SAFG - Wine Brochure - B6 2023

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Special Offers<br />

November & December <strong>2023</strong>

Welcome<br />

A very warm welcome to our final edition for <strong>2023</strong>. I don’t<br />

know where the time has gone this year, it’s flown by and<br />

it’s been eventful, much like the preceding few years!<br />

That said, it feels like optimism is creeping back slowly<br />

and there is a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel with<br />

inflation slowing for two consecutive months to August. It<br />

might not be the time for outright celebration but we’re<br />

certainly looking forward to the festivities in our house!<br />

Whilst there is no getting away from falling transaction<br />

numbers, this is not cause for despair. We need to make the<br />

most of every sale and upselling with wine is an excellent<br />

way to drive profitability.<br />

Here are my top tips for the next few months and beyond…<br />

Approach your drinks orders as you do your food orders. A<br />

starter, main and dessert option should always be on offer.<br />

An aperitif is a great way to start a meal and as it’s<br />

Christmas a glass of fizz is perfect. Check out page 19 for a<br />

few options.<br />

With main courses, food matching is your friend. Instead of<br />

ever popular and good value Merlot, offer a premium and<br />

versatile alternative such as Primitivo (page 5), Cotes du<br />

Rhone (page 15) or a juicy and rich Pinotage (page 7).<br />

With dessert, I can never turn down pudding wine and our<br />

Muscat de St Jean de Minervois at £3.99 per half bottle is a<br />

bargain (page 15). You may even have room for a little glass<br />

of port to finish off the evening.<br />

Encourage trading up by offering premium alternatives<br />

of old favourites. For Sauvignon Blanc, offer one from New<br />

Zealand or France and for Pinot Grigio, look to Sicily for<br />

inspiration, Miopasso is my pick. Go to page 9 and consider<br />

a French Merlot such as Berticot as an upgrade from Chile.<br />

Finally, add value, offer festive additions such as mulled<br />

wine, port and sherry as the nights draw in.<br />

That’s all from me except to wish you a wonderful<br />

Christmas and very happy New Year. We’ll be back in<br />

January with some more fantastic offers and a handful of<br />

new and exciting portfolio additions.<br />

Holly Ninnes<br />

Head of <strong>Wine</strong><br />

All wines shown here are available on a first-come-firstserve<br />

basis. Please contact Telesales to find out more.<br />

2<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Black Friday<br />

Black Friday is on November 24th <strong>2023</strong> and we'll be launching<br />

some fantastic offers to kick start the count down to Christmas.<br />

Use the QR code to sign up for exclusive offers via email!<br />

Sign up here<br />

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World Vegan<br />

Month: November<br />

With 5-7% of the UK population following a<br />

vegetarian diet and 2-3% a vegan one, the wine<br />

world is fast adapting to ensure that all dietary<br />

requirements are catered for. Amongst cries of<br />

‘surely all wine is vegan?’ the simple answer<br />

is no!<br />

Whilst wine is grape juice that has gone through<br />

fermentation, it is production techniques that can<br />

make some wine unsuitable for vegans. Products<br />

derived from animals can be used as fining and<br />

filtering agents which can include isinglass (fish<br />

derived), albumen (egg whites) casein (milk protein)<br />

and gelatine. To eliminate these from production,<br />

they are being replaced with plant and mineral<br />

derived products such as bentonite, kaolin (clay<br />

mineral) pea gelatine and kieselguhr (sedimentary<br />

rock). Rest assured that the resulting wine tastes<br />

no different so you’re still in for enjoyable imbibing.<br />

With over 50% of our wines being vegan, we have a<br />

plethora to choose from with our pick of the bunch<br />

here.<br />

Chickpea burger<br />

Crazy Tropez Rosé | France<br />

ve<br />

This fantastic French rosé is pale pink with salmon<br />

coloured highlights. Dry in style, fresh with notes of citrus<br />

and exotic fruit. Refreshing and fruity on the palate with a<br />

lovely smooth finish.<br />

Was: £13.19<br />

Now<br />

£7.99<br />

per bottle<br />


Aubergine & tomato pie<br />

Sweet potato curry<br />

Vitis Nostra Primitivo | Italy<br />

ve<br />

Blue Horn Viognier | Argentina<br />

ve<br />

Red fruit with delicate hints of ripe cherry. Well balanced<br />

sweetness and acidity. This wine is characterised by a<br />

sweet finish.<br />

Peach and apricot with some floral and aromatic notes.<br />

The palate is complex, fresh and unctuous with a lingering<br />

finish.<br />

Was: £8.79<br />

Was: £10.50<br />

Now<br />

£6.49<br />

per bottle<br />

Now<br />

£7.49<br />

per bottle<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 5

Bonfire Night<br />

5th November<br />

Bonfire night is the true signifier of autumn<br />

rolling into winter. We put down the fresh<br />

elegant white wines, with a keen eye on<br />

something of the red variety.<br />

For red wine fans, this is the perfect time to<br />

upgrade to more full-bodied, luscious wines<br />

that really warm the cockles. On bonfire night<br />

there is an immense excitement when families<br />

gather round enormous bonfires wrapped<br />

in wellies and jackets, armed with sparklers<br />

breathing in the smoke from the crackling fire.<br />

On this type of occasion only one...Pinotage!<br />

Known for its smoky, luscious, savoury<br />

character, with a fruit and toasty driven palate,<br />

Pinotage from South Africa is the choice for<br />

Bonfire Night.<br />

6 6 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Huntersville Pinotage<br />

The Den Pinotage<br />

South Africa<br />

ve<br />

South Africa<br />

ve<br />

A superb young Pinotage. The flavours of this<br />

unique South African cultivar show ripe plum<br />

and fruitcake all beautifully integrated and<br />

then finished with subtle oak for a lingering<br />

aftertaste.<br />

An intense fruit-packed wine with notes of<br />

summer berries, savoury spice and toasty<br />

cedarwood flavours. The Den wines are<br />

comfort wines, and this wine delivers just that.<br />

Was: £8.44<br />

Was: £11.85<br />

Now<br />

£5.49<br />

per bottle<br />

Now<br />

£7.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Nice <strong>Wine</strong> Cans<br />

Rosé<br />

Dry. Proudly Pale. Hint of strawberries.<br />

A classic French Pale Rosé from the<br />

Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. Dry<br />

and crisp with hints of dried strawberries.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Dry. Crisp. Wink of peach.<br />

Crisp and secretly peachy, this wine comes<br />

from the Côtes de Gascogne region in France.<br />

Malbec<br />

ve<br />

ve<br />

ve<br />

Juicy. Darkly Fruity. Wicked depth.<br />

This Malbec comes from the Mendoza region<br />

in Argentina. A classic juicy and delicious<br />

Malbec with wicked depth.<br />

Was: £2.72 per can<br />

Now<br />

£2.04<br />

per can<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 7

International<br />

Merlot Day<br />

7th November<br />

8 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Merlot is often described as ‘soft and plummy’<br />

which is partly the reason it remains so popular with<br />

consumers. It is the easy-going red alternative to<br />

Pinot Grigio. A safe choice for people and as such,<br />

a top performer on most wine lists. But Merlot is<br />

actually quite a chameleon and can provide varying<br />

styles, suiting a wide range of circumstances.<br />

Like most grape varieties, the climate where the<br />

fruit is grown, along with the techniques used by<br />

the winemaking team, play a large part in the style<br />

that ends up in the bottle. Weather and winemaking<br />

aside, Merlot will reliably give a smooth, fruity glass of<br />

deliciousness.<br />

International Merlot Day on 7th November gives the<br />

perfect excuse to celebrate the classics, encourage<br />

customers to upsell to something a little more<br />

premium, or promote a blend you haven’t tried<br />

before. Here are some ideas to get you started.<br />

Now<br />

£5.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£7.49<br />

per 75cl<br />

San Elian Merlot<br />

Chile ve<br />

On the nose, aromas of black<br />

cherries, whilst on the palate, juicy<br />

red and black fruits combine with<br />

a medium-body and soft tannins.<br />

Was: £7.08<br />

Daguet De Berticot Merlot<br />

France ve<br />

This wine has been on our list<br />

for many years and rightly so.<br />

Modest and understated but<br />

always delivering on quality and<br />

enjoyment. A fruity and supple<br />

Merlot that takes its quality cues<br />

from many traditional wines made<br />

in neighbouring Bordeaux.<br />

Was: £10.01<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 9

10 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Now<br />

£14.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Buy a 6 x 75cl case of<br />

Delle Vite Superiore<br />

D.O.C.G and receive a<br />

free magnum.<br />


Port<br />

& Cheese<br />

When the evenings are drawing in, it's time<br />

to break out the big guns... port and cheese.<br />

Take the opportunity to really delight<br />

your customers with local cheeses and a<br />

phenomenal vintage port for an evening<br />

they won't forget!<br />

We recommend that you offer 75ml servings<br />

alongside your cheeseboard. If you use Taylor's<br />

1983 at RRP £12/glass you'll make £5 cash<br />

margin and 50% GP for a 75ml measure.<br />

Nestled among the lodges and cellars of<br />

Oporto, Taylor’s is one of the oldest of the<br />

founding Port Houses, dating from 1692.<br />

Taylor’s remains an independent company<br />

where family members play leading roles in<br />

all areas of the business. The firm’s long and<br />

unbroken family tradition has also allowed the<br />

skills and knowledge required to produce the<br />

finest Ports to be constantly refined as they are<br />

passed down from one generation to the next.<br />

Taylor's 1983<br />

Vintage Port<br />

Douro, Portugal<br />

Deep cherry, burgundy<br />

colour, fading at the<br />

rim. Rich, jammy<br />

harmonious fruit.<br />

Stylish, aromatic,<br />

concentrated flavours<br />

of raisin, chocolate and<br />

plum jam. Mediumfull<br />

bodied. Rounded<br />

tannins. Complex, fleshy<br />

wine.<br />

Was: £75.49<br />

Now: £49.99<br />

12 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

What I'm drinking...<br />

The aroma of mulled wine (spiced wine,<br />

wassail, glogg, gluhwein, as it is also<br />

known) shouts ‘Christmas’ whether it<br />

hits your senses whilst scouring the<br />

markets in November and December or<br />

at home on the stove filling the house<br />

with aromatic spices.<br />

Our 10L bag in box mulled wine from<br />

Lyme Bay <strong>Wine</strong>ry, is ready to heat and<br />

serve and has just the right amount of<br />

festive spices (cloves, citrus, cinnamon<br />

and nutmeg) to delight all palates.<br />

So, as the cold nights draw in, I can<br />

think of nothing better than cosying up<br />

by the fire, with a glass of mulled wine in<br />

hand, a mince pie and a good book.<br />

Marla Montgomery,<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> Portfolio Manager<br />

Was: £65.79<br />

Now: £49.99<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 13

Clearance <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

It's time to clear out some of our old favourites to make room for<br />

some exciting new additions to our range. These wines are in limited<br />

supply and stock will sell out quickly so please place your order as<br />

soon as possible to avoid disappointment.<br />

14 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Le Plan Côtes du Rhône<br />

Domaine de Galuval<br />

Muscat de St Jean de Minervois,<br />

Domaine Les Tailhades<br />

Le Plan Cotes du Rhone Domaine de Galuval<br />

France | 75cl<br />

A great wine for food matching as it's versatile and<br />

works with beef, pork or chicken. Want to push the<br />

boat out, try this wine with game this Christmas.<br />

Beautifully ripe aromas of stewed fruit such as cherry<br />

and plum on the nose. Dense and velvety with<br />

elegant fruit, underpinned by distinct oaky notes<br />

leading to a harmonious finish.<br />

Was: £20.47<br />

Muscat de St Jean de Minervois, Domaine Les<br />

Tailhades | France | 75cl<br />

It's a great time to stock up on this delicious dessert<br />

wine ahead of Christmas. Try it with salty blue<br />

cheeses or as a versatile match with most desserts.<br />

Expressive sweet wine, with dried apricot, exotic<br />

fruit, rose flower and orange peel aromas. Rich in<br />

the mouth with honey and citrus fruit notes on the<br />

finish.<br />

Was: £7.72<br />

£9.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

£3.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Lion Ridge Pinotage Rosé<br />

Château Potensac<br />

Lion Ridge Pinotage Rosé | South Africa | 75cl<br />

Rumour has it, that in a cave in the mountains<br />

of Kasteelberg, lived a Lion who used to look out<br />

over the vineyards and protect them, hence the<br />

name ‘Lion Ridge’. Authentic tint of blue haunts<br />

this delightful pink. Alert aroma of cherries follows<br />

through to a nearly dry palate full of super-fresh<br />

summer fruits."<br />

ve<br />

Chateau Potensac | France | 75cl<br />

The estate has been in the same family since time<br />

immemorial and has always been handed down<br />

by women. The current owner, Jean-Hubert Delon,<br />

inherited the estate from his paternal grandmother,<br />

Georgette Liquard. Expect classic notes of red and<br />

blackcurrants, earth and spice are well-presented<br />

in this deep purple coloured, medium-bodied wine,<br />

which should drink nicely for a decade or more.<br />

Was: £7.87<br />

Was: £34.76<br />

£4.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

£19.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 15

Prawn cocktail<br />

Pan roasted salmon<br />

Prosecco Divici Organic Spumante | Italy<br />

My best festive sparkling match; Prosecco Divici Organic<br />

Spumante. 100% Glera Grape from the Veneto region of<br />

Italy. This organic offering has a delicate but complex<br />

bouquet with fruity notes of peach, green apple and<br />

lemon interlaced with floral hints of acacia and rose.<br />

So well suited to partner the fresh prawns in the creamy<br />

sauce.<br />

ve<br />

Festive Fact - the invention of the prawn cocktail is<br />

credited to British television chef Fanny Cradock in the<br />

1960s.<br />

Laurent Miquel Chardonnay Viognier<br />

South of France<br />

My choice for this dish is the beautifully structured<br />

Laurent Miquel, Chardonnay 65%, Viognier 35%.<br />

Languedoc, South of France. It’s a delicious introduction<br />

to the unique flavours of the Viognier. The influence of<br />

the early-picked unoaked Chardonnay element is evident<br />

on the palate – citrus with clean white fruit flavours and<br />

finishes with rich apricot fruit.<br />

ve<br />

Festive Fact – Laurent’s vines grow on the land originally<br />

part of the Abbey de Fontcaude, where Monks started<br />

making wine back in 1202.<br />

Was: £11.10<br />

Now<br />

£6.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Was: £9.93<br />

Now<br />

£6.99<br />

per bottle<br />

16<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Festive food<br />

pairings<br />

If all of the rich festive fare is leaving you a<br />

little sluggish this Christmas, perhaps it’s time<br />

to share a lighter meal with your nearest and<br />

dearest. Lighter of course doesn’t mean any less<br />

delicious!<br />

Starter<br />

The good old, prawn cocktail. If you don’t know what<br />

it is, where have you been? It was the most popular<br />

hors d'œuvre in Great Britain, as well as in the United<br />

States, from the 1960s to the late 1980’s! Not to be<br />

condemned to the history books, if you want to try it<br />

yourself mix shelled, cooked prawns in a Marie Rose<br />

sauce and serve in a glass.<br />

Main Course<br />

The wonderful main course - pan seared salmon with<br />

a punchy lemon, garlic butter. Simple, with minimal<br />

ingredients and maximum taste. You really can’t go<br />

wrong with this accompanied by vegetables of your<br />

choice or the Christmas left overs!<br />

Cornish Yarg cheese<br />

Port | Portugal<br />

A perfect finish with a wonderful full-bodied and firm<br />

glass of our very own Western Hunt Ruby Port. This<br />

stylish, fruity, fortified wine is made in the Duero region<br />

of Portugal from 6 grape varieties. It is aged in Taylor's<br />

cellars for a minimum of 2 years in large oak vats, thus<br />

giving it intensely concentrated blackcurrant and cherry<br />

aromas. It makes a perfect accompaniment with Yarg's<br />

savoury saltiness and creamy flavour.<br />

Cheese<br />

Yarg is a semi-hard cow's milk cheese made near<br />

Truro in Cornwall. Before being left to mature, the<br />

cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves to form an edible<br />

rind. Nettled Yarg is fresh, lemony and creamy<br />

under its beautiful rind, with an irresistible crumble<br />

in the core. A perfect finish to a meal matched<br />

with a wonderful full-bodied glass of our very own<br />

Western Hunt Ruby Port. This fruity fortified wine,<br />

full of intense concentrated blackcurrant and cherry<br />

aromas, makes a perfect accompaniment with Yarg’s<br />

savoury saltiness and rich flavour.<br />

Festive Fact – Bodmin Moor farmer, Alan Gray first<br />

produced the cheese in the 1980s after finding a 17th<br />

century recipe for nettle wrapped cheese in his attic.<br />

Spell Gray backwards and you have the answer as to how<br />

Yarg was named.<br />

Was: £14.27<br />

Now<br />

£9.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 17

New Year<br />

Taylor's 1983 Vintage Port<br />

Portugal<br />

Della Vite Rosé Prosecco<br />

Italy<br />

ve<br />

Nestled among the lodges and cellars of Oporto,<br />

Taylor’s is one of the oldest of the founding port<br />

houses, dating from 1692. Taylor’s remains an<br />

independent company where family members play<br />

leading roles in all areas of the business. The firm’s<br />

long and unbroken family tradition has also allowed<br />

the skills and knowledge required to produce the<br />

finest ports to be constantly refined as they are<br />

passed down from one generation to the next.<br />

Deep cherry, burgundy colour, fading at the rim.<br />

Rich, jammy harmonious fruit. Stylish, aromatic,<br />

concentrated flavours of raisin, chocolate and<br />

plum jam. Medium-full bodied. Rounded tannins.<br />

Complex, fleshy wine.<br />

Beneath the Dolomite mountains, the hills of<br />

Valdobbiadene are alive with the local culture,<br />

knowledge and passion for making Prosecco. As<br />

it's so little known to the world beyond, Della Vite<br />

(meaning ‘from the vine’) sets out to tell Prosecco’s<br />

real story.<br />

Elegant, pale coral pink in colour with an aromatic<br />

nose of freshly crushed wild berries and rhubarb.<br />

A bright, clean palate with delicate fruit flavours<br />

balanced by a creamy texture and fine bubbles,<br />

leading to a long, smooth finish.<br />

Was: £75.49<br />

Was: £19.26<br />

Now<br />

£49.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£13.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

18 18 See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

We all ring in the New Year in our own way.<br />

If that's with a big party where quality and<br />

price is key then Crémant and Prosecco<br />

are the perfect duo. If you're hosting an<br />

intimate, foodie event then Pol Roger Rosé<br />

and Lobster is the perfect match, followed<br />

by a warming glass of exquisite Taylors<br />

Vintage Port 1983 by the fire. No matter<br />

what you have planned, we've got you<br />

covered.<br />

Pol Roger Rosé<br />

France<br />

ve<br />

Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Blanc,<br />

Simmonet-Febvre, France<br />

ve<br />

Pol Roger is one of the true original Champagne<br />

houses and is still family owned today. Rosé is<br />

salmon-pink in colour with orange tints set off by<br />

the mesmerising display of fine bubbles.<br />

At the outset the nose presents a beautifully fresh<br />

expression dominated by cherry, raspberry and<br />

delicate rose petals. As it warms, notes of candied<br />

cherries and sweet berries bring a wonderful<br />

complexity that is continued in the palate.<br />

Simonnet-Febvre have produced sparkling wines<br />

in the Chablis region since their foundation in 1845.<br />

Crémant de Bourgogne is produced using the<br />

traditional method where the bubbles are created<br />

by an in-bottle secondary fermentation. Once in<br />

bottle it is matured for a minimum of 24 months<br />

before it is released.<br />

A harmoniously balanced wine with fine bubbles<br />

and a persistent foam. It is fresh and powerful on<br />

the nose with aromas of citrus.<br />

Was: £93.75<br />

Was: £21.38<br />

Now<br />

£63.00<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£14.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 19 19


Special Offers<br />

Product Case Size Case Price Bottle Price<br />

Nice Pale Rosé (Can) 12x18.7cl £24.50 £2.04<br />

Nice Sauvignon Blanc (Can) 12x18.7cl £24.50 £2.04<br />

Nice Malbec (Can) 12x18.7cl £24.50 £2.04<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Shiraz 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé 24 x 18.7cl £40.55 £1.69<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia-Pinot Grigio 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Shiraz 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé 6 x 75cl £32.03 £5.34<br />

Arapala Sky Chardonnay 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia Pinot Grigio 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

McGuigan Red Blend 6 x 75cl £36.16 £6.03<br />

McGuigan Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £36.16 £6.03<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 6 x 75cl £34.31 £5.72<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Merlot 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 12 x 18.7cl £21.00 £1.75<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Baron de Villeboerg Brut 6 x 75cl £17.99<br />

Tramonto White 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Red 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Rosé 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Sparkling 6 x 75cl £36.46 £6.08<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Blanc 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Rouge 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Rosé 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Miopasso Fiano 6 x 75cl £6.45<br />

Sancerre, Domaine de la Perrière 6 x 75cl £16.45<br />

Rioja, 1000 Milhojas Crianza 6 x 75cl £6.45

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