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City of North Miami Beach<br />

RFP #2012-20<br />

Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

September 17, 2012<br />

Prepared for:<br />

City of North Miami Beach<br />

Procurement Management Division<br />

Attn: Brian K. O’Connor<br />

17011 N.E. 19 th Avenue, Room 315<br />

North Miami Beach, Florida 33162<br />

Submitted by:<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, President<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

innovative waste solutions<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D<br />

Tampa, Florida 33613<br />

813-971-8333<br />

mk@kesconsult.com<br />

Proposal materials printed on recycled paper

We Walk the Walk!<br />

Green Practices of the <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> Team<br />

We work in a green office.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> is proud to be a carbon neutral company.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> was Earth Charter U.S.’ 2008 Sustainable Business award winner.<br />

Since 1999, <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> has been an EPA WasteWise member, even receiving<br />

2002 Small Business Champion recognition.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> is a certified Sarasota County Green Business Partner.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> utilizes on-site recycling and food waste composting, doublesided<br />

printing, equipment reuse, low-flow water products, xeriscaping, nontoxic<br />

cleaning supplies, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, and thermostat control<br />

programs to reduce waste and conserve energy and water.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> purchases all of our paper products with post-consumer recycled<br />

content and utilizes reusable/refillable items such as pens, pencils, and ink and<br />

toner cartridges.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> utilizes hybrid sedans for all automobile travel.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> employees volunteer significant professional time to sustainable<br />

endeavors, including the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA),<br />

SWANA Sunshine Chapter, U.S. Composting Council, U.S. Green Building Council,<br />

Florida Green Building Coalition, Recycle Florida Today, and other solid waste and<br />

recycling organizations.<br />

We live in green homes.<br />

<br />

<br />

We actively recycle.<br />

Many of our employees compost food and yard waste, xeriscape, grass-cycle, and<br />

practice home water conservation as a general practice.<br />

Many of our employees use Energy Star® rated appliances, compact fluorescent<br />

light bulbs and low flow toilets and faucets.<br />

<br />

Some of our employees utilize solar panels to generate a portion of their electrical<br />

needs.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. is a member of, or was awarded, the following:

Table of Contents<br />


Response to RFP # 2012-20<br />

Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />

Section<br />

Section – Page<br />

Cover Letter/Executive Summary ........................................................................................ C-1<br />

Capability Statement ........................................................................................................... D-1<br />

Résumés ............................................................................................................................... E-1<br />

Proposed Scope of Services ................................................................................................. F-1<br />

Fee ....................................................................................................................................... G-1<br />

Acknowledgments ............................................................................................................... H-1<br />

Supplemental Information .................................................................................................. I-1<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\Table of Contents<br />


September 17, 2012<br />

Brian K. O’Connor<br />

City of North Miami Beach<br />

Procurement Management Division<br />

17011 N.E. 19 th Avenue, Room 315<br />

North Miami Beach, FL 33162<br />

Re:<br />

RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Dear Evaluation Committee:<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. (KCI) is pleased to submit this proposal in response to the abovereferenced<br />

RFP. When it comes to providing solid waste consulting services, KCI’s qualifications,<br />

experience, and demonstrated results are unsurpassed. We have helped our clients achieve<br />

some of the most effective solid waste and recycling operations, best service rates, and highest<br />

recycling revenue shares in the state. KCI, founded in 1988, is a niche firm that specializes in<br />

optimizing the business and operational efficiencies of municipal solid waste programs.<br />

Our résumé of solid waste work includes collection system analyses, strategic planning,<br />

recycling and waste reduction program development and implementation, rate and cost of<br />

service analyses, privatization analyses, code and ordinance assistance, procurements, bidding<br />

and proposal development, workshops and presentations, and media relations. We recognize<br />

the City’s desire to review its existing solid waste and recycling systems, develop strategic plans<br />

for improvement, and evaluate the prospect of privatizing services. Throughout the firm’s 24-<br />

year history, KCI has provided practical and innovative consulting services to more than 100<br />

public sector clients, including services exactly matching those desired by the City! If selected,<br />

KCI is willing to perform the services outlined under the Scope of Services in the RFP document.<br />

<br />

Proven Professional Experience, Qualifications, and Leadership<br />

KCI is highly regarded for our specialized solid waste services that are responsive to our<br />

clients’ needs and objectives. Our staff members are highly respected throughout Florida<br />

and the nation for their leadership and in-depth knowledge of current solid waste issues. In<br />

fact, KCI staff members currently hold positions as President of the Florida Chapter of the<br />

Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and as Vice Chair of Recycle Florida<br />

Today (RFT), the state’s only two solid waste organizations. Our reputation as a leading solid<br />

waste consulting firm is a result of our track record as a leading member of the state’s solid<br />

waste, reuse, recycling, and composting community.<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D, Tampa, FL 33613 | Tel: 813.971.8333 | Fax: 813.971.8582 | www.kesconsult.com<br />

KCI Proposals 2012/North Miami Beach/Cover Letter

Executive Summary – North Miami Beach RFP # 2012-20 |9/17/2012| Page 2 of 2<br />

<br />

<br />

Unparalleled Project Team<br />

Although considered a Small Business Enterprise by Florida agencies, KCI has 12 full-time<br />

staff members in our Tampa office. We employ the largest Florida-based solid waste<br />

planning staff of any consulting firm. We have assembled a project team with unsurpassed<br />

experience and expertise. Senior staff, with a combined 100+ years of directly relevant<br />

experience will be responsible for this project. Team members have advanced degrees in<br />

environmental law, natural resource management, and economics; hands-on experience in<br />

collection operations; and expertise in financial analysis. Don Ross, Robin Mitchell, Miriam<br />

Zimms, and I are all leaders in the field of waste management and recycling, and are highly<br />

respected throughout Florida, the nation, and the entire industry for our leadership and indepth<br />

knowledge of current solid waste issues. As KCI’s President, I will serve as the Project<br />

Director and Don Ross, KCI’s Director of Operations with 24 years of solid waste experience,<br />

will manage the project.<br />

Customized Service<br />

Most importantly, we understand that there is no single right answer for everyone and that<br />

all solid waste is local. KCI has served numerous cities throughout South Florida for a<br />

number of years and has been on the forefront of recent disposal and processing activities.<br />

KCI is known for developing innovative approaches for meeting our clients’ objectives. Our<br />

team’s depth of knowledge, coupled with our understanding of the local and statewide<br />

marketplace and industry players, will bring about measurable results for the City.<br />

We look forward to the opportunity to work with North Miami Beach and to provide solid<br />

waste consulting services that are beneficial to the City. We are committed to providing the<br />

highest quality and value-added professional solid waste consulting services on time and within<br />

budget.<br />

Thank you for reviewing our submittal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions<br />

or require additional information.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, President<br />

mk@kesconsult.com<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D, Tampa, FL 33613 | Tel: 813.971.8333 | Fax: 813.971.8582 | www.kesconsult.com<br />

KCI Proposals 2012/North Miami Beach/Cover Letter

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Section D: Capability Statement<br />

Firm History<br />

Over the last 24 years, <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. (KCI) has worked diligently<br />

to solidify our position as a leading solid waste planning and management consulting firm<br />

in the Southeast United States. Our professional reputation is unparalleled and is built from an<br />

impressive history of unique, on-point and results-based project experience, including the<br />

following core competencies:<br />

‣ Strategic planning experience with demonstrated results. Our firm is not interested in<br />

writing reports that merely sit on a shelf. We have helped clients achieve measurable<br />

results in their programs. For example, KCI has helped Charleston County, South<br />

Carolina more than double its recycling rate and<br />

reduce its annual solid waste budget by $18 million.<br />

‣ Contract negotiations and procurements with<br />

demonstrated results. KCI’s clients have achieved<br />

some of the best service rates and highest revenue<br />

for recyclable materials.<br />

‣ Oversight and development of the Recycling<br />

Training Course materials for the Solid Waste<br />

Association of North America (SWANA).<br />

‣ Oversight and management, since 2001, of the<br />

legislatively funded FORCE (Florida Organics<br />

Recycling Center for Excellence), a central<br />

clearinghouse for organics research, training, and<br />

promotion within the state.<br />

“The professionalism and<br />

expertise of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong><br />

staff in the solid waste and<br />

recycling field is unmatched.<br />

They are a valuable extension of<br />

our own staff and they have<br />

provided us with a wide array of<br />

technical assistance by<br />

leveraging their focused<br />

expertise.”<br />

Chad Grecsek<br />

Assistant Director of<br />

Environmental Services<br />

City of Deerfield Beach, FL<br />

‣ Development of a state-level strategic plan, or “Roadmap,” to achieve 75 percent<br />

recycling in Florida. The knowledge gained through this project will be put to practical<br />

use in helping North Miami Beach strive to maximize recycling.<br />

Our firm provides unrivaled expertise related to solid waste system evaluation and<br />

optimization, feasibility studies and program pilots, commercial and residential waste<br />

reduction, contracting and procurements, construction and demolition (C&D) debris recovery,<br />

organics processing, and education and outreach.<br />

We understand the unique solid waste needs of cities in South Florida, and we are confident<br />

that our project team can fully complete the tasks defined in the RFP and exceed overall project<br />

goals, having successfully provided and managed similar services for almost a quarter of a<br />

century.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-1

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Commitment to Client Service<br />

Operating in this era of “big business,” with more and more critical functions outsourced, KCI<br />

stands out as a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firm that remains dedicated to the idea<br />

of personalized service. This level of service enables us to consistently assist our clients in<br />

achieving economically viable and environmentally sensible solutions for a host of solid waste<br />

management challenges. Our commitment to client<br />

service has helped our company remain flexible and<br />

responsive to changes in client needs – regardless of<br />

market changes.<br />

KCI’s business focus is solely on solid waste management<br />

systems and issues. We initially built our client base and<br />

professional reputation providing assistance with<br />

program evaluations and optimizations, grant proposal<br />

“KCI successfully recommended<br />

innovative approaches for systemwide<br />

changes to the County’s solid<br />

waste program that immediately<br />

increased operational efficiencies<br />

and resulted in significant cost<br />

savings to the County.”<br />

Joe Dawson<br />

Attorney<br />

Charleston County, SC<br />

preparation, and waste composition studies. When<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> joined the firm in 1991, his background in<br />

integrated system design and expertise in contracting for<br />

solid waste services enabled the firm to respond to the growing demand for expanded solid<br />

waste management options and innovative collection and processing solutions.<br />

Our firm has been on the leading edge of focusing on sustainability in both the government and<br />

business sectors. With LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited<br />

professionals on staff, our project work now includes assisting local governments obtain Green<br />

Government certifications and project administration for Green Buildings. We have also<br />

developed green business certification programs, conducted workshops to green property<br />

managers, and created environmentally preferable purchasing policies and guidelines.<br />

Our professional reputation is perhaps best demonstrated by the long-term relationships<br />

enjoyed with our clients. Our firm’s proven track record includes work on more than 300 solid<br />

waste projects with more than 130 public and private sector clients, primarily throughout the<br />

Southeast.<br />

Our quality control and assurance program is straightforward and effective. All deliverables are<br />

reviewed by a minimum of three people. The original author of each deliverable is responsible<br />

for conducting a thorough review. The Project Manager then reviews the deliverable for<br />

technical accuracy and to ensure it meets the project requirements and expectations of the<br />

client. Depending upon the nature and complexity of the deliverable, an additional senior staff<br />

member may also be requested to conduct a technical review. The Project Director then<br />

examines the deliverable for approval, after which there is a final review by administrative staff<br />

for grammatical, typographical, or formatting errors. We strive for excellence in all of our work!<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-2

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Commitment to a Green Ethic<br />

At KCI, we believe in practicing the same methods for sustainability that we<br />

recommend to our clients. We are a certified carbon-neutral company,<br />

demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship through<br />

practical actions such as using only recycled-content paper, printing all final<br />

documents double-sided, and reusing wastepaper for printing drafts. Among<br />

other awards, KCI was recognized by the EPA as a WasteWise Small Business<br />

Program Champion in 2002. A recent internal waste audit revealed that we<br />

are diverting 82 percent of our waste stream from disposal through recycling<br />

and reuse.<br />

Leaders in the Solid Waste<br />

Industry<br />

Our staff is highly experienced and well respected within<br />

the solid waste industry in the Southeast and nationally.<br />

Throughout our 24-year history, KCI has played a<br />

leadership role in numerous industry organizations, and in<br />

helping to develop solid waste and recycling policies and<br />

programs. KCI staff members are dedicated professionals<br />

who are very committed to the industry.<br />

‣ Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)<br />

Author of SWANA’s Managing Recycling Systems training course<br />

Instructors for Recycling and Collection Systems and Compost Courses<br />

Former Vice Chair of the Waste Reduction, Recycling and Composting Technical<br />

Division<br />

Member of the Composting Course Development Committee<br />

Certified Construction & Demolition Debris Technical Associate<br />

Member of the Collection & Transfer Technical Committee<br />

‣ SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter<br />

Current President<br />

Former Recycling Committee Chair<br />

Distinguished Service Award Recipients<br />

‣ Recycle Florida Today, Inc.<br />

Founding Chair<br />

Current Vice Chair<br />

Lifetime Achievement Award<br />

Recycler of the Year Award<br />

2002 Small Business<br />

Program Champion<br />

“[KCI] is very knowledgeable in<br />

the field of solid waste and<br />

recycling services.”<br />

Richard E. Lilyquist, P.E.<br />

Director of Public Works<br />

City of Lakeland, FL<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-3

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

<br />

Former Chair of the Development Committee, Ad-hoc Legislative Committee,<br />

Conference Committee, and Communications Committee<br />

‣ Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Recycling Certification and<br />

Registration Technical Advisory Group, Waste Composition Technical Advisory Group,<br />

Compost Rule Technical Advisory Group, Certified Green Lodging Assessor<br />

‣ Practice GreenHealth and WasteCap C&D Resources – Members<br />

‣ U.S. Green Building Council – Member and LEED ® Accredited Professionals<br />

‣ Florida Green Building Coalition – Member and Committees’ Member<br />

Green Local Government Standards Committee and Standards Revision Author<br />

Commercial Building Standards Committee<br />

This section intentionally left blank.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-4

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Florida Experience<br />

To demonstrate KCI’s Florida experience, the map below depicts cities and counties to whom<br />

we are providing solid waste consulting services or have provided services in the past. KCI also<br />

has national experience, with current clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado,<br />

Delaware, and Massachusetts.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Alachua County<br />

Baker County<br />

Bradford County<br />

Brevard County<br />

Calhoun County<br />

Citrus County<br />

City of Deerfield Beach<br />

City of Dunedin<br />

City of Ft. Lauderdale<br />

City of Ft. Pierce<br />

City of Hallandale Beach<br />

City of Indian Rocks Beach<br />

City of Jacksonville<br />

City of Key West<br />

City of Kissimmee<br />

City of Lakeland<br />

City of Oakland Park<br />

City of Plant City<br />

City of Sarasota<br />

City of Tallahassee<br />

City of Tampa<br />

City of Zephyrhills<br />

DeSoto County<br />

Emerald Coast<br />

Utilities Authority<br />

Gilchrist County<br />

Glades County<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Gulf County<br />

Hardee County<br />

Hendry County<br />

Highlands County<br />

Hillsborough County<br />

Holmes County<br />

Indian River County<br />

Jackson County<br />

Leon County<br />

Levy County<br />

Manatee County<br />

Marion County<br />

Miami-Dade County<br />

Nassau County<br />

Okaloosa County<br />

Orange County<br />

Palm Beach County<br />

Pasco County<br />

Pinellas County<br />

Polk County<br />

Putnam County<br />

Sarasota County<br />

Seminole County<br />

Sumter County<br />

Town of Southwest Ranches<br />

Union County<br />

Wakulla County<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-5

City of Deerfield Beach, FL<br />

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL<br />

City of Hallandale Beach, FL<br />

City of Jacksonville, FL<br />

City of Key West, FL<br />

City of Oakland Park, FL<br />

City of Sarasota, FL<br />

City of Tallahassee, FL<br />

City of Tampa, FL<br />

Charleston County, SC<br />

Hillsborough County, FL<br />

Pinellas County, FL<br />

Town of Southwest Ranches, FL<br />

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

On-Point Project Experience<br />

KCI has driven projects to achieve a broad range of goals. Each of our services is tailored to<br />

meet the individual needs of our clients. To demonstrate the breadth of KCI’s experience, the<br />

chart below lists clients to whom we have provided services similar in scope and complexity to<br />

those sought by North Miami Beach.<br />

Solid Waste <strong>Consulting</strong><br />

Services Provided<br />

System Evaluation and<br />

Strategic Planning<br />

<br />

Service Costs, Rates, and<br />

Financial Analysis<br />

<br />

Service Procurements and<br />

Contract Negotiations<br />

<br />

Collection Efficiency,<br />

Optimization, and Pilots<br />

<br />

Collection and Processing<br />

Innovations/Improvements<br />

<br />

Ordinance Review and<br />

Development<br />

<br />

Recycling/Waste Reduction<br />

Technical Assistance<br />

<br />

Education and Outreach<br />

Program Assistance<br />

<br />

Feasibility Studies and Pilot<br />

Program Management<br />

<br />

Sustainability/Green<br />

Government Initiatives<br />

<br />

Commission Workshop<br />

Participation/Presentations<br />

<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-6

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Similar Project Experience<br />

KCI has recent and relevant experience with projects of similar size and complexity to those<br />

services sought by the City. To further expand on our project experience, brief descriptions are<br />

provided below for some of the most relevant projects. Our clients are the best way for us to<br />

demonstrate our qualifications and experience, and we encourage you to contact any of the<br />

individuals listed.<br />

Deerfield Beach, Florida<br />

Contacts: Burgess Hanson, City Manager, (954) 480-4263<br />

Chad Grecsek, Asst. Environmental Services Director, (954) 420-5562<br />

Solid Waste Services Assessment<br />

Period of Work: 2011 – 2012<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, John Burkett, Lisa Lamppert<br />

The City of Deerfield Beach Solid Waste & Recycling Division (Division) enlisted the services of<br />

KCI to develop a strategic plan for the Division. KCI developed an initial assessment and<br />

overview of the city’s solid waste operation, outlining initial findings and providing cursory data<br />

to help the city better understand its operations in preparation for its long-term operational<br />

plan for improvement. The assessment focused on management and organizational<br />

information, and general operational functions of the Division, analyzing the benefits of a<br />

potential privatization. KCI then developed the operational plan, which has since been<br />

implemented and has helped the Division realize more successful operations, thereby avoiding<br />

privatization. Currently, KCI is helping to implement a city-wide carted single stream recycling<br />

program, bringing Deerfield Beach to the forefront of recycling innovation in Florida.<br />

Key West, Florida<br />

Contact: Jay Gewin, Public Services General Manager, (941) 329-6101<br />

Solid Waste Master Plan<br />

Period of Work: September 2010 – September 2012<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell, Don Ross, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI recently developed a comprehensive Solid Waste Master Plan for the city. Project activities<br />

included an evaluation of current operations and staffing levels, a two-season waste<br />

composition study, a review of all solid waste contracts and ordinances, and a comparative rate<br />

analysis. Based on this information, KCI evaluated various programmatic options to optimize<br />

efficiency, improve customer service, and maximize waste diversion. Throughout the project,<br />

KCI took into account the city’s unique geographic location and demographics. As a result of<br />

the project, the city adopted the Solid Waste Master Plan, including a seven-point policy<br />

statement that will establish the city on a pathway to zero waste.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-7

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Lakeland, Florida<br />

Contact: Rick Lilyquist, Public Works Director, (863) 834-6040<br />

Recycling Alternatives Analysis<br />

Period of Work: January 2012 – June 2012<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, Lisa Lamppert<br />

The City of Lakeland requested <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> to conduct a recycling alternatives analysis to<br />

show side-by-side comparisons of six different recycling collection systems. The model<br />

presented financial implications of each system including labor, equipment, operating costs,<br />

fuel, administrative costs, recycling revenue, and disposal diversion. Statistical modeling was<br />

used to produce a full analysis of the implications of each alternative and a sensitivity analysis<br />

to identify which variable would present the greatest range of results.<br />

Recycling Processing Invitation to Bid and Contract<br />

Period of Work: January 2012 – May 2012<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell, Lisa Lamppert<br />

The City of Lakeland requested <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> to develop an invitation to bid and contract<br />

for materials acceptance, processing, and marketing. A bid and contract was designed to<br />

competitively procure services for program recyclables and allow for the greatest percentage of<br />

revenue share to the city for inbound recyclables. The city was also engaged in a concurrent<br />

study to evaluate recycling collection alternatives which necessitated the solicitation of dual<br />

stream, single stream, and segregated cardboard pricing.<br />

Collection System Analysis<br />

Period of Work: December 2008 – November 2009<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don Ross<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, working as part of an engineering team, was asked to conduct an analysis of<br />

the City of Lakeland’s solid waste collection system. In an effort to reduce costs and improve<br />

service, the city requested the team to evaluate a citywide conversion to once weekly<br />

automated residential collection from their current twice weekly manual garbage collection<br />

system. The project also included the analysis of the inefficiencies associated with city-provided<br />

alley collection services, as well as a review of current city provided rolloff collection service<br />

and a possible transition to a rolloff franchise collection system. Presentations were delivered<br />

to senior leadership including Lakeland’s City Commission, City Manager’s Office, and<br />

Department Directors. As a result, city staff was tasked with initiating a new residential<br />

collection system based on the team’s recommendations. Program elements include a public<br />

information campaign, a conversion to automated collection, once weekly pickups, and a<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-8

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

variable sized container system (Pay-As-You-Throw), where residents will have the choice of<br />

containers based on the amount of waste they generate.<br />

Sarasota, Florida<br />

Contact: Doug Jeffcoat, Public Works Director, (941) 329-6101<br />

Recycling Alternatives Analysis<br />

Period of Work: July 2010 – November 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell, Miriam Zimms<br />

KCI completed a study regarding opportunities to increase diversion of organics from disposal.<br />

The study included an overview of current management of organics, such as biosolids; a<br />

summary of organics processing technologies; identification of local processing facilities; and<br />

recommendations for a phased approach to expanding organics recovery.<br />

Service and Contractor Transition<br />

Period of Work: June 2010 – December 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell, Don Ross<br />

KCI played an active role assisting the city during a service and contractor transition. In addition<br />

to transitioning to a new service provider, the city was also converting from twice per week to<br />

once per week solid waste collection. KCI facilitated weekly transition team meetings; tracked<br />

and reviewed contractor deliverables, such as a mobilization plan and reporting forms;<br />

provided feedback on the outreach plan and materials; and provided hands-on oversight during<br />

all phases of the transition.<br />

Strategic Plan Implementation<br />

Period of Work: February 2009 – May 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell, Don Ross<br />

KCI assisted the city with implementing the key recommendations of the strategic plan<br />

previously developed by KCI. The primary task was assisting with an RFP for contracted<br />

collection, processing, and transfer services. Activities included developing the technical<br />

specifications for the RFP and contract, assisting with the pre-proposal meeting and addenda,<br />

reviewing proposals and prices, and negotiating the final contract.<br />

Solid Waste Management Strategic Planning<br />

Period of Work: November 2007 – July 2008<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI evaluated the city’s overall solid waste management system to identify opportunities to<br />

increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Project activities included an operational analysis of<br />

city-provided collection services, comparative analysis of contracted services and rates with<br />

those in other Florida jurisdictions, and evaluation of recycling program improvements.<br />

Contracted services include curbside collection of recyclables, recyclables processing, and<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-9

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

transfer station operation. The resulting report and recommendations were presented to the<br />

City Council.<br />

Charleston County, South Carolina<br />

Contact: Joe Dawson, County Attorney, (843) 958-4003<br />

Review of Solid Waste Alternatives – Green Ribbon Program<br />

Period of Work: November 2008 – June 2009<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don Ross, Miriam Zimms, Maureen Schaefer<br />

KCI is assisting Charleston County to “green” its solid waste management system. This project<br />

entails two phases of work. In Phase I, KCI conducted a broad-based review of the county’s<br />

options, including an independent audit of existing collection, processing, and disposal systems;<br />

assessment of emerging technologies; analysis of the remaining landfill life; and a professional<br />

opinion regarding the county’s waste-to-energy facility. The work culminated in the Nine Point<br />

Green Strategy which lays out Charleston County’s goal to develop and implement the premier<br />

solid waste management program in the Southeast.<br />

Development of Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan – Nine Point Green Strategy<br />

Period of Work: June 2009 – Ongoing<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don Ross, Miriam Zimms,<br />

Robin Mitchell, Shane Barrett, Maureen Schaefer<br />

In Phase II, KCI has provided technical advice in the closure of the county’s waste-to-energy<br />

facility and privatization of the MRF; conducted a two season comprehensive waste<br />

composition study; recommended and directed implementation of operational improvements<br />

to the landfill and compost programs; developed and managed a Request for Information<br />

regarding alternative technologies; and researched and developed pilot programs to evaluate<br />

single stream and automated collection, food waste composting, and commercial recycling. KCI<br />

has provided technical assistance in contract management; single stream and automated<br />

collection, commercial recycling, food waste composting pilot program implementation; and<br />

organizational development<br />

Collection Operations Assessment, Improvement and Single Stream Implementation<br />

Period of Work: June 2009 – Ongoing<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross<br />

As a result of a system-wide assessment of the county’s collection and hauling operation, KCI is<br />

currently assisting the county with the development and implementation of an operational<br />

improvement plan. The plan includes equipment and design upgrades at rural convenience<br />

centers to improve payloads and driver productivity, improvements to its recycling drop-off<br />

program to control costs, and the design and implementation of a countywide cart-based,<br />

single stream residential curbside program. Using the latest in collection technology, KCI has<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-10

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

developed a single stream program that includes radio frequency identification (RFID) for asset<br />

tracking, route visualization, and real-time data collection to accurately measure participation<br />

and set-out rates in order to enhance programs and drive continual improvement.<br />

Fort Lauderdale, Florida<br />

Contact: Albert Carbon, Director, Public Works, (954) 828-5290<br />

Disposal and Processing Procurement Assistance<br />

Period of Work: July 2012 – Ongoing<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI is currently assisting the city in developing an RFP for the disposal of garbage and<br />

processing of yard waste, bulk trash, and program recyclables. Project activities include working<br />

with city staff to understand objective, developing the technical specifications, drafting price<br />

forms and revenue sharing language, as well as reviewing the completed procurement<br />

package. The RFP is being designed to allow vendors to propose on a variety of disposal and<br />

processing options. The goal of the RFP is to maintain a high level of customer service while<br />

maximizing recycling, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.<br />

Route Balancing<br />

Period of Work: October 2011 – May 2012<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, John Burkett, Lisa Lamppert<br />

Due to recent annexation, the rebalancing of solid waste collection routes was necessary. KCI<br />

provided the technical services necessary to assist the city and its franchise hauler with this<br />

rebalancing effort. The goal was to maintain high service levels; optimize franchise hauler<br />

equipment utilization; reduce noise and truck traffic in the neighborhoods; identify operational<br />

efficiencies that may result in better contract pricing for collection services; and reduce the<br />

city’s carbon footprint. The service types re-routed include garbage, yard waste, recycling, and<br />

bulk trash collection. To ensure a smooth transition, KCI was also involved in the transition and<br />

implementation processes of all service day changes between the city and its franchise hauler.<br />

Rate Analysis Case Study<br />

Period of Work: September 2011 – October 2011<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, Maureen Schaefer<br />

KCI assisted the city with an assessment of all solid waste services currently being provided,<br />

including those being provided as part of the city’s Sanitation Fund, Clean City initiative, and<br />

other programs funded by Sanitation that are part of other departments. Based on this basecase<br />

service level, KCI identified, researched, and compared up five cities with similar<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-11

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

characteristics as Ft. Lauderdale and identified the solid waste service levels being provided, the<br />

associated sources of funding, and the rate and fee structure. This information will be used to<br />

assist the city’s rate consultant with upcoming rate analysis work.<br />

Evaluation of Resource Recovery System Benefits and Options<br />

Period of Work: July 2008 – August 2009<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don Ross<br />

The city entered into an inter-local agreement with Broward County, which expires in 2013, to<br />

participate in a Resource Recovery System (RRS) for solid waste disposal and recyclables<br />

processing services. KCI assisted with analyzing the services and benefits the city receives from<br />

the RRS and the costs associated with these services, as well as evaluating options available to<br />

the city in lieu of entering into a new inter-local agreement. A final report was presented to city<br />

staff outlining long-term disposal recommendations. KCI also assisted the city with reviewing<br />

and analyzing recent inter-local and disposal service agreements proposed by the RRS and<br />

Wheelabrator Technologies that would potentially change the system. Proposed system<br />

changes included the creation of an independent district, governance and board compilation,<br />

core system services, and service fees. The objective was to advise the city in making solid<br />

waste decisions that are in the best long-term interest of the city and its citizens. Savings as a<br />

result of this work were expected to save the city nearly $2 million annually.<br />

Recycling in Recreational Areas<br />

Period of Work: May 2008 – June 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI assisted the city with a state-funded project to establish recycling along public beaches, in<br />

parks and marinas, and in beachside businesses. In addition to preparing a grant proposal, KCI<br />

prepared the beach recycling program plan, assisted with development of signage and outreach<br />

materials, conducted a waste and recyclables composition study to evaluate recovery rates,<br />

conducted a beachgoer survey to evaluate public response to the program, and prepared all<br />

project reports.<br />

RFPs for Disaster Debris Management and Disaster Debris Monitoring<br />

Period of Work: May 2006 – March 2007<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI assisted the city in developing RFPs for both disaster debris management and monitoring.<br />

Project activities included working with city staff to identify priority issues related to these<br />

RFPs, communicating with FEMA personnel for clarification on reimbursement requirements,<br />

preparing the technical specifications for both RFPs, and identifying potential vendors. Vendors<br />

were selected for both services and contracts awarded.<br />

Rate Analysis<br />

Period of Work: April 2006 – August 2006<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-12

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

KCI assisted in determining an appropriate rate structure to establish a hurricane reserve.<br />

Following the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, the city wanted to establish a reserve account<br />

to pay for future hurricane-related expenses not covered by FEMA. Project tasks included<br />

reviewing operational, contractual, and financial information; developing a financial projection<br />

model to evaluate several rate scenarios; and preparing a recommended rate structure.<br />

Hallandale Beach, Florida<br />

Contacts: Mark Antonio, City Manager (954) 457-1300<br />

John Chidsey, Public Works Director, (954) 457-1600<br />

Long-Term Disposal and Processing Contract Negotiation<br />

Period of Work: April 2011 – August 2011<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. assisted the City of Hallandale Beach with negotiating the renewal term<br />

of the city’s short-term disposal and processing agreement. Due to the transforming disposal<br />

market in South Florida, the city decided to extend its short-term agreement for a term of five<br />

years with a five-year renewal at a lower disposal rate and a lucrative recycling rebate. With<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>’s assistance, the city is expected to save and/or receive approximately $3.5<br />

million over the initial term of the renewed agreement.<br />

Short Term Disposal and Processing Options Analysis<br />

Period of Work: 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross<br />

Due to limited local disposal and processing options, the City of Hallandale Beach was direct<br />

hauling its solid waste and recyclables long distances. KCI conducted a field level operational<br />

assessment, analyzed the city’s collection program, and identified improvement opportunities.<br />

Through program and area research, KCI was able to secure a local, short term disposal and<br />

processing outlet at much lower disposal rates. With our assistance, the city is now exploring<br />

long-term disposal and processing options through a competitive procurement process. The city<br />

saved more than $600,000 in disposal and operating costs over the life of the one-year<br />

agreement.<br />

Collection Efficiency Study and Long-Term Disposal and Processing Procurement<br />

Period of Work: 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross<br />

In the second phase of work for the City of Hallandale Beach, KCI reviewed and finalized the<br />

short-term disposal and processing agreements and prepared the technical specifications for<br />

the long-term competitive procurement of these services. In addition, KCI assisted the city in<br />

reaching its long-term efficiency and diversion goals by completing the second phase of the<br />

Solid Waste Enterprise Fund collection operation analysis including an evaluation of current<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-13

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

recycling practices. This evaluation included a review of user fee rates to identify opportunities<br />

for residential recycling incentives, a development of a multi-family recycling program and<br />

implementation strategy and an assessment and improvement recommendations of current<br />

education and outreach practices.<br />

Oakland Park, Florida<br />

Contact: Kenneth Resor, Assistant Public Works Director, (954) 630-4458<br />

Solid Waste Disposal Assistance<br />

Period of Work: February 2009 – May 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don Ross<br />

The city entered into an inter-local agreement with Broward County, which expired in 2011, to<br />

participate in a Resource Recovery System (RRS) for solid waste disposal and recyclables<br />

processing services. KCI analyzed the services and benefits the city receives from the RRS and<br />

the costs associated with these services, as well as evaluated options available to the city in lieu<br />

of renewing the inter-local agreement. KCI also assisted the city with a preliminary feasibility<br />

study estimating the cost to the city for construction and operation of a solid waste transfer<br />

station and analyzed the use of rail or truck transportation. The primary objective of this project<br />

was to assist the city in making solid waste decisions that are in the best long-term interest of<br />

the city and its citizens.<br />

Recycling Analysis<br />

Period of Work: October 2007 – January 2008<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI conducted a preliminary analysis of Oakland Park’s recycling program and provided options<br />

for increasing participation and optimizing operational efficiencies. The analysis included both<br />

residential and commercial recycling. The final report offered short-term and long-term<br />

recommendations to improve recycling programs and expand recycling.<br />

Sarasota County, Florida,<br />

Contact: Gary Bennett, Solid Waste General Manager, (941) 861-6102<br />

Collection Contract Assistance<br />

Period of Work: November 2009 – April 2010<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell, Don Ross, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI conducted a comparative analysis of the county’s collection rates with those in other<br />

Florida jurisdictions. Special focus was given to procurements or negotiations completed within<br />

the last five years, and the resulting change in rates. KCI also drafted an RFP and updated the<br />

collection contract to be utilized if the county decided to conduct a competitive procurement<br />

rather than renegotiate with its existing franchisee.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-14

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Recyclables Processing Contract Renegotiation and Procurement<br />

Period of Work: June 2007 – October 2009<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI initially assisted the county in negotiating an extension to its<br />

existing processing contract. When an agreement could not be<br />

reached between the county and the contractor, KCI assisted with a<br />

competitive procurement process. Project activities included<br />

conducting a comparison of processing revenue received in Sarasota<br />

County with that received in other Florida jurisdictions, evaluating<br />

current market indices, preparing technical specifications for the RFP, assisting with the preproposal<br />

conference and proposal review, and providing technical assistance during<br />

negotiations.<br />

Comprehensive Commercial Waste Reduction Strategy<br />

Period of Work: November 2003 – March 2005<br />

Key Personnel: Miriam Zimms, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI developed a comprehensive strategy and action plan to increase commercial waste<br />

reduction. The project first entailed benchmarking existing commercial recycling through a<br />

business survey, service provider questionnaire and meeting, review of county data, and<br />

development of a methodology for visually auditing commercial loads delivered to the landfill.<br />

KCI then developed a final strategy that provides a prioritized action plan with short-term and<br />

long-term recommendations.<br />

Residential and Commercial Collection Procurement<br />

Period of Work: October 2003 – December 2004<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI assisted with the procurement of collection services for solid waste, recyclables, and yard<br />

trash. Residential collection also included bulk waste, used oil and oil filters, tires, electronics,<br />

and white goods. Project activities included reviewing the previous procurement process and<br />

documents, and assisting county staff and management with clearly defining their goals and<br />

objectives, selecting a procurement process and developing an invitation to bid (ITB) to best<br />

achieve the county’s objectives, providing assistance throughout the bid process, including<br />

participating in the pre-bid meeting, responding to vendor questions, preparing ITB addenda,<br />

reviewing bidder qualifications, and compiling bid results.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-15

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Jacksonville, Florida<br />

Contact: Bob Johnson, Special Assistant to the Mayor, (904) 630-7612<br />

Collection Rate Analysis, Contract Negotiations, and Procurement<br />

Period of Work: 1996, 1999, 2004, 2006<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI assisted with three rate reviews and two rate negotiations for three residential solid waste<br />

and recycling collection contracts. Project activities included a cost-of-service evaluation and<br />

rate comparison between publicly and privately provided collection services within the city,<br />

comparative analysis of service contracts and rates in other Florida jurisdictions, and<br />

development of pro forma rates and rate justifications. KCI also assisted with negotiating<br />

collection rates with the three private contractors, which resulted in annual savings of up to<br />

$1.9 million. The most recent activities also included providing technical assistance during a<br />

procurement process for one of the service districts.<br />

Procurement of Recyclables Processing Services<br />

Period of Work: March 2004 – March 2005<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI initially assisted the city with an emergency bid for processing services because the city’s<br />

existing contract was about to expire. This was a short-term contract that then enabled the city<br />

to conduct a normal competitive procurement. Project activities included developing technical<br />

specifications for a market index, technical review of the bid document and addendum, and<br />

participating in the pre-bid meeting. The end result was an increase in net revenue to the city<br />

of more than 100 percent.<br />

Rate and Fee Analysis<br />

Period of Work: May 2007 – June 2007<br />

Key Personnel: Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI researched tip fees for solid waste, yard waste, and construction and demolition debris;<br />

franchise fees for commercial solid waste collection; and host fees for privately owned disposal<br />

facilities. We identified cities and counties to research, researched and compiled the<br />

information and prepared summary spreadsheets for comparison purposes.<br />

Tallahassee, Florida<br />

Contacts: Rick Fernandez, Assistant County Manager, (850) 891-8580<br />

Reginald Ofuani, Solid Waste Director, (850) 891-5450<br />

Cynthia Barber, Environmental Policy and Energy Services Director, (850) 891-8363<br />

Operations and Collection Assessment<br />

Period of Work: January 2012 – Ongoing<br />

Key Personnel: Don Ross, Maureen Schaefer<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-16

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

KCI was contracted to provide technical assistance through economic and operational<br />

assessments for solid waste and recyclables and assist with the development of the rate<br />

structure for collection services. The goal of the project is to determine overall operational<br />

efficiency levels, program cost effectiveness, evaluate the solid waste system, and identify<br />

opportunities for improvement.<br />

The Greening of Florida: A Solid Waste Management Roadmap<br />

Period of Work: October 2007 – December 2009<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

Through a state-funded project, KCI developed a new plan – or “Roadmap” – to re-energize the<br />

state’s recycling efforts. Project activities included an extensive review of states with “highperforming”<br />

recycling programs; research of the effectiveness of the policies and programs<br />

utilized in these states; and evaluation of the potential effectiveness of these policies and<br />

programs in Florida. The resulting Roadmap provides a comprehensive, forward-thinking,<br />

implementable strategic plan aimed at maximizing recycling in Florida.<br />

Commercial Rate Study<br />

Period of Work: 2007<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

KCI conducted a planning-level assessment of solid waste service (SWS) revenue, expenses, and<br />

services with the objective of determining potential user fee rate increases needed to offset<br />

revenue shortfalls. This work activity involved an iterative process with SWS leadership to<br />

assign revenue and expenses to specific services (i.e. residential, commercial container, roll-off,<br />

barrel and recycling services). Subsequently, various service level and user fee rate increases<br />

were assessed. The study was framed by city leaders’ commitment not to raise residential rates<br />

even though they had remained unchanged for over 10 years. The study reached the<br />

preliminary conclusion that a commercial rate increase in the range of 25% would be sufficient<br />

to eliminate projected SWS deficits.<br />

Operational Analysis of City-Provided Collection Services<br />

Period of Work: 2007<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

KCI conducted an analysis of the city SWS Department’s operations and finances. Based on the<br />

preliminary results of the commercial rate study described above, KCI conducted a more<br />

detailed analysis. The project considered three SWS collection functions: residential service,<br />

commercial recycling, and commercial service. The operational analysis involved analyzing<br />

equipment, personnel, and financials; developing performance metrics; and developing<br />

recommendations for efficiency improvement and cost reductions. The financial analysis<br />

entailed compiling revenue and expenditures for each type of service performed by SWS and<br />

developing customer rate scenarios. The goal was to eliminate the deficit currently incurred by<br />

SWS for residential services. The analysis concluded that significant opportunities exist to<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-17

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

improve SWS residential service performance and reduce cost. The analysis identified specific<br />

recommendations for operational change and for further analysis.<br />

Solid Waste Rate Review<br />

Period of Work: 2007<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

KCI provided assistance to the Utility Business and Customer Services Department to conduct a<br />

review and analysis of solid waste user fees and cost of service in order to maintain existing<br />

customer services. The base year for the analysis was Fiscal Year 2008. The analysis concluded<br />

that current user fees were insufficient to meet budgetary needs of the SWS. The residential<br />

service generated a revenue shortfall while commercial service generated a surplus. Overall, a<br />

$2.2 million revenue shortfall was projected. It was recommended that a combined strategy of<br />

cost reductions and rate increases be implemented in order to balance the solid waste fund<br />

while maintaining current levels of service.<br />

Collection Procurement, Contract Negotiation and Service Transition<br />

Period of Work: September 2004 – October 2006<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Robin Mitchell<br />

KCI assisted with developing technical specifications and the contract for an ITB. At the City<br />

Commission’s direction, KCI negotiated lower rates than initially bid with the sole bidder by<br />

identifying key factors that would enable the vendor to lower the rate. We also assisted prior to<br />

and during the transition period during which service changed from twice per week backdoor<br />

service to once per week curbside. The transition occurred with minimal complaints from the<br />

public.<br />

Collection and Processing Systems Evaluation<br />

Period of Work: 2000 – 2005<br />

Key Personnel: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, Miriam Zimms, Shane Barrett<br />

KCI conducted a collection and processing systems evaluation to address issues and prepare a<br />

comprehensive long-term strategic approach for the city’s solid waste management system.<br />

Project activities included:<br />

Operational assessment, including a collection rate analysis and an evaluation of all level-ofservice<br />

options based on costs, operational efficiency, and community objectives.<br />

Pay study analysis for solid waste and recycling collection drivers.<br />

Review of customer education and outreach programs to identify methods to increase<br />

participation, recovery rates, and program efficiency.<br />

Processing system evaluation, including processing contract renegotiations that resulted in<br />

net revenue to the City of $35 per ton of recyclables processed.<br />

(Note: Contract initially negotiated in 1998; amended in October 2005; extended in 2008.)<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-18

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Resources and Availability<br />

All project work will be conducted out of KCI’s office in Tampa, Florida. As previously<br />

mentioned, we have built an extensive in-house Resource Center containing current and<br />

relevant solid waste information, as well as a database of solid waste program information for<br />

various jurisdictions that is continually updated. Our working relationship with other industry<br />

experts allows us to easily network and gain quick access to information. Your experienced<br />

Tampa-based Project Manager, Don Ross, will plan project activities to maximize the benefits of<br />

onsite visits. Our location in Tampa provides quick access via air travel to South Florida which<br />

includes many daily non-stop flights from Tampa International Airport. We also have<br />

videoconferencing capabilities to cost-effectively “meet” with our clients whenever needed.<br />

Our team is available virtually or in-person at all times.<br />

KCI is a certified service provider of Re-TRAC and the rest of<br />

Emerge Technologies’ line of web-based solid waste and<br />

recycling data collection and management tools. Re-TRAC, the<br />

tool selected by Florida’s Department of Environmental<br />

Protection to manage statewide solid waste data, enables solid waste managers to collect and<br />

evaluate data from a variety of sources, including franchise haulers, facility scale house,<br />

recovered materials processors, businesses, or other sources of solid waste and recycling data.<br />

Our staff is our most valuable asset. The chart below demonstrates the years of solid waste<br />

experience of our key project team members and their current availability to add value to the<br />

City’s project. The combined availability of our project team equates to more than 300 hours of<br />

professional time per month. Staff resumes are provided in Section E.<br />

KCI Project Team<br />

Solid Waste Experience<br />

Name<br />

Responsibility<br />

Solid Waste Years with Time<br />

Experience KCI Availability<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> Project Director 27 years 21 years 15%<br />

Don Ross Project Manager 24 years 5 years 20%<br />

Robin Mitchell Senior Consultant 23 years 12 years 15%<br />

Miriam Zimms Senior Consultant 21 years 13 years 20%<br />

Shane Barrett Consultant 10 years 8 years 25%<br />

Lisa Lamppert Consultant 1 year 1 year 20%<br />

Maureen Schaefer Research Analyst 4 years 4 years 20%<br />

John Burkett Research Analyst 5 years 2 years 20%<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-19

Task<br />

3<br />

Task 2<br />

Task 1<br />

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Proposed Project Timeline<br />

KCI is available to begin this work within 15 days of a contract award and receipt of purchase order. The timeline below reflects a<br />

strategy for a final plan to be completed in conjunction with the City’s budget development process. Depending on the specific scope<br />

negotiated and readily-available data, this schedule may be adjusted.<br />

# Task or Major Element Start Finish Duration<br />

2012<br />

Nov<br />

Dec<br />

Jan<br />

Feb<br />

Mar<br />

Apr<br />

2013<br />

May<br />

Jun<br />

Jul<br />

Aug<br />

Sep<br />

1 Kickoff Meeting<br />

11/15/2012 11/15/2012<br />

0d<br />

2 Task 1: Evaluation & Assessment<br />

11/15/2012 3/15/2013<br />

121d<br />

3 Summary or Presentation of Assessment 3/19/2013<br />

3/19/2013<br />

0d<br />

4 Task 2: Analysis & Operational Plan<br />

3/19/2013<br />

6/15/2013<br />

89d<br />

5<br />

Operational Plan<br />

6/17/2013<br />

6/17/2013<br />

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6 Other Technical Assistance<br />

6/20/2013<br />

8/14/2013<br />

56d<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-20

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section D, Capability Statement<br />

Client Feedback<br />

KCI is known for our ability to think strategically and to develop practical solutions to critical key<br />

solid waste issues. Our clients are the best demonstration of the quality and value of our<br />

services.<br />

Provided below are the results of a recent, anonymous survey of our clients. KCI requested our<br />

clients to rate our knowledge and skills and the client services we provide, using the following<br />

descriptions: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor. The tables below summarize the results<br />

of this survey. As you will see, 100 percent of our clients rated our knowledge and skills, and<br />

clients services as either Excellent or Very Good.<br />

Knowledge & Skills of<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> Staff<br />

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor<br />

Knowledge of the Solid Waste Industry: 94% (30) 6% (2) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Problem solving capabilities: 69% (22) 31% (10) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Presentation skills (Public Speaking, Presentations,<br />

Communication, etc.):<br />

71% (22) 29% (9) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Clarity and Conciseness of Deliverables: 69% (22) 31% (10) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Project Managers' skills and performance: 84% (27) 16% (5) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Client Services Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor<br />

Ability to listen to our clients and understand their<br />

objectives:<br />

62% (20) 38% (12) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Responsiveness to our clients: 78% (25) 22% (7) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Professionalism of your <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> Project<br />

Team:<br />

88% (28) 12% (4) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Integrity of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>’s staff: 88% (28) 12% (4) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

Overall opinion of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>’s client service: 81% (26) 19% (6) 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0)<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\D Capability Statement D-21

Section E: Résumés<br />

Because of the importance we place on the opportunity to work with North Miami Beach, KCI<br />

has assembled a project team with unsurpassed experience and expertise. Senior staff, with a<br />

combined 100+ years of directly relevant experience, will be responsible for project work.<br />

Individual team members have advanced degrees in environmental law, natural resource<br />

management, or business.<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, President of KCI, will service as Project Director. His 27 years of industry<br />

experience, combined with his legal training, provide unparalleled experience in contract<br />

development and negotiations. Mitch will have final responsibility for all aspects of project<br />

work, and is ultimately accountable for all services provided<br />

by our firm.<br />

Don Ross, Director of Operations, has experience managing<br />

solid waste collection operations for both private and public<br />

sector organizations, and will be the Project Manager. Don<br />

will have final responsibility for the direction and<br />

coordination of all tasks, and will have ultimate<br />

responsibility for product quality.<br />

Robin Mitchell, Senior Consultant, has a rich background in<br />

policy development and applies this knowledge to KCI’s<br />

projects related to planning, financial analysis, contract<br />

procurements, and regulatory.<br />

“KCI is comprised of highly<br />

dedicated professionals with the<br />

willingness and dedication to<br />

meet our goals in spite of narrow<br />

time constraints. Their<br />

knowledge of the industry,<br />

general trends, and constituents<br />

was essential to completing this<br />

project in the available time.”<br />

Robert Briggs<br />

Finance Director<br />

Seminole County, FL<br />

Miriam Zimms, Senior Consultant, has a background in business that allows for a creative<br />

approach to applying marketing principles to solid waste management. Miriam has designed<br />

and managed comprehensive waste reduction and recycling programs for municipalities,<br />

institutions, and private corporations.<br />

The expertise of our senior project team will be complemented by KCI’s consultants and<br />

research analysts, with extensive experience researching solid waste issues and a “can-do”<br />

attitude when it comes to problem solving. Our staff has logged significant time functioning<br />

together as a team and each has specific skills and experience to contribute. Utilizing the<br />

strengths of each team member will allow KCI to bring about the most efficient results for the<br />

City.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-1

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

President and Project Director<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> has 27 years of solid waste experience<br />

and has managed or directed more than 200<br />

projects. His legal training and broad background in<br />

solid waste management and business make him a<br />

Project Director who is an industry leader with the<br />

history and experience to deliver results for our<br />

clients.<br />

Mitch is a nationally recognized expert in the<br />

procurement and operations of solid waste<br />

collection systems and materials recovery programs<br />

and facilities, and is especially knowledgeable in<br />

collection and market development issues as they<br />

relate to the economic viability of solid waste and<br />

recycling programs.<br />

Mitch is currently President of the Florida Sunshine<br />

Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America (SWANA). He also serves as an instructor<br />

for the Recycling Certification Course sponsored by<br />

SWANA, and is a member of the SWANA committee<br />

that developed the Manager of Composting<br />

Operations Certification Course.<br />

Because of Mitch's special knowledge of state and<br />

national solid waste management issues, he has<br />

held a number of leadership positions in the field. In<br />

addition to the affiliations and leadership roles listed<br />

in the sidebar, Mitch served on the Technical<br />

Advisory Committee (TAC) for the development of<br />

Florida’s Registration for Recyclers Rule. He also<br />

served as a principal investigator for an FDEPsponsored<br />

food waste diversion study conducted by<br />

the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and<br />

Agricultural Sciences Center for Biomass Programs<br />

and FORA.<br />

Formal Education<br />

University of New Hampshire, NH<br />

JD, Environmental Law, 1984<br />

Purdue University, IN<br />

MA, American Studies, 1981<br />

BS, Management, 1979<br />

State University of New York, NY<br />

AAS, Horticulture, 1976<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

SWANA Certified Recycling Manager<br />

SWANA Certified Composting<br />

Systems Manager<br />

SWANA Certified Instructor for<br />

Recycling, Collection & Composting<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America (SWANA), Florida Sunshine<br />

Chapter, Board of Directors (2005-<br />

current); current President<br />

Recipient of SWANA Professional<br />

Achievement Award, August 2012<br />

Recycle Florida Today, Inc. (RFT),<br />

Chair (4 years), Board of Directors (8<br />

years)<br />

Florida Organics Recyclers<br />

Association (FORA), founding Chair<br />

National Recycling Coalition (NRC),<br />

Florida representative for RFT<br />

United States Composting Council<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-2

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> (cont.)<br />

As Project Director, Mitch is responsible for project success and client satisfaction. A few of the<br />

recent projects that he directed are summarized below.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Solid Waste Management Alternatives, Phase I, Charleston County, SC<br />

Mitch designed and managed an independent audit of the county’s waste stream and<br />

solid waste management operations. The audit included an in-depth analysis of<br />

program costs and systems including collection, waste-to-energy and landfill disposal,<br />

compost, and MRF operations. Mitch directed research into emerging alternative<br />

technologies. Based on audit results, program and system recommendations were<br />

developed for an efficient and cost-effective integrated solid waste management<br />

program.<br />

Green for Green Plan, Phase II, Charleston County, SC<br />

Mitch is currently directing a project to transition from reliance on a waste-to-energy<br />

facility to implement the county’s Nine Point Green Strategy based on<br />

recommendations made in Phase I. The plan includes implementing an interim transfer<br />

and disposal solution; improving the capacity and efficiency of existing operations<br />

(compost, landfill, MRF); developing a Request for Information to explore alternative<br />

technology options; building alliances with local municipalities; and developing longterm<br />

waste reduction and recycling solutions through a comprehensive plan.<br />

Collection/Processing Evaluation and Procurement, Sarasota, FL<br />

Mitch directed an overall system evaluation of the city’s internal collection operations<br />

and contracted collection, recyclables processing, and transfer services. This led to an<br />

RFP for collection, processing and transfer services, as well as converting from twice per<br />

week to weekly collection of solid waste.<br />

Mitch has received the following industry awards:<br />

Distinguished Service Award, 2008, Solid Waste Association of North America<br />

George Kirkpatrick Lifetime Commitment Award, 2006, Recycle Florida Today<br />

Outstanding Contribution Award, 2002, Solid Waste Association of North America<br />

Exceptional Leadership Award, 1997, Florida Organics Recyclers Association<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

Organics Recycling Incorporated, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Business<br />

Development<br />

Resource Integration System, Vice President and Director of <strong>Consulting</strong> Services<br />

Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-3

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Don Ross<br />

Director of Operations and Project Manager<br />

Don Ross has more than 24 years of experience<br />

managing solid waste collection and transfer<br />

operations for both private and public sector<br />

organizations.<br />

Prior to joining <strong>Kessler</strong>, Don was the Solid Waste<br />

Division Director for the City of Dunedin, Florida<br />

where he oversaw the management of municipal<br />

collection operations for the city.<br />

Prior to moving to Florida with his family, Don<br />

held a variety of management level positions<br />

with private sector waste companies, including<br />

13 years with Waste Management, Inc., where<br />

Don was the Connecticut Market Area Director of<br />

Operations. At Waste Management, Don was<br />

responsible for three collection hauling<br />

companies, three solid waste transfer stations,<br />

150 collection routes, and 250 employees at four<br />

operations serving Southwest Connecticut where<br />

Don had profit and loss responsibility for $60<br />

million in annual revenues.<br />

At KCI, Don has managed or assisted with the<br />

following projects:<br />

<br />

Collection Contract Options Analysis,<br />

Hillsborough County, FL<br />

Don is currently managing a project to<br />

assist the county to conduct a<br />

competitive procurement for collection<br />

services. Project activities have included<br />

identification of advantages and<br />

Formal Education<br />

University of Phoenix, AZ<br />

BS, Business Management<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

SWANA Certified Collection Systems<br />

Manager<br />

SWANA Certified Instructor for<br />

Recycling and Collection Manager<br />

Training<br />

Emergency Management Institute, MD<br />

FEMA Debris Management<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America (SWANA), Florida Sunshine<br />

Chapter, Board of Directors (2006-<br />

2010)<br />

Recipient of Chapter’s Distinguished<br />

Service Award – November 2008<br />

Recycle Florida Today (RFT), Board of<br />

Directors, Vice Chair<br />

Pinellas County Board of County<br />

Commissioners Technical Management<br />

Committee Vice-Chair (2006-2008)<br />

American Public Works Association<br />

disadvantages of the two options, rate comparisons, evaluating potential service<br />

modifications, and multiple Board presentations. Based on recent Board approval, KCI is<br />

now assisting the city with the development of a competitive procurement for collection<br />

services, which will be valued at approximately $500 million over the life of the contract.<br />

<br />

Operations Assessment and Disposal Contracting, Hallandale Beach, FL<br />

Don managed a project assessing city-operated collection programs and negotiating<br />

long-term disposal and processing outlets. Prior to executing the disposal and<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-4

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Don Ross (cont.)<br />

processing agreement negotiated by KCI, the city hauled waste and recyclables 52 miles<br />

roundtrip and paid a high disposal fee and received no rebate for recyclables. Over the<br />

life of the six-year disposal and processing agreement negotiated by KCI, the city will<br />

realize a savings of more than $4 million.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Collection System Analysis, Lakeland, FL<br />

Don analyzed the city’s existing collection system and prepared recommendations to<br />

improve the economic efficiency of various aspects of the system. The analysis included<br />

implementation of automated collection, conversion from twice weekly to once weekly<br />

collection, changes to alley collection and recycling services, and possible franchising of<br />

roll-off collection. As a result, city staff was tasked with implementing once a week<br />

automated collection and a variable rate, Pay-As-You-Throw program.<br />

Single Stream Collection Pilot and Implementation, Charleston County, SC<br />

Don designed and implemented a pilot program to evaluate the benefits of single<br />

stream recycling, and to determine the best approach for countywide implementation.<br />

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, participation rates were<br />

documented at nearly 70 percent. In addition, waste diversion increased by over 100<br />

percent. Based on pilot results, Don is now assisting the county with the planning,<br />

equipment procurement, and implementation of a cart-based recycling program for<br />

110,000 homes.<br />

Collection Service Procurement and Transition, Manatee County, FL<br />

Don assisted with all aspects of implementing a new service contract following an RFP<br />

for residential and commercial collection, which included transitioning from one service<br />

area to two areas. Project activities included reviewing transition plans, developing a<br />

punch-list of activities, and facilitating transition meetings.<br />

Collection, Processing and Transfer Service Transition, Sarasota, FL<br />

Don assisted with all aspects of transitioning into a new service provider and new level<br />

of service. City-provided residential collection changed from twice to once per week.<br />

Project activities included developing and monitoring punch-lists for operational<br />

activities and outreach activities, facilitating transition meetings with city crews and the<br />

new contractor, reviewing the contractor’s operational plans, and providing onsite<br />

assistance during the first week of the transition.<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

City of Dunedin, Florida, Solid Waste Director<br />

Waste Management, Inc., Market Area Director of Operations – Connecticut<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-5

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Robin Mitchell<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Robin Mitchell has 23 years’ experience in<br />

integrated solid waste management, with special<br />

expertise in program evaluations, strategic<br />

planning, collection and processing procurements,<br />

rate analyses, waste composition and generation<br />

studies, and recycling/waste reduction program<br />

development and implementation.<br />

Her combined background in policy development<br />

and practical application makes her especially<br />

qualified in the areas of strategic planning, program<br />

evaluation, and regulatory compliance.<br />

A few of the recent projects Robin has conducted<br />

are summarized below.<br />

Greening of Florida: A Solid Waste<br />

Management Roadmap, Tallahassee, FL<br />

Robin managed this ambitious project to<br />

develop a new “Roadmap” to re-energize<br />

the state’s waste reduction and recycling<br />

efforts. The resulting document provides a<br />

comprehensive, forward-thinking, strategic<br />

plan aimed at maximizing recycling in the<br />

state.<br />

Formal Education<br />

University of Florida, FL<br />

MS, Environmental Science, 1988<br />

Kutztown, PA<br />

BA, Environmental Science, 1978<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

SWANA Certified Recycling Systems<br />

Manager, 2002<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Recycle Florida Today, Inc., current<br />

Board member and Communications<br />

Chair<br />

Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America (SWANA)<br />

National Recycling Coalition (NRC)<br />

Community Recycling, Inc., Atlanta,<br />

GA, Founder and former Board<br />

member<br />

<br />

<br />

Strategic Planning and Service Procurement, Sarasota, FL<br />

Robin managed a project that first involved a comprehensive analysis of the city’s<br />

collection, processing, transfer, and disposal system. Based on recommendations<br />

resulting from this analysis, Robin then assisted with a competitive procurement for<br />

contracted services that resulted in a 26 percent savings over the previous contract. In<br />

addition, city-provided garbage collection converted from twice to once per week.<br />

Solid Waste Master Plan, Key West, FL<br />

Robin is managing a project to develop a comprehensive Solid Waste Master Plan for<br />

the city, with a pathway toward “zero waste.” KCI has evaluated all aspects of the<br />

existing collection, processing and disposal system. Initial recommendations for shortterm<br />

improvements have been provided, with long-term recommendations to be<br />

included in the Master Plan.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-6

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Robin Mitchell (cont.)<br />

<br />

Strategic Solid Waste Planning, Durham, NC<br />

Robin is KCI’s project manager to assist with a comprehensive evaluation of the city’s<br />

existing solid waste facility and processing, transfer and disposal contracts. Based on<br />

initial input from KCI, the city immediately tripled the revenue it receives for recyclable<br />

materials. Recommendations for other improvements have been provided and a<br />

competitive procurement for services is anticipated.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

MRF Technology Review and Feasibility Study, Pinellas County, FL<br />

Robin oversaw an evaluation of existing processing capacity in the Tampa Bay area and<br />

analysis of the need for additional capacity. Project activities included a review of stateof-the-art<br />

MRF technologies based on literature review, interviews with industry<br />

experts, and site visits in Florida and California.<br />

Procurement of Recyclables Processing Services, Polk County, FL<br />

Robin recently managed a project to assist the county with an RFP for processing<br />

services. The project resulted in a three-fold increase in the revenue the county will<br />

receive for recyclable materials.<br />

Flow Control/Collection/Disposal Evaluation, Okaloosa County, FL<br />

Robin managed a project to assist the county with evaluating collection and disposal<br />

options. Because of waste flow control issues, a decision was reached to renegotiate<br />

collection and transfer/disposal contracts with the existing contractors.<br />

Robin has received the following industry awards:<br />

Federal Environmental Executive’s “Closing the Circle Award,” 1996, for work to<br />

enhance government affirmative procurement<br />

U.S. EPA Bronze Medal, 1995, a team award for implementing the “Recycling Means<br />

Business” program<br />

U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste “Team Excellence Award,” 1995, for work on the<br />

Recycling Market Development Task Force and “Jobs Through Recycling” initiative<br />

U.S. EPA Region 4 Bronze Medal, 1990, a team award for revising and redeveloping the<br />

Regional model RCRA permit<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, Waste Reduction Specialist<br />

Florida Defenders of the Environment, Executive Director<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-7

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Miriam Zimms, LEED ® AP<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Miriam Zimms has 21 years’ experience in solid<br />

waste management program development and<br />

implementation. She has designed and managed<br />

comprehensive waste reduction and recycling<br />

programs for municipalities, institutions, and<br />

private corporations.<br />

Miriam's background in business allows for a<br />

creative and economic approach to applying<br />

marketing principles to solid waste management.<br />

Specifically, she brings expertise in program<br />

marketing and management, identifying the<br />

marketing environment/audience, distribution and<br />

logistics, segmentation and targeting of industrial<br />

and consumer buyers, focus groups/surveys,<br />

advertising/public relations, and public policy.<br />

Miriam has served in a leadership role in numerous<br />

state and national solid waste organizations, as<br />

noted in the sidebar, and also served as an<br />

instructor for the Institutional, Commercial and<br />

Industrial Section of the Florida Department of<br />

Environmental Protection (FDEP) Recycling<br />

Coordinator’s Training Certification Course.<br />

At KCI, Miriam has managed or assisted with the<br />

following projects.<br />

<br />

Green for Green Plan, Phase II, Charleston<br />

County, SC<br />

Miriam is developing commercial, school,<br />

events, and institution recycling programs as<br />

part of an integrated solid waste management<br />

Formal Education<br />

Stetson University, FL<br />

BBA, Marketing, 1989<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

SWANA Certified Composting<br />

Systems Manager, 2005<br />

SWANA Certified Recycling Manager,<br />

2001<br />

FDEP Certified Recycling<br />

Coordinator, 1993<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

SWANA’s Waste Reduction,<br />

Recycling, and Composting Technical<br />

Division, former Vice Director<br />

SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter’s<br />

Recycling Committee, former Chair<br />

Recycle Florida Today, Inc., former<br />

Board member<br />

Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America<br />

National Recycling Coalition<br />

SunFest of Palm Beach County,<br />

former Environmental Chair<br />

system. She is also evaluating and making recommendations to improve the residential<br />

curbside recycling program as part of the county’s program to achieve a 40 percent<br />

recycling goal.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-8

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Miriam Zimms (cont.)<br />

<br />

Commercial Waste Reduction Action Plan, Wake County, NC<br />

Miriam led the development of a strategic plan for reducing disposal of commercial,<br />

industrial, and institutional (CII) waste. Project activities included analyzing past and<br />

present CII initiatives, assessing local market conditions, evaluating options to achieve<br />

greater CII waste reduction, and developing the strategic plan.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Food Waste Diversion Project, Mecklenburg County, NC<br />

Miriam recently assisted with a food waste diversion study for commercial and residential<br />

generators. The study helped the county to benchmark generation and identify the gaps<br />

and opportunities for food waste collection, processing and marketing. It was the first<br />

step towards establishing the feasibility of a countywide food waste diversion program.<br />

Pre-consumer Food Waste Composting Demonstration, Sumter County, FL<br />

Miriam managed a composting demonstration for source-separated food waste<br />

(vegetative waste and animal by-products) from supermarkets. The project demonstrated<br />

proper design and operations and helped to promote diversion of this major source of<br />

food waste in Florida.<br />

Construction and Demolition Recovery Incentives, Sarasota County, FL<br />

Miriam managed a project to increase recovery of C&D debris using appropriate<br />

incentives. Project activities included researching program incentives, assessing the<br />

county’s existing C&D infrastructure, and developing a pilot program plan. She also<br />

developed and coordinated a local builder pilot participation program, prepared a<br />

measurement and valuation system, and prepared outreach/educational materials.<br />

Florida Organics Recycling Center for Excellence (FORCE), Sumter County, FL<br />

Miriam served as Project Manager for all 10 years of the FORCE project, which was a<br />

cooperative effort between FDEP and Sumter County. FORCE, initially funded by a $3.5<br />

million legislative appropriation, was created to address the need for environmentally<br />

sound and economically feasible methods for recycling organics and agricultural wastes.<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

<br />

<br />

Florida Power & Light Corporation, Waste Minimization & Recycling Coordinator<br />

Developed waste reduction and materials management programs and marketed the<br />

program to 14 power plants, 82 service centers, and 32 office complexes in the utility’s<br />

34 service areas/counties throughout Florida. Assisted the company in reducing its<br />

annual solid waste collection budget from $1.2 million to $265,000.<br />

Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, FL, Recycling Program Development<br />

Coordinator<br />

Responsible for the residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational waste<br />

reduction programs and supervised a staff of nine people.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-9

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Shane Barrett<br />

Consultant<br />

Shane Barrett has been with KCI for eight years<br />

after beginning his solid waste career with FDEP’s<br />

Waste Reduction and Recycling Section in<br />

Tallahassee. He has assisted senior consulting staff<br />

with various project-related work including pilot<br />

program development, waste composition study<br />

preparation and oversight, grant preparation and<br />

implementation, data analysis, processing contract<br />

management, educational material development,<br />

and various research projects.<br />

Shane has special expertise in and advanced<br />

knowledge of a variety of software programs and<br />

research tools. Because of his exceptional support<br />

skills, he has become a vital member of the projects<br />

on which he has assisted, a few of which are<br />

summarized below.<br />

<br />

Commercial Waste Generation Study, Key<br />

West, FL<br />

Shane is currently planning a commercial<br />

waste generation study for the city. The<br />

Formal Education<br />

Florida State University, FL<br />

BS, Biological Sciences, 2001<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

Florida DEP Contracts/Grants<br />

Manager Certified, 2002<br />

Florida DEP Certified – Florida Green<br />

Lodging Assessor, 2005<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Recycle Florida Today, Inc., Board of<br />

Directors<br />

Solid Waste Association of North<br />

America<br />

National Recycling Coalition<br />

goal of the study is to determine the average density of waste disposed by various types<br />

of commercial businesses. This information will be used to determine whether a<br />

different billing structure is needed to more equitably allocate disposal costs based not<br />

only on the volume, but also the density, of the waste generated by various types of<br />

businesses.<br />

<br />

<br />

Recyclables Composition Study, Sarasota, FL<br />

Shane recently completed a composition study of incoming recyclables for the city. The<br />

study included the sampling and sorting of dual stream materials to determine the<br />

overall composition of curbside recyclables collected from residents. Study results<br />

revealed an increase in container composition and, therefore, an increase in the average<br />

market value of the city’s recyclables.<br />

Comprehensive Waste Composition Study, Charleston County, SC<br />

As WCS supervisor, Shane was responsible for developing the sorting event plan,<br />

protocols, and sampling schedule for this two-season study. He also coordinated with<br />

haulers, acquired all equipment, and oversaw all onsite activities, including daily setup,<br />

worker training, sample selection, and sorting. Shane also completed the data analysis<br />

and report preparation.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-10

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Shane Barrett (cont.)<br />

<br />

Beach Recycling Program, Fort Lauderdale, FL<br />

Shane worked closely with city staff to implement a recycling program along a stretch of<br />

beach and at certain city parks and marinas. Shane assisted with drafting the beach<br />

recycling plan and developing educational materials for the program. He also conducted<br />

an audit of the recycling program and a beachgoer survey to evaluate the effectiveness<br />

of the program.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Statewide Electronics and Donation Center Surveys, Seminole County, FL<br />

Shane assisted with developing questions for both a residential survey and a donation<br />

center survey. He also compiled results of the donation center survey and drafted the<br />

final reports for Seminole County and FDEP.<br />

Building a Cost Effective Commercial and Institutional Electronics Recovery Program,<br />

Alachua County, FL<br />

Shane helped establish an in-house demanufacturing program that was initiated to<br />

generate revenue from internal computer parts, as well as a monitor evaluation and<br />

separation program that was implemented as a cost avoidance measure. Shane also<br />

drafted educational materials for the project including a press release, brochures,<br />

website recommendations, flyers, and a BMP guide for proper end-of-life management<br />

of e-waste by businesses.<br />

Comprehensive Waste Composition Study, Miami-Dade County, FL<br />

Shane served as sort supervisor for this project. This study is unique in that sorting<br />

activities take place at three different facilities and, therefore, each seasonal event<br />

lasted two weeks.<br />

Comprehensive Waste Composition Study, Pinellas County, FL<br />

Shane served as sort supervisor for this two-season study that targeted nine generator<br />

sectors. In order to achieve statistical validity, a sufficient number of samples were<br />

needed and, therefore, each sorting event lasted two weeks. For this study, KCI<br />

identified and targeted more than 160 loads of waste from 11 haulers over the four<br />

week period. The results of this study were used to evaluate the potential waste<br />

diversion that might be achieved through countywide curbside recycling, as well as<br />

other program improvements.<br />

Wood Reuse and Exchange Center, Sumter County, FL<br />

Shane developed educational materials for this project, assisted in developing the pilot<br />

study, drafted safety guidelines and tracking procedures. He also assisted with<br />

developing a BMP manual for wood wastes and coordinating a statewide wood waste<br />

workshop.<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Specialist I<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-11

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Lisa Lamppert<br />

Consultant<br />

Lisa Lamppert joined KCI in 2011 and is one of the most<br />

recent additions to the KCI team. Lisa is an expert<br />

problem-solver who specializes in strategic assessment<br />

and development, process improvement, and change<br />

management. Prior to joining <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Lisa<br />

ran her own consulting firm which offered innovative<br />

management solutions including business coaching,<br />

strategic planning, operational audits, financial<br />

reviews, and customized management training<br />

programs.<br />

<br />

Formal Education<br />

University of Tampa, FL<br />

John H. Sykes College of Business<br />

MBA, Management Concentration<br />

BS, Management, Finance Minor<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Professional Development Trainer<br />

Solid Waste Strategic Plan, Deerfield Beach, FL<br />

Lisa is coordinating the development of the<br />

City’s Solid Waste and Recycling Division<br />

Organizational Change Coach<br />

University of Tampa MBA Coach<br />

operational plan. After an initial assessment<br />

and overview of the city’s solid waste<br />

operation, an operational plan was initiated. This detailed document presents<br />

recommendations for collection service models, operations, personnel, best practices<br />

and safety, fleet and equipment, tools and software, and financial structure.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Route Rebalancing Analysis, Fort Lauderdale, FL<br />

Lisa provided technical service to the city and its franchise haulers with the rebalancing<br />

of the city’s solid waste collection routes. The project goal was to develop routing<br />

options to provide a safe environment for collectors/haulers as well as residents,<br />

balance daily pickups, limit non-productive driving time, consolidate civic associations,<br />

synchronize routes, and minimize collection changes. The project also identified<br />

operational efficiencies and helped to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.<br />

Service Rate Analysis, Fort Lauderdale, FL<br />

Lisa assisted in the preparation of the final report that compared the solid waste<br />

services currently being provided by the city with other cities having similar<br />

characteristics as Ft. Lauderdale. The analysis identified the solid waste service levels<br />

being provided, associated sources of funding, and the rate and fee structures.<br />

Recycling Alternatives Analysis, Lakeland, FL<br />

Lisa is conducting a recycling alternatives analysis for the city to show side-by-side<br />

comparisons of six different recycling collection systems. She is developing a model that<br />

shows the financial implications of each system, and producing an analysis of the<br />

implications of each for the city.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-12

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

Maureen Schaefer<br />

Senior Research Analyst<br />

Maureen Schaefer joined KCI in 2008, where she<br />

specializes in research, program development and<br />

systems analysis. Maureen has more than 27 years<br />

of experience in business management, financial<br />

analysis, administration, and human resources.<br />

Prior to joining KCI, Maureen was a Business<br />

Development Analyst in the Government Sector for<br />

Achieve Global.<br />

Projects in which she has assisted are summarized<br />

below.<br />

Review of Solid Waste Management<br />

Alternatives – Phase I, Charleston County,<br />

SC<br />

Maureen assisted with an independent audit<br />

of the county’s waste stream and practices.<br />

She conducted a survey of municipalities<br />

within the county in order to establish an<br />

understanding of their residential and<br />

commercial waste collection practices. She<br />

also conducted research and drafted issue<br />

papers in support of an evaluation of waste<br />

diversion and disposal options and emerging<br />

technologies.<br />

Formal Education<br />

The Amos Tuck School of Business<br />

Administration at Dartmouth College<br />

MBA, 1983<br />

University of Maryland<br />

BA, English Language & Literature,<br />

1974<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

SWANA Certified Construction and<br />

Demolition Manager, 2008<br />

Effective Project Management<br />

Certificate, USF, December 2009<br />

LEED® Green Associate, USGBC,<br />

November 2010<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Practice Green Health Care<br />

C&D WasteCap Resources<br />

<br />

State-Wide Recycling Roadmap, Tallahassee, FL<br />

Maureen assisted with this project to develop a comprehensive, forward-thinking,<br />

implementable strategic plan aimed at maximizing waste reduction and recycling in the<br />

State of Florida. She researched and analyzed leading-edge program and policy<br />

strategies to increase commercial and C&D recycling from across the United States.<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

Achieve Global, Business Development Analyst<br />

Tally Systems Corporation, Human Resources and Facilities Manager<br />

FISCO, Vice President<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-13

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section E, Résumés<br />

John Burkett<br />

Research Analyst<br />

John Burkett joined the KCI team in 2010, focusing<br />

on collection route audits, solid waste system<br />

assessments, and organics composting. Prior to<br />

joining KCI, John was a Program Manager in charge<br />

of byproduct management for dozens of Fortune<br />

500 manufacturing facilities in North America.<br />

Projects in which he has assisted are summarized<br />

below.<br />

<br />

Solid Waste Services Assessment, Deerfield<br />

Beach, FL<br />

John assisted the city with the assessment of<br />

its Solid Waste and Recycling Division,<br />

including on-site meetings and process<br />

evaluations. The work consisted of analyzing<br />

the city’s operational data, and examining<br />

the effectiveness of existing programs in<br />

preparation for a long-term strategic plan,<br />

Formal Education<br />

Indiana University<br />

School of Public and Environmental<br />

Affairs - BS, Management, 2004<br />

Supplemental Education<br />

Project Management Certificate, USF<br />

August, 2011<br />

Affiliations & Leadership Roles<br />

Member, Tampa Bay Association of<br />

Environmental Professionals<br />

Member, Recycle Florida Today<br />

completed in April 2012. John worked closely with city staff to identify opportunities for<br />

improvement to facilitate a collaborative renovation of the Division, while focusing on<br />

the city’s established missions and goals.<br />

<br />

Collection Services Assistance, Hillsborough County, FL<br />

John researched a number of collection program options to determine how the county<br />

could best meet its solid waste system priorities. His research encompassed Florida<br />

jurisdictions, home to over 14 million residents, and helped to develop a general<br />

understanding of the widespread use of the latest collection technologies and new<br />

industry trends being put to use elsewhere in the state.<br />

<br />

Field Audit and Reconciliation of Commercial Solid Waste Accounts, Tampa, FL<br />

John completed a collection route audit project for the City of Tampa, focusing<br />

specifically on commercial bulk waste customers within the city. He conducted field<br />

audits by integrating waste generation observations with collection crews, recording<br />

actual waste volumes collected at over 600 commercial customer locations. John<br />

compared his observations to the city’s current billable rates per account, and identified<br />

more than $350,000 in annual lost revenue. He completed the project by conducting<br />

site visits to notify customers of billing discrepancies.<br />

Prior Employment History<br />

Allegiant Global Services, Program Manager<br />

WIT Trans, St. Louis Branch Manager<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\E Résumés E-14

Section F: Proposed Scope of Services<br />

The Request for Proposal (RFP) outlined a number of tasks the City would like completed as<br />

part of this consulting engagement. All of these services are familiar to us; <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong><br />

regularly performs these exact services for our clients and are confident we can exceed the City<br />

of North Miami Beach’s expectations!<br />

We offer the following proposed scope of solid waste consulting services, separated into three<br />

main tasks.<br />

Task 1:<br />

Evaluation of Solid Waste Division (Division) Operations<br />

In Task 1, KCI will evaluate the existing solid waste collections operations and service levels<br />

currently being provided to the City’s residents and commercial businesses. During this<br />

component, KCI will benchmark the City’s operations against other similar systems. KCI will<br />

also conduct a study to examine the advantages and disadvantages to the City for privatization<br />

of solid waste collections operations, and evaluate the recent responses that the City received<br />

in response to its collection RFP. KCI will develop preliminary recommendations during Task 1.<br />

Provided below are the activities we anticipate conducting as part of this task:<br />

‣ Meet with City staff to discuss the City’s existing collection system and develop a project<br />

plan.<br />

‣ Request and review documents and data necessary to evaluate the system.<br />

‣ Conduct field level observations, operational staff interviews, ride-alongs, and route<br />

audit based data collection with integrated City personnel and/or departments.<br />

‣ Evaluate recordkeeping, data management, revenue assurance systems, and existing<br />

user rates and fee structures.<br />

‣ Research comparable organizations and benchmark findings against current City<br />

operations.<br />

‣ Conduct a Public vs. Private collection services evaluation to identify the advantages and<br />

disadvantages of privatization and conduct a full review of the City’s collection services<br />

proposals.<br />

‣ Identify and review with City staff the program components and options that could<br />

potentially lower costs, improve efficiency, or otherwise help the City meet its<br />

objectives. System elements to be reviewed include, but are not limited to, labor<br />

requirements; fleet requirements; equipment maintenance costs and procedures;<br />

health, safety, and risk management; operating budgets; application of new technology;<br />

and the City’s current solid waste and recycling data.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\F Scope of Services F-1

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section F, Proposed Scope of Services<br />

Task 1 Deliverables:<br />

‣ Participation in kick-off meeting and a site visit.<br />

‣ Summary or presentation of project progress at conclusion of evaluation.<br />

Task 2:<br />

Analysis and Operational Plan<br />

In Task 2, KCI will assist the City in the development of a Solid Waste System Operational Plan.<br />

Based on the previously completed evaluation of the Division’s operations, benchmarking<br />

study, and privatization evaluation, KCI will conduct a thorough analysis and develop an<br />

Operational Plan for the Division.<br />

The Operational Plan will illustrate the Division’s mission, and establish system goals for the<br />

next five-year planning horizon.<br />

Provided below are the activities we anticipate conducting as part of this task:<br />

‣ Analyze benefits of operational efficiencies identified in Task 1.<br />

‣ Analyze the Division’s labor requirements, production, and current workforce levels in<br />

order to develop staffing model recommendations.<br />

‣ Develop tools to assist the City in measuring improvement progress over time. System<br />

metrics to be compared include, but are not limited to, customer rates, operational<br />

metrics, and system costs.<br />

‣ Develop an equipment replacement strategy.<br />

‣ Identify “value added” sustainable solid waste services the City does not currently<br />

provide, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of including same as part of an<br />

integrated program.<br />

‣ Develop Solid Waste system recommendations.<br />

Task 2 Deliverables:<br />

‣ Draft Operational Plan document including recommendations for City comment.<br />

‣ Final Operational Plan and recommendations, or participation in presentation with City<br />

staff, Management, and/or elected officials.<br />

Task 3:<br />

Operational Plan Implementation and Other Technical Assistance<br />

KCI will assist the City with the implementation of the program changes outlined in the planning<br />

process in Task 2 and any other technical assistance identified by City staff. Tasks and activities<br />

performed under this task will vary greatly depending upon the strategies approved by the City.<br />

Based on available budget, such assistance might include, but would not be limited to, the<br />

following:<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\F Scope of Services F-2

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section F, Proposed Scope of Services<br />

‣ Assist the City during any collection service transition period, including coordinating and<br />

facilitating transition meetings, reviewing transition plans, and preparing public<br />

education materials related to the transition.<br />

‣ Assist in developing language for any necessary ordinance changes.<br />

‣ Assist in developing and drafting program education and outreach materials.<br />

‣ Assist City staff with the development of a strategy to meet county and state level<br />

mandates and goals.<br />

‣ Other services as requested.<br />

KCI has recognized that once initiated, project priorities may change. KCI’s phased approach to<br />

this project reflects the possibility of change. By compartmentalizing these activities, certain<br />

tasks can be completed independently of others. At project initiation, KCI will work with the<br />

City to refine the activities to insure that if the City’s priorities shift, so can the project elements<br />

and its related costs to bring about the desired results most efficiently and cost-effectively.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\F Scope of Services F-3

Section G: Fee<br />

Provided below are the <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> staff members that will be available to the City. As<br />

you can see, the City will receive our most highly experienced staff at very competitive rates.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> typically works on a time-and-materials basis to deliver the greatest value to<br />

our clients. Based on our very competitive hourly rates and our staff’s high level of expertise,<br />

we believe KCI provides the greatest value for our client’s investment, because in any<br />

consulting engagement, time is the commodity. Competitive rates maximize the time available!<br />

Our rates include all overhead and direct and indirect costs. All expenses (travel, copies,<br />

postage, etc.) are billed at cost without markup.<br />


Project Director/Principal Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> $180/hour<br />

Project Manager Don Ross $135/hour<br />

Senior Consultants Robin Mitchell, Miriam Zimms $135/hour<br />

Consultant Lisa Lamppert $85/hour<br />

Research Analysts John Burkett, Maureen Schaefer $70/hour<br />

Admin/Technical Support Lisa LeVine $50/hour<br />

As outlined in the Proposed Scope of Services detail, Section F of this submittal, KCI offers the<br />

following phased and tasked approach to the solid waste and recycling services assessment<br />

requested. KCI believes it is essential to first review the system and analyze the options<br />

available in Phase I, and then based on these results, design a plan and implementation<br />

strategy in Phase II that best meets the goals and objectives of the City. Provided for each major<br />

task is the expected total work hours for our staff and the cost of service.<br />

Task 1<br />

Task 2<br />

‣ KCI will initiate the project by conducting a systematic “top-to-bottom” review of the<br />

City’s current solid waste system. We expect this task to take approximately 120 days.<br />

Estimated Cost for Task 1 Activities: $20,115<br />

Estimated total staff hours: 208<br />

‣ KCI will assist the City in the development of a Solid Waste Operational Plan to establish<br />

system goals for the next five years. We expect this task to take approximately 90 days.<br />

Estimated Cost for Task 2 Activities: $23,075<br />

Estimated total staff hours: 236<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\North Miami Beach\G Fee G-1

North Miami Beach, Florida<br />

Response to RFP # 2012-20, Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Section G, Fee<br />

Task 3<br />

‣ It is difficult to predict at this time the level of effort required for Task 3,<br />

Implementation and Other Technical Assistance. This task is budget-dependent and will<br />

be considered an ancillary task, based on remaining budgeted funds after the<br />

completion of Tasks 1 and 2.<br />

Estimated Available Funds for Task 3 activities: $6,730<br />

Estimated total staff hours: 64<br />

KCI recognizes that once initiated, project priorities may change. As previously stated, in order<br />

to best accommodate the needs of the City, KCI’s phased approach to this project reflects the<br />

possibility of change. By compartmentalizing these activities, certain tasks can be completed<br />

independently of others. At project initiation, KCI will work with the City to refine the activities<br />

to insure that if the City’s priorities shift, so can the project elements and its related costs to<br />

bring about the desired results most efficiently and cost-effectively.<br />

This section intentionally left blank.<br />

KCI Proposals 2012\Pompano Beach\5 Pricing G-2

RFP No. 2012-20 Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />


It is the responsibility of the contractor/vendor to provide a minimum of three (3) government agency references<br />

other than North Miami Beach using this form and providing this information with your submission. Failure to do so<br />

may result in the rejection of your submission.<br />

Giving reference for: (Bidder)_______________________________________________________________<br />

Firm giving Reference: ___________________________________________________________________<br />

Address:___________________________________________<br />

Phone:____________________________________________<br />

Fax:______________________________________________<br />

Email: ___________________________________________<br />

1. Q: What was the title of the contract or job assigned to Bidder?<br />

A:<br />

2. Q: What was the scope or work/services assigned to Bidder?<br />

A:<br />

3. Q: What was the dollar value of the contract?<br />

A:<br />

4. Q: Have there been any change orders, and if so how many?<br />

A:<br />

5. Q: Do they perform on a timely basis as required by the agreement?<br />

A:<br />

6. Q: Was the consultant easy to get in contact with?<br />

A:<br />

7. Q: Would you use them again?<br />

A:<br />

8. Q: Overall, what would you rate their performance? (Scale from 1-5)<br />

A: 5 Excellent 4 Good 3 Fair 2 Poor 1 Unacceptable<br />

9. Q: Is there anything else we should know, that we have not asked?<br />

A:<br />

The undersigned does hereby certify that the foregoing and subsequent statements are true and correct and are made<br />

independently, free from vendor interference/collusion.<br />

Name: __________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________<br />

Print Name: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________________________________<br />

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RFP No. 2012-20 Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />


How did you find out about this solicitation? Check all that applies.<br />

1. www.citynmb.com<br />

2. www.demandstar.com<br />

3. Daily Business Review<br />

4. The Miami Herald<br />

5.Referral/word- of mouth<br />

Specify Source: _____________________<br />

6.Search Engine/Internet search<br />

7.E-mail, newsgroup, online chat<br />

Specify Source:______________________<br />

8.Banner or Link on another website<br />

9.Flyer, newsletter, direct mail<br />

10.Other<br />

Specify Source:______________________<br />

Specify Source:______________________<br />

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RFP No. 2012-20 Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />




1. This sworn statement is submitted to the CITY OF NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA<br />

by:___________________________________________________________________<br />

(print individual’s name and title)<br />

for: _____________________________________________________________<br />

(print name of entity submitting sworn statement)<br />

whose business address is: ___________________________________________________________<br />

and (if applicable) its Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is: _____________________.<br />

(If the entity has no FEIN, include the Social Security Number of the individual signing this sworn statement:<br />

_______-_________-_______.)<br />

2. I understand that a “public entity crime” as defined in Paragraph 287.133(1)(g), Florida Statutes, means a violation of any<br />

state or federal law by a person with respect to and directly related to the transaction of business with any public entity or<br />

with an agency or political subdivision of any other state or of the United States, including but not limited to, any bid or<br />

contract for goods or services to be provided to any public entity or an agency or political subdivision of any other state or<br />

of the United States and involving antitrust, fraud, theft, bribery, collusion, racketeering, conspiracy, or material<br />

misrepresentations.<br />

3. I understand that “convicted” or “conviction” as defined in Paragraph 287.133(1)(b), Florida Statutes, means a finding of<br />

guilt or a conviction of a public entity crime, with or without an adjudication of guilt, in any federal or state trial court of<br />

record relating to charges brought by indictment or information after July 1, 1989, as a result of a jury verdict, non-jury trial,<br />

or entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.<br />

4. I understand that an “affiliate” as defined in Paragraph 287.133(1)(a), Florida Statutes, means:<br />

1. A predecessor or successor of a person convicted of a public entity crime; or<br />

2. An entity under the control of any natural person who is active in the management of the entity and who has<br />

been convicted of a public entity crime. The term “affiliate” includes those officers, directors, executives, partners,<br />

shareholders, employees, members, and agents who are active in the management of an affiliate. The ownership<br />

by one person of shares constituting a controlling interest in another person, or a pooling of equipment or income<br />

among persons when not for fair market value under an arm’s length agreement, shall be a prima facie case that<br />

one person controls another person. A person who knowingly enters into a joint venture with a person who has<br />

been convicted of a public entity crime in Florida during the preceding 36 months shall be considered an affiliate.<br />

5. I understand that a “person” as defined in Paragraph 287.133(1)(e), Florida Statutes, means any natural person or<br />

entity organized under the laws of any state or of the United States with the legal power to enter into a binding<br />

contract and which bids or applies to bid on contracts for the provision of goods or services let by a public entity, or<br />

which otherwise transacts or applies to transact business with a public entity. The term “person” includes those<br />

officers, directors, executives, partners. Shareholders, employees, members, and agents who are active in<br />

management of an entity.<br />

6. Based on information and belief, the statement, which I have marked below, is true in relations to the entity<br />

submitting this sworn statement. (Indicate which statement applies).<br />

Neither the entity submitting this sworn statement, nor any of its officers, directors, executives, partners,<br />

shareholders, employees, members, or agents who are active in the management of the entity, nor any affiliate of<br />

the entity has been charged with ad convicted of a public entity crime subsequent to July 1, 1989.<br />

The entity submitting this sworn statement, or one or more of its officers, directors, executives, partners,<br />

shareholders, employees, members, or agents who are active in the management of the entity, or an affiliate of the<br />

entity has been charged with and convicted of a public entity crime subsequent to July 1, 1989.<br />

The entity submitting this sworn statement, or one or more of its officers, directors, executives, partners,<br />

shareholders, employees, members, or agents who are active in the management of the entity, or an affiliate of the<br />

entity has been charged with and convicted of a public entity crime subsequent to July 1, 1989. However, there has<br />

been a subsequent proceeding before a Hearing Officer of the State of Florida, Division of Administrative Hearings<br />

and the final Order entered by the Hearing Officer determined that it was not in the public interest to place the entity<br />

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RFP No. 2012-20 Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />





THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of this ____ day of __________, 2011 by and between<br />

_________________., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of ____, having its<br />

principal office at __________________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor"), and the City of North Miami<br />

Beach, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, having its principal office at 17011 NE 19 th Avenue, North<br />

Miami Beach, Florida 33162 (hereinafter referred to as the "City"),<br />


WHEREAS, the Contractor has offered to provide the materials and/or services and to be bound by the<br />

Plans and the terms and conditions of the Invitation to Bid (ITB) No. __________, which includes the General<br />

Terms and Conditions of Invitations for Bids, Specifications, Bid Forms, and associated addenda attached hereto<br />

and incorporated herein as Exhibit "A", and the terms of Contractor’s Proposal attached hereto and incorporated<br />

herein as Exhibit "B"; and<br />

WHEREAS, the Contractor has submitted a written proposal dated November 4,<br />

_____ , hereinafter<br />

referred to as the "Contractor’s Proposal", the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set<br />

forth herein; and<br />

WHEREAS, the City desires to procure from the Contractor such services for the City, in accordance with<br />

the terms and conditions of this Agreement.<br />

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the<br />

parties hereto agree as follows:<br />

1. The Contractor agrees to provide the materials and/or services pursuant to and to be bound by the Plans<br />

and the terms and conditions of the Invitation to Bid, which includes General Terms and Conditions of Invitations for<br />

Bids, Specifications, Bid Forms, and associated addenda and the terms of which are incorporated herein by<br />

reference as if fully set forth herein and attached hereto as Exhibit "A", and the Contractor's Proposal attached<br />

hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "B".<br />

2. The CITY agrees to abide by and to be bound by the terms of the Invitation to Bid, which includes General<br />

Terms and Conditions of Invitations for Bids, Specifications, Bid Forms, and associated addenda as attached hereto<br />

and incorporated herein as Exhibit "A", and by the terms of Contractor's Proposal attached hereto and incorporated<br />

herein as Exhibit "B".<br />

3. Contractor shall deliver materials and/or provide services in accordance with the terms of the Invitation to<br />

Bid, Bid Forms and addenda attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "A" and with the terms of<br />

Contractor's Proposal attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "B".<br />

4. The City agrees to make payment in accordance with the terms of the Invitation to Bid, Bid Forms and<br />

addenda attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "A" and with the terms of Contractor's Proposal<br />

attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "B".<br />

5. This Agreement and attachments hereto constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and its<br />

provisions shall not be amended, except in writing, after formal approval by both parties.<br />

6. This Agreement will commence on ________________ and expire on ________________ unless<br />

Contractor is otherwise notified by the City. Any extension to this Agreement shall be in writing. The City Manager<br />

is authorized to extend or terminate this Agreement on behalf of the City.<br />

7. In addition to any other contractual indemnification provisions in Exhibit A or Exhibit B in favor of the City,<br />

Contractor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the City harmless from any and all claims, suits, actions, damages,<br />

causes of action, and attorney’s fees, arising from any personal injury, loss of life, or damage to person or property<br />

sustained by reason of or as a result of the products or materials used or supplied in the performance of this<br />

Page 45 of 46

RFP No. 2012-20 Solid Waste and Recycling Services Assessment<br />

Agreement.<br />

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have made and executed this Agreement on this<br />

________ day of __________________________________, 2011.<br />


By: ______________________<br />

(Signature)<br />

Name: ___________________<br />

(Print)<br />

Title: ____________________<br />

Date: ____________________<br />

Attest: ___________________<br />

Corporate Seal/Notary Public<br />

Corporate Seal/Notary Seal<br />


By: ______________________<br />

Lyndon L. Bonner, City Manager<br />

Date: ____________________<br />

Attest: ___________________<br />

Pamela L. Latimore, City Clerk<br />

Approved as to form<br />

and legal sufficiency<br />

________________________<br />

Darcee S. Siegel, City Attorney<br />

Page 46 of 46




---_....__ COUNTY I<br />

._._._"~<br />


March 1,2010<br />

Telephone: 843.958.4010<br />

Facsimile: 843.958.4017<br />

jd awson@chal'lcstoncounly.org<br />

Lonnie J-lamilton III, Public Services Building<br />

4045 Bridge Vicw Drive<br />

NOrlh Charleston, South Cmolim129405-7464<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, lnc<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave. Bldg. D<br />

Tampa FL 33613<br />

Re:<br />

Letter ofRecommendation<br />

Dear Mitch:<br />

1 write this letter to recommend the services of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> lnc., to potential clients.<br />

Charleston County hired <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> lnc., ("KC1") in October of 2008 to perform a<br />

comprehensive analysis ofits solid waste program with the goal ofincreasing the County's recycling<br />

rate and to establish the premier solid waste program in the Southeast. KCl has been meticulous and<br />

insightful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the County's program. To that end, the<br />

County chose to further its relationship with KCI by tasking it with developing a strategic plan to<br />

create and assist the County with implementing an innovative, cutting-edge solid waste program for<br />

the County. KCl has performed most ofthis work under my direct supervision.<br />

KC1's focus at the County is aimed at maximizing recycling and minimizing the need for the landfill<br />

as the primary disposal option. KCl successfully recommended innovative approaches for systemwide<br />

changes to the County's solid waste program that immediately increased operational<br />

efficiencies and resulted in significant cost savings to the County. KCl has been invaluable in<br />

assisting my office with reviewing and negotiating contract terms and provisions with prospective<br />

vendors that have limited the County's liability and created efficient public/private partnerships<br />

within our community.<br />

KCl is a premier solid waste consulting firm. 1 find KCl's work to be superior, timely, and<br />

extremely thorough. The KCl staff is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and KCl has<br />

demonstrated a dedication to helping Charleston County beyond a consultant/client relationship. 1<br />

am particularly impressed with KCl's ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts simply<br />

and plainly. KCl has done a great job communicating with all levels oflocal government to include<br />

the media and the public. Based upon KCl's standards ofexcellence, 1 would highly recommend<br />

your company to any organization looking to redesign or enhance its solid waste program.<br />

\"J~J_A~Co,, S£,.~~> -<br />

Jo~eph Ddwson, III<br />

Charleston County Attorney<br />

\\'\\'\\'.Ch'H·lc~toncou lll~·.org

August 19, 2008<br />

Alachua County<br />

Environntental Protection Deparhnent<br />

Chris Bird, Director<br />

Mr. Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. 0<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

To Whom It May Concern:<br />

Please accept our sincere thanks for the tremendous effort that you and your staff put into the Alachua<br />

County Recycling and Education Grant awarded by the Florida DEP. KCI successfully developed the<br />

synergy necessary to complete this project on time and with an outcome that exceeded our expectations.<br />

The grant, entitled "Building a Cost Effective Commercial and Institutional Electronics Recovery Program"<br />

was designed to develop and implement a sustainable and cost-effective operational and marketing<br />

program to reduce the costs of disposal, increase material recovery and provide a wide variety of<br />

marketing and educational materials for business E-scrap management.<br />

I want to particularly mention Miriam Zimms, Adam Schlachter and Shane Barrett for their relentless<br />

pursuit of excellence, their strong research skills, and their firm grasp of the subject matter. The vast<br />

insight and experience in managing such a large project that your staff demonstrated during the course of<br />

the grant was invaluable to the County. The attention to detail, the interpersonal and technical skills<br />

demQnstrated and the ability to focus cmd deliver a high-quality, usable product is a testament to your<br />

staff.'<br />

Thank you for developing or executing the final products: an informal focus group, BMPs for both<br />

donation centers and recycling/hazardous waste managers, employee and owner education materials,<br />

demanufacturing program analysis, and a business e-scrap collection event. All items have been very<br />

favorably received by the staff of the FDEP, our department, by other county governmental agencies and<br />

by'the target audience: the businesses and institutions throughout our County. Additionally, Alachua<br />

County was recently selected by the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association as<br />

the recipient of the 2008 Best Education/Public Outreach Program. The award was due in part to the<br />

outstanding contribution made by the <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> staff in developing the educational materials and<br />

brochures as part the E-scrap grant.<br />

I would highly recommend <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. to other governmental agencies or businesses<br />

seeking the services of a consulting company to develop a comprehensive electronics recycling program<br />

within the confines of the solid waste and recycling industry.<br />

Sincerely,<br />


Board of County Commissioners<br />

State of Florida<br />

August 31, 2007<br />

Miriam,<br />

Just a note to say thanks for all of the hard work that you and others have put into getting<br />

the proposals prepared for submission to DEP. There is no way that we could have ever<br />

put together a package like you did. I really feel fortunate to have you and <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

<strong>Consulting</strong> representing us in this endeavor. I look forward to working with you all as<br />

the process progresses.<br />

Best wishes,<br />

Courthouse<br />

101 E. James Lee Blvd. • CresMew. FL 32536<br />

(850) 689-5030 • FAX: 689~5059<br />

Courthouse Annex<br />

1250 N. Eglin Pkwy. • Shalimar. FL 32579<br />

(850) 651~7100<br />

1804 Lewis Turner Blvd.. Suite 100<br />

Fort Walton Beach. FL 32547<br />

(850) 651-7105 • FAX: 651-7142









A06ERT B. S~ART<br />


January 7, 2003<br />



3095· 114'~ AVENue NORTH<br />


PHONE. (727) 464·7565<br />

FAX: (727) 464·7713<br />

Re: Lener ofReference for <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>. Inc.<br />

To Whom It May Concern:<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc., has provided solid waste planning and consulting assistance to the Pinellas County<br />

Department ofSolid Waste 0pel1ltions since 1999. In addition, I have known the fInn for a number oryears prior to<br />

that. The linn's extensive knowledge ofsolid waste issues and programs in Florida, their ability to think cl'Clltively,<br />

and their direct approach in making recommendations make them unique in solid waste consulting finns.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> has provided assistance with a wide range ofissues and have specitically assisted Pinellas County<br />

in the following areas:<br />

• Conducted 11 two-season waste composition study and developed Florida's first computerized waste<br />

composition model, which is currently available on the Department orEnvironmental Protection (DEP)<br />

website (http://www.dep.stnte.fl.uslwasteclcanupl)<br />

• Evaluated a full range ofsolid waste coUection options, including franchising, licensing, and Countyprovided<br />

services, and developed dJaft licensing standards<br />

• Provided technicalassistlUlce with a publidprivatc Solid Waste Collection Task Force and participated in<br />

meetings with COWlty Commissioners<br />

• Conducted an analysis ofthe County's recycling drop-off centers and assisted with improving our service<br />

agreement, which will reduce service costs and increase revenue share<br />

• Assisted with development oftwo Innovative Recycling Grants, one which was funded in 2000 and the other<br />

which ranked 4 lb and is likely to be funded in the 2003 funding cycle<br />

• Currently assisting the County with evaluating and improving our commercial recycling program and CoWlty<br />

office ",,"-cycling contract.<br />

I have a great deal ofrespect for the starr of<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> and highly reconunend them to other government or<br />

private sector entities seeking consulting expe-rtise in solid waste management. U you would like additional<br />

infonnation regarding the work <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong> has conducted for Pinellas County, please feel free to contact me.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Warren N. Smith<br />

Solid Waste Director<br />

Pinellas County Utilities<br />

P, .. ILL".COU .. TY<br />

UDoo<br />

·Pinenas County is an Equal Opportunity Employer-· Member·Pinellas Partnership lor 8 Drug Free Worl

From: DAVE DERRICK [mailto:DDERRICK@kissimmee.org]<br />

Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 1:39 PM<br />

To: Robin Mitchell; COLLEEN PUGLISI; Peter Engel; Peter Engel (Greennet)<br />

Cc: Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

Subject: RE: Final Presentation<br />

I just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you on a job well done. I<br />

know this project was hectic at times, but the final product was exactly what I had<br />

envisioned. The City Manager and Finance Director both commented positively on the<br />

report and with a 5-0 City Commission approval we couldn’t do any better! I especially<br />

wanted to thank, and recognize, Robin for the excellent job she did presenting the power<br />

point to the Commission. It made my job very easy and we accomplished what we set<br />

out to do. I look forward to working with all of you with our future solid waste needs!<br />

Thanks again,<br />


July 29, 2010<br />

To Whom It May Concern:<br />


This letter is being written on behalf of<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Incorporated.<br />

The City of Indian Rocks Beach recently had the firm of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Incorporated<br />

perform a Solid Waste Collection System Analysis.<br />

Within the scope of the contractual requirements, <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Incorporated was tasked<br />

with providing consulting services that included but were not limited to: Ordinance review,<br />

service levels, service locations, standardization of containers, fleet replacement schedules,<br />

equipment maintenance, health, safety and risk management, operating budgets, application of<br />

new technology, intergovernmental coordination of services, staffing levels and long term<br />

planning.<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Incorporated provided exceptional service and industry specific knowledge<br />

for the aforementioned contract with the project being completed in a timely manner and within<br />

budget.<br />

This office attributes the high level of professionalism and quality workmanship to personal<br />

involvement and work ethic standards.<br />

In closing, it is a pleasure to work with consultant of this caliber and the City of Indian Rocks<br />

Beach envisions a continuation of such a fine working relationship.<br />

Should you have any questions or require further comment, please feel free to contact me.<br />


cc:<br />

Calvin Warren, Community Services Supavisor<br />


_____f_N_VI_R...:O_N_M_fN_TA_L...:S_fR_V_'_C_f_S_D_f_~_A_R_TM_f_N_T<br />

~<br />

-----j SEMINOLE CbuNTY<br />

IIOIll[)"-'~<br />

"'All IW ( 1I0K I<br />

Dear Sir or Madam:<br />

The Seminole County Environmental Services Department Division of Solid<br />

·vvasta has had <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. (KCI) pertormlng services over the past<br />

year. Their work has been concentrated in the areas of performance<br />

improvement of our Small Materials Recovery Facility (SMRF), and most recently<br />

in rate negotiation support for contract hauler collection rates.<br />

We have been extremely pleased with KCI's work efforts, especially the extent of<br />

resources available to assist the Seminole County in our efforts. KCI is<br />

comprised of highly dedicated professionals with the willingness and dedication<br />

to meet our goals in spite of narrow time constraints. Our rate negotiations were<br />

completed in the unbelievably short time of ten days. Their knowledge of the<br />

industry, general trends, and constituents was essential to completing this project<br />

in the available time.<br />

We have enjoyed working with this team over the past year and have renewed<br />

their contract for the upcoming year as well. If you are interested in discussing<br />

any specifics of their performance, please feel free to call me at (407) 665-2148.<br />

With best regards,<br />

~. Briggs, Jr.<br />

Finance Manager<br />

RKBJr:brb<br />

500 WEST LAKE MARY BLVD SANFORD FL32773-7499 TELEPHONE (407) 665-2000 FAX (407) 665-2019

{\hLAHASSEE<br />

September 16,2008<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong>, President<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Incorporated<br />

14620 North Nebraska Avenue, Building D<br />

Tampa, Florida 33613<br />

Dear Mr. <strong>Kessler</strong>;<br />

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Miriam Zimms of <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

throughout the building process, "concept to concrete", of the City's Solid Waste<br />

Administration Building Addition and Renovation. This project was the City's first<br />

attempt at achieving certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design<br />

(LEED) Green Building rating system. Not only did we achieve certification but also the<br />

next level up which is silver.<br />

Miriam was part of the LEED team and instrumental in managing the recycling effort.<br />

She showed a high degree of leadership and became a source of information for the<br />

whole team. Her rapid responses were both accurate and concise.<br />

I was impressed with her knowledge of the solid waste and recycling industries and her<br />

responsibility and sensitivity as to how it relates to the City of Tallahassee's own<br />

objectives toward a more environmentally responsible infrastructure.<br />

I am also working with Miriam as part of the Greening the Government and Three<br />

Building Assessment projects. She has been and continues to be the proactive force in<br />

both of these endeavors. Her resourcefulness and skills have helped our City of<br />

Tallahassee obtain the Florida Green Building Councils Green City silver certification,<br />

making us the second city in the state to achieve this distinction. She is presently<br />

leading our City to becoming Platinum certified.<br />

The results of Miriam's work are nothing short of exceptional. She was fun to work with,<br />

intelligent and forthcoming. I look forward to working with her again and I would highly<br />

recommend her for any project of this type.<br />

Sin,yerely,<br />

'" j<br />

V<br />

ve . Williams, AlA, LEED AP<br />

Program Architect<br />

Facilities Management<br />

City of Tallahassee<br />

300 S. Adams St.<br />

Tallahassee, FL 32301-1731<br />

Phone: 850-891-0010 TDD: 711<br />

talgov.com<br />


Mayor<br />


City Manager<br />


Mayor Pro Tern<br />


City Attorney<br />


Commissioner<br />


City Treasurer-Clerk<br />


Commissioner<br />

SAM M. McCALL<br />

City Auditor<br />





April 14, 2008<br />

Mr. Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong><br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

Dear Mr. <strong>Kessler</strong>:<br />

Please accept our sincere thanks for the tremendous effort that you and your staff put into<br />

the Manatee County solid waste hauler contract negotiations. The insight and experience<br />

that you brought to this process was invaluable. Equally important was your<br />

professionalism. You successfully developed the synergy necessary to complete this<br />

project on time and with an outcome that exceeded our expectations.<br />

The results of this negotiation process speak for thelTIselves. The waste hauler contracts<br />

will provide Manatee County with reliable service at a much lower cost than could have<br />

been achieved without your efforts. On behalf of our citizens and solid waste customers,<br />

please accept our sincere thanks.<br />

We look forward to working with you in the future.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

~<br />

Ed Hunzeker<br />

County Administrator<br />

Copy to Board of County Commissioners<br />

Dan Gray, Director, Utilities Department<br />

County Administrator's Office<br />

Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 1000, Bradenton, FL 34206-1000 * Street Address: 1112 Manatee Ave W., Bradenton, FL 34205<br />

PHONE: 941.745.3717:;: FAX: 941.745.3790<br />

www.mymanalee.org<br />


District I District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7

August 2012<br />

Volume 14/Issue 43<br />

Client Updates<br />

New Assignments<br />

KCI Out and About<br />

SWANA Turns 50<br />

Recycler of the Year<br />

Award 2012 – Robin Mitchell<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

innovative waste solutions<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave.<br />

Building D<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

Telephone (813) 971-8333<br />

Fax (813) 971-8582<br />

www.kesconsult.com<br />

Permission is granted to reprint<br />

any portion of this newsletter<br />

in whole or in part.<br />

Printed on 80% recycled paper<br />

“The Wheels on the Trucks<br />

Go Round and Round.” - Don Ross<br />

From time to time <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>,<br />

Inc. (KCI) features an employee so that<br />

you can get to know more about them both<br />

professionally and personally.<br />

It is always good to have people on<br />

your team whose energy and enthusiasm<br />

is contagious – natural leaders with<br />

new ideas and<br />

a desire to<br />

always pursue<br />

better ways of<br />

doing things.<br />

KCI’s Director<br />

of Operations,<br />

Don Ross, is an<br />

industry leader<br />

who tackles<br />

challenges<br />

head-on to find<br />

the best solutions.<br />

Don joined<br />

KCI in 2008, bringing with him tremendous<br />

operational expertise in collection systems.<br />

Mr. Ross has 23 years of solid waste experience<br />

under his belt, having managed<br />

collection and transfer operations for both<br />

public and private sector organizations.<br />

Prior to joining KCI, Don served as the Director<br />

of the Solid Waste Division for the<br />

City of Dunedin, Florida. Earlier in his<br />

career he held a variety of management<br />

positions for private waste companies, including<br />

13 years with Waste Management,<br />

Inc. Don was the Connecticut Market Area<br />

Director of Operations for Waste Management,<br />

overseeing several hauling companies<br />

and transfer stations, 150 collection<br />

routes, 250 employees, and was responsible<br />

for $60 million in annual revenues.<br />

Don applies this formidable portfolio of<br />

1966 2012<br />

hands-on experience to benefit his clients.<br />

Within KCI, Don utilizes his skill as an<br />

effective Project Manager. He has managed<br />

numerous collection-related projects<br />

including conversion from manual to<br />

automated collection and dual to single<br />

stream recycling, implementation of Radio<br />

Frequency<br />

Identification<br />

(RFID) systems<br />

and Pay-as-youthrow<br />

(PAYT)<br />

programs, route<br />

optimization<br />

planning, rate<br />

analyses, and<br />

operational<br />

feasibility and<br />

assessment<br />

studies.<br />

Don has taken<br />

a special interest<br />

in the role technology plays in solid<br />

waste collection systems and he recognizes<br />

that technological advancements<br />

are making rapid changes in this area.<br />

He says “I want to leverage technology to<br />

improve and protect the wellbeing of collection<br />

employees and to advance the science<br />

of solid waste collection across the<br />

Southeast.” Don’s love of all things “tech”<br />

and his eagerness to increase collection<br />

efficiency through data management has<br />

kept KCI at the forefront of the current<br />

trend toward applying new technologies<br />

to collection operations. He believes that<br />

technological innovation and data tracking<br />

can optimize solid waste collection operations<br />

to the benefit of staff and customers<br />

alike. “If you don’t measure it, you can’t<br />

manage it!” is Don’s motto.<br />

Continued on page 3

Client Updates<br />

On June 6, the SC Department of Health and<br />

Environmental Control (DHEC) granted the Compost<br />

facility of Charleston County, SC approval to operate<br />

the first composting operation for both food and yard<br />

waste in the state. This enables the County to expand<br />

its commercial food waste collection pilot to a permanent<br />

program as part of its efforts to achieve a 40% recycling<br />

goal. Additionally, with grant writing assistance from<br />

KCI, the County was<br />

awarded a $50,000<br />

grant by DHEC to help<br />

fund its investment in<br />

a glass beneficiation<br />

system to support its<br />

countywide expansion<br />

from dual to single<br />

stream recycling.<br />

Leon County’s Board of County Commissioners<br />

recently approved a three-phase strategy, developed<br />

with KCI’s assistance, to establish an economically<br />

viable, long-term solid waste management system that<br />

enhances waste diversion and sustainability. Currently,<br />

KCI is assisting with Phase 1 - obtaining a long-term<br />

disposal solution for the County.<br />

KCI conducted an analysis of the City of Lakeland’s<br />

solid waste collection system as part of the City’s effort<br />

to reduce costs and improve service. Based on KCI’s<br />

report and recommendations, City staff is initiating a new<br />

residential collection system that includes a conversion<br />

to automated collection.<br />

With assistance from KCI, Okaloosa<br />

County is negotiating a contract<br />

amendment to transition from twice<br />

weekly to once per week garbage<br />

collection, and from recycling bins<br />

to carts. Based on a recent pilot<br />

program, the County expects significant<br />

increases in recycling tonnage as a result.<br />

After an extensive 1½ year planning<br />

process, KCI has completed a Solid<br />

Waste Master Plan for the City<br />

of Key West. This plan provides<br />

recommendations for the City to make<br />

incremental advancements in recycling<br />

and waste diversion that will put it on a<br />

path toward its stated goal of zero waste.<br />

The plan is scheduled to be presented to the<br />

City Commission at the end of August.<br />

KCI completed a Recycling Strategy report for the City<br />

of Tallahassee’s Solid Waste Services department. The<br />

report will help guide the City’s recycling programs over<br />

the next 8 years in its effort to help the State reach its<br />

75% recycling goal.<br />

KCI organized and conducted site visits to state of the<br />

art composting facilities in several states for a private<br />

client. An Organics Management Plan will evaluate<br />

technology options and determine the one best suited<br />

for the project, given the client’s operating cost and other<br />

parameters.<br />

New Assignments<br />

The City of Indian Rocks Beach has requested that<br />

KCI conduct a collection systems strategic plan to prepare<br />

for an upcoming transition to cart-based collection.<br />

Project tasks for this Phase include identifying container<br />

needs, review of proposed ordinance changes, public<br />

outreach and education assistance, and presentation to<br />

City Officials.<br />

The City of Pompano Beach selected KCI to conduct<br />

a solid waste services assessment. KCI will evaluate<br />

the City’s current programs, review collection options,<br />

and develop a rate and cost of service analysis for the<br />

identified options.<br />

KCI is pleased to once again be chosen by Sarasota<br />

County to provide Solid Waste <strong>Consulting</strong> Services. As<br />

a selected vendor, KCI looks forward to continuing our<br />

10-year relationship with the County and adding value to<br />

upcoming projects.<br />

The City of Tallahassee’s Environmental<br />

Policy and Energy Resources (EPER) department<br />

selected KCI to assist with implementing a two-building<br />

waste reduction implementation plan.<br />

KCI’s recommendations from a<br />

previous study are being implemented<br />

to expand the City’s<br />

existing Start Thinking about<br />

Recycling (STAR) program<br />

that targets employees,<br />

facilities management, and<br />

administration.<br />

2 | August 2012

KCI<br />

Out<br />

& About<br />

SWANA<br />

Congratulations,<br />

Mitch!<br />

As part of SWANA’s Recycling Manager E-Training<br />

Series, Miriam Zimms presented “Planning an<br />

Education and Outreach Program.” Participants<br />

learned how to design, measure, and execute a<br />

cost-effective and action-oriented program for their<br />

community. Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> presented Processing<br />

of Recyclables and shared how to research, plan,<br />

budget for and execute cost-effective processing<br />

contracts.<br />

Miriam Zimms also presented The Role of Waste<br />

Assessments (WA) in a Successful Commercial/<br />

Institutional Recycling Program for SWANA’s<br />

monthly E-Webinar.<br />

Maureen Schaefer presented<br />

Construction & Demolition<br />

- Building Blocks to Recycling<br />

at the SWIX/DEP C&D<br />

Recycling Workshop in<br />

Orlando. Maureen spoke to<br />

the audience about programs<br />

across the country and how<br />

to target and plan for C&D<br />

recovery within the building<br />

community.<br />

While attending the Recycle Florida Today (RFT)<br />

Summer Conference held in St. Pete Beach Don<br />

Ross presented “The Single Stream Tsunami.”<br />

Participants learned a step-by-step approach to<br />

evaluating and implementing new technology and<br />

program elements in their own operation. Robin<br />

Mitchell spoke about “Charting a Path toward<br />

Zero Waste.” Robin explained to attendees how<br />

communities can plan for, measure, and develop<br />

programs that reach upwards of 75% or more in<br />

their diversion rates. In addition, Miriam Zimms<br />

spoke about the “Mecklenburg County, NC Food<br />

Waste Diversion Study.”<br />

Don Ross and Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> led technical<br />

sessions at the 50th Anniversary WASTECON in<br />

Washington D.C. Don discussed the benefits of<br />

RFID, GIS, and geo-spatial data collection and<br />

analysis in a presentation titled “Data is King: If<br />

You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It!”<br />

Mitch presented “Share the Love: Public Private<br />

Partnerships that Work!!” Mitch shared the<br />

elements of a successful partnership and best<br />

practices in contract negotiation.<br />



Please join us in saluting our founder<br />

and president Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> for improving<br />

the solid waste industry through nearly<br />

30 years of leadership and innovation<br />

in demonstrating the value of waste as a<br />

recoverable resource. And congratulations<br />

to SWANA on its 50th anniversary!<br />

KCI staff members were www.kesconsult.com<br />

featured in<br />

the 50th Anniversary Special 813.971.8333 Edition | Tampa, FL<br />

of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)<br />

Management magazine. Miriam<br />

Zimms was on the front cover with other<br />

industry leaders. According to SWANA,<br />

Miriam was placed on the cover as one<br />

of the longest certified members of the<br />

organization. Don Ross was featured<br />

on page 89 and is seen dancing the<br />

YMCA with Pinellas County’s own Bob<br />

Don Ross Continued from page 1<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc. is a solid waste management<br />

consulting firm specializing in planning and business<br />

management services for clients across the US.<br />

Hauser. KCI would like to congratulate John Skinner and<br />

the rest of the Solid Waste Association of North America<br />

(SWANA) staff on 50 years of a job well done!<br />

Don volunteers as a certified instructor for the Solid Waste<br />

Association of North America (SWANA), in both the Managing<br />

Recycling Systems and Managing MSW Collection Systems<br />

courses. He sees teaching as an opportunity to help others<br />

grow in the industry by sharing his many years of experience.<br />

Don’s passion for life shows through his famously youthful<br />

smile and the energy he brings to both work and play.<br />

His many personal interests include motorsports, where<br />

he has raced with the likes of “old blue eyes,” Paul Newman,<br />

and photography, for which he maintains a website<br />

(www.dpross.blogspot.com) to share photos of his adventures<br />

both at home and abroad. He enjoys taking his boat out for<br />

an afternoon of water skiing, but most importantly, he enjoys<br />

spending time with his wife Krissy, laughing, traveling, and enjoying<br />

her special talent for cooking. An eternal optimist, Don<br />

always looks for a positive outcome to every situation. We are<br />

all grateful to have him here at KCI!<br />

3 | August 2012

Recycler of the Year Award 2012 –<br />

Robin Mitchell<br />

Recycle Florida Today (RFT), Florida’s<br />

statewide recycling association and trade group,<br />

has selected Robin Mitchell as 2012 Recycler of<br />

the Year. The award was presented during the<br />

RFT Annual Conference and Exhibition in St. Pete<br />

Beach, Florida in June. Robin was honored for her<br />

contribution over the years to the<br />

organization, and her involvement<br />

since 1992 in waste reduction,<br />

recycling, and green programs in<br />

the industry both in the private and<br />

public sectors.<br />

Robin’s most recent contribution<br />

was preparing a Roadmap<br />

to help the State of Florida evaluate<br />

the best alternatives for reaching<br />

a 75% recycling goal. Robin<br />

has been instrumental in helping<br />

to prepare collection and MRF<br />

contracts for multiple jurisdictions<br />

Susan<br />

Chapman<br />

in FL that have provided for some of the lowest collection<br />

costs for garbage, recyclables, yard waste<br />

and bulky waste, while at the same time increasing<br />

the revenue share for recyclables recovered<br />

and sent to MRF processors. Prior to joining KCI,<br />

Robin was the Executive Director for the Florida<br />

Defenders of the Environment,<br />

Gainesville, and the Waste Reduction<br />

Specialist, for the U.S.<br />

Environmental Protection Agency<br />

(EPA), Region 4, Atlanta, GA.<br />

Robin<br />

Mitchell<br />

Robin has been with KCI for 13<br />

years and is the third employee<br />

that has been recognized by RFT<br />

for their contribution in Florida.<br />

Miriam Zimms was named<br />

Recycler of the Year in 2008<br />

and Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> was given the<br />

Lifetime Achievement Award in<br />

2006.<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

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May 2012<br />

Volume 14/Issue 42<br />

Client Updates<br />

New Assignments<br />

KCI Out and About<br />

News Briefs<br />

Green Building and Recycling –<br />

Making the Connection<br />

<strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>, Inc.<br />

innovative waste solutions<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave.<br />

Building D<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

Telephone (813) 971-8333<br />

Fax (813) 971-8582<br />

www.kesconsult.com<br />

Permission is granted to reprint<br />

any portion of this newsletter<br />

in whole or in part.<br />

Printed on 80% recycled paper<br />

Growing a Food Waste Diversion Program:<br />

Trends in Food Waste Composting<br />

Communities all over Florida (FL) and<br />

the Southeast (SE) are exploring program<br />

options that will enable them to reach<br />

higher recycling goals. Organics recovery,<br />

including food waste collection and<br />

composting, is high on many local governments’<br />

planning list. For<br />

example, <strong>Kessler</strong> <strong>Consulting</strong>,<br />

Inc (KCI) recently<br />

completed a Food<br />

Waste Diversion Study<br />

(Study) for Mecklenburg<br />

County, NC. The information<br />

obtained from<br />

this study will be used<br />

by Mecklenburg to evaluate<br />

the feasibility of a<br />

future food waste recovery<br />

pilot program and subsequent countywide<br />

recovery program aimed to help meet<br />

its goal of 35% waste reduction by 2018.<br />

Such goals are driving a second look at<br />

food waste.<br />

Another reason communities are exploring<br />

adding food waste diversion to their solid<br />

waste management program lies in the<br />

percent of the total waste stream that is organics.<br />

Once the capture of “low hanging<br />

fruit” such as newspaper, plastic, and aluminum,<br />

etc. is maximized, decision makers<br />

must look for new opportunities for greater<br />

diversion in meeting higher recovery goals.<br />

Based on extensive experience performing<br />

waste composition studies in the SE,<br />

we know that food waste comprises a significant<br />

portion of a community’s waste<br />

stream. Three recent studies bear this<br />

out: in Polk County, FL we found that food<br />

waste comprises 13 percent of waste; in<br />

Manatee County, FL food waste is 14 percent<br />

of all MSW; and in Charleston County,<br />

SC food waste makes up 19 percent of all<br />

county waste and as much as 27 percent of<br />

the waste in the downtown business area.<br />

As trends such as diminishing newspaper<br />

readership and reduced packaging<br />

continue, the proportion of food waste<br />

in the waste stream<br />

should continue to rise.<br />

Therefore, food waste<br />

recovery will be an increasingly<br />

critical focus<br />

for communities trying<br />

to achieve higher recycling<br />

goals. Charleston<br />

County, SC operates the<br />

first compost facility in<br />

SC that is permitted to<br />

accept food waste. The<br />

County is focusing on food waste recovery<br />

as part of its effort to achieve a 40 percent<br />

recycling goal. Already the compost operation,<br />

including the food waste program,<br />

has contributed to a threefold increase in<br />

the recycling rate.<br />

As part of its trend toward expanded<br />

sustainability programs, corporate America<br />

also is a major driving force in the growth<br />

of food waste collection and processing.<br />

Large businesses such as WalMart and<br />

Publix are demanding food waste collection<br />

services, and haulers are responding<br />

to the new business opportunity. For example,<br />

Walmart and Publix are collecting<br />

organic waste that includes produce, bakery,<br />

and floral materials to be composted.<br />

Additional facilities, both private and<br />

public, are in the planning stages across<br />

the SE. For example, the change to<br />

Florida’s composting facility regulations<br />

in 2010 allowed commercial composting<br />

facilities that process source separated<br />

Continued on page 3

Client Updates<br />

KCI completed its Strategic Plan for the City of Deerfield<br />

Beach, FL that was designed to improve solid<br />

waste and recycling efficiencies and reduce operating<br />

costs. The City is now poised for success with a new<br />

automated single stream recycling program, offering<br />

rewards redeemable only at locally-owned businesses<br />

- an innovative approach to boosting the local economy.<br />

City annexations required the City of Fort<br />

Lauderdale, FL to conduct a route balancing analysis.<br />

KCI has concluded this work for the City. The results<br />

will allow the City to maintain high service levels, reduce<br />

vehicle noise and traffic in neighborhoods, and trim the<br />

City’s carbon footprint. It is estimated that the City will<br />

save over $19,000 annually and reduce its annual CO2<br />

emissions by over 12 tons.<br />

KCI conducted a commercial waste<br />

generation study for the City of Key<br />

West, FL to determine the average<br />

density of waste generated by various<br />

types of businesses. The information<br />

will be used to determine whether a<br />

more equitable commercial disposal fee<br />

structure is viable.<br />

The City of Tallahassee, FL, with technical assistance<br />

from KCI, is renegotiating its solid waste collection<br />

contract, as well as its recycling and processing<br />

contracts, and also is assessing future disposal options<br />

that may be available to the City.<br />

KCI completed a project for Hillsborough County,<br />

FL which evaluated the collection procurement options<br />

facing the County. The results<br />

were presented at a County<br />

Board workshop where it was<br />

determined that a competitive<br />

procurement would best serve<br />

the County. KCI was asked to<br />

spearhead the development of a<br />

request for proposals. The new collection contracts are<br />

worth an estimated $500 - $600 million over the next ten<br />

years.<br />

Indian River County, FL is conducting an RFP<br />

process for recyclables processing services with<br />

technical assistance from KCI. The County Commission<br />

recently approved negotiating a contract with the topranked<br />

vendor, ReCommunity.<br />

Manatee County, FL, with assistance from KCI,<br />

completed a two-season waste composition study. The<br />

County will use this information in future solid waste<br />

management planning, especially to help identify waste<br />

diversion opportunities.<br />

KCI conducted a composition study for Pinellas<br />

County, FL of the recyclables collected in the County’s<br />

drop-off recycling program. County staff will use this information<br />

to evaluate the existing processing contract<br />

and when procuring future services.<br />

Following an RFP process and with KCI’s assistance,<br />

the Town of Southwest Ranches, FL is negotiating a<br />

collection contract with the top-ranked proposer, Southern<br />

Waste Systems. Under the new contract, residential<br />

rates will decrease by approximately 38 percent.<br />

New Assignments<br />

KCI is happy to be working with<br />

two new clients - Brevard County,<br />

FL, who is procuring solid waste<br />

collection services, and Leon<br />

County, FL, who is conducting a<br />

strategic planning process.<br />

We are also pleased to be working with the City<br />

of Lakeland, FL once again, assisting with two new<br />

projects – developing technical specifications for the<br />

procurement of recyclables processing services, and<br />

conducting a recycling alternatives analysis for the<br />

City’s residential recycling collection services.<br />

KCI is part of a team selected by Seminole County,<br />

FL to provide ongoing solid waste management<br />

consulting and engineering services.<br />

The University of Colorado – Boulder has asked<br />

KCI to conduct a review and analysis of University<br />

solid waste, recycling, and composting operations and<br />

recommend program changes to assist the University in<br />

reaching its Zero Waste goal.<br />

KCI is conducting a market assessment and providing<br />

technical assistance in the development of an operating<br />

plan for a new food waste composting facility for a<br />

confidential client.<br />

2 | May 2012

KCI<br />

Out<br />

& About<br />

Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> presented “If the Shoe<br />

Fits: Challenges Facing Florida’s Solid<br />

Waste Industry Professionals” during<br />

the keynote session at the RFT/SWANA<br />

Winter Conference held in St. Pete<br />

Beach, FL. Don Ross presented “New Technology for<br />

Managing Contamination” and also facilitated a panel<br />

discussion on advancing Single Stream Recycling with<br />

technology. Miriam Zimms presented “Recycling at Work<br />

– How to Add Commercial Recycling to Your Program Mix”<br />

at that same conference.<br />

Recycling Training is coming to<br />

Florida! Mitch <strong>Kessler</strong> will be the<br />

lead instructor of the Managing<br />

Recycling Systems course,<br />

supplemented by other subject<br />

matter experts. This course will help to prepare you for<br />

the SWANA certification exam and advance your career!<br />

And it is being offered at a $220 discount! The course will<br />

be offered in conjunction with a full agenda of learning and<br />

networking opportunities at the SWANA Florida Summer<br />

Conference in Ponte Vedra Beach June 24 - 26. Visit the<br />

SWANA Florida website for additional information and<br />

registration: http://www.swanafl.org/<br />

News Briefs<br />

Over the past six months, KCI has welcomed three new<br />

employees with Master degrees and various technical<br />

skills to continue to provide quality and innovative<br />

service to our clients. First, we welcome Lisa Lamppert<br />

who graduated from the University of Tampa (UT) with<br />

a Masters in Business Administration. Two teenage<br />

daughters, Jessica and Katlyn, keep her very busy and<br />

active. She previously worked in consulting and brings<br />

strong analytical and problem solving skills to our firm.<br />

Second, welcome to Sarah Sanford who graduated<br />

from the University of South Florida, having earned a<br />

Master’s of Science in Biology and a B.S. She and her<br />

husband, Paul, both work in consulting and have an<br />

adorable six month old daughter, Grace. Sarah brings<br />

dynamic research ability and expert mapping skills to<br />

our firm.<br />

Last, we welcome David Ver Eecke. David also<br />

graduated from UT with a Master’s of Science in<br />

Finance. David specializes in financial modeling and<br />

will be a key player in KCI’s work conducting rate and<br />

financial analyses.<br />

Please help welcome<br />

this dynamic group of<br />

talent to the growing KCI<br />

family!<br />

Food Waste Composting: Continued from page 1<br />

<br />

food waste to operate under registration rather than a solid<br />

waste permit, and allowing for the combination with yard<br />

waste. The new rule change made it more economically<br />

feasible and convenient to develop a facility and is enabling<br />

the growth of FL’s food waste composting infrastructure. FL<br />

DEP reports that 11 facilities now are permitted or registered<br />

to accept food waste for composting in FL.<br />

To close the loop on food waste recovery requires end<br />

users of the finished compost. Research recently conducted<br />

by KCI found evidence that demand for finished compost<br />

by end users in the agriculture sector exceeds supply. The<br />

SE is fertile ground to produce the compost needed to meet<br />

demand.<br />

KCI’s research for Mecklenburg County included a<br />

comparative analysis of several food waste recovery<br />

programs in the U.S. in order to identify key program<br />

elements that contribute to success. Figure 1 below shows<br />

each communities program components and diversion<br />

outcome. It should come as no surprise that programs that<br />

have some mandatory component generally report higher<br />

diversion rates.<br />

Figure 1.0 – National Commercial Diversion Programs<br />

San Francisco, CA<br />

Portland, OR<br />

Orange Co, NC<br />

Oakland, CA<br />

King Co, WA<br />

Charleston, SC<br />

Statutes or Regulations Food Waste Policy / Programs Waste Diversion<br />

YES* YES<br />

77%<br />

YES* YES<br />

> 60%<br />

NO YES<br />

56%<br />

YES YES<br />

55%<br />

NO YES<br />

48%<br />

NO YES<br />

32%<br />

* Indicates mandatory participation<br />

When planning and designing a food waste diversion<br />

program, start by identifying the generators, the quantity<br />

they generate, existing diversion programs, and compost<br />

demand. Assess opportunities for food waste recovery in<br />

your community in the following order: 1) food for people,<br />

2) food for animals, 3) food for the earth (composting), and<br />

4) food for disposal. With this information in hand, you can<br />

develop a program that fits your community’s unique profile.<br />

3 | May 2012

Green Building and Recycling –<br />

Making the Connection<br />

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) just<br />

closed for public comments on LEED® 2012,<br />

the next version of the LEED® Green Building<br />

certification program. LEED® 2012 focuses on<br />

increasing the technical rigor of the rating system,<br />

improving the user experience, and providing<br />

measurement and performance tools.<br />

Two notable changes possibly affecting our<br />

industry apply to the Materials and Resources<br />

(MR) credit category for existing building operation<br />

and maintenance (EBOM) for buildings, schools,<br />

retail, data centers, hospitality, warehouses, and<br />

distribution centers. First, a new prerequisite,<br />

Ongoing Consumption Policy, requires an<br />

environmentally preferable purchasing policy.<br />

Second, it also requires an audit of the building’s<br />

waste stream of ongoing consumables to establish<br />

a baseline of the types of waste and the amount<br />

by weight or volume and to establish a solid waste<br />

management policy.<br />

The Ongoing Consumption Policy will also require<br />

the continuous tracking of waste streams and<br />

require a waste stream audit be conducted every<br />

five years or after a change in tenancy greater than<br />

20% by gross floor area, whichever occurs sooner.<br />

For more information visit: http://www.usgbc.org<br />

14620 N. Nebraska Ave., Bldg. D<br />

Tampa, FL 33613<br />

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