EFM MARKETSCREENINGSOPEN UPTO MEKERRON SINULLE KAIKENdetermined to start over and avoidmaking the mistakes of her pastwhen her ex-boyfriend shows up, reignitingtheir passion but also castingshadows over the future. But Pirkkowill not give up, not this time. Shewill hold on to her new life at anycost.Director: Aku LouhimiesDuration: 107’Production: Blind Spot PicturesSales: tbaOpen Up to Me is an intensepsychological drama about sexualidentities. In modern relationshipsnothing can be taken for grantedanymore. There is no ready-mademodel for love. We have to createour own morals. We have to drawthe lines and, sometimes, when ourhearts tell us to, cross them.SCREENINGSTHU, FEB 7 | 18:20 | CinemaxX 12TUE, FEB 12 | 10:50 | CinemaxX 12GLORIOUSLYWASTEDJUOPPOHULLUN PÄIVÄKIRJADirector: Simo HalinenDuration: 95’Production: Edith FilmSales: The Yellow AffairSCREENINGSFRI, FEB 8 | 09:15 | Marriot 3SAT, FEB 9 | 19:00 | Cinemaxx 198-BALL8-PALLOPirkko has served her sentence inprison and now embraces freedomwith her eight-month-old girl. She isJuha Berg is a hopeless 30-year-olddrunk in the Kallio neighborhoodof Helsinki who has no intention ofchanging his ways. He really enjoysmiscellaneous sexual relationships,adrenalin-inducing violence and, ofcourse, alcohol for which he getsmoney even if by collecting bottles.But the joy of living in a drunken hazeis threatened when passionate Juhafalls in love with his AA group leader.Juha struggles balancing an intimaterelationship and his old lifestyle.Juha’s best friend Kristian also doeshis best to sabotage the relationship,and Juha’s shaky decision to staysober is further hindered by Mikael,3

EFM MARKET SCREENINGSan expert on German erotica.Gloriously Wasted is based on the first part of Juha Vuorinen’s immenselypopular Gloriously Wasted bookseries.Director: Lauri MaijalaDuration: 85’Production: Dictator FilmsSales: The Yellow AffairSCREENINGSTHU, FEB 7 | 13:30 | Cinestar 4SUN, FEB 10 | 13:05 | Cinestar 4THINGS WEDO FOR LOVEKAIKELLA RAKKAUDELLASCREENINGFRI, FEB 8 | 13:00 | Dffb-KinoNIKO 2- LITTLEBROTHER, BIGTROUBLENIKO 2 – LENTÄJÄVELJEKSETA shy man falls in love with abeautiful woman and the timing justcouldn’t be worse: her jealous, exconex-husband has come to townlooking to settle an old score. Whatfollows is a genuine mess that comesfrom all the things we do for love.Director: Matti IjäsDuration: 96’Production: Aamu FilmcompanySales: The Yellow AffairNiko, a young reindeer boy, secretlywishes his mom and his hero dadfrom Santa’s world famous FlyingForces would get back togetherso they could be a real family -something they have never been.One day mom springs the newson Niko; she’s met a guy, an ordinaryreindeer, Lenni, and he and his littleson Jonni will be moving in. Niko´sworld is shaken: he will no longer bethe only child. Furthermore, whencalled upon to look after this darncute little stepbrother, Jonni goesmissing and Niko must embark on adangerous journey to save him.Director: Kari Juusonen, JørgenLerdamDuration: 76’Production: AnimakerSales: Global ScreenSCREENINGSUN, FEB 10 | 17:30 | Dffb-KinoROLLI ANDTHE GOLDENKEYRÖLLI JA KULTAINEN AVAINA flock of storks fly in the misty sky,all carrying white bundles. One of thebundles falls and a little girl calledJuniper ends up in a strange world.4

EFM MARKET SCREENINGSThis is the beginning of a wonderful,magical adventure. Juniper meetsan old troll called Rolli who tells thegirl his own eventful story. The girland the troll become friends andtogether they encounter a dangerousthreat against the fairytale woods.A universal tale of bravery andfriendship that takes its audiencethrough exciting plot twists, circusspotlights and the splendor of thefantastic forest.Director: Taavi VartiaDuration: 86’Production: MRP Matila RöhrProductionsSales: tbaProduction: MRP Matila RöhrProductionsSales: tbaSCREENINGSUN, FEB 10 | 13:15 | Cubix 4TALE OF AFORESTMETSÄN TARINASCREENINGSSAT, FEB 9 | 17:30 | Cubix 4MON, FEB 11 | 10:00 | Cubix 4BODY FATINDEX OFLOVERAKKAUDEN RASVAPROSENTTITale of a Forest is a film for the wholefamily about the unique Finnish forestwith its colorful and diverse life. Themain characters of the film are thevarious inhabitants of the forest: thebears and the elk, the snakes andthe owls, the ants, the frogs and theflying squirrels, the ancient soul birdssuch as the Siberian Jay, the LaplandOwl and many, many others.Directors: Ville Suhonen, KimSaarniluotoDuration: 75’Production: MRP Matila RöhrProductionsSales: tbaTimo “Stigu” Mertala is an awardwinningadman. When he meets EllaSadeoja he falls head over heels forher. But, to Stigu’s surprise, all Ellawants from a relationship is goodand regular sex. Stigu and Ella endup working together on a project,designing an advertisement onsustainable relationships. Ella doesn’tbelieve in the whole concept, whileStigu knows nothing about it. Deepin the Finnish heartlands at the worldrenowned Wife Carrying ContestStigu sets out to have Ella all forhimself at any cost.SCREENINGTUE, FEB 12 | 19:10 | CinemaxX 15Director: Mikko KuparinenDuration: 98’5

TheFinnish FilmFoundationThe Finnish Film Foundationsupports and promotes the Finnishfilm industry. The Film Foundationprovides support for professionalfilm production and the exhibitionand distribution of films. TheFoundation is also responsiblefor the cultural export of Finnishfilm and provides support for theinternational promotion of films.The Finnish Film Foundation wasfounded in 1969 as an independentfoundation operating under thesupervision of the Ministry ofEducation and Culture. In grantingsupport, the Foundation is guided bythe State Aid Act, the Film PromotionAct and Decree as well as theEuropean Commission notification onstate funding for film. The Foundationreceives its funding from lottery andpools funds allocated for promotingfilm art.The Finnish Film Foundation isresponsible for the cultural exportand international promotion ofFinnish films. Our aim is to increasethe visibility of Finnish films andaid their international distribution.Major international film festivals offerFinnish films an important channelto foreign markets. We aim to findthe appropriate international venuefor each film in order to reach itstarget audience. Festival distributionis complemented by Finnish filmweeks organized around the world inpartnership with Finnish embassiesand cultural institutes.The Finnish Film Foundationparticipates in film markets at theBerlin, Cannes and Toronto FilmFestivals together with other Nordicfilm institutes under the ‘ScandinavianFilms’ banner. To promote shortand documentary films, The Nordicfilm institutes and the FinnishFilm Foundation cooperate at theClermont-Ferrand International ShortFilm Festival in France, InternationalDocumentary Film Festival (IDFA)in Amsterdam, and at the NordiskPanorama event.KANAVAKATU 12FIN-00160 HELSINKI, FINLANDTEL. +358 9 6220 300FAX +358 9 6220 3050SES@SES.FIWWW.SES.FI6


LAURA BIRNLaura Eveliina Birn is a Finnishactress born in Helsinki on the 25th ofApril 1981. She has gained a strongreputation through a widely variedlist of roles in theatre, television andfilm.At the age of seventeen, Laura Birnspent a year in Brazil as an exchangestudent. In South America she foundher interest for theatre and startedperforming with a Brazilian theatregroup. After having moved back toFinland, she received leading roles intwo short films. Her bigger on-screendebut took place in 2002, starringin the Finnish feature film Pigs andpearls, directed by Perttu Leppä. Shewas nominated for best supportingactress in the Finnish film awards,Jussi awards, for her first film role.The same year, in 2002, she startedher acting studies at Helsinki TheatreAcademy.Despite her studies Birn continuedacting actively. She played theleading female role in four featurefilms; The Promise, The ChristmasStory, 8 Days to Premiere and Rallyon. Birn also starred in several TVseries,such as the drama mini-seriesJumalan kaikki oikut, the dramaseries Karjalan kunnailla set in thecountry side of Finland, Suojelijat adrama series about security guards,the drama series Morsian and thedetective series Virta.As for theatre, Birn acted on stage inboth Helsinki and Barcelona duringher years at the Theatre Academy.Her breakthrough stage performancewas in the Finnish drama playSydänmaa at Helsinki City Theatrein 2005 to 2006. In Barcelona sheperformed in two plays called TheBunnygirl and The Little Jesus.She finished her MA degree in2008 and after graduating she hascontinued working with both theatreand film. Her latest work includestwo successful Finnish feature filmscalled Naked Harbour and Purge.Purge got selected as Finland’sentry for the Oscars 2012. Purge isa suspenseful story of two womendogged by their own shameful pastsand the dark, unspoken history thatbinds them. Birn´s performance asAliide Truu received outstandingcritics, and won her a nomination forbest leading actress in the GoldenSatellite Awards and Jussi Awards.Her performance in Naked Harbour,an episode film about multiculturalsuburbia in Helsinki, as an unstablegirl with a drug addiction also wonher a nomination for best supportingactress in Jussi Awards.Birn is chosen as one of Europe’smost talented young actors to beawarded at the Berlin Film Festival2013.Birn speaks five languages, Finnishas her native language, English,Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.She has also studied dancing andsinging for many years.REPRESENTATION:ACTORS IN SCANDINAVIA,HELSINKI/STOCKHOLMWWW.ACTORSINSCANDINAVIA.COMPHOTO MARICA ROSENGÅRD8


ANIMA VITAEAnima is a privately owned animation studio founded in the year 2000 andlocated in Helsinki, Finland. With a sister company, Anima Boutique, Anima is afull service animation production company concentrated on both commercialsand feature/series animation. Anima’s first real international hit, an awardwinning3D feature “Niko & The Way to the Stars” (2008) has sold to over100 countries. Year 2009 we were nominated for a Cartoon Movie Tributes asthe best European animation producer, and European Film Academy slatedNiko for the Best animation feature film of the year. It’s sequel, Niko 2 - LittleBrother, Big Trouble, premiered in 2012 and was nominated in four differentcategories for Finnish movie awards.ANIMA VITAE OY, LTD.VANHA TALVITIE 11 A00580 HELSINKI,FINLANDTEL. +358 (0)207 749 810MOB. +358 40 5000 571INFO@ANIMA.FIWWW.ANIMA.FICONTACT INFORMATIONPETTERI PASANENTel. +358 40 5000 571petteri.pasanen@anima.fiIn Berlin: Feb 11-14RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSNIKO 2 - LITTLE BROTHER,BIG TROUBLE (2012)3D Animation Feature / Family | 76 min.DOG’Y’DOG CHRISTMAS (2012)3D Animation Short / Family | 2,5 min.COMING UPDOG’Y’DOG3D Animation Short / FamilyNIKO 2 - LITTLE BROTHER, BIG TROUBLE11

BLIND SPOT PICTURESBlind Spot Pictures and its founder Tero Kaukomaa has over 20 yearsexperience in international film production, marketing, sales and distribution.Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola became a partner in Blind Spot in 2012.Both partners are constantly invited to speak all over the world about theirvisionary approach in film financing, production and distribution.Our mission is to produce and co-produce quality features for internationalmarkets with a special interest on genre-films with visual effects. Blind Spotis one of the main partners in Troll Vfx, a hot new CGI studio in Finland.Currently Blind Spot has several international feature films in developmentand is releasing “8-ball” by Aku Louhimies.BLIND SPOT PICTURESPURSIMIEHENKATU 26 G 4,FI-00150 HELSINKI,FINLANDTEL. +358 50 388 9479SPOT@BLINDSPOT.FIWWW.BLINDSPOT.FICONTACT INFORMATIONTERO KAUKOMAAPRODUCERTel. +41 792 537 638tero@blindspot.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7-14ESSI SUOMELALINE PRODUCERTel. +358 50 571 4174essi@blindspot.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7-14TIMO VUORENSOLAIn Berlin: Feb 7-14RECENTLY RELEASED FILMS8-BALL (2013)Crime / Drama | 107 min.IRON SKY (2012)Science Fiction / Black Comedy | 93 min.BEYOND (2010)Drama | Co-Production | 95 min.COMING UPJEREMIAH HARM (In Development)Science Fiction / ActionI KILLED ADOLF HITLER (In Development)Science FictionIRON SKY 2 (In Development)Science Fiction / Black ComedyHUMAN (In Development)Survival Thriller8-BALL12

BRONSON CLUBBronson Club is Helsinki-based production company that was established tocreate a home for the best of the next-generation of filmmakers. Bronsonbrings edgy and personal feature films into the international marketplace.The company is run by producer Jesse Fryckman.Bronson Club is part of Nordisk Film through Solar Films, the leading Finnishfeature film and TV production company.BRONSON CLUB OYVENEENTEKIJÄNTIE 20,FI-00210 HELSINKIFINLANDWWW.BRONSONCLUB.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONJESSE FRYCKMANPRODUCERTel. +358 40 590 9999jesse@bronson.fiIn Berlin: Feb 8-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSLOVE AND OTHER TROUBLES (2012)Romantic Comedy | 90 min.FANATICS (2012)Comedy | 80 min.ELLA & ALEX (2011)Animation | 48 min.COMING UPSUMMERTIME (2014)ComedyREUNION (2014)ComedyMILJA AND THE NEIGHBOURS (2014)Pre-School Animation SeriesLOVE AND OTHER TROUBLES13

BUFOFounded in 2007, Bufo has produced a number of fiction and documentaryfilms of which many have received international recognition. Bufo’s filmsall share the elements of clear artistic vision, innovation and high quality.Currently Bufo is involved in several film productions with acclaimed Europeandirectors such as Pirjo Honkasalo and Veiko Õunpuu. Also, a number ofEuropean co-productions are in production or post-production stage.BUFO PRODUCTIONSVANHA TALVITIE 1FI-00580 HELSINKIFINLANDINFO@BUFO.FIWWW.BUFO.FICONTACT INFORMATIONMARK LWOFFPRODUCERTel. +358 45 131 4652mark@bufo.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7–11MISHA JAARIPRODUCERTel. +358 45 6740 272misha@bufo.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7–11HELENA MIELONENPRODUCTION COORDINATORTel. +358 41 532 3394helena@bufo.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7–11RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSTHE GOOD SON (2011)Psychological Drama | Zaida BergrothTHE INTERROGATION (2009)Historical Drama | Jörn DonnerCOMING UPCONCRETE NIGHT (In Post Production)Drama | Pirjo HonkasaloLISA LIMONE (In Post Production)3D Animation | Co-ProductionTHE ROLE OF A LIFETIMEDrama | Co-ProductionTHE LAST ONEDrama | Veiko ÕunpuuTHE SWEDISH MOMENTDramaCONCRETE NIGHT14

CINETCinet is established in 2007 by Petri Jokiranta who has previously worked asa financer and then as a producer for several years. Jokiranta has producedfeatures such as Jade Warrior (2006) by AJ Annila and Man’s Job (2007) byAleksi Salmenperä. Cinet concentrates on developing and producing filmsfrom young upcoming talents for international markets. Cinet´s latest releaseRare Exports:A Christmas Tale (2010) by Jalmari Helander was released inseveral major territories simultaneously in Christmas and it has won numerousawards such as the Variety Piazza Grande award in Locarno and the BestMotion Picture in Sitges 2010.CINETPUOLIPÄIVÄNKATU 4 C 12FI-00160 HELSINKIFINLANDWWW.CINET.FICONTACT INFORMATIONPETRI JOKIRANTATel. +358 40 841 7442petri.jokiranta@cinet.fiIn Berlin: Feb 7–12COMING UPUNTITLEDTHE NEXT JALMARI HELANDER FILMRARE EXPORTS:A CHRISTMAS TALE15

EDITH FILMEdith Film, a Finnish production company, produces quality films for bothtelevision and cinema. Productions focus on fiction films that have potentialnational and international audience. Edith Film has been active since 2001and is managed by CEO and Executive Producer Liisa Penttilä.EDITH FILMPURSIMIEHENKATU 8,FI-00150 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 9 614 9660FAX +358 10 296 1505INFO@EDITHFILM.FIWWW.EDITHFILM.FICONTACT INFORMATIONLIISA PENTTILÄEXECUTIVE PRODUCERTel. +358 40 505 0015liisa@edithfilm.fiIn Berlin: February 7-11RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSOPEN UP TO ME (2013)Directed By: Simo HalinenNAKED HARBOUR (2012)Directed By: Aku LouhimiesSUMMER WINDOW (2011)Directed By: Hendrik HandloegtenCo-ProductionTWISTED ROOTS (2009)Directed By: Saara SaarelaCOMING UPBOY UPSIDE DOWN (In Pre-Production)2014 | Directed By: Juha LehtolaMISSION 1325 (In Pre-Production)2014 | Directed By: Björn RungeULTIMATE FIGHT (In Development)2014 | Directed By: Aku LouhimiesOPEN UP TO ME16

FIRST FLOOR PRODUCTIONSFirst Floor Productions is a film production company operating in Helsinki.First Floor Productions collaborates also as a co-producer and productionservice provider in Finland. The next coming up productions are a featurelengthdocumentary The Prosecutor - Nordic Murder Mystery and a featurefilm Boy Upside down (with Edith Film) to be released in February 2014.FIRST FLOOR PRODUCTIONSPURSIMIEHENKATU 8,FI-00150 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL +358 9 56 27 09 30FIRSTFLOOR@FIRSTFLOOR.FIWWW.FIRSTFLOOR.FICONTACT INFORMATIONPAULI PENTTIPRODUCERTel. +358 50 382 2024pauli@firstfloor.fiIn Berlin: February 7-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSNAKED HARBOUR (2012)120 min. | Aku LouhimiesTHE COMMISSIONER (2012)Documentary | 60 min. | Pekka LehtoCOMING UPNORDIC MURDER MYSTERY2014 | Documentary | 120 min.Directed By: Pekka LehtoBOY UPSIDE DOWN2014 | Feature with Edith Film | 90 min.Directed By: Juha LehtolaFLEEING DREAMS2014 | Feature | 90 min.Directed By: Petri KotwicaULTIMATE FIGHT2014 | Feature | 100 min.Directed By: Aku LouhimiesTHE PROSECUTOR - NORDIC MURDER MYSTERY17

FISHER KINGFisher King produces high-quality feature films and TV-drama productionsfor international and local markets. The main focus is kept on genre drivenproductions. Fisher King combines modern production techniques with thegood old storytelling tradition. The TV-series Nymphs will it’s premiere in 2013and the feature film Girl and the Mermaid will be shot in the autumn of 2013.FISHER KING PRODUCTION OYFREDRIKINKATU 34 B 20-21,FI-00100 HELSINKI,FINLANDWWW.FISHERKING.FICONTACT INFORMATIONMATTI HALONENPRODUCER, MDTel. +358 400 693 743matti.halonen@fisherking.fiIn Berlin: February 7-13LEILA LYYTIKÄINENPRODUCERTel. + 358 50 5206771leila.lyytikainen@fisherking.fiIn Berlin: February 7-13COMING UPNYMPHS (Premiere 2013)TV-Series | 12 x 44 minGIRL AND THE MERMAID (In Production)Feature film | 90 min.WHOREBUS (In Development)Feature film | 90 min.OTHER GIRLS (In Development)Feature film | 90 min.MIIKKO OIKKONENDIRECTOR, SCRIPTWRITERTel. +358 40 701 9387miikko.oikkonen@fisherking.fiIn Berlin: February 8-11NYMPHS18

HELSINKI-FILMIHelsinki -filmi is an active and innovative production company. Dedication todevelopment and constant search of extraordinary stories defines the core ofthe company. The emphasis is on contemporary stories based on original ideas.The company has produced 14 feature films and numerous TV productionssince it was founded in 2002. During the past few years, Helsinki -filmi hasparticipated in several European co-productions with Sweden, Ireland, Estonia,Germany, Greece and the UK. Helsinki –filmi has produced several domesticbox office hits and films distributed widely in the entire world.HELSINKI -FILMI OYVANHA TALVITIE 11 A, 4. KRSFI-00580 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 9 7740 300WWW.HELSINKIFILMI.FICONTACT INFORMATIONALEKSI BARDYTel. +358 400 467 497aleksi.bardy@helsinkifilmi.fiIn Berlin: February 9-12ANNIKA SUCKSDORFFPRODUCERTel. +358505968089annika.sucksdorff@helsinkifilmi.fiIn Berlin: February 8-10RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSGLORIOUSLY WASTED (2012)Comedy | 100 min.BEKAS (2012)Drama | Co-production | 90 min.HUSH (2012)Thriller | 90 min.MADAM PRESIDENT (2012)Documentary | 80 min.COMING UPHEART OF A LION (2013)DramaTHE WIND CATCHERS (2013)Documentary | 90/52 min.THEY HAVE ESXCAPED (2014)DramaHEART OF A LION19

KINOPRODUCTIONKinoproduction Oy is one of the leading production companies in Finland,having produced numerous feature films, documentaries, television films andprograms, animations and children’s films since 1977. Still going strong. Welove football too.KINOPRODUCTION OYPASILAN VANHAT VETURITALLIT,00520 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 9 6850 460FAX +358 9 6850 4610KINO@KINOPRODUCTION.FIWWW.KINOPRODUCTION.FICONTACT INFORMATIONCLAES OLSSONPRODUCER-DIRECTORTel. +358 50 520 7600olsson@kinoproduction.fiIn Berlin: February 8-11RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSCONQUEST OF THE NÄSINLINNAPALACE 1918 (2012)Drama Documentary | 70 min.ANIMAL DAY (2012)Short Drama | 30 min.ONE NIGHT (2011)Drama | 75 min.I MISS YOU (2011)Co-Production Youth FilmCOLORADO AVENUE (2009)Film & TV SeriesCONQUEST OF THE NÄSINLINNA PALACE 191820

KINOTARKinotar was founded in 1994 by producer Lasse Saarinen and has producedover 60 feature films, documentaries and short fiction, among 13 features areLetters to Father Jacob by Klaus Härö, Ricky Rapper I–III by Mari Rantasila,Sixpack-movie by Ville Jankeri, Upswing by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, and Kiss mein The Rain by Veikko Aaltonen.Kinotar is one of the biggest film production companies in Finland and has asteady production flow of one or two features and several documentaries peryear. Past international co-productions include Must Have Been Love by EirikSvensson (Norway, Finland), The Somnambulance by Sulev Keedus (Estonia,Finland) and Don’t You Worry, It Will Probably Pass (Du ska nog se att det gåröver) by Cecilia Neant-Falk (Sweden, Finland), amongst others.KINOTARTYÖPAJANKATU 10 A, 2. KRS,FI-00580 HELSINKI,FINLANDTEL. +358 9 7740 040FAX +358 9 7740 0444KINOTAR@KINOTAR.COMWWW.KINOTAR.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONRISTO SALOMAAPRODUCERTel. +358 40 550 1770risto@kinotar.fiIn Berlin: February 7-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSMUST HAVE BEEN LOVE (2012)Fiction | 74 min.RICKY RAPPER & COOL WENDY (2012)Fiction | 91 min.SIXPACK-MOVIE (2011)Fiction | 80 min.RICKY RAPPER & BICYCLE THIEF (2010)Fiction | 79 min.COMING UPSONATA NUMBER 21 (In Pre-Production)AUTUMN PRINCE (In Pre-Production)NO THANKS (In Pre-Production)DAGMAMMAN (In Pre-Production)RICKY RAPPER & COOL WENDY21

MADEMADE is a production company focusing on the films on the borderlinebetween documentary and fiction.MADEPERÄMIEHENKATU 12E,FI-00150 HELSINKI,FINLANDWWW.MADE.FICONTACT INFORMATIONULLA SIMONENPRODUCERTel. +358 40 9005505ulla@made.fiIn Berlin: February 8-15RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSCOLOMBIANOS (2013)Documentary | Co-production | 85 min.COMING UPALCAN HIGHWAY (2013)Road Movie / Documentary | 86 min.ALCAN HIGHWAY22

MRP MATILA RÖHR PRODUCTIONSMRP Matila Röhr Productions is the feature film brand of the Matila Röhr Nordiskcompany. It was founded in 1990 by two feature film professionals, Marko Röhrand Ilkka Matila, and produces films in both Finland and abroad. Over 40 globallyrecognized films plus numerous documentaries and television dramas exhibit thetalent and the vision of the company. Many of the company’s films have beenmajor critical and commercial hits.MRP Matila Röhr Productions is connected to a network of top European mediaprofessionals and is itself a sought-after partner in the Nordic region. The MRPMatila Röhr Productions brand is wellknown and respected within and beyondthe film industry.MATILA RÖHR PRODUCTIONSTALLBERGINKATU 1 A 141FI-00180 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 9 5407 820FAX +358 9 5407 8210WWW.MATILAROHR.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONMARKO RÖHRMANAGING DIRECTORPRODUCERTel. +358 400 416 634marko.rohr@matilarohrnordisk.fiIn Berlin: February 7-12ILKKA MATILAVICE MANAGING DIRECTORPRODUCERTel. +358 40 501 1025ilkka.matila@matilarohrnordisk.fiIn Berlin: February 7-14RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSROLLI AND THE GOLDEN KEY (2013)Children Fantasy | 84 min.BODY FAT INDEX OF LOVE (2012)Romantic Comedy | 86 min.TALE OF A FOREST (2012)Nature Documentary | 75 min.COMING UPRASPBERRY BOAT REFUGEE (2013)Comedy | Leif LindblomNEVER ALONE (2014)Drama | Klaus HäröETERNAL ROAD (2015)Drama | Aku LouhimiesROLLI AND THE GOLDEN KEY23

SNAPPER FILMSSnapper Films is a Helsinki- and New York-based production, distribution andfinancing company founded in 1998. Current productions include Zarra’s Law,a crime drama set in New York starring Tony Sirico (The Sopranos), BrendanFehr (Roswell) and Academy Award nominated Burt Young (Rocky). The Englishlanguagefeature, directed by Juha Wuolijoki and jointly produced by Snapperand Scarpe Diem Productions, is in post-production and will be released in 2013.Our latest Finnish production, family feature Ella and Friends (2012), openedtheatrically in Finland during the holiday season across 100 screens. ChristmasStory, an award-winning family film, was the top-grossing Finnish film of 2007,racking up more than 1 million admissions globally. The film sold to more than120 countries with theatrical releases in several territories.SNAPPER FILMS OYWTC, ALEKSANTERINKATU 17,PL 800, FI-00101 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 (0)10 231 0710FAX +358 (0)10 231 0711WWW.SNAPPERFILMS.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONJUHA WUOLIJOKICEO / PRODUCERTel. +358 40 593 1900juha@snapperfilms.comIn Berlin: February 8-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSELLA AND FRIENDS (2012)Family Feature | 81 min.HELLA W (2011)Drama | 82 min.CHRISTMAS STORY (2007)Family Feature | 80 min.COMING UPZARRA’S LAW (In Post-Production)Crime Drama | 80 min.FATA MORGANAThriller | 90 min.ELLA AND FRIENDS 2Family Feature | 80 min.ZARRA’S LAW24

SOLAR FILMS INCSolar Films, founded in 1995, is the leading production company in Finland inthe field of feature films, and produces and co-produces films from commercialfeatures to arthouse and films from upcoming talent. Movies produced bySolar Films have won altogether 29 Finnish Movie Awards and seven viewerpoll awards for the most popular movie of the year.Besides feature films andtelevision drama, Solar Films has also produced TV entertainment for FinnishTV channels. The shareholders of Solar Films are Nordisk Film and Markus Selin(Head of Production). In 2009 Solar Films bought the majority of productioncompany Bronson Club.SOLAR FILMS INC.VENEENTEKIJÄNTIE 20,FI-00210 HELSINKIFINLANDWWW.SOLARFILMS.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONMARKUS SELINHEAD OF PRODUCTIONTel. +358 400 470 332markus.selin@solarfilms.comIn Berlin: February 8-12JUKKA HELLEMANAGING DIRECTORTel. +358 400 438 905jukka.helle@solarfilms.fiIn Berlin: February 8-12NINA LAURIOPRODUCERTel. +358 50 336 6393nina.laurio@solarfilms.fiIn Berlin: February 7-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSTHE HIJACK THAT WENT SOUTH (2013)Drama Comedy | 93 min.ROBIN THE MOVIE (2012)Documentary | 82 min.IMAGINAERUM BY NIGHTWISH (2012)Fantasy / Musical | 86 min.PURGE (2012)DramaVARES (2011-2012)Crime | 6 X 90 min.COMING UPKEKKONEN (2013)Drama ComedyABOVE DARK WATERS (2013)DramaABOVE DARK WATERS25

TUFFI FILMSThe film production company Tuffi Films Ltd. was founded in the spring of 2010by a producer, a director and two screenwriters. It aims at producing films ofhigh artistic quality, both fiction and documentary. The company is based onthe principles of openness to different ways of working, “fair-trade” productionmethods, and sheer love of films.Tuffi´s shorts The Date ( Dir. Jenni Toivoniemi) and the Do I Have to Take Care ofEverything? (Dir. Selma Vilhunen) have been selected and nominated for severalfestivals. The Date has been officially selected to the Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand and Berlinale Generation14+ competitions, and both of the shorts areselected to the GIFF 2013/ Nordic LightsTUFFI FILMSVANHA TALVITIE 1 2ND FLOORFI-00580 HELSINKIFINLANDWWW.TUFFIFILMS.COMCONTACT INFORMATIONELLI TOIVONIEMI+358 40 172 1778elli@tuffifilms.comIn Berlin: February 8-15COMING UP6620 KILOMETERS FROM NY (In Financing)Feature | ~80 min. | Akseli TuomivaaraWIFE (In Development)Feature | ~80 min. | Selma VilhunenSONG (In Production)Documentary | ~80 min. | Selma VilhunenDESTINATION HOME (In Production)Documentary | 60 min. |Veera Lehto-Michaud & Maria SeppäläART RALLY (In Production)Short Fiction | 7 min. | Jukka KärkkäinenTHE DATE26

YELLOW FILM & TVYellow Film & TV group is a creative community based in Helsinki, Finland.We are a group of individuals who share the same belief in allowing ideas andcreativity flourish. Interesting engagements lead to insightful and entertainingcontent. On top of Yellow’s creative prowess it has joined together two businessmodels. Yellow has successfully produced movies as well as TV-programming,creating a financially stable set-up. The model has led to Group becoming themost successful company in its home market. Company’s annual turnover is over25 million Euros and it employs permanently over 30 persons.YELLOW FILM & TVVANHA TALVITIE 11 A,FI-00580 HELSINKIFINLANDTEL. +358 9 7740 300WWW.YELLOWFILM.FICONTACT INFORMATIONJARKKO HENTULATel. +358 40 705 0603jarkko.hentula@yellowfilm.fiIn Berlin: February 8-12RECENTLY RELEASED FILMSCALL GIRL (2012)Political Thriller | Mikael MarcimainCo-ProductionONCE UPON A TIME INTHE NORTH (2012)Finnish Western | JP SiiliCOMING UPTEEMU - FINNISH FLASH (2013)Sports Documentary | JP SiiliTHE ONLY ONES (2013)Romantic Comedy | Saara CantellTHE ONLY ONES27

FINNISH PRODUCTIONCOMPANIESAamu Filmcompany Ltdinfo@aamufilmcompany.fiwww.aamufilmcompany.fiAlppiharjun Elokuva Oyalppiharjunelokuva@jippii.fiAnima Vitae Ltdinfo@anima.fiwww.anima.fiDictator Films Oyaleksi.bardy@helsinki-filmi.fiDionysos Films Oyriina.hyytia@dionysosfilms.fiwww.dionysosfilms.fiEdith Film Oyinfo@edithfilm.fiwww.edithfilm.fiIlokuva Naukkarinen & Coilokuva@ilokuva.fiwww.ilokuva.fiIt’s Alive Productionsinfo@itsalive.fiwww.itsalive.fiJackpot Films Oytimo.kahilainen@saunalahti.fiAnimaker Oyinfo@anima.fiArt Films Production AFP Oyinfo@artfilms.fiwww.artfilmsproduction.comArtista Filmi Oysusanna@artista.fiwww.artistafilmi.fiAvanton Productions Oyinfo@avanton.fiwww.avanton.fiBad Taste Ltdbtlimited@btlimited.fiwww.btlimited.fiBlind Spot Pictures Oyspot@blindspot.fiwww.blindspot.fiBronson Clubjesse@bronson.fiwww.bronson.fiOy Bufo Abmark@bufo.fiwww.bufo.fiCine Works Oypetri.rossi@cineworks.fiwww.cineworks.fiCinemaker Oycinemaker@cinemaker.fiwww.cinemaker.fiCinet Oypetri.jokiranta@cinet.fiwww.cinet.fiCrystal Eye Ltdmail@crystaleye.fiwww.crystaleye.fiEpidem ZOTmikael.wahlforss@epidemzot.comwww.epidemzot.comFilmimaamarkku.tuurna@sci.fiwww.filmimaa.fiOy Filmkompaniet Alpha Abtom@filmkompaniet.fiwww.filmkompaniet.fiFirst Floor Productions Oyfirstfloor@firstfloor.fiwww.firstfloor.fiFisher King Production Oyking@fisherking.fiwww.fisherking.fiFor Real Productionswww.forrealproductions.fiGiron-filmi Oylapsui@mail.ruHakalax Productions Oyjohn.hakalax@hakalaxproductions.comwww.hakalaxproductions.comHandle Productions Oyhhemila@gmail.comHarmaa Media Oyseppo.toivonen@harmaa.tvHelsinki-filmi Oyaleksi.bardy@helsinkifilmi.fiwww.helsinkifilmi.fiHuh Huh -Filmi Oymaarit.lalli@kolumbus.fiIllume Ltd.illume@illume.fiwww.illume.fiJ.W. Documentaries Oywebster@dlc.fiKinoproductionkino@kinoproduction.fiwww.kinoproduction.fiKinotar Oykinotar@kinotar.comwww.kinotar.comKinosto Oywww.kinosto.fiKlaffi Productionskimmo@klaffi.comwww.klaffi.comKoskela Art & Media Housekimmo@koskela.tvKroma Productions Oykroma@kroma.fiwww.kroma.fiLångfilm Productions Finland Oyinfo@langfilm.fiwww.langfilm.fiMadeulla@made.fiwww.made.fiMaking Movies Oymamo@mamo.fiwww.mamo.fiMarianna Films Oymarianna.films@gmx.netwww.mikakaurismaki.comMRP Matila Röhr Productionsilkka.matila@matilarohrnordisk.fiwww.matilarohr.comMeguru Productionmeguru@meguru.fiwww.meguru.fi28

Millennium Film Ltd.millennium@millenniumfilm.fiwww.millenniumfilm.fiMokul Filmi Oykossi.heikki@kolumbus.fiMouka Filmi Oymouka@mouka.fiwww.mouka.fiMutant Koala Pictureswww.mutantkoala.comnapafilmswww.napafilms.fiNavy Blue Bird Incinfo@navybluebird.comwww.navybluebird.comNosferatu Oyilkka.mertsola@aalto.fiSputnik Oysputnik@sputnik.fiwww.orimattila.fi/kirjasto/kaurismakiSuomen Filmiteollisuus Oytoimisto@suomenfilmiteollisuus.fiwww.suomenfilmiteollisuus.fiTuffi Films Oytuffi @tuffifilms.comwww.tuffifilms.comUnilumi Oyjuha.koivisto@unilumi.comwww.unilumi.comVegetarian Filmsjeppis@vegetarianfilms.netwww.vegetarianfilms.netYellow Film & TVjarkko.hentula@yellowfilm.fiwww.yellowfilm.fiOf Course My Films Oypia.andell@gmail.comOktober Oyjoonas@oktober.fiwww.oktober.fiPeriferia Productions Oy/Pystymetsä Oyouti.rousu@periferiaproductions.fiwww.periferiaproductions.fiPetfilms Oypetfilms@petfilms.fiwww.petfilms.fiPohjankonnawww.pohjankonna.fiRT Documentaries Oyilkka.ruuhijarvi@welho.comSilva Mysterium Oymika.ritalahti@silvamysterium.fiwww.silvamysterium.fiSnapper Films Oyjuha.wuolijoki@snapperfilms.comwww.snapperfilms.comSmile Entertainment Oytimo.lahtinen@smile.dkSolar Films Inc.markus.selin@solarfilms.comwww.solarfilms.com29

CONTACTS FORFILMMAKERSFILMFESTIVALS2013DocPoint –Helsinki DocumentaryFilm Festival22.–27.1.2013info@docpoint.infowww.docpoint.infoTampere InternationalShort Film Festival6.–10.3.2013office@tff.fiwww.tamperefilmfestival.fiSodankylän elokuvajuhlat –Midnight Sun Film Festival12–16.6.2013office@msfilmfestival.fiwww.msfilmfestival.fiEspoo Ciné InternationalFilm Festival16.–25.8.2013office@espoocine.fiwww.espoocine.fiHelsinki Film Festival– Love & Anarchy19.–29.9.2013office@hiff.fiwww.hiff.fiOulu InternationalChildren’s Film Festival18.-24.11.2013eszter.vuojala@oufilmcenter.fiwww.oulunelokuvakeskus.fi/lefTV CHANNELSThe Finnish BroadcastingCompany YLETel. +358 9 14 801www.yle.fiDISTRIBUTORSOy Atlantic Film Finland Abjenni.ukkonen@atlanticfilm.fiwww.atlanticfilm.fiBio Rex Distributionlevitys@biorex.fiwww.biorex.fiOy Cinema Mondo Ltdmikas@cinemamondo.fiwww.cinemamondo.fiFinnkino Oymika.nieminen@finnkino.fiwww.finnkino.fiFS Film Oyantti.toiviainen@fs-film.fiwww.fs-film.fiOy Future Film Distribution Abharry.paivalainen@futurefilm.fiwww.futurefilm.fiOy Kinoscreen Illusion Ltd.kinoscreen@jippii.fiwww.kinoscreen.comOy Nordisk Film Abkatarina.nyman@nordiskfilm.comwww.nordiskfilm.fiPirkanmaan elokuvakeskusjuha.elomaki@elokuvakeskus.fiwww.elokuvakeskus.comScanbox Entertainment Finland OyLisbetSt@scanbox.comwww.scanbox.comSnapper Films Oyjuha.wuolijoki@snapperfilms.comwww.snapperfilms.com/en/The Walt Disney Company Nordicjussi.makela@disney.comwww.disney.fiMTV3 FinlandTel +358 10 300 300www.mtv3.fiChannel Four Finland – NelonenTel. +358 9 45 451www.nelonen.fi30

FAVEXFAVEX, i.e. Finnish Film &Audiovisual Export, is an associationthat promotes and facilitatesmarketing and sales of Finnishaudiovisual content and services, beit in the spheres of television, filmor publicity. The association alsogives coaching, does match makingand strives for the best possibleecosystem and financing in Finland,so that the audiovisual industryand creativity can flourish. Thecoordination of the lobbying activitiesfor a Finnish film incentive / rebatemodel is also a task that FAVEX hastaken on.members such as the Finnishpublic broadcasting companyYLE, distributors associations, filmcommissions etc.FAVEX is a contact point andknowledge provider. A big part of thework consists of stands and eventsat selected TV-, film- and publicitymarkets and facilitating the meetand-greetof Finnish producers withindustry professionals abroad. In2013 Favex has also one employee inMoscow and leads a multi-disciplinary(film, TV, music, design, fashion)project called New Cut! in New York.FAVEX members include differentproducer’s associations, copyrightorganizations as well as partnershipwww.filmland.fiNOTEWWW.FILMLAND.FI is a web window to Finnish audiovisual services,productions and locations. Be sure to pay a visit!FAVEX – FINNISH FILM & AUDIOVISUAL EXPORTKalevankatu 39–43,FI-00180 HelsinkiTel. +358 40 752 7777petra.theman@favex.fiwww.favex.fiPETRA THEMANCEOpetra.theman@favex.fiMobile +358 40 752 7777In Berlin: February 8–1131

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