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StatePoint<br />

Resolving to Feel Better in 2024?<br />

Consider Adding an Iron Supplement<br />

Choose Wisely<br />

New Year’s is upon us once again, a<br />

time when nearly everyone vows to do<br />

better, be better and feel better. Anyone<br />

looking to dramatically and easily<br />

improve their overall health and wellness<br />

would be wise to consider adding an iron<br />

supplement to their diet.<br />

A Common Problem<br />

Although few people ever think about<br />

their iron intake, assuming eating enough<br />

leafy greens or taking a multivitamin<br />

will suffice, iron deficiency is the most<br />

common nutritional shortfall globally,<br />

including in the United States, where it<br />

is estimated that 1 in 5 people need more<br />

iron to function properly. This holds<br />

true across all age ranges and physical<br />

conditions, from senior citizens to infants<br />

to performance athletes, but most notably<br />

this is the case for women of childbearing<br />

age.<br />

Why Your Iron Levels Matter<br />

Without sufficient iron, the body<br />

cannot produce enough hemoglobin<br />

– the substance in red blood cells that<br />

enables them to carry oxygen to tissues<br />

and organs, which can impact nearly<br />

every system in the body, even leading<br />

to death in the cases of extreme anemia.<br />

Iron deficiency can also exacerbate many<br />

health conditions, especially cardiac,<br />

pulmonary and circulatory problems, and<br />

it plays a critical role in conditions like<br />

restless leg syndrome, ADD/ADHD, celiac<br />

disease, and Crohn's disease.<br />

That said, the symptoms of less severe<br />

iron deficiency can be harder to pinpoint.<br />

They include:<br />

• Tiredness or lethargy<br />

• Weakness<br />

• Irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath<br />

• Headache, dizziness, lightheadedness<br />

• Unusual food cravings and appetite changes<br />

• Appearance issues like thinning hair,<br />

pallor, dark circles, or brittle nails<br />

• Behavioral issues like excitability,<br />

inability to focus, or irritability, especially<br />

in children<br />

Adding an iron supplement is an<br />

easy way to address a host of pressing<br />

issues, but buyer beware – not all iron<br />

supplements are created equal. Even<br />

those who know they need iron may<br />

not take supplements because they are<br />

notoriously bad-tasting and can cause<br />

significant gastrointestinal distress,<br />

essentially trading one problem for<br />

another. The supplement market is also<br />

largely unregulated, resulting in many<br />

companies producing inferior products or<br />

making unsubstantiated claims about the<br />

effectiveness of their products.<br />

So how can you find the best<br />

supplement for you and your family? The<br />

short answer is to ignore the marketing<br />

hype and trust medicine. Follow your<br />

doctors’ advice and look for an iron<br />

supplement that has been clinically proven<br />

to be safe, effective and well-tolerated in<br />

all age groups.<br />

One such product is NovaFerrum,<br />

which offers a range of iron supplements<br />

for all age groups. Founded by a father<br />

whose preemie daughter refused to take<br />

the supplement she needed, NovaFerrum<br />

features a distinct chemical composition<br />

formulated to nearly eliminate the<br />

gastrointestinal side effects common in<br />

other iron supplements, a patented tastemasking<br />

technology and great-tasting<br />

flavors made from natural ingredients, like<br />

raspberries and monk fruit. Available in<br />

pharmacies and on Amazon, NovaFerrum<br />

is widely recommended by pediatricians,<br />

hematologists, gynecologists and general<br />

practitioners and has earned more than<br />

10,000 five-star reviews. For more<br />

information, visit novaferrum.com.<br />

From enhancing your appearance and<br />

providing an immune system boost to<br />

giving you the stamina and focus you need<br />

to complete tasks with confidence, adding<br />

an iron supplement is one of the best<br />

ways to improve your overall health and<br />

wellbeing. It might also just be the silver<br />

bullet to helping you keep all those other<br />

resolutions you’ve made.<br />

The Ruggiero Family<br />

Memorial Home is here to help<br />




• We are a memorial home offering<br />

personalized services at a personal time<br />

• Let us handle all of the arrangements<br />

• Personal Service...at a Personal Time<br />

10 Chestnut St. Peabody, MA 978-595-3949


StatePoint<br />

RSV can impact adults too. Here’s what to know<br />

Each year, it’s estimated that more than<br />

160,000 U.S. adults are hospitalized and<br />

10,000 of them die due to Respiratory<br />

Syncytial Virus, or RSV, a common<br />

respiratory virus. While most people only<br />

develop mild symptoms similar to that of<br />

a common cold, RSV can be dangerous for<br />

certain people at high risk, including some<br />

adults.<br />

The American Lung Association’s<br />

campaign to educate people living in<br />

the United States about RSV in adults is<br />

supported in part by a grant from GSK.<br />

As part of the campaign, they are sharing<br />

patient insights, along with information<br />

about the risk of severe complications<br />

from RSV, and steps people can take to<br />

help protect themselves.<br />

Risk Factors<br />

Adults 65 years and older are at higher<br />

risk of RSV that can be severe and even<br />

life threatening. Also at high risk are<br />

adults with chronic heart or lung disease,<br />

and adults with weakened immune<br />

systems. RSV in some cases may worsen<br />

asthma or COPD symptoms, lead to<br />

pneumonia or bronchiolitis, or even result<br />

in congestive heart failure. Adults at high<br />

risk need to be especially vigilant during<br />

RSV season, which is occurring in the<br />

United States right now.<br />

Michele D.’s childhood memories<br />

of medical visits and treatments for her<br />

asthma helped shape her path in life,<br />

inspiring her to become a Registered<br />

Respiratory Therapist so that she could<br />

care for and educate others also living<br />

with asthma or other lung diseases. Even<br />

with Michele’s extensive knowledge<br />

of respiratory diseases and her lived<br />

experience of growing up with asthma,<br />

her severe bout of RSV in December<br />

2022, which hospitalized her and lead to<br />

pneumonia, took her by surprise.<br />

“I’m a respiratory therapist, and I<br />

know RSV can be serious, but I wasn’t<br />

expecting it to impact me the way that<br />

it did and for as long as it did,” says<br />

Michele. “I don’t think most people living<br />

with chronic lung disease realize how an<br />

RSV infection can impact their lives. I<br />

didn’t.”<br />



Make these 10 doctor-recommended<br />

health resolutions in the new year<br />


Brooksby Village<br />

No matter your budget or style, you’ll find the<br />

perfect, maintenance-free apartment home at<br />

the North Shore’s premier community.<br />

• Choose from a wide variety of floor plans<br />

• Discover freedom from house repairs<br />

• Enjoy resort-style amenities steps from your door!<br />

Call 1-888-246-3596 for your free<br />

brochure or visit BrooksbyVillage.com.<br />

North Shore<br />

BrooksbyVillage.com<br />


766685<br />

StatePoint<br />

The New Year is the perfect time to<br />

hit the reset button on your health and<br />

wellness. Not sure where to start? Doctors<br />

say you can make the biggest impact with<br />

small, incremental tweaks to your routine.<br />

“It is quite common after the holidays<br />

to think about all you’ve eaten or<br />

your reduced physical activity and get<br />

discouraged,” says Jesse M. Ehrenfeld,<br />

M.D., MPH, president of the American<br />

Medical Association (AMA). “But the<br />

good news is you don’t have to make<br />

major health changes in one fell swoop.<br />

You can make small, positive health<br />

choices right now that can have longlasting<br />

effects.”<br />

Want to get started today? Here are the<br />

10 resolutions the AMA recommends top<br />

your list this year:<br />

1. Get moving. Exercise is essential<br />

for your physical and mental health. The<br />

American Heart Association recommends<br />

that adults get at least 150 minutes a<br />

week of moderate-intensity activity, or<br />

75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity<br />

activity. Just can’t get to the gym? No<br />

problem: start off by going for a family<br />

walk, taking the stairs at work or parking<br />

a little farther away from the mall entrance<br />

when you’re making those post-holiday<br />

gift returns.<br />

2. Tweak your diet to include more<br />

water and less sugar-sweetened beverages.<br />

Replace processed foods — especially<br />

those with added sodium and sugar —<br />

with nutritious, whole foods. Stock your<br />

fridge and pantry with fruits, vegetables,<br />

whole grains, nuts and seeds, low-fat dairy<br />

products, and lean meats and poultry.<br />

3. A number of respiratory viruses<br />

circulating this winter can be serious and<br />

even life-threatening. Get up to date on<br />

your vaccines to protect yourself and your<br />

family. These include the annual flu shot<br />

and the updated COVID-19 vaccine for<br />

everyone 6 months and older. Vaccines<br />

are also available to protect older adults<br />

from severe RSV. New tools to protect<br />

infants during RSV season include<br />

maternal vaccination and monoclonal<br />

antibody immunization. If you have<br />

questions, speak with your physician<br />

and review trusted resources, including<br />

getvaccineanswers.org.<br />

4. Get screened. Estimates based on<br />

statistical models show that since April<br />

2020, millions of screenings for breast,<br />

colorectal and prostate cancer may have<br />

been missed due to pandemic-related care<br />

disruptions. Check in with your physician.<br />

If you’re due for preventive care, tests<br />

or screenings, make an appointment.<br />

These measures are designed to keep you<br />

healthy and help your doctor spot certain<br />

conditions before they become more<br />

serious.<br />

5. High blood pressure, often referred<br />

to as hypertension, can increase your<br />

risk of heart attack or stroke, and it<br />

affects millions of Americans. Visit<br />

ManageYourBP.org to understand what<br />

your blood pressure numbers mean<br />

and what you can do to get your blood<br />

pressure under control.<br />

6. One in 3 American adults has<br />

prediabetes, a condition that can lead<br />

to type 2 diabetes if left unmanaged.<br />

However, healthy eating and exercise can<br />

help delay or even prevent the onset of<br />

type 2 diabetes. Learn your risk by taking<br />

a simple 2-minute self-screening test at<br />

DoIHavePrediabetes.org. This resource<br />

also features helpful lifestyle tips that can<br />

help you reverse prediabetes.<br />

7. If consuming alcohol, drink only in<br />

moderation. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines<br />

for Americans defines that as up to one<br />

drink per day for women and two drinks<br />

per day for men, and only by adults of<br />

legal drinking age.<br />

8. Your health care provider can<br />

offer resources and guidance for quitting<br />

tobacco and nicotine. Declare your<br />

home and car smoke-free to eliminate<br />

secondhand smoke exposure.<br />

9. Follow your doctor’s instructions<br />

when taking prescription drugs –<br />

especially opioids. Always store and<br />

dispose of medications safely to prevent<br />

misuse. Whenever prescribed antibiotics,<br />

take them exactly as directed. Not taking<br />

the full course can lead to antibiotic<br />

resistance, a serious public health<br />

problem, and will not make you feel better<br />

if you have a virus, such as a cold or flu.<br />

10. Good mental health is part of good<br />

overall health. Manage your stress, get<br />

sufficient sleep, exercise and seek help<br />

from a mental health professional when<br />

you need it.



4 Quality-of-life amenities to look for when house hunting<br />

StatePoint<br />

Curb appeal is important, but it’s not<br />

the be-all and end-all of house hunting.<br />

By factoring in other priorities, such as<br />

great schools, a community feel, along<br />

with nearby amenities that improve your<br />

quality of life, you can feel right at home<br />

in your new neighborhood from the<br />

moment you arrive.<br />

“Many families want it all — the<br />

connection that comes with a small<br />

town feel, and the bustle and energy of<br />

shopping, dining and culture,” says Blake<br />

Gable, CEO Barron Collier Companies,<br />

the real estate development firm behind<br />

Ave Maria, a 5,000-acre community in<br />

Southwest Florida.<br />

With the understanding that many<br />

families desire to work, live, learn and<br />

recreate all in one place, master-planned<br />

communities such as Ave Maria have<br />

grown in popularity in Florida, and<br />

often include residential neighborhoods,<br />

schools, town centers with shopping and<br />

dining, office space, business parks and<br />

recreational amenities.<br />

Keyed into what neighborhood features<br />

foster community and enhance quality of<br />

life, Gable is sharing five quality-of-life<br />

amenities to look for while house hunting:<br />

1. A community feel: If you’d like<br />

your neighbors to be more than just<br />

strangers who happen to live close by, a<br />

master-planned community may be the<br />

right style of living for you. In many such<br />

communities, there are more golf carts<br />

and bikes than there are cars, creating a<br />

friendly atmosphere where it’s easy to<br />

stop, chat and catch up with neighborsturned-friends.<br />

Such self-sustained<br />

communities often have their own sports<br />

fields, dog parks, nature paths, active<br />

events calendars and even social clubs.<br />

Whether it’s photography, bird watching<br />

or pickleball, you can nurture your<br />

interests while meeting new people.<br />

2. Healthy living: The right<br />

neighborhood for your family is one<br />

that’s built for a healthy lifestyle. Find<br />

out whether your prospective new<br />

neighborhood has achieved Blue Zones<br />

Project certification. This pioneering<br />

health initiative is helping communities<br />

commit to improving the well-being of<br />

residents by offering them opportunities to<br />

move naturally, eat better, develop social<br />

circles, and live with purpose. As one of<br />

the first places to earn the designation in<br />

Florida and the Southeast United States,<br />

Ave Maria is a good example of a town<br />

designed to help residents live their<br />

healthiest, happiest life.<br />

3. A town center: A neighborhood<br />

with its own town center blends big town<br />

convenience with small town connection.<br />


Dental Care North, INC.<br />

Merchants are not just businesses, they<br />

are neighbors, too, so that you don’t have<br />

to leave the neighborhood to find all the<br />

shopping and services you need, from<br />

supermarkets, restaurants and boutiques to<br />

spas, salons and doctors.<br />

4. Great value: The lifestyle you<br />

want should come at the right price.<br />

Fortunately, you don’t have to overspend<br />

to find a new home in one of the country’s<br />

most desirable locations, Southwest<br />

Florida. Named the fastest growing<br />

new home community in Southwest<br />

Florida since 2015 by MetroStudy,<br />

and Community of the Year by Collier<br />

Building Industry Association since 2015,<br />

Ave Maria offers the same type of lifestyle<br />

amenities, albeit at a much greater value,<br />

than similar options in nearby, more<br />

expensive Naples.<br />

All phases of General Dentistry<br />

Comprehensive and affordable<br />

treatment options<br />

<strong>Senior</strong> discounts<br />

Exceptional Smiles!<br />

700 Summer St. Lynnfield 781-334-2520


Wondering how to protect your assets?<br />

The Law Office of Julie Low can help<br />

The Law Office of Julie Low practices<br />

exclusively in elder law, estate planning,<br />

probate and estate administration, and<br />

special-needs planning.<br />

The firm designs customized,<br />

comprehensive will-based and trust-based<br />

estate plans to meet each client’s unique<br />

needs. Whether your goal is to protect<br />

assets from future long-term care costs,<br />

minimize estate taxes and administration<br />

fees, ensure a legacy for your descendants,<br />

provide for your needs in the event of<br />

incapacity or protect and provide for a<br />

family member with special needs, the<br />

Law Office of Julie Low can design an<br />

estate plan that meets your objectives.<br />

Attorney Low opened her Beverlybased<br />

firm because she had a vision for the way<br />

law should be practiced — with a focus on<br />

the client instead of billable hours.<br />

She believes in creating an inviting,<br />

personable atmosphere where clients feel<br />

comfortable discussing very personal<br />

subjects. Attorney Low fully engages<br />

her clients in the design process,<br />

educating and guiding them to make<br />

informed decisions. The end result is a<br />

comprehensive plan clients understand,<br />

rather than a set of documents that have<br />

little personal meaning.<br />

The firm charges fixed prices instead of<br />

traditional hourly rates for estate planning.<br />

Attorney Low believes clients appreciate<br />

knowing the cost of services up front and<br />

the open communication such an approach<br />

fosters.<br />

Client meetings are centered<br />

around important issues — not the<br />

clock — and are handled with a touch<br />

of lightheartedness, when appropriate,<br />

"because contemplating disability,<br />

incapacity or death is not a delightful or<br />

pleasant experience for most."<br />

Clients are invited to contact Julie, or<br />

a team member, with questions, without<br />

worrying about being billed for extra time.<br />

One of the firm’s specialties is the<br />

creation of Long-Term Care Plans to<br />

help clients navigate the complicated<br />

regulations of Medicaid, Veterans Benefits<br />

and other government programs.<br />

Because Julie is knowledgeable in<br />

planning for both types of Medicaid<br />

(traditional nursing home and the lesser<br />

known, but unbelievably beneficial,<br />

community programs), she reviews<br />

her clients’ options with an eye to all<br />

programs to ensure each plan provides<br />

later flexibility.<br />

Julie is a member of WealthCounsel,<br />

ElderCounsel, The National Academy<br />

of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA),<br />

and The Academy of Special Needs<br />

Planners.<br />

She graduated cum laude from Western<br />

New England University School of Law<br />

in 2007.<br />

In her free time, Julie volunteers<br />

with North Shore Elder Services’ Money<br />

Management Program, assisting local<br />

seniors with paying bills and budgeting,<br />

and on Northeast ARC’s Human Rights<br />

Committee.<br />

The Law Office of Julie Low provides<br />

complimentary workshops on the basics of<br />

estate planning and long term care.<br />

Call the Law Office of Julie Low<br />

today to sign up for the next workshop or<br />

register on their website.<br />

For peace of mind, for those you love, estate planning!<br />

Special Needs Planning<br />

Law Office of<br />

Estate Planning<br />

& Elder Law<br />

Specializing in<br />

Medicaid Applications<br />

& Long Term<br />

Care Planning<br />

Receive a half-price, one-hour consultation after attending one of our free, virtual estate planning workshops.<br />

Tuesday<br />

December 19<br />

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.<br />

Estate Planning Workshop schedule<br />

Saturday<br />

January 13<br />

10 a.m. to noon<br />

Tuesday<br />

January 23<br />

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.<br />

Medicaid Workshop schedule<br />

Thursday<br />

Decenter 14<br />

noon to 1 p.m.<br />

Saturday<br />

February<br />

10 a.m. to noon<br />

266 Cabot St., Suite 1, Beverly • www.lawofficeofjulielow.com


Moving Forward with Confidence:<br />

The Benefits of Trusted Advisors<br />

Selling any home can be stressful and<br />

selling one that you have spent many<br />

years in can be an especially challenging<br />

process. Having a compassionate and<br />

experienced real estate advocate to assist<br />

you will be incredibly beneficial.<br />

Janice Sullivan has been a local<br />

professional Realtor for 38 years and<br />

is a designated <strong>Senior</strong> Real Estate<br />

Specialist(SRES). She is an expert at<br />

helping clients navigate the real estate<br />

process, and smoothly transition from one<br />

home to the next.<br />

“The process of downsizing and<br />

relocating is more time-consuming than<br />

most people realize. Sorting through years<br />

of memories, personal belongings and<br />

valuable processions is a time-consuming<br />

task that some find overwhelming.” says<br />

Sullivan.<br />

Janice has assembled a team of<br />

trained professionals to help in every<br />

area including professional organizers,<br />

professional packers, transition<br />

experts,donation experts, estate sale<br />

companies, real estate attorneys, and<br />

disposal vendors. Having access to this<br />

network of trusted professionals will<br />

ensure that no detail is overlooked. You'll<br />

benefit from the collective expertise and<br />

support, ultimately leading to a successful<br />

and less stressful transaction.<br />

If you or a loved one are considering<br />

a move now or in the near future, it is<br />

advisable to plan ahead.<br />

Janice Sullivan offers a complimentary<br />

confidential consultation to discuss your<br />

specific needs and provides step by step<br />

guidance tailored to your situation. Contact<br />

Janice today at (978) 857-5473 so you can<br />

benefit from her decades of experience.<br />



I am a <strong>Senior</strong> Residential Specialist with over 38<br />

years of experience. I can help guide you through<br />

this sometimes complex and emotional process.<br />

My resources and experience can help you<br />

maximize your largest asset.<br />

K N O W L E D G E , I N T E G R I T Y , E X P E R I E N C E .<br />

“When we decided to sell our home of over 30 years,<br />

we asked around to find out who is the best Realtor.<br />

The answer was consistently Janice Sullivan.”<br />

- Alyssa S.<br />

C A L L J A N I C E S U L L I V A N T O D A Y<br />

9 7 8 - 8 5 7 - 5 4 7 3<br />

J A N I C E S U L L I V A N R E A L T O R @ G M A I L . C O M<br />



162 Park Street, 3rd Floor<br />

North Reading, MA 01864


Getting healthier in 2024 starts with your feet<br />


StatePoint<br />

Good foot and ankle health is<br />

critical for good overall health,<br />

so no matter what your wellness<br />

goals are for 2024, be sure to<br />

start from the ground up.<br />

“Feet and ankle issues can<br />

be signs of overarching health<br />

problems like diabetes, arthritis<br />

and cardiovascular disease,<br />

so paying attention to them is<br />

vital for early diagnosis and<br />

treatment says Michael Coyer,<br />

DPM, FACFAS, a foot and ankle<br />

surgeon and Fellow Member of<br />

the American College of Foot<br />

and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS).<br />

“Additionally, many common<br />

New Year’s resolutions related<br />

to fitness and weight loss are<br />

difficult to tackle if you’re<br />

experiencing foot and heel pain,<br />

making it important to fix these<br />

issues first.”<br />

Get a jumpstart on your 2024<br />

health resolutions with these foot<br />

health facts from ACFAS:<br />

“I want to lose weight”:<br />

Obesity aggravates foot<br />

problems, like heel pain and flat<br />

feet, making it hard to exercise.<br />

And, without exercise, obesity<br />

worsens, potentially increasing<br />

the progression of serious health<br />

threats. Break the cycle by<br />

seeking evaluation and treatment<br />

for chronic, activity-limiting<br />

foot and ankle problems. Once<br />

cleared to begin exercise, don’t<br />

do too much too soon. Follow<br />

a gradual routine of low-impact<br />

exercise until your body adjusts<br />

to the stress of regular physical<br />

activity.<br />

“I want to build strong<br />

bones”: Osteoporosis is a bonethinning<br />

disease affecting more<br />

than 28 million Americans,<br />

and your feet can present clues<br />

that there’s a problem. Early<br />

symptoms can include increased<br />

pain with walking accompanied<br />

by redness and swelling on<br />

the top of the foot, as well as<br />

unexplained foot fractures. Don’t<br />

ignore foot pain. Visit your foot<br />

and ankle surgeon who can detect<br />

osteoporosis through a bone<br />

densitometry test. Once you have<br />

a diagnosis you can take steps<br />

to prevent stress fractures, such<br />

as wearing shoes that provide<br />

support and cushioning, and<br />

using custom orthotics.<br />

“I want to age gracefully”:<br />

Taking good care of feet and<br />

ankles can improve balance,<br />

coordination and stability to<br />

reduce a senior’s risk of a lifealtering<br />

fall. Examine your feet<br />

regularly. At the sign of bumps,<br />

lumps or other changes, or if<br />

you’re experiencing pain, make<br />

an appointment with your foot<br />

and ankle surgeon. Maintain<br />

foot strength and mobility with<br />

simple stretching exercises.<br />

Your foot and ankle surgeon<br />

can recommend appropriate<br />

exercises and discuss options for<br />

insoles and special footwear for<br />

additional protection.<br />

“I want to feel my best”:<br />

Having persistently cold feet is<br />

not just uncomfortable, it could<br />

be a sign of a medical condition<br />

that causes poor blood flow in the<br />

legs or feet, such as peripheral<br />

vascular disease, Raynaud’s<br />

phenomenon and heart disease.<br />

It could also be an indication<br />

of hypothyroidism, adrenal<br />

insufficiency or an autoimmune<br />

disorder, such as lupus. If your<br />

feet are persistently cold, follow<br />

up on it with your foot and ankle<br />

surgeon to determine if there’s a<br />

greater issue to be addressed.<br />

“I want to manage my<br />

diabetes better”: Foot care<br />

is fundamental to diabetes<br />

management. Visit your foot and<br />

ankle surgeon for guidelines on<br />

diabetic foot care to help prevent<br />

problems like ulcers, cracked<br />

heels and bone infection that can<br />

lead to serious complications,<br />

including amputation.<br />

For more information on<br />

foot care or to find a foot<br />

and ankle surgeon near you,<br />

visit FootHealthFacts.org, the<br />

patient education website of the<br />

American College of Foot and<br />

Ankle Surgeons.


We believe your best years are ahead<br />

(of course, your past years were good too!)<br />

Imagine a world where getting<br />

older meant independence to do all<br />

the things you love without having<br />

to make sacrifices. Where you could<br />

enjoy time with friends and family,<br />

attend events in your community, and<br />

remain active and mobile – all while<br />

easily staying on top of your health.<br />

Well, at Element Care PACE we<br />

believe this is possible... and more.<br />

Life is a balancing act between the<br />

things you want to do and the things<br />

you have to do - like managing your<br />

health. Element Care PACE manages<br />

the balancing act for you by providing<br />

personalized, reliable healthcare to fit<br />

your needs and lifestyle. Our Program<br />

of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly<br />

(PACE, for short) operates in more<br />

than 40 towns across the North Shore<br />

and Merrimack Valley, giving adults<br />

55+ the healthcare they need while<br />

still being able to live independently<br />

in their homes.<br />

Finding a doctor for your specific<br />

needs and managing appointment<br />

scheduling can be difficult, but at<br />

Element Care PACE we handle it all<br />

for you. The doctors and specialists<br />

at the Element Care PACE centers<br />

provide medical, dental, vision, and<br />

hearing care, as well as behavioral<br />

health, nutrition, and physical and<br />

occupational therapy. Our team makes<br />

it a priority that you feel comfortable<br />

and safe during your visits.<br />

All-inclusive care also means<br />

personalized care. Whether in the<br />

comfort of your living room or the<br />

bustle and excitement of one of<br />

our six PACE centers, the Element<br />

Care PACE team is here for you.<br />

With locations in Lynn, Gloucester,<br />

Beverly, Lowell and Methuen,<br />

our centers make your medical<br />

appointments into a fun day out.<br />

Enjoy lunch, socialize with friends<br />

and even enjoy a group exercise<br />

class or a game of Bingo. A schedule<br />

of activities is available and safe<br />

transportation is provided to and from<br />

your home. For those who prefer<br />

the familiarity of their own space,<br />

Element Care PACE can provide inhome<br />

support, and personal care.<br />

At Element Care PACE, we want you<br />

to live your life to the fullest without<br />

fear your health needs might get in the<br />

way. Our PACE program can provide the<br />

support to make that happen. We believe<br />

independence and all-inclusive care<br />

are not mutually exclusive, and health<br />

and happiness go hand-in-hand. And at<br />

Element Care PACE, we believe youth<br />

doesn’t go away with age. So, cheers to<br />

your future years.<br />

If you or a loved one could benefit<br />

from PACE at Element Care, call today<br />

to talk to our knowledgeable staff and<br />

find out if you qualify at (877) 803-5564<br />

(TTY 711). Or, learn more online at<br />

elementcare.org.<br />

Personalized Healthcare<br />

for Older Adults<br />

Element Care PACE is coordinated care for quality of<br />

life. This unique care model provides complete<br />

medical, social and home care services to adults<br />

55+ across the North Shore and Merrimack Valley.<br />

Call today to see how we could help you stay<br />

independent, in your community.<br />

Medical<br />

Dental<br />

Vision<br />

and more!<br />

No cost for MassHealth and Medicare eligible. Contact us for<br />

Medicare only and private pay options. Participants must receive<br />

all health care, primary and specialist physician services-other<br />

than emergency services-as authorized by PACE or be fully and<br />

personally liable for costs of unauthorized services.<br />

1-877-803-5564 (TTY 711) elementcare.org


Are these common COPD myths<br />

preventing you from living your best life?<br />


StatePoint<br />

(StatePoint) Chronic<br />

obstructive pulmonary disease<br />

(COPD) is a lifelong chronic lung<br />

disease that makes it difficult to<br />

breathe, and is a leading cause of<br />

death and disability in the United<br />

States. According to experts, the<br />

more knowledge a patient with<br />

COPD has about the disease, the<br />

better off they will be.<br />

A recent literature review from<br />

the American Lung Association<br />

found that patient education<br />

can help improve COPD selfmanagement,<br />

provide skills for<br />

coping with related mental health<br />

challenges, improve overall<br />

health and quality of life, and may<br />

reduce hospital admissions. This is<br />

especially important for those who<br />

have been living with the disease<br />

for a long time who may not be<br />

aware of recent treatment options<br />

and updated treatment guidelines,<br />

or who may not be inclined to<br />

recognize new or worsening<br />

symptoms and report them back to<br />

their healthcare provider.<br />

To help people who have been<br />

living with the disease for 10 or<br />

more years live better, more active<br />

and enjoyable lives, the American<br />

Lung Association, with support<br />

from Sanofi and Regeneron,<br />

launched the new “COPD for<br />

Life” campaign. As part of the<br />

campaign, they are busting some<br />

common myths about the disease:<br />

Myth: COPD is a man’s<br />

disease.<br />

Truth: More women are living<br />

with COPD compared to men and<br />

deaths from COPD are higher in<br />

women than in men. Everyone<br />

with risk factors and those<br />

experiencing early warning signs,<br />

no matter their age or gender,<br />

should talk to their healthcare<br />

provider.<br />

Myth: There is no treatment for<br />

COPD.<br />

Truth: There is no cure<br />

for COPD, but treatment and<br />

management can help slow the<br />

progression of COPD and control<br />

symptoms, so a patient feels better<br />

and is able to spend more time<br />

doing what they enjoy.<br />

Myth: You cannot exercise if<br />

you have COPD.<br />

Truth: The right amount and<br />

type of exercise has many benefits<br />

and tips on how to get started<br />

should be discussed with your<br />

healthcare provider<br />

Myth: COPD only affects the<br />

lungs so what you eat does not<br />

matter.<br />

Truth: Most people are<br />

surprised to learn that the food<br />

they eat may affect their breathing.<br />

Talking to your healthcare<br />

provider about the right types<br />

of foods for you may help you<br />

breathe easier.<br />

Myth: If you already have<br />

COPD, quitting smoking won’t<br />

help.<br />

Truth: Quitting smoking is<br />

an important part of any COPD<br />

treatment plan. The chemicals in<br />

cigarettes, e-cigarettes and cigars<br />

can further damage lungs and may<br />

prevent medications from working<br />

as well as they could.<br />

Myth: A patient should manage<br />

COPD on their own.<br />

Truth: People who work<br />

closely with their healthcare<br />

providers to have a good treatment<br />

plan have better health outcomes.<br />

It’s especially important to see a<br />

healthcare provider if symptoms<br />

change or worsen. Likewise,<br />

supportive services, such as<br />

in-person or virtual support<br />

groups, can have a positive<br />

impact on health outcomes. Some<br />

studies indicate that positive<br />

social support is associated with<br />

reduced hospitalizations, fewer<br />

exacerbations, better health status<br />

and improved disease management<br />

behaviors.<br />

To learn more, call the Lung<br />

HelpLine at 1-866-252-2959 and<br />

be connected to a Lung Health<br />

navigator, or visit Lung.org/<br />

COPD or Lung.org/Helpline for<br />

additional resources and to chat<br />

live with a licensed registered<br />

nurse or respiratory therapist.


5 Things we learned about alzheimer’s disease in <strong>2023</strong><br />


StatePoint<br />

<strong>2023</strong> was a landmark year for<br />

Alzheimer’s disease research,<br />

including advancements in<br />

treatment, risk factors and<br />

diagnosis. Here are five<br />

significant discoveries made this<br />

year:<br />

There are three new approved<br />

treatments for Alzheimer’s, with<br />

a fourth on the way.<br />

In July, the U.S. Food and<br />

Drug Administration (FDA)<br />

granted traditional approval<br />

for Leqembi for mild cognitive<br />

impairment due to Alzheimer’s<br />

and mild Alzheimer’s dementia.<br />

This treatment slows cognitive<br />

decline and can help people with<br />

early Alzheimer’s maintain their<br />

independence.<br />

In June 2021, the FDA<br />

granted accelerated approval to<br />

Aduhelm for the same purpose.<br />

At the Alzheimer’s Association<br />

International Conference (AAIC)<br />

in July <strong>2023</strong>, Lilly reported<br />

positive results for a third similar<br />

treatment: donanemab. The<br />

company expects FDA action in<br />

early 2024.<br />

In May, the FDA approved<br />

the first treatment for agitation<br />

in people with Alzheimer’s —<br />

brexpiprazole.<br />

Hearing aids could slow<br />

cognitive decline for at-risk older<br />

adults.<br />

In the largest clinical trial to<br />

investigate whether a hearing<br />

loss treatment can reduce risk<br />

of cognitive decline, researchers<br />

found that older adults with<br />

hearing loss cut their cognitive<br />

decline in half by using hearing<br />

aids for three years.<br />

The intervention included<br />

hearing aids, a hearing “toolkit,”<br />

and ongoing instruction and<br />

counseling. Though the positive<br />

results were in a subgroup of the<br />

total study population, they are<br />

encouraging and merit further<br />

investigation.<br />

Blood tests for Alzheimer’s<br />

are coming soon.<br />

Blood tests show promise<br />

for improving how Alzheimer’s<br />

is diagnosed. Advancements<br />

reported for the first time at<br />

AAIC <strong>2023</strong> demonstrate the<br />

simplicity and value to doctors<br />

of blood-based markers for<br />

Alzheimer’s.<br />

Blood tests are already being<br />

implemented in Alzheimer’s drug<br />

trials. And they are incorporated<br />

into proposed new diagnostic<br />

criteria for the disease. Blood<br />

tests — once verified and<br />

approved by the FDA — would<br />

offer a noninvasive and costeffective<br />

option for identifying<br />

the disease.<br />

First-ever U.S. countylevel<br />

Alzheimer’s prevalence<br />

estimates.<br />

The first-ever county-level<br />

estimates of the prevalence of<br />

Alzheimer’s dementia — in all<br />

3,142 U.S. counties — were<br />

reported at AAIC <strong>2023</strong>. For<br />

counties with a population<br />

of more than 10,000 people<br />

age 65 and older, the highest<br />

Alzheimer’s prevalence rates<br />

are in:<br />

• Miami-Dade County, Fla.<br />

(16.6%)<br />

• Baltimore City, Md. (16.6%)<br />

• Bronx County, N.Y. (16.6%)<br />

• Prince George’s County,<br />

Md. (16.1%)<br />

• Hinds County, Miss.<br />

(15.5%)<br />

Certain characteristics of<br />

these counties may explain the<br />

higher prevalence, including<br />

older age and a higher percentage<br />

of Black and Hispanic residents,<br />

which are communities<br />

disproportionately impacted by<br />

Alzheimer’s disease. According<br />

to the Alzheimer’s Association,<br />

these statistics can help officials<br />

determine the burden on the<br />

health care system, and pinpoint<br />

areas for culturally-sensitive<br />

caregiver training.<br />

Chronic constipation is<br />

associated with poor cognitive<br />

function.<br />

Approximately 16% of the<br />

world’s population struggles<br />

with constipation. This year,<br />

researchers reported that less<br />

frequent bowel movements were<br />

associated with significantly<br />

worse cognitive function.


Helping secure the financial futures of older LGBTQ+ Americans<br />


StatePoint<br />

While many Americans<br />

have financial concerns about<br />

the future, these anxieties are<br />

far more prominent among the<br />

LGBTQ+ community.<br />

LGBTQ+ adults 60 and<br />

older earn less money and have<br />

more trouble paying their rent,<br />

mortgage, and other expenses<br />

than their non-LGBTQ+ peers,<br />

according to research from the<br />

Leading Age LTSS Center @<br />

UMass Boston and the National<br />

Council on Aging. SAGE,<br />

the world’s largest and oldest<br />

organization dedicated to<br />

improving the lives of LGBTQ+<br />

elders, reports that 51% of<br />

LGBTQ+ elders are very or<br />

extremely concerned about<br />

simply having enough money to<br />

live on, compared to 36% of their<br />

non-LGBTQ+ peers.<br />

Economic experts say that this<br />

financial security gap is a direct<br />

legacy of past governmental<br />

policies that put LGBTQ+ adults<br />

at a financial disadvantage, as<br />

well as ongoing discrimination<br />

that makes it harder for<br />

members of this community to<br />

secure employment, inclusive<br />

healthcare, family support and<br />

other fundamentals many take<br />

for granted throughout their lives<br />

and as they age.<br />

Recent efforts are helping<br />

improve outcomes for the<br />

most vulnerable members of<br />

the community. For example,<br />

SAGECents is a digital financial<br />

wellness tool created specifically<br />

for the estimated 3 million<br />

LGBTQ+ Americans currently<br />

over 50, to help increase<br />

financial stability and reduce<br />

economic stress. Launched<br />

in 2020, SAGECents is a<br />

collaboration between SAGE and<br />

LifeCents, a financial wellness<br />

technology and consulting firm,<br />

with the tool fully funded by the<br />

Wells Fargo Foundation.<br />

This groundbreaking program<br />

is putting financial wellness<br />

into the palm of people’s hands.<br />

By creating a free account,<br />

SAGECents assesses each<br />

participant’s financial health,<br />

giving them much needed<br />

insights into their financial<br />

lives and a starting point to help<br />

them make financial decisions<br />

that improve their financial<br />

wellbeing. This includes<br />

information such as what benefits<br />

are available through Medicare,<br />

how to create a health proxy<br />

and a living will, and tips for<br />

increasing credit scores. The app<br />

can also pair users with certified,<br />

LGBTQ-proficient financial<br />

counselors. Nearly 50% of<br />

SAGECents participants report<br />

saving an average of $571, more<br />

than 38% have reduced their debt<br />

an average of $591, and 39%<br />

have raised their credit score an<br />

average of 26 points. To learn<br />

more, visit sageusa.org.<br />

“This is the generation<br />

that fought at Stonewall, and<br />

beyond, for the rights that so<br />

many of us enjoy. But sadly,<br />

this also is a generation that<br />

faced years of discrimination<br />

and underemployment and<br />

they are struggling financially<br />

in their later years,” says<br />

Christina DaCosta, SAGE chief<br />

experience officer. “Through the<br />

comprehensive resources and<br />

tools offered by SAGECents,<br />

we aim to empower and support<br />

these elders to achieve financial<br />

prosperity.”<br />

In addition to widening access<br />

to financial tools for individuals,<br />

the Wells Fargo Foundation also<br />

supports SAGE’s efforts to break<br />

down the barriers responsible for<br />

this financial security gap, such<br />

as advocating against housing<br />

discrimination.<br />

“At the root of the financial<br />

security gap is systemic<br />

discrimination. Tackling those<br />

issues is at the heart of our<br />

company’s efforts to create<br />

a stable financial future for<br />

members of the LGBTQ+<br />

community,” says Ben-James<br />

Brown, Financial Health<br />

Philanthropy, Wells Fargo<br />



Think life insurance is not for you? Consider these insights<br />


StatePoint<br />

Life insurance can provide<br />

protection to loved ones. But<br />

experts say that common<br />

misconceptions lead many to<br />

assume this important aspect of<br />

financial planning is not right for<br />

them.<br />

“If you think you can’t afford<br />

life insurance or are not eligible,<br />

keep in mind that there are many<br />

different types of life insurance.<br />

Everyone has unique needs, so<br />

finding a policy that addresses<br />

your circumstances is key,” says<br />

Kate Long, consumer financial<br />

wellness advocate at Assurance<br />

IQ.<br />

To help you navigate the<br />

complexities of finding and<br />

choosing life insurance, the team<br />

at Assurance IQ is debunking<br />

some of the most common<br />

misconceptions:<br />

Myth: It’s impossible to<br />

secure life insurance with preexisting<br />

conditions.<br />

Reality: While it’s more<br />

difficult to acquire certain kinds<br />

of life insurance with preexisting<br />

health conditions, you<br />

have options. If you are denied<br />

a policy, consider enrolling in<br />

group life insurance through<br />

your employer, as pre-existing<br />

conditions may not be considered<br />

when signing up. Another<br />

option could be guaranteed<br />

issue life insurance, which can<br />

offer lifetime coverage without<br />

a medical exam or any health<br />

questions.<br />

Myth: Retired people don’t<br />

need life insurance.<br />

Reality: Life insurance<br />

is often viewed as a source<br />

of income replacement, but<br />

depending on your situation, you<br />

may still benefit from coverage<br />

even after you retire. For<br />

example, if you have debt, like<br />

a mortgage or medical bills, life<br />

insurance could help your family<br />

settle it in the event of your<br />

passing. It can also help fund<br />

final arrangements, relieving<br />

financial stress during a difficult<br />

time. The average cost of a<br />

funeral with a viewing and burial<br />

was $7,848 in 2021, making<br />

final expense insurance worth<br />

considering.<br />

Myth: Buying life insurance<br />

is too complicated.<br />

Reality: Approximately 106<br />

million adults in the United<br />

States are underinsured or have<br />

no life insurance coverage. In a<br />

recent survey by Assurance IQ,<br />

15% of those who are uninsured<br />

cited lack of knowledge about<br />

what kind of policy to get and<br />

12% cited lack of knowledge<br />

around how much coverage to<br />

get as the reason they’ve elected<br />

to forgo coverage.<br />

“Unfortunately, a large<br />

portion of today’s population<br />

remains uninsured because life<br />

insurance sales models weren’t<br />

designed to serve everyone,”<br />

says Long.<br />

Speaking to a licensed<br />

insurance agent who sells<br />

life insurance from multiple<br />

carriers can help simplify the<br />

process. An agent can ask<br />

questions to understand your<br />

needs and deliver personalized<br />

recommendations for relevant<br />

insurance products.<br />

Myth: Life insurance is too<br />

expensive.<br />

Reality: Life insurance may<br />

be more affordable than you<br />

think. Term life insurance could<br />

be a great option for budgetconscious<br />

consumers who need<br />

to protect their income or pay off<br />

a debt.<br />

For example, if you have a<br />

mortgage, you might purchase a<br />

term life insurance policy for the<br />

life of the mortgage so that your<br />

spouse could stay in your home<br />

in the event of your untimely<br />

death. You can get an estimate<br />

of what your term life insurance<br />

rates might be with Assurance<br />

IQ’s calculator at assurance.<br />

com/life-insurance/term-lifeinsurance-calculator.<br />

Life insurance can be an<br />

important part of financial<br />

planning. Before you buy a<br />

policy, do your research and<br />

understand which type of life<br />

insurance is right for you.


Pneumococcal pneumonia can be<br />

life-threatening. Here’s what to know<br />

Pneumococcal pneumonia can disrupt<br />

your life for weeks and, in some cases,<br />

be serious or even life-threatening. To<br />

help adults understand how they can help<br />

protect themselves against pneumococcal<br />

pneumonia, the American Lung<br />

Association and Pfizer are partnering to<br />

share important information and patient<br />

insights about the disease.<br />

The Centers for Disease Control and<br />

Prevention (CDC) estimates that this<br />

lung disease causes an estimated 150,000<br />

hospitalizations annually nationwide.<br />

Symptoms include high fever, excessive<br />

sweating, shaking chills, coughing,<br />

difficulty breathing, shortness of breath<br />

and chest pain. Some symptoms can<br />

appear quickly and without warning.<br />

Risk Factors<br />

The immune system naturally weakens<br />

with age, so even if you’re healthy<br />

and active, being 65 or older puts you<br />

at increased risk for pneumococcal<br />

pneumonia. In fact, adults 65 and<br />

older are over 10 times more likely<br />

to be hospitalized with pneumococcal<br />

pneumonia than those aged 18-49.<br />

In adults 19 and older, certain factors<br />

increase pneumococcal pneumonia risk<br />

compared with healthy adults of the same<br />

age. These include smoking cigarettes,<br />

chronic lung diseases like asthma and<br />

COPD, chronic heart disease and diabetes.<br />

Prevention<br />

Pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination<br />

can help protect against the disease<br />

and is recommended for at-risk groups.<br />

For adults living with certain chronic<br />

health conditions and those 65 or older,<br />

vaccination helps protect against a<br />

potentially life-threatening illness.<br />

“Having asthma can sometimes restrict<br />

me from doing things I love, so I really<br />

try to take proactive steps to help keep<br />

myself healthy, like avoiding my known<br />

asthma triggers and following my doctors’<br />

advice,” says Catherine, a patient who was<br />

diagnosed with asthma in adulthood. “I<br />

didn’t even think I was old enough to get<br />

vaccinated for pneumococcal pneumonia,<br />

but when my doctor recommended it, I got<br />

it because I trust him. I like the comfort of<br />

knowing it’s helping to protect me against<br />

this potentially serious lung disease.”<br />

In addition to being up to date on<br />

your vaccinations, washing your hands,<br />

and not smoking are all habits that can<br />

help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia.<br />

Those with chronic illnesses should also<br />

follow the care recommendations for their<br />

condition.<br />

More than a resolution. A lifestyle.<br />

There’s no better time than the new year to<br />

redefine what wellness means to you. At The<br />

Linden at Danvers, it’s a social calendar to<br />

excite the mind and soul. Dining that’s curated<br />

for each resident by healthcare professionals.<br />

And of course, balance and strength-builing<br />

fitness classes.<br />

Discover what whole-person wellness can be with<br />

PrimeFit Wellness.<br />

220 Conant Street • Danvers<br />

978.291.5788 • TheLindenAtDanvers.com

are not alone! The thought<br />

You<br />

moving can be extremely<br />

of<br />

especially when<br />

overwhelming,<br />

have been in your home for<br />

you<br />

people start thinking about<br />

Most<br />

long before they actually do<br />

moving<br />

because they don’t know where to<br />

it,<br />

Downsizing, or Rightsizing as<br />

begin.<br />

sometimes called, is a “process”,<br />

it’s<br />

it’s really never too early to start.<br />

and<br />

have a proven step by step system<br />

We<br />

ensure your home gets the best<br />

to<br />

and the most exposure<br />

marketing<br />

to bring in more potential<br />

possible,<br />

and view<br />

Come<br />

new 55 & over<br />

a<br />

developement<br />

our North Shore<br />

in<br />

team consists of 4 full time<br />

Our<br />

and 3 support staff. Having<br />

agents,<br />

support, allows our agents to<br />

this<br />

more time with you, our clients.<br />

spend<br />

agents are trained to work with<br />

Our<br />

& downsizers in a thoughtful<br />

seniors<br />

informed manner. We know that<br />

and<br />

communication and<br />

education,<br />

realistic expectations are key<br />

setting<br />

a successful move. Our hands on<br />

to<br />

combined with our<br />

approach,<br />

and empathy, make<br />

compassion<br />

have been focusing on senior<br />

We<br />

and hosting Downsizing<br />

moves,<br />

work with an extended team of<br />

We<br />

partners, such as movers,<br />

trusted<br />

organizers, attorneys and<br />

stagers,<br />

and will provide this list to<br />

inspectors,<br />

to assure you receive the best<br />

you,<br />

in all areas.<br />

representation<br />

upcoming seminar will be<br />

Our<br />

by Toll Brothers at their<br />

hosted<br />

new over 55 development<br />

amazing<br />

Boxford (Ingalls Village Way).<br />

in<br />

see what they have to offer<br />

Come<br />

learn from the experts about<br />

and<br />

vendor partners will be with us,<br />

Our<br />

great tips & suggestions to<br />

providing<br />

January 9 | 5 pm–7 pm<br />

Tuesday,<br />

Willows at Boxford | Boxford, MA<br />

The<br />

attendees will be given our<br />

All<br />

packet which includes<br />

downsizing<br />

from all of our vendor<br />

information<br />

partners.<br />

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how to navigate successfully<br />

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781-580-9357<br />

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many years.<br />

through a real estate transaction.<br />

us the perfect partner.<br />

how to simplify your next move.<br />

buyers and generate multiple offers.<br />

Seminars for OVER TEN YEARS!<br />

help things go smoothly for you.<br />



community.<br />

Refreshments<br />

&<br />

Raffles<br />

RSVP to MarjorieY@kw.com<br />

Carla Comenos, Maureen Preczewski<br />

Michelle Chiulli, Marjorie Youngren<br />

Jes Doherty, Jill Stelman<br />

<strong>Senior</strong> Real Estate<br />

Specialist Designation<br />


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