Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan for Addington Cemetery

Legal action was taken following this entry. And it is noted in the minutes for October 1885

that the Cemetery Trustees had stopped

communicating with the Deacons Court over the

matter. The matter

seems to have been resolved by 1886.

inute Book of the Deacon’s Court of June 1889 notes the “dilapidated state” of the

On the 9th The M

fence and suggests a new iron fence.

of July 1889 it was resolved to proceed with

the erection of a new fence on the

southern boundary. This must have been achieved as the

4 November 1889 report states

that the woodwork on the new cemetery fence “was

suffering from want of paint” 22

The Council Report of 1947 to the Reserves Committee which considers whether the

Council should take control of the Addington Cemetery notes that the fences

are post and

corrugated iron, but in poor condition and a new fence would be required. 23

In a letter dated September 1947 from the Director of Parks to the Assoc Town Clerk refers

to a two metre high corrugated iron fence existing along the entire street frontage stating

that it is in sound condition and painted green. There is some resistance to remove the

fence implicit in the letter as it would expose the back of headstones hard on the street edge

and thus create “…an unpleasant view.” It was suggested the matter be held over until

Councillors had made a site visit in the October. 24

A further Council report some 40 years later in 1990 to the Parks and Recreation Committee

on the maintenance standards of the metropolitan cemeteries under Council Control, notes

the removal of the high corrugated iron fence on the road frontage in 1989 and the

replacement of this with the current low concrete wall and post and chain fence. 25 It is

likely that the fence so oft referred to was the one noted above and may have been part of,

or similar to, the neighbouring fence which is the frontage of the Victorian Villa on Part RS

66 lot 1 DP 11161 and also painted green. The existence of this fence on the villa frontage is

noted on the DP.

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