, censor

Politics Feared in Quebec

3ensor Board Appointment

MONIKI M A iicu nicmhcr hccn

named lo ihc Quebcv; Motion Piciurv; Censors

Board, and this brought cries in the

hiovic industry of pohlieal "favoritism" ami

V:xpression of fears that possibly all the gains

made in the recent years as far as censorship

of fihns is concerned may be endan-


Yves Gabias. provincial secretary in the

newly elected Quebec government headed

by Daniel Johnson, confirmed nomination

of Levis l.orrain to the board of censors ful-

'lowing recommendation to the cabinet by

the secretary of the province. In making the

announcement. Gabias admitted neither the

board's president or its members

'were consulted concerning the appointment.

In the previous administration since the

.reform of the censor board, nominations of

[new members were made on the recommenidalion

of the president and the active mem-

Ibers of the board. Gabias would not comon

the subject although he mentioned

ithat he would have a meeting with the

board's president .Andre Guerin, who also


is president of L'Office du Film du Quebec.

Lorrain is a brother of Romeo Lorrain.

who was a minister in the former Union

National cabinet of the late Maurice Duplcssi.s.

He, according to the press, is an employe

of a Union National Party group in


Following the official announcement, the

Ass'n Professionelle des Cineastes (Ass'n of

Professional Filmmakers) issued a press

statement in which it said that in its task to

defend the professional interests of filmmakers

it is protesting "an attempt to politicize"

the Quebec film industry. The association

added. "We hope that the public

opinion, aware of the danger represented

for the future of the cinema." will bring

pressure against the government "to revoke

this nomination."

The filmmakers also said they are waiting

for the adoption of a new Movie Act, as

well as the formation of a cinema center in

the province.

The French daily newspaper I. a Prcsse

called Lorrain's nomination "astounding."

and asked whither this indicated that Quebec

censorship would return to "narrow, illadvised"

cutting of films.

Braille Institute Magazine

Honors Sonny and Cher

HOI n \\()()1>— .Sonny and Cher have

been honored by the Braille Institute for the

Blind magazine Light. The pair gave a sellout

charity performance last spring at the

Hollywood Bowl, the entire proceeds going

lo the Institute.

During their recent trip to Hurope. they

also gave two charity concerts in London

for the Variety Club children's fund and

another in Paris for the Braille Institute and

underprivileged children. They made their

motion picture debut in .Steve Broidy's independent

film "Good Times" which Columbia




Observing 20th Anniversary,

Sees Need for Art-Theatre Increase

IDRON IX)— .-Vslial Films. Ltd.. the onl>

wholly owned Canadian motion picture distributing

company, is observing its 20th

anniversary. Its success is a tribute to the

foresight of the late I. H. "Izzy" Allen and

to the men who followed in his footsteps,

including Jerry .Solway. general manager;

Martin Boehner. a.ssistant general manager,

and Moreland, head of publicity

and promotion.

In 1946. Allen quit as a special Eastern

Canadian representative for Eagle-Lion

Films of Canada lo set up his own company

in a small store in the Dundas Square district

of Toronto, where the Twinex Downtown

now stands. He always was a booster

of British films. As the market grew, more

European films were obtained and it was

soon necessary to establish a foreign films

department. Granada International Films,

which today is considered to be the leading

importer of films in Canada.

From an original staff of two— Allen and

secretary-booker June Barker, who is still

with the company— Astral has increased its

payroll to about 30. Its headquarters are

here and it has branches in Montreal. Winnipeg.

Calgary, Vancouver and Saint John.

Recently, a product division to its Montreal

branch was established.

Branch managers are Bill Rod. Toronto;

Lcn Heberman. Montreal; Norman Simpson.

Saint John; Morley Mogul. Winnipeg;

Raymond Burr Is Honored

Guest at B.C. Centennial


mond Burr was guest of honor here Thursday

and Iriday (17) and (18) on the first

two days of the four-day British Columbia

centennial celebration held here. Also on

hand were the province premier, the lieutenant

governor and the lord mayor of London.


Burr, who was born here where his parents

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Burr still live, took

two days off from filming his starring role

in Universal-TV's "World Premiere" segment

"Ironside." part of a .series of 2-hour

feature films made specifically for television.

to take part in the festivities.

Special Denton Edition

For 'Bonnie and Clyde'

DENTON, TEX.—An entire

issue of the

Denton Record-Chronicle will be devoted

to Warner Bros.' "Bonnie and Clyde," which

is being filmed in this area, based on the

bankrobbing activities of the notorious pair

during the 19.10s.

The special issue will be mailed to leading

exhibitors and key city editors to signalize

the production of the picture, which stars

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Beatt\

is producing and Arthur Pcnn directing the


I i.iiik Price, talgar>. and ,\be I einstcin,


Astral, besides foreign films, also is

known for its distribution of American International

product. In foreign film distribution,

Solway sees a need for more art houses

in key centers. He sa\s, "Our distribution

has increased more than 100 per cent in the

company's 20-year history, and we estimate

the market for foreign-language films at 35

per cent of Canada's total movie audience,"

He says that many good foreign films

never play kc> centers like Toronto because

there are not enough theatres specializing in

this kind of product. "The big circuits have

not recognized the need for art houses in

key centers. If they don't soon, some independents


Solway pointed out that Montreal, because

of its French-language predominance,

is the exception. "It has an appreciable number

of theatres doing well with European

product." He explained. "Toronto, on the

other hand, has only one theatre—the New

Yorker— maintaining a consistent, exclusive

art house policy . . . The city could stand at


three more such houses. We know the

potential is there."

Overall, he said. Montreal is the top city

market for foreign films, followed by

Toronto and Vancouver. "Calgary and

Edmonton have been negligible and Winnipeg

hasn't the ethnic potential you might



Greenfield to


Twin in Montreal

\I()\IK1 \l Monireal and district,

which this year, especially, has seen a widespread

revival of openings of new theatres,

will again be the scene of still another twincinema

construction. The architectural firm

of Eliasoph & Berkowitz. Montreal, is receiving

bids until Wednesday (iO) for the

construction of a twin cinema on Taschereau

Boulevard at Margaret Street in Greenfield

Park on the South Shore of the St.

Lawrence River near Montreal.

The Owner is Cireenfield Park Theatres

Co., Ltd. Consulting structural engineers for

the twin arc Shector, Barbacki, Forte & Associates

and consulting mechanical engineers

are Levine & Jones. Six general contractors

have been invited to bid.

The project will consist of structural steel,

precast concrete, brick and block walls, tar

and gravel roof, hot water heating, terrazzo

floors. The project is estimated at $500,-


Irwin Dorfman Resigns

'nEw"^ YORK— Irwin Dorfman, one of

the founders of Childhood Productions, has

resigned as secretary-treasurer and director

of the company. He said he will announce

his future plans shortly.

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