Furnishing Fabric Fashion March - April 2024

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21-25<br />

‘24<br />

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6<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Contents<br />

Group Chairman<br />

Publisher<br />

H.Ferruh ISIK<br />

ISTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik<br />

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Mehmet SOZTUTAN<br />

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Editor<br />

Furkan AKAR<br />

Editorial Consultants<br />

Ahmet OKCUOGLU<br />

Dr. Rolf ARORA<br />

Güven SANCAK<br />

Hakan YILSELI<br />

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Milou KET<br />

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Omer Faruk GORUN<br />

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Project and<br />

Advertising Manager<br />

Omer Faruk GORUN<br />

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+90 505 299 62 65<br />

6 Let’s delve into the fascination ocean of<br />

design and innovation<br />

8 One more step towards Sustainable Textile:<br />

Plant Based <strong>Fabric</strong>s<br />

52 Duck <strong>Fabric</strong>: Elegance and Durability in<br />

Home Textiles with Water and Stain Repellent<br />

Properties<br />

58 A collection based on intuition<br />

Correspondents<br />

Art Director<br />

Elke ARORA<br />

Tolga CAKMAKLI<br />

(tolga.cakmakli@img.com.tr)<br />

10 Weavers water free fabrics<br />

14 Vellteks not only produces fabrics, but<br />

also decorates dreams...<br />

16 5 Mix & Match <strong>Fabric</strong> Looks For Your<br />

Home in <strong>2024</strong><br />

20 Welcoming the spring<br />

24 It’s all about the fabric! COR is focusing on<br />

diverse upholstery fabrics in <strong>2024</strong><br />

30 Textile trends: 5 fabrics home textile<br />

trends in <strong>2024</strong><br />

36 Inspiring fabric trends of spring <strong>2024</strong><br />

42 The Evolution of Bouclé<br />

46 Trinacria, the new Ardecora collection<br />

62 Camengo “ORIGINELLE” <strong>Fabric</strong> Collection<br />

66 Rounder and curvier shapes, ridges and<br />

ribs in interior design<br />

80 <strong>2024</strong> Colour Trends for Home Décor<br />

82 Discover the timeless beauty of fabric<br />

Taro<br />

84 <strong>2024</strong> curtain trends for your home<br />

86 Miras with respects to the ancient lands<br />

of Anatolia, which have hosted many important<br />

civilizations for centuries<br />

90 Agora <strong>Fabric</strong>s announces its introduction<br />

to the U.S. market<br />

94 Reflect spring with upholstery fabrics<br />

Chief Accountant<br />

Chief Accountant<br />



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8<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

From the editor<br />

Let’s delve into the fascination<br />

ocean of design and innovation<br />

Ömer Faruk Görün Project Manager<br />

omer.gorun@img.com.tr<br />

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, it is with great<br />

pleasure that we present to you the latest issue of <strong>Furnishing</strong><br />

<strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong> magazine. In this edition, we focus on the<br />

fascinating world of design, sustainability, and innovation,<br />

showcasing the latest trends and developments that are shaping<br />

the future of our industry.<br />

Design lies at the heart of everything we do, and in this issue,<br />

we celebrate the ingenuity of designers once again. From bold<br />

patterns to subtle textures, each fabric featured in these pages<br />

tells a unique story, reflecting the diverse inspirations and<br />

influences that drive our collective imagination.<br />

But design is only one part of the equation. At <strong>Furnishing</strong><br />

<strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>, we are committed to promoting sustainability<br />

and environmental responsibility within the textile industry. In<br />

this issue, we shine a spotlight on companies and individuals<br />

who are leading the way in sustainable practices, from utilizing<br />

eco-friendly materials to implementing innovative production<br />

techniques that minimize waste and reduce our carbon<br />

footprint.<br />

Innovation is another key theme of this issue, as we explore<br />

the cutting-edge technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing<br />

the way we think about fabric design and manufacturing.<br />

From 3D printing to smart textiles, the possibilities<br />

are endless, and we are excited to share with you some good<br />

products of the most groundbreaking developments in the<br />

field.<br />

As a special feature, we are delighted to announce that<br />

complimentary copies of this issue will be distributed at the<br />

upcoming Proposte Fair, to be held on the picturesque coast<br />

of Lake Como in Italy. Proposte is renowned as one of the<br />

premier events in the industry, bringing together designers,<br />

manufacturers, and buyers from across the globe to discover<br />

the latest trends and innovations in drapery and furnishing<br />

fabrics.<br />

We hope that this issue inspires you, sparks your creativity,<br />

and ignites your passion for the world of furnishing fabrics.<br />

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward<br />

to continuing to bring you the very best in design, sustainability,<br />

and innovation.

10<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

One more step towards<br />

Sustainable Textile: Plant Based<br />

Hakan YILSELI Phd Student<br />

hakanyilseli@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Fabric</strong>s<br />

F<br />

From nature to nature! Innovative textiles, derived<br />

from natural plant sources, are revolutionizing the<br />

upholstery industry with their eco-friendly properties<br />

and inherent beauty. <strong>Fashion</strong> is developing itself<br />

for our nature. With an increasing emphasis on<br />

sustainability, the textile industry is taking another<br />

significant step forward with the introduction of<br />

plant-based fabrics. These innovative textiles, derived<br />

from natural plant sources, represent a harmonious<br />

blend of nature and technology, offering a<br />

host of eco-friendly benefits while showcasing the<br />

inherent beauty.<br />

Upholstery is undergoing a transformative shift<br />

as these plant-based fabrics gain traction in the<br />

market. Manufacturers and designers alike are<br />

embracing these contents for their sustainable<br />

properties, recognizing the importance of reducing<br />

environmental impact.<br />

From bamboo and hemp to pineapple leaf fibers, a<br />

diverse array of plant sources is being harnessed to<br />

create textiles that are not only biodegradable but<br />

also renewable and resource-efficient. This transition<br />

towards plant-based fabrics signifies a broader<br />

commitment within the fashion industry to minimize<br />

reliance on conventional, resource-intensive<br />

materials and embrace more environmentally<br />

friendly alternatives.<br />

As consumers become increasingly conscious of<br />

the environmental footprint of their purchasing<br />

decisions, the demand for plant-based fabrics is<br />

expected to grow. Beyond their eco-friendly credentials,<br />

these textiles also offer superior breathability,<br />

moisture-wicking properties, and durability,<br />

making them a compelling choice for both fashion<br />

and interior design applications.<br />

In essence, the rise of plant-based fabrics marks<br />

a pivotal moment in the evolution of sustainable<br />

textiles, as the industry strives to align with the<br />

principles of conservation and regeneration. By<br />

harnessing the power of nature, fashion is not just<br />

adapting to our environment but actively contributing<br />

to its preservation and flourishing.

12<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Weavers<br />

water<br />

free<br />

fabrics<br />

AAt the heart of this initiative lies a pioneering production technique that<br />

eliminates the need for water, a precious resource often overexploited in<br />

traditional textile manufacturing processes. By leveraging technologies<br />

and innovative methodologies, Weavers has devised a method wherein<br />

water consumption is drastically minimized throughout the fabric<br />

production cycle. This approach not only reduces the strain on water<br />

resources but also diminishes the environmental impact associated with<br />

water-intensive manufacturing practices.<br />

The implications of Weavers’ “Water Free <strong>Fabric</strong>s” extend far beyond<br />

mere conservation efforts; they signify a paradigm shift towards more<br />

sustainable and eco-conscious practices within the textile industry. By<br />

prioritizing resource efficiency and environmental responsibility, Weavers<br />

sets a new standard for sustainability that resonates across the<br />

global market.<br />

Weavers’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere production<br />

techniques. The company actively engages in sourcing eco-friendly<br />

materials, ensuring that every aspect of their fabric manufacturing<br />

process aligns with their overarching sustainability goals. From responsibly<br />

sourced fibers to energy-efficient manufacturing facilities, Weavers<br />

integrates sustainability into every facet of their operations, setting a

precedent for responsible corporate practices. As consumer demand for<br />

eco-friendly products continues to rise, Weavers’ “Water Free <strong>Fabric</strong>s”<br />

position the company at the core of sustainable innovation within the<br />

textile industry. By taking priority sustainability, Weavers paves the way<br />

for a more environmentally conscious future.<br />

In essence, Weavers’ launch of “Water Free <strong>Fabric</strong>s” represents not only<br />

a milestone in textile manufacturing but also a signal of hope for a more<br />

sustainable tomorrow. Through innovation, dedication, and a steadfast<br />

commitment to environmental stewardship, Weavers sets a precedent<br />

for responsible business practices that inspire change on a global scale.<br />

13<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

16<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Vellteks not only produces<br />

fabrics, but also decorates<br />

dreams...<br />

Upholstery fabrics are<br />

the most important<br />

element that<br />

complements interior<br />

designs and even<br />

carries the designs to<br />

a completely different<br />

dimension. Many details<br />

such as the quality<br />

of the fabric used in<br />

interior design, colour,<br />

glossy or matt, the size<br />

of the patterns directly<br />

affect the perception of<br />

upholstered furniture.<br />

A<br />

An official of Vellteks describes the magic of their brand as: “With<br />

our fabrics, we can make the seating groups look more durable and<br />

aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time giving them a comfortable<br />

appearance. This year, we embrace the cheerful, bold and<br />

energetic tones of the color trends of the two decades after the 70s.<br />

In addition to the courage to use shades of white and its prominent<br />

naturalness, we try to include the energy of red, the dynamism of<br />

blue and the peaceful calmness of green in the fabrics.<br />

We believe that Vellteks fabrics will turn into works of art when they<br />

meet the right designs in the hands of people whose imagination<br />

knows no limits.”

17<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

18<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

5 Mix & Match<br />

<strong>Fabric</strong> Looks For<br />

Your Home in <strong>2024</strong><br />

If you have been to any middleeastern<br />

city, you will see how<br />

beautifully and aesthetically they<br />

mix and match patterns. The<br />

vibrant colours, intricate and<br />

basic patterns have so much to<br />

say. It is a mélange of geometric<br />

designs and detailed arabesques.<br />

The latest Disney movie, Aladdin,<br />

starring Will Smith, is something<br />

that comes to my mind in terms<br />

of lavish design which mixed<br />

patterns, bright colours and<br />

various shades of history. Inspired<br />

not only from the middle-east but<br />

also vintage designs from Europe<br />

and it is very tastefully done.

19<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Patterns give a personality to anything. Patterned fabrics used for making<br />

cushion covers, rugs, sofas, footwear, tops, bags or patterns on jewellery, on the<br />

façade of buildings, breathes in a new vibe to the surface they are added on.<br />

Have you tried mixing patterns at home, in your living room, or your bedroom or<br />

even your kitchen and bathrooms? Homemakers or even<br />

interior designs often shy from mixing patterns in aesthetics as it is a bold move<br />

and requires a sense of courage and visualisation to implement it.<br />

If you are a big fan of upholstered furniture and fabric accessories in your home,<br />

then you can experiment and go beyond just solids and neutrals and spread the<br />

vibrant charm of patterns and textures. However more than just visual appeal, it<br />

is a lot about strategy too to make it look cohesive and comfortable. Sometimes,<br />

if not rightly paired, it can look loud or haphazard.<br />

Here is your mixing guide – five fabric pattern combinations that go well on<br />

upholstery. While these points only focus on fabrics, when combining patterns,<br />

give a thought to your walls and tiles and any other wooden furniture. Patterns<br />

look good by complimenting them with neutrals and solids.<br />

• Plaids with Stripes<br />

Plaids and stripes are basic patterns and come in a wide variety of colours and<br />

sizes. A busy plaid with pinstripes is a good combination. Be careful while choosing<br />

the colours of both. Remember one has to vibe well the other and not break<br />

the harmony.<br />

• Bold geometric dobby designs with Prints<br />

Weaving large dobby designs on fabrics makes it look extravagant and it makes<br />

an interesting pair with small and colourful prints. Ensure that you do not mix<br />

busy geometric designs with large prints as it will look too cluttered. Again here,<br />

the tones need to match well. A bold geometric woven rug with a solid sofa and<br />

printed throw cushions give a chic and urban vibe.

20<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

• Herringbone with Floral Prints<br />

A neutral shade herringbone woven fabric with floral prints can make the setting<br />

very warm and homely. It is pleasing for the eyes and florals never go out of<br />

fashion. The floral prints can be inspired from history and architecture. Herringbone<br />

designs go well with plaids and stripes too. If you are not too sure of a<br />

herringbone, try out smaller surface accessories or pouffes or ottomans.<br />

• Diamond Repeats with Bold Stripes<br />

Stripes actually can be paired with anything and everything. It is one of the most<br />

versatile patterns. Make horizontal or vertical, it finds a space easily. Any dobby<br />

design in repeat diamonds can be a cool pair for bold stripes. Choose black, grey,<br />

dark repeats with a combination of black and neutral bold stripes. These can go<br />

well for bedroom upholstery too.<br />

• Gingham with Complex Patterns<br />

Very small gingham checks can seamlessly merge with complex patterns for<br />

some high level experimentation and abstract feel. The complex patterns may or<br />

may not be part of your fabric upholstery. It could be your accent wall or frames<br />

on the walls. Gingham will complement it well. Gingham with Complex Patterns<br />

Hope this guide helps you choose your fabric upholstery with a lot more courage<br />

and less doubt. We are sure your interior designer or your creative side can add<br />

much more to this guide and help you choose best.<br />

But don’t get too excited mixing and matching everything, particularly in a living<br />

room which hosts your guests, relatives, late night movies or conversations over<br />

tea/coffee and cookies with your near and dear ones. Patterns, whether on fabrics<br />

or on floor tiles or walls, need to be used in the right combination, colour,<br />

shape, and size. It is a daunting task but trust us, it is creatively quite rewarding.

22<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Welcoming the spring<br />

AAs we welcome the approaching Spring, it’s the ideal time to rejuvenate our<br />

living spaces, and what better way to achieve a fresh look than by updating your<br />

curtains and blinds for <strong>2024</strong>? Curtains serve not only a functional purpose by<br />

providing privacy and controlling light but also play a pivotal role in enhancing<br />

the overall aesthetic appeal of any space. Let’s explore some of the trending<br />

curtain and blind updates for Spring <strong>2024</strong> that will undoubtedly elevate your<br />

home decor.<br />

Embracıng sustaınabılıty<br />

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly curtain fabrics are<br />

gaining widespread popularity. Homeowners are now leaning towards curtains<br />

crafted from organic cotton, linen, or recycled materials. These choices not<br />

only contribute to environmental well-being but also introduce a natural and<br />

textured look that infuses warmth into any room.<br />

Vıbrant prınts and patterns<br />

Bid farewell to plain, neutral curtains as <strong>2024</strong> brings a surge in demand for bold<br />

prints and patterns. Vibrant florals, geometric designs, and abstract motifs are<br />

taking centre stage, instantly transforming a room and becoming the focal point<br />

of the decor.<br />

Tımeless sheer elegance<br />

Sheer curtains retain their timeless appeal in <strong>2024</strong> due to their delicate and elegant<br />

nature. This year, sheer curtains in soft pastel hues like blush pink, serene

23<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

blue, and mint green are in on trend, adding a touch of romance and sophistication<br />

while allowing natural light to filter through.<br />

The return of layered look<br />

The layered curtain trend is making a comeback in <strong>2024</strong>, offering both practicality<br />

and style. Combining sheer panels with heavier drapes not only enhances<br />

light control and insulation but also creates a luxurious, multi-dimensional window<br />

treatment exuding opulence.<br />

Glamorous metallıc accents<br />

For those seeking to infuse a touch of glamour into their interiors, curtains with<br />

metallic accents are a must-have. Whether through subtle metallic threads woven<br />

into the fabric or shimmering metallic prints, these curtains catch the light,<br />

creating a dazzling effect perfect for a chic and contemporary ambiance.<br />

Personalısed expressıon<br />

In the era of individuality, custom-made curtains are gaining traction. Homeowners<br />

are seizing the opportunity to personalise their window treatments with<br />

unique trims, tassels, or embroidery, allowing them to express their personal<br />

style and create one-of-a-kind curtain designs.<br />

Whether your style leans towards modern, eclectic, or classic, Spring <strong>2024</strong> offers<br />

a curtain trend for everyone. With options ranging from sustainable fabrics to<br />

bold prints and personalised details, finding the perfect curtains to complement<br />

your home decor and make a stylish statement has never been easier. Let Sue<br />

Cardy give your windows the attention they deserve and embrace one of these<br />

popular curtain trends to elevate your living spaces this year.

26<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

It’s all about the fabric!<br />

COR is focusing on<br />

diverse upholstery<br />

fabrics in <strong>2024</strong><br />

German seating furniture<br />

manufacturer COR’s<br />

existing collection has been<br />

supplemented with new<br />

upholstery fabrics and leather.<br />

And that’s not all. There are also<br />

two new upholstered tables.<br />

TThe COR collection is being expanded in <strong>2024</strong> to include a variety of interesting<br />

upholstery materials, from flat-woven woollen fabrics and voluminous blended<br />

fabrics with interesting surface textures to coarse grain natural leather. The<br />

colour palette ranges from classic and calm natural tones such as sand or ecru<br />

to bold statement colours such as indigo, terracotta and rust red.<br />

<strong>Fabric</strong>s that feel pleasant to the touch play a decisive role in upholstered furniture.<br />

But what about the everyday furniture items to be found in the same<br />

living spaces? Tables, for example, are generally made of wood or metal. COR is<br />

breaking with home furnishing conventions by transferring its upholstery expertise<br />

to two new table products: the Echo side table (design: Lukas Heintschel)<br />

and the Ipa dining table (design: kräling_lübke).<br />

ECHO – a minimalist side table<br />

Futuristic-looking side table Echo is the product of COR’s first collaboration with<br />

up-and-coming designer Lukas Heintschel. It boasts a cylindrical base and a<br />

circular table top that is optionally available in undercoated glass or PARSOL®,<br />

a tinted float glass with a reflective finish. The softly upholstered base, covered<br />

in fabric or leather, opens upwards like a flower. Another special feature of this<br />

furniture item is the table top, which is framed with a distinctive fabric border<br />

and very easily twists off the base for cleaning or repair work. A choice of<br />

upholstery materials expands the scope for interior design. It defines the impact<br />

of the side table, which can either form a harmonious unit with the seating<br />

furniture or provide an exciting contrast to it.

27<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

28<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

“My intention was to transfer COR’s strengths in upholstery<br />

craftsmanship to a table,” explained the young Munich designer.<br />

“I used upwardly curving lines to achieve a sense of<br />

lightness and tranquillity,” he continued.<br />

The combination of three different table sizes in various<br />

heights is an elegant architectural feature that creates new<br />

living space topographies. Reflecting COR’s DNA, Echo has an<br />

intrinsically organic design.

Whether they are intensely colourful or subtly<br />

elegant, textiles play a key role in both interior<br />

design and furniture design. In particular, voluminous<br />

woven fabrics and velvety leather in earthy<br />

tones create the antithesis to our digital outside<br />

world by introducing comfort, security and<br />

well-being into our living spaces. Cooler wood,<br />

glass or stone surfaces, such as those featured in<br />

the current Echo and Ipa tables, create a harmonious<br />

contrast to the soft upholstery materials<br />

and the clever mix of colours and materials helps<br />

to create living environments that appeal to all<br />

the senses.<br />

29<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

IPA is the epitome of a homely dining table<br />

COR has continued its cooperation with the Hamburg design team kräling_lübke,<br />

resulting in the Ipa dining table with the surprising feature of lightly padded and<br />

upholstered elliptic sides. The fabrics used for the upholstered features forge<br />

a very natural link with the materiality of the chairs and the rectangular table<br />

top contrasts beautifully with the softer lines of the sides, while at the same<br />

time reflecting them in its rounded corners. Ipa is an accomplished addition to<br />

the COR portfolio with an archetypal design that gives the dining table an air of<br />


32<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Textile trends:<br />

5 fabrics<br />

home textile<br />

trends in <strong>2024</strong>

33<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

AAs we approach the New Year, we begin to ask ourselves which interior design<br />

trends will stand out next season, which fabrics, colours and patterns will play<br />

a leading role when it comes to decorating houses in a stlylish way. That’s why<br />

Vilarrasa will tell you all about the fabrics and upholstery which will be most<br />

popular in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Comfort and Softness<br />

The leading trend is to be found in fabrics which convey a feeling of comfort. A<br />

couple of seasons ago bouclé burst upon the decorating scene to become one<br />

of the most sought-after options, not just for upholstering sofas, chairs and<br />

armchairs, but also for blending into other accessories such as throws, cushions,<br />


34<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Increase in Demand for Sustainable<br />

Fiber<br />

The use of sustainable fibers helps reduce the environmental<br />

footprint of clothing and textiles, as they<br />

are often grown and processed with fewer chemicals<br />

and pesticides. Additionally, many sustainable fibers<br />

have a low impact on water and energy resources,<br />

making them an attractive option for consumers looking<br />

to live a more sustainable lifestyle.<br />

Colours inspired by Nature<br />

In <strong>2024</strong>, we’ll carry on opting for the palette inspired<br />

by the richness and serenity of nature. From beige and<br />

brown tones evoking the warmly welcoming earth, to<br />

deep greens and serene blues transporting us to lush<br />

natural landscapes, and terracottas bringing to mind the<br />

heat of the sun and the warmth of clay.<br />

Neutral shades, a timeless option<br />

Whether it be warm sandy shades or the soft hue of greys,<br />

neutral colours are the best option for those who are looking<br />

for a subtle palette which will be long<br />

lasting. A perfect choice<br />

for cre-

35<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

ating<br />

environments which will convey calm and<br />

serenity and which will also be easy for you to mix and match<br />

with the rest of the décor, as they work with a wide range of<br />

styles and will suit any season of the year.<br />

On-trend patterns<br />

Everything seems to indicate that in <strong>2024</strong> plant and floral patterns<br />

will feature strongly in many of the textile collections. The colourways<br />

for Heimtextil Trends 24/25 have been inspired by natural colours deriving<br />

from avocado seeds, algae, living bacteria and antique pigments.

38<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Inspiring<br />

fabric<br />

trends of<br />

spring <strong>2024</strong><br />

As Spring <strong>2024</strong> approaches, it’s time to<br />

take a look at the new trends emerging<br />

in the world of textiles. This spring<br />

brings a variety of colors, materials, and<br />

styles that encourage personality and<br />

creativity in interior design.

39<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

40<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

41<br />

t<br />

The color palette brings the freshness of<br />

spring to the interior. The peachy hue of<br />

“Peach Fuzz” offers a gentle warmth to a<br />

space, while soft and natural tones emphasize<br />

durability and authenticity in interior<br />

decor. Bold use of colors and interesting<br />

combinations are currently on-trend.<br />

Graphic patterns bring a modern look to the<br />

interior and create intriguing edges.<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Bold combinations of different<br />

surfaces and textures<br />

In terms of materials, soft bouclé continues<br />

trending. In addition to valuing softness,<br />

natural materials are also highly popular.<br />

Contrasts bring interest to interior design,<br />

and bold combinations of different surfaces<br />

and textures are a great way to creating multidimensional<br />

and personalized spaces.<br />

The cornerstones of style trends are personality<br />

and coziness. Textiles play a significant<br />

role in creating ambiance, and different<br />

patterns and colors can add a personal touch<br />

to a space. Combining rich patterns and<br />

textures with minimalist furniture takes the<br />

furniture’s appearance to a whole new level,<br />

and it’s definitely worth trying out boldly!<br />

We showcased several examples of this in<br />

our booth during the Stockholm Furniture<br />

Fair, which received very positive feedback<br />

and inspired people to enjoy color, shape,<br />

and patterns in new ways.<br />

Overall, the textile trends for Spring <strong>2024</strong><br />

offer plenty of opportunities for interior<br />

decoration. Whether your style is classic,<br />

modern, or bohemian, you’ll surely find<br />

inspiration and ideas from these trends for<br />

decorating your own home. Remember, interior<br />

design is a fun and creative play so let<br />

your imagination soar and make your home<br />

exactly as you want it to be!

44<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The Evolution of<br />

Bouclé<br />

An on-trend texture of elegance<br />

A few years ago, bouclé re-emerged and became the next new trend in contemporary<br />

interiors. French for ‘curl or ‘loop’, bouclé has been around for a long<br />

time and was popular in the 1950s. Up until the recent craze, it was considered<br />

a predominantly “retro” fabric. But like most previous trends — including velvet<br />

— bouclé came back in style and is now seen in modern spaces worldwide.<br />

Most popular in ivory and cream, bouclé is typically applied to furniture with<br />

curved shapes, including armchairs, sofas, ottomans and asymmetrical bed<br />

headboards. We find that rounded furniture really enhances the chic aesthetic<br />

of its texture — creating soft, luxurious pieces.<br />

No longer a “fast-fad trend”, bouclé is currently the textile of the moment and<br />

is here to stay. Most commonly made from wool or cotton for a warm and cosy<br />

feel, we see this sumptuous fleece-like fabric continuing to evolve with patterns,

45<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

colours and varying textures — from fine, to<br />

chunkier appearances.<br />

To keep up with the latest trends, our Design<br />

team annually travel across the globe to places<br />

such as London, New York and Milan where<br />

fashion is ever changing. During their international<br />

travels, they saw bouclé saturating the<br />

market ¬— it was a luxury, statement piece and<br />

in demand.<br />

Create a statement wıth patterns<br />

Abundantly elegant on its own, bouclé can also be styled with other patterns<br />

and finishes to create a look that is rich in texture. From stripes and checks, to<br />

florals and geometrics, this fabric will effortlessly pair with any pattern and bring<br />

a sense of sophistication wherever it is featured.<br />

To truly elevate a look, styling velvet with bouclé will bring a whole new level of<br />

luxury and opulence. We find irregular, organic patterns such as mineral, marble<br />

and woodgrain complement and enhance bouclé’s soft, woolly texture, along<br />

with gold or brass accents, glass finishes and neutral ceramic pieces.<br />

Although it’s mostly used as a plain, bouclé is beginning to evolve more, moving<br />

into statement patterns. Lately, we’ve seen classic, timeless patterns such as a<br />

simple check or houndstooth made from bouclé, bringing a modern twist on this<br />

traditionally plain neutral fabric.<br />

You can see this style in our latest collection ‘Mario’ — a new bouclé fabric with<br />

a striking houndstooth pattern for added dimension.<br />

Playful, neutral colours<br />

While white, ivory and cream have been most used and seen in this trend,<br />

bouclé is expanding its neutral palette and embracing earthy tones. The use<br />

of multi-coloured yarns creates an overall melange effect, bringing depth and<br />

enhancing the high-low texture of the fabric.<br />

Earthy shades of green, taupe, ochre and copper are the new direction for<br />

bouclé colours, which bring a natural and inviting feel with its tone and texture<br />

combined. Navy blue and onyx are also great neutral additions for a calming<br />

aesthetic.<br />

Sophıstıcated texture<br />

Not only is it comfortable, this soft, gorgeous texture has become more exorbitant<br />

and is incredibly lavish. With its heavenly plush finish, the curly construction<br />

of bouclé fabric gives an overall organic, woolly aesthetic, making this an ideal<br />

fabric for creating warm, cosy, cocooning spaces.<br />

From dreamy sofas, luxe ottomans and sumptuous cushions, bouclé is undeniably<br />

elegant in its nature and appearance. If you’re wanting to incorporate this<br />

alluring texture into your space, we offer two bouclé ranges, Fabio and Ovis, that<br />

are bound to bring sophistication and will sit beautifully in an array of spaces.

48<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Trinacria, the new<br />

Ardecora collection<br />

The passion and presence of<br />

Sicily – contemporary, exquisite,<br />

and beautiful to the touch – that is<br />



49<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

TTRINACRIA – Sicily’s ancient moniker is now also the<br />

enchanting title of a collection that is dedicated to<br />

the Mediterranean island’s bygone history.<br />

In particular the south-east, surrounding the cities<br />

of Noto, Ragusa and Modica, with its baroque culture,<br />

architecture, and design, as well as its mystical<br />

ocean light, along the salt roads of the Marsala<br />

region, shape the identity of the new ARDECORA<br />

designs.<br />

Sulptural facades, wrought iron balconies and<br />

impressive plazas, rich in ornamentation, charm,<br />

and dramatic beauty, were the perfect inspiration<br />

for a collection brimming with handcraftsmanship,<br />

intense materiality and sensory textures, encapsulating<br />

today’s zeitgeist.

50<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

As if straight out of a picture book, VILLA PALAGONIA takes us on a<br />

jaunt through a picturesque Sicilian still life. The poetic, expansive<br />

design, printed on a silk warp with cotton weft, showcases artfully<br />

stylized hand-painted pilea, fauna, and architecture of genuine<br />


51<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The elegant silk velour of PALAZZO GANGI beguiles in 14 con-temporary colorways.<br />

Its special luster provides every room with a shining play of light and<br />

shadow, exuding the creative aura of Sicilian baroque. Digitally printed and<br />

finished with hand-painted brushstrokes, DONNAFUGATA displays an arabesque<br />

motive on stylishly natural linen from Italy in a modern interpretation.<br />

Soft and warming, in a mélange of prized alpaca and high-quality New Zealand<br />

wool, the so-phisticated natural fiber ERICE is a genuine haptic experience,<br />

available in three organic colorways.

54<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Duck <strong>Fabric</strong>:<br />

Elegance and Durability<br />

in Home Textiles with<br />

Water and Stain<br />

Repellent Properties<br />

we want to beautify our home and increase its comfort, the durability and practical use of the textiles<br />

we choose play an important role. At this point, the special properties of duck fabric come into play. With its<br />

water WWhen<br />

repellent and stain repellent properties, duck fabric combines both elegance and functionality in home<br />

textiles.<br />

What is Duck <strong>Fabric</strong>?<br />

Duck fabric is a type of canvas fabric, usually made of cotton material. It has a durable and robust structure<br />

thanks to its high density and dense weaving pattern. The use of duck fabric in home textile products, these<br />

features provide long-lasting use in our home.<br />

Water Repellent Properties<br />

Water repellency is an important feature in home textiles, especially for bath towels, tablecloths and curtains.<br />

The water-repellent properties of Duck fabric prevent liquids from accumulating on the surface of the<br />

fabric, so your products remain clean and useful for a long time. You can maintain the elegance of your home<br />

without worrying about spillages.

55<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

56<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

Stain Repellent <strong>Fabric</strong><br />

Stain formation may be inevitable in home life. The stain repellent properties<br />

of Duck fabric prevent stains from penetrating the fabric and make<br />

cleaning easier. This feature provides a great advantage especially in textile<br />

products used in dining tables or children’s rooms.<br />

Elegance and Durability Together<br />

The use of duck fabric in home textiles combines elegance and durability.<br />

Thanks to its quality material and special texture, curtains, tablecloths or<br />

cushions made of duck fabric add elegance to your home, while at the same<br />

time providing use for many years.<br />

57<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Conclusion<br />

Choosing duck fabric in home textiles can be an excellent way to increase<br />

your elegance and comfort. While providing practical use with its water<br />

repellent and stain repellent properties, it beautifies your home with its<br />

aesthetic designs. Take advantage of the advantages of duck fabric in home<br />

textiles and furnish your home in a stylish and durable way!

60<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

A collection<br />

based on intuition<br />

C<br />

Craftmanship and intuition form a common thread in<br />

De Ploeg’s new curtain and furniture fabric collection.<br />

Designed with a love for tranquillity, simplicity<br />

and timeless luxury, the collection is characterised<br />

by flowing fabrics with refined texture and natural<br />

drape. Carefully considered colour tones create<br />

warmth and authenticity. In a world in which<br />

everything seems fleeting, taking time for reflection<br />

and contemplation is more important than ever. That<br />

is why we embrace the beauty of natural materials,<br />

such as soft linens and warm wools.<br />

Concious choice<br />

When designing and developing a collection, we<br />

focus on fabrics with a timeless quality and a long<br />

lifespan. We are convinced that this is one of the<br />

answers to the ever-growing desire for a more conscious<br />

lifestyle. We are also increasingly using more<br />

sustainable materials, including recycled polyester;<br />

a raw material that is extremely suitable for reuse<br />

and whose quality and lifespan are not affected by<br />

recycling. A conscious choice for any interior.<br />

Functional fabrics<br />

When designing and developing a collection, we<br />

focus on fabrics with a timeless quality and a long<br />

lifespan. We are convinced that this is one of the<br />

answers to the ever-growing desire for a more con-

62<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

scious lifestyle. We are also increasingly using more sustainable<br />

materials, including recycled polyester; a raw material that is<br />

extremely suitable for reuse and whose quality and lifespan are<br />

not affected by recycling. A conscious choice for any interior.<br />

Timeless colour palettes<br />

Neutral colours create a balanced basis for an interior. Timeless<br />

shades inspired by pure materials such as wool, wood and<br />

flax form a solid foundation for the collection. We believe that<br />

developing timeless colour palettes is inevitable in the quest for<br />

sustainability. With nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration,<br />

we have created soothing greens and soft sandy tones. But<br />

warm, comfortable shades of clay, earth and ochre also pay an<br />

important role in the collection. These are complimented with<br />

lively shades like coral red, deep yellow and grass green. Colours<br />

that bring your interior to life.<br />

Hand-drawn florals<br />

The collection is enriched with the patterned fabrics Yuba, Hebe<br />

and Sage. A series of spontaneous floral designs with a naive<br />

quality. Designed with a slight nod to Weaving mill De Ploeg’s<br />

history of fabric printing. Dynamic, flowing designs with a<br />

Scandinavian undertone. The shapes seem to be painted directly<br />

onto the textile, simplified but still recognisable. This creates a<br />

playful dialogue between the weave texture and the print. With<br />

cheerful, bold colours, these fabrics are the eye-catchers of the<br />


64<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Camengo<br />


<strong>Fabric</strong> Collection O<br />

Our “ORIGINELLE” fabric collection is an ode to softness and nature. Each<br />

fabric in this collection embodies a timeless and poetic aesthetic. Let yourself<br />

be seduced by the original essence of these fabrics, which evoke softness,<br />

the beauty of nature, and elegant comfort.A textured fabric designed for<br />

seating “MOUTON” has a heavy, bouclé touch, beautifully textured like a<br />

sheepskin. Armchairs and sofas covered with our “MOUTON” fabric are<br />

remarkably comfortable, extremely soft, and welcoming.

65<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

A flower meadow with light and airy wild grasses are embroidered along the bottom<br />

of the “AUXINE” voile like a frieze, depicting a charming bucolic landscape.<br />

At the top of the voile, the plain white allows you to appreciate the linen-finish<br />

of the voile and allows the light to filter through pleasingly.<br />

“MAI” is a woven, linen-look voile, in the shape of panels, with long, elegant<br />

lines on 2/3 of its height. A wide horizontal stripe is woven using a slightly bouclé<br />

decorative-yarn, with a soft and natural feel. The base of the voile has a subtle<br />

and delicate gingham pattern. This panel is soft and timeless, lifted by a touch of<br />

originality, and is designed with e 320cm width and a 300cm drop.

24-26 February 2025<br />

Almaty / Kazakhstan<br />

homedecofair.com<br />

















68<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />



SHAPES,<br />

RIDGES<br />



DESIGN<br />

Milou Ket, “Texture and imperfections,<br />

tactility, warmer and earthy colors<br />

are important. Sometimes primitive<br />

influences in shapes and materials are<br />

applied. Organic ideas are opposed<br />

to artificiality and technology. Colors<br />

should be mixed among the themes.<br />

Acoustic solutions are important.”


69<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

70<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Dutch trend forecaster Milou Ket looks at the interior design from a<br />

wider perspective as always and comments on the future trends by blending all<br />

related<br />

FFamous<br />

issues for fascinating and comforting spaces. Ket inspires young design<br />

talents by her impressive ideas and interpretations.<br />


In these times of turmoil that are defined by uncertainty, disruption in the supply<br />

chain, war, inflation, climate-, and energy crisis, we have a strong need for<br />

consolation, wellbeing, and color.<br />

Our interest in color is evident and has grown. Artificial Intelligence is important<br />

and will gain more importance. Many companies are taking their responsibility<br />

as to sustainability issues, many alternative materials are available, derived from<br />

natural waste. Or they recycle. We need to make more conscious choices in<br />

production, consuming and our way of life. In the interior, shapes have become<br />

rounder and curvier, we see ridges and ribs. Texture and imperfections, tactility,<br />

warmer and earthy colors are important. Sometimes primitive influences in<br />

shapes and materials are applied. Organic ideas are opposed to artificiality and<br />

technology. Colors should be mixed among the themes. Acoustic solutions are<br />

important.<br />


The first theme is called “Warm and Grounded”. It is a timeless direction, with a<br />

need for comfort and wellbeing. As foreseen, color has become much more important.<br />

In this theme we will see in the future more colors that are influenced


71<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

72<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

by nature in warm earthy colors. The shapes are voluminous, round and friendly.<br />

The design is simple, functional, fluid, organic, quiet without superfluous details.<br />

A lot of attention is given to sustainability and longevity, especially for materials<br />

and for production methods. Alternative natural<br />

materials are used, such as fungi and leather made of fruit waste, seaweed,<br />

corn, banana, recycled pet bottles, paper, coffee grind, etc. etc. But also, hard<br />

materials such as marble and travertine. The materials are quite heavy textured,<br />

we see bouclé and tweed, but also cuddly materials such as mohair, fake fur and<br />

wool. Textiles are important to convey this need for softness. We see high/low<br />

effects through tufting, loops, and fringes. Carpets, in unexpected shapes, are<br />

used also on the walls. Wallpaper and murals in color blocking and rounded abstract<br />

shapes are important. Furniture should be versatile. Artificial intelligence<br />

has become an important factor in visualization of the interiors. 3-D printed<br />

decorative objects play a role. Silver colored objects make a comeback.<br />


The second theme is called “Reflections and Transparency”. It is a modern, innovative<br />

direction, with phantasy and surreal effects. Sometimes it looks artificial.<br />

The materials that are used, contribute to that. They are often man-made, such<br />

as glass, Perspex, polyester resin and plastic. Also recycled polyester is applied.<br />

Transparency, special gradient effects and shifts of color give a modern touch<br />

to the interior. It is often associated with light effects, sometimes with an acid<br />

or neon color touch to convey a specific effect. In the prints we see for instance<br />

water color effects and clouds, but also at random spots and stains and marble<br />

effects. Often the patterns are playful and whimsical, curtains are often transparent<br />

and executed in gradients. As part of the unreal-like atmosphere, we see<br />

more and more renderings with artificial intelligence. It is sometimes difficult<br />

to distinguish fake from real. Also, gradients, iridescence, and the play with<br />

transparent layers are important. In the architecture we see arches, circles and<br />

rounded shapes. We see ridges and serrated shapes. Geometry, stripes, stylized<br />

patterns, and hand painted patterns are applied on fabrics and carpets. Murals<br />

are popular. Acoustic products play an important role and are also used as room<br />

divider and are made of recycled pet felt. We will see a lot of 3-D printed objects<br />

such as vases etc. There is interest in vegetable dyes.


73<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

74<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />



In this styling direction “Crossover Creativity” we notice that the attention for<br />

hand crafted products has grown. One-of-a-kind products, preferably with imperfections,<br />

wabi sabi, are valued and add character and personality to an interior.<br />

It also tells the story of the resident. Traditional techniques are appreciated<br />

such as ikat, shibori, tie & dye, kilims etc. We see new interpretations of these<br />

century-old techniques, for instance in unexpected combinations or different<br />

applications. Natural materials are in demand, such as wood, cork and bamboo,<br />

raffia, rattan, terra cotta, linen, hemp etc. We love the irregularities that show in<br />

the application of the materials, the unevenness and unpredictability, caused by<br />

chance. The expressions of different cultures with their local materials, skills and<br />

knowledge are blended into a highly personal interior, with a bohemian character.<br />

Especially the handwork from Morocco and in general from Africa shows<br />

in carpets, textiles, wicker work and ceramics to name a few. As in other styling<br />

directions textures are appreciated here too. Handmade cushions show embroideries,<br />

fringes, tassels and are hand tufted. Products from recycled materials or<br />

other conscious sources, will gain importance. We see sometimes archaic and<br />

primitive shapes. We also see tribal products such as masks.

75<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

76<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

4. COLOR CLASH<br />

This style direction “Color Clash” is about bright, clear, acid colors, that are often<br />

applied in a single product, especially small furniture, accessories, and outdoor<br />

products. They are often too bright and overwhelming to apply in an interior,<br />

although they may be used in wallcoverings as an eyecatcher. But they are mainly<br />

used for decorative accessories that stand out, such as carpets or textile wall<br />

hangings, vases, a single piece of furniture etc.<br />

They look nice in multicolor effects. We see influences from Modern Art, Bauhaus,<br />

but also, more playful and whimsical art movements such as Memphis.<br />

We see ridges, serrated edges and bubbles. Color blocking is important. The<br />

emphasis is on man-made materials such as glass, Perspex, acrylic, polyester<br />

resin and plastic. Graphic effects, sometimes in black and white, are important,<br />

such as stripes, checkerboards, enlarged pixels, facets and geometric patterns.<br />

All kinds of light effects play a role, we see lenticular materials, and application<br />

and integration of adaptable colored Led’s. In the architecture we will see, also<br />

in this style direction, more rounded shapes, such as arches or circles. Renderings<br />

with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence will become more and<br />

more important. Small furniture such as side tables and stools are important to<br />

adapt to different situations in a versatile interior. Many graphical prints can be<br />

combined.<br />


ES OF GREEN 5.8<br />

77<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

78<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />


In the styling direction “Wonders of Nature” we see how issues such as care<br />

for the environment, sustainability, conscious consuming, and the concern for<br />

climate change are the drivers behind this theme. We are trying to diminish our<br />

ecological footprint by using alternative materials such as fungi, corn, banana<br />

leaf, bamboo, cardboard, vegan leather and using food waste such as coffee<br />

grind. Renewable natural materials such as linen, hemp, raffia, rattan, wood<br />

and recycling are a must. Flora and fauna are depicted in wallcoverings, posters,<br />

cushions, and other decorative products. We see plants, foliage, insects, birds,<br />

butterflies, or products with a nostalgic association. We see a glorification of<br />

wild nature sometimes from the past, with exotic trees and plants,<br />

plantations with palm trees, exotic birds and flowers, tigers, monkey’s, jaguars,<br />

but also creatures of the sea. Murals show more romantic images of historical<br />

Mediterranean landscapes with pine trees. We enjoy the soothing and calming<br />

effects of the color green, also for paint. Botanical prints are popular, with<br />

pictures from natural history books. Murals are very important. Carpets and<br />

textile wall hangings take on unexpected shapes. Textures with tufting, high/ low<br />

reliefs are important. Green colors are often combined with dusty pink and terra<br />

shades. Tiles will be applied in interiors too.<br />


In this last direction “Eclectic Treasures” the inspiration comes from opulence,<br />

luxury, glamour, nostalgia and history. Sometimes history with a humorous twist.<br />

Also, Bohemian influences play a role. Gold, and other shiny metallics such as<br />

copper in small touches or thin lines, play a role. Use ocher from other themes<br />

for this. The curiosity cabinet continues to play an important role. We see ideas<br />

from Natural History books, science, botanical prints, collections, and discoveries<br />

from the animal kingdom and nature, stuffed animals, rare precious stones,<br />

glass domes, corals, and shells, fragments of classic statues from the Greek<br />

and Roman era. Animals are depicted as humans. There also can be a modern<br />

approach with bright light effects against a dark background, iridescence, aurora<br />

borealis and oil spots effects. Mid-Century furniture is important, especially in<br />

velvet with a golden or copper accent, and fringes for a dramatic effect. Leather<br />

and welded materials are applied. Dark, rich colors as paint give a moody<br />

atmosphere. Precious stones such as marble, travertine, and tiger eye are<br />

popular: real, as veneer or as imitation. Acoustic properties remain important.<br />

Embroideries, velvets, jacquards, and traditional motifs play a role in fabrics.<br />

We see rhythm, irregular lines and zigzag patterns come forward in the contrast<br />

between black and white. Brown and grey work well together.<br />

Contact: studio@milouket.com<br />

Turkish agent: didem@fabricconcept.com

RED + ORANGE 6.7<br />

79<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

82<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong> Colour<br />

Trends for Home Décor<br />

Colour trends are a great starting<br />

point for inspiration. They set<br />

exciting foundations and can<br />

influence your new home décor<br />

direction. So whether you’re a new<br />

homeowner looking for a completely<br />

new look, or if you simply seek new<br />

elements to make your home feel<br />

more exciting – keep reading for the<br />

<strong>2024</strong> colour forecast guide!<br />

How did we find these colours? Two renowned organizations, WGSN and Coloro predict<br />

key colours based on a market research and meditation on current socioeconomical<br />

climate. The five showcased hues are a window to the future of colour and will emerge<br />

everywhere – from fashion & tech to home décor. Get ahead of the curve & find your next<br />

colour inspirations!<br />

Cyber Lime<br />

Cyber Lime is a punchy near neon that exerts and energises the body and mind. This zesty<br />

lime is a perfect gender neutral colour, especially popular within younger home DIY-ers,<br />

creating exciting accent colour that uplifts any space. Cyber Lime is all about relationship<br />

between nature and technology, making it great for home office space. Shop for independent,<br />

modern brands like Ohpopsi & Orla Kiely for more lime tones.<br />

Symbolism: nature, freshness, health, growth and luck.<br />

How to style it: neons are strikingly strong colours, but you can balance them with neutrals<br />

for a calmer look. Mix with modern, geometric designs and natural wood to create a<br />

luxurious, contemporary aesthetic.

83<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Elemental Blue<br />

Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined mid-tone colors that speak<br />

of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. This practical colour<br />

represents balance in life, and suits a minimalist aesthetic. Its calming power<br />

makes it a perfect choice for bedroom. Shop for classically romantic brands like<br />

Laura Ashley & Morris & Co who often use this shade.<br />

Symbolism: trust, truth, wisdom and stability<br />

How to style it: The dusky tone of this blue makes it a perfect neutral tone that<br />

can be paired with stronger colours, as well as shades of beige and tan. Lean in<br />

to organic shapes and heritage designs that turn this shade into all-time favourite<br />

classic.<br />

Nutshell<br />

Nutshell is a soft, warm brown, perfect for cottage style homes – ideal for<br />

kitchens & conservatories, as it bring to mind modern farmhouse aesthetic. A<br />

rich and spicy brown, Nutshell is a transseasonal colour that evokes warmth,<br />

nostalgia and reassurance. It’s often used to express admiration for timeless<br />

design and craftsmanship, championed by heritage brands like Morris & Co and<br />

Sanderson.<br />

Symbolism: nature, sustainability, authenticity, simplicity and dependability<br />

How to style it: Brown is the ultimate neutral shade that pairs well with plethora<br />

of décor styles, both modern and traditional. Contrast it with navy in revamp<br />

retro style, or pair with warm tones for Moroccan aesthetic and Eastern charm.<br />

Radiant Red<br />

Radiant Red is a sweet and playful summer hue with a delectable quality. It<br />

confirms the importance of stimulating and emotionally engaging colours that<br />

morph effortlessly between physical and digital realms. This red feels light and<br />

youthful, yet its optimistic – making it a perfect accent colour for living rooms,<br />

where the energy flow is important.<br />

Symbolism: love, power, strength and passion<br />

How to style it: Red this intense might be intimidating on its own, so use it as an<br />

accent colour with light neutrals, like white & taupe. Red reads very modern, so<br />

contemporary and futuristic patterns will pair better, than cottage & retro.<br />

Fondant Pink<br />

This ultra feminine and inherently sweet shade is a modern take on pink in<br />

home décor. With added purple hues, this shade is all about playful, romantic<br />

influences, making it perfect for bedrooms & studies. Small doses of awe have<br />

the power to calm anxiety & improve well-being making it one of the most important<br />

key colour trends of <strong>2024</strong>. Pink is shifting to gender neutrality within the<br />

new generation of homeowners, bringing this playful tone to homes. Look for<br />

dopamine popping brands like Cath Kidston for inspiration.<br />

Symbolism: unconditional love, self-care, sympathy and<br />

compassion.<br />

How to style it: Pink can be balanced with contrasted colours of green & teal<br />

for more gender neutral style, while pairing it with purple and white will keep it<br />

feminine. Use it as an all-over colour for modern interior, and even paint upcycled<br />

furniture for extra statement design.

84<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Discover the<br />

timeless beauty<br />

of fabric Taro<br />

an impressive history of no less than<br />

a century in artisan fabrics, De Ploeg has<br />

established WWith<br />

itself as an eminent player in the<br />

field of furniture upholstery. The brand’s rich<br />

tradition and craftsmanship are reflected in<br />

the timeless quality of their fabrics, which<br />

have become a symbol of refinement and<br />

durability for generations.<br />

Refined blend<br />

In the pursuit of innovation, De Ploeg recently<br />

introduced Taro, a novelty among high-quality<br />

upholstery fabrics. Taro stands out for its refined<br />

mix of materials, combining craftsmanship<br />

and modern design. This new addition<br />

embodies De Ploeg’s ongoing commitment to<br />

excellence and offers a contemporary expression<br />

of their centuries-old heritage.<br />

Unique texture<br />

Blended yarns with a refined texture contribute<br />

to the special and pure look of fabric Taro,<br />

elaborated in a range of earthy interior tones<br />

that further emphasise its elegant character.

85<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

86<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong> curtain trends<br />

for your home<br />

U<br />

Updating the look and feel of a room doesn’t have to be expensive—curtains<br />

and drapery can change a room’s aesthetic by introducing a new color, texture<br />

or pattern. This month, show your windows some love by trying out one of<br />

these popular curtain trends in <strong>2024</strong>!<br />

Take a minimalist approach with your curtains<br />

Embrace the understated elegance of simple patterns and clean lines. This trend<br />

aligns perfectly with modern interiors, creating a sleek and streamlined aesthetic.<br />

Designers are recommending scaling back intricate designs or adornments for<br />

your living room curtains. Instead of selecting curtains with lace, ruffles or pompoms,<br />

try the sleeker look of a simple curtain panel. Elegance can be found in

87<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

simplicity; your curtains should remain understated so as not to detract from the<br />

structure of your windows or the abundance of natural light they provide.<br />

Explore classic and natural colors with your curtains<br />

In line with a more minimalist approach to drapery, <strong>2024</strong> curtains are trending<br />

towards cleaner, earthier colors. Rather than multicolored or patterned curtains,<br />

select drapes in neutral colors like cream, white or slate gray. You may also wish<br />

to go even more natural with olive, forest green or deep blue. Such colors can<br />

add warmth and coziness to a room while acting as a subtle backdrop to striking<br />

furniture or decor items.<br />

Adopt eco-friendly materials<br />

With growing emphasis on sustainability, curtains made from organic fabrics<br />

and recycled materials are gaining popularity. This trend is not just good for the<br />

environment but also adds a touch of natural elegance to your decor.<br />

Curtains have historically been made from polyester and other unsustainably<br />

sourced fibers and may contain harmful dyes. Keep your home and the world<br />

beyond healthy with sustainable fabrics like organic linen, cotton and hemp, and<br />

avoid curtains with wrinkle-free finishes that may contain harmful chemicals.<br />

Try a romantic, French-inspired aesthetic<br />

Interested in a home design that leans toward the romantic? Introduce gauzy,<br />

Provence-style drapes into your living and bedrooms. Their simple designs and<br />

clean, natural color palettes are on trend; their French-inspired shape and flow<br />

make them a classical, timeless element in any room.<br />

Embrace Blinds as an Alternative<br />

Blinds can be both stylish and practical, especially in rooms that may frequently<br />

collect dust, debris, or smells, like kitchens and bathrooms. Blinds can be custom<br />

fit for your window shape and are less likely to require cleaning or ironing to<br />

maintain their structure and appeal. Moreover, blinds come in a range of materials<br />

that can be seamlessly matched to the existing design of your living spaces;<br />

explore eclectic options like bamboo or wood, or go for the classic, clean linen.

88<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Miras with respects to<br />

the ancient lands of<br />

Anatolia, which have<br />

hosted many important<br />

civilizations for<br />

centuries<br />

new collection Miras takes its inspiration from the rich cultural heritage<br />

left by the civilizations that lived on these lands. Persan, which named<br />

the collection Miras to represent its loyalty to the values that make us who<br />

we PPersan’s<br />

are, has prepared a very special collection by interpreting a selection of<br />

unique traces from the past to the present with its own textile language.<br />

We greet our ancient lands with gratitude with the elegant fabrics of Miras,<br />

prepared with great labor and delicacy...<br />

Hünkâr<br />

Designed by stylizing the carnation and Chintamani pattern used in Ottoman<br />

palace fabrics, Hünkâr attracts attention with its current tapestry-like texture<br />

and matt appearance.

Uşak<br />

Inspired by a 16th century Uşak carpet pattern, Uşak has a simple elegance with<br />

its modern texture and colour scale reduced to tone-on-tone colors.<br />

Ulubey<br />

Inspired by a 19th century Uşak carpet pattern, Ulubey is designed with a<br />

modern touch by combining the traditional blue and red tones used in period<br />

carpets with cold-toned linen colors. With 85% linen content, Ulubey promises a<br />

matt-looking natural elegance.<br />

Zeugma / Zeugma Combination<br />

Inspired by the magnificent Roman mosaics exhibited in Zeugma Museum, Zeugma<br />

and Zeugma Combination is very stylish with its block geometric patterns.<br />

Zeugma and Zeugma Combination, which uses high array satin weaving technique<br />

to give a mosaic effect, also leaves an eye-catching effect with its textures.<br />

89<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Servi<br />

Inspired by a 19th century Ottoman period sash with a cypress pattern embroidered<br />

with Turkish embroidery technique, Servi impresses with its sophisticated<br />

structure. Using saturated colors to strengthen the pattern emphasis, Servi has a<br />

striking beauty with glitter yarns added to its natural content.<br />

Armudiye<br />

Armudiye, designed with inspiration from the Armudiye motif used in gold pendant<br />

jewelry of the Ottoman period, has an elegant elegance.

90<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Perestü<br />

Designed with a selection of hand embroidery motifs frequently used in the<br />

textiles of the Aegean Region such as oilcloths, circles, loincloths, handkerchiefs,<br />

bundles, sini and hearth covers from the Ottoman period, Perestü draws<br />

attention with its satin texture and shimmering threads. Independent from the<br />

traditional multiculturality of the original embroidery, Perestü was worked in a<br />

single color contrast.<br />

Hyacinth<br />

Inspired by a 17th century Ottoman silk shalwar, Hyacinth stands out with its<br />

eye-catching pattern. The crescent and star motifs accompanying the botanical<br />

flower pattern leave an eye-catching effect with the effect of the dense glitter<br />

yarns used.<br />

Fayiha<br />

The carnation pattern, adapted and stylized from Turkish embroidery, complements<br />

the elegance of the high-density woven satin. Fayiha offers very vivid<br />

color options as well as natural colours.<br />

Osmaneli<br />

Designed by stylizing from the miniature ‘Triple Castle of Sigetvar’ in Ahmed<br />

Feridun Pasha’s miniature work Nüzhet (el-esrar) el ahbar der sefer-i Sigetvar,<br />

written on behalf of Sokullu Mehmed Pasha, Osmaneli is one of the prominent<br />

jacquard fabrics of the collection. Osmaneli, which arouses admiration with its<br />

spectacular details like a painting, was worked both in its original colors and in<br />

soft skin color.<br />

Hünername<br />

Hünername, which is a collage of many miniatures of the period, especially<br />

the miniature taken from Seyid Lokman’s Hünername, has been designed by<br />

modernizing it with contemporary colors. Hünername is a visual feast with its<br />

detailed weaving and magnificent pattern.<br />

Aşiyan<br />

Aşiyan, which is designed with a miniature selected from Nakkaş Osman’s<br />

Surname-İ Hümayun and collaged with selected valuable miniatures, is very<br />

impressive with its design featuring miniature examples of palace architecture<br />

and architectural elements.<br />

Matrakçı<br />

Designed by collaging the miniatures of the cityscapes in Matrakçı Nasuh’s Beyan-ı<br />

Menazil-i Sefer-i Irakeyn, Matrakçı was worked in turquoise, red and straw<br />

colors with a single tone theme.<br />

Bundle / Bundle Combination<br />

Adapted from a 16th century Ottoman period embroidered bundle pattern,<br />

Bohça draws attention with its natural content and multi-colored pattern. Bohça,<br />

which elegantly imitates the silk bundle it is inspired by, is completed with the<br />

Bohça Combination with small flower bouquet motifs taken from Ottoman<br />

archive patterns.<br />

Sevai / Sevai Combination<br />

Named after 18th century traditional savai patterns, Sevai was designed by<br />

adapting the archive patterns of the period. Sevai with geometric arrangement<br />

is accompanied by Sevai Kombin with scattered floral pattern.

91<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Tabisgan<br />

Designed with a rabbit figure in motion, one of the animal motifs used in the<br />

wall tiles of Kubad Abad Palace built during the Seljuk period, Tabışgan is one of<br />

the prominent fabrics of the Heritage Collection. The white-spotted, brown rabbit<br />

figure has an eye-catching beauty on amber yellow, musty green, caramelized<br />

onion and foggy blue background colors.<br />

Sumru<br />

Sumru, designed by adapting the tile patterns in Kubad Abad Palace built during<br />

the Seljuk period, commemorates Kubad Abad with its symmetrical birds looking<br />

at each other on both sides of the tree of life.<br />

Efe / Zeybek / Zeybek Panel<br />

Efe, Zeybek and Zeybek Pano, where the motifs taken from the Aegean region<br />

zeybek bolero are modernized and brought together, emulates the cord wrapping<br />

technique used in the original boleros with its weaves.<br />

Standing out with its 3-meter height, the panel patterned Zeybek Panel visually<br />

describes the ancient cord wrapping technique very well. Zeybek Pano, which is<br />

one of the most special fabrics of the Heritage Collection, where this technique,<br />

which dates back to the 1800s, is adapted to the present day with modern<br />

weaving techniques and brought closer to its original appearance. Zeybek Pano,<br />

which captures the original primrose appearance with the linen yarn used on<br />

the fabric ground, is worth seeing with its splendor.<br />

Ödemiş<br />

Ödemiş, where a selection of hand embroidery motifs frequently used in the<br />

textiles of the Aegean Region such as oilcloths, circles, pesky cloths, handkerchiefs,<br />

bundles, tray and hearth covers from the Ottoman period were brought<br />

together with a patchwork look, was modernized by working in a single color.<br />

Pars<br />

Designed by combining the pars and crocodile figures in Ottoman miniatures,<br />

Pars is one of the most striking fabrics of the collection. Woven with long pile,<br />

soft yarns in natural colors, Pars has a dominant effect with its striking animal<br />

motifs.<br />

Atabey<br />

With its modernized rug pattern, Atabey is a contemporary interpretation of<br />

Anatolian hand-woven rugs.<br />

Hevsel<br />

Selected from the most beautiful examples of Ottoman kat-ı art and woven with<br />

a detailed weaving and in the original colors of this art, Hevsel is like a garden<br />

placed in a vase with its magnificent pattern.<br />

Saruhan<br />

Saruhan, which takes its name from a Turkish bey, is one of the prominent<br />

fabrics of the collection, inspired by the motifs in the Ottoman period Kumkapı<br />

carpets, attracting attention with its vibrant colors and touch.<br />

You are invited to our stores to examine the Heritage Collection closely and take<br />

a small journey in Anatolia with its magnificent patterns...

92<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Agora <strong>Fabric</strong>s<br />

announces its introduction<br />

to the U.S. market<br />

Agora <strong>Fabric</strong>s, an<br />

internationally renowned brand<br />

specializing in high-quality<br />

indoor and outdoor textile<br />

production, proudly announces<br />

its entry into the U.S. fabric and<br />

furniture market.

93<br />

Agora is a premier brand name from parent company Tuvatextil<br />

S.L., based in Pont d’Armentera, Spain. This top Spanish specialized<br />

fabric production facility is known for excellence in indoor<br />

and outdoor fabric production. Agora’s presence in the most<br />

prestigious international trade fairs has positioned the company<br />

prominently in the overseas market.<br />

“Agora <strong>Fabric</strong>s is growing our global reach to customers, driven<br />

by our earthy textured fabrics and an amazing production team<br />

focused on timely delivery of the highest quality products,” said<br />

Gonzalo Sabatés, Agora CEO. “We’re in the process of building<br />

partnerships with US customers, expanding on the success of<br />

our collective manufacturing supply chain relationships that we<br />

have built over the years. The Agora Brand and Team, like the<br />

Catalan Spanish people, embrace discovery of the world and<br />

growing opportunities for beautiful, durable fabrics in a global<br />

marketplace.”<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

94<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The Agora brand is a high-end textile line produced with 100% solution-dyed<br />

fiber colored at the core, to withstand harsh outdoor conditions<br />

and deliver outstanding performance. Our finished fabrics are water<br />

repellent and resistant to UV fading, stains, and mold. They are also<br />

bleach-friendly, and easy to clean. The Agora catalog offers more than<br />

a dozen collections with sharp designs and gorgeous palettes, including

95<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

ultra-hygienic Safe Home fabrics for healthy interior softness.<br />

Agora, which translates to, “a gathering place”, is a testament to<br />

our love and creativity from our team, the values we uphold, and<br />

the elements of our culture, and craftsmanship. Agora is an experience—a<br />

personal connection to texture, beauty, and durability.<br />

We invite the world to embrace our vision and experience, Agora<br />


96<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Reflect spring with<br />

upholstery fabrics<br />

Q<br />

Whether it’s a quiet welcome or<br />

a cheerful meeting. The way to<br />

reflect the vitality and energy of<br />

spring to life is hidden in fabrics!<br />

Bringing the world-famous curtain,<br />

upholstery and wallpaper brands<br />

to you, Arpeart also increases your<br />

options in the field of upholstery.<br />

Quality and aesthetics meet with good service in Arpeart, which includes<br />

the upholstery products of Sanderson, Scion, Gardisette, Chivasso and<br />

Dolce Vita brands.<br />

Flowers<br />

Reflecting the freshness of spring, flowers open our hearts with their<br />

colorful appearance. Sanderson’s flower-scented collections, where you<br />

can spread this freshness to every corner of the house, almost bring<br />

nature into your life. While the brand’s Shalimar model leaves a striking<br />

effect with its strong color transitions, alternatives in soft tones add the<br />

freshness of spring to living spaces with a naive attitude.<br />

Spring branches<br />

Is it just flowers that reflect spring? Of course not! Leaves and budding<br />

branches are before us as heralds of spring. We recommend you take a<br />

look at the models that will bring the refreshing effect of spring to your

living space by Scion. Akira model from the Japandi<br />

collection, which consists of colorful leaves that can be<br />

used as both drapery and upholstery, is our favorite. You<br />

will also love the natural linen texture and watercolor<br />

effect leaf patterns.<br />

Pastel tones<br />

If you have a point of view towards simplicity, you can<br />

bring the heartiness of spring into your living space with<br />

pastel tones. Jab group brand Chivasso has a wide range<br />

of natural fabrics in pastel tones.<br />

97<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

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