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Bringing together physical and mental health

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The 10 areas were chosen on the basis of a literature review and in consultation

with an expert advisory group. The areas covered are by no means exhaustive –

other areas could potentially be added to this list. However, our intention is to

highlight some of the areas where particularly significant opportunities exist.

Note that although Table 2 categorises the 10 areas according to the parts of the

system that are most relevant to each, in reality most of the changes needed span

multiple settings.

For each area, we briefly describe the shortcomings of current approaches, assess

the impact that these problems have on patients and the system, and outline what

a more integrated approach might look like. Our intention is not to provide a

comprehensive review of the (often substantial) research available in each of the

10 areas, but to give illustrative evidence.

Collectively, the evidence described in this section demonstrates why change is

needed across the system. Those who do not wish to read the detail for each of the

10 areas may choose to skip to the summary on page 42.

The case for change: 10 areas where integration is needed most 21

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