Home Textile Exports April 2024

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4<br />

HTE<br />

Her excellency<br />

Turkish home textiles<br />

HTE - <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> <strong>Exports</strong> magazine plays a pivotal role<br />

as a source for all things related to the world of Turkish<br />

home textile products. As always, we are excited to publish<br />

the latest trends, innovations, and industry products<br />

from the leading exporters and suppliers in Turkiye.<br />

In this issue, we are particularly excited to present an array<br />

of captivating Turkish fabrics and home textile products<br />

in the advertisements of our esteemed advertisers.<br />

These samples exemplify the exquisite craftsmanship<br />

and diverse range of offerings that have made Turkish<br />

textiles renowned worldwide. Whether you’re seeking<br />

luxurious linens, the best towels and bathrobe, or stylish<br />

furnishings, our advertisers have you covered with their<br />

exceptional products.<br />

As Europe remains our primary market, we are pleased<br />

to announce our presence at the upcoming Proposte<br />

<strong>2024</strong> fair in Como, Italy. This prestigious event serves<br />

as a key platform for showcasing fabrics for window<br />

and furnishing, and we are delighted to participate once<br />

again. At Villa Erba, the iconic venue steeped in history<br />

and elegance, we will be distributing complimentary copies<br />

of our magazine, providing attendees with valuable<br />

insights into the latest trends and innovations in Turkish<br />

home textiles.<br />

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Ayse Mehtap EKINCI<br />

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Yusuf DEMIRKAZIK<br />

(yusuf.demirkazik@img.com.tr )<br />

We invite you to immerse yourself in the pages of this<br />

issue, where you’ll find inspiration, information, and<br />

a celebration of the rich heritage of Turkish textiles.<br />

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or<br />

an enthusiast of exquisite home décor, HTE magazine<br />

is your essential companion on a journey through the<br />

world of home textiles.<br />

Thank you for your continued support, and we look<br />

forward to connecting with you at Proposte <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

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10<br />

HTE<br />


Inventive Sleep® expands bestselling<br />

line for elevated sleepers<br />

with new personal wedge pillow<br />

Inventive Sleep® by Tracy Miller<br />

announced today the expansion<br />

of its best-selling solution-based<br />

decorative product line designed for<br />

sleep elevation, adding the Inventive<br />

Sleep® Personal Wedge Pillow just in<br />

time to help kick the new year off right.<br />

Available at Pottery Barn, the Inventive<br />

Sleep® Personal Wedge Pillow, designed<br />

to promote the benefits of elevated<br />

sleep, is now available in Ivory,<br />

Yellow, and Gray.<br />

A brand-new companion to the<br />

best-selling Inventive Sleep® Backrest<br />

Wedge Pillow, the compact Inventive<br />

Sleep® Personal Wedge Pillow provides<br />

extra support when placed at the<br />

head of the bed for sitting or used as<br />

a sleep elevation tool. To deliver the<br />

best in personal lounge comfort, it is<br />

reversible, providing angled support at<br />

both 90 and 60 degrees, while keeping<br />

your back upright for healthy back support. The<br />

personal wedge pillow is filled with hypoallergenic<br />

polyester fibers that contour to fit your body.<br />

It comes in a small size (23.5h x 20” x 8” deep)<br />

that is easy to move from room to room or from<br />

the headboard to the foot of the bed. The functional,<br />

solution-based design for elevated sleepers<br />

and bed-loungers delivers an upscale look in<br />

three colors that incorporates stylish accents into<br />

your decor. The removable cover is made from<br />

textured linen featuring a side pocket to provide<br />

an upscale look for any sleep or lounge space.<br />

“The benefits of sleep elevation are clear.<br />

Elevating your head while sleeping can help to<br />

reduce snoring and nasal drip, provide migraines<br />

relief, reduce heartburn, and even minimize those<br />

dark circles around the eyes,” says Tracy Miller,<br />

founder and CEO of Inventive Sleep. “In addition,<br />

elevating your feet can help to improve circulation,<br />

reduce inflammation, prevent deep vein<br />

thrombosis, reduce swelling of the feet, and provide<br />

relief from back pain. I created the Inventive<br />

Sleep® Personal Wedge Pillow to promote benefits<br />

like these, while offering a professional design<br />

and sharp colors that elevate any room.”<br />

Inventive Sleep® by Tracy Miller is known for using<br />

modern, eco-responsible materials combined<br />

with the latest sleep technology innovations in its<br />

home products, including sheets, pillows, comforters,<br />

blankets, and mattress pads. Every innovative<br />

sleep product offers maximum comfort<br />

and industry-leading performance, combined with<br />

the designs and materials consumers want to feature<br />

in their homes. Since 2006, Tracy Miller has<br />

worked to inspire people to experience exciting<br />

new levels of comfort and joy – while promoting<br />

the importance of a great night’s sleep for the<br />

mind, body, and soul. She created the industry’s<br />

first moisture-wicking down alternative bedding<br />

fill and temperature-regulating technical down<br />

blend fill, while leading the industry’s first bedding<br />

collaboration with a skin care company.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

16<br />


HTE<br />

Bambi turns sleep into a<br />

dream with its bed and<br />

duvet cover sets<br />

Sleep, which is one of the most indispensable<br />

physiological needs for a healthy life, significantly<br />

reduces the risk of many diseases<br />

and disorders if it is sufficient and of high quality.<br />

Bambi Mattress, which brings products with high<br />

innovation and story to its users, promises a quality<br />

sleep experience with the CLIMEXTRA mattress<br />

that offers seasonal comfort and the Jovelyn duvet<br />

cover set that offers superior comfort with its silky<br />

texture. All product groups of Bambi Mattress,<br />

which set the sleep trends, help to start the day<br />

more energetic and healthy.<br />

In today’s modern life, a quality sleep is of great<br />

importance in making a person feel energized and<br />

ready for the day, while a regular and insufficient<br />

amount of sleep leads to inattention, perception<br />

and memory problems. Transforming sleep, one of<br />

the most important periods of time when the body<br />

and mind rest, into a quality experience, Bambi<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

Mattress strengthens its presence behind dreams<br />

with the CLIMEXTRA mattress and Jovelyn duvet<br />

cover set. Developed to ensure a faster transition<br />

to sleep, the CLIMEXTRA mattress offers a feeling<br />

of coolness and freshness with SensICE technology<br />

on the summer surface, while the Wool Blended<br />

Fabric feature on the winter surface promises a<br />

warm and uninterrupted sleep. The Jovelyn duvet<br />

cover set, which offers the softness that is indispensable<br />

for a comfortable sleep at all times, rests<br />

the body thanks to its silky texture.<br />

17<br />

Falling asleep time is much shorter<br />

with CLIMEXTRA<br />

CLIMEXTRA mattress, which has a better heating<br />

performance than synthetic fibers on cool nights<br />

with its wool blended surface, infuses peace into<br />

sleep thanks to its breathable structure and load<br />

curls that give sponge comfort. CLIMEXTRA, which<br />

can be used in summer and winter, instantly removes<br />

the heat from the body in summer thanks to<br />

its hyper-conductive SensICE structure, providing<br />

a comfortable coolness and minimizing the transition<br />

time to sleep. The package spring system of<br />

the mattress, which gives the feeling of sleeping in<br />

nature with its feature that removes the stress and<br />

fatigue of the day from the body, helps the spine<br />

shape to be in the correct position during sleep. At<br />

the same time, with the independent movement<br />

feature of the springs, spouses are less affected by<br />

each other’s movements during sleep.<br />

Coloring bedrooms with Jovelyn<br />

Jovelyn duvet cover set, consisting of a total of<br />

six pieces including duvet cover, sheet, pillowcase<br />

and ornamental pillowcase and designed by<br />

Bambi with a softness as soft as dreams, makes<br />

falling asleep more special. The silky texture and<br />

feather-light structure of the set, which has a sheet<br />

side edge length of 36 cm, harmonizes with the<br />

skin and manages to maintain its first day’s softness<br />

and brightness for many years even after<br />

each wash. Jovelyn duvet cover set with different<br />

color options offers an ideal solution for those who<br />

want to redesign their bedroom or make a choice<br />

that suits their existing decor.

20<br />


HTE<br />

NIATEKS keen to generate<br />

new values for customers<br />

and society<br />

With over 20 years of expertise in the garment<br />

industry, Niateks has expanded its mastery to include<br />

home textiles, with a focus on the kitchen<br />

section. For the past 3 years, the company has<br />

crafted its own design products, blending innovation<br />

with tradition. Its team is committed to developing<br />

valuable products that meet the needs of<br />

people, and the officials of the company always<br />

say, “We are always open to new ideas and development.”<br />

One of the top officials of Niateks<br />

outlines: “We empower our customers with cutting-edge<br />

designs and expert range planning, particularly<br />

emphasizing the significance of kitchen<br />

design products in the European home textile<br />

market. By ensuring they lead the market with<br />

trendsetting collections, we help them stay ahead<br />

of the competition.<br />

“We prioritize the design of kitchen products in<br />

home textiles, but we also understand that design<br />

alone is not enough. Each design reflects<br />

our commitment to enhancing your home environment<br />

with quality, tasteful, and eco-friendly<br />

textiles. We believe that functionality and sustainability<br />

are equally important, especially in kitchen<br />

textiles.<br />

“We prioritize<br />

assisting<br />

brands in staying<br />

relevant and<br />

solidifying their<br />

position in the<br />

future with strategic<br />

solutions.<br />

We believe in<br />

creating the<br />

right collections<br />

at the right time<br />

and serving our<br />

customers by<br />

understanding<br />

their needs.<br />

Additionally, we<br />

offer our customers<br />

the flexibility<br />

to produce as few as 50 units, making trial<br />

orders an integral part of our service.”<br />

“Just as in life choices, we naturally prefer quality<br />

over quantity. Just as we seek high-quality food,<br />

better relationships, and experiences, we should<br />

ask ourselves why we would compromise on quality<br />

when it comes to our business style.”<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

22<br />

HTE<br />


Spring freshness in<br />

bedroom style with Linens<br />

Drawing attention with its lines that differentiate<br />

living spaces, Linens celebrates the<br />

arrival of spring in bedrooms. Offering elegance<br />

and comfort at the same time with its cotton<br />

satin fabric and eye-catching floral patterns in<br />

vibrant colors, Linens captures the season trends<br />

with Pistacho Duvet Cover Set.<br />

The spring season is the harbinger of nature’s<br />

awakening and refreshment... Linens says ‘Life<br />

begins at home’ to those who want to carry the<br />

freshness of spring to their bedrooms and prepares<br />

their living spaces for spring with its collections.<br />

Pistocha Duvet Cover Set, designed with<br />

vibrant colors and eye-catching floral patterns,<br />

takes place in the bedrooms as the representative<br />

of the spring season.<br />

Offering comfort and elegance together with its<br />

satin and cotton fabric, Linens brings the energy<br />

of spring to the bedrooms with floral patterns of<br />

pink, blue and green in the double Pistocha Duvet<br />

Cover Set.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

24<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

Unveiling excellence:<br />

Proposte <strong>2024</strong><br />

showcases the<br />

pinnacle of<br />

furnishing textiles at<br />

Lake Como<br />

The 31st edition of Proposte, the world’s preview<br />

of furnishing fabrics and curtains, will be held<br />

at Villa Erba in Cernobbio from May 2 to May<br />

4, <strong>2024</strong>. The exhibition will showcase the new<br />

collections of upholstery fabrics, curtains, trimmings,<br />

and wallcoverings.<br />

In the incomparable setting of Lake Como,<br />

79 select international exhibitors - 31 from<br />

Italy and 48 from abroad - will present their<br />

solutions to the most sophisticated textile demands<br />

of entrepreneurs from all over the world<br />

(in 2023, representatives from 73 countries visited<br />

the show).<br />

The exhibition area has been further rationalized<br />

to include 9 new exhibitors (4 from Italy, 2 from<br />

Belgium, 1 from France, 1 from Great Britain, and<br />

1 from Spain), whose products, organization, and<br />

business philosophy meet the requirements.<br />

Two important returns are worth mentioning. Eda<br />

- Enzo degli Angiuoni (Italy), acquired in 2023 by<br />

Francesca Busnelli together with a pool of investors,<br />

is renowned globally for the quality and<br />

style excellence of its furnishing fabrics. Seteria<br />

Bianchi (Italy) acquired by Fermo Fossati 1871<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

26<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

srl, is Italy’s oldest silk industry and the third<br />

oldest in the world, one of the very few that can<br />

offer pure silk furnishing fabrics to be used for a<br />

variety of purposes, ranging from heavy curtains<br />

to wallcoverings and upholstery.<br />

The new entries include Print4 Group (Italy) e<br />

Tissage Mahieu (Belgium),<br />

Both companies produce wallcoverings. Proposte<br />

entered this segment last year with already increasing<br />

interest and appreciation.<br />

Another new entry is Aquaclean Fabrics (Spain).<br />

With its revolutionary Aquaclean® technology,<br />

the company can meet the sophisticated needs<br />

of architects, interior designers, and detail-conscious<br />

homeowners.<br />

For the first time at Proposte is Belo Velvets<br />

(Belgium) which has been designing and manufacturing<br />

high-end velvets and plain fabrics for<br />

more than 40 years.<br />

Tissage des Flandres (France) will participate for<br />

the first time with its high-end jacquard pattern<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

28<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

collections, which it has been<br />

producing for more than 130<br />

years, along with Harris Tweed<br />

Hebrides (Great Britain), a world<br />

leader in British luxury fabrics.<br />

Last but not least, Mariantonia<br />

Urru (Italy), is a company that<br />

creates unique handmade and<br />

jacquard fabrics with innovative<br />

technology.<br />

“We are proud of seeing new<br />

companies participating in the<br />

show,” commented Massimo<br />

Mosiello, Director of Proposte.<br />

“They will increase the prestige<br />

of the trade show. Two important<br />

companies that have already<br />

presented their collections at<br />

Proposte in the past are coming<br />

back. This is another confirmation<br />

that our trade show<br />

is increasingly becoming a fundamental<br />

showcase for industry<br />

operators.”<br />

The new exhibitors will be joining<br />

and completing the panorama<br />

of the top international<br />

companies already featured at<br />

Proposte.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

30<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

Aware of their role as world leaders in furnishing<br />

textiles, Proposte’s exhibitors are committed to<br />

developing cutting-edge collections that are up<br />

to face the challenges of competition with the<br />

ultimate goal of offering customers insights and<br />

opportunities to meet every need.<br />

Made in Proposte is a universal textile language<br />

that fears no competition. The trade show is a<br />

showcase of a unique savoir-faire that is difficult<br />

to imitate. The participating companies have<br />

been working – maybe as never before - to offer<br />

products of excellent quality that are the result of<br />

a perfect mix of creativity and technology.<br />

Like last year, the Ala Regina space will be reserved<br />

for Comocrea Interni, an event dedicated<br />

to textile design for furnishing fabrics, featuring<br />

the participation of the best international design<br />

studios. The collaboration between Proposte and<br />

Comocrea Interni was confirmed again to make<br />

the experience even more complete.<br />

We take this opportunity to thank the Italian<br />

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International<br />

Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency ICE for<br />

their unfailing support.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


36<br />


HTE<br />

Naturalmat Launches Hemp<br />

Linen Bedding<br />

Naturalmat launches new collection of Got-certified<br />

organic hemp and linen bedding<br />

This month, award-winning mattress and bed<br />

makers, Naturalmat, will launch two new<br />

collections of GOTS (Global Organic <strong>Textile</strong><br />

Standard) certified bed linen, including their first<br />

range crafted entirely from hemp – one of the<br />

world’s most sustainable plants.<br />

In their ongoing exploration of innovative and<br />

sustainable materials, Naturalmat has chosen organic<br />

hemp and the eco-friendly staple, organic<br />

linen, as the foundation for their latest bed linen<br />

collections. Crafted with a meticulous blend<br />

of form, function, and sustainability, both ranges<br />

further enhance the sleep experience, keeping<br />

sleepers cool during the summer months and<br />

warm when temperatures dip, due to the fabrics’<br />

naturally breathable qualities.<br />

As part of Naturalmat’s on-going commitment to<br />

eco-friendly practices, both collections are Global<br />

Organic <strong>Textile</strong> Standard (GOTS) certified, meaning<br />

that all materials have been grown sustainably<br />

without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides,<br />

as well as assuring that farmers are paid<br />

correctly and have good working conditions.<br />

The new organic hemp and linen bedding will<br />

form part of Naturalmat’s existing organic bedding<br />

range which includes organic cotton flat and fitted<br />

sheets, along with standard and king-sized pillowcases<br />

and duvet covers, making Naturalmat’s<br />

entire bed linen range GOTS- certified - something<br />

no one else can claim.<br />

Naturalmat Founder, Mark Tremlett comments,<br />

“Our goal is to establish ourselves as the destination<br />

for GOTS-certified organic bed linen, and the<br />

introduction of these new ranges marks a significant<br />

stride towards realising that vision.”<br />

Washed Organic Hemp<br />

Once a maritime staple of the 18th century,<br />

Naturalmat is proudly introducing this incredibly<br />

sustainable fibre as the basis of its latest bedding<br />

Linen Bedding on Appledore Bed, Photography, Jon Day<br />

range. Hemp’s extraordinary ecological advantages,<br />

such as thriving with minimal water and<br />

without pesticides, contribute to soil health by returning<br />

nutrients through its deep roots. Notably,<br />

it absorbs twice the amount of CO₂ per hectare<br />

compared to a forest, solidifying its position as an<br />

unparalleled eco-friendly fibre.<br />

Available in a creamy ecru colour, the inherent<br />

qualities of hemp, with its long fibres, offer<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

38<br />

HTE<br />


Ashford bed with Washed Hemp bedlinen – King Duvet Cover (£190), Standard Pillowcase (£45), King Fitted Sheet (£110)<br />

breathability and a softly structured feel, resulting<br />

in bedding that is not only comfortable but also<br />

exudes a relaxed, casual charm.<br />

Washed Organic Linen<br />

Remarkably light, airy, and with a laid-back elegance,<br />

Naturalmat’s new bed linen collection offers<br />

unparalleled breathability, ensuring the body<br />

maintains the perfect temperature throughout the<br />

night, regardless of the season. The fabric’s natural<br />

moth-resistant properties also make it an ideal<br />

choice for allergy sufferers.<br />

Naturalmat’s commitment to sustainability is woven<br />

into every thread. Consumers can be assured<br />

that the organic linen throughout the collection<br />

is cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals<br />

or pesticides, providing a sleep solution that<br />

aligns with Naturalmat’s values. Derived from<br />

the flax plant, linen emerges as an inherently<br />

eco-friendly fabric, demanding significantly less<br />

water for cultivation compared to other fibres.<br />

Each part of the flax plant is utilised, minimising<br />

wastage, and contributing to a more sustainable<br />

and responsible approach to bedding, prioritising<br />

the health and wellbeing of both the consumer<br />

and the planet we live on.<br />

Washed Linen bedding on Appledore Bed – King Duvet Cover (£205), King Pillowcase (£54), King Fitted Sheet (£120)<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

44<br />


HTE<br />

Valeron’s unıque<br />

rhythm of<br />

harmony wıth<br />

nature<br />

Leading the season trends and always<br />

adding luxurious details to<br />

home textile fashion, Valeron continues<br />

to bring together its designs<br />

that combine quality and elegance.<br />

With their eye-catching patterns,<br />

Fresia and Enora Duvet Cover Sets<br />

bring the splendor of nature to life in<br />

bedrooms. The bedding sets, which<br />

carry the spring tones with their fascinating<br />

design and striking colors,<br />

create a unique style.<br />

Valeron, which differentiates with<br />

details and creates an exclusive<br />

style with its elegant designs, brings<br />

spring vitality in bedrooms with the<br />

unique rhythm of colors.<br />

Enora Duvet Cover Set offers striking<br />

colors with red and its tones,<br />

while Fresia Duvet Cover Set offers<br />

peaceful colors that soothe the soul<br />

with yellow and its tones. Providing<br />

comfort in every detail thanks to<br />

its digitally printed satin fabric, the<br />

duvet cover sets bring the usual<br />

Valeron quality to the bedrooms<br />

with its 100% cotton structure.<br />

Welcoming spring with a luxurious<br />

style, bedding sets also signature a<br />

unique elegance.<br />

Enore and Fresia bedding sets,<br />

which bring the splendor of nature<br />

together with the bedrooms, and<br />

Valeron collections that make a difference<br />

with their texture are available<br />

at the Zorlu Center Valeron<br />

store.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


48<br />


HTE<br />

Zorlu Tekstil attracted attention at<br />

Heimtextil with its environmentally<br />

friendly innovative products<br />

Zorlu Tekstil participated in Heimtextil Fair<br />

with Zorluteks, Europe’s leading manufacturer<br />

of home textiles, and Korteks, Europe’s<br />

largest integrated polyester yarn manufacturer,<br />

and drew attention with its sustainability-oriented<br />

environmentally friendly innovative products.<br />

Zorlu Tekstil presented the new collections of Taç<br />

and Valeron as well as Korteks’ innovative yarns<br />

to the visitors at Heimtextil Fair, the world’s most<br />

important international home textile fair held in<br />

Frankfurt, Germany between 9-12 January <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Zorlu Holding <strong>Textile</strong> Group, one of Turkey’s leading<br />

textile manufacturers, continues to inspire<br />

and pioneer the sector with its products focusing<br />

on sustainability in line with Zorlu Group’s Smart<br />

Life 2030 strategy.<br />

Zorlu Tekstil participated in Heimtextil Fair, the<br />

world’s largest international home textile fair,<br />

with Zorluteks, Europe’s leading manufacturer of<br />

home textiles, and Korteks, Europe’s largest integrated<br />

polyester yarn manufacturer.<br />

Zorlu Tekstil presented the new collections of its<br />

leading brand Taç, which determines home textile<br />

fashion with its innovative products reflecting<br />

the trends, and Valeron, one of the most unique<br />

international brands, as well as Korteks’ innovative<br />

yarns.<br />

“We lead the industry with our<br />

innovative, sustainable and<br />

innovative products.”<br />

Zorlu Holding <strong>Textile</strong> Group President Necat Altın<br />

said, “As Zorlu Holding <strong>Textile</strong> Group, we focus<br />

on creating long-term value in all our activities in<br />

line with our Group’s Smart Life 2030 strategy.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

50<br />


HTE<br />

We carry out all our production processes by focusing<br />

on the environment, nature and people.<br />

We lead the industry with our innovative, sustainable<br />

and innovative products; at the same time,<br />

we contribute to a sustainable future. Among the<br />

products we produce by focusing on sustainability<br />

are self-cleaning curtains, cool-retaining bedspreads,<br />

curtains made from waste pet bottles,<br />

bed linen obtained by recycling cotton and tencel<br />

yarns, and the latest Taç Reborn Collection,<br />

which we produced with the slogan ‘today for the<br />

future’. In addition, the sustainability-oriented<br />

yarns of Korteks, Europe’s largest integrated polyester<br />

yarn producer, which constitutes our driving<br />

force, attracted great attention at the fair. It is a<br />

source of happiness and pride for us to encounter<br />

such an intense interest. As Zorlu Tekstil, we<br />

will continue to work for a more sustainable world<br />

and inspire all sectors in this regard.”<br />

Zorlu Tekstil presented the <strong>2024</strong> collections of<br />

TAÇ and Valeron brands as well as Disney <strong>Home</strong><br />

licensed products to the visitors at the fair. The<br />

company’s 247 square metre booth also featured<br />

the sustainable products of TAÇ, which is a<br />

role model for the sector in terms of sustainable<br />

products; Reborn Duvet Cover Sets, Veggie Dye,<br />

Hemp, Lyocell, Bamboo duvet covers and biodegradable<br />

polyester curtains, and Recycle Cotton,<br />

Agraloop, Renewcell, Refibra duvet covers and<br />

Recycle Polyester curtains made from recycled<br />

materials.<br />

In terms of licensed brands, many popular products<br />

such as Star Wars, Frozen, Spiderman,<br />

Minnie & Mickey, Bambi, Cars, Winnie The Pooh,<br />

Princess, Aristo Cats, Lilo & Stitch, which will<br />

be under the roof of Disney <strong>Home</strong> since 2021,<br />

met with visitors at the fair. Licensed products of<br />

Wish, which was specially prepared for the 100th<br />

anniversary of Disney and recently met with the<br />

audience in the cinema, also took its place at the<br />

fair with TAÇ quality.<br />

Korteks’ innovative yarns attract<br />

great interest from visitors<br />

Korteks, which makes a difference especially<br />

in the field of technical textiles with its product<br />

variety, product quality, fast and flexible solutions,<br />

and continues to reinforce its position as<br />

a sought-after brand in the market, also took its<br />

place at the fair. Drawing attention with its investments<br />

in the sustainable products category within<br />

the framework of the Group’s Smart Life 2030<br />

strategy, Korteks attracted great interest from visitors<br />

at Heimtextil Fair with its many yarn types<br />

such as Taç Reborn, Dope Dyed, Taç Bioloop.<br />

Kas, Kieth Harring, Bluebell Gray branded<br />

products, of which Zorlu Tekstil is a significant<br />

manufacturer partner, also met with visitors at<br />

Heimtextil Fair.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

54<br />


HTE<br />

Bathroom style<br />

is completed with<br />

Linen Style<br />

Linens, indispensable for stylish<br />

homes, combines elegance<br />

and comfort in bathrooms.<br />

Offering ease of use with its soft texture,<br />

absorbency and high structure<br />

as well as its style, Linens’ bathrobes<br />

and towels add a stylish atmosphere<br />

to bathrooms with their colours and<br />

designs.<br />

Linens, one of the leading home<br />

textile brands of Zorlu Tekstil, continues<br />

to make a difference with its<br />

products in the bathroom group.<br />

Linens bathrobes combine simplicity<br />

and elegance with their colours<br />

and patterns, while showing their<br />

quality with their soft structure<br />

and fast absorbency. The collection,<br />

which offers ease of use after<br />

showering with its cotton structure,<br />

becomes indispensable for those<br />

looking for comfort and quality in<br />

bathrooms.<br />

Catch Harmony in the<br />

bathroom with Linens<br />

bathrobe sets<br />

The bathrobe set, which has a<br />

highly absorbent and soft structure<br />

prepared with bamboo and cotton<br />

quality, is included in the same set<br />

with its special design for men and<br />

women, and brings harmony to the<br />

bathrooms with towels in three different<br />

sizes. Thanks to the bathrobe<br />

sets and sets prepared by Linens, it<br />

is possible to easily reach comfort<br />

and elegance in bathrooms at the<br />

same time.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>


56<br />


HTE<br />

Spring<br />

branch for<br />

bedrooms<br />

inspired<br />

by nature:<br />

Ivonne Bed<br />

Linen Set<br />

Valeron, which differentiates with details and<br />

creates an exclusive style with its elegant<br />

designs, brings seasonal trends to the bedrooms.<br />

Ivonne Duvet Cover Set, designed with superior<br />

fabric quality and inspired by the tones of<br />

nature, extends a spring branch to the bedrooms...<br />

Valeron, which always adds an elegant touch to<br />

home textiles by shaping seasonal trends, continues<br />

to offer elegance and comfort at the same<br />

time in bedrooms. Inspired by the tones of nature,<br />

Ivonne Duvet Cover Set represents warmth with its<br />

pastel yellow colour, serenity with its green colour<br />

and peace with its blue colour. It extends a spring<br />

branch to the bedrooms with its fascinating perfect<br />

design and floral pattern. It is the perfect piece for<br />

a luxurious bedroom style with its superior quality<br />

jacquard fabric, 100% cotton texture and satin<br />

elegance.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

60<br />


HTE<br />

Gül Güler, her<br />

excellency in elegant<br />

home textile products<br />

Gül Güler is a success of a woman dedicated to develop an<br />

elegant concept in the home decoration business. Motivated<br />

by her passion to the innovative ideas, she established Gul<br />

Guler company and developed a complete unique line and<br />

took its respective place in the industry.<br />

One of its reasons for being different is the<br />

combination of high-quality material and<br />

detailed workmanship led by the dedication<br />

of the power which established the company.<br />

Collections consist of designs with patterns, embroideries<br />

and laces in a boutique line. Customers<br />

are mostly loyal and they buy the products with a<br />

big trust in brand. We have recently conducted<br />

an exclusive interview with Gonca Güler from the<br />

sales management of the company to get the details<br />

of their success story.<br />

Could you brief yourself and your<br />

company?<br />

Gul Guler is an Izmir based home linen brand.<br />

This year we will hopefully be celebrating our<br />

30th year! We produce bedroom, bathroom, living<br />

room and baby textiles. We have 4 shops and 12<br />

selling points in Turkey. We increased our exports<br />

last 6 years. We are proud of having our goods in<br />

many different locations around the world.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

62<br />


HTE<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

Besides our standard (twice a year) collections as<br />

SS and FW, we work on “customized”. We prepare<br />

collections for boutique hotels, yacht and boats,<br />

residences or restaurants. Custom work is very<br />

essential nowadays and it helps being with our<br />

customers in every condition, for every need.<br />

We were one of the first to print designs on soaps.<br />

It defined us for very long years. We want to improve<br />

our section and start the subject in a brandnew<br />

page.<br />

What are the features that make you<br />

superior to your competitors?<br />

Using highest quality, crafting high end collections.<br />

Being trustable, offering many designs but<br />

keeping the taste same meanwhile. Keeping our<br />

customers as our first priority, being in touch<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

whenever they can. Creating timeless designs by<br />

keeping up the date and improving ourselves in the short, medium and long term?<br />

terms of fashion. In short, preparing the “different”.<br />

We are buying new machines for our production.<br />

To increase our capacity, every year we add another<br />

embroidery machine/ new equipment, to<br />

enhance our options, be faster, be innovative.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion,<br />

participation in fairs, etc. strategies?<br />

We want to expand our selling points outside of<br />

Turkey. We are happy with our domestic placement.<br />

We want to be in other locations around<br />

the world, the first investment in mind to have a<br />

store outside of Turkey.<br />

Are there any topics or issues<br />

you would like to emphasise in<br />

particular?<br />

When we have a design, we work whole collection<br />

for it. Beddings, bathroom linen, blanket...<br />

Same aplies for table linen, we use lace differently<br />

in table cloth, runner, napkin, bread basket<br />

cover, cutlery... So when you select a design for<br />

bed&bath you can easily combine all. Bed covers<br />

and side pieces are always matching colors.<br />

When you want to have a rich table look, same<br />

idea applies for that side.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

www<br />


68<br />


HTE<br />

Newbie and Boråstapeter<br />

launch new wallpaper collection<br />

Newbie and Boråstapeter are taking the<br />

next step in their fruitful partnership<br />

by launching a new wallpaper collection:<br />

Newbie II. The Newbie II collection is<br />

made up of 18 beautifully hand-drawn designs<br />

from Newbie’s magical world of patterns<br />

in a soothing palette of soft shades<br />

and dreamy pastel hues. The collection is intended<br />

to encourage playfulness and create<br />

a homely space where children feel comfortable<br />

and secure.<br />

“Our new wallpaper collection takes children<br />

on a journey through exquisite hand-painted<br />

floral designs and animal worlds that not<br />

only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room,<br />

but also tell a story, awaken curiosity and a<br />

desire to explore,” says Maja Olsbo, Design<br />

Lead at Newbie.<br />

The partnership that the Kappahl Group’s<br />

Newbie brand and Boråstapeter began four<br />

years ago has been successful from the very<br />

start. A complete wallpaper book released<br />

in 2020 was favourably received by customers,<br />

and a new collection of wallcoverings<br />

was launched in 2022. And now it’s time<br />

again, with the Newbie II collection.<br />

“Sustainability and timelessness are the<br />

guiding principles by which Newbie operates,<br />

coupled with a commitment to excellence<br />

and close attention to detail. Along with the<br />

fairytale motifs and the soft, gentle colours,<br />

this harmonises perfectly with Boråstapeter’s<br />

vision of creating wallpaper with timeless appeal,”<br />

Maja Olsbo goes on to say.<br />

In the new Newbie II wallpaper collection,<br />

we find old favourites reimagined in fresh<br />

colourways and brand new patterns that<br />

draw us into a fairytale world filled with enchantment,<br />

captivating journeys and friendly<br />

creatures. Unique, hand-drawn patterns that<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

70<br />


HTE<br />

envelope the space and make it feel warm,<br />

snug and comfortable.<br />

Newbie II comprises four themes with 18<br />

patterns and a total of 35 colourways. The<br />

wallpaper patterns range from small to large<br />

scale and are designed to harmonise with<br />

Newbie’s and Boråstapeter’s concept of<br />

matching interior accessories, such as bedding,<br />

decorative items, cuddly toys and storage<br />

solutions in the same pattern.<br />

“The collection contains no fewer than five<br />

wall murals that let children immerse themselves<br />

in Newbie’s different worlds. They<br />

serve as a backdrop for adventures and<br />

playtime for all young explorers,” says Jenny<br />

Hahne Gadd, who works as a designer at<br />

Boråstapeter.<br />

The wallpaper is made in Sweden from<br />

non-woven material that makes it especially<br />

durable and easy to hang. The Newbie II<br />

collection will be launched at selected retailers<br />

and online at kappahl.com and borastapeter.com<br />

on 31 January. RRP: SEK 699/<br />

roll, mural SEK 1,999/2.65 m<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

organised by

72<br />


HTE<br />

Yataş<br />

announced <strong>2024</strong> trends<br />

Yataş Bedding, Turkey’s innovative<br />

brand in sleep products, shared the<br />

trends that will stand out in home textiles<br />

in <strong>2024</strong>. In <strong>2024</strong>, soft feathery textures,<br />

velvet, satin, transparent fabrics in a rich colour<br />

scale from orange to ocean blue, mustard<br />

yellow to burgundy will enter the bedrooms.<br />

While special embroidery will stand<br />

out on decorative pillows and bed linen,<br />

floral patterns, flowers and leaves will bring<br />

nature into the bedrooms.<br />

Yataş Bedding, the first brand that comes to<br />

mind when it comes to quality and innovative<br />

technologies in Turkey’s sleep products, announced<br />

<strong>2024</strong> home textile trends. The colours<br />

of <strong>2024</strong> will be orange tones, bright red,<br />

lime, cotton candy pink, damson, ocean blue,<br />

mustard yellow, burgundy and warm coffee<br />

tones. Scandinavian and Mediterranean<br />

styles will stand out as the most common<br />

styles in bedrooms.<br />

Safari theme, jungle themes, banana leaves,<br />

floral patterns, fine sketch flowers, geometric<br />

and wavy forms will be frequently seen in<br />

patterns. Soft feathery textures, velvet, cashmere<br />

textures, tencel and bamboo qualities,<br />

boucle fabrics, organic and muslin qualities<br />

will come to the fore; while bamboo, tencel,<br />

organic and muslin, velvet, satin, transparent<br />

fabrics will be the most popular fabrics.<br />

Special embroideries will be used in decorative<br />

pillows and bed linen. We will witness<br />

the rise of organic products. In Yataş Bedding<br />

collection, Triola, Coverme, Charme, Co-mic,<br />

Infinity new generation dowry groups and<br />

wellsoft, nano gel quilts will be at the forefront.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

24-27 February 2025<br />

Almaty / Kazakhstan<br />

Sinem ALTINAY / Turkel Fair Organization<br />

GSM: +90 544 680 00 64<br />

sinemaltinay@turkel.com.tr<br />

homedecofair.com<br />


21-25<br />

‘24<br />

recycle<br />

recycle<br />


76<br />

NEWS<br />

HTE<br />

HeiQ unveils HeiQ Skin Care<br />

- a probiotics-infused textile<br />

technology<br />

HeiQ introduces a 100% biobased and long-lasting<br />

cosmetic finishing technology for textiles to the market.<br />

The newest addition to the HeiQ portfolio harnesses<br />

the power of active probiotics and selected prebiotics to<br />

enhance the skin microbiome, turning the human’s largest<br />

organ into the best-looking one.<br />

HeiQ, a global leader in textile innovation, is<br />

proud to announce the launch of HeiQ Skin<br />

Care technology for next-to-skin apparel<br />

and home textiles. This revolutionary proprietary<br />

technology, 100% biobased and meticulously designed,<br />

marks a significant advancement in textile<br />

innovation.<br />

HeiQ Skin Care is a synbiotic textile finish aimed<br />

at providing a balanced microbiome for glowing<br />

skin, even after repeated use and washing of<br />

textiles. Unlike conventional products, HeiQ Skin<br />

Care utilizes slow-release prebiotics and probiotics<br />

seamlessly integrated into a biobased textile matrix,<br />

enriching the skin’s microbiome diversity, and<br />

offering long-lasting cosmetic benefits.<br />

The synergistic combination of prebiotics and probiotics,<br />

known as synbiotics, delivers a soothing<br />

cosmetic skin treatment while we relax, work, or<br />

sleep. Probiotics not only restore and improve the<br />

skin’s natural balance but also enhance its self-repair<br />

capabilities. Synbiotics promote skin renewal,<br />

rebalancing, and improved appearance, reducing<br />

the signs of aging and establishing a favorable<br />

environment for the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.<br />

“HeiQ Skin Care represents a leap forward in textile<br />

innovation, combining the power of probiotics<br />

and prebiotics to enhance skin microbiome and<br />

overall skin appearance. It is another way of delivering<br />

our promise of improving the lives of billions,<br />

which is at the core of everything we do at HeiQ”,<br />

says Mike Abbott, Head of HeiQ <strong>Textile</strong>s & Flooring<br />

Business Unit. “Our technology is a testament to<br />

HeiQ’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of<br />

what textiles can achieve, and we are excited to<br />

showcase it at ISPO Munich 2023.”<br />

A second skin that takes care of the<br />

first<br />

Our skin, the largest organ in human body, is home<br />

to a diverse community of microorganisms called<br />

the skin microbiome. It plays a crucial role in maintaining<br />

good skin condition, acting as a protective<br />

barrier against harmful agents. However, various<br />

factors, such as hormones, genes, diet, smoking,<br />

environmental exposures, and excessive UV radiation,<br />

can disrupt its balance, leading to skin conditions<br />

like rashes, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, skin<br />

irritation, redness, eczema, and odor. Maintaining<br />

a balanced skin microbiome is essential for preserving<br />

skin integrity. HeiQ Skin Care is suitable<br />

for all textile fibers, both natural and synthetic,<br />

and can be applied to all textile items that come in<br />

direct contact with the skin. This versatility makes<br />

it an ideal choice for daily use- at work, during<br />

sports, leisure activities, or as bedding items like<br />

bed sheets and pillows.<br />

Intensive wear trials conducted during the development<br />

stage have proven the consistent release<br />

of synbiotics (prebiotics and probiotics) onto the<br />

skin, creating conditions to foster a well-balanced<br />

microbiome.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

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