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ITB Berlin News Preview Edition

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OCEANIA REGION 19 Travel Market Australasia Pacific “82% of Australasians plan travel via the Internet” MAIN TRAVEL DESTINATION [ by IPK International ] OUTBOUND TRAVEL* Australasia Pacific has about 30 Million inhabitants. Australia is with 23 Million inhabitants not only the biggest market in the region but has also the highest purchasing power per inhabitant (44.000 USD). This explains why about 75% of outbound travel comes from while another 20% comes from New Zealand. Outbound volumes from Pacific Islands are rather small. There is no important difference in travel participation by gender or by season. 90% of outbound travel is for holiday and other leisure motivations. 10% are business trips. 69% of outbound travel goes intra regional to destinations within Asia Pacific, 17% travel to Europe and 15% to the Americas. Most popular outbound holiday types are touring trips and city stays (44%) followed by sun & beach (17%). There is also an important market for visits of friends and relatives. Main outbound holiday highlights for Austral Asians are sightseeing, city visits, landscaping, dining & wining, meet foreign people, visit museums and getting some feelings of an adventure. 94% travel abroad by plane and 6% by boat and cruise ships. Three out of five outbound travelers stay at hotels with strong preference for higher hotel categories (75% of the hotel stays). As a result Austral Asians are very “attractive” guests belonging to the top travel spenders worldwide (2.915 Euro). Austral Asian outbound travelers have a rather high education level. This explains why 82% of them are preparing their outbound trip via internet. 20% are only looking for travel information before booking at a travel agency or elsewhere. The other 62% make also their bookings via internet. INBOUND TRAVEL* Australasia welcomes about 9 million foreign visitors per year, counting for 100 million inbound nights in the region. Mean length of stay of foreigners is 10.7 nights. Mean growth rate over the last four IPK INTERNATIONAL Founded in 1969, IPK International is a tourism consulting company highly qualified in travel market research and tourism marketing and master planning and counts among the leading tourism consulting groups worldwide. years was 4.8% p.a., similar to the overall global travel growth rate. But with 1% global inbound market share the region remains a small destination of international travel. Main travel destination in the region is Australia (50%), followed by New Zealand (28%) and Pacific Islands 50% (22%). 86% of visitors to Australasia Pacific come for leisure motivations and 14% on business trips. Main type of foreign holiday in the region is touring (33%) followed by sun & beach holiday (23%) and city visits (11%). Also the 500.000 cruise holidays spent in the region are an important market segment (7%). Major markets of origin are Australia (22%), China (12%), UK (10%), USA (8%), Japan (7%), the world’s most comprehensive tourism database on European, Arabian, Asian, North and South American outbound travel behavior, based on representative opinion polling in 62 nations, covering 90% of the global travel volume. Korea (5%), Singapore (4%) and Germany- Malaysia-Canada (3% each). Average spending per trip is 2.000 Euro, stagnating over the last four years. Total sales turnover of international travel to the region is 18 billion Euro per year. Outlook for travel to Australasia Pacific is OCEANIA MAIN TRAVEL DESTINATION 28% 22% very good. Global travel growth driving outbound markets like China and South East Asia are located nearby. Of utmost influence would however be any damage caused to Australia’s global image as a sustainable nature paradise. This danger could turn concrete if the situation around the Great Barrier Reef is not handled with the greatest care. * excluding Hawaii OCEANIA AUSTRALIA HALL 5.2A /119 COOK ISLANDS HALL 5.2A /104 FIJI ISLANDS HALL 5.2A /103 KIRIBATI HALL 5.2A /104 NEW CALEDONIA HALL 5.2A /102 NEW ZEALAND HALL 5.2A /119 NIUE HALL 5.2A /104 PAPUA - NEW GUINEA HALL 5.2A /106 SAMOA HALL 5.2A /104 SOLOMON ISLANDS HALL 5.2A /104 TAHITI (FRENCH POLYNESIA) HALL 5.2A /105 TONGA HALL 5.2A /104 TUVALU HALL 5.2A /104 VANUATU HALL 5.2A /104 What makes IPK International special: With its World Travel Monitor ® , IPK International has For further information please contact or visit ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 28 th February 2014

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