a few types<br />

of fabric that have been tried and tested with the<br />

pattern. Using the fabric<br />

recommendations on the<br />

envelope is a safer bet to<br />

a successful garment!<br />

Notions<br />

There will always be a<br />

list of other bits and bobs<br />

that you will need such as<br />

zips, elastic and thread.<br />

Make sure you take this<br />

list with you when you<br />

go shopping.<br />

<strong>Sewing</strong> level<br />

Every pattern will have a<br />

skill level saying whether<br />

the pattern is easy to<br />

make or a make for a<br />

more advanced sewer.<br />

<strong>Sewing</strong> patterns<br />

marked easy or beginner<br />

will feature simple<br />

garments that contain<br />

fewer pattern pieces and<br />

don’t include zips and<br />

trickier techniques.<br />

Pattern layout<br />

This will tell you what<br />

pattern pieces you need<br />

for each view. It will<br />

also explain which is the<br />

wrong and right side of<br />

the fabric/pattern, and<br />

how to lay the pattern out on the fabric.<br />

Symbols<br />

These tell you how to place the pattern on top of<br />

the fabric, where the grain line is, which pieces need<br />

aligning with the fabric fold, where to gather fabric,<br />

place darts, or indicate<br />

where a pattern can be<br />

lengthened or shortened.<br />

Line drawings<br />

The flat drawn designs<br />

on a pattern can help<br />

you decide if you like<br />

the overall style of the<br />

garment, and whether<br />

you think it will suit you<br />

without the distraction<br />

of fabric. Most patterns<br />

come with several views<br />

(variations) and on the<br />

line drawing you can see<br />

the differences between<br />

the styles more easily.<br />

Key to sizing<br />

Multi-sized pattern pieces<br />

will have a coloured or<br />

style of line to denote the<br />

different sizes to help you<br />

cut out your size.<br />

Fabric yardage<br />

<strong>Here</strong> you will find how<br />

much fabric it will take<br />

to make this garment<br />

based on your size. The<br />

The pattern envelope shown here is from the Rushcutter pattern usually includes<br />

Dress by In the Folds. To find out more – click here<br />

the yardage amount for<br />

both 115cm or 150cm<br />

(45in/60in) fabric widths.<br />

These amounts should take into account prewashing<br />

shrinkage although it’s always a good idea<br />

to buy a little more for patterns with a nap or those<br />

with a print or pattern.<br />

Visit the Pattern Finder - click here

New sewing pattern releases that you’ll<br />

want to sew!<br />


An easy make<br />

The Luna pants are loose-fitting pants with a tapered<br />

leg and such a comfortable fit. A quick sew, these<br />

trousers comprise of just four main pieces, with<br />

facings attached inside to form the waistband, and<br />

of course the must-have inseam pockets! Choose a<br />

variety of prints and fabrics to style these for both<br />

casual and dressier occasions in fabrics like voile,<br />

rayon challis, shot cotton, shirting, double gauze<br />

lawn, broadcloth, and lightweight chambray.<br />

To view this sewing pattern – click here<br />



Cardigans are cool!<br />

Layer up with the Fuller Cardigan! This raglan cardigan<br />

features shoulder and bust darts for the ideal fit over<br />

curves. Options include a mid-hip with a deep, faced<br />

V-neck and oversized buttons, or go for a cropped at the<br />

natural waist with a boxy fit. The pattern comes in sizes<br />

12-32, and three-cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H).<br />

To view all patterns from Cashmerette – click here<br />

Weekend wardrobe<br />

These slim tapered jeans feature a fly front zipper, front pockets<br />

and diagonal darts below zipper, and sits at natural waist.<br />

Featuring a trendy ankle<br />

length with double-fold<br />

cuff, they are stylish and<br />

perfect for the weekend!<br />

Make the Getaway<br />

Jeans in stretch denim,<br />

wovens such as twill,<br />

or corduroy.<br />

To find out more about<br />

this jean sewing pattern<br />

and more from The<br />

<strong>Sewing</strong> Workshop –<br />

click here

Hard to find sporting sewing<br />

patterns for the family<br />

Finding patterns for sporting activities<br />

can be difficult but Jalie specialises in<br />

finding these more sought-after patterns<br />


The Cora running tights and<br />

shorts make sewing your own<br />

leggings a breeze. Choose<br />

from ankle-length, seamless<br />

between the legs, wide<br />

waistband and a practical<br />

pocket at the back or midthigh<br />

shorts with leg band. This<br />

pattern is recommended for<br />

knit fabrics with 60% stretch<br />

in the length and across the<br />

width. Sizing includes girls,<br />

women and plus sizes. Use<br />

hardwearing fabrics and<br />

turn these into jodhpurs or<br />

breeches for horse riding.<br />

BALLET<br />

This leotard features a shelf bra lining, short and<br />

long sleeves and ballet leg, Make with the twistfront<br />

for added elegance!<br />

SPORTS<br />


This comfy, airy,<br />

modest and<br />

stylish layered<br />

tank gives you<br />

the support of<br />

a sport’s bra<br />

underneath but<br />

the modesty of a<br />

flowing tank. The<br />

wide hem band<br />

keeps the top in<br />

place. It’s ideal<br />

for wearing for<br />

exercise classes.<br />

To view these sewing patterns and others<br />

from Jalie – click here<br />


The Tessa Leotard has long sleeves, V-waist and optional inset for a<br />

V-neck illusion that totally transforms this practical design. Add the quick<br />

and easy to sew circle skirt for a skating dress.<br />

YOGA<br />

Keep calm and relax in these yoga pants.<br />

Fitted through the hips and thighs for extra<br />

comfort, and slightly flared from the knee<br />

down. The wide faced two-piece waistband<br />

allows for fun colour blocking, and a seam<br />

at the back of the leg provides flattering<br />

fit and easy adjustment. A shorts pattern is<br />

also included which are great for the beach,<br />

dance classes or the gym. Make in knit<br />

fabric that has 50% stretch across the grain<br />

and length. This pattern has sizing for girls,<br />

women and plus sizes.<br />

Check out the free-to-use resource listing of the very best Indie patterns and filter by fabric, garment, brand or skill<br />

level by visiting www.hantex.co.uk

Trendsetter<br />

light and airy<br />

5 unlined coats to sew for spring<br />

Alston Reversible Jacket<br />

Sew to Grow<br />

An oversized jacket with raglan sleeves and dramatic<br />

cascading collar is perfect for layering, and what’s<br />

more it’s reversible! It looks fabulous in linen<br />

or vintage broadcloth.<br />

To find out more about this pattern – click here<br />

Ulysses Coat<br />

Victory Patterns<br />

This long line jacket mixes trench coat styling such as<br />

shoulder epaulettes, vent and curved back rain guard<br />

overlay with modern looks. Why not make the inside<br />

as good as the outside with bound seams. This pattern<br />

is perfect for making in medium-weight fabric with high<br />

drape like Tencel twill, soft linen; double weave crepe,<br />

and bamboo twill.<br />

To view this sewing pattern - click here<br />

Sienna Maker Jacket<br />

Closet Case Files<br />

A chic utility jacket inspired by vintage<br />

French workwear. This stylish outerwear<br />

is a highly practical layer for use<br />

wearing outside, and in the studio<br />

for makers.<br />

With a slightly dropped shoulder,<br />

Sienna features a crisp notched collar,<br />

which can be worn buttoned at the<br />

neck with an optional snap button.<br />

To find out more about this maker’s<br />

coat – click here

4 5<br />

Swing Coat<br />

Cambria Duster<br />

Folkwear Patterns<br />

This easy breezy coat is a cinch to make with just four<br />

Friday Pattern Company<br />

main pattern pieces. Sleeves are narrow at the wrist so<br />

This unlined duster is a versatile and great transseasonal<br />

piece. It has a dramatic, wide draped shawl-<br />

put. The coat offers two pocket options – side-seam and<br />

you can push them up for a casual look and they will stay<br />

style collar, and a flattering shin length. Secure the ties patch. Choose fabrics that drape but still have body such<br />

in back for a clean, shapely look, or wrap them around as lightweight linen gabardine (rayon wool or cotton),<br />

in front for a little more coverage. Designed for woven lightweight denim and soft cotton twill. For a crisp<br />

fabrics such as rayon twill, gabardine, and rayon challis – sculptured evening look consider silk taffeta or for a sheer<br />

it would also look great made in light wool or boucle! translucent style with silk organza.<br />

To view this sewing pattern - click here<br />

To find out more about this lovely pattern – click here<br />

Fabrics suitable for sewing lightweight coats<br />

Linen Slub<br />

The viscose and linen<br />

blend from Modelo<br />

wrinkles less and is<br />

soft on the skin.<br />

To view all the<br />

colourways<br />

– click here<br />

Linen Blends<br />

This premium linen<br />

blend from Art Gallery<br />

Fabrics is the ideal for<br />

a coat staple.<br />

To see more colours<br />

– click here<br />

Rayon<br />

Rayon is the ultimate<br />

soft drapeable fabric.<br />

To view the Art Gallery<br />

Fabrics collection<br />

– click here<br />

Ponte Roma<br />

Perfect for lightweight<br />

garments like coats.<br />

To see more of this<br />

Modelo range<br />

– click here<br />

Springfield Denim<br />

This denim from<br />

Modelo is great<br />

quality and comes in<br />

stretch and non-stretch<br />

options.<br />

To view more<br />

– click here


Cord is back and has lost its<br />

old-fashioned image. With the<br />

Hartford fine stretch needlecord<br />

collection, you can look forward<br />

to beautiful vibrant colours. This<br />

mix of cotton and elastane makes<br />

for a particularly durable fabric<br />

but still with a wonderfully soft<br />

feel. It’s perfect for making jeans,<br />

dungarees, skirts, jackets, hats<br />

WHAT’S<br />

and bags!<br />

To view the full collection<br />

– click here<br />

NEW<br />

We keep you posted on the latest launches<br />

This edition, we concentrate on keeping you up-to-date with<br />

the new fabric releases that Modelo Fabrics has to offer<br />

dressmakers. Modelo offers good quality along with the<br />

latest trend-driven colours. With many now offering<br />

OEKO-TEX environmental certification the fabrics are also<br />

kinder to the environment.<br />



Who doesn’t love a cosy sweatshirt to lounge<br />

around in? The double-sided super-soft<br />

Alpen has a fleece finish on one<br />

side and a sweatshirt finish on the<br />

other side. Snuggly yet practical,<br />

it’s perfect for sweatshirts, tops<br />

and sweatpants, and comes in 17<br />

pretty colours.<br />

To see more from this<br />

super-soft range –<br />

click here<br />


The viscose jersey has a slightly softer feel than the Hoxton Heathered<br />

and contains 5% elastane for stretch! It comes in 14 plain colours, as<br />

well as two beautiful prints.<br />

To view the complete range of colours – click here<br />

HOXTON<br />



This collection features<br />

some beautifully rich<br />

colours with 10 bold colour<br />

ways to choose from. This fabric<br />

has 10% elastane making it perfect<br />

for making garments that need<br />

stretch such as dresses and tops.<br />

To find out more about this jersey<br />

range – click here

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