CLTA Newsletter September 2021

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<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

Chinese Language Teachers Association (USA)<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | Volume 45 | Number 3<br />

ISSUE<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th<br />

Anniversary Celebration<br />

Special Lecture Series<br />

六 ⼗ 周 年 ⼤ 庆<br />

专 题 系 列 讲 座<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs<br />

兴 趣 ⼩ 组<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Regional<br />

Associations<br />

区 域 学 会

The Chinese Language Teachers Association <strong>Newsletter</strong> (<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>) keeps its readers informed<br />

about recent developments in the profession by publishing personal and institutional news and placement<br />

information. The newsletter is published online three times a year (in January, May and <strong>September</strong>*). An email<br />

will be sent to active members announcing the online publication of the newsletter.<br />

Cut-off dates for submission of all materials to be included in the <strong>Newsletter</strong> are December 15, April 15,<br />

and August 15. The ad rate is $150 full-page (6Wx8H). Ads to be included in the <strong>Newsletter</strong> can be black and<br />

white or in color, and each ad can be formatted in .jpg or .pdf under 1 MB. Submit ads online by filling out<br />

the Full-Page <strong>Newsletter</strong> Ad Form.<br />

A job advertisement is $300 flat-fee for posting to the <strong>CLTA</strong> emailing list, the website, and the newsletter. Submit<br />

your job announcement and make the payment online. A job announcement will not be made until paid.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Chinese Language Teacher<br />

Association of USA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS !"<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS<br />



5000 FORBES AVE.<br />

PITTSBURGH, PA 15213-3890, U.S.A.<br />

EMAIL: <strong>CLTA</strong>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU<br />

https://clta-us.org/<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Archive:<br />



Elected Officers<br />

President<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平<br />

University of Notre Dame<br />

Vice President<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅<br />

Georgia State University<br />

Immediate Past President<br />

Yi Xu 许 怡<br />

University of Pittsburgh<br />

Appointed Officers<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 , Executive Director<br />

Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Journal Office<br />

Dana S. Bourgerie 白 杰 理 , CSL Journal Editor<br />

Brigham Young University<br />

Journal Office<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋<br />

Holy Cross College, CSL Journal Associate Editor<br />

Conference officer<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋<br />

Holy Cross College<br />

K-12 Publication Office<br />

Cilei Han 韩 慈 磊 (editor)<br />

Lake Oswego High School<br />

Home Page Office (Webmaster)<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏<br />

Middle Tennessee State University<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> Office<br />

Christine Liu 吕 逸 勤 (Interim editor)<br />

Dickinson College<br />

Committees<br />

Steering Committee<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (President)<br />

Yi Xu 许 怡 (Immediate Past President)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Vice President)<br />

Wenhao Diao 刁 文 豪 (Board Member)<br />

Hang Zhang 张 航 (Board Member)<br />

Awards Committee<br />

Hang Zhang 张 航 (Chair)<br />

The National Collegiate Chinese<br />

Honor Society<br />

Tong Chen 陈 彤 (Chair)<br />

Nominating and Election Committee<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Chair)<br />

Conference Committee<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Chair)<br />

Finance Committee<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Chair)<br />

Fund-Raising Committee<br />

Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 (Chair)<br />

Media and Publicity Committee<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Chair)<br />

Regional Associations Committee<br />

Ran Zhao 赵 冉 (Chair)<br />

Professional Development/SIG Committe<br />

Wenhao Diao 刁 文 豪 (Chair)<br />

K-12 Committee<br />

Mairead Harri 何 小 蔓 (Chair)

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Volume 45, No. 3<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Highlights of the Issue<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary Celebration Special Lecture Series 六 ⼗ 周 年 ⼤ 庆 专 题 系 列 讲 座 3<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs 兴 趣 ⼩ 组 8<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Regional Associations 区 域 学 会 13<br />

News and Announcements<br />

In Memory of Professor Tim Xie 缅 怀 谢 天 蔚 教 授 16<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 2022 Annual Conference: Call for Proposals 2022 年 <strong>CLTA</strong> 年 会 征 稿 通 知 19<br />

ACTFL/<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Virtual Conference Program 28<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> official and Committee Chinese Names 34<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> & Online Archives 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 > 36<br />

Call for Submissions: <strong>CLTA</strong> CSL Journal 37<br />

Call for Submissions: <strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 CLT Journal 38<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Events Lists<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>September</strong> Event List 42<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> October Event List 43<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Membership Benefits 45<br />

Research & Grant News<br />

Transfer facilitation effects of morphological awareness (by S. Ke & K. Koda) 47<br />

Learning two syntactic constructions simultaneously (by X. Hou) 48<br />

Allegheny College received NEH Grant 49

Conferences<br />

The 4th Harvard ICCP Conference 50<br />

Advertisements<br />

Duke Kunshan University 昆 ⼭ 杜 克 ⼤ 学 52<br />

Middlebury School 明 德 ⼤ 学 中 ⽂ 学 校 53<br />

DD Chinese (DD 中 ⽂) 54<br />

Jobs<br />

Assistant Teaching Professor in Chinese Language (Washington, DC) 56<br />

Assistant Professor (Claremont, CA) 56<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies (Pittsburgh, PA) 57<br />

Professor of Chinese Language and Culture (Aliso Viejo, CA) 57<br />

Assistant Teaching Professor in Chinese (Winston-Salem, NC) 58<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese (Tenure-Track) (Annapolis, Maryland) 58<br />

Clinical (Open Rank) Professor of Chinese Language and Literature (Shanghai, China) 58<br />

Tenure Track Faculty Position in Chinese (Worcester, MA) 59<br />

Lecturer and Director of Chinese Language Program (Minneapolis, MN) 60<br />

Teaching Positions in Chinese as a Second Language-Open Rank (Kunshan, Suzhou, Chia) 60<br />

Journal updates<br />

International Journal of Chinese Language Education 国 际 中 ⽂ 教 育 学 报 62<br />

International Chinese Language Education 国 际 中 ⽂ 教 育 63<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Journal 汉 语 教 学 研 究 65<br />

CSL Online download information for <strong>CLTA</strong> members 66

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th <br />

Anniversary Celebration<br />

Special Lecture Series

专<br />

專<br />

六<br />

⼗<br />

周<br />

年<br />

六<br />

⼗<br />

週<br />

年<br />

美<br />

国<br />

中<br />

⽂<br />

教<br />

师<br />

学<br />

会<br />

美<br />

國<br />

中<br />

⽂<br />

教<br />

師<br />

學<br />

會<br />

题<br />

題<br />

⼤<br />

⼤<br />

系<br />

系<br />

庆<br />

慶<br />

列<br />

列<br />

讲<br />

講<br />

座<br />

Highlight<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary Celebration<br />

Special Lecture Series<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 六 ⼗ 週 年 ⼤ 慶 專 題 系 列 講 座 <br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 六 ⼗ 周 年 ⼤ 庆 专 题 系 列 讲 座<br />

Open and Free for<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> members<br />

六 ⼗ 周 年 ⼤ 庆 <br />

专 题 系 列 讲 座 <br />

⼯ 作 组 <br />

王 静 ( 组 长 ) <br />

梁 霞 <br />

刘 锦 城 <br />

Visit <strong>CLTA</strong> Website:<br />

https://clta-us.org/<br />

第 ⼀ 讲 <strong>2021</strong> 年 10⽉22⽇<br />

挑 战 与 机 遇 <br />

( 科 技 对 汉 语 教 学 的 影 响 )<br />

第 ⼆ 讲 2022 年 2⽉ 底 或 3⽉ 初 <br />

理 论 与 教 学 <br />

( 汉 语 本 体 研 究 /⼆ 语 习 得 <br />

理 论 研 究 与 教 学 实 践 的 结 合 )<br />

第 三 讲 2022 年 4⽉7⽇, 星 期 四 <br />

( 年 会 召 开 前 ⼀ 天 ) <br />

回 顾 与 展 望 <br />

( 对 外 汉 语 教 学 史 及 未 来 发 展 )<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

嘉 宾 简 介 <br />

Zheng-sheng Zhang is Professor of Chinese<br />

at San Diego State University. In addition<br />

to interest in using technology for language<br />

teaching and research, his research focus in<br />

recent years has been the corpus study of<br />

stylistic variation in written Chinese. His<br />

monograph Dimensions of Variation in<br />

Written Chinese was published in 2017 by<br />

Routledge. From 2008 to 2016, he was<br />

Editor of the Journal of the <strong>CLTA</strong>. He was<br />

a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the US<br />

Air Force Academy from 2017-2019.<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 06

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3<br />


Highlight<br />

Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association, USA<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

https://clta-us.org<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs (Special Interest Groups) <br />

兴 趣 ⼩ 组<br />

Only active <strong>CLTA</strong> members may join <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs for FREE. <br />

Anyone who wishes to join a <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG must fill out the <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG<br />

registration form at the CLT-SIGs website (for up to 3 SIGs). <br />

https://clta-us.org/about-clta/special-interest-groups<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs 兴 趣 ⼩ 组<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 08

Highlight<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs <br />

(Special Interest Groups)<br />

1. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Chinese as a second<br />

language research ⼆ 语 习 得 <br />

2. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Chinese Language Film<br />

Education Exchange (CLFEdEx) <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 中 ⽂ 電 影 教 學 興 趣 小 組 <br />

3. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: CFL Teacher Development <br />

汉 语 教 师 综 合 素 养 论 坛 <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs<br />

4. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: <strong>CLTA</strong> Educational<br />

Technology (<strong>CLTA</strong>-Ed Tech) <br />

科 技 中 ⽂ 教 学 <br />

5. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Content-based<br />

Chinese Language Courses at<br />

Advanced Levels <br />

跨 学 科 ⾼ 年 级 汉 语 教 学<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

6. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Context-based Interdisciplinary<br />

CFL Curriculum:<br />

Research and Practice <br />

内 容 跨 学 科 课 程 的 研 究 与 实 践 <br />

7. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Intercultural<br />

Competence for Chinese<br />

Teachers and Learners <br />

中 ⽂ 师 ⽣ 所 需 的 跨 ⽂ 化 能 ⼒<br />

8. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: K-12 Classroom and<br />

Methodology <br />

K-12 中 ⽂ 课 堂 教 学 与 ⽅ 法 论<br />

9. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: L2 Chinese<br />

Pronunciation Teaching and<br />

Research group <br />

⼆ 语 语 音 教 学 与 研 究 <br />

兴 趣 ⼩ 组<br />

10. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Teaching CFL to<br />

Elementary and Intermediate<br />

Learners 初 中 级 中 ⽂ 教 学 <br />

11. <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Chinese Heritage<br />

Language Learning <br />

华 裔 中 ⽂ 教 学<br />

美 <br />

国 <br />

中 <br />

⽂<br />

教 <br />

师 <br />

学 <br />

会 <br />

兴 <br />

趣 <br />

⼩<br />

组 <br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 10

Highlight<br />

NEW!!!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Special Interest Groups<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: Chinese Heritage Language Learning<br />

华 裔 中 ⽂ 教 学 兴 趣 ⼩ 组<br />

Group Lead:<br />

Dr. Hsiang-ning Sunnie Wang 王 祥 宁 , University of British Columbia, Canada <br />

Dr. Yan Liu 刘 艳 , Duke University, US < yl286@duke.edu><br />

Description:<br />

The Chinese Heritage Language Learning (CHL) Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a platform for<br />

K-16 Chinese language teachers to exchange educational resources, discuss CHL pedagogical issues and<br />

innovations, and reflect on CHL teaching and learning processes. Through engaging exchanges, this SIG<br />

aims to help teachers and researchers develop a comprehensive understanding of a variety of topics within<br />

the CHL community such as the learning needs of students, CHL curricula, course materials, teaching<br />

pedagogies, learning assessment, and program management in North America. This SIG also strives to<br />

promote CHL teaching and research as an essential subfield of Chinese language teaching and learning. To<br />

achieve these goals, we created a professional website that collects information regarding professional<br />

development and resources for CHL education. Additionally, this SIG utilizes social networking tools such<br />

as WeChat, for communication, discussion and data exchange with members of the SIG.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

SIG Activities:<br />

1. Establish a virtual community to:<br />

<br />

Encourage communication and collaboration among SIG members regarding<br />

pedagogical issues, innovations, and professional developments via social media tools<br />

like WeChat.<br />

2. Collect and exchange educational resources, including teaching and learning<br />

materials, pedagogical activities and student projects on the SIG website. <br />

3. Host workshops and events to share CHL teaching and research experience.<br />

4. Host educational events regarding CHL teaching and learning by:<br />

<br />

Organizing meetings, panels and workshops at the <strong>CLTA</strong> annual conferences<br />

5. Promote Chinese language teaching and learning by:<br />

<br />

Collaborating with other <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG groups <br />

How to join us:<br />

1. Join the <strong>CLTA</strong> to become a member: Join <strong>CLTA</strong> – The Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association, USA <br />

2. Fill out the SIG registration form: https://clta-us.org/about-clta/special-interestgroups/<br />

<br />

3. Our team will receive an updated membership list from the <strong>CLTA</strong> headquarters every<br />

month. Then, we will invite you to join our WeChat group!<br />

Our website:<br />

For more information, please visit our <strong>CLTA</strong> SIG Chinese Heritage Language Learning<br />

website! https://sites.google.com/view/chinese-heritage-language/home<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 12

Highlight<br />

Chinese Language<br />

Teachers Association, USA<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

https://clta-us.org<br />


AFFILIATED WITH <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA<br />

⼗ 四 个 区 域 学 会 <br />

https://clta-us.org/about-clta/regional-cltas<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 总 会 感 谢 各 区 域 学 会 的 ⽀ 持 , 在 其 所 属 当 地 , 就 近<br />

为 中 ⽂⽼ 师 们 服 务 , 为 中 ⽂ 教 学 尽 ⼼⼒, 总 会 向 各 区 域 学<br />

会 的 会 长 及 理 事 们 致 敬 ! 感 谢 有 你 们 , 各 位 ⾟ 苦 了 ! 总 部 与<br />

各 区 域 学 会 , 区 域 学 会 与 区 域 学 会 , 彼 此 合 作 ⽆ 间 , 交 流 共<br />

享 , ⼀ 起 靠 近 , ⼀ 起 取 暖 , ⼀ 起 ⿎ 励 , ⼀ 起 携 ⼿ 共 进 , 相 辅 相<br />

成 , 共 创 共 同 共 赢 的 中 ⽂ 教 学 !!!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

1. Chinese Language Teachers Association of California (<strong>CLTA</strong>C)<br />

加 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 协 会 <br />

2. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Texas (<strong>CLTA</strong>-Texas)<br />

德 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

3. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia (<strong>CLTA</strong>-VA)<br />

維 州 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <br />

4. Chinese Language Teachers Association – Washington State (<strong>CLTA</strong>-WA) <br />

華 州 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <br />

5. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Indiana (<strong>CLTA</strong>-IN) <br />

印 第 安 纳 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 协 会 <br />

6. New England Chinese Language Teachers Association (NE<strong>CLTA</strong>) <br />

新 英 格 兰 地 区 中 ⽂ 教 师 协 会 <br />

7. Oklahoma Chinese Language Teachers Association (OK<strong>CLTA</strong>)<br />

俄 克 拉 荷 马 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 协 会 <br />

8. Chinese Language Teachers Association – Oregon (<strong>CLTA</strong>-OR) <br />

俄 勒 冈 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

9. Chinese Language Teachers Association – National Capital Region <br />

(<strong>CLTA</strong>-NCR) ⼤ 华 府 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

10. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York <br />

(<strong>CLTA</strong>-GNY) ⼤ 纽 约 地 区 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

11. Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California <br />

(<strong>CLTA</strong>-SC) 南 加 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

12. Chinese Language Teacher Association of North Carolina (<strong>CLTA</strong>-NC)<br />

北 卡 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 <br />

13. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Western Pennsylvania<br />

(<strong>CLTA</strong>-WPA) 西 賓 州 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <br />

14. <strong>CLTA</strong>-Taoli Mid-Atlantic (<strong>CLTA</strong>-Taoli) 中 ⼤ 西 洋 桃 李 教 师 学 会<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 14

News and<br />


In Memory of<br />

Professor Tim Xie

Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association, USA<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

https://clta-us.org<br />

E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

In Memory of Professor Tim Xie<br />

沉 痛 悼 念 谢 天 蔚 教 授<br />

著 名 中 ⽂ 教 育 专 家 、 社 会 语 ⾔ 学 家 、 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 终 身 成 就 奖 获 得<br />

者 、 学 会 通 讯 刊 物 前 主 编 、 美 国 ⼤ 学 理 事 会 中 ⽂SAT 考 试 委 员 会 主 席 、 南 加<br />

州 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 会 长 、 加 州 ⼤ 学 长 滩 分 校 亚 洲 与 亚 美 研 究 系 荣 退 教 授 谢 天 蔚<br />

先 ⽣, 因 患 胰 腺 癌 不 治 , 不 幸 于 <strong>2021</strong> 年 9⽉12⽇ 在 美 国 洛 杉 矶 家 中 辞 世 , 享<br />

年 75 岁 。 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 全 体 同 仁 为 失 去 这 样 ⼀ 位 优 秀 的 学 者 、 同 事 和 朋 友 感<br />

到 万 分 悲 痛 。<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

谢 天 蔚 教 授 早 年 就 读 于 上 海 外 国 语 ⼤ 学 , 获 学 ⼠ 和 硕 ⼠ 学 位 。1985 年 赴<br />

美 留 学 ,1992 年 获 匹 兹 堡 ⼤ 学 外 语 教 育 博 ⼠ 学 位 。 此 后 曾 在 加 州 ⼤ 学 戴 维 斯<br />

分 校 中 ⽇⽂ 系 、 旧 ⾦ 山 ⼤ 学 亚 太 研 究 中 ⼼ 以 及 加 州 ⼤ 学 长 滩 分 校 亚 洲 及 亚 美<br />

研 究 系 任 教 , 先 后 担 任 《 海 外 华 ⽂ 教 育 》、《 国 际 汉 语 》、《 国 际 汉 语 学<br />

报 》、《 对 外 汉 语 研 究 》 等 多 种 学 术 期 刊 的 编 委 、 顾 问 。 他 的 去 世 , 是 中 ⽂<br />

教 学 领 域 的 重 ⼤ 损 失 。<br />

谢 天 蔚 教 授 在 美 国 30 余 年 的 教 学 ⽣ 涯 中 , 对 中 ⽂ 教 学 做 出 了 杰 出 的 贡<br />

献 。 他 是 中 ⽂ 教 学 领 域 率 先 提 倡 使 ⽤ 电 脑 教 授 中 ⽂ 的 先 ⾏ 者 之 ⼀, 提 出 “ 听<br />

说 读 写 打 ” 的 教 学 观 念 ; 他 建 ⽴ 的 中 ⽂ 学 习 ⽹ 站 (Learning Chinese online)<br />

的 访 问 量 已 达 400 万 ⼈ 次 ; 他 建 ⽴ 的 加 州 州 ⽴⼤ 学 系 统 中 ⽂ 学 ⽣ 暑 期 强 化 学<br />

习 项 ⽬SLI (Strategic Language Initiative, 战 略 语 ⾔ 计 划 ,2006-2013) 培 养 了<br />

⼀ 批 ⾼⽔ 平 、⾼ 质 量 的 中 ⽂ 学 ⽣; 早 在 2010 年 , 他 带 领 的 上 海 项 ⽬ 师 ⽣ 因 猪<br />

流 感 影 响 ⽽ 被 隔 离 时 , 他 就 尝 试 进 ⾏ 了 早 期 线 上 教 学 并 获 得 成 功 ; 他 还 曾 尝<br />

试 对 有 视 听 障 碍 的 学 ⽣ 进 ⾏ 中 ⽂ 教 学 , 探 索 出 ⼀ 套 教 授 特 殊 学 ⽣ 的 新 ⽅ 法 。<br />

谢 天 蔚 教 授 博 学 多 思 , 勇 于 创 新 , 慷 慨 友 善 , 泽 被 后 ⼈。 他 常 常 毫 无 保<br />

留 地 分 享 ⾃⼰ 收 集 、 编 写 、 研 发 的 教 学 材 料 、 研 究 成 果 以 及 ⼯ 具 资 源 , 给 我<br />

们 留 下 了 宝 贵 的 学 术 财 富 。<br />

斯 ⼈ 已 逝 , 风 范 长 存 ! 我 们 沉 痛 悼 念 谢 天 蔚 教 授 , 学 习 他 的 优 秀 品 德 和<br />

敬 业 精 神 , 共 同 推 进 他 未 竟 的 中 ⽂ 教 育 事 业 。<br />

谢 天 蔚 教 授 安 息 !<br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 理 事 会 谨 代 表 <strong>CLTA</strong> 全 体 同 仁 向 谢 教 授 致 敬<br />

<br />

<strong>2021</strong> 年 9⽉15⽇<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 18

News and Announcements<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Website: https://clta-us.org<br />

2022 年 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 年 会 征 稿 通 知 (⼀ 号 通 知 )<br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 (<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA) 计 划 于 2022 年 4 ⽉ 中 上 旬 举 办 2022 年 美 国 中 ⽂<br />

教 师 学 会 年 会 暨 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 成 ⽴60 周 年 庆 典 ( 具 体 ⽇ 期 及 年 会 模 式 将 于 <strong>2021</strong> 年 底<br />

另 ⾏ 通 知 )。 年 会 旨 在 为 汉 语 教 师 、 相 关 学 者 及 教 学 管 理 ⼈ 员 提 供 ⼀ 个 交 流 教 学 经 验 、<br />

分 享 汉 语 习 得 、 教 学 、 语 法 及 教 学 科 技 前 沿 研 究 成 果 的 平 台 。 年 会 召 开 之 际 还 将 举 ⾏ 第<br />

六 届 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 区 域 学 会 会 议 , 区 域 学 会 代 表 将 报 告 各 ⾃ 学 会 在 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 ⽀<br />

持 下 所 开 展 的 活 动 及 取 得 的 成 绩 与 发 展 计 划 。<br />

近 年 来 , 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 年 会 已 成 为 来 ⾃ 世 界 不 同 国 家 和 地 区 的 国 际 汉 语 教 师<br />

的 盛 会 , 欧 洲 汉 语 教 学 协 会 和 亚 太 地 区 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 会 作 为 我 们 的 兄 弟 组 织 , 每 年 派 代<br />

表 传 经 送 宝 。 在 此 我 们 诚 挚 邀 请 世 界 各 地 同 ⾏( 包 括 ⾮ 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 会 员 ) 参 加<br />

2022 年 年 会 , 交 流 ⼼ 得 、 相 互 磋 商 、 共 襄 盛 举 。<br />

概 要 提 交 ⽅ 式 及 截 ⽌⽇ 期 (<strong>2021</strong> 年 11⽉1⽇)<br />

会 议 发 ⾔ 概 要 可 ⽤ 英 ⽂ 或 中 ⽂ 撰 写 。 论 ⽂ 概 要 提 交 将 通 过 Microsoft CMT 平 台 实 现 , 其<br />

链 接 将 于 <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA⽹ 站 上 呈 现 (⽹ 址 :https://clta-us.org)。 概 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 为 <strong>2021</strong><br />

年 11⽉1⽇。 除 ⼯ 作 坊 主 讲 ⼈ 外 , 每 位 发 ⾔⼈ 作 为 第 ⼀ 作 者 限 提 交 ⼀ 份 概 要 。 评 审 过 程 为<br />

匿 名 评 审 , 结 果 将 于 <strong>2021</strong> 年 12⽉15⽇ 前 以 电 ⼦ 邮 件 通 知 。 此 次 会 议 将 接 受 三 类 报 告 概<br />

要 , 请 在 ⽹ 上 提 交 概 要 时 选 择 合 适 的 类 别 。 如 果 有 多 位 报 告 ⼈, 请 在 提 交 摘 要 页 ⾯ 添 加<br />

相 关 合 作 者 的 信 息 。 提 交 摘 要 的 其 他 具 体 要 求 如 下 :<br />

1. 单 篇 论 ⽂ 报 告 (Individual paper): 以 报 告 实 证 研 究 结 果 为 主 , 报 告 时 间 为 20 分 钟<br />

( 含 5 分 钟 问 答 时 间 , 下 同 )。 概 要 (Abstract) 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 300 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 过<br />

450 字 ; 内 容 总 结 (Summary) 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 50 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 过 75 字 。<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

2. 组 合 论 ⽂ 报 告 (Panel): 由 与 某 ⼀ 共 同 主 题 相 关 的 三 到 四 篇 论 ⽂ 组 成 , 报 告 时 长 为 ⼀<br />

⼩ 时 。 内 容 可 为 实 证 研 究 , 亦 可 探 讨 理 论 或 实 践 问 题 , 或 两 者 兼 备 。 每 个 论 ⽂ 组<br />

须 有 ⼀⼈ 担 任 组 织 者 , 负 责 提 交 全 组 论 ⽂ 概 要 。 提 交 材 料 包 括 : 本 论 ⽂ 组 的 总 题 ⽬<br />

和 其 组 成 论 ⽂ 的 题 ⽬ 及 提 要 ; 摘 要 (Abstract) 总 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 500 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超<br />

过 750 字 ); 总 结 部 分 (Summary) 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 80 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 过 120 字 。<br />

3. 教 学 活 动 演 ⽰ (Technique demonstration): 旨 在 让 教 师 展 ⽰⾏ 之 有 效 、 兼 具 实 ⽤ 及<br />

趣 味 性 的 教 学 活 动 , 时 间 不 超 过 8 分 钟 。 所 演 ⽰ 的 教 学 活 动 必 须 针 对 某 个 特 定 的 语<br />

⾔ 技 能 、 语 ⾔ 结 构 / 词 汇 、 或 其 它 具 体 明 确 的 学 习 ⽬ 标 。 提 交 材 料 应 包 括 : 演 ⽰ 活<br />

动 名 称 (Title); 活 动 简 介 (Abstract) 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 100 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 过 150 字 , 该<br />

部 分 应 介 绍 说 明 该 教 学 活 动 适 ⽤ 学 习 者 的 语 ⾔⽔ 准 、⽬ 标 语 法 结 构 或 特 定 语 ⾔ 技<br />

能 。 总 结 部 分 (Summary) 长 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 过 30 词 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 过 50 字 。<br />

年 会 组 委 会 及 学 会 下 属 专 门 机 构 还 将 在 年 会 期 间 组 织 以 下 两 项 活 动 :<br />

1. 职 业 培 训 ⼯ 作 坊 :⼯ 作 坊 主 讲 ⼈ 将 向 参 加 者 提 供 有 关 语 ⾔ 教 学 理 论 、 研 究 ⽅ 法 、 教<br />

材 编 写 或 分 析 、 教 学 技 巧 和 求 职 等 ⽅⾯ 的 培 训 , 时 长 为 ⼀⼩ 时 。<br />

2. 圆 桌 论 坛 : 论 坛 由 4-6 名 成 员 和 1 名 主 持 ⼈ 组 成 , 时 长 为 ⼀⼩ 时 ; 每 位 成 员 发 ⾔ 时 间<br />

为 5-8 分 钟 , 其 余 时 间 回 答 听 众 问 题 , 与 听 众 互 动 。<br />

会 务 费 <br />

会 务 费 标 准 将 待 会 议 模 式 确 定 后 通 知 。<br />

最 优 ( 早 鸟 ) 注 册 截 ⽌⽇ 期 :2022 年 1⽉15⽇<br />

(** 概 要 被 ⼤ 会 接 受 者 须 于 此 ⽇ 或 之 前 完 成 注 册 以 保 留 发 ⾔ 时 间 。)<br />

常 规 注 册 :2022 年 1⽉15⽇ 之 后 <br />

会 议 资 讯 及 联 系 ⽅ 式 <br />

此 次 ⼤ 会 的 会 议 ⽹ 址 为 :http://clta-us.org/clta-annual-conference/<br />

若 有 意 咨 询 本 次 会 议 , 请 将 电 ⼦ 邮 件 发 送 ⾄:AnnualMeeting<strong>CLTA</strong>@gmail.com。<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 20

会 议 奖 项 及 申 请 / 咨 询 邮 件 地 址 <br />

⼀、 姚 道 中 教 授 纪 念 奖 :cltaaward@gmail.com <br />

⼆、 中 ⼩ 学 教 师 最 佳 报 告 奖 :mairead.harris@gmail.com <br />

三 、 剑 桥 出 版 社 (Cheng & Tsui ) 特 别 兴 趣 ⼩ 组 奖 :wdiao@arizona.edu <br />

奖 项 申 请 截 ⽌⽇ 期 : 在 提 交 会 议 概 要 时 , 申 请 ⼈ 需 同 时 申 请 相 关 奖 项 ; 截 ⽌⽇ 期 与 会 议<br />

概 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 相 同 。<br />

除 以 上 三 类 会 议 报 告 奖 以 外 , 学 会 还 设 有 其 他 奖 项 , 包 括 : 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 ⾏ 动 研 究 奖 、<br />

剑 桥 出 版 社 (Cheng & Tsui) 职 业 发 展 奖 、 皆 得 实 证 研 究 基 ⾦ 奖 。 获 奖 证 书 将 于 年 会 会 员<br />

⼤ 会 颁 发 。 有 关 上 述 各 类 奖 项 的 申 请 资 格 、 流 程 及 期 限 , 请 参 见 ⽹ 站 :<br />

https://clta-us.org/awards/<br />

除 各 奖 项 所 ⽴ 具 体 规 则 外 , 以 下 注 意 事 项 适 ⽤ 于 上 述 所 有 奖 项 。<br />

1. 同 ⼀ 申 请 ⼈⼀ 年 只 能 申 请 ⼀ 个 奖 项 类 别 。<br />

2. 往 年 已 获 奖 者 将 不 再 被 同 ⼀ 奖 项 考 虑 。<br />

3. 曾 获 奖 的 项 ⽬ 不 得 ⽤ 于 申 请 其 他 奖 项 。<br />

4. 申 请 ⼈ 须 为 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 会 员 。<br />

关 于 Professional Development Point (PDP) 证 书<br />

注 册 参 会 的 K-12 汉 语 教 师 如 需 PDP 证 书 , 可 向 学 会 总 部 申 请 clta@andrew.cmu.edu。<br />

*****<br />

我 们 热 切 期 待 与 各 位 同 仁 在 2022 年 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 年 会 相 会 !<br />

2022 年 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 年 会 组 委 会<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 (Conference officer) <br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 (Workshop & roundtable)<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏 (Technology specialist)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Conference Co-Chair)<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Program chair)<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 (Program Co-Chair)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Headquarters)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Conference Chair)<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

News and Announcements<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Website: https://clta-us.org<br />

2022 年 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 年 會 徵 稿 通 知 (⼀ 號 通 知 )<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 (<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA) 計 劃 於 2022 年 4 ⽉ 中 上 旬 舉 辦 2022 年 美 國 中<br />

⽂ 教 師 學 會 年 會 暨 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 成 ⽴60 周 年 慶 典 ( 具 體 ⽇ 期 及 年 會 模 式 將 於 <strong>2021</strong> 年<br />

底 另 ⾏ 通 知 )。 年 會 旨 在 為 漢 語 教 師 、 相 關 學 者 及 教 學 管 理 ⼈ 員 提 供 ⼀ 個 交 流 教 學 經<br />

驗 、 分 享 漢 語 習 得 、 教 學 、 語 法 及 教 學 科 技 前 沿 研 究 成 果 的 平 臺 。 年 會 召 開 之 際 還 將 舉<br />

⾏ 第 六 屆 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 區 域 學 會 會 議 , 區 域 學 會 代 表 將 報 告 各 ⾃ 學 會 在 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學<br />

會 ⽀ 持 下 所 開 展 的 活 動 及 取 得 的 成 績 與 發 展 計 劃 。<br />

近 年 來 , 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 年 會 已 成 為 來 ⾃ 世 界 不 同 國 家 和 地 區 的 國 際 漢 語 教 師<br />

的 盛 會 , 歐 洲 漢 語 教 學 協 會 和 亞 太 地 區 國 際 漢 語 教 學 學 會 作 為 我 們 的 兄 弟 組 織 , 每 年 派<br />

代 表 傳 經 送 寶 。 在 此 我 們 誠 摯 邀 請 世 界 各 地 同 ⾏( 包 括 非 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 會 員 ) 參 加<br />

2022 年 年 會 , 交 流 ⼼ 得 、 相 互 磋 商 、 共 襄 盛 舉 。<br />

概 要 提 交 ⽅ 式 及 截 ⽌⽇ 期 (<strong>2021</strong> 年 11⽉1⽇)<br />

會 議 發 ⾔ 概 要 可 ⽤ 英 ⽂ 或 中 ⽂ 撰 寫 。 論 ⽂ 概 要 提 交 將 通 過 Microsoft CMT 平 臺 實 現 , 其<br />

鏈 接 將 於 <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA 網 站 上 呈 現 ( 網 址 :https://clta-us.org)。 概 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 為 <strong>2021</strong><br />

年 11⽉1⽇。 除 ⼯ 作 坊 主 講 ⼈ 外 , 每 位 發 ⾔⼈ 作 為 第 ⼀ 作 者 限 提 交 ⼀ 份 概 要 。 評 審 過 程<br />

為 匿 名 評 審 , 結 果 將 於 <strong>2021</strong> 年 12⽉15⽇ 前 以 電 ⼦ 郵 件 通 知 。 此 次 會 議 將 接 受 三 類 報 告 概<br />

要 , 請 在 網 上 提 交 概 要 時 選 擇 合 適 的 類 別 。 如 果 有 多 位 報 告 ⼈, 請 在 提 交 摘 要 ⾴⾯ 添 加<br />

相 關 合 作 者 的 信 息 。 提 交 摘 要 的 其 他 具 體 要 求 如 下 :<br />

⼀、 單 篇 論 ⽂ 報 告 (Individual paper): 以 報 告 實 證 研 究 結 果 為 主 , 報 告 時 間 為 20 分<br />

鐘 ( 含 5 分 鐘 問 答 時 間 , 下 同 )。 概 要 (Abstract) 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 300 詞 , 中 ⽂ 不 超<br />

過 450 字 ; 內 容 總 結 (Summary) 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 50 詞 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 過 75 字 。<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 22

⼆、 組 合 論 ⽂ 報 告 (Panel): 由 與 某 ⼀ 共 同 主 題 相 關 的 三 到 四 篇 論 ⽂ 組 成 , 報 告 時<br />

長 為 ⼀⼩ 時 。 內 容 可 為 實 證 研 究 , 亦 可 探 討 理 論 或 實 踐 問 題 , 或 兩 者 兼 備 。 每 個<br />

論 ⽂ 組 須 有 ⼀⼈ 擔 任 組 織 者 , 負 責 提 交 全 組 論 ⽂ 概 要 。 提 交 材 料 包 括 : 本 論 ⽂ 組<br />

的 總 題 ⽬ 和 其 組 成 論 ⽂ 的 題 ⽬ 及 提 要 ; 摘 要 (Abstract) 總 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 500 詞 ,<br />

中 ⽂ 不 超 過 750 字 ); 總 結 部 分 (Summary) 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 80 詞 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 過<br />

120 字 。<br />

三 、 教 學 活 動 演 ⽰ (Technique demonstration): 旨 在 讓 教 師 展 ⽰⾏ 之 有 效 、 兼 具 實<br />

⽤ 及 趣 味 性 的 教 學 活 動 , 時 間 不 超 過 8 分 鐘 。 所 演 ⽰ 的 教 學 活 動 必 須 針 對 某 個 特<br />

定 的 語 ⾔ 技 能 、 語 ⾔ 結 構 / 詞 匯 、 或 其 它 具 體 明 確 的 學 習 ⽬ 標 。 提 交 材 料 應 包<br />

括 : 演 ⽰ 活 動 名 稱 (Title); 活 動 簡 介 (Abstract) 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 100 詞 , 中 ⽂ 不 超<br />

過 150 字 , 該 部 分 應 介 紹 說 明 該 教 學 活 動 適 ⽤ 學 習 者 的 語 ⾔⽔ 準 、⽬ 標 語 法 結 構<br />

或 特 定 語 ⾔ 技 能 ; 總 結 部 分 (Summary) 長 度 英 ⽂ 不 超 過 30 詞 , 中 ⽂ 不 超 過 50 字 。<br />

年 會 組 委 會 及 學 會 下 屬 專 ⾨ 機 構 還 將 在 年 會 期 間 組 織 以 下 兩 項 活 動 :<br />

⼀、 職 業 培 訓 ⼯ 作 坊 :⼯ 作 坊 主 講 ⼈ 將 向 參 加 者 提 供 有 關 語 ⾔ 教 學 理 論 、 研 究 ⽅<br />

法 、 教 材 編 寫 或 分 析 、 教 學 技 巧 和 求 職 等 ⽅⾯ 的 培 訓 , 時 長 為 ⼀⼩ 時 。<br />

⼆、 圓 桌 論 壇 : 論 壇 由 4-6 名 成 員 和 1 名 主 持 ⼈ 組 成 , 時 長 為 ⼀⼩ 時 ; 每 位 成 員 發 ⾔<br />

時 間 為 5-8 分 鐘 , 其 余 時 間 回 答 聽 眾 問 題 , 與 聽 眾 互 動 。<br />

會 務 費 <br />

會 務 費 標 準 將 待 會 議 模 式 確 定 後 通 知 。<br />

最 優 ( 早 ⿃) 註 冊 截 ⽌⽇ 期 :2022 年 1⽉15⽇<br />

(** 概 要 被 ⼤ 會 接 受 者 須 於 此 ⽇ 或 之 前 完 成 註 冊 以 保 留 發 ⾔ 時 間 。)<br />

常 規 註 冊 :2022 年 1⽉15⽇ 之 後 <br />

會 議 資 訊 及 聯 系 ⽅ 式 <br />

此 次 ⼤ 會 的 會 議 網 址 為 :https://clta-us.org/clta-annual-conference/<br />

若 有 意 咨 詢 本 次 會 議 , 請 將 電 ⼦ 郵 件 發 送 至 : AnnualMeeting<strong>CLTA</strong>@gmail.com。<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

會 議 獎 項 及 申 請 / 咨 詢 郵 件 地 址 <br />

⼀、 姚 道 中 教 授 紀 念 獎 :cltaaward@gmail.com <br />

⼆、 中 ⼩ 學 教 師 最 佳 報 告 獎 :mairead.harris@gmail.com <br />

三 、 劍 橋 出 版 社 (Cheng & Tsui ) 特 別 興 趣 ⼩ 組 獎 :wdiao@arizona.edu <br />

獎 項 申 請 截 ⽌⽇ 期 : 在 提 交 會 議 概 要 時 , 申 請 ⼈ 需 同 時 申 請 相 關 獎 項 ; 截 ⽌⽇ 期 與 會 議<br />

概 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 相 同 。<br />

除 以 上 三 類 會 議 報 告 獎 以 外 , 學 會 還 設 有 其 他 獎 項 , 包 括 : 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ⾏ 動 研 究 獎 、<br />

劍 橋 出 版 社 (Cheng & Tsui) 職 業 發 展 獎 、 皆 得 實 證 研 究 基 ⾦ 獎 。 獲 獎 證 書 將 於 年 會 會 員<br />

⼤ 會 頒 發 。 有 關 上 述 各 類 獎 項 的 申 請 資 格 、 流 程 及 期 限 , 請 參 ⾒ 網 站 :<br />

https://clta-us.org/awards<br />

除 各 獎 項 所 ⽴ 具 體 規 則 外 , 以 下 註 意 事 項 適 ⽤ 於 上 述 所 有 獎 項 。<br />

1. 同 ⼀ 申 請 ⼈⼀ 年 只 能 申 請 ⼀ 個 獎 項 類 別 。<br />

2. 往 年 已 獲 獎 者 將 不 再 被 同 ⼀ 獎 項 考 慮 。<br />

3. 曾 獲 獎 的 項 ⽬ 不 得 ⽤ 於 申 請 其 他 獎 項 。<br />

4. 申 請 ⼈ 須 為 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 會 員 。<br />

<br />

關 於 Professional Development Point (PDP) 證 書 <br />

註 冊 參 會 的 K-12 漢 語 教 師 如 需 PDP 證 書 , 可 向 學 會 總 部 申 請 clta@andrew.cmu.edu。<br />

*****<br />

我 們 熱 切 期 待 與 各 位 同 仁 在 2022 年 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 年 會 相 會 !<br />

2022 年 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 年 會 組 委 會 <br />

Baozhang He 何 寶 璋 (Conference officer) <br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 (Workshop & roundtable)<br />

Jun Da 笪 駿 (Technology specialist)<br />

Shuai Li 酈 帥 (Conference Co-Chair)<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Program chair)<br />

Jing Wang 王 靜 (Program Co-Chair)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吳 素 美 (Headquarters)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Conference Chair)<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 24

News and Announcements<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Website: https://clta-us.org<br />

Call for Proposals: The 2022 Annual Conference of the Chinese Language<br />

Teachers Association, USA (Notice No. 1)<br />

The Chinese Language Teachers Association - USA (<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA) plans to hold its<br />

2022 Annual Conference along with the 60th Anniversary of <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA in early-to-mid<br />

April 2022 (the specific dates and mode of the conference will be announced towards the end of<br />

<strong>2021</strong>). The annual conference aims to provide a platform for Chinese teachers, scholars and<br />

school administrators to exchange teaching experience, and share the cutting-edge research<br />

finding of Chinese language acquisition, pedagogy, grammar and/or instructional technology. In<br />

addition, the 6th Regional Association Conference will be held during the 2022 <strong>CLTA</strong> Annual<br />

Conference, and representatives of the Regional Associations will report their best practices and<br />

their Professional Development Projects with support from <strong>CLTA</strong>.<br />

In recent years, the annual conference of <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA has become a prominent event for<br />

international Chinese language teachers from different countries and regions in the world. As<br />

our sister organizations, The European Association for the Teaching of Chinese and The Asia-<br />

Pacific Consortium on Teaching Chinese as an International Language both send<br />

representatives to share their valuable experiences and research findings every year. We<br />

sincerely invite colleagues from all over the world (including non-<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA members) to<br />

participate in the 2022 annual conference to exchange experiences and engage in meaningful<br />

discussions.<br />

Proposal Submission and Deadline (November 1, <strong>2021</strong>)<br />

Proposals, written in either English or Chinese, are acceptable. Proposals should be submitted<br />

through the Microsoft CMT platform, and the link will be displayed on the <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA website<br />

(URL: https://clta-us.org). The deadline for proposal submission is November 1, <strong>2021</strong>. Except<br />

for the speaker(s) of the workshop, each individual is limited to submit one proposal as the first<br />

author. Results of anonymous proposal review will be notified by e-mail before December 15,<br />

<strong>2021</strong>. The conference will accept three types of proposals. Please select the appropriate<br />

category when submitting your proposal online. In case of multiple presenters, please submit all<br />

authors’ information during proposal submission. Additional requirements of proposal<br />

submission are as follows:<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

1. Individual Papers. This category is for proposals to present empirical research findings<br />

for a twenty-minute session (including 5 minutes for Q&A). The proposal should include<br />

an abstract that does not exceed 300 English words or 450 Chinese characters, and a<br />

summary that does not exceed 50 English words or 75 Chinese characters.<br />

2. Panels. This category is for an hour-long panel comprised with three, or four,<br />

presentations on a common theme. The presentations can be related to empirical studies<br />

or explore issues between theory and practice. Each panel must have a lead presenter<br />

responsible for submitting the panel proposal. The proposal must include: an overarching<br />

title for the panel and titles of individual presentations, an abstract that does not exceed<br />

500 English words or 750 Chinese characters, and a summary that does not exceed 80<br />

English words or 120 Chinese characters.<br />

3. Technique Demonstrations. This category is for proposals to present a demonstration<br />

to share with colleagues interesting and effective teaching activities in an eight-minute<br />

session. The demonstration should focus on a language skill, a linguistic construction/<br />

lexical item, or any other clearly defined learning objective. The proposal should include<br />

the name of the demonstrated activity (title), an abstract that does not exceed 100 English<br />

words or 150 Chinese characters (the abstract should specify the target proficiency level,<br />

the focal linguistic structure or language skill), and a summary that does not exceed 80<br />

English words or 120 Chinese characters.<br />

In addition, the <strong>CLTA</strong> Conference Committee and subcommittees will organize the following<br />

events:<br />

1. Professional Development Workshops. This one-hour professional workshop aims to<br />

enhance participants’ professional knowledge/skills in language acquisition theories,<br />

research methods, material developments/analyses, teaching technique or job interview. <br />

2. Roundtable Forum. Four to six speakers and one moderator will be invited to form a<br />

panel and discuss different views on a shared topic. The time duration is one hour. Each<br />

speaker can make a brief presentation on his/her view for five to eight minutes. The rest<br />

of the time will be devoted to interaction with audience.<br />

Conference registration<br />

The level of conference registration fee will be notified after the conference mode is confirmed.<br />

Prime (Early Bird) Registration Deadline: January 15, 2022.<br />

(**Presenters whose proposals are accepted by the conference must complete registration on or<br />

before this date to reserve a slot for presentation). <br />

Regular registration: after January 15, 2022.<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 26

Conference Contact Information<br />

Conference website: http://clta-us.org/clta-annual-conference/<br />

All inquiries about the annual meeting should be sent to: AnnualMeeting<strong>CLTA</strong>@gmail.com <br />

Award Categories, Award Submission / Inquiry Email Address<br />

1) The Tao-chung Ted Yao Memorial Awards: cltaaward@gmail.com <br />

2) The K-12 Presentation Awards: mairead.harris@gmail.com <br />

3) The Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards: wdiao@arizona.edu <br />

Award application submission deadline: same as the conference proposal submission deadline.<br />

Please submit a separate application package to the respective <strong>CLTA</strong> subcommittees at the<br />

emails listed above while submitting conference proposals<br />

Please note that <strong>CLTA</strong> has several additional non-presentation awards including: <strong>CLTA</strong> Action<br />

Research Award, Cheng & Tsui Professional Development Award, and Jiede Empirical<br />

Research Award. The award certificate will be issued at the general member meeting at the<br />

conference. For detailed information regarding eligibility, procedures, and deadlines, please visit:<br />

https://clta-us.org/awards/. <br />

Aside from specific eligibility rules set for each individual award, the following rules apply to all<br />

award categories:<br />

1) Each year one applicant can only apply for one award. <br />

2) Previous awardees should not apply for the same award. <br />

3) Awarded projects cannot be used to apply for other awards. <br />

4) Only <strong>CLTA</strong> members are eligible to apply.<br />

<br />

Professional Development Point (PDP) Certificate<br />

All K-12 teachers who register the conference and need a PDP certificate, please email the<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters at clta@andrew.cmu.edu. <br />

*****<br />

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Annual Conference of <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA!<br />

Conference Committee <br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 / 何 寶 璋 (Conference officer) <br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 / 梁 霞 (Workshop & roundtable)<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏 / 笪 駿 (Technology specialist)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 / 酈 帥 (Conference Co-Chair)<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 / 史 中 琦 (Program chair)<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 / 王 靜 (Program Co-Chair)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 / 吳 素 美 (Headquarters)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 / 朱 永 平 (Conference Chair)

News and Announcements<br />

ACTFL/<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Virtual Conference Program <br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> website: https://clta-us.org<br />

E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

<strong>2021</strong> ACTFL Schedule of Virtual Events<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Sponsored Sessions<br />

ACTFL Online Program (register at ACTFL website: https://actfl.org)<br />

Come to Visit the <strong>CLTA</strong> Exhibition Booth at the <strong>2021</strong> ACTFL Virtual<br />

Conference to learn more about <strong>CLTA</strong>, get updated <br />

and network with your <strong>CLTA</strong> fellows. <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 欢 迎 您 ! <br />

欢 迎 来 参 观 <strong>CLTA</strong>⽹ 上 展 览 11/19 Fri- 11/21 Sun<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 28

Concurrent Simulive Sessions<br />

Friday, 11/19: 3:05-3:50 pm<br />

Aspects of Chinese Language Teachers <br />

This session features studies focusing on different aspects of Chinese language teachers’ professional profile, including<br />

intercultural competence, experience of teaching in immersion programs, and novice instructor development. <br />

1782 Assessing Chinese Teachers' Intercultural Competence in the United States<br />

Ji Ma<br />

Georgia State University<br />

1563 The Preparation and Development of Chinese Immersion Teachers in the USA<br />

Mengyao Chen <br />

Chan Lü University of Washington<br />

John Eller St. Cloud State University<br />

2265 A Comparative Analysis on Novice Chinese Teachers<br />

Ling Zhai SUNY at Buffalo<br />

Yiren Kong University at Buffalo<br />

Saturday, 11/20: 1:00-1:45 pm <br />

1095 Pop culture teaching in the CFL DEI curriculum<br />

This panel is organized to present examples of implementing Chinese pop culture artifacts into a CFL Diversity, Equity,<br />

and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum. Its goals are to empower students' language accuracy and proficiency, as well as<br />

promote their awareness of DEI issues in CFL teaching and learning.<br />

Sue-mei Wu Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Miaochun Wei The George Washington University<br />

Christine Liu Dickinson College<br />

Lulei Su Brown University<br />

Saturday, 11/20: 4:45-5:30 pm<br />

1834 Teaching Tones the Way They Are Actually Said: Framework and Demonstration<br />

We present a framework of teaching prosody at the sentence and discourse levels. The focus is on how tones are realized<br />

in different prosodic conditions and what kinds of instructional activities can be designed to integrate various aspects of<br />

prosody in pronunciation teaching beyond the beginning level. Pedagogical demonstrations will be given.<br />

Tong Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />

Zhiqiang Li University of San Francisco<br />

Min Wan Tufts University<br />

Sunday, 11/21: 1:10-1:55 pm<br />

Teaching L2 Chinese Pronunciation and Speaking Skill <br />

This session presents reports on teaching Chinese pronunciation and developing speaking skills. Researchers explore the<br />

effects of automatic and corrective feedback and discuss the integration of pronunciation teaching into Chinese<br />

curriculum. <br />

1540 Cracking Chinese tones: an automatic feedback tool to enhance pronunciation<br />

Yanying Li Northwestern University<br />

2335 Integrating pronunciation teaching in the language teaching curriculum<br />

Jiang Liu <br />

2041 Effective corrective feedback on L2 learners’ speaking performance<br />

Xiao Hu<br />

Jia Huang<br />

Defense Language Institute<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

On-demand Sessions <br />

(no specific date/time allocated; pre-recorded presentations)<br />

1461 Enhance CFL education with games and gameful pedagogy<br />

This session discusses how to enhance CFL education with games and gameful pedagogy by focusing on: how to use digital,<br />

card, simulation and VR games to enrich learning activities; how to use 'gameful pedagogy' to create a stimulating learning<br />

environment; how to combine 'gameful' and 'game-based' learning to promote intercultural communication.<br />

Gang Liu<br />

Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Yan Liu<br />

Duke University<br />

Qian Liu<br />

University of Michigan<br />

1967 Optimizing Learning in Heritage and Non-Heritage Learner Mixed Classes<br />

The panel explores methods to optimize learning in Chinese heritage and non-heritage learner mixed classes across three<br />

institutes and course levels. Discussions focus on tailored pedagogical designs to maximize institutional resources and<br />

personalize learning paths for heritage learners while maintaining fairness for non-heritage learners.<br />

Nan Meng<br />

University of Connecticut<br />

Yunxin Zhang Davidson Academy<br />

Donglin Chai Loyola University Maryland<br />

1917 The Effectiveness of Meaningful, Measurable, and Innovative Oral Assessment<br />

Students' speaking skill is an important indicator of successful language learning outcome. This study compares the formats<br />

of three Chinese language oral tests: ACTFL OPI, TOCFL in Taiwan and HSKK in China; and develops meaningful<br />

speaking activities and measurable oral assessments to enhance students' performances in three modes of communication.<br />

Celia Liu<br />

The College of New Jersey<br />

Yea-Fen Chen Indiana University Bloomington<br />

Tiao-Guan Huang Hamilton College<br />

1531 In Search of Excellence: Remote Language Learning Principles and Practices<br />

The swift migration from in-person to remote teaching since the start of the pandemic requires all educators to re-think and<br />

investigate the parameters and conditions of remote language learning. This session discusses findings in principle-based,<br />

vocabulary-centered, and skill-focused remote language learning and teaching.<br />

Jennifer Liu<br />

Hong Gang Jin<br />

Wayne He<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang<br />

Harvard University<br />

Hamilton College<br />

University of Rhode Island<br />

The University of Virginia<br />

2191 The design, implementation & enhancement of Advanced Spoken Chinese Classes<br />

This panel discusses the strategies and methods on how to effectively design, implement, and enhance Advanced Spoken<br />

Chinese classes. The presentations draw on the best practices in three advanced level Chinese classes.<br />

Liwei Jiao<br />

Xia Liang<br />

Chengxu Yin<br />

Brown University<br />

Washington University in St Louis<br />

University of Notre Dame<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 30

Linguistic &Discourse Structures in L2 Chinese Teaching and Learning <br />

This session features studies on the instruction and acquisition of key linguistic and discourse structures in Chinese,<br />

including the “Ba” and “Bei” sentences, as well as topical progression patterns. <br />

1860 Topical Progression Patterns in Advanced L2 Written and Speech Discourses<br />

Jianling Liao<br />

Arizona State University<br />

2203 Teaching the Chinese Ba Sentence with Video Authentic Materials<br />

Danjie Su<br />

University of Arkansas<br />

1152 L2 Chinese Bei Constructions: A Usage-Based Constructionist Approach<br />

Jun Lang<br />

University of Oregon<br />

Acquisition of L2 Chinese Skills and Program Aspiration<br />

This session presents studies on the development of Chinese language skills (character recognition and reading) as well<br />

as a study discussing the effects of program aspiration on student progression. <br />

2297 Enhancing Chinese Character Recognition in Computer-based Teaching<br />

Yue Pan<br />

University of Kansas / Johnson County Community College <br />

1683 Investigating Oral Reading Miscues in Chinese L2 Reading<br />

Sicheng Wang<br />

The University of Iowa<br />

Program and Classroom Considerations in L2 Chinese Pedagogy <br />

This session presents reports addressing aspects of Chinese pedagogy, including the impact of COVID-19 on learner<br />

motivation, the transformative experience afforded by study abroad programs, and the issue of standard ideology in the<br />

classroom. <br />

1833 Influence of COVID-19 on Students’ Chinese Learning Motivation<br />

Yangtian Luo <br />

Jun Xu<br />

Colorado State University<br />

2341 Transformative Learning Experiences in a Study Abroad Mandarin Program<br />

Wen Guo University at Buffalo<br />

1414 Standard Ideology and Language Variations in the CSL Classroom<br />

Grainger Lanneau University of Washington<br />

Hsin-hung Yeh Santa Clara University<br />

Technology-enhanced Chinese Pedagogy <br />

This session features studies exploring the role of technology in Chinese pedagogy. Researchers investigate the effects of<br />

virtual language exchange, online Chinese practices, and ePortfolios. <br />

1153 US-China Students Virtual Language Exchange in 2020: Rewards and Challenges<br />

Dali Tan<br />

Northern Virginia Community College<br />

1070 Facilitate Online Chinese Practice in all Three Modes of Communication<br />

Jingjing Ji Northwestern University<br />

1604 Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence with ePortfolios<br />

Hongying Xu University of Wisconsin-La Crosse<br />

Grammatical and Cultural Competence in L2 Chinese <br />

This session includes studies focusing on developing grammatical and cultural competence in Chinese. Issues to be discussed<br />

include pedagogical grammar, application of iconicity in grammar instruction, and inclusion of literary Chinese in teaching. <br />

1580 What Kind of Pedagogical Grammar Do We Need?<br />

Zhijun Wang<br />

University of Massachusetts Amherst<br />

1788 Applications of Iconicity in Chinese Grammar Teaching<br />

Yanmei Liu <br />

2295 Build Cultural and Linguistic Competence through Learning Literary Chinese<br />

Tainyu Qin<br />

University of North Georgia<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Program and Curriculum Development in L2 Chinese<br />

This session explores issues regarding course, program, and curriculum development. Topics include media Chinese course<br />

development, inclusion of career-readiness in curriculum, and using can-do statements in Chinese programs. <br />

1404 Building a Language Curriculum for Career Readiness and Success<br />

Yao Tu<br />

University of Minnesota<br />

1719 Teaching a Media Chinese Course at an American University<br />

Zhen Zou University of Minnesota<br />

2153 Can-Dos for College-level Chinese Programs: Successes and Challenges<br />

Zhiyin Dong University of Delaware<br />

Acknowledgements<br />

*Many thanks to the following colleagues for reviewing the <strong>2021</strong> ACTFL/<strong>CLTA</strong> conference<br />

Jun Da Middle Tennessee State University<br />

Wenhao Diao University of Arizona<br />

Ziyi Geng University of Virginia<br />

Yunjuan He University of North Georgia<br />

Sha Huang Kennesaw State University<br />

Liling Huang Boston University<br />

Liwei Jiao Brown University<br />

Li Jin DePaul University<br />

Sihui Ke University of Kentucky<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang University of Virginia<br />

Xia Liang Washington University in St Louis<br />

Jia Lin University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill<br />

Tianyu Qin University of North Georgia<br />

Xizhen Qin University of South Florida<br />

Zhongqi Shi Columbia University<br />

Yunwen Su The University of Utah<br />

Xiaofei Tang Carnegie Mellon Univ.<br />

Zhijun Wang University of Massachusetts - Boston<br />

Mingquan Wang Tufts University<br />

Sue-Mei Wu Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Feng Xiao Pomona College<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 32

Yi Xu University of Pittsburgh<br />

Chunsheng Yang University of Connecticut<br />

Li Yang Kansas State University<br />

Jia Yang University of Dayton<br />

M eng Yeh<br />

Rice University<br />

Qiaona<br />

hYu<br />

Wake Forest University<br />

ao Fangyuan<br />

Yuan<br />

US Naval Academy<br />

Hang<br />

an Jie<br />

Zhang<br />

Zhang<br />

George Washington University<br />

University of Oklahoma<br />

Ran<br />

Zhao<br />

University of Virginia<br />

an Yongping<br />

ng<br />

ha Zhu<br />

hu<br />

University of Notre Dame<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-22 <strong>CLTA</strong> Conference Committee<br />

(Alphabetically ordered)<br />

Jun Dan 笪 骏 (Technology specialist)<br />

Baozhang He<br />

何 宝 璋 (Conference officer)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Conference Co-chair)<br />

Mia Liang 梁 霞 (Workshop & roundtable)<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Program chair)<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 (Program Co-chair)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Headquarters)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Conference chair)<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

News and Announcements<br />

Chinese Language<br />

Teachers Association, USA<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

https://clta-us.org<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 的 中 ⽂ 名 称<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> President Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 is pleased to announce<br />

the following official Chinese translations of <strong>CLTA</strong> names and<br />

titles. They have been approved by the <strong>CLTA</strong> Board.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 的 中 ⽂ 名 称<br />

• The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA <br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会<br />

• President 会 长 <br />

• Vice President 副 会 长 <br />

• Immediate Past President 前 任 会 长 <br />

• Member 会 员 <br />

• <strong>CLTA</strong> Board of Directors 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 理 事 会 <br />

• Board Member 理 事 <br />

• <strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 总 部 <br />

• Executive Director 执 ⾏ 长 <br />

• Appointed Officer ( 学 会 部 门 /XX 学 刊 ) 主 任 <br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 34

Committee 委 员 会<br />

• Awards Committee 奖 项 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 奖 项 组 )<br />

• Chair 组 长 ( 下 同 )<br />

• Member 组 员 ( 下 同 )<br />

• Conference Committee 年 会 筹 备 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 年 会 组 )<br />

• Finance Committee 财 务 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 财 务 组 )<br />

• Fund-Raising Committee 筹 资 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 筹 资 组 )<br />

• K-12 Committee 中 ⼩ 学 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 中 ⼩ 学 组 )<br />

• Media and Publicity Committee <br />

媒 体 与 公 关 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 媒 体 组 )<br />

• National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society <br />

荣 誉 ⽣ 评 定 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 荣 誉 组 )<br />

• Nominating and Election Committee <br />

提 名 与 选 举 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 提 名 组 )<br />

• Professional Development & SIG Committee <br />

专 业 与 兴 趣 ⼩ 组 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 专 业 组 )<br />

• Regional Associations Committee <br />

区 域 学 会 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 区 域 学 会 组 )<br />

• Steering Committee 执 ⾏ 委 员 会 ( 简 称 : 执 委 会 )<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

News and Announcements<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 > <br />

https://clta-us.org/publications/newsletter<br />

美 <br />

国 <br />

The <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> will be delivered online to all active members’ email.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online Archive:<br />

https://clta-us.org/publications/newsletter/clta-newsletter-archive/<br />

The Chinese Language Teachers Association <strong>Newsletter</strong> (<strong>CLTA</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong>) keeps its readers informed about recent developments in<br />

the profession by publishing personal and institutional news and<br />

placement information. The newsletter is published online three<br />

times a year (in January, May and <strong>September</strong>). An email will be sent<br />

to active members announcing the online publication of the<br />

newsletter.<br />

Cut-off dates for submission of all materials to be included in the<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> are December 15, April 15, and August 15. Please click to<br />

submit your entries: https://forms.gle/ynBuZYvXSKJFVCqJ9<br />

The ad rate is $150 full-page (6Wx8H). Ads to be included in the<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> can be black and white or in color, and each ad can be<br />

formatted in .jpg or .pdf under 1 MB. Submit ads online by filling out<br />

the Full-Page <strong>Newsletter</strong> Ad Form.<br />

中 <br />

⽂<br />

教 <br />

师 <br />

学 <br />

会 <br />

通 <br />

讯 <br />

A job advertisement is $300 flat-fee for posting to the <strong>CLTA</strong> emailing<br />

list, the website, and the newsletter. Submit your job announcement<br />

and make the payment online. A job announcement will not be made<br />

until paid.<br />


Dr. Yiching Christine Liu 呂 逸 勤 (Interim Editor)<br />

Department of East Asian Studies, Dickinson College<br />

E-mail: ycliu2010@gmail.com<br />

Scan QR code to<br />

read <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 36

News and Announcements<br />

CALL for Submissions: <strong>CLTA</strong> CSL Journal<br />

Chinese as a Second Language<br />

( 漢 語 教 學 研 究 — 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 學 報 ) <br />

The journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

The journal of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) publishes peer-reviewed original<br />

articles in English or Chinese (either simplified or traditional characters) that make a<br />

significant contribution to the theory and practice of Chinese as a second language. Articles<br />

in all areas of Chinese pedagogy and acquisition are welcome, especially those that are<br />

empirically based and offer new perspectives and/or refine or challenge existing practices of<br />

teaching Chinese as a second language. Contributions in areas such as Chinese program<br />

management, curriculum design and teaching Chinese culture and literature in Chinese<br />

language classrooms are also welcome. In addition to research articles, CSL also publishes<br />

book reviews and short contributions that report on new discovery and development in the<br />

field of Chinese as a second language.<br />

Three issues are published each year, in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. <strong>CLTA</strong>-US members<br />

receive the Journal as part of their membership. For membership application and for<br />

institutional subscriptions, please see the membership page for more information.<br />

Chinese as a Second Language 漢 語 教 學 研 究 (CSL) is the continuation of the Journal of the<br />

Chinese Language Teachers Association 美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 學 報 (J<strong>CLTA</strong>), USA. John<br />

Benjamins Publishing Company is the official publisher as of Volume 51 (2016).<br />

Submission: For submission of articles for consideration, please visit the <strong>CLTA</strong> Website for<br />

more details: https://clta-us.org/publications/<br />

Editor: Dana Scott Bourgerie ⽩ 杰 理 <br />

Brigham Young University<br />

CSL_J<strong>CLTA</strong>@byu.edu<br />

bourgerie@byu.edu<br />

Associate Editor: Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 <br />

College of the Holy Cross<br />

bhe@holycross.edu<br />

Review Editor: Shuai Li 郦 帅 <br />

Georgia State University <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

News and Announcements<br />

Call for submissions:<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> K12 Chinese Language Teaching (K-12 CLT) Journal<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> members:<br />

We invite you to submit proposals for K12 Chinese Language Teaching Journal. <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 CLT (Chinese Language Teaching) Journal website:<br />

https://clta-us.org/publications/k-12-chinese-language-teaching/<br />

For any inquiries, please contact: Cilei Han<br />

<br />

各 位 从 事 、 关 ⼼ 中 ⼩ 学 中 ⽂ 教 学 的 老 师 好 ,<br />

我 们 学 会 (<strong>CLTA</strong>-US) 主 办 的 《 中 ⼩ 学 汉 语 教 学 》2022 年 刊 现 在 开 始 全 ⾯ 征 稿 了 ! <br />

除 了 保 持 往 年 的 期 刊 特 ⾊ 以 外 , 今 年 本 刊 编 辑 委 员 会 , 在 学 会 的 鼎 ⼒⽀ 持 下 , 将 向 所 有<br />

投 稿 老 师 颁 发 《 中 ⼩ 学 中 ⽂ 教 材 教 法 研 究 优 秀 成 果 奖 》 证 书 (Excellent Achievement<br />

Certificate in K-12 Chinese Curriculum and Instruction Development)。 只 要 您 的 稿 件<br />

符 合 要 求 ,⽆ 论 最 终 录 ⽤ 与 否 , 您 都 能 获 得 由 本 刊 编 委 会 专 家 成 员 签 署 的 证 书 ( 请 参 看 附<br />

件 征 稿 通 知 以 及 证 书 样 张 )。<br />

欢 迎 各 位 分 享 教 科 研 ⼼ 得 , 踊 跃 投 稿 。⽬ 标 明 年 四 ⽉ 刊 发 的 老 师 , 请 尽 量 于 年 底 前 投<br />

稿 。 具 体 问 题 、 联 系 ⽅ 法 等 , 请 展 阅 附 件 说 明 。<br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 《 中 ⼩ 学 汉 语 教 学 》<br />

(<strong>CLTA</strong>-US, K-12 Chinese Language Teaching Journal) <br />

编 辑 委 员 会 敬 启<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 38

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3<br />

News and Announcements

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 40

<strong>CLTA</strong> <br />


Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (<strong>CLTA</strong>) <br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

Website: https://clta-us.org E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

<strong>2021</strong> 年 9⽉ 活 动 表<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Events List (<strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>)<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 42

Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (<strong>CLTA</strong>) <br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 ( 美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 )<br />

Website: https://clta-us.org E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

<strong>2021</strong> 年 10⽉ 活 动 表<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Events List (October, <strong>2021</strong>)<br />

Title<br />

报 告 主 题<br />

Speaker<br />

主 讲 ⼈<br />

Time 时 间<br />

ET=Eastern Time<br />

CT=Central Time<br />

PT=Pacific Time<br />

Zoom link<br />

活 动 链 接<br />

Organizer<br />

组 织 ⽅<br />

Contact<br />

person<br />

联 系 ⼈<br />

DEI in CFL Curriculum -<br />

(4) 中 ⽂ 教 学 ⾥ 的 多 元 、<br />

平 等 与 包 容 - 系 列 讲 座<br />

( 四 )<br />

⻙ 祎 红<br />

魏 妙 纯<br />

7pm-8:30pm ET<br />

10/1/<strong>2021</strong> (Fri)<br />

TBA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG:<br />

教 师 综 合 素 养 <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG: K12 教 学 <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-WPA:<br />

⻄ 宾 州 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会<br />

胡 ⽂ 泽<br />

关 春 梅<br />

吴 素 美<br />

Technology-enhanced<br />

character instrucMon in<br />

emergency remote<br />

teaching in the U.S.—<br />

A mixed methods study<br />

许 怡 <br />

⾦ 丽<br />

8pm-9:00 pm ET<br />

10/1/<strong>2021</strong><br />

hSps://<br />

fsu.zoom.us/j/<br />

6150115373<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 汉 语 ⼆ 语 研 究 群<br />

钱 之 莹<br />

NE<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Annual<br />

Conference<br />

第 ⼗ 届 NE<strong>CLTA</strong><br />

中 ⽂ 教 学 国 际 会 议 <br />

会 议 主 题 : “ 找 到 ⾃⼰ 的<br />

声 ⾳: ( 后 ) 疫 情 时 代 的 中<br />

⽂ 教 学 ”<br />

Keynote Speaker:<br />

Professor Cecilia<br />

Chang 张 曼 荪 教 授 .<br />

Featuring: A preconference<br />

event,<br />

four panels and<br />

more than 30<br />

presentaMons.<br />

9:00 am - 2:30 pm<br />

10/2/<strong>2021</strong><br />

RegistraMon<br />

required. Open<br />

and Free for all.<br />

Register at<br />

neclta.org by<br />

Sept. 30, and<br />

Zoom link will be<br />

sent on Oct. 1.<br />

NE<strong>CLTA</strong> 新 英 格 兰 地 区<br />

中 ⽂ 教 师 协 会<br />

吴 瑜<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-VA Fall Workshop<br />

弗 吉 尼 亚 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会<br />

<strong>2021</strong> 年 秋 季 ⼯ 作 坊<br />

John Flower<br />

赵 冉 <br />

于 鹏 <br />

芦 宪<br />

10am-3pm ET<br />

10/16/<strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-VA 弗 吉 尼 亚 州 中<br />

⽂ 教 师 学 会<br />

苏 芊<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Title<br />

报 告 主 题<br />

Speaker<br />

主 讲 ⼈<br />

Time 时 间<br />

ET=Eastern Time<br />

CT=Central Time<br />

PT=Pacific Time<br />

Zoom link<br />

活 动 链 接<br />

Organizer<br />

组 织 ⽅<br />

Contact<br />

person<br />

联 系 ⼈<br />

AcMon Research: Improving<br />

Teaching EffecMveness in K-16<br />

Chinese InstrucMon<br />

董 治 ⾳<br />

10:30-12PM ET,<br />

10/16/<strong>2021</strong><br />

TBA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-Taoli Mid-<br />

AtlanMc<br />

蒋 冕 华 <br />

江 ⽉ 娥<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-TEXAS Fall Workshop: <br />

阅 读 与 会 话 核 ⼼ 策 略<br />

游 皓 雲<br />

9-11 AM CT<br />

10/16/<strong>2021</strong><br />

hSps://<br />

us06web.zoom.us/j/<br />

6743194878?<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-TEXAS<br />

李 宇 ⼼<br />

Teaching Through the Lens of IB<br />

Luna Yu<br />

Eveline Wathen<br />

10/16/<strong>2021</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong>-WA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary<br />

CelebraMon Special Lecture<br />

Series (#1) <br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 六 ⼗ 週 年<br />

⼤ 慶 專 題 講 座 (⼀) <br />

美 国 中 ⽂ 教 师 学 会 六 ⼗ 周 年<br />

⼤ 庆 专 题 讲 座 (⼀)<br />

讲 题 : 追 寻 庐 ⼭ 真 ⾯⽬: ⾕ 歌<br />

张 正 ⽣<br />

8pm-9:30pm ET<br />

10/22/<strong>2021</strong> (Fri)<br />

RegistraMon required,<br />

Open and Free for<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> members, Please<br />

go to the <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

website to register:<br />

hSps://clta-us.org<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 总 部<br />

吴 素 美<br />

翻 译 、 语 ⾔ 盲 点 与 对 外 汉 语<br />

教 学<br />

探 索 语 ⾔⽂ 化 教 学 的 边 界 : <br />

从 中 ⽂ 冥 想 到 中 国 书 法<br />

⾼ 盼 盼 <br />

周 康<br />

8pm-9:30pm ET<br />

10/29/<strong>2021</strong>)<br />

hSps://cmu.zoom.us/<br />

j/96357315735?<br />

pwd=UUR6YmtjQWEv<br />


z09<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG 跨 学 科<br />

⾼ 年 级 教 学 群<br />

刘 刚<br />

中 ⽂ 学 校 和 ⼤ 学 中 ⽂ 项 ⽬ 的<br />

连 接 : 学 习 动 机 和 课 程<br />

调 适<br />

孙 基 立 <br />

姒 ⽟ 明<br />

7:30-9 pm<br />

10/30/<strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG<br />

华 裔 中 ⽂ 教 学<br />

王 祥 宁<br />

刘 艳<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SC <strong>2021</strong> Fall Technology<br />

Workshop (Session I) <br />

南 加 州 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <strong>2021</strong> 秋<br />

季 科 技 教 學 研 討 會<br />

Jeff Winters<br />

宋 丹<br />

10:00 am-12:30 PM<br />

PT<br />

10/30/<strong>2021</strong><br />

hSps://uci.zoom.us/j/<br />

92657004312<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-SC<br />

謝 若 玫<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 44

WELCOME! JOIN <strong>CLTA</strong> TODAY!!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS<br />

Website: https://clta-us.org<br />

E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

In addition to career development resources and opportunities to network with CFL K-16 professionals, below<br />

are some highlights of <strong>CLTA</strong> members’ privileges:<br />

•To be included in the <strong>CLTA</strong> LISTSERV and receive prompt announcements including job advertisements<br />

from the <strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

•To apply for awards and grants sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

•To join <strong>CLTA</strong> Special Interest Groups (<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs) for free<br />

•To access <strong>CLTA</strong> publications such as the CSL Journal, <strong>Newsletter</strong>, K-12 CLT Journal & Selection of<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works<br />

•To publish personal and institutional news in the <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

•To receive information on meetings and conferences sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

•To attend, present papers at, and organize panels for these meetings and conferences at discounted rates<br />

•To elect members to the Board of Directors<br />

•To be nominated and elected as members of the Board of Directors<br />

•To attend <strong>CLTA</strong> sponsored activities for free or at a discounted rate<br />

•To nominate students to join the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society<br />

•To nominate K-12 students to submit their work to the “Selection of <strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 Outstanding Chinese<br />

Works” <br />

And more…<br />

NEW! Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> short video: Watch the video to learn more about <strong>CLTA</strong> -- who we are and<br />

what benefits we provide for Chinese language educators<br />

(1) Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> (Narration in Chinese) https://youtu.be/lN-UFTPEnMs<br />

(2) Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> (Narration in English) https://youtu.be/1BQpG5B98k8<br />

Under the News tab at the top of the <strong>CLTA</strong> website you can also find the posters for the <strong>CLTA</strong> 2020-<strong>2021</strong><br />

Virtual Forum Series (#1 to #5), and the <strong>CLTA</strong> monthly events lists since July 2020. <br />

https://clta-us.org/news/clta-events/<br />

Stay happy, healthy and have a prosperous fall semester of <strong>2021</strong>!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

RESEARCH &<br />


Volume 45, No. 3<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

Ke, S., & Koda, K. (<strong>2021</strong>)<br />

Transfer facilitation effects of<br />

morphological awareness on<br />

multicharacter word reading in<br />

Chinese as a foreign language. <br />

Applied Psycholinguistics, 42(5), 1263-1286. <br />

doi:10.1017/S014271642100031X<br />

This study examined the transfer facilitation effects from English morphological<br />

awareness on Chinese multicharacter word reading in English-speaking adult<br />

learners of Chinese as a foreign language. There were three major findings: (1)<br />

with approximately three years of formal Chinese instruction, English-speaking<br />

adult learners of Chinese developed sensitivity to the internal morphological<br />

structure of multicharacter words. (2) English morphological awareness<br />

contributed to Chinese bimorphemic three-character pseudoword reading<br />

indirectly via the joint serial mediation by Chinese morphological awareness and<br />

Chinese monomorphemic two-character real word reading. (3) And, English<br />

morphological awareness explained about 3.64% of the variance in Chinese<br />

bimorphemic three-character pseudoword reading.<br />

Applied Psycholinguistics<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Hou, X. (<strong>2021</strong>). Learning two syntactic<br />

constructions simultaneously: A case<br />

of overshadowing. Language and<br />

Cognition, 13(3), 467-493.<br />

Overshadowing refers to the reduced learning or expression of the association<br />

between a weaker cue and an outcome in the presence of another stronger<br />

cue. This study demonstrated an overshadowing effect at the syntactic level.<br />

Thirty L2 Chinese learners learned the Ba-construction and its SVO<br />

counterpart simultaneously, but the learning of the former was overshadowed<br />

by the latter, resulting in a quantitative and qualitative reduction of the Ba<br />

production. The findings of this study not only deepen and broaden our<br />

understanding of overshadowing, but also offer a fresh perspective for<br />

addressing the challenges of L2 learning of the Chinese Ba-construction.<br />

Language and Cognition<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 48

Allegheny College received a grant of $48,355 from the National<br />

Endowment for the Humanities through the Digital Humanities<br />

Advancement Grant program. The grant, titled "An Engaging Digital<br />

Curriculum for Intermediate Chinese Language and Culture," will<br />

support planning efforts to develop a curriculum for intermediate<br />

Chinese that incorporates digital learning tools. Associate Professor<br />

Xiaoling Shi will serve as the Project Director by working with Kaidi<br />

Chen, Chih-Jung Chen, Runqi Deng and Brian Kern. The grant period is<br />

Sep 1, <strong>2021</strong> to Aug 31, 2022. This project has been made possible in<br />

part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Democracy<br />

demands wisdom. Any views, findings, conclusions, or<br />

recommendations expressed in this project do not necessarily represent<br />

those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.<br />

Grant News<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> Members,<br />

The 4 th Harvard ICCP Conference <br />

<strong>2021</strong> Fourth Harvard International Conference on Chinese Pedagogy<br />

<strong>2021</strong> 年 哈 佛 国 际 中 ⽂ 教 学 研 讨 会 <br />

Conference Website: https://ealc.fas.harvard.edu/international-conference-chinesepedagogy-iccp<br />

<br />

Dear Friends and Colleagues,<br />

The 4th Harvard International Conference on Chinese Pedagogy (Harvard ICCP) will be<br />

held on <strong>September</strong> 24-25, <strong>2021</strong> online through Zoom. This event is for free.<br />

<br />

The Conference will take place over the course of two days. The night of the 24th will be<br />

devoted to pedagogy workshops geared towards pre-college and college-level teachers of<br />

Chinese who are interested in learning more about Harvard’s Chinese language pedagogy.<br />

The 25th will be devoted to talks from individual scholars and discussions among all<br />

participants.<br />

All are welcome to attend, but must RSVP by <strong>September</strong> 21, <strong>2021</strong>. The Zoom link will be<br />

circulated later to all guests who RSVP. If you are unable to access the RSVP link, please<br />

email harvardiccp@gmail.com. You will receive updates and notifications regarding the<br />

conference via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at<br />

harvardiccp@gmail.com.<br />

We look forward to seeing you soon! The Harvard ICCP Committee<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>.<br />


Conferences<br />

各 位 同 仁 ,<br />

由 哈 佛 ⼤ 学 中 ⽂ 项 ⽬ 主 办 的 第 四 届 哈 佛 国 际 中 ⽂ 教 学 研 讨 会 (Harvard University 4th<br />

International Conference on Chinese Pedagogy) 将 于 美 国 东 部 时 间 9⽉24⽇( 周 五 ) 至 9<br />

⽉25⽇( 周 六 ) 以 ⽹ 络 会 议 (Zoom) 的 ⽅ 式 举 ⾏。 本 届 会 议 将 分 为 两 天 进 ⾏, 免 费 对 所<br />

有 会 议 注 册 ⼈ 员 开 放 。9⽉24⽇( 周 五 ) 将 安 排 三 场 教 学 ⼯ 作 坊 ,9⽉25⽇( 周 六 ) 将 安<br />

排 六 场 专 题 发 ⾔ 与 讨 论 。 届 时 热 烈 欢 迎 各 位 同 仁 注 册 参 会 , 与 来 ⾃ 北 美 、 欧 洲 、 亚 洲 等<br />

多 个 国 家 和 院 校 的 专 家 学 者 交 流 探 讨 对 外 汉 语 教 学 发 展 的 新 趋 势 、 新 动 向 。<br />

<br />

本 届 会 议 的 会 议 ⽇ 程 和 注 册 ⽹ 址 如 下 :<br />

https://ealc.fas.harvard.edu/international-conference-chinese-pedagogy-iccp<br />

如 有 任 何 关 于 会 议 或 注 册 的 问 题 , 欢 迎 通 过 组 委 会 电 邮 (harvardiccp@gmail.com) 联 系<br />

我 们 。 期 待 ⾦ 秋 九 ⽉ 与 各 位 同 仁 云 相 聚 ! ICCP 组 委 会<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Website: https://middlebury.edu/ls/chinese<br />

Email: chinese-ls@middlebury.edu<br />

Phone: (802) 443-5520<br />

Middlebury Language School 明 德 ⼤ 学 中 ⽂ 学 校<br />

The Language Schools are recognized around the world for their<br />

excellence and their unique, immersive approach to language<br />

learning. Since the establishment of the first school-the German<br />

School-in 1915, nearly 50,000 students have attended one of the<br />

schools, and more than 12,000 have received advanced degrees.<br />

Today, individuals (high school graduates and beyond) can study 12<br />

languages in Vermont, in addition to our graduate programs abroad in<br />

France, Germany, Italy, Latin America, Russia and Spain.<br />

The Language Schools provide students of all levels with innovative<br />

instruction in language through a curriculum that incorporates<br />

linguistics, literature, culture, and area studies. The Language Pledge<br />

is a hallmark of the commitment students bring to their experience<br />

and commitment and creates the opportunity for unmatched growth in<br />

language ability advancement.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

DD <br />

Website: https://dd-la.com/access<br />

Contact: ddzhongwen168@gmail.com<br />

DD is a website to help students learn Chinese<br />

language and culture by providing a variety of language<br />

and culture learning resources:<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3<br />


Assistant Professor (Claremont, CA)<br />

The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures (ALL) at<br />

Pomona College, which consists of a Chinese and Japanese<br />

Program, invites applications for a tenure-track position in either<br />

modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture or<br />

Chinese linguistics to begin July 2022. Applicants must have<br />

native or near-native fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English,<br />

demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching, and Ph.D. in<br />

hand at time of appointment. This position carries a 2/2 teaching<br />

load, including three language courses and a course taught in<br />

English in the candidate’s area of specialization. Area of<br />

specialization is open, but preference will be given to applicants<br />

with training in literature, film, popular culture, art, or<br />

linguistics. <br />

Assistant Teaching Professor in Chinese Language<br />

(Washington, DC)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at<br />

Georgetown University invites applications for a three-year, fulltime,<br />

non-tenure-line teaching position in Chinese language,<br />

starting August 2022. By the start date of the appointment,<br />

candidates must have a PhD in Chinese language pedagogy or a<br />

related field with native or near native proficiency in Chinese and<br />

English.<br />

Experience teaching college-level Chinese in North America is<br />

required. The teaching load for this position includes up to 4 classes<br />

per semester, or the equivalent of 12 credits per semester (24 total<br />

for the academic year), and candidates must be able to teach<br />

Chinese language at all levels.<br />

To apply, please submit the following via Interfolio (https://<br />

apply.interfolio.com/95207):<br />

- a cover letter<br />

- CV (including courses taught)<br />

- 3 letters of recommendation<br />

- syllabi<br />

- a teaching statement<br />

- a web link to a 30-minute teaching demonstration video<br />

(classroom is best but Zoom is acceptable)<br />

Application review will begin October 25th.<br />

For questions regarding this position, please contact the Search<br />

Committee Chair, Professor Fei Ren, at Fei.Ren@georgetown.edu.<br />

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement<br />

Georgetown University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action<br />

Employer fully dedicated to achieving a diverse faculty and staff.<br />

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive<br />

consideration for employment without regard to race, color,<br />

religion, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, gender<br />

identity and expression, and sexual orientation), disability status,<br />

protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by<br />

law. If you are a qualified individual with a disability and need a<br />

reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and<br />

hiring process, please click here for more information, or contact<br />

the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action<br />

(IDEAA) at (202) 687-4798.<br />

Please upload the following application materials to<br />

academicjobsonline.org: (a) letter of application describing<br />

research and teaching interests, (b) curriculum vitae, (c) graduate<br />

transcript(s), (d) three brief statements – one addressing teaching<br />

philosophy and experience, one addressing scholarship including<br />

your future directions, and one addressing demonstrated ability<br />

to mentor a diverse student body, (e) teaching evaluations, and<br />

(f) three letters of recommendation. Please address queries other<br />

than applications to the search committee chair, Eileen J. Cheng<br />

(eileen.cheng@pomona.edu). Priority will be given to<br />

applications received by November 1, <strong>2021</strong>, at which time<br />

review of applicant files will begin; applications may be<br />

accepted until the position is filled.<br />

Pomona College is a highly selective liberal arts college with an<br />

enrollment of approximately 1600 students, all undergraduates.<br />

We seek to attract, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty<br />

and are committed to building a culturally diverse workplace.<br />

We value candidates who have experience working with students<br />

from diverse backgrounds and who are able to demonstrate a<br />

commitment to improving higher education for underrepresented<br />

students through their teaching, scholarship, or service.<br />

Pomona College, located 35 miles east of downtown Los<br />

Angeles, is the founding member of the Claremont Colleges,<br />

which also include Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Pitzer, Harvey<br />

Mudd, Claremont Graduate University, and Keck Graduate<br />

Institute. Collectively, the Claremont Colleges constitute an<br />

academic community of approximately 6,500 students. As a<br />

result, Pomona students enjoy both the personalized instruction<br />

and close faculty-student interactions afforded by a small liberal<br />

arts college as well as the intellectual and extracurricular<br />

resources typically found at much larger universities. In<br />

collaboration with the Claremont Colleges Consortium, Pomona<br />

College offers a variety of professional development,<br />

mentorship, and networking opportunities for junior faculty<br />

including the opportunity for entering assistant professors to<br />

apply for a fully funded leave in their fourth year at the College.<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 56

Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies (Pittsburgh, PA)<br />

<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies<br />

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Science, CMU,<br />

Department of Modern Languages Application link: http://<br />

apply.interfolio.com/94345 <br />

The Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon<br />

University invites applications for a tenure-track position as<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies, beginning in Fall 2022.<br />

Applicants must have native or near-native fluency in Chinese and<br />

English. Ph.D. in modern or contemporary Chinese literary and<br />

cultural studies or a relevant field is required, ABD considered. Of<br />

particular interest are candidates whose research focuses on modern<br />

or contemporary Chinese films and media, digital humanities,<br />

translation theory and practices, and/or cross-cultural<br />

communication and comparisons. The successful candidate will be<br />

expected to develop and teach undergraduate language and content<br />

courses in Chinese and/or English at all levels. They may also have<br />

the opportunity to teach courses in the Master’s program of Global<br />

Communication & Applied Translation and collaborate with<br />

colleagues in other departments, colleges, or universities for course<br />

development. They will also be expected to provide advisory and<br />

other relevant services for Chinese majors and minors, and our<br />

study abroad program in Shanghai. Experience with in StarTalk and<br />

language flagship programs is welcome. Teaching load is 2+2.<br />

The successful candidate will benefit from a strong and growing<br />

support of interdisciplinary humanities research and teaching at<br />

Carnegie Mellon, including such initiatives as the Center for the<br />

Arts in Society, Humanities@CMU, and Askwith Kenner Global<br />

Languages and Cultures Room.<br />

Carnegie Mellon University is committed to increasing the diversity<br />

of its community on a range of intellectual and cultural dimensions.<br />

Carnegie Mellon welcomes applicants who will contribute to this<br />

diversity through their research, teaching and service. We seek to<br />

meet the needs of dual-career couples and is a member of the<br />

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) that assists<br />

with dual-career searches. Please visit “Why Carnegie Mellon” to<br />

learn more about life in Pittsburgh and becoming part of a<br />

welcoming institution that inspires innovations.<br />

Qualifications<br />

PhD in modern or contemporary Chinese literary and cultural<br />

studies or a relevant field, ABD considered. The successful<br />

candidate applicants should demonstrate potential for outstanding<br />

research and teaching in the field.<br />

Application Instructions<br />

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by<br />

11:59pm (ET) on November 15, <strong>2021</strong>. Applicants should submit 1)<br />

a current CV, 2) a cover letter addressing research, teaching, and<br />

evidence of commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and 3)<br />

the names and contact information for three professional references.<br />

Additional materials such as research samples and teaching demo<br />

videos may be required at a later stage.<br />

Please direct inquiries to: Dr. Gang Liu gangliu@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

Professor of Chinese Language and Culture <br />

(Aliso Viejo, CA)<br />

Soka University of America (SUA) invites applications for a fulltime<br />

tenure-track position at the Assistant or Associate level in<br />

Chinese Language and Culture to begin August 1, 2022. The<br />

standard full-time teaching load at SUA is five courses per<br />

academic year: two courses each semester and one course in SUA’s<br />

cross-disciplinary General Education curriculum (for course<br />

descriptions see the SUA catalog).<br />

SUA offers a challenging program in Liberal Arts with a strong<br />

emphasis on international and intercultural exposure. All<br />

undergraduates must complete four semesters of foreign (non-<br />

English) language coursework at SUA, and study abroad for one<br />

semester during their junior year. The university aims to foster<br />

rewarding intellectual relationships among faculty, and between<br />

faculty and students through collaboration and mentoring. An<br />

appreciation of the centrality of peace, global citizenship, freedom,<br />

and human rights is the founding impetus for the University and its<br />

Mission. <br />

SUA is a highly selective, private, nonprofit, four-year liberal arts<br />

college and graduate school located in southern California. SUA is<br />

ranked among the Top 5 National Liberal Arts Colleges in<br />

California and #28 of National Liberal Arts Colleges. An 8:1<br />

student/faculty ratio and average class size of 12 allow the faculty<br />

of teacher-scholars to work closely with students. SUA also is<br />

ranked #1 in Most International Students among national liberal arts<br />

colleges and was the first liberal arts college in the United States to<br />

make study abroad mandatory when it opened in 2001. For more<br />

information, visit https://www.soka.edu/<br />

Candidates should demonstrate responsiveness toward and<br />

understanding of diverse student backgrounds, especially with<br />

regard to socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, ability/<br />

disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity and have a<br />

willingness to facilitate the university’s mission to develop global<br />

citizens.<br />

Qualifications: PhD in Chinese language or related area; native or<br />

near-native proficiency in both Chinese and English; active<br />

research, scholarship, and publication agenda; ability to teach<br />

Chinese as a foreign language and culture at all levels and to<br />

develop courses in the candidate’s area of expertise; ability and<br />

willingness to contribute to SUA’s General Education program. This<br />

position bears responsibility for supervising all of the Chinese<br />

courses within the Language and Culture Program.<br />

Benefits and salary: Salary will be competitive and commensurate<br />

with rank and experience. All full-time faculty members are eligible<br />

for medical and retirement benefits.<br />

Deadline for applications: Review of applications will begin on<br />

November 4, <strong>2021</strong>. Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae;<br />

letter of application outlining how the candidate would support<br />

SUA’s Language and Culture Program and Chinese curriculum,<br />

work with students and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, and<br />

contribute to the school's Mission; one sample publication in<br />

English; evidence of teaching effectiveness; a one-page statement of<br />

teaching philosophy; and three letters of recommendation to be<br />

addressed to Michael Weiner, Ph.D., Interim Dean of Faculty.<br />

Please submit all documents to our Interfolio link below.

Employment is contingent on the completion of a successful<br />

background check. Please apply by clicking on this link: <br />

http://apply.interfolio.com/93025<br />

Email: facultyrecruiting@soka.edu<br />

Soka University of America is an equal opportunity employer<br />

Assistant Teaching Professor in Chinese <br />

(Winston-Salem, NC)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Wake<br />

Forest University is seeking to fill a position as Assistant Teaching<br />

Professor or Assistant Professor of the Practice in Chinese, to begin<br />

Fall 2022. Responsibilities include teaching six courses per year in<br />

Chinese language at all levels as well as Chinese for specific<br />

purposes. The position also requires working with other faculty to<br />

organize extracurricular activities. Though applicants with an MA<br />

and extensive relevant professional experience may be considered, a<br />

Ph.D. in second language pedagogy or related field is preferred.<br />

Successful applicants will also have native or near-native fluency in<br />

Chinese and English, experience in teaching all levels of Chinese<br />

language courses at the university level in the U.S., and strong<br />

grounding in proficiency-oriented teaching.<br />

A complete application includes a cover letter, CV, two sample<br />

syllabi, two recent sets of student evaluations, a lesson plan, and a<br />

link to a teaching demonstration video. The teaching video may be<br />

at the elementary/intermediate or advanced level. A second video at<br />

a different level is welcome but not required. Three confidential<br />

letters of recommendation must also be submitted to<br />

easianlg@wfu.edu. Applications must be submitted as one pdf to<br />

hr.wfu.edu/careers. Please follow the instructions included on the<br />

website for best results. Questions regarding the position may be<br />

directed to Prof. Stewart Carter (carter@wfu.edu). Questions<br />

regarding the application process can be directed to<br />

AskHR@wfu.edu. Review of applicants will begin on 15 November<br />

<strong>2021</strong> and will continue until the position is filled.<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures strives to<br />

cultivate proficiency in Japanese and Chinese languages and<br />

understandings of East Asian cultures from an interdisciplinary and<br />

cross-cultural perspective. Our rigorous curriculum of language,<br />

literature, film, and culture develops students’ communication skills<br />

and analytical abilities, expands their intellectual curiosity,<br />

knowledge, and appreciation of cultures and societies in East Asia,<br />

and fosters their critical and empathetic capacities to engage with<br />

diverse cultures, experiences, and views. The department firmly<br />

believes that translingual and transcultural competencies are crucial<br />

to global citizenship and creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and<br />

compassionate society.<br />

Wake Forest University welcomes and encourages diversity and<br />

inclusivity, and seeks applicants with demonstrated success in<br />

working with diverse populations. Wake Forest University is an AA/<br />

EO employer and values an inclusive and diverse learning<br />

community and campus climate.<br />

Jobs<br />

Founded in 1834, Wake Forest University is a private university<br />

located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that combines a small<br />

(roughly 5,200 undergraduates) liberal arts collegiate university<br />

with 2,200 graduate students in school of arts and science,<br />

medicine, law, business, and divinity. The quality of the teaching<br />

environment is outstanding, and our faculty combine commitment<br />

to that mission with nationally and internationally recognized<br />

leadership in research. Wake Forest ranks in the top 30 of all U.S.<br />

universities in U.S. News & World Report's Guide to America's<br />

Best Colleges and Universities. The University has a deep<br />

institutional commitment to public service and engagement with the<br />

world, as indicated by the motto “Pro Humanitate.” For quick facts<br />

about the University, go to http://www.wfu.edu/visitors/<br />

quickfacts.html.<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese (Tenure-Track)<br />

(Annapolis, Maryland)<br />

The Languages and Cultures Department of the U.S. Naval<br />

Academy invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor<br />

of Chinese to begin as early as the fall semester of 2022. The United<br />

States Naval Academy (USNA) is a four-year undergraduate<br />

institution with a mission to prepare midshipmen morally, mentally,<br />

and physically for commissioning as officers in the naval services.<br />

Candidates for this position should have a strong commitment to<br />

undergraduate teaching and to producing quality peer-reviewed<br />

research. The research specialization is open, but expertise in<br />

Chinese literature, art and architecture, or cultural studies (women’s<br />

and gender studies, media and film studies, etc.) is strongly<br />

preferred. Candidates should be able to teach Chinese language<br />

courses across all levels, as well as advanced courses in their area(s)<br />

of expertise.<br />

<br />

For more detailed information about this position and how to apply,<br />

please visit the USNA announcement at<br />

https://www.usna.edu/HRO/jobinfo/Tenure-track-LangCultures-<br />

AY22.php<br />

Clinical (Open Rank) Professor of Chinese Language<br />

and Literature (Location: Shanghai, China)<br />

NYU Shanghai is currently inviting applications for a position at the<br />

rank of Clinical (open rank) Professor in Chinese Language and<br />

Literature. We seek candidates who have completed a Ph.D. in any<br />

area of Chinese literature and/or cultural studies or a closely related<br />

discipline. We invite applications from candidates in any field and<br />

have a special interest in those with expertise in creative writing<br />

and/or translation studies. Preference will be given to candidates<br />

with experience teaching in Chinese and English.<br />

Applicants will submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of<br />

research, statement of teaching interests, and at least one writing<br />

sample via Interfolio. Additionally, applicants will be prompted to<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 58

enter the names and email addresses of at least three referees. Each<br />

referee will be contacted to upload a reference letter through<br />

Interfolio.<br />

Applications may be received until December 1, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

To apply, follow this link apply.interfolio.com/93522. If you have<br />

any questions, please email the NYU Shanghai NY Office of<br />

Faculty Recruitment shanghai.faculty.recruitment@nyu.edu.<br />

Terms of employment at NYU Shanghai are comparable to NYU<br />

New York and other U.S. institutions.<br />

About NYU Shanghai:<br />

NYU Shanghai is the third degree-granting campus within New<br />

York University’s global network. It is the first higher education<br />

joint venture in China authorized to grant degrees that are<br />

accredited in the U.S. as well as in China. All teaching is conducted<br />

in English. A research university with liberal arts and science at its<br />

core, NYU Shanghai resides in one of the world's great cities with a<br />

vibrant intellectual community. NYU Shanghai recruits scholars of<br />

the highest caliber who are committed to NYU's global vision of<br />

transformative teaching and innovative research and who embody<br />

the global society in which we live.<br />

NYU’s global network includes degree-granting campuses in New<br />

York, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi, complemented by eleven<br />

additional academic centers across five continents. Faculty and<br />

students circulate within the network in pursuit of common research<br />

interests and cross-cultural, interdisciplinary endeavors, both local<br />

and global.<br />

For people in the EU, click here for information on your privacy<br />

rights under GDPR: www.nyu.edu/it/gdpr.<br />

NYU Shanghai is an equal opportunity employer committed to<br />

equity, diversity, and social inclusion. We strongly encourage<br />

applications from under-represented individuals in the profession,<br />

Tenure Track Faculty Position in Chinese <br />

(Worcester, MA)<br />

Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures<br />

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Chinese<br />

The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at<br />

the College of the Holy Cross invites applications for a full-time<br />

tenure-track appointment in Chinese Studies (https://<br />

www.holycross.edu/academics/programs/chinese-studies) to begin<br />

in August 2022. Candidates must have native or near-native<br />

proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and English, a PhD with expertise<br />

in Chinese cinema or modern and contemporary Chinese visual<br />

culture and experience teaching Chinese language at the college<br />

level in the U.S.<br />

This position carries a 3-2 teaching load with a full-salary onesemester<br />

research leave prior to tenure review, and generous<br />

sabbatical and fellowship leaves for tenured faculty. Tenure track<br />

faculty are eligible for travel support and reimbursement of<br />

relocation costs within the College’s published policies. All fulltime<br />

appointments offer competitive salaries and include full<br />

benefits. To learn more about faculty life at the College & the<br />

Worcester area, candidates are encouraged to visit http://<br />

holycross.edu/join.<br />


Candidates must demonstrate commitment to, and excellence in,<br />

undergraduate teaching as well as scholarly achievement. Ph.D.<br />

required at the time of appointment.<br />


Please submit a cover letter addressing the position requirements<br />

listed above, curriculum vitae, statement on teaching, transcripts,<br />

three confidential letters of recommendation, and a link to a recent<br />

video of yourself teaching elementary or intermediate Mandarin<br />

(preferably in person, but remotely is acceptable). Provide<br />

information about the location of the class and the level of the<br />

students in your video, the topic that your lesson covered, and the<br />

learning goals you had for the students in that class.<br />

In your cover letter, in addition to describing your research and<br />

teaching interests, please address how your scholarship, teaching,<br />

mentoring and/or service would support the College’s mission as a<br />

Jesuit, undergraduate liberal arts college (see http://holycross.edu/<br />

mission). The College values cultural and intellectual pluralism as<br />

integral to this mission and essential to the excellence of our<br />

academic program. Thus your application should highlight how<br />

your teaching, scholarship, mentorship and/or service might support<br />

the commitment to diversity and inclusion. For more information,<br />

please visit http://holycross.edu/diversity.<br />

The College of the Holy Cross uses Interfolio to collect all faculty<br />

job applications electronically. Please submit all application<br />

materials to https://apply.interfolio.com/92375.<br />

Review of applications will begin on <strong>September</strong> 29, <strong>2021</strong> and<br />

continue until the position has been filled. Initial interviews of<br />

selected applicants will take place in October. We will conduct these<br />

preliminary interviews by Zoom. Questions about this search may<br />

be directed to Professor Ji Hao, jhao@holycross.edu.<br />


College of the Holy Cross requires that all faculty and staff show<br />

proof of full vaccination by an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine<br />

before beginning employment, unless an exemption from this policy<br />

has been granted. New faculty members believing they need an<br />

accommodation of this policy because of a disability, sincerely-held<br />

religious belief, or otherwise should inform Human Resources after<br />

an offer of employment is extended; please do not include any<br />

medical, genetic, or religious information in your application<br />

materials.<br />


The College of the Holy Cross is a highly selective Catholic liberal<br />

arts college in the Jesuit tradition. It enrolls about 3,000 students<br />

and is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, a medium-sized city 45<br />

miles west of Boston. The College seeks faculty members whose<br />

scholarship, teaching, advising, and on- and off-campus service<br />

demonstrate commitment to the educational benefits of a richly<br />

diverse community.<br />

Holy Cross aspires to meet the needs of dual-career couples, in part<br />

through its membership in the Higher Education Consortium of<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3

Massachusetts and the New England Higher Education Recruitment<br />

Consortium (http://www.newenglandherc.org). The College is an<br />

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and complies with all<br />

Federal and Massachusetts laws concerning equal opportunity and<br />

affirmative action in the workplace.<br />

Lecturer and Director of Chinese Language Program<br />

(Minneapolis, MN)<br />

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at The<br />

University of Minnesota<br />

seeks an excellent instructor of Chinese language with skills in<br />

pedagogical innovation and leadership. The Director supervises a<br />

program of 4+ instructors and reports directly to the Chair of the<br />

Department. The Director joins five other language program<br />

Directors in the Department. The Director’s responsibilities include:<br />

• Ability to teach all levels of Chinese<br />

• Leadership of the Chinese program<br />

• Coordination of curriculum and teaching assignments, including<br />

summer session instruction<br />

• Development of materials as needed<br />

• Supervision of graduate teaching assistants and new teacher<br />

training<br />

• Annual Evaluation of teaching staff<br />

• Collaboration with other language programs and faculty members<br />

within the department, and with other units (CLA Language Center,<br />

CARLA, Chinese Flagship Program)<br />

• Professional development<br />

• Program website oversight<br />

• Outreach to community<br />

Required qualifications for appointment to rank of Lecturer:<br />

1. Ph.D. or foreign equivalent in the relevant field, or a related field.<br />

2. In the case of language instruction, skill in the language of<br />

instruction as appropriate for the position; in the case of modern<br />

languages, native or near-native fluency.<br />

3. Positive evaluations from students, peers, and/or supervisors.<br />

4. Demonstration of commitment to quality teaching and program<br />

development.<br />

5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.<br />

Performance standards:<br />

1. Positive evaluations from students, Teaching Assistants (if<br />

appropriate), peers, and supervisors.<br />

2. Demonstration of commitment to quality teaching, program<br />

development, and professional development.<br />

3. Effective handling of student inquiries.<br />

Position begins Fall semester 2022. Minimum annual salary is<br />

$55,000+ depending on qualifications and experience.<br />

Applicants should submit the following materials on the UMN<br />

employment website for job ID 341455: (1) cover letter, (2) CV<br />

with the names of 3 references, (3) statement of teaching and<br />

leadership philosophy, and (4) three sample syllabi. Application<br />

deadline: November 1, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

For more information about the Department of Asian & Middle<br />

Eastern Studies, please visit https://cla.umn.edu/asian-middleeastern-studies<br />

Teaching Positions in Chinese as a Second Language -<br />

Open Rank (Kunshan, Suzhou, China)<br />

Duke Kunshan University invites applications for CSL faculty<br />

positions in the Language and Culture Center (LCC). DKU offers<br />

an innovative, integrated and interdisciplinary liberal arts<br />

undergraduate program leading to both Duke and DKU degrees, and<br />

the LCC provides Chinese language courses at all levels to<br />

international students in this program. Successful candidates may<br />

teach Chinese language courses at any level. The positions start in<br />

July 2022.<br />

This is an open rank search with multiple positions.<br />

• Candidates for non-tenure track positions (Instructor, Lecturer, and<br />

Senior Lecturer) must have a graduate degree in a relevant field<br />

(e.g. Chinese language pedagogy, applied linguistics, East Asian<br />

Studies) and Chinese language teaching experience at the college<br />

level relevant to the rank applied for. In addition to mastery of<br />

spoken and written Chinese, candidates must also have strong<br />

English skills, strong oral and written communication skills, and<br />

personal experience with and commitment to language learning.<br />

Preference will be given to candidates who speak and can coach<br />

learners of additional languages (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Spanish) or<br />

other varieties of Chinese (e.g. Shanghainese, Suzhounese,<br />

Cantonese); background in intercultural communication is also an<br />

asset.<br />

• Candidates for tenure track positions (Assistant Professor) should,<br />

in addition to the qualifications above, have a doctorate in a relevant<br />

field and a record of scholarship. They should also show promise of<br />

being able to produce the level and quality of published research<br />

necessary for success in tenure review.<br />

In cover letters applicants should state whether they are applying for<br />

tenure track positions, non-tenure track positions, or both.<br />

How to apply:<br />

Applicants should provide a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and a<br />

statement on teaching and – if appropriate – research; applicants<br />

should also arrange to have three letters of reference submitted.<br />

Submission of teaching demo(s) is encouraged. All materials should<br />

be submitted through Academic Jobs Onlinehttps://<br />

academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/19748.<br />

Questions about the positions may be sent to lccsearch@dukekunshan.edu.cn<br />

using “Language and Culture Search”<br />

as the subject line. Priority will be given to applications received by<br />

November 1, <strong>2021</strong>; applications will be accepted until the positions<br />

are filled.<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 60

DKU is a partnership of Duke University, Wuhan University and the<br />

Municipality of Kunshan, China (https://dukekunshan.edu.cn/). Our<br />

campus provides an elite, interdisciplinary liberal arts experience to a<br />

student body that will number 2000. The DKU model draws on the<br />

best of Duke’s educational experience and resources to reimagine<br />

undergraduate instruction in an intimate campus setting. A highly<br />

selective institution with an acceptance rate of

Journal updates<br />

International Journal of Chinese Language Education<br />

Special Issue on Inclusive Education in Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language<br />

<br />

Open access at: http://ijcle.eduhk.hk/en/catalog/No.9<br />

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online), Issue: No.9, Publication Date: June <strong>2021</strong><br />

<br />

1) Inclusive Education in Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language: An Overview and<br />

Research Agenda TAO, Hongyin; CARTER, Liz; WAN, Helen; and ZHOU, Yan<br />

2) What Does the Post-secondary Mandarin Foreign Language Inclusive Classroom Look <br />

Like? The State of the Art and Some Practical Suggestions CARTER, Liz<br />

3) Inclusive Pedagogy for Mandarin Learners from Community Colleges: A Case Study<br />

CHAO, Der-lin; LI, Ming-Ying; HU, Bing Ying; PENG, Chun-Yi; and LAI, Wei<br />

4) Transcending Gender Taboos: Talk in the Dorm Among Female Study Abroad Students <br />

in China DIAO, Wenhao and WANG, Yi<br />

5) 在 中 ⽂ 教 学 中 避 免 性 别 和 性 取 向 ⽅⾯ 的 微 歧 视 陆 琳 <br />

6) Accented Mandarin and Teaching Linguistic Diversity in the Chinese Second Language <br />

Classroom ZHOU, Yan<br />

7) Book Review: Criser, R., & Malakaj, E. (Eds.). (2020). Diversity and Decolonization in <br />

German Studies. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.<br />

WANG, Danping and DIAO, Wenhao<br />

8) Book Review: Jiening Ruan, Jie Zhang, and Cynthia B. Leung (Eds.). (2015). Chinese <br />

Language Education in the United States. Springer. REN, Yi<br />

<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 62

Journal updates<br />

> <strong>2021</strong> 年 第 ⼆ 期<br />

目 录<br />

● 主 编 寄 语 / 赵 杨<br />

● 专 家 主 题 论 坛 : 汉 语 国 际 教 育 专 业 硕 士 培 养 方 案 修 订 建 议<br />

3 主 持 人 : 李 泉<br />

5 新 形 势 下 汉 语 国 际 教 育 专 业 硕 士 教 育 实 习 改 革 构 想 / 丁 安 琪<br />

13 关 于 汉 语 国 际 教 育 硕 士 专 业 学 位 研 究 生 培 养 方 案 指 导 作 用 的 分 析 / 冯 丽 萍<br />

18 汉 语 国 际 教 育 专 业 硕 士 《 指 导 性 培 养 方 案 》 修 订 建 议 / 李 泉<br />

27 国 际 中 文 教 育 专 职 汉 语 教 师 : 汉 语 国 际 教 育 专 业 硕 士 培 养 笔 谈 / 贾 昊 段 智 鹏 包 银 辉 等<br />

● 教 学 资 源 研 究<br />

38 从 教 材 开 发 看 职 场 汉 语 教 学 模 式 构 建 / 张 博<br />

● 教 师 培 养 发 展<br />

45 中 文 教 师 评 价 素 养 培 养 框 架 / 廖 建 玲<br />

● 海 外 教 学 动 态<br />

55 论 法 国 中 小 学 汉 语 教 学 的 体 系 化 构 建 / 崔 欢 杨 金 成<br />

65 《 欧 洲 语 言 共 同 参 考 框 架 》 与 国 际 汉 语 水 平 等 级 标 准 / 张 新 生<br />

74 “ 一 带 一 路 ” 倡 议 下 中 菲 汉 语 教 学 合 作 的 挑 战 与 对 策 —— 以 孔 子 学 院 为 视 角 / 徐 丽 丽<br />

● 中 文 教 学 研 究<br />

83 面 向 外 国 留 学 生 的 微 信 消 费 文 化 教 学 探 究 / 吴 芳 芳 张 丽<br />

● 学 术 研 究 新 论<br />

91 A Co-word Analysis of Research Trends in Technology Enhanced Second Language Learning and<br />

Its Implications for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language / Michael Li<br />

( 科 技 辅 助 第 二 语 言 教 学 研 究 趋 势 及 其 对 国 际 中 文 教 育 的 启 示 / 李 守 纪 )<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3<br />


<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 64

Journal updates<br />

nd language learners:<br />

te Jaratjarungkiat<br />

cted grammar:<br />

as a foreign language<br />

al program:<br />

hinese for everyone: A guide for<br />

particle le: A comprehensive guide [<br />

洋 ]. (2015) China in Depth: An<br />

中 国 : 高 级 汉 语 综 合 教 程 ]<br />

Chinese as a Second Language<br />

volume 55 number 3 2020<br />

the Chinese Language Teachers Association, usa<br />

The journal of<br />

美<br />

國<br />

中<br />

文<br />

教<br />

師<br />

學<br />

會<br />

學<br />

報<br />

Chinese<br />

as a<br />

Second<br />

Language<br />

volume 55 number 3 2020<br />

漢<br />

語<br />

教<br />

學<br />

研<br />

究<br />

Chinese as a Second Language<br />

汉 语 教 学 研 究 <br />

Volume 55 Number 3 2020<br />

298<br />

blishing Company<br />

John Benjamins Publishing Company<br />

15/06/<strong>2021</strong> 15:42:10<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Articles<br />

Multimedia learning materials for second language learners: A comparison of two kinds of videos<br />

Xiaoling He and Haojiang YING/ Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat <br />

Comprehensible Narratives & Connected Grammar: <br />

Textbook Design for Classical Chinese as a Foreign Language<br />

Lei Yang<br />

Success Factors for a Mandarin Bilingual Program: An Autoethnographic Case Study<br />

Wei Liu<br />

Book Reviews<br />

Bryan W. Van Norden. (2019) Classical Chinese for everyone: A guide for absolute beginners<br />

Reviewed by 焦 ⽴ 为 [Liwei Jiao]<br />

Chungeng Zhu. (2019) Chinese aspectual particle le: A comprehensive guide [ 汉 语 动 态 助 词 “ 了 ”:⼀ 了<br />

百 了 ] <br />

Reviewed by Yang Zhao<br />

Jianhua Bai [⽩ 建 华 ] and Yang Wang [ 汪 洋 ]. (2015) China in Depth: An Integrated Course in<br />

Advanced Chinese [ 焦 点 中 国 :⾼ 级 汉 语 综 合 教 程 ]<br />

Reviewed by 梁 新 欣 [Hsin-hsin Liang] <br />

contents<br />

Articles<br />

Multimedia learning materials for second language learners:<br />

A comparison of two kinds of videos<br />

Xiaoling He, Haojiang Ying and Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat<br />

Comprehensible narratives and connected grammar:<br />

Textbook design for classical Chinese as a foreign language<br />

Lei Yang<br />

Success factors for a Mandarin bilingual program:<br />

An autoethnographic case study<br />

Wei Liu<br />

Book reviews<br />

Bryan W. Van Norden. (2019) Classical Chinese for everyone: A guide for<br />

absolute beginners<br />

Reviewed by 焦 立 为 [Liwei Jiao]<br />

Chungeng Zhu. (2019) Chinese aspectual particle le: A comprehensive guide [<br />

汉 语 动 态 助 词 “ 了 ”: 一 了 百 了 ],<br />

Reviewed by Yang Zhao<br />

Jianhua Bai [ 白 建 华 ] & Yang Wang [ 汪 洋 ]. (2015) China in Depth: An<br />

Integrated Course in Advanced Chinese [ 焦 点 中 国 : 高 级 汉 语 综 合 教 程 ]<br />

Reviewed by 梁 新 欣 [Hsin-hsin Liang]<br />

Chinese as a Second Language<br />

volume 55 number 3 2020<br />

the Chinese Lang<br />

The journal of<br />

美<br />

國<br />

中<br />

文<br />

教<br />

師<br />

學<br />

會<br />

學<br />

報<br />

Ch<br />

a<br />

S<br />

La<br />

vol<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Vol. 45 No. 3<br />

issn 2451-828x / e-issn 2451-8298<br />

John Benjamins Publishing Company<br />

John Ben<br />

csl.55.3.cover.indd 1

Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

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美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <br />

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c/o Department of Modern Language, Carnegie Mellon University<br />

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Tel: 412-268-5949, Fax: 412-268-1328 <br />

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Join <strong>CLTA</strong>, renew your membership, or edit your member profile at<br />

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<strong>September</strong>. <strong>2021</strong>. 66

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