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If Aberdeen Global is to be voluntarily liquidated, its liquidation will be carried out in accordance with the provisions

of the Luxembourg law relating to collective investment undertakings which specifies the steps to be taken to enable

shareholders to participate in the liquidation distribution(s) and in that regard provides for deposit in escrow at the

Caisse de Consignation in Luxembourg of any such amounts as have not been claimed by any shareholders prior to the

close of liquidation. Amounts not claimed from escrow within the relevant prescription period would be liable to be

forfeited in accordance with the provisions of Luxembourg law.


Class Rights and Restrictions

(i) Shares will relate to different Funds and are further divided into Class A, Class A – (€), Class A – (£), Class A – ($),

Class B, Class D, Class I, Class I – (€), Class I – (£), Class I – ($), Class Z, Class Z – (€), Class Z – (£) and Class Z –

($) Shares. They have no preferential or pre-emption rights and are freely transferable, save as referred to below.

(ii) The shareholders may resolve to redeem all outstanding Shares of any Class or Fund subject to the sanction of a

resolution passed at a separate General Meeting of the holders of Shares of that Fund by a simple majority of the

holders of the relevant Shares present or represented and voting.

(iii) Termination and Amalgamation of Funds by decision of special Class meetings.

Termination of a Fund by compulsory redemption of all relevant shares or its merger with another Fund of Aberdeen

Global or with another Luxembourg UCITS, in each case for reason other than those mentioned in 7 (a) (1) below,

may be effected only upon its prior approval of the shareholders of the Fund to be terminated or merged, at a duly

convened Fund meeting which may be validly held without a quorum and decided by a simple majority of the shares

present or represented. A merger so decided by the Board of Directors or approved by the shareholders of the affected

Class will be binding on the holders of shares of the relevant Fund upon 30 days prior notice given to them, during

which period shareholders may redeem their shares without redemption charge.

(iv) Subject to the Articles of Incorporation, the Directors may impose or relax restrictions on any Shares, Class or Fund

(other than any restriction on transfer but including the requirement that Shares be issued only in registered form

and/or bear such legends as the Directors may feel appropriate but not necessarily on all Shares within the same Fund

or Class), or require redemption of Shares, as they may think necessary to ensure that Shares are neither acquired nor

held by or on behalf of any person in breach of the law or requirements of any country or governmental or regulatory

authority, or which might have adverse taxation or other pecuniary consequences for Aberdeen Global, including a

requirement to register under any securities or investment or similar laws or requirements of any country or authority.

The Directors may in this connection require a shareholder to provide such information as they may consider necessary

to establish whether he is the beneficial owner of the Shares which he holds. Without limiting the generality of the

foregoing, the Directors may impose (and currently have imposed) restrictions on Shares which are to be issued to

United States persons including restrictions as to the holding, transfer, and switching of such shares, which will be

known as “Restricted Shares”. Shares which are not Restricted Shares may be required to be redeemed if the Directors

have reason to believe that they are held by United States persons. If it shall come to the attention of the Directors at

any time that Shares are beneficially owned by a United States person, either alone or in conjunction with any other

person, Aberdeen Global shall have the right compulsorily to redeem such Shares.

(v) Where there is more than one Class of Shares and the resolution of the general meeting is such as to change the

respective rights thereof, the resolution must, in order to be valid fulfil the conditions as to attendance and majority

provided for by article 11 of the Articles of Incorporation.

Two or more Classes of Shares or Funds may be treated as a single Class or Fund if such Classes or Funds would be

affected in the same way by the proposals requiring the approval of holders of Shares relating to the separate Classes or


6. Directors

The Board shall be composed of at least three persons. Each Director shall be elected by the shareholders at the Annual General

Meeting for a period ending at the next annual general meeting and until their successors are elected and qualify.

Directors may resign or be removed or replaced at any time by the shareholders.

There are no age limits or share qualifications for Directors.

The Directors are vested with all powers to perform all acts necessary or useful for accomplishing Aberdeen Global’s objectives. In

particular the Directors have power to appoint any entity to act as management company, custodian or any entity to act as distributor,

administrator, investment manager or investment adviser and such other representatives and agents as they may consider necessary.

No contract or other transaction between Aberdeen Global and any other company or firm shall be affected or invalidated by the

fact that any one or more of the Directors or officers of Aberdeen Global has a material interest in, or is a director, associate, officer

or employee of, that other company or firm.

Save for any item described in this Prospectus and subject to the preceding paragraph, if any Director or officer of Aberdeen Global

has any material interest in any transaction of Aberdeen Global, that Director or officer shall declare such material interest to the

Board and shall not be counted in the quorum of any meeting of the Directors to consider or vote on any such transaction and he


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