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Norman Vogt

ESU (European Showmen’s Union):

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APRIL 2013


Facts – Observations – Short Portraits . . . . 4


Hannover – Iserlohn . . . . . . . . . 10


Summertour in France . . . . . . . . . 12


Ghost Ride. . . . . . . . . . . . . 20


Waltzer (Gundelwein) . . . . . . . . . 24


Showmen’s Museum . . . . . . . . . 28


Reports about Specially Selected Events . . 34


Kirmes-Highlights en miniature . . . . . . 38


World Joyland . . . . . . . . . . . 42


Coney Island Ohio & Kings Island . . . . . 48


Hansa-Park Resort . . . . . . . . . . 56


Current News from the Park-Scene . . . . 60


Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68




Presented for the

anniversary in its new visual

glory: Kai Weeber’s ”Fantasia”

Text: Norman Vogt

Photos: Norman Vogt, Archive Weeber

This year, showman Kai Weeber from Esslingen

(Baden-Württemberg) celebrates a minor anniversary;

the 20 th birthday of his kiddie track ride

”Fantasia”, ordered from the Lutz firm in 1993.

Last year, the ride was thoroughly overhauled and

partially redesigned. Kai Weeber spent much time

bringing the ride’s visual appearance and technology

up to the latest standards. To begin with, the

"Fantasia” was virtually gutted and completely repainted,

before an overhaul of the electronics and

the drive system were carried out. The latest SMD

lights, providing spectacular lighting effects after

sundown without any control device, were ordered

from the Marek firm. The track, equipped with

corrugated sheeting, was once again painted pitchblack,

and even a new mount, a "cinema bus”, was

purchased. The other ride vehicles were also restored;

a process in which, among other measures,

more than 2,500 rivets were renewed. Additionally, a

station is to be built for the ride.

Weeber’s "Fantasia” is a regular guest in Fellbach,

Reutlingen, Kirchheim-Teck and Ludwigsburg, as

well as at the Christmas Market in Reutlingen. The

"Fantasia” has ground measurements of 14 x 7

metres, and electrical requirements of 10 kW. ■



Keith Hamilton

New President of the

”Showmen’s Guild of Great

Britain”: David Wallis

The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain – the national

UK trade association for the fun fair industry – recently

elected a new president in the shape of David

Wallis, who will serve in the role until 2016.

"It’s an honour to represent my industry at the highest

level and I am very grateful for the support of my family

and showman colleagues along the way,” said

David. "I hope that as well as catering to the needs of

the Guild’s 4,000 members I can also increase the profile

of this safe, affordable form of family entertainment.”David

represents the fifth of seven generations

of the Wallis family that have made their living in the

fairground business. Spending the earlier part of his

life touring around the North West of England, in more

recent years his touring itinerary has extended across

the country and overseas. In his 50-year career as a

ride operator (‘or riding master’), David has owned a

succession of attractions from British fairground

favourites like the Waltzer and Helter Skelter to newer

novelty rides including the Tagada and Sea Storm

(‘Happy Sailor’). He currently travels the UK’s only icethemed

Mirror Maze. Since making the short hop to the

Isle of Man for the famous TT Races in the early 1990s,

David has taken his attractions abroad on frequent occasions

and was once recognised as "The World’s


Most Travelled Showman” at the Golden Pony Awards

from Italian publisher Facto Edizioni. "Once we’d done

it for the first time, I realised it was no more difficult to

put your rides on a boat to Africa than to the Isle of

Man. I’ve been fortunate enough to operate amusements

in such varied places as Ireland, Iceland, Norway,

South Africa, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Some of these ventures have proved more successful

than others, but I’ve loved every minute of it.” Current

concerns within the British fairground industry include

the cost of diesel (for both transport and generators),

the provision of education for fairground children and

the availability of sites for fairs and for showmen to live

and store their equipment in the winter. Formed in Salford

near Manchester in 1889, The Showmen’s Guild

of Great Britain boasts 10 regional offices around the

country, including headquarters near London. Its

members include fairground organisers (or ‘lessees’),

ride owners, stall holders, caterers and other associated

businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector. As

well as implementing rules governing ‘fair play’

amongst members, the Guild also liaises closely with

the (UK) Health & Safety Executive, local authorities,

education departments and external event organisers.

David Wallis is a member of the Lancashire, Cheshire

& North Wales Section of the Guild and has served on

multiple regional and national committees over the


A member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of

Commerce, he also represents the Showmen’s Guild

in the European Showmen’s Union (ESU). ESU president

Albert Ritter was recently invited by David to

speak at the Showmen’s Guild ‘Central Council’ meetings

nears London.


Première in Eisenach

under the management of the

Steffen firm: ”Devil Rock”


Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

At the Eisenach Sommmergewinn the local

showman enterprise Jens Steffen und Sohn

presented its newly purchased ”Devil Rock”

for the first time. The round ride, originally

built by the Huss firm as ”Flic Flac”, is the first

ride of its kind in East Germany.

Jens Steffen is a 4 th generation showman, who

founded his showman enterprise with a chain

ride in 1988. One year later he added a "Round

Up”, and from 1991 to 2006, he operated a

"Fliegender Teppich” built by Zierer, which he

had brought to Eastern Germany from Belgium.

After selling this attraction, the Steffen family

toured a kiddie track ride, a chain ride and a fish

stall. "We have been looking for another ride attraction

for some time,” said Steffen. Having

been given a tip-off, he went to Berlin to examine

and try out Sascha Hanstein’s "Devil Rock”,

which was up for sale at the time, at the German-

French Volksfest last July.

"The attraction is in generally good condition, the

electrical and lighting equipment work perfectly,

and the backflash is as good as new. Sascha

Hanstein looked after the ride very well,” Jens

Steffen was pleased to note after the inspection

in Berlin. Jens Steffen took over the "Devil Rock”

after the Bremen Freimarkt 2012 and then transported

the ride to his property in Eisenach,

where a number of visual improvements were

carried out during winter. Moreover, the ride is

now loaded on only three transport vehicles, and

the inside of the paybox stand is matched to the

ride’s new theme and newly

insulated. The first "proper”

build up of the ride in Eisenach

was achieved without

any help, where it reliably

made its rounds during its

première. This season, the

Steffen family will present the

"Devil Rock” at, among

others venues Halle/Saale,

Leipzig, Eisfeld, and Moers.

The technical data: 23 m in

diameter, power 200 kW, 3

transport vehicles. ■

Jens (r.) and Philipp Steffen



Patrick Greier’s ”Hip Hop

Jumper” at the Hamburg Dom

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Ralf Schmitt, Heiko Schimanzik

Since last year's season, Patrick Greier has presented

his former "Schunkler”, built by Höpler, in a

completely new outfit and entirely re-themed under

the new name of "Hip Hop Jumper”.

While the new design was provided by the Atelier EK,

the new LED light came from the Kairies firm. The new,

tall backflash has been mounted on an especially purchased

wagon, which was originally used on the

"Crazy Tiger” ride and has now been newly built up.

The new theme meets the esprit du temps and provides

the ride with a truly up-to-date appearance. ■

The backflash wagon

and the ride in ”Schunkler”







Michael Petersen

Stadtmarketing Herne

In January, the Herne city

authorities introduced

the new poster for the

578 th Crange Fair with the

motto: “Crange ist


Apart from the poster, the

fair pass and the gastronomy

pass were also newly

designed and presented.

From many applications

three couples were chosen

as the faces for the advertising

campaign; two

couples from Herne and

one from Gelsenkirchen.

The faces of Francesca

Lobina and Mike Struckmeier

are featured on this

year’s posters. Francesca

Lobina has grown up with

the Crange Kirmes Fair, as

she used to live on the

Dorstener Straße directly

adjacent to the fairground,

for many years. The 578 th

Crange Fair will be held

from 2 nd to 11 th August this


The 19 th “Jahrmarkt anno dazumal”, renowned far

beyond the borders of the Rhineland and held at

the LVR-open air museum in Kommern (near Euskirchen)

from 30 th March to 7 th April 2013, will once

again offer many curiosities.

For the first time, there will be a show booth with "living

illusions”, which was probably built in the Netherlands

right after the Second World War, and ranks among the

oldest still existing show booths of its kind in Europe.

Another new feature will be a "Panopticom”, providing

visitors with a look at the mortal remains of famous

celebrities specially preserved for coming generations

behind its peepholes, such as the cut-off ear of the

painter van Gogh as well as Goethe’s fist. Naturally,

there will also be "executions” of people from the audience

once again; an illusion from South German fairgrounds

from the late 19 th century. Among the many

artistic attractions making the museum fair stand out

from most of the other nostalgic events is also a lady

razor blade eater! Together with other mighty acrobats,

she also performs other daring presentations in the

spacious open air arena. At the same time, the historic

ballroom of the museum will be transformed into a variety

show from the 1920s. With a total of more than 70

rides, booth attractions and well-chosen market stalls,

the Jahrmarkt anno dazumal will provide visitors with

a stroll through the history of public entertainment from

the beginning of the Imperial Era in 1871, right up until

the time of the ”economic miracle” around 1960. The

Jahrmarkt anno dazumal, incorporating the fair event

from the Imperial Era, will be open daily from 10 a.m.

to 7 p.m. Admission fee: Adults EUR 6.50, groups of

10 or more people EUR 6.00 p.p., children and adolescents

under 18 years of age admitted free, parking

fee: EUR 2.50. The event programme is available on

the internet: www.kommern.lvr.de


DIN EN 13814

Text: Jochen Peschel

DIN EN 13814 – these 10 letters and numbers are causing turmoil for

the showmen currently. But why?

It's all about a technical Norm with the title "Fliegende Bauten und Anlagen

für Veranstaltungsplätze und Vergnügungsparks – Sicherheit"

(Safety for transportable constructions for events and amusement

parks).This has all been worked out by the CEN (European Committee

for Standardisation) and the CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical

Standardisation). The standardisation process would normally

be initiated by the private sector, whereby a suggestion for the

theme standardisation would be submitted. In this case however, the initiative

came from the European Commission.

Subsequently it was to be ascertained whether or not a broader requirement

for a Norm is necessary. In this matter, the committee founded a panel

for the draft of the Norm, made up of technology experts in the field.

The completed draft was then submitted to the national standardisation

bodies, which could then make a commentary. This was followed by a

final draft, on which the national standardisation bodies would vote. If the

vote was successful, the Norm would be taken over in all states as the

national Norm standard, and the opposing national Norm would be withdrawn

– therefore the European Norm EN 13814 becomes the DIN EN


This however is only a technical Norm that has no juristic binding effect.

It only comes into effect through the German national legislative power

within the frames of the building laws. This is due to the federal structural

responsibility of the states, which makes the whole process somewhat

complicated, as each state has its own building laws. All the same there

is a certain alignment, as the individual building laws touch on a model

building regulation that the Conference of Ministers for Building issued.

The Conference of Ministers for Building is the association responsible

for city planning, building and housing, comprising of the responsible

minister and senators of the 16 states of Germany.

§3 paragraph 3 of the model building regulation (Musterbauordnung or

MBO) means:

"The technical rules introduced by official announcement by the highest

building control authority are to be adhered to". This rule is present in all

state building regulations, with the relevant technical building regulations

being mandatory. The DIN EN 13814 was incorporated in the listings of

the states at various periods of time, and it's only since the 01.01.2013

that the Norm has been established nationwide. This Norm is now to be

adhered to in the case of approval of transportable constructions.

The principle of the provision made to safeguard existing standards

makes sure that the approval for an accepted structure does not expire

even if there is a change in building law. In the case of transportable constructions,

the building law has an exception in that the model approval

for such constructions is for a limited period of time, with regular repeat

examinations. Therefore during an examination, the current building law

is always to be adhered to; the provision made to safeguard existing standards

only applies for the period of the granted approval. Although the

transportable construction working group has worked over the decision

support, existing constructions – so long as safety technology considerations

are represented – should be transferred over to the new prevailing

legal Norms. For example up until 2014 the repeat examinations can be

implemented according to the previous regulations, but the new Norm is

to be adhered to by the next but one examination, at the latest.

And it's here that the unease of the showmen begins, as many ride constructions

are many decades old, and had been built according to completely

different technical standards. The demand alone for evidence of

operational strength has changed considerably in part, for example the

underlying stress cycle. There are estimates that the predominant number

of ride constructions cannot fulfil the new Norm, and most of them

cannot be upgraded at justifiable expenditure – which threatens the

existence of many showmen.

The building law however allows for deviations in material requirements

in individual cases. The §3 paragraph 3 sentence 3 MBO reads as

follows: "Deviations can be made in the technical building regulations

when another solution to the same extent of the general demands of paragraph

1 can be fulfilled". Paragraph 1 states that constructions are not

to endanger public safety and order, in particular life, health, and natural

resources." §67 also allows for deviations through the building control


On the one hand this is an advantage for the showmen, because transportable

constructions that cannot, or cannot be economically brought

up to the DIN EN 13814 standard, can most probably continue to operate.

Thereby though, there may have to be additional measures taken, for

example operation at a lower speed, structural changes, or more frequent,

or more intensive examinations.

Particularly in the case of structural changes, it has to be ascertained

what work is necessary for each construction individually. Here it will be

up to the Showman Associations to bring together owner same-type attractions

in order to take advantage of the synergy effect, and technically

identical or similar constructions not to have to undergo multiple examinations.

The disadvantage is however that the extension of the model approval

does not quite completely depend on the legally established technical

criteria, but the licensing agency allowing for a certain design leeway,

which will be needed to be taken advantage of more often than earlier.

Thereby the approval process is bound by a certain legal uncertainty as

it's up to the approval departments to weigh up the situation between adhering

to the DIN EN 13814 to the letter, and possible deviations. The approval

departments can make the decision with or without the involvement

of the test centre that undertakes technical tasks. Very often the test

and approval departments are identical, for example the TÜV, which at

least can simplify matters.

The approval centres are also in a dilemma, as on the one hand a certain

generosity leads to not endangering the existence of the showman,

and that less lucrative events will not become more unattractive due to

missing attractions. On the other hand a criminal and civil liability threatens

if there is an accident. Then the question quickly arises as to whether

the examiner had made too many concessions.

At the moment the uncertainty is huge as it cannot be estimated what sort

of effect the new regulations will have. In the case of eventual reconstruction

it would be sensible to discuss with the test centre beforehand

if there will be much advisory activity in the next few months. Showmen

are advised not to leave things to the last minute, and attain information

from their professional association, and to contact their approval

centre. It remains to be seen how they go about their responsibilities.

A small suggestion at the end: This article should only be considered as

an overview of building law and the new Norm DIN EN 13814. This material

is very complicated. Despite in-depth research, it can therefore

either be incomplete or even incorrect in some places. The article therefore

cannot and should not be viewed as legal advice.


The showmen Vorlop, Müller, Hartkopf, Hanstein, and Bötticher

(f.l.t.r.) from the organising ”AG Volksfeste”, present the layout plan

even while drawing it


Text: Uwe Holzmann

Photos: Uwe Holzmann, Heiko Schimanzik

On Easter Saturday, 30 th March, the 49 th Spring Festival will be opened

on the Schützenplatz in the city centre of Hannover, the state capital

of Lower Saxony. Thereafter, right up until 21 st April, the event will then

offer fun and entertainment to young and old alike.

The organiser, the "AG Volksfeste” from Hannover has once again put together

an attractive fairground from the total of 118 contracted showman

operations. The mixture of major and round ride attractions, Funhouse constructions,

kiddie rides, as well as the ample selection of operations from

all other sectors, will provide a complete and perfect "overall fairground

fun package” to families and thrill-seeking adolescents alike. In addition

to the tall Ferris Wheel (Wilhelm) equipped with new

lighting effects, the following rides and tracks will

dominate the fairground: "Rock & Roller Coaster”

(Vorlop), "High Explosiv” Coaster (Vorlop), "Auf

Manitus Spuren” water ride (Heitmann KG) and "Die

große Geisterbahn” (Schütze). Racy 'thrill rides'

presented will be the "Air Crash” (Wingender), "Free

Style” (Agtsch), "Night Style” (Armbrecht), "Salto

Mortale” (Langenberg/Gusowski) and the "Take

Off” (Ruppert). Moreover, visitors will be able to enjoy

the "Big Spin” (Deinert), "Commander”

(Hanstein), "Heisse Räder” (Armbrecht), "Petersburger

Schlittenfahrt” (Burgdorf), "Breakdance” (Hainlein), "Wellenflug”

(Wendler) and "Magic” (Müller). The Funhouse sector will be represented

at the Spring Festival by the "Omni” (Kinzler), "Crazy Outback” (Hofmann-

Jehn), "Time Factory” (Hartmann) and the "U 3000” Submarine (Ahrend).

Naturally, also present will be the Volksfest classics: the dodgem tracks

(Armbrecht, Thelen); the ample selection of kiddie rides, such as the

"Märchenland” (Risse), "Moglis Traumfahrt” (Walter Oliver Ahrend), "Top

Drive No. 1” (F. Ahrend), "Käpt'n Jimmy” compressed air ride (Walter

Oliver Ahrend), "Disney Jet” (Ambrecht), "Mini Enterprise” (Müller), the kiddie

rides "Europa-Karussell” (F. Ahrend), "Nostalgie-Kinderkarussell” (Heider)

and the "Circus-Karussell” (Heider), as well as the "Junior Scooter”

(Kröker) and the "Sky Jumper” trampoline (D. Ahrend) will not be absent

either. Inside the large beer tents and cosy beer gardens (Marris, Ahrend)

various and constantly changing entertainment programmes will be on offer.

The ample choice of special events that will further enhance the appeal

of the Spring Festival will include fireworks displays on Fridays, the

designated Family Day (offering a reduction of up to 50 % on all ride attractions

and up to 25 % at games booths and, naturally, the Punch and

Judy show as always from Mario Osthold, as well as the Kiddie Make-Up

Events ), special offers for children’s birthdays (a kiddie party pass for 5

children or more) as well as discounts on public transport (a 10 % discount

on presentation of GHV tickets), except for the Family Days on

Wednesdays. The "AG Volksfeste” has announced an extensive advertising

campaign for this year’s Spring Festival once again. Forty-five huge

billboards put up throughout the Hannover region, almost 4,000 A1

posters, quite a number of advertising banners, commercials on the passenger

in-ride TV on the UESTRA (Hannover transport service) trams and

buses, as well as radio commercials on Radio21 will surely entice the public

to visit the 23-day Spring Festival in, hopefully, pleasant temperatures.■



Text: Michael Petersen

The Osterkirmes in the 95,000-resident town

of Iserlohn, the largest town in the Märkischer

Kreis district and the greater Sauerland region,

will be held from 30 th March to 7 th April.

As usual the fair, once again presenting occupancy

quite different from the previous year,

will open on Easter Saturday. The regular attractions

include the dodgem track from Küchenmeister,

Bonner’s "Breakdance” and the Musik

Express from Wendler. In the proven zigzag

course visitors will encounter, among other attractions,

the Go-Kart-Track from Fackler, Sertic’s

Chain Ride, the "Frisbee” from Ruppert, the

"Brasil” walkthrough construction (Schürmann),

and the Ferris Wheel from Vallentgoed. On Easter

Monday, the Easter bunny and a stilt-walker

will distribute small presents and colourful balloon

figures on the Iserlohn fairground.

On the designated Family Day on Wednesday,

fares will be reduced by up to 50 percent, while

all the other attractions will reduce the price for

one principle item by up to 30 percent. Moreover,

there will be a children's programme including,

among other delights, a Punch and Judy show,

a stilt-walker, a kiddie magic show and a kiddie

make-up event. A fireworks display will be held

on Friday evening. The car park at the Seiler

Lake, used as a fairground, has been in very

poor condition for years, its surface being virtually

a cratered moonscape presenting a serious

risk of tripping. On the occasion of the Easter

Fair, the Showman Association Iserlohn/Schwerte

e.V. annually spends a large amount of money

on gravel and other filling material to provide

the fairground with a modestly acceptable surface.

In addition to the cost this is also a lot of

work, as the filling material has to be spread over

a large area. This is neither acceptable nor fair

to the Showman Association Iserlohn / Schwerte


As owner/landlord, the town authorities are responsible

for the site at the Seiler Lake, the poor

condition of which has not been caused by the

showmen. After all, the unpaved area is mainly

used as a car park for the adjoining recreation

area. Moreover, circuses build up their tents on

this site at regular intervals, and flea markets are

held there several times a year. It is really high

time to transform the area at the Seiler Lake into

a modern venue, yet in view of empty coffers, this

would certainly not be an easy undertaking. ■




am Seilersee

30.03. bis 07.04.2013

Mittwoch Familientag

Freitag Feuerwerk


Summer entertainment

in Paris: the Fête Foraine

des Tuileries

Luna Parks not only entice the

public in the south of France

during the summer months;

prestigious and traditional fair

events, often presenting numerous

appealing attractions,

are also held on the west coast

and in the north of the country

in this season. Moreover, after

the preceding springtime Foire

du Trone, a beautiful Volksfest

event is even presented in the

capital, Paris.

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Summer Tour France

Last year, the Fête Foraine des Tuileries in Paris

began on 22 nd June and was open until 19 th

August. The event is held on the "Jardin des Tuileries”

fairground at the Rue de Rivoli, in the direct vicinity

of the world-famous Louvre. The idyllic, elongated

fairground, where more than 80 showman operations

were built up, is located

in a park, and characterised by

the vast number of trees. The organiser

is showman Marcel Campion,

who also presented his

"Roué de Paris” and the "Air

Swing” chain ride. Unfortunately,

the two constructions were placed

next to each other, clearly af-



More than 80

showman operations were

presented in Paris

fecting the visual appearance of the chain ride. Two

further outstanding attractions, towering far above

the roofs of the adjacent houses, many of them of

baroque antiquity, were the "La Boule” Ejector Seat

as well as the "V-Maxx” giant Propeller. What needs

some getting used to, is the almost eerie silence on

the fairground, as music and announcements over

the microphones are not permitted. As a result, all

you can hear – apart from the visitors – are the accelerating

or braking motors of the individual rides.

Every now and then, there was the inevitable

scream from a ride though.

The water ride, which moved on to this event directly

from the Foire du Trone, as did a number of other attractions,

provided its passengers with watery fun.

Further attractions presented were "Happy Sailor”,

"Rainbow”, "X-Factor” Miami, and the Walkthrough

constructions "Happy Clown” and "Crazy Space”, a

Ghost ride, nostalgic ride, several kiddie rides, a



The Ferris Wheel

was built up as a single

attraction in the harbour area

of Boulgne-sur-Mer, and the

rides enticed visitors in the

town centre

slide and a dodgem track. Due to the exposed location,

it is difficult to find a good spot for parking



From 4 th to 27 th August, the "Foire aux Manege d’Ete”

was held on Mariette Esplanade in the small town of

Boulogne-sur-Mer, located on the west coast, way up

in the north of France. Due to limited space in the town

area, the Ferris Wheel was relocated with little ado to

an area near the harbour, about one-and-a-half kilometres

from the fairground – as a single attraction, so

to speak! As a result, there were only a few visitors at

the "Grand Roué” in the evening hours, whereas the

rides on the fairground in town were truly "besieged”.

The special attraction this time was the Mondial

"Nightfly”; and with the "New

Spring” convertible Alpine Bob

another novelty also enticed the

public. Moreover, visitors were able to enjoy the "New

Dance”, a dodgem track, a switchback called

"Aubisque”, and the Funhouse attractions "Barbe

Bleur” and "Rio”. The "Dragon” track ride, various kiddie

rides, as well as a Bungee-Trampoline and Walking-Waterballs

rounded off the selection of attractions.



Only for children:

Walkthrough construction in


A collection of

attractions in Calais


The port town of Calais is also located on the French

coast some 35 kilometres from Boulogne-sur-Mer.

As is well known, to cross the channel from here is

the shortest route to Great Britain. The fairground at

the "Bassin Quest” is located near the harbour centre,

not far from the prominent lighthouse. From 21 st

July to 19 th August, the "Foire aux Maneges” was

held in this area for the first time. The past the event,

which attracted many tourists during the evening

hours, took place on the Square d’Armes (at the former

exhibition grounds). Even though the "Crazy

Mouse” Coaster, towering over the rear site of the

fairground was presented as a novelty, the public’s

response was quite modest and most of the time

only empty cars raced along the track. After a



Novelty in Calais:

the “Crazy Mouse”

Fête Foraine in

the coastal town of Dieppe

noticeable absence, the "X-Flight” Swing and the

go-kart track appeared in Calais once again, and

diagonally opposite the coaster the interestingly

designed Ghost ride "Scream” enticed the visitors.

Equipped with elaborate lighting systems were the

dodgem track and the "Le Mistral” Switchback.

Moreover, younger visitors were able to enjoy the

"Big Apple” Coaster, built up next to the "Walking-

Waterballs”. Also very popular with young visitors

was a Walkthrough construction especially designed

for children. A comic feature was a games

booth, where a pyramid of 5-litre

beer kegs had to be toppled with

a football. Too bad that a number

of ride attractions were dismantled

after just the second opening

week and relocated to their next

venue. As a result the remaining

attractions looked somewhat forlorn

in the large area.

Normandie region. Every year in autumn, the largest

organised dragon festival in the world is held there,

following on from the "Fête Foraine” in August (in

2012 from 10 th August to 26 th August) held on the

"Place du Front de Mer”, which is located directly by

the sea, as the name suggests. Among the total of

124 attractions, there were three novelties – a trio of

over-the-top rides. The highest point in the skyline

was the Mondial Propeller "Oxygene”, which had

earlier been a regular guest in the south of France

in summer for a number of years, and ended up in


Dieppe is a 32,000-resident

coastal town, as well as a major

sea and fishing port in the Haute-



Three over-the-top

novelties appeared in Dieppe

the north this time. The "High Energy 2” swing - a

somersaulting variant - was placed in a centre row,

where it fared much worse than the third novelty, the

"Stargate”. Many visitors, mostly young people, enjoyed

the racy and varied looping ride even in the

afternoon. Its operator was often even applauded

for his announcements over the microphones –

something that does not occur very often. By comparison,

the "Spin Fly” looping ride placed opposite

did not fare too well. They were joined by the "Euro

Splash” water ride, "Le Dragon” Coaster, "Palais du

Pirate” Funhouse, the round rides "Sweety” and

"Chamonix”, "Crazy Dance 2”, "New Jump”, two

dodgem tracks, a simulator, and a go-kart-track.

With the "Sahona”, "Super Mario Sunshine” and the

"Pirate Show”, three further Walkthrough constructions

appeared, as well as the "Ghost” ghost ride

and the aforementioned "Palais du Pirate”. However,

a Ferris Wheel providing a magnificent view over the

open sea was regrettably absent. Additionally, a

manageable number of attractions were available

for children, who were able to enjoy a mini Ferris

Wheel, classic rides, and a dodgem track, as well

as a highly appealing track ride. Somewhat annoying

however, were the countless Walking-Waterballs

basins, which were built up everywhere. On the

opening day as well as on 15 th and 24 th August a fireworks

display was held. On the last opening day

prices were reduced to 1 or 2 Euro for all rides and

A number of highlights

offered to younger visitors



The Summer Fair

in Cambrai is held on a number

of sites and streets in the town


entrance fees. As a result the fairground by the sea

was very well frequented that day.


Current and appealing ride attractions, a superb

atmosphere, an abundant variety of gastronomic

operations, many novelties, and long thoroughfares

to walk along; all this was offered at the large

summer fair in Cambrai.

Cambrai, located not far from the Belgian border,

is one of the most northerly towns in France and

has 33,000 residents. For the event – held from 10 th

August to 22 nd August – the town centre, main

street and adjoining squares were transformed

into a huge amusement area. While large attractions

were built up on the squares, the pathways

between the individual venues accommodated

concession stalls. Even two large tents with beer

gardens were available where suckling pig, prepared

on huge grills and making the mouths of

passers-by water, was very popular with the visitors.

On the main fairground in the town centre the

historic buildings provided a contrast to the mod-



“Magic Dance” in Cambrai

Exotic kiddie ride

“Happy Sky” and the highly

impressive setting of the

“Eraser” Ghost ride

ern ride attractions, with the "Infinity” Propeller

towering far above the roofs and racing past the

house façades by a hair’s breadth. Speedy rides

were also provided by the "Maxi Jump”, the "Magic

Dance” and the "Shake Off”. Further presented

on the main fairground were "Polyp”, a dodgem

track, the "Le Sphinx” labyrinth, the "Big Apple”

coaster, as well as the "Eraser” ghost ride, which

was designed like an old warehouse on the outside

and provided first-rate shock effects within.

Negatively noticeable were cars driving across

the fairground during the opening hours, so that

the visitors had to take care not to be mown down

by them.

This situation changed later in the evening though.

Further along the main street, visitors came to the

next, somewhat smaller site, accommodating the

"River Splash” water ride, "Dragon” coaster, simulator,

the "Palais du Rire” Funhouse,

a number of kiddie rides

and, slightly hidden-away, the

"Grenoble” Switchback. Only a

few metres behind, the "X-

Flight” made its last appearance

in France before the swing

was shipped to England, due to

the "Air One Maxx” being newly

acquired by its owner.

On other small sites in the town

centre, visitors encountered the

"Scirocco” Alpine Bob, another

dodgem track, the "Impulsion”

ejector seat, the "Cinema 6 D”

(novelty), the "Disco Dance”

track ride, a go-kart-track and a

number of kiddie rides. ■



At its comeback in Baden

(Switzerland) the Ghost Ride

was built up behind trees

After more than 20 years, a

long forgotten Ghost ride has

risen like a phoenix from the

ashes, in Switzerland. Quite

out of the blue, Pascal Steiner

from Münchenstein in the

Basle Canton presented the

two-storey “Wiener Prater

Geisterbahn”, thoroughly

renovated and almost trueto-original;

and truly, this

now probably more than 80-

year-old ride celebrated a

'comeback' that exceeded

his highest expectations. Although

Pascal Steiner is a

“private person”, he flawlessly

passed the acid test as

a 'hobby showman' in Baden.

Text: Rolf Orschel

Photos: Archive Alois Steiner, Max Stoop

Ghost Ride

Bohne from Basle purchased the

ride from a showman from Styria.

Raised in a showman dynasty, she

learned the job right from the outset

in her parents' business and was

The year the ride was built and its first owner then the first Swiss show-woman to successfully

can no longer be determined, as all the previous

owners have since passed away, and this ner Prater Geisterbahn” made regular appea-

tour several attractions. From 1952 on, the "Wie-

information is not given in the ride book. The only rances at the Basle Autumn Fair, for many decades

under the management of the "Grande

thing known is that the Ghost ride was probably

built in the 1930s and initially toured throughout

Austria, where it is said to have quite possibly

also "enthralled” the visitors at the Vienna Prater.

In 1952, the show-woman Margrith Romagnoli-


Dame” of the Swiss showman industry, whose

charm and tolerance is remembered with great

respect by insiders to this day. After the committed

show-woman passed away, her partner

continued to operate the Ghost ride until 1990.

Thereafter Philippe Steiner, a former showman

assistant from Romagnoli, purchased the attraction,

although the now ageing ride urgently

required an overhaul at as little cost as possible.

By around the mid 1990s he had to decommission

the Ghost ride, as it was considered oldfashioned

by most of the operators and it no

longer met safety regulations. As Philippe Steiner

could not find the money for a thorough overhaul

and modernisation at that time, the ride was

put into open-air storage on a property in Delémont,

in the Canton of Jura, where it slowly decayed.

After his brother passed away, Pascal

Steiner inherited the Ghost ride. However, he

took it over only reluctantly and left it packed in

storage. Inspired by many discussions with his

friend, showman Paul Läuppi, Pascal Steiner

eventually got used to the idea of overhauling the

derelict attraction and presenting it in its very

best visual glory. However, it took some more

time until he was able to begin with the complete

and almost true-to-original restoration, some

three years ago. First, the four baggage vans

and the "Stromwägeli” power wagon, accommodating

the electric control panels and the transformers

that generate the traction voltage, were

relocated to the halls of a former foundry in Aarau,

in the Canton of Aargau. Inside the hall that

Paul Läuppi had hired for parking and renovating

his "Calypso” during the winter, the Ghost

ride could be fully built up, thereby considerably

facilitating the overhaul. Inside the spacious and

well-equipped hall, all the technical work as well

as carpentry and paintwork could be expertly

carried out. In the critical phase of the overhauling,

Pascal Steiner was energetically supported

by Läuppi’s "Calypso” crew, as well as a number

An amazing mass of

visitors during an appearance

in Baden

Ghost ride owner Pascal

Steiner with his partner Monika




A scene from

the restoration phase


Technical Data:

■ Front: 20 m

■ Height: 8 m

■ Depth: 12 m

■ Power: 25 kW

■ 4 transport vehicles

A number of sections of

the wooden construction had

to be reconstructed

of friends, acquaintances, and fans of the Ghost

ride. They sacrificed a great deal of free time to

finish the hard work in time for the planned revival

of the ride in Baden. Many sections of the

old wooden construction had to be renewed,

with a number of posts and connectors being

completely renewed. At the same time, eight

gondolas were dismantled, the bubbles were

sanded down and newly painted, and the seats

as well as the backrests were completely re-upholstered.

The drive system was completely

overhauled and new bearings were fitted. The

electrical equipment, which also did not meet

current standards, had to be completely renewed.

Particular importance was attached to

the restoration of the ride’s interior. The mechanically

operated "residents” were dismantled,

technically overhauled along with the mechan-


ics of movement, and partially repainted. However,

two figures were not worth the effort. As

they were completely worn-out, they were duly

replaced by new ones. Finally, the some eightmetre

high façade – which was not equipped

with the usual moving figures from the realm of

ghosts and demons, but made a creepy impression

solely due to its artwork – as well as the

decorative pictures in the station and on the balcony

were repainted with classic ghost ride motifs.

The right side of the façade depicts a castle

with two intertwined snakes above it. Moreover,

it features a huge fire-spitting dragon as well as

two skeletons wrapped in a red sheet. On the left

side, a ghost skeleton bows low, seeming to

touch the heads of passers-by with its left hand.

Jungle or Ghost Ride? The construction and old

pictures of the ride from the 1940s, as well as the

kind of motifs painted on the front and the decorative

pictures suggest that the "Wiener Prater

Geisterbahn” had also been used as "Dschungelbahn”

in Austria from time to time. These

themed rides, which simulated a ride through a

jungle where monkeys, snakes, and other jungle

animals, as well as terrifying spectres scared the

passengers, were highly popular in the 1940s

and were frequent guests on the fairgrounds. To

this day, due to its oversized head, eyes widened

with fear, and wild, shaggy hair, one of the spectres

inside the ghost ride rather resembles a wild

jungle dweller. The two storeys and the retained

distinctive features suggest that the construction

was originally a Ghost ride, which was redesigned

into a "Dschungelbahn” later on, and

then later operated as a Ghost ride again.

Whether or not it really comes from the Vienna

Prater could not be determined. There is evidence

that the ride was operated as "Wiener

Prater Geisterbahn” in Switzerland from the very

beginning; however. Boasting more than 100

metres, it may well be the Ghost ride with the

longest track length currently toured by Swiss

showmen. To this day, a ride in the "Wiener Prater

Geisterbahn” provides the classic Ghost ride

feeling, along with the traditional creepy atmosphere

and a number of scary moments. On driving

into the pitch dark hall, passengers hear the

creaking of huge wooden doors banging shut,

and the steel guide track causes a permanent

rumbling ride noise which is accompanied by a

ghastly howling and roaring. The figures wriggle,

bow or stand up – and all of a sudden a shackled

figure is seen lying on the track. The creepy

scenario is enhanced by stroboscopic effects

and ghastly figures briefly flashing into sight. The

"Wiener Prater Geisterbahn” truly lives up to its

promise. During the some two-minute ride behind

the high façade, passengers experience

many scary moments that chill them to the bone,

not least due to the complete darkness inside the

ride. Passengers lose their orientation and cannot

prepare themselves for the effects. Their

shrieking and screaming is transmitted to those

waiting outside via loudspeakers. Prior to the

successful revival of the "Wiener Prater Geisterbahn”,

countless difficulties had to be overcome

and setbacks had to be accepted during the

two-year restoration period, until the ride was finally

approved by TÜV Süd. During the première

at the ten-day "Badenfahrt” in Baden, Pascal

Steiner and his partner Monika Leibundgut, had

their hands full coping with the unexpected rush

of visitors and long queues that formed in front

of the paybox throughout the event. Despite continuous

operation, the Ghost ride ran without experiencing

any problems, and the mechanics of

the ride were just as reliable. it takes 7 to 8 men

some 4 days to build up the 4-ton ride. ■

The 8 original dodgem

cars were thoroughly overhauled

One of two newly made figures

– a tribute to the days as




The Waltzer ride from

Marco Walz from Zwickau

The name of the showman for

whom the “Bobrennbahn rund

um den Eisberg” ride was built

by Karussellfabrik Gundelwein

in Wutha in 1936 is no

longer known. Ever since the

Walz brothers from Zwickau

purchased the ride from the

Harde firm seventeen years

later, the ride has been under

the permanent ownership of

the Walz family. Just shortly

after the takeover, the ride was

rebuilt into a Waltzer. For the

past 11 years, the ride has

been successfully operated by

Marco Walz, who has implemented

a lot of changes and

has carefully modernised the

ride. The Kirmes & Park Revue

has documented the build up

of the Waltzer.

Text & Photos: Rolf Orschel

Waltzer (Gundelwein)

Even though the build up of the Waltzer remains

hard physical work to this day due to its simple

but efficient construction, a well-coordinated team

can manage the process within 8 to 9 hours. On

arrival of the three transport vehicles (two baggage

vans and one centre trailer) at the fairground, the

centre trailer is manoeuvred to the middle of the

measured site. (1)

Prior to the build up, the two baggage vans have to

be positioned around the site before the centre trailer

supports are folded down, bolted to each other

and the base is laid out. Next, the centre trailer is

balanced by the aid of a winch and propped up.


Once the centre trailer has been carefully balanced,

the base is completed and temporarily

propped up. Next, Marco Walz and his assistants

carefully balance the base with the aid of a spirit

level and a set square, and carefully prop it up with

wood. (3)

This done, large loudspeakers are placed on the

right and the left sides. The supports are put up and

bolted to the base, while the struts between the

supports are mounted and screwed into place at





The base is propped up


the same time. (4 and 5)

Once the struts have been mounted, the track is

laid out, levelled, and the rim flanges screwed to

the supports. (6)

Before the build up can continue, the paybox wagon

is manoeuvred to the front of the ride, the paybox

with the operator stand is lowered by four

winches, balanced and propped up. (7)

Next, the pillars and pointed supports are put up

and screwed to the supports and the rounding

boards are mounted between the supports and the



pillars. (8 and 9)

When all has been accomplished, the remaining

build up proceeds quickly. First, the stairs are assembled

at the right and the left of the paybox and

the floor segments are laid out. At the same time,

one of the staff members mounts the light grids and

the decorative pictures that adorn the front between

the pillars. (10 and 11)

This done, the arms and the track are mounted,

while the handrails are mounted at the inside of the





The paybox is positioned


Technical Data:

■ Diameter: 14.5 x 16.5 m

■ 4 transport vehicles

(1 centre trailer,

2 baggage vans and

1 payboxwagon)

■ Power: 50 kW

■ Manufacturer: Gundelwein






(12) (13)


track. (12 and 13)

Before the roof framework is mounted, the assembly

platform is mounted to the centrepiece. Next,

the roof beams as well as the inner and outer crown

slats or the half open roof are mounted. (14)

Next, the roof tarpaulins are pulled up and opened.

Once the tarpaulins have been lashed, the assembly

platform is removed, (15) and the centrepiece

tarpaulin is mounted above the arms. This done,

the crown and the dancing couple figurine is

mounted to the top of the centrepiece and screwed

to it. Once the arm light strips have been installed,

the gondolas can be mounted and screwed to the

rotating discs. (16) Finally, the light crossbeams,

decoration elements and loudspeakers, as well as

the backflash tarpaulin are mounted. After wiring,

deploying the sound equipment and the carrying

out of the required maintenance work, the test run

can be undertaken.





View from the gallery

of the museum of the Ferris

Wheel and a carousel

During the visit to the IISF Trade

Show in Gibsonton/Riverview in

February 2012, interested visitors

were also able to visit the “International

Independent Showmen’s

Museum”. Although it had

not yet been fully equipped and

many exhibits were still packed

in boxes at this point in time, the

museum nonetheless opened its

gates during the showman trade

show, and so visitors were

quickly immersed in the good

old days of American showmanship

and carnival.


Richard Veldhuis

Photos: Richard Velfhuis, Wouter Koning

Showmen’s Museum

The museum building

in Gibsonton, called “Gibtown”

by many local showmen

The "International Independent Showmen's

Museum” is located across the street from the

Showmen’s Association club premises with its

headquarters, club house and the exhibition of

the "International Independent Showmen's Association”

(I.I.S.A.) in Gibsonton/Riverview –

some 20 kilometres to the south-east of Tampa/

Florida. The local showman enterprises call

"their” city by its shortened eponym, "Gibtown”.

A museum of American carnival has been a

long-standing dream of historians, carnival fans,

showmen, and the amusement industry. This

dream of a museum came true thanks to the generous

support of the International Independent



Without a donation

of several millions from

James “Jim” Frederiksen,

the construction of the

museum could not have

been realized

Showman Union, the museum’s corporation

"Greater Sun City Center Community Foundation”,

the International Independent Showman

Association, the members of the Independent

International Showman Union Association, and

the University of South Florida Libraries Special

Collections Department. It impressively demonstrates

the history of the American showman industry,

and is a tribute to the world of American

carnivals and the showmen – called "Carnies” in

the US! The Showmen’s Museum is unique in the

Frederiksen and a panel saying: "We would like

to thank Jim for his generous donation of $

1,000,000 without which the construction of this

building would not have been realized." Once

again, many thanks, "Jim”. By the way, all the exhibits

presented were also donated by showmen,

collectors, and manufacturers. Currently

on display are historic showman transport vehicles,

a number of ride attractions, rare games,

photos, decoration elements and single

components. The ample selection of exhibits

ranges from figures not larger

than a fingertip to a 10-metre

tall Ferris Wheel, taking visitors

on a journey through more than

one hundred years of American

carnival and showman history.

Before entering the museum,

visitors pass a number of

historic baggage vans and

caravans built up on the free

space in front of the museum,

also including two very old

showman wagons with solid

rubber wheels. Also presented

is a wagon from the showman

enterprise "Royal American

A glance at the

technology of the Ferris Wheel.

Below: the not yet so old

“Hug-a-Tug” carousel

United States, which is hard to fathom in a country

of this size with an interesting, if relatively

short, carnival history. American showmen consider

the World Expo 1893 in Chicago – which

presented the first ride attractions, games, burlesques,

curiosity cabinets, and the first Ferris

Wheel built by George Washington – as the

beginning of the showman industry in America.

Many years of preparation, much work and several

million dollars had to be invested before the

museum could be opened. To be able to present

towering exhibits, the centre of the museum

building’s roof structure had to be extended.

Moreover, it was named the "James E. Frederikson

Building”, after the generous donor who

supported the construction of the building. Inside

the museum there is also a portrait of James



A cornucopia of historic

gondolas and ride accessories

Shows” and a typical American showman vehicle

provided by the Carl J. Sedlmayr family. Inside

the museum, two further historic showman

wagons can be encountered – among others an

ancient vehicle with solid rubber wheels; the

carnival enterprise "Royal American Shows”

used for advertising purposes. This wagon was


exhibited horse carousel is

clearly older. The 10-metre

tall "Ferris Wheel” was built

by the manufacturer Conderman

around 1900. This

company is said to have

been one of the first manufacturers

of transportable

A historic Puplicity &

Public Relations wagon from

Royal American Shows

probably still in use a few years ago, as it is

equipped with air conditioning despite its age.

Next to it there is a thoroughly restored, bright

red American Packard type tractor from 1918,

which used to be part of the vehicle fleet of the

showman enterprise "Reithoffer Shows”. The

Reithoffers were pioneers of the transport of

showman attractions by road, and owners of the

first traction units. A Ford pick-up from 1928 is

also exhibited, which was used to advertise upcoming

carnival events at that time. The museum

also offers visitors the chance to get a closer

look at a number of nostalgic carousels. While

the open kiddie carousel with small peaks and

troughs called "Hug-a-Tug” is relatively new, the

A selection excerpt

from the ample poster and

company name sign collection



A restored bright red

Packard-type tractor from

the Reithoffer Shows from


A nostalgic office wagon

from the “All American Shows”

Ferris Wheels. In 1988 the wheel, together with

a still existing original wooden seat (lying in front

of the Wheel), was given as a present to the museum

by Avery H. Wheelock, who had bought it

for some $ 300 on being discharged from the

army in October 1945. From 1946 up until the

late 1950s it was primarily presented at carnivals

in the US state of New York. Having made its last

rounds around the mid-1960s, the Ferris Wheel

was built up as an unusual Christmas decoration

element in the front garden of the Wheelock family

in Syracuse/NY, operating at one r.p.m. The

original drive motor, a 1949 Dodge combustion

engine, is also included in the museum’s collection,

albeit no longer functional. The original

wooden seats were replaced by new steel sets

by the Smith & Smith firm in 1952. Moreover, the

Wheel was equipped with various other parts

and ideas by the well-known

manufacturer Eli Bridge over

the years. Spread throughout

the museum are also gondolas

and other carousel parts, such

as a dodgem track chaise from

the Lusse firm from 1940, a

roller coaster gondola from the

"Rocky Road to Dublin” from

Coney Island from 1920, a "Tilta-Whirl”

gondola, a Mangels

firm fire engine from a kiddie

carousel, a helicopter from an

Allen Herschell kiddie carousel

from 1956, a nostalgic Ghost

Ride gondola, a modern Ghost

Ride gondola from EOS Rides

In the outside area:

two historic showman wagons

equipped with solid rubber




A small selection from

the historic games collection

The original paybox

from an old show booth, and

the small library with seating


and a "Sky Fighter Tub” kiddie carousel gondola

from Allen Herschell, as well as various gondolas

from many other ride and track attractions.

On the first floor of the museum, visitors are able

to admire a gigantic model fair. A 1:87 scale

model of a large fairground is presented inside

an 18-metre long and 1-metre wide glass display

case. Among the models, there are many ride

attractions from world-famous but also lesserknown

manufacturers and home-made rides

alike. The "Games” sector is, among other exhibits,

represented by a "Wall of Wheels”, with a

survey of different Wheels of Fortune. Moreover,

the collection includes parts from various concession

stalls such as hoop and ball throwing

games, mice-run games, one-armed bandits,

jackpots, milk churn games, pick up trolleys,

nine pins, and many more. Particularly beautiful

is a historic and huge banner of the "Spill the

Milk” game. Furthermore, new and complete

types of games are exhibited from Bob’s Space

Racers; the games manufacturer also located in

Florida. For lovers of "Side Shows” there is also

much more to admire, such as the pay boxes

from the show booths "Nature‘s Mistake”, a twoheaded

child, costumes with black pearls from

the burlesque performances of "Gypsy Rose

Lee”, and the outfit of a 193-kg "Viking Giant”

from Johann K. Peturson. They are joined by

banners from show booths, such as "Nightmare

Alley”, "The Viking Giant from Iceland”, "The

Viking Horse”, "Professor George King and his

London Punch and Judy Show”, "Bloody Mama”,

"Wall of Death”, "The World's greatest Pseudo Attraction”,

together with the "Devil's Child", and

"Wolf Boy & Ape Man”. They are supplemented

by an ample photo collection shown on walls and

in display cases from all kinds of shows and their

casts. A library with a cosy reading corner and

an ample collection of international books on

carnivals and amusement parks is located at the

front of the building on the first floor,

offering visitors not only photo books

on American carnivals and amusement

parks with interesting historic

descriptions, but also new contemporary

pictures that they can peruse

at their leisure. Last but not least, the

enormous collection of historic and

modern fair advertising posters from

different fairs and carnivals spread

all over the museum is well worth

mentioning. The "International Independent

Showmen's Museum” is a

true treasure trove for showmen and

fair enthusiasts alike. If you get the

opportunity to visit the museum, you

should definitely take it! However,

find out about the opening hours beforehand,

as the museum is not yet

open on a regular basis. ■




Given the heavy snowfall,

the rides were almost


Text & Photos: Marc Spies

All of 'fairground Europe' is currently in hibernation…

well, not all of Europe! Most definitely

not, as a town in the Departement Nord-pas-de-

Calais still holds out against prevailing low temperatures,

snow and fog as it celebrates the

Foire d´Hiver, always opens its gates shortly before

Christmas and runs on into January,

following on from the Christmas Markets at the

closing of the year.

The last Foire d´Hiver was held from 22 nd December

2012 to 13 th January 2013.The University City

of Dunkerque, situated east of Calais on the English

Channel, is known as being party-happy. Not

only is carnival highly popular there, but a major

Volksfest event is held every year with not less than

19 major attractions being built up on both banks

of a canal. The two banks are connected by the

Pont Emmery, which this year also accommodated

a number of concession stalls. Clearly visible from

any distance are the two main entrances on the

Boulevard Sainte-Barbe, which are both occupied

The staff also prepared themselves

for the winter weather



Tropical ambience

in freezing temperatures:

“New Spring” Matterhorn

by towering rides in order to entice the public. The

KMG Speed "Vertical Limit” from Baillet, as well as

the bungee-ball "Outer Limits”, provided the visitors

with lots of thrills at this location. The fair mile

began at the entrance to the Avenue du Stade,

where the "New Spring” Matterhorn from Lemay

provided a tropical ambience in low temperatures.

Further along, past several concession stalls (and

unfortunately, also some gaps), visitors encountered

two classic Funhouse constructions; the "Pirate

Show” Walkthrough construction and a Toboggan.

Having crossed the nameless canal via

the Pont Emmery, visitors had to choose which direction

to take. Most of them opted for the cul-desac

– lured by the clearly audible hissing of the

compressed air system of the "Sky Surf” Smashing

Jump from Joly. Moreover, fans of fast round rides

were able to enjoy "Le Sphinx” glass maze (Marchal),

a rather plain Quad Car Track, the "Megeve

Express” Musikexpress (Behra), as well as the

"Shaker”, which was rather unfavourably placed

behind the "Sky Surf”. Less speed but by no means

less fun was offered on the "PoussPouss” chain

ride variation from Longwy, where passengers

were able to win a prize during the ride by pulling

a piece of cloth hung up on a pillar and holding fast

to it. Visitors also had to hold on fast in the Sobema

Break Dance variation "Break Dance Extreme”

from Bigolet, making quite an impression with its

opulent design – more fog and light effects can

hardly be found on the tour circuit! The "Stab 3”

Ghost Ride provided passengers with a traditional

creepy atmosphere as well as the occasional

more contemporary spook scaring them with a

chain saw. However, those who thought this boring

got their share of thrills on the Take Off variation

"Shake off” (Dell) or "Tapis Volant”, a Flying Carpet

from Perrin. Moreover, the thrill rides KMG Sicko

"Air OneMaxx” from Lerendu - a novelty for

Dunkerque - which took over the traditional site of

the former Lerendu Freak-Out "X-Flight”, swept its

passengers high up to the sky, while families preferred

to enjoy the redesigned "La Pieuvre” Polyp

from Vancraeyenest, the small "Le Cobra” coaster,

The games booths enticed

visitors with washing machines

and fridges as prizes

Das Lachen am laufenden Band!



Tel. 0178 /217 38 45



The “Pirate Show”

Walkthrough construction

Attempting to liven

up the closing day with a short

festival procession

The Quad Car Track

without decoration

the dodgem track or the large Walkthrough

construction "Palais du Pirate”

(Renier).Talking of feeling comfortable:

Visitors should not come to the Foire

d´Hiver hungry as there is only a meagre

choice of gastronomic operations;

something that contrasted conspicuously

with the games sector, which was

represented by almost every existing

concession stall! However, guests

should carefully consider where to play,

as with a bit of luck they might win a motorbike

or a fridge, which does rather

raise the question as to how to get the

prize home! Every year, there are controversial discussions

about the issue of "preparations for dismantling”.

While certainly presenting many complexities,

Dunkerque shows the odd issues this

matter can entail: While dismantling is not at all well

prepared for at some rides, the name signs, lights,

and lighting masts are quickly removed at others.

In addition, the entire backflash and all the fences

are already removed on some rides, which can result

in significant safety risks, especially in adverse

winter weather, not to mention the poor visual appearance!

Seeing closed rides and concession

stalls, as was the case again this year, affects the

overall atmosphere.

True business prospects were not exactly good

due to heavy snowfall, low temperatures and almost

no visitors on the fairground at the time of our

visit, yet this is not exactly unusual weather for this

time of the year. After all, the closed attractions also

run counter to the attempt to entice a higher number

of visitors to the Foire d`Hiver, for example with

a short festival procession or by reduced fares, as

was the case on the final day. Maybe that is exactly

what makes up the casual, quintessentially French

charm of the event: C’est la vie!



Das Sachverständigenbüro Dill gratuliert zur Wiederbestellung!

Die Sachverständigenbüro Heinz-Hilmar Dill GmbH gratuliert seinem Geschäftsführer, Herrn Ing. Heinz-Hilmar

Dill, zur Wiederbestellung als öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger für die Schadenermittlung

und Bewertung von fliegenden Bauten im Schaustellergewerbe.

Heinz-Hilmar Dill, der seit 1978 in der Schaustellerbranche als

Spezialsachverständiger tätig ist, wurde erstmals am 07. März

1991 von der Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Bonn (jetzt

Bonn/Rhein-Sieg) für das Sachgebiet „Fliegende Bauten”

öffentlich bestellt und vereidigt. Im Rahmen seiner Tätigkeit

wurde er nun von der IHK bis zum 31. Dezember 2017 wiederbestellt.

Im vergangenen Jahr hat Heinz-Hilmar Dill zusätzlich

die Qualifizierung als EU-personenzertifizierter und überwachter

Sachverständiger nach DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 erfolgreich

durchgeführt. Auch hier wurde schwerpunktmäßig der

Bereich „Fliegende Bauten” fachspezifisch geprüft. Für die

Schadenermittlung und Bewertung von Maschinen, Anlagen,

Fahrzeugen und Sonderbauten sowie Havarieschäden und

Havarieverwertungen wurde von Ing. Heinz-Hilmar Dill die

Zusatzqualifikation erlangt. Die Fachkenntnisse des Firmeninhabers

kommen vielfältig zum Einsatz. Nachdem sich das

Unternehmen von seinem Mitarbeiter Ralf Elias getrennt hatte,

wurde es in eine GmbH umgewandelt und expandierte. Im

Zuge der Expansion wurden weitere Zweigstellen gegründet.

Dabei wird das gesamte Bundesgebiet sowie teilweise das

angrenzende europäische Ausland mitversorgt.

Die Mitarbeiter der Zweigstellen Berlin, Köln, Stuttgart und München wünschen dem Firmeninhaber Heinz-

Hilmar Dill sen. alles Gute, viel Gesundheit und Erfolg und freuen sich auf eine weitere langjährige, erfolgreiche




The mini “Geisterstadt”

is available as a static or a

functional model

Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

Shooting gallery and snack


The small series manufacturer from Hilden presented

a variety of new models at the very beginning

of the year. The first series of novelties

focus on fairground attractions and vehicles

from the Düsseldorf Fellerhoff family.

Caravan, baggage van, shooting gallery and snack

booth are available in kit form or as fully assembled

models. The "piece de resistance” is without a

doubt the "Geisterstadt” Ghost ride from Hermann

Fellerhoff. While the images of the small ghosts on

the dodgem cars are engraved into the chassis, the

windmill sails are painted by hand. This model is offered

in fully-assembled versions; as a static model

without any moving parts, or as a functional model

featuring a dodgem car running on the track and

rotating windmill. A matching baggage van is also

on offer. Other novelties are the shooting gallery

(Hermann Fellerhoff) and the snack booth (Yvonne

Fellerhoff), along with caravans in different variations

and the living unit with a small kitchen wagon

from Hermann Fellerhoff. The new centre trailers of

the Alpine Bob and the Musik Express are even

equipped with steerable rear axles. All models presented

are already available and can be ordered

via the online shop www.modellbaukirmes.de. ■

The new caravans,

baggage vans and centre



European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

„Convinced Europeans with a big heart for the Volksfests“

EU Parliment President Martin Schulz receives „Goldenes Karussellpferd“

The consortium of the Showman

Association NRW (ArGe NRW) chooses a

personality every year, who has served

the cultural asset of the Volksfests in a

special way, and awards the "Goldenen

Karussellpferd". Among the awardees

until now there have been prominent

representatives from the fields of politics,

economics and society. Martin

Schulz, President of the European Parliament,

was the first European politician

to receive the prize – also known as

the "Kirmes Oscar" – on the 22 nd February

2013 in Düren.

Due to the fact that the EU Parliament President

suddenly became ill, his brother Dr.

Walter Schulz received the valued prize on

his behalf at the NRW-reception. The laudatory

speech about the prize winner was

made by the NRW Prime Minister Hanne-

The awarding of the "Goldenen Karussellpferd 2013": f.l. Luís Paulo Fernandes, President of the

Portuguese Showman Association APED, Dr. Walter Schulz, APED-Presidium member Jorge Amaral,

ArGe-member of the board Hansi Luxem, Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft.

ESU General Secretary Steve Severeyns during

the entrance of the traditional flags.

lore Kraft, who had received the prize last

year. She said that she was very happy that

the "carthorse of Europe" had received the

prize and praised the award commission

for making "the right choice". The Prime

Minister described Schulz as a person

"who gives parliament a new confidence,

and can win back lost trust". He makes decisions

openly and transparently and not

over the heads of people. Just how fitting

the choice of Schulz was, was clear and

concise in other areas: "Showmen are also

traditionally open to other people and

work transcending borders."

Albert Ritter, President of the German

Showman Associations and the European

Showman Union, acknowledged the engagement

of Martin Schulz, described him

as a fighter and convinced European with

a big heart for the Volksfests. The Parliament

President is a person who stands by

his convictions and attacks problems. As

an example, Albert Ritter recalled the current

protests of the Portuguese showmen

Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft holding the

laudatory speech about the prize winner.

against the increase of the reduced VAT in

their country. Martin Schulz, who travelled

to Lisbon on the 11th January 2013 for

talks with government representatives,

spontaneously presented the questions of

the showmen before the Portuguese parliament,

and promised to be committed on

their behalf.

European Showmen’s Union • Europäische Schausteller-Union • Union Foraine Européenne

Representatives of the Portuguese Showman

Association, the Associação Portuguesa

de Empresas de Diversão (APED)

travelled especially to Düren. Directed

particularly at the association by Ritter:

"The German and European showmen

stand behind their Portuguese colleagues,

and support their battle. The protests are

important for the future of all showmen in

Europe. Unity gives strength!"

This year's reception with over 700 guests

was opened with a festive march of flags,

with participants in addition to the German

delegations also being EU represent -

atives from Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, the

Netherlands and Luxemburg.




European Showmen’s Union (ESU)


Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



Europäische Schausteller-Union

c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

Am Weidendamm 1A

D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu

President Albert Ritter (right) and the Düren Lord Mayor Paul Larue.

(photos: ESU)


The globe with park

logo reminds one very

much of the worldwide

known symbol of Universal


The two current clichés about

Chinese theme park projects

are a large project scope with a

small budget, and copyright

violation by the illicit use of internationally

known characters.

The World Joyland in Changzhou

(the Province of Jiangsu),

which is a city with over one

million residents in eastern

China, fulfils both and is therefore

a popular theme in western


World Joyland

Text & Photos: Stefan Rothaug

The entrance area and the

entrance arbour in Universal

Islands of Adventure style

On the other hand one must admit that it’s copyright

violation in particular that draws the

western media like bees around a honey pot. After

all there are new large theme parks with painted

concrete theming opening every six months, for example

by the Chinese Fantawild Group (with in the

meantime nine parks in operation). However up until

now, none of these parks have been discussed

by non-Chinese press, but World Joyland has with

its synonyms such as” Warcraft Park” or “Mecca for

computer game enthusiasts”.

Despite the many success stories that are told

about the People’s Republic, China is still China.

We are not dealing with Japan, Korea, Europe or

the USA, and this has to be remembered before

expectations run too high. Top Asian parks that

could well rival with western world class parks such

as Busch Gardens Europe, De Efteling, Europa-

Park or PortAventura, are still the exception. Thanks

to the regular reports about Tokyo Disney Resort,

Hong Kong Ocean Park, Lotte World and Everland

by the western trade media, one tends to forget that


the mediocre parks are naturally only rarely reported

about. The situation is the same in the amusement

industry as in other economic sectors, especially

the sheer speed of growth at which China

is world class; nothing more and nothing less.

However, this speed has its price, and China is not

the first country that has had to pay. Those who

think about the so-called “Build it and they will

come” projects in the in the meanwhile satiated

Asian market, will quickly realise which way the

wind will blow in China as well: Parque Espana, Kurashiki

Tivoli (both Japan) or

Discovery World (Taiwan) – all of them

genuine theme parks that sprang up

out of the ground at huge financial expense,

which is the case currently in

China. Initially celebrated euphorically

as the economic motors of the various

regions, after only a few years

these parks had to make reductions

in personnel, new attractions, or even

maintenance due to fewer visitors.

The result: the initial detailed and

colourful attractions turned to grey

and average ride constructions. A

theme park in the calibre of Universal

or Disney needs – in addition to high

visitor numbers – first and foremost a

financially strong, and in particular,

willing-to-pay public.

By all appearances it seems that

every available Renminbi in the budget

flowed into the realisation of the

project itself. The expenses outlaid for a solid

planning however appear to have been kept within

limit, as is the case in many Chinese locations. This

affects the infrastructure within the park as well as

transport connections outside the park. Even

though the investors in World Joyland repeatedly

emphasise that the park came into being in

cooperation with prestigious planning companies

such as Jack Rouse Associates or IDEATTACK,

these engagements were restricted to only single

areas of the park.

A grandiose view of the

complete park area offered by

“Holy Mountain”

The “Fairy Lake” castle in

the centre of the theme park


One of the main attractions

is without a doubt the

Wing Coaster “Sky Scrapper”

from B&M, which offers five

inversions, a height of 32 metres

and a length of 855 metres

Designs of the themed

area called “Terrain of Magic”

This leads to operative problems: Western visitors

are more willing to travel longer distances in order

to visit theme parks. For the Asian the most important

criterion for visiting a park is still the shortest

possible travel time, and for the average Chinese,

first and foremost the low costs as well. Theme

parks in an urban area that offer small novelties

regularly and have a low entrance price with separately

payable individual rides, are on an average

more successful than the new large park, located

way outside the city borders with an all-in-one-price


And so World Joyland also entices fewer visitors

from Shanghai than from the direct area of Changzhou.

These visitors however have inevitably less

spending ability, which in the long run will without a

doubt have an effect on operating results and

product quality.

However let’s enter the park through its impressive

entrance gate. None other than expected, we

already meet up with a whole row of copies here.

Even before the entrance we struck it rich: a rotating

globe with park logo! To the left and right of the

entrance there are statues that reminded us of the

Japanese computer game classic “Final Fantasy”,

however an abstract lean towards the computer

game world can be generously acceptable, as the

park was already positioned as the “first theme park

for the gamer” already in its planning phase. In the

future there are apparently also to be regular socalled

E-Sports events to take place in a hall next

to the park.


Copies Made by American Companies

The main street at Joyland is called Taobao Street

and in fact is actually similar to the entrance area

at Universal Islands of Adventure (Florida, USA).

And of all places this part of the park was planned

by the American design offices of IDEATTACK, and

not by the “wicked copying Chinese”!

We moved around to the left passing the “Grand

Theatre” in the area “Terrain of Magic” that represents

the world of dwarfs, monsters, knights and

trolls in the brutal fantasy sector. The artificial rock

landscape is really quite impressive at first glance,

however upon visiting the first attraction “Journey

of Danger”, a 4D-Darkride with track bound

vehicles similar to Universal’s “Spiderman” ride,

one sees that the standard of realisation leaves

much to be desired, even though the concept and

the computer animated film are not bad at all. In

actual fact it’s the missing attention to detail in all

aspects that result in the ride experience not being

above average level.

And as far as the complaints of the western media

regarding the possible copyright infringement

against the American computer game developer

Blizzard, this in our eyes is considered more of

media hype than reality. Naturally one can willingly

talk about the stealing of ideas, but when the idea

therein is to bring to life a medieval fantasy world

(and added to that with a computer game background),

it’s not really possible to avoid a faint resemblance

to the world of warcraft.

The water ride “Splash of

Monster Blood”, and the domed

cinema with double Freefall


The Mine Train “Dragon

Roaring Heaven”

The Main Attraction: B&M Flying Coaster

Passing a restaurant and the grandly placed Shootthe-Chutes

“Splash of Monster Blood”, we make our

way to the next theme area “Universal of Starship”:

naturally we find connections to the strategy computer

classic “Starcraft” (also from Blizzard) in this

science fiction theme area, but one could just as

easily find parallels to other games or films of the

same genre. Definite copies can’t be found here.

More important is the fact that this park area, in addition

to its two tower attractions, can really score

with the first B&M Flying Coaster with vertical

looping. The 32 metre high “Sky Scrapper” offers a

terrific ride experience, however the overall impression

has been narrowed down by a slapdash

paintjob on the station building.

A definitely positive surprise awaits us in the opposite

domed cinema: the CGI-Film of a dragon

attack is impressive, although not fitting here in a

Sci-Fi-theme area. We return from the future to the

medieval fantasy world where we enter the “World

of Legends” that has quite a bit to offer with two

coasters, a Rapid River and a Ghost house, and

where heroes, elves, and dragons master the area.

The Mine Train “Dragon Roaring Heaven” from

Chinese manufacturer Golden Horse leaves from

the mouth of a dragon, and the Maurer-Skyloop

“Clouds of Fairyland” lifts over an oriental looking

building. The Rapid River “Paradise Helm” starts in

an elf palace, obviously inspired by Peter Jackson’s

middle-earth films. The boats swim past rocks and

dragons. The last stop is the Indoor-Shooting-Gallery

“Ghost Hunting”.

The last theme area is “Moles World, the area for

the smaller visitors, and it’s here that we see our first

carousels during our circuit walk. Both attractions

show clearly just how much the planners have

orientated on the kiddie theme area “Suess Landing”

at the Florida Universal Islands of Adventure:

one is a double-storey carousel, the other in a

compressed-air “Flying Fish” optic. In addition to a

Chinese “Rockin’ Tug”-copy, these are, by the way,

the only flat rides in the whole park.


Monumental Buildings & Odd Garages

Erecting monumental buildings and artificial rocks

go easy on the budget, and are breathtaking to the

viewer. Technically elaborate constructions are a lot

more expensive to purchase, and particularly costly

in operation. Very often these types of attractions

have to be bought from overseas because the

know-how is not available within the country. Unskilled

labourers can build walls but not coasters.

And although every area has its own restaurant and

terrific looking buildings, ride constructions are in

general quite sparse. And when one views the

buildings more precisely there are very definite

signs of missing adequate care that should have

been taken during construction. The lack of flat

rides also makes the park look lifeless overall, and

as most of the larger attractions are hidden behind

huge artificial ricks, there is little atmosphere.

As finale we climb the apparently never ending

steps of the “Holy Mountain”, another huge building

that is located at the edge of the park on a hill. And

it’s first from here that the impressive

scenic beauty of the location of the park

is apparent. The buildings and ride constructions

are gathered in a valley surrounded

by forested hills. Nature presents

itself all over the world as the best

of all theme elements.

Had there been more consistent concentration

on experience and quality

during the development of the park, a

little treasure could have come into

being within this landscape, however

the budget would have been overstrained.

Unfortunately, as is the case with

other impressive scenic parks, arrival

here is difficult. Visitors have to travel for

another good hour if they are coming

from the central bus station in Changzhou,

before they finally reach the Joyland-park.

So the number of visitors

travelling from far away expecting a

world class park will keep within a limit.

However, visitors from the

region may well be described

as spoilt, as the area

with definitely better transport

connections near the

centre of Changzhou, has

already been home to the

Dinosaur Park since the

year 2000. And due to the

occasion of the new competitor

in the neighbourhood,

the park extended its

ride portfolio only last year

with the S&S 4D-Coaster

“Dinaconda”, a really world

class attraction.

In the opening year two million guests visited Joyland.

The park is now in its second operating year

and it remains to be seen whether or not guests

return a second time, or would rather visit Dinosaur

Park. During the second building phase by the way,

the water park Joysea is to come into being. ■

In addition to great hills

and very detailed design there

are also some really strange

“cement garages” at the park



The grandiose “Mall”

was unique in those times

and was also re-erected as

a theme land again at the

new Kings Island (photo

before 1964)

The history of origins of Kings

Island, one of the most famous

amusement parks in the USA, is

very special. The park located

in the State of Ohio and these

days belonging to the Cedar-

Fair-Group, was only opened in

1972, however its roots lay in a

chequered but glorious past.



Dennis Speigel

International Theme Park

Coney Island Ohio & Kin

Services, Inc. (ITPS),

Kings Island, Frank Lanfer,

Vic Nolting (Coney Island),

Alan Light, Will McC

An aerial photo of Coney

Island from the 1950s

The predecessor park was called (and is still

called) Coney Island Ohio. It was a wonderful

amusement park which was termed “America’s

finest amusement park.” Few people remember

that Coney Island in Cincinnati was a favourite

park of Walt Disney’s. He visited the park times

during the planning of Disneyland in California,

and became friends with Ed Schott, owner of Coney

Island at that time. It was said that he offered

Mr. Schott 30% of Disneyland for $5 million – a sum

that, in 1953, Mr. Schott could not afford.

Walt Disney went to many parks in his exploration

to build Disneyland. These included parks like

Pontchartrain Beach (now defunct) in New Orleans,

Riverview Park in Chicago, and Riverside

Park in Agawam, Massachusetts – just to name a

few. He watched, he learned, and he took notes

on what and what not to do. He clearly had a vision

for Disneyland.

Coney Island featured a beautiful mall planted with

well-manicured Gingko trees. They were the hallmark

of the mall – wonderfully shaped and beautifully

cared for by the park’s landscaping department,

under the direction of Henry Schwab and

Roy Rector. The mall featured a midway-like

feeling, and was aligned on each side by different

types of flat rides. Overhead was a beautiful Von

Roll Sky Ride, with cars that lit up at night creating

a colourful night-time operation.

Through the years, the rides on the Coney Island

mall changed. On the east end of the mall, during

the 1950s and 1960s, as well as part of the 1970s,

sat two highly popular rides: the “Lost River” water

attraction and the “Wildcat” coaster. When the

“Sky Ride” was added in 1965, the “Wildcat” was

torn down to create a station for the new ride. The

“Lost River” endured until the close of Coney

Island. It was really a “tunnel of love” with boats

floating through a serpentine channel and through

dark-lighted sets. No one ever paid much attention

the sets – they were too busy smooching!


gs Island

The south side of the Coney Island Mall was anchored

by the “Shooting Star” coaster, a dog-leg

layout coaster with an incredible first dip of about

55 degrees, and a dark tunnel before speeding

into the station again. And even by today’s standards

the “Shooting Star” would still be a great

roller coaster.

When we moved to Kings Island, because of

liability issues, we tore it down. Too bad it could

not have been moved at that time. It really had

charm and thrill.

The Coney Island Mall had other entertaining

features – a huge penny arcade, caramel corn

stand, age and weight guessing game, a salt

water taffy shop (candy made on premises), ice

ball stands, Ferris wheel ride, “Monster”, “Scrambler”,

a phenomenal “Tumble Bug” ride, Shooting

Gallery (22 calibre bullets), and a dark ride which

was Haunted House themed. In the 1940s, 1950s,

and 1960s, the Haunted House was a walkthrough

mirror maze. It had many floors, confusing

mirrored walkways, rotating barrels, and curtain

The same view after the

erection of the “Sky Ride”

(photo from 1970)

Group photo at Coney

Island with (all standing): Gary

Wachs 2 nd f.l.), Ed McHale ( 6th f.l.)

and Ralph Wachs (8 th f.l.)



The entrance arbour

“International Street” in

draft (adjourning), during

the opening year 1972

(down right), and as

Paramount-Park (2005)

Festive opening with

Charles Flatt (Project Manager 1 st

f.l.) Ralph Wachs (President

Kings Island; 3 rd f.l.), Gary Wachs

(Group Vice President; left

behind Fred Flintstone) and Ed

McHale (General Manager, right)

areas. As women crossed out front on the upper

observation platform, a hidden worker had a

button he could push to blow up the big hoop

skirts most of the women wore in that era. Everyone

waited down below to watch the faces of the

women who crossed over and got the air hose

treatment. It was really fun.

During certain times of the year, the Coney Mall

hosted popular 4 th of July fireworks celebrations –

special acts that were brought in to ballyhoo

attendance. These included trapeze acts, as well

as “Suicide Simon” who would blow himself up

every night with dynamite! The Coney Mall area

could hold a lot of people, and elevated acts really



worked well during that time. Many acts played the

Coney Mall; it was the place to be in Cincinnati

during that time.

At the end of the 1960s, Gary Wachs, Vice President

of Coney Island, anticipated the need to

bring new forms of entertainment to the park and

to the mall.

He went to California and struck a relationship with

television puppeteers, Sid and Marty Krofft. This

relationship developed into a major theatre being

built at the east end of the mall. A huge dark light

show, extremely successful produced by the

Kroffts, featured gigantic, “bigger than life”


The Coney Island Mall was special. It was

beautiful, and featured a small fountain which had

a light show at night. People loved to stroll the mall

hand in hand in the evening. It was indeed a

romantic experience with all of the ambiance and


Moving to Another Area

However due to the constant and partly devastating

flooding of the Ohio River, on the banks of

which Coney Island Ohio was situated, there were

immediate thoughts of relocating the complete

amusement park to a safe area, with a simultaneous

transformation into a modern theme park.

We bought in the television station Taft Broadcasting

as a strong financial partner.

When we began planning Kings Island, the first

area we defined as a themed area was the Coney

Island area, which we defined in the new location.

To re-create the feel of the Coney mall, we kept the

mall beds and we even figured out a way to transplant

the incomparable Gingko trees. We aligned

the mall with newer versions of the old Coney mall

rides and attractions, and we placed a new

wooden coaster on the north east side, parallel to

the promenade.

The re-erected “Coney

Mall” at Kings Island (photo

middle of the 1970s) and the

only retained and remaining

plan from the planning stage



The opening of the

“Racer” led to the 2 nd

golden age of coasters

One of the very few photo

documents from coaster legend

John C. Allen; here left in photo

during the construction of the

“Racer” (photo from 1971)

The “Racer” Raced into a New Era

The “Racer” was the first wooden roller coaster to

be built in America since 1947. We brought John

C. Allen from Philadelphia Toboggan in to work

with Jim Figley, our head of construction. At that

time, there were no computers on which to design

a roller coaster; it was basically done on a slide


The “Racer” was incredible. Red trains and blue

trains left the station together racing out and back.

It was amazing in 1972 to see how close they

would finish.

This coaster launched the renaissance of the

wooden roller coaster. At this point in time, there

were three Six Flags parks, none of which had

wooden roller coasters. The Six Flags management

felt that wooden coasters were passé.-

However, after the enormous reception of the

“Racer”, Six Flags came to visit us and we sent Jim

Figley from our company to assist them in planning

the “The Great American Scream Machine”

(erected at Six Flags Over Georgia). It too was an

immediate success, after which Six Flags built

coasters in all of their parks.

Rides were not the only major feature on the new

Coney mall at Kings Island. We replicated a huge

games and arcade area. Again, neither Disney nor

Six Flags had games until they came and saw our

Kings Island operation. Games were our third

largest revenue producer, with the highest profit

margin. Soon afterwards, games sprung up at all

of the other developing parks. And – they were real

money makers.

These days, forty years later, the “Coney Island

Mall” at Kings Island still maintains a lot of the

charm from the original Coney Island park. Oh,

things have changed, of course. The games are

not quite as popular as they originally were, and

arcades have declined due in part to home computers,

Wii, Xbox, and of course the internet. And

the Mall at Kings Island is not as new as it once

was, but the feeling is still there. It’s a little bit of

carnival, a little festival, and a lot of nostalgia for

those of us who remember old Coney Island and

its fabulous Mall.


Of course, I would be remiss not to mention other

unique features about Kings Island, a park that

had a lot of “firsts” in its distinctive history. Kings

Island was the first theme park that was primarily

designed in-house. Darrell “Dusty” Daniels was

the architect of record, who was directed by the

Coney Island management team on what to design.

This process was under the direction of Gary

S. Wachs, then head of the theme park group. In

total, there were 16 Coney Island members who

worked diligently on the design process. I had the

good fortune to be a part of that team.

To begin the design, we knew we wanted to use

the “hub and spoke” design. This promoted

excellent guest flow around the park. There were

no dead ends at Kings Island. People flowed

seamlessly around the park. The original themed

areas consisted of “International Street”, “Hanna

Barbara Land”, “Rivertown”, “Oktoberfest”, and

“Old Coney Island”. Each themed area was

germane to our company. The 100.5 metre Eiffel

Tower observation attraction immediately became

the park’s icon. It could be seen from miles away

as one drove along Interstate 71.

A major milestone for Kings Island was the building

of the “The Beast” which opened in 1979 (now

celebrating its 34 th anniversary), and upon

introduction, became the most famous roller

coaster in the world. It was designed “in house”

under the direction of Charles Dinn, an employee

of Kings Island at that time. It was the largest,

tallest, and fastest roller coaster of its day. It cost

$4 million to build back then, was 2,243 metres

long and 33.5 metres high, had a speed of over

100 kilometres per hour, and was an unbelievable

four-minute ride! These statistics were unheard of

by coaster standards of that era, and is today is

still listed among the world’s greatest coasters. It

was built to the unique terrain of Kings Island in an

area where nothing else could be built.

Of course, with every project comes a problem. In

the late early 1980s, Kings Island purchased the

first suspended coaster from Arrow Development

of Ogden, Utah. As the first suspended coaster

in North America, it was to be an important extension

for the park. However, due to its prototypical

nature, it experienced major design and structural

issues, as did its European pendant a few years

before, and had to be dismantled a few years later.

A deal was worked out with Arrow to build another

steel coaster called the “Vortex” (which remains in

operation today). If Kings Island had continued its

lawsuit against Arrow Development, Arrow would

have gone bankrupt. The agreement worked to

everyone’s advantage.

After the success of Kings Island and its design,

we set up Kings Entertainment Company, a totally

in-house design team. Kings Dominion and Canada’s

Wonderland were both designed by this


“The Beast” is still one the

world’s best wooden coasters

America’s first Stand-up

Coaster (1984 from Togo)

“The Bat” (1981 from Arrow)



Dennis Speigel is President

of ITPS (International

Theme Park Services,

Inc.). ITPS is globally the

leisure industry’s leading

independent, full-service

consulting firm. Located in

Cincinnati, Ohio, ITPS has

worked on over 500 projects

and in 50 countries since its

inception in 1983.

www.interthemepark.com ■

The young Dennis Speigel and The Banana

Splits (right) at Kings Island

In 1981, Kings Island was sold as a leveraged

buyout to a group of internal employees. Some of

these had theme park backgrounds, while others

had none. Timing was good for the LBO. Parks

were hitting their stride. Many members of the

original Coney Island team were terminated and a

group under the direction of a newcomer to the

theme park industry (Nelson Schwab) took over

management. Right or wrong, it was a good time

to be running a theme park. Even led by newcomers,

the parks were performing, and performing

well. The 1980s represented the maturing of

the industry, and it was difficult during those years

to see downturn.

Since the development of Kings Island, there have

been five owners. After the original Taft Broadcasting,

these were Kings Entertainment Company,

American Financial Corporation, Paramount

Studios, and since 2006, Cedar Fair Entertainment

Company. Best said, Kings Island has always

been, from its opening, a “grand money maker” for

its owners. Drawing approximately three million

people per season, Kings Island remains one of

the top parks in the USA, and I am proud to have

been a part of its heritage.


Of all times, during the 40 th anniversary year,

another construction has had to be dismantled.

After only nine years of operation, and three

years of being idle, the earlier millennium attraction,

the world’s largest and simultaneously the world’s

only wooden coaster with a looping has been

demolished. The “Son of Beast” from 2000 and built

by the Roller Coaster Corporation of America at a

64 metre height proved to be too rough, too extreme,

and also had construction weaknesses. A

number of law suits were instigated against RCCA;

the manufacturer from Atlanta no longer exists. ■



Since 2008 a replica of

the Lübeck Holsten Gate

has been greeting guests;

in the background the

Schwarzkopf coaster

“Nessie” (1980)

During the past years, the

Hansa-Park on the Baltic Sea

coast has developed into a real

pearl of the German park

scene. There are not only first

class rides and sometimes

unique attractions worldwide

to discover here, but above all

a commendable way has been

pursued that will be continued

in the upcoming years, leading

the park into a theme park with

a unique characteristic.

Hansa-Park Resort


Frank Lanfer

Photos: Frank Lanfer, Hansa-Park

Christoph Andreas Leicht

in front of his Holsten Gate

Today, Hansa-Park is in the possission of the

Leicht family. We spoke with the personally

liable share holder and Managing Director Christoph

Andreas Leicht about the characteristic features

of the German park branch in general, and

particularly about Hansa-Park.

Mr Leicht, Hansa-Park arose as the world's

first Legoland apart from Denmark. Why did

Legoland Sierksdorf that opened in 1973 fail

after only four years of operation?

First and foremost: the park was definitely successful!

600,000 visitors came in the first season!

However there were two reasons that played a role,

leading to the closing of the park: the first was the

licence trap – although the toy manufacturer Lego

had created the master plan, it demanded 35% of

all souvenirs and entrance fee turnover. Additionally,

we had to survive the rapidly increasing interest

caused by the oil crisis. The Hamburg property

developer Hans Peter Rüster who had 4,000 apartments

directly on the beach and – as requirement

of the state government also had to create amusement

park facilities – that Legoland erected, failed.

He could hardly sell any apartments. This led to the

bankruptcy of the building company and the liquidation

of Rüster's Deutsche Familienpark GmbH,

the General Managers of which were the shortly

beforehand deceased Carl M. Wenzel (founder of

Wenzel Consulting AG), and Paul Bornscheuer

(earlier owner of Freizeitpark Verden).

And then your family from Bavaria took over

the park. How did the contact to the park branch

come about?

The Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein had cofinanced

Legoland with around 30 million German

Marks, and then had to hold the park as trustee. My

father Rudolf Erich Leicht was a tax accountant and

was appointed as Chief Representative, before he

suddenly made the decision in autumn 1976 to take

over the park for investors. And so Hansaland


opened in 1977 (since 1987: Hansa-Park) with

completely new rides such as the first water attraction

that the Mack firm had built in Germany with

Arrow, and a part of the earlier attractions, but completely

with any Lego connection, without the Miniland,

and without every attraction having to be paid


Hansa-Park advertises with the slogan

"Germany's only amusement park on the sea".

The grounds are actually located only a few

metres from the beach – only separated by a

rarely used one track train line and a field,

where since 2007 a third-party contractor erected

holiday houses in Scandinavian style as the

Hansa-Park Resort. Visitors have an unobstructed

view of the ocean from a number of

vantage points, but was there never the option

to have direct contact with the ocean?

We had purchased the parcel of land where

the holiday houses are located now from the

Landesbank, but one can't always do what they

want with their own land and grounds. Planning law

restrictions make construction on the coast these

days very difficult to impossible. We fought for

seven years to at least be able to realise this resort

comprising of 104 individual houses of timber construction.

But even with smaller things we continuously

enter virgin territory, for example the theming

of our entrance as a somewhat smaller replica

of the Lübeck Holsten Gate. The problem was the

roof pitch, which, as the original, is clearly steeper

than 20°. We then obtained a change in the deve-

A view of a part of the

Hansa-Park with the indoor and

outdoor coaster “Fluch von

Novgorod” in the front, and the

Baltic in the background

Since 2007 overnight accommodation

located between

Hansa-Park and the Baltic Sea


The way the Hanse

themed world at the entrance

area will soon look

The family coaster

“Schlange von Midget” (from

Gerstlauer)was awarded 2 nd

place in the “Best Kiddie Ride”

category at the first European

Star Awards

lopment plan for the complete theme world area in

advance. Building an amusement park these days

has become almost as difficult as erecting an


Taking this background into consideration,

do new park projects still actually have a


In Germany I view the market as being satiated.

There may however still be a few niches or

special locations, for example, the development of

Freizeitpark Plohn for 250,000 visitors annually is

due not only to the capability of the operator but

also to the framework conditions. The list of failed

large projects is however long.

The theme "Hanse" is without a doubt a

strong and simultaneously unique motive in the

theme park world. Will Hansa-Park also have independent

theme countries, or will the redesign

be restricted to the entrance area?

Naturally the theming will not be restricted to

the entrance area. For example we have already

realised completely new areas for the coasters

"Fluch von Novgorod" and the "Schlange von Midgart".

With our authentic location in the Bay of

Lübeck, we can typify the Hanse-theme world, and

with that authenticate our name without appearing

artificial. We don't simply erect European themes

without a relationship to the location; they belong

here and nowhere else.

Which theme lands will there

be in the future?

The Hanse offers exciting and

worldwide contents, as it was not

only a European alliance but a

worldwide trade flow and production

location connected together. In

the times of the Hanse the world poles

shifted, and the discovery of

America heralded a new era. However,

the pure America theme is

worn and not current anymore. The

history of the Hanse is a period of

freedom and adventure, of seafaring

and pirates, of power and passion,

which has become legendary.

We don't want to be a museum, so

our themes are almost inexhaustible.

With that you are taking the

wind out of the sails of all theme

park critics who are happily of the

opinion that the parks can be


compatible worldwide. So you consider the

location of Hansa-Park as a deciding factor over

other theme parks in Germany?

There are three factors that influence the

success of a park: the macro location, the micro

location and the concept. The advantage and

disadvantage of a macro location appear due to,

among others, the commuting area and the climate.

For example we have around 7 million residents

within a radius of 2.5 hours by car. By contrast

there's an influence on a micro location by expansion

possibilities and political as well as regionalsocial

acceptance. It's all about the relationship to

the neighbour and enough expansion reserves.

And thirdly it's not enough to have a conclusive, native

overall concept with which one can tell stories.

A successful park requires also professional

management for its implementation.

And what's the situation at Hansa-Park?

We now have the correct and authentic concept

that we are implementing step by step, and

following up on. We have a good micro location in

order to perfect the overall theming and the theme


How many guests do you greet annually?

Slowly but surely Hansa-Park has continued

to extend in an increased international sense,

without a doubt due to the location right in the

middle of a popular holiday region. Will there be

new ride constructions in order to generation

more visitors?

Today's visitor is demanding and expects more

than only a possible high number of ride constructions,

and for this reason we offer quality experiences.

The motive of the European Hansa will be even

stronger than before, like a golden thread through

the whole park. For example the entrance area

together with the ticket counter, restaurants, and

shops with replica buildings of large Hanse cities

will be extended once again this year: typical

historic buildings from Bremen, Copenhagen, Goslar,

Nürnberg and Frankfurt will be added. Furthermore,

the theme worlds that at the moment comprise

of facades will very soon harbour adequate

experiences such as for example a Parisian café, a

theme restaurant and a chocolaterie. Additionally

we are planning a group of buildings made up of

Barcelona, Lisbon, and La Rochelle, which will

accommodate an indoor attraction.

But there are also rumours about a new

coaster. And as the Maurer Freefall Tower "Monte

Zuma" has been dismantled in the Mexican

theme area, the thought is almost literally about

a wooden coaster, which would fill in well thematically

into our stereotypical picture of Mexico.

The Mexican theme was only an interim solution

for us, and we will be concentrating more on

the mother country Spain in the future, as it represents

one of the countries of origin of Hanse trading.

Currently we do not consider a wooden

coaster as a priority project.

In this area there will be a

new large attraction erected

from 2014, for which the small

freefall has had to make way

Between 1.2 and 1.3 million visitors annually.

What will it be then?

In the "Mexico" area there are no height

restrictions in the development plan. A track bound

ride construction is planned, which at its present

stage will be unique worldwide. And naturally we

also want to tell a story from the Hanse times at the

same time. However building will only begin in 2014

at the earliest.

Mr Leicht, thank you for the interesting

interview, and I wish you continued success.



Despite all the care taken, it is

necessary again this year to

make an update to our last

month's publicized and worldwide

most detailed new product

list for 2013 – something

that we do gladly as it promises

the current season will be seeing

many interesting attractions

once again.


■ Familienland Pillerseetal: The theme park will receive

a brand new customised coaster from Zierer.

The 500 m long and up to 22 m high track course

of the "Big Bang" travels through the whole of the

park and also over a number of buildings. The

opening is planned for Pentecost.

■ Vienna Prater: a used Spinning Coaster from

Maurer will be erected as an indoor construction.


postponed, it was to be scrapped altogether. The


Frank Lanfer

■ Europa-Park: 6 new fairytales will be erected from

the Grimm brothers in Märchenwald by the summer

season. Further along there will also be dinner

shows in the new historic "Teatro Colosseo", and the

"Magic Cinema" will receive an update.

■ Fort Fun: The new ride construction with the play

on words "YuKan Raft" will become a "Top Spin 2"

from Huss (a used travelling model).

■ Movie Park Germany: In actual fact initial plans

were for the erection of a very high coaster. But

when all permits had been allocated, the Spanish

Management of the park group announced at the

very last minute that not only would the project be

committed Management of Movie Park Germany

reacted without hesitation, and can now present a

new 4D-cinema film in the "Roxy Kino": fitting to the

cinema start of Ice Age 4, the new "Ice Age – The

4D Experience" is being shown. Further alone four

new shows have been produced.

■ Skyline Park: The 15.5 m high and 430 m long

Spinning Coaster "Sky Spin" from Maurer opens in

June (from the closed Camelot Theme Park).


■ JungleLand Adventure Theme Park: The new

park Bogor in western Indonesia will open shortly.

Included are two coasters from Zierer.


■ Tusenfryd: For its 25 th anniversary year, the most

visited park in Norway with 500,000 guests annually

will receive an interactive, trackless Darkride that

will be installed in the air. A trip through Norwegian

mythology accompanied by the most modern 3Dtechnology

promises an exciting attraction. The

new attraction "Prosjekt Mjølner" has a capacity of

up to 800 passengers per hour.


■ Skara Sommerland: The new water slide "BIG

Drop" will be, at 21 m, Europe's highest Freefall

slide with trapdoors. A section of the 82 m long

course runs underground.



Text & Photos: Wolfgang Payer

Maurer's compact Spinning Coaster "Maihime"

in Tokyo Dome City has been sold to the Vienna

Prater. The new owner is the Koidl Vergnügungsbetriebe


Koidl contracted the in the meanwhile legendary

Ronny Schäfer for the build up of the construction,

who had already erected the coaster "Volare" in

2004. The dismantling in Japan took place under

extreme weather conditions, with heavy snow falls.

Due to this situation the loading into the container

was not done with the necessary care, and the dismantled

parts landed more or less without any real

concept in various freight containers. Ronny Schäfer

then had the problem during build up that he had

to firstly unload all containers on a small piece of

land at the Prater because the base was dispersed

in various containers. The crane therefore had to

redeploy each part a number of times. Despite all

these hardships the build up professional managed

to erect the ride within only a few days. Finally a hall

was built around the construction as the Koidl firm

will be operating the attraction as an indoor variety

with a disco theme.

The attraction is expected to be open all year round,

but more precise details will be shown by operation.

This parcel of ground, where a casino has been

located until now, has many advantages for winter

operation because the Ferris Wheel that is open

during the winter months is

only a few steps away. The

new Prater attraction has

compact measurements of

17 by 32 metres, is 11

metres high and offers an

approximately 300 metre

long layout. Although it's

the third mouse-type coaster

at the Prater, the ride

experience value will be

considerably different. ■



Carefully worded, it's rather a

matter of interpretation as to

whether the largest theme park

in East Germany could already

celebrate its first decade last

year. In actual fact the park

located approximately 10 kilometres

from the city centre of

Leipzig was officially opened

on the 5 th April 2003. The operator

however defined it so

creatively that the park's 10 th

season could be celebrated

last year. On the other hand

one can turn a blind eye, after

all the nine and half years were

an achievement that not everybody

had expected, when at

the beginning of the new century,

a number of radio stations

got together to raise the 50 million

Euro to build a theme park.


H. Jürgen Kagelmann,

Verena Kagelmann

Photos: Frank Lanfer, Belantis

With around 580,000 guests annually who

amuse themselves on an earlier brown coal

area – a sensible reuse of the area which should

be noted – the park can be quite satisfied, whilst

simultaneously it's quite clear that the leased

coaster "Huracan" with five inversions from Gerstlauer

that opened in June 2010, contributed a not

insignificant positive visitor development.

The original theme-land concept, planned as a

journey through interesting historic regions

around the Mediterranean has in the meantime

been softened and has become more global: added

to the Egyptian "Tal der Pha-ra-onen", the

Greek "Strand der Götter", the British-Celtic "Insel

der Ritter" and the Hispanic "Küste

der Entdecker" were the entrance

area "Schloss Belantis",

the German "Land der Grafen",

the north American "Prärie der

Indianer" and the middle American

"Reich der Sonnentempel"

with the already mentioned

"Eurofighter"-version "Huracan".

Belantis is not a mega-park by

any means, and can't install new

ride constructions every year,

but the focal point is things that

are important for a successful

family outing – even if they are

the traditional affairs of gold

mining, pedal cars, petting

zoos, makeup and similar other

entertainments. The novelty for

the alleged anniversary season

2012 was erected in the castle

area, and was the "Buddel Tanz" ("Crinoline" from

Gerstlauer, earlier at Holiday Park). Other reforms

were made in the area of environmentalism, a factor

that in the meanwhile should not to be underrated,

playing an important role in economic success.

As a result all attractions run on electricity

from water power (not generated by the park but

supplied by an electricity supplier) – a clever marketing

for the eco-conscious German visitor. And

new in 2013: it goes a lot faster for the impatient

with the "FastRide-Service", which means no waiting

time for the popular coasters "Huracan" and

"Drachenritt" – modelled on the large American

entertainment parks.


It appears that Belantis can count on a

loyal visiting public that returns

regularly – and very willingly also to the

Halloween events with evening parties.

And one of the points in the Belantis

advertising is more than true: there's no

other German park that is located so

near to a large city!

The chances that Belantis will become

many years older are not at all bad.

And when another top attraction like

"Huracan" is erected soon, there will be

an even more positive impact. ■


Who would have thought it? In

2010 the French Walygator Parc

erected the largest steel

coaster in Europe (the used Inverter

"Le Monster" from B&M

is the third longest Inverter in

the world). And by 2015 it was

intended that the first phase of

the Wallywood-Resort, including

hotels, casinos, and water

park, be completed. But now

things are completely different,

namely bankruptcy.

Text & Photos: Frank Lanfer

The brothers Claude and

Didier Le Douarin

Nevertheless both brothers, Claude und Didier

Le Douarin, had made enough profit with their

theme park, which they had taken over in 2006

(earlier the park was called Walibi Lorraine).

However the showman brothers preferred to live it

up rather than spend their money on their park. The

salaries for their employees were paid irregularly –

if paid at all – as they preferred to purchase 10

discos in the region of Metz, and drive around the

area in luxury cars such as a Bentley and Rolls


At the end of 2012 Walygator had to file for bankruptcy,

and the court ordered that the family Le

Douarin had to relinquish the park immediately. This

resulted in the brothers immediately dismantling 10

small ride constructions and disappearing. In any

case though, they still have to answer to charges of

insolvency protraction and probably money


New owners have already been found. In addition

to Franck Deglinet, ex-Personnel Manager at Walygator,

and Christophe de Moffarts, earlier Director

of Parc Bagatelle, there are also two business associates

of the Le Douarin family involved: Eric Luc,

an insurance agent, and Jacqueline Lejeune,

earlier owner of the technology firm Olitec, who had

earlier given personal credit to the Le Douarins.

The purchase price of the park was 180,000 Euro,

however with the obligation to retain the 200 employees,

pay outstanding salaries, to pay outstanding

invoices, and to bring a new lease of life to the

park to the tune of 1.5 million Euro – all together an

investment sum of around 4 million Euro (the 1,1125

long Inverter alone had cost almost 5 million Euro,

which was a bargain price; see KPR 9/2010).

In any case, the park itself will apparently reopen

again in June 2013, using a very new name and

new mascots as well.






Verena Kagelmann


Verena Kagelmann

An unknown until now Israeli business group is

planning big things: a new theme complex on

the Greek island of Crete, more specifically in

the north of Hersonissos. And the whole thing

is not quite so odd, as there are over 400,000

Israeli tourists visiting Greece annually.

The plan is not new, as it was already prepared in

1994, but never realised until now. At long last an

integrated holiday-amusement-complex will be

erected on a 617 hectare sized area for over 500

million Euro. In addition to the theme park there are

plans to build an 18-hole golf course, a shopping

mall, a five-star-hotel, a conference centre and a


In order to achieve ideal accessibility and to increase

attractiveness for guests, there is even a

new airport in planning along with an autobahn

connection, which means that the Greek nation

(economic situation is well known) and the Island of

Crete (is comparably doing well) have to invest.

And the economic situation of Greece makes the

country attractive pricewise for guests, particularly

from Israel.

Bad news for the winter sport paradise Snow

Dome in Bispingen: the earlier indoor novelty

stands before the gates of insolvency.

A shock for the State of Lower Saxony, which was

financially involved with the settlement to the tune

of over 5 mio € from public funds, and also for

nearby Heide-Park with its overnight accommodations

that forms a leisure destination together with

Snow Dome and the newly opened FOC Bispingen.

More than 35 mio € was invested around the Tirol

tourist entrepreneur Jakob Falkner and other Austrian

companies, however Snow Dome has never

written black figures since its founding in 2006. With

a price of almost 35 € for a day ticket, the costs

were too high for many, particularly families.

Another factor was the ever increasing electricity

costs for the constant operation of the lift and the

cooling plant. There are also many repairs due,

which increases the spiralling costs even more.

How and if operation will continue is not clear, or if

there are to be any new investors. What definite is,

is that the GmbH will stop operating initially, and

closed its gates at the end of March.


Huss Park Attractions remains true to its philosophy

of combining proven quality ride types

into a new experience, with the result that the

proven operated attractions can be offered without

the usual teething problems.

And so it all continues on with the new indoor ride

idea by the name of "The Explorer". Hidden behind

the name is a heavily shortened "Sky Tower" attraction

with a 70 person round gondola with modern

glassing at room height, which drops to the ground

after embarking – a so-called type of inverse

viewing tower.

Whilst the capsule rotates to the left and right, 360°

projections are shown – produced according to

customer wishes – for example a simulation flight,

an outer space adventure, or even a trip through

the human bloodstream.

According to information received from General

Manager Mirko Schulze, the company is already

having discussions with a first client.


Text: Frank Lanfer

Currently there are speculations about a new

theme park in the Spanish area of Tarragona/

Reus. According to assertions it is planned to

be erected in the immediate vicinity of Port-

Aventura on grounds that are owned by La

Caixa, the earlier co-proprietor of PortAventura


In actual fact the American Las Vegas Sands Corporation

had planned to realise the so-called Euro-

Vegas here, but surprisingly Sheldon Adelson, CEO

of Las Vegas Sands announced that the project

would be realised in Madrid. However, the proud

Catalonians wouldn't put up with the situation, and

announced a similar project themselves.

According to the Spanish media,

Spanish billionaire Enrique Banuelos

and his Veremonte firm

plan to construct the so-called

"Barcelona World” on 1.5 million

square meters of land. The 4.77-

billion-Euro investment is expected

to create 20,000 direct jobs.

The park will present six areas of

the world: Europe, the United

States, Russia, China, Brazil and

India. There is also to be a casino

and a hotel with 2,000 rooms

to be erected in each theme

area. From the year 2016, there

are to be 10 million visitors

generated (in comparison: Port-

Aventura reaches almost 4 million

guests annually).

Originally this property that is designated

for the project was the

potential Disneyland area, and

belonged later to PortAventura. At the end of 2012

the large Spanish bank La Caixa sold its park

shares to co-owner Investindustria, without the

grounds ever changing ownership. The grounds,

on which there is a huge golfing area, are still owned

by the bank. Should the realization of Barcelona

World eventuate, PortAventura's expansion area

would be extensively cut as a consequence.

However, the momentary economic situation of

Spain and the fact that in the middle of this area –

between PortAventura and the Mediterranean

coast line – there are already large housing

developments (on the map marked grey), speak

more or less against the project. The envisioned

visitor number also appears unreliable and to be far

away from any kind of reality.




Verena Kagelmann

Photos: Öger Tours

For the first time, a tourism company – Öger

Tours – which belongs to Thomas Cook – has

released a special catalogue pertaining only to

slide hotels.

The main target group is people who wish to have

an active experience, and are looking not only for

the "classic swimming holiday on the beach."

Especially borne in mind are countless all-inclusive

offers, so that potential guests don't have to worry

about not having exciting activities or lower


The travel catalogue "Öger Aqua" is especially

geared up for families, and contains a total of 38

hotel resorts with unusual water parks in Turkey,

Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and the United Arab


Only hotels offering at least five slides for adults are

featured in the catalogue. And Öger also thought

about an assessment of the slides as well, so slides

are listed according to, amongst others, height,

length, incline angle, and also special effects. With

this assessment, the difficulty level of each slide

can be seen – very practical.

Listed amongst others is the hotel

with the longest slide, the 222 m

long "Crazy Raft" family slide at the

Turkish Aqua Fantasy Aquapark

Hotel in Kusadasi, which with 33

slides is simultaneously the hotel

resort with the largest water park at

the moment. Second place is

occupied by Güral Premier Tekirova,

with a total of 22 spectacular

slides. The hotel with the steepest

freefall slide is the Lykia World


Featured as the most lovely water

park slide-landscape is the Ali Bey

Club in Side, with 25,000 m 2 of fresh

green meadows, and lavish palms

and plants. The most kiddie-friendly

slide paradise (for children under

the age of 5 years) is the Lykia

World Ölüdeniz with 18 water

slides and seven pools.

Most of the slides in Egypt are

located at the Aqua Blu Resort with

19 adult slides (17 different slide

types, among them a Freefall Tube,

and an Uphill-Flying Boat, as well

as an additional 38 small slides).

And finally the largest resort landscape:

the spectacular Aqua Park

Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm.

A 17 hectare sized tropical landscape

with a 2.3 kilometre long river

with rapids, a wave pool, and the

slide tower "Leap of Faith" with an

almost vertical slide including an

underwater tunnel through a shark

pool, offers fun and adrenalin.

The water park catalogue can be

viewed online under:

www. oeger-aqua.de

Öger Tours has its head

office in Turkey – no wonder then

that Turkish parks are well

represented (here the Aqua

Fantasy Park in Izmir)


A calendar of events can be found here for the month of

April in alphabetical order. Additional information

about individual events is listed below.

A■ Aachen 30.03.-15.04.

■ Aalen 20.04.-28.04.

■ Albstadt-Ebingen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Alsdorf/Weiher 19.04.-22.04.

■ Ampfing 04.04.-09.04.

■ Anger 28.04.-29.04.

■ Ansbach-Katterbach 19.04.-21.04.

■ Apen 27.04.-29.04.

■ Arnstadt 23.03.-01.04.

■ Augsburg 31.03.-14.04.

■ Aurich 06.04.-09.04.

B■ Bad Bentheim 12.04.-14.04.

■ Bad Bramstedt 26.04.-28.04.

■ Bad Oldesloe 19.04.-21.04.

■ Bad Tölz 15.03.-01.04.

■ Bad Windsheim 30.03.-07.04.

■ Badbergen 20.04.-22.04.

■ Bamberg 30.03.-14.04.

■ Barmstedt 20.04.-22.04.

■ Bayreuth 30.03.-07.04.

■ Bergheim 30.03.-07.04.

■ Bergisch Gladbach 20.04.-22.04.

■ Berlin-Hellersdorf 23.03.-01.04.

■ Berlin-Hohenschönhausen 04.04.-07.04.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Wedding 27.03.-21.04.

■ Berlin-Neukölln 26.04.-20.05.

■ Berlin-Neukölln 27.03.-14.04.

■ Bielefeld 15.03.-01.04.

■ Billerbeck 26.04.-28.04.

■ Bitterfeld 12.04.-21.04.

■ Bochum 30.03.-07.04.

■ Bonn-Beuel 30.03.-07.04.

■ Borna 06.04.-14.04.

■ Bramsche 26.04.-29.04.

■ Brandenburg/Havel 12.04.-21.04.

■ Bremen 22.03.-07.04.

■ Bremerhaven 26.04.-05.05.

■ Buxtehude 12.04.-14.04.

C■ Castrop-Rauxel 12.04.-15.04.

■ Chemnitz 25.04.-05.05.

■ Coburg 19.04.-28.04.

D■ Damme 26.04.-28.04.

■ Darmstadt 19.04.-29.04.

■ Deggendorf 26.04.-06.05.

■ Delitzsch 29.03.-07.04.

■ Delmenhorst 13.04.-17.04.

■ Diepholz 19.04.-21.04.

■ Dietzenbach 27.04.-01.05.

■ Dillingen/Donau 19.04.-23.04.

■ Dortmund 23.03.-07.04.

■ Dortmund-Hörde 12.04.-14.04.

■ Dresden 30.03.-14.04.

■ Düsseldorf-Grafenberg 30.03.-07.04.

■ Düsseldorf-Mitte 13.04.-21.04.

■ Duisburg-Rheinhausen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Duisburg-Walsum 30.03.-01.04.

■ Duisburg-Wedau 27.04.-05.05.

■ Durmersheim 30.03.-02.04.

E■ Egelsbach 13.04.-16.04.

■ Eggenfelden 19.04.-29.04.

■ Einbeck 05.04.-08.04.

■ Elsterwerda 19.04.-21.04.

■ Eltville 27.04.-29.04.

■ Emden 27.04.-01.05.

■ Enger 26.04.-28.04.

■ Erfurt 30.03.-14.04.

■ Erlangen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Eschweiler 19.04.-22.04.

■ Essen-Borbeck 30.03.-07.04.

■ Essen-Dellwig 26.04.-29.04.

F■ Flensburg 30.03.-07.04.

■ Florstadt 30.03.-01.04.

■ Frankenthal 30.03.-07.04.

■ Frankfurt 22.03.-14.04.

■ Frankfurt-Nied 27.04.-05.05.

■ Freilassing 26.04.-05.05.

■ Friedrichsthal 30.03.-03.04.

■ Fürstenfeldbruck 26.04.-05.05.

■ Fürstenwalde/Spree 12.04.-15.04.

G■ Garching/Alz 26.04.-01.05.

■ Gelsenkirchen-Feldmark 30.03.-02.04.

■ Georgsmarienhütte 19.04.-21.04.

■ Gera 20.04.-05.05.

■ Gevelsberg 19.04.-22.04.

■ Gießen 30.03.-14.04.

■ Gnarrenburg 19.04.-21.04.

■ Gottmadingen 27.04.-29.04.

■ Grefrath 27.04.-01.05.

■ Großenkneten 13.04.-15.04.

H■ Hagen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Hagen-Haspe 12.04.-15.04.

■ Hagen-Vorhalle 12.04.-15.04.

■ Hallbergmoos 24.04.-28.04.

■ Halle/Saale 30.03.-14.04.

■ Hamburg 22.03.-21.04.

■ Hameln 25.04.-28.04.

■ Hamm-Heessen 19.04.-21.04.

■ Hammelburg 13.04.-21.04.

■ Hannover 30.03.-21.04.

■ Harsewinkel 12.04.-15.04.

■ Hattingen 27.04.-01.05.

■ Heddesheim 13.04.-15.04.

■ Heilbronn 26.04.-01.05.

■ Henstedt-Ulzburg 12.04.-14.04.

■ Herborn 19.04.-22.04.

■ Herford 30.03.-07.04.

■ Herten-Westerholt 05.04.-07.04.

■ Höhr-Grenzhausen 06.04.-08.04.

■ Höxter/Weser 30.03.-07.04.

■ Hohenlimburg/Hagen 26.04.-28.04.

■ Homburg/Saar 30.03.-02.04.

■ Horn-Bad Meinberg 29.03.-01.04.

■ Hückeswagen 19.04.-22.04.

■ Hürth 30.03.-02.04.

I■ Ibbenbüren 30.03.-01.04.

■ Immenstadt 20.04.-28.04.

■ Iserlohn 30.03.-07.04.

K■ Kamen 19.04.-22.04.

■ Karlshuld 25.04.-30.04.

■ Karlsruhe 30.03.-08.04.

■ Kehl 30.03.-07.04.

■ Kiel 19.04.-28.04.

■ Kitzingen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Koblenz 26.04.-05.05.

■ Köln-Deutz 30.03.-14.04.

■ Konstanz 13.04.-21.04.

■ Krefeld 26.04.-05.05.

■ Krefeld-Fischeln 13.04.-15.04.

■ Krefeld-Linn 20.04.-22.04.

■ Kulmbach 19.04.-28.04.

L■ Lampertheim 30.03.-02.04.

■ Landau/Pfalz 27.04.-06.05.

■ Landshut 12.04.-21.04.

■ Leipzig 19.04.-12.05.

■ Lemgo 12.04.-15.04.

■ Lengerich 19.04.-21.04.

■ Leopoldshöhe 19.04.-21.04.

■ Limbach-Oberfrohna 28.03.-01.04.

■ Lippstadt 31.03.-07.04.

■ Luckau 27.04.-28.04.

■ Ludwigsfelde 05.04.-08.04.

■ Ludwigshafen/Rhein 12.04.-16.04.

■ Lüneburg 26.04.-29.04.

M■ Magdeburg 22.03.-14.04.

■ Mainz 23.03.-07.04.

■ Manching-Oberstimm 26.04.-28.04.

■ Mannheim 27.04.-12.05.

■ Marktl/Inn 26.04.-30.04.

■ Marl-Hüls 30.03.-02.04.

■ Mechernich 19.04.-22.04.

■ Mechernich-Kommern 30.03.-07.04.

■ Merseburg 16.03.-01.04.

■ Mettingen 26.04.-28.04.

■ Mönchengladbach 30.03.-07.04.

■ Mönchengladbach 30.03.-02.04.

■ Mörfelden-Walldorf 06.04.-09.04.

■ Mörfelden-Walldorf 27.04.-01.05.

■ Moormerland 12.04.-15.04.

■ Moosburg/Isar 26.04.-01.05.

■ Mühlhausen/Thüringen 30.03.-07.04.

■ München 19.04.-05.05.

■ München-Au 27.04.-05.05.

N■ Naumburg/Saale 23.03.-01.04.

■ Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen 13.04.-16.04.

■ Neubrandenburg 30.03.-01.04.

■ Neu-Isenburg 20.04.-28.04.

■ Neumarkt/Oberpfalz 26.04.-01.05.

■ Neuwied/Rhein 22.03.-02.04.

■ Nienburg/Weser 05.04.-07.04.

■ Norden-Norddeich 28.03.-01.04.

■ Northeim 27.04.-01.05.

■ Nortorf 12.04.-14.04.

■ Nürnberg 30.03.-14.04.

O■ Ochtrup 26.04.-29.04.

■ Oelsnitz 19.04.-21.04.

■ Oer-Erkenschwick 19.04.-21.04.

■ Oftersheim 13.04.-16.04.

■ Olbernhau 30.03.-07.04.

■ Olsberg 26.04.-28.04.

■ Ostbevern 19.04.-21.04.

■ Osterode/Harz 12.04.-16.04.

P■ Paderborn 20.04.-28.04.

■ Passau 26.04.-05.05.

■ Petershagen 19.04.-21.04.

■ Pfarrkirchen 03.04.-07.04.

■ Pfungstadt 22.03.-01.04.

■ Pirmasens 30.04.-12.05.

■ Plauen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Pohlheim 19.04.-30.04.

■ Potsdam 22.03.-07.04.

■ Puchheim 12.04.-21.04.

R■ Rastatt 26.04.-01.05.

■ Ratzeburg 26.04.-28.04.

■ Remscheid 26.04.-05.05.

■ Rendsburg 12.04.-15.04.

■ Rheinbach 30.04.-05.05.

■ Riegelsberg 27.04.-29.04.

■ Rosbach v.d. Höhe 26.04.-29.04.

■ Rostock 23.03.-07.04.

■ Roth/Mittelfranken 26.04.-29.04.

■ Rüsselsheim/Main 26.04.-30.04.

S■ Saarbrücken 26.04.-13.05.

■ Saarbrücken-Dudweiler 13.04.-16.04.

■ Salzgitter-Bad 12.04.-15.04.

■ Salzgitter-Lebenstedt 30.03.-07.04.

■ Sandhausen 20.04.-23.04.

■ Sankt Ingbert 12.04.-15.04.

■ Schlüchtern 26.04.-28.04.

■ Schneeberg/Erzgeb. 12.04.-14.04.

■ Schwabach 19.04.-23.04.

■ Schwarzenbek 12.04.-14.04.

■ Schweinfurt 05.04.-14.04.

■ Sendenhorst 13.04.-15.04.

■ Senftenberg 19.04.-22.04.

■ Siegen-Weidenau 26.04.-01.05.

■ Soltau 26.04.-28.04.

■ Speyer 30.03.-07.04.

■ Stade 04.04.-08.04.

■ Staßfurt 06.04.-14.04.

■ Steinfeld/Oldenburg 20.04.-22.04.

■ Stendal 27.04.-05.05.

■ Stuttgart 20.04.-12.05.


■ CZ Praha=Prag=Praag 02.03.-21.04.


T■ Telgte-Westbevern 14.04.-15.04.

■ Tirschenreuth 19.04.-22.04.

U■ Uffenheim 30.04.-05.05.

■ Unna 26.04.-29.04.

V■ Varel 12.04.-15.04.

■ Vechta 27.04.-28.04.

■ Velbert 27.04.-01.05.

■ Villingen-Schwenningen 30.03.-07.04.

■ Völklingen 30.03.-07.04.

W■ Walldorf 27.04.-01.05.

■ Walsrode 12.04.-14.04.

■ Wangen 26.04.-29.04.

■ Wedel 25.04.-28.04.

■ Weiden 26.04.-05.05.

■ Weil am Rhein 30.03.-07.04.

■ Weißenfels 06.04.-14.04.

■ Wesel 27.04.-01.05.

■ Wiesbaden 05.04.-08.04.

■ Wilhelmshaven 13.04.-21.04.

■ Winsen/Luhe 19.04.-22.04.

■ Wittmund 28.03.-01.04.

■ Wolfsburg 30.04.-12.05.

■ Wuppertal-Barmen 30.03.-14.04.

■ Wuppertal-Vohwinkel 27.04.-01.05.

Z■ Zeitz/Elster 27.04.-01.05.

■ Zeven 26.04.-29.04.

■ Zirndorf 19.04.-22.04.

■ Zschopau 13.04.-21.04.

■ Zwickau 26.04.-12.05.


■ A Berndorf/St.Veit 26.04.-01.05.

■ A Dornbirn 04.04.-07.04.

■ A Kapfenberg 23.03.-01.04.

■ A Klagenfurt 05.04.-07.04.

■ A Linz 27.04.-05.05.

■ A Oberalm 30.03.-01.04.

■ A Sankt Pölten 11.04.-14.04.

■ B Brugge=Bruges 19.04.-12.05.

■ B Charleroi 30.03.-22.04.

■ B Genk 26.04.-06.05.

■ B Kortrijk=Courtrai 28.03.-14.04.

■ B Oudenaarde 29.03.-07.04.

■ B Vilvoorde=Vilvorde 20.04.-28.04.

■ CH Bellinzona 19.04.-05.05.

■ CH Bern 13.04.-28.04.

■ CH Bremgarten 31.03.-01.04.

■ CH Chaux-de-Fonds 23.03.-14.04.

■ CH Frauenfeld 26.04.-29.04.

■ CH Genève=Genf 23.03.-14.04.

■ CH Lugano 29.03.-14.04.

■ CH Luzern 26.04.-05.05.

■ CH Rapperswil 30.03.-07.04.

■ CH Sankt Gallen 10.04.-14.04.

■ CH Uster 13.04.-14.04.

■ CH Zug 30.03.-07.04.

■ ES Palma de Mallorca 23.02.-15.04.

■ ES Sevilla 16.04.-21.04.

■ F Arras 06.04.-21.04.

■ F Audincourt 26.04.-05.05.

■ F Aurillac 27.04.-26.05.

■ F Bayonne 06.04.-01.05.

■ F Blois 06.04.-28.04.

■ F Caen 13.04.-05.05.

■ F Grenoble 23.03.-14.04.

■ F Laval 23.03.-07.04.

■ F Lille 06.04.-05.05.

■ F Longwy 30.03.-14.04.

■ F Millau 20.04.-12.05.

■ F Montpellier 06.04.-01.05.

■ F Nancy 29.03.-28.04.

■ F Nantes 30.03.-21.04.

■ F Paris 29.03.-26.05.

■ F Pau 06.04.-21.04.

■ F Reims 23.03.-21.04.

■ F Saint-Dizier 30.03.-14.04.

■ F Tours 26.04.-20.05.

■ F Vienne/Isère 23.03.-07.04.

■ GB Bedford 28.03.-06.04.

■ GB Birmingham 28.03.-14.04.

■ GB Blackburn 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB Blackheath 28.03.-01.04.

■ GB Bournemouth 11.04.-21.04.

■ GB Bristol 22.03.-07.04.

■ GB Carlisle, Cumbria 28.03.-06.04.

■ GB Chingford Plain 05.04.-07.04.

■ GB Clapham 29.03.-14.04.

■ GB Coventry 29.03.-06.04.

■ GB Crystal Palace 28.03.-01.04.

■ GB Crystal Palace 04.04.-14.04.

■ GB Ealing, London 25.04.-06.05.

■ GB Failsworth, Lancs 28.03.-06.04.

■ GB Great Yarmouth 04.04.-06.04.

■ GB Hampstead Heath 29.03.-01.04.

■ GB Hampton Court 29.03.-02.04.

■ GB Harpenden 28.03.-01.04.

■ GB Heath 31.03.-02.04.

■ GB High Wycombe 29.03.-01.04.

■ GB Huddersfield 28.03.-02.04.

■ GB Kirkcaldy, Fife 17.04.-22.04.

■ GB Lincoln 19.04.-27.04.

■ GB London 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB London-East 28.03.-02.04.

■ GB London-North 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB Maidstone, Kent 25.04.-06.05.

■ GB Manchester 28.03.-06.04.

■ GB Mitcham, London 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB Northampton 28.03.-14.04.

■ GB Norwich 28.03.-01.04.

■ GB Plymouth, Devon 14.03.-07.04.

■ GB Pontypridd 27.03.-06.04.

■ GB Reading, Berks 26.04.-06.05.

■ GB Southall 28.03.-14.04.

■ GB Southampton 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB Swansea 24.03.-06.04.

■ GB Wakefield, W. Yorks. 01.04.-02.04.

■ GB Wanstead Flats 28.03.-02.04.

■ GB Whitley Bay 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB Worcester 28.03.-07.04.

■ GB York 28.03.-07.04.

■ NL Amsterdam 26.03.-07.04.

■ NL Amsterdam-Noord 04.04.-14.04.

■ NL Amsterdam 29.03.-07.04.

■ NL Amsterdam 23.03.-01.04.

■ NL Apeldoorn 24.04.-02.05.

■ NL Bergen op Zoom 30.03.-07.04.

■ NL Breda 29.03.-07.04.

■ NL Den Haag 19.04.-05.05.

■ NL Den Helder 26.04.-05.05.

■ NL Deventer 29.03.-07.04.

■ NL Drachten 28.03.-01.04.

■ NL Emmeloord 26.04.-05.05.

■ NL Enschede 30.03.-07.04.

■ NL Haarlem 24.04.-05.05.

■ NL Haarlem 24.04.-09.05.

■ NL Hilversum 24.04.-05.05.

■ NL Leeuwarden 17.04.-21.04.

■ NL Maarssen 10.04.-14.04.

■ NL Nijmegen 27.03.-01.04.

■ NL Rotterdam 20.04.-05.05.

■ NL Utrecht 27.03.-03.04.

■ NL Waalwijk 03.04.-07.04.

■ NL Wormerveer 30.03.-07.04.

■ PL Breslau=Wroclaw 23.03.-07.04.


ES Palma de Mallorca

■ Fira del Ram until 15.04.


CZ Praha=Prag=Praag

■ Matejská Pout (Matthias-Kirmes)

until 21.04.


GB Plymouth, Devon

■ Easter Fair until 07.04.


33607 Bielefeld

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 01.04.


2 x Musik Express, Flying Star, Remmi Demmi,

Breakdance, Scheibenwischer, Booster

Participants: ca. 80

83646 Bad Tölz

■ Ostervolksfest until 01.04.

Closed on Good Friday


06217 Merseburg

■ Frühlingsfest until 01.04.


14471 Potsdam

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.

BSV GmbH/Berlin

Riesenrad, Breakdance, House of Horror, Simulator

Participants: ca. 35

20359 Hamburg

■ Dom-Frühlingsmarkt until 21.04.

Closed on Good Friday

Behörde für Wirtschaft Verkehr u. Innovation

Airwolf, Wilde Maus XXL, Geistertempel, Wellenflug,

Haunted Mansion, High Energy, Big

Monster, Konga, Hexentanz, Sky Dance, Viva

Mexico, Action, Rotor, Frisbee, Take Off, Dom-

Dancer, Teststrecke, Atlantis Rafting, Shaker,

Riesenrad, Dom-Geister, Happy Family, Fun

Street, Mäuse-Spektakel, Alpen-Hotel, 2 x Irrgarten,

Revue der Illusionen

Participants: ca. 250

28195 Bremen

■ Osterwiese until 07.04.

Closed on Good Friday


Wildwasserbahn, Wilde Maus, Rocket, Spukschloss,

Happy Sailor, Psychodelic, Happy

Traveller, Nessy, Riesenrad, Octopussy,

Ghost, Beach Jumper, Super-Rutsche, Looping

the Loop. Booster Maxxx, Tal der Könige,

Troika, Aqua Velis, Breakdance, Go-Kartbahn

39104 Magdeburg

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 14.04.

V.S.G. GmbH/Magdeburg

Riesenrad, Flasher, Musik Express, Shake,

Magic, Geisterbahn, Irrgarten, Kettenflieger

56566 Neuwied

■ Osterkirmes until 02.04.

60386 Frankfurt

■ Frühjahrs-Dippemess until 14.04.

Tourismus+Congress GmbH

Alpina-Bahn, Wildwasserbahn, Artistico, Daemonium,

Alex Airport, Big Bamboo, Transformer,

Circus Circus, Breakdance, Wellenflug,

Taumler, Riesenrad, Jaguar Express

Participants: ca. 150

64319 Pfungstadt

■ Ostermarkt until 01.04.

GB Bristol-Durdham Downs

■ Funderworld until 07.04.


06618 Naumburg/Saale

■ Frühjahrsfest until 01.04.


Breakdance, Walzerfahrt

Participants: ca. 33

12627 Berlin-Hellersdorf

■ Osterfest until 01.04.

18055 Rostock

■ Ostermarkt until 07.04.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Riesenrad, Bayernwippe

44145 Dortmund

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

S.V. Rote Erde/Dortmund

Crazy Dancer, Down Town, Riesenrad, X-Factor,

Euro-Coaster, 1001 Nacht, Kesseltanz,

Schwanenflieger, Amazonabahn, Tanz der

Vampire, Rutsche, Turbo Force, Breakdance,


55120 Mainz

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 07.04.


Wellenflug, Riesenrad, Breakdance

99310 Arnstadt

■ Frühlingsfest until 01.04.

A Kapfenberg

■ Osterfest until 01.04.

CH Chaux-de-Fonds, la

■ Fêtes de Pâques until 14.04.

CH Genève=Genf

■ Luna Park Plainpalais until 14.04.

F Grenoble

■ Foire des Rameaux until 14.04.

F Laval

■ Fête Foraine Grandes Angevines

until 07.04.

F Reims

■ Foire de Pâques until 21.04.



F Vienne/Isère

■ Foire aux Manèges de Pâques

until 07.04.

NL Amsterdam-Westerpark

■ Megakermis

until 01.04.

PL Breslau=Wroclaw

■ Frühjahrskirmes

until 07.04.


GB Swansea, South Wales

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.


NL Amsterdam

■ Dam-Kermis until 07.04.


12350 Berlin-Neukölln

■ Britzer-Baumblüte until 14.04.


Breakdance, Power Express, Nessi

Participants: ca. 40

13405 Berlin-Mitte-Wedding

■ Frühlingsfest Zentraler Festplatz

until 21.04.

Schaustellerverband Berlin eV

Eclipse, Crazy Mouse, Breakdance, Wellenflug,

Hippie Trip, Melodie Star, Rutsche

Participants: ca. 80

GB Pontypridd, Mid Glam.

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

NL Nijmegen

■ Paaskermis until 01.04.

NL Utrecht-Tuinwijk-Oost

■ Kermis until 03.04.


09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna

■ Osterfest until 01.04.


26409 Wittmund

■ Ostermarkt until 01.04.

Closed on Good Friday

26506 Norden-Norddeich

■ Ostermarkt until 01.04.

Closed on Good Friday

B Kortrijk=Courtrai

■ Paasfoor until 14.04.

GB Bedford

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

GB Birmingham

■ Star City Easter Fair until 14.04.

GB Blackburn, Lancs

■ Easter Fair until 07.04.

GB Blackheath, South London

■ Easter Fair until 01.04.

GB Carlisle, Cumbria

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

GB Crystal Palace, London

■ Easter Fair until 01.04.

GB Failsworth, Lancs

■ Daisy Nook Fair until 06.04.

GB Harpenden, Herts

■ Common Easter Fair until 01.04.

GB Huddersfield, W.Yorks.

■ Easter Fair until 02.04.

GB London

■ Easter Fair until 07.04.

GB London-East

■ Easter Fair until 02.04.

GB London-North

■ Easter Fair until 07.04.

GB Manchester

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

GB Mitcham, London

■ Easter Common Fair until 07.04.

GB Northampton

■ Easter Fair until 14.04.

GB Norwich

■ Easter Fair until 01.04.

GB Southall

■ Southall Park Fun Fair until 14.04.

GB Southampton

■ Common Easter Bank Holiday

Fair until 07.04.

GB Wanstead Flats, E. London

■ Easter Fair until 02.04.

GB Whitley Bay

■ Spanish City Fair until 07.04.

GB Worcester

■ Easter Bank Holiday Fair

until 07.04.

GB York

■ Easter Fair until 07.04.

NL Drachten

■ Paaskermis until 01.04.


04509 Delitzsch

■ Osterfest until 07.04.


Raupenbahn, Villa Kunterbunt

Participants: ca. 20

32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg

■ Horner Frühlingsfest until 01.04.

B Oudenaarde

■ Paasfoor until 07.04.

CH Lugano

■ Lunapark until 14.04.

F Nancy

■ Foire Attractive de Printemps

until 28.04.

F Paris

■ Foire du Trône until 26.05.

GB Clapham, South London

■ Bank Holiday Fair until 14.04.

GB Coventry

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

GB Hampstead Heath, London

■ Easter Fair until 01.04.

GB Hampton Court, London

■ Easter Fair until 02.04.

GB High Wycombe

■ Easter Fair until 01.04.

NL Amsterdam-Oud Zuid

■ Paaskermis until 07.04.

NL Breda

■ Voorjaarskermis until 07.04.

NL Deventer

■ Paaskermis until 07.04.


01307 Dresden

■ Frühlingsfest until 14.04.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V.

Riesenrad, Musik Express, Geisterbahn, Kettenflieger,


Participants: ca. 45

06108 Halle/Saale

■ Osterjahrmarkt until 14.04.

08523 Plauen

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.

Festhalle Plauen

09526 Olbernhau

■ Osterfest until 07.04.

M.S.V. Chemnitz


Participants: ca. 15

17033 Neubrandenburg

■ Osterfest until 01.04.


24937 Flensburg

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 07.04.


Breakdance, Super-Hopser, Jet Force, Jumper,

Riesenrad, Drachen, Raupenbahn, Bungee-Trampolin,

Fantasmagor, Go-Kartbahn,

Pharaos Rache, Labyrinth, Tai-Fun, Water-


30169 Hannover

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.

ArGe für Volksfeste/Hannover

Amazonas, U 3000, Crazy Outback, Geisterbahn,

Go-Kartbahn, Heisse Räder, Night Style,

Schlittenfahrt, Big Spin, Breakdance, Take

Off, Wellenflug, Free Style, Wildwasserbahn,

High Explosive, Rock & Roller Coaster, Riesenrad,

Air-Crash, Salto Mortale, Time Factory

Participants: ca. 160

32052 Herford

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Mitteldeutscher S.V. Herford

Breakdance, Riesenrad, Musik Express, Rutsche,

Top Spin, Mach 5, Airgate, Geister-Hotel,


Participants: ca. 100

35390 Gießen

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 14.04.

Gießen Marketing GmbH

Go-Kartbahn, Seesturmbahn, Breakdance,

Twister-Coaster, Kristall-Grotte, G-Force, No


Participants: ca. 50

37669 Höxter/Weser

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

38226 Salzgitter-Lebenstedt

■ Ostermarkt until 07.04.

Vorlop GbR/Salzgitter

Devil Dance, Breakdance, Jaguar, Kettenflieger

40235 Düsseldorf-Grafenberg

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Schaustellerverband Düsseldorf

Breakdance, Rainbow, Schlager Express, Hollywood

Star, Speedy Gonzales, Crazy Halloween

Participants: ca. 40

41061 Mönchengladbach

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

41199 Mönchengladbach-Odenkirch

■ Osterkirmes until 02.04.

42283 Wuppertal-Barmen

■ Osterkirmes until 14.04.

Schaustellerverein Wuppertal e.V.

44791 Bochum

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Bochum Marketing GmbH

Big Wave, Musik Express, Water-Walkingballs

45355 Essen-Borbeck

■ Oster-Kirmes until 07.04.

I.G.S. mbH/Ritter+Müller/Essen

45770 Marl-Hüls

■ Osterkirmes until 02.04.

S.V. Recklinghausen/Marl

45883 Gelsenkirchen-Feldmark

■ Osterkirmes until 02.04.

Ruppert-Arens Veranstaltungen/GE

47169 Duisburg-Walsum

■ Osterkirmes until 01.04.

47226 Duisburg-Rheinhausen

■ Osterkirmes Hochemmerich

until 07.04.

Schausteller Duisburg Event GmbH

49465 Ibbenbüren

■ Osterkirmes until 01.04.

Schaustellerverband Weser-Ems

50126 Bergheim

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

F.von der Gathen/Elsdorf

Riesenrad, Alpha 1, Intoxx, Dschungel Express,


50354 Hürth

■ Hermülheimer Osterkirmes

until 02.04.

50679 Köln-Deutz

■ Frühlingsvolksfest until 14.04.


Riesenrad, Wilde Maus, XXL, Wellenflug, Breakdance,

Booster Maxxx, Rio Rapidos, Octopussy,

Tower, Geisterstadt, Freddy’s Company

52074 Aachen

■ Frühjahrsbend until 15.04.

Eurogress Aachen

Spinning Racer, The King, Gladiator, Around

the World, Riesenrad, Voodoo Jumper, Südseewellen,

Shake, Beach Party, Simulator, Willy

der Wurm, Bungee-Trampolin, Geisterbahn,

Magic House, Apres Ski Party, Kristallpalast

Participants: ca. 120

53225 Bonn-Beuel

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Bonner Veranstaltungs-ArGe

53894 Mechernich-Kommern

■ Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal

until 07.04.

Rheinland Kultur GmbH

Raupenbahn, Nostalgie-Riesenrad, Kettenflieger,

Geister-Express, Flohzirkus, Schaubude,

Auf der Reeperbahn, Kuriositäten-Kabinett

Participants: ca. 70

58097 Hagen

■ Höinger Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Hagener S.V. 1907 e.V.


Breakdance, Schwanenflieger, Verrücktes

Hotel, Flipper, Wilde Maus, Sky Trip

58636 Iserlohn

■ Osterkirmes until 07.04.

Schausteller Iserlohn GbR

Musik Express, Breakdance, Hully Gully, Frisbee,

Riesenrad, Brasil, Simulator

61197 Florstadt

■ Frühlingsfest until 01.04.


66299 Friedrichsthal

■ Osterkirmes until 03.04.

66333 Völklingen

■ Ostermarkt until 07.04.


Spin Ball, Tropical Trip, Super-Jumper, Tarantella,

Simulator, Bungee-Trampolin, Nostalgie-


Participants: ca. 45

66424 Homburg/Saar

■ Osterkirmes until 02.04.

67227 Frankenthal

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 07.04.


Revolution, Shake, Musik Express, Magic, Simulator

Participants: ca. 50

67343 Speyer

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 07.04.


Tal der Könige, Riesenrad, High Impress, Chaos,

Himalaya, Freddys Circus, Doggy Dog

Participants: ca. 80

68623 Lampertheim

■ Ostermarkt until 02.04.


72458 Albstadt-Ebingen

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.


76137 Karlsruhe

■ Frühlingsfest until 08.04.

Schaustellerverband Sitz Karlsruhe e.V.

Hollywood Star, Dance Express, Olympia-Express,

Hully Gully, Flipper, Monsterhaus, Crazy

Town, Riesenrad

76448 Durmersheim

■ Bickesheimer Frühjahrsmarkt

until 02.04.

77694 Kehl

■ Ostermarkt until 07.04.

Fa. Theo Hahn/Schwanau

The Beast, Wildwasserbahn, Breakdance,

Riesenrad, Taiga Jet, Adrenalin, Simulator, Irrgarten,


Participants: ca. 40

78054 Villingen-Schwenningen

■ Schwenninger Frühlingsfest

until 07.04.


Schlittenfahrt, Simulator, Wellenflug, Walking-

Waterballs, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 25

79576 Weil am Rhein

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 07.04.


90478 Nürnberg

■ Frühlingsfest until 14.04.


Berg & Tal, Wilde Maus, Wildwasserbahn, Riesenrad,

Power Tower, Hot Shot, Rocket, Flip

Fly, Cyber Space, Space Party, Eclipse, Breakdance,

Wellenflug, Rund um den Tegernsee,

Disco Express, Go-Kartbahn, Water-Walkingballs,

Euro-Rutsche, 2 x Bungee-Trampolin,

Gaudi-Hütt’n, Horror-World, Lach+Freu-

Haus, Krumm & Schief Bau, Geister-Schlange,

Panic Room

Participants: ca. 170

91051 Erlangen

■ Frühlingsvolksfest until 07.04.

Ver.z.Förderung von Volksfeste

91438 Bad Windsheim

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.

Kur-, Kongress-, und Touristik-GmbH

Dancing Monster, Magic, Der Burner

Participants: ca. 20

95444 Bayreuth

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.

Service- & Veranstaltungs-GmbH

Happy Monster, Super-Hupferl, Dschungel

Train, Bayern-Breaker

Participants: ca. 25

96047 Bamberg

■ Frühjahrsplärrer until 14.04.


Swing Time, Wildwasserbahn, Domino, Star

Dancer, Bungee-Trampolin, Magic, Riesenrad,

Kettenflieger, Geisterbahn, Street Style

Participants: ca. 50

97318 Kitzingen

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.


99084 Erfurt

■ Altstadtfrühlingsfest until 14.04.


Flash, Flipper, Heartbreaker, Crazy Mouse,

Schunkler, Musik Express, Spuk, Montgolfiere,

Bayern-Rutsch’n, Jumanji

Participants: ca. 40

99974 Mühlhausen

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.


Breakdance, Tornado, Drop Attack, Twister,


Participants: ca. 30

A Oberalm/Salzburg

■ Osterdult Kirtag until 01.04.

B Charleroi

■ Foire de Pâques until 22.04.

CH Rapperswil

■ Osterchilbi until 07.04.

CH Zug

■ Osterchilbi until 07.04.

F Longwy

■ Fête Foraine de Paques

until 14.04.

F Nantes

■ Grande Fête Foraine until 21.04.

F Saint-Dizier

■ Foire de Pâques until 14.04.

NL Bergen op Zoom

■ Bergse Kermis until 07.04.

NL Enschede

■ Paaskermis until 07.04.

NL Wormerveer

■ Paaskermis until 07.04.


59555 Lippstadt

■ Osterkimes

until 07.04.

S.V. Lippstadt e.V.

86153 Augsburg

■ Frühjahrsplärrer until 14.04.


Cobra, Wellenflug, Top Spin, Riesenrad, XXL,

Breakdance, Fahrt zur Hölle, Leopardenspur,

Flipper, Pirates Adventure

Participants: ca. 85

CH Bremgarten

■ Ostermarkt until 01.04.

GB Heath

■ Common Easter Fair until 02.04.


GB Wakefield, W. Yorks.

■ Easter Fair until 02.04.


84347 Pfarrkirchen

■ Rottaler Volksfest until 07.04.


NL Waalwijk

■ Voorjaarskermis until 07.04.


13051 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

■ Frühlingsfest until 07.04.


21660 Stade

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 08.04.


Rock Express, Simulator, Round Up, Scheibenwischer

Participants: ca. 30

84539 Ampfing

■ Volksfest until 09.04.

A Dornbirn

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 07.04.

GB Crystal Palace, London

■ Spring Fair until 14.04.

GB Great Yarmouth, Norf

■ Easter Fair until 06.04.

NL Amsterdam-Noord

■ Megakermis until 14.04.


14974 Ludwigsfelde

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 08.04.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

Nostalgie-Riesenrad, Breakdance, Simulator,

Fantastic World

Participants: ca. 25

31582 Nienburg/Weser

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 07.04.


Polyp, Breakdance, Scheibenwischer

37574 Einbeck

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 08.04.

45701 Herten-Westerholt

■ Frühjahrskirmes

until 07.04.

65189 Wiesbaden

■ Frühlingsfest until 08.04.

Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH

Breakdance, Safarie Trip, Twister, Hip Hop Fly,

Musik Express, Walk of Fame, Simulator

97425 Schweinfurt

■ Vogelschuß- und Schützenfest

until 14.04.


A Klagenfurt

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 07.04.

GB Chingford Plain, London

■ Fair until 07.04.


04552 Borna

■ Frühlingsfest until 14.04.


06667 Weißenfels

■ Frühjahrsfest until 14.04.


26603 Aurich

■ Ostermarkt until 09.04.

V.r.Schausteller Ostfriesland e.V./Leer

39418 Staßfurt

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 14.04.


56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen

■ Frühlingsfest until 08.04.

64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

■ Mörfeldener Frühlingsfest

until 09.04.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

F Arras

■ Foire aux Manège until 21.04.

F Bayonne

■ Fête Foraine until 01.05.

F Blois

■ Fête Foraine de Printemps

until 28.04.

Participants: ca. 50

F Lille

■ Foire aux Manèges du Printemps

until 05.05.

F Montpellier

■ Foire aux Manèges until 01.05.

F Pau

■ Fête Foraine de Printemps

until 21.04.


CH Sankt Gallen

■ Frühlingsjahrmarkt, OFFA

until 14.04.

NL Maarssen-Maarsseveen

■ Kermis until 14.04.


A Sankt Pölten

■ WISA-Messe until 14.04.

GB Bournemouth, Dorset

■ Easter Fair until 21.04.



06749 Bitterfeld

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.


Breakdance, Twister



08289 Schneeberg

■ Frühlingsfest until 14.04.


14770 Brandenburg/Havel

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.

BSV GmbH/Berlin

15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 15.04.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

Nostalgie-Riesenrad, Tornado, Simulator,

Fantastic World

21493 Schwarzenbek

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 14.04.

21614 Buxtehude

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 14.04.

24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

■ Frühjahrsvolksfest until 14.04.

24589 Nortorf

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 14.04.


24768 Rendsburg

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 15.04.


26316 Varel

■ Frühjahrsfest until 15.04.

26802 Moormerland

■ Frühjahrsfest until 15.04.

29664 Walsrode

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 14.04.

32657 Lemgo

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 15.04.


33428 Harsewinkel

■ Kleesamenmarkt until 15.04.

37520 Osterode/Harz

■ Frühlingsfest until 16.04.

H.Theile/Bad Gandersheim

38259 Salzgitter-Bad

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 15.04.

Vorlop GbR/Salzgitter

Devil Dance, Breakdance, Jaguar

44141 Dortmund-Hörde

■ Hörder Frühling until 14.04.

44575 Castrop-Rauxel

■ Castroper Frühlingskirmes

until 15.04.


Frisbee, Disco Dance, Schwanenflieger, Breakdance,

Musik Express, Phoenix, Verrücktes

Hotel, Simulator

48455 Bad Bentheim

■ Frühlingsmarkt mit Kirmes

until 14.04.

Heskamp Event/Rheine

58089 Hagen-Vorhalle

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 15.04.

Hagener S.V. 1907 e.V.

58135 Hagen-Haspe

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 15.04.

Hagener S.V. 1907 e.V.

66386 Sankt Ingbert

■ Frühlingsfest until 15.04.


Taiga Jet, Tropical Trip

67059 Ludwigshafen/Rhein

■ Frühlingszauber until 16.04.


Musik Express

Participants: ca. 50

82178 Puchheim

■ Volksfest until 21.04.

84028 Landshut

■ Frühjahrsdult until 21.04.


Hupferl, Psycho, Riesenrad, Roll Over, Around

the World, Happy Monster, Crazy Mouse, Der

Burner, Allround, Toboggan, Musik Express

Participants: ca. 70


09405 Zschopau

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.



Participants: ca. 15

26197 Großenkneten

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 15.04.

26352 Wilhelmshaven

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.

Schaustellerverein Wilhelmshaven

27749 Delmenhorst

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 17.04.


Breakdance, Disco-Bahn, Rocket, Air-Gate,

Rutsche, Riesenrad, Psychodelic, Simulator

Participants: ca. 125

40213 Düsseldorf-Mitte

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.

Schaustellerverband Düsseldorf

Wildwasserbahn, Breakdance, Rainbow,

Schlager-Express, Hollywood Star, Speedy

Gonzales, Crazy Halloween

41334 Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen

■ Frühkirmes until 16.04.

47807 Krefeld-Fischeln

■ Kirmes until 15.04.


48324 Sendenhorst

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 15.04.

63329 Egelsbach

■ Frühlingsfest until 16.04.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

66125 Saarbrücken-Dudweiler

■ Frühlingsfest until 16.04.

68542 Heddesheim

■ Frühlingsfest until 15.04.


68723 Oftersheim

■ Frühlingsfest until 16.04.

78465 Konstanz

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 21.04.


Riesenrad, Magic, Extrem, Schlittenfahrt, Simulator,

Freddys Circus, Kettenflieger, Water-

Walkingballs, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 30

97762 Hammelburg

■ Volksfest until 21.04.

CH Bern

■ Lunapark Schützenmatte

until 28.04.

CH Uster

■ Frühlingsmarkt until 14.04.

F Caen

■ Foire de Pâques until 05.05.


48291 Telgte-Westbevern

■ Kirmes until 15.04.

Wirtschaftsbetr. Telgte GmbH


ES Sevilla

■ Feria de Abril until 21.04.


GB Kirkcaldy, Fife

■ Links Market Fair until 22.04.

NL Leeuwarden

■ Lunatokermis until 21.04.


01968 Senftenberg

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 22.04.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

Nostalgie-Riesenrad, Musik Express, Simulator,

Fantastic World

Participants: ca. 20

04177 Leipzig

■ Frühjahrskleinmesse until 12.05.

Leipziger Schaustellerverein

Euro-Coaster, Wilde Maus, Riesenrad, Devil

Rock, Frisbee, Musik Palast, Magic, Flipper,

Breakdance, Fliegender Teppich, Hollywood

Star, Geisterbahn, Freddy’s Company, Gaudi-

Hütt’n, Villa Kunterbunt

Participants: ca. 100

04910 Elsterwerda

■ Frühlings- und Gewerbefest

until 21.04.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Raupenbahn, Tornado,

Free Fall, House of Horror

Participants: ca. 40

09376 Oelsnitz

■ Frühlingsfest until 21.04.


21423 Winsen/Luhe

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 22.04.


Breakdance, Kettenflieger

23843 Bad Oldesloe

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 21.04.

Lübecker Veranstaltungs-GmbH

24103 Kiel

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 28.04.

Closed on Wednesday


Jet Force, Riesenrad, Musik Express, Breakdance,

Drachen, Labyrinth, Pharaos Rache

Participants: ca. 75

27442 Gnarrenburg

■ Frühlingsmarkt until 21.04.

32469 Petershagen/Weser

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 21.04.

33818 Leopoldshöhe

■ Frühlingsmarkt until 21.04.

35415 Pohlheim

■ Wiesenfest until 30.04.

35745 Herborn

■ Frühlings- und Volksfest

until 22.04.

Veranstaltungsbüro Wagner/Buseck-Beuern

42499 Hückeswagen

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 22.04.

Frank G.Schmidt/Remscheid

45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 21.04.

48346 Ostbevern

■ Kirmes until 21.04.

49124 Georgsmarienhütte

■ Hüttenmarkt until 21.04.


49356 Diepholz

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 21.04.


49525 Lengerich

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 21.04.


52249 Eschweiler

■ Inde-Kirmes until 22.04.

52477 Alsdorf/Weiher

■ Frühlingsfest until 22.04.

53894 Mechernich

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 22.04.

58285 Gevelsberg

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 22.04.

Hagener S.V. 1907 e.V.

59073 Hamm-Heessen

■ Dorfkirmes until 21.04.


59174 Kamen

■ Frühlingskirmes until 22.04.


64289 Darmstadt

■ Frühjahrsmesse until 29.04.


Rutsche, Breakdance, Riesenrad, Geisterbahn,

Wellenflug, Booster Maxxx, Skipper,

Dschungel Train

Participants: ca. 110

80336 München

■ Frühlingsfest until 05.05.


84307 Eggenfelden

■ Gerner Dult until 29.04.

Gutsverwaltung Gern

Top Spin, The Beast, Alpenrausch, Magic,

Nostalgie-Riersenrad, Route 66

Participants: ca. 35

89407 Dillingen/Donau

■ Frühlingsvolksfest until 23.04.


Disco-Flyer, G-Force, Euro-Rutsche, Jump

Street, Hopser, Simulator, Walk of Fame, Tornado

Participants: ca. 30

90513 Zirndorf

■ Frühlingsfest until 22.04.


91126 Schwabach

■ Frühlingsfest until 23.04.

91522 Ansbach-Katterbach

■ Deutsch-Amerikanisches

Volksfest until 21.04.

Uebel & Sachs/Niederwerrn

95326 Kulmbach

■ Volksfest until 28.04.


95643 Tirschenreuth

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 22.04.


96450 Coburg

■ Frühlingsfest until 28.04.

S.V.r.S - R.Pazdera/Lautertal

Riesenrad, Polyp, Twister, Free Style, Super

Tower, Simulator

Participants: ca. 40

B Brugge=Bruges

■ Meifoor until 12.05.

CH Bellinzona

■ Luna Park until 05.05.

GB Lincoln

■ April Pleasure Fair until 27.04.

NL Den Haag

■ Koninginnekermis until 05.05.


07545 Gera

■ Frühlingsvolksfest until 05.05.

Kultur- & Veranstaltungsmanagement/Gera

Crazy Mouse, Musik Express, Tanz der Vampire,

Riesenrad, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 30

25355 Barmstedt

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 22.04.

33098 Paderborn

■ Lunapark-Kirmes until 28.04.


Wilde Maus, Flash, 1001 Nacht, Simulator,

Breakdance, Musik Express, Remmi Demmi,


Participants: ca. 60

47839 Krefeld-Linn

■ Kirmes until 22.04.


49439 Steinfeld/Oldenburg

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 22.04.


49535 Badbergen/Quakenbrück

■ Badberger Kirmes until 22.04.


51427 Bergisch Gladbach-Refrath

■ Kirmes until 22.04.

63263 Neu-Isenburg

■ Volks- und Frühlingsfest

until 28.04.

Ferling GbR/Offenbach

69207 Sandhausen

■ Frühlingsfest until 23.04.


70372 Stuttgart

■ Frühlingsfest until 12.05.

in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungs GmbH

Alpina-Bahn, Wildwasserbahn, Wilde Maus,

Go-Kartbahn, Power Tower, Hot Shot, Wellenflug,

Polyp, Revolution, Turbo Force, Transformer,

The King, XXL, Flipper, Star Flyer, Musik

Express, Musik-Shop, Happy Sailor, Breakdance,

Shake, Disco-Fieber, Circus Circus,

Riesenrad, Boxbude, Daemonium, Geisterschlange,

Aqua Velis, Hollywood, Krumm &

Schief Bau, Big Bamboo, Geheimnisse des

Orients, Kristallpalast, Rutsche, The Game, Simulator

Participants: ca. 215

73431 Aalen

■ Frühlingsfest until 28.04.

87509 Immenstad

■ Frühlingsfest until 28.04.

E.Diebold jr./Augsburg

B Vilvoorde=Vilvorde

■ Troostkermis until 28.04.

F Millau

■ Fête Foraine until 12.05.

NL Rotterdam

■ Koninginnekermis until 05.05.


85399 Hallbergmoos

■ Volksfest until 28.04.


NL Apeldoorn

■ Koninginnekermis until 02.05.

NL Haarlem

■ Zaanenlaan Kermis until 05.05.

NL Haarlem

■ Centrum-Kermis until 09.05.

NL Hilversum

■ Koninginnekermis until 05.05.


09111 Chemnitz

■ Frühlingsfes until 05.05.

M.S.V. e.V. Chemnitz

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Juke-Box, Musik Express,

Wellenflug, Fantastic World

Participants: ca. 50

22880 Wedel

■ Ochsenmarkt until 28.04.


Participants: ca. 35

31785 Hameln

■ Rattenfänger - Frühjahrskirmes

until 28.04.

Deister Event/Lauenau

Free Style, Mexico-City, Scheibenwischer,

Musik Express

Participants: ca. 50

86668 Karlshuld

■ Donaumoosvolksfest until 30.04.

Gemeinde + P.Winterholler

Sweety Star

GB Ealing, London

■ May Bank Holiday Fair until 06.05.

GB Maidstone, Kent

■ May Day Bank Holiday Fair

until 06.05.


08059 Zwickau

■ Frühlingsfest until 12.05.

Zwickauer Volksfeste GmbH

12057 Berlin-Neukölln

■ Maientage until 20.05.


Take Off, Atlantis Rafting, Breakdance, Shaker,

U 3000, Hippie Trip, Around the World,

Melodie Star, Achterbahn, Apres Ski Party

Participants: ca. 90

21335 Lüneburg

■ Frühjahrsmarkt

until 29.04.


Musik Express, Time Factory, Riesenrad, Breakdance,

Rocket, Devil Dance

Participants: ca. 60

23909 Ratzeburg

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 28.04.

24576 Bad Bramstedt

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 28.04.

27404 Zeven

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 29.04.

27568 Bremerhaven

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 05.05.

ArGe Bremerhavener Märkte

Avenger, Breakdance, Schlittenfahrt, Mach 5,

Kuddel der Hai, Psychodelic, Water-Walkingballs

Participants: ca. 100

29614 Soltau

■ Frühjahrsfest until 28.04.

32130 Enger

■ Kirschblütenfest until 28.04.

36381 Schlüchtern

■ Helle Markt until 28.04.

Gewerbe- und Verkehrsverein

42858 Remscheid

■ Große Maikirmes until 05.05.

Schützenverein 1816/Remscheid

45357 Essen-Dellwig

■ Happy Days Kirmes until 29.04.

47799 Krefeld

■ Frühjahrs-Sprödentalkirmes

until 05.05.


48607 Ochtrup

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 29.04.


48727 Billerbeck

■ Kirmes until 28.04.

49401 Damme

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 28.04.

49497 Mettingen

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 28.04.

49565 Bramsche

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 29.04.

56073 Koblenz

■ Frühjahrsmess until 05.05.

57076 Siegen-Weidenau

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 01.05.


Breakdance, Allround, Musik Express

Participants: ca. 35

58119 Hohenlimburg/Hagen

■ Innenstadtkirmes/Lenne in Flammen

until 28.04.

59423 Unna

■ Mai-Kirmes until 29.04.

Stadthalle Unna

Breakdance, Musik Express, Scirocco, Shaker,


Participants: ca. 80

59939 Olsberg

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 28.04.


61191 Rosbach v.d. Höhe

■ Blütenfest until 29.04.

65428 Rüsselsheim

■ MaiN-Fest until 30.04.


Double Jump, Simulator, Fantasy Dream, Twister,

Breakdance, Kettenflieger, Safarie-Trip

Participants: ca. 75

66115 Saarbrücken

■ Maifest until 13.05.


Riesenrad, Wildwasserbahn, Crazy Halloween,

Polyp, Tropical Trip, Music-Swing, Safarie

Express, Chaos

Participants: ca. 40

74072 Heilbronn

■ Maifest until 01.05.

ArGe Maifest

Extrem, Joker, Dance Express, Breakdance,

Hollywood Star, Monsterhaus, Atlantis, Silbermine,

Kettenflieger, Simulator, Mäuse-Spektakel

76437 Rastatt

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 01.05.


Spinball, Himalaya, Taumler, Flipper, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 40

82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

■ Frühlingsfest until 05.05.


83395 Freilassing

■ Mai-Wies'n until 05.05.

Zeltbetr. B.Hell/Freilassing

XXL-Krake, Free Style, Geisterhöhle

84518 Garching/Alz

■ Volksfest until 01.05.

84533 Marktl/Inn

■ Volksfest

until 30.04.

85077 Manching-Oberstimm

■ Frühlingsfest

until 28.04.


85368 Moosburg/Isar

■ Frühlingsfest

until 01.05.


88239 Wangen

■ Frühlingsfest mit Jahrmarkt

until 29.04.


91154 Roth

■ Kirchweih

until 29.04.


92318 Neumarkt

■ Frühlingsfest

until 01.05.


Top Spin, Happy Traveller, Wellenflug, Happy


Participants: ca. 30

92637 Weiden

■ Frühlingsfest until 05.05.


94032 Passau

■ Maidult

until 05.05.

Passau Event GmbH

Riesenrad, Wellenflug, Geisterstadt, Cobra,

Der Burner, G-Force, Scheibenwischer, Happy

Monster, Amazonas, Freddys Circus

Participants: ca. 100

94469 Deggendorf

■ VDK-Frühlingsfest

until 06.05.

VDK-Ortsverband Deggendorf

Riesenrad, Hawaii Swing, Himalaya, Star Dancer,

Kettenflieger, Street Fighter, Walk of Fame

Participants: ca. 60



A Berndorf/St.Veit

■ Volksfest until 01.05.

B Genk

■ Éénmeikermis until 06.05.

CH Frauenfeld

■ Chilbi until 29.04.

CH Luzern

■ LUGA, Luna-Park

until 05.05.

F Audincourt

■ Fête Patronale de Mai until 05.05.

F Tours

■ Fête Foraine until 20.05.

GB Reading, Berks

■ May Fair until 06.05.

NL Den Helder

■ Voorjaarskermis until 05.05.

NL Emmeloord

■ Koninginnekermis until 05.05.


06712 Zeitz/Elster

■ Volks- und Maifest until 01.05.

15926 Luckau

■ Gewerbefest until 28.04.

26689 Apen

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 29.04.

26721 Emden

■ Borssumer Mai-Markt until 01.05.

37154 Northeim

■ Frühlingsfest until 01.05.

39576 Stendal

■ Frühlingsfest until 05.05.

42329 Wuppertal-Vohwinkel

■ Kirmes until 01.05.

42551 Velbert

■ Maikirmes until 01.05.


Musik Express, Breakdance, Simulator, Beach


45525 Hattingen

■ Maikirmes until 01.05.


Breakdance, Love Express, Salto Mortale,


46483 Wesel

■ Maikirmes until 01.05.

47279 Duisburg-Wedau

■ Maikirmes until 05.05.

47929 Grefrath

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 01.05.

49377 Vechta

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 28.04.


52348 Düren

■ Maimarkt until 01.05.


Jaguar, Kettenflieger, Big Wave

63128 Dietzenbach

■ Volksfest until 01.05.

64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

■ Frühlingsfest Walld. until 01.05.

65343 Eltville/Rhein

■ Frühlingsfest until 29.04.

65934 Frankfurt-Nied

■ Kirchweih until 05.05.

66292 Riegelsberg

■ Frühjahrskirmes until 29.04.

68169 Mannheim

■ Maimess until 12.05.

City Events, GrossMarkt Mannheim GmbH

Rock & Roller Coaster, Wildwasserbahn, Go-

Kartbahn, Inversion, Bayern-Breaker, Magic,

Beach Party, Wellenflug, Starlight, Virus, Tower,

Pirates Adventure, Fun Street, Geisterbahn,

Simulator, Riesenrad

69190 Walldorf

■ Maifeier until 01.05.

76825 Landau/Pfalz

■ Maimarkt until 06.05.


Riesenrad, Krake, High Impress, Taiga Jet,

Twister-Coaster, Domino

78244 Gottmadingen

■ Frühjahrsmarkt until 29.04.


Kettenflieger, Simulator

81541 München-Au

■ Maidult until 05.05.

A Linz

■ Urfahraner Frühjahrsmarkt

until 05.05.

Wildwasserbahn, Black Out, Breakdance,

Chaos, Crazy Boat, Crazy Surf, Crazy Mouse,

Drachen, Drachenpalast, Bungee-Trampolin,

Frisbee, Geisterbahn, Kamikaze, Kettenflieger,

Magic, Magic Dreamland, Panic, Schlittenfahrt,

Riesenrad, Simulator, Water-Walkingballs,


F Aurillac

■ Fête la Saint-Urbain until 26.05.


83454 Anger

■ Kirta until 29.04.


38448 Wolfsburg

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 12.05.

Vorlop GbR/Salzgitter

Katz & Maus, Haunted Mansion, Flasher, Wellenflug,

Big Monster, Black Hole, Freddy’s

Company, Beach Jumper, Devil Dance, Artistico,

Wildwasserbahn, Breakdance, Rutsche,

Jaguar, Riesenrad

53359 Rheinbach

■ Maikirmes until 05.05.

66953 Pirmasens

■ Maimarkt until 12.05.


Breakdance, Musik Express, Riesenrad, Fantasy


97215 Uffenheim

■ Walpurgifest until 05.05.

Fa. R.Baumeister e.K/Würzburg

Jump Street, Simulator, Extrem

No responsibility for accuracy!


in der

Die Kirmes & Park Revue ist das

ideale Medium für Ausschreibungen

Ihrer Volksfeste und Weihnachtsmärkte.

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer

Veranstaltung in der Kirmes & Park

Revue erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend

die Schaustellerbetriebe in

Deutschland und in unseren Nachbarländern

– und das zu einem

außergewöhnlich günstigen Preis.

Dazu genießen Sie mit Ihrer

Ausschreibung folgende Vorteile:

• Bei Mangel an geeigneten

Bewerbern oder kurzfristigen

Absagen von Schaustellern

haben Sie die Möglichkeit einer

kostenlosen Suchanfrage in

der Service-Rubrik

„Freie Termine – Freie Plätze”

in der Kirmes & Park Revue

• Kostenlose Gestaltung Ihrer


• alle Farben (z. B. Städte- oder

Firmenlogo) kostenlos !

GEMI Verlags GmbH

Pfaffenhofener Straße 3

85293 Reichertshausen

Telefon: 0 84 41 / 40 22 - 0

Telefax: 0 84 41/71846

E-mail: info@gemiverlag.de






Hundreds of suppliers,

innovative ideas, and

unlimited opportunities

await you in Singapore.



Asian Attractions Expo 2013

Conference: 4–7 June 2013

Exhibition: 5–7 June 2013

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

To attend or exhibit, go to



Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 78,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 45,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 99,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 111,– E inkl. Porto und Versand

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:

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gültig bis:

Das Abonnement verlängert sich jeweils um ein weiteres Jahr, wenn es nicht spätestens 6 Wochen vor Ablauf schriftlich gekündigt wurde.



PLZ/Ort Datum Unterschrift

Bitte einsenden an: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Diese Bestellung kann ich innerhalb von 10 Tagen schriftlich bei der Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen widerrufen.

Die Widerrufsfrist beginnt 3 Tage nach Datum des Poststempels meiner Bestellung. Zur Wahrung der Frist genügt das rechtzeitige Absenden.




I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 90,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 6 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 51,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 111,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ Europe airmail and other countries at a subscription price of 123,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ I will pay by credit card. ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express

Card Nr.:

Expiry Date:

❑ I require an invoice.

The subscription is automatically extended a further year if a written cancellation is not received 6 weeks prior to the end of the subscription.



Postcode/City Date Signature

Please send to: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.




Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

D-34613 Ziegenhain

Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 06691/3536

Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97



Erstklassige Verkaufsgeschäfte

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt


Immediate sale Breakdance

Huss built '94. TÜV ok, X-

Rays: with verification. Partexchange

possible. Info: +

49 (0)1577/2396598, or



Photo paper from warehouse

at cheap price. Global Electronics

Tel: + 49(0)202/2720131,

Fax: + 49 (0)202/2720132,


Cash buyer searching for

cars from ride type L’Autopede

from Belgium, please offer

all you have. Tel: + 31



Moderator vacancy for major

ride, build up and dismantling,

also available for permanent

position, with 25 years experience.

Tel. + 49


Moderator vacancy for major

ride Shaker Tel: + 49



Searching for used pedal

cars from Metallbau Emmeln,

please offer all you have. Tel.

+ 49 (0)172/7552921

Searching for Mack Musik

Express or Petersburg Alpine

Bob on lease or rental basis.

Tel: + 49 (0)160/2076390

Foreman vacancy for Walkthrough

construction. Well

paid. Contact Gemi Verlag

Gmbh – Code No K01-04/13.

Polish manpower, you will find

personnel here from Poland.

Tel. 0048-604891314

Rumanian employees, you

will find personnel here from

Rumania for your showman

operation. Tel. 0040-



zu verkaufen

Besichtigung vom 30.4. bis 12.5.13

auf dem Schützenfest in Wolfsburg

Tel. 0171 / 4 14 49 56


vielseitig einsetzbar

leichte Bauweise

10 x 7 m

Datenanlieferung für Anzeigen

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an


Info: Tel. 08441/402213


2 Säulen Scooter

Bj. 2006 • Fahrbahngröße 13 x 26 m

hohes Dach, Aluplatte auf Mittelbau

Tel. 0177 / 835 54 28




• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All types of tarpaulins according to

your requirements, for large and small

ride, show, and walk-through operations


Vrijkenstraat 2

6088 PA Roggel NL

Ph. (0031) 475/492445

Fax (0031) 475/494390


Ihre e Kasse K


Wollen auch Sie, dass Ihr

und Ihr Geschäft zum Tagesgespräch wird, dann fordern Sie unseren Katalog

mit mechanisch beweglichen Reklamefiguren an. Selbstverständlich

sind wir auch in der Lage, SONDERANFERTIGUNGEN nach Ihren Wünschen

zu gestalten. Wir sind seit nunmehr 36 Jahren Ihr zuverlässiger Partner.

Besuchen Sie uns auch im Internet (mit Video).

Peter Stühler • Werbefiguren • Horst Baumann e.K.

Karl-Bröger-Str. 32 • 90765 Fürth • Tel. 0911 / 79 36 60 • Fax 79 38 29

E-Mail: info@peter-stuehler.de • Internet: www.peter-stuehler.de


Sonderteile in der nächsten Ausgabe der Kirmes & Park Revue:

Regensburger Maidult (09.–26. Mai)

Erlanger Bergkirchweih (16.–27. Mai)

Salzburger Dult (18.–26. Mai)

Anzeigenschluss ist der 10. April.

Infos zu Anzeigen: Tel. 08441/402213 • E-Mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de

Discover how to save money!!

Buying or selling an amusement ride?

We speak English, German,

Dutch and French.

Take advantage of decades of international knowledge

and experience. Receive professional advice

from your personal consultant,

from the first to the last step.

Leeghwaterlaan 2

7424 AD Deventer (NL)

Tel. +31 570513214

Mob. +31 655740228





…keiner steht schneller!

02 28

46 69 89

Fax 461564

53227 Bonn (Beuel) Röhfeldstr. 27

BAB 59 - Abf. Pützchen


Rolf Auf dem Berge


Focal point: traffic law and claims for damages

Am Markt 14

49565 Bramsche

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61 / 30 30

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61 / 26 41

Mobile +49 (0) 1 72 / 301 96 94

E-Mail: rae-auf-dem-berge@web.de


Gerd Römgens

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich


Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken

Klaus Rübenstrunk

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de






















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11,- €

5 lines::

14,- €

6 lines::

17,- €

7 lines::

20,- €

8 lines::

23,- €

9 lines::

26,- €

10 lines::

29,- €



Text price for 1x Edition €

❑ Please insert my advertisment under a code number (Cost 5,– €) €

❑ Specimen copy (5,50 € incl. postage & handling per edition) €

❑ The advertisment should appear for months (Multiply by total price) €

❑ 10 % discount for 12 months ❑ 5 % discount for 6 months €

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❑ Visa ❑ Matercard ❑ Diners Club ❑


Christian Name



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Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

American Express


rate for

1-3 Lines:

8,- €

D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97



Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt


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❑ Deadlines

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please contact us on

Tel. 49 (0 ) 8441/40 22 13

Please send to:

Gemi Verlags GmbH


85291 Reichertshausen

Please complete

without fail!

– Publication only by advanced payment or credit card. –


Öffentliche Veranstalter-Ausschreibung

Weihnachtsmarkt Venlo/NL (Fußgängerzone)

für 3 Jahre: 2013/2014/2015

Veranstalterbewerbungen bitte bis zum 29.04.2013

(Posteingang) an

Kerstmarkt Venlo Gruppe

per E-Mail: kvg-event@gmx.de

Konzeptvorstellung nur in persönl. Termin


17.05.– 20.05.2013 • Pfingstfest


01.06.– 09.06.2013 • Sommerfest


13.06.– 16.06.2013 • Sommerfest

Gesucht werden Geschäfte aller Art.

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen an:

Mario Siewiera • Blankenburger Str. 45 • 06484 Quedlinburg

Bewerber, die bis 30.04.13 keine Zusage erhalten, können davon ausgehen, dass

ihre Bewerbung nicht berücksichtigt wurde. Eine gesonderte Absage erfolgt nicht.

Datenanlieferung für Anzeigen

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an




In April & May 2013 the

is available at the following:

• Erfurt Altstadtfrühlingsfest (30. 03. bis 14. 04.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Bremen Ostwerwiese (22. 03. bis 07. 04.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Hamburg Dom-Frühlingsfest (22. 03. bis 21. 04.) bei "Happy Family"

• Neumarkt/Oberpfalz Frühlingsfest (26. bis 30. 04.) bei "Happy Family"

• Saarbrücken Maifest (26. 04. bis 13. 05.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Stuttgart Frühlingsfest (20. 04. bis 12. 05.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Freiburg Frühjahrsmesse (17. 05. bis 27. 05.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Menden Pfingstkirmes (18. 05. bis 21. 05) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Dülmen Dreifaltigkeitskirmes (24. 05. bis 27. 05.) bei "Montgolfiere"

Anzeigenschluss für das Maiheft

ist Mittwoch, 10. April



Suchen Sie noch Geschäfte für Ihre Veranstaltung? Oder haben Sie mit Ihrem Geschäft noch Termine frei? Hier können Sie Ihre Anfrage veröffentlichen.

Für Veranstalter, die bereits in der Kirmes & Park Revue ausgeschrieben haben, ist dieser Service kostenfrei.

Für alle anderen Interessenten beträgt der Preis pro Veröffentlichung: bis 3 Zeilen € 25,- + Mwst., für 4-6 Zeilen € 40,- + Mwst.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ralf Schmitt, Tel. 08441-402226, Fax 08441-71846, E-mail: ralf.schmitt@gemiverlag.de


• „Super Tower” frei vom 1. bis 4.

Sonntag im Juni sowie am 4. Sonntag im

Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

• Riesenrad (38 m) frei am 4. Sonntag

im Mai und 4. Sonntag im Juni. Tel.: 0178-


• Bungee-Trampolin-Anlage hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Flipper hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0163-


• Scheibenwischer frei vom 2. Sonntag

im Juni bis 1. Sonntag im Juli, 3. Sonntag

im August, 5. Sonntag im September

sowie1. und 4. Sonntag im Oktober. Tel.:


• Breakdance hat Termine frei. Tel.:


• Etagen-Belustigung hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-8362951

• Mitmachcircus, Spielmobil, Kettenflieger,

etc. haben noch Termine

frei. Tel.: 0173-3215800, www.circusevents.de

• Kinderschleife (16 x 10 m) frei am 5.

Sonntag im März (Ostern), 1. Sonntag im

April, 1. und 2. So. im Mai, 2., 3. und 4. So.

im Juni, 5. So. im September sowie im

Oktober. Tel.: 0171-5154715

• Night Style (Überkopf-Fahrgeschäft),

19 x 12 (10) m hat Termine frei. Fa.

Armbrecht, Tel.: 0178-4979350 u. 0178-


• Flugsimulator hat Termine frei. Tel.:


• Water-Walkingballs hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Riesenrutsche (7 x 35 m) und Water

Walking Balls (10 x 6 m) haben von

Mai bis Oktober Termine frei. Tel.: 0170-



Karussells der Spitzenklasse


Industriestr. 3

44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37

Fax 0 23 67/17 67

Nach wie vor liefern wir:


Reetdächer, Mauerwerke



& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana



• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

Tel. 07191/ 34 0135


Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz

Fax 07191/ 34 0136

Tel. 06195-960507


Die einzige Modellbahn

im Ausstellungswagen


Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79


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