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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

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Vendor Parts Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co. KG has the capability to produce and manufacture single parts or small series without tooling costs directly from 3 dimensional CAD data by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). FDM parts are well known for the accuracy of the dimensions and also for their stability and durability. For the aviation industry, Stükerjürgen is using the approved material Ultem (polyetherimide – PEI) that offers outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness with broad chemical resistance. The materials PC or ABS are also available. Fused Deposition Modeling can be used for developing prototypes, for reproductions or for specialpurpose solutions. FDM parts can be finished like conventionally manufactured parts. After finishing, it is impossible to distinguish between an FDM or a part made with tooling. Product Development One field of application of FDM is rapid prototyping. No expensive tools are needed any more. Only a 3D Model, which can be used in STL, is necessary. The prototype suitable for test and function will be available in a few days and can be modified easily with inexpensive 3D Model changes. Reproduction Existing parts that are not produced any more can be reproduced using FDM and finished like conventionally manufactured parts. Special-Purpose Solutions Stükerjürgen is prepared to manufacture all kinds of parts, even complex geometries, e.g. cup holders, partitions, light covers, grip rails, frames, etc.. Every tailormade part can be produced by FDM with low cost and short processing times. Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is distribution partner of Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co. KG. The know-how of Stükerjürgen and the international distribution network of Interturbine offer a global service to the customer. 36

Electronic Components Interturbine-MES GmbH offers complete solutions and products when it comes to the control and distribution of electric power. The MES solutions are applicable wherever complex processes need to be visualized and efficiently controlled. Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is your approved supply source for the electronic components that are manufactured by Interturbine-MES GmbH. These products are used within complex control units and energy distribution systems. The products are used for different applications: • Communications • Power supply units • Measuring • Control • Function • Synchronization Interface converter: CBK2 The CBK2 converter can be used between the MES power measuring and security device MES2 and a PLC with a Profibus-DP interface. DC/DC converter: FUK3 FUK3 serves to supply battery-powered devices in 24V units. It bypasses power fall-offs (no interruptions), which can appear when starting a diesel unit, and provides the linked control units with the necessary supply voltage. 37 Vendor Parts

Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
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