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NEWS 13 indonesia‘s

NEWS 13 indonesia‘s top 12 – the Most Beautiful highlights from the country of Diversity Papua - Raja Ampat Islands Flores Komodo - Komodo Dragon Hall 10.2 Stand 111 1 North Sumatra the Legacy of a Super VoLcaNo Lake Toba emerged from the eruption of a super volcano on the sixth largest island in the world. The stunning mountain landscape is inhabited by unique cultures. 2 KaLimaNtaN a meetiNg with the “foreSt peopLe” aNd the water-NomadS “Kalimantan” is the commonly used name for the part of Borneo that belongs to Indonesia. The island is renowned for its jungle and the orang-utans (which means “man of the forest”) living on it. 3 JaKarta metropoLiS with a thouSaNd iSLaNdS The west of the most populous island of the archipelago is a region of contrasts. The capital Jakarta is a great starting point for relaxing trips to the offshore islands and their secluded sandy beaches. 4 weSt JaVa cooL mouNtaiN air arouNd the “driVe-iN” VoLcaNo Those coming from hot and humid Jakarta will love the mountain landscape of West Java: pleasant temperatures and refreshing rainfall throughout the year. Moreover it offers the unique adventure of driving onto the volcano, Tangkuban Perahu, the only “driveable volcano in the world”. 5 yogyaKarta SuLtaNate with hiNdu rootS The city of Yogyakarta is a center of Javanese Culture and its surroundings offer breath taking cultural monuments. The Sultanate is a wonderful mixture between tradition und modernity. 6 ceNtraL JaVa magicaL tempLeS aNd idyLLic BeacheS Besides the unique cultural monument Borobudur, the north of Central Java offers lonely paradisiacal islands to relax and forget all the everyday worries. 7 eaSt JaVa the BiggeSt BarreL of acid oN earth East Java attracts with sustainable tourism, a spectacular volcanic landscape and the deepest acidic volcanic crater lake, famous for its turquoise colour. Purest Arabica coffee is grown around the Iljen volcano. 8 LomBoK 3,700 meterS differeNce iN aLtitude to the Beach The second highest volcano in the archipelago dominates the landscape of the island Lombok. Even from the beaches of the surrounding Gili islands one can enjoy the unique sight of mountain Rinjani. 9 Komodo carefuL, dragoN croSSiNg! The famous Komodo dragons are named after the island. But Komodo has even more to offer: In addition to the giant lizards, the Komodo National Park also impresses with an exceptional fauna. 10 fLoreS pie chart fieLdS aNd coLour-chaNgiNg LaKeS Flores is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands east of Bali. It is inhabited by 1.8 million people from seven different ethnic groups, each with their own languages - a unique cultural diversity. Also spectacular are the circular fields of Manggarai, which are divided into pieces like a cake chart. 11 SuLaweSi aNceStor worShip aNd coraL SpawNiNg The culture of the Toraja (translated “hill people”) fascinates with ancient funeral ceremonies and stunning architecture. Divers experience a unique spectacle of nature in North Sulawesi. 12 weSt papua go diViNg with the four raJaS Raja Ampat means “kingdom of the four kings.” The waters around the archipelago are considered the species-richest of the world and are a paradise for divers. Hall 26A ITB BERLIN NEWS • Wednesday 27 th February 2013

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