Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair


Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair

21) Dr. Nilofer Farjo of Britain writes that local autocrine/paracrine factors are involved

in the regulation of hair growth. She noticed that the addition of IGF-I or II (insulin

growth factor) maintains anagen growth rates . When these factors are removed,

the follicles go into premature catagen phase . The implication is that human growth

hormone through its IGF-I factor is obviously necessary for good hair growth. The

old observation that anti-aging therapies with growth hormone caused the hair to

thicken up is thus validated .

22) Dr. Francisco Jimenez-Acosta, M.D. of Spain writes that caffeine alone led to significant

stimulation of hair follicle growth at low concentrations of .001% and .005%

in vitro . Paradoxically, high concentrations of caffeine showed inhibitory effects .

23) Dr . Reese of Minnesota notes that, through the use of platelet-rich plasma, there

was more rapid normalization of the scalp with respect to both crusting and erythema

in those cases in which grafts were bathed in PRP .

24) Dr . Sinclair of Australia writes that the aromatase gene is also a candidate for

female pattern hair loss . The female balding scalp is characterized by low levels of

aromatase and high levels of dihydrotestosterone . The implication of this is that the

low aromatase does not produce sufficient estrogen to supply the female balding

scalp. In other words, the intracellular estrogen may be low, even though the circulating

estrogen could be normal . This is consistent with the loss of hair following

drop in estrogens postpartum . Naturally, if there is low aromatase in female balding

scalps, the testosterone levels and DHT levels would rise since testosterone is not

getting converted to estrogen .

25) Dr. Acosta of Spain also writes that iron deficiency has long been associated with

telogen effluvium, but recently Dr. Kantor in the JID in 2003, noted that ferritin

levels in female patients with androgenetic alopecia and focal alopecia areata was

significantly lower than in normals without hair loss.

26) The prostaglandins Bimatoprost and Latanoprost, which are used as eye drops to

treat glaucoma, are noted by an ophthalmologist to increase the length and thickness

of eyelashes .

27) Hair Dx Test - androgen receptor allele hypothesis that females with this defect

may be responsive to finasteride under investigation.

28) Hair or follicle cloning: Dr. Beeson Farjo and Dr. Nilofer Farjo in England are working

with a research company to develop the ability to clone hair folicle stem cells .

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