Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries


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Cartage of trees


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1878: Austin and Kirk pipes. 18

Conservation Plan for Addington Cemetery

However, the good intentions of the Church to ensure prudent and careful administration

of the cemetery appears to have come unstuck

and by the early 1880s was a highly


matter that appeared to be splitting the members of the church.

The Lyttelton Times devotes much space in reports

and letters to the Editor over the issue in

the early 1880s – it is a complex argument and quite difficult to follow but appears to be

between the Deacons Court and Cemetery Trustees and related to a suggested mishandling

of the funds and the fact that the deed had never stated clearly that the purpose of the land

was for a cemetery and that it was not signed. 19 Finally in April 1884 the Editor of the

Lyttelton Times stated at the end of yet more correspondence on the matter: “This

correspondence to which we have given a very great deal of room, on account of the

apparent haziness surrounding a most important subject, must now cease.” 20

The archival records of the Deacons Court Correspondence Book notes on the matter:

19 March 1884

Letter to the Trustees of the Scotch Cemetery from the Deacons Court informing them that

there is now a properly constituted Deacons Court of St Andrews Church and requesting

that they hand over to said court the future management of the cemetery together with all

monies they may have in hand.

8 January 1885 p17‐18

Letter to the Trustees of the Scotch Cemetery from the Deacons Court written 10 months

after the formation of the Deacons Court and “the Scotch Cemetery Trustees have still

to hand over management and funds to the Deacons Court…notwithstanding

r a settlement…unless they make good this promise to hand over

of the cemetery without further delay, the solicitors of the

legal proceedings….” 21


repeated applications fo

the management and funds

Court will be instructed to institute


ARCHIVE 108: St Andrews Presbyterian Church Archives Christchurch City Libraries. Box 1 Item #8 1854

– 6? Minutes of the Committees and Correspondence.

19 Lyttelton Times 12 December 1882, p.5

20 Lyttelton Times 29 May 1884, p.6

21 Box1 Item #2 Deacons

Court Correspondence Book. Carbon copies of outward letter. March 1884 – May



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