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ITB Berlin News Preview Edition

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32 SPECIAL FEATURE ADVENTURE TOURISM Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA © 2012 Brand USA All Rights Reserved TODAY IN HALL 4.1.B, WE HAVE A CONCEPT THAT ADDRESSES THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF EXHIBITORS, FOR BOTH PROFESSIONALS AND CONSUMERS Exploring Mountains, Canyons and Caves … But more than that! Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism come together under one roof at ITB Berlin 2014 ITB Berlin is the only place in the world where all those involved in adventure travel and responsible tourism come together under the same roof – in Hall 4.1.b. Presentations and events are organised in the hall within the framework of the 9th Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals. ITB Berlin product manager Friederike Hansen underlines the fact that the Pow-Wow is of paramount importance at ITB Berlin; as participants are inspired and have the opportunity to explore new business prospects, gain valuable partners and acquire a wealth of knowledge from interesting presentations, panel dialogues, master classes, workshops and networking events. MORE THAN A MOTTO “Exploring Mountains, Canyons and Caves!” is the motto of the 9th Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals, taking place 5 - 7 March at the Adventure Stage and Event area of Hall 4.1.b, highlighting mountaineering, canyoning and caving – the great challenges of climbing all the way to the summit of a mountain, rappelling deep down in a canyon and crawling through the many underworlds of Earth. Mountains, canyons and caves will be experienced in Hall 4.1.b not only through related presentations, but also through the hall’s unique theme-specific design and attractive decoration, including its Challenge Course (e.g.: climbing tower, high ropes, adventure games). Marianna Mc Gill, founder and owner of Latin America World – the official consulting partner of ITB Berlin, says the concept of Hall 4.1.b is different from all the others: “The concept was to make space available for small companies, because some don’t want to be necessarily grouped with a destination. Some don’t have large budgets and would not be able to take 20 m² and pay for the rest of the costs involved. So we give them the possibility to have a presence for a small budget and we give them the support they need for the show to be a success. Ms McGill says in the eleven years she has been working on developing adventure travel as a segment at ITB Berlin, concepts and attitudes have changed. “In the beginning, virtually the only people doing adventure travel were those working with backpackers, but now, many factors change depending on age, gender and economic status. Today in Hall 4.1.b, we have a concept that addresses the entire spectrum of exhibitors, for both professionals and consumers.” SUCCESS OF SEGMENT – AND HALL – CONTINUE TO GROW The best way to measure the success of a hall is through its development over the years. When ITB Berlin began addressing adventure and responsible travel as a segment, it took up only a corner of the youth travel hall. Now, an entire hall is dedicated to the segment. “Exhibitors include extreme adventure operators, sustainable tourism, culture, community involvement… it’s a much more diverse variety,” says McGill. “We also attract hotels, and you might well find a professional tour operator offering a product or a whole community offering products that no one knows about.” Mainstream companies have started to become more active in the CSR segment as well, according to Ms McGill. “In the past, many people considered their CSR communication to be like greenwashing, but here, people are able to see how they are really taking better care of the environment. These companies are often working closely with local tour operators who are also here in this hall. One other important factor is that we have a strong presence of social media. This is one of the major topics of course at ITB Berlin in general, but in this segment it is vitally important.” So to get the “whole picture”, there’s no better place in the world than right here at ITB Berlin. In addition, the Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals is a highly interactive and dynamic symposium – an innovative and steadfastly growing B2B arena – where exhibitors, sponsors and partners from all over the world showcase their uniqueness, products and services as well as shed light on their responsible and sustainable practices to tourism professionals and media representatives visiting ITB Berlin. As well, globally-renowned guest speakers present and discuss a wide range of relevant tourism industry topics and current trends related to destinations, social media in tourism, geotourism, geoparks, natural and cultural heritage, rural tourism, wildlife watching and community-based tourism among others. CONTACT ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 28 th February 2014

33 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE For someone going to ITB Berlin, what are the reasons other than the show itself to stay in the city? We put the question to a man in the know, Burkhard Kieker – CEO of… Burkhard Kieker, CEO of shares his passion for the German capital Burkhard Kieker CEO of Hall 12 Stand 101 In 2014, Berlin celebrates 25 years fall of the Wall. Visitors to Berlin, Exhibitors and Trade visitors should therefore not miss to see the historical parts of Berlin linked to this event. There are numerous locations, tour proposals and bars / shops to visit in context with the 25 th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.. Indeed, Berlin has staged a marvellous comeback story in the past 25 years. It’s a city that was not really on the map, because it was divided, it had been destroyed in parts during the Second World War, and what you can see now is a rising star in tourism in culture. In the core of the Berlin “brand” three are very important. First is that it’s the city of freedom. It’s the city where the cold war began – and was ended - by the people; it’s an authentic place of history; and third - it’s a place with intangible magnetism on artists and bright minds… maybe like Paris may have been in the 20’s. We have a constant flow of young artists, sculptors, actors and musicians wanting to make their living in Berlin, because it’s value for money in comparison to other cities. It’s a city of chances. These people coming in create a certain atmosphere and in return many people like to come and drift through this atmosphere by day and by night. Berliners are still very proud to show their new city to the world. They are not annoyed or disinterested with tourists. Also 50% of the people living in Berlin were not originally from the city… it’s a big melting pot. Only 50% of the people here now were here when the wall came down. So people are very open to tourists and visitors and they like to share their city. “50% of the people living in Berlin were not originally from the city… it’s a big melting pot. Only 50% of the people here now were here when the wall came down.” BERLIN FOR GAY AND LESBIAN TRAVELLERS. Berlin is a hot spot when it comes to gay and lesbian travel because it is a city of tolerance. It’s not only a niche, it’s a very important factor for us. We have, together with the hotels, developed a campaign that provides basic plus-plus services for gay and lesbian travellers in Berlin. You can find this on our website under “Pink Pillow”. ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 28 th February 2014

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