PetFood PRO 2/2024

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums. We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums.

We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.


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International Magazine May <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/24<br />

Only the best for our loved ones.<br />

Real Brewers’ yeast – Really effective.<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

Ingredients: Improving Texture and Coloring, Sustainable Proteins, Weight Management<br />

Processing: Enhancing Food Safety, Rotary Mixing, Batching Systems, Pilot Plants<br />

Packaging: Weighing Technology, X-Ray Protection, Easy-Opening Snacks<br />

Marketing: Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, Showcase Japan, Future Pet Food Conference

Collaboration + Innovation:<br />

How Can Food Science and Technology<br />

Transform the Food System?<br />

Join your colleagues at the leading global science<br />

of food event focused on innovation, thought<br />

leadership, and intentional networking.<br />

Register at<br />



Everything for your Pet<br />

Having a pet changes your perspective on<br />

life. At first glance this might mean limiting<br />

your activity, needing to be home to care<br />

for the fur baby. On the other hand it can<br />

broaden your horizons, taking walks in<br />

all weathers to new places, getting more<br />

exercise and fresh air. Which ever way you<br />

look at it, the rewards of companionship<br />

and new experiences are beneficial for<br />

both sides.<br />

As the largest and most important meeting<br />

place for pets and supplies this year,<br />

the Interzoo international exhibition in<br />

Nuremberg, Germany, is fast approaching.<br />

The Interzoo will again offer the most<br />

comprehensive product overview in all<br />

respective sectors in the ever expanding<br />

pet industry, including the introduction of<br />

new products and trends.<br />

Just recently the Interzoo organizer WZF<br />

(Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer<br />

Fachbetriebe GmbH) announced a new<br />

record, with the number of exhibitors<br />

exceeding the 2,000 mark. Due to the<br />

consistently high demand, the remaining<br />

exhibition space has now also been<br />

allocated. Well over 2,000 companies from<br />

about 70 countries will showcase their<br />

products and solutions in 14 exhibition<br />

halls that cover an overall exhibition space<br />

of more than 140,000 square metres.<br />

“The sold-out Interzoo halls that break<br />

records with regard to exhibitor numbers,<br />

exhibition space and internationality<br />

show the huge pulling power of Interzoo<br />

for the gradually growing international<br />

pet supplies industry,” says Gordon<br />

Bonnet, Managing Director of WZF<br />

and ZZF (German Pet Trade & Industry<br />

Association, the institutional sponsor<br />

of Interzoo). “For trade visitors, there is<br />

no better opportunity on the globe to<br />

experience first-hand the incredible array<br />

of new products and exciting companies,<br />

to build networks, and to gain inspiration!”<br />

There will be the usual strong international<br />

presence, including 15 national pavilions<br />

and a total overseas exhibitor contingent<br />

of 86% giving an unrivalled overview<br />

of the global market. “The stronger<br />

demand across all continents shows<br />

how important Interzoo is as a showcase<br />

for innovation and a gathering place for<br />

industry decision-makers from all around<br />

the world,” says Dr Rowena Arzt, Director<br />

Exhibitions at Interzoo organizer WZF.<br />

Ian D. Healey, Editor-in-Chief<br />

These record breaking figures underline<br />

the importance of Interzoo as the central<br />

point of the worldwide pet supplies<br />

industry and as a creative force for ideas<br />

and insights in the months ahead. As<br />

the number of domestic pets continues<br />

to grow, so the need to feed, house and<br />

entertain them also increases. Interzoo<br />

gives plenty of input – and a whole range<br />

of new choices and ideas to further expand<br />

the benefits of the special companionship<br />

and joint experiences with our existing<br />

and maybe new pets.<br />

Sincerely<br />

If you like it subscribe!<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



International Magazine May <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Only the best for our loved ones.<br />

Real Brewers’ yeast – Really effective.<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/24<br />

Ingredients: Improving Texture and Coloring, Sustainable Proteins, Weight Management<br />

Processing: Enhancing Food Safety, Rotary Mixing, Batching Systems, Pilot Plants<br />

Packaging: Weighing Technology, X-Ray Protection, Easy-Opening Snacks<br />

Marketing: Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, Showcase Japan, Future Pet Food Conference<br />

Issue 2 May <strong>2024</strong><br />

Leiber YeaFi® products combine brewers’ yeast benefits with the functional<br />

properties of fibers. In practical use in dry kibbles and vegan or vegetarian<br />

applications a positive impact on coloring, smell and texturization were seen.<br />

Fiber content is important also from an economic point of view. Pet food products<br />

compete more and more often with food products for natural fiber sources which<br />

directly increases the price of the pure natural fiber ingredients.<br />

Our cover story starts on page 6<br />

Cover photo: Leiber GmbH<br />

Ingredients<br />

Processing<br />

6 New Functional Ingredients to Improve Texture and<br />

Natural Coloring<br />

12 Functional Ingredients as a Natural Support for Weight<br />

Management in Pets<br />

16 New Production of Flours and Fats from Dried Black Soldier<br />

Fly Larvae Starts in Galicia, Spain<br />

21 New Omega-3 Range to be Showcased at Petfood Forum<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

22 Protein Choices to Lower Your Pet's 'Paw Print'<br />

23 Botanical Extracts: The Next Generation of Antioxidants<br />

25 Emsland Group at Interzoo<br />

30 Enhancing Pet Food Safety with Cutting-Edge Magnetic<br />

Separation Technologies<br />

32 HANDTMANN and MULTIVAC host the Future Pet Food<br />

Conference <strong>2024</strong><br />

34 Pilot Plant Innovation for Food and Petfood Industry<br />

36 Batching Systems in the Pet Food Industry: Precision and<br />

Efficiency<br />

38 Earth Animal is Top Dog in Product Quality<br />

Decreasing the impact on the environment is a hot topic, no<br />

less so than in the pet food industry, especially as the number<br />

of individual pets is still continuing to grow. This explains<br />

the growing market demand for trends like natural, organic,<br />

vegetarian or even vegan pet food. Ultimately, as the pet food<br />

industry, it is important for us to find sustainable alternatives<br />

to animal-derived ingredients for pet food. The full story is on<br />

page 22.<br />

Metallic impurities jeopardize the integrity of pet food,<br />

necessitating the rejection of affected batches. These<br />

contaminants can originate from various sources, including<br />

transportation vehicles used for product delivery. Internal<br />

contamination may occur during processing, grinding, or<br />

abrasion within the manufacturing plant. The application of<br />

magnetic separation equipment proves instrumental in reducing<br />

ferrous metal contamination issues. See page 30 for more.<br />

4<br />

Technology & Marketing

Departments<br />

3 Editorial<br />

52 Upcoming Events<br />

52 Impressum<br />

Automated ingredient handling<br />

Dosing, storing and transfer<br />

Events / Marketing<br />

26 Food Ingredients Goes Pet<br />

28 Japanese Pet Food Sector Moves Towards Premiumization<br />

Going Forward into <strong>2024</strong><br />

46 Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>: The Petfood Industry Meets in Nuremberg<br />

49 Flexible Production Solutions at the Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

50 Clean Machine Technology for Outstanding Pet Food<br />

Quality<br />



SILOS<br />

From 6 to 120 tons<br />

Flour, sugar, salt<br />

Pressure safety<br />

High Hygienic<br />

Packaging<br />

40 Weighing in Rough Environments: Capacitive Load Cells in<br />

Meat Processing<br />

42 Innovative Packaging with Easy-Opening Assistance for<br />

Sausage Snacks and Small Portions<br />

MINOR<br />


Bag dumping station<br />

ROTARY<br />

SIFTER<br />

From 1 to 20 tons<br />

Healthy snacking is a growing trend. Nutritionists confirm that<br />

consumers increasingly value high-quality snacks with natural<br />

ingredients. Producers are adapting their product portfolios<br />

and packaging to meet this demand. A new seal-clip machine<br />

is an excellent solution for the production of innovative snack<br />

packaging of sausage products and other small portions. This<br />

packaging solution can be made from PVDC-free materials,<br />

while still delivering maximum performance. More on page 42.<br />

Confidence<br />

Built in<br />

BIG BAG<br />


Any kind of<br />

ingredient<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />


4 Place des Noyers -18220 RIANS - 02 48 66 60 60<br />

www.shickesteve.com -<br />



New Functional Ingredients to<br />

Improve Texture and Natural<br />

Coloring<br />

by Maike Rakebrandt, Senior Product Management Companion Animals (Equine & Pet), Leiber GmbH (<strong>2024</strong>)<br />

Leiber YeaFi® products combine brewers’<br />

yeast benefits with the functional<br />

properties of fibers o. a. from spent grain<br />

and sugar beet pulp. In practical use<br />

in dry kibbles and vegan or vegetarian<br />

applications a positive impact on coloring,<br />

smell and texturization were seen. Leiber<br />

YeaFi® were also used as dilutatant<br />

of spray dried hydrolyzed liver or as<br />

substitute for pure dried brewer´s yeast<br />

because it is less hygrosgopic. The fiber<br />

content in Leiber YeaFi® are important<br />

also from an economic point of view. Pet<br />

food products compete more and more<br />

often with food products for natural fiber<br />

sources which directly increases the price<br />

of the pure natural fiber ingredients.<br />

The snack category is the second most<br />

sold, right after dry food. The market share<br />

for semi-moist and baked snacks has<br />

been rapidly increasing. In oven-baked<br />

snacks the moisture level is reduced to<br />

10%. Semi-moist snacks are products that<br />

Table 1: Leiber YeaFi® nutrition and fiber profiles in %<br />

contain 14-30% moisture. Therefore, it<br />

is important to explore ingredients that<br />

have impact on the texture and quality,<br />

and such that are naturally contribute to<br />

prevent microbiological spoilage.<br />

Material and Methods<br />

Leiber YeaFi® is rich in dietary fiber and<br />

brings at the same time the brewers’<br />

yeast with a high level of protein into the<br />

formulations. Using blended products at<br />

the 3-4% inclusion levels can contribute<br />

to the 1,2-1,6% of brewers’ yeast in the<br />

formulation while at the same time could<br />

replace use of fiber up to 2%. For this test<br />

we used different types of Leiber YeaFi®.<br />

Leiber YeaFi® BTR based on brewers‘ yeast,<br />

spent grain and beet pulp and Leiber<br />

YeaFi® AB-F with brewers’ yeast, apple<br />

pomace and beet pulp. Both contain a<br />

high soluble fiber fraction (Table 1).<br />

After a technical pre-test in the lab Leiber<br />

YeaFi® BTR and Leiber YeaFi® AB-F were<br />

tested in semi-moist functional snacks<br />

included at 5 and 10%.<br />

The semi-moist snacks were formulated<br />

with the following declaration: poultry<br />

meal, potato starch (pregeled), pea<br />

starch (pregeled), glycerin, pea fiber,<br />

preservatives. In test samples with 5%<br />

test product, pea fiber was completely<br />

exchanged. In the test samples with<br />

10% test product the pea fiber was fully<br />

replaced and 5% of pea starch was reduced.<br />

The nutritional analysis showed that when<br />

Leiber YeaFi® products were added to the<br />

formulations, crude fiber were decreased,<br />

but protein content and soluble fiber were<br />

increased in the snacks.<br />

The technical analyses of the test and<br />

control snacks were done in three periods,<br />

immediately, seven days and a month after<br />

the production. Following parameters<br />

were analysed: moisture, pH, aW, texture,<br />

firmness, energy, adhesiveness and<br />

stickiness. Texture analyses are important<br />

for both impacts on physical quality but<br />

also on sensory analyses like palatability.<br />

Additional to the semi-moist snack, vegan<br />

oven-baked snacks were produced in a<br />

two-step baking/drying, to imitate the<br />

commercial baking process. The moisture<br />

level was reduced to 10%. Reduction of<br />

moisture is important for shelf-life and<br />

prevention of microbial growth, also in<br />

baked snacks. Leiber YeaFi® BTR and Leiber<br />

YeaFi® AB-F were formulated by adding<br />

10% into the test recipes, which were based<br />

on potatoe flakes, oil and pea meal. Leiber<br />

YeaFi® products substituted 10% of the pea<br />

meal. Moisture, pH, aW, texture, baking loss<br />

and shrink percent were measured.<br />

The baking loss is the weight of the snacks<br />

before and after baking. The difference<br />

indicates the loss of evaporation. In<br />

addition, the weight change before<br />

6<br />

Technology & Marketing


Photo 1: Leiber YeaFi® products increased the shininess and natural coloring in semi-moist snacks<br />

Photos: Leiber GmbH<br />

and after baking indicates the shrink<br />

percentage.<br />

Results<br />

In the semi-moist test Leiber YeaFi® BTR,<br />

followed from Leiber YeaFi® AB-F showed<br />

high water absorption properties and<br />

moisture holding capacity after cooking<br />

and retorting. This is due to the higher<br />

level of the soluble fibers. Increasing the<br />

concentration of the Leiber YeaFi® BTR<br />

and Leiber YeaFi® AB-F samples caused<br />

an increase in the viscosity/hot water<br />

absorption.<br />

Photo 2: Leiber YeaFi® products increased the shininess and natural coloring in oven-baked snacks<br />

Both test products performed as great<br />

texturizers improving the texture and<br />

shape and reducing the stickiness of<br />

the snacks and knives had a better cut.<br />

The 10% inclusion of Leiber YeaFi® BTR<br />

and Leiber YeaFi® AB-F decreased the<br />

use of energy (SME) and significantly<br />

improved capacity. All test ingredients<br />

improved the snacks’ appearance,<br />

coloring and shine. Leiber YeaFi® BTR<br />

and Leiber YeaFi® AB-F had the most<br />

positive impact on the snacks. Increased<br />

inclusion (10%) increased the impact.<br />

The shape was more distinctive. In<br />

addition, both products increased the<br />

shininess of the snack and gave more<br />

brown color (Photo 1). The variation<br />

in shape and natural coloring were<br />

significant.<br />

Also in the vegan oven–baked snacks<br />

the color change was significant<br />

when changing 10% of pea meal with<br />

the blended brewers’ yeast products<br />

(photo 2).<br />

Leiber YeaFi® BTR and YeaFi® AB-F had<br />

the tendency to reduce water activity<br />

(Figure 1). Inclusion of 10% significantly<br />

decreased water activity of the snacks<br />

Figure1: Water activity (aW), after a month storage in semi-moist snacks<br />

despite the added moisture during the<br />

extrusion.<br />

The water activity after LT (low temperature)<br />

in vegan, ovenbaked snacks was naturally<br />

high for all test samples (Figure 2). After<br />

the HT (high temperature) treatment, the<br />

test products reduced the water activity<br />

and moisture content more efficiently<br />

compared to the control biscuits. Due<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Figure 2: Water activity (aW), in vegan, ovenbaked<br />

snacks, with low temperature (LT) and high<br />

temperature (HT) baking.<br />

Figure 4: pH values for vegan, oven-baked snacks, with low<br />

temperature (LT) and high temperature (HT) baking.<br />

to the higher moisture reduction during<br />

baking the weight loss and shrinkage were<br />

higher for the Leiber products.<br />

Increasing the inclusion level of Leiber<br />

YeaFi® products decreased significantly<br />

the pH of the semi-moist snacks (Figure 3)<br />

during the whole test period. Decreasing<br />

pH in semi-moist snacks has a positive<br />

impact on the preservation of the product.<br />

In vegan oven-baked snacks the pH was<br />

analyzed for both high (HT) and low (LT)<br />

temperature treatments (Figure 4). The<br />

addition of 10% Leiber YeaFi® significantly<br />

decreased the pH of the biscuits also. This<br />

indicated again a preservation potential<br />

of the test products.<br />

Leiber YeaFi® products also had an impact<br />

on the textural properties of the semimoist<br />

snacks. The firmness of the snacks<br />

decreased with the reduction of the pea<br />

starch in the control kibbles.<br />

This was expected as starch is one of the<br />

main factors to increase the hardness<br />

in the snacks. When used Leiber YeaFi®<br />

BTR and Leiber YeaFi® AB-F firmness<br />

increased with inclusion level (Figure 5).<br />

The inclusion level (5 or 10%) didn’t have<br />

Figure 3: pH values, analyses after a month storage<br />

period in semi-moist snacks<br />

Figure 5: Firmness values, analyses are taken over<br />

a month storage period<br />

8<br />

Technology & Marketing


Pet Food<br />

Cutting<br />

Solutions<br />

As the #1 Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology,<br />

successful processors depend on Urschel’s expertise<br />

to deliver optimal cutting solutions for pet food<br />

ingredients to produce high-quality fish, chicken, beef,<br />

and vegetable dices and shreds and coarse to smooth<br />

applications such as mousse, pastes, and liquids.<br />

Explore Urschel cutting solutions<br />

to achieve your processing goals.<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />

#1 Best selling provider of<br />

industrial cutting machinery<br />

throughout the world.<br />

®Urschel, Urschel logo symbol, and The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology<br />

are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.<br />

The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology<br />

Set up a free test-cut of your product.<br />

www.urschel.com<br />



significant effect on the firmness as did<br />

the source of the fibers.<br />

After technical tests, the semi-moist<br />

snacks were given to a dog home panel<br />

(n=10). Taste preference was organized<br />

in the form of first-choice testing for<br />

two days and then statistically grouped<br />

and analyzed (Figure 6). All Leiber YeaFi®<br />

snacks were tastier then the controls, and<br />

dogs were keen on consuming them. The<br />

highest preference was shown towards<br />

Leiber YeaFi® BTR. Also the vegan ovenbaked<br />

biscuits were tested with the<br />

dogs. All biscuits were accepted well.<br />

Here Leiber YeaFi® AB-F had the highest<br />

preference.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Leiber YeaFi® products are an interesting<br />

concept for application in semi-moist<br />

and vegan oven-baked snacks. They have<br />

a positive impact on production as they<br />

effiiciently reduce stickiness, and improve<br />

texture, appearance, pH, coloring, shiness<br />

and taste of the semimoist snacks. From<br />

an economic point of view the production<br />

capacity was significantly higher<br />

compared to the controls. The inclusion<br />

of Leiber YeaFi® products in vegan ovenbaked<br />

snacks also resulted in a significant<br />

change of the color and reduction of the<br />

pH. The baking process reduced moisture<br />

more compared to control. The reduction<br />

of pH and water activity in both snacks<br />

indicating that Leiber YeaFi® products give<br />

a sort of natural preservation effect and<br />

the baking time can be reduced therefore<br />

the energy consumption can be lower.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.leibergmbh.de<br />

Figure 6: Heatmap presented as preference<br />

map for the semi-moist snacks, where more<br />

intensive red color shows higher preference<br />

compared to blue colors.<br />

10<br />

Technology & Marketing




AFB is more than just palatants. We provide custom solutions to<br />

improve pet food palatability. Our services are tailored to the<br />

specific needs of each customer. We can partner to meet their<br />

objectives while making pet food taste great!<br />

STAND 6-321<br />

To learn how AFB brings value to pet food companies through<br />

research expertise, technical support and unparalleled<br />

customer service, visit afbinternational.com or<br />

contact your AFB account manager.<br />

© <strong>2024</strong> AFB International


Functional Ingredients as a Natural<br />

Support for Weight Management<br />

in Pets<br />

Photo: Beneo<br />

For many years, being overweight or obese<br />

was a human concern. These days however,<br />

more and more companion animals are<br />

struggling with this condition. Here Dr<br />

Maygane Ronsmans, Product Manager<br />

Animal Nutrition at BENEO, explores how<br />

functional ingredients can help as a natural<br />

support for weight management in pets<br />

and why the choice of carbohydrate and<br />

fiber matters when it comes to long-term<br />

health.<br />

Pets are increasingly overweight<br />

or obese<br />

Numbers of overweight and obese<br />

companion animals have steadily increased<br />

over the last few decades and now exceed<br />

50% in Western countries. i Recent statistics<br />

from the US have even classified 6 in 10<br />

dogs and cats as overweight or obese. ii<br />

As with humans, there are many serious<br />

health consequences for overweight or<br />

obese pets. These include cardiovascular<br />

and metabolic diseases (e.g., glucose<br />

intolerance, diabetes), or skeletal<br />

associated disorders, leading to a negative<br />

impact on the pet’s - and owner’s - quality<br />

of life.<br />

Pet owners are well aware of the dangers<br />

surrounding having overweight or obese<br />

companion animals, and many like to opt<br />

for a preventive approach when it comes<br />

to managing their pet’s weight. A recent<br />

global survey conducted by FMCG Gurus<br />

on behalf of BENEO showed that 3 in 4<br />

pet owners worldwide were concerned<br />

with their pet’s weight iii and around 4<br />

in 5 agreed that an on-pack claim about<br />

helping to control their pet’s weight<br />

naturally affects their purchase intention<br />

of a pet food product to some extent. iv<br />

There is therefore a market opportunity for<br />

functional ingredients that can help with<br />

weight and blood glucose management.<br />

Functional ingredients as part of<br />

the solution<br />

Like in humans, prevention of obesity is<br />

always better than cure, and a balanced<br />

diet should remain the ‘gold standard’.<br />

Nevertheless, when weight loss is<br />

required, a multi-pronged approach that<br />

combines exercise along with energyrestricted<br />

diets is often key. In the context<br />

of obesity, the choice of nutrients in pet<br />

food can also make a difference, and<br />

12<br />

Technology & Marketing


including functional ingredients in a pet’s<br />

diet - such as slow-release carbohydrate<br />

isomaltulose and prebiotic chicory root<br />

fibers - can help with weight and blood<br />

glucose management.<br />

Carbohydrate choice matters<br />

Carbohydrates are an inherent part of our<br />

pets’ diet nowadays. Though, carbohydrates<br />

have not been created equal and they<br />

differ in composition, digestive properties<br />

and therefore glycaemic effects. A case in<br />

point is that high glycaemic carbohydrates,<br />

such as sucrose or cooked starches, are<br />

rapidly digested and absorbed in the first<br />

part of the small intestine, resulting in a<br />

fast and high blood glucose response.<br />

Low glycaemic carbohydrates on the other<br />

hand, are digested more slowly and lead<br />

to a lower blood glucose response. Having<br />

a slower blood glucose supply results in<br />

more balanced glycaemia, lower insulin<br />

peaks and overall better metabolic health.<br />

A 2012 study with dogs has further shown<br />

that low glycaemic diets can support<br />

weight loss. v<br />

For pet food producers looking for low<br />

glycaemic carbohydrates, isomaltulose<br />

can become a key part of their ingredient<br />

toolbox. Isomaltulose is a disaccharide of<br />

glucose and fructose derived from sugar<br />

beet that is characterised by a stronger<br />

glycosidic bond than that of standard<br />

sugar. Due to this specific linkage, it is<br />

more resistant to enzymatic hydrolysation<br />

in the intestine, therefore inducing lower<br />

glycaemic and insulin responses than<br />

regular sucrose as demonstrated in many<br />

species (e.g., humans, rodents and pigs).<br />

A scientific publication from 2023 about<br />

three studies from Corbee et al vi , has<br />

confirmed that isomaltulose is a suitable<br />

low glycaemic ingredient for use in dog<br />

food, triggering a lower blood glucose rise<br />

after consumption. The trials evaluated<br />

the digestion of isomaltulose as well as<br />

its glycaemic and insulinaemic effects<br />

in dogs, compared to other relevant<br />

carbohydrate sources. An in-vitro study of<br />

small intestinal tissue samples from three<br />

dogs showed that isomaltulose can be<br />

digested by canine intestinal enzymes,<br />

with a lower enzyme activity compared to<br />

high glycaemic carbohydrates, indicating a<br />

slower rate of hydrolysis.<br />

In addition, two in-vivo studies compared<br />

the effects of isomaltulose, sucrose and<br />

maltodextrin in dogs. The results showed<br />

that isomaltulose significantly lowered<br />

blood glucose and insulin responses,<br />

compared to maltodextrin or sucrose –<br />

even after continuous feeding. All in all, this<br />

property makes isomaltulose a particularly<br />

interesting solution with the potential<br />

to support metabolic health and weight<br />

management in dogs.<br />

Plant-Based Innovations<br />


Our plant-based ingredients include starches,<br />

flakes, special derivatives, proteins, and fibers,<br />

which can be applied to a wide range of<br />

products in the pet food industry.<br />

We are driven by sustainable innovation, in<br />

harmony with nature. Experts at our Innovation<br />

Center are constantly developing and optimizing<br />

concepts, including gluten or grain free, and<br />

added protein and fiber, to meet the evolving<br />

demands of the industry.<br />



7-10 MAY, <strong>2024</strong> • NÜRNBERG, GERMANY<br />

BOOTH #4-420<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



The power of chicory root fibers<br />

Other functional ingredients that enable<br />

vii, viii, ix,<br />

blood sugar management in dogs<br />

x , as well as weight management in pets<br />

xi, xii, xiii<br />

are BENEO’s natural chicory root<br />

fibers Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose.<br />

These inulin-type fructans belong to the<br />

very few scientifically proven prebiotics ,<br />

that support a pet’s intestinal health and<br />

are linked with nutritional benefits that<br />

go beyond the gut. For example, studies<br />

show that including Orafti® Inulin and<br />

Oligofructose in a pet’s diet can curb<br />

their appetite, improve satiety and hence<br />

xv, xvi, xvii<br />

decrease voluntary food intake. In<br />

doing so, chicory root fibers can help to<br />

maintain the healthy condition of a pet’s<br />

body.<br />

Additionally, since inulin-type fructans<br />

are non-digestible carbohydrates and<br />

dietary fibers, they do not trigger a rise<br />

in postprandial blood glucose or insulin<br />

concentrations. As a result, they support<br />

blood sugar management in dogs. What’s<br />

more, studies in dogs have shown that<br />

feeding them with chicory prebiotics can<br />

allow for a lower blood sugar response<br />

after a meal , and this benefit can extend<br />

to a subsequent meal taken hours later,<br />

even if that meal doesn’t include chicory<br />

root fibers; xx, xxi which is called the second<br />

meal effect.<br />

Quality production<br />

BENEO produces its functional<br />

carbohydrates, including isomaltulose, and<br />

chicory root fibers in state-of-the-art and<br />

food-certified processing plants, which<br />

enables the highest product quality to be<br />

continuously guaranteed. Also, the non-<br />

GMO sugar beets and chicory roots are<br />

sourced from farmers in close proximity to<br />

the production sites. Isomaltulose as well as<br />

Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are natural<br />

ingredients which are acknowledged as<br />

feed materials in the EU xxii . They are suitable<br />

for use in both dry and wet pet foods, or in<br />

snacks.<br />

With more and more companion animals<br />

struggling with being overweight or obese,<br />

it is no wonder that pet food producers are<br />

turning to functional ingredients, such<br />

as BENEO’s, to help owners resolve these<br />

issues. By choosing the right ones, it is<br />

now possible to support weight and blood<br />

sugar management in pets more naturally,<br />

whilst supporting their long-term health.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

BENEO source references for this article are<br />

available on request.<br />

For more information<br />

www.beneo.com<br />

14<br />

Technology & Marketing


New Production of Flours and<br />

Fats from Dried Black Soldier Fly<br />

Larvae Starts in Galicia, Spain<br />

The dried black soldier fly larvae used to produce the first batches come from the Bioflytech Group's other<br />

plant in Fuente Alamo, Murcia<br />

The company has recently obtained authorization for the production of flour, a milestone that marks a before<br />

and after in the production of this type of insect-derived products, where the Bioflytech group is a pioneer<br />

The products are aimed at animal feed, mainly pet food and the aquaculture sector<br />

Once the works have been completed and the necessary authorization has been obtained, the facilities in<br />

Galicia will produce 12,000 tonnes of larvae per year and will consolidate Bioflytech as one of the world leaders<br />

in the sector<br />

Bioflytech has started the production of<br />

flours and fats from dried black soldier fly<br />

larvae in its new facilities located in Palas<br />

de Rei, Galicia, north-western Spain. The<br />

company has started the activity after<br />

becoming the first Spanish company<br />

in this innovative sector to obtain the<br />

authorization to produce, transform and<br />

commercialize this type of product.<br />

The dried black soldier fly larvae, with<br />

which the rendering lines are being set<br />

up and the first batches of flours and<br />

fats produced, come from the company's<br />

other plant in Fuente Álamo, Murcia.<br />

These new facilities in Palas de Rei are<br />

now up and running after obtaining<br />

authorization for the production - by<br />

means of a drying process - of the<br />

products that make up the company's<br />

portfolio and which are mainly aimed at<br />

animal feed, especially pet food and for<br />

the aquaculture sector.<br />

Obtaining this authorization has been<br />

possible thanks to the hard work of the<br />

technicians involved in the project at all<br />

levels, from those who work at Bioflytech<br />

to those who are part of the national,<br />

regional and local administration. This has<br />

made it possible to achieve a milestone<br />

that marks a turning point in the<br />

production of protein meals from insects,<br />

where the Bioflytech group is a pioneer.<br />

After obtaining the necessary permits, it<br />

has been possible to start the production<br />

of flour and fat in the new facilities<br />

in Palas de Rei, which have state-ofthe-art<br />

technology to carry out the<br />

transformation of the dried larvae from<br />

Murcia. Thus, a rendering machine<br />

and a drying machine have come into<br />

operation, allowing the product to be<br />

transformed into flour, which is mainly<br />

used as a raw material for the production<br />

of pet food and aquaculture food. The fat<br />

is destined, on the one hand, for pig feed<br />

and, on the other, for the pharmaceutical<br />

and cosmetics industry, which uses it in<br />

the creation of soaps and moisturizing<br />

creams, among others.<br />

The facilities have also started up a second<br />

rendering machine of its own design and<br />

unique on the market, which will enable<br />

tailor-made flours to be manufactured<br />

with specific percentages of protein and<br />

fats according to the customer's demands,<br />

and which is set to revolutionize the<br />

production of protein flours from insects.<br />

These two rendering machines will be<br />

joined in the coming weeks by a third one<br />

that has already arrived in Palas de Rei and<br />

will be assembled in the next few days.<br />

In parallel to the start of the activity, work<br />

continues to complete the eight plants<br />

that make up the complex, which include<br />

the production plant, six larvae fattening<br />

plant and another for compost storage.<br />

16<br />

Technology & Marketing


Instalaciones Palas de Rei<br />

Photos: sBioflytech<br />

Palas de Rei, Lugo<br />

Find your solution<br />

Barentz is a leading provider of ingredients and solutions for dry and<br />

wet pet food as well as for pet treat manufacturers. With a strong<br />

network of partners, combined with our expertise in a wide range of<br />

areas, we are looking forward to finding a better solution, together.<br />

Antioxidants<br />

Plant-based<br />

proteins<br />

Insect<br />

proteins<br />

Yeasts<br />

Binders<br />

Natural<br />

colors<br />

barentz.com Always a better solution.<br />

Barentz<br />

Saturnusstraat 15<br />

2132 HB Hoofddorp<br />

The Netherlands Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />

T + 31 (0) 23 5673456<br />

E petfoodinfo@barentz.com<br />

I www.barentz.com<br />

Visit us at<br />

Interzoo;<br />

Booth 7-632<br />



About Bioflytech<br />

Moira Capital Partners<br />

acquired a majority stake in<br />

Bioflytech, established in<br />

2012 as a biotech company,<br />

in 2018. A year later, the<br />

Fuente Álamo facility in<br />

Murcia was opened.<br />

The support of the Xunta de<br />

Galicia and the City Council<br />

of Palas de Rei for the project<br />

determined Bioflytech's choice<br />

of this autonomous community to<br />

undertake its expansion, for which<br />

different locations in the north of Spain<br />

and even Portugal were considered.<br />

Bioflytech obtains four main products<br />

from the black soldier fly: dried larva,<br />

which is obtained after almost complete<br />

drying of the fresh larvae and has highly<br />

digestible protein and all the necessary<br />

components for the diet of poultry,<br />

fish and other animals; high protein<br />

meals; fats, which are obtained from the<br />

larvae without using chemical agents<br />

or solvents; and compost, obtained<br />

as a result of the biodigestion of the<br />

vegetable material produced during the<br />

fattening process.<br />

Bioflytech's dried larvae is a product<br />

especially designed as a feed diet for<br />

laying hens and broilers, while the<br />

protein meals are aimed at the petfood,<br />

aquaculture and poultry industries,<br />

and also to a lesser extent at animal<br />

feed for the fur industry. Fats are mainly<br />

used in animal feed, but also in the<br />

pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.<br />

Compost is used as fertilizer.<br />

The surroundings are also being adapted,<br />

as the total plot is 140,000 square meters<br />

in size.<br />

Challenges for the company<br />

Once the necessary authorization has<br />

been obtained, the fresh larvae fattening<br />

process will also begin in Palas de Rei,<br />

which will allow for the production<br />

of a total of 12,000 tonnes per year.<br />

Subsequently, a new phase of expansion<br />

of the facility will be undertaken to<br />

produce 100,000 tonnes of fresh larvae<br />

per year.<br />

Meanwhile, at the Fuente Álamo facility in<br />

Murcia, not only will the activity continue,<br />

but an investment of 2.8 million euros is<br />

planned for the second half of the year to<br />

increase the production capacity of the<br />

hatchery that supplies larvae eggs to the<br />

facility in Galicia. At present, the Fuente<br />

Álamo facility produce 180 kilos of eggs<br />

Left: Dried black soldier fly larvae<br />

Right: Flour<br />

per month, which is already a milestone<br />

in the sector worldwide, given the<br />

complexity of guaranteeing stable and<br />

continuous production throughout the<br />

year. The objective with this expansion, for<br />

which all the permits have already been<br />

requested, is to reach 350 kilos of eggs per<br />

month, something unprecedented in the<br />

sector.<br />

This first Bioflytech plant in Fuente Álamo<br />

currently produces 4,000 tonnes of fresh<br />

larvae per year.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.bioflytech.com<br />

Photos: sBioflytech<br />

18<br />

Technology & Marketing

I SUCCESSFULLY <strong>PRO</strong>DUCE<br />




Visit us!<br />

Hall 5, stand 207<br />

Your partner for solutions with line and process expertise.<br />

You have ideas – we have just the right solution for them. From product preparation to filling<br />

and portioning technology and product handling – our process solutions to match your needs.<br />

Benefit from our many years of in-depth expertise, our process-reliable technology and our<br />

excellent service. Let us turn your ideas into solutions.<br />

Scan QR code and watch the video.<br />

Further information at:<br />

www.handtmann.com/petfood<br />

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Perfectly coordinated technology from product preparation and portioning, forming or drying all the way<br />

through to packaging. Our process solutions are ideally suited for cold-extruded applications. Handtmann<br />

technology turns meat, plant-based or insect protein raw materials into bars and sticks of varying sizes<br />

and shapes. We stand for accurate-to-the-gram portioning and diverse process options ensuring precise<br />

product depositing onto conveyors or trays.<br />

<strong>PRO</strong>DUCT PREPARATION<br />

Mixing: Handtmann Inotec IM mixer<br />

2-shaft mixer for the quick and homogeneous thorough mixing of<br />

viscous to highly viscous products. Handtmann Inotec mixers also<br />

provide the optimum shaft configuration for any mixing material.<br />

Emulsifying: Handtmann Inotec iT<br />

The modular 1- to 5-stage cutting system with optimum adjustment of<br />

the cutting position and thus minimised wear, reliably grinds products<br />

of any viscosity and temperature into homogeneous products of<br />

particle sizes less than two millimetres.<br />


Filling and forming: VF 800 vacuum filler and FS 510 forming system<br />

Handtmann vacuum filling technology with subsequent fully<br />

automatic, multi-lane forming stands representative for long-term<br />

stable portioning accuracy, minimal wear, needs-based performance,<br />

application variety, hygiene and ergonomics at the highest level.<br />

DOWNSTREAM <strong>PRO</strong>DUCT <strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Product depositing, drying and packaging<br />

Handtmann technology is perfectly coordinated with downstream<br />

process steps and the machines from our numerous partners required<br />

for depositing, drying and packaging. Everything from a single source<br />

for a seamless production process from A to Z.<br />

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG<br />

Hubertus-Liebrecht-Str. 10-12 | 88400 Biberach | Germany<br />

sales.machines@handtmann.de | +49 7351 45-0<br />

www.handtmann.com/petfood |

New Omega-3 Range to be<br />

Showcased at Petfood Forum<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />


Veramaris® Pets joins dsm-firmenich’s growing petfood portfolio – discover this and more at stand 1306,<br />

Petfood Forum, April 29 - May 1, <strong>2024</strong>, Kansas City.<br />

dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition,<br />

health and beauty, will showcase its full<br />

range of ingredients at Petfood Forum<br />

<strong>2024</strong> including the latest addition to the<br />

company’s portfolio, Veramaris® Pets –<br />

the world’s most powerful and complete<br />

omega-3 solution for cats and dogs. At<br />

stand 1306, attendees can also discover<br />

DHAgold alongside innovative taste<br />

ingredients and gut health-supporting<br />

nutrients, to help pet nutrition brands<br />

create food, treats and supplements that<br />

are good for pets, good for producers and<br />

good for the planet.<br />

Photo: shutterstock_2290425993_ret_AI<br />

Ensuring the world’s access to<br />

omega-3s, sustainably<br />

Veramaris® Pets algal oil is the latest addition<br />

to dsm-firmenich’s petfood portfolio.<br />

Containing 60% eicosapentaenoic acid<br />

(EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) –<br />

the highest of any solution on the market<br />

– it delivers more than double the potency<br />

of equivalent fish-oil while also providing<br />

enhanced taste and stability benefits.<br />

Around 930 billion fish are removed from<br />

the oceans each year, just to supply the<br />

pet food industry with fish oil and meal. 1<br />

Veramaris® Pets aims to change this as an<br />

infinitely consistent and scalable source<br />

of omega-3 that does not rely on fish<br />

stocks. With Veramaris® Pets joining dsmfirmenich’s<br />

growing petfood portfolio,<br />

producers will benefit from the company’s<br />

worldwide team of experts, global supply<br />

chain and access to a leading range of<br />

nutritional and taste products.2<br />

At Petfood Forum, dsm-firmenich will<br />

also showcase DHAgold, which offers<br />

petfood brands even more versatility<br />

in DHA fortification. This easy-to-use<br />

powder is made from fermented algae<br />

and is scientifically proven to support<br />

brain health in dogs. In one study, a group<br />

of 8- to 11-year-old dogs were fed food<br />

containing DHAgold for 6 months and<br />

displayed significantly improved memory<br />

and visual performance.3<br />

All bite, no bark<br />

Additionally, at Petfood Forum <strong>2024</strong><br />

dsm-firmenich will spotlight its flavorenhancing<br />

solutions for improving the<br />

taste in petfood applications with a<br />

Cheddar cheese flavor concentrate. Made<br />

using genuine Wisconsin Cheddar cheese<br />

and whey, this versatile spray-dried<br />

powder helps producers craft irresistible<br />

food for dogs.<br />

Petfood Forum <strong>2024</strong> attendees will also<br />

be able to learn more about Leva-Mos®<br />

– a convenient, spray-dried, prebiotic<br />

powder that supports healthy digestion,<br />

gastrointestinal health and immunity<br />

by stabilizing the gut microflora and<br />

strengthening intestinal barrier function<br />

in dogs.<br />

Discover your next petfood<br />

partner<br />

“It’s our ambition to create ingredients that<br />

are good for pets, good for producers and<br />

good for the planet,” says George B. Josef,<br />

Global Head Marketing & Nutritional Lipids<br />

for petfood at dsm-firmenich. “We have<br />

the same dedication to crafting delicious,<br />

nutritious and sustainable solutions as pet<br />

parents do to caring for their furry friends.<br />

And we combine this ethos with decades<br />

of science-based research and expertise,<br />

leading technology and substantial<br />

investment in innovation. The result is a<br />

range of high-quality, safe ingredients that<br />

pet parents want and their cats and dogs<br />

love. Stop by stand 1306 at Petfood Forum<br />

<strong>2024</strong> to discover how we can help you<br />

balance taste, health, sustainability and<br />

cost to engage today’s pet parents, and<br />

fuel happy, healthy pets at every life stage.”<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1FAO, 2018 2Veramaris® will continue as a joint venture between dsm-firmenich and Evonik<br />

Nutrition & Care GmbH focused on the aqua feed market. 3The oil-rich alga Schizochytrium<br />

sp. as a dietary source of DHA improves shape discrimination learning associated with visual<br />

processing in a canine model of senescence. [K.B. Hadley, J. Bauer, N.W. Milgram, Clinical<br />

Research Department, DSM Nutritional Products, Columbia, MD 21045, USA]<br />

For more information<br />

www.dsm.com/food-beverage/en_US/about-us/events/join-us-atpetfood-forum-<strong>2024</strong>.html<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Protein Choices to Lower Your<br />

Pet's 'Paw Print'<br />

Reducing your environmental impact by selecting more sustainable alternatives<br />

Photos: Barentz<br />

Decreasing the impact on the<br />

environment is a hot topic, no less so<br />

than in the pet food industry, especially<br />

as the number of pets is still growing. This<br />

explains the growing market demand for<br />

trends like natural, organic, vegetarian or<br />

even vegan pet food. Premiumization and<br />

humanization continue to drive the petfood<br />

category, an increasing demand for<br />

plant-based proteins could also be a result<br />

of more flexitarians as pet owners, as pet<br />

parents want their pets eating habits to<br />

be similar to their own. Ultimately, as the<br />

pet food industry, it is important for us to<br />

find sustainable alternatives to animalderived<br />

ingredients for pet food.<br />

Plant-based proteins<br />

There is a broad variety of plant-based<br />

proteins, which can be used to reduce<br />

meat proteins in pet diets, however it is key<br />

to keep an eye on the amino acids profile<br />

of plant-based proteins. From the plantbased<br />

proteins, soy protein has the most<br />

complete amino acid profile. Nevertheless,<br />

soya is not always so popular to use. This<br />

is because its acceptance varies from<br />

country to country; the possible reason<br />

behind this could be related to GMO and<br />

deforestation, even when there is also<br />

GMO free soy on the market, produced in<br />

Europe, without deforestation. Another<br />

aspect could be that soya can contain<br />

anti-nutritional factors. Soya concentrates<br />

and isolates can be used to avoid those<br />

problems.<br />

Pea protein is very popular, although it<br />

has very low values of methionine and<br />

cystine. To overcome this deficiency, it can<br />

be used together with rice, which is rich<br />

in methionine and cystine. Also potato<br />

protein is quite often used, because of its<br />

balanced amino acid profile. On the other<br />

hand, corn protein (corn gluten meal) is an<br />

incomplete protein, it is lacking in arginine<br />

and tryptophan. To overcome this, corn<br />

can be supplemented with other plantbased<br />

proteins to make the list of essential<br />

amino acids complete.<br />

In all cases of using plant-based proteins,<br />

keep an eye towards the levels of taurine<br />

and carnitine in the diet, even when these<br />

are considered as non-essential, both are<br />

really key for healthy dogs and cats.<br />

Functionality<br />

Beside the nutritional aspects, plantbased<br />

proteins can also be used for their<br />

great functional properties. Different<br />

types of soya concentrates or isolates<br />

have different levels of water binding,<br />

emulsifying and gelling properties. Those<br />

concentrates or isolates can be used to<br />

retain the water and fat during the entire<br />

technological process, with securing<br />

shelf life of the final product. Next to<br />

soya, also other functional proteins from<br />

pea, chickpea or faba beans can be used.<br />

Those are typically used for products such<br />

as paté, terrine, chunks and also for meat<br />

alternatives.<br />

Insects – fully circular<br />

Another alternative to animal-derived<br />

proteins are insects, which are a highly<br />

valuable nutritional protein source.<br />

Insects are also more sustainable for<br />

several reasons. Firstly, insects can turn<br />

low value feed materials and related byproducts<br />

into high value insect protein<br />

and oil. They are fed with by-products,<br />

not suitable for other livestock, which<br />

otherwise would have gone to lower<br />

value productions such as bio-refineries.<br />

Secondly, insect breeding is a zero-waste<br />

and circular process. There are three<br />

final products produced from insects:<br />

insect protein, insect oil and organic<br />

fertilizer. Insect protein and oil are used<br />

as natural and sustainable alternative<br />

ingredients in livestock feed and pet<br />

food. The frass, which is the manure and<br />

the leftovers from the insect breeding, is<br />

used as an organic fertilizer to grow new<br />

crops, of which again the lowest value<br />

by-products are used for feeding new<br />

batches of insects. This is a full circular<br />

model! However sustainability of insectbased<br />

ingredients can even go beyond<br />

circularity and upgrading of low value byproducts.<br />

Barentz has a range of plant-based and<br />

alternative proteins. Their technical team<br />

is ready to find together with pet food<br />

manufacturers the best solution, to lower<br />

the pet food ‘paw print’.<br />

For more information<br />

www.barentz.com/<br />

animalnutrition/pet-food<br />

22<br />

Technology & Marketing


Botanical Extracts: The Next<br />

Generation of Antioxidants (Part 1)<br />

by Cristina Murcia<br />

Introduction<br />

Botanical extracts are natural ingredients<br />

that contain diverse polyphenol type<br />

molecules. Some are well known for their<br />

endogenous and exogenous antioxidant<br />

abilities. In the European Union's<br />

regulatory framework for feed and pet<br />

food, until recently, only mixed tocopherols<br />

were registered as antioxidants.1 However,<br />

in response to the EFSA's 2022 Scientific<br />

Opinion, the European Commission has<br />

now approved rosemary extract as feed<br />

additive for cats and dogs, in the category<br />

of antioxidants. 2<br />

This article will focus on the exogenous<br />

antioxidant capacity of rosemary and olive<br />

extracts and the main reaction mechanism<br />

of their active molecules with the highest<br />

antioxidant potential.<br />

Rosemary extract<br />

Rosemary extract contains different<br />

diterpene molecules with antioxidant<br />

activity, from these, the one with the<br />

highest antioxidant effect is carnosic<br />

acid. Other molecules such as carnosol,<br />

rosmanol or epirosmanol have also some<br />

antioxidant capacities but less significant<br />

than carnosic acid. The reason for that<br />

is that all the above are decomposition<br />

products of carnosic acid, as we will see<br />

while explaining the simplified chemical<br />

reaction mechanisms.<br />

Oxygen Scavenger Mechanism:<br />

To prevent oxidation rosemary extract, or<br />

specifically, carnosic acid can scavenge<br />

singlet oxygen, an excited form of oxygen,<br />

and free radicals. While doing this carnosic<br />

acid will oxidize itself to form a carnosic<br />

acid quinone that by action of temperature<br />

or other catalysts will be transformed into<br />

carnosol. The carnosol molecule will further<br />

follow this path and will oxidise itself to be<br />

transformed into epirosmanol or rosmanol,<br />

depending on the stereochemistry of the<br />

reaction. 3,4 See Figure 1.<br />

Hydrogen Transfer Mechanism:<br />

Carnosic acid can also neutralize free<br />

radicals by following a different mechanism,<br />

by donating hydrogen atoms to stabilize<br />

lipid molecules (in figure 2 represented as<br />

ROOH). This type of mechanism is called<br />

hydrogen transfer mechanism. Here<br />

carnosic acid can neutralize the free radical<br />

activity of two lipid radical molecules<br />

(ROO°) to form a carnosic acid quinone. Like<br />

in the previous mechanism the carnosic<br />

acid quinone can be transformed into<br />

carnosol to provide additional antioxidant<br />

activity. Or the mechanism can follow a<br />

different pathway and lipid radicals can be<br />

stabilized by forming an epoxy quinone. In<br />

summary, the key message here is that one<br />

molecule of carnosic acid can neutralize<br />

two lipid radical molecules. 3<br />

What we can learn from the chemistry<br />

explained here is that carnosic acid<br />

can generate a variety of secondary<br />

antioxidants. This unique cascade-type<br />

process is likely to amplify the antioxidative<br />

power of carnosic acid and hence of<br />

rosemary extract and to constitute an<br />

Cristina Murcia<br />

García, PhD<br />

Technical Service<br />

Manager, Kemin<br />

Nutrisurance EMEA<br />

Dr Cristina Murcia<br />

García gained her PhD in<br />

Chemistry with focus on redox<br />

reactions from the University<br />

of Bonn (Germany). Since then, she has specialized in<br />

managing oxidation in rendering and pet food products.<br />

She works as Technical Service Manager for Kemin<br />

Nutrisurance Europe where she provides solutions to<br />

improve raw materials and pet food safety and shelf-life.<br />

Besides, she develops tailor-made trials and protocols for<br />

customers and holds customer specific trainings on topics<br />

like oxidation, freshness, and food safety.<br />

effective defense mechanism.4 In sum,<br />

the main driver for the antioxidant activity<br />

of rosemary extract is carnosic acid.<br />

This means the higher the carnosic acid<br />

concentration in a rosemary extract, the<br />

better will be its antioxidant activity. The<br />

rest of the phenolic diterpenes will also have<br />

some antioxidant activity but lower than<br />

carnosic acid because, as we have seen, they<br />

are degradation products from the carnosic<br />

acid molecule. Besides, rosemary extracts<br />

contain also other antioxidants such as<br />

rosmarinic acid bringing more antioxidant<br />

power to the overall activity of this botanical<br />

extract.<br />

Olive extract<br />

Olive extract is another natural<br />

ingredient very well known for its health<br />

Figure 1. Proposed oxygen quenching mechanism of rosemary extract.<br />

Figure 2. Proposed hydrogen transfer mechanism of rosemary extract.<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />

23<br />

Photos: Kemin


Figure 3. Chemical structure of oleuropein<br />

Photos: Kemin<br />

Figure 4. Proposed radical scavenging mechanism of hydroxytyrosol.<br />

benefits and widely used for centuries in<br />

the countries of the Mediterranean area.<br />

Apart from its health or endogenous<br />

antioxidant and antimicrobial properties,<br />

recent research has shown the potential<br />

benefit of using olive extract as an<br />

exogenous antioxidant to prevent<br />

oxidation of fats, oils and fat containing<br />

matrices.<br />

Since olives are a raw material extensively<br />

used in human nutrition, the question<br />

arose if it could be economically suitable<br />

as an ingredient for the feed and pet<br />

food industries. Not all parts of the olive<br />

tree are used at the moment for human<br />

consumption. Among others, there are<br />

the leaves and there is the waste of the<br />

olive fruit after production of olive oil.<br />

Both co-products are rich in polyphenols<br />

with potential antioxidant activity.<br />

In olive materials we can find two<br />

interesting molecules for our antioxidant<br />

purpose: oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.<br />

These two catechols have shown<br />

endogenous and exogenous free radical<br />

scavenging activity.⁵<br />

Although we can find both active<br />

ingredients in olive leaf and fruit, olive<br />

leaves are rich in oleuropein while olive<br />

fruits main ingredient is hydroxytyrosol.<br />

Oleuropein has shown an important<br />

antimicrobial effect as well as some<br />

endogenous antioxidant activity.⁶<br />

Nowadays there are a number of<br />

supplements in the market for human<br />

but also for petfood claiming immune<br />

system boost thanks to the properties<br />

of oleuropein (just type on your web<br />

browser pet food supplement with<br />

oleuropein and you will find several<br />

companies offering such products).<br />

Unfortunately, as technological additive<br />

to control oxidation of fats and oils,<br />

oleuropein as such has shown a poor<br />

antioxidant activity in comparison<br />

with hydroxytyrosol and other known<br />

antioxidants.⁷<br />

On the contrary, hydroxytyrosol has been<br />

demonstrated to be an ideal candidate to<br />

be considered as exogenous antioxidant<br />

to prevent the oxidation of feed and pet<br />

food relevant matrices.⁸,⁹ A few studies<br />

have proposed the mode of action of<br />

hydroxytyrosol, mainly by using radical<br />

scavenging reaction mechanism in<br />

which the hydroxytyrosol molecule can<br />

neutralized lipid radicals (ROO°). See<br />

figure 4.<br />

Kemin internal results have shown that<br />

the antioxidant activity of olive fruit<br />

extract can be enhanced by combination<br />

with known natural antioxidant<br />

molecules and that contrary to rosemary<br />

extract and carnosic acid, higher<br />

amounts of hydroxytyrosol in an olive<br />

extract do not necessarily mean better<br />

antioxidant activity.10<br />

Several studies have shown that olive<br />

fruit extract containing hydroxytyrosol<br />

but not only shows antioxidant<br />

activity comparable to that of pure<br />

hydroxytyrosol, perhaps due to the<br />

presence of active derivatives of<br />

hydroxytyrosol and other phenolic<br />

compounds which promote synergistic<br />

effects in the extract that are not<br />

available when using the pure molecule.<br />

Further research is needed to elucidate<br />

the mode of action of the antioxidants<br />

present in the olive extract.<br />

1https://ec.europa.eu/food/food-feed-portal/<br />

screen/feed-additives/search accessed on<br />

11th November 2023<br />

2https://eur-lex.europa.eu/eli/reg_<br />

impl/<strong>2024</strong>/1068/oj - Commission<br />

Implementing Regulation (EU) <strong>2024</strong>/1068 of<br />

12 April <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

3T. Masuda, Y. Inaba, Y. Takeda, J. Agric. Food<br />

Chem, 2001,49,5560-5565;; S. L. Richheimer,<br />

M. W. Bernart, G. A. King, M. C. Kent, D. T. Bailey,<br />

J. Am. Oil. Chem. Soc. 1996, 73, 507-514;<br />

4 M. Loussouarn, L. Krieger-Liszkay, A. Bily,<br />

S. Birtić, M. Havaux, Plant Physiol. 2017<br />

Nov;175(3):1381-1394<br />

⁵ M. Fiorini, V. Crognaletti, O. Sabry, P. Fattori,<br />

Processes 2021, 9, 433.<br />

⁶ D. Borjan, M. Leitgeb, Molecules 2020, 25,<br />

5946<br />

⁷ M.H. Gordon, F. Paiva-Martins, M. Almeida, J.<br />

Agric. Food Chem., 2001, 49, 2480-2485<br />

⁸A.Y. V. Theah, T. O. Akanbi, Antioxidants 2023,<br />

12, 929<br />

⁹ L. Martínez-Zamora, R. Peñalver, G. Ros, G.<br />

Nieto, Foods. 2021 Oct 28;10(11):2611<br />

10 Kemin R&D internal results<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.kemin.com<br />

24<br />

Technology & Marketing

Emsland Group at Interzoo<br />


Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

May 7-10<br />

Nuremberg<br />

Hall 4 Booth 4-420<br />

The Emsland Group will be exhibiting for<br />

the first time at the Interzoo in Nuremberg<br />

from May 7 to 10. The Emsland Group is an<br />

international company that manufactures<br />

innovative products based on plant-based<br />

raw materials for the pet food processing<br />

industry, among others.<br />

The plant-based ingredients of the<br />

Emsland Group are made from peas<br />

and potatoes. In line with their guiding<br />

principle — “using nature to create”<br />

— the company has developed the<br />

innovative Empet® products for domestic<br />

and commercial animal nutrition. The<br />

components of potatoes and peas are<br />

ideal to support the market trends. These<br />

materials offer the possibility to produce<br />

non-GMO, natural and gluten- and grainfree<br />

products. The portfolio of the Emsland<br />

Group for animal nutrition consists of<br />

proteins, fibers, potato flakes and starches.<br />

Pet food should contain various amino<br />

acids. Although pets are capable<br />

of producing the majority of these<br />

themselves, there are 10 (essential)<br />

amino acids which they cannot generate.<br />

Peas and potatoes are excellent sources<br />

of easily digestible vegetable proteins<br />

and therefore our Empet® protein<br />

ingredients supplement the daily diet.<br />

These ingredients are rich in essential<br />

amino acids such as lysine, methionine,<br />

cysteine, valine, and arginine. Empet® pea<br />

and potato proteins offer many appealing<br />

qualities such as a low ash content as<br />

well as a lack of GMOs, allergens, grains<br />

and gluten. In terms of sustainability,<br />

these plant-based proteins are also more<br />

sustainable than their animal-based<br />

counterparts.<br />

Fibers can play a very important role in a<br />

pet’s diet. Insoluble fibers are responsible<br />

for creating a feeling of fullness without<br />

adding any calories. A higher fiber content<br />

in everyday animal feed increases the<br />

quantity of feed without increasing its<br />

energy content, meaning that the animal<br />

feels full without overeating. Especially<br />

for overweight animals, this can make it<br />

easier to implement a weight loss diet; it<br />

can also improve the feeling of fullness for<br />

animals that are constantly hungry, aiding<br />

in the prevention of obesity. The Emsland<br />

Group’s Empet® E 5 ingredients play what<br />

could be called a “mechanical” role in<br />

the digestive tract. Fibers have proven<br />

effective in relieving the symptoms of<br />

various diarrheal diseases. Fibers even<br />

can be helpful for diseases of the liver and<br />

kidneys. They lower the pH value in the gut<br />

and thus reduce the amount of ammonia<br />

released, which in turn provides relief<br />

to the metabolism through the positive<br />

effect of fibers’ strong ability to absorb<br />

water on diarrheal diseases.<br />

Potato flakes produced from fresh<br />

potatoes are applicable in a wide range<br />

of wet and dry pet food products, for<br />

example in products made by an extrusion<br />

process. In animal nutrition, potato flakes<br />

are used as a cold water functional binder,<br />

dough improver or for optimizing process<br />

viscosity for extrusion.<br />

Meet the Emsland Group at the Interzoo<br />

at booth 4-420 and discover their plantbased<br />

ingredients made from potatoes<br />

and peas.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.emsland-group.de/en<br />

Photos: Emsland Group<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Food Ingredients Goes Pet<br />

The Fi Europe exhibition has been running for many years and is a important fixed point in the annual calendar. The world's leading<br />

suppliers attend and meet with the biggest food manufacturers. The focus has been on innovation and ingredients for food and<br />

beverages for human consumption and has both followed and created the trends in recent years. Until now. Ian Healey talked to<br />

Yannick Verry, Brand Manager of the international Food Ingredients Exhibitions organizer Informa Markets about a surprising new<br />

initiative for <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Simultaneously, a growing number of our visitors are seeking<br />

solutions around pet food manufacturing, whether it is all-inone<br />

contract manufacturing or specific needs, such as a novel<br />

ingredient or new equipment that safeguards nutritional value<br />

during processing. We’re talking about more than 15% of our<br />

visitors who come to the show for pet nutrition, which is amazing<br />

if you think we’ve never promoted the event specifically to the<br />

pet food manufacturing community. It’s a best kept secret until<br />

today, for those who’ve been attending the show in the past few<br />

years.<br />

But this is not surprising because consumers are more demanding<br />

than ever, making continuous innovation in this dynamic market<br />

a necessity. And Fi Europe is at the forefront of F&B innovation -<br />

it’s the place to see and feel the products that we will enjoy on<br />

our plates tomorrow. That’s why the show takes place every year<br />

unlike most of the events in our industry, and it allows pet food<br />

makers to get ahead of their competition.<br />

Photo: FI Global<br />

chnology & Marketing<br />

chnology & Marketing<br />

Yannick Verry, Brand Manager, Food Ingredients Europe &<br />

Americas<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Hi Yannick, please introduce yourself and<br />

Informa Markets to our readers.<br />

Hello Ian. I am the Event Director for Food ingredients Europe,<br />

organized by Informa Markets. Fi Europe was launched in 1986<br />

and is the world’s largest event for ingredients and innovation<br />

in the food and beverage industry. Fi Europe is an annual show<br />

and alternates between Paris and Frankfurt, where 1500+<br />

suppliers of food ingredients and manufacturing solutions<br />

present their latest products and innovative solutions to<br />

manufacturers of finished F&B and pet food products.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Why is a food ingredient event now interested<br />

in reaching pet food suppliers?<br />

Prior to my role at Informa Markets, I worked for 12 years in Asia<br />

on one of the largest exhibitions for pet supplies and developed<br />

a strong interest in the sector. After joining Fi Europe last year,<br />

I identified that suppliers of pet food solutions already had a<br />

huge presence at the event: about one third of our exhibitors<br />

are proactively promoting their pet food innovations at the<br />

show. With around 450 companies fitting this profile, this<br />

makes Fi Europe the largest annual gathering of suppliers for<br />

the pet food industry in Europe.<br />

How do you see the pet food market developing<br />

in the next 5 to 10 years? How does this compare<br />

to food for humans?<br />

According to research from Mordor Intelligence, the global pet<br />

food market is growing at 8.54% CAGR over the period <strong>2024</strong>-<br />

2029, faster than F&B – growing at roughly 6% annually over the<br />

same period.<br />

On the one hand, the premiumization of pet food products<br />

alongside the humanization of our furry friends drives the<br />

market value up. And on the other hand, budget constraints<br />

among consumers add to the challenge of manufacturing good<br />

products at reasonable prices. If you add sustainability objectives<br />

or the competition over usage of resources (fatty acids in pet<br />

food vs biofuels for instance), brands will need to rely on the<br />

most innovative suppliers to stay relevant and grow in the next<br />

10 years.<br />

What is the plan to offer a pet food zone and how<br />

would this look?<br />

The Petfood Suppliers Hub will be located at the heart of Fi<br />

Europe near some of our largest exhibitors, offering maximum<br />

exposure to pet food innovations. The area will gather suppliers<br />

of equipment, technology, contract manufacturing and services<br />

alongside the large contingent of ingredients manufacturers and<br />

premix solutions already available at Fi Europe.<br />

It will be a platform for suppliers to share and exchange insights<br />

into the latest market trends and science-backed innovations,<br />

meet the world’s largest pet food manufacturers seeking to stay<br />

ahead of the curve, and newcomers with fresh ideas and different<br />

business models.<br />

26<br />

Technology & Marketing

y & Marketing<br />

Will existing exhibitors have to have two stands?<br />

Exhibitors with an existing stand can enhance the exposure of<br />

their pet food offering at preferential rates through easy-to-setup<br />

“petfood pods” or pre-fitted kickstart packages, while leading the<br />

conversation on innovation and increasing traffic to their main<br />

stand.<br />

Only the best for<br />

our loved ones.<br />

On the other end, new exhibitors and particularly those<br />

offering processing technology, production equipment and<br />

contract manufacturing solutions will benefit from a large<br />

base of highly qualified visitors, with our core audience being<br />

decision makers in procurement & purchasing, engineering &<br />

technical management, R&D, plant management and product<br />

development.<br />

y & Marketing<br />

y & Marketing<br />

How will this pet food vision benefit from other Fi<br />

shows?<br />

Fi is a global series of exhibitions: from North to South America,<br />

from South-East Asia to China, Japan and Korea, from Europe to<br />

Africa, we have built a global community of tastemakers. This<br />

unparalleled network is an absolute treat for exhibitors at Fi<br />

Europe, the largest and most international of our shows, where<br />

80% of the audience is international.<br />

Is Informa planning an exclusive show for pet<br />

food, or pet supplies in the future?<br />

Given the overlap in challenges and opportunities between F&B<br />

and pet food, we believe that a single event can effectively serve<br />

both industries. But our aim is to provide the best platform that<br />

meets the industry’s ever evolving needs and particularities.<br />

We’re always listening to our community, so anything is possible.<br />

Stay tuned and see you at Fi Europe <strong>2024</strong> in<br />

Frankfurt - November 19-21!<br />

For more information<br />

www.figlobal.com<br />

Real brewers‘ yeast –<br />

really effective.<br />

Leiber YeaFi ®<br />

brewers‘ yeast products<br />

CeFi ® pro<br />

best values in bioavailability<br />

Biolex ® MB40<br />

prebiotic. gut health. MOS<br />

Leiber ® Beta-S<br />

pure beta-glucans for strong<br />

immune defence<br />

Leiber NuTaste ®<br />

Natural. Pure. Delicious.<br />

For further information<br />

just get in touch with us!<br />

Visit our website:<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

Photo: AdobeStock_258180661<br />

Leiber GmbH | Franz-Leiber-Straße 1 | 49565 Bramsche<br />

Germany | info@leibergmbh.de


Japanese Pet Food Sector Moves<br />

Towards Premiumization Going<br />

Forward into <strong>2024</strong><br />

by Eugene Gerden<br />

The Japanese pet food sector is steadily<br />

growing these days thanks to the ever<br />

growing demand for high-quality<br />

products and tighthening competition,<br />

despite the general reduction of the<br />

number of pets in local households.<br />

Similar to most of EU markets, the<br />

Japanese pet food market has faced<br />

with a sharp growth of inflation in recent<br />

years, caused by ongoing geopolitical<br />

instability, high prices for energy sources<br />

and the Ukranian war.<br />

The growth of energy prices especially<br />

hit Japan, since the country’s own energy<br />

production is insufficient, which forces<br />

it to meet most of its energy needs by<br />

imports. Since 2022 the cost of such<br />

supplies has significantly increased, which<br />

put a serious pressure on the majority<br />

of segments of industrial production,<br />

including pet food.<br />

The economic problems has led to the<br />

fact that the cost of ownership of pets in<br />

Japan has significantly increased, which<br />

forced many of local households to<br />

substantially cut spending on their pets<br />

Nestle Purina Japan range<br />

and to save on purchase of new ones. In<br />

addition, the growth of production costs<br />

have created serious problems for many<br />

of leading local players.<br />

In fact, the Japanese market has been<br />

traditionally within the sphere of interests<br />

of major global players, many of which<br />

has traditionally increased their presence<br />

in the local market in recent years.<br />

An example is Nestlé Purina PetCare,<br />

which currently remains one of the<br />

leading local players, planning a further<br />

expansion in the Japanese market.<br />

As Kensuke Otani, Business Executive<br />

Officer, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Nestlé Japan<br />

Limited told in an exclusive interview the<br />

Japanese market remains one of the most<br />

prirority for the company, while more<br />

active growth is limited by generally high<br />

rates of inflation in Japan, which have been<br />

observed in recent years. At the same time,<br />

according to him, most of local players pay<br />

big attention for more active launch of<br />

innovative products to the market, which<br />

could provide them additional competitive<br />

advantages over local rivals.<br />

Kensuke Utani, Business Executive Officer<br />

Nestle Purina Petcare Nestle Jap...imited<br />

Kensuke Otani comments:<br />

"The whole category was more focused<br />

on coping with the inflation in last 2 years,<br />

however going into <strong>2024</strong> we see much<br />

more innovations being introduced to<br />

market signaling refocus on category<br />

growth".<br />

As Otani has also added while the number<br />

of pets in Japan is steadily decreasing due<br />

to the cost and other issues, the market<br />

still has big potential for a further growth.<br />

Kensuke Otani continues:<br />

"Despite continuous decline on pet<br />

population, pet food market in Japan<br />

has been growing in value capturing<br />

the humanization trend and through<br />

premiumization. We believe this trend will<br />

continue for next years".<br />

In the meantime, in addition to Nestle<br />

Purina Petcare another global major Mars<br />

has also puts big hopes for the further<br />

expansion of its Japanese business this<br />

year, giving a prirority to the premium<br />

segment of the market.<br />

In recent years the company has extended<br />

its Japanese pet food portfolio, planning<br />

its further expansion in <strong>2024</strong>-2025.<br />

As Yuho Nakamura, an exclusive<br />

spokesman of the company told in an<br />

exclusive interview the company has<br />

extended line for Kalkan Pouch/No<br />

28<br />

Technology & Marketing


Photo: AdobeStock_160540603<br />

colorants or coloring agents and added 3<br />

products (1 for kitten, 2 for senior cats) in<br />

February of the current year.<br />

The company puts big hopes on more<br />

active promotion of its products among<br />

Japanese customers this year, paying<br />

a particular focus to natural, organic<br />

products, such as Nutro, a natural pet<br />

food, and Greenies, which provides health<br />

value through treats.<br />

As Nakamura believes the current trends<br />

will continue to be observed in the market<br />

throughout the entire <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Yuho Nakamura continues:<br />

"Similar to recent market trends, we<br />

assume that the number of dogs will<br />

decline and that small and ultra-small<br />

dogs will become the norm, resulting in<br />

lower volume, but that demand for highvalue-added<br />

pet food will remain strong<br />

as pets become a part of the family".<br />

According to experts of the Japanese Pet<br />

Food Association, the Japanese pet food<br />

market is characterized by high level of<br />

maturity and generally low growth rates,<br />

being varied in the range of 2-4% in value<br />

terms.<br />

common pets in Japan - kept is either<br />

flat or on the decline, while most of<br />

local pet food companies are focusing<br />

on developing high-priced products<br />

with enhanced functionality and quality.<br />

Meanwhile, the average lifespan of pets<br />

was 14.62 years for dogs and 15.79 years<br />

for cats.<br />

In response to the aging of pets, the<br />

demand for pet food is growing with the<br />

increase of production high value-added<br />

products for seniors, such as those for 13<br />

years and older and those for 15 years<br />

and older. At the same time, the market<br />

for therapeutic foods and supplements<br />

with nutritional balance is also expanding.<br />

Some manufacturers have started selling<br />

treats for cats that are gender-specific.<br />

In the snack category, sales of products<br />

based on the concept of dental care are<br />

alsdo increasing.<br />

According to producers and experts of the<br />

Japanese Pet Food Association, currently<br />

best-selling pet foods are shifting to<br />

higher price ranges, while more and<br />

more local manufacturers are focusing<br />

Mars Pet Nutrition range in Japan<br />

on developing products with increased<br />

added value. At the same time the number<br />

of health-conscious owners who are<br />

concerned about their pets' health, and<br />

pets' preference for gourmet food is also<br />

growing. It is expected that the segment of<br />

premium foods with high prices and high<br />

profit margins will remain one of the major<br />

drivers for growth for the entire Japanese<br />

pet food market in the future. Finally, the<br />

segment of super premium foods that<br />

emphasize further differentiation such as<br />

additive-free and non-allergenic foods will<br />

be further growing at higher rates, that<br />

the average growth rates of the market.<br />

In general, according to experts of the<br />

Association, the demand for pet food in<br />

Japan will continue to grow, as many of<br />

local companies launched new products<br />

with health-conscious features such as<br />

low-salt content. The list of major local<br />

players includes Unicharm, Mars Japan<br />

Limited, Nestlé Japan, and Nippon Hills<br />

Colgate. Unicharm, the biggest national<br />

pet food producer, is famous for its<br />

brands such as "Gin no Spoon" and "Ainu<br />

Genki", which are very popular among<br />

the Japanese customers being currently<br />

among the most renowned brands.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

The Author<br />

Eugene Gerden is a freelance writer specializing in<br />

pet food and animal feed.<br />

For more information<br />

https://petfood.or.jp/English/<br />

message/index.html<br />

https://www.jppma.or.jp/english/<br />

In general, the overall value of the market<br />

is estimated at about 400 billion yen. In<br />

recent years there have been clear trends<br />

of the decline of sales of dog food, with a<br />

simultaneous growth of cat food.<br />

According to the Pet Food Association,<br />

the estimated number of dogs kept<br />

in Japanese households in 2023 was<br />

approximately 6,844 million, while<br />

estimated number of cats owned was<br />

approximately 9,069,000.<br />

As experts of the Association told the<br />

number of dogs and cats – the most<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Enhancing Pet Food Safety with<br />

Cutting-Edge Magnetic Separation<br />

Technologies<br />

by Chris Ramsdell, Eriez Product Manager – Separation<br />

Photos: Eriez<br />

RF cartridge<br />

DIH 2-007<br />

Grate In Housing-109<br />

Pet owners worldwide consider their furry<br />

companions integral members of the<br />

family, emphasizing the importance of<br />

ensuring the safety and quality of pet food.<br />

In alignment with the rigorous standards<br />

applied to human food production, leading<br />

pet food manufacturers globally turn to<br />

Eriez magnetic separation equipment to<br />

guarantee their products are free from<br />

metal contamination, a potential hazard to<br />

pets.<br />

Metallic impurities jeopardize the integrity<br />

of pet food, necessitating the rejection of<br />

affected batches. These contaminants can<br />

originate from various sources, including<br />

transportation vehicles used for product<br />

delivery, such as tanker trucks or railcars.<br />

Additionally, internal contamination<br />

may occur during material processing,<br />

grinding, or general abrasion within<br />

the manufacturing plant. Fortunately,<br />

the application of magnetic separation<br />

equipment proves instrumental in<br />

mitigating or eliminating ferrous metal<br />

contamination issues.<br />

Cutting-edge magnetic separators,<br />

available in diverse designs, effectively<br />

remove ferrous materials such as nails, rust,<br />

scale, hardware, and other contaminants<br />

from both dry and liquid pet food products.<br />

This article delves into the application<br />

of magnetic separation equipment in<br />

pet food facilities, highlighting its role in<br />

producing a safer, higher-quality pet food<br />

product.<br />

Liquid Line Magnetic Separators<br />

For low-viscosity ingredients that flow<br />

freely, Eriez recommends Model B-Traps.<br />

These separators utilize a set of cantilevered<br />

rare earth tube magnets inserted into<br />

a cast stainless steel sump body. As the<br />

product weaves through the magnetic<br />

tubes, ferrous contaminants attach to the<br />

tubes. The powerful rare earth magnetic<br />

circuit holds onto these materials until the<br />

unit is cleaned.<br />

For high-viscosity products like meat<br />

emulsions and final wet food products,<br />

the Eriez Model U-Trap is the preferred<br />

magnetic separator. The high-strength<br />

rare earth plate magnet is mounted to the<br />

bottom of a cast housing where it does<br />

not impede product flow. The U-Shape<br />

housing construction forces the product<br />

to come in close contact with the plate<br />

magnet which attracts and holds any<br />

ferrous contaminants until an operator<br />

cleans it off.<br />

Simmons Pet Food has five pet food<br />

production facilities in North America<br />

that produce more than 3,500 unique<br />

SKUs. At their wet pet food facility in<br />

Mississauga, Ontario, Simmons installed<br />

several U-Traps to serve as a quality check<br />

for final wet food products. These units are<br />

installed downstream of a mixing tank and<br />

emulsifier, immediately upstream of their<br />

metal detectors. (See "Protecting Pets with<br />

Magnetic Separation Technologies" - White<br />

Paper FA-57 Eriez Model U Magnetic Traps<br />

Eriez Model B Magnetic Traps on 4" lines.)<br />

With this equipment arrangement, metal<br />

detectors focus on identifying any nonmagnetic<br />

metals that may be present in<br />

the product. The U-Traps remove ferrous<br />

metal contaminants upstream of the metal<br />

detectors, reducing the amount of product<br />

rejected by the metal detectors. According<br />

to Maintenance Manager Kenn Jones, these<br />

traps reliably recover ferrous fines 2-3 mm<br />

in size and have helped Simmons increase<br />

total product yield while maintaining high<br />

quality standards.<br />

Dry Bulk Ingredients<br />

For dry ingredient applications with higher<br />

throughput requirements, Eriez suggests<br />

incorporating magnetic drums-inhousing<br />

to remove ferrous contaminants.<br />

Drum magnets are commonly installed<br />

to process pet food ingredients like<br />

corn, grains, chicken/turkey meals, dry<br />

vegetables and beet pulp. These units<br />

are typically placed near the beginning<br />

30<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

of the process where most of these bulk<br />

ingredients are unloaded from rail cars and<br />

trucks before further processing. Magnetic<br />

drums can also be installed at the end of<br />

the process to provide a quality check on<br />

dry bulk kibble.<br />

Drum magnets are self-cleaning magnet<br />

assemblies that continuously remove<br />

ferrous contaminants from a product flow.<br />

The magnet assembly is enclosed within a<br />

stainless-steel drum and fixed in position.<br />

The drum shell rotates around the magnet,<br />

conveying the material through the<br />

magnetic field. The clean (non-magnetic)<br />

material cascades off the drum face on<br />

its normal trajectory while the magnetic<br />

material is drawn around the drum and<br />

discharged at the bottom. Magnetic drums<br />

designed with ceramic magnet circuits are<br />

ideal for removing relatively large ferrous<br />

objects from a dry product flow, while<br />

rare earth magnetic circuits are utilized<br />

to remove very fine or weakly magnetic<br />

contamination.<br />

For lower throughput applications,<br />

Eriez recommends magnetic grates-inhousing.<br />

These units, usually installed<br />

in vertical chutes, can be supplied with<br />

one or multiple rows of magnetic grates<br />

with staggered permanent magnetic<br />

tubes to capture ferrous contaminants.<br />

Dry ingredients entering the housing are<br />

forced to weave through the staggered<br />

magnetic tubes, effectively removing<br />

everything from hardware to metal<br />

shavings. Eriez Rare Earth Magnetic Grates-<br />

In-Housing can remove contaminants<br />

as small as fine ferrous dust and scale.<br />

They are suitable for processing fine, freeflowing<br />

ingredients such as milled grains<br />

and pet food powders.<br />

The simplest versions incorporate a singlelayer<br />

magnetic grid and are used inside a<br />

hopper so that raw materials must pass<br />

through the grates as material feeds from<br />

the hopper. Multiple row units improve<br />

separation effectiveness. Grate-housing<br />

designs may include a standard grate<br />

that can be removed from the housing for<br />

manual cleaning. An easy-to-clean grate<br />

design enables push/pull operation to strip<br />

accumulated tramp metal from the grates<br />

without physically handling the magnet.<br />

Eriez also offers an Automatic Easy-To-<br />

Clean model which uses a set of pneumatic<br />

cylinders to automatically discharge tramp<br />

metal from the magnetic grates with the<br />

push of a button or timer control.<br />

About Eriez®<br />

Established in 1942, Eriez is a global<br />

leader in separation technologies. Our<br />

commitment to innovation has positioned<br />

us as a driving market force in several key<br />

technology areas, including magnetic<br />

separation, flotation, metal detection<br />

and material handling equipment. The<br />

company’s 900+ employees are dedicated<br />

Pneumatic Line Magnetic<br />

Separators<br />

Many dry ingredients are brought into<br />

processing facilities from trucks or railcars<br />

via air conveyance. This is where the Eriez<br />

Model RF (Radial Field) Cartridge comes<br />

in. When a truck or train car pulls into the<br />

material unloading area and pneumatic<br />

lines are used to transfer the incoming<br />

material into the plant, Eriez RF Cartridges<br />

are often installed on the other side of<br />

building/wall to safeguard against metal<br />

entering the plant.<br />

As material enters<br />

the RF Cartridge<br />

inlet, it contacts<br />

a fixed nose<br />

cone, forcing the<br />

material to the<br />

outside walls of<br />

the housing. The<br />

material then<br />

cascades around<br />

a cylindrical magnetic<br />

element<br />

and ferrous contaminants<br />

attract<br />

and attach to the<br />

magnet’s collection<br />

points.<br />

For cleaning, an<br />

operator can<br />

easily remove a<br />

magnetic element<br />

and wipe it off<br />

with a gloved<br />

hand or rag. This<br />

unit is designed<br />

for installation in<br />

3" - 6" lines (25psi<br />

Positive Pressure /<br />

-10psi Vacuum).<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

B Trap Water Jacketed<br />

For more information<br />

www.eriez.com<br />



The cutters, grinders and<br />

mixer grinders from K+G Wetter:<br />

Efficient technology for<br />

the production of petfood.<br />

More hygiene, more shelf life,<br />

more quality.<br />

to providing trusted technical solutions to<br />

the mining, food, recycling, packaging,<br />

aggregate and other processing industries.<br />

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA,<br />

Eriez designs, manufactures, and markets<br />

on six continents through 12 wholly<br />

owned international subsidiaries and an<br />

extensive sales representative network.<br />

I NTERZO O<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

H A L L 4 A ,<br />

B O OT H 4 1 2<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.kgwetter.de<br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />


the Future Pet Food Conference<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Photos: Handtmann<br />

Pet food is a fast-growing market,<br />

developing rapidly and subject to<br />

significant change. New products<br />

and forms of presentation are being<br />

continuously pushed onto the market.<br />

The response of HANDTMANN and<br />

MULTIVAC to this development is a twoday<br />

European Future Pet Food Conference.<br />

As strategic partners in the area of fully<br />

automated and economical line solutions<br />

from a single source, the two companies<br />

offer medium-scale and industrial pet<br />

food producers from across Europe an<br />

industry hub with a perfect mix of knowhow,<br />

technology and networking.<br />

Industry experts and key players will<br />

present the latest developments and<br />

best practice solutions from product<br />

preparation to processing and packaging<br />

in the customer and technology centre<br />

at the HANDTMANN headquarters<br />

in Biberach, Upper Swabia. In live<br />

demonstration, experts will provide in-<br />

depth insights into the economic<br />

production and packaging options for<br />

the top-innovative product categories<br />

of dry pet food and snack products,<br />

wet and cooked pet food as well as<br />

a variety of sausages and sausage<br />

products. Pioneering innovations such<br />

as digital solutions and trends with<br />

market potentials, for example pet food<br />

containing insect protein, will be another<br />

focus of this industry gathering.<br />

Registration for the conference is now<br />

open.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.handtmann.com/petfood<br />

32<br />

Technology & Marketing

Download our brochure

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Pilot Plant Innovation for Food<br />

and Petfood Industry<br />

Photos: Revtech Process Systems creates industrial solutions for thermal processing and pasteurization<br />

Revtech’s innovation for <strong>2024</strong>: a major<br />

investment has been made in an<br />

industrial pilot unit for the food industry,<br />

propelling innovation and quality.<br />

Revtech, at the forefront of innovation<br />

in the food industry, proudly announces<br />

its major investment in <strong>2024</strong> with the<br />

complete modernization of its pilot<br />

plant.<br />

This project marks a significant turning<br />

point for the company, strengthening its<br />

commitment to quality and technological<br />

excellence. The pilot, equipped with<br />

100% electric technologies, provides real<br />

heat treatment processing conditions<br />

for a variety of products, redefining<br />

transformation standards with increased<br />

efficiency, reduced heat<br />

losses, and shorter heating times. At<br />

Revtech, innovation meets customer<br />

satisfaction: every step of the process,<br />

from the technological hall to custom<br />

design, demonstrates the ongoing<br />

commitment to excellence to address<br />

tomorrow's challenges.<br />

In 2023, Revtech undertook a major<br />

investment: the complete modernization<br />

of the pilot workshop,<br />

accompanied by the installation of<br />

an industrial-scale food pilot unit.<br />

The latter operates continuously<br />

and provides industrial conditions<br />

for a wide range of products and<br />

applications. This project represents a<br />

significant milestone for the company,<br />

reinforcing Revtech's commitment to<br />

the quality of services offered to its<br />

existing and future customers. The pilot<br />

is equipped with a feeding hopper, a<br />

Revtech heating tower, a steam boiler, a<br />

hot air generator, and a vibrofluidized<br />

bed cooler.<br />

The technical features of the heating<br />

tower significantly modify conventional<br />

transformation methods, with more<br />

efficient heating, reduced heat<br />

losses, lower temperatures used,<br />

and shorter heating times. Revtech's<br />

technology is 100% electric, avoiding<br />

the use of natural gas, positioning<br />

the company on a current challenge:<br />

sustainable development. A special<br />

attention is offered to each customer<br />

with active participation in trials in<br />

the pilot workshop, reproducing<br />

the real conditions of their product<br />

transformation, for seeds, cereals, pulses,<br />

herbs, spices and many more. These<br />

trials, whether related to pasteurization,<br />

roasting, or the modification of<br />

34<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

functional or organoleptic properties,<br />

along with the time spent exchanging<br />

ideas, contribute to establishing a close<br />

relationship with customers.<br />

The trials conducted allows defining<br />

optimal transformation parameters<br />

with customers: heating temperatures,<br />

residence times, product flow rates, gas<br />

injection, and many others. Samples<br />

obtained during these trials undergo<br />

thorough analysis, either internally<br />

at Revtech or with external service<br />

providers. These data are then used by<br />

the technical department to design<br />

custom-made machines meeting the<br />

specific needs of each customer.<br />

This project was supported by BPI France<br />

with financing through a relaunch loan<br />

from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FEDER<br />

REACT EU and an Innovation - Research<br />

& Development loan from BPI France. At<br />

Revtech, the commitment to innovation<br />

and customer satisfaction guides<br />

every step of the process, from design<br />

to realization. This project marks a<br />

significant advancement in the constant<br />

pursuit of technological excellence for<br />

the agri-food industry.<br />

About REV TECH<br />

Founded in 1997, Revtech benefits from unparalleled experience in<br />

creating industrial solutions for thermal processing and pasteurization<br />

of dry ingredients, powdery, and gaseous products. Based on various<br />

patented innovations, Revtech offers its customers a unique approach to<br />

accompany them in the accomplishment of their different projects. Thus,<br />

from conception to manufacturing, our team of experts implements<br />

a range of personalized services for the maximum return on your<br />

technological investments.<br />

For more information<br />

www.revtech-process-systems.fr<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Revtech offers a unique approach to accomplishing different projects<br />

Photos: revtech process system<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Batching Systems in the Pet Food<br />

Industry: Precision and Efficiency<br />

The world of pet food production requires<br />

maximum precision in the dosing and<br />

packaging of ingredients. Charging<br />

systems play a decisive role in this.<br />

Batching systems are indispensable in<br />

the pet food industry. These industrial<br />

systems enable ingredients to be dosed,<br />

transferred and weighed in precisely<br />

defined quantities. But their importance<br />

goes beyond mere dosing.<br />

They are used to mix and, if necessary,<br />

package ingredients in precisely measured<br />

quantities. This not only ensures<br />

compliance with recipes, but also the<br />

quality and consistency of the end<br />

products.<br />

Pet food production often requires a wide<br />

range of ingredients, including meat,<br />

grains, vitamins and minerals. Batching<br />

systems ensure that these ingredients are<br />

mixed in the right quantities and ratios to<br />

meet the nutritional requirements of pets.<br />

The core functions of batching<br />

systems<br />

Batching systems are versatile and provide<br />

a number of basic functions:<br />

1. Accurate dosing: the main task of a<br />

batching system is to accurately dose<br />

ingredients according to specified recipes<br />

or formulas. This is crucial to ensure the<br />

quality and consistency of the pet food<br />

products produced.<br />

2. Safe decanting: after dispensing,<br />

materials are safely transferred into containers<br />

or packaging. This ensures not<br />

only hygiene, but also the prevention of<br />

waste.<br />

3. Weighing: the integrated weighing<br />

systems ensure that the correct amount<br />

of materials enters the packaging.<br />

This is essential to ensure compliance<br />

with quality standards and regulatory<br />

requirements.<br />

Additional functions for<br />

efficiency and flexibility<br />

Modern batching systems also offer a<br />

wide range of additional functions that<br />

further optimize the production process:<br />

1. Process control and monitoring: the<br />

plants are equipped with advanced control<br />

systems that can monitor and control<br />

the production process in real time. This<br />

ensures continuous quality assurance.<br />

2. Recipe software: The integration of<br />

recipe software allows different mixes<br />

and batches to be adjusted quickly and<br />

precisely, depending on the requirements<br />

of the pet food product.<br />

3. Adaptability: modern charging systems<br />

are able to adapt to different container<br />

sizes. This increases flexibility and<br />

efficiency in production.<br />

4. Easy cleaning: hygiene is critical in the<br />

pet food industry. Charging systems are<br />

designed to be easy to clean to avoid<br />

contamination.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Batching systems are indispensable<br />

tools in the pet food industry, enabling<br />

precise dosing, safe transfer and accurate<br />

weighing of ingredients. With additional<br />

features for process control, adaptability<br />

and easy cleaning, they contribute<br />

to efficiency and quality assurance in<br />

production. In an industry that focuses<br />

on the health and well-being of pets,<br />

batching systems are an essential part of<br />

the production chain.<br />

These multiple features and benefits of a<br />

batching system from Mohn were seen at<br />

Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany, last<br />

month.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.mohn-gmbh.com<br />

Photo: Mohn<br />

36<br />

Technology & Marketing

BAKE<br />



H A P P<br />

I E R<br />

P E T S<br />

· New All-in-One technology:<br />

Dehydrating, cooking and baking<br />

by forced convection<br />

· Acceleration of Innovation:<br />

Allows to develop new foods<br />

and treats for pets<br />

· Great Versatility:<br />

Possibility to dry & cook & bake<br />

any type of product and format<br />

· Process Optimization:<br />

Continuous system, with superior<br />

performance and lower energy consumption<br />

· Full Connectivity 4.0:<br />

Full control of the process<br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Earth Animal is Top Dog in<br />

Product Quality<br />

Safeline - Earth Animal HMI<br />

Earth Animal is elevating standards in<br />

the pet food industry. For the past 42<br />

years, the company has pursued the<br />

highest product quality when processing<br />

and packaging its all-natural chews,<br />

treats, dog food and more. In addition<br />

to using the best ingredients from<br />

reputable suppliers, Earth Animal relies<br />

on world-class inspection equipment<br />

including a Mettler-Toledo Safeline X33<br />

x-ray inspection system, installed at their<br />

“Riverstone” facility in Westminster, MD.<br />

“We completed a big, facility-wide<br />

renovation and updated our lines with<br />

the latest technology. It was our sales<br />

rep, Dick DeNenno at Reliant Packaging<br />

Machinery, who encouraged us to go<br />

with x-ray inspection. X-ray systems<br />

identify and remove stones, shells, glass,<br />

rubber and other foreign bodies, in<br />

addition to detecting metal,” said Kelly<br />

Raiser, General Manager and co-owner<br />

of Earth Animal’s Riverstone facility.<br />

“Our pet foods are made with real, fresh<br />

ingredients, which means that natural<br />

foreign materials like pebbles are not<br />

uncommon. With our X33, we can be<br />

sure no foreign bodies make their way<br />

into the final product – we’re protecting<br />

our customers and their pets, as well as<br />

our brand.”<br />

“Our new X33 x-ray system helped us<br />

see that our primary vulnerability comes<br />

from incoming raw ingredients, not from<br />

any issues inside our plant. Knowing this,<br />

we went to our ingredient suppliers and<br />

asked them to put in more safeguards on<br />

their side,” said Nick Stalder, Production<br />

Manager at Riverstone. “Now we can<br />

hold our suppliers accountable if it<br />

looks like foreign material came in with<br />

their raw product. Honestly, our X33 has<br />

already paid for itself with that process<br />

improvement alone.”<br />

Earth Animal’s Riverstone facility produces<br />

their Dr Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom®<br />

brand of dog food, which is packaged<br />


METTLER TOLEDO is a global precision<br />

instruments and trusted solutions<br />

provider, across a large range of<br />

industries. With a focus on driving<br />

efficiency and innovation, the<br />

company aims to deliver value to its<br />

customers through solutions that help<br />

to boost productivity, combat rising<br />

manufacturers’ costs and embrace<br />

digitalisation.<br />

The METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection<br />

division designs and manufactures both<br />

standard and customized inspection<br />

solutions, prioritising product safety,<br />

brand protection and quality assurance<br />

for food, pharmaceutical and chemical<br />

brands. Its solutions help to empower<br />

businesses to optimize operations, reduce<br />

costs and embrace digital transformation<br />

while meeting regulatory compliance.<br />

With a focus on safety and precision,<br />

the innovative solutions from METTLER<br />

TOLEDO help to deliver measurable<br />

results, enabling manufacturers to<br />

maintain the highest standards of<br />

product integrity and consumer trust.<br />

By partnering with METTLER TOLEDO,<br />

manufacturers will have the opportunity<br />

to navigate the challenges of the<br />

modern business landscape and achieve<br />

sustainable growth.<br />

With cutting-edge foreign body detection<br />

solutions, METTLER TOLEDO provides<br />

advanced holistic technologies that<br />

automate critical processes and help to<br />

mitigate recall risks. Metal detection and<br />

x-ray inspection technologies detect and<br />

reject contaminated product, plus support<br />

product quality and brand protection.<br />

Precision checkweighing technologies<br />

help manufacturers identify costly overfills<br />

and/or avoid potentially brand<br />

damaging under-fills, thus assisting to<br />

improve production line efficiency. Vision<br />

inspection solutions further enhance the<br />

METTLER TOLEDO offering by detecting<br />

label defects, reducing the risk of rework<br />

and product recalls. To facilitate real-time<br />

monitoring and digitalize food safety<br />

compliance on a global scale, METTLER<br />

TOLEDO provides the proprietary and<br />

innovative data management software,<br />

ProdX.<br />

The range of METTLER TOLEDO product<br />

inspection solutions are more than just<br />

technological innovations – they're<br />

strategic assets that support business<br />

success by helping to enhance productivity,<br />

reduce costs and embrace digitalization. As<br />

a trusted partner, the company is focused<br />

to delivering value and driving industry<br />

excellence for its clients worldwide.<br />

METTLER TOLEDO actively supports<br />

sustainability goals by providing solutions<br />

that help customers minimize food<br />

waste, reduce energy consumption and<br />

optimize resource utilization throughout<br />

their operations, contributing to a more<br />

sustainable future for the industry.<br />

38<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

in four-sided, gusseted stand-up bags<br />

weighing 1, 3 and 10 lbs and made<br />

from a sustainable, biobase material<br />

formulated with sugar cane. This facility<br />

also produces pet treats in conventional<br />

stand-up pouches weighing between 4<br />

and 7 oz. A movable conveying system<br />

allows either of Riverstone’s two primary<br />

packaging lines to feed into one inline<br />

Mettler-Toledo X33 x-ray system at<br />

a rate of 18 to 20 bags per minute.<br />

Packages that don’t pass inspection are<br />

automatically removed from the line<br />

with a pneumatic reject device, also from<br />

the Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection.<br />

“Think of our dog food like a trail mix. It’s<br />

made up of dried meats, fruits, veggies<br />

and other ingredients, which all have<br />

different densities and moistures. That<br />

variability would be challenging for most<br />

x-ray systems but not the X33. It’s able to<br />

adjust for all those tiny differences,” said<br />

Claire Farrell, Quality Assurance – Quality<br />

Control Manager at Riverstone. “You can<br />

actually see each of the ingredients on<br />

the screen as the X33 inspects them. Its<br />

accuracy and sensitivity are impressive.”<br />

The Mettler-Toledo X33 x-ray system<br />

uses a 20-watt generator that consumes<br />

one-fifth of the power as their previousgeneration<br />

SmartChek and AdvanChek<br />

models, while achieving the same outstanding<br />

detection sensitivity. “We love<br />

that this system is so energy efficient,”<br />

said Raiser. “Sustainability is a huge<br />

part of every decision we make here<br />

at Earth Animal. It’s important that our<br />

x-ray system fits into our environmental<br />

pledge.”<br />

“Sanitation is another one of our top<br />

priorities. We always look for systems<br />

that are engineered for easy cleaning<br />

and maintenance,” said Carl Hammond,<br />

Facility Engineer at Riverstone. “Since<br />

our X33 is inspecting packaged product,<br />

it needs only a dry clean and then a<br />

sanitizer on the conveyor. The design<br />

improves equipment hygiene and<br />

reduces downtime, which supports our<br />

overall operating efficiency.”<br />

“Overall, this is an extremely reliable piece<br />

of equipment. We’ve had 100 percent<br />

uptime with our X33 to date and haven’t<br />

had a single test standard rejected – it<br />

works perfectly,” said Raiser. “The biggest<br />

thing for us as a company is knowing<br />

that our final product is up to our high<br />

food safety and quality requirements.<br />

Given our experiences with the Mettler-<br />

Toledo X33, I never want to run another<br />

Safeline - Earth Animal X-ray<br />

packaging line without this technology.<br />

The level of confidence and security it<br />

provides us is invaluable.”<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.mt.com/pipetfoodeguide1<br />

Photos: Mettler Toledo<br />


OF THE DAY.<br />

Discover high quality and reliable<br />

bulk material handling for<br />

pet food production.<br />

Plant engineering<br />

from a single source.<br />

Our innovative systems and<br />

solutions for the production<br />

of dry and wet pet food will<br />

fascinate you. We offer you<br />

highly efficient technologies<br />

for almost all processing steps,<br />

with decades of experience in<br />

bulk material handling and food<br />

processing.<br />

Plus, 24/7 service and a spare<br />

parts supply for many years to<br />

come. For permanently smooth<br />

production.<br />

Catchy, isn’t it?<br />

zeppelin-systems.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Weighing in Rough Environments:<br />

Capacitive Load Cells in Meat<br />

Processing<br />

Photos: EilerCal<br />

A Case Study on Eilersen<br />

Capacitive Load Cells<br />

In the highly competitive and industrially<br />

demanding meat processing industry,<br />

reliability and cost efficiency are crucial<br />

factors for operational success, whether<br />

competing locally or globally.<br />

Oestergaard A/S, a leading global meat<br />

rendering solutions market player, relies<br />

on Eilersen digital capacitive load cells for<br />

precise and reliable weight measurement<br />

— a critical measurement in meat<br />

rendering solutions and particularly<br />

relevant for the pet food industry.<br />

40<br />

Technology & Marketing


Challenging environments<br />

drive a need for reliable<br />

weighing solutions<br />

In some industries, the working<br />

environment can be exceptionally<br />

demanding, and the meat rendering<br />

industry is a prime example of this. Anders<br />

Juul, who has been a part of this industry<br />

for more than two decades, has witnessed<br />

firsthand how the technology used in<br />

different load cells can impact day-to-day<br />

operations.<br />

Operating in meat production facilities<br />

can be challenging, with the pervasive<br />

presence of ammonia fumes and animal<br />

fats on most surfaces. These conditions<br />

create a particularly harsh environment<br />

for any load cell system and cause load<br />

cell cables to disintegrate after a few years.<br />

This scenario poses a significant challenge<br />

for weighing solutions, emphasizing the<br />

need for accurate and robust equipment<br />

to endure these tough conditions.<br />

Typically, a meat rendering machine<br />

from Oestergaard A/S is installed on four<br />

compression load cells and must operate<br />

under the following conditions:<br />

• A total working weight of up to 200 tons<br />

• Internal working temperatures ranging<br />

from 40°C to 180°C<br />

• Horizontal expansion of the machine, of<br />

up to 20 mm<br />

• Welding on machines during installation<br />

often occurs<br />

The Eilersen capacitive load cells have<br />

proven remarkably reliable over the years,<br />

with several beneficial features compared<br />

to traditional strain gauge load cells.<br />

For machines using Eilersen digital load<br />

cells, it is possible to monitor the load<br />

distribution on each load cell which is<br />

beneficial to ensure correct installation.<br />

The individual Eilersen digital load cells<br />

even send an error code if maintenance<br />

should be required for fast and easy<br />

trouble-shooting. But apart from features,<br />

it is the durability of Eilersen load cells that<br />

seems to impress customers experienced<br />

in weighing technology. Even though<br />

it is not recommended, employees at<br />

Oestergaard A/S often need to weld on<br />

or close to machines installed on load<br />

cells. Anders Juul, Project Manager at<br />

Oestergaard A/S explains:<br />

“Often, welding is required during<br />

the installation process, which often<br />

damages a strain gauge load cell, causing<br />

expensive delays as we need to order<br />

express delivery of replacement load cells<br />

to customer sites. However, we have not<br />

experienced damaging the Eilersen load<br />

cells since we started using them many<br />

years ago, even when welding on the<br />

machines.”<br />

Eilersen load cells installed a decade or<br />

more ago — some even 30 years back<br />

— have been operating with the same<br />

accuracy and reliability as when they<br />

were new, despite being exposed to high<br />

horizontal loads and frequent overloads.<br />

Reducing downtime using<br />

digital capacitive load cells<br />

The possibility of replacing load cell cable<br />

on Eilersen load cells without needing<br />

to change or recalibrate the weighing<br />

system makes them optimal for harsh<br />

meat rendering environments, where<br />

load cell cables often have a lifespan of<br />

only four to six years. These features, along<br />

with their consistent performance over<br />

time, not only showcase the exceptional<br />

longevity of Eilersen load cells but<br />

also their dependability, especially in<br />

challenging environments like the meat<br />

rendering industry. Anders Juul highlights<br />

the advantages of being able to replace<br />

load cell cables on-site without the need<br />

for recalibration of the system. He shares<br />

his experience with Eilersen capacitive<br />

load cells, saying:<br />

“We encounter no issues when using<br />

Eilersen load cells. Eilersen provides a<br />

reliable weighing system that’s not only a<br />

breeze for us to work with but also instills<br />

confidence in our customers who rely on<br />

the load cells in day-to-day operations.<br />

From planning to installation, the process<br />

is always smooth sailing. If something<br />

goes wrong after commissioning, and we<br />

need to replace a load cell cable, we can<br />

easily do so without replacing the entire<br />

load cell.”<br />

Expertise as a Service<br />

In the meat rendering industry, everything<br />

must go according to plan — always. But<br />

sometimes, unforeseen issues arise, and<br />

quick action and support is necessary.<br />

Anders is confident that there won’t ever<br />

be such an incident when using Eilersen.<br />

However, when Oestergaard A/S needs<br />

any assistance, expertise and first-class<br />

support is always available as a service.<br />

“If we ever need help, we just pick up<br />

the phone and call Eilersen. I’m only one<br />

phone call away from talking to someone<br />

who understands the situation and can<br />

help solve any issue. Having access to<br />

such expertise is critical for my role and<br />

our clients.”<br />

Eilersen Capacitive Load Cells<br />

While strain gauge load cells measure<br />

the change of resistance and strain of the<br />

load cell body, the capacitive technology<br />

instead measures the change of distance<br />

between the load cell body and an<br />

internal ceramic sensor. This patented<br />

contactless measurement principle makes<br />

the capacitive weighing technology able<br />

to tolerate extremely high overloads,<br />

side loads, torsional forces, and welding<br />

voltages.<br />

The capacitive load cells were invented<br />

at Eilersen and have been thoroughly<br />

tested and proven over 50 years. Eilersen<br />

load cells are known for being robust,<br />

accurate, and reliable. They are used<br />

in various industrial applications and<br />

industries ranging from offshore, logistics<br />

to the biopharma industry. The load cells<br />

are produced in stainless steel, are laser<br />

welded, and are an obvious choice for<br />

industries due to their hygienic design<br />

(IP68), digital output, and high overload<br />

tolerance.<br />

About Eilersen Electric A/S<br />

Since its foundation in 1969, Eilersen<br />

Electric A/S has been dedicated to<br />

developing, manufacturing, and<br />

supplying high-quality, robust load<br />

cells based on capacitive technology for<br />

measuring force and weight. Eilersen<br />

products are developed, manufactured,<br />

and individually calibrated in Denmark<br />

at the Eilersen ISO 9001:2015 certified<br />

manufacturing facilities.<br />

Eilersen – Made in Denmark,<br />

Trusted Worldwide<br />

At Eilersen we continuously invest in<br />

quality, product development, and<br />

unmatched customer support. This is why<br />

Eilersen is known worldwide and delivers<br />

to leading companies and customers in<br />

90+ countries.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.EilerCal.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Innovative Packaging with Easy-<br />

Opening Assistance for Sausage<br />

Snacks and Small Portions<br />

The TSCA 120 seal-clip machine from Poly-clip System is a highly efficient solution for snack packaging of<br />

sausage snacks or small portions. What makes it stand out? The specially developed film solution is used<br />

to create a PVDC-free packaging system with convenient tear assistance. This results in modern, attractive,<br />

and practical snack packaging that completely dispenses with components which could be harmful to the<br />

environment and consumer health.<br />

Healthy snacking is a growing trend.<br />

Nutritionists confirm that consumers<br />

increasingly value high-quality snacks<br />

with natural ingredients. Food producers<br />

are adapting their product portfolios to<br />

meet this demand. This includes suitable<br />

packaging that offers consumers a<br />

high level of convenience. The seal-clip<br />

machine TSCA 120 from Poly-clip System<br />

is an excellent solution for the production<br />

of innovative snack packaging of sausage<br />

products and other small portions. A<br />

major advantage of this packaging<br />

solution is that unlike conventional<br />

sausage-snack packaging, the clip<br />

packaging (clip-pak®) can be made from<br />

PVDC-free materials, while still delivering<br />

maximum performance.<br />

"Excellence in Clipping" with<br />

the seal-clip machine TSCA 120<br />

The seal-clip machine TSCA 120 reliably<br />

seals a flat film into a fillable tube and<br />

then closes the filled packaging with<br />

bacteria-tight R-ID clips. Using an<br />

innovative film solution, the machine<br />

produces highly cost-effective packaging<br />

with tear assistance, suitable,<br />

for example, for sausage snacks. It<br />

processes up to 3,300 meters of flat film<br />

in one go, achieving up to 4 hours of<br />

runtime without the need for operator<br />

intervention. During this process, clip<br />

and film consumption are automatically<br />

monitored. All parameters are stored in<br />

the recipe management system, thus<br />

ensuring maximum process reliability.<br />

In addition, this robust machine is<br />

characterized by exceptional reliability:<br />

it features consumption-oriented centralized<br />

lubrication which reduces<br />

wear and tear. This leads to reduced<br />

maintenance interventions and less<br />

downtime, ultimately extending the<br />

machine's lifespan.<br />

Easy-Opening Solution: PVDCfree<br />

sausage casing for snack<br />

packaging with tear assistance<br />

The powerful seal-clip machine TSCA<br />

120 used in conjunction with the<br />

corresponding film produces modern<br />

snack packaging with an innovative<br />

Easy-Opening Solution. Heat-sealable<br />

composite films, consisting of a PE<br />

(Polyethylene) outer layer and a PA<br />

(Polyamide) inner layer, are utilized.<br />

The opening mechanism is based on<br />

defined lateral incisions in the flat film,<br />

prepared during the production of the<br />

film. Additionally, the predefined opening<br />

is coated with an anti-sealant to create a<br />

tear tab during further processing. The<br />

seal-clip machine TSCA 120 processes<br />

the flat film into a tube, which is sealed<br />

longitudinally by heat sealing. During<br />

this process, the integrated tab, due to<br />

the anti-sealant, does not bond with<br />

the underlying film, thus preparing the<br />

opening aid. After filling, the tube is<br />

securely sealed in the integrated clip unit<br />

using bacteria-tight R-ID clips in a doubleclip<br />

process. To consume the snack, the<br />

packaging can later be conveniently<br />

pulled open across the seal seam by using<br />

the tear tab.<br />

"With this innovative packaging for the<br />

continuously growing snack segment,<br />

we offer our customers an attractive<br />

and eye-catching solution that meets all<br />

requirements for modern convenience<br />

42<br />

Technology & Marketing



RIGHT NOW.<br />

Save up to 69% CO2 with<br />

bluemint ® rasselstein ® tinplate<br />

already today. And make your<br />

own product story even<br />

more sustainable. *<br />

bluemint-steel.com<br />

High quality. Less CO2.<br />

*CO2 savings allocated and certified in the balance sheet<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />


International Magazine May <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/24<br />

Only the best for our loved ones.<br />

Real Brewers’ yeast – Really effective.<br />

Fax-Inquiry<br />

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or E-mail: food@harnisch.com<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

Ingredients: Improving Texture and Coloring, Sustainable Proteins, Weight Management<br />

Processing: Enhancing Food Safety, Rotary Mixing, Batching Systems, Pilot Plants<br />

Packaging: Weighing Technology, X-Ray Protection, Easy-Opening Snacks<br />

Marketing: Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, Showcase Japan, Future Pet Food Conference<br />

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Photos: PolyClip<br />

packaging while eliminating the need for<br />

materials based on PVDC, the effects of<br />

which on health and the environment are<br />

controversial," says Björn Arndt, Head of<br />

Viscopac / Head of Business Development<br />

at Poly-clip System.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.polyclip.com<br />

Well packaged<br />

with<br />

» Packaging for pet supplies<br />

» custom formats<br />

» fast delivery times<br />

» small print runs possible<br />

» 100% Made in Germany<br />

www.labelprint24.com<br />

info@labelprint24.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>: The Petfood<br />

Industry Meets in Nuremberg<br />

The upcoming Interzoo (7-10 May) gives business professionals a unique opportunity to refresh and expand their network,<br />

discover the latest trends in petfood and experience the most comprehensive product range of the global pet supplies<br />

industry.<br />

Nuremberg will be the meeting point of<br />

petfood professionals from all over the<br />

world when the Petfood Forum Europe and<br />

Interzoo <strong>2024</strong> bring together companies<br />

and innovators from the entire supply<br />

chain of petfood technology. Decisionmakers<br />

and business professionals<br />

will have the chance to expand their<br />

knowledge by the help of market insights<br />

and in-depth discussion at Petfood Forum<br />

Europe on 6 May and Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, as<br />

well as benefit from the world’s leading<br />

trade fair of the pet supplies industry, to<br />

maintain and establish business relations<br />

to global partners. “Petfood Forum Europe<br />

one day prior to Interzoo provides an<br />

additional forum for the important topic<br />

of pet food ingredients, packaging and<br />

processing technologies,” says Dr Rowena<br />

Arzt, Director Exhibitions at Interzoo<br />

organizer WZF. “It is therefore the perfect<br />

prelude to an exceptional Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>.”<br />

The so far biggest Interzoo of all times<br />

has confirmed more than 2,100 exhibitors<br />

from 69 countries; more than 40,000 trade<br />

fair visitors are expected.<br />

Highlights of Petfood Forum<br />

Europe <strong>2024</strong><br />

Petfood Forum Europe <strong>2024</strong> registration<br />

numbers are strong with professionals<br />

from 25 countries already signed up.<br />

Companies including Affinity Petcare,<br />

Bewital Petfood, Cargill, Edgar & Cooper,<br />

Felleskjøpet Agri, Halla Pet Food, Hill’s<br />

Pet Nutrition, Nippon Pet Food, Nordic<br />

Pet Care, Normandise Pet Food, Nulo,<br />

Premier Nutrition, Prins Petfoods, RONDO<br />

FOOD, Simmons Pet Food, Wellness Pet<br />

Company, and many others will be in<br />

attendance.<br />

David Molenberghs, co-founder and<br />

chief innovation officer at Smoofl, will<br />

provide the opening presentation on the<br />

importance of pivoting when developing<br />

pet food and treats. He shares the principles<br />

and applications of a creative design<br />

approach that transcends traditional<br />

product development, showcasing how<br />

this approach can produce not just highquality<br />

pet products but also a more<br />

profound brand resonance.<br />

Other topics will include the latest<br />

research on insect proteins, the importance<br />

of probiotics, postbiotics and<br />

microbial proteins for pets, mineral<br />

availability in plant-based dog food, the<br />

impact of climate change on the supply<br />

chain, new production processes using<br />

thermal energy and measures to develop<br />

wholesome pet food taking into account<br />

the different requirements of different pet<br />

species.<br />

“Our continued partnership with Interzoo<br />

provides conference participants<br />

unparalleled access to detailed technical<br />

information about the latest manufacturing<br />

technologies available for<br />

petfood and treat professionals across<br />

the European continent,” said Steve Akins,<br />

Executive Vice President, Global Petfood<br />

and Events, with WATT Global Media.<br />

“Then following Petfood Forum Europe,<br />

conference participants also have the<br />

unique ability to engage with all of their<br />

pet care supply chain partners and clients<br />

at Interzoo, fostering vital connections on<br />

a much broader scale.”<br />

Petfood and petfood<br />

technology at Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

About 200 exhibitors from more than<br />

30 countries exhibit at Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

products from the product segment<br />

“petfood technology” – almost ten<br />

percent of the overall exhibitor number.<br />

Compared to Interzoo 2022 this means<br />

the number of “petfood technology”<br />

exhibitors have increased by 46 percent<br />

and compared to 2018 the number<br />

has even doubled. Within the segment,<br />

the subcategories of “raw materials/<br />

ingredients” and “processing technology”<br />

continue to be most dominant with<br />

83 and 34 companies respectively. The<br />

countries with most companies registered<br />

in the “petfood technology” segment<br />

Photos: Interzoo<br />

46<br />

Technology & Marketing


7 – 10 May <strong>2024</strong> | Nuremberg, Germany<br />

38th International Trade Fair for Pet Supplies<br />



Find out about the latest trends<br />

and developments in your industry.<br />

Discover a wide range of innovative<br />

products and services for pets.<br />

Experience on-site what makes<br />

the world‘s leading event Interzoo so unique.<br />

The world market is present<br />

here – for your success!<br />



Follow us!<br />

Organizer<br />

Honorary sponsor<br />

Organization on behalf<br />

of the organizer<br />

Issue Admission 2 <strong>2024</strong>granted to authorized trade visitors only.<br />



are: Germany, China, France and the<br />

Netherlands.<br />

For petfood professionals interested<br />

in topics that shape the future of the<br />

industry, the Fresh Ideas Stage in Hall 3 is<br />

the place to be. A lot of the presentation<br />

slots registered so far have been allocated<br />

to the "Petfood" topic, thus promising<br />

exciting presentations on all four days of<br />

the trade fair. In the lounge area of the<br />

Fresh Ideas Stage and at the neighboring<br />

community stands of the "International<br />

Start-up Area" and the "Young Innovators"<br />

pavilion, you can make contact with pet<br />

food innovators and observe current<br />

developments in the industry at first<br />

hand. A highlight of the stage programme<br />

will be the Fresh Ideas Contest on Friday<br />

at 11:30 am.<br />

Information about the organizer<br />

WZF GmbH – Pet Industry Services<br />

organizes Interzoo in Nuremberg in<br />

partnership with the German Pet Trade &<br />

Industry Association ZZF as the founder<br />

and honorary sponsor. WZF is the owner<br />

and organizer of the world’s largest<br />

international trade fair for the pet industry.<br />

With far more than 2,000 confirmed<br />

exhibitors and in expectation of trade<br />

visitors from more than 120 countries,<br />

Interzoo is the undisputed world’s leading<br />

international fair for pet supplies. Since<br />

1988, WZF has engaged NürnbergMesse<br />

GmbH to operate the trade fair.<br />

Since the summer of 2020, Interzoo<br />

Academy has been offering specialist<br />

presentations on topics of interest to the<br />

pet supplies sector. WZF is a hundred<br />

percent subsidiary of ZZF. With its business<br />

fields trade fairs and events, media work<br />

and public relations, education and the<br />

issuing agency for identification markings<br />

for protected species WZF makes an<br />

important contribution to the economic<br />

and communicative development of the<br />

pet industry.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.interzoo.com<br />

www.wzf-online.com<br />

The Academy Sessions: A brief overview<br />

Tuesday - 07.05.<strong>2024</strong><br />

Sustainability Session - 13:00 - 15:00<br />

How sustainable is the pet supplies industry and what can manufacturers and retailers do to become more sustainable? In the Interzoo<br />

Sustainability Session, trends and developments relating to the topic of sustainability in the pet supplies industry will be analysed and<br />

illustrated with best practice examples.<br />

Wednesday - 08.05.<strong>2024</strong><br />

Country Session Europe - 11:00 - 12:30<br />

The pet industry in Europe has many facets. In this short conference, you will learn more about the special features of the region as a<br />

whole and the individual European submarkets.<br />

Country Session Brazil - 14:00 - 15:30<br />

What distinguishes the Brazilian pet market from other markets? What trends and developments can be observed? The Interzoo<br />

Country Session Brazil will scrutinize one of South Americas biggest markets.<br />

Thursday - 09.05.<strong>2024</strong><br />

Country Session South East Asia - 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.<br />

In this country session, we will provide information on the characteristics of the market(s) in Southeast Asia, present the latest<br />

developments within the growing national markets and highlight opportunities for companies in the pet industry.<br />

Social Media Session - 12:00 - 13:30<br />

"10 tips to boost your business in Europe"<br />

This session will focus on why social networks should not be missing from the marketing strategy of companies in the pet industry and<br />

what needs to be considered in order to reach the desired target group in German-speaking countries.<br />

Country Session USA - 14:00 - 15:30<br />

There are an estimated 400 million pets in the United States. We shed light on this largest and most diverse market in the world in the<br />

English-language Country Session USA.<br />

48<br />

Technology & Marketing

Flexible Production Solutions<br />

at the Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />


Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

May 7-10<br />

Nuremberg<br />

Hall 5 Booth 207<br />

Handtmann will be presenting modular<br />

production systems for the production<br />

of a diversified range of pet food<br />

products on a stand area of around 120<br />

square meters in Hall 5 Stand 207 at<br />

Interzoo in Nuremberg from 7th to 10th<br />

May. Solutions will cover process steps<br />

from product preparation all the way<br />

through to the packaging of formed<br />

treats and snack products or dosed<br />

products, such as wet food, BARF and<br />

cooked products in trays, cans, cups or<br />

thermoformed packaging.<br />

chopping/grinding technology and<br />

excellent results.<br />

Visitors can also expect the multilane<br />

FS 510 forming system with a VF<br />

800 vacuum filler for the production<br />

of pet food sticks directly onto racks.<br />

Flexible forming of cubes, bars, pellets,<br />

heart shapes and more is possible for<br />

the most diverse meat, fish and even<br />

insect protein products. Production<br />

can be onto up to 24 lanes at the<br />

same time. The flow divider ensures<br />

The cutting valve is available in 1-, 2-,<br />

3-, 4-lane or 2x2-lane version with<br />

flexible distance between lanes. It is<br />

moveable, adjustable in height and<br />

can be flexibly placed above the table,<br />

conveyor or thermo-forming machine.<br />

It has been given a safety-compliant<br />

design without protective cover so that<br />

no additional costs are incurred for<br />

safety precautions.<br />

The IG5-iT tying machine will be<br />

exhibited for sausage products in<br />

natural, collagen and artificial casing.<br />

Sausages in a calibre range of 28 mm<br />

to 80 mm are reliably tied at a high<br />

output with individually adjustable<br />

spacing and accurate weights, with or<br />

without loops. Separating the products<br />

immediately after the tying process<br />

is possible as an option to ensure<br />

safe sealing of the products while<br />

eliminating the use of metal clips.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Photos: Handtmann<br />

In product preparation, Handtmann<br />

will be exhibiting the I225-iT to<br />

demonstrate ultra-fine grinding and<br />

emulsification technology for mediumscale<br />

and industrial-scale productions.<br />

This technology ensures consistently<br />

homogeneous product quality for<br />

a wide variety of products, such as<br />

chunks in gravy, snack sticks, wet food<br />

and more. The 1- to 5-stage cutting<br />

system chops products of any viscosity<br />

and temperature with great reliability.<br />

It offers optimum adaptation to the<br />

respective product with optimisation<br />

of the degree of fineness while<br />

simultaneously increasing productivity.<br />

The combination of original Handtmann<br />

cutting sets and variable process<br />

speed makes for perfectly coordinated<br />

a consistent product flow and thus<br />

extremely accurate final weights of<br />

each stick. Product separation happens<br />

directly at the outlet, either with wire<br />

or blade, uninterrupted and linear to<br />

the product speed directly onto racks.<br />

The 2-lane SV 424 cutting valve<br />

with DS 552 depositing system and<br />

vacuum filler will be another exhibit to<br />

demonstrate simultaneous serial cutting<br />

and dosing of fresh meat directly into a<br />

thermo-forming machine. This solution<br />

can be used for the direct vertical<br />

dosing of chunky products into moulds,<br />

trays or thermo-forming machines<br />

without pre-batching. Portion sizes<br />

from 200 grams with a cutting and<br />

outlet diameter of 60 mm are possible.<br />

For more information<br />

www.handtmann.de/en/petfood<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Clean Machine Technology for<br />

Outstanding Pet Food Quality<br />

K+G Wetter with First Ever Appearance at Interzoo in Nuremberg<br />

Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

May 7-10<br />

Nuremberg<br />

Photos: K+G Wetter<br />

At the heart of VetConcept’s wet feed production<br />

are two AW 280s from K+G Wetter. The industrial<br />

automatic grinders with a cutting set diameter of<br />

280 mm process frozen meat and raw materials<br />

containing bones – perfect for pet food.<br />

Grinders, mixer grinders and cutters with<br />

the right twist for pet food: For the first<br />

time, K+G Wetter will have its own stand<br />

at Interzoo in Nuremberg to show what<br />

sophisticated food processing machines<br />

can do for pet food production - in terms<br />

of quality and hygiene, versatility and<br />

efficiency.<br />

In Hall 4A, Stand 412, the meat processing<br />

machine manufacturer from Hesse will be<br />

presenting a selection of medium-sized<br />

machines: "This will give customers from<br />

the pet food sector an idea of the features<br />

we offer in machines of all sizes," says Volker<br />

Schlosser, Sales Manager International at<br />

K+G Wetter. "We are always open to our<br />

customers' requirements, consider all the<br />

important issues in meat processing and<br />

use them to develop ingenious grinder<br />

and cutter technology."<br />

Accordingly, with these machines<br />

everything runs smoothly in the growing<br />

global animal feed market - more and<br />

more producers are relying on grinders<br />

and bowl cutters from K+G Wetter, both<br />

smaller producers and large industrial<br />

customers.<br />

VetConcept: two K+G Wetter<br />

grinders for special animal feed<br />

One of these satisfied customers is<br />

VetConcept. The German specialty food<br />

manufacturer produces dietetic food<br />

for dogs and cats with certain health<br />

problems, or also tailored to age, activity<br />

and breed.<br />

Master butcher Arthur Schäfer, as plant<br />

manager, had two automatic grinders<br />

from K+G Wetter at the top of his wish list<br />

when planning the new wet food plant.<br />

"At my training company we enjoyed<br />

super cooperation, so it didn’t occur to<br />

me to choose any other option other<br />

than K+G Wetter as the manufacturer.<br />

The grinders are good, they work really<br />

well," says Arthur Schäfer about the two<br />

AW 280 industrial grinders. "For our many<br />

products and the high tonnage per hour,<br />

it was crucial that we can do everything<br />

from frozen meat to fresh produce with<br />

these machines."<br />

Raw materials containing bones? No<br />

problem for the industrial grinders either:<br />

"Bones are a natural source of calcium<br />

for our feed varieties. It's the same as<br />

the animal would eat in nature," reports<br />

Arthur Schäfer. "The grinder used must<br />

have the necessary power and robustness<br />

to crush the extremely hard material."<br />

Hygiene issues neatly resolved<br />

K+G Wetter has also cleanly solved<br />

all hygiene issues. The challenge at<br />

VetConcept: "As we produce special<br />

food, we have to have very clear batch<br />

separation. For example, we produce<br />

monoprotein varieties such as horse,<br />

kangaroo or goat. When changing<br />

batches, everything on the machine has<br />

to be super clean to protect sensitive and<br />

allergic animals from unwanted proteins,"<br />

explains plant manager Schäfer. "So we<br />

also have to clean the machines quickly<br />

and easily between batches. This works<br />

very well with<br />

the grinders<br />

from K+G Wetter."<br />

Hall 4A Booth 412<br />

A special feature of the K+G Wetter<br />

grinders is the cleaning chamber, which<br />

eliminates a typical hygiene risk with<br />

grinders: The grinding process generates<br />

very high pressure. Liquid product<br />

components or even small product<br />

particles can be pressed through the<br />

seals into the machine interior against<br />

the cutting set and form deposits there.<br />

These particles are collected in the<br />

cleaning chamber and, are rinsed out and<br />

do not provide a breeding ground for<br />

germs. "We have converted the cleaning<br />

chamber so that the connections fit with<br />

our CIP system, foam goes in there, warm<br />

water, that works," says Arthur Schäfer<br />

about the customization for VetConcept<br />

at the K+G Wetter grinders. The additional<br />

time required for cleaning is negligible,<br />

with maximum hygiene effect.<br />

Technology for thousands of<br />

tons<br />

Industrial machines such as the automatic<br />

grinders from K+G Wetter are a major<br />

investment in which sustainability plays a<br />

major role; after all, they are designed to<br />

function for many years and process tens<br />

of thousands of tons of raw materials.<br />

"The animal feed market is growing<br />

enormously, between 15 and 25 percent<br />

per year. As a producer, you have to<br />

keep up with this, of course," says Arthur<br />

Schäfer. To ensure that the machines also<br />

keep up with this pace in the long term,<br />

K+G Wetter relies on a proven, robust<br />

design and the right twist on clever<br />

technology for hygiene and handling.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.kgwetter.com<br />

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