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IAAPA 2013






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Facts – Observations – Short Portraits . . . . 4


Premières and Announcements . . . . . 12


Mallorca (ES) . . . . . . . . . . . . 16


Stuttgart – Crange – Ulm . . . . . . . . 26


Reports about Specially Selected Events . . 32


Candy Frucht Bar . . . . . . . . . . 46


IAAPA 2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . 50


Full Throttle . . . . . . . . . . . . 68


Plopsaland De Panne . . . . . . . . . 74


Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase . . . 78


Current News from the Park-Scene . . . . 82

Certified active member of the





Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Jack Wetzel’s “Breakdance”

inside the exhibition hall


Text & Photo: Helmut Bresler

While preparations for the

Pentecost event 2014 have

been finalised with contracts

having been sent out before

the end of the year for the first

time, the department store

Galeria Kaufhof, located in

the Erlangen pedestrian

precinct, surprised the public

with a very special voucher.

Vouchers – no matter what’s the

occasion – have become increasingly

popular throughout

the last decade. Consequently,

retailers have prepared themselves

and offer appropriate

motifs ranging from birthdays,

weddings, and saint’s days to

retirement. Galeria Kaufhof, the

renowned full-range retailer,

has now added a classic Berg

motif to its offer. The card can

be charged with a desired

amount of money for the card

user to spend. Unfortunately,

the card cannot yet be used at

the Berg event, but only at the

department store. ■

The Huss “Breakdance”

from Swiss showman Jack

Wetzel from Geneva made its

first appearance at the

Autumn Fair in Basle.

Wetzel purchased the ride,

built in 1998, in Scandinavia.

On its arrival in Switzerland, it

had to be thoroughly renovated

as it was in rather poor

condition. Among others, new

metal sheets were mounted, the electronic system was

completely overhauled and a new motor for the wheel

disc drive was built in. Then the ride was newly painted

by James Münger (a former “Breakdance” owner, as is

well-known) with, among other motifs, images of such


Text & Photo: Helmut Bresler

At the Herbstkirchweih

in Schwabach, near

Nürnberg, the Frankish

show-woman Simone

Eschenbacher (31)

celebrated a première

with great success with

her new beer carousel,


Her father Frank Eschenbacher

had came up with

the idea some time ago. It

is a tribute to the family history; after all his father

Konrad had been a trained brewer. A Nürnberg steel

construction company built the supporting elements

according to the new standard DIN EN 13814. Many

further details and decoration elements were done by

Eschenbacher himself. For the première, the

modern icons as Lady Gaga, David Guetta and Pitbull,

as well as classic figures such as Michael Jackson and

Elvis Presley. After the redesign, Jack Wetzel presented

the “Breakdance” at, among other venues, Lausanne,

Geneva, Neuenburg and Basle.

rounding board featured a mixture of beer and

drinking motifs as well as classic kiddie ride pictures.

This transformed the Christmas Market at the “Alexa”

shopping centre in Berlin, where the “Barussell”

offered, among other enticements, traditional





Text & Photos:

Ralf Schmitt

New at Martin Blume’s

“Daemonium”, the ghost tractor

At the large “Daemonium”

ghost ride from

Martin Blume, a historic

tractor with a very creepy

driver, caused quite a


The tractor, placed on the

left side in front of the construction,

is an original

Hanomag R55 from the

ample collection of historic

tractors and traction units


from Martin Blume from Nienburg. The colour plan

of the vehicle (the R55 type was built by Hanomag

from 1955 to 1958) was changed to match that of

the “Daemonium”. Naturally, the special feature –

and its connection to the ghost ride – is the

apparently “forgotten” driver behind the steering

wheel of the tractor (effectively illuminated by


We would like to welcome

our new representative of

the Kirmes & Park Revue in

the USA, Shari Viox, who

can be contacted on +1-

314-477-822, E-Mail: shari@vioxll.com.

This photo

was taken at the IAAPA

2013 in Orlando and

shows Shari (l) together

with Michele Emmett (r),

our Kirmes & Park Revue

representative in Great

Britain – Tel. +44(0)7811-

915118, E-Mail:




Text & Photo: Uwe Holzmann

It is a popular tradition and indispensable

programme highlight

during the Lullusfest in Bad

Hersfeld: The climbing of the


Once the exhausting ascent is

over, participants are rewarded by

a magnificent view across the

district town in Hessen and well

beyond the city borders - and

naturally, also across the Lullusfest

with its attractions. This time

the event was enjoyed by (f.l.t.r.):

Marcel Wilhelm, Rico Rasch,

Conny Hellberg, Andrea Hofmann,

Volker Drewes, Michael

Zehle with his children Sally and

Mike, as well as (kneeling in the

front) Rainer Traber and Richard


Enjoying the view across

the Lullusfest from the top: the

participants in the tower ascent


Text & Photos:

Ralf Schmitt

Soon to be offered at

Volksfest events? Kangaroo meat

skewers and fried sausages

From 17 th to 26 th January the

world's largest fair for nutrition,

agriculture and horticulture, the

International Green Week, will

once again entice the public to


In the country-based festival halls,

although the focus is on “food and

drink”, the fair will prove to be a good

opportunity for the showman

industry to find out about new

culinary products and ideas from producers. After all,

almost everything can be tried out and tasted on-site,

and complete dishes can be ordered and enjoyed in the

country restaurants set up. In addition to the large food

concerns, many medium and small-sized producers

from around the globe will also be represented in Berlin

- some of them offering highly interesting niche products.

For more information: www.gruenewoche.de ■

Delicious? –

“mashed potato to go” in a cup.

A beautiful swing was built up

in the huge exhibition hall of

the Russian Federation

last year




Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Jimmy Blume (WOATT), Archiv Barthel, Rolf Orschel, Ralf Schmitt

At the Hamburg Sommerdom 2013, the Zierer “Wellenflug”

from the Berlin Barthel family bid its farewell before being sold

to Australia.

Consequently, this Wellenflug example has certainly established

itself as something of a “globetrotter”, given the ride’s impressive

history. In 1977, the ride was built for the Klaus Peter firm in Speyer,

who operated it up until 1984. From there it went on a long journey

for the first time; its destination - Florida, USA. There it was operated

at an amusement park up until the late 1980s, until it was yet

again shipped overseas - to its native Germany, having been

acquired by the Schieck firm in 1991. In 1993, it was purchased

by the Barthel family, which has remained true to the ride for 20

years. Now, they have parted with the attraction however, as the

WOATT firm from

Worms is arranging for

it to be sold to an

amusement park in

Australia. Therefore, the

guest appearance at

the Sommerdom in

Hamburg was, at one

and the same time, its

last appearance in

Farewell to the Wellenflug

from Otto and Robert Barthel to Australian regulati-

Germany. According

ons on the import of

timber, all wooden

parts had to be removed

before the ride was

packed for shipment in

an ocean container. The

backflash wagon stayed

in Germany though.

Robert Barthel has now

migrated to the games




Following its last guest

appearance in Hamburg the

attraction then went to

Nienburg. There the

“Wellenflug” was dismantled by

WOATT and due to Australian

regulations on the import of

timber, all wooden parts were

removed before transportation


The “Wellenflug” ready for

the long sea voyage to Australia


Jetzt haben Sie


Für beide Megaschaukeln gilt: 45 Meter Flughöhe • 120 km/h • 120 Grad Gondelausflug • max. 4G

Verwendung umweltverträglicher Öle und Schmierstoffe • Behindertenfreundliches Personal, durch

Denies-Kipp • Bonn • Tel. 0228-46 38 54 • Mobil 0160-15

freie Auswahl!

NEU: Vorder- und

Rückansicht sind

gleichwertig beleuchtet

und dekoriert

NEU: LED Video

& Visual Effects

Neue Rückwand


Erdbeschleunigung • hohe Laufruhe • energieeffiziente und effektvolle LED Beleuchtung • TÜV Süd

Teamkleidung gut erkennbar • Karussellspaß für ALLE • Familienbetrieb • Front 17 m, Tiefe 14 m

09 869 oder 0160-15 09 951 • E-Mail: denies@kipp-bonn.eu


The “Racing Coaster”

from Thoma/Hartmann

In late July last year, Toni Thoma

and his partner Theodora Hartmann

from Mayen/Heilbronn

celebrated a successful première

with their brand new family

coaster “Racing Coaster”, built

by SBF from Italy, at the bric-abrac

and flea market in Opladen.

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Speeding through the turn

Racing Coaster

The mini coaster was

built according to the

new standard DIN 13814

for ride constructions and

approved by TÜV

Munich. The coaster has a front length of 21

metres, is 11 metres deep, about 7 metres tall at

its highest point and has electrical requirements of

50 kW. Due to its compact dimensions, the

complete construction can be loaded on the

centre trailer and quickly relocated. The three-axle

trailer was built by a ride manufacturer company in

Andernach. While the visual design of the coaster

and the train features a number of motifs from the

Disney movie “Cars”, the station, the name sign

and the platform were painted with comic motifs

from the automobile world. After the winter break,

the family coaster is to be enhanced by a backflash,

further decoration elements and spectacular

LED lighting. Powered by a friction drive system,



The passengers take their

places in comfortable shell

shaped seats with footstools

the train glides almost silently and softly along the

track, accommodating 20 passengers per ride in

comfortable, shell-shaped single seats (with footstools).

A modern locking system, usually only

installed on large coasters, provides the passengers

with the utmost safety. From the station, the

train first travels to the highest point of the track,

from where it drops quickly through a loop. Having

run through a number of tight turns it finally returns

to its starting point. Due to it short length, the track

is run along repeatedly. After the première in

Opladen, the venues in the first season of Toni

Thoma’s and Theodora Hartmann’s newly

purchased ride included, among other venues,

Karpfham, Gaggenau, Mayen, and the Hochheim

Markt at the end of the season.

Toni Thoma

Details of the “Racing Coaster”




During Pentecost 2013, the

Swiss show-woman Michelle

Howald from Altendorf - who has

specialised in operating snack

and games booths during the

last few years - celebrated a

successful première with her

first (and brand new) ride

attraction, the “Flying Swinger”

Wave-Swinger in Schaffhausen.

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

After the only Wave-Swinger (the Zierer example

from the Spengler firm) had been sold to

France some years ago, Michelle Howald decided

to purchase a ride of this type – and chose a

model from the Italian manufacturer Lamborghini

in Bergantino. The family ride accommodates a

total of 40 passengers in the usual individual seats

with eight double seats available. Howald’s ride,

called “Flying Swinger”, has ground measurements

of about 19 metres (including flight path)

and a height of 12 metres, and is dominated by

light brown, red and blue colours, and is effectively

illuminated by red, blue, and white LEDs. Moreover,

a number of spotlights illuminated the ride in

changing colours after sundown. The motifs

around the rounding boards and on the rest of the

ride depict several famous sights from various

regions in Switzerland. The transport of the Wave-

Swinger requires two trailers. After the première in

Schaffhausen, Michelle Howald presented the

“Flying Swinger” at, among other venues, Kreuzlingen,

Weinfelden, Zurich, Lucerne and – as the

highlight of the first season – at the Autumn Fair in


Michelle Howald

The “Flying Swinger”

at the Autumn Fair in Basle


Wir verkaufen NICHT !!! Unser ORIGINAL New Style Break Dancer

wird im Sinne meines Bruders Michael weiter von uns betrieben.

Saisonstart 2014: Versmold

Karneval & Ostern traditionell in Dortmund

Mandel-, Nuß- & Fruchtspezialitäten

Wir verwenden nur edelste Rohstoffe und Zutaten

Der maritime Erlebnisgarten mit Sandstrand und

Strandkörben, eine Oase der Ruhe und Erholung.

Frisch zubereitete Cocktails, Sekt und Champagner.

Gepflegte Biere und Spirituosen in großer Auswahl.

Reibekuchen & Kartoffelspezialitäten

in großer Vielfalt – alles frisch zubereitet

Zu verkaufen! Tel. 0178 - 232 08 11

Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die uns

nach dem tragischen Schicksalsschlag

mit Rat und Tat unterstützt haben.

Auch im nächsten Jahr sind wir gern

wieder Ihr zuverlässiger Vertragspartner

und empfehlen uns für die neue Saison.

Michael Schneider GbR


Tel. 0178 - 232 08 11

Mail: randolf.schneider@web.de


One of the first major

Spanish Volksfest events in

the year: the Fira del Ram

on the island of Mallorca

Majorca, the largest island of the

Balearic Islands, is a popular

destination for sun-seeking

tourists every year. Apart from

the known party zones in El-

Arenal, the island - located some

170 kilometres off the Spanish

mainland - also offers a lot of

natural wonders and other

sights. In spring with only a

couple of tourists around, the

“Fira del Ram” with its longstanding

tradition is a welcome

source of income for about 170


Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Quite unusual, an ice rink

at the Volksfest

Majorca (ES)

on the sun-drenched island. During the

week, the fairground is open from 5

p.m. to midnight, at weekends from 10

a.m. to 2 a.m. On Sundays however, the

lights on the fairground go out at midnight.

Once again, the entertainment contingent was

For this large event, held on the fairground in the

industrial area of Son Fusteret on Palma de made up of an ample variety of attractions and

Mallorca (autobahn exit Palma-Inca), 170 showmen

and merchants are attracted to the island with their

varied operations. These comprise some 70 ride and

funhouse attractions and around 100 stalls –

including gastronomic and games booths. Visitors

can reach the fairground – which boasts free parking

facilities available all around – by car or various bus

routes. In the last few years, the Fira del Ram was

novelties just waiting to be tried out. Positively worth

mentioning was that the few double presentations

were built up some distance away from each other.

This is not always the case at large Volksfest events

in Spain; in Seville, for example, four “Smashing

Jump” attractions had once been built up one next

to the other. In many respects, the Fira del Ram, held

on the outskirts of the Balearic capital of Palma de

held from 23 rd February to 15 th April. While Mallorca, cannot be compared with the fair events in

temperatures in Central Europe are still far below 10

degrees, here they often climb to above 20 degrees

Seville, Cadiz or Huelva, where the Flamenco and

other dance schools erect their tents and visitors



“Smashing Jump” and

“Saltamontes” are still

highly popular with the


come to the fairground to

celebrate, wearing traditional

and other local costumes.

There were no such tents

here, and instead of local

costumes visitors walk

across the fairground in

normal everyday clothes,

wearing jeans and T-shirts.

The event was modestly advertised on the island.

There were some taxis with stickers promoting the

event, but not a single poster or banner could be

found throughout the city area of Palma. The best

advertising medium, clearly visible from any

distance, was the tall Ferris Wheel, which was

particularly striking due to its futuristic gondolas and

was enthroned in the centre of the fairground. In

earlier years, there were often two Ferris Wheels built

up almost next to each other and operating at the

same time. The huge “Gigant

XXL” propeller also soared into

the sky, providing a magnificent

view across the surrounding

region, unless it was set to “spin


The looping attraction was

particularly well-received by

young people. “Vikingo” was the

name of the swing, which was

very well frequented by the

general public, and as many as

two “Freak Out” attractions

provided further swinging fun.

Moreover, there were three

“Smashing Jump”-type constructions

called “Super Tarantula”,

“Maxi” and “Maxi Dance”.

They were joined by yet two more

classic Saltamontes (without

rotating gondolas), that provided

more fun under the name of

“Super Kanguro” and “Mega Rana”. Among this

year’s highlights was the “Flip Fly”, called “Loop

Fighter”, from Antonio and Laura Garcia.




particularly in the evenings

the Haunted House “Templo

del Mar”

6D Simulator

The ride was very well received, with long queues of

people forming during the evening hours.

Due to a number of spotlights, as well as fog and

laser effects, the ride made a superb visual appearance,

particularly after sundown. Roller coaster fans

were able to enjoy the “Crazy Mouse - Super Raton”

presented by the Banuls family, which was dismantled

a couple of days before the end of the event

however, as it was already due at the next venue.

Watery fun could be enjoyed on the “Rio Rapidos”

water ride, which was very well attended by day,

whereas visitor attendance was quite modest in the

Fun on suspension bridges,

giant slide, and the walk-through

construction “Grand Prix”



Still among the public’s

favourites in Spain, skid rides

such as the “El Latigo”

evenings. Built up opposite the water attraction was

the “Night Express” Miami, which is one of a couple

of rides that stay on Majorca after the end of the “Fira

del Ram”, to be further presented at a number of



Surge of adrenaline

provided for by the “Gigant

XXL”, “Skater”, “Flip Fly”, “Flic

Flac” and the “Night Express”

minor fair events on the island. The “Templo del Mar”

walk-through construction with its live actors

provided visitors with a creepy atmosphere and

magically attracted not only the young. Moreover,

visitors were able to negotiate an adventure course

with suspension bridges, rolling barrels and a slide

inside the three-level walk-through construction

“Grand Prix”. This funhouse was built up by José Luis

San Maximo, who also presented his new kiddie

walk-through construction “La Academia” for the first

time at this event. “La Carcel” is the name of the

Spanish “Rainbow” version, providing its passengers

with a ride in one of its five cages. Right next to

it, the “Skater” (Top Scan), which used to be “at

home” in Germany, made its rounds.

Highly popular with the visitors was the “El Latigo”

track ride, on which the vehicles (accommodating

three passengers each) are spun to the outside



“La Carcel”, “Vikingo”, and

“Amor Express”

around the curves at ever-increasing speed. At full

speed the screaming of the passengers is simply

part of the fun.

With the Telecombat “Star Wars”, where passengers

can choose the flight height themselves, another

family ride was built up in the entrance area. Other

attractions presented were the “Amor Express”

Switchback, a “Polyp”, as well as the Spanish

version of a “Take Off” ride. The best party atmosphere,

particularly in the evenings, could be

enjoyed at the “Super Cazuela” (Tagada), which was

much loved especially by adolescents, being great

“Super Cazuela” Tagada

and “Take Off”




the interactive “Q-Zar”

Coasters for young

and old

fun with a great deal of smoke, heavy bass beats,

and cheeky announcements made over the microphone.

A dodgem track and a simulator rounded off

the entertainment contingent for adolescents and

adults alike. Naturally younger visitors were also able

to enjoy many different attractions, such as the

classic kiddie carousel, mini-dodgems, bouncers,

the “Star Disney” railway attraction, motor karts, the

“Dragon” coaster, a mini Ferris Wheel, “The

Simpsons” Waltzer, as well as yet another track ride

called “Tokio Guay”.

Highly popular in Spain is the “Tren Alegria” ride,

where a train rides in circles. Prior to the ride,

passengers are handed a foam hammer or balloons.

Once the ride has started, one or two clowns make

their appearance waiting for the train at the exit of

the tunnel, to scare the kids and their parents. The

clowns were also equipped with soft hammers and

balloons, and starting a fierce battle upon the arrival

of the train – and there was certainly a whole lot of

bashing going on! It is great fun, not only for the

passengers but also for the viewing public. This time,

the “Q-Zar” attraction was also a real highlight for

children and teenagers. This is a type of electronic,

inactive Gotcha game inside an inflatable UFO with

a number of obstacles and walls serving as a

defence. At the entrance to the “Q-Zar” the fighters

are equipped with a back and chest guard as well

as a laser pistol. If an opponent is hit by a laser beam,

the shooter scores a point. After a number of

minutes the game is over and the winner is whoever


For children,

there is a varied offering at the

Fira del Ram. Quite unusual,

the “Simpsons” ride

has scored the most points. Another attraction

offered at the event was the “Ice-Park” tent, where

visitors could hire skates and skate on the slippery

ice rink illuminated by colourful disco spotlights in

the evening.

Many different kinds of gastronomic operations were

spread across the fairground serving dishes to be

eaten in mostly plain little tents. The menu even

provided classic German bratwurst, for example at

the “Wurstkönig” or the “Grillmeister”, and naturally



Food and drinks: Spanish,

French or German – sweet

or hearty

Unusual prize




The Fira del Ram

offers quite a happy fairground


also familiar hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chips,

kebab, and pizza. Only a couple of operations

offered typical Spanish specialities though, among

them a rustic-style booth called “Meson Samar”

proffering whole Serrano hams hanging from the

ceiling, selling portions to be eaten together with

fresh bread and olives. In addition to various

Spanish red wines, beer (mainly German) was also

on offer. Moreover, many different flavours of

“Churros” were available at several operations, and

roasted almonds, popcorn, crêpes and other typical

sweet fairground snacks were offered not only at the

usual sweet booths. Candy floss was also offered at

many an attraction - not freshly made at the stall but

sold in plastic buckets. The games sector also

provided an ample variety, luring visitors with prizes

such as soft toys, other toys, electrical gadgets and

many other knick-knacks.




The façade advertising on


“Die Schausteller” –

here as flag motif in the beer

garden and as print motif

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Wagner Kommunikation

A special advertising campaign initiated and

carried out by three participating showmen

caused quite a furore at the Cannstatt Volksfest

2013. Christian von Berg, Thomas Koch and

Thomas Schmidt were “Die Schausteller”, or

“The Showmen”.

The purpose of the campaign, under the slogan

“Die Schausteller – Aktiv, innovativ, leistungsstark!”,

or “The showmen – active, innovative, highperforming!”,

was to bring the profession of “showman”

a little more into public focus at the Volksfest,

and also as a counterweight to the aggressively

advertising beer tent patrons. To this end Christian

von Berg (Candy), Thomas Koch (Wurst Koch),

and Thomas Schmidt (Toontown) – representatives

from three different sectors: sales, showman

gastronomy and games – joined forces and

engaged an advertising agency to realise their

idea. It produced the advertising motif with the

three showmen as the faces of the campaign,

published in print media (Cannstatt Volkfestzeitung,

Top Stuttgart Magazin,

Stadtanzeiger and BILD Stuttgart),

as huge façade advertising (on the

building at Mercedesstraße 15), as

lettering on the vehicles of the Volksfest

suppliers, as well as Mega-Light-

Select at the Bad Cannstatt station.

The total circulation of advertising

measures amounted to 996.909 examples,

with the three showmen

sharing the costs of the campaign.

As all the participants were satisfied

with the results of the unusual advertising

campaign, it is to be continued

at the Spring Festival and at

the Volksfest 2014. For the preview of

the Cannstatt Wasen 2014, “Die

Schausteller” will also invite some 50

guests of honour from politics,

business and the media to an information



Der Kristall-Palast

...immer ein Lächeln voraus!

Doppelter Spaß: Glas-Labyrinth mit 120 Spezial-Glasscheiben

und Lachkabinett mit 11 lebensgroßen Zerrspiegeln


Die Familie Sturm wünscht ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute für das neue Jahr!

Ralf Sturm • Tel. 0178/2158930 • E-Mail: ralf@sturm.st



In the centre of the Crange

Fair poster 2014 is the Chiduch

family with father Markus (36),

mother Janine (34) and

daughters Aaliya (8) and

Josefine (2)

On the ride pass: The

Wagner family with father Mike

(34), mother Sarah (31) as well as

their children Leni (4) and Paul (3)


Stadtmarketing Herne

The Crange Fair is to remain a popular event for

families well into the future. The fact that the

largest Volksfest event in North-Rhine Westphalia

is already renowned as a family-friendly fair, is not

least demonstrated by the new advertising

campaign: Three Herne families are depicted on the

poster as well as the covers of the ride and

gastronomy pass available for this fair that takes

place on the banks of the canal.

The pictures were taken by the renowned Herne photographer

Jens Hauer (www.bestpicture.de), and the

slogan of the Crange Fair 2014 (1 st to 10 th August) reads

“So geht Kirmes!”, or “That’s the way a fair event goes”!

“Crange is like a family you like to visit,” says Markus

Chiduch. Together with his wife Janine and his

daughters Aaliyah and Josefine, he can be seen in the

advertising poster for the 579 th Crange Fair. In the poster,

the family seems to be calling “So geht Kirmes”, and the

Wagner and the Steinmacher/Kleegraf families round off

the “Kirmes-Familien 2014” theme. All together, they impressively

demonstrate that the Crange Fair stands for

so much, but above all it deserves the title “family-friendly

fair”. Some 50 families had applied for the prestige of

being featured on the cover of the ride and gastronomy

pass or in the fair poster for the Crange Fair 2014, but

finally six families were invited to a photo shoot at last

year’s fair. All families have received the pictures for their

family album as well as Crange passes for the entire

family. However, for three families it was really only

starting now: They are now the faces of the coming advertising

campaign, which has now been introduced by

representatives from the city authorities and the Stadtmarketing

authority. Holger Wennrich, General Manager

of Herne Stadtmarketing and responsible for the concept

and the realisation of the advertising campaign said,

“The cooperation with the six families in the finale was

great, and the selection was not easy. However, the

result was fantastic. The three families, now established

as the faces of the Crange Fair for at least the next 270

days, can now be seen by millions of people.” The advertising

campaign for the largest Volksfest event in

The motif for the gastronomy

pass: The Steinmacher/

Kleegraf family with father

Kleegraf (37), mother Nadine

Steinmacher (36) and Tara (4)



North-Rhine Westphalia achieves more than 13 million

contacts. Holger Wennrich says, “The Crange Fair may

well be the best advertised event in Germany. Our advertising,

for example, that appears on hundreds of huge

advertising spaces, buses and in all the local and

regional daily and weekly newspapers throughout the

Ruhr region several weeks prior to the fair result in some

10 million contacts”. By the way, all the winning families

come from the home town of the Crange Fair. Some of

the parents – very appropriately – first met and fell in love

at the fair. For these families, being chosen for the advertising

campaign is “pure fun” says Nadine Steinmacher,

who can be seen on the cover of the gastronomy

pass together with her husband Björn Kleegraf and her

daughter Tara. The Wagner family, featured on the cover

of the ride pass, have just one thought: “the grandparents

of our children will probably boast about their

grandchildren throughout all of next summer”. Apart from

the poster gracing the motif, the Wagner and the Steinmacher/Kleegraf

family play an important role. Timo

Krupp, Crange Fair spokesman says, “The two families

are featured as cover motifs for the Crange passes. If we

are sold out in 2014, 15,000 examples of every pass type

will be in circulation and strolling across the fairground

with the visitors. It is thus fair to say that one visitor or the

other will carry these two families close to their hearts.”■




At the award ceremony

(f.l.t.r.): Dr. Bernd Radtke

(General Manager of the IHK

Ulm and Marketing-Club

President), Claus Steinmüller

and Oliver Fischer (IG Ulmer

Volksfest), and Dr. Volker Walter

(jury chairman)

Every two years, the Marketing-

Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm, a local

professional association from

the Deutscher Marketing Verband,

or German Marketing

Association awards the Ulm

Marketing Prize in 3 categories.

Participants in the competition

have to compile a 40-page

documentation clearly demonstrating

the marketing concept

and supporting its success by

verifiable figures.

The good news is that the IG Ulmer

Volksfest has been among the finalists for this year’s

competition since mid-October. Oliver Fischer, the IG

member in charge of marketing said, “We were

completely surprised and at the same time very happy.

After large enterprises such as Bosch Rexroth or the

Stadtwerke were awarded the prize in the years

before, we were eager to know if our marketing

concept for an 11-day event were able to convince the

jury of marketing professionals”. “It is great that we

have reached the finale,” added his colleague Claus

Steinmüller. The “Attacke” advertising agency, whose

boss is Oliver Fischer, specialises in the showman and

Volksfest sector and has been in charge of the

marketing and the visual appearance of the Ulm Volksfest

ever since its successful new conception in 2009.

On 6 th November 2013, the 4 th Ulm Marketing Prize,

honouring the Ulm Volksfest as finalist, was awarded

in the presence of several hundreds of guests from

business and politics. The expert jury was highly

impressed by the performance of the IG Ulmer Volksfest.

For example, an anonymous showman survey

was introduced, giving detailed information on trends,

marketing, successes and circumstances to be

optimized. The interpretation of the data of this

questionnaire survey conducted according to classic

marketing criteria indicates very clearly that the Ulm

Volksfest enjoys an apparently significant upward

trend. On average, the marketing concept was given

the mark 1.47 by the participants. The success of the

event also shows in more precise figures: The number

of applicants has more than doubled since 2009 and

visitor numbers have increased by 50 %. Taking a

stand against binge-drinking and setting store on

visiting families has worked out well – as evidenced by

the number of incidents the police had to deal with

trending towards zero within the last five years. Using

all the marketing tools available – ranging from

cinema advertising and classic as well as new media

to the event’s own app – not to mention a concept

consisting of a promotional campaign and special

event elements, resulted in well-deserved success.

The IG Ulmer Volksfest is working on further optimizing

the concept for the 2014 season. New ideas and

measures to be realised have not yet been revealed

by the IG Ulmer Volksfest (consisting of Claus Steinmüller,

Friedrich Binder, Günther Spegel and Oliver

Fischer). The Ulm Volksfest 2014 will be held from 11 th

to 21 st July (Schwör Monday).



Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

When the ride attractions and concession stalls

at the largest and oldest Swiss fair event (from

26 th October to 10 th November) closed on the

evening of the 10 th November 2013, most of the

participants were satisfied with their financial

results. There were however also some dissatisfied

showmen, who complained about

having been allocated a poor site where they did

not fare too well compared to other attractions.

Business was also rather slow at a number of

games booths, the operators of which had

expected better results and were quite disappointed.

The 543 rd Basle Autumn Fair was opened on Saturday,

26 th October precisely on the stroke of 12 by the

bell of the Saint Martin church. Even at this time,


visitors were rushing to the fairgrounds in the Basle

city centre and besieging the ride attractions. It was

clearly noticeable that guests and visitors were keen

on strolling along the fair-miles and spending the

occasional Franc. They were particularly curious to

go on the journey through time at the event billed as

“Super 80s – experience the fair in those days”

taking place inside exhibition hall 3. Many posters,

signposts and a large banner showed the visitors the

way from the fairground to the hall. Visitors were

awaited by several attractions even in the entrance

area to the exhibition hall on Sperrstraße. In addition

to a kiddie ride and the two walk-through constructions

“Allotria” and “Disco Labyrinth”, the

“Doppel-Ranger” spun its passengers upside down.

Last year, the exhibition hall, which had been

popular with young people - particularly in the 1980s

- and could last be used for the autumn fair in 1997,

presented itself under the best possible conditions.

Many visitors were taken on a trip down memory lane

when they discovered a number of attractions from

that time. There was a run on the skilfully restored

“Wiener Prater-Geisterbahn”. The double-storey ride

was very well frequented already in the early afternoon.

While the Breakdance from Münger – which

caused quite a furore due to the imposing Michael

Jackson figure – made its rounds inside the exhibition

hall in the 1980s, the public enjoyed the

Breakdance from Wetzel this time. Moreover, the

exhibition hall accommodated a “Round Up”, a

kiddie dodgem ride, a swing boat, a simulator,

Häseli’s “Telecombat” and the “Südseewelle” Miami.

While the rides occupied the centre of the hall, the

gastronomic booths and games stalls were built up

in the outer section.

At long last the entire Messeplatz could be used as

a fairground once again. It accommodated the

“Rocket”, the “Take Off” Booster, the “Calypso”,

“Octopussy”, the “Tower” and the “Mocca Cup”

kiddie ride. In the Rosental gardens, the oldest fairground

in Kleinbasle, the “VIP” Swing from Baer

made a successful début. Unfortunately, it was

slightly hidden away behind several trees. The

“Swing Up”, “Haunted Mansion” and “Speed”

rounded off the selection of attractions in this area.

Once again speedy novelty attractions and a

number of classics were presented in the Kasernen

area, including the novelties for Basle, the “Super

Chaos” Swing from H.P. Maier and the “Scorpion”

from Spengler. In the evening hours, there was

barely any room left to move on this fairground, with

long queues forming in front of the pay boxes of

Jolliet’s “Maxximum” and “Freddys Circus” (Zinnecker).

The “Bellevue” Ferris Wheel towering

majestically over the houses on Münsterplatz was

visible from afar. Another novelty could be tried out

in this location; Michéle Howald presented her

“Flying Swinger” wave-swinger in Basle for the first

Novelties on the barracks

area: "Scorpion” and

"Super Chaos”

A lot of popularity for

"Freddys Circus” – "Sky Flyer”,

Novelty on Barfüsserplatz


time. The “Disco Express”, a dodgem track, the

“Geisterschiff”, a slide and a number of kiddie rides

rounded off the selection of attractions in this area.

With Bauer’s “Sky Flyer”, yet another novelty for

Basle was built up on Barfüsserplatz, the gate to the

Grossbasle city centre.

On the small square, Büttiger’s “X-Factory”, joined

by several snack booths, offered a fantastic lighting

show after sundown. Once again unusually

occupied was Petersplatz, which was open two days

longer than the Basle Autumn Fair (up until 12 th

November). The original Herbstmäss fairground

once again enchanted both young and old with firstclass

sales stalls, culinary delicacies, and many

attractions. Several ride attractions were built up between

the large number of sales stalls, some of which

got the public attuned to the upcoming Christmas

Markets. After ample reconstruction work in recent

years, the Basle Autumn Fair presented itself at its

best once again this year. A number of novelties for

Basle provided for a varied and appealing fair event

leaving nothing to be desired. The Basle Autumn Fair

was once again a successful and appealingly laid

out event.


Presented as a novelty for Schwetzingen, was the

“Chaos” Swing from Spangenberger, which

proved highly popular, especially with the younger

generation. With Massel’s “Beach Polyp”, presented

with an appealingly designed backflash for

some time now and having already repeatedly and

successfully appeared in Schwetzingen, visitors

were also able to enjoy a true family attraction. The

“Tropical Trip” Miami from André Massel and the

dodgem track from Zöllner rounded of the

selection of ride attractions. At the opening on

Kerwe Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., it was “pay

once – ride twice” once again, prior to the

traditional tapping of the keg ceremony. The

Family Day on the last opening day also contributed

to satisfying results for the participating


"Chaos” – the first

appearance in Schwetzingen

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Every year at the end of October (from 25 th to

29 th October 2013), the Schwetzingen Kerwe - a

fixture in the calendar of events of the town

located between Mannheim and Heidelberg,

mainly due to its baroque castle and the

growing of asparagus - is held on the new Messplatz.

Once again more than 25 showman operations

provided for a minor but varied fair event put

together and organised by Cornelia Clark.


Mit Liebe zum Detail und dem Drang zur Perfektion


Wir bedanken uns bei allen Behörden

für das in uns gesetzte Vertrauen in der Saison 2013

und empfehlen uns für die Saison 2014.

Wir starten durch mit noch mehr Effekten und neuem Showprogramm.

Lassen auch Sie sich von uns beGEISTern!

Hotline: 0177/3148712 und 0178/4665744 • Mail: a.burghard84@gmx.de • facebook Ghost – Der Geisterdschungel



Bürgerfest 2014

Traditionelles Volksfest

inmitten der Stadt


Verkaufsoffener Sonntag

30. Mai – 01. Juni 2014

Gesucht werden Kettenflieger, Nostalgie-

Riesenrad, Scheibenwischer, Laufgeschäft,

Spielgeschäfte, Schießwagen, Süßwaren,

Imbiss (außer Schwenkgrill)

Aussagekräftige Bewerbungen mit allen

erforderlichen Angaben richten Sie bitte

bis zum 30. Januar 2014 an:

W.i.R. e.V.

Friedenshort 4 • 42369 Wuppertal

Info-Hotline: 0202 - 49 60 88 70

Zusagen erfolgen bis zum 20.02.2014,

Absagen werden nicht erteilt.


to purchase


MCS 3026

Trailer mounted

3 trailer Wheel

Serious immediate buyer.

Please forward all details

and contact info to

Gemi Verlags GmbH


D-85291 Reichertshausen

Code-Nr. K03-01/14


Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

From 18 th to 28 th October 2013, the 15 th Herbstmesse

was held on the exhibition grounds in Freiburg,

with some 80 showmen and 30 market merchants

presenting entertainment, delicious food and

drinks, and a varied product range for all visitor

groups. The official opening ceremony with the

traditional tapping of the keg and free rides took

place at 7 p.m.

In addition to the opening fireworks display on Tuesday,

the highlights of the 11-day 'Mess’ included the

Kiddie and Family Day, the Bargain and Special Event

Day on Thursday, the “Grandma/Grandpa/Grand

Children Day” on Friday, and the romantic fireworks

display marking the end of the event on the final

opening day. Throughout last year’s Herbstmesse the

giant “Around the World” chain ride (van de Beek-

Dauphin) and the Ferris Wheel (Göbel) formed an

impressive skyline in the city located in the Black

Forest. Built up directly at the main entrance were the

“Flipper” (Meeß), “Geistervilla” (Sipkema) and the

“Doggy Dog” family coaster (Michael Zinnecker).

Moreover, Zinnecker’s “The Beast” swing and

Scheele’s “Top Spin 2” (the two looping attractions

placed far apart from each other) provided visitors

over-the-top rides. Other attractions presented were

the “Dschungel Train” (Blum), “Rutsche” (Göbel),

“Breakdance No. 1” (Kinzler), “Wellenflieger” (Kurz),

“Disco Fieber” (Schramm), and the walk-through

constructions “Crazy Town” (Wagner) and “Freddy´s

Company” (Hofmann-Jehn). The younger visitors

enjoyed a classic kiddie carousel, the Balluna, a

kiddie dodgem, the Beach Jumper trampoline, the

Splash-Ball, a kiddie track ride, Jet Ride, and pony

ride. Negatively noticeable was that the Mess had to

close at 11 p.m. on Saturday even though the fairground

was still well-attended at this time, and the

showmen and market merchants could certainly have

done good business during longer opening hours. ■


Well assembled:

the Freiburg Mess’ 2013


The largest transportable

Ferris Wheel with open rotating



Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Spectacular: the


For several showmen and marketers, the Hochheim

Markt is the last event of the season. The

529 th market was officially opened at midday on

8 th November 2013 at the Ferris Wheel by

incumbent Mayor, Angelika Munck, the Hochheim

Wine Majesties, and with the traditional

cannon-salute. The five-day market offered a

varied and colourful programme with many

highlights, before it was closed by a fireworks

display accompanied by music on the last

opening day.

The Hochheim Markt has its origin in a cattle

market, where the farmers from the surrounding

region used to buy livestock and household goods.

In the past decades the market evolved into a large


modern event enjoying an excellent reputation far

beyond the borders of the town. Last year, the event

once again offered a colourful mixture of novel and

established attractions. After a longer absence, the

Ferris Wheel from Kipp was presented once again.

The imposing Ferris Wheel had already been built

up in the wine town in earlier years, before being

replaced by the “Bavaria Wheel”. After the white

and blue Ferris Wheel hasd found a new home in

France, the Kipp Ferris Wheel appeared once

again. The tallest transportable Ferris Wheel with

open rotating gondolas provided visitors with a

magnificent view across the market from a height

of 55 metres. The “Adrenalin” Freefall Tower from

Bügler also towered far above the treetops.

Ahrend’s “Crazy Mouse”, standing directly next to

it, was very well-attended even in the afternoons.

Both attractions were built up on the fairground next

to the cattle market on Danziger Allee. The other

ride attractions approved were placed on the fairground

on Alleestraße, with Goetzke’s “Star Flyer”

making its successful début, and the “Monster”

Swing (Denies-Kipp) being presented at the event

for the first time by its new owners. In the evening

hours, visitors were magically attracted by the

“Transformer” (Schmidt). Due to its appealing laser

show, booming basses and a great deal of smoke,

the looping attraction drew the public’s attention.

Spangenberg’s “Musik Express 3000”, engaged as

a family ride, fared very well despite being faced

with strong competition. The “Lach+Freu+Haus”

from Distel was built up opposite the Switchback,

and furthermore, visitors were able to once again

enjoy the dodgem track (Barth & Sohn) on its

traditional site. Another novelty contracted was the

family coaster “The Racing Coaster” from Thoma

and Hartmann, which was allocated a site in the

kiddie ride row, along with the dodgem track from

Thoma, Sottile’s “Magic World”, the “Euro Car”, and

Bügler’s “Reitpalast”.

While business was rather modest on the first

opening day, the market gained momentum on the

second day. Saturday was “big business” for

several showmen with visitors leaving barely any

room to move on the fairground and most of the ride

attractions operating to the limits of their capacity.

Heavy visitor attendance brought the showmen

very good financial results for the season’s finale. ■

From the second day

the visitor rush was enormous




In the full sense of the

word – towering novelty:

the "City Skyliner”

Text & Photos: Michael Petersen

From 6 th to 10 th November 2013, the Soest Allerheiligenkirmes

once again impressively demonstrated

that it is a very special and unique event;

after all, it is certainly not exactly easy to integrate

a city-centre fair this size into a medieval city

centre. Some of the large number of ride and funhouse

attractions had to be fitted onto their sites to

the very centimetre. Nevertheless, there were once

again many new daring layout changes and

approvals this year, always placing safety for locals

and many guests from the surrounding region as

the primary consideration.

The layout of station area, incorporated into the fairground

for the second time, was highly improved visa-vis

2012, with the Ferris Wheel from the Burghard/

Kleuser family providing visitors a magnificent view

across the city and the Allerheiligenkirmes in this

location for the first time. Along with the “Black Hole”

coaster and the “Phoenix”, the Ferris Wheel formed an

appealing entrée to the fairground. Another novelty

was the second beer tent, built up for the first time in

this location. Placed rather unfavourably however was

the “Schinderhannes” steak grill, which was built up a

couple of metres off the fairground circuit, and thereby

did not have true 'Soest feeling'.

Heralded as the absolute highlight and taking first

place in the advertising for the event was the “City Skyliner”.

Accordingly, long queues kept forming in the

paybox area of the top attraction throughout the event.

Further highly compelling features at the fair included,

among others, the perfectly matching themes of the

huge “Konga” swing and the “Loopingachterbahn

Cobra”, as well as the “Horror Lazarett” inviting the

visitors to enjoy some scary surgery in front of the

imposing church.

Unfortunately, the weather did not play ball; with

continuous rain during the first two opening days the

showmen incurred high financial losses. Nonetheless,

the opening day was dedicated to heavy celebrating

as usual, despite strong and persistent downpours,

with the rides often operating at full capacity and the

concession stalls being quite crowded. Where else

would there be business as usual? Soest not only has

the largest and most beautiful medieval city fair in

Europe, but quite obviously also the best fairground


With all due elation and euphoria, losses incurred

during the two rainy days could not be made up for by

the rush of visitors on the following days. Despite the

poor weather a visit to the Soest Allerheiligenkirmes

was a fantastic experience and a worthy finale to last

year's rather disappointing fairground season. ■

The cult swing "Nessy” was presented at the

Allerheiligenkirmes with new lighting and smoke



Impressions from the

168 th Cannstatt Volksfest

“Berg & Tal” coaster from

Schneider in Stuttgart


Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Norman Vogt

More than 3.5 million visitors were recorded at the

168 th Cannstatt Volksfest in Stuttgart, which closed

its gates on 13 th October. Visitor numbers were particularly

good during the first of two festival weeks.

At the Volksfest 2012, visitor attendance had been

particularly strong on 3 rd October – this due to the

simultaneous Citizen's Festival marking the “German

Unification Day” held in the Stuttgart city centre on this

very holiday that year. This was well enough matched

this year due to the day before (Wednesday) being

designated the Family Day and the following day

(Friday, 4 th October) effectively being a 'bridging day'

to the weekend; all of these factors providing for high

attendance figures. The ride contingent offered on the

festival grounds, including novelty attractions, such as

the Looping Ride “The King”, the “Haunted Mansion”

Ghost Ride, “Dr. Lehmanns Horror-Lazarett” and the

“City Skyliner” viewing tower, left nothing to be desired.

The soaring tower and propeller constructions could

have been built up a little farther apart from each other,

however. The fact that the (turnover) gap between the

beer tent patrons and the showmen is continually

widening in Stuttgart, was underlined by several statements

published in the Stuttgart Zeitung newspaper.

“A good Wasen is not only expressed in terms of the

number of visitors. Unfortunately, results are increasingly

differing according to the sector”, said

Joachim Hohl, Chairman of the Stuttgart Showman

Association, alluding to the fact that the tents magically

entice primarily young people, while many smaller


operations had to fight for visitors in the shadow of the

beer tents. Linda Brandl from “Lindas Café” also expressed

her observations and opinions, saying “in the

last 15 years, the Volksfest has considerably changed

due to the beer tents. The current boom also has its

drawbacks; the tents soak up the guests like a sponge.

One could easily wonder if the rest of the showmen are

only good for lighting the street”. The publicans’

spokesman Werner Klauss reported “...a constant upward

trend. This year, we have mainly extended our

lunch menu and there are plans for further additions

and advertising.” Moreover, he criticised the unsatisfactory

taxi situation, “There are simply too few taxis at

the weekends.” As far as the “pre-partying” especially

of young visitors is concerned, all the participants are

at a loss though. “This is no Wasen-specific problem

but one related to society as a whole,” says Andreas

Kroll, General Manager at in.Stuttgart. The visible

results of this “dark” side of the Cannstatt Volksfest –

puking, peeing Wasen visitors in a state of drunken insensibility

can now also be seen on an internet blog

(www.stuttgartkotzt.tumblr.com). All pictures published

there have been taken before 5 p.m. – at a time

when there are also school classes and grandparents

with children at the Wasen. Traditional costumes were

once again another issue relating to the Cannstatt

Volksfest, with one headline reading “Heated Wasen

dispute about tradition and Bazitrachten (traditional

Bavarian costumes)”. Moreover, there was criticism

about the opening ceremony, where the Stuttgart Lord

Mayor, Fritz Kuhn, was mercilessly booed by a section

of the public. “I did not enjoy this year’s opening ceremony

at all. The music programme did not have any

connection to the Wasen and it was unlovingly staged.

This has to be fundamentally changed,” commented

Wasen Mayor Michael Föll.




The “Wilde Maus XXL” was

a Freimarkt hit

Fascination “Transformer”

The “Happy Family” and

the “Alpen-Hotel” in Bremen

Text & Photos: Ralf Schmitt

The 978 th Bremen Freimarkt (18 th October to 3 rd

November 2013) recorded a substantial decrease in

visitor numbers. The blame for this was easily put

on hurricane “Christian” as well as the blatantly

unfavourable scheduling conflict with the school


Some 3.5 million visitors came to the Bürgerweide – in

contrast to 2012 and 2011, when attendance achieved

or clearly exceeded 4 million visitors. Due to the storm

warning about hurricane “Christian”, the Freimarkt

initially remained closed on Monday 28 th October.

Once the storm had abated, the attractions on the

Bürgerweide-fairground could be opened at 7 p.m. –

but it was a “lost” day anyway. Moreover, business was



“Konga” and “Flasher”

“Halloween” days also at

the Bremen Freimarkt

much slower on the Freimarkt in the

afternoons during the week than

usual – for the first time in a long

time, the Freimarkt event fell within

the autumn school holidays. Once

again, visitors to the Freimarkt were

able to enjoy a prominently occupied

fairground, offering not only

well-known but also a number of

novelty attractions, such as the

“Konga” and the “Flasher” ride as

well as the large “Alpen Hotel” funhouse.

From the very start, the

“Wilde Maus XXL” – clearly visible

from all sides – which occupied the

site of the „Höllenblitz” that was not

approved to the event this time,

proved highly popular with the public, with long

queues forming in front of the pay boxes throughout

the event. Many visitors did not like the fact that only

one side was occupied in front of the main entrance

approaching from the railway station, however. As was

expected, there were also long discussions about the

placing of the action ride “Transformer” directly behind

the entrance gate. This time, the participating showmen

and the organiser were dissatisfied with an unusually

large number of issues (by Bremen standards),

such as the contracts being sent out late (end of July),

missing (or abolished) parking space for the showman

traction units, and the advertising for the Freimarkt

requiring some improvement (in the future, the Mess

Bremen and the location marketing from the Wirtschaftsförderung

Bremen are to be involved).

Moreover, the fact that there were repeated media

reports about uncomfortable issues, such as “legal

actions taken by showmen against the city authorities

for non-approval” or “alleged or actual attempts at

bribery” prior to and during the Freimarkt, proved that

after years of apparent harmony between administration

and showmen, times are getting rougher in


With the “Playball”, a

“Flipper” was present once

again after a long break.

Somewhat strange, the

one-sided deployment at the

station exit




Première in Stuttgart:

Berg’s “Frucht Bar”

Fruits different from

the usual: as a tempting choice

of individually chocolatedipped

or topped confections

Text & Photos: Ralf Schmitt

“Frucht Bar” is the name of the new operation

of Christian von Berg from Stuttgart, selling

fresh fruits in the form of smoothies, fruit cups

and as single-variety chocolate-covered


The “Frucht Bar” is the continuation of the Berg

family’s successful “Candy” concept, which

includes the large fruit wagon “Candy Schokofrüchte”

and the “Candy Schokobrunnen”, or

chocolate fountain. Apart from smoothies of

different kinds and fresh fruit cups, the product

choice at the new “Frucht Bar” is focused on

chocolates made on site. The fruits - for example

pineapple, strawberries, grapes, as well as chillies

– are dipped individually into full-cream milk, dark,

strawberry, lemon or white Callebaut chocolate and

then topped with sugar, caramelised nuts,

chocolate crumble or with melted chocolate.

Selling single fruits not only appeals to visitors who

might find a large fruit skewer too heavy, this kind

of offer also provides the delight of different fruits

and flavours as a fast finger snack for immediate

consumption. Very well received by the visitors to

the Cannstatt Volksfest – where von Berg’s “Frucht

Bar” was presented for the first time – was the possibility

to choose as many different chocolates as

desired and take them home in a “Candy” themed

packaging created especially for this purpose. ■

At the Cannstatt Volksfest:

The new Frucht Bar, the Candy

Schokofrüchte, and the Schokobrunnen

as combined attraction


Ganz neu und ganz anders!


Mit rauchendem








Wir bedanken uns

bei der Stadt Werne

für die Zulassung

zum SimJü 2013 und

der damit verbundenen

glanzvollen Premiere

unseres neuen


Unser Dank gilt auch

den vielen Kollegen

für die herzlichen


Der Firma Pfaff


danken wir herzlich

für die erstklassige


Wir empfehlen uns für die neue Saison!

Ricardo Arens • Hagen • Tel. 0173-429 08 51 • Mail: knusperhausarens@aol.com

European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

Annual Balance 2013

In the past year, the fight for the security of the

showman industry in Europe has stepped up. In

many countries the existence of many old fairs

and Volksfests, some hundreds of years old, is

being threatened. More the reason for the importance

of the work of the European Showman

Union in these times, which has represented

the interests of the showman industry successfully

for the last 60 years.

The ESU considers the German Sonderweg with

the implementation of the European safety standards,

as a threat to the Volksfests.

ESU Demands Special Protection for Ride


The demand for a unified implementation of the

Europanorm 13814 for ride constructions was the

focal point of the ESU in 2013.

The safety standard 13814 developed by the

European Committee for Standardization will apparently

regulate the technical standards for ride

constructions. The European Norm development

decided that the new Norm does not pertain to

older constructions, but only for new rides that

come into being after the adoption of the new

Norm. This safeguard has been adopted by all EUcountries

– with the exception of Germany. The

German Institute for Building Technology had approved

the DIN EN 13814 at the beginning of 2013,

however not according to the European conception,

which was negated.

The European Showman Union demands a European

wide standardized regulation and criticises

the German Sonderweg, which does not guarantee

any protection, leaving owners with older

ride constructions at a disadvantage. The ESU supports

the German Showman Association, which

forwarded a letter to German Ministers in September

2013 demanding that the German ride operators

are treated the same way as others in Europe.

Albert Ritter (right) congratulates EU-Parliament

President Martin Schulz during the award of the "Golden

Carousel Horse”.

EU-Parliament President Martin Schulz receiving

the "Golden Carousel Horse"

For his service to the European Volksfests, President

of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, at

the reception of the working group of the Showman

Association NRW in February 2013 honoured

with the "Golden Carousel Horse".

President Albert Ritter congratulating Martin

Schulz in the name of all European showmen. As

"staunch European and friend of the showman" he

has taken a stand for the interests of the profession.

Martin Schulz thanked the showmen for

the honour and announced that he would stand

at their side in the future also.

Discussion rounds of the European Showman

representatives in Brussels.

International Trade Discussions in Brussels

The recognition of the European Volksfests as an

intangible cultural Heritage and the unified implementation

of the Europanorm 13814 for ride

constructions in Europe were the main focuses in

a trade discussion to which the ESU had issued invitations

for the 19th June in Brussels. Over 30 representatives

from seven member countries of the

European Showman Associations had discussions

with international experts in the cultural centre

FARO, about the future of the showman industry.

At the beginning Dr. Rob Belemans, Director of the

Flemish Institute for Intangible Cultural Heritage

and long-standing UNESCO professional, informed

about the process and necessary steps for the

recognition of the European Volksfests on the

UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Subsequently

participants discussed in depth the Europanorm

13814 for ride constructions, and the demands of

the ESU for a uniform implementation.

Further themes in Brussels were the traffic problems,

in particular of Irish colleagues, the fight for

the safeguard of the traditional Sinksenfoor fair in

Antwerp, the development of furthering the education

of showman children in Europe, as well as

the current tax rights.

President Albert Ritter warmly welcomed the representatives

of the French Showman Association

UDAF as new member of the European Showman

Union. Albert Ritter welcomed the President of the

Scottish section of the British Showman Association

– the British Showmen Guild, Alex James

Colquhoun, just as warmly to the ESU.

Press discussions at the beginning of the Luxemburg

showman meeting.

European Showman Meeting in Luxemburg

In response to an invitation from the Showman

Union, an international showman meeting took

place on the 28th of August on the occasion of the

Schueberfouer 2013 in Luxemburg.

Showmen from Belgian, Germany, France, and the

Netherlands, as well as the host country met up

with the ESU-Presidium at the Grand Theatre not

far from the festival grounds, to talk about current

themes of the European Showman profession. The

Schueberfouer is traditionally an internationally

occupied Volksfest with showmen attending from

neighbouring European countries. The ESU meet-

European Showmen’s Union • Europäische Schausteller-Union • Union Foraine Européenne

ing mirrored this internationality once again.

To start with the press representative's questions

were answered by the Presidium. President Albert

Ritter gave information about the economic situation

in the branch, the cross-border cooperation

of the ESU member associations, as well as the

meaning of the European Volksfests as economical

and cultural factors. The elementary importance

of the work of the European Showman

Union as one of the oldest European professional

associations for the future of the branch as well as

the fairgrounds and Volksfests in Europe were

also discussed.

In the past, important contacts to parliamentary

committees were established, and countless discussions

were undertaken with European representatives

of the European Commission. Albert

Ritter: "In this way the interests of the European

showmen regarding themes such as traffic and

safety, the Norm, safety standards, tachometer

exemption, tax relief, food law, wind load and environmental

protection zones were successfully


An overview of the current situation regarding the

theme implementation of the Europanorm 13814

for ride constructions, intangible cultural heritage,

education of showman children, transportation

problems in Ireland, reduced tax in Portugal, as

well as entrance of showman vehicles into European

environmental zones were the opening

themes of the official meeting. The President of

the European Showman Youth Union, Kevin

Kratzsch, referred in the end to the theme of

future prospects for showman youth in Europe.

The European Show-women Union represented

by President Rosa Severeyns dnd Vice President

Anika Theunisz gave information about educational

possibilities and affirmative action for showman

children, particularly in the Benelux countries.

Participants of the Workshop in front of the

conference building in Brussels.

Workshop for the Protection of the European

Volksfest Culture

The inclusion of the European Volksfests on the

UNESCO list for cultural heritage is one of the central

targets of the European Showman Union. On

the 23rd of August 2013 ESU General Secretary

Steve Severeyns as well as Vice Presidents Frank

Delforge and Nicole Vermolen met up with Belgian

fairground organisers and representatives in

Brussels for a round table discussion. The German

Showman Association was represented by Lucinde

Boenneck. The workshop served as the key

point for the application of the showmen for the

recognition of their Volksfest culture as being

listed as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. The actual

celebration of the fests stood in the foreground as

traditional fairground enjoyment.

President Albert Ritter speaking in the council

hall of Uden. In the background: Vice President

Nicole Vermolen.

Photos: ESU

Meeting of the ESU-Presidium

The executive Presidium of the European Showman

Union met up regularly in 2013 for meetings

in, amongst others, Antwerp, Brussels, Luxemburg

and Uden, to discuss current themes pertaining to

the showman branch.

Large Anniversary Congress of the ESU 2014

Dublin will be the meeting

point of the European

showman branch at the beginning

of next year. The

ESU invites attendance at

the 38th congress of the European

Showman Union in

the Irish capital on the 4 th January 2014. The

agenda will include in addition to the statutory

re election of the Presidium, discussions about

current association themes such as the conversion

to the Europa-Norm 13814 for ride attractions,

as well as the admittance of the European

Volksfest culture on the World Heritage listing.

However it's not to be all work in Dublin and there

should also be entertainment, after all there are

two anniversaries to be celebrated in Ireland: 60

years European Showman Union and 60 years Irish

Showman's Guild. The huge double birthday party

will take place on the evening of the 4th January

at the Gibson Hotel.

So let's meet in Dublin! 120 years of showman tradition!


3 rd January 2014

■ Arrival

4 th January 2014

■ 38th ESU Congress

■ Evening Event

5 th January 2014

■ Homeward Journey

Hotel Recommendations :

The Gibson Hotel (conference venue),

Point Village, Dublin 1.

Registration per email under


or per telephone under +353 (0)1 681 5000.

Price: Single room 144 Euro,

Double room 124 Euro.

The ESU requests room reservations are

made early, and that a confirmation of congress

participants is forwarded per email to

kermis@bovak.nl or mail@dsbev.de

Publishing Information


European Showmen’s Union (ESU)


Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



Europäische Schausteller-Union

c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

Am Weidendamm 1A • D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu

Happy Birthday ESU!

A strong partnership: DSB und ESU.

Photo: ESU

The German Showman Association and the

European Showman Union are traditionally

strong partners. No wonder then that

the DSB became a founding member of the

international showman organisation in


In the 60 years of its existence, the ESU has

successfully fought for the European

showman industry and the cultural Volksfests

of Europe. We thank the ESU for this,

and look forward to the next 60 years of international

showman power.

Many happy returns on this birthday


Unity gives strength!

Presidium and headquarters of the Deutschen

Schaustellerbundes e.V.


This year’s large social

event took place at

SeaWorld Orlando

This year’s IAAPA Expo was one

of the most successful in recent

years. And when one considers

the visitor numbers and the satisfaction

of the exhibitors as an

economic barometer, then the

curves in the amusement industry

– after years of recession

– appear to be travelling upwards



Frank Lanfer

Photos: Frank Lanfer,

IAAPA Expo 2013

Marcus Gaines


No other magazine reports as

extensively about EAS and

IAAPA as the Kirmes & Park

Revue, as we wish to give the latest

information in the branch as

in-depth as possible. As a result

we have separated this year’s report

into two parts. Part 2 will be

presented in our next edition. ■


Exclusive IAAPA video about

“IAAPA News”

on our youtube-Channel:


This was already noticeable in the previous year,

however this time one can really talk about an

exhibition of the superlative – as known earlier in

the USA, and as it should be. The North American

market remains as before the indicator of a

sensitive market. At the same time, the Chinese

market as well as the European have become

more and more important, and are no longer as

close-knit with the American environment, which

shows the impact of September 11th 2001, leaving

deep and long lasting marks, whilst other

regions around the world have continued to

develop completely detached from the situation.

And one couldn’t escape the impression of a

sword of Damocles hanging over the complete

branch, which thankfully there are no more signs

of, and in contrast, there’s a prospering atmosphere

everywhere. Additionally, for the first time

after many years, new projects and ideas were

introduced publicly – testing them for marketability

by potential buyers. This year’s IAAPA Expo was

also stamped by a spirit of optimism and gold-rush


In comparison to Atlanta and other North American

cities, it appears that Florida’s home capital

Orlando is the optimal location for the worldwide

largest trade exhibition in the amusement industry.

The IAAPA Expos will apparently take place

here until 2019 – still a long way to go. However,

the still almost summer temperatures in November,

the worldwide known and popular theme

parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal

Studios und SeaWorld, as well as the regular and

wide spectrum of evening entertainment and

The National Roller

Coaster Museum in cooperation

with the American magazine

Amusement Today put together

an impressive wall presentation

of the theme “The History of the

Roller Coaster”, which caused

a lot of attention by the AAPA



estaurant possibilities leave nothing to be desired.

Additionally, the annually returning tourists

as well as trade visitors and exhibitors can experience

novelties almost every year. This time a

particularly impressive indoor-ride from Oceaneering

presented at SeaWorld Orlando, a wooden

coaster from GCI, and a Family Suspended

Coaster, both located at Fun Spot America, were

the centre points of interest. And added to the

countless private parties, there were also two

large evening events that took place at these two

parks. The largest IAAPA event was the exclusive

evening at SeaWorld where despite rainy weather

there was dancing to live music, and food and

drinks were enjoyed (there are still Anheuser-

Busch-products available there). All the large ride

constructions such as the Floorless Coaster

“Kraken” (B&M), the Flying Coaster “Manta”

(B&M) and naturally the novelty “Penguin Encounter”

(Oceaneering) were ready and waiting

for testing by the trade public. Obligatory naturally

as every evening was the large Orca show

“Shamu Rocks”.

The city of Orlando itself profits immensely from

the IAAPA Expo: almost 29,000 visitors and exhibitors

travelled to the four-day exhibition this

year, and gave out at an estimated guess around

48 million US-dollars – therefore the IAAPA Expo

is in itself an important economic factor for Orlando.

The net exhibition area of 49,100 square metres

was shared by 1,098 exhibitors from 48 nations,

and 18,200 trade visitors from more than 100

countries were counted. In addition to this year’s

very large outside area mostly occupied by inflatable

products, the front metre of exhibitor stands

added up to around 15 kilometres – so if there was

one or the other interesting project that could have

been overlooked, we are sure to be forgiven. The

following listing must be seen as only mentioning

novelties and projects that were not made reference

to in our in-depth 18-page EAS report recently.

It is therefore recommended to view the

KPR edition 11/2013 (No 196).

The world’s largest amusement

industry exhibition will

presumably still take place in

one of the larger exhibition

halls until 2009

IAAPA-fun at Fun Spot


Layout and boat

design for Hello Kitty / design

right: boat design for Safari

Park Knuthenborg


Exclusive IAAPA video about

“Steel Coaster Projects”

on our youtube-Channel:


The “Playoke” attraction

event from Attraction!

abc rides

The Swiss firm is concentrating

almost exclusively on water ride

attractions in the coming season:

apart from two tractor rides

for German parks, there will also

be an 83 metre long Mini-Flume

ride with new types of 8-seat

boats being delivered to Traumlandpark

Bärenhöhle, as well as to the Korean

Lotte World (the last mentioned will be designed

by Gary Goddard). The San Francisco Dungeon

will receive a “Raft Race” attraction similar to that

at the Berlin Dungeon, whilst an unnamed location

in Singapore will be delivered an indoor-boat-ride.

The Hello Kitty Park will be supplied with a “River

Splash” with a vertical lift, and Denmark’s

Knuthenborg Safari Park is having abc install a

395 metre long and 16 metres high “Big Splash”,

which at 51° will have the steepest drop on a

water attraction in Denmark.


This Austrian company was first represented at

the EAS in Paris and afterwards dared a spring

overseas. The company also presented its novelty

“Playoke Dance” in Orlando – a type of Karaoke

of game or alternatively dance. Here it’s not about

singing, but the most possible perfect dance imitation

of world famous modern dancing such as

for example “The Kethcup Song”, “Who let the

dogs out”, “Kung Fu Fighting” or even “Mr. Bombastic”.

A number of test persons can participate

simultaneously before the screen, with cameras

checking the movements. The “3D Moton Tracking”

shows immediately how close the movements

correspond to the original choreography.


In addition to its already publicized attractions – a

776 metre long “Wing Coaster” at Germany’s

Heide-Park, and a 1,256 metre long Inverted

Coaster for the US park Kings Island, the Swiss

manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard will also be

erecting another large attraction at the Chinese

theme park Ocean Kingdom located near Macau.

The Wing Coaster “Flying Over the Rainforest” will

be 1,278 metres long and 50 metres high, with

three inversions.


Chance Rides

The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Park, which has

been closed since the end of 2009 will re-open

again in 2014 after many tests and disassembling

on the part of Six Flags, and will be exactly as

beautiful as it was previously: simply as Kentucky


The previous and new Park Manager Ed Hart can

reach back to four coasters and many other ride

constructions. Newly added will be the “Hyper GT-

X Coaster” from Chance Rides.

The 762 metres long and 30.5 metres high track

course does not contain inversions, however instead

a whole lot of airtime hills, promised Angus

Jenkins from Chance Rides. Two twenty-seat

trains reach an hourly capacity of 800 passengers,

and the cars that were first introduced to the

public in Orlando, are from metal alloy.

Dynamic Attractions

As already done for Universal Studios Orlando, the

company will also construct “Kuka Roboter Rides”

ride systems for both Universal Studios in Hollywood

and in Osaka for the two very similar attractions

“Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”.

Moreover the flying theatre “Soarin’ Over Universe”

will be erected at the new Disneyland

Shanghai park that will open in 2015.

Eastern-European Company

The firm that has its home in Belarus has been represented

at the IAAPA-Expo for a number of

years. This year the company presented the simulation

machine “RotoR”, at the event. The passenger

carrier travels here within the ring that rotates

on a construction similar to a crane and also

rotates and moves in a vertical direction. Through

these movements unforeseen and real G-forces

affect the passengers.


We were already able to introduce the Family

Launch Coaster “Fire Chaser” for Dollywood in our

latest EAS review recently. In Orlando the beautifully

designed front car was officially introduced,

and more in-depth information was given about

the new roller coaster for 2014 itself: the 796 metre

long track attraction begins with a forward catapult

start from zero to 25 kilometres in only one

second. This is followed by a backward launch

from zero to 32 kilometres per hour in only 2 seconds,

and a 24 metre high chain lift. The course

also contains a trick-track-sequence and six airtime

hills, and leads past all kinds of fire-brigade

scenes with special effects. The attraction can

already be ridden by guests with a height of one


The (Chimelong) Ocean

Kingdom will receive among

others a B&M coaster – park

design stems from PGAV

A new ride idea from the

Eastern-European Company

Chance Rides will build a

coaster for Kentucky Kingdom



The 1,500 metres long

“Viper” in Nanchang and the

GCI-team in the new front car for

the already existing woodie at

Legoland Florida

Testing the seat in the front

car at the Gerstlauer stand: Joe

Manby (CEO Herschend Family

Entertainment) and Craig Ross

(President Dollywood)

Great Coasters Int.

Already for two years now

the Wanda Group has been

represented as exhibitor

and sponsor at the IAAPA

Expo in Orlando, however

the Chinese conglomerate

and project developer of

hotels, shopping malls and

holiday resorts now also

wants to play an important

role in its domestic theme

park sector. The first of the

initially six planned parks,

the Wanda City Theme Park

in Nanchang, will open in

2014. GCI is erecting the 1,500 metres long and

50 metres high wooden coaster “Viper” as highlight.

Goddard Group

The Californian design and planning office has announced

the master planning for the 20 hectare

sized theme park by the name of Shanghai Bund.

Although the park is a number of hours away from

the city of the same name, its design in particular

will be very convincing. One of the highlights will

be the adventure ride called “Shanghai Triad

Chase” that sends its passengers on a wild chase

through the underworld of the city of Shanghai.

The construction of the park began in September

2013, and the official opening is planned for late


Huss Park Attractions

A classic ride type is experiencing its second

spring, as three new constructions of the still very

spectacular major ride will go into operation

The current project from Gary Goddard


during the next one and half years. The start will

be the Chinese OCT Theme Park in Beijing which

chose a new type of lifeboat design for the

gondolas. Another unnamed park in China will

receive a 27 metres high “Condor” with the twoseat

gondolas in an aeroplane design, as well as

a classic “Top Spin” and an impressive “Giant

Frisbee”. New in the case of both constructions

are the gondolas, which – very important for

operation – are equipped with storage boxes for

the guest’s utensils so that the loading area

remains free of objects. Even more spectacular

will be the World’s first so-called “Hybrid Condor”

for an unnamed theme park in Germany. In this

case only two of the four arms will carry normal

gondolas, whilst the other two arms will be

equipped with circular suspended seats facing

outwards – in other words: two different ride

experiences in one attraction that offers place for

56 passengers. A Chinese theme park in Hainan

will receive a “Sky Tower” and a “Top Spin” in the

2014 season. And the Danish Djurs Sommerland

will also receive an attraction from Huss: a 45-seat

“Drageskibet”-Swing Boat, which will be designed

as a Viking ship and be a part of the new “Vikingeland”,

erected at up to a 20 metre height over a



180° projections in real-time will

be offered by the Holovis firm

with its “MotionDome” product.

Until now such elaborately controlled

projects were only available

for military simulation and

training sessions, but occasionally

also for marketing campaigns

(for example from Coca-Cola, McLaren,

Marvel Superheroes). However Holovis, in cooperation

with Threshold Animation Studios, plans

to offer this concept for visitors to theme parks and

science centres as well. Whilst the company presented

a two-seat 6DOF-motion platform under a

five metre diameter sized dome in Orlando, an up

to 100 person version can also be realized, illuminated

seamlessly by “3D DLP” projectors.


The new type of “Laydown” Freefall Tower almost

100 metres high called “Falcon’s Fury” for Busch

Gardens Tampa will go into operation in May 2014

according to plan, assured us Sascha Czibulka.

Further along, all attractions for the Cinecittá

The “real-time” attraction

“MotionDome” from Holovis


The “Drop ‘n’ Splash” concept from Mack Rides and

the water coaster for (Chimelong) Ocean Kingdom

Layout of the 10 inversion coaster from Intamin

World are completed, as

the new film park near

Rome is also go into operation

in 2014. Additionally

three so-called

“Multi Inversion Coasters”

will open in the Near

East, South America,

and Europe. In the

meantime the indoor

park Romon World will

come into being in 2014

in the Chinese harbour

city of Ningbo: The 575

metre long course of the

Looping Coaster “Travel

Through Europe” will

travel through and over a

European setting. Further

along, at the end of

2014, the 130 metre high

Ferris wheel “Orlando

Eye” will go into operation

in Orlando; ordering

customer is the Merlin

Entertainments Group.

Ital International

The ride broker from Nashville, Tennessee, has

been contracted with the sale of all rides of the

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, which went bankrupt

within two years twice. It opened in 2008 and

after only one summer period was sold to a Russian

company for 17 million dollars. In 2009 the park

then opened as the Freestyle Music Park, and also

had to close forever after only one summer season.

Since then all wheels stay motionless, among

them a large Looping Coaster from B&M, and a

coaster with a Ferris Wheel lift from Premier Rides.

Up until now Ital International has been able to sell

two major rides, a Wave Swinger and a balloon

ride to New York’s Seabreeze Park.

Mack Rides

Apart from the large project for its own Europa-

Park, there are also other attractions in preparation:

the French park Nigloland will receive a 700

metre long and 32 metre high “Alpina-Blitz”, Parc

Le Pal in France will get “Alligator Bay”, an interactive

water ride, IMG World in Dubai has ordered

the Launch Coaster “Velociraptor”, at the Chinese

Ocean Kingdom an 835 metre long and 23 metre

high water coaster will be erected, and the

Swedish Liseberg Park will, as is well know, receive

a Multi Launch Coaster. Further rides will be

the interactive “Free Flow Boat Ride” and a “Twist

‘n’ Splash”” for the Chinese Hainan Ocean Paradise.

Additionally, each of the following parks will

receive a “Twist ‘n’ Splash” – the Chilean Fantasilandia,

and both US parks Six Flags St. Louis and

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The German

Freizeitpark Plohn will be opening a Powered

Coaster in 2015, and the Chinese Lewa Investment

Group has contracted Mack Rides for a 60

metre high coaster for the same year. The “Drop

‘n’ Splash” concept was introduced for the first

time as well. The idea is based on a track-led 16-

seat boat that travels backwards and forwards in

a Swing Boat way, but can be held at the end whilst

the circa 30 metres long tracks move like a


seesaw, reaching a height of up to 10 metres. Maximilian

Röser: “Important for us at the moment is

the market feedback. We want to see how and if

this idea should be implemented. There has been

a lot of input from operators, who then gave their

feedback directly at our booth. At the moment it is

really only a study and not a completed product.”

In the meantime however two coasters for the Adventureland

in Sochi – a 1,056 metres long and 38

metres high LSM-Coaster as well as a Wild Mouse

in standard design are already completed and are

only waiting for the opening of the park. The 552

metre long “SuperSplash” at Cinecittá World is

also waiting for the park opening.

Maurer Rides

An interesting project by the name of “Porsche

City” has been developed in cooperation with One

World Studios from Olaf Mordelt and the car

builder Porsche, which is being offered as a complete

package to potential parks. The project was

initiated by Porsche itself, as the company wants

to strengthen and solidify its own brand. The

“Porsche City” will be an independent theme park

within a theme park, communicating the sporty

brand with iconic architecture and two 700 metres

long Multi Launch Racing Coasters. The polygonal

shaped building is approximately 80 by 50

metres in size and around 30 metres high. Entering

visitors are greeted by the urban appearing

“Porsche Plaza”, a combination of corporate architecture,

museum, 360° cinema and theme park

typical shopping possibilities. The main component

will be the “Porsche Core” with the coaster

station, four waiting terminals for the passengers,

ticket vending machines, and also common

rooms. Interesting also is the planning to design

the service and maintenance area of the coaster

to be openly visible, so that the technology can be

experienced directly.


In addition to the signing of the contract for design

and equipping of a water park at the Nigerian Delta

Leisure Resorts, another contract was signed

with the French Splashworld Provence. This new

water park in the city of Monteux near Avignon has

been designed according to the latest ecological

criteria. All water slides will be supplied by Polin.

Park President Frederic Bouvard: “In January it will

be decided if we can open at the beginning of the

summer season 2014. In the event that time is too

short, then we will open in early 2015.” Other new

park projects in which Polin is involved are Cartoon

Network’s Amazone in Pattaya (Thailand),

Aquacolors in Porec (Croatia), Dino Waterpark in

Konkaen (Thailand), Austin Heights in Johor

(Malaysia) and a park in Ilichevsk (Ukraine).

The cooperation between

Maurer Rides and One World

Studios (f.l.t.r.) Theodor Fehsenmayr,

Olaf Mordelt and Hermann


The design concept from

Monster City Studios

As already was the case at

EAS in Paris, Russian manufacturer

Pax celebrated its 25 th

anniversary in Orlando as well



“MotionBoard”, presented

by Martin Valtiner

Front car, layout, and the

first drop of the Six Flags’

“Goliath” from RMC

Premier Rides

Following the opening of the Vertical Coaster

“Superman Ultimate Flight” at Six Flags Discovery

Kingdom in 2012, two structurally identical attractions

will come into being at the German Holiday

Park and the Chinese Great Mall of China in 2014.


The Canadian water slide manufacturer has an insurmountable

number of orders, and one of the

larger projects will be realized for the new water

park Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney. There will be 42 slides

in the fifth Village Roadshow operated Wet ‘n’ Wild

when it goes into operation in December 2013 on

a ground area of 25 hectares, where at least

900,000 guests will be greeted already in the first

year of operation.


The US firm Rocky Mountain Construction actually

specializes in the revitalisation of wooden

coasters, whereby the wooden constructions often

are equipped with considerably more spectacular

steel tracks. However last year a complete

new Looping Hybrid Coaster (steel tracks and

wooden supports) was erected at Silver Dollar City

and now there’s to be a second: “Goliath” at Six

Flags America, which will have a height of almost

55 metres, an 85° steep drop, and a maximum

speed of 115 kilometres. And Six Flags Mexico will

also receive a similar Hybrid construction, but with

a height of 30 metres it will be considerably


Ride Entertainment Group

The construction and sales group of Adam Sandy

has now a new member: the Austrian firm Valtiner

& Partner. The company presented its “Motion-

Board” concept in Orlando, which reminds one of

the “FlyBoard” at the Vienna Prater. No wonder

then that architect Martin Valtiner was significantly

involved. Whilst the position of the guests is very

similar, the construction itself is considerably

different, as in this case the 32-seat passenger

carrier hangs from above and moves in time to the

film by way of cable winches. The advantages

according to Valtiner are a very cost-efficient

operation, the avoidance of hydraulic fluids, and

also that the floor can also be used for projections.

A prototype has already been built.




At long last it’s official: After S&S had already

introduced a new and spectacular project by the

name of “Polercoaster” last year, there are now two

of these types of attractions in production. A 129

metres high tower construction, around which

approximately 1,000 metres of coaster tracks

wind, will open in Florida in 2016. In the same year

the Atlanta Sports Park, Georgia, will start to

operate a smaller 67 metres high version. Already

in 2014 two new “El Loco” Vertical Coasters will be

erected – one in Japan’s Yomiuriland, and the

other, a 313 metres long and almost 20 metres

high one-off production at the Chinese Happy

Valley Tianjin. This year’s IAAPA Expo also saw the

introduction of a new project that is called “4D Free

Spin” which can be described as the baby brother

of the innovative “4 th Dimension Coaster”. This is a

type of Vertical Coaster that for example Intamin

also has on offer, in which the rotation magnets of

the gondolas can either be intensified or decreased,

depending on the ride programme. The

seats can either vis-a-vis or arranged to the front.

The ground area is only 12 by 6 metres and that

at a height of 45 metres and a track length of 340


SBF Visa

The Italian manufacturer had erected its

ready-to-ride “Spinning Coaster” –

creating much attention, even when it

was only a 58 metre long and four metre

high ride. A 4-car train is pulled to the

highest point per friction drive system

followed by a figure-8-element on a

ground area of 22 by 11 metres.


During the IAAPA, a far-reaching cooperation

with Warner Bros. Consumer

Products was announced. With that, the

American manufacturer of 4D special

films has entry to the large archives of

Warner Bros. Studios to convert cinema

films, TV-productions and comic characters

to 4D experiences, which will be

marketed worldwide. A working relationship

has long been established between

the two firms for a number of years: in 2005

“The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera” came

into being, as well as and in 2008 “The Polar Express

4-D Experience” in 2008.

An “El Loco” vehicle and a

“4D Free Spin” layout

A “Poler Coaster” design

SBF Visa exhibited a

ready-to-ride coaster


A world novelty from

Swiss Rides for Switzerland’s


The elaborate stand from

TAA was made of solid wood

and has been purchased by

Lagoon Park

The (design) work in Sochi

is going at full speed


The Danish Djurs Sommerland will be extending

by the 20,000 square metre sized new “Vikingeland”

in 2014. The area will contain two family

attractions: a “Pirat” from Huss and two eight

metres high pulley principled towers by the name

of “Vikingetarne”.

Swiss Rides

The parent group of the Swiss manufacturer, Bartholet

Maschinenbau AG, is particularly active in

cableway constructions, so it’s no wonder that the

current project for Connyland is an attractive and

world novelty mixture of cableway and thrill ride.

A 16-seat gondola is used here that initially travels

at high speed forwards along the approximately

200 metre course, and is also pulled through a 21

metres high mammoth tree stump. An abrupt braking

comes about at the end of the ropeway course

that swings the gondola strongly outwards. This is

followed by a speedy reverse trip that also ends

abruptly, this time however in the closed tree

stump. Then the nightmare of every skier takes

place in pitch dark: the gondola drops into the

depths! In reality it’s only 50 centimetres, however

it’s to be very intense promised Gerhard Mack,

Manager of Swiss Rides. The gondola will also be

thoroughly shaken before the tree stump opens

again and the reverse ride to the station takes

place. In addition to this prototype for Swiss

Connyland, a 50-seat version is in planning, which

will produce an hourly capacity of 1,000 passengers.


The upcoming Winter Olympics 2014 will take

place in the Russian city of Sochi, and for this

occasion a new theme park is being built in order

to keep the visitor numbers sustainable also after

the games. The park design stems from Jack

Rouse Associates, and a large part of the thematic

realization has been entrusted to the German-

Spanish TAA. Whilst the operation of the park will

only start in the warmer summer months, a large

part of the significant and visible from faraway

theming will be completed punctually to the

Olympics’ opening ceremony – for example the

“Giant Dragon Wall”, the “Enchanted Forrest

Gate”, “The Kiddie Zone Gate” and the “Science

Fiction Gate”. All prefabricated cement components

were completed at TAA’s workshops in

Romania, and delivered per ship over the Black

Sea. TAA General Manager Udo Weisenburger is

also very happy about the sale of the “Katapult” to

the American Lagoon Park.


The Gravity Group / Martin & Vleminckx

Upside down worlds: Whilst competitor Great

Coasters International, in actual fact specialist for

pure wooden coasters, now is also building Hybrid

Coasters (wooden tracks on steel supports),The

Gravity Group, the absolute specialist

for Hybrid Coasters is heavily into building

coasters completely of wood. Already three pure

wooden coasters have been erected in China together

with partner and prime building contractor

Martin & Vleminckx (M&V), and during the next 16

months four more locations will be added: der

Fantawild Park in Zhuzhou, the Hotgo Park in

Fushun, the Fantawild Park in Jinan, and in February

2015, Fantawild Park in Wuhu.Technical details

have not yet been released, although M&V is

planning to open an office in Turkey, in the hope

that very soon there will also be a wooden coaster

there. But concrete numbers are available for the

kiddie coaster for Story Land in the US State of

New England. This kiddie park, designed for 2 to

12 year olds with parents belongs to the Palace

Entertainment Group (Parques Reunidos), and

has contracted a 378 metres long and 12 metres

high Woodie. The special characteristics here are

the relatively high first drop (11.7 m), 12 airtime

moments, and the powerful dino-design of the

front car of the 12-seat train. “Roar-O-Saurus” will

apparently be the main attraction in the new “Dino

Land” with its mascot Rory. The required minimum

height for passengers will be 107 centimetres.


The Canadian 3D-cinema manufacturer was the

largest exhibitor this year when considering the

335 square metres stand size – and exhibition visitors

waited patiently in front of all three temporary

cinemas, due to the large rush on. The current very

interesting project is an interactive indoor-coaster

that will go into operation in May 2014 at Canada’s

Wonderland (Cedar Fair Group).


Many new projects were announced by Vekoma

including one in Orlando. Even the manufacturer

is, as always with Disney, not officially announced,

the last stage of construction will take place at Disney’s

Magic Kingdom with the opening of the

“Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coasters” in 2014. This

family coaster will lead its guests accompanied by

music through the mines of the seven dwarfs,

whilst the cars designed as wagons can swing out

to the side in the curves. Further constructions not

mentioned in our EAS report are: The Olympic Adventureland

in Russia’s Sochi will receive a

The team from The Gravity

Group during the introduction

of the upcoming project in

China / front car of the kiddie

wooden coaster for Story Land


Exclusive IAAPA video about

“Wooden Coaster Projects”

on our youtube-Channel:


The large exhibition area

of Triotech was constantly




The new family

coaster “Seven Dwarfs

Mine Train Coasters” at

Magic Kingdom in Florida

Interactivity is also very

important at Whitewater /

sketches: the project for Wet ‘n’

Wild Sydney

“Giant Inverted Boomerang” and an “I-Ride

Panoramic Flight Simulator”. The Chinese Hotgo

Park in Fushun opens in 2015 with a Mine Train, a

custom-designed Launch Coaster, a Suspended

Family Coaster and an 80 passenger “Mad

House”. 2015 is also the opening of the Berjaya

Great Mall Of China in Berjaya near Peking, where

Vekoma will erect a custom-designed “Motorbike

Launch Coaster” and a new type of “Dive Pretzel

Coaster” with a 640 metres long, and 43 metres

high vertical lift, two vertical loops, and an Airtimehill.

Already in 2014 a standard-”Boomerang” will

open at all three Fantawild Parks in Zhuzhou,

Wuhu und Jinan, and a 395 metres long Suspended

Family Coaster goes to the Korean Seoul

Children’s Grand Park, as well as to the Ukrainian

Lavina Mall.

WhiteWater West

Following the successful start of the Wet ‘n’ Wild

Las Vegas in 2012, the park operator Village Roadshow

had given a large contract amongst others

to the Canadian water slide manufacturer White-

Water, for its Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney water park, opening

in December 2013. A water slide tower will

contain an 8-lane slide and four “AquaLoops”, and

a further tower construction with eight pipe slides,

among them four “MasterBlasters”. In the meantime

a public baths, the Frankston Regional

Aquatic Centre located near Melbourne in Australia

will receive the world’s first “AquaSphere”

slide from WhiteWater. This 79 metres long slide

contains three completely closed round elements

and will be flanked by a “Constrictor” slide. Two



Thousands of LEDs make

the pipe slide not only interactive

but also provide never

before effects, and without a

doubt also much disorientation

other “AquaLoops” have been erected under the

name of “KaPau” by Silver Dollar City Attractions

(Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation).

An absolute world novelty in the water slide segment

is the interactive component that WhiteWater

first presented in Orlando: thousands of LEDs

welded into the pipes provide constantly changing

colours, with the park guest having to press

the correct colour on the “cockpit” of his mat during

sliding. A large screen in the

basin shows the number of points

and the daily ranking. In the Dry

Rides segment, PrimePlay introduced

in addition to the “Fusion Factory”

a combination of softball-attraction

and Laser-Tags, and the Zip

Coaster “No Boundaries”. This construction

that for example can be

connected to a “Fusion Factory” or a

climbing structure, leads

the guest who is affixed by

a snap hook, not over the

cable but over a steel track

downhill. Longer ranges

are possible this way. Since recently

Hopkins Rides also belongs in the firm

alliance, with this manufacturer presenting

for the first time its own version of an

interactive boat ride at the IAAPA Expo in

Orlando. In “Raft Battle” passengers sit

in freely rotating round boats where a

definitely lively 360° water battle can be


“Zip Line” from White

Water is called “No Boundaries”

and has a permanent track




The Zamperla operated

Coney Island Amusement Park

will receive a new coaster in the

2014 season

As already well known, the Italian manufacturer

indirectly operates the amusement

park on Coney Island near New York.

Whilst in the first years after the takeover

of the historic area more or less spectacular

major rides of own production were

erected, the 2014 season will at long last

also see an investment in a trend-setting

large attraction: “Thunderbolt” will be a 35

metres high steel coaster with a vertical lift, and

an 87° steep drop. 9-seat individual cars will

travel on the 680 metres long course at up to 90

kilometres per hour through five inversions. The

capacity with three cars has been announced at

600 passengers per hour. However the really special

characteristic is the grounds directly on the

Atlantic, being a small lot of 20 by 250 metres. And

not without pride Zamperla representatives announced

that within only three years already 20

“Air Race” ride constructions could be sold – one

was at the last exhibition built up in the hall. Additionally

the delivery of two custom-designed

coasters stands near, both being operated as indoor

attractions: one for the Mall of Istanbul (Type

Twisted Coaster), and the other to Shirga near

Dubai (350 metres long).

And for the Bavarian specialist Zierer Asia also

plays an important role as well. Two “Jet Ski” attractions

stand shortly before delivery to the

Chinese OCT in Peking, and the French park OK

Corral. Another “Jet Ski” together with a “Kontiki

L” (19 metres long tracks and 24-seat boat) and a

apple tree designed “Wave Swinger” will go to an

unnamed Chinese park as well. The Korean Seoul

Grand Children’s Park will receive a “Kontiki L” and

a 40-seat “Wave Swinger”. Additionally a new

theme park in the Turkish capital Ankara will be

supplied with a “Jet Skies” and two coasters

(“Force 190” and “Elevated Seating Coaster”). A

standard Wave Swinger was contracted by the

US-Park Morey’s Piers. Germany will receive a

Family Freefall Tower for the new “Arthur”-indoor

world at Europa-Park, and another family Freefall

Tower as well as a Wave Swinger and a “Kontiki L”

will go to not yet revealed German parks. Furthermore,

at the same time two already existing “Tivoli”

coasters (at Belgium’s’ Plopsaland de Panne and

at the Indonesian Jaya Ancol Park) have been

elaborately reworked and newly themed. ■


Exhibitor: Betson

Exhibitor: unknown

Exhibitor: Magnagae Photography

Exhibitor: Eye Candy Inflatables

Exhibitor: Sega

Exhibitor: US Bowling Corp.

This year’s outside area was twice as large as last year, when at the same time filled with inflatables

“Frenzy” from ARM is a type of 18 metres swing boat with 12

seat suspended gondolas that swing to the side at up to 110°

A 50 metres

long inflatable from

Jungle Jumps

“Ziplines” are mega trendy in the USA so

no wonder that there were four constructions

built up and ready to go


A blow up house – with complete equipment (Jungle Jumps)

Please be friendly: photo with the Simspons (Meli Park)

The were two exhibitors this year, both offering springing: Vertical Reality (left) and Inflatable 2000 (right down)

Violations of copyright were only rarely brought to justice

this year, or alternatively there were only very rare occasions

when there was a reaction directly at the exhibition



A spectacular

innovation: the looping is

entered on both sides –

in reality the trains do not

meet unfortunately (here a

photo composition)

Not content with just being

ahead in the race to be the park

with the most roller coasters, Six

Flags Magic Mountain has put

pedal to metal to gain a bigger

lead. And to do that they’ve

opened a record breaking

coaster during the past 2013



Marcus Gaines

Photos: Chris Murray,

Marcus Gaines,

Premier Rides,

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Full Throttle

Unsurprisingly, for a park that frequently

opens record breaking coasters, it’s not

the first time they’ve held the Vertical Loop

crown. They last held the title from 1990 to

2000 with the Arrow Dynamics built

So “Full Throttle” is the park’s 18 th roller coaster, “Viper”, which has a 144 foot (43.8 m) tall loop.

which gives them two more than their nearest They’ve now taken the crown from sister park Six

rivals Canada’s Wonderland and Cedar Point,

both of which belong to the Cedar Fair Group,

each with sixteen roller coaster attractions.

The new “Full Throttle” at Californian famous park

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a Multi Launch

coaster from Northern American manufacturer

Premier Rides, and features the world’s tallest

vertical loop.

At 160 foot (48.8 metres) tall it may not be the

Flags Fiesta Texas, whose B&M floorless coaster

“Superman: Krypton Coaster” held the title for 13

years with a 145 foot (44.2 m) high vertical loop.

Built on the site of the former “Log Jammer” log

flume, and taking advantage of a tunnel previously

used by a monorail, “Full Throttle” can be

found towards the right of the park’s main entrance,

next to the giant concrete tree of the Bugs

Bunny themed area of the park. The area around

tallest actual inversion, which goes to the entrance has had a makeover to become “Full

“Gatekeeper” at Cedar Point with its 170 (58.8

metres) foot dive drop, but it is the tallest vertical


Throttle Plaza”, where, as well as the expected

merchandise shop visitors can find two new fast

food outlets.

The station area and

the first LSM launch


Big Crowds in front of the New Coaster

But don’t stop to eat or shop, get straight in line

for the roller coaster. With an anticipated throughput

of up to 800 people per hour, in a park known

for big crowds, and where ride operations can be

questionable, guests don’t want to waste any time

before getting in the queue, as they definitely will

want to ride this attraction multiple times.

Arriving beyond the glitzy “Full Throttle Plaza”,

there is a bare queue line and basic station area.

A name sign didn’t even appear outside the entrance

until mid September. When one takes into

consideration the slow throughput, the scorching

California sun and exposed queuing areas one

has to wonder why more wasn’t done to provide

shade and cover for waiting riders. There’s only a

canopy over the station area.

The ride begins with a launch right out of the station.

The short but impressively aggressive LSM

acceleration brings passengers just in time to enter

into the record breaking vertical loop at a top

speed of 114 kilometres per hour, which seems

only just enough to get them through the almost

50 metre vertical loop. Watching from the ground

the trains appear to stall upside down. And riding

guests feel like everything is going into slow motion

experiencing wonderful floating airtime for

over one second, slowly drifting upside down

through the loop.


The almost 50 metres high

vertical loop is travelled

through the inside initially...

Unfortunately a Short Ride

No doubt inexperienced coaster riders find the

hang time upside down terrifying. Why? Because

one gets to enjoy the ride with just a lap bar, no

bulky overhead restraints to spoil the freedom of

the ride. But being honest even for well travelled

coaster riders, a lot of faith and fortitude is needed,

to not have some concern about hanging

there just by a lap bar.

Coming out of the loop the track traverses through

a fluid stretched out S bend over “Superman

Plaza” before dropping into the rides second inversion,

a fantastic dive loop. The loop drops passengers

back down the hillside and into a set of

brakes in the old monorail tunnel. After a brief

pause to catch a breath, riders are catapulted

backwards by the linear synchronous motor, almost

back to the top of the dive loop. For anyone

who hasn’t read about the ride before visiting, the

reverse launch comes as a complete shock that

leads to a lot more screams than the previous forward

launch had.

Coaster Offers a lot of Airtime Moments

After another brief moment of hang time,

especially in the back of the train, gravity

takes charge and the train is racing back

down into the tunnel. With an extra forward

boost from the LSM’s the train is given a

kick out of the tunnel, through a banked

left hand bend and up into a very special

Top Hat element.

Sadly there’s a lot of vibration through this

section that makes the ride a bit uncomfortable

but it would be even more unpleasant

had the ride been fitted with over

head restraints. Hopefully this vibration

can be resolved and not get worse with


The Top Hat element is completely unique

in that it traces over the top of the vertical

loop. In other words the spine of the vertical

loop actually has track on the inside

and the outside. Sitting in the front the Top

Hat gives a wonderful pop of airtime, but

sitting in the back offers incredible ejector



Abrupt End after a Minute

It would be great if a train could go over the Top

Hat just as another was travelling through the loop

but sadly this could never happen with “Full

Throttle” because it’s too short. All too soon the

ride is over, not even a third of the way down the

drop of the Top Hat and the magnetic brakes kick

in to bring passengers to a stop barely past the

bottom. There’s very little track between the Top

Hat and the hairpin bend back into the station so

the train has to come to a stop pretty sharp. With

a ride time of less than a minute one can be forgiven

if feeling cheated after sometimes long

queuing hours, but those 60 seconds are almost

entirely filled with fun.

“Full Throttle” is one of those coasters that must

be ridden in the front and the back to experience

all the ride has to offer. Ride in the front row and

one gets the full benefit of floating through the

vertical loop, while riding in the back offers the

most out of going backwards into the Dive Loop,

and that wonderful ejection air time over the top


... and shortly before the

end the vertical loop is

conquered from outside


The Dive Loop from

different perspectives


■ Opening: 22 th June 2013

■ Track length: 651 m

■ Track height: 49.5 m

■ Max. speed: 112 km/h

■ 3 LSM launches

■ 2 inversions: 1x Looping

(48,5 m), 1x Dive Loop

■ Ride time: 56 sec

■ 2 trains with 3 cars each,

per car 6 Pers.

■ Capacity: 800 p.p.h.

■ Dynamics/Statics: Stengel

GmbH, Munich, Germany

■ Manufacturer: Premier

Rides, Baltimore (Maryland),


■ Operator: Six Flags Magic

Mountain, Valencia (California),


When the ride was announced the launch tunnel

was described as being a special effects tunnel,

with the promise of sound and lighting effects.

Sadly they either weren’t installed or they don’t

always work.

Nevertheless the ride doesn’t lack anything by

their absence, although extra themed special effects

can add that something special to a ride, especially

in a park which doesn’t generally theme

its rides.

“Full Throttle” is unique, fun, thrilling, exciting and

just about every other superlative one could come

up with. The only criticisms being the typical

laborious and slow ride operations found in “Six

Flags Magic Mountain”, the vibration after the

second forward launch is so good that passengers

just want it to last for longer.

With “Sky Rocket” at Kennywood, shuttle

coasters like “Mr Freeze” at Six Flags St Louis and

Over Texas, and now “Full Throttle” all being fantastic

coasters, Premier Rides has well and truly

established itself as company to go to for midsized

launched coasters that are guaranteed to

keep riders coming back for more.

As for Six Flags Magic Mountain increasing their

lead as roller coaster capital of the World? For a

park ranked in the top 20 in the world for attendance

it’s a shame they’ve added yet another ride

with a relatively low capacity that results in long

queues. “Green Lantern” which opened in 2011

has a capacity of less than 600 people per hour

and the drop tower “Lex Luthor Drop of Doom”

from Intamin which opened in 2012 has a capacity

of 550 people per hour. At a capacity of 800

people per hour, “Full Throttle” would be far better

suited in a midsized park not known for large


In 2014 Six Flags Magic Mountain plans to further

increase their lead as the park with the most

coasters by adding a 19th, another with a low capacity,

a Zamperla family coaster. Cedar Point

and Canada’s Wonderland have their work cut out

if they’re to win the crown of the Roller Coaster

Capital of the World.



The “Wickie Land” at

Plopsaland de Panne has

delighted family visitors

since 2013

Wickie the Viking has moved

into Plopsaland De Panne, and

also brought along a complete

Viking village as well. The completely

new theme area is located

in the northwest end of Plopsaland

De Panne, where the

theatre tent was located earlier.

Although the new theme area is

manageable as far as size is

concerned, it offers quite a lot of

fun for smaller and older visitors


Plopsaland De Panne

Text & Photos: Olaf Esser

The water attraction type

“Splash Battle” has a

refreshing and different type of

overall design

The “Wickie Land” comprises of two large attractions

and lovely surroundings with a self-service

restaurant, a snack area, and many seating possibilities.

The tables are out in the open partly, and some

are stylishly roofed over in a Wickie comic design.

On sunny days however it is obvious that there is

little shade in the area. Although Wickie Land is surrounded

partly by small trees, there is little real

green in the theme area. The new section has been

lovingly designed.

With many old and well known Viking figures such as

Faxe, Tjure and Snorre decorating the area, a great

atmosphere is produced. Some of the figures are

happily used by the children to climb on – most probably

not the purpose of the inventor, and one hopes

that no child will ever be injured. As of now the figures

are in a very good condition and show no signs

of wear due to the heavy demand of the children. And

naturally water should not be missing in such an attractive

area, hence a lake with two Viking boats that


invite visitors to play as well as relax on the water. All

the houses are in a Viking design, and even the rocks

appear picturesque.

It gets pretty wet on one of the two main attractions

in the new Wickie Land – “Wickie The Battle”. The

“Boat Blaster” from Mack Rides takes up a large section

of the area, and there’s just as much fun. The interactive

boat ride abducts visitors into the world of

the northern seafarers. In addition to Gorm and Faxe,

visitors can also admire Wickie’s mother Ylva, and

his best friend Ylvie. The six boats, each for eight

Vikings are led along the canal by the water flow, with

a lot of shooting going on with the water cannons as

is usual on a “Splash Battle” attraction. There are targets

in the water, but guests can naturally also shoot

at other passengers, which is a lot more exciting. A

very popular target is also shooting at passersby at

the edge of the water basin. Naturally there are also

various stations along edge with water cannons, resulting

in heavy water battles. The Splash Battle station

this year has been kept very simple and is not

roofed over. Nevertheless there has been an

announcement of an extension for next year, with a

themed station area and an additional Wickie-shop.

The second large attraction is “De Grote Golf”, which

is a 40-seat Disk’O Coaster from Zamperla. This has

been brilliantly embedded in a rock massif and the

entrance to Wickie Land leads through a rock tunnel

under the 92.5 metre long and up to 15.5 metre high

tracks. The entrance to the ride attraction as well as

A grandiosely designed

entrance to the new theme area

“Wickie Land”

The “Disc’O Coaster” from

Zamperla is very convincing


The water ride leads past

countless and lovingly themed


the waiting area is beautifully themed. “De Grote

Golf” rides perfectly and there are no bumps, which

is normally the case in some instances of Disk’O

Coasters. Very fitting to the theme is Halvar, Wickie’s

father standing in the centre of his boat, who is leader

of the Vikings of Flake. Those who have never

taken a ride on a “Disk’O Coaster” will be enthralled

when they take their place on the ride; the safety restraints

from the back hold the riding guest perfectly

and leave enough free room to enjoy the ride on

the rotating and to and fro moving speeding disc.

The self-service restaurant uses a charcoal grill. Although

the menu is reasonable in variation, it is a

change from the usual chips and other fried goods

that are happily eaten in Belgium and at Plopsaland

De Panne as well. The culinary offers are perfectly

enhanced by the snack booth, which offers coffee,

delicious sweets such as muffins and French tarts,

as well as freshly baked Panini. And there’s always

somewhere to sit down at Wickie Land, as there are

enough seats. The village games booth offers canthrowing,

crossbow shooting or bucket throwing. As

already previously mentioned, the theming is consistent

and contributes to an extremely pleasant

atmosphere – unfortunately there are no Vikings for

the winners, but unfortunately only very colourful

stuffed toys.

The new Viking village can be reached very well with

the “Plopsa Express”, the park’s own railway. The

track course has been changed a little and also

shortened, but in exchange there is a new station

directly in “Wickie Land”.

In addition to the new parking area, a long ago announced

large theatre has come into being as well.

The “Plopsa Theatre” is located directly at the entrance

area to the right, next to the indoor “Mayaland”,

and extends this theme area perfectly, and is also

used for a park show, and also for evening events. It

has place for 1,400 guests and the foyer is also

equipped with a generously large cloakroom. ■



Refreshment booths and

jackpot games in comic type

Viking style

New also is the huge 1,400

person “Plopsa Theatre”



Park visitors to

Sesame Street are accompanied

by the clumsy

Grover through a kind of

scurrile adventure

Universal Studios Singapore is

not only the most modern, but

also the smallest park in the Universal

chain. Following the

opening on the 28 th May 2011, the

first extension already took

place at the end of the year with

“Transformers: The Ride”. On

the 1 st March 2013 the next new

ride was added: “Sesame Street

Spaghetti Space Chase”.

Sesame Street Spaghetti

Text & Photos:

Jochen Peschel

Owner of the park is the Genting Group, which

not only owns the complete Resort Worlds

Sentosa on a Singapore island, but also other resorts,

various casinos, and 50% of the Norwegian

Cruise Line. Hence the responsibility of the new

attractions concept is not only up to Universal

Parks & Resorts as licensor of the park franchise,

but also Genting as owner. In the case of “Sesame

Street Spaghetti Space Chase” the additional Sesame

Workshop also came on board. It was originally

founded as the Children’s Television Workshop,

in order to produce Sesame Street, where the

rights lay and where once again Jim Henson’s

Muppets crop up. The rights to the Muppets on the

other hand have been owned by Disney for a

number of years. “Too many cooks spoil the broth”

as the old saying goes. But it’s not as bad as it

sounds, however the results could definitely be

more convincing.

As is the case with many parks, Universal Studios

Singapore also has a Mainstreet, souvenir shops,

and restaurants at the entrance. The end leads to

a central lake that is the start of the classic park

circuit layout. Visitors who decide to follow the

right hand turn arrive immediately in the theme

area “New York” and come directly to the new ride.

The attraction fits in perfectly, as according to the

story outline Sesame Street is located, as ever, in


In a very small hall

Visitors are divided up directly at the entrance

where the attraction is located, into those who

possess a Universal Express Pass that is not exactly

cheap, and normal guests. The last mentioned

must leave the hall directly as there is no

room for a waiting area next to the actual ride. The


Space Chase

queue leads back to the “New York Street” and

after about an hour waiting time, returns into the


Attentive guests will note there that the villain Macaroni

the Merciless and his two assistants Zester

and Shredder have abducted all the spaghetti

from earth. All three figures by the way have been

invented for the new attraction what makes the

coup de main even more infamous. So it’s all about

getting the long pieces of pasta back again. This

is the mission of Elmo und Super Grover 2.0, the

superhero-old-ego of Grover. And in order to make

it a ride attraction, the parks visitors are included

as Super Sidekicks.

Loading on Sesame Street

At the station with its backflash painted as Sesame

Street, waits a four-seat spaceship controlled by

Elmo. Thereupon a left turn leads into Sesame

Street where dwellers wish the brave passengers

well. And there are not only the popular Muppets

as animatronics present, but also figures that can

be seen on a number of monitors designed as windows.

Shortly before takeoff, super Grover explains

the route to Macaroni’s hideaway.

through a curtain of fog and is already between

the stars again. There passengers see an outbound

spaghetti beam from earth, and are greeted

by the Yip-Yips, the aliens from Sesame Street,

in their flying saucer. And already guests see

super Grover, who, for whatever the reason may

be, is whirling through outer space on a satellite.

On the monitor built into the space ship, Captain

Elmo urges riders to follow the spaghetti to Macaroni’s

hiding place.

However the assistants have already captured

Grover and tied him to a huge meatball – nevertheless

he’s still of the opinion that he has everything

under control. However Macaroni holds the

super hero with a green tractor beam and the

spaceship is also captured with Macaroni receiving

the guests with a number of mocking comments

from his flying saucer. As a result Elmo cries

for assistance, which is promptly answered in the

Elmo and Grover

The loading area

Flight into Outer Space

However the spaceship has to leave Sesame

Street first, so it climbs a ramp. In the beginning it

is surrounded by trees, and then there are skyscrapers

towering to the left and right. This successfully

produces the illusion of starting into

outer space vertically. The car then breaks


Evening atmosphere on

“New York Street” together with

the new attraction from Intamin

Grover attempts to save

the world again

form of fairy student Abby Cadabby. Her magic

breaks the tractor beam and leads visitors to Macaroni’s

hiding place.

The intrusion is quickly discovered, but Abby Cadabby

prevents passengers from being taken prisoner

and tied up hand and foot with spaghetti as

is Grover. And quite the contrary a number of

friends from Sesame Street are beamed into the

hideout – very well done technically by a projection

on a fog wall. The villains are quickly overpowered

and the noodles are sent back to earth.

Abby Cadabby does the same with the spaceship.

The last scene after a ride time of almost

three minutes shows how Macaroni serves

spaghetti in a restaurant on earth.

“Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase” leaves a

mixed impression. The individual scenes are in

some parts very elaborately designed, and the

idea of channelling Elmo between the scenes over

the monitor is very clever. The colourful design

also causes much fun for the younger public.

However the relaying of the richly imaginative storyline

does not function satisfactorily. For example

the spoken parts regularly go under in the sound

background, and quite a few aspects are only understood

by those who know the figures and their

characteristics. One could say that this leads to

multiple riding, but that doesn’t particularly help

either. And who on earth prepares a theme ride by

the means of videos and press information? Perhaps

too much was intended, which simply

couldn’t be contained in the really small building.

However the size of the existing hall was very effectively

used. The around 150 metre long track

runs so, that the preceding vehicle is only seen for

a short time in the first scene. However a timed

ride sequence of every 15 seconds can bring the

capacity to 960 persons per hour. This is attained

by a conveyor in the station, the speed of which is

synchronized with the vehicles. These vehicles

travel independently by way of their own drive,

and can transmit their position wirelessly. The vehicles

hang on double I-supports, which enable a

relatively wide span. In any case there are no individual

supports recognisable.

Ride System from Intamin

The ride system is a new development delivered

by Intamin, which opens another market segment

for the Lichtenstein manufacturer in the suspended

Darkrides sector. The attraction installed in Singapore

offers ascents and drops that bridge over

a height difference of a total of 2 metres. It would

be surprising if additions such as rotating discs or

vertical lifts wouldn’t be added. As the support

construction is free-standing the system could be

upgraded in a hall that originally was not planned

for a hanging theme ride.

However back to “Sesame Street Spaghetti Space

Chase”: this attraction doesn’t stand alone at Universal

Studios Singapore, but is flanked by other

offers. And so the exit of the theme ride leads

through the obligatory shop, the “Big Bird’s Emporium”,

and more money can be give out on the

Sesame Street school bus that offers park exclusive

merchandise for sale. For a good start into a

Sesame Street day a character breakfast is on offer,

which costs in addition to the entrance fee of

74 Singapore Dollars (44 Euro) another 39 Singapore

Dollars (around 23 Euro). Free however are

the Sesame Street shows that take place a number

of times daily on “New York Street”.

And with that the theme area “New York” is in the

meantime dominated by Sesame Street, even if

the main attraction “Sesame Street Spaghetti

Space Chase” is not convincing for everybody.

The waiting times however show that the attraction

has been well received by visitors. For the younger

target group the extension was very important as

Universal Studios only has the “Madagascar” boot

ride on offer as another themed ride. ■



The co-founders of Drayton

Manor Theme Park have sadly

passed away within a month of

each other. Mr George Bryan (92)

passed away at home on the 20 th

September and Mrs Vera Bryan

(96) passed away peacefully on

the 16 th October.


Marcus Gaines

Mr George Bryan had a long history in the

amusement industry, his father was a

pioneer in manufacturing penny arcade

machines. While Mrs Vera Bryan was also involved

in the amusement industry long before meeting

George, her family owned California in England

Pleasure Park.

It was at the park that George and Vera met, sharing

many a dance in the parks ballroom. George

even had dancing lessons so he could see Vera

more often. The couple married 6 months later in

December 1942.

Inspired by California in England Pleasure Park, in

1949 the married couple purchased the derelict

Drayton Manor house and the surrounding 80

acres of land to create their own theme park.

Despite the challenge of land overgrown with

weeds and covered in mounds of rubbish, and

being in the austere post war period, Drayton

Manor Park opened the following year with a handful

of rides.

Today it has grown to become one of the UK’s

leading theme parks and remains owned by the

Bryan family.


Within the frames of

the exhibition it was

rumoured that the North

German Hansa-Park is

planning a new large attraction,

catching the attention

of both fans and

the trade public. Andreas

Leicht, Manager of Hansa-Park,

who was also

present in Orlando, confirmed

the rumours that in

the meantime have already

been announced in an

official press release.

Without giving any precise

details there will be

not more and not less

than a Hyper Coaster

Andreas Leicht: “We know that a Hyper Coaster is

at least 200 feet, in other words 61 metres high,

and that a Mega Coaster begins at 300 feet – 91.5

metres. We will move between the two figures. The

actual height has not been decided, as the exact

track course is currently being developed. Definite

however is that it’s not all about height, but also

the thematic integration into our overall concept,

so that this attraction will still speak for itself even

years later.”

And “Kärnan” naturally correlates to a hanseatic

theme, and in this case the 35 metres high

mediaeval tower has used the Swedish city Helsingborg

as name lender.

Even more remarkable is the unconfirmed rumour

that the Hyper Coaster will not be realized by an

established manufacturer in this segment.

Andreas Leicht: “Our chosen manufacturer will be

announced shortly. Just as important is our cooperation

with the Ingenieurbüro Stengel, which

has up until now constructed excellent Hyper

Coasters worldwide.”





Frank Lanfer

Delta Leisure Resorts

Nigeria’s Princess Abiodun Oyefusi arrived in

Orlando during the signing of a contractmarathon.

The huge Delta Leisure Resorts of

which she is the Managing Director has been in

planning since 2009 (as reported), and now at

long last the final steps are being taken before


The following cooperation was decided on during

the IAAPA Expo: DJ Willrich (Audio Visual), White-

Water West / Aquaplay (Play Equipment), Interlink

LG (Rides and Consulting), Gateway Ticketing

Systems (Ticketing), Neuman Aqua (Canal and

Waterfall), Polin (Water-park-design and slides).

The 186 hectare sized Delta Leisure Resorts are

separated into two locations: the theme parks in

in Oleri Village, Udu LG in Warry City and the

Wildlife Park in Ogwashi-Uku near Asaba, the

district capital of the Nigerian Delta State.

There will be a total of 22 different zones/projects,

among them the Entrance Piazza, a retail village,

the Children’s Play Park, a Sports Village, a 103

metres high viewing tower (Interlink), a 3- and a

5-Star-Hotel, a nightlife-area, a Safari-park and a

theme park with 15 large ride constructions. One

of the first components to be realized will be the

Egyptian Water Park. It will have a total size of

30,000 square metres and will contain in addition

to the ten water slides from Polin (among them a

“King Cobra”), also a Rapid Ride.

The first zone will already open in 2015. After all

development steps are completed, it’s estimated

that up to 5 million guests will visit the park

annually. The financing is provided by the state

and from private sources. Additionally the

planned chalets and holiday villas that will be a

type of residential village within the resort in the

direct vicinity to the Atlantic Ocean can also be


It will be interesting to see how much of all this will

and can actually be realized. Perhaps it does not

need to be such an immediate and huge venture,

however all young people and families in every

country are predisposed to carefree fun in a

theme park.

The entrance situation and

the water park

The master plan for the

Oleri Village location with

theme park and water park

Pictured at the contract

signing between Delta Leisure

Resorts and Interlink (from left):

Kevin Howe (Oceans Designs

Ltd.), Princess Abiodun Oyefusi

(Managing Director of Delta

Leisure Resorts), and Interlink’s

Mike Anderson and John Hudd



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• 48143 Münster, Berliner Platz

• 48431 Rheine, Hauptbahnhof 1

• 49074 Osnabrück, Im Bahnhof

• 49356 Diepholz, Am Bahnhof

• 50667 Köln, Bahnhof 1

50667 Köln, Trankgasse 11

• 50679 Köln-Deutz, Otto-Platz 7

• 52064 Aachen, Bahnhofsplatz 2a

• 52351 Düren, Hauptbahnhof

• 53111 Bonn, Am Hauptbahnhof

• 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestr. 43

• 53721 Siegburg, Europaplatz

• 53879 Euskirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 54292 Trier, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz

• 56068 Koblenz, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 57072 Siegen, Am Bahnhof 16

• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 59065 Hamm, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

• 59227 Ahlen, Bahnhofsplatz

• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74

• 59494 Soest, Bahnhofstr. 2

• 59759 Arnsberg, Bahnhofstr. 136

✘ 60051 Frankfurt, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51

• 61169 Friedberg, Hanauer Str. 44

• 63450 Hanau, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 63739 Aschaffenburg, Ludwigstr. 2, Hbf.

• 64293 Darmstadt, Platz der Deutschen Einheit

• 64625 Bensheim, Amershamplatz 1

• 65190 Wiesbaden, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 65428 Rüsselsheim, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 66111 Saarbrücken, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 66424 Homburg, Im Bahnhof

• 66538 Neunkirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 66606 St. Wendel, Mommstr. 2, Bahnh.

• 66740 Saarlouis, Bahnhofsplatz 11

• 67434 Neustadt, Bahnhofsplatz 4

• 67547 Worms, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 67547 Worms, Bahnhofstr. 11

• 67655 Kaiserslautern, Bahnhofstraße 1

✘ 68161 Mannheim, Bahnhofsplatz 17

✘ 69115 Heidelberg 1, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5

✘ 70173 Stuttgart, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2

• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17

• 72764 Reutlingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 73614 Schorndorf, Rosenstraße 2

• 74072 Heilbronn, Bahnhofstraße 30

• 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bahnhofspl. 1

• 74889 Sinsheim, Friedrichstr. 25

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 78462 Konstanz, Bahnhofsplatz 43

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz

• 85356 München-Flughafen, Südallee 1

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz

• 87509 Immenstadt, Bahnhofstr. 39

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof

• 89312 Günzburg, Bahnhofsplatz 5

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstr. 100

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Bahnhofsplatz 9

• 91207 Lauf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28

• 93047 Regensburg, Bahnhofstr. 18

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 95326 Kulmbach, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12



in der Region Chemnitz

Frühlingsfest Hartmannsdorf

vom 14. März bis 16. März 2014


10. Chemnitzer Ballonfest

65 Jahre Chemnitzer Parkbahn

vom 13. Juni bis 15. Juni 2014


mit umfangreichem Bühnenprogramm

Chemnitzer Pressefest

vom 04. Juli bis 06. Juli 2014



1. gemeinsame Mittelbach-Grüna Kirmes

vom 22. August bis 24. August 2014

mit umfangreichem Bühnenprogramm

Chemnitzer Stadtfest

vom 29. August bis 31. August 2014


Stadtfest Burgstädt

vom 02. Oktober bis 05. Oktober 2014


Kirmes Raschau

vom 24. Oktober bis 26. Oktober 2014


Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen an:

K & R Illgen OHG • z.Hd. Rico Illgen

Fritz-Wagner-Siedlung 35 • 09116 Chemnitz

Fon: 0163 / 203 04 11 • Fax: 0371 / 336 15 67

Mail: klaus.illgen@arcor.de

Weitere aktuelle Plätze unter www.tutti-frutti-team.eu


vom 28. Mai bis 01. Juni 2014

Gesucht: Autoscooter, Scheibenwischer,

Kinderfahrgeschäft, Wurf- und Schießbude


vom 28. Mai bis 01. Juni 2014

Gesucht: Schießen, Verlosung, Schaukel,

kleines Fahrgeschäft, Twister


vom 05. bis 09. Juni 2014

Gesucht: Fahrgeschäft, Schaukel, Babyflug, Kinderfahrgeschäft


vom 25. bis 27. Juli 2014

Gesucht: Autoscooter, Kettenflieger, Verlosung


mit Gemeinde-Kinderfest

vom 31. Juli bis 03. August 2014

Gesucht: Autoscooter, Kettenflieger,

Kinderfahrgeschäft, Verlosung, Wurfbuden


vom 04. bis 07. September 2014

Gesucht: Kinderfahrgeschäft, Wurfbuden


vom 12. bis 16. September 2014

Gesucht: Kinderfahrgeschäft, Wurfbuden

Bewerbungen bitte mit Rückumschlag an: August Ehrenbogen

Braunstraße 35 • 87700 Memmingen • mobil: 0178/6133672




• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •


& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana

Tel. 06195-960507




unsortiert, auf Europalette verschweißt

Mindestabnahme: 1 Europalette

= 1.700 Stück = 0,25 Euro/St.

ab 5 Europaletten

= 8.500 Stück = 0,225 Euro/St.

ab 10 Europaletten

= 17.000 Stück = 0,19 Euro/St.

solange Vorrat reicht, Angebot freibleibend, alle Preise netto

ab Werk ohne Abzug, auf Vorkasse oder Nachnahme.

Kössinger AG • Frühaufstraße 21 • 84069 Schierling

E-Mail: astrid@koessinger.de

Walter Roth, Tel. 09451/499-120 • Fax: 09451/499-101


Exhibit at DEAL 2014!

• The most anticipated and longest running show

for the entertainment, amusement and leisure

industry in the MENA region.

• The show attracts over 5000 business visitors

every year, with over 80% from the growing

markets of the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

• Multi-million dollar deals get signed at the


Organised by:

8 th – 10 th April, 2014

The Arena, Dubai World

Trade Centre, UAE.


P.O. Box 50006, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel: +971 4 3435777, Fax: +971 4 3436115, Email: deal@iec.ae www.dealmiddleeastshow.com

Ihr Partner für

das Schaustellergewerbe

seit über 80 Jahren

Kasseler Str. 44 • D-34613 Schwalmstadt - Ziegenhain

Tel. 0 66 91/35 36 • Fax 0 66 91/59 97

www.dietz-fahrzeugbau.de • mail@dietz-fahrzeugbau.de


W. Weeber L. Wittig R. Brauer A. Haubner

S. Roschmann F.T. Schneider J. Scherrle

A. Brenner

R. Weber

H. Berger

D. Schmidt

C. Cremanns

J. Kunstmann

Werbe-Riesenrad Hamburger Dom

Wir wünschen unseren Kunden und Freunden ein frohes Weihnachtsfest

und bedanken uns für das Vertrauen und die gute Zusammenarbeit.

Einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2014 und auf eine neue erfolgreiche Saison!

Mit besten Grüßen Familie Andreas und Willi Dietz

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