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Prensentation of The Ardent City, Central, innovative, cultural, in metamorphosis, remarkable, student-orientated, open, sporty, buzzing, culinary...

Prensentation of The Ardent City, Central, innovative, cultural, in metamorphosis, remarkable, student-orientated, open, sporty, buzzing, culinary...


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<strong>Next</strong> <strong>Stop</strong><br />

Liège<br />

The<br />

Ardent<br />

City<br />

Central, innovative,<br />

cultural, in metamorphosis,<br />

remarkable, student-orientated,<br />

open, sporty, buzzing, culinary...<br />

Find us on :<br />

www.liege.be<br />

A city, a spirit.

Very old<br />

but really modern !<br />

For 800 years, Liège was the capital of a<br />

sovereign State : the Principality of Liège (985-<br />

1789). Its vast territory covered a quarter of<br />

modern-day Belgium and extended to the<br />

French, Dutch and German borders. This<br />

‘crossroads city’ at the intersection of the<br />

German and Latin worlds held a key position<br />

during the Industrial Revolution. From this, it<br />

retains a strong, rebellious and distinctive<br />

character.<br />

Liège is a city with a rich legacy, with many<br />

sites listed as exceptional heritage as well as<br />

quirky places, frescoes by trendy artists and<br />

rustic locations.<br />

Liège is a city that innovates, with schools<br />

teaching many specialisms, a creative<br />

economy, promising sectors for the future, and<br />

cutting-edge companies.<br />

Liège is a city that is rethinking its mobility<br />

with the future tram, representing 50 hectares<br />

of redevelopment in the public space. At the<br />

heart of a European communications network,<br />

it’s a city where soft mobility is taking on an<br />

important role.<br />

Liège is a committed, multicultural city that is<br />

open to the world. Labels and charters are its<br />

DNA.<br />

Liège is a welcoming and festive state of mind,<br />

with events that bring together thousands<br />

or millions of visitors, succulent culinary<br />

specialities and a passionate temperament.<br />

We couldn’t possibly tell you everything about<br />

Liège.<br />

We’ll give you a condensed, yet jam-packed<br />

overview.<br />

Discover, visit<br />

and breath Liège<br />

through this pamphlet<br />

• Central........................................................................1<br />

• Innovative................................................................7<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

• Cultural....................................................................21<br />

• In metamorphosis ..........................................27<br />

• Remarkable ........................................................35<br />

• Open & Student orientated .....................43<br />

• Sports ......................................................................49<br />

• Gourmet & Bustling.......................................57<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central page - 01<br />

Central<br />

Logistics hub<br />

Liège Guillemins station<br />

Top Walloon station in terms of footfall<br />

Brussels 1 hour – Cologne 1 hour – Paris 2 hours 30 mins – Frankfurt 2 hours 30 mins<br />

London 3 hours – Amsterdam 3 hours 15 mins<br />

21,313 visitors a day on average during the week in 2023<br />

Liège Airport<br />

Largest cargo airport in Belgium<br />

6 th largest European cargo airport<br />

12 international airports within 2 hours of Liège<br />

Autonomous port of Liège<br />

Largest Belgian inland port<br />

3 rd largest European river port<br />

14,550,481 tonnes of goods in 2022<br />

Liège Trilogiport<br />

Multimodal logistics village<br />

212 600 sqm of logistics halls<br />

6 motorway branches<br />

Enabling easy access to the Netherlands, Germany, France, etc.<br />

Photo: J-L Deru © Daniel

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central page - 02<br />

Liège is in a prime location at the heart of Europe.<br />

Within a 400 km radius, no fewer than 100 million inhabitants can reach<br />

the Liège metropolis in a few hours using the many means of transport<br />

available.<br />

It is 400 km from London, 350 km from Paris, 200 km from Lille, 150 km<br />

from Luxembourg, 40 km from Germany and less than 20 km from the<br />

Netherlands...<br />

Liège is also served by a very dense network of routes (motorway hub,<br />

TGV, Euro regional airport).<br />

A city of 200,000 inhabitants<br />

An agglomeration of 600,000 people<br />

A province of a million people

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central page - 03<br />

Liège Guillemins<br />

TGV station<br />

Liège-Guillemins TGV station, a veritable<br />

cathedral of glass and steel, designed by the<br />

Castilian architect Santiago Calatrava, was<br />

inaugurated in September 2009. Monumental,<br />

organic, airy, transparent... it has recently been<br />

transfigured by Daniel Bueren’s ephemeral<br />

work entitled : ‘As if fallen from the sky, colours<br />

in situ and in motion’. The work is presented as<br />

a series of colourful, transparent filters placed<br />

across the whole glass roof, revealing a mosaic<br />

of impressive colours.<br />

Liège-Guillemins station is among the top 10<br />

most frequented stations in Belgium. Eurostar,<br />

ICE trains and InterCity trains can be taken to<br />

reach Germany, France, the Netherlands and<br />

Luxembourg easily. This means that Belgium<br />

is the first country to be entirely covered by the<br />

high-speed network. Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle)<br />

is 22 minutes from Liège, Paris 2 hours 30<br />

minutes and London 3 hours 16 minutes.<br />

© J-L Deru Daniel<br />

A strong architectural symbol, it is undoubtedly<br />

one of the most beautiful stations in Europe.<br />

The US website Mashable described<br />

Liège Guillemins station as one of the 12<br />

most beautiful stations in the world and it<br />

appeared in the Marvel film ‘Guardians of<br />

the Galaxy’ in 2014 !<br />

Gare de Liège-Guillemins © Photo : J-L Deru © Daniel<br />

Gare de Liège-Guillemins © Photo : J-L Deru © Daniel

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central page - 04<br />

Liège Airport<br />

This is the largest cargo airport in Belgium and<br />

the 6th largest cargo airport in Europe.<br />

In 2023, 1,005,676 tonnes transited through<br />

its facilities <strong>Liege</strong> Airport welcomed 175,606<br />

passengers (up 5.2% on 2022). Its position at<br />

the heart of the Amsterdam-Paris-Frankfurt<br />

golden triangle, a very dense and unique<br />

production zone in Europe, is a considerable<br />

asset. No other European region boasts such<br />

a large number of companies requiring the air<br />

transport of goods : 73% of European freight<br />

passes through here.<br />

The Flexport, the <strong>Liege</strong> Airport cargo service,<br />

provides logistics facilities and processes 100%<br />

dedicated to the medical, pharmaceutical and<br />

biotechnology industries. In 2020, during the<br />

global pandemic, Liège Airport was designated<br />

by the WHO (alongside 7 other airports<br />

worldwide) as a Hub to distribute vital medical<br />

equipment.<br />

The airport also has a special feature :<br />

facilities 100% dedicated to the transport and<br />

accommodation of horses and grooms. 3,500<br />

horses transit through each year.<br />

The airport’s specialities are express transport,<br />

live animals, perishable products and<br />

pharmaceutical products, which amount to<br />

3,000 tonnes of freight a day.<br />

<strong>Liege</strong> Airport was recently awarded<br />

these prizes : in 2020, ‘Best cargo airport in<br />

the world’ at the ‘Air Cargo News Awards’.<br />

In 2021, ‘Best European Airport’ at the<br />

‘Payload Asia Awards’.<br />

© Liège Airport

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central<br />

page - 05<br />

The Autonomous Port of Liège and Liège Trilogiport<br />

As the largest inland port in Belgium and the<br />

third largest inland port in Europe (19 million<br />

tonnes of goods in 2022), the Autonomous Port<br />

of Liège manages 32 port areas.<br />

The river traffic of the Autonomous Port of Liège<br />

was 14.5 million tonnes in 2022. Its turnover was<br />

€5,204,610 in 2022, up 5.5% on 2021.<br />

It is currently developing a multimodal platform<br />

called ‘Liège Trilogiport’. Located along the<br />

Albert canal in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, it<br />

is a veritable ‘logistics village’ at the heart of<br />

Europe.<br />

Think of the rule of 3 for Liège Trilogiport<br />

• 3 access routes to the sea<br />

(Antwerp, Rotterdam and Dunkirk)<br />

• 3 transport methods (water, rail and road)<br />

• 3 cross-border markets<br />

(France, Netherlands and Germany)<br />

The Liège Trilogiport multimodal platform<br />

continued to boom in 2022. Today, it has one<br />

container terminal and five logistics halls,<br />

spanning a total surface area of 212,600 m².<br />

9,603 and 13,917 direct and indirect jobs<br />

are generated by the Liège port complex

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Central<br />

page - 06<br />

Motorways<br />

Six motorway branches allow easy access to<br />

the Netherlands, Germany, the Grand Duchy of<br />

Luxembourg and France.<br />

A very comprehensive road and motorway<br />

network (E40, E25, E42 and E313) makes it very<br />

easy to get to Liège or vice versa to go to Paris,<br />

Lille, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam,<br />

Maastricht, Cologne, Aachen, Verviers,<br />

Ardennes, Luxembourg, etc.<br />

© ULiège

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative page - 07<br />

Innovative<br />

Yesterday<br />

Cutting-edge sectors : Steel, coal, zinc and mechanics<br />

Famous inventions :<br />

· The Marly Machine, the Gramme dynamo,<br />

· The Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-lits,<br />

· The Franki piling system, the SS France engines,<br />

· The Type 12 ‘Atlantic’ Cockerill locomotive<br />

First coke blast furnace lit in 1826<br />

Today<br />

Cutting-edge sectors : Biotechnology, Health, Aerospace, Image, Logistics<br />

Creative economy – Creative hubs – Investment funds<br />

La Grand Poste - Venture Lab - Plug R - Leansquare - Wallifornia Music Tech - Noshaq<br />

Global leaders present in Liège<br />

Umicore (materials), FN Herstal (arms), Safran Aero Booster (aerospace), EVS (audiovisual),<br />

Amos (telescopes and space), Eurogentec (biotechnology), Flying-cam (audiovisual), Cefaly-<br />

Technology (healthcare), John Cockerill, etc.<br />

© Pixabay

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative page - 08<br />

Yesterday,<br />

Liège was already innovating. In the Middle Ages, cast iron was made<br />

with charcoal and hydroelectric power. Subsequently, the two great<br />

industrial revolutions — steam around 1800 and electricity around<br />

1880 — would enable unprecedented economic and industrial<br />

development in very specific sectors and place Liège at the cutting<br />

edge of technology.<br />

Today,<br />

Liège has embarked on a process of economic diversification that<br />

has resulted in the creation of significant infrastructure and the<br />

development of promising economic channels in various cuttingedge<br />

sectors such as logistics and biotechnology, etc.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 09<br />


Steel<br />

Liège set itself apart in the middle of the<br />

industrial revolution. At the beginning of the<br />

19th century, the Cockerill family wrote the<br />

pages of the industrial boom’s history : Textile<br />

machinery builder, William Cockerill, and his<br />

sons John and Charles-James specialised<br />

in the production of steam engines and<br />

then locomotives. In 1826, they built a coke<br />

blast furnace in Seraing, the first of its kind in<br />

Belgium. The company’s position at the heart<br />

of Europe was favouring exportation.<br />

At the time, Belgium was positioned as the<br />

second largest global economic power behind<br />

England. Then, the gross domestic product<br />

(GDP) of Wallonia alone was greater than that<br />

of the United States!<br />

This heavy industry would be a driver for<br />

the economy and employment.<br />

Legendary innovations came out of the<br />

workshops : the fastest locomotive of its<br />

time (type 12 ‘Atlantic’ model) and the<br />

exhaust pipes of the SS France ocean<br />

liner’s engines.<br />

© Pixabay

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 10<br />

© Pixabay<br />

Coal, zinc<br />

Liège is a city that has seen many companies<br />

located from Flémalle to Ougrée, such as<br />

Cockerill, Angleur-Athus, Ougrée-Marihaye<br />

and Espérance-Longdoz. Between the late 19th<br />

century and the early 20th century, steel, coal<br />

and zinc were industries in which the city was<br />

at the forefront of progress.<br />

The S.A. des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc<br />

de la Vieille-Montagne, a Liège company<br />

founded in 1837, originated from a<br />

process invented by Jean-Jacques Dony.<br />

This enabled zinc to be produced in metal<br />

state. Owning several establishments<br />

abroad, it was considered to be the first<br />

multinational in Europe.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 11<br />

Mechanics<br />

The mechanical industry developed between<br />

Herstal and Visé. The Fabrique Nationale, a<br />

weapons manufacturer, began an intense<br />

diversification process at the end of the 19th<br />

century, based on the development of the<br />

automotive sector, which led it to manufacture<br />

motor vehicles.<br />

From 1931 to 1937, the driver René Milhoux<br />

and his team-mates (Tacheny, Charlier,<br />

Demeuter, Noir, etc.) broke a staggering<br />

180 world records in FN motorcycle racing.<br />

In 1934, he reached the speed of 224 km/h<br />

on his 500 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder<br />

motorcycle. The FN motorcycle was then<br />

the fastest in the world.<br />

© Val Saint-Lambert<br />

Glass<br />

The sector distinguished itself with the<br />

Cristallerie du Val Saint Lambert. It was founded<br />

by the chemist François Kemlin and the Ecole<br />

Polytechnique graduate Auguste Lelièvre. They<br />

set up in the Val Saint Lambert Abbey. The<br />

site was rapidly converted into an impressive<br />

village with 180 dwellings. The crystal factory<br />

achieved global renown, with 5,000 employees<br />

making 120,000 unique crystal creations every<br />

day.<br />

In the early 20th century, the crystal<br />

factory made the two largest crystal<br />

chandeliers in the world (3.5 tons, 13<br />

metres high). They were intended for<br />

Maharajah Gwalior’s palace in India.<br />

Legend has it that the palace’s architect<br />

had ten elephants brought in to test the<br />

ceiling’s strength before it was installed.<br />

© Milhoux Motor Racing

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 12<br />

Liège inventors<br />

Rennequin Sualem<br />

and ‘The Marly Machine’, a giant pumping<br />

machine on the Seine, built in 1681. It was<br />

intended to supply water to the gardens of<br />

Marly castle and the Versailles grounds.<br />

Zénobe Gramme<br />

and the ‘dynamo’ is a significant industrial<br />

invention used to produce continuous power<br />

to transform mechanical energy into electrical<br />

energy.<br />

© Wagons-Lits Diffusion, Paris<br />

Georges Nagelmackers<br />

and ‘the Compagnie Internationale des<br />

Wagons-lits’ in 1870, at the origin of the famous<br />

‘Orient Express’ train, among other things.<br />

© Georges Jarbinet<br />

Province de Liège - Musée de la Vie Wallonne<br />

© Pixabay<br />

Edgard Frankignoul<br />

and the ‘Franki piling system’ : a soil<br />

compression system — a concrete pile<br />

moulded in the ground with an enlarged base<br />

which bears the name of its creator.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 13<br />

TODAY<br />

Biotechnology<br />

Liège has more than 140 Life Sciences<br />

companies — pioneers in the sectors<br />

of oncology, cardiology, immunology,<br />

radiopharmacy and the development of stateof-the-art<br />

medical tools. It also represents 350<br />

million euros raised in 2021 and over 4,000<br />

jobs in the sector.<br />

In Liège, the medtech sector now accounts for<br />

more than half the existing companies.<br />

Liège attracts many healthcare science<br />

companies because it has major assets :<br />

the University Hospital and ULiège, as<br />

well as several tools that depend on them.<br />

These include the Giga (‘Interdisciplinary<br />

Group for Applied Genoproteomics ’), a<br />

unique organisation in Belgium that aims<br />

for academic excellence in order to create<br />

revolutionary medical innovations.<br />

Their research is focused on four pillars :<br />

cancer and cardiovascular diseases, relating<br />

to Immunity, Inflammation, Infection and<br />

Neuroscience.<br />

Situated in the university hospital on the<br />

Sart-Tilman campus, the Giga has more<br />

than 600 scientists (doctors, pharmacists,<br />

veterinarians, psychologists, molecular<br />

and cellular biologists, chemists, physicists,<br />

mathematicians and engineers). The Giga<br />

supports start-ups and emerging companies<br />

in its ‘labhotel’, a turnkey space for companies.<br />

Recently, a link between sleep and<br />

Alzheimer’s was identified by Giga<br />

researchers.<br />

© CHU de Liège<br />

© Pixabay<br />

© CHU de Liège

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 14<br />

The LégiaPark inaugurated in 2022. An<br />

economic activity centre dedicated to hosting<br />

companies active in life sciences. A 5.5 ha<br />

ecosystem designed to host companies in<br />

conditions that are ideal for their business.<br />

Depending on needs, the Legiapark provides<br />

offices for small and medium-sized companies,<br />

laboratory modules, sterile rooms and GMP<br />

(Good Manufacturing Practice) production<br />

units for healthcare professionals.<br />

The Liège region also attracts large numbers<br />

of foreign biotechnology and medical<br />

technology companies which find the city to<br />

be a prosperous environment.<br />

Recently, Allegro, the arthritis expert, moved<br />

from Antwerp to Liège, and Osivax (universal<br />

influenza vaccine) and CryoTherapeutics<br />

(treatment of arteriosclerosis by cryotherapy)<br />

both set up in Liège.<br />

© LégiaPark

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 15<br />

Companies in the news<br />

Some examples are :<br />

Dendrogenix :<br />

based at the GIGA, the company identified<br />

original small molecules, ‘Dendrogenins’.<br />

These act in response to auditory<br />

degeneration which results in deafness.<br />

Dendrogenix could eventually market a<br />

medicine to prevent deafness in 2030.<br />

Trasis :<br />

provides instruments and reagents for<br />

the preparation and administration of<br />

radiopharmaceutical medicines used<br />

in nuclear medicine. For seven or eight<br />

years, it has also become prominent in the<br />

production of therapeutic compounds to<br />

treat certain cancers. Trasis had a record<br />

year in 2022, with a 50% increase in sales.<br />

EyeD :<br />

manufactures micro-implants for the<br />

controlled release of medication. The Liège<br />

company which specialises in intra-ocular<br />

implants, has raised 45 million euros. Apart<br />

from stock market listed companies, this is<br />

the third largest amount of funds raised in<br />

the sector in Belgium.<br />

KitoZyme :<br />

is the global leader in plant-based chitosan<br />

production today.<br />

With its patented bio-polymers, KitoZyme<br />

designs, manufactures and markets medical<br />

devices, food supplements and ingredients<br />

in the fields of weight management,<br />

digestive and cardiovascular health and<br />

oenology.<br />

Osiris :<br />

is developing an artificial intelligence (AI)<br />

solution integration platform for medical<br />

imaging.<br />

Revatis :<br />

specialising in regenerative horse medicine,<br />

it raised just under a million euros in 2022<br />

and has established a production unit in<br />

Saudi Arabia to treat Arab thoroughbreds.<br />

© Pixabay

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 16<br />

Aerospace<br />

and aeronautics<br />

Aerospace is a cutting-edge sector. More<br />

than 100 researchers (astrophysicists and<br />

astronomers) work at the world famous<br />

Astrophysics Institute. The University of Liège<br />

is the Belgian leader in the space sector : it is<br />

the only university in French-speaking Belgium<br />

to offer a Master’s in Space Sciences and a<br />

Master’s in Aerospace Civil Engineering.<br />

The Liège Space Centre is approved by the ESA<br />

(European Space Agency) to carry out testing<br />

campaigns in space and to qualify space<br />

instruments, specifically optical instruments.<br />

This also includes tests on entire satellites<br />

(Planck and Aelous recently). Michaël Gillon<br />

and the Trappist team have consolidated<br />

this leading position. Their discovery of an<br />

exoplanetary system around the star Trappist-1<br />

is considered as a major breakthrough for the<br />

possibility of detecting traces of life in space.<br />

Michaël Gillon was named one of the<br />

100 personalities of the year by Time<br />

magazine in 2017 and received the ‘NASA<br />

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal’<br />

in 2018. In 2021, he was voted ‘Walloon of<br />

the year’ and also received the Francqui<br />

prize.<br />

In 2022, an international team of scientists,<br />

led by Laetitia Delrez, an astrophysicist<br />

at the University of Liège (ULiège),<br />

announced the identification of two<br />

‘super-Earth’ planets. One of them may<br />

potentially be habitable.<br />

© Safran - Adrien Daste<br />

Companies in the news<br />

Some examples are :<br />

Amos :<br />

specialises in the development of very high<br />

precision optical, mechanical and optomechanical<br />

systems, mainly intended<br />

for export for the space industry and<br />

professional astronomy. In January 2020,<br />

AMOS won recognition for being able to take<br />

breath-taking images of the surface of the<br />

sun. In 2023, a large telescope designed by<br />

Amos was installed in India on the site of the<br />

Mount Abu observatory.<br />

MPP :<br />

is active in part inspection in the aerospace<br />

and other industrial sectors. To remain at<br />

the cutting edge, the Liège SME works with<br />

major players in technology, such as London<br />

Imperial College.<br />

Safran Aero Boosters :<br />

supplies more than half of the world’s<br />

aircraft engine compressors alone. The top<br />

global company has two subsidiaries in the<br />

United States and combines the know-how<br />

of 1,700 talented professionals.<br />

© ULiège

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 17<br />

Production of images<br />

Liège has always been a city at the forefront of<br />

the content and audio-visual industry.<br />

The leading Belgian specialists in digital<br />

imaging, aerospace or even biomedical<br />

science are located here. This geographical<br />

convergence bears no coincidence with some<br />

of them being world leaders. One of the leading<br />

companies in this sector is :<br />

RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge Francophone)<br />

has a major building in Liège. RTBF Studio 40<br />

houses Studio 40 (1,200 sqm), one of the largest<br />

in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and one of<br />

the most successful in Europe.<br />

Studio 40 has a 13-metre high<br />

‘walkable’ grill and produces the famous<br />

programme ‘The Voice Belgium’, among<br />

others.<br />

© EVS<br />

© L.R. Broadcast<br />

EVS Broadcast Equipment : established at<br />

the Sart-Tilman scientific park (Liège Science<br />

Park), it is the world leader in image digitisation<br />

and sports slow-motion in particular. The Liège<br />

company made a turnover of 148.2 million<br />

euros in 2022.<br />

In 2023, its offside detection and VAR<br />

systems were once again certified by<br />

FIFA (International Association Football<br />

Federation).<br />

Le “Pôle image de Liège” (PIL) : the largest<br />

cluster of Walloon audiovisual companies,<br />

from digital technology to gaming, etc.<br />

PIL is developing the largest range of filming<br />

studios in Wallonia, with 7 sets available for any<br />

type of production, and a total of 3,000 sqm<br />

dedicated to shooting, as well as numerous<br />

related facilities.<br />

In 2022, Levita set up at the Pôle Image.<br />

Two Liège magicians, Philippe Bougard<br />

and Clément Kerstenne launched an<br />

unusual concept : to highlight prestigious<br />

objects with levitation. They work for LVMH,<br />

Dior and Cartier.<br />

© Pixabay<br />

Installation pour Dior sur l’Avenue Montaigne à Paris.<br />

© Benoît Do Quang

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 18<br />

In the cinema sector, there are many Liège<br />

production studios : Versus, Frakas, Tarantula,<br />

Les films du Carré and Les films du Fleuve<br />

(studio of directors and producers Jean-Pierre<br />

and Luc Dardenne, winners of two Palmes d’Or<br />

at the Cannes Film Festival).<br />

Recently, these Versus production films won<br />

prestigious prizes at the César Awards (The<br />

Night of the 12th) and Magritte Awards (Nobody<br />

Has To Know, The Night of the 12th, Close).<br />

Filming in Liège<br />

Some examples are :<br />

Gemini Man with Will Smith at Guillemins<br />

Station (2019),<br />

Logistics<br />

Liège port is a leading logistics facilitator in<br />

the Liège region. It is particularly well equipped<br />

in terms of loading, unloading, storage and<br />

handling of all types of products : construction<br />

materials, minerals, bulk products, chemicals,<br />

steel, agricultural and petroleum products,<br />

general goods and containers.<br />

Its most recent reports have been better than<br />

ever.<br />

It is also meeting the challenges of<br />

decarbonising goods transport and innovation<br />

and development in terms of road transport<br />

alternatives.<br />

A Bigger World with Cécile de France at<br />

Liège University Hospital (2019),<br />

Up for Love with Jean Dujardin and Virginie<br />

Efira – Guillemins Station (2016),<br />

Populaire with Romain Duris at the Forum de<br />

Liège (2012),<br />

A promise with Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman<br />

and Richard Madden at the Opéra Royal de<br />

Wallonie and Rue des Anglais in Liège (2012),<br />

Mothers’ Instinct directed by Olivier Masset-<br />

Depasse was filmed in the Parc de Cointe (9<br />

awards at the Magrittes) in 2020,<br />

Bye Bye Morons by Albert Dupontel with<br />

Virginie Efira (in 2020)<br />

© PAL - <strong>Liege</strong> Container Terminal<br />

Alongside Wallonia and the European Union,<br />

the Autonomous Port of Liège invested over 15<br />

million euros in multimodality in 2022-2023 in<br />

order to strengthen and improve existing Liège<br />

port infrastructure.<br />

© Pixabay<br />

Thanks to these various investments and<br />

the new rail terminal (bimodal – rail route)<br />

situated at the Port of Monsin, as well as the four<br />

multimodal platforms (connected to water,<br />

rail and road), the Port of Liège is meeting the<br />

challenges of decarbonising goods transport<br />

and innovation and development in terms of<br />

road transport alternatives.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 19<br />

The creative economy<br />

The creative district of Liège has become a<br />

great place to live, an essential ecosystem<br />

for any self-employed person, budding<br />

entrepreneur or innovative project leader<br />

looking for structure and support networks.<br />

Liège has several organisational platforms<br />

focused on transforming the traditional<br />

economy into a creative economy and<br />

collaborative intelligence. These include :<br />

Noshaq<br />

financing solutions for company creation and<br />

growth. Noshaq invests in projects that are<br />

creating new socio-economic prospects in<br />

Liège and its region. Noshaq, is a portfolio of 477<br />

companies and 122 million euros on average<br />

invested annually over the past 5 years.<br />

Grand Poste<br />

It was designed to provide start-ups,<br />

accelerators, incubators and investment funds<br />

with all the infrastructure and equipment<br />

necessary to develop their activities under<br />

optimal conditions, in an inspiring environment.<br />

Imec.istart<br />

is the start-up acceleration programme<br />

of the Institut de Micro-électronique et<br />

Composants (Imec) which focuses on nanoelectronic<br />

research and creates revolutionary<br />

innovations in fields of application such as<br />

healthcare, smart cities and mobility, logistics,<br />

manufacturing and energy. The incubator<br />

was listed as the ‘best university start-up<br />

accelerator in the world’ in the ranking drawn<br />

up by the international body UBI Global. Imec.<br />

istart opened its first satellite at the Grand<br />

Poste in Liège. This location is the fruit of a<br />

strategic partnership between imec.istart and<br />

the Liège investment fund, Noshaq.<br />

Leansquare<br />

a fund investing in digital start-ups.<br />

Specifically in three fields : business software,<br />

entertainment and transition. Since 2014,<br />

Leansquare has invested in fifty start-ups<br />

(health, e-gaming, music tech and digital<br />

services).<br />

© Plug.R

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Innovative<br />

page - 20<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Plug.R<br />

enables projects to be tested quickly<br />

to get a clearer idea of the next steps !<br />

Networking events, discussion circles,<br />

individual and collective support provided with<br />

Eklo’s collaboration to test business ideas and<br />

enable them to emerge.<br />

EKLO<br />

supports entrepreneurs and directors at all<br />

stages of their projects’ development by<br />

offering them a comprehensive range of<br />

services<br />

Le Relab (Liège FabLab)<br />

the first digital manufacturing laboratory<br />

(FabLab) in Wallonia, has adopted the main<br />

mission of encouraging experimentation<br />

and collective learning among citizens and<br />

entrepreneurs. This tool has become essential<br />

for the creative ecosystem.<br />

Wallifornia MusicTech<br />

The first Musictech start-up in Belgium. It is<br />

supported by a partnership with Universal<br />

Music. Its aim is to bring together the most<br />

inspiring figures from the world of music and<br />

new technologies worldwide.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural page - 21<br />

Cultural<br />

A land of celebrities<br />

Notger, Charlemagne, André Modeste Gretry, Georges Simenon, Dardenne brothers,<br />

François Walthéry, Jean-Michel Saive, Bouli Lanners...<br />

Exceptional cultural sites<br />

Opéra Royal de Wallonie,<br />

Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège,<br />

Grand Curtius,<br />

Maison du Jazz,<br />

Musée Grétry,<br />

Forum de Liège,<br />

Aquarium Muséum,<br />

B3,<br />

Théâtre de Liège,<br />

Archéoforum,<br />

Musée Boverie,<br />

Cité Miroir,<br />

Reflektor...<br />

City of frescoes<br />

Over 90 frescoes painted by more than 150 artists<br />

Culture vouchers<br />

To facilitate access to culture for young people in Liège<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural page - 22<br />

The open-mindedness of the people of Liège and its multiculturalism,<br />

rich past and numerous cultural institutions most certainly make it a<br />

place where ambitions for creation and experimentation can emerge.<br />

The city has undeniable cultural assets : places that have a story to tell<br />

and talent to amaze us.<br />

Its many prestigious institutions host internationally renowned<br />

performances and exhibitions. The buildings alone are worth a visit.<br />

When you walk through Liège, you’ll also see the colours of frescoes<br />

painted by the trendiest artists and unusual places to photograph.<br />

In short, the city has undeniable assets and talent that give it a unique<br />

and unforgettable touch.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural<br />

page - 23<br />

A land of celebrities<br />

It is difficult to draw up an exhaustive list of<br />

all the institutions and people of Liège whose<br />

names have contributed to the city’s influence.<br />

These names, among so many others, have<br />

marked different eras and very different fields :<br />

Notger<br />

Prince bishop of Liège (972-1008), who played<br />

a leading role in the construction, development<br />

and fortification of the city of Liège.<br />

Georges Simenon<br />

the great 20 th century writer whose hometown<br />

was Liège, was famous for his novels in the<br />

Maigret series, among others.<br />

Les frères Dardenne<br />

Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne, two<br />

brothers who have had an international impact<br />

on cinema, notably thanks to the Cannes<br />

Festival. In 1999, they won their first Palme d’Or<br />

for ‘Rosetta’. The second came in 2005 with the<br />

film ‘The Son’. They also won the Cannes Grand<br />

Prix for ‘The Kid with a Bike’ in 2011.<br />

The comic book universe with Laudec<br />

(illustrator of Cédric), Walthéry (illustrator of<br />

Natacha), Batem (illustrator of Marsupilami),<br />

etc.<br />

Déborah François<br />

she made a name for herself in 2005 thanks to<br />

her breakout role in ‘The Child’ by the Dardenne<br />

brothers. In 2009, she won the César Award for<br />

the Most Promising Actress for her role in ‘The<br />

First Day of the Rest of Your Life’.<br />

Marie Gillain<br />

an actress who broke out in ‘My Father the<br />

Hero’, she subsequently received several<br />

nominations at the César Awards, a Golden<br />

Bear in Berlin and the Romy-Schneider Award.<br />

Since then, she has been prominent on the<br />

stage and in film.<br />

Bouli Lanners<br />

actor, screenwriter and director. ‘Ultranova’,<br />

his first full-length feature was recognised at<br />

the Berlin International Film Festival. His career<br />

as a director has been crowned with success :<br />

‘The Giants’, ‘The First, the Last’ and recently<br />

‘Nobody Has to Know’ met with critical and<br />

popular acclaim. After receiving the César<br />

Award for Best Supporting Actor in ‘The Night of<br />

the 12 th ’ , Bouli Lanners won three film Magritte<br />

awards in 2023.<br />

André Modeste Grétry<br />

He composed around fifteen operas and<br />

over forty comic operas up to 1803. He was<br />

the master of the genre in France. After being<br />

Marie-Antoinette’s musical director, after<br />

the Revolution he became the protégé of<br />

Napoleon who then made him a Knight of the<br />

Legion of Honour.<br />

A little before his death, the famous<br />

composer Grétry expressed the wish that<br />

his heart would be given to the city of<br />

Liège, as proof of the sincere attachment<br />

he had retained to his native city. It’s in an<br />

urn on the plinth of his bronze statue, in<br />

front of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie.<br />

© Georges Biard<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural<br />

page - 24<br />

Exceptional cultural<br />

locations<br />

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie<br />

one of the three main opera houses in Belgium.<br />

A place of creation, life and exchanges on<br />

an international scale. It has an Italian-style<br />

hall with more than 1,000 seats. In addition,<br />

its stage machinery is perfectly adapted to<br />

current techniques making it one of the most<br />

modern theatres in the world !<br />

The ORW attracts more than 100,000<br />

spectators each season.<br />

Grand Curtius<br />

This remarkable architectural complex takes<br />

you on an exciting journey to the heart of<br />

the museum’s five prestigious collections :<br />

glass, weapons, archaeology, religious arts,<br />

Mosan art and decorative arts. There are<br />

rich testimonies of the first civilisations,<br />

masterpieces of Mediaeval art, sculptures<br />

and baroque metalwork, not to mention the<br />

outstanding Glass and Weapons collections<br />

that make the Grand Curtius one of the leading<br />

world museums in this field.<br />

7,000 years of Liège’s art and history are<br />

represented by 5,200 objects displayed<br />

chronologically and thematically.<br />

© ORW Liège - Lorraine Wauters<br />

Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège<br />

The OPRL performs in Liège, in the prestigious<br />

setting of the Philharmonic Hall (dating<br />

back to 1887), throughout the country (in<br />

Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Hasselt, Mons,<br />

Namur, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Vith, Virton, etc.),<br />

in major cinemas and at festivals in Europe<br />

(Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Spain, Switzerland,<br />

France, etc.), as well as in Japan and the United<br />

States.<br />

The only professional symphonic<br />

ensemble in French-speaking Belgium.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Maison du jazz<br />

which is defined as a centre for documenting,<br />

performing and promoting jazz.<br />

Musée Grétry<br />

This museum, situated in the house where<br />

Grétry was born, looks back at this illustrious<br />

artist’s life and work.<br />

Archéoforum<br />

located under Place Saint-Lambert, this is one<br />

of the largest urban archaeological sites in<br />

Europe (3,725 m²). From Prehistory to the most<br />

recent periods, each stage in the history of<br />

Liège is illustrated by archaeological remains,<br />

which are both movable and immovable.<br />

© Salle Philharmonique - Stéphane Moureaux<br />

You can discover the foundations of the old<br />

Saint-Lambert Cathedral, the remains of<br />

an old Gallo-Roman villa and the traces of<br />

ancient prehistoric occupations.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural<br />

page - 25<br />

Forum de Liège<br />

The Forum opened to the public on 30<br />

September 1922. This legendary performance<br />

hall has 2,000 seats. The hall is designed<br />

in an Art Deco style, and is listed as a site of<br />

exceptional heritage in Wallonia.<br />

© Cité Miroir - Thierry Lechanteur<br />

© Debie<br />

The greats have performed here :<br />

Jacques Brel, Léo Ferre, Louis Armstrong,<br />

Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald,<br />

Barbara, Edith Piaf... The Forum is also a<br />

space where actors from Parisian theatre,<br />

variety show, and comedians like to<br />

perform.<br />

La Boverie Museum<br />

Both a Museum of Fine Arts and an<br />

internationally renowned exhibition centre, La<br />

Boverie hosts unique exhibitions. The Louvre<br />

Museum, the city of Liège and La Boverie<br />

Museum collaborate in an exceptional<br />

partnership, the first of its kind in Europe.<br />

This eclectic building built in the early<br />

20 th century is a lasting legacy from the<br />

1905 World Fair.<br />

It is amazing to be in the heart of an<br />

old (empty!) swimming pool to attend<br />

conferences, shows, debates and<br />

exhibitions!<br />

Cité Miroir<br />

In 2014, the former Sauvenière baths and spas<br />

became La Cité Miroir. An amazing place of<br />

education, debate and culture dedicated<br />

to citizenship, remembrance work and the<br />

dialogue of cultures. Located in the heart of the<br />

city, this building impresses with its majestic<br />

proportions and its Bauhaus style.<br />

Reflektor<br />

This concert hall is located next to the former<br />

Sauvenière swimming pool. With a capacity<br />

of 600 people, fully furnished and equipped,<br />

it can host the best discoveries as well as<br />

international headliners in optimal listening<br />

and production conditions.<br />

The Reflektor is a soundproofed former<br />

bus station.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

© Dominique Houcmant - Goldo

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Cultural<br />

Aquarium Muséum<br />

46 pools with nearly 2,500 fish from oceans,<br />

seas, lakes and rivers around the world. 1,000<br />

sqm in the Museum’s rooms is dedicated to<br />

wildlife diversity.<br />

B3<br />

A living place for meetings enabling access to<br />

a multitude of resources that can be borrowed<br />

or consulted on site. Exchanges and meetings<br />

take pride of place. You can also take part in<br />

activities, work, study or just relax there.<br />

A land of frescoes<br />

page - 26<br />

Since 2002, the walls of the city of Liège have<br />

been open to artistic expression.<br />

Through the Paliss’art project, the City has<br />

worked to ensure contemporary art decorates<br />

its walls.<br />

Paliss’art has organised over ninety frescoes<br />

across the Liège region and invited over one<br />

hundred and fifty artists with very different<br />

styles, who use a variety of techniques on<br />

media as varied as construction hoarding,<br />

gable walls, blind frontages, and electrical<br />

cabinets...<br />

In 2019, a mysterious moustachioed<br />

character appeared on the side gables<br />

of two buildings on the Quai de la Boverie,<br />

along the Dérivation canal.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Théâtre de Liège<br />

Theatrical centre of the Wallonia Brussels<br />

Federation and European centre for theatrical<br />

and choreographic creation. With its 65,000<br />

spectators and the curtain raised more than<br />

250 times for 40 to 60 performances each<br />

season, the Théâtre de Liège is today the<br />

Leading Stage in Wallonia.<br />

This first monumental diptych fresco,<br />

‘l’Homme de la Meuse’ or ‘Man of the<br />

Meuse’ by Sozyone, covers 1,200 sqm.<br />

The stage presents shows by major<br />

Belgian and foreign directors and<br />

choreographers, with internationally<br />

renowned actors (Isabelle Huppert,<br />

Mélanie Laurent, Emmanuelle Béart, Toni<br />

Servillo, Denis Podalydès, etc.) as well<br />

as emerging artists, convey the culture<br />

of today and are ambassadors for<br />

tomorrow’s culture.<br />

© Spray Can Arts<br />

Culture vouchers<br />

Launched in 2020 by the City of Liège Culture<br />

Department, the ‘Culture Vouchers’ initiative<br />

aims to make culture accessible to young<br />

people in Liège aged 4 to 21.<br />

The contribution is limited to 100 euros per<br />

child and per cultural season starting on 1<br />

September and ending on 31 August of the<br />

following year.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

They may be used for many activities such<br />

as music, dance or theatre lessons, creative<br />

workshops, shows and courses.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis page - 27<br />

In<br />

metamorphosis<br />

Transformations under way<br />

The tram<br />

The Coronmeuse eco-district<br />

Liège Expo<br />

The redevelopment of Droixhe<br />

The transformation of motorway E25 into an urban boulevard<br />

The Transurbaine<br />

The 15 cycle corridors<br />

The major transformations already completed<br />

Museum of Walloon Life<br />

Sauvenière cinema<br />

Grand Curtius Museum<br />

Liège Guillemins station<br />

Médiacité<br />

Opéra royal de Wallonie<br />

Olympic ice rink<br />

Théâtre de Liège<br />

Cité Miroir<br />

Development of the Meuse quays<br />

La Boverie Museum<br />

Val Benoit<br />

Footbridge ‘La belle Liégeoise’<br />

Guillemins district<br />

Trinkhall<br />

Cité administrative<br />

Redevelopment of the Bavière site<br />

Jonfosse swimming pool<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis page - 28<br />

Since 2008, the city of Liège has changed significantly which has<br />

resulted in the renovation of several iconic sites or the development of<br />

specific infrastructure.<br />

Liège is a city that wants to move with its time and respond to the<br />

major climate, energy and inclusive challenges... So it has dared to<br />

make major transformations (of its mobility, infrastructure, green<br />

assets, etc.) to meet the challenges of tomorrow.<br />

These achievements are structural, iconic and metropolitan because<br />

they will have effects far beyond the municipal area of Liège.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis<br />

page - 29<br />

Some of the transformations<br />

that are under way<br />

© Miysis<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

50 hectares of public space developed<br />

including more than 800 trees planted<br />

along its route<br />

The tram<br />

The tram is a response and a mobility<br />

solution that will redesign and<br />

transform the city along its route.<br />

© Miysis<br />

The arrival of the tram will :<br />

• Reduce traffic in the city centre and make it<br />

more pleasant for locals and visitors. Some<br />

streets will be pedestrianised; others will<br />

see the number of traffic lanes reduced.<br />

• Encourage motorists to leave their cars at the<br />

ends of the line to reach the centre, thanks to the<br />

park-and-ride, and thus reduce traffic levels.<br />

© Miysis<br />

• Renew 50 hectares of public space for<br />

pedestrians and cyclists.<br />

• Make the city more attractive, less<br />

congested and more peaceful.<br />

• Link numerous hubs, from Sclessin to<br />

Coronmeuse and Bressoux-Droixhe, passing<br />

through the historic heart of the Ardent City.<br />

© Miysis<br />

• It will be an essential factor enabling Liège<br />

and, more broadly, the Liège region, to<br />

permanently join the club of European cities<br />

in transition.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis<br />

page - 30<br />

The Coronmeuse eco-district<br />

The development of the Coronmeuse site<br />

will take full advantage of the arrival of the<br />

tram with it being one of the final stops. Its<br />

unique overall design and the housing types<br />

developed there will enable Coronmeuse to<br />

develop in full complementarity with other<br />

major property developments in Liège.<br />

The site will comprise :<br />

• 1,325 HQE housing units (low and<br />

passive energy). One of the essential<br />

characteristics of the project lies<br />

in the diversity of its housing types.<br />

• Personal services : hotel, assisted living<br />

facilities, nursing and care homes, nurseries,<br />

community centre, urban vegetable<br />

gardens, bicycle repair workshop, etc.<br />

• The 4-hectare Astrid park will be fully<br />

renovated and will be extended with sports<br />

facilities and children’s playgrounds.<br />

• The Grand Palais (surface area of 5,000 sqm<br />

and over 50 m high) will have its façade and<br />

roof fully renovated.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

25 hectares of renovations, 1,325 dwellings<br />

and new links with neighbourhoods<br />

thanks to the ‘Footbridge of Reflections’<br />

inaugurated recently<br />

© Neo Legia SA

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis<br />

page - 31<br />

Liège Expo in Bressoux-Droixhe<br />

Thanks to Liège Expo, a whole new<br />

neighbourhood will come back to life<br />

thanks to the MICE sector : Meetings,<br />

Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions<br />

The Liège Halles des Foires is leaving<br />

Coronmeuse to settle on the site of the<br />

multimodal area of Bressoux, the gateway to<br />

the city, on the right bank of the Meuse.<br />

By choosing the multimodal area of Bressoux<br />

as the project site, the city has chosen to give<br />

this infrastructure strong symbolism : the<br />

building will reflect the image of a city, which,<br />

through the conversion of brownfield sites<br />

offers a decisive boost, a lever effect to trigger<br />

investments and real estate development.<br />

Liège Expo will be dedicated to hosting events<br />

trade fairs and those aimed at the general<br />

public, exhibitions, sporting events, seminars or<br />

congresses, parties, receptions and corporate<br />

events, etc.<br />

The transformation of motorway E25 into an<br />

urban boulevard<br />

Transforming a motorway into an urban<br />

boulevard will calm and greenify the<br />

whole northern part of the city.<br />

The motorway located along the Meuse in<br />

Droixhe, between the bridge-dam of Monsin<br />

and the Atlas bridge will be transformed into<br />

a landscaped urban boulevard. It will be a<br />

new structural point of access to the future<br />

intermodality hub (tram and 750-space P+R<br />

car park) and Liège Expo (Halles des Foires<br />

after moving). Cycle corridors will be created,<br />

and a speed limit will be applied.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

The reclassification of Droixhe<br />

The arrival of the tram and its<br />

maintenance centre in the district is a<br />

significant asset for the reconstruction of<br />

Droixhe. The creation of new housing will<br />

also create new quality of life.<br />

The restructuring of the site will meet two<br />

challenges : the encounter between habitat<br />

and architecture and between housing and<br />

socio-economic development, promoting<br />

sustainable city construction and quality of life.<br />

The reclassification project has a major<br />

objective — social diversity — by offering a<br />

mix of functions within the district (housing,<br />

economic areas, associations, etc.) and<br />

diverse housing supply (public/private, rental/<br />

property, various types : apartments, duplexes,<br />

lofts, adapted accommodation, nursing<br />

homes, etc.).<br />

The arrival of the tram and its maintenance<br />

centre in the district is significant for the<br />

reconstruction of Droixhe.<br />

© Miysis<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis<br />

page - 32<br />

The Transurbaine<br />

The 15 cycle corridors<br />

A new local travel and development<br />

route Ans – Glain – Fontainebleau – city<br />

centre – Longdoz – Chênée<br />

A structural cycle network from the<br />

Urban Mobility Plan.<br />

The development of the bicycle requires the<br />

strengthening and creation of dedicated<br />

spaces. Mixed circulation in dense traffic<br />

dissuades many users.<br />

In addition to the Ravel trails, cycle corridors,<br />

which are comfortable, safe and mostly on<br />

proprietary sites, have been identified on<br />

the Urban Mobility Plan providing a network<br />

towards the districts, the city centre and the<br />

neighbouring municipalities. 15 cycle corridors<br />

will offer a space dedicated to cyclists.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

The Transurbaine is a strong development<br />

project in terms of mobility, metropolitan<br />

connections and regional development.<br />

Complementary and perpendicular to the<br />

tram line at the bottom of the valley, the<br />

Transurbaine’s route is Ans – Fontainebleau –<br />

city centre – right bank – Chênée.<br />

This route is a priority to accommodate a<br />

structural method of transport, on its own site,<br />

constituting a real alternative to the car. It is<br />

paving the way for the second tram line.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | In metamorphosis<br />

page - 33<br />

Some of the transformations already completed<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Museum of Walloon Life<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Sauvenière cinema<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Grand Curtius Museum<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Liège Guillemins station<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

The Trinkhall Museum<br />

© Adrien Closter<br />

Opéra Royal de Wallonie<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Olympic ice rink<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

Théâtre de Liège

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page - 34<br />

Some of the transformations already completed<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

Cité Miroir<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Development of the Meuse quays<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

La Boverie Museum<br />

© Jiří Komárek<br />

Médiacité<br />

© Adrien Closter<br />

Footbridge «La belle Liégeoise»<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

The redevelopment of the Bavière site<br />

© Ville de Liège -Maxime Flagothier<br />

The Cité administrative<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Jonfosse swimming pool

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Remarkable page - 35<br />

Remarkable<br />

443 listed monuments in the City of Liège,<br />

26 of which listed as exceptional heritage<br />

City of 100 steeples<br />

10 churches, 6 ‘thousand-year-old’ collegiate churches and 1 cathedral<br />

One of the 7 wonders of Belgium in Liège<br />

The baptismal fonts of Saint Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church<br />

Rich natural heritage<br />

23 green spaces<br />

The hillsides of the citadel given three stars in the Michelin Green Guide.<br />

6 listed parks<br />

Plan to enhance its green heritage<br />

The Canopy plan<br />

Unique<br />

Air raid shelter, vertiginous staircase, tiny street, all-wooden building<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Remarkable page - 36<br />

Liège is a city of art and heritage! These are extremely diverse and<br />

broad. This heritage is based on our thousand-year-old history.<br />

All these sites have their own story to tell. It is essential to respect<br />

and enhance this testimony to the past for the city’s identity and its<br />

inhabitants’ sense of belonging. This rich heritage is a major asset for<br />

tourism and an economic driver that generates jobs.<br />

Liège also has remarkable natural heritage, including listed parks and<br />

the hillsides of the Citadel, a haven of greenery in the city centre.<br />

This green heritage is being enhanced day by day thanks to the<br />

Canopy Plan which aims to plant 8,000 trees in the public space and<br />

16,000 trees in the private space by 2030.

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page - 37<br />

Listed heritage<br />

More than 11% of all the listed heritage in<br />

Wallonia is in Liège :<br />

• 443 monuments or sites in the Liège region<br />

alone (out of 3,945 properties listed in<br />

Wallonia) including 26 listed as ‘exceptional<br />

heritage’ (out of 193 in Wallonia).<br />

• The six collegiate churches of Liège and Saint<br />

Paul’s Cathedral, all listed as exceptional<br />

heritage, are linked together by historical<br />

and commercial themes.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Fragnée Bridge<br />

• Saint Paul’s Cathedral<br />

• Saint Martin’s Collegiate Church<br />

• Saint Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church<br />

• Sainte-Croix Collegiate Church<br />

• Saint-Denis’s Collegiate Church<br />

• Saint Jacques Collegiate Church<br />

• Saint-Jean l’Évangéliste Collegiate Church<br />

• Organ of the Chapel of Saint-Roch en Volière<br />

• Church of the Benedictine Abbey<br />

of la Paix-Notre-Dame<br />

• Liège City Hall<br />

• Prince-Bishops’ Palace<br />

• Perron Fountain<br />

• The Forum<br />

• Hôtel d’Ansembourg<br />

• Hôtel de Hayme de Bomal<br />

• Grand Curtius Museum<br />

• Hôtel Torrentius<br />

• Maison rue des Marêts<br />

• University Academic Hall<br />

• Léonie de Waha Highschool<br />

• Gustave Serrurier-Bovy’s Villa l’Aube<br />

• Maison Comblen<br />

• Hôtel de Selys-Longchamps<br />

• Société littéraire de Liège building<br />

• Fragnée Bridge<br />

• Nicolas Schöffer’s Cybernetic Tower<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

Société littéraire de Liège building<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Prince-Bishops’ Palace<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Liège City Hall

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page - 38<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Remarkable<br />

page - 39<br />

Perron<br />

representing Liège’s freedoms, is the symbol<br />

of the city of Liège. It is listed as exceptional<br />

heritage of Wallonia.<br />

The baptismal fonts of<br />

Saint Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church<br />

Dating back to the 12 th century, they are a<br />

real masterpiece of Roman sculpture in both<br />

aesthetic and technical terms.<br />

The baptismal fonts come from the Church<br />

of Notre-Dame-au-Fonts (a small church<br />

linked to Saint Lambert’s Cathedral). In 1804,<br />

after the Concordat, they were installed in<br />

Saint-Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church with<br />

the cathedral and the Notre-Dame-au-Fonts<br />

Church having been destroyed.<br />

© ArsenG<br />

One of the seven wonders of Belgium<br />

(established by the General Tourism<br />

Service) can be found in Liège<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Tour cybernétique<br />

Nicolas Schöffer’s Cybernetic Tower is the<br />

latest monument to have received the title of<br />

exceptional heritage (in 2009).<br />

This tower is 52 metres high and operates<br />

using motors activated by an electronic brain.<br />

Three types of actions are triggered :<br />

movement, music and lighting.<br />

Thanks to its in-depth renovation, which<br />

was completed in 2016, the tower can now<br />

be controlled via an application or via its<br />

‘X’ account @cybertower<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers

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page - 40<br />

Air raid shelter<br />

Underneath the former baths and thermal<br />

facilities of La Sauvenière, transformed into<br />

‘La Cité Miroir’ lies a shelter, a giant of iron<br />

and steel, capable of accommodating up to<br />

400 people. It housed a hydrophore pump, a<br />

power generator and blast resistant doors<br />

It’s the only air raid shelter listed as<br />

Walloon heritage.<br />

Remarkable natural and<br />

heritage and landscapes<br />

Besides its exceptional architectural heritage,<br />

Liège also has remarkable natural heritage<br />

and landscapes.<br />

The city has 23 parks, woods and other green<br />

spaces accessible to the public :<br />

• Fayenbois Park<br />

• Cointe municipal park<br />

• Citadel Park<br />

• La Boverie Park<br />

• International Peace Park<br />

• Avroy Park<br />

• Saint Léonard Park<br />

• Botanical Garden Park<br />

• Sainte-Beuve Park<br />

• Péralta Park<br />

• Xhovémont Park<br />

• Walthère Dewé Park<br />

• Droixhe Park<br />

• Les Terrasses des Minimes<br />

• The Charterhouse<br />

• Terril du Laveu<br />

• Vivegnis hillsides<br />

• Morinval Garden<br />

• Sainte-Agathe Park<br />

• Wandre Wood<br />

• Gilles Demarteau Plain<br />

• Mangeon Wood<br />

• Sart-Tilman nature reserve<br />

Liège has a natural site in the centre of<br />

the city — The Hillsides of the Citadel. The<br />

Michelin Green Guide has given the site<br />

three stars.<br />

Parc d’Avroy © Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

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page - 41<br />

Parks or green spaces listed as Heritage.<br />

Here are a few examples of :<br />

Botanical garden<br />

created by the University in 1840, the Liège<br />

Botanical Garden houses its exotic collections<br />

in Victorian-style greenhouses, a rare Liège<br />

example of iron and glass architecture. Today<br />

they are listed. Almost 5,000 plants are on<br />

display over 1,050 sqm and among them some<br />

rare and exceptional cycad specimens.<br />

La Boverie Park<br />

Located between La Meuse and its diversion<br />

canal, it was created in the middle of the 18 th<br />

century and covers 9 hectares.<br />

The park is home to La Boverie Museum<br />

which dates back to the World Fair in<br />

1905. The park offers several different<br />

ambiences : the scents and colours of<br />

the rose garden, the playground and the<br />

aviary.<br />

The botanical garden park has more<br />

than 170 species of trees from various<br />

continents, some dating back to 1841.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers<br />

Peralta Park<br />

Peralta Park is home to the Peralta Castle (14 th<br />

century). The park contains some remarkable<br />

species including giant sequoias.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

A plan for green heritage<br />

Canopy plan<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

In 1976, as part of the ‘Rose Festival’, the<br />

castle and the park hosted François<br />

Mitterrand and Dalida.<br />

To limit the exposure of Liège citizens to these<br />

environmental and health risks, the City of<br />

Liège launched its Canopy plan in 2020. The<br />

aim is simple : to plant more than 24,000 trees<br />

by 2030 to make Liège a greener, more resilient<br />

and more breathable city by 2050 where life is<br />

good and healthy.<br />

In two years, 16% of the 24,000 trees envisaged<br />

had already been planted.

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page - 42<br />

Unique heritage<br />

The city of Liège also has special features,<br />

including :<br />

A tiny street<br />

the Rue du Carré is the smallest street in Liège<br />

(80 cm wide and 50 metres long). It is not<br />

located in the iconic ‘Carré’ of Liège, but links<br />

Rue de L’Epée to Rue du Pont.<br />

The tallest all-wooden building in Benelux<br />

located on Rue Méan, it is 35 meters high and is<br />

completely built from wood : framework, walls,<br />

balconies, stairs and lift shaft.<br />

A vertiginous staircase<br />

with its 374 steps and a 30% incline, Bueren<br />

mountain is recognised as one of the ten<br />

most extraordinary staircases in the world.<br />

This is one of the essential sites in the city<br />

of Liège. A work of art characteristic of 19th<br />

century thoroughfares, the Bueren mountain<br />

connected the barracks of the citadel directly<br />

to the city centre.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Open & Student orientated page - 43<br />

Open & Student<br />

orientated<br />

Committed<br />

Charters and labels<br />

Zero waste, zero plastic, Liège against racism, equal opportunities, gender equality, Access-i, etc.<br />

Student-orientated<br />

Nearly 100,000 pupils and students in education in the city<br />

65 primary schools, 12 specidised primary schools, 23 ordinary secondary schools<br />

6 specialised secondary schools, 13 adult education colleges, 8 university colleges (‘hautes écoles’),<br />

1 academy...<br />

ULiège<br />

Founded in 1817, one of the oldest universities in Belgium<br />

27,678 students, 123 different nationalities, 11 faculties, 39 bachelor’s courses, 194 master’s courses<br />

HEC Liège, management school<br />

First comprehensive Belgian business school (from bachelor’s to PhD)<br />

3,477 students, 72 different nationalities, 8 fields of research, 11 master’s courses<br />

© ULiège - O. Moonen

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Open & Student orientated page - 44<br />

In an ideal location on the major transport routes, Liège is a city which<br />

has always been home to a great mix of populations. There are 167<br />

nationalities present. These are active in the rich social fabric. They<br />

embody the city’s openness to the world.<br />

Liège is also a committed city that has set itself a goal through charters<br />

and labels that have a positive effect on community living.<br />

There are also tens of thousands of students who walk through the<br />

city’s streets every day. People come from all over for the quality and<br />

specialisation of its teaching.

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page - 45<br />

Committed<br />

Charters and labels are tools that the city<br />

of Liège acquires in order to anchor its<br />

commitment in different fields. Fifteen charters<br />

are now part of the City’s DNA :<br />

Fair Trade Municipality<br />

The City of Liège received the title of ‘Fair Trade<br />

Municipality’ on 9 October 2021 for its work to<br />

promote and raise awareness of fair trade.<br />

A few charters and labels in detail :<br />

Zero waste/zero plastic<br />

The municipalities ‘Zero waste’ target is to<br />

achieve under 100 kg of residual waste per<br />

inhabitant per year. In 2018, the City of Liège<br />

joined the network of Zero Waste Municipalities<br />

in Wallonia. Furthermore, in 2019, the Municipal<br />

Council made the commitment to move<br />

towards Zero Plastic.<br />

Liège against racism<br />

The City of Liège was a pioneer in Belgium by<br />

creating an alderman’s office for intercultural<br />

relations in 1995 and by adopting the antiracism<br />

charter in 1995. In 2017, it also joined<br />

the campaign initiated by the National<br />

Development Cooperation Centre to become<br />

the first city in Wallonia to declare itself a<br />

sanctuary city, responsible, welcoming and<br />

open city.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

A well-rounded Square<br />

The Carré (The Square district) is an important<br />

showcase for the city of Liège. Known beyond<br />

our borders for its legendary conviviality, this<br />

district symbolises a part of the Liège spirit. The<br />

charter aims to make the area safer and more<br />

welcoming for everyone so that festivity and<br />

safety go hand-in-hand.<br />

Access i<br />

Access-i is a barometer for accessibility. It<br />

aims to provide information about the level of<br />

accessibility according to the needs of seven<br />

categories of disabled people.<br />

Access-i enables the level of accessibility<br />

of a building, site or event in relation to each<br />

reduction in mobility to be identified at a<br />

glance.<br />

Each category of disabled person is identified<br />

by an icon whose colour varies according to<br />

the level of accessibility of the space assessed.<br />

© Pixabay<br />

In 2014, the Grand Curtius took part as the pilot<br />

museum for the Access-i label. In 2017, the<br />

Grand Curtius renewed its adherence to the<br />

label. At the same time, La Boverie received its<br />

first certification, as did the Cité Administrative<br />

in 2023.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Open & Student orientated<br />

page - 46<br />

© ULiège - B. Brixhe<br />

Student-orientated<br />

From nursery school to university, on a daily<br />

basis, the city of Liège alone welcomes<br />

more than 100,000 pupils and students in its<br />

education network.<br />

All levels combined, Liège municipal education<br />

has 156 schools, more than 25,000 pupils and<br />

students, as well as more than 2,500 teachers.<br />

Some offer intensive language learning<br />

(English, Dutch and/or German), a sports<br />

project or active learning (Freinet).<br />

23 secondary establishments offer very<br />

varied courses (horticulture, industrial<br />

and automotive technology, infographics,<br />

hairdressing and hospitality, etc.).<br />

© Pixabay

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Open & Student orientated<br />

page - 47<br />

A few specific features<br />

The Léon Mignon secondary school provides<br />

four sections, all unique in Belgium : engraving,<br />

jewellery, horology, fine mechanics and<br />

armoury. It is the only school to teach armoury<br />

in French-speaking Europe.<br />

The Haute Ecole de la Ville de Liège has several<br />

training categories : economic, paramedical,<br />

educational, technical and translation/<br />

interpreting. It has 25 bachelor’s courses<br />

including a bachelor’s in orthoptics which is<br />

unique in French-speaking Belgium.<br />

The University of Liège is over 200 years old.<br />

With almost 25,000 students enrolled, it offers<br />

one of the broadest and most diverse course<br />

selections in the country.<br />

The University of Liège makes openness to<br />

the world one of its priorities. ULiège offers<br />

exchange programmes for students and<br />

teachers, as well as joint or multiple degree<br />

programmes, international or English courses,<br />

and the strengthening of scientific cooperation<br />

through strong international partnerships.<br />

More than 1,500 agreements underpin the<br />

teaching and research collaboration with<br />

more than 68 countries.<br />

Within ULiège, HEC Liège management<br />

school is part of the group of 130 schools<br />

with dual accreditation from EQUIS<br />

(European Quality Improvement System)<br />

and AACSB (Association to Advance<br />

Collegiate Schools of Business) worldwide.<br />

These ‘passports to excellence’ reflect its<br />

desire to achieve a high level of quality in<br />

teaching, research and governance.<br />

The Faculty of Applied Sciences at HEC Liège –<br />

University of Liège Management School offers<br />

a ‘Digital Business’ course to obtain the two<br />

Master’s degrees in IT or IT Civil Engineering<br />

and a Master’s in Management Engineering in<br />

3 years of study after the Bachelor’s.<br />

The school also offers a new dual track Master’s<br />

degree in Sales Management, the first course<br />

in Belgium aiming to train sales executives to<br />

occupy high-level strategic positions.<br />

With the university colleges (Hautes Ecoles),<br />

ULiège undoubtedly contributes to the<br />

attractiveness and international brand image<br />

of the City, as evidenced by the growing<br />

number of foreign students, researchers and<br />

teachers who choose to study or work in Liège.<br />

© ULiège<br />

© ULiège - S. Seyen<br />

Each year in December, more than 1,500<br />

students gather in the streets of Liège<br />

to celebrate Saint Nicolas. The dress<br />

code is a white apron which must bear<br />


NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Open & Student orientated<br />

page - 48<br />

© ULiège - JL. Wertz<br />

© ULiège - S. Seyen

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Sports page - 49<br />

Sports<br />

Iconic personalities<br />

In football, tennis, table tennis, sailing and break dance...<br />

Lots of sports infrastructure<br />

Swimming pools, football pitches, climbing halls, an Olympic ice rink, a skate park, a ballet school...<br />

ULiège Sports : more than 70 sports on offer from the university sports’ association.<br />

Clubs with a prestigious track record<br />

Bulldogs de Liège, RFC <strong>Liege</strong>, Liège City Breakers, RFCL Rugby Liège, Standard Liège, Standard<br />

Fémina, UNL…<br />

Major sports events<br />

Liège Bastogne Liège cycling race, jogging, start or finish of the Tour de France, Giro or Vuelta,<br />

Jumping International de Liège, Meeting International d’Athlétisme (international track and field<br />

event)<br />

Sports vouchers for young people<br />

A policy to support and promote sport<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Sports page - 50<br />

The City of Liège has a large number of facilities dedicated to sports<br />

and leisure. Clubs are proliferating in a large variety of disciplines :<br />

indoor and outdoor, individual and team sports. It’s impossible to<br />

mention all the clubs that are putting Liège’s name at the top of the<br />

most prestigious lists of winners.<br />

On clay, lawn, ice and even the seas and oceans, Liège athletes are<br />

distinguishing themselves in a large variety of categories. Our sports<br />

people love Liège and the people of Liège are fervent supporters of<br />

their idols and the clubs they represent.<br />

There are numerous sports facilities which are renovated and extended<br />

over time. The Department for Sport and sports facilities place capital<br />

importance on the playing of sport in their neighbourhoods. Thanks to<br />

qualified sports instructors, the public department’s takes action on<br />

a daily basis, everywhere and for all. Along with a financial aid policy<br />

to encourage involvement in sport, the City provides a playing field<br />

conducive to skills development and the emergence of talent in the<br />

sporting world.

NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Sports<br />

page - 51<br />

A few of the sports<br />

personalities from Liège<br />

It’s impossible to mention all the sports people<br />

who fly the Ardent City’s colours high.<br />

Here are just a few, whose winning<br />

achievements go beyond these few lines.<br />

Ysaline Bonaventure is a professional Liège<br />

tennis player. She has won 12 titles in singles<br />

and 14 in doubles on the ITF circuit. In doubles,<br />

she has won two titles on the WTA circuit. In<br />

singles, she reached the top 100 in the WTA<br />

rankings for the first time in her career in 2022.<br />

Sarah Bovy entered Belgian motor sports<br />

history in December 2023, by becoming the<br />

first woman to be voted Driver of the Year.<br />

This 34-year-old woman from Liège is now<br />

considered to be the champion Belgian driver<br />

by the Belgian Royal Automobile Club.<br />

Maxime Carabin has accumulated victories<br />

and records in para-athletics. He is the Europe<br />

record holder for 100 m and world record<br />

holder for 200 m and 400 m in a wheelchair<br />

(T52 class), and this athlete from RFC Liège<br />

has just won Gold medals in 100 m and 400 m<br />

in the World Para-Athletics Championships in<br />

Paris. By doing so, he earned his ticket for his<br />

ultimate goal : the Paris Olympics.<br />

Nacer Chadli is a footballer from Liège who<br />

took part in his first international competition in<br />

the 2014 World Cup when the Belgians bowed<br />

out in the quarter finals against Argentina. He<br />

played in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. His<br />

stoppage time winning goal propelled Belgium<br />

into the quarter final. He has also played for<br />

prestigious clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur<br />

and West Bromwich Albion.<br />

Jean Michel Saive is a table tennis player and<br />

world number one for several years. He holds<br />

the record for the most Belgian championship<br />

titles. His awards are : 130 medals (51 gold,<br />

41 bronze and 38 silver) in international<br />

competitions. He is a flagbearer for the national<br />

sport.<br />

David Goffin is a tennis player who has won<br />

four singles tournaments on the ATP circuit<br />

and reached two Grand Slam quarter finals at<br />

Roland Garros in 2016 and the Australian Open<br />

in 2017, the year when he reached the Masters<br />

final having beaten Rafael Nadal and Roger<br />

Federer, world numbers 1 and 2 respectively. He<br />

was 7th in the ATP global rankings in 2017.<br />

Hendrickx Ntela a Liège dancer who finished in<br />

the top 16 of the largest street dance battle in<br />

the world in November 2023.<br />

Nafissatou Thiam is an adoptive citizen<br />

of Liège who holds the city dear. At the Rio<br />

Olympics in 2016, she achieved the best global<br />

performance in the heptathlon high jump and<br />

won the shot put. The next day, she beat her<br />

personal records in long jump (6.58 m) and<br />

javelin throwing (53.13 m). She won the Olympic<br />

gold medal. In 2018, she was Olympic, world<br />

and European champion at the same time.<br />

© Erik van Leeuwen<br />

Jonas Gerckens is a skipper from Liège. In 2018,<br />

he finished the Route du Rhum beating the<br />

2014 Belgian record held by Michel Kleinjans.<br />

His achievements in 2021 were impressive : 4th<br />

in the Transat Jacques Vabre, World Sailing<br />

Bronze Medal, Eurosaf Silver Medal, Champion<br />

of the Giro d’Italia. His current challenge is to<br />

take part in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in<br />

2028.<br />

Axel Witsel is a footballer from Liège. At the<br />

start of the 2008/2009 season, he achieved<br />

phenomenal performance with Standard<br />

Liège. He then totalled 130 appearances and<br />

12 goals for the Red Devils. In his international<br />

career, he has played for Zenit Saint Petersburg,<br />

Tianjin Tianhai, Borussia Dortmund and Atlético<br />


NEXT STOP LIÈGE | Sports<br />

page - 52<br />

Lots of sports infrastructure<br />

5 sports complexes<br />

Grivegnée – Outremeuse – Rocourt<br />

Sart Tilman – Naimette-Xhovémont.<br />

4 sports fields<br />

Plaine Clajot – Plaine de Cointe<br />

Plaine de Péville – Plaine Comhaire<br />

5 multi-sports halls<br />

Angleur – Bressoux – Constitution<br />

Grivegnée – Rocourt<br />

4 sports halls<br />

Outremeuse – Sainte-Walburge<br />

Des Argilières – Cointe<br />

2 gyms<br />

Salle des Coudriers – Salle de Clajot<br />

4 swimming pools<br />

Grivegnée – Jonfosse<br />

Outremeuse – Sart Tilman<br />

1 ice rink<br />

Médiacité<br />

11 football pitches<br />

UCE Grivegnée – RUS Goldstar<br />

RJS Chênéenne – FC Jupille<br />

CS Sart-Tilman – JS Pierreuse<br />

ACS Marocaine – RFC Croatia Wandre<br />

RDC Cointe – JS Thier - RUS Wandrusienne<br />

1 water sports building<br />

La Boverie<br />

3 climbing halls<br />

Saint-Léonard – Vennes (2)<br />

1 Skate park<br />

Cointe<br />

1 ballet school<br />

Place Saint-Paul<br />

2 golf courses<br />

Bernalmont, Sart Tilman<br />

© Pixabay

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page - 53<br />

Some of these facilities<br />

in detail<br />

Standard Stadium : Maurice-Dufrasne<br />

Stadium or Sclessin Stadium, which hosts<br />

Standard Liège’s home matches, is situated<br />

near the ArcelorMittal steelworks along the<br />

Meuse. The stadium is commonly referred to<br />

as ‘Sclessin’s Hell’ due to the passion of the<br />

supporters who gather there to show their<br />

support for the players. It has a capacity of<br />

27,670 seats.<br />

Skate park : Situated on the heights of the city,<br />

this location surrounded by greenery is home<br />

to one of the most incredible Skate Parks in<br />

Belgium.<br />

© Pierre Forlin, PG Design<br />

Olympic ice rink : Situated just next to the<br />

Mediacité shopping centre. It’s the second<br />

largest Olympic ice rink in Belgium, the<br />

stronghold of the ‘Bulldogs de Liège’ ice hockey<br />

team and the CPLA (artistic ice skating). The<br />

only ice rink in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation<br />

to have facilities spanning 4,500 m² of which a<br />

1,800 m² ice rink and heated stands with 1,250<br />

seats..<br />

Sart Tilman Sports Centres : They are above<br />

all intended for University of Liège students and<br />

students at the university colleges (Hautes-<br />

Ecoles) Beeckman and Charlemagne as part<br />

of their Physiotherapy and Physical Education<br />

training. They comprise halls for gymnastics<br />

and trampolining, martial arts and dance, a<br />

swimming pool, an athletics track, 4 squash<br />

courts, 6 tennis courts... in short, comprehensive<br />

facilities for optimal training in over 70 different<br />

sports.<br />

Province Naimette Arena Complex : Founded<br />

in 1995 and fully renovated in 2022, the complex<br />

enables the RFC Liège athletics and rugby<br />

sections to train under optimal conditions.<br />

Major events are also organised there such<br />

as the Meeting International d’Athlétisme. The<br />

athletics track saw no fewer than three athletes<br />

with multiple medals (including the Olympics) :<br />

Nafissatou Thiam, Roger Habsch and Maxime<br />

Carabin.<br />

© L.R. Broadcast<br />

Jonfosse, Outremeuse and Grivegnée<br />

municipal swimming pools : There are three<br />

municipal swimming pools in Liège. The latter<br />

are and will be at the forefront of technology<br />

to meet tomorrow’s energy challenges. The<br />

Jonfosse swimming pool (inaugurated in<br />

2020), the Grivegnée swimming pool and the<br />

Outremeuse sports centre (undergoing a full<br />

renovation).<br />

Uliege © GlobalView<br />

© Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers

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Mosa Ballet School : The Mosa Ballet School<br />

opened its doors in 2022 in Liège with a<br />

hundred Belgian and foreign pupils preparing<br />

for intense ballet training. This atypical<br />

establishment was founded by two dance<br />

enthusiasts who wanted to establish a school<br />

that would offer young dancers aged 12 to 18<br />

the possibility to train at the highest level of<br />

this demanding and delicate art. Mosa Ballet<br />

School has the ambition to become one of the<br />

best dance schools in the world.<br />

The Mosa Ballet School offers adapted and<br />

inclusive dance training for people with a<br />

motor and mental disability.<br />

Standard Femina : is the Belgian women’s<br />

football club with the most titles in Belgium :<br />

20 Belgian Champion titles, 9 Belgian Cups, 7<br />

Belgian Super Cups and 2 BeNe SuperCups.<br />

Liège City Breakers : a collective that<br />

gives break dance lessons and organises<br />

international competitions in the discipline<br />

bringing together the best dancers in the world.<br />

© Liège City Breakers<br />

UNL : A rowing club founded in 1873, the Union<br />

Nautique de Liège is located at the tip of<br />

La Boverie part, between the Meuse and its<br />

diversion canal. It benefits from access to both<br />

the canal, which is reserved for rowing and the<br />

Liège Meuse river which also accommodates<br />

motorboats. The club has 150 years of<br />

experience and won 32 medals and awards.<br />

© Mosa Ballet School<br />

A few of the great sports<br />

clubs in Liège<br />

The Standard Liège : is in the Jupiler Pro League.<br />

It also includes a women’s section. The club is<br />

the fourth in the country in terms of national<br />

wins (10 Belgian champion titles).<br />


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page - 55<br />

Sports club family ‘red and blue’ :<br />

Bulldogs de Liège : is a Belgian ice hockey club<br />

located at Liège ice rink. In 2023, the club won<br />

a historic quadruple title : Bene League, Belgian<br />

Cup, Belgian Championship and Inter Regio<br />

Cup.<br />

RFCL Athlétisme : the athletics section of<br />

the Liège Royal Football Club de Liège is an<br />

athletics club based in Liège. It is the club<br />

with the most titles in Belgian athletics. It has<br />

around 800 active members and is therefore<br />

the second largest club in the Wallonia-<br />

Brussels Federation.<br />

© Bulldogs de Liège © RFCL Athlétisme<br />

RFC Liège Football : it was the first Belgian<br />

champion in history in 1896 and has a total<br />

of five champion’s titles, a Belgian cup and a<br />

Ligue Pro cup. It’s the oldest French-speaking<br />

club. In the 2023-2024 season, the club moved<br />

up to the Challenger Pro League (D1B).<br />

Liège Mosan Natation : as the oldest swimming<br />

club in the Liège region, it supports more than<br />

1,000 swimmers in their training for high-level<br />

competitions.<br />

<strong>Liege</strong> Mosan Natation © Tiziano Tellatin Photography<br />

© RFC Liège<br />

RFCL Rugby Liège : founded in 1958, the RFCL<br />

Rugby Liège is the third oldest rugby club in<br />

the country and the doyen of Walloon clubs. It<br />

has actively contributed to the development of<br />

rugby at the heart of the Ardent City and in the<br />

Liège region for over 60 years.<br />

Liège Panthers : is a Belgian Division 1 women’s<br />

basketball club.<br />

RSW Liège Basket : Liège became the first<br />

Belgian basketball club to compete in the<br />

European North Basketball League. The Liège<br />

team reached the semi-finals of the Belgian<br />

Cup but finished 9th in the BNXT League, with<br />

only Brussels behind it.<br />

RFCL Rugby Liège © AR Pictures<br />

© RSW Liège Basket

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Major events<br />

One of the 5 most prestigious global cycling<br />

events takes place in Liège : Liège-Bastogne-<br />

Liège. Established in 1892, it is one of the oldest<br />

cycling races still running, which has earnt it<br />

the nickname of ‘Doyenne’. Since 2017, Liège<br />

Bastogne Liège also has a ‘Women’s’ version<br />

which enables cyclists to show off their talent.<br />

Liège also hosts the Jumping International de<br />

Liège, an unmissable competition for a great<br />

many riders, whether they are amateurs or<br />

professionals, and the Meeting International<br />

de Liège (Athletics) which features the<br />

greatest Belgian and international athletics<br />

stars.<br />

The City of Liège has regularly hosted the starts<br />

or finishes of the Giro, the Vuelta and the Tour<br />

de France. Two ‘Grand Starts’ of the Tour have<br />

taken place in Liège (in 2004 and 2012).<br />

© Ville de Liège - Emilie Denis<br />

In 2024, Liège will be the finishing town of one<br />

of the stages in the women’s Tour de France.<br />

Many running races also attract entrants from<br />

all over Belgium, the Netherlands, France and<br />

Germany. These races include the famous<br />

Woman’s Race which is the most major<br />

all-women’s race in Belgium. Over 2,000<br />

participants aim to raise funds for positive<br />

initiatives to fight women’s cancers. The race<br />

starts at Guillemins Station over 3, 6, 9 or 12 km.<br />

© Marc Daine<br />

Sports vouchers for<br />

young people<br />

The City of Liège and Liège Sport run the ‘City of<br />

Liège sports vouchers’ scheme.<br />

It consists of distributing vouchers to enable<br />

as many young people as possible to access<br />

sports.<br />

This financial subsidy is essential for young<br />

people in Liège and their families. Vouchers<br />

relieve families’ budgets and enable children<br />

to start a supervised sporting activity.<br />

Sports for all is one of the spearheads of the<br />

policy led by the City.

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Gourmet<br />

& Bustling<br />

City of events<br />

The Batte : the longest market in Europe, the oldest in Belgium<br />

The Liège Fair : the oldest fair in Belgium<br />

Liège, Christmas city : the largest Christmas market in Belgium<br />

Les Ardentes festival : the largest urban music festival in Europe<br />

Commercial and pedestrianised<br />

Largest pedestrian network in Wallonia (6 km)<br />

Leading Walloon city in terms of commercial appeal<br />

1,200 shops over an area of 150,000 m2<br />

200,000 visitors a week to Rue Vinâve d’Ile<br />

Model city in local food projects<br />

The Ceinture Aliment-Terre Liégeoise, Creafarm, local produce logistics hub, etc.<br />

Culinary city<br />

Succulent specialities : meatballs and fries, Liège salad, pèkèt, waffles, etc.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

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Liège is a city that comes alive through its events, its gastronomy and<br />

its local shops.<br />

The warm welcome is often what first-time visitors to the metropolitan<br />

area of Liège remember. Whether on one of the pleasant terraces<br />

of Place du Marché, Place Cathédrale or Place des Carmes, on its<br />

many pedestrian streets or in the heart of the famous Carré district,<br />

conviviality is the city’s hallmark.<br />

You always find something to do, an event to enjoy or a project to<br />


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page - 59<br />

A festive city of events<br />

Liège is a bustling city that never sleeps. Its<br />

many festive events and warm welcome<br />

create its special charm. These events include<br />

(non-exhaustive list) :<br />

La Batte<br />

Europe’s longest market offers an explosion of<br />

colours and flavours every Sunday morning.<br />

Stalls brimming with fruits, vegetables, cheese,<br />

clothes, flowers and books create a vibrant<br />

atmosphere. The alleyways become the<br />

scene of lively exchanges, fusing cultures and<br />

languages. It’s much more than a market, it’s a<br />

weekly celebration.<br />

With its 4-5 million annual visitors, the<br />

Batte is one of the largest markets in<br />

Europe and the oldest in Belgium.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Liège Fair or October Fair<br />

with its atmosphere, fragrances, shimmering<br />

lights and picturesque characters is etched<br />

on every Liège resident’s memory. With its 160<br />

attractions, it is one of the three major fairs<br />

in Belgium. At the heart of the city, extended<br />

over more than one kilometre, the Liège Fair<br />

welcomes nearly 1.5 million visitors every<br />

year! You can savour the famous lacquemant<br />

waffles there, covered in a sweet syrup with a<br />

closely guarded recipe.<br />

The Liège Fair was founded in 1594<br />

and is the oldest Belgian fair.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Le Carré<br />

We couldn’t talk about the city’s festive nature<br />

without mentioning its famous ‘Carré’. A<br />

neighbourhood of festivities, its pedestrian<br />

streets were designed in the Middle Ages<br />

based on a square layout, with parallel and<br />

perpendicular streets. Rue de la Casquette, Rue<br />

St Adalbert, Rue du Mouton Blanc (‘White Sheep<br />

Road’), Rue du Pot d’Or (‘Golden Pot Street’),<br />

Rue Tête de Bœuf (‘Cow’s Head Street’)… all<br />

await you with shops, taverns, bars and cafés<br />

side by side. It’s an unmissable destination for<br />

festive young students and old veterans.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

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The 15 August festivities<br />

bring together all of Liège’s inhabitants for<br />

several days of celebrations. Over a week,<br />

dozens of activities are planned : flea markets,<br />

concerts, games, fairs and of course masses<br />

and folk processions. Tchantchès and Nanèsse<br />

(iconic characters from folklore) are honoured<br />

and celebrated each year, like other Giants of<br />

culture and folklore from Liège who parade on<br />

the day.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Liège, Christmas city<br />

the dynamic ‘Liège, Christmas City’ has rich<br />

offerings : ice skating, European Circus Festival<br />

and Noelies de Liège, a Christmas village. This<br />

Liège ‘Christmas Village’ (because it is a real<br />

village with a Mayor, aldermen and councillors)<br />

has become, due to its size, its duration and its<br />

spirit, the most important Christmas market in<br />

Belgium.<br />

The Christmas Village has 200 chalets<br />

and attracts two million people each<br />

year. In 2018, the City of Liège was named<br />

‘European Christmas Capital’.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

Beer Lover’s Festival<br />

the festival welcomes between 12,000 and<br />

15,000 people in May. Hundreds of craft beers<br />

from the best Belgian and foreign breweries<br />

can be appreciated there.<br />

Liège International Comedy Film Festival<br />

Since 2016, it brings together a large and plural<br />

audience around comedy, in all its forms. The<br />

festival leaves traces in the Rue Pont d’Avroy<br />

with its European Walk of Fame. Discover the<br />

stars dedicated to Dany Boon, Frank Dubosc,<br />

Karin Viard...<br />

Festival of Liège<br />

each edition brings together more than 15,000<br />

spectators and it has gained a reputation<br />

that goes far beyond the borders of Belgium.<br />

Championing a committed conception of<br />

theatre, dance and music, the Festival of Liège<br />

adopts singular approaches to art.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Dominique Houcmant - Goldo

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Les Épicuriales<br />

a gastronomic promenade where one strolls<br />

from restaurant to restaurant which brings<br />

together more than 20,000 visitors in La Boverie<br />

park to taste all manner of flavours.<br />

International Jazz Festival<br />

Jazz lovers have been coming together for<br />

over 30 years. It welcomed 12,000 people in<br />

2023, with Diana Krall as headliner.<br />

© Bojin<br />

Gaul Village<br />

a location that gives pride of place to<br />

traditional French and Walloon products and<br />

attracts thousands of visitors every year.<br />

Retrouvailles<br />

The event for visitors looking for active leisure<br />

activities. 35,000 visitors are expected every<br />

year.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten © Ville de Liège - Jean-Pierre Ers

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page - 62<br />

Festival Les Ardentes<br />

‘Les Ardentes’ is the name of a music festival<br />

that takes place at the beginning of July in<br />

Liège. Originally subtitled electro-rock, the<br />

festival soon opened up to all kinds of music :<br />

pop, rock, electronic music, as well as hip-hop<br />

and even jazz, before essentially becoming a<br />

Hip Hop and urban music festival from 2018.<br />

It attracted 60,000 visitors a day in<br />

2023 with Travis Scott at the top of the<br />

bill.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier © Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

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A shopping city<br />

Pedestrian city<br />

The hypercentre is the top pedestrian network<br />

in Wallonia with 1,200 points of sale or services<br />

in business.<br />

Vinâve d’Ile is the third busiest shopping street<br />

in Belgium with over 200,000 visitors per week.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Liège city centre is pedestrian friendly. Just like<br />

other European cities, Liège has an impressive<br />

heritage of special spaces where only<br />

pedestrians are allowed.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Beyond the city centre, the main shopping hub,<br />

three large galleries are established in the near<br />

outskirts :<br />

• Médiacité (45,000 sqm)<br />

• Cora-Rocourt (75,000 sqm)<br />

• Belle-Ile (30,500 sqm)<br />

Overall, a little under 5,000 retailers<br />

(500,000 m² in shopping surface area)<br />

make Liège the largest shopping city in<br />

Wallonia.<br />

The City of Liège has more than 60 pedestrian<br />

streets and the intention is to increase this<br />

number over the next 5 years. In Liège, there<br />

are more than 44 km of pedestrian routes :<br />

including more than 6 km of traditional<br />

pedestrian streets. For example, 1,700,000<br />

pedestrians a year go over the Saucy<br />

Footbridge to get from one bank of the city to<br />

the other.<br />

Walking is the most commonly used method of<br />

travel in Liège. It accounts for 40% of journeys.<br />

The first pedestrian shopping area in Liège,<br />

Passage Lemonnier, dates back to 1839 but the<br />

first transformation of a Liège shopping street<br />

accessible to cars into a pedestrian precinct<br />

was Rue Neuvice in 1965. This makes the Liège<br />

pedestrian area the oldest in Belgium.

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Local food projects<br />

Liège is above all a model city in terms of<br />

local agricultural projects. A whole host of<br />

initiatives exist to eat locally, healthily and in an<br />

environmentally-friendly way. Here are a few<br />

of them :<br />

page - 64<br />

City of succulent specialities<br />

Unique in the world! A Liège brewery<br />

(Brasserie C) recently launched a waffle<br />

beer : the ‘gaufrée’.<br />

The Ceinture Aliment-Terre Liégeoise : a<br />

project recognised for rallying the driving<br />

forces of the Liège region to support the<br />

development of a local supply and ecological<br />

food sector that generates high-quality jobs.<br />

The Creafarm project : a project that aims<br />

to encourage the development of urban<br />

agriculture projects in Liège by providing<br />

municipal land.<br />

Court-circuit : a market of produce grown<br />

locally.<br />

La MAdiL : this ‘Maison de l’Alimentation durable<br />

et inclusive de Liège’ or sustainable and<br />

inclusive food centre aims to raise awareness<br />

among citizens of the Liège conurbation to<br />

the challenges and benefits of healthier, more<br />

sustainable food that is accessible to all.<br />

Across 3,000 sqm, the filling of jars<br />

with local produce is developing on the<br />

Bressoux Droixhe site. These activities will<br />

supply local organisations such as school<br />

canteens or hotels, restaurants and cafés.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Marc Verpoorten<br />

Liège is a city of a thousand flavours. Its<br />

gastronomy mirrors its heritage : rich and<br />

convivial. Any visit to Liège must include a<br />

‘meatball and fries (speciality made from<br />

large minced meat balls). It’s one of the most<br />

popular dishes.<br />

There are also other specialities including<br />

salade liégeoise (green beans, potatoes and<br />

bacon bits), boukêtes (thick pancake), Liège<br />

cordial (apple/pear cordial), lacquemant<br />

(orange blossom flavoured sugar syrup waffle),<br />

not to mention the famous Liège waffles.<br />

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier<br />

Discover the many speciality breweries and<br />

cafés brought together under the Liège<br />

BeerLover’s city label. Another essential drink is<br />

pèkèt or juniper alcohol which can be tasted<br />

pure or flavoured. There are dozens of flavours!

© Ville de Liège - Maxime Flagothier

Managing editor : Jean-François Leblanc<br />

Editor : © Joëlle Saive | Formatting : © Maxime Flagothier<br />

City of Liège<br />

Strategy and Development Division | Communication Department<br />

5, Potiérue - 4000 Liège

Liège<br />

A city, a spirit.

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