Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair


Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair

Increasing the length of the telomere restores the cells to an earlier state of develop-

ment, at least from the standpoint of chromosome length, as young cells have longer

chromosomes . This now permits us to expand the number of different types of stem

cells, since there appears to be a heterogeneous population (Ghazizadeh and Taichman,

2001) . Furthermore, we can increase our understanding of the signaling factors which

are required to grow cells for hair follicle replacement and possible also for replacing the

heart, brain, liver, pancreas, and essentially all organs of the body .

The New Revolution: Plastic Cells

A major advance in biology has just occurred; dynamic Plastic Cells throughout the body

have been discovered . And as we work on creating immortal stem cells, we must integrate

the plastic cell concept into our research programs . Plastic cells can be anything

that they want to be . The view of the adult stem cell is rapidly changing . Adult bone marrow

cells are one form of plastic cells that can not only restore the immune cells of the

blood but can also repopulate brain, blood vessels, heart, liver and muscle (Blau et al .,

2001) . Muscle cells and brain cells may also be a source of blood cells .

It appears that cells can move from one organ to another and differentiate in an environment-dependent

manner . Therefore, a cell can change its morphology as required and

start performing the function as its neighbors dictate . Human hair follicle stem cells appear

to move around to different parts of the follicle (Akiyama, et al ., 2000), although it is

possible that these cells provide evidence for the properties of mobile Plastic Cells . The

signal molecules which determine the fate of these hair follicle Plastic Cells appear to be

beta-1 integrin and epidermal growth factor and the cells have keratin 19 markers . These

findings are very unsettling because it can set the entire practice of medicine upside

down . New therapeutic procedures which use a patient’s own stem cells have already

been performed. In fact, Modex, a Swiss firm established in June 2000, has a produced

called EpiDex, which is a skin product that the company makes from a patient’s own

outer root sheath hair follicle cells . Repair of damaged heart muscles has been accomplished

after intravascular injection of bone-marrow-derived stem cells (Jackson et al.,


Mineral Ascorbates and the Growth of Plastic Cells

One view that has not been turned upside down is the fundamental need of all cell types

to have the proper amount of mineral ascorbates within their cells . A plastic cell requires

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