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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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THE LIVING ROOM | DECK 1 EDVARD MUNCH 1863–1944 • NORWAY • DRYPOINT AND OPEN BITE ON COPPERPLATE Edvard Munch was a Norwegian expressionist painter and printmaker, and is recognized today as perhaps one of the world’s most famous artists. Munch began to paint early at the age of 12 and lived a life devoted to art. His artistic oeuvre extends over a period of more than 60 years, during which he painted over 2,000 paintings and made tens of thousands of prints. Munch can be said to be almost as famous for his life as he is for his art. In periods, he lived a nomadic and turbulent bohemian life, together with the Kristiania Bohemians in the Norwegian capital and with the group around the wine bar Zum schwarzen Ferkel in Berlin. During his long life as an artist, Munch experimented with the different painterly directions of his time, but it is first and foremost as a symbolist and expressionist he has become famous. Paintings such as The Scream, Madonna, Death in the Sickroom and The Dance of Life are highly praised icons in art history. THE DAY AFTER | 1894 GERD WOLL, EDVARD MUNCH: THE COMPLETE GRAPHIC WORKS #10 25