Modern Sewing Starts Here Edition 8

Modern Sewing Starts Here is the digital publication which features articles, reviews and handy tips for anyone with an interest in contemporary sewing This month we bring you: Pick of the latest sewing patterns Focus On Fabrics .... what's new and coming soon. Trendsetter - 3 key trends to top up your handmade wardrobe this season Heather Lou of Closet Case Files blends her love of sewing, learning and the community Sarah Ashford ideas for using solid colour fabrics in patchwork and quilting Julie Bonnar shares her simple guide to choosing interfacing + more ...

Modern Sewing Starts Here is the digital publication which features articles, reviews and handy tips for anyone with an interest in contemporary sewing
This month we bring you:

Pick of the latest sewing patterns
Focus On Fabrics .... what's new and coming soon.
Trendsetter - 3 key trends to top up your handmade wardrobe this season
Heather Lou of Closet Case Files blends her love of sewing, learning and the community
Sarah Ashford ideas for using solid colour fabrics in patchwork and quilting
Julie Bonnar shares her simple guide to choosing interfacing
+ more ...


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<strong>Edition</strong> 8 – January 2020<br />

<strong>Modern</strong><br />

sewing<br />

starts here...<br />

SPRING<br />


key trends for this<br />

season to top up your<br />

handmade wardrobe<br />


EYES<br />

on the latest<br />

fabric releases!<br />

The latest sewing patterns<br />

that you’ll want to sew!<br />

Sew &<br />

Nurture<br />

We talk to Heather<br />

Lou from Closet Case<br />

who blends her love of<br />

sewing, learning and<br />

the community<br />

New Pure Solid Fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics<br />

www.modernsewingstartshere.co.uk<br />

www.hantex.co.uk 1

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Editor’s Letter<br />

Hello<br />

A belated happy New Year to you all! If you have the January blues then having<br />

a read through this edition of <strong>Modern</strong> <strong>Sewing</strong> <strong>Starts</strong> <strong>Here</strong> will be sure to kick-start<br />

your sewing.<br />

This edition, we’re delighted to chat with Heather Lou about her sewing pattern<br />

brand, Closet Case Patterns. With spring on its way, we look at three key trends to<br />

sew, and Rachel Pinheiro discusses how she will be adding candy shades<br />

to her handmade wardrobe this season.<br />

Be inspired by Sarah Ashford as she shares ideas for using the<br />

new Pure Solids Fabric Bundles from Art Gallery Fabrics. Also<br />

we catch up with the latest sewing pattern releases.<br />

Happy stitching!<br />

Hantex team<br />

www.hantex.co.uk<br />

www.modernsewingstartshere.co.uk<br />

Subscribe free to get your copy – click here<br />

WIN WIN WIN!<br />

We have one Prymdonna<br />

dressform to giveaway. It’s<br />

available in four different<br />

sizes. For a chance to win –<br />

click here<br />

Closing date is<br />

28th February 2020<br />


Whether you’re a professional tailor or sew for a hobby,<br />

the Prymadonna dressform can offer more flexibility<br />

when it comes to making adjustments to your clothing.<br />

It consists of eight parts and can be individually<br />

adjusted at the neck, bust, waistline and hips with 13<br />

adjustments in total. The rotatable body is made of<br />

plastic and covered with a foam-reinforced nylon cover.<br />

Adjustments can be made in both inches and<br />

centimetres using the knobs on the front, and the<br />

adjustment wheels on the sides and rear. The waist<br />

length’s height can also be adjusted and the neck<br />

circumference can be changed using the knob placed<br />

in the middle of the neck area - this also contains an<br />

integrated pincushion. This dressform range has an<br />

elaborated shoulder section that ensures that the<br />

sleeves always fall in the right position.<br />

You can mark your perfect hem length and the<br />

lightweight plastic pedestal nad four feet give it a really<br />

stable base.There are four sizes to choose from xs, s, m<br />

and l.<br />

To view the complete Prymadonna range of<br />

dressforms – click here<br />


Stitch up a spectrum<br />


Sarah Ashford, obsessive quilter and fabric lover<br />

shares her ideas for using the latest Pure Solids<br />

Bundles from Art Gallery Fabrics<br />

If there’s one thing that gets<br />

a quilter’s heart racing it’s the<br />

sight of a fat quarter bundle,<br />

especially if it’s a fat quarter<br />

bundle that’s packed with<br />

gorgeous ombre shades<br />

across a spectrum of colours.<br />

Introducing Art Gallery<br />

Fabric’s Pure Solids bundle<br />

– the Summering <strong>Edition</strong>. It’s<br />

made up of no less than 25<br />

beautiful fat quarters – be still<br />

my beating heart!<br />

Ideas for makes<br />

The possibilities with 25<br />

shades are literally endless.<br />

I think they lend themselves<br />

extraordinarily well to<br />

traditional quilt blocks,<br />

as they put a wonderfully<br />

modern spin on blocks that<br />

are steeped in history and of<br />

a time gone by. I’ve had fun<br />

making the classic pineapple<br />

block, incorporating ten of<br />

the colours, and doesn’t it<br />

look striking? A block like this<br />

is just so well suited to bold,<br />

solid blocks of colour. I also<br />

think the humble hexagon<br />

is a thing of beauty, and I’ll<br />

never tire of making them!<br />

Appliqué them to zipper<br />

pouches, cushions, table<br />

runners, or why not stitch<br />

them all together to make a<br />

wonderful ombre quilt.<br />

You really can have so<br />

much fun with light and<br />

shade with this fabric<br />

collection. I’ve also made<br />

some foundation paper<br />

pieced heart blocks that<br />

would look wonderful<br />

incorporated into a project;<br />

perhaps for coasters,<br />

placemats, a cushion or for<br />

the more ambitious a whole<br />

quilt. There’s pretty much a<br />

50/50 split of warm and cool<br />

tones in this collection, so<br />

you could mix them up, or<br />

stick with the cool blues and<br />

deep shades of turquoise<br />

together. Or why not use the<br />

warm, candy shades together<br />

for a pretty, pinktastic project!<br />

For both quilters and<br />

dressmakers though, it’s not<br />

just about the colour but also<br />

the feel of the fabrics. The<br />

Pure Solids have a beautiful<br />

drape and suppleness. Being<br />

100% premium cotton, they<br />

have a high quality, luxurious<br />

feel. It really has been a joy<br />

to stitch with them and I<br />

know you’re going to love<br />

stitching with them too.<br />

Editor’s notes<br />

To view the complete<br />

collection of Pure Solids<br />

from Art Gallery Fabrics –<br />

click here

and nurture<br />

Heather Lou blends her love of sewing, learning and the community<br />

What inspired you to start<br />

Closet Case Patterns?<br />

I didn’t know I was starting<br />

a brand when I released our<br />

first pattern (the Bombshell<br />

swimsuit back in 2013). It<br />

was very much one step at a<br />

time until I realised that what<br />

I was doing was sustainable<br />

enough to support myself (and<br />

eventually a small but mighty<br />

team too!)<br />

What motivates me<br />

is creating unique,<br />

interesting designs that help<br />

facilitate learning and skill<br />

development. We want sewers<br />

to be excited by a pattern<br />

and learn new things while<br />

making it. Being a part of that<br />

empowering journey is why I<br />

get up in the morning!<br />

What would you say sets<br />

your patterns apart from<br />

other indie designers?<br />

First and foremost is our<br />

effort to really nurture<br />

and encourage building<br />

your sewing skills. Most<br />

of our patterns are at the<br />

intermediate or advanced<br />

level, and we offer loads of<br />

resources to help people on<br />

their way, be it through online<br />

workshops, sewalongs or<br />

sewing tutorials.<br />

While I love a quick sew<br />

as much as the next person<br />

(that’s partly why we designed<br />

our beginner-friendly Rome<br />

Collection!). I think the real fun<br />

happens when you can really<br />

sink your teeth into a project<br />

and learn something new.<br />

I think we also stand<br />

out because of our focus<br />

on interesting details and<br />

construction methods. We’re<br />

always trying to find the<br />

best, most fun way to put<br />

something together.<br />

You’ve always released<br />

patterns individually –<br />

what made you decide<br />

to launch your first<br />

pattern collection?<br />

I had a strong idea for a small<br />

pattern collection that could<br />

work as a capsule wardrobe,<br />

and I was excited to think<br />

about our patterns from a

The online sewing world really feels like a<br />

safe, welcoming place in the black hole that<br />

is often the internet! <strong>Sewing</strong> people are the<br />

best people ever! First and foremost. Closet<br />

Case aims to nurture and encourage building<br />

your sewing skills. I think we also stand out<br />

because of our focus on interesting details<br />

and construction methods. We’re always<br />

trying to find the best, most fun way to put<br />

something together!<br />

The Ginger Jeans<br />

pattern is probably one<br />

of the best-known jeans<br />

pattern around. Why do<br />

you think sewists love it<br />

so much?<br />

I think it works because it<br />

seems to fit a lot of folks<br />

right out of the package.<br />

Over the years, we’ve also<br />

created so much supportive<br />

content for Ginger, from a<br />

sewalong to a jean making<br />

ebook to an online course<br />

I think customers feel really<br />

supported and encouraged<br />

making it. I’m proud of how<br />

we demystified ‘scary’ jean<br />

making for so many people!<br />

What pattern plans do<br />

you have for next year?<br />

We had so much fun putting<br />

together our Rome collection<br />

that we’re planning another<br />

one in the coming year. It’s<br />

still in concept mode but<br />

we’re getting excited about it.<br />

We’ll also be releasing a few<br />

new standalone patterns, in<br />

addition to getting as many<br />

older sewing patterns into<br />

extended sizing as possible.<br />

It’s going to be a busy year!<br />

more conceptual, thematic<br />

place. The Rome collection<br />

was such a success, and we’ll<br />

likely continue to do it yearly,<br />

with stand-alone patterns still<br />

released on a regular basis.<br />

Tell us about your<br />

newest sewing pattern,<br />

the Sienna Jacket?<br />

This is one of my favourite<br />

patterns ever! It’s inspired by<br />

vintage French workwear and<br />

is meant to work as a studio<br />

jacket with lots of pockets<br />

for maker tools, or as a cute<br />

wrap or chore jacket out in<br />

the world. It’s a really creative<br />

with a unique design, and<br />

the first available in our new<br />

extended 14-30 range. I<br />

can’t wait to see how people<br />

make it their own since there<br />

are so many options for<br />

personalising it.<br />

What do you most like<br />

about being part of the<br />

sewing community?<br />

The sewing community itself!<br />

I’ve been blogging about<br />

sewing for more than eight<br />

years, and it never ceases<br />

to amaze me how kind,<br />

supportive and smart sewists<br />

are!<br />

I have met some of my best<br />

friends through sewing, even<br />

people who are technically my<br />

competitors!<br />

The online sewing world<br />

really feels like a safe,<br />

welcoming place in the black<br />

hole that is often the internet!<br />

<strong>Sewing</strong> people are the best<br />

people ever!

New sewing pattern releases that you’ll<br />

want to sew!<br />


Date night<br />

Embrace your romantic side with the Alcott<br />

Dress! This dreamy fixed wrap dress features<br />

an empire waist and two design variations.<br />

Choose a knee-length full skirt, cap or elbowlength<br />

flutter sleeves, and optional maternityfriendly<br />

silhouette, or opt for the drama of a<br />

ruffled midi skirt and long, ruffled sleeves.<br />

To view more patterns from Cashmerette –<br />

click here<br />

LIESL & CO<br />

Shirt-style<br />

The Camp features a classic convertiblecollar<br />

blouse and dress with a yoke and<br />

optional pockets. The blouse consists<br />

of a curved hem and long sleeves with<br />

a button cuff and tower placket, while<br />

the dress features a curvy hem and<br />

cuffed short sleeves. The pattern also<br />

includes separate pieces for A/B, C,<br />

and D cup sizes to help you get the<br />

perfect fit.<br />

To find out the new patterns from<br />

Liesl & Co – click here<br />



Nice day for knits<br />

The Westcliff Dress is an easy to sew<br />

dress for knit fabrics with at least<br />

25% stretch. It features a wrap front<br />

with full coverage and a neckline<br />

that won’t gape! There is an optional<br />

lower tier to make this dress a maxi.<br />

The pattern also includes a tutorial<br />

on how to turn this dress into a cute<br />

cropped top. The pattern includes<br />

sizes XS-4X and cup size options<br />

B and D.<br />

To find out more about this pattern<br />

and others from the Friday Pattern<br />

Company – click here


Sew, repeat and reverse!<br />

Wrap up in the Alston Jacket as the chill sets into the air. This oversized jacket with<br />

raglan sleeves and stylish cascading collar is perfect for layering over your winter<br />

woollies. Make as a reversible jacket in linen or vintage broadcloth for a substantial<br />

layering piece or go with a single layer boiled wool for a truly classic piece.<br />

Sweeping silhouette<br />

The Frankie Shift pairs perfectly with a soft drapey<br />

fabric like rayon, or for a more casual and carefree look<br />

make in linen. This dress features clever side panel<br />

pockets, optional tie belt, and can be made with<br />

flutter sleeves or a sleeveless version.<br />

The Bondi has more to offer!<br />

The Bondi Top is one of Sew to Grow’s best-selling<br />

patterns and a wardrobe staple. The basic Bondi has<br />

been given a total revamp, and you now have more<br />

options to give this pattern a new leash of life! In<br />

the new extension pack there’s instructions to attach<br />

sleeves, lengthen your top into a dress or tunic,<br />

add a casing and pockets!<br />

To view these three new sewing patterns and more<br />

from Sew to Grow – click here<br />

The <strong>Sewing</strong> Workshop<br />

Biker-style<br />

The Brando jacket is a semi-fitted moto jacket with princess<br />

seams, inset pockets and notched collar. It’s fully lined and<br />

perfect for making with heavy to medium weight fabrics.<br />

Comfortable and easy to sew<br />

The hip-length Hugo is a quick to sew top that has a<br />

neat front pleat and hidden button placket and stylish<br />

sleeve bands.<br />

To view the complete sewing pattern range from<br />

The <strong>Sewing</strong> Workshop – click here<br />

Check out the free-to-use resource listing of the very best Indie patterns and filter by fabric, garment, brand or skill<br />

level by visiting www.hantex.co.uk

Cherry,<br />

Round<br />

Elements<br />

Pomelo,<br />

Oval<br />

Elements<br />


Modelo has just brought out a lovely<br />

super soft Alpen fleece fabric. It’s<br />

made from polyester, and cotton with<br />

a touch of Elastane for stretch. This<br />

fleece fabric is a little special as it<br />

features a delicate foil printed star or<br />

heart design heart on one side and<br />

a soft snuggly lining on the other.<br />

It comes in four colour ways – The<br />

star fleece comes in grey and cream<br />

and the hearts in cream and pink. It’s<br />

perfect for making warm and cosy<br />

jackets,pyjamas and onesies!<br />

To view the complete collection of Foil Printed Fleece<br />

Fabric – click here<br />

Focus on<br />


Feast your eyes on the latest<br />

beautiful fabric collections<br />

Moss,<br />

Nature<br />

Elements<br />

Cobaltic,<br />

floral<br />

Element<br />

Apricot<br />

Sunstone,<br />

Prisma<br />

Elements<br />

Gold, Lace<br />

Elements<br />


Are you thinking about making a coat? This versatile<br />

double-sided wool-style coat fabric is one of the<br />

newest fabrics from Modelo! It’s polyester/viscose<br />

blend makes it machine washable, very practical and<br />

also good value. It’s long-lasting, which coupled with<br />

the fact that we treasure the garments we make means<br />

less environmental impact. This coat fabric comes in 19<br />

different colours so there is bound to be one for you!<br />

To view the full range of colours available – click here<br />

Noir,<br />

Squared<br />

Elements<br />


Modelo has just released a stunning knitted cable jersey<br />

fabric that’s extremely stretchy. It comes in a lovely range<br />

of colours including oatmeal, black, grey, claret, grape,<br />

mauve, denim, olive, lime and aqua. It is perfect for<br />

making the latest knit dresses as well as coatigans, sweaters,<br />

jumpers and scarves.<br />

To view the full range of colours available – click here<br />


Art Gallery Fabrics’ ranges of<br />

100% poplin cotton solids and<br />

blenders are stunning. With pure<br />

colour, softness and beauty,<br />

the Elements ranges are now<br />

available in co-ordinated bundles.<br />

The purest hues now meet<br />

Art Gallery Fabrics’ soft hand,<br />

superior quality and has the<br />

lowest shrinkage rate. Ranging in<br />

a vibrant assortment of colours,<br />

the new improved dip-dye<br />

technique lead to the most<br />

brilliant colours ever, and are<br />

Oeko-Tex certified, so the dyes<br />

are the most environmentally safe<br />

to use. They almost don’t fray,<br />

making them ideal for all kind of<br />

sewing projects.<br />

The collections include:<br />

Round Elements – a perfect match for other Art Gallery<br />

Fabrics’ collections, adding simplicity and elegance with<br />

curated colours that we all love.<br />

Prisma – mix, match and mismatch with every stash<br />

there is! The classic geometric form and colours become<br />

one with surrounding prints, these are the new go-to<br />

blenders for harmonious creations.<br />

Squared – a fun graphic blender in yummy hues that are<br />

ideal for modern sewing and quilting projects!<br />

Nature Elements – a blender with a fresh and modern<br />

approach. An easy flowing design that’s suitable to be<br />

used with most fabric collections!<br />

Floral Elements – a line of blenders with a fresh attitude!<br />

This pretty design has a large-scale floral motif with vivid<br />

hues in several shades.<br />

Oval Elements – a modern blender with lovely tones for<br />

lots of quilting and sewing project.<br />

To view more from the Pure Solid and Elements<br />

collections – click here

Cloud9 Fabrics use only 100% organic<br />

cotton in the manufacturing of its base<br />

cloths and eco-responsible low impact<br />

dyes for printing and dying. They work<br />

closely with mills that are committed to<br />

ethical and responsible conduct.<br />

<strong>Here</strong> are some of the latest collections<br />


This organic quilters cotton has a real ‘70s feel, and<br />

features some cute retro designs and colours.<br />

Designed by Elizabeth Olwen, a Canadian print<br />

and pattern designer has used her work on several<br />

fabric ranges from Cloud9 and prides herself on<br />

creating highly considered patterns and illustrations<br />

that are lovingly assembled.<br />

To find out more about the Good Vibration fabric<br />

collection – click here<br />

Available<br />

Jan 2020<br />

Available<br />

Mar 2020<br />


This fabric range has been designed by Heather Moore, aka<br />

Skinny laMinx. Heather’s simple, clean pattern designs have<br />

an unusual colour palette and inspired by everyday things,<br />

her love of mid-century style and a dose of African chic!<br />

To find out more about this collection – click here<br />

Available<br />

Feb 2020<br />


The beautiful Wildflower<br />

collection has been designed<br />

by surface pattern designer,<br />

Cassidy Demkov for Cloud9.<br />

This cotton sateen fabric<br />

features intricate floral<br />

patterns, lovely art illustrations<br />

inspired by her love of<br />

travelling, flowers, animals and<br />

vintage things.<br />

To view more designs from<br />

the Wildflower collection –<br />

click here

Support your<br />

SEWING<br />

Julie Bonnar shares her simple guide to choosing interfacing<br />

There are hundreds of<br />

interfacings out there, and it<br />

can be confusing choosing<br />

the right one for your sewing<br />

project.<br />

What is interfacing?<br />

Interfacing is an inner fabric<br />

that’s used in construction,<br />

and lays between the fabric<br />

layers to give it extra shape,<br />

support and strength.<br />

Where to use<br />

interfacing?<br />

Interfacing can be used in<br />

waistbands, collars, necklines<br />

and anywhere that needs<br />

additional support on<br />

garments. It’s also used for<br />

home décor projects, hats<br />

and bag making.<br />

Types of interfacing<br />

• Woven • Non-woven<br />

• Knit • Foam • Tape<br />

Woven interfacing:<br />

Woven interfacing has a<br />

lengthwise and crosswise<br />

grain so it’s important that<br />

the layers work together. This<br />

interfacing is used for more<br />

tailored garments.<br />

Non-woven interfacing:<br />

Non-woven interfacing is<br />

made of bonded fibres and<br />

resembles mesh. This cuts<br />

easily in any direction and<br />

won’t unravel making it<br />

perfect for using with stretch<br />

fabrics.<br />

Knit interfacing:<br />

Knit interfacing is soft and<br />

flexible, It has a crosswise<br />

stretch but little lengthwise.<br />

This type is suitable for<br />

fabrics such as jersey and<br />

other knit fabrics.<br />

Foam interfacing:<br />

Foam interfacing is made<br />

from lightweight foam, which<br />

is sandwiched between two<br />

layers of a soft and ultrathin<br />

tricot fabric. It’s flexible,<br />

lightweight and perfect for<br />

bag making.<br />

To find more foam<br />

interfacings – click here<br />

Tape interfacing<br />

These are perfect for seams<br />

in soft stretch fabrics and<br />

areas where stretch occurs.<br />

It protects your fabric from<br />

warping and fraying, and is<br />

easier to sew by machine.<br />

To view more tape<br />

interfacings – click here<br />

All of the interfacings<br />

mentioned come in fusible,<br />

and sew-in versions as well<br />

as different weights so you<br />

can get the ideal match for<br />

your project.<br />

Sew-in<br />

This type is sewn on to the<br />

main fabric just like a normal<br />

layer of fabric, and is easy to<br />

use. It can provide a more<br />

natural drape, and can be<br />

used with fabrics that are<br />

heat-sensitive like lace, mesh,<br />

textured and napped fabrics.<br />

To see the complete range of<br />

sew-in interfacings – click here<br />

Fusible<br />

This interfacing is backed<br />

with a special adhesive that<br />

melts and bonds to the fabric<br />

when pressed with an iron.<br />

It’s a quick option but always<br />

test on a fabric scrap first.<br />

To see more fusible<br />

interfacings – click here<br />

Heat and Bond Soft Stretch Lite is a sew-able,<br />

lightweight iron-on web adhesive designed to move<br />

with your stretch fabric but avoids adding any bulk.<br />

It’s great to use with knits, stretch denim, spandex,<br />

jersey fabrics, fleece and flannel.<br />

Pre-shrinking<br />

Just like all fabrics, interfacings<br />

need to be pre-shrunk. Sew-in<br />

versions can be pre-shrunk by<br />

press steaming and fusibles by<br />

immersing in hot water. Once<br />

cool, roll out in a towel to<br />

remove excess moisture, and<br />

then air dry.<br />

7 tips for choosing and<br />

using interfacing<br />

1. Choose an interfacing that is<br />

lighter or the same weight as<br />

your fabric.<br />

2. If your fabric can be<br />

ironed, then always choose<br />

a fusible interfacing.<br />

3. Select the right colour of<br />

interfacing for your project.<br />

If your fabric is a dark, then<br />

choose a dark interfacing or if<br />

it is light choose a light one.<br />

4. There is a right and a wrong<br />

side to most interfacing.<br />

Fusible products have a dot<br />

adhesive that you can see or<br />

feel, and the fusible side will<br />

be shiny.<br />

5. Always try a few different<br />

weights of interfacing, and test<br />

to see which works best with<br />

your chosen fabric. Always<br />

press from the interfacing<br />

side first and then press from<br />

the fabric side to ensure a<br />

good bond applying an even<br />

pressure with the iron, lifting<br />

and placing back down to<br />

overlap the previous area.<br />

6. Always read and<br />

follow the manufacturer’s<br />

recommendations.<br />

7. Protect your ironing board<br />

and fabrics. To remove fusible<br />

residue from fabric, iron with<br />

a dryer sheet or use adhesive<br />

spot remover and use a hot<br />

iron cleaner to remove any<br />

fusible residue on the iron.


Prym has an extensive range of storage ideas to solve your sewing storage problems. The<br />

meadow sewing basket has a pretty, romantic floral design and will become a real eyecatcher<br />

in your sewing room. It will offer a plenty of storage space and helps you keep all<br />

your sewing tools tidy.<br />

The trendy all-in-one Needle & Thread craft bag is perfect for storing, and the comfortable<br />

shoulder strap makes it easy for carrying. Twelve loops and eight transparent inner pockets<br />

offer lots of possibilities for storing your sewing bits and bobs.<br />

Denim blue is timeless and this denim-coloured sewing machine trolley combines practicality<br />

with functionality. It will hold any domestic sewing machine and protect it from dirt and shocks<br />

while the straps keep your sewing machine secure inside. There are plenty of pockets and compartments<br />

for additional accessories. The stable telescopic handle and smooth-running castors make it easy to take to<br />

sewing courses and on holiday.<br />

For more storage options – click here<br />

WHATS<br />

NEW<br />

We keep you posted of the latest launches<br />


Imagine living in a pretty quilter’s cottage with<br />

flowers on the gate and quilts drying on the line.<br />

Go through the gate, past the zinnia bush and up<br />

the cobblestone path, to receive a warm welcome<br />

at the pink painted door. Lori Holt’s new Quilter’s<br />

Cottage book takes you on this journey, and is a<br />

sweet reminder that home is where the heart is, so<br />

make it beautiful! The book includes instructions<br />

for the 74.5in by 89in quilt and coordinating<br />

projects. To see more - click here<br />


Pillow Talk by Edyta Star of Laundry Basket<br />

Quilts is a lovely book that features 25<br />

cushion covers that will give your home<br />

a fresh look whatever the season. Discover<br />

new designs for holidays, seasons, styles,<br />

and sentiments along, as well as learning<br />

different techniques like appliqué and<br />

paper piecing in these quick-to-sew<br />

cushion projects.<br />

To find out more about this book –<br />

click here


Candy Hues<br />

Brazilian-born sewing blogger, Rachel Pinheiro’s shares<br />

how she has added candy shades to her wardrobe<br />

Pastel shades were a big last spring,<br />

and are set to stay on trend through<br />

spring 2020. It is not surprising that the<br />

pastel trend has survived from the hot<br />

days to the colder months. Soft hues<br />

are a classic spring staple but I feel<br />

pastels are set to become even more<br />

popular for winter than for spring.<br />

These romantic candy hues are<br />

bound to sweeten up your style. There<br />

seems to be quite a number of pastel<br />

colours to choose from this season,<br />

from pale blue, to blush, mint and lilac,<br />

and it’s a refreshing break from all the<br />

beige and brown. One specific pastel<br />

shade I’ve been crushing on recently is<br />

sky blue. This icy shade is perfect for<br />

winter but will carry over for those<br />

chillier early-spring days too.<br />

Tips for sewing this fabric:<br />

Use a walking foot. This helps<br />

you in moving this fluffy texture<br />

fabric when sewing.<br />

Always sample your stitches for<br />

best results. I used a 90/14 sharp<br />

needles and a cotton, polyester or<br />

blend thread.<br />

Be very careful with ironing<br />

and pressing. Bouclé fabrics can<br />

easily be damaged when it’s being<br />

ironed too hot or pressed too hard.<br />

Making a conscientious wardrobe is<br />

very important especially as trends are<br />

often viewed as ‘one off- fast fashion’.<br />

Trends can be made into key pieces<br />

to help update your current wardrobe,<br />

and also get the most use from your<br />

current garments.<br />

The pattern I picked to make this<br />

month is the Flynn Jacket from In the<br />

Folds. This oversized boyfriend fit style<br />

coatigan contrasts really well with the<br />

feminine charm of pastels. This contrast<br />

is crucial for creating an edgier look.<br />

I chose to make in bouclé wool.<br />

It’s heavier weight that the pattern<br />

recommends so it was important to make<br />

a sample before cutting my project.<br />

This unlined sewing pattern has a<br />

dropped shoulder and an inverted box<br />

pleat in the back. The suggested finish<br />

uses bias binding that you can buy<br />

readymade or make it with your favourite<br />

print. The inside of the fabric looks as<br />

pretty as the outside, and this project is<br />

a good stepping stone for someone that<br />

have never sewn outer wear before.<br />

Editor’s notes<br />

The Flynn jacket is a loose-fitting<br />

jacket designed for woven fabrics.<br />

With two different styles, it is the<br />

perfect layering piece. The coatigan<br />

features a wrap around collar, highlow<br />

hem and in-seam pockets.<br />

and can be worn open, or closed<br />

discreetly with a hook and eye.<br />

To view this pattern – click here<br />

The bouclé fabric is from Modelo<br />

and is a versatile double-sided,<br />

wool-style, which is perfect for coat<br />

making! It’s poly/viscose blend<br />

makes it machine washable, and<br />

great value.<br />

To see more colourways for this<br />

bouclé fabric – click here

Trendsetter<br />

3 key trends to top up your handmade wardrobe this season<br />

Fading darts<br />

denim print from<br />

Art Gallery Fabrics<br />

Cambria<br />

Duster from<br />

Friday Pattern<br />

Co - click here<br />

Cerise Slub<br />

Stretch Denim<br />

Fabric from<br />

Modelo<br />

Jenny Overalls<br />

from Closet<br />

Case patterns<br />

– click here<br />

Denim Mash-Up!<br />

Update the hardest working garments in your wardrobe<br />

and refine your denim style with pastel and bright<br />

colours, dainty prints and the latest pattern styles.<br />

To find more denim fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics<br />

and Modelo – click here<br />

Blank Canvas<br />

Wafting white fabrics are a key trend. Add them to your<br />

wardrobe to make garments that will go with other items<br />

but are practical too. These are also easily teamed up<br />

with spring colours to work for lots of occasions. Choose<br />

fabrics like linen, rayon challis, cotton voile, and chiffon.<br />

Joan Dress<br />

from Sew Over<br />

It - click here<br />

Joan Trousers<br />

from Friday<br />

Pattern Co -<br />

click here<br />

Soft Tailoring<br />

Soft tailoring describes a<br />

style of construction that’s<br />

more relaxed, simple,<br />

and set to be popular this<br />

season. Choose oversized<br />

jackets, fitted dresses, ankle<br />

grazing trousers and brightly<br />

coloured fabrics to give<br />

yours a contemporary feel.

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