Torup Grøn Mobilitet 2024 - ENGELSK

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The tour starts from Dyssekilde Station. It is not an ordinary station! You can stock up on books,<br />

rent a bike, or take a walk at the very popular food market, <strong>Torup</strong> Market. The market is open<br />

during the summer period on Saturdays in odd weeks. On market days, you can also join a<br />

guided tour of the Ecovillage Dyssekilde. In 1990, this was just a potato field, and today, there<br />

are 200 residents spread across 91 households who share their daily lives and thoughts on<br />

living more in harmony with nature.<br />

Already at the station square, you will see the first sign marked "Trail" followed by a yellow<br />

arrow on a green background. The route is well signposted all the way back to the station. The<br />

first sign leads you through Dyssekilde. Follow the signs through the village on the road<br />

Stjernerne, right onto Solen to the shop and <strong>Torup</strong> Spisehus at the central parking lot. Follow<br />

Mælkevej through the parking lot and the materials yard (there is a place on the outskirts of<br />

the village, just before you reach the green area, where you need to keep left). Then you will<br />

pass through the kitchen gardens and the small lake Dyssekær, and then signs will show the<br />

way along the field.<br />

On the tour, a new sign will appear, directing you to Halsninoen, a lovely hike around Halsnæs.<br />

You will now walk along the field boundaries, crossing two roads along the way before<br />

reaching the two small lakes and following the boundary to the right until the path ends at<br />

Sverkilstrupvejen. There are benches along the way, so you can enjoy a break and perhaps<br />

experience one of the many bird migrations that pass over Halsnæs.<br />

After looking in at Engmosegaard, you can either follow the path back or walk along<br />

Sverkilstrupvejen / Haldvejen through <strong>Torup</strong> back to Dyssekilde Station.<br />


Start: Dyssekilde Station in<br />

<strong>Torup</strong><br />

Length: 4,5 km<br />

Surface: Gravel, dirt and asphalt<br />

Suitable: Children, adults & dogs<br />

on a line<br />

Signage: “Track“-signs<br />

Toilet: None<br />

Season: April-October in<br />

calm weather<br />

Find interactive map<br />

through QR-code above<br />

<strong>Torup</strong> Spisehus (1)<br />

Small super market in <strong>Torup</strong> (2)<br />

Økosamfundet Dyssekilde (3)<br />

Engmosegaard Gårdbutik (4)<br />

Kikhavn (not on the route) (5)<br />

Tothaven (not on the route) (6)<br />

Byaasgaard Camping (7)<br />

Sølager Camping (8)<br />

Nordsjællands Ferieboliger (9)<br />

Hotel Frederiksværk (10)<br />

Lej et feriehus hos Feriepartner (11)<br />

Map on page 2


11<br />

Melby<br />

Melby st.<br />

<br />

Haldvejen<br />

Dyssekilde st.<br />

6<br />

5<br />

2<br />

<strong>Torup</strong><br />

3<br />

1<br />

M ælkevejen<br />

Hågendrupvej<br />

<strong>Torup</strong>vejen<br />

Sverkilstrupvejen<br />

9<br />

10<br />

4<br />

8<br />

00,5 km<br />

© OpenStreetMap - © Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Infrastruktur<br />

Dansk Cykelturisme – Visit Nordsjælland<br />

1 km<br />


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