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Bringing together physical and mental health

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acute hospitals, specialist care in out-of-hospital settings, and commissioning for

integrated care.

Matthew has a special interest in the relationship between health care, public policy

and digital technology, and how the NHS adapts and adopts new innovations across

the system. He is a member of the scientific committee for the Fund’s annual Digital

Health and Care Congress.

Previously, Matthew worked as a researcher and co-ordinator at the Innovation Unit

on projects across health, education and local government. He has also worked as

an intern at University College London’s Constitution Unit, where he was part of a

team researching the role of special advisers in the UK’s political system and wrote a

research note on special advisers in the Cabinet.

He holds a Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree from Oxford University.

James Thompson joined The King’s Fund in May 2011 as a Data Analyst in the Policy

Directorate. He uses quantitative data to provide information and commentary on a

variety of topics.

James has a BSc in Management Science from the University of Stirling and an MSc

in Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde. Before joining the Fund,

James worked as a data analyst at Information Services Division NHS Scotland,

Dr Foster Intelligence and, most recently, Humana Europe.

Helen Gilburt joined The King’s Fund in 2013 as a Fellow in Health Policy, with a

particular focus on mental health.

Previously she worked at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, where

she remains a Visiting Research Fellow. Helen has expertise in health service research

and a particular interest in service user involvement, utilising her experience of using

mental health services to inform her research. This research includes a national study

of alternatives to standard acute inpatient services, implementation of recoveryoriented

care in community mental health, and a trial of assertive outreach treatment

for alcohol dependence.

Helen holds a PhD in Zoology from the University of Birmingham.

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