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Our 56th Year

VOL. 56, NO. 9 www.TheBowlingNews.net MARCH 8, 2012


Xtra Frame

Xtra Frame is growing and

evolving. Page 6

New Ball marking


USBC has instituted a new ball

marking rule. Page 7

SMART Corporation plans

distribution Page 8

Additional U.S. Open

Stories Page 15


Publisher’s Column

By Tony Franklin Page 2

Honor Roll Page 3

Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 4

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8

Sponsored by Classic Products

Lane Laughter Page 9

Pin Points to Ponder

By Chuck Pezzano Page 9

Looking Back Page 13

Last Call w/Leisha

By Leisha Murr Page 16






Pete Weber Wins Record Fifth U.S. Open

to Surpass Father, Don Carter


N.J. — Pete Weber of St. Ann,

Mo., became the most successful

bowler in U.S Open

history Sunday, winning the

most challenging major title

in bowling for a

record fifth time

at Brunswick


with a strike on

his final ball in

the 10th frame to

nip top qualifier Mike Fagan of

Dallas, 215-214.

Weber, who came into the

stepladder finals as the No. 4

qualifier, threw clutch shots

in three matches to win, but

none was more critical than

his strike on his final ball in

the title match. Needing at

least a nine-count spare and

strike to win, Weber threw a

perfect pocket shot on his first

By Donna Lonon

Texas bowlers don’t have

to attend a national venue

to witness terrific top-notch

professional bowling. Sometimes

it shows up right in your

backyard. So was the case

Sunday February 26 at Forum

Bowl with the completion of

the Texas State USBC Masters/

Bluebonnet Queens finals.

Fifty contestants began

Saturday morning for eight

challenging games of qualifying

in the Bluebonnet Queens

competition. Shannon O’Keefe

led the group of 24 to go to

semi-qualifying with an 1897,

averaging 237. She retained her

first place standing into finals

averaging 202, but Stefanie

Nation made an exceptional

move, averaging 232 in semi’s,

to make a close second for

Sunday’s contest. Finalists

for the last day’s match-play

ball, but left a 10 pin. After

converting the spare, he threw

an identical shot that carried

for a strike.

In winning the title, Weber

broke a tie with his late father,


“This is my

greatest title ever”

- Pete Weber

Complete results in next week’s edition



legend Dick

Weber, and

his father’s

close friend,

the late Don Carter, who each

won the forerunner to the U.S.

Open – the BPAA All Star –

four times.

“Dad, I know you were

watching,” Weber said as he

looked up toward heaven after

the win. “I know you’re proud,

and I’m sorry I broke your

record.“This is my greatest

title ever,” Weber said. “To win

Continued on Page 15

Texas USBC Masters/Bluebonnet

Queens Event Hotly Contested

D.J. Archer, Texas USBC

Masters Winner.

were O’Keefe, Nation, Genie

Franklin, Anita Manns, Clara

Guerrero, Jovan Blankenfeld,

Brandy Sanderson, Kerry

Moreland, LaToya Williams,

and Sandi Charles.

O’Keefe started the day on

target, kept focused, and really

Ryan Whitney of Lewisville takes over Doubles,

Singles and All-Events lead at USBC Open

Championships with score of 2170, including

a 300 the last game of singles.

Shannon O’Keefe, Bluebonnet

Queens winner.

never looked behind her for

the ten games of final match

play competition. She lost one

match, in game five, to Jovan

Blankenfeld who shot a 290

to make the standings close.

O’Keefe fired back in game

six with a 290 to give herself

a good margin to stay in first

place. Game ten was the most

exciting with three ladies

– O’Keefe, Manns, and Charlesleading

off with nine in a

row, Manns ending with 277,

O’Keefe with 279, and Charles

with 289. What an amazing

finish for these ladies after

Continued on Page 14

Daceman recaps his week

at the US Open

on Page 4

Pete Weber celebrating his win.


Xtra Frame

tour events;

Good or bad

for the PBA

By Tyson Branagan,

Staff Writer

Just six weeks ago on

January 21-22, the PBA held

the first ever national tour stop

that was exclusively shown

on their Xtra Frame streaming

service, the PBA Cheetah Open

in Fountain Valley, California.

The two-day event, the first of

four Xtra Frame events, was

won by defending PBA Cheetah

champion Eugene McCune, but

the question becomes, was the

event a success and did fans

tune in to watch and see?

The idea behind doing

events exclusively on Xtra

Frame is a good one in theory,

as the PBA is attempting to

get more fans to subscribe to

their pay-per-view channel and

allow fans to see tournaments

from start to finish, while

bringing in some money for the

cash starved tour. With more

and more events being shown

on ESPN on a tape delay, and

Continued on Page 13

Page 2 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Random Thoughts

A busy week in the bowling

world and my random thought

generator is in overdrive. First

I would like to congratulate DJ

Archer and Shannon O’Keefe

for their victories in the USBC

Texas Masters and Bluebonnet

Queens respectively. DJ led

qualifying and led just about

every game in match-play.

He bowled really great on a

lane condition that was brutal

from lane to lane. O’Keefe

had a great battle with Javon

Blankenfeld of San Antonio,

as they traded first-place back

and forth all day. In the end

it was O’Keefe who reeled off

the front 9 and shot 279 in

the deciding position round

game for the title, her second

in a row. It was the first time

I had seen Blankenfeld bowl,

and to say she throws it good

is an understatement, and she

bowled great. But O’Keefe was

dead locked in and just about

never threw a bad shot, very

impressive. I think I heard her

say that she’s only lost one

game total in match-play the

last two years at the Queens,

wow. I heard Stefanie Nation

say that O’Keefe is HUGE deal,

I agree.


I have a few thoughts on

the US Open. First there’s the

“youth movement”. The PBA

said that they had 11 bowlers

ages 17 and under entered in





Tucker Bowling Equipment Co.

609 N.E. 3rd St.

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-4018

Fax (806) 995-4767

Tony Franklin, Publisher

the US Open. 14-yr-old Kamron

Doyle made national headlines

by cashing and finishing 61st,

and I absolutely can’t stand

that we allow youth bowlers to

bowl in professional events. I

just don’t see the upside, and

I don’t believe there is one.

People might say that it’s great

to compete against the best

competition, you learn more,

it’s invaluable experience, you

can earn scholarship money,

etc. I disagree on all fronts.

Earn scholarship money, nope

it’s called gambling and it’s not

healthy for a 14-yr-old. If you

think the money is a non-issue,

then why did I read about

“the $1340 he made going to

his SMART account” in every

article written about the kid?

Bowl against the best to be the

best, well I’m quite sure that

there’s plenty of competition

in the 14-20 age bracket that

he’s not conquered yet. Invaluable

experience, come on, you

think that the other players are

pulling him aside and discussing

lane breakdown and rev

rate with him? I highly doubt

it, my guess is that they’re very

impressed with his accomplishment,

but also know that he’s

14-yrs old and he needs to

climb the ladder to play on this

field. Ultimately that’s what my

issue is, from 14-18 an awful

lot happens to a teenager, and I

don’t believe in skipping steps,

Bowling Parts, Inc.

P.O. Box 801

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-3635

email: daryl@tuckerbowling.com


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Delivery Address: 4133 Heartstone Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051

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Website: www.thebowlingnews.net • Email: bowlingnews@sbcglobal.net

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Th e Bowling News


hit every rung on the ladder

and enjoy the ride. But could I

have cashed in the US Open at

14, no chance….good bowling



I watched a lot of PBA

Xtra Frame during the US

Open and the guys had lots of

interesting guest stars make

an appearance. Mark Roth was

solid, Dave Wodka was great,

Del Ballard was awesome as

always, but the best was none

other than Chris Barnes. He

is by far the most insightful

and expressive bowler with a

microphone there is. He hopped

on right after he finished his

first 8 games of matchplay. He

mentioned the change in angles

the bowlers were playing, what

his strategy was, who had the

best look and other fun facts.

You listen to Barney and you

feel like you’re there, he has no

peer in this area.


The US Open finals, what

a show they put on. Twitter

was ablaze with comments on

Pete Weber, Mike Fagan and

the rest. My personal stance,

I love watching PDW bowl,

he is a little bit crazy, and

he has a monster chip on his

shoulder because he knows

he’s the greatest ever (I think

he is too), but he sure does put

on a show. Both he and Fagan

bowled phenomenal games on

a challenging lane condition,

they weren’t super tough on

the show, but they both had

to make great adjustments to

get the strikes. I’ve been really

impressed with Fagan and

the way he’s performed on TV

lately, and he just might be

the Player of the Year. As for

Weber, it was US Open #5, but

what I will remember most is

“Who do you think you are, I

am”, I have no idea what that

means, but I will own a shirt

with that phrase written on it!


On a PDW side note I’ve

been dying to know what

exactly caught the ire of Mr.

Weber. I had heard that it was

someone talking some smack

against him that got his attention

and also people moving

around. I confirmed from a

source, very, very close to the

action that it was in fact a lady

that was moving in her seat a

lot, just past the foul line that

started getting him riled up.

He wanted her to sit still but

she was just too restless. Then

in the last game against Fagan,

there were several people who

had signs up with “pro-Fagan”

messages on them. Like that’s

against the law right? Well, if

you didn’t already know, Pete

loves to be hated, and loves

some drama so he used those

very minor incidents to ultimately

spur him to the win. All

of the reports of people openly

rooting against and making

comments against PDW…..not

true. Just a case of Pete being


Krol’s big bid on Luby painting helps

Salute To Bowling raise nearly $30,000


Thanks to the work of one

artist and generosity of one

bidder, the 2012 Salute to Bowling

proved most fruitful to the

International Bowling Museum

and Hall of Fame.

The 23rd Salute was held

Jan. 23 during the 2012 Bowling

Proprietors’ Association of

America Bowling Summit at

the Meritage Resort in Napa

Valley, Calif. It featured free

admission courtesy of joint

presenters Brunswick and Qubica/AMF,

a wine and cheese

party, cocktails and beverage,

50/50 raffle and silent and live

auctions of items donated for

the event.

Overall, the evening raised

nearly $30,000 for the IBM/HF.

The Salute was a tremendous

success,” said IBM/HF

Managing Director Eric Kearney.

“It was very well attended

and very well received.”

The biggest donated item

was a 30” by 40” oil painting of

bowling pioneer Joe Thum by

retired Bowlers Journal International

Publisher Mort Luby.

Hans Krol of Bowltech International

B.V. headquartered in

Made, The Netherlands, walked

away with Luby’s work with a

$20,000 bid.

“We are indebted to Mr.

Luby for his generosity of such

a fine painting and to Hans

Krol for his winning bid,”

Salute chairperson Mike Aulby

said. “It was unbelievable.”

The other big prize was a

travel package at the Makena

Beach & Golf Resort on Maui,



Hawaii, which Colorado proprietors

Tom and Icel Haynes

won with a $4,200 bid. Krol

also came away with an

autographed portrait of bowling

legends Dick Weber, Bill Lilliard,

Don Carter and Ray Bluth

while BPAA Executive Director

Steve Johnson’s bid earned him

an Earl Anthony-autographed


“We want to thank the

BPAA leadership and staff for

allowing the Museum and Hall

of Fame to be a significant part

of the Summit,” said IBM/HF

chairman Keith Hamilton, “And

we want to thank Qubica/AMF

and Brunswick for coming

together to sponsor the evening.

We are looking forward

to Bowl Expo.”

The IBM/HF will have a

distinct presence June 25-28

at International Bowl Expo

in Reno, Nev. There will be a

50/50 raffle with a guaranteed

$5,000 top prize and silent

auction including the Bowling

Pin Car now on display at the

National Bowling Stadium.

Salute to Bowling helps fund

operations at the IBM/HF in

Arlington, Texas. It originally

was called Salute to Champions

in 1990 as the brainchild of

former Brunswick executive

Jim Bennett. It started as

black-tie affair to honor those

who had helped the industry.

In 2002, the event moved to

International Bowl Expo and

changed format from a black-tie

sit down to an auction/cocktail

format that resumed this year.



APRIL 14-15, APRIL 21-22,

APRIL 28-29, MAY 5-6, 2012


3121 S. Sheridan, Tulsa, OK 74145

918-627-2728 FAX: 918-627-7180

Call or go to our web site for complete rules and Entry blank


Host Hotel for the 41st Oil Capital Open

Best Western Plus Inn & Suites - Tulsa

For Reservations: 918-858-2100

The Bowling News is now on-line!

Check us out at www.TheBowlingNews.net


Clint Johnson, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes... 839

Chris Lucas, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........... 823

William Brewer, Cowtown Bowling Palace ........... 820

Chad Vendeville, AMF Showplace Euless ............ 815

Dustin Ochoa, BRC Thousand Oaks ..................... 804

John Smock, Sr., Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ............... 797

Clint Johnson, AMF Richardson Lanes ................ 795

Sean Lavery-Spahr, AMF Lewisville Lanes ........... 792

Craig Dixon, AMF Spare Time Lanes .................... 784

Eric Acron, Plano Super Bowl ............................... 782

Burdette Graham, USA Bowl ................................. 772

Jimmy Ensminger, Brunswick Zone Watauga ...... 771

Henry Johnson, Forum Bowl ................................. 766

William Brewer, Cityview Lanes ............................ 766

Lee Brown, Brunswick Zone Denton .................... 759

Aric Alcaraz, AMF DeSoto Lanes .......................... 756

Rick Irvine, Strikz ................................................... 752

Charles Newton, AMF Hurst Lanes ....................... 713

Bradley Robinson, Red Bird Lanes ....................... 696

Derek Ray, AMF Irving Lanes ................................ 672


Genie Franklin, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes .... 750

Jennifer Hayes, AMF Richardson Lanes .............. 738

Helen Keith, BRC Thousand Oaks ........................ 730

Ashley Adams, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes .. 721

Vickie Bowers, Cityview Lanes ............................. 711

Amy Hart, Cowtown Bowling Palace ..................... 706

Sharhonda Bishop, USA Bowl ............................... 699

Diana Jesse-Nunn, Forum Bowl ............................ 698

Loren Tenczar, Strikz .............................................. 682

Debby Oulicky, Plano Super Bowl ........................ 675

Wendy Jones, AMF DeSoto Lanes ........................ 675

Susan Lee, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ......................... 664

Terri Trefger, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........... 660

Kellie Fiene, AMF Lewisville Lanes ....................... 658

Letitia Patterson, AMF Spare Time Lanes ............ 651

Debbie Ensminger, Brunswick Zone Watauga ..... 649

Kimberly Yanai, AMF Irving Lanes ........................ 629

Deanna Hoffman, Red Bird Lanes......................... 628

Andrea Collins, AMF Hurst Lanes ......................... 617

Micaela Sprague, Brunswick Zone Denton .......... 616

At Cityview Lanes

Brewer builds 766,

Bowers scorches 711

Mitchell and Wallace add 300’s

William Brewer outscored the

competition last week at Cityview

Lanes with a free-wheeling 268-

253-245 = 766 Cecil Baker Men’s

league action.

Vickie Bowers held the

hot hand for the ladies as she

recorded her highest game and

series with a sky-high 290-188-

233 = 711 T.G.I.F. set.

Don Mitchell and Roger

Wallace shared high-game

honors as they both registered

award-winning 12-baggers.


Jodie Snook 265-718, Deidra

Vannocker 211-568, Lori Wacker 244-

700, Don Mitchell 696, Rudy Garcia,

Jr. 258-696, Amy Langham 228-648,

Marv Giltrap 277-749, Cathy Simmank


Jody Clement 190-516, Mark Miglio

246-687, Leigh Batten 223-651, Brooks

Lopez 258-730, Karen Steele 224-560,

Stephen Renteria 232-671, David Bates

259-752, Keith Roberts 267-711.

Dion McMiller 220-630, Lori

Wacker 235-608, Mike Hines 227-

589, Maria Dulaney 190-551, Chris

Blakeman 204-593, Cyndi Dyche

206-577, Jay Rux 218-555.


Ray Martinez 268-662, Cathy

McSwain 200-535, Monty Bowers

257-727, Jo Cleveland 210-556.

It’s always the right time to

sign up for a League

Call your local center now to sign up

Clint Johnson

This week’s high male is

Clint Johnson with 290-249-300

for an 839 series in the TGIF

league at AMF Showplace

Garland Lanes. Clint works in

logistics for a transportation


What is your high series?

857 at Plano Super Bowl, I have

about 15 800’s.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? About 30.

Thoughts on your big night? I

picked the right ball; I switched

to the Storm Virtual Energy

on the last practice shot. I had

never thrown that ball in there

before and it started striking.

It was odd that I never had to

move my feet all night but I

bowl with a guy that throws a

Urethane ball and that makes

the lanes a little tighter. It was

cool that the place stopped

when I finished the last game

and cheered, there were about

80 people back there watching

and that doesn’t happen very

often anymore.

What ball did you throw?

Storm Virtual Energy.

Who drills your balls? I

do; I started drilling my stuff

for real when I was 20, and I

drilled this one at The Bowling

Shop in Lewisville.

What is your all-time favorite

bowling ball? The Hammer

Black Widow Bite.

What is your all-time high

average? Not sure, I‘ve averaged

240 before, and I’m averaging

241 in this league.

How long have you been

bowling? My parents signed

me up for a league when I was

five years old, and I’ve been

bowling ever since.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? I would have to say CJ,

since he’s my buddy; there was

nobody that I just had to sit

down and watch.

Most memorable bowling

moment? When I shot 784

in singles at the USBC Open

Championships in Reno last

year, I was second high on the

pair. Rob Gotchall shot 790.

What is your first bowling

memory? I will always remember

shooting my first 300 at

Jupiter when I was 21.

What lessons has the game

taught you? You should always

make a move quickly. When

you think you should move, go

ahead and do it, don’t wait. All

you can do is throw it, make a

good shot a let them fall where

they may.

Joey McKay

Last week’s high male was

Joey McKay who shot 278-300-

300 for an 878 series in the

Suds Busters league at Plano

Super Bowl. Joey is currently

working as a Security Guard

but is looking to be involved

with a new bowling center in

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 3

the DFW area.

What is your high series?

This is it; my previous high

was 825 a few months ago.

This is my fifth 800 series.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? 9.

Thoughts on your big

night? I have to give a lot of



Mondays, Wednesdays

& Thursdays

11 AM to 3 PM


per person per game

Must be 50 years or older.

214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

Visit us on the Web at www.USABowlInDallas.com

“It’s Great To Be Alive”

Colored Pin No-Tap Sweeper

Open to Bowlers 50 years & Older

Starts March 23rd


$10 Entry

$$$ WIN CASH $$$

for STRIKES! - for SPARES!


No-Tap Singles/ Mystery Scores

Strike Pots, Brackets, High Pots

Color Pin Spares

The “New”


credit to Bill Fong, and Danny

Westbrook. Bill was bowling

with me that night, helping

me stay calm and telling me

to trust my instincts. I was in

robot mode and surprisingly

wasn’t that nervous. I had the

front nine the first game and

Continued on Page 14

Cityviewlanes.net Fax: 817-346-7208

Page 4 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

There is one word that I can

use that describes bowling the

U.S. Open….humbling! It’s no

secret that I’m not the kind of

person who expects to walk in

and dominate any tournament,

but I certainly would not have

entered if I wasn’t confident in

the way I’ve been bowling. I

tend to be a very streaky player

so when things are clicking I

like to bowl as much as I can.

Qualifying was three days

long and I drew “A” squad

which got started bright and

early Tuesday morning. Obviously

jumping out to a quick

start is a part of everyone’s

game plan, but for me it was

important to stay close to even

the first couple of games to

gain some confidence. Unfortunately

my keep it in play and

close to the pocket game plan

failed as I came out of the gate

with 155-168 for minus 77.

What a brutal start! At that

point I was in 114th out of 134

bowlers. Needless to say my

humiliation meter was running

high. I ground out a couple of

190 games and moved up ten

to fifteen spots each game.

My spare shooting had

come around and I found

a look that had me at least

hitting the pocket consistently

so after a miserable start I

ground out minus seven for the

last four games and ended the



8 weeks, $8 per week

End-of-season pizza party

Get a TZone Bowling Ball at the end of the

season for $5 more per week.

Join and enjoy the great times of bowling at Brunswick!

Starts Sunday, March 18th at 3 PM

3 games per week

3 people per team

Meeting at 2:30 PM

day at minus 84 which overall

wasn’t too terrible and at the

end of the day I was in 187th

place out of 395 bowlers.

I was a little concerned

about how “B” squad completely

lit up the leaderboard. I

was afraid that they would get

such a big lead that they would

be tough to catch, and I was


Day two I was to bowl again

on the fresh, this time in the

“C” squad time slot in the

evening. I was looking forward

to this squad because it seemed

to bring in the biggest crowds

and the atmosphere becomes

more fun. We were going to

be the only squad to bowl on

the fresh twice in a row so it

was really important for me

to not have another bad round

because it would be extremely

tough to come back.

I started out with a much

better look than the day before

and I could tell early on that

my spare shooting was spot on,

so I was encouraged. I bowled

a really good 199 game to start

and I gave my wife the wink

that I thought we were in the

clear and that I could now start

to make up some ground. On

my fill shot I changed balls

from a sanded pin down Marvel

to my pin up Nano which is

what I used the day before that

worked well towards the end of


Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


the block. I really thought that

if I could get that look again I

could really take advantage of

it. However, the first frame I

stuck a little on the approach

and pulled the shot way left

and went Brooklyn. A 5-10 spit

left me with an open in the

first frame.

Second frame I was afraid to

let it go and went light and left

a two pin. Third frame back

on the left lane I finally made

a good shot and it hooked and

I left the big four. You only get

five shots on each lane and

when you make a poor shot in

the first frame you can’t get

an accurate read on the lane

so now you have to wait till

frame three to get the read.

It snowballs from there. Next

thing I know I have 60 in the

5th frame and staring at yet

another Brooklyn 5-10 split

in the 6th. Suddenly I can

picture people on the internet

forums talking about the three

time regional champion who

couldn’t break 100!

I zoned in and picked the

5-10 clean and the somewhat

good size crowd cheered. I

wasn’t sure if it was like a bad

football team finally getting

a first down in fourth quarter

and the crowd cheering out of

pity, but I blew some kisses

and pumped my chest to the

crowd like LeBron James after

a slam dunk. That seemed to

loosen me up a bit as I decided

to try something and found a

pretty decent look at the pocket

At Brunswick Westcreek

Lucas racks up 823,

Trefger uncorks 660

Bollinger 807

Chris Lucas’ noteworthy

268-278-277 = 823 marks in

Classic High Pot action headed

the scoring parade for the week

at Brunswick Westcreek Lanes.

William Bollinger followed

close behind Lucas with a Friday

Mixed 807 set.

Terri Trefger topped the

ladies’ honor roll with a highpowered

224-221-215 = 660 High

Pot with a Twist session.


George Helfrich 268, Tonya

Mangum 133, Ricky Sain 223, Ranndee

Drake 116, Terri Trefger 227-650, Jack

Case 257-631, Debbie Putman 213-497,

LeeAnn Clark 211-518, James Williams


Carol Wassman 147-410, Ryan

Boroff 269-771, Cassandra Norris

219-631, Chris Bitney 269-769, Danita

Wyley 254-628, Willie Jackson 269-753,

Jamey Coggins 225-619, Ren Johnson


Jacki Archer 225-615, Kevin

Bankston 263-742, Pearl Tucker 206-

599, Monroe Maddux 259-732, Mike

Moscato 247-727, Rudy Garcia, Jr.

258-726, Brett Cooper 255-723, Robert

Luera 246-718.

Jeremi Thomas 256-701, Michael

Black 268, John Garnett 279-697,

Sheri Campbell 227-645, Linda Hollins

241-644, April Shelton 221-615, Nigra

Burnett 217-613, Leigh Holman

and was clean the rest of the

way for a 155 game.

After another grind-it-out

190 game I was sitting at

minus 144 with three games

to go in the block. We got to a

pair on the end and I managed

to hit the pocket two times in

a row and started out with a

double. This was not only the

first game I started out with a

strike, but one of the rare ones

where I actually marked twice

in a row. Somehow I managed

to get the first six strikes. Typically

when I have six in a row

I am thinking this can be a big

game, but at the U.S. Open I

was just thinking that at least I

should be plus this game!

I left the 2-4-5 in the

seventh and ruined my shot

at perfection, but I could still

make a big game. In the 8th I

missed a tad left and left and

the ball hooked and left a 4-6

split. I did manage a 231 game

and got myself back under

minus 100.

Game 5 was another good

game, but some poor pin

carry left me with a 192 game

instead of 220. Sitting at -121

I knew I needed to finish the

day strong and I found the line

early, but couldn’t quite carry.

I managed to get a lucky break

with a Brooklyn strike in the

middle of several quality shots

and through the back six for

234 and finished the day at

minus 3 for a two day total of

minus 87.

After day two I was in 168th


George Helfrich 201-549, Jennifer

Korn 166, Ken Garber 223-582, Cassie

Williams 172, Danny Castro 176-455,

Sonja Nichols 159, Emanuel Rangel

218-529, Teresa Tibbs 198, Kimer Laster


Arlene Holland 154, Robert Raley

248-631, Paula Armstrong 190-522,

At USA Bowl

Graham posts 772,

Bishop snags 699

Lee 299

Burdette Graham took highseries

honors for the week at USA

Bowl after polishing off potent

278-235-259 = 772 numbers in

Golden Age Trio action.

Sharhonda Bishop, from the

Pony Express group, paced the

ladies with a stately 248-235-216

= 699 set.

Sung Lee’s near perfect 299

game earned high-game honors.


Helen Lowe 159-405, Arli Wilkes

234-639, Sung J Lee 743, Chris Holliday

place, but the next day I get to

bowl on the high scoring burn

squad that everyone else seems

to be bowling well on. Since

I was only about thirty pins

away from the estimated cut

line I was feeling pretty good

about my chances of catching

a check.

Day three we get the “B”

squad which I’ve seen guys

tear up all week so I’m excited

at the possibility. Most of my

favorite balls are the ones that

go straighter so I had really

high hopes. Norm Duke was

bowling “A” and doing very

well so Del Ballard gave me the

advice to go watch him prior to

my squad.

Norm was playing 28 at

the arrows and fading it to

the hole. Knowing we have

six games to bowl and that is

where we are going to start

I must admit I was a little

nervous. In practice I was able

to simulate what Norm was

doing, but that soon went away

and I had to jump even further

left because we developed an

early hook spot. This meant

I was starting to loft the ball

over the left gutter in game 1.

I struggled to a 176 game

and was starting to lose my

cool. I went to the next pair

and the trend continued of not

catching any breaks as I paid

the ultimate price on the first

shot as I left a big split when

the ball checked up early. I

then adjusted and threw a five

Continued on Page 7

Willie Jackson 265, Nita Stein 202,

Ira King 710, Sharon Bumpus 525,

Jeff Steinman 201-501, Pam Ibbotson


Charles Covert 289-769, Jessica

Dewoody 210, Vicky Kopp 537, Ron

Waller 259-685, Margie Wherry 213,

Dolores Howard 488, Ron Waller (9

pin, no tap) 300-868, Audrey Parham

(9 pin, no tap) 221.

Dick Ensminger (9 pin, no tap) 300,

Dolores Howard (9 pin, no tap) 260-

652, Billy Fontenot 279, Teresa Tibbs

184-526, Travis Thomas 772, Bruce

Lund 279-734, Cindy Sterrett 258-656.

Ron Coggins 279-759, Jamey

Coggins 206-572, Maxine Woolard 204,

Dee Sanders 507.

254-684, Dante Davis 258-717, Deneen

Wilson 244-690, Jim Ellis 154-439,

Cindy Guidry 201-534, Keith Geissler

(4 games) 211-804. Mindy McNeal (4

games) 199-682, Jay Irby 235-650,

Jennifer Curl 217-591, Randall Buda

259-755, Vanessa Brown 243-594,

Chris Wooley 140-398, Susan Charlton

213-608, Ben Brunsen 163-419.

Nicole French 120-340, Ruben Rios

244-708, Pat Sheetz 205-573, John

Reger 246-706, Amy Brown 225-590,

Bert Johnson 181-539.

AMF Hurst Lanes 720 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053 Ph: 817-282-6754

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Arlington Lanes 1801 E. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006 Ph: 817-276-9898

AMF Irving Lanes 3450 Willow Creek Drive, Irving, TX 75061 Ph: 972-790-8201

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 5

1st Place $50,000/Division!

2nd Place $25,000/Division

3rd Place $10,000/Division

Go to AMF.com for complete rules.

4 Divisions

Open 200+ Average A: 180-199 B: 160-179 C: 159-Below

Page 6 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Xtra Frame growing and evolving

By Joan Taylor

It is gratifying, much like

watching a child grow, to

see how far PBA’s web-based

broadcast package, Xtra Frame,

has developed in a short time.

It has been nurtured, tweaked,

modified, and recently added-to

with tournaments of its own.

The program was actually

spawned from Strike Pass,

which boasted the first major

sport delivered via live video

over the internet. The offering

made sense, as several Microsoft

alumnae had bought the


But unfortunately the PBA

was ahead of its time. About

five years ago the package

was re-branded as Xtra Frame.

It was a family affair last week

at Brunswick Zone Watauga as

Jimmy and Debbie Ensminger

shared the top spot on the leader

boards. Jimmy downed a hefty

771 series while Debbie rolled a

tidy 649 set in High Points league


Chris Hibbitts’ award-winning

12-bagger garnered high-game



Miki Jo Parish 256, James Poledna

Mike Jakuboski, left, and Jason

Thomas for Xtra Frame

With Mike Jakubowski, PBA

Cross Marketing and Multi-

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Ensminger’s share top


Hibbitts 300

675, Mia Davis 542, David Smith 761,

Kathleen LeCroy 611, Matt Hoyt 722,

Beth Standlee 588., Tim Laird 703, Reva

Lovett 518, Scott Groschup 680, Lisa

Groschup 566. Michael Bennett 698,

Jennifer Roberts 456, Richard Bushaw

708, Ametria Maryland 640, Johnathon

Hooks 736, Catrina Roberts 641, Fred

Gonzales 670, Kerry Rusk 599, Justin

Blackshear 742, Jill Demuth 498.


Larry Brunk 587, Lana LeCroy 502,

Eddy Smith 662, Sue Condotta 552.

Bowl Your

Head Off

Sunday through Thursday

9 PM to Close

$2.29 + tax per Game per Person

$1.00 Each Shoe Rental, Small

Popcorn, Hot Dog and Small Soda

plus Draft Beer Specials!


7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148


media Specialist at the helm

along with Jason Thomas and

“Jackie Bowling” doing sideline

reports, the program continues

to grow, not only by subscriber

numbers, but also with formats

and other offerings.

“We immediately doubled

the subscriptions (from Strike

Pass),” Jakubowski, better

known as “Mike J. Laneside”

said. “It’s similar to the revolution

when ‘regular’ television

went to cable, and three television

stations became 100. We

have repackaged the resources

that the PBA has in hopes of

getting a wider audience.

“We have entered the next

phase of sports entertainment

in that the internet costs less

At Plano Super Bowl

Acon crushes 782,

Oulicky blasts 675

Carroll, Lavery, Scott, Verrelli, Wade 300’s,

Spolar 299, Plagens 297

Eric Acon, earned high-set

honors for the week at Plano

Super Bowl with a thundering

strike-filled 258-266-258 = 782

Pepsi Classic session.

Debby Oulicky, from the Texans

Mixed Classic group, fired a

blistering 238-215-222 = 675 set

to front distaff scoring.

Michael Carroll, Sean Lavery,

Scotty Scott, Dave Verrelli and

Wes Wade shared high-game

honors as each posted awardwinning

12-baggers. Scott Spolar

took runner-up honors with a

near perfect 299 while Mark

Plagens followed up with a 297



Patrick Adams 279-730, Eric

Woodward 279, Lisa Prior 211-570,

Eric Acon 266-782, Trent Jacobs 232-

679, Brenda Box 166-484, John Savier

262-659, Sandra Linex 189-521, Larry

Nuss 232-669.

Carisa Patrick 223-597, Mark

Plagens 727, Debbie Lambert 236-600,

Jeff Lindeman 268-691, Loree Clark

191-546, Martiza Matteo 231-581,

Enrique Perez 154-424, Russell Knight


Diane Wallentine 245-606, Andi

Hall 204-547, Marion Crawley 171-477,

Don Jones 279-696, Patricia Fajardo

233-586, Lynn Jestes 645, Anita Noxon

173-498, Robert Eidenier 258-771,

Jackie Fisher 246-668. Mark Thompson

258-712, Karen Clevenger 192-543,

Justin Pittsinger 246-675, Cindy Mann

207-560, Marilyn Montoro 235-589,

Cathy Sposito 216-586, Ray Montoro

247-707, Chris Rador 245-679.

Ed O’keeffe 196-548, Glenna Young

190-482, Tony Azcue 268-733, Ashley

Adams 225-623, Scotty Scott 774,

Jennifer Hayes 266-621, Bill Fong 245-

716, Whitney Williams 212-592, Patty

Ellington 202-596. Phyllis Duncan

214-582, Les Burnham 238-688, Marcy

Clampitte 199-547, Frank Phillips 279-

746, Diane Wallentine 213-562, Steve

Montgomery 260-718, Barbara Jernigan

212-601, Bill Ferguson 279-758.

than your traditional pay-for

TV. Recently we responded

to the wants and needs of the

fans who wanted to see and

hear more tournaments. A

local automobile dealer, Ricart

Ford, underwrote ‘Xtra Frame

Tour’ events. We essentially

produce a television show with

four stops: Fountain Valley

(CA) Columbus (OH), Detroit

(MI) and Indianapolis (IN).

Two titles were won already

and count as a regular tour

title for points and earnings, in

addition to qualifying for the

annual Tournament of Champions.”

Each winner gets $10,000

for first place.

The pre- and post-tournament

webcasts give subscribers

the real story leading up to

final rounds: qualifying,

matchplay, and any additional

post-tournament drama. It

gives fans a bigger picture of

Sean Lavery (4 games) 1052, Janelle

Westbrook (4 games) 234-828, Pat Neal

268-729, Kathy Molski 224-580, Dave

Verrelli 700, Elaine Ervin 205-578,

Shane McDaniel 267-715, Steph Calbert


Kevin Hiam 269-758, Cindy Mann

218-637, Michal Foley 211-590, Nadia

Dehghan 134.


$1.50 per game, 8 AM to 1 PM

$2.50 per game, 9 PM to 12 AM


$2.50 per game, 8 AM to 2 PM

$10 per lane/hour, 9 PM to 12 AM


$10 per lane/hour

or $2.00 per game

M-Th Mid-8 AM, F-Sun 1 AM-8 AM

each tournament stop, as other

sports have, such as NASCAR.

Jakubowski frequently fills

in his programs by answering

or having a guest announcer

(i.e, Mark Roth) respond to

questions filtered through

the PBA’s Facebook or twitter

page. While the originators of

Strike Pass were ahead of their

time, “we want to be five years

ahead of our time,” Mike said.

To date Xtra Frame has

grown the original 1200

subscribers into nearly 4,000

subscribers, but he wants to

grow that to 40,000.

He is currently working

on a summer schedule to add

webcasts and attract those new


The cost for a subscription is

$7.99 per month or $64.99 for a

full year and is available through

www.xtraframe.tv or the PBA

website at www.pba.com.



Spot and Full

Color is available

Call us for more



Our 56th Year


Continued from Page 4

bagger, but threw it bad in the

seventh frame and missed the

pocket and split again.

I somehow managed a 223

game, but I felt like I was

running out of lane and out of

time. Game three was crucial

as the cut number kept dropping

and was down to minus

60 and I was sitting at minus

88, and although my path to

the pocket was abnormal it

was a relatively good look. I

bowled a pretty good game

clean through five frames and

threw a double in the 6th and

7th frames. I am starting to feel

a rally coming on when the

unthinkable happens…a pocket

7-10. I understand these kinds

of things happen in bowling,

but what an absolute kick in

the tail.

Looking back I think that

shot was my mental turning

point. I ended up shooting

a 169 and dropped to minus

121 and now I need plus sixty

over for the next three games

and the conditions are getting

worse by the minute. Game

four was a grind and my target

is now left of 30 at the arrows

and I’m no longer just moving

boards, but adjusting altitude.

I felt like it was a decent game,

but at the end it was a 186 and

I’m deeper in the hole. By this

time I need to gamble to get

to the cut and so I got deeper

than I ever have before. My

target was 36 at the arrows, but

obviously I knew I was going

to hit it, I was going over it in

the air.

Anytime I go to my loft

game it always reminds me of

“Tin Cup” where he says “I’m

not going left of those trees or

right of those, I’m going over

those trees with a little draw!”

I managed a 205 in game five,

but with one game to go I

knew I needed a 240 game and

my only hope was a good final

pair. My hopes for a 240 game

went away with my first shot

as when it landed it immediately

hooked earlier than any

other pair before. I finished

with a 166 and finished the

U.S. Open at minus 162 which

sounds terrible, but overall I

finished in 148th out of 394


In the end I was certainly

disappointed with my scores,

but wasn’t disappointed in

how I bowled. Over eighteen

grueling games on those

conditions you are going to

make mistakes, but overall I

stayed patient and resilient and

got all the way to the last game

with a chance. I would say this

experience left me with a huge

appreciation for just how good

the top players in the world

truly are. Will I ever bowl the

U.S. Open again, maybe, I thoroughly

enjoyed the experience,

but bowling something I don’t

feel like I could win seems

kind of pointless. Who knows.

But if you want a measuring

stick of where your game is

then I encourage you to give it

a shot and bowl the US Open.

New ball marking

regulation in effect

ARLINGTON — A primary

goal of the United States Bowling

Congress as the sport’s

National Governing Body is

to protect the integrity of the

game and ensure that equipment

performs correctly. USBC

recently issued new specifications

for ball marking designed

to protect bowlers and pro shop

operators from errors that can

lead to incorrect drilling.

High performance bowling

balls have markings on the

surface to indicate the weight

block location inside the ball.

The accuracy of these markings

is important in determining

how to drill the ball for

proper performance.

Effective January 31, 2012,

USBC is requiring ball manufacturers

to accurately mark

the key axes on the ball that

are used during the ball layout

Henry Johnson’s rousing 278-

221-267 = 766 Crusaders league

session headed the men’s high

series race last week at Forum


Diana Jesse-Nunn led the

ladies with a stalwart 276-180-

242 = 698 Fast Lane Trio outing.

Joey Howery took high-game

honors with an award-winning



Mark Neville 246-622, Hazel

Bunyea 213-553, Duane Bates (9 pin)

300-777, Dottie Robbins (9 pin) 224-

653, Lessie Watkins 220-614, Holly

Ginn 198-525, Joey Wheeler 267-703,

Mary Mosher 203-558.

Chris Osornio (9 pin, 4 games)

300-1151, Nancy Lira (9 pin, 4 games)

258-906, Warren Abao 246-659, Tammy

Lee Brown headed the leader

boards last week at Brunswick

Zone Denton by logging laudable

247-257-255 = 759 numbers in

Practice League play.

Micaela Sprague paced the

ladies with a sturdy 231-195-190

= 616 ALOOO series.


Jonathan Pelc 239-623, Heather

Wallace 208-582, Terry Bussell 257-688,

Stephanie Ary 183-512, Ben Morgan

238-673, Devonna Hoffman 173-504,

Duane Parson 243-681, Jennifer

LaChance 213-597.

Amber Walters 176-486, Tony

process by pro shop operators

in order to receive USBC


Bowling balls that are

marked accurately give the pro

shop operator the best information

possible to provide their

customers with a ball that will

perform as expected,” USBC

Managing Director, National

Governing Body, Neil Stremmel

said. “If a ball is not marked

accurately, it may be drilled

to produce an undesirable


The new specifications

requires the low radius of gyration

axis be within a one-inch

radius of the center of the pin

of the ball and provided a ball

has an asymmetrical core, the

high radius of gyration axis,

or Preferred Spin Axis (PSA),

must be within 1.5 inches of

the center of a marking indica-

At Forum Bowl

Johnson claims 766,

Jesse-Nunn rolls 698

Howery 300

Henderson 203-547, Hung Nguyen

235-686, Tracy Herrara 185-488, Paul

Tran 209-562.

Cindy King 195-572, Gary Painter

258-704, Joyce Johnson 194-572,

Paulie Henderson (4 games) 299-977,

Elizabeth Sienicki (4 games) 237-900,

Harmon Atkins 278-721, Roberta

Stanfield 211-573.

John Hawkins 263-665, Karen

Hoyle 223-578, Wally Belton 244-700,

Mhalee Davila 207-537, Silas McCaddon

263-650, Katie Atkins 210-546, Adam

borcherding 278-686, Karen Geiger


Henry Johnson 278-766, Mary

Brathwaite 237-675, James Walton

245-694, Emily Montgomery 210-576,

Tony Hernandez 246-684, Tricia

Guzman 202-563, Jeremy Allen 229-

637, Constance Parker 170-480.

At Brunswick Zone Denton

Brown racks up 759,

Sprague topples 616

Volner (2 games) 207-411, Jennifer

LaChance (2 games) 211-403, Derek

Murphree 257-737, Kari Sportsman

202-566, Angie Richardson 196-527.

Andy Chapman 258-715, Amanda

Ferrell 179-512, Carl Dreessen 234-669,

Keith Bancewicz 245-692, Suzanne

Hayes 219-517, Dennis Pearson 189-

539, Betsy Sheats 206-518, John Lowe


Linda Tubbs 181-498, Heath Worley

265-695, Tracy Lunden 177-465.


A C Adams 238-637, Mary Neely


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 7

tor on the surface of the ball.

“Part of our job at USBC

is to protect our bowlers and

industry partners such as pro

shops,” USBC Director of Equipment

Specifications Herman

Glenn said. “By standardizing

Check-in at 6:30 PM

Saturday Nights at 7:30 PM

$20 Entry Fee

Entry includes: Mystery Score, King/Queen Ticket, 1st Game Strike Pot

King/Queen Tickets

If your ticket is drawn choose to strike or spare. If you win, you will receive $1 for each strike in the 2nd game.

1st/2nd/3rd Game Strike Pot Tickets Bring in a New Bowler

160 & under average bowlers need 9 pins Receive $5.00 in

or better. 161 & over average bowlers must strike. Strike Pot Tickets for 3 games




League Day


Meeting Date/Time Start Date/Time Team Weeks

DV8 Cosmic Mon. Jan. 23rd @ 8:30 PM Jan. 23rd @ 9:00 PM 3 15

Practice League Tues. Jan. 10th @ 8:30 PM Jan. 10th @ 9:00 PM 3 16

8 x 8 Tues. Jan. 24th @ 8:30 PM Jan. 24th @ 9:00 PM 3 8

Happy Hour Wed. Jan. 11th @ 9:00 PM Jan. 11th @ 9:30 PM 4 16

Lousy Bowlers Wed. Mar. 7th @ 8:45 PM Mar. 7th @ 9:15 PM 3 12

Miller Lite Club Thurs. Feb. 16th @ 8:45 PM Feb. 16th @ 9:15 PM 4 15

Pub & Grub Thurs. Mar. 1st @ 8:45 PM Mar. 1st @ 9:15 PM 4 12


League Day Meeting Date/Time Start Date/Time Team Weeks

Cosmic No-Tap Sat. Feb. 11th @ 11:30 AM Feb. 11th @ Noon 2 10

Youth/Adult Sun. Jan. 8th @ 4:30 PM Jan. 8th @ 5:00 PM 4 19

League Day


Meeting Date/Time Start Date/Time Team Weeks

Fri. Kids Fri. Jan. 6th @ 10:00 AM Jan. 6th @ 10:30 AM 3 19

All Star Program Sat. Jan. 21st @ 9:30 AM Jan. 21st @ 9:30 AM 3 17


League Day Meeting Date/Time Start Date/Time Team Weeks

Senior Social Mon. Mar. 5th @ 12:30 PM Mar. 5th @ 1:00 PM 4 12

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!


Brackets: $5.00 (handicap, scratch, ladies)

Doubles: $6.00 - High Pot: $5.00

Birthday Bowlers:

Come out and bowl on your birthday,

receive $5.00 in Strike Pot Tickets for each game.

ball markings it creates less

confusion and promotes better

customer satisfaction for the

bowling industry.”



Double Value Strike

Pot Tickets instead

of cash.

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275

2200 San Jacinto Blvd Denton, TX 76205

Page 8 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Chris Signo topped the Fort

Worth-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a booming

253/686 Peterson Point series at

Brunswick Zone Watauga.

Diane Hasty paced the girls

with rollicking 246/631 Classics

set at AMF Spare Time Lanes.

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes –

Tate Taylor 225-645, Major Whisenton,

Jr. 232-587, Alex Scotch 224-483, Thomas

Phanmaha 149-431, Andrew Fugitt

125-320, Cody Busocker 67-118, Jaden

Takayesu 223-590, Kimberly Yanai

206-584, Deanza Moore 141-463, Jessica

Joplin 158-408, Kiley Knittle 132-352.

At AMF Spare Time Lanes – Garrick

Schmit 256-667, Justin Beaver

107-199, De’Siree Knight 102-203, Tyson

Oliver, Jr. 157-416, Samantha Hudson

182-418, Scott Harrell 224-535, Megan

White 142-416.

At Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

–Katelyn George 206-552, Jared Nichols

252-542, Kevin Williams 104, Katarina

Korn 121, Morgan Hastings 78, Shane

Vangossen 123, Gabby Castro 167-429,

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Kishjuan Busby headed the

Dallas-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a power-packed

236-279-257 = 772 JR-SR High

Rollers series at AMF Garland


Shana Geerdes, Simonsen’s

league mate, led the girls with a

booming 173-234-237 = 644 set.

At AMF Irving Lanes –Robert Pate 241,

Kimberly Yanai 218-629, Franklin Reed

218-549, Jaden Takayesu 189-503, Zander

Villinger 548, James Anderson 128-308,

Victoria Hylton 127-378, Chris Gupton

118-294, Isabella Ruiz 123-346, Caden

Williams 75-187, Hayle Hylton 47-130.

At AMF Lewisville Lanes – Kaylee

Holmes 105-281, Jeremy Palmatier

124-299, Madison Braswell 53-145,

Nick Morgan 197-497, Danielle Cole

167-435, Travis Davenport 224-657,

Morgan Reising 204-543.

At AMF Richardson Lanes –

D’Ontae Rhone 242-666, Katie Ross

166-413, Devan Vaghela (2 games)

117-205, Mariah Greene-Martinez (2


Youth Scores

Aaron Burch led the Southwest-area

USBC youth bowling

last week with a solid 269/708

Scholarship series at BRC Thousand


Sydney Barren, Burch’s league

mate, paced the girls with a fine

247/592 set.

Casey Tibbs 165, John Holland 162-454,

Kamari Wine 180-525, Chance Moore

199-514, Austin Laster 164-479.

At Brunswick Zone Denton – Victor

Sanchez 223-600, Lexey Houck 202-

503, Matthew Reed 139-363, Morgan

Montgomery 120-281, Antonio Alonzo

246-635, Darla Dreessen 157-454,

Landon Thames 201-549, Natalie

Ramsey 130-357.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga – Vanessa

Vasquez 559, Katelyn Bailey 202,

Hayden Norman 323, Morgan Davis

303, Travis Kerbaugh 472, Cindi Dean

464, Evan McKamey 453, Amanda

Amerson 465, Micah McCracken 666,

Kyra Zink 480.

At Cityview Lanes – Josh Cooper

147-341, Thelma Watson 168-373, Adam

Sears 159-412, Ashley Montgue 90-243,

Gavin Meyer 104-268, Khilya Dyche

150-415, Jeremy Petosa 200-547, Sydnee

LeClear 74-189, Brandon Bonner 79-187,

Stephanie LeClear 81-187, Matthew

Becker 73-192, Caitlyn Wallace 107-294,

Mitch Williams 113-250, Kimberley

Sharp 105-282, Andrew Becker 128-357,

games) 121-219, Barrett Reynolds 208,

James Pipes 490, Ethan Gonzalez (2

games) 99-177, Emma Bouchard(2

games) 96-172, Clayton Berryhill 196-

502, Samantha Hester 134-334, Jake

Whitson 228-622, Madison Murphy


At AMF Showplace Garland Lanes

– Kishjuan Bubsy 279-772, Courtney

Salinas 218-615, Amare Miller 167-431,

Grace Blair 131-332, Nia Davis 207-557,

Anthony Salinas 204-582, Courtney

Salinas 234-613.

At Plano Super Bowl – Cordell

Reedy 137-332, Emma Johnson 115-265,

Aidan Hudson 130-355, Kristin Wood

147-342, Tyson Gray 168-481, Maxine

DePalma 102-283, Jayden Norman

146-378, Hailey Keister 193-473, Jaxon

Barrronnn 202-55551, Zoey Ruby 152-

409, Anthony Simonsen 258-686, Hope

Gramly 212-587, Allister Rutledge 253-

704, Alexes Burton 215-592, Lorenzo

Benavides 279-685, Shana Geerdes

244-660, Tyler Samsel 276-759. Ashley

Hansen 244-645, Garrett Stout 166-

447, Megan Cooley 164-427, Anthony

Simonsen 269-635, Veronica Prior

172-460, Tyler Samsel 249-685, Kirsti

Jack 253-530, Drew Claus 189-532,

Brianne Hansen 203-597, Hunter Harty

231-581, Juliana Franco 212-600, Zack

Wassam 101-189, Abby Garza 84-168.

At Red Bird Lanes – Trenton Strickland

214-486, Kaylee Hancock 156-389,

Darren Simon 121-226, Cheyenne

Hancock 148-386, Chase Kuenhold

167-326, Amanda Eans 137-266.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama – Conner

Smyth 84-155, Mya Phillips 87-152,

Chloe Davis 91-224, David Becker

166-408, Thelma Watson 157-413,

Sam Ambani 159-396, Alison Norman

82-208, Blake Grove 131-321, Tory Davis

101-285, Matthew Reininger 147-418,

Khilya Dyche 181-463, Cameron Royse

190-490, Matthew Becker 214-566,

Steven Morris 143-390, Tyler Meeks

152-421, Sheldon Graham 160-435,

Blake George 170-427, Kevin Graham

196-519, Andy Steed 165-434, Jeremy

Petosa 203-602, Josh Gibbs 142-393,

Colton Treece 163-414, Adam Sears

178-473, Dillon Sparks 96-275, Tanner

Bankston 197-526, Dalton Sparks 132-

339, Marin Smolcic 195-422.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace –

Darius Fields 217-590, Sonya Dikes

171-356, Tony Kidwell 191-477,

Jenine Hubbell 128-353, Adam Beasley

277-634, Shyanne Johnson 226-616,

Chandler 256-595, Brittney Martin

213-578, Matthew Cranfill 211, Nadia

Stone 196-496, Jake Swift 148, Genesys

Striver 112, Daniel Christopher 138-399,

Isabella Osburn 134-328, Toby Jones

131-357, Bethany Jones 94-221.

Brandon Ingram 132-309, Kylie Bloomer

68-166, Evan Orten 102-270, Madison

Smith 97-268, Dillon Fuller (2 games)


At Strikz – Ryan Yablonsky 213-579,

Katie Camp 130-341.

At USA Bowl – Austin Ellis 246-640,

D’Ontae Rhone 199-595, D’Vante Rhone


First 300

Cowtown Bowling Palace junior

bowler, Adam Beasley, hit a

milestone in his young bowling

career when he bowled his first

300 game and high series of

719, Saturday, January 28 in the

Strikers league.

Beasley also plays football,

baseball and basketball and is

in the select choir at Ed Willkie

Middle School in Fort Worth.


Kishjuan Busby, AMF Showplace Garland ........... 772

Aaron Burch, BRC Thousand Oaks ...................... 708

Allister Rutledge, Plano Super Bowl ..................... 704

Chris Signo, Brunswick Zone Watauga ................ 686

Garrick Schmit, AMF Spare Time Lanes ............... 667

D’Ontae Rhone, AMF Richardson Lanes .............. 666

Travis Davenport, AMF Lewisville Lanes .............. 657

Tate Taylor, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes .......... 645

Austin Ellis, USA Bowl ........................................... 640

Antonio Alonzo, Brunswick Zone Denton ............. 635

Adam Beasley, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............ 634

Jeremy Petosa, Cityview Lanes ............................ 602

Ryan Yablonsky, Strikz ........................................... 579

Franklin Reed, AMF Irving Lanes .......................... 549

Jared Nichols, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........ 542

Trenton Strickland, Red Bird Lanes ...................... 486

Brandon Ingram, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ............... 309


Shana Geerdes, Plano Super Bowl ....................... 644

Diane Hasty, AMF Spare Time Lanes .................... 631

Kimberly Yanai, AMF Irving Lanes ........................ 629

Shyanne Johnson, Cowtown Bowling Palace ...... 616

Courtney Salinas, AMF Showplace Garland ........ 615

Sydney Barren, BRC Thousand Oaks ................... 592

Jaden Takayesu, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes . 590

Vanessa Vasquez, Brunswick Zone Watauga ...... 559

Katelyn George, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ..... 552

Morgan Reising, AMF Lewisville Lanes ................ 543

Lexey Houck, Brunswick Zone Denton ................. 503

Khilya Dyche, Cityview Lanes ............................... 463

Katie Ross, AMF Richardson Lanes ..................... 413

Kaylee Hancock, Red Bird Lanes ......................... 389

Katie Camp, Strikz ................................................. 341

Madison Smith, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.................. 268

SMART Corporation

plans distribution


Board of Directors of SMART

(Scholarship Management and

Accounting Reports for Tenpins)

Corporation will make

an income earnings distribution

to providers’ funds later

this month. A $230,000 total

distribution will be credited

before March 7, 2012.

“We are pleased that SMART

is now positioned to resume periodic

payouts of asset earnings

to our providers’ accounts,”

SMART Corporation Board

Chairman Wally Hall said.

Additionally, beginning

in February 2012, all SMART

assets are being transferred to

investment funds in line with

SMART’s revised financial

guidelines. The transfers of

these investments will be

overseen by Asset Strategy

Consultants of Hunt Valley,

Md., based on the investment

policy that the SMART Board

of Directors developed over the

past year.

The SMART Board’s investment

policy is designed

to invest the present value

of earned scholarships into

highly conservative and safe

securities. The remainder of

the assets will be invested in a

diversified portfolio of securities

expected to yield greater

returns while still maintaining

a highly conservative investment


The SMART Corporation

is also initiating a project to

enhance the design, functionality

and content of its website

portal. The SMART Board will

continue to provide updates on

this key project as development


The United States Bowling

Congress SMART program

began operation in 1994 as a

service offering the bowling

community a centralized

location to manage bowling

scholarship funds as well as

providing USBC members with

a resource for inquiries about

bowling scholarships. In 2010,

the SMART Bowling Scholarship

Funding Corporation was

created as an independent

entity dedicated to the management,

protection and promotion

of the SMART scholarship


Lane Laughter

At AMF Lewisville

Lavery-Spahr rocks 792,

Fiene flips 658

Powers 300

Sean Lavery-Spahr held the

hot hand last week at AMF

Lewisville Lanes after pounding

out a power-packed 276-259-257

= 792 Monday Men’s league


Kellie Fiene, from the Rising

Stars group, led the ladies with a

highly commendable 206-194-258

= 658 showing.

Glenn Powers’ award-winning

12-bagger earned high-game


At AMF Hurst Lanes

Newton smashes

299/713, Collins

crafts 617

Charles Newton rocked the

AMF Hurst Lanes house last

week with an award-winning

156-299-258 = 713 Wild Bunch

Sr’s league session.

Andrea Collins’ fine 227-212-

178 = 617 Wednesday Mixed set

led the ladies.


Danny Baum (4 games) 247-856,

Jeff Russell (4 games) 243-843, Scott

Millar 612, Dana Short 189-540, Ronnie

Mills 175-612, Elva Lopez 161-502,

Lucky Hansen 217-567, Bud Young


Charles Newton 224-629, Lucky

Hansen 211-584, Mike Meek 636, Bea

Thompson 201-535, Anthony Smith

226-605, Patricia Blunt 161-412, Brent

Bryant 186-463, Debi Smith 144-418.

Jack Armstrong 279704, Kimberly

Johnson 190-468, Daryl Spann 206-505,

Sue Eby 161-427.


Herman Shurden 225-607, Donna

Hodgson 184-506, Laney Royal 267-

722, Sabina DeBord 205-523, Dennis

Stroup 247-668, Sabina DeBord 267-582,

Ryan Curtis 263-746, Sherri Strongren


Shirley Coolidge 200-537, Thomas

Jackson 234-628, Shannon Strickland

215-546, Ken Smithers 241-660,

Tammy Gilbert 186-492, Andrew

Gorder 254-736, Melanie Whitaker

213-543, Diane Scalley 183-490. Reggie

Crawford 279-748, Jereme LeBargeois

203-531, Rikki Garcia 172-430, Gerald

Dewberry 276-760, Kim Hood 223-620,

Mike Howell 267-657, Bonnie Kluempke

178-518, Jeff Parlato 267-659.

Christy Maksymowicz 159-455,

Chad Fisher 237-621, Stephanie Ellis

177-472, Mark Rowland 221-614, Donna

Wynkoop 199-527.


Ochoa fired a power-laden 257-

279-268 = 804 series in 1000

Renegades action to head the

scoring race for the week at BRC

Thousand Oaks.

Helen Keith claimed top

honors for the ladies with

a robust 226-257-247 = 730

Armadillos set.

Russell Dover earned highgame

honors with an awardwinning





Idle bowling thoughts.

...Brilliant, brilliant,

brilliant. That, in one word

repeated over and over again

best describes Mort Luby Jr.’s

story of bowling pioneer Joe

Thum and Luby’s unique talent

as a painter and his passion for

history and detail.

Every time I look at the

rendition of Thum and his

White Elephant bowling

center in New York City I see

something new, the cars on the

street, the bowlers with their

one ball bowling bags entering

and leaving the center, the

water tower above the building

next door and the fully authenticated

lamp post and of course

the bowling awards and medals

adorning Thum’s chest.

I never knew Joe Thum,

but I knew closely a number of

people who did, among them

the owner of the Bowlmor Recreation,

Nick Gianos, himself a

fabled New York City bowling

proprietor who did so much for

the game and sport.

I don’t know exactly how it

happened but Gianos had many

of the Thum memorabilia in a

storage room at his Bowlmor

site and every now and then I

got a good look at some of the

historical items. What really

drew my attention was a large

group of bowling trophies

that even in my less knowing

youthful days I could figure out

were silver. They were classy

and added class to our sport so

many years ago as did Thum .

Mort Luby Sr. father of our

sport’s Leonardo da Vinci, Mort

Jr., was a down to earth writer,

publisher, matchmaker, tournament

creator and you name it.

He also was a gentleman who

encouraged me to write for the

Bowler’s Journal while I was

still in college.

The younger Mort, in

addition to his painting prowess,

always has been a man

of erudition in so many ways,

but he also worked long hours

At BRC Thousand Oaks

Ochoa scorches 804,

Keith jams 730

Dover 300


David Kubitz 268-661, Connie

Rangel 220-553, Elvin Keeney 237-704,

Gwen Cobb 221-583, Chad Moore

224-643, Sarah Buck 255-561, Patti

Kelso 245-650.

Trish Lepri 240-544, Mona Hagy-

Rose 204-575, Russell Dover 732.


George Skinner 258-701, Bobbie

Strickland 190-479, Anna Robinson

173-503, Donald Black 243-629, Kay

Reynolds 211-542.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 9

in covering national bowling

tournaments for daily newspapers

wanting information on

their local representatives.

He made it his business to

learn as much about bowling,

bowlers and every area of the


And that’s the way da Vinci

was, delving into so many

areas of life that seldom does

a year go by that some new

revelations about him aren’t


It is gratifying that Mort

Luby Jr. has been so dedicated

to the proper research and

unveiling of bowling history

because he has been an

important part of that history

and that’s what bowling Halls

of Fame and museums are all


Luby Jr. and da Vinci—now

that’s a doubles team hard to


...Bowling always bemoans

the fact that it doesn’t gain the

sponsorships and backing of

other sports on so many levels,

and in the important tournament

prize money area.

The Phoenix golf pro stop

drew a record 173,000 spectators

in one day and more than

a half million for the week.

That’s more than bowling can

draw in years, both because of

the lack of space for spectators,

and the limited good spectator

viewing spots around final


Brunswick Orleans Bound

Attention!!!… BOWLERS

Bowl your way to Las Vegas …

Every team wins $$$

Tuesday’s @ 7 PM, Starting February 28

4 person teams (Any mix)

36 weeks

Handicap (100% of 220)

Must be 21 yrs. by 11/11/12

Las Vegas Trip November 11-13, 2012 Includes:

3 Days & 2 Nights Lodging at The Orleans Hotel

“B.O.B” Regional Roll Off Team Entry

2 Drink tickets during “BOB” tournament

Free Slot Tournament with Cash Prizes

1 Hotel Buffet Ticket (1 Breakfast or 1 Lunch)

Hotel “Fun Book”

Awards Cocktail Party & Hors d'oeuvre's

Door Prizes!

action lanes.

It takes the best computers

to even estimate the income

when 173,000 people in one

day pay fancy prices for

admission, parking, food, and

various souvenir items.

But always remember, that

on any given week, millions

roll regularly in leagues, clubs,

tournaments, and in birthday

and other celebrations.

Someday, in some way,

those numbers will help

reward play for cash bowlers

around the world.

We are



for human

interest story

ideas—let us


P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd San Antonio, TX 78217


Page 10 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Rash, Fagan Lead 2011-12 PBA

Tour Stats After Seven Events

SEATTLE — Sean Rash of

Montgomery, Ill., on the basis

of a record-setting performance

during the PBA World Series of

Bowling, has raced into a commanding

lead in the 2011-12

PBA Tour competition points

race, a statistical category with

significant implications as the

season progresses.

In two other key PBA

statistical races, Mike Fagan of

Dallas is the Tour’s average and

earnings leader, thanks in part

to his triumphant performance

in the Alka-Seltzer Plus Liquid

Gels United States Bowling

Congress Masters.

Rash, who finished among

the top four in all four World

Series events completed thus

far (PBA World Championship,

Bayer Viper Open, Chameleon

Open and Scorpion Open), has

compiled 101,485 points in

the six events he has entered,

taking a lead of 12,545 points

over his closest challenger,

Australia’s Jason Belmonte

(88,940 points). Finland’s Osku

Palermaa is third with 82,180

points followed by Englishmen

Dom Barrett (81,837) and Stu

Williams (80,401).

While the PBA has

eliminated its “exempt tour”

as of this season, points status

remains important because the

top six as of March 12 earn

two “bye” rounds in the Dick

Weber PBA Playoffs, March

30-April 1 at Woodland Bowl

in Indianapolis, and players

who rank seventh through 12th

will earn first-round byes in

the PBA Playoffs. The top 66

players in PBA Tour points will

be eligible for the Playoffs.

In addition, the top 16

players in competition points

at the conclusion of the 2011-12

PBA Tour season will receive

invitations to compete in the

renewal of the Japan Cup,

Nov. 29-Dec. 2, in Tokyo. The

2012 Japan Cup will offer just

over $285,000 in prize money,

including $78,000 and a PBA

Tour title to the winner.

After seven PBA Tour

events, Fagan is scoring at a

236.90 per-game pace after 82

games, more than nine pins

ahead of runner-up Bill O’Neill

of Southampton, Pa. (227.83) in

the high average race. Close behind

O’Neill are Ryan Ciminelli

of Cheektowaga, N.Y. (227.75),

Rash (227.38) and P.J. Haggerty

of Roseville, Calif. (227.29).

Fagan tops the earnings list

with $61,250. He is followed

by Palermaa, the PBA World

Championship titlist ($58,850);

Belmonte, the Chameleon

Open winner ($53,675); Rash

($44,300) and Ryan Shafer,

Horseheads, N.Y. ($33,205).

2011-12 PBA TOUR


(as of February 19, 2012)


1, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill.,

101,485. 2, Jason Belmonte, Australia,

88,940. 3, Osku Palermaa, Finland,

82,180. 4, Dom Barrett, England,

81,837. 5, Stuart Williams, England,

80,401. 6, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo.,



Weekly drop in, not a league!

Bowl 3 games in our FUN format.


AT 7:30 PM

Only $20.00 per person

(Pre-paid reservations accepted til 5 PM Fridays)

4 per lane

We Pay On All Splits Converted With A Color Pin


Family owned and Independently operated for 38 years

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677


77,675. 7, Mike Fagan, Dallas, 77,012. 8,

Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., 69,316.

9, Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, 65,517.

10, Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas,


11, Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga,

N.Y., 58,548. 12, Nathan Bohr,

Wichita, Kan., 54,051. 13, Bill O’Neill,

Southampton, Pa., 53,028. 14, Josh

Blanchard, Gilbert, Ariz., 52,463. 15,

Dan MacLelland, Canada, 49,695. 16,

Brian Kretzer, Dayton, Ohio, 48,872.

17, Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla.,

47,603. 18, Chris Loschetter, Avon,

Ohio, 46,582. 19, Rhino Page, Dade

City, Fla., 46,463. 20, Eugene McCune,

Munster, Ind., 46,458.

21, Martin Larsen, Sweden, 46,263.

22, Dave Wodka, Henderson, Nev.,

44,635. 23, Norm Duke, Clermont,

Fla., 42, 58. 24, Michael Haugen Jr.,

Carefree, Ariz., 39,759. 25, Andres

Gomez, Colombia, 39,262. 26, Tom

Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., 38,811. 27,

Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, N.Y., 38,597.

28, Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C.,

38,078. 29, Scott Newell, Deland, Fla.,

36,620. 30, Chris Warren, Grants Pass,

Ore., 34,460.

31, Bryon Smith, Roseburg, Ore.,

34,412. 32, Brian Valenta, Lockport, Ill.,

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

Vendeville explodes 300/815,

Franklin shoots 750

Wilson 801, Hopkins 298, Whitney 297

Chad Vendeville was on target

last week at AMF Showplace

Euless Lanes as he dominated

scoring with an exceptional 257-

258-300 = 815 Matchpoint Mixed

league production.

Paul Wilson finished close

behind Vendeville with his own

801 Masters series.

Genie Franklin, from the

Masters group, topped the ladies’

high-set chart with a hard-hitting

278-236-236 = 750 set.

Chuck Hopkins captured

At Red Bird Lanes

Robinson notches 696,

Hoffman bags 628

Bradley Robinson led the

scoring race last week at Red Bird

Lanes by hammering out hefty

204-266-226 = 696 Thursday

Nite Mix marks.

Deanna Hoffman earned fem

scoring honors with a solid 232-

185-211 = 628 Match Point Trio

ladies set.


Lauren Daniel 198-546, Vicki

Collins 209-551, Laura Allen 214-546,

Arthur Stangl 237-663, Frank B 245-

663, Billy Cathey 247-656, John Hinckel

190-533, Rebecca Salinas 201-550,

Dorothy Jones 192-496.

Janie McClain 182-497, Richard

32,555. 33, Wes Malott, Pflugerville,

Texas, 32,219. 34, Mika Koivuniemi,

Finland, 31,519. 35, Scott Norton, Costa

Mesa, Calif., 30,769. 36, Kelly Kulick,

Union, N.J., 29,944. 37, Lee Vanderhoef,

Greenville, S.C., 29,201. 38, Mike

Wolfe, New Albany, Ind., 29,026. 39,

Dino Castillo, Carrollton, Texas, 29,022.

40, Jason Sterner, McDonough, Ga.,



1, Mike Fagan, Dallas, 82 games,

236.90 average. 2, Bill O’Neill,

Southampton, Pa., 96, 227.83. 3, Ryan

Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 95,

227.75. 4, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill.,

95, 227.38. 5, PJ Haggerty, Roseville,

Calif., 76, 227.29. 6, Chris Barnes,

Double Oak, Texas, 97, 226.96. 7, Stuart

Williams, England, 110, 226.43. 8,

Jason Belmonte, Australia, 112, 226.33.

9, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., 104,

226.29. 10, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla.,

82, 225.98.

11, Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio,

101, 225.85.12, Martin Larsen, Sweden,

100, 225.70, 13, Dom Barrett, England,

92, 225.30. 14, Michael Haugen Jr.,

Carefree, Ariz., 78, 224.45. 15, Eugene

McCune, Munster, Ind., 72, 224.21. 16,

Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 80,

runner-up honors with a 298

game while James Whitney

rolled in not too far behind

with a 297 solo.


Robert Jones 279-780, Mike

Cranfill 286-768, Tom Crawford

279-759, Josh Moore 275-744, J D

Thompson 287-744, James Whitney

743, Lance Whisman 255-739, Steve

McCollum 279-737.

Chuck Hopkins 737, Bret Burns

244-686, Art Kveck 267-684, Lee

Cooper 227-644, James Fugitt 214-

Carlson 267-677, Jennifer Farrell

214-567, Lupe Guerra 247-675, David

Cron 223-652, Jeffery Cathey 254-686,

Denise Chambon 232-572, Paul Grody


Ashley Sheehan 222-568, Vernon

Johnson 244-602, Floye Gilliam

190-508, Raymond Williams 217-602,

Keith Jennings 236-636, Dorothy Perry

192-509, Jimmie Hawkins 207-546,

Brenda James 183-503.

Ron Moser 178-517, Louise Ehrhart

204-525, Tristan Bridgewater 247-644,

Karla Johnson 231-533, Vera Hobbs 192-

511, Angela Herwald 220-514, George

Gillman 204-548, Norma Stephens


The Bowling News is now on-line!

224.01. 17, Wes Malott, Pflugerville,

Texas, 81, 222.94. 18, Dan MacLelland,

Canada, 106, 222.88. 19, Osku Palermaa,

Finland, 74, 222.26. 20, Rhino

Page, Dade City, Fla., 88, 222.02.


(after 7 events)

1, Mike Fagan, Dallas, $61,250. 2,

Osku Palermaa, Finland, $58,850. 3,

Jason Belmonte, Australia, $53,675.

4, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill.,

$44,300. 5, Ryan Shafer, Horseheads,

N.Y., $33,205. 6, Chris Barnes, Double

Oak, Texas, $30,275. 7, Dom Barrett,

England, $27,540. 8, Stuart Williams,

England, $27,235. 9, Ildemaro Ruiz,

Venezuela, $17,050. 10, Pete Weber, St.

Ann, Mo., $16,760.

11, Dan MacLelland, Canada,

$15,290. 12, Bryon Smith, Roseburg,

Ore., $15,000. 13, Nathan Bohr,

Wichita, Kan., $13,525. 14, Eugene

McCune, Munster, Ind., $12,970. 15,

Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y.,

$12,725. 16, Josh Blanchard, Gilbert,

Ariz., $12,600. 17, Brian Kretzer,

Dayton, Ohio, $11,550. 18, Bill O’Neill,

Southampton, Pa., $11,500. 19, Dave

Wodka, Henderson, Nev., $11,285. 20,

Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, $10,200.

620, Tim Medenwald 244-608, Frank

Houser 201-569, Tim Martin 188-558,

Teresa Ross 248-701.

Carol Johnson 238-695, Belinda

Chambers 227-646, Jo Russell 237-639,

Judith Guillory 227-604, Judy Leuty

246-600, Anna Jutson 233-589, Barbara

Chaky 246-587, Kathy Foote 215-577.

Khristy Whisman 225-577, Terri

Homme 236-572, Lisa Steele 202-565,

Mindy Wynn 201-554, Maria Montalbo

213-551, Rose Jacobson 190-531, Paula

Atchison 198-521.

Kristi Enyart 229-500, Denise

Wheeler 180-443.

At AMF Irving Lanes

Ray routs

672, Yanai

tosses 629

Derek Ray’s high-flying 245-

246-181 = 672 series in Men’s

Trio action led the scoring race

for the week at AMF Irving


Youth bowler, Kimberly Yanai

paced the ladies with a nice 197-

218-214 = 624 Youth Practice

League set.


Stanley Henderson 218-573, Mary

Lay 204-526, Michael Cash 214-548,

Janice Andrews 179, Harry Umsted 213-

559, Mary Moore 469, Emilo Guzman

240-577, Kathy Wilson 180-497.

Chris Tidwell 222-642, JoAnn

Garcia 198-484, Bill Tenison 213-

556, Tessie Wells 163-443, Kevin

Weatherford 244-658, Hillary Kraus

253-624, Curtis Engel 236-639, Mary

Lay 198-529.

Darwyn Green 224-567, Jeanie

Newman 181-498, Kirby Gowland

248-639, Spencer McCurley 235-622.


USBC, Baton Rouge mayor host

charity event

BATON ROUGE, La. — Baton

Rouge has been a gracious

host for the 2012 United States

Bowling Congress Open Championships,

and the event had

the chance to make a lasting

impact on the local community

by helping to raise more than

$30,000 for the Greater Baton

Rouge Food Bank on Friday


After a short day of tournament

competition, the venue

was opened to more than 350

bowlers and guests for the

Mayor’s Celebrity Bowling

Challenge to Strike Out Hunger.

Through lane sponsorship

and ticket sales, the special

event generated enough money

to serve more than 150,000

meals locally.

Each of the venue’s 48 lanes

was available for sponsorship

by local businesses for $250,

and thanks to a very strong

bowling community with

support from local proprietors

and the USBC association, all

48 lanes were filled at $300

per team. There also were

raffles and opportunities to buy

additional celebrity strikes for


“We found a way to mesh

the USBC event, the city and

the bowling community to put

on a unique tournament that

benefited a great cause,” Baton

Rouge Mayor Kip Holden said.

“What’s most significant is

that the food bank has been at

almost an historic low, so for

all of these folks to come out

and help is amazing.”

Scott Rogers, host of Baton

Rouge’s Around Town TV

Show, was the celebrity emcee

for the evening, while each

team was joined by a local

celebrity. The list included

members of the media, dignitaries

and current and former

players and coaches from

Louisiana State University,

including Randall Gay, who

recently won a Super Bowl title

with the New Orleans Saints.

Even LSU head football coach

Les Miles made an appearance

to hear his 8-year-old daughter

Macy Grace sing the national


“I talked to some people

who have bowled in the championships

and told me the

venue was amazing, and they

were right,” said Miles, who led

the Tigers a national championship

in 2007. “It’s also nice to

look around and see all of the

celebrities and supporters who

came out for such a great cause


Prior to their three games

of bowling Friday, guests had

the opportunity to mingle with

the celebrities and enjoy food

brought in by a number of local

restaurants. The mood was

light and the competition was

friendly, and the big winner of

the challenge was the Greater

Baton Rouge Food Bank.

“We’ve done a lot of traditional

fundraising events in the

past, so this is by far one of the

most unique things we’ve ever

had the opportunity to do,”

said Greater Baton Rouge Food

Bank President and CEO Mike

Manning. “Our two biggest

goals for tonight were to raise

money and awareness, and

we are overwhelmed by the

turnout and support from the

community and USBC. We had

no idea when we first heard

the concept for this that the

response would be so great

and the night would be so


Since the start of the 2012

USBC Open Championships

on Feb. 11, the championship

lanes also have been home to

the Special Olympics National

Unified Tournament, a youth

event that gave 240 USBC

Youth members a chance to

experience the Open Championships

and an all-Baker

high school tournament for 43

varsity teams.

USBC also has developed a

Clint Johnson won highset

honors last week at AMF

Showplace Garland Lanes by

firing a chart-topping 290-249-

300 = 839 numbers in T.G.I.F.


Ashley Adams, from the

Money Changers group, posted

a super solid 258-236-227 = 721

set to lead the ladies.

John Cooley and Jerry Perez

shared high-game accolades with

award-winning perfectos.


David Taylor 269-764, Carisa

Patrick 245-689, Ted Pritts 279-760,

Kevin Hill 267-724, Mary Morris

223-600, Rosemary Looten 166-454,

Guadalupe Munoz 196-574, Kathy

Hopkins 242-639.

FRISCO – Rick Irvine posted

a lofty 236-280-236 = 752 Trio

League set headed the leader

boards for the week at Strikz.

Loren Tenczar’s rollicking

288-174-220 = 682 Monday Mixerz

session to lead the women.


Julie Collins 179-508, Cathy Eberly

159-486, Rick Brewer 288-674, Candy

Torrey 201-571, Joe Jimenez 225-652,

Debbie Colby 192-540, Joe Rener

246-652, Cathy Eberly 175-493, Kraig

relationship with Habitat for

Humanity, and materials from

the venue are re-used in the

community whenever possible.

When the 151-day run of the

Open Championships comes to

an end on July 10, the venue

will be dismantled, and all

salvageable materials will be

donated to Habitat for Humanity

of Great Baton Rouge.

“When the Open Championships

visits a host city, the

bowlers and staff become a

part of the community for more

than seven months,” USBC

Executive Director Stu Upson

said. “We are grateful for the

reception we’ve received in

Baton Rouge, and we’re excited

to be able to give back to the

community through events

like tonight. We’re also proud

to know that even after we’re

gone, impact and materials

from the Open Championships

will help the less fortunate in

Baton Rouge.”

At AMF Showplace Garland

Johnson cracks 300/839,

Adams cards 721

Cooley, Perez 300

Harold Simmons 258-702, Jo

Venable 234-556, Dustin Endsley 228-

590, Tonjah Castro 224-615, Russell

Parks 277-749, Buddy May 209-608,

June Armon 192-521, Paul E Wilson


Tonjah Castro 259-693, Al Aguilar

279-733, Candy Brackey 190-525,

Carlene Riddle 206-556, Robert W

Wilson 215-608, Evelyn Anders 197-

514, Cliff Morelock 279-749, Ernest

Harwell 279-732.

Kevin Carbo, Jr. 279-761, Sammye

Ragland 195-542, Brenda Yaws 224-

611, Robert W Wilson 247-698, Janis

Gharras 221-599, Robert W Wilson

279-743, Linda Chambers 237-642.

John Cooley 683, Kimberly Waltz


At Strikz

Irvine inks 752

Tenczar delivers 682,

Johnson 232-647.

Ron Shive 236-663, Pat Irvine

163-418, Keith Smith 243-673, Loren

Tenczar 235-629, Ron Rankin 225-655,

Cathy Eberly 200-571, Tim Gesino 241-

639, Kenneth Judge 258-634, Robert

Marino 237-631.

Shane LeClair 225-625, Garrett

Denham 230-640, Laine Barr 188-512,

Mike Robinson 245-657, Deanna

Goldsmith 153-420, Steve Gewurz


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 11

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

We are always

looking for human

interest story

ideas—let us know


8789 Lebanon Road,

Frisco, TX 75034




March 25, 2012

Tournament Starts at 12:00 PM


$60 Entry / $50 prize fund : $10 linage

Payout Ratio-1:8

Format: All bowlers will bowl 4 games top 6 bowlers will

advance to step ladder finals.


1. Handicap will be 90% of 220. Max handicap is 50 for Men & 60 for Women

2. Entering average:

a. Highest 2010-11 USBC fall book average of 21 games or more

b. If no 2010-11 USBC fall season average, the highest ending USBC summer

2010 season average based on 21 games or more.

c. If neither A or B above, the highest current 2011 USBC Summer league

average of 12 games or more (verification needed)

d. All others will bowl Scratch (220)

3. Tournament Director reserves the right to re-rate anyone and has final

decision on any and all disputes.

5. All averages will be verified through Bowl.com

6. Max total per game is 300.

1212 E. University Dr., Denton, TX 76209


Page 12 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS



1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager







1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174

Giving You The

Power To Perform

Susie Minshew

USOC Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010




Owner / Operator

PBA Member





HURST, TX 76053





HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Billy DeCicco


Inside AMF Arlington Lanes

1801 East Lamar Blvd.

Arlington, TX 76006

Working Hard

for Your Success




5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088

(972) 475-7080



1212 E. University Drive

Denton, TX 76209

(940) 808-1622

Lessons Available


6601 Oakmont Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76132

817-263-1935 Fax: 817-370-1831

Kirk Wright


Inside AMF Irving Lanes

3450 Willow Creek Dr.

Irving, TX 75061


2521 Avenue K

Plano, TX 75074

(972) 881-0242

Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274

E-mail: coachkg58@yahoo.com


Lessons available by appointment

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard & Del Ballard, Owners

Derrick Lott Maury Newman

Brian English Xeno Garcia

Rudy Garcia Jr.

Located inside

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, Tx 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available

Todd Zenner is now at Cowtown Bowling Palace

Located in Cowtown Bowling Palace

4333 River Oaks Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76114

Email: flushfitproshop@gmail.com

Website: www.flushfitproshop.com

Phone: 817-624-4920

Believe. Bowl. Follow Through.

Located inside

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76133

Phone: 817-294-0501


Continued from Page 1

thus more and more fans not

regularly tuning in because

they already know the results

from checking the PBA website

or word of mouth, something

new and fresh desperately had

to be done.

Xtra Frame itself is not by

any means brand new to this

season, as fans have been subscribing

and watching for a few

years now during the qualifying

and match play rounds of

nearly each and every event. It

allowed fans to see much more

of an event and many more



Chad Newman - Owner


(Located inside AMF Richardson Lanes)

2101 N. Central Expressway

Richardson, TX 75080


(inside AMF DeSoto Lanes & AMF Spare Time Lanes)


Andrew Lowy

Russell Corwin

Cody Carlton


competitors than just the four

or five who qualified for the

ESPN televised finals. The Xtra

Frame tour events should now

drive fans to want to tune in

even more as this is their only

avenue in these events to see

the players and winners at all.

In my opinion, the Xtra

Frame events are a very good

shot in the arm for the PBA,

which has been in a steady

tailspin for a few seasons now.

Perhaps they would be better

as extra events for the tour

stars, rather than replacements

for the bigger weekly events

with larger prize funds. It

should allow the PBA to change

up formats a little bit, perhaps

At AMF DeSoto

Alcaraz wheels in 756,

Jones rolls with 675

Aric Alcaraz won the high-set

contest last week at AMF DeSoto

Lanes by posting potent 237-

266-253 = 756 marks in DeSoto

Classic action.

Wendy Jones, Alcaraz’s

league mate, paced the ladies

scoring race with a laudatory

185-227-263 = 675 showing.


Lee Clark 266-661, Gigi Brown 221-

562, Chuck Mooney 265-681, Annette

Bell 220-614, Ron House 267-727,

Leritha Pride 242-657, Willie Holland

246-667, Joyce Thurman 187-509.

Anthony Rowe 193-575, Brenda

Pearse 203-536, Nick Martinez 248-667,

Lisa Alonzo 212-557, Dale McFarland

279-752, Tammy McFarland 245-625, Ken

Suber, Sr. 237-690, Lisa Brooks 188-515.

Chris Shipley 259-702, Janet Miller



James Bridges 225-634, Kathy Lee

175-510, Roger Strand 225-631, Billie

Bradley 195-560.

AMF Spare Time Lanes

3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015


AMF Desoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr.

DeSoto, TX 75115









get away from the stepladder

finals and allow the stars to

bowl the event out in much of

the same format. It should also

allow the PBA to give different

insight into the latter parts of

an event for the fans, insight

not normally caught on ESPN

telecasts. Whether or not they

take those steps remains to be


Last season, the PBA

aired three days of live finals

coverage of the World Championship,

as well as a rare, but

exciting live telecast of U.S.

Open match play round. I don’t

know what may have been negotiated

between the PBA and

ESPN for this season, but not

having those aspects, and ESPN

events being replaced with Xtra

Frame exclusive stops seems to

be taking away from fans a bit,

and the tour itself.

It is no secret that the PBA

is starving at the moment,

and something must be done

to inject new life into events

and stir up fan interest again.

Tape delayed telecasts were ok

the first year that they were

done, as fans still wanted to

see bowling on TV, but that

has changed in the few years

where this has been done.

Bowling fans are fans of other

sports as well, and their time

is precious, and it cannot come

as a surprise that they would

choose live events over tape

delayed events.

I, for one, do not watch

nearly as much of the telecasts

as I know the results, and there

are many other things on TV

where I do not set aside much

time to watch something I

know results of. In that sense,

live is definitely the way to

go, and Xtra Frame is a way to

accomplish that.

As of this point the second

of four Xtra Frame exclusive

events has come and gone,

with Scott Newell capturing his

first ever national tour title in

Columbus, Ohio. The problem

still arises that many fans

of bowling were completely

unaware of that fact, as it

wasn’t shown live on ESPN,

and they simply did not tune in

or find out.

It comes down to marketing

of the events and the

stars. It was mentioned just

recently that much of the PBA’s

marketing is outsourced. Well,

something isn’t quite working

as fans simply are not seeing

these events and talking about

the PBA as in past years. In

order for the PBA itself and

Xtra Frame to thrive, the fans

must know about the events

and have desire to subscribe

and tune in.

The Xtra Frame events could

definitely be a good thing for

the PBA, but in my opinion,

would be much stronger

serving as higher money

regional style events, rather

than replacements for the main

tour stops.

The final two Xtra Frame

events are March 10-11 in

Detroit and the Dick Weber

Playoffs March 31st and April

1st in Indianapolis. Tune in to

Xtra Frame to catch the newest

PBA champions.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 13


Ted Pritts led the honor roll with 816 at AMF Showplace

Garland…Rodney Black with 801 at DC Cityview…Del Wooldridge

shot 785 at BRC Watauga…Jeff Tomertoe rolled 772 at Forum…

Lisa Wasson led the ladies and even beat Tam with an 800 at

AMF Jupiter. Tam shot a measly 749…Mickie Archer leveled DC

Cityview with 763…Michelle Lee was high at Plano with 738…

Tiffanie Seals shot 698 at BRC Westcreek…Donna Conners earned

the PWBA SW Region Player of the Year honors, and look at

who’s all grown up, Genie Franklin was the PWBA SW Region

Rookie of the Year…Mark Estes won the SASBA at Blazer Bowl…

Tiffany Stanbrough wins PWBA SW Regional at AMF Windsor

Lanes, she was a striking machine, I wonder where she is these

days. Genie got third in that tournament and shot her second

300 game…Youth Lance Holt shot 750 at Plano, Cody Jones shot

702 at DC Cityview…X&O’s Garcia with 300 at DC Cityview.


Ronny Glockzin led the honor roll with 814 at Showplace-

Euless, good dude, good bowler…Rick Mann shot 796 at PSB…

Ralph Green shot 772 at DC SW…Donny Yow rolled 300/755 at

Grove Country…The great one, Susie Minshew led the ladies

with 734 at DC SW…Debbye Berry a 730 at Showplace-Euless…

Teressa Helmick was high at Hurst with 719…Cathy McBride

a 648 at Triangle-Irving…Tish Johnson wins the ladies US

Open in Fountain Valley, CA over Aleta Sill and $18,000…Russ

Stanley shot 300 at Spare Time…Greg Elliott shot first career

300 at DeSoto…before he was the real deal, he was just Chris

Johnson the great junior bowler, and he shot 742 at Jupiter…

Brian Voss wins PBA title in Homestead, FL, but the real story

for that week was it was the event where Robert Lawrence got

his Bad Boy nickname. He blew a gasket several times that

week, to this day still says everyone over-reacted, but we were

all there to see it. He almost separated John Forst’s head from

his body in the paddock…Tim Walker wins $10,000 for Fiesta

Classic in San Antonio.


John Brashers led the honor roll with 801 at Jupiter…Mark

Gachter rolled 782 at Meadowbrook…Jim Jones was high at Berry

with 768…Todd Cupit in the hero zone at Wedgwood with 735…

Walter Doss a 700 at Circle…Madelyn Payne led the ladies with

682 at Meadowbrook…JoAnn White was high at Red Bird with

679…Susie Reichley shot 655 at Hart…legendary Jane Hicks a 586

at Bronco…Regina Hillier(you may know her as Loveall) wins

her 3rd Bluebonnet Queens title at Expressway Lanes over Gayle

Wright…Jeff Freeman won the SSBA at Buckner…A 21-yr-old

Nikki G wins her 3rd LPBT title over Tish Johnson…Neil Walsh

won the TTBA at All Star East over David Chustz and earned

$1500…Norm Duke wins $1000 for BBA title at Golden Triangle…

Earl Anthony wins his 5th PBA National Title in Toledo, and

pushes career earnings past the $1 Million mark.

At AMF Richardson

Johnson fields 795,

Hayes levels 738

Wilson 300, Neal 298

Clint Johnson headed the

honor roll for the week at AMF

Richardson Lanes with a solid

280-256-259 = 795 Classic Trios


Jennifer Hayes, Johnson’s

league mate, led the ladies’ with

a sky-high 243-237-258 = 738 set.

Ed Wilson took high-game

honors with an award-winning

12-bagger while Chris Neal

earned runner-up honors with

a 299 game.


Bob Reynolds 234-547, Linda Foley

179-489, Time Caldwell 268-772, Chris

Neal 772, Bill Courtney 221-626, Flo

Arista 190-462, Phillip Kepner 259-736,

Kim Wilson 245-661, Chad Newman


Sherry Wilson 180-506, Rick Shivley

244-706, Tonya Dickey 193-541, Bill

North 232-657, Alycia Mayo 179-501,

James Alexander 262-689, Bicki Shaw

214-580, Tony Willis 232-681.

Li Ping Catenacci 209-570, Steve

Williams 201-560, Dana Cantwell

151-420, Bruce Hart 266-661, Terri

Riches 200-511, Louis Goode 269-748,

Karen Koenig 188-498, Mike McManus


Marlene Somraty 168-477, Joseph

Wood 258-675, Clarissa Sills 160-444,

Bill North 243-611, Sandee Lowe 178-

441, Ron Yoshida 226-644, Rhonda

Yoshida 205-586, Bill North 235-684.

Terry Shannon 210-569, Minh Koum

247-676, Amy Warren 168-450, Mike

Braby 225-645, Vicki Grizzaffi 238-549.

Page 14 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Texas USBC Masters finalists, not pictured in order, were DJ Archer, Xeno Garcia, Dustin Ochoa, Derek Eoff,

Tyson Branagan, Jacob Heger, Casey Powell, Mike Bailey, Mike Newton, and Bubba Haney.

Texas Bluebonnet Queens finalists for the last day’s match-play, not pictured in order, were Shannon

O’Keefe, Stefanie Nation, Genie Franklin, Anita Manns, Clara Guerrero, Jovan Blankenfeld, Brandy

Sanderson, Kerry Moreland, LaToya Williams, and Sandi Charles.

At AMF Spare Time

Dixon drills 784,

Patterson posts 651

Craig Dixon won the highset

contest last week at AMF

Spare Time Lane after topnotch

265-255-264 = 784 STL

Businessmen’s action.

Letitia Patterson posted a

rip-roaring 256-245-150 = 651

Sundowners set to front distaff



Carrie Lacey 196, Mickey Newman

490, Bill McCormack 277-674, Peg Flack

212, Gayle Brice 587, Robert Jones 289,

Alesia Pickett 245-624, Doug Anderson

748, Tom England 216-543.

Lisa Loughner 177-429, Derek

Shawen 290, Sandra Albin 238-642,

Mike Davis 751, George Forde 246-693,

Leanne Frye 181, Mel Forde 511, Billie

Atkins 188, Joyce Stephenson 476.

Donni McMasters 224-541, Mike

Underwood 269, Jackie Metz 221-515,

Thomas Mendonca 641, Ben Suite

278-744, Ruth Hale 244, Debbie Camp

560, Joe Paiz 158-437, Theresa Citarella


Jimmy McGahan 290, Thomas

Mendonca 279, Lee Cooper 741, Ronnie

Belz 198, Katie James 233-592, Loren

Cisneros 527, Dave Tierney 202-498,

Bob Kowalski 205-526, Judy Zalfas


The quickest and best

way to reach people in


Call us for more



Our 56th Year


Continued from Page 3

stoned a 9, then ran off 24 in

a row. My first thought was to

thank god, then thank Bill, but

then I had to rush off to work.

It was really nice to achieve

something that is really hard

to do and also to know that the

hard work pays off.

What ball did you throw?

The new Roto Grip Defiant, I

used it all three games.

Who drills your balls? Bill

Fong and Danny Westbrook at

Innovative pro Shop.

What is your all-time

favorite bowling ball? The Storm

X-Factor way back in the day, it

was very versatile.

What is your all-time high

average? Right now I am in

the middle of my best season

averaging 232.

How long have you been

bowling? I started when I was

3 and Larry Reynolds was my

first coach. I’ve been bowling

every day since, plus my

entire family has bowled and

been involved in the sport. I

am constantly working to get

better; I even bowled 10 games

of practice the day after I shot

the 878.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? Norm Duke and Pete

Weber, they have both done

some cool things for me in the


Most memorable bowling

moment? At 12 years old I shot

my first 300 and my great


Continued from Page 1

twelve games on Saturday and

ten on Sunday, showing the

stamina to continue to go for

a few more. O’Keefe finished

with a 2666, including her

bonus points, averaging 239 for

the finals play.

This is the third time for

Shannon O’Keefe to bowl in

Bluebonnet Queens and now

she has won the last two years.

She remarked that in twenty finals

games she stands at 18-1-1,

her loss to Blankenfeld was her

only one in two years, and the

one tie she had was in 2011.

Eighteen wins is an amazing

feat for any competitor. While

she thought the pattern was

difficult she liked the challenge

and she felt the longer format

suited her style of bowling. “I

can outlast the competition; I

don’t let one bad game get me

down. I don’t even watch the

standings. I just focus on the

pins and get the job done.” She

received a plaque, $1200, and

an entry into the USBC Queens,

which she deferred to another

contestant. She has an entry for

her Team USA participation.

The Bluebonnet Queens prize

fund topped $7,000.00.

O’Keefe started bowling

at age 16 at a center owned

by Dave Husted, where she

received some great coaching.

She went to Portland State

College but played softball,

not bowling. She credits her

husband Brian with making

her the bowler she is today.

O’Keefe has been on Team USA

for eight years and Brian is

one of the Team USA coaches.

Her bowling plans include

the upcoming USBC Queens

tournament, the US Women’s

Open in June, and the start of

Team USA camp, also in June.

She works for USBC in Arlington,

and loves the warmth of

Texas, a far cry from the cold

of Oregon and New York where

she lived.

The Master’s competition

began with 120 entrants for

eight games of qualifying.

With the challenging shot,

no perfect games appeared, a

278 was the highest game in

qualifying. Xeno Garcia led the

top 24 going into the semi’s

averaging 231 a game. After

the four semi-final games,

D.J. Archer ended up leading

grandfather got to see it. I

ran straight to him and gave

him a big hug, that’s my most

memorable moment.

What is your first bowling

memory? I remember in 1999

when the PBA tour came back

to DC West, I got to bowl with

Norm Duke in the Pro-Am and

see the love and passion he has

for the game, and now I have

the same passion.

What lessons has the game

taught you? Some advice I got

from Bill is to trust yourself

and trust your ability, throw

the ball the best you can and

if they fall down then they all

fall down.

the ten finalists with a high

game of 290 and finished the

twelve games with a 2711 total.

Finalists in order were Archer,

Garcia, Dustin Ochoa, Derek

Eoff, Tyson Branagan, Jacob

Heger, Casey Powell, Mike Bailey,

Mike Newton, and Bubba

Haney. Sunday’s games were

up and down for the men, as

the lead changed many times

and the distance between them

was close. D.J. Archer got off to

a slow start with 213-174-179,

then seemed to hit his stride

in the fourth game with a 289,

followed by 247-218-265-223-

168-211, averaging 218 to take

first place prize by only 75 pins

over Derek Eoff in second with

a 2322. The next three places

were within eighty pins of first,

showing the close competition

among the participants.

D.J. grew started out in

junior leagues, and bowling

at Forum Lanes many times.

Now living in Port Arthur, he

welcomed the opportunity to

come to the area to see and

visit with friends. He credited

Tommy Jones and Dino Castillo

with giving him the knowledge

of how to be a great bowler.

He agreed the pattern was

difficult but preferred the

challenging conditions and the

longer format. “You can’t make

mistakes in a sprint. I try to

stay consistent and the longer

the format the more comfortable

I become.”

D.J. attended West Texas

A&M University and was on

the team that won nationals

in the 1999-2000 season. He

cashed in the World Series of

Bowling and made it to match

play in the USBC Masters this

year. He plans on going to

the next USBC Masters and a

PBA Regional in Detroit. He

currently bowls on two leagues

averaging 230+ and every

weekend is traveling to bowl

a PBA Regional. This was his

second time in the Texas State

USBC Masters. Along with

winning an entry to the next

USBC Masters and a plaque,

D.J. takes home $2400 from a

$15,255.00 prize fund.

The Texas State USBC

Masters/Bluebonnet Queens

tournaments are sponsored

by Carol “Stormin” Norman’s

Pro Shop “U Can Bowl 2”, at

Del-Mar Lanes in Houston, and

Ebonite. Sponsors provided

door prizes for the participants.

Winners of bowling balls

were Kimberly Wilson, Brett

Joseph, Diane Jessie, Claudio

Saenz, D J Archer, and David

Tullos. Winning a bowling bag

were Kyoko McDonald, Kristin

Warzinski, Barry McKee, and

Clint Dacy. TSUSBC appreciates

our sponsors for their great assistance

in making the Classic

tournaments – Senior Masters/

Queens and Masters/Bluebonnet

Queens – a showcase for

the elite high average bowlers

of Texas.

The Texas State USBC

provides several tournaments

throughout the year for seniors,

men, women, and youth. For a

listing of future tournaments

and downloadable entry forms

visit our website at www.


Bits and pieces from the

69th US Open

By Joan Taylor

Josh Blanchard, the young

man who made his “mark”

in PBA history when he

fell on the approach at the

PBA World Championship

Mike Aulby Division was

well enough to make it to

the top 24 in the 69th US

Open. He finished in tenth

place. The initial injury was

mainly to his hip, and he

underwent physical therapy.

“My biggest concern was

that I was going on a 29-hour

flight to the Middle East

for a tournament.” By the

way, he finished 8th in that


Every year that the US Open

has been held at Brunswick

Zone Carolier Lanes in North

Brunswick, the center has

hosted a youth bowling

clinic on Sunday morning

before the championship

rounds. The fee is $50 and

many Pros who were still

in town volunteered two

hours of their time to help

the youngsters. This year

PBA professionals such as

Walter Ray Williams, Jr.,

Sean Rash and Mark Roth

participated. In addition to

the young people benefitting,

the entire participation fee

went directly to the Susan

G. Komen Breast Cancer

Awareness Fund.

Pete Weber will not wear

red when he bowls in the

championship round. Why?

“I won my first, eleventh,

and twenty-first titles

wearing red, but other than

that, it proved to be bad luck,

especially when I bowled a

televised 150 game.”

On March 3rd, Johnny

Petraglia will turn as he said,

“retirement age (65).” But

don't look for him to retire.

He will continue to bowl on

the Senior Tour and make

appearances for his employer,

the Brunswick Corporation.

The first cut took 96 bowlers

out of the initial field of 394.

Danny Wiseman and John


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a great shot and he struck, so

the last shot just needed to stay

on the lane. Using a Columbia

Ransom all night, he got 8 and

a spare to finish out the 10th

for a 267 final game and 811


With at the huge 800s popping

up all over the metroplex,

I’m sure Ray’s 811 won’t be the

leader on the Honor Roll, but it

was an honor to watch. There

aren’t very many big series’

coming out of Brunswick

Westcreek Lanes, so to shoot

an 800 there is quite an accomplishment.

Congrats again,

Ray Murr, 279-265-267—811.

I’m sure your perfect game is

just around the corner!

Furey tied for the last spot

and were scheduled for a

roll-off, but Wiseman, who

had some foot pain, deferred

to Furey who eventually

finished in 56th place. This

is not nearly as dramatic as

the 2009 Open, when Ron

Dixon, Boynton Beach, FL,

tied with Tom Smallwood

and Jeffrey Voght for the

final two “cut” positions.

PBA rules state that each

player has 30 minutes to

return to the center for the

roll-off. Only Dixon was

missing. He was returning

from New York City by train

after dinner with his friend

Amleto Monacelli. He was

contacted at the NJ train

station, grabbed a taxi to get

back to his hotel to change

into bowling clothes, and

literally raced back to the

bowling center. With barely

one minute to go, and after

sprinting from the wrong

entrance at the center to

the correct area, he made

it to the roll-off. The good

news is that he and Tom

Smallwood advanced to the

next qualifying round. Now

imagine if cell phones hadn't

been invented by that year!

Kamron Doyle, the 14-yearold

phenom who cashed in

a PBA regional tournament

at age 12, finished in 61st

place. By signing a waiver at

any cash-prize tournament,

he agrees for the dollars to

go into his scholarship fund,

thereby keeping his youth

bowling status intact.

The Gemini Company

manufactures the jerseys you

see the pros wearing. Missy

Parkin has a unique one in

her collection. “It's a photo

of Laguna Beach, my favorite

beach. I got permission from

Gemini to have the photo

incorporated into the weave.”

Missy is also unique in being

the only female who made

it into match play at the US

Open. She finished in twentyfirst


The name's the same:

Among entries were Ed

Rabbit, Walter Williams Jr.

(not to be confused with

Walter Ray), Christopher Lee

and Lawrence (Larry?) King.

Marshall Kent, who finished

in 24th place is often asked

if he is son of Doug Kent.

While he is not, he rooms

with Ken's son, Jacob at

Robert Morris University

in Chicago. The two met

through various junior

bowling tournaments,

including Junior Gold, won

by Kent.....Marshall, that is.

Sean Rash's mother, Diana,

says that when Sean was

10 years old, a Santa Claus

asked him what he wanted to

be when he grew up, and the

response was “a professional


Weber’s dramatic U.S. Open

win creates media storm


Carl Edwards was among those

impressed by Pete Weber’s

dramatic win in PBA’s 69th

U.S. Open.

Edwards took in the U.S.

Open ESPN telecast – which

garnered a 25 percent increase

in viewership over the 2011

U.S. Open telecast – during

Sunday’s rainout of the Daytona


Weber defeated Mike Fagan

215-214 in the title match last

Sunday for a record fifth U.S.

Open title at Brunswick Zone-

Carolier in North Brunswick,

N.J., surpassing his father Dick

Weber and Don Carter who

won the prestigious tournament

four times.

“I got into that a little bit,’’

Edwards said. “It was inspiring.

He had to throw a strike,

and he did, on his final throw.

He won his fifth [U.S. Open]

title. Pretty cool.’’

What Weber called “the

biggest win of my career” also

took the national media and

PBA’s electronic communication

platforms by storm as well.

Other media hits included

extensive follow-up coverage

by ESPN including air time

on Around the Horn, Pardon

the Interruption, SportsCenter

(Weber’s win was No. 5 on

PBA Spare


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | Page 15

SportsCenter’s top 10 plays),

ESPN News and an upcoming

interview on ESPN2’s “Dan Le

Batard Is Highly Questionable”


Pardon the Interruption

co-host Tony Kornheiser got

a kick out of Weber’s new

catch phrase of “Who do you

think you are? I am!” during

the telecast after throwing the

winning shot.

ESPN Classic will rerun the

historic 69th U.S. Open Monday,

March 5 at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Associated Press Stories ran

in major newspapers across

the country including the New

York Times, Washington Post,

Newsday, St. Louis Post-

Dispatch and USA Today.

Video of Weber’s performance

was also featured on

AOL, CBS, Yahoo, FoxSports,

Deadspin and Huffington Post

sites among others.

Weber’s reaction after

throwing a strike on the final

ball to win has attracted more

than 500,000 hits on YouTube

in less than three days.

Online bowling channel

Xtra Frame on pba.com received

a 25 percent increase in

subscriptions and pba.com traffic

nearly doubled its highest

traffic in the last six months.

Pete Weber with his 5th US Open trophy.



With few exceptions, you

can ask every player who

bowled in the 2012 U.S. Open

how difficult the challenge

was, and they’ll likely tell you

“you have no idea how tough it


is until you do it.”

The statistics tell the story

of what happened during the

69th U.S. Open at Brunswick

Zone-Carolier in North Brunswick,


Ryan Shafer of Horseheads,

N.Y., was the qualifying

leader, averaging 223.89 for the

first 18 games.

The entire field of 394

bowlers averaged a composite

185.16, 38.73 pins-per-game

behind Shafer.


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five U.S. Opens and pass Dick

Weber and Don Carter says a

lot, but I’ll never say I’m better

than them. They paved the

way for us to be here. It was an

honor and a privilege to join

them when I won my fourth

U.S. Open, and it’s even more

of an honor to be the first one

to win five.

“This is the tournament I

look forward to ever year,” he

added. “I live for the U.S. Open

because I know, no matter

what, I have a chance to win.”

At age 49 years, 189 days,

Weber became the oldest player

ever to win the U.S. Open,

breaking the record set by

46-year-old Norm Duke last

year at Carolier. And he moved

into second place on the PBA’s

all-time major title-winners

list with his ninth title, behind

only Earl Anthony’s 10.

“That’s probably the calmest

I’ve ever been needing to

throw a shot to win,” he added.

“Not to toot my own horn, but

I think I’m prouder of myself

than anyone else. I’ve always

wanted to be the one to throw

a strike to win.”

In advancing to the title

match, Weber threw critical

shots in two preliminary

matches, coming from behind

to defeat Ryan Shafer of

Horseheads, N.Y., 223-191, in

the opening match and Australia’s

Jason Belmonte, 225-213,

in the semifinal contest.

“I threw strikes in the

seventh, eighth and ninth in all

three games and put pressure

on those guys,” Weber said.

The way those guys performed

was excellent. My hat’s off to

them. They bowled amazing.”

Weber earned $60,000

and an automatic berth in

the Round of 36 for the PBA

Tournament of Champions in

April. Fagan collected $30,500,

Belmonte $15,000 and Shafer,

who failed to win a title in his

14th television appearance in

a major championship, earned



Brunswick Zone-Carolier, North

Brunswick, N.J.


1, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., three games, 663

pins, $60,000.

2, Mike Fagan, Dallas, one game, 214 pins,


3, Jason Belmonte, Australia, one game 213

pins, $15,000.

4, Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., one game 191

pins, $10,000.


Match One – Weber def. Shafer, 223-191.

Match Two – Weber def. Belmonte, 225-213.

Championship – Weber def. Fagan, 215-214.

The 46 PBA Tour exempt

players in the field as a group

averaged 204.10.

The 205 PBA members –

national and regional – as a

group averaged 190.21.

The 189 amateurs in the

field averaged 179.69.

38 of the 46 PBA exempt

players in the event cashed

(finished among the top 98).

Two of the eight women

in the field (Missy Parkin and

Kelly Kulick) cashed.

Page 16 | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

By Leisha Murr

Do you ever have just one of

those days? You know, the kind

of day where nothing seems to

go your way? Well, that was

me last Saturday at Forum

for the Bluebonnet Queens


The day got off to a really

bad start when I had to get up

at 6:30 in the morning to go

bowl. I should have known better

than to sign up to bowl the

tournament this year knowing

it was an early morning squad.

But, I always want to support

the ladies’ tournaments when

I can, so I went ahead and entered.

I don’t do mornings very

well, and all I wanted to do the

whole block was to go back to

bed. Next year, the ladies will

get the afternoon squad again

and the guys will get to bowl

at 8 a.m. instead, so hopefully

it will be a much better day on

the lanes for me.

As we were getting warmed

up, Sylvia Broyles announced

that there were only 50 entries

for the ladies this year. How

disappointing. With all the

great women bowlers here in

the metroplex, we only had

about 20 from Dallas and Fort

William Brewer rounded-up

the top score of the week at

Cowtown Bowling Palace with

a power-packed 298-264-258 =

820 Men’s Night Out series. He

finished the evening by adding

a 255 game for a 1055 four game


Amy Hart headed the ladies’

high-set chart with a hardhitting

276/706 Ladies and Gents


Ricky Roberts earned highgame

honors with an awardwinning

perfecto. Anthony

Irizarry took runner-up honors

with a 299 solo.


Michael Johnson 224-575, Katie

Tallant 189-456, Randy Cross, Sr. 223-

604, Nonna Skinner 151-412, David Poe

279-706, Rachel Cantu 141-556, Onil

Llagas 263-691, Genni Barnes 189-537.

Mark Hannah 688, Matt Allen

259, Frank Stone, Sr. 279-708, Bill

Anderson 248-682, Ike Riehl 266-674,

Ross DiCapo 248, Anthony Irizarry

757, Howard Gordon 279-761, Michelle

Teel 212-608.

Coy Hart 279, Eva Pierce 209, Daniel

Hughes 749, Charlotte Robertson 550,

Bruce O’Keefe 276-719, Katie Tallant

216-551, Rick Tice 263-666, Miki Jo

Parrish 212-613, Mark Vaughan 246.

Amy Hart 214-593, Frankie Mata,

Jr. 675, Ricky Roberts (4 games) 1015,

Worth bowl, and that means

there were only 30 women

from all over the rest of this

huge state. So 50 entries, I’m

thinking, I only have to beat

half of these ladies to advance

to the semi finals since 24

advance each year regardless

of entries. It was a bad way of

thinking because as it turns

out, I couldn’t beat anyone that

day! I missed every spare possible,

and a few simple spares

I missed every way possible. I

couldn’t do anything right, and

I even practiced last week to be

a little better prepared to bowl.

My hat’s off to the Texas

State Association for running

a great tournament for us

to bowl. They added money

to both the Masters and the

Queens tournament. Congrats

to DJ Archer for winning the

Texas Masters and Shannon

O’Keefe for taking the Bluebonnet

Queens tiara; look for full

stories on both in the paper

this week. The guys had a nice

prize fund to bowl for and 120

entries in the Masters event.

With only 50 entries in the

Queens, they were still able to

give 24th place their entry fee

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Brewer chalks up 298/820,

Hart banks 706

Roberts 300, Irizarry 299

Andy Mortensen (4 games) 290-1020,

Josh Briggs (4 games) 289-1025,

Michael Johnson 234-625, Peggy Hice


Melody Hook 180-479, Randy

Miller 263, Miranda Harrington 203-

John Mock, Sr., from the

Thursday Funfours group,

pocketed power-laden 236-287-

274 = 797 numbers en route to

earning high-set honors for the

week at Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.

Susan Lee, from the Wednesday

Women group, headed the ladies’

leader board with a robust 247-

204-213 = 664 set.

Tony Boyd posted an awardwinning

12-bagger to earn highgame



Art Fletcher, Jr. 248-703, Magen

Hathaway 225-607, Mike Ripley 243-

662, Paula Griffin 197-512, Thomas

back and over $1000 on top. I

don’t think with 50 entries the

ladies can complain about that

at all, 23 of the bowlers got

back more than their entry fee.

I just wish more of the women

would see how much they are

putting into this tournament

and get out there and support it

next year. I’m already looking

forward to having a much better

day and redeeming myself

next year.

Let’s talk about having a

good day. I want to send a

shout out to my brother, Ray

Murr, who I’ve bowled alongside

since we were kids for

shooting his first 800 series, an

811. It was long, long overdue.

He has been frustrated with his

bowling for years now because

I have bowled a couple of 300

games and although he has

been close with several 290s,

a 299, and so many 279s you

can’t keep count, he has yet to

score that perfect game.

On Monday night, February

27, just a few days after his

37th birthday, Ray started off

the night with a 279 game.

Again, he was frustrated and

complaining that the flat 10 in

the 7th cost him 300. Personally,

I’m glad he didn’t get the

300 because the excitement and

adrenaline could have gotten

to him and he might not have

kept striking to get to the 800,

which I think is a much bigger

accomplishment that just

shooting a 300 game.

He followed up to 279 with

a 265 game two, so he had 544

485, Kieth Cantrell 244, Rene Miller

200-538, Mike Moore 665, Mary Ann

Darr 193-498, David Pruitt 656, Paul

Harrington 240.

Manny Rangel 216-557, Narissa

Oldham 168, Jerry Jones 211-583.


Johnny Zaskoda 263-636, Yolanda

Espinoza 208, Ken Knowles 258-655,

Alice Cain 201-513, John Stewart 238,

Ima Moreland 197, John Stewart 247-

719, Kitty Vaughan 202-516.

Sal Grieco 247-640, Edna Daggett

205-557, Ken Knowles 226-631, Alice

Phillips 205-536, Wanda Eads 175-507.

At Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama

Mock, Sr. smothers 797,

Lee records 664

Boyd 300

Kelley, Jr. 279-699, Magen Hathaway

213-562, David Cauthon 246-674,

Tabitha Wall 246-656.

Rick Lawrence 246-720, Lisa Davis

177-442, Brittany Stafford 224-617,

Austin Jones–Smith 230-543, Maria

Gudani123-328, Darrell Fuller (2

games) 217-431, Mimi Dencklau (2

games) 118-226.

John Mock, Sr. (2 games) 245-480,

Mary Ellen Rossbach (2 games) 191-335


Gary Teague (2 games) 143-268,

Sharon Whitaker (2 games) 154-295,

Jim Ritchie 222-578, Shirley Large 196-

488, Rodney Savoie (no tap) 300-741,

Karen Dyer (no tap) 220-496.

going into the third game. Ray

split the first shot in the third

game and I thought, oh man,

he’s over there calculating.

The minute you start figuring

out what you HAVE to shoot

is always the minute the pins

stop falling. Instead, he started

stringing strikes together

Mark your calendars!

Carol Hazlett Memorial

Red River Doubles

May 12-13

Sweepers May 11th

Charlie Natal’s ITA Tournament

June 9-10

Trios on the 9th and Team on the 10th


8 AM - 2 PM $1.25 a game


9 AM - 3 PM

Seniors bowl for $0.85 a game

Pill game every Saturday at 9 AM

Lessons from

the best

Paul Fleming



For more

information contact

Chris Johnson or

Jamie Brooks

4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

Coming to Rowlett


March Madness

NCAA Tourney at Splits Bar & Grill

National Bracket Day – March 12th – Check

our website for details to enter

Catch all the action on 17 Big Screen HDTV’s

Pitchers & Pizza League starts

Thursday, March 1 st @ 9:00 PM

Contact Debi for details…

again. I was so nervous for

him going into the tenth frame;

he needed a strike or at least

7 spare and a strike to get to

256 and 800 even. I tried to

get the camera going, but was

shaking so badly I didn’t get

the first shot recorded. It was

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“Late Night Thursdays”

Unlimited bowling from 9:00 p.m.

til midnight for just $10.95 per person

FREE nacho bar!!



5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088



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