Our 54th Year - The Bowling News

Our 54th Year - The Bowling News

Our 54th Year - The Bowling News


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Our 54th Year

VOL. 54, NO. 28 www.TheBowlingNews.net JULY 15, 2010


Mathis, Milliorn win

T.G.I.F. Mixed Doubles at

USA Bowl

Kay Kay Mathis and Wes Milliorn

won $190 in the T.G.I.F. Doubles

tournament. Page 3

Habitat for Humanity

works with USBC

Approximately 600 volunteers

came to the convention center for

the USBC Women’s Championship

to assist the staff in tearing down

the lanes. Page 4

Top youth bowlers

headed to Indy for

USBC Junior Gold


Over 1,600 top youth bowlers

will compete for $125,000 in

scholarships . Page 9


Picking Up Corner Pins

By Jim Woodruff Page 2

Honor Roll Page 3

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8-9

Sponsored by Classic Products

Lane Laughter Page 9

Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 16






Texans do well at

Storm Bowlers Journal


Fleming strikes it big in Open Singles

RENO, NV — After a

lengthy hiatus from the Storm

Bowlers Journal Championships,

presented by USBC,

Paul Fleming of Fort Worth,

made up for his absence with a

memorable performance at the

2010 event.

Fleming, who missed the

Bowlers Journal Championships

while he was bowling full-time

on the Lumber Liquidators Professional

Bowlers Association

Tour, claimed the Open Singles

title this year and finished

second in Classic Singles and

Mixed Doubles with Team USA

member Stefanie Nation.

The 42-year-old right-hander

grabbed the top spot in Open

Singles with games of 235, 245,

By Mark Miller

The age-old question of

whether bowling is a sport,

recreation or business may

finally have been definitively

answered June 27-July 1 at

International Bowl Expo 2010

in Las Vegas.



win SASBAs

By Jim Woodruff

They had a pair of winners

in the SASBA Firecracker

tournament at Plano Super

Bowl last week.

One was the Senior (ages

50-59). The other was the

Super Senior ages 60 and over.

The Senior was won by Randy

Shoemake, a 50-year-old who

was a first-time winner who

didn’t become eligible for

SASBA until last November.

The Super Senior was

won by Hall of Famer Gary

Dickinson who has lost track

of all the SASBA titles he owns.

277 and 261 for a 1,018 total

and nearly made it a pair of

singles wins when he briefly

took the lead in Classic Singles

three days later with 988.

Anthony Thompson of Redding,

CA, went on to win the

Classic Singles crown, however,

with games of 248, 256, 299

and 224 for a 1,027 total a

week later.

Fleming took home $10,000

for his Open Singles victory

and $1,300 for his runner-up

finish in Classic Singles.

Thompson earned $2,000 for

his singles title and an additional

$600 for topping the

Dual Entry standings, which

includes bowlers who chose to

Continued on Page 6

After years of arguing that

it had to be one or the other, it

was apparent to the thousands

in attendance that bowling

indeed is all of them together.

And that seemed okay to the

many experts there.

“We promote bowling as

Honestly. Maybe 25, he said.

The format called for eight

games of qualifying on Saturday

and eight on Sunday with

the top 16 advancing to the

finals which included twogame

match play. It was double


Paul Fleming Derek Eoff

Joe LeCroy Stefanie Nation Andrea Fleming

Clint Dacy

Randy Shoemake, left, and Gary Dickinson, SASBA winners.

Paul McCordic

Shannon O’Keefe

Pete McCordic

Not pictured: Eric Taylor, Shannon Starnes, Erik Vermilyea, Bryan O’Keefe, April Ellis, Brett Cooper.

Bowl Expo makes its point in Las Vegas

a sport, entertainment and

business,” Brunswick president

of Bowling Products Brent Perrier

told the Bowling Writers’

Association of America. “It’s all


Sure, traditional establishments,

which Perrier estimated


There were two completely

separate tournaments. There

were 68 Super entries and 51

“Kids” as the younger bunch is


Continued on Page 9

2010 Open Championships

concludes in Reno, Page 12

receive 70 percent of their

revenue from bowling, remain

prevalent. But the expanding

family entertainment center

concept with just 33 percent

bowling revenue is picking up

steam. So, too, are the boutique

Continued on Page 15


team wins

ITA event

Charlie Natal held his ITA

Firecracker Mixed ITA Team

Tournament July 3-4 at USA


Forty teams participated in

the tournament. Xeno Garcia

and Latoya Williams, Austin,

both averaged 241 in the event

to capture the male and female


Team Johnson posted a 6740

score to win the tournament

and collect the $2,500 firstplace

prize. Team members included

Henry Johnson, Melissa

George, Dorothea Wilson, Jeff

Continued on Page 8

Page 2 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS

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Th e Bowling News


The way things are going at

Cowboys Stadium these days you

could stage a rooster fight there

and draw a huge crowd.

Bowling is getting into the act

in grand style.

It was recently announced

that there would be a U.S.

Women’s Open next year and it

would be at Cowboys Stadium

June 30. Details for the historic

event are being worked out. The

Open will be held in conjunction

with Bowl Expo, always a successful

and powerful event.

It will be sponsored by The

Brands of Ebonite International.

It’s the first big break for

women’s bowling in a long time

and could go a long way in putting

womens’ bowling back on

the map. Kudos for all those who

helped bring this about.


Bob McGregor is sidelined

again. He missed the recent

SASBA Firecracker because of a

knee problem.

* * *

Aren’t there too many

British-speaking TV announcers

working as analysts for tournaments

in our country.

* * *

Don’t you think the Texas

Rangers TV announcers waste

too much time talking about the

cookies sent up to the booth for

them. I would like to hear more

about the players than the cookie


* * *

And don’t you think something

should be done to speed

up baseball glove adjusting after

every pitch.

* * *

And don’t you think Josh and

Vladimir are the most exciting

players the Rangers have ever


* * *

At times I think half our

workforce is working on street

repairs and the other half is

mowing yards.

* * *

For sure Tom Landry had

a lot to do with building the

Cowboys image, but the real

force toward creating America’s

team was Tex Schramm.

* * *

The casinos have hurt the

horse industry. In racing, you

stop every 12 minutes or so

between races. In losing at the

casinos you never have to stop.

* * *

I just wish somebody had told

me many years ago how great

the TV show, The Golden Girls,


* * *

And, lastly, isn’t there something

one could take for old age.



Kevin Roberts, Cowtown ....................................... 814

Chris Holliday, AMF Hurst ..................................... 812

Dickie Sharber, AMF Showplace Euless ............... 793

Ted Pritts, Plano ..................................................... 790

Don Weber, Bandera Super Bowl .......................... 789

Chris Hibbitts, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............. 773

Len Cline, Red Bird ................................................ 762

Ricardo Elizando, AMF Lewisville ......................... 760

EJ Nenichka, Cityview Lanes ................................ 759

Justin Boggio, AMF Spare Time ........................... 757

Chris Castro, AMF Showplace Garland ................ 757

Ron Rogers, Forum ................................................ 757

Chad Newman, AMF Richardson .......................... 735

Jason Hinz, All Star Bowl ...................................... 717

David Kamanski, USA Bowl ................................... 717

Jason Rodgers, BRC Thousand Oaks .................. 717

RJ Little, Interstate ................................................. 713

Don Thompson, Brunswick Westcreek ................. 708

Bam Pride, AMF DeSoto ........................................ 694

Bart Wells, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.......................... 693

John Woessner, Lake Country Lanes ................... 684


Barbara Shaw, AMF Showplace Garland .............. 700

Yolanda Garrett, AMF Showplace Euless ............. 697

Julie McHugh, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............. 684

Brenda Belgarde, Forum ....................................... 682

Sheila Berg, BRC Thousand Oaks ........................ 682

Kelly Murray, Plano ................................................ 672

Melissa Tice, Cowtown .......................................... 671

Susan Charlton, USA Bowl .................................... 657

Amy Langham, Cityview Lanes ............................. 647

Nichole Lusk, AMF Lewisville ............................... 647

Alex Sumruld, Interstate ........................................ 629

Christy Antle, All Star Bowl ................................... 622

Fritz Gresham, AMF Richardson ........................... 619

Nell Ray, Brunswick Westcreek ............................. 601

Veronica Johnson-Smith, AMF DeSoto................. 586

Anona Porter, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ..................... 578

Denise Chambon, Red Bird ................................... 561

Linda Harrell, AMF Spare Time ............................. 559

Briana Mendez, Bandera Super Bowl ................... 555

Janice Naumann, Lake Country Lanes ................. 527

Lucky Hansen, AMF Hurst ..................................... 520

Mathis, Milliorn win

T.G.I.F. Mixed

Doubles at USA Bowl

Kay Kay Mathis and partner

Wes Milliorn won the T.G.I.F.

Mixed Doubles tournament

held at USA Bowl July 9.

The dual won $190 for their

1393 score.

Bryant Empy and Shemeddra

Clark took second with a

Kamanski pockets 717 at

USA Bowl, Charlton 657

David Kamanski racked up a

rousing 231-256-230 = 717 OLBA

league session to earn the top

spot on the honor roll last week

at USA Bowl.

Susan Charlton booked a

banner 204-176-277 = 657 TNL

Ladies set to earn fem scoring



Chris Jones 249-663, Connie Homes

178-499, Betty Swinners 205-531, Stan-

1363 score and collected $80.

Finishing third through

sixth were: 3. Heather Hudson/Tim

Gesion, 1362; 4. Dale

McFarland/Tammy McFarland,

1346; 5. James Reddiesh/Joyce

Thurman, 1273; 6. Carol

Horton/James Poush, 1188.

ley Ransom 258-638, Susan Charlton

211-578, Alex Barnishin 246-686.

Pam Rigg 204-497, Brad Ellis (PBA

Experience, 4 games) 233-900, Mindy

Jordan (PBA Experience, 4 games)

185-683, Sung Lee 248-712, Arli Wilkes


Burdette Graham 257-665, Irene

Yuen 176-448, Russ Whiddon 223-655,

Lynn Riley 192-549, Dondi Rhone 187-

500, Jennifer Curl 189-504, Jim Mathey

168-482, Susan Ellis 210-542.

Kevin Roberts

This week’s high man is

Kevin Roberts with a 258-

299-257 for an 814 series at

Cowtown Bowling Palace.

Kevin works at the bowling

center at the Naval Air Station

in Fort Worth. He would like

to eventually work at the USBC

Headquarters so that he could

utilize his degree in Business

Management and his passion

for the sport.

What is your high series?

This is my first 800.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? Actually the week after

I shot the 814, I shot my first


Thoughts on your big night?

The is first league that I’ve

bowled in. I would normally

just sub when I was going to

school, but now that I am out

of school I have more time to

bowl and that has helped my


What ball did you throw?

The Brunswick Swarm. This

ball is more for medium to dry

lanes and I have been using it

a lot.

Who drills your balls? Sam

McGill. He has a drill press at

his house and has drilled all of

my balls.

What is your average in

the Ladies & Gents league? We

are only a few weeks into the

summer league but it’s around


How long have you been

bowling? I started a long time

ago and got my first ball for

my 14th birthday. I bowled in

youth leagues at the Naval Air

Station and Cowtown.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? I like Wes Malott. He

was named Mr. Versatility a

few years ago, and I like to

make my game to be versatile

as well. I also like Norm Duke

and Brian Voss.

Most memorable bowling

moment? The last two weeks

have certainly been great. I

think my favorite moment was

picking up the 7-10 split in the

State Tournament. It was on

Fathers Day and my dad had

not seen that spared before, so

that was great. I actually think

I got more cheers for picking

up the split than shooting 300.

Kevin’s tip of the week: Set

your goals high. One of my

goals each week is to be the

high bowler in the center. Good

things happen when you least

expect it, so aim high.

Barbara Shaw

This week’s high woman is

Barbara Shaw with a 290-184-

226 for a 700 series at AMF

Showplace Garland. Barbara

lives in Scurry, but bowls in

three leagues, at Terrell, AMF

Showplace Garland and Ennis,

and also bowls in the North

East Texas travel league.

Where were you born? Jack-

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Page 3

sonville, TX, south of Tyler.

What ball did you throw?

Ebonite Mission, it has been

a very good ball for me. I bet

I’ve averaged 220 with that ball

since the day I bought it.

Thoughts on the big series?

The lanes were really good that

night. But, the second game I

(...or any other toe)

$5,000.00 for 10 teams

$10,000.00 for 20 Teams

Tuesday Nights in the Fall at 9:00 PM

5 Member Teams

Handicap 90% Team Handicap from 1100

Entering Average based on 2009-2010 Book Average

$100.00 Franchise Fee Per Team

36 Week League

3 – 12 Week Blocks

Top 2 Teams Each Block Advance To Playoffs

Paid Block Winners

Added Money Paid To Playoff Teams

The “New”


Cityviewlanes.net Fax: 817-346-7208

2nd stop:

July 17th & 18th

11 AM on Saturday & 1 PM on Sunday


Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive

Dallas, TX 75220

Visit us on the Web at


just wasn’t getting the ball to

the right. I was keeping it too

straight. I thought I was going

to have a really big series.

How long do you plan to

keep bowling? As long as my

body will let me! I have been

bowling 18 years now.

Continued on Page 7

Page 4 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Habitat for Humanity works with

USBC to deconstruct Women’s

Championships facility

EL PASO — With the 2010

United States Bowling Congress

Women’s Championships now

complete, it is time to teardown

the one-of-a-kind 48-lane

bowling facility that was

constructed inside of the El

Paso Convention and Performing

Arts Center in January.

The 2010 Women’s Championships

began on March 27

and lasted 100 days, concluding

Sunday. In that time, more

than 30,000 bowlers made

their way to Sun City, and now

that the event is over, USBC

and Habitat for Humanity - El

Paso will team up to return the

venue to its pre-tournament


Starting at the 2002 USBC

Open Championships in Billings,

MT, USBC and the local

Habitat for Humanity chapters

have worked together to help

deconstruct the conventioncenter

settings used for the

Open Championships, and now,

Women’s Championships.

The 2010 event marked the

first time in the 91-year history

of the Women’s Championships

that the tournament was held

in a convention-center setting.

It previously was held in

traditional bowling centers.

Muriel Hall, the executive

director of HFHEP, is looking

forward to continuing this

relationship. She expects approximately

600 volunteers to

come out between Tuesday and

Friday to assist the USBC staff

in the teardown process. Three

teams of volunteers will work

in shifts, starting at 7 a.m., and

finishing up at 11 p.m.

“Everybody is thrilled that

the event did so well, and the

whole community has embraced

it,” Hall said.

“We’ve been distributing fliers

and trying to recruit among

some of the larger groups in

the community.”

Hall also was impressed at

the thought put in by the USBC

staff prior to construction in an

effort to maximize salvageable

materials. The transformation

of the El Paso Convention and

Performing Arts Center began

on Jan. 25, and finished as the

tournament opened its doors to

the first 5,864 five-player teams

on March 27.

“USBC did an excellent job

engineering as well,” Hall said.

They had constructed the

venue with the deconstruction

in mind. The more materials

we can assure will stay out of

landfills, the better.”

HFHEP will provide buckets

of necessary tools to help the

process, including hammers,

drills and extension cords.

They are bringing six tractor

trailers in hope of filling each


“We would love to fill each

tractor trailer,” Hall said. “With

Bowl Your

Head Off

Sunday through Thursday

9 PM to Close

$2.29 + tax per Game per Person

$1.00 Each Shoe Rental, Small

Popcorn, Hot Dog and Small Soda

plus Draft Beer Specials!


7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148


the prices of production material

continuing to rise, an event

like this is such a blessing.”

HFHEP is estimating

they will be able to build

five houses in El Paso for

families in need from salvaged


“This is a great way to end

the tournament,” said USBC

Constructions and Logistics

manager Chris Chartier. “We

like having the opportunity to

give back to a community that

has already given us so much.”

For the Open and Women’s

Championships, the arena is

constructed completely from

scratch. The amount of lumber

used is enough to construct


High Average Bowlers

Introducing the

Invitational Scratch

Matchpoint Classic


$1,000 added

money per team


Over $60,000

in Prize Money

with only 20 teams.

For more info call:



The first 10 team captains to

register full teams receive FREE

LINEAGE for the entire season.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Roberts crushes 299/814,

Tice topples 671 series

Kevin Roberts claimed highgame

and series honors for the

week at Cowtown Bowling Palace

with a booming dual award-winning

258-299-257 = 814 Ladies

and Gents circuit session.

Melissa Tice paced the ladies

with an outstanding 279/671

Wednesday Winners set.


Rex Lindsey 234-633, Alice Cain

474, Mike Petosa 219-590, Andrea

Espinoza 176, Art Beasley 241-608,

Rachel Cantu 208-530, Ryan Burns

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Hibbitts aces 300/773,

McHugh slams 684

Chris Hibbitts collected

high-game and series honors

for the week at Brunswick Zone

Watauga with a high-powered

300/773 series in PBA Experience

league action.

Julie McHugh won high-set

honors for the ladies with a rip

roaring 246/684 High Points



Bob Bullington 707, Carla Kilgore

531, James LeCroy 729, Debbie Williams

586, Mke Cepeda 683, Reanne

Kaesberger 567, Tommy Winchester


Lisa Groschup 392, Sam Kellett 714,

Ali Muskiet 603, John Roberts 609,

at least five three-bedroom

homes, and more than six

miles of wiring is required

to handle the tournament’s

electrical needs.

Ricky Carr 741, Laura McIntosh 509,

Bonnie Liakos 574.

David Estep 690, Kerry Rusk 605,

Kitty Bullington (PBA Experience, 4

games) 657, Ernie Cruz 669, Margaret

Hull 553, David Walker 716.


Richard Bradley 599, Joan Dale 557,

Eddy Smith 727, Ginnette Patzer 515.


Check-In 12:30, Bowl 1 PM

Bowl 8 games across 16 lanes

$ 750 1st Place

(Based on 30 entries)

268-602, Jackie Long 204-568.

Sam Magill 269-675, Frank Stone

254-704, Charlie Pickett 264, Deana

Gann 608, William Brewer 277-728,

April Strong 226, Gustavo Leon 718,

Luann Satchell 555, Jerry New 246.

Pam Candler 243-628, Jeremy

Cozart 254, Greg Barnes 653, Jamie

Hines 256-663, Rudy Garcia Jr. 246-726,

Ken Marsh 289-791, Robbie Kauffman

264-716, John Cantu 244-626.

Jamie Hines 212-582, Larry Riggs

232-661, Tammy Sitton 192-558, Brian

Cope 244, Mike Henderson 258, Matt

Tunnell 253, Jerry Jones 673.


Ralph Barnes 247, Neva House

195-550, Bob Bailey 226-589, Carrie

Reed 188, Jerry Densmore 226-603,

Pat Frair 498, Sherman Osbon 601,

Toni Puente 210-492, Larry Wilson

244-585, Charlene Ardoin 497, Tony

Schronce 565, J. Godbey 234.

The quickest

and best way to

reach people in


P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

$80 Entry Fee

Prize fund

returned 100%

$100 for High Non-cashing Senior


For more information contact Tony Schronce or Jamie Brooks


4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

AMF Hurst Lanes 720 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053 Ph: 817-282-6754

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Page 5

It’s Time for Summer Leagues at AMF.

Join an AMF League today and have a blast EVERY WEEK!

Meet new people!

Kick up some competition with friends!

There are leagues for all skill levels… that means fun for everyone!


AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Arlington Lanes 1801 E. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006 Ph: 817-276-9898

AMF Irving Lanes 3450 Willow Creek Drive, Irving, TX 75061 Ph: 972-790-8201

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

Page 6 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS


Continued from Page 1

use their four-game totals for

doubles and singles at the same


“This feels great,” said Fleming,

who shared $500 for his

second-place Mixed Doubles

effort with Nation.

“I was surprised to hang

on because even though the

previous-leading score (1,017)

was pretty huge, I was able to

bowl well enough to take the

lead. However, I was a little

worried that my score wouldn’t

hold up.”

Fleming’s return to the

United States Bowling Congress

Open Championships in 2009

did not include a visit to the

Bowlers Journal, so he arrived

in Reno three days early to

make sure he had time to


After a lesson from USBC

Silver coach Mike Jasnau at

Lane 81, inside the pro shop

area at the National Bowling

Stadium, he headed over to the

Bowlers Journal, which was

held at the Grand Sierra Resort

& Casino.

“I definitely had a good

game plan, and it worked

great,” Fleming said. “I think

I am going to continue that

in the future and possibly get

there a few days earlier. I was

a little anxious for the tournament

to be over, though. As the

weeks went by, I started to get



SASBA 2008 Ebonite Firecracker

Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX, July 2-5, 2010

Senior Final Standings

Member Hometown Earnings

1 RANDY SHEWMAKE Ft. Worth, TX $1,300.00

2 Donald Robinson Houston, TX $900.00

3 Doc Dougherty Edmond, OK $700.00

4 Ricky Siegfried Slidell, LA $600.00

5-6 Paul McCordic Sugarland, TX $500.00

5-6 Phil Kepner McKinney, TX $500.00

7-8 Russ Caples Denton, TX $450.00

7-8 Mark Williams Beaumont, TX $450.00

9-12 Ron Benz Spring Branch, TX $400.00

Rick Minier Houston, TX $400.00

Rick Lawrence Waxahachie,, TX $400.00

Joe Lecroy Bedford, TX $400.00

13-16 Tim Miller Irving, TX $300.00

Luis Gregorich Dallas, TX $300.00

Gordon Stuntz Baton Rouge, LA $300.00

Tam Wasson Murphy,, TX $300.00

a little more anxious, so I am

very excited to win.”

In the 205 & Under Singles,

Ryan Colburn of Falconer, NY,

tossed games of 299, 236, 235

and 169 for a 939 total and

earned $2,500 for the victory,

while Clarence Moch of Napoleon,

ND, outdistanced his 180

& Under “Pins Over Average”

Singles competitors with games

of 230, 189, 184 and 207 for an

810 total. His effort earned him


Six days before the end of

this year’s event, Kerry Painter

of Henderson, NV, made his

way to Reno and put himself

in position for a senior sweep

with games of 242, 242, 264

and 248 for a 996 total. The

effort helped him to the $5,000

Senior Singles title and the top

spot in Senior Doubles with

his brother, Roger Painter of

Woodbridge, VA. Roger contributed

games of 224, 198, 187

and 243 for 852 and a 1,848

overall total, which earned

them $2,000.

“It feels pretty good,” said

Painter, who teamed up with

Nick Morgan of Sacramento,

CA, to win Senior Doubles at

the 2008 event in Albuquerque,

NM. “My brother and I weren’t

worried about winning. We

were just focused on bowling

well. We just bowled because

we always do. It also feels

nice to win the singles portion

because I have never won the

singles title, and I am double


Leading the way in Open

Doubles was 2010 PBA Rookie

of the Year Anthony LaCaze of

Melrose Park, IL, and former

Team USA member Erik Vermilyea

of Mansfield, TX, who

combined for a record total of


LaCaze paced the pair with

games of 257, 247, 269 and

247 for a 1,020 total, while

Vermilyea added 258, 256, 215

and 223 for 952. The duo took

the lead on April 2 and had the

longest wait of all the tournament


LaCaze, 27, is headed back

to the PBA Tour as an exempt

player for the 2010-11 season

after winning the Earl Anthony

Memorial Classic in Dublin,

CA, and is excited to be heading

into the new season, which

starts in October, on such a

high note.

“It feels great to be on

top,” said LaCaze, whose first

television appearance came

two seasons ago as an amateur.

“This year has been great, and

to win doubles with Erik is

even better. We both had pretty

good looks on the lanes, and

we were able to shoot a score

that held up. It has been a

great year.”

Super Senior Final Standings

Member Hometown Earnings

1 GARY DICKINSON Edmond, OK $1,400.00

2 Les Burnham Irving, TX $1,000.00

3 David Rountree Houston, TX $750.00

4 Avery LeBlanc Plano, TX $600.00

5-6 Roger West Brentwood, TN $500.00

5-6 Charlie Hufford Oxford, MS $500.00

7-8 John Woessner Horseshoe Bay, TX $450.00

7-8 Bryce Ellison Temple, TX $450.00

9-12 Jim King New Braunfels, TX $400.00

Randy Summers Ventress, LA $400.00

Steve Ray Plano, TX $400.00

Gene Rivers San Antonio, TX $400.00

13-16 Jesse Jackson Calera, OK $300.00

TJ Johnson Houston, TX $300.00

Butch Calvert Flower Mound, TX $300.00

Jerry Beavers OKC, OK $300.00

The husband and wife duo

of Robin and Billy Orlikowski

of Grand Rapids, MI, earned

the Mixed Doubles title with

a 1,838 total, also a record at

the Bowlers Journal Championships.

Billy led the way with

games of 236, 267, 257 and 189

for a 949 set, and Robin added

games of 181, 236, 223 and 249

for 889.

This year’s event also saw

a record-breaking performance

by Bryan O’Keefe of Arlington,

whose 1,054 total on games of

275, 286, 258 and 235 was the

highest individual set on the

tournament lanes since the

event changed to a four-game

format in 2006.

Unfortunately for O’Keefe,

his record score came during

doubles, and he was not

entered in singles at the same

time. He did not go away

empty-handed, however, as the

effort helped him and Chris

Viale of Westfield, MA, to a

fourth-place finish in Open

Doubles with 1,932.

Chad Maas of Brookfield,

WI, previously held the fourgame

record with 1,045, which

he shot on the way to the

Classic Singles title in 2008.

This year’s Bowlers Journal

saw nearly 5,000 unique

bowlers take to the lanes at the

Grand Sierra. In all, there were

five 300 games, six 299s, one

298 and three 800 series.




1, Paul Fleming, Fort Worth,

1,018; 2, Derek Eoff, Arlington,

1,017; 5, Pete Thomas, Oklahoma

City, 987; 8, Eric Traylor,

Cypress, 957.


4. Pete Thomas, Oklahoma

City, 936; 5. Pete McCordic,

Katy, 927; 6. Shannon Starnes,

Fort Worth, 925.


2. Paul Fleming, Fort Worth,

988; 8. Clint Dacy, Keller, 955;

9. Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield,



5. Todd Beal, Amarillo, 106.


1, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose

Park, Il/Erik Vermilyea,

Mansfield, 1,972; 4. Bryan

O’Keefe, Arlington/Chris Viale,

Westfield, Ma, 1,932; 9, Lee

Vanderhoef, Greenville,

SC/Paul Fleming, Fort Worth,



2. Pete McCordic, Katy/Paul

McCordic, Sugar Land, 1,790;

5, Doug Anderson, Bettendorf,

IA/Joe LeCroy, Bedford, 1,744.


2. Stefanie Nation, Grand

Prairie/Paul Fleming, Fort

Worth, 1,816; 5. Andrea Fleming/Paul

Fleming, Fort Worth,

1,728; 7. April Ellis/Brett

Cooper, Euless, 1,669; 8. Bryan

O’Keefe/Shannon O’Keefe,

Arlington 1,645; 9. Janette

Nevels/Paul Smith, Universal

City, 1,636.

At AMF Showplace Euless

Sharber red hot with 793,

Garrett hammers 697

Dickie Sharber rocketed to the

top of the honor roll last week

at AMF Showplace Euless with

a power-packed 277-258-258 =

793 Full House showing.

Yolanda Garrett, Sharber’s

leaguemate, fronted distaff scoring

with a top-flight 193-290-214

= 697 set.


D.C. Frederick 279-771, Keith Erion

247-718, Doug Smith 273-715, Sandy

Soule 248-684, Cory Walker 273-684,

Doug Smith 233-680.

John Sholar Sr. 247-669, Dale Gann

238-632, Karsden Molles 165-437,

Lindsey Walker 245-692, Tina Taylor

228-654, Melissa Lewis 213-609, Katie

Jones 209-537, Barbara Seely 189-525.

Terri Homme 182-525, Jackie

Ruis 186-490, Carla Kilgore 179-479,

Melinda Horton 167-467, Barbara

Lanius 151-333.


Hoss Morgan 266-644, Jim Hollinsworth

215-610, Annie Barton

182-472, Mary Warren 169-460.



July 24-25 Cityview (Non-champs Singles) Fort Worth, TX

July 31-Aug. 1 Copperfi eld (Singles) Houston, TX

Aug. 7-8 Diamond Lanes (Over 60/Over 50/Guest Trio) Odessa, TX

Aug. 21-22 300 Bowl (Singles) Conroe, TX

Aug. 28-29 All Star Lanes (Singles) Shreveport, LA

Sept. 4-5 Holiday Lanes (Labor Day Blowout) Oklahoma City, OK

Sept. 18-19 All Star Lanes (Member/Guest Doubles) Shreveport, LA

Sept. 25-26** Cowtown Bowling Palace, (Over 70/Over 60 Dbls.) Fort Worth, TX

Oct. 2-3** AMF Showplace Euless (Annual Championship) Euless, TX

Oct. 16-17 Oil Bowl (Member/Guest Doubles) Longview, TX

Nov. 6-7 Plano Super Bowl (4-man Team) Plano, TX

Nov. 13-14 Del Mar Lanes (Singles) Houston, TX

Dec. 4-5 Cityview (Age Bracket Tourney) Fort Worth, TX

Dec. 18-19 Plano Super Bowl (Annual Team) Plano, TX

** Changed location or correction


Colin Kyle fired a 741 at Plano SB…Paul Monroe had an 863

at DeSoto AMF…Ryan Shafer and Norm Duke were the only

PBA players with two wins for the season…Demetrya Clark hit

AMF Richardson with a 654…Lonnie Johnson posted a 299/791

at Cowtown…Jerry Standlee ripped Watauga for a 761…Becky

Bowden rolled a 619 at Jupiter.


Chris Warren captured the ABC Masters…Don Richey was

tops at Big Town again with a 674…Dino Castillo was on fire at

Euless and sizzled in with an 826…Jessie Marable fired a 704

at Red Bird… “George” Maclaughlin had a 642 at Plano.


Jeff Cathey bowled the first 300 at Red Bird…Susie Reichley

had a 747 at Hart…Bob Lehr ripped Plaza with a 824…John

Sloan took it to Jupiter with a 746…Wes Harding posted a TTBA

victory at GSL…Jackie Greene led the women with a 587 at


At Plano Super Bowl

Pritts smashes 790,

Murray captures 672

Acon bags 300 game

Ted Pritts fired a chart-topping

255-279-256 = 790 Pepsi Classic

Doubles series to earn top billing

on the honor roll for the week at

Plano Super Bowl.

Eric Acon’s award-winning

perfecto claimed high-game


Kelly Murray won the high-set

for the ladies with a powerful

213-247-212 = 672 Wednesday

Humpers set.


Henry Honore III 278-681, Cathy

Sposito 240-609, Larry Standefer

144-281, Carol Shinoda 182-339, Rich

Souddress 278-755, Cindy Mann

243-602, James Gray 248-667, Jaclyn

Clark 257-651.

George Vaughn 258-705, Leslie

Evans 205-532, Mark Borckardt

269-739, Jackie Fisher 218-593, Bret

Westfall 247-722, Brenda Buchanan

214-590, Larry Standefer 171-304, Carol

Shinoda 144-274, George Crenshaw III


Dallas Potter 181-527, Justin Pittsinger

(PBA Experience) 236-682, Velma

Campbell (PBA Experience) 220-594,

Brenda Buchanan 243-598, Michelle

VanGilder 190-554, John Precourt Sr.

253-696, Tom Melms 248-677.

Buck Buthereit 221-590, Glenna

Young 161-449, Ken Smith 256-728,

Brian Childress 277-736, Mary Besherse

213-549, Hank Conti 232-654, Whitney

Williams 201-560, George Vaughn

264-705, Leslie Evans 210-570.

Robert Eidenier 275-725, Lois

Abrego 210-545, Jim Martinez 235-553,

Dayne Young 163-466, Billy Rogers

(4 games) 290-1074, Lisa Wasson (4

games) 237-844, David Halliburton

247-684, Kim Shellem 203-569, Kevin

Hiam 279-750, Cindy Mann 206-594,

Robert Keister 246-623, Alicia Shaw


At Interstate Lanes

Little levels 713,

Sumruld shoots 629


headed the leader boards last

week at Interstate Lanes by logging

laudable 237-263-213 = 713

numbers in Just For Fun league


Youth bowler Alex Sumruld

led the ladies with a sturdy 246-

150-233 = 629 Summer Gen.

Gap session.


A. Salehesthehar 242-557, Rainey

Wendling 129-382, Jerry Connoly

165-442, Kitty Connolly 146-374, Jose

Montelongo 214-560, Isabell Jones


Mark Quinn 228-547, Dee James

171-451, Bobby Harmel 246-628,

Brenda Walker 181-458, Mike Hill

231-581, Debi Harmel 172-447, Mark

Quinn 224-650.

Caryn Edwards 176-496, Adam

Gonzales 244-636, Mindy Ventura 151-

435, David Bowman 234-636, Celena

Adkins 148-373, Dan Woda 236-597,

Dana Scott 134-363, Steve Traynor


Susan Black 179-480, Stan Temple

244-629, Lisa Sumruld 154-412, Phillip

Mueller 168-433, Aimee LaFrance

143-421, Trevor Walsh 150-420, Shelly

Stewart 134-367.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-


Wells wires

693 series

ROWLETT — Bart Wells

rounded up the top score of the

week at Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama

after pounding out a noteworthy

202-256-235 = 693 Wednesday

Mixers series.

Anona Porter paced the ladies

with a fine 221-179-178 = 578

Monday Mixers set.


Bill Speake 257-673, Betty Bruedigam

196-514, Sammye Ragland

214-574, Cody Coburn 246-661, Kathy

March 215-567.


Arley Terry 190-376, Ann Revel

169-335, Bill Clay 215-548, Betty

Bruedigam 171-489, Stephen Small

(no-tap) 259-688, Shirley Large (notap)



Continued from Page 3

What is your all-time

favorite movie? The Sound of

Music. I can be in a bad mood,

but that movie will always put

me in a good mood. I know all

of the songs by heart, I saw it

for the first time in 1966.

What is your favorite

restaurant? Texas Road House,

but we don’t eat out often.

Where did you take your best

vacation? Probably Hawaii. I

have been there twice, the last

time being on my honeymoon.

I have been to all of the islands

except for Maui, I like the

volcano’s the best.

What is your favorite piece of

technology? My computer, but I

think I would enjoy the Kindle

since I like to read so much.

If you were the commissioner

of all things bowling for a day

what would you change? The

first thing I would change

would be to make all team

events with four member

teams. It is getting harder to

get five people to go to tournaments,

but you really need 10

so that everyone has a doubles

partner and it’s just hard to

find 10.

Favorite hobby besides

bowling? I do like to play golf,

but my friend that I that I play

with has been out of commission

so I haven’t played much

lately. I used to snow ski and

water ski, but don’t get to do

those much anymore.

Kickoff the

League Season!

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ideas—let us know

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New Leagues

Now Forming

Contact Christy at 972-475-7080

To view our entire league schedule



5021 Lakeview Parkway, Rowlett, TX 75088



Page 8 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Martin Montes led the Dallasarea

USBC youth bowling last

week with an outstanding 201-

220-236 = 657 Tuesday Youth

Adult series at AMF Showplace


Tara Lopez headed the girls

honor roll with a super solid 195-

215-236 = 646 Thursday Scholars

set at Plano Super Bowl.

Other Dallas-area scores:

At Plano — Jacob Box 211-609,

Cameron Shankle 68-169, Spencer

Brandon 82-213, Jonathan Schneider

181-480, Cody Curtis 90-242, Darrian

Banks 165-482, Keilah Giovino 212-565,

Fort Worth

USBC Youth


Chris Swenning topped the

Fort Worth-area USBC youth

bowling last week with a rousing

223-201-218 = 642 series at

Forum Bowl.

Megan Bentham led the girls

with a fine 585 Peterson Point set

at Brunswick Zone Watauga

Other Fort Worth-area


At AMF Showplace Euless — Aaron

Stewart 192-549, Bobby Foret 198-429,

Levi Roberts 158-422, Thomas Lopez

145-319, Robbie Howard 91-154, Ashley

Cox 167-443.

At Cowtown — Zachary Moore

190-447, Katie Tallant 227-587, A.J.

McFarland 165-463, Brittney Martin

201-528, Jeremy Petosa 220-486, Katie

Tallant 223-589, Justin Lindsey 180-

489, Oliva Lindsey 203-417, Brittney

Martin 516.

At Cityview Lanes — Katie Rooney

179-466, Tyler Sims 224-540.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

— Marcelino Negrete 625, John Roberts

430, Reynalda Contreras 395, Zach Ballas

416, Claudia Roberts 383, J. Wayne

Holt 458, Claudia Roberts 360, Micha

McCracken 542, Kyra Zink 444, Justin

Blankenship, (4 games) 696.

At Forum — Sammie Boles 86-154,

Josie Geiogue 91-173, Taylor Windham

140, Anyssa Boles 71-139, Brynn

Sprinkle 159-391, Katelynn Correll

168-467, Trevor Goad 118-301, Kristin

Hilker 133-374, Shelbie Goad 193-552,

Nick Kennedy 198-515, James Parsons

II 168-475.

At Brunwick Westcreek — Taylor

Coggins 253-603, Katelyn George 191-

540, Cooper cox 226-590, Alex Grogan

211-541, Chris Jones 196-512, Keith

Searle 127, Wesley Searle 139, Katie

Hamlin 114, Courtney Cotton 222-532,

Kamari Wine 148, Thomas Manning

206, Chandler Mayfield 167.

Drew claus 208-565, Rachel Kugelstadt

190-567, Nicole Lavallais 153-422,

Talisen Baron 145-392, Chelsea Castleberry

78-191, Trevor Hilving 220-531,

Jimbo Land 200-552, Stephanie Sims

161-405, Brent Phillips 157-435, Shana

Geerdes 187-514, Chris Barrett 214-585,

Jayden Norman 122-346, Kaylea Norman

124-353, (Sport Bowling, 4 games

– Anthony Simonsen 218-776, Drew

Claus 180-548, Tara Lopez 198-704,

Ben Walk 228-780, Sierra Gibbons


At USA Bowl — Daniel Castillo 125-

303, Mikala Kearns 169-463, Matthew

Kannenbe 134, Sara Griffin 77-210.


Youth Scores

Federick Lindgren led the

Southwest-area USBC youth

bowling last week with a booming

215-221-267 = 703 Youth

Scratch Trios series at BRC Thousand


Whitney Harris, Lindgren’s

leaguemate, paced the girls

with a thundering 206-245-226

= 677 set.

Other Southwest-area


At Interstate Lanes, Round Rock

— Alex Sumruld 246-629, Thomas

Ingram 195-449, Raymond Thompson

183-405, Laura Trimble 181-499, Joshua

Bailey 137-357, Caitlin Hall 103-250.

At Bandera Super Bowl, San Antonio

— Albert Perez 224-612, Sydney

McCall 104-258, Sadie Alonzo 133-286,

Albert Perez 221-459, Ashle Reid 181-

508, Leticia Gonzales 253-553.

All Star Bowl, Ennis — Dylan

Macon 190-520, McKinsey Pollan

174-425, AJ Slovak 92-239, Caitlyn

Chapman 107-303, Austin Midkiff

189-502, Joshua Brickey 106-277, Todd

Smith 193-512, Jeff Baum 179-454,

Joshua Heady 178-498.

At Red Bird — Christopher McCaleb

213-593, Makensie Martin 198-513,

Matthew Ruiz 103-176, Kaelyn Allen


At AMF Showplace Garland

— Johnnie Arriago 213-535, Darian

Moore 182-521, Hunter Varner 87-150,

Mikayla Trammell 62-122, Kishjuan

Busby 205-569, Chelsea Bell 133-381,

Chelsea Bell 146-416.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama — Colton

Enable 113-206, Ashley Eickelman

93-168, Zach Plagens 126-363, Madison

Fowlkes 97-245, William Plagens 193-

497, Toniya Smith 102-218.


Continued from Page 1

George and Justin Boggio.

Second place and $1,250

went to Team York with members

Christi Uvaldo, Troy Reich,

Russ Whiddon, Mike York and

Ted Pritts.

Taking third and $750 was

Team Markham, with bowlers

Earl Laurence, Cassandra Norris,

Kevin Malone, Bam Pride

and Walter Markham.

Fourth place and $500 went

to Kiss This. Team members

were Jessica Hirschmann,

Latoya Williams, Tommy

Jordan, Martin Edwards Jr. and

Xeno Garcia.

Rounding out the top five

was Cha-Chino. Team members

Russell Corwin, Lupe Reyna,

Jacqueline Fisher, Travis

Pirotte and Paul Henderson

shared $250 for their fifth-place


Special recognition went to

Latoya Williams, Bam Pride,

Ted Pritts, Lupe Reyna and Joe

Sustaita for their 300 game.

Chris Castro posted the only

800 series.

The ITA Tournament is tentatively

scheduled to return to

USA Bowl Labor Day weekend.



Spot and Full Color is available

Call us for more



Our 54th Year


Federick Lindgren, BRC Thousand Oaks ............. 703

Martin Montes, AMF Showplace Garland ............. 657

Chris Swenning, Forum ......................................... 642

Marcelino Negrete, Brunswick Zone Watauga ..... 625

Albert Perez, Bandera Super Bowl ....................... 612

Jacob Box, Plano ................................................... 609

Taylor Coggins, Brunswick Westcreek ................. 603

Christopher McCaleb, Red Bird ............................ 593

Aaron Stewart, AMF Showplace Euless ............... 549

Tyler Sims, Cityview Lanes .................................... 540

Dylan Macon, All Star Bowl ................................... 520

Williams Plagens, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama .............. 497

Justin Lindsey, Cowtown ....................................... 489

Thomas Ingram, Interstate .................................... 449

Daniel Castillo, USA Bowl ..................................... 303


Whitney Harris, BRC Thousand Oaks ................... 677

Tara Lopez, Plano ................................................... 646

Alex Sumruld, Interstate ........................................ 629

Katie Tallant, Cowtown........................................... 589

Megan Bentham, Brunswick Zone Watauga ......... 585

Destiny Velez, AMF Showplace Euless ................. 567

Leticia Gonzales, Bandera Super Bowl ................ 553

Shelbie Goad, Forum ............................................. 552

Katelyn George, Brunswick Westcreek ................ 540

Darian Moore, AMF Showplace Garland .............. 521

Makensie Martin, Red Bird .................................... 513

Katie Rooney, Cityview Lanes ............................... 466

Mikala Kearns, USA Bowl ...................................... 463

McKinsey Pollan, All Star Bowl ............................. 425

Madison Fowlkes, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ............. 245


June 12-July 18 — Texas State USBC Youth 2010 State Championship. Every

weekend, Armadilla I, Pasadena, TX, Team event; AMF Alpha

Bowl, Webster, TX Doubles, Singles. Entries close Mar. 15,


July 10-16 — USBC Junior Gold Championships, Indianapolis, IN

July 17-19 — North Pointe High School Singles, Hindel Bowling Lanes,

Indianapolis, IN. Get entry forms at www.bpaa.com

July 24 — 3-Member Baker Tournament, AMF Showplace Euless, Euless, TX,

Entry fee: $45 per team, Check in noon, bowl at 1 p.m. Bowl 10

games. 90% of 600 handicap. Scholarshps and trophies

July 29-31 — International Family Tournament, AMF Showplace Euless, Euless,

TX. Qualifying ends Mar. 13, 2010.

Aug. 7-8 — Grand Prix State Finals, Mel’s Lone Star Lanes, Georgetown

If you have upcoming youth tournaments you would like listed

on the schedule, contact The Bowling News at 817-267-8686, fax:

(817-267-1813) or email: bowlingnews@sbcglobal.net.

USBC Youth bowling is a

unique opportunity to get

involved with a sport that you

can stay with forever and offers

more than $6 million in annual

scholarships that reward academic, leadership and on-lanes

performance skills. USBC Youth also provides opportunities

for coaching and instruction, fun and friendly competition,

fair play, teamwork, and leadership development. And

there are cool new awards that include updated emblems,

trophies, and even rings!

To be a bowler, you don’t have to be the biggest, tallest or

strongest to succeed on the lanes. In fact, the world’s best

bowlers come in all shapes and sizes – short, tall, heavy,

thin. Bowling technique is all about leverage and timing, so

your physical size and strength does not matter as much as

in sports like football or basketball.

Bowling has a lot to offer young people. If you or your child

wants to get involved with a cool sport that anyone can

play and one that helps build their future, give bowling a

try! Join USBC Youth bowling today!

Lavery-Spahr, Johnson win Junior

Bowlers Southwest Area Tour

Anthony Lavery-Spahr

Anthony Lavery-Spahr won

the scratch division and Brian

Johnson won the handicap

division of the JBSWAT youth

tournament held July 3 at AMF

Richardson Lanes.

In the scratch division,

Lavery-Spahr defeated Anthony

Simonsen in the best of three

matches to win the championship.

Simonsen finished

second, Michael Steele ended in

third and Kimi Davidson took


Brian Johnson, left, champion and Micah McCracken, second place.

Johnson came out on top

after besting top-seeded Micah

McCracken, 247-234, in the

handicap title match. Earlier,

Johnson outscored Toby Huffman,


Top youth bowlers headed

to Indy for USBC Junior

Gold Championships

More than 1,600 of the top

youth bowlers in the nation

will compete for $125,000 in

scholarships at the United

States Bowling Congress Junior

Gold Championships presented

by Brunswick from July 10-16.

For the second consecutive

year, the tournament will

be held in Indianapolis at

Woodland Bowl, Western Bowl

and Expo Bowl. USBC plans

to provide live video coverage

on BOWL.com of the semifinal

round on July 15 and the

match-play finals on July 16.

Coverage will begin at 8 a.m.

each day.

The reigning champions

– Mike Conn of Crestwood,

KY, in the boys’ division and

Maggie Zakrzewski of Palatine,

IL, in the girls’ division – won’t

be back to defend their titles

in 2010 because of the age

requirement, but many of last

year’s top finishers will return.

Brittni Hamilton of Webster,

NY, led the girls’ division

after 38 games last year before

finishing in fourth place. This

year’s event will be her last

Junior Gold Championships.

“This is my last chance,”

Hamilton said. “I’m just going

to take it one day at a time,

one cut at a time. That’s all I

can do. I really hope I make it

to the final day. I’m just going

to bowl the best I can. I would

like to go out with a bang.”

Andrew Koff of Miami made

a big run late in last year’s

tournament and finished second.

He wants to take that final

step this year and also earn a

spot on Junior Team USA for

the third consecutive year.

The goal is to win this year

and mainly just to make the

team,” Koff said. “But you can’t

really expect too much; you

just go out there and do your

best and hopefully everything

works out.”

Competition starts with

three qualifying rounds, which

requires bowlers to roll six

games each day on July 12, 13

and 14. At the end of the 18

games, the field will be cut to

the top 150 males and top 78

females (all ties advance) for

the semifinals. Semifinal competition,

which consists of two

six-game blocks, will be July

15. The top 16 males and top 16

females will earn spots in the

match-play finals, which will

take place July 16 and consist

of 16 games of match play.

The Junior Gold Championships

also awards spots on

Junior Team USA. The top

four male and top four female

finishers after match-play

competition will automatically

qualify for Junior Team USA

2011, and the National Selection

Committee will award

four at-large spots – two male,

two female – from the pool of

athletes that make match-play


In addition to the tournament,

USBC again will present

Johnson received $200

in scholarship money, while

McCracken won $150.

2011 Jr. Gold spots were

awarded to Michael Steele and

Justin Tan.

a seminar from Dr. Dean

Hinitz, a leading authority

on bowling psychology, and

the Collegiate Experience

seminar, which is designed to

provide pre-college bowlers

with important information on

the opportunities available to

prospective student-athletes.

Both seminars will be held July

10 at The Sheraton at Keystone


A side event, the Bowling

This Month Junior Gold

Survivor tournament, is

scheduled for July 15 and 16 at

Western Bowl. This year, the

Survivor tournament also will

be a qualifying event for the

2011 Junior Gold Championships

that will take place in

Las Vegas.

USBC Youth members who

meet the average requirement

(175 or higher for boys, 150 or

higher for girls) can join the

Junior Gold program and are

then eligible to qualify for the

USBC Junior Gold Championships.

Visit BOWL.com for

more information on the Junior

Gold Championships and the

Junior Gold program.

We are always

looking for

human interest

story ideas—let

us know

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

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How tough is this tournament?

Mark Williams, winner

of the recent PBA Senior Open

lost to Ron Betz and Phil


Dickinson was the only

player making it all the way

to the finals in the winners’

bracket. He met Les Burnhan

in the title match.

Burnham had to beat

Dickinson twice to win. And

he almost did. He was out front

by 14 after the first game, but

Dickinson won with a 279 in

the final match.

Hall of Famer Dickinson

bowls in all the SASBA tournaments,

but bowls in only one

Senior PBA tournament a year.

Burnham was going for his

second SASBA victory.

Shoemake said there were

a couple of keys for him in

nailing his first title.

Firstly, he used a Storm

ball given to him by his friend

Mark Williams. He used only

two balls in the finals.

Secondly, he was able to

stay focused.

He knows a little about staying

focused. He is an air traffic


“Winning this is sensational,”

he said, “Especially

with such a strong field.”

There were about 15 300


“As one close observer said.

If you don’t strike it’s just like

Lane Laughter

an open. These guys can bowl.”

The Senior Results:

1. Randy Shoemake, Fort

Worth, $1,300; 2. Donald

Robinson, Houston, $900;

3. Doc Daugherty, Edmond,

OK, $700; 4. Ricky Sigfield,

Slidell, LA, $600; 5-6. Paul

McCordic, Sugarland, Phil

Kepner, McKinney, $500 each;

7-8. Russ Caples, Denton, Mark

Williams, Beaumont, $450

each; 9-12 Ron Benz, Spring

Branch, Rick Minier, Houston,

Joe LeCroy, Bedford, Rick

Lawrence, Waxahachie, $400

each; 13-16. Tim Miller, Irving,

Luis Gregorich, Dallas, Gordon

Stuntz, Baton Rouge, LA, Tam

Wasson, Murphy, $300 each.

Super Senior results

1. Gary Dickinson, Edmond,

OK, $1,400; 2. Les Burnham,

Irving, $1,000; 3. David

Roundtree, Houston, $750; 4.

Avery LeBlanc, Plano, $600; 5-

6. Roger West, Brentwood, TN,

Charlie Hufford, Oxford, MS,

$500 each; 7- 8. John Woessner,

Horseshoe Bay, Bryce

Ellison, Temple, $450 each;

9-12. Jim King, New Braunfels,

Randy Summers, Ventress, LA,

Steve Ray, Plano, Gene Rivers,

San Antonio, $400 each; 13

-16. Jesse Jackson, Calera, OK,

TJ Johnson, Houston, Butch

Calvert, Flower Mound, Jerry

Beavers, Oklahoma City, OK,

$300 each.

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$3.95 per Game per Person

$3.00 Shoes Per Person

$24.95 1 Hour Rent-A-Lane

(Per lane, up to 6 people, shoes included)


$2.25 per Game per Person

$2.25 Shoes per Person


Mondays 5 PM-Close

$1.25 per Game per Person

Wednesdays 5 PM-Close

$10 per Lane per Hour & $3 Shoes per Person

Thursdays 9 AM-Close

$1 per Game per Person

972-875-1558 www.allstarbowlennis.com

For Info: 830-693-4311

2303 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, TX 75119

Hilltop Super Bowl

2010 West Business 287, Waxahachie, TX 75165

(972) 935-9705



Friday & Saturday Nights

From 10 PM to 1 AM

blacklight special!

$39.95 plus tax per lane. Up to six people,

shoes included. This one price is good from 10

PM to 1 AM. 3 Hours for 40 bucks!

For our League and Senior bowlers,

$1.50 per game, anytime!

2801 W. 7th Ave., Corsicana, TX 75110

www.corsicanasuperbowl.com corsicanasuperbowl@att.net



All Star Bowl, 2303 W. Ennis Avenue, Ennis, TX 75119 | Phone: (972) 875-1558

Bandera Super Bowl, 6700 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX 78238 | Phone: (210) 523-1716

Corsicana Super Bowl, 2801 West 7th Avenue, Corsicana, TX 75110 | Phone: (903) 874-3746

Hilltop Super Bowl, 2010 West Business 287, Waxahachie, TX 75165 | Phone: (972) 935-9705

Lake Country Lanes, 112 North Ridge Road/Highway 281 North, Marble Falls, TX 78654 | Phone: (830) 693-4311

Plano Super Bowl, 2521 Avenue K, Plano, TX 75074 | Phone: (972) 881-0242

Mondays - .92 cent games ALL DAY, shoes $2.50

Wednesday - $8.00 UNLIMITED BOWLING,

shoes and tax included

Thursday - Kids Day 1 hour of bowling, a hotdog

or corndog and small drink $5.00

Friday - $10.00 UNLIMITED BOWLING, shoes

and tax included

Sunday - Family Pack 2 hrs of bowling for four,

2 PM-6 PM, 1 large pizza and pitcher of soda

for only $25.00

*We now have NEW ADULT SHOES*

At BRC Thousand Oaks

Rodgers racks up 717,

Berg builds 682

SAN ANTONIO — Jason Rodgers’

top-drawer 202-279-236 =

717 High Anxiety series headed

the scoring race for the week at

BRC Thousand Oaks.

Sheila Berg paced the ladies

with a sterling 228-226-228 =

682 Trendsetters session.


David Wersell 280-707, Sheila Van

Gundy 223-614, Richard Olmo 268-589,

Marcia Stewart 197-544, Steve Smith

256-663, Pamela Harper 190-516, Tye

Eggleston 249-682.


Joe Mardon 211-606, Anna Robison


At All Star Bowl

Hinz hurls 717 series,

Antle bags 622 set

ENNIS — Jason Hinz lit up the

lanes last week at All Star Bowl

with a sturdy 201-258-258 = 717

Beer N Pizza series.

Christy Antle, from the Pairs

N Spares group, paced the ladies

with a strong 225-180-217 =

622 set.


Terry Slack 195-575, Linda Taylor

205-544, Joe Crow 225-605, Mark Sikes

188-544, Casey Powell 253-678, Christy

At Bandera Super Bowl

Weber hammers 789


Weber’s power-laden 269/789

T.G.I.F. Summer league series

topped the charts for the week

at Bandera Super Bowl.

Briana Mendez, Weber’s

leaguemate, rolled a nice 223/555

set to front fem scoring.


John Ruiz 233-571, Heather

Bergstedt 191-540, Sid Luna 266-626,

P.J. Couch 168-476, Daniel Henderson

210-595, Ashley Castillo 146-379.

Antle 211-566, Brandi Strain 195-522,

Tom Findlay 195-515.

Margie Jenkins 185-471, Johnny

Garcia 225-618, Anthony Porter 215-

628, Dylan Macon 190-520, McKinsey

Pollan 174-425, Matt Lawrence 245-

650, Dena Brickey 158-417.


Tom Findlay 225-607, Jacquie Rice

173-395, Harold Rice 150-428, Neon

Langston 152-413, Frank La Scala Sr.


Chris Schumacher 190-492, Courtney

Loveless 177-477, Ted Stovall

248-617, Donna Gil 191-490, Chris

Benavides 248-610, Theresa Anderson

177-487, Josh Jackson 197-445.

Jenna Swanson 162-410, Mike

Calahan 279-673, Frannie Tumblinson

178-496, Ramon Cervantes 230-525,

Joann Thomas 192-486.


Ken Hallstrom (no-tap) 254-689,

Amy Olsen (no-tap) 253-705.


August 20-22

PBA Southwest Region Killeen

Open, Killeen, TX

August 27-29

PBA Southwest Region Greenville

Open, Greenville, TX

September 4-6

PBA Southwest Region Carol

‘Stormin’ Norman Pro Shop U

Can Bowl 2 Del Mar Lanes Open,

Houston, TX

September 17-19

PBA Southwest Region Young &

Pratt Austin Open, Austin, TX

September 24-26

PBA Southwest Region Fort Smith

Open, Fort Smith, AR

September 24-26

PBA Southwest Region Fort Smith

Senior Open, Fort Smith, AR

October 1-3

PBA Southwest Region Denver

Challenge (Non-champions event),

Lakewood, CO

October 1-3

PBA Southwest Region Denver

Senior Open, Lakewood, CO

It’s always the right time to

sign up for a League

Call your local center now to sign up

At Lake Country



wheels 684


Woessner led the high-set chase

last week at Lake Country Lanes

with an estimable 269-194-221

= 684 Summer Merchants


Janice Naumann paced the

ladies with a fine 177-160-190

= 527 Summer Lady Bluebonnet



Wayne Curd 235-645, Lacinda

Jelokay 140-328, Jay Fraiser 270-664,

Shanell Sheppard 167-429, Polly Norton

215-493, Wayne Curd (4 games) 209-

681, Rebecca DeShea 179, Sandra Craig

(4 games) 667.


Ross Walker 232-602, Pat Mekott

139, Bessie Weinard 377.


Team Payoff:

1. $3,000.00

2. 1,500.00

3. 1,000.00

4. 750.00

5. 600.00

6. 500.00

7. 400.00

8. 350.00

9. 300.00

10. 250.00

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Page 11

$6,000 Guaranteed 1st Place

(Based on 40 entries)

Sunday, July 25th



Check in: 9 AM

Bowling Starts 10 AM

Deadline to sign up: July 21st

Entry Fee: $100 per person / $400 per team

4-Person Teams

800 Cap

Must have one member of the the opposite sex

Handicap 80% of 210

Will bowl 5 games

The highest 08-09 Yearbook average will be used.

(No book average, then 210 entering average)

For more information, contact Calvin at 210-654-0031


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd • San Antonio, TX 78217


30th Annual

Los latinos de san marcos


Team classic

August 21-22, 2010

First Place Team


Based on 56 teams



Team Entry Fee:


Squad Times:

Saturday: 1:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM

This is a non-sanctioned handicap tournament open to all bowlers except PBA exempt bowlers.

Teams bowl 3 games Saturday and 3 games Sunday.

Team Average Cap: 1000. Team format: 4:1 or 3:2 Combination

For more information, full rules and entry forms, contact the front desk at Bandera Super Bowl or

the Tournament Director: Charlie Natal at 512-738-7287 or Email: cnatal@centurytel.net


6700 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX 78238

Page 12 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Rogers sweeps Forum with

757, Belgarde sacks 682

Himonubbe lands 300 game

Ron Rogers’ stellar 246-287-

224 = 757 Thursday Trio group

session led the scoring race last

week at Forum Bowl.

Jimmy Himonubbe earned

high-game accolades with an

award-winning 12-bagger.

Brenda Belgarde led the ladies

high-set contest with a stalwart

235-210-237 = 682 Fast Lane

Trio outing.


Joe Roberts (no-tap) 300-802, Pam

Stewart (no-tap) 242-714, Richard

Lopez (4 games) 278-1038, Whitney

Herr (4 games) 220-824, Chuck Walker

228-664, Joyce Conston 157-419.

Brian Castro 233-657, Elaine Mason

216-608, Robair Ross 269-747, Jana Williams

236-585, James Parsons 214-556,

Monica Holford 118-305, Jim Buntain

277-705, Gwen Pogue 184-476.

Justin Boggio (4 games) 278-1017,

James Cooper 237-674, Kim Castro

188-496, Tony Hodge 248-713, Melissa

George 229-587, Tami Rogers 189-505,

Ronnie Geiger 189-537, April Cross


Ken Hoskins 258-688, Michelle

Anderson 202-498, Jimmy Himonubbe

300-745, Jennifer Green 212-579, Levi

Bryant 290-716, Amber Snyder 214-587,

Jimmie Parker 257-709, Linda Griffin


At AMF DeSoto

Pride produces 694

Bam Pride racked up a rousing

187-258-249 = 694 Pushovers

series to take top honors for the

week at AMF DeSoto.

Veronica Johnson-Smith,

Prides’ leaguemate, led the ladies

with a smooth 220-174-192

= 586 set.


Bam Pride 240-657, Russell Corwin

228-650, Stanley Lawton 209-577,

Wendy Kent 192-501, Travis Pirotte

246-660, Janet Miller 232-583, Calvin

Bailey 267-661.

Lori Knox 200-502, Bobby Doss

223-594, Lucy Chism 170-494, Mike

Burrell 233-644, Aric Alcaraz 253-640,

Mike Miller 240-643, Veronica Avery



Roger Strand 191-549, Billie Bradley

194-544, Ron Sanders 193-512, Kay

Carter 186-496, Larry Jones 189-494,

Jeanne H. 168-459, Harry Yezek 189-

486, Robbie Henry 157-455.




9AM-11AM $18.00 PER HOUR

11AM-1 PM $20.00 PER HOUR


9AM-5PM $18.00 PER HOUR




Family owned and Independently operated for 37 years

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677


2010 Open Championships

concludes 136-day run in Reno

RENO, NV — When Matt

McNiel of Chanhassen, MN,

completed his nine games at

this year’s United States Bowling

Congress Open Championships,

he had no idea he’d just

posted the highest all-events

total in 107 years of tournament


Now, the record-setting lefthander

can add eagle winner

to his growing resume as the

official Regular All-Events

champion at the 2010 event,

which ended its 136-day run at

the National Bowling Stadium

on July 5.

McNiel, 25, marked in 88 of

90 frames on the way to sets

of 806 in singles, 780 in team

and 740 in doubles for a 2,326

total. Ron Vokes of Racine, WI,

previously held the all-events

record with 2,321, which he

shot on the way to the title last

year in Las Vegas.

“I’ve been putting about 100

hits a day on the website to see

what’s going on, and it feels

so good to know it’s finally

in the books,” said McNiel,

who finished fifth in Regular

Singles. “I’ve been getting a

lot of congratulations on my

performance, and getting that

kind of respect from your

peers and people you look up

to is what makes it real. It’s

starting to sink in, and it feels


Less than two weeks after

McNiel’s performance, defending

Regular Singles champion

Bo Goergen of Midland, MI,

was in Reno to put his title

on the line. While he isn’t

the tournament’s first repeat

singles champion, he will

share the winning feeling he

experienced a year ago with

his teammates after helping

Northern Lanes Pro Shop of

At Red Bird

Cline tosses

762 series

Len Cline claimed high-series

honors for the week at Red Bird

Lanes with a rip-roaring 247-

248-267 = 762 Thursday Nite

Mix outing.

Denise Chambon, from the

Mixmasters group, led the Duncanville

ladies with a lofty 159-

181-221 = 561 set.


Jane Davis 173-499, Brittany Barrett

211-510, Eddy Watson Jr. 214-610,

Joanne Adams 200-529, Tim Robinson

227-627, Jon Edmonds 236-601.

Anthony Stangl 232-592, Deborah

Hodge 217-519, Denise Chambon 171-

487, Paul Grody 259-655, Mary Harnack

182-451, Mel Richards 286-721.

Lois Gibson 170-486, Maizie Baker

180-486, Larry Martin 239-645, Monica

Diaz 136-335, Bradley Robinson 264-

729, Maizie Baker 159-452, Lois Gibson


Sanford, MI, to the 2010 Team

All-Events crown with a 10,284


Dan MacLelland of Saginaw,

MI, a two-time collegiate national

champion and two-time

National Collegiate Bowling

Coaches Association Most

Valuable Player, led the way for

Northern Lanes Pro Shop with

a 2,166 all-events total. He was

followed by Dale Hofmeister

(2,085), Goergen (2,031), J.R.

Raymond (2,026) and former

Team USA member Derwin

Pitre (1,976).

“This feels absolutely

fantastic, and to be able to

see my guys’ faces as they

get to experience what I did

last year has been amazing,”

said Goergen, a 50-year-old

right-hander who took home

the 2009 Regular Singles title

with a record-score of 862 and

helped his team to a third-place

Team All-Events finish. “We

work hard at our games and

do our best to excel, and to accomplish

something like this at

this level is really special. I am

excited for the team and really

proud of all the guys.”

This year’s Regular Singles

winner is Terrence Syring of

Bay City, MI, who put together

games of 276, 258 and 299 for

an 833 series on March 26 and

had the longest wait of all the

Regular Division champions.

“I was just waiting and hoping

that my score would hold

on,” said Syring, a 27-year-old

right-hander, whose previous-

Mr. Bill’s Color Pin Sweeper

Every Saturday Night 7:30 PM

Check-in at 6:30 PM

$20 Sweeper entry fee

Mystery Score - 1st Game Strike Pot

King and Queen Tickets • Mega-Shots Every Night

Crazy Eights after Sweeper

$5.00 entry fee - up to two re-entries

Strike pot tickets every game


All split

conversions pay


high series on the championship

lanes was 689 in doubles

last year in Las Vegas. “I know

what it’s like to chase the score

on the leaderboard, but I’m

glad no one was able to catch

up to me. This is definitely


In Regular Doubles, 29-yearold

John Kreyer Jr. of Fridley,

MI, found his way back into

the spotlight and brought his

partner, Steve Bohn of Norwood,

MI, 40, with him as the

two left-handers combined for a

1,514 winning-total.

Kreyer, who rolled the first

300 of the 2007 USBC Open

Championships, also at the

Stadium, led this year’s doubles

surge with games of 258, 279

and 279 for an 816 series, while

Bohn contributed 248, 204 and

246 for 698.

There were a few nail-biting

moments in there when

some great teams put up

serious numbers, so it feels

really good now that it’s over,”

Kreyer said. “It’s like a weight

has been lifted, and we are so

proud now that we’ve won.

We’ve had a really good year

overall, and the feeling is hard

to describe.”

Rounding things out in the

Regular Division is Bowlers

Edge Pro Shop of Neenah, WI,

which claimed the top spot

with a 3,408 total, the highest

team score in six visits to the

Stadium, which opened in

1995 and has hosted the Open

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90% of 220

Ladies four-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Men‛s fi ve-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Will also pay out men‛s and women‛s high series

each night - scratch/handicap

Handicap-Scratch-Ladies Brackets $5.00 each

Cross-Over Doubles $1.00 per person

Mr. Bill 817-557-0749 Cell: 817-925-3892

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275

At Cityview Lanes

Nenichka nails 759,

Langham levels 647

Burnett logs 299 game

EJ Nenichka’s first-rate 244-

236-279 = 759 PBA Experience

session ended as the numberone

set of the week at Cityview


Daniel Burnett claimed highgame

honors with a 299 solo.

Amy Langham’s masterful

Mo’s Matchpoint showing of

191-222-234 = 647 garnered fem

At Brunswick Westcreek

Thompson belts 708,

Ray rolls 601

Don Thompson headed the

leader boards last week at Brunswick

Westcreek by logging laudable

245-228-235 = 708 numbers

in Wednesday Warm-Up action.

Nell Ray paced the ladies with

a classy 221-171-209 = 601 High

Pot w/a Twist session.

2010 US OPEN

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Championships every third

year since.

Three members of the team,

Brad Kuhr, Tim Rice and Jason

Wendt made their return to the

winner’s circle, seven years

after claiming the same title in

Knoxville, TN.

Wendt led the way this

year with a 727 series and was

followed by Rice (716), Kenny

Kempf (675), Kuhr (653) and

Dan Paul (637). The group put

together games of 1,050, 1,115

and 1,243, the second-highest

team game of the 2010 event.

Warhawks of Milton, WI, rolled

the highest game of the year,

1,258, on the way to a thirdplace

finish with 3,387.

“It was a fun and enjoyable

ride, but it was a little scary at

times,” said Kuhr, who helped

his team into the top spot on

April 1. “There have been a lot

of talented teams that got close

but had something go wrong at

the end before they could catch

us, so it must’ve been meant to

be. Three of us won together

last time, and now, it’s nice to

share it with Dan, who is the

one who introduced me to the

tournament, and Kenny, who is

a great friend of ours. It’s just

an unbelievable feeling.”

In the Classified Division,

Ed Howa helped Southeast

Paint of Price, UT, to the team


Greg Avery 246-692, Terri Trefger

202-589, Jonathan Redfield 237-677,

Pearl Tucker 202-577, Mike Moscato

253-675, Amanda Dominguez 214-571,

Genie Roberts 172-504, Ray Martinez

556, Tanya Pruitt 140-372.

Charlie Lumpkin 462, Terri Trefger

title with games of 878, 930

and 1,000 for a 2,808 total. His

619 series set the pace, and he

was joined by Mark Montoya

(618), Joe Juliano (549), Gary

Nelson (516) and Frank Marrelli


The Classified Doubles title

went to the husband and wife

duo of Mark and Daphene

Thompson of Snyder, TX. Mark

led the way with a 624 set,

while Daphene added 583 for

a 1,207 total, which edged out

runners-up Robert Blum of

Huntington Beach, CA, and

Frank DeFrancesco of Poway,

CA, by seven pins.

The wait has been driving

me nuts, and I’ve been on

pins and needles,” said Mark

Thompson, whose doubles

series this year is the only 600

of his nine-year Open Championships

career. “Every day,

I went online to look at the

scores, sometimes two or three

times. We’re excited. We have

been nervous wrecks.

My friends have been keeping

up with the scores as well,

and we’re relieved that the wait

is over.”

David Ackerman of Lena,

IL, posted games of 200, 262

and 226 on the way to the Classified

Singles title with a 688

series, while William Gibboney

Jr. of Douglasville, GA, had to


Aug. 9-12

PBA Senior Lake County Indiana


Olympia Lanes, Hammond, IN

Aug. 14-17

PBA Senior Decatur Open

Spare Time Lanes, Decatur, IL

Aug. 21-24

PBA Senior Jackson Open

Airport Lanes, Jackson, MI

scoring laurels.


Vernon Smith Jr. 257-724, Jamey

Coggins 229-632, Mike McHugh 247-

691, Julie McHugh 205-604, Daniel

Burnett 299-733, Linda Madewell

209-525, Andrew Brimberry 236-678.

Karen Steele 191-506, Monroe

Maddux 254-747, Denise Jones 221-620,

James Underwood 234-625, Sheryl

Walker 173-495.


Red White 237-641, Ginger Hamilton


244-596, Greg Avery 248-669, Barbara

Avery 212-593, Jamie Coggins 593,

Keith James 274-707, Darlene Diaz

122-350, Brett Thomas 623, Daniell Tate

244-599, Kim Patrick 129-349.

William Bollinger 179-467, Theresa

Barela 135-336, John Barraza 207-539,

Naomi Gutierrez 203-429, Tanis Grogan

195-490, Chris Holiday 196-533, Chuck

Cox 219-559, Jeff Hamlin 214-569, Nigra

Burnett 193-567, Beverly Butler 165-437,

Daniel Burnett 573, Luther Mayfield

III 218-605.

wait just eight days to see if he

could hold on for the Classified

All-Events crown. He shot 674

in doubles, 575 in singles and

570 in team for a 1,819 allevents


The 2010 Open Championships

kicked off on Feb. 20, and

this year’s edition marked the

tournament’s record ninth trip

to Reno and sixth visit to the

National Bowling Stadium.

During the tournament’s

run, 14,189 five-player teams,

more than 70,000 bowlers,

made their way to The Biggest

Little City in the World for

their shot at Open Championships


Some of the numbers not

reflected on the leaderboard

include 32 perfect games, 13

299s and five 298s, while 38

other bowlers tossed 11 strikes

in a row. There were seven 800

series overall, six in singles

and one in doubles.



Southwest-area Finalists



2. Jeffrey Mersch, Orlando,

FL/Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield

1,507; 8. Craig Auerbach,

Sunrise, FL/Michael Gaither,

Tulsa, OK, 1,446.


2. (tie), Earon Vollmar,

Toledo, OH, and Eric Traylor,

Cypress, TX, 811.



5. Team X, Brownsville,



1. Daphene Thompson/Mark

Thompson, Snyder, TX, 1,207;

3. Isaac Vidaurri/Frank Goff

Jr., Kingsville, 1,193.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Page 13

Kickoff the

League Season!


Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


Page 14 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS









1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174


4333 River Oaks Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76114



6601 Oakmont Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76132


Owner / Operator

PBA Member

HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Two Locations



3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015

Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274

E-mail: coachkg58@yahoo.com


Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available

Coach’s Eye International


(817) 624-2151


Fax: 817-370-1831


5000 Main Street, Suite 138

The Colony, TX 75056



Plan to win or wait to fail





pro shop manager

5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088-411

(972) 475-7080

Working Hard

for Your Success


1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager

Susie Minshew

USA Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010



Giving You The Power To Perform

8216 Dot Hudson Road, Alvarado, Texas 76009





HURST, TX 76053





Pro-Staff providing all your bowling equipment needs!



2521 Avenue K, Plano TX 75074


Carolyn Dorin-Ballard & Del Ballard, Owners

Brett Cooper Maury Newman

Derrick Lott Chad Veneville

Located inside

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, Tx 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Largest Bowling Service Provider In The DFW Area




Lessons available by appointment

AMF Lewisville


Tyson Branagan


Dino Castillo


Located inside

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centers with 30 percent bowling

and hybrids which combine

the family and boutique


“You must appeal to all

bowlers – sport, recreation and

family,” Perrier said. “I don’t

think many bowling centers

are relevant to today’s consumer.

When the proprietors

do renovate and improve, they

make money.”

After all, that’s the bottom

line to businesses that are

nearly all privately owned.

Bowling may be the world’s

only sport and recreation

where there are virtually no

publicly-owned facilities.

Perrier is one who believes

the industry was tilting too

much toward recreational play.

“We got lazy in the bowling

industry with some good open

play numbers,” he said. “Now

with the economy down, open

play is down to where we’ve

been doing more marketing to

leagues the past few years. We

are doing as much marketing

to open as we are to leagues.”

While it’s clear bowling

is a sport at the Professional

Bowlers Association, collegiate,

high school and Junior Gold

levels, the line becomes a

bit foggy beyond that. Even

league bowlers associated with

the United States Bowling

Congress consider themselves

to be recreational as often as


The sport of bowling is

evolving, spreading out if you

will,” USBC managing director

of Media Pete Tredwell said

during a BWAA panel discussion

where the question was

asked if bowling is becoming

more entertainment than sport.

The purest level is PBA which

is separating from the league

and recreational base.”

“If you want to be a successful

sport on TV, it has to



Carry More

Pro Shop

Located inside Strikz Family Entertainment Center

be entertaining,” said PBA

deputy commissioner and chief

operating officer Tom Clark.

“A taped series, a made for TV

event, is that a sport? The Chris

Paul event was a made-for-TV

event but they were playing

our sport.

“Perceptions in bowling are

the biggest thing we have to

overcome. At the grassroots

level, the entertainment side

is overwhelming things. The

first thing people think of in

bowling is the entertainment


“We as bowlers are sensitive

to anything that we think

demeans our sport,” said Las

Vegas Review-Journal sportswriter

and bowling columnist

Jeff Wolf. “We get sensitive

because we are slighted so


“To me, sport is entertainment,”

said Bowlers Journal

executive editor Jim Dressel.

The educational seminars

held early in the week also

focused on bowling’s multiple

aspects. For the sport enthusiast,

there were pro shop and

coaching sessions. For the


crowd, there were marketing/

promotion, technology lab, food

and beverage and entertainment

income seminars. And for

the business people, there was

business planning.

The Wednesday general

session also mirrored the tone

of the week. It started when

Strike Ten Entertainment

vice president Frank DeSocio,

continued with the keynote

address by former Alaska governor

and 2008 Republican vice

presidential candidate Sarah

Palin and concluded with the

announcement of the return of

the U.S. Women’s Open in 2011.

DeSocio got the crowd

warmed up with positive news

such as participation being up

Mike Gumpert




8789 Lebanon Road

Frisco, TX 75034



4.6 percent overall and 5.6 percent

for frequent bowlers plus

announcing Budweiser as the

new official beer of bowling.

Palin talked about how

bowling centers are a true slice

of Americana because of their

community ties.

“I have a personal appreciation

for what you do,”

she said. “There were a lot of

cold nights where I’m from

where after basketball games

we would meet at the bowling

center. I have an appreciation

of what you provide in your


“My Dad was on a Thursday

night bowling league,” she

added. “He bonded with his

buddies. I have memories of

that point of my life which

mean very, very much to me.”

Palin also was impressed

with how bowling centers

have fared during the recent


“What I find fascinating

is how you have been able to

evolve and innovate during

changing times,” she said.

“You’ve stayed open later.

You’ve added automatic bowling

machines and a variation

of disco bowling. Because you

were innovating and adapting

you’ve seen resurgence.”

Palin’s speech was followed

by the announcement of the

return of women’s bowling

most prestigious events, the

U.S. Women’s Open. The

televised finals will be held

June 30 at Cowboys’ Stadium

near the International Bowling

Campus in Arlington.

When new BPAA executive

director Steve Johnson learned

the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open

was scheduled to go on hiatus,

he decided to do something

about it.

“To me, the U.S. Open is the

best of the best in a sport and

I couldn’t let that go away,”

he said. So he contacted new

Ebonite chief executive officer

Randy Schickert.

“Ebonite has a true passion

for women’s bowling,”

Schickert said. “When we

were approached by BPAA,

we jumped in. It was the right

thing to do.”

So with all the talk about

the sport, recreation and

business of bowling all being

good, where does the industry

go from here? At Strike Zone

at Sunset Station in Henderson,

NV, it’s a little bit of


Our property is so big

we can do both the sport and

recreation of bowling,” said

Jim Welch, general manager

of the 72-lane facility. “We can

have a birthday party on one

end and a tournament on the

other. Sometimes we’ve done

the ultimate multitasking.

We’ll have five different events

going at the same time.”

That’s a good mix according

to retired USBC chief executive

officer and author Roger Dalkin

who said he noticed a subtle

move toward more entertainment-based

exhibitors at the

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Page 15

At AMF Lewisville

Elizando chalks up 760,

Lusk plasters 647

Ricardo Elizando pocketed a

potent 286-237-237 = 760 Monday

Nite Men’s series to head

the leader boards for the week

at AMF Lewisville.

Nichole Lusk fronted the ladies

with a top-notch 214-221-212

= 647 Finish Your Drink set.


Bruce Babcock 233-632, Dee

Jungerman 193-503, Alex Heavin

210-566, Loren Tenczar 215-599, Bob

Villarreal 273-699, Trish Hicks 235-568,

John Lundy 160-449.

Sherri Vargas 152-449, Shawn

Rasti 279-751, Sherri Strongren 223-

632, Ron Thomas 196-523, Dana Stites

171-487, Willard Harmon 266-723,

Shannon Strickland 179-525, Ken Davis


George Rosenbohm 279-717, Renee

Westdyk 243-630, David Collins 246-

591, Erin Landry 192-501, Mac Bevins

177-502, Sherri Strongren 177-491,

Chuck Davenport 256-663, Charlene

Cope 223-600.

At AMF Richardson

Newman collars 735,

Gresham packs 619

Roy nails 300 game

Chad Newman posted a notable

230-215-290 = 735 TBS

Trios series to head the leader

boards for the week at AMF

Richardson Lanes.

Dan Roy earned high-game

honors with an award-winning


Fritz Gresham fronted the

ladies with a tidy 221-216-182 =

619 set in 12 Spot action.


Shawn Dotson 258-702, Justin

Westerman 279-716, Hieu Du 236-712,

Bowl Expo Trade Show.

The industry has to be

careful that it doesn’t go too

much entertainment because

then you are dealing with

people who go on a whim,”

Dalkin said. “Look at the Main

Event places in Texas. They

never had a league when they

opened and now they are starting

to look for leagues.”

As Disney’s Mike Reardon

said in the Disney Institute’s

Approach to Business Excellence

seminar, people no longer

are coming to bowling centers

just to bowl.

“Walt Disney told us, and

it’s still true today that recreation

and entertainment are

not luxuries in this society or

people will go nuts,” Reardon

said. “Look for ways to expand

what you already do and who

you are.”

By that definition, centers

that combine the sport, recreation

and business of bowling

should be able succeed quite


Jennifer Hayes 224-605, Bev Richardson

238-603, Emily Harting 226-605,

Hector Macedo 203-581.

Barb Guillotte 170-456, Keith

Decker 253-683, Elynn Boss 189-533,

Chuck Kelley 246-682, Peggy Ludwig

235-578, Lori Rougely 212-615, Terry

Wilcox 201-522.

Terri Abram 234-541, Dan Roy

300-644, Theresa Roy 147-435, Ron

Hogue 244-659, Stacy Schueneman

170-473, Andrew M. 212-520, Cynthia

Quick 170-432.

Gary Aston 225-590, Herb Frison

236-650, Danyelle Becker 226-613,

Gerry Hoch 171-470, Mindi Sue Sternbrite

201-477, John Gregson 245-690,

Bernie P. 224-580.

At AMF Spare Time


handles 757

Justin Boggio racked up a rollicking

224-279-254 = 757 STL

Businessmen’s league series to

earn the top spot on the honor

roll for the week at AMF Spare

Time Lanes.

Linda Harrell’s nice 192-154-

213 = 559 Freeze Ball league set

front the ladies’ scoring.


T.V. Robinson 258, Pat Schulze 188,

Jim Martens 669, Mary Lee Heiermann

510, Jason Balkum 265-710, Donna

Gwin 193, Kara Congi 552, Thomas

Mendonca 246, Stephanie Sgro 246,

James Sherwood 651, Lisa walker 565,

Jamie Evans 190-529.

It’s always the right time to

sign up for a League

Call your local center now to sign up

Page 16 | Thursday, July 15, 2010 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Well, the wait is over and

the award for most overrated

and over hyped television

show of the year goes to…The

Decision starring the ever so

pompous Lebron James and his

equally pompous interviewer

Jim Gray.

If you remember Gray was

the one who bombarded Pete

Rose in front of a national

audience at the 1999 World

Series when he was on the field

for the All-Century team.

His questions were completely

his own agenda and in

that moment he tried to force

Pete Rose into admitting he

gambled on baseball.

It seems that Gray and

James probably both felt like

this was their moment in the


However, the main story

was that Lebron James is joining

forces with Dwayne Wade

and Chris Bosh in Miami.

Now I’m forced to reevaluate

who my least favorite team in

the NBA is. It’s always been the

Lakers, but now that Lebron

“can’t win it on my own”

James and Dwayne “I’ve never

committed a foul or travelled”

Wade is in Miami, I believe

they’re my new least favorite


I’ll enjoy watching them

not win the NBA title for the

next several years. It will serve

them right if they never win


Lebron not only quit on his

team in the playoffs, but now

he has decided to quit on his

team altogether.

Hopefully, the NBA has

learned its lesson and will

come up with some kind of

rules to prevent this sort of

hijacking from taking place.

Although I sound like a

bitter man I’m just glad Dirk is

such a stand up guy and stayed

in Dallas. I would have hated

to burn my No. 41 jersey like

the Cleveland fans are doing

with Lebron’s.

It was a sad day in Los

Angeles last week as the sweet,

and ever so pure, young actress

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced

to 90 days in jail for violating

her parole.

First, if you happen to get in

trouble to the point where you

are actually on parole, I would

think you are going to try extra

hard to not violate it.

I know in the past when I’ve

gotten a speeding ticket and

they offer me a plea where if

I don’t speed again it will not

go on my record, I am going

to crawl through that city or


So it boggles my mind

why she would put herself

in any position that could be

construed as violating her

parole. However, according to

most reports she will probably

spend less than three or four

weeks in the pokey. Hopefully

that will be enough of a reality

check to get her life back on


It was brought to my

attention this week that I have

not mentioned much about my

softball team.

Honestly it has been fairly

uneventful. Our record is now

two wins and three losses

and, although I feel like we

should be much deeper into

the alphabet (we are currently

in E League) two of our losses

have been by two runs or less,

so we have actually been fairly

competitive (with the exception

of the game we got 12 runs

ruled in four innings.)

Our team seems to have

problems with scoring early in

games, as most of the time we

find ourselves down by five or

six runs before we even score.

I’m not sure we have batted

more than six batters in the

first inning all year. For those

interested in following our

progress you can follow the

league standings at www.


This week’s what is in

Daceman’s DVR is a new show

on ABC called “Rookie Blue”.

It’s a new drama that is very

similar to Grey’s Anatomy as

it matches up veteran police

officers who have a new rookie

class they must train.

Of course in the interest of

maintaining the male viewers

most of the rookie cops are

swimsuit models or attractive

female actresses. Two new

faces on the television are

Missy Peregrym who plays

Andy McNally and Charlotte

Sullivan who plays Gail Peck.

The first couple of episodes

have certainly been entertaining

and with the lack of good

television on during the summer

I find myself anticipating

each and every episode.

WANTED High Average Bowlers

Introducing the

Invitational Scratch Matchpoint Classic League

$1,000 added money per team GUARANTEED

Over $60,000 in Prize Money with only 20 teams.

For more info call: 972-293-4352


The first 10 team captains to register full teams receive FREE LINEAGE for the entire season.

At AMF Showplace Garland

Castro collars 757,

Shaw crafts 700

Chris Castro won the battle

for top billing with powerful

255-243-259 = 757 numbers in

Tuesday Men’s Trio III action at

AMF Showplace Garland.

Barbara Shaw, from the Jack

& Jill group, led the ladies with

a highly commendable 290-184-

226 = 700 set.


Alvin Griffin 231-676, Timothy

Crowe 224-632, Ben Riddle 210-575,

Kathy Hopkins 181-535, David Lowry

237-652, Melora Wilt 157-424, Tonjah

Castro 237-654.

Ronnie Waller 224-613, Heidrun

Berry 214-556, Ann Kunkle 210-572,

Willie Conner 235-684, Tori Hilz

193-567, Tom Weaver 212-516, Carol

Sanders 179-482, Ed Dooley 223-610.

Jean Mitchell 203-527, Rene Benavides

258-737, Tonjah Castro 210-623,

Ricky Shinn Sr. 246-666, Tabitha Wall

256-593, Richard Gordon 257-717,

Frank Jachetta 219-610, Heidrun Berry


Kevin Carbo Jr. 258-659, Erin Mc-

Carty 227-590, Michael Ensey 249-716,

Donny Yow 268-743, Linda Alexander

236-619, Robert Wilson 247-674, Jancy

Deaver 184-512, Harold Hamsher 253-

647, Debra Chambers 192-495, Ken

Blackerby 234-694, Angela Ashley


Jason Price 259-726, Lakesha Lyons

167-440, Ronnie Works 277-715, Tonjah

Castro 211-614, Leslie Mitchell 228-624,

Tori Hilz 202-549, JD Venable 206-569,

Jo Venable 188-492, Kathy Hopkins

223-522, Alvin Griffin 256-637.

Kevin Carbo Jr. 279-743, David

Lowry 215-590, Melora Wilt 170-381,

Danny Loller 208-572, Nelle Reed

158-463, Ann Kunkle 201-549, Ed

Dooley 233-549, Fern May 177-442,

Rene Benavides 279-688, Monica

Villarreal 256-638, Ricky Shinn Sr. 234-

665, Debbie Hauenstein 231-541, Javier

Frias 236-657, Terri Tyree 203-579.

At AMF Hurst

Holliday blasts 812

Chris Holliday fired an awardwinning

279-267-266 = 812

Crazy Doubles outing to end at

the top of the honor roll for the

week at AMF Hurst.

Lucky Hansen’s nice 198/520

Livewires Sr.’s set to front the

ladies’ race.


Al mayfield 183-579, Linda Neal

159-450, Jerry Thompson 265-487,

Lucky Hansen 192-360, Jerry Thompson

265-487, Marleen Gray 231-446.

Charles Newton 246-655, Nancy

Story 215-518, Mary Yager 192-353,

Scott Young 279-526, Mary Yager 212-

360, David Bowman 244-594, Diana

Davis 145-399, Charles Newton


AMF Showplace Euless

7:00 PM

Saturday, August 28th

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