SFPA's Midyear Meeting Offers Timely Topics Maritime Lumber ...


SFPA's Midyear Meeting Offers Timely Topics Maritime Lumber ...

The Softwood BuyerP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908PRSRT STDU.S. POSTAGE PAIDMEMPHIS, TENN.PERMIT 270Address Service RequestedVol. 23 No. 4 The Softwood Industry’s only newspaper.....now reaching 43,462 firms (20,000 per issue) July/August 2008Innovation And Distribution Meet At NAWLA Traders Market ®8 th Big Buyers Issue Features Key SuppliersMore than 6,500 wholesalers, stocking distributors and remanufacturing firmswill receive The Softwood Buyer’s eighth annual NAWLA Traders Market ® Issue.Shouldn’t your company be a part of that?Advertising in this special issue of The Softwood Buyer taps into the $275 billionmarket for Softwood forest products. Volume seven of the Special Editionallowed its advertisers to reach more than 3,000 sawmills, panel producers andengineered wood products manufacturers.The Special Edition containing your ad will also be distributed at the TradersMarket ® , which is slated for Nov. 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency On The River Walkin Chicago, Ill.The NAWLA Traders Market ® has become one of the largest, most successfulevents of the year, featuring hundreds of exhibiting companies and more than2,000 attendees.Suppliers utilizing a minimum of a one-half page or larger page position in lastyear’s NAWLA Special Edition were enthusiastic about the free feature articleFitzsimmons Assumes Gavel For NAWLABy Terry Miller and Wayne MillerT u c s o n , A r i z . –Susan Fitzsimmons, vice president/mass merchants ofSnavely Forest Products Inc., of Pittsburgh, Pa., was recently elected as the2008-09 first-ever chairwoman of the North American Wholesale Lumber Assoc.(NAWLA) at the group’s recent 116th Executive Conference, held here at theand photos that they received in the publication. Thisunique marketing tactic is also available this year.NAWLA, or North American Wholesale LumberAssoc., is an international trade association withmore than 650 leading forest products and buildingmaterial industry wholesalers, manufacturers andindustry affiliated companies throughout the UnitedStates and Canada. NAWLA, whose wholesaler andwholesaler-processor members’ combined annualsales exceed $30 billion, is dedicated to enhancingprofessionalism and efficiency throughout the lumberdistribution channel and to the responsible useof forest resources. NAWLA members serve as theContinued on page 26Maritime Lumber Bureau Focuses On Industry ChangesPhotos By Deborah NicholsonHalifax, N.S.–The 69th annual meeting and convention of the MaritimeLumber Bureau (MLB), held here recently at the Halifax Mariott HarbourfrontHotel, carried the theme “Winds of Change,” reflecting the challenges faced nowin the global forest products industry.Additional photos on page 10 Continued on page 26 Additional photos on pages 10 & 12 Continued on page 26Tom Rice, Conner Industries Inc., Fort Worth, Texas; Susan Fitzsimmons, Snavely Forest Products Inc.,Pittsburgh, Pa.; Monte Jensen, DMSi, Omaha, Neb.; Becky Jayne, Disdero Lumber Co. Inc., Clackamas,Ore.; Joe Smith, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Southfield, Mich.; and John Jayne, Disdero Lumber Co.Inc.SFPA’s Midyear Meeting Offers Timely TopicsNew Orleans, La.–The 2008 Midyear Meeting of the Southern ForestProducts Association and the Southern Pine Council (SPC) generated plenty ofuseful information for members in attendance here.Mike North, Ed Mosher, Marc Chouinard, Jacques Gagnon, and Michel Bastarach, Lumbermen’sUnderwriting Alliance, Boca Raton, Fla.; and Gilles Martel, Maritime Lumber Ltd., Edmundston,N.B.LAT Celebrates 122 nd YearPhotos By Derik VillanuevaSan Antonio, Texas–The 122nd convention of the Lumbermen’s Associationof Texas (LAT) was held here recently at the Henry B. Gonzalez ConventionCenter with four days packed full of informative forums, guest speakers andAdditional photos on page 12 Continued on page 26Additional photos on pages 12 & 33 Continued on page 43Brad Fountain, Potlatch Corp., Warren, Ark.; Digges Morgan, SFPA , Kenner, La.; Lynda Anthony,Anthony Forest Products Co., El Dorado, Ark.; and Don Taylor, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,Greenville, S.C.Mike Boone, Forest Grove Lumber, McMinnville, Ore.; Jamie Hursh and Steven Rogers,Richardson Lumber& Mfg. Co., Dallas, Texas

Page 2WHO’S WHO IN SOFTWOODSThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerBritish Columbia Business TrendsFor more Information regarding BC Wood Specialities Group, visitwww.bcwood.comRandy BrownRandy Brownis the owner ofR.B. LumberCo. in OregonCity, Ore. Brownstarted the companyin 1996,and Gary Knightbecame a partnerin 2002,incorporating thecompany.R.B. LumberCo. manufacturesmultiples p e c i e s(Western RedCedar, Pine,China Fir) in variousproductlines. Some ofthe productsmanufacturedand sold includefencing, decking,posts in Pineand Cedar, patternstock,industrials, fingerjoint blocksand blanks, tilebatts, bed framestock in kilndriedSpruce-Pine-Fir (SPF),box stock, plywooddunnageRichard T. Detkowski Lance Hubener Daniel E. JacksRichard T. Lance Hubener Daniel E. JacksDetkowski is is in charge of is the lumberthe owner of sales for Tri-Pro buyer for ATCOMoon Valley Forest Products Structures USAR u s t i c Inc. in Orofino, Inc. in Diboll,Furniture in Idaho. He also Texas.Clarkston, Mich. assists in service A T C OMoon Valley sales for Tri-Pro Structures USARustic Furniture Cedar Products Inc. is a custommanufactures in Old Town, manufacturer ofhandcrafted, Idaho.modular buildingsindoor, outdoor Tri-Pro Forestin No. 2 orand Red Cedar Products Inc. Better Southernfurniture. The manufactures Yellow Pine. Thecompany purchases2x4 and 2x12, company purmatelyapproxi-Standard and chases approxi-200,000 Better and No. 2 mately 3.5 millionboard feet of and Better Whiteboard feet oflumber annually. Fir, ESLP 4/4 lumber annually.Moon Valley boards and 7/8 A T C ORustic Furniture Western Red Structures is ais a member of Cedar. Tri-Pro member of thethe National Cedar Products InternationalFederation of produces over Code Council,Independent 200 patterns of Boys & GirlsBusiness, the Cedar, including Clubs ofClarkston decking, bevel America andChamber of siding, V-joint Perry JohnsonCommerce and and beaded paneling.Registrars Inc.the DetroitThe firm Jacks has beenChamber of also specializes involved in theCommerce. in White Fir timbersforest productsDetkowski purchased(3x4 to industry for 12Moon 14x14, up to 32 years. He beganValley Rustic feet in length). his career inFurniture in Tri-Pro Forest 1996 as a lumberSeptember Products and Tri-loader, andContinued on page 21 Continued on page 21 Continued on page 31 Continued on page 21We have chosen a topic for this issue’scontribution that anyone in the woodproducts manufacturing business (primaryor secondary) can probably relateto. It would be interesting to get feedbackfrom different parts of the continent,if that is in fact the case, and whatyour solutions have been.BC WOOD’S Architect ProgramOver the past year, BC Woodhas worked with architects anddesigners relative to promotingB.C.’s secondary wood industryand their products for use in thevarious British Columbia 2010Winter Olympic venues, in andaround Whistler and Vancouver,B.C.What we have found to date is that:• Architects and designers know littleabout wood in general and our industryin particular, and the many wood-basedproducts it manufactures;• Once architects and designers havespecified a product in any material, theyhave little appetite to change, for a varietyof reasons;• Architects are very busy and makingchanges requires time and effort, includinggetting details on new product, rebudgetingand going back to city planningdepartments with changes. Unlessthere are major reasons to make thechange such as a significant cost saving,it just won’t happen.• When architects specify a product, thedecision is based on their knowledge ofwhat is available. In many cases, theyknow more about imported productsfrom, for example, Asia or the U.S. thanthey know about the products producedin their own backyard.Generally, our secondary wood industrymanufactures top quality products,exported all over the world, but has notbeen very effective at marketing or gettingthe information of what is available,B y G a r y T a t t r i e , D i r e c t o r -Sector Programsout to the local architects and designers.On the other hand, producers from othercountries are much more proactive intheir pursuit of new business in our ownbackyard. There is seldom a day thatgoes by that we don’t get unsolicitedemail offers to explore an attached link,which leads you to a professionally donecompany web site to peruse the myriadof products available from that company.Flooring is a favorite product introducedthis way, and the sources are usuallyAsian.That could explain why the flooring inthe Whistler Olympics Athletes is specifiedas 100 percent Bamboo fromSouthest Asia. The cladding/siding forthe same complex, located in the heartof the Western Red Cedar forests ofBritish Columbia, is specified in HardyPlank – a cementisious product from theU.S.Good for those suppliers from afar, badfor our local industry.With export markets diminishing due toeconomic slowdowns and a highCanadian dollar, the domestic market isbecoming increasingly important to ourindustry. Unfortunately, the highCanadian dollar is also making importedproducts even more attractive to domesticspecifiers.It is, therefore, critical for our B.C.Continued on page 21THEWASHINGTONSCENEMarcella S. Perry Kurt A. Phillips Howard L. RaffQuintin Robertenvironmental quality incentive programswhich assist family forest ownersMarcella S. Kurt A. Phillips Howard L. Raff Quintin RobertPerry is the chief is the owner/operatorof manager for Oso and generalardship; the Healthy Forest Reserveis the purchasing is the presidentwith land management and proper stew-executive officerand general managerof Inc. in Boonville, Arlington, Wash. Build Inc. inof catastrophic wildfires and provide aTruss Systems Lumber Inc. in manager of KANProgram designed to reduce the threatMiddleton Ind.Oso Lumber Inc. Osage City, Kan.more timely response to disease andBuilding Supply Truss Systems manufactures KAN Build Inc.insect infestations that threaten to devastateforests; the Timber Revitalization(DiPrizio Pine Inc. manufacturesfloor trussdows,trusses, residential hous-and Economic Enhancement Act whichdoors and win-manufacturesHouse, Senate Pass Farm BillSales) inMiddleton, N.H. es and wall panels(Spruce-Pine- neered wood, buildings, apartrodea veto by President Bush to passpanels, engies,commercial The House and Senate recently over-makes timber taxes comparable to competingcountries; and incentives forMiddletonBuilding Supply Fir No. 2 and siding, millwork ment complexes,post offices, 2008, also known as the Farm Bill. Itthe Food and Energy Security Act ofdevelopment of cellulosic biofuels.(DiPrizio Pine Better), finger and dry studs inSales) manufacturesEastern oriented strand and Douglas Fir homes. The Farm Bill received such bipartisan sup-Security Actjoint studs and Hemlock Fir (KD) resorts and log was the first time since 1973 that theDebate Fails On ClimateWhite and Red board (OSB). (KD and green). company utilizes port.The Climate Security Act of 2008, whichPine 12 to 14 The company The company Spruce-Pine-Fir, This year’s Farm Bill includes severalwas penned by Sen. John Warner (Rpercentdried and builds roof trusses(Southern approximately Pine, Hemlock products industry including the Combatpurchases Southern Yellow pieces of legislation vital to the forestVa.) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.),heat treated (4/4recently fell short of the 60 votes neededto continue discussion in the Senate.through 6/4 timbers).The com-through 2x12, feet of lumber and treated MSR The Combat Illegal Logging Act pro-Yellow Pine 2x4 140 million board Fir, Douglas Fir Illegal Logging Act.The bill sought to reduce greenhousepany also producesShop and MSR 2400, MSR Oso Lumber is a and 1-1/2).ly harvested wood and wood products.No. 1, No. 2, annually.(No. 1, No. 2, 3/4 hibits the import, sale or trade in illegal-gas emissions by forcing companiesand utilities to buy permits and wouldFurniture grade 6 2200) for many member of Hoo- KAN Build Inc. A coalition of industry associations,have capped overall emissions at a 19to 8 percent, uses including Hoo International purchases over environmental groups and organizedpercent reduction from current levelsSelect and pole barns, commercialjobs,addresses the impact of illegal loggingNorth Cascade 2 million board labor helped craft the legislation whichover the next 12 years, and by 71 percentby 2050.Common grades,club. Raff is a feet of lumberrough lumber, stock trusses andon forests and communities in developingcountries, prevents imports of illegalmember of theannually. TheThe “cap and trade” legislation includedsiding, flooring, custom domes.P o r t l a n dfirm is a memberwood products into the United Statessome concepts vital to the forest climatepaneling, moldings,prefabricat-also carries a fullHome BuildersTruss Systemsof the TopekaWholesalewhich undermine the competitiveness of including: recognition of manageded panels, modularhomes and neered lumber (I-the Pacificline of engi-Lumber Assoc.,Assoc., National legally harvested and traded forest forests for offsets; set aside allowancesAssoc. of Home products, and climate change concerns. for forest activities; basic eligibility criteriafor credible forest projects; new fund-roof trusses. joist, LVL, glu- L u m b e r Builders, Kansas Other provisions in the final legislationinclude: export promotion programs ing for state and federal natural resourceContinued on page 31 Continued on page 31 Continued on page 39 Continued on page 39under the Foreign Agricultural Service;Continued on page 29

July/August 2008 Page 3Table of ContentsFEATURES:2008 NAWLA Traders Market ® . . . . . . . .1Fitzsimmons Assumes Gavel For NAWLA 1Maritime Lumber Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1SFPA Midyear Meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1LAT Celebrates 122nd Year . . . . . . . . . . . .1Thrifty Building Supply . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4Wynndel Lumber Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . .14Plum Creek Timber Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . .16Western Red Cedar Lumber Assoc. . . .18NAWLA Boston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20Poler Wins Mulrooney Award . . . . . . . .21Boise Open House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22Richardson Lumber & Mfg. Co. . . . . . .23May Day Golf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24QFIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25DEPARTMENTS:Who’s Who in Softwoods. . . . . . . . . . . 2Washington Scene. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2British Columbia Business Trends. . . . 2Retail Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 & 6West Coast Business Trends. . . . . . . . 8Midwest Business Trends . . . . . . . . . . 8South/Southeast Business Trends . . . . . 27Ontario/Quebec Business Trends . . . . . 27Western Business Trends. . . . . . . . . . 28Northeast Business Trends. . . . . . . . . 28Stock Exchange . . . . . . . . . . 35, 36 & 37Trade Talk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45Softwood Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Classified Opportunities . . . . . . . 49 & 50Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50Painting Green with PPGSustainability:“Humanity has the ability to make developmentsustainable – to ensure that it meets the needs ofthe present without compromising the ability offuture generations to meet their own needs.”H. Brundtland (Chair)Our CommonFutureWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOxford University Press, New York, 1987A Bi-Monthly newspaper servingNorth America’s Softwood Forest Products BuyersPublished bySoftwood Trade Publications, Inc.1235 Sycamore View P. O. Box 34908Memphis, Tenn. 38134Tel. (901) 372-8280 FAX (901) 373-6180Web Site: http://www.softwoodbuyer.comE-Mail Addresses:Advertising: stokes@millerpublishing.comEditorial: editor@millerpublishing.comSubscriptions: circ@millerpublishing.comWayne Miller - President/Executive EditorGary Miller - Vice President/Managing EditorPaul Miller Jr. - Vice President/Assistant Managing EditorTerry Miller - Vice President/Associate EditorPaul Miller Sr. - Secretary/TreasurerRachael Stokes - Advertising ManagerSue Putnam - Editorial DirectorDavid Owens - Associate EditorJohn M. Gray Jr. - Production/Art DirectorWalter Lee - Production/Asst. Art DirectorLisa Carpenter - Circulation ManagerCanadian Correspondents: Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, B.C.The Softwood Forest Products Buyer is the product of acompany and its affiliates that have been in the publishing businessfor over 82 years.Other publications edited for specialized markets and distributedworldwide include:National Hardwood Magazine • Hardwood Purchasing Handbook •Import/Export Wood Purchasing News • North American ForestProducts Export Directory • Imported Wood Purchasing Guide •Green Book’s Hardwood Marketing Directory • Green Book’sSoftwood Marketing Directory • The Classified Exchange •Dimension & Wood Components Buyer’s GuideSubscriptions: U.S. and Canada: $65 (U.S. dollars) - 1 year; $75 -2 years; $90 - 3 years; Foreign (airmail) $140 - 1 year; $235 - 2years. Canadian and foreign orders must be paid by check drawnon U.S. bank or by wire transfer. Fax for more information.The publisher reserves the right to accept orreject editorial content and Advertisements atthe staff’s discretion.If your goal is to build green, be it through meeting local or national VOC regulations, qualifyingfor LEED ® points, or consciously attempting to minimize the overall environmental footprint of yourproduct line, PPG can help. For years, lumber yards and distributors have been able to providefactory-finished wood, fiber cement, composite siding, trim and moldings coated with PPG MachineApplied Coatings such as; Machinecoat ® , Machinepro ® and Duracolor FC ® , which are low VOC(

Page 4The Softwood Forest Products BuyerHomebuilders Lean On THRIFTY for Lumber NeedsBy Brady BuffaloeThrifty Building Supply in Collierville, Tenn., operates a fleet of 11delivery trucks that cover about a 100-mile radius.Key employees at the firm include: Frances Harris, Earon Rogers, Carl Cothern,David Cole and Mark Evans.Walter Cannon is a forklift driver for Thrifty.Thrifty is located along U.S. Highway 72 in a suburb of Memphis.Collierville is one of the fastest growing towns in Tennessee.The company carries a wide array of products that a homebuilder mightneed including doors and columns.Millions of board feet of Southern Yellow Pine and SPF lumber are keptin Thrifty’s inventory at all times.C o l l i e r v i l l e , T e n n . —Marketingbuilding materials to homebuilders canoften prove difficult. So much can affectthe industry – from mortgage rates tothe ability to find land and the up anddown world of supply and demand. Butsuccessful companies find ways to overcomethose obstacles and work for thecustomer.At Thrifty Building Supply, located here,that is the company motto.“We are working for you,” said MarkEvans, owner of the company. “We focuson the service aspect of the business.”And service is what is seen when youdrive by the location along U.S. Highway72 in this suburb of Memphis.Homebuilding has been booming here inthis small city of 43,000. It is one of thefastest growing towns in Tennessee andfor that matter, the country. For job seekers,the town offers the FedEx WorldTechnology center and Carrier Corp. Ofcourse, the need for homes has beengreat to accommodate the populationgrowth.Thrifty Building services local homebuilderswith lumber products, plywood,OSB, windows and doors. Other productsinclude: roofing materials, columns,copper fixtures for exterior applications,tools and just about anything else ahomebuilder would need.The company handles No. 2 and BetterSouthern Yellow Pine and SPF in 2x4,2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12 in lengths up to16 feet.“We have seen an increase in qualitylately,” Evans said. “We used to buyHem/Fir, but we switched to Spruce nottoo long ago. However, Southern YellowPine is by far our biggest seller.”The company also markets considerableCedar that is used for customorders. In addition, the firm handles fingerjoint lumber in lengths between 18feet and 32 feet. Large diameter postsand beams are on hand for FrenchCountry homes and millworking is handledon a custom order basis.The Southern Yellow Pine lumber is purchasedfrom mills in Arkansas,Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. TheSPF comes from the Western UnitedStates, mainly Oregon, Idaho andCanada. The Yellow Pine lumber arrivesby truck and the SPF is shipped by rail.“There is a little bit that is coming fromEurope,” Evans said.Thrifty procures about $13 million inlumber annually, along with about $3 millionin plywood and panels.There is a second location in OliveBranch, Miss., which sits just south ofMemphis and is not too far fromCollierville. Olive Branch is also a boomingsuburb. In fact, it is one of the fastestgrowing cities in Mississippi. With lowtaxes and excellent schools, manyMemphians are flocking to Olive BranchContinued on page 39

July/August 2008 Page 5and California.Carr Hardware & SupplyOpens De Lollo’s HardwareRETAIL REVIEW•Parr Lumber ExpandsTacoma OperationsWeyerhaeuser Sells OffDistribution CentersF e d e r a l W a y , W a s h . —Weyerhaeuser Co., headquarteredhere, recently completed the sale ofthree distribution centers in Newton andKansas City, Kan., and Louisville, Ky.Forest Product Supply Co. a division ofMilman Lumber based in St. Louis, Mo.,paid $24 million for the two Kansas distributioncenters. Forest Product SupplyCo. also gained exclusive distributionrights for Weyerhaeuser’s iLevel engineeredwood products.National Industrial Lumber, located inNorth Jackson, Ohio, bought theLouisville facility.In addition to these three facilities,Weyerhaeuser has sold or plans to sellseven more U.S.-based distribution centersand all of its 17 Canadian facilities.Weekes Forest Products bought theGreen Bay, Wis., distribution center,while Wood Structures purchased theBoston, Mass., location. As of presstime, no buyers had been announced forOmaha, Neb.; Buffalo, N.Y.; OklahomaCity, Okla.; Memphis and Nashville,Tenn.Weyerhaeuser Co., one of the world’slargest forest products companies, wasincorporated in 1900. The firm hasoffices or operations in 13countries, with customers worldwide.Weyerhaeuser is principally engaged inthe growing and harvesting of timber;the manufacture, distribution and sale offorest products; and real estate construction,development and relatedactivities.•Stock Building Consolidates,Opens Sanford PlantS a n f o r d , N . C . —As of press time,Stock Building Supply was set to open amanufacturing plant here, consolidatingroof truss manufacturing operations inKernersville and Monroe, N.C.The Sanford plant, which was scheduledto open by early summer, will manufactureand distribute roof trusses inaddition to wall panels and lumber fornew homes. The facility is a renovatedformer mobile home manufacturing facility.Approximately 40 workers will be locatedin Sanford, including transfers fromthe closed Kernersville and Monroeplants. The 125,000-square-footSanford facility also offers convenientaccess to Triad and Fayetteville housingmarkets as well as the Triangle(Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill).Stock Building Supply is a leading supplierof building materials and constructionservices to professional homebuildersand contractors in the UnitedStates. The company, a subsidiary ofReading, England-based Wolseley, has302 locations in 34 states.•Weyrick PurchasesGang Nail TrussT e m p l e t o n , C a l i f . —WeyrickLumber, based here, recently acquiredGang Nail Truss of Visalia, Calif., andwill remodel a building in Santa Monica,Calif., into a full-service lumberyard.Colin Weyrick said Gang Nail Trusswould retain its name as well as formerowners Tim Rouch, Rob Rouch, RichRouch and Cyril Thompson, who willcontinue to oversee truss operations.The Rouches, nephews of founder A.V.Munson, and Thompson, their brotherin-law,have been active in all phases ofthe 49-year-old business since the early1970s, and maintained ownership upontheir father’s retirement in 1989.With the acquistion, Weyrick Lumberlocations will be able to offer roof andfloor trusses. Gang Nail Truss will alsoadd a full lumberyard and range of buildingproducts.Colin and Candy Weyrick startedWeyrick Lumber in 1985 as a sand andgravel delivery business. In 1990, theystarted a small lumberyard in the back ofa local general contractor’s office inPaso Robles, Calif. Today, WeyrickLumber operates a lumberyard, retailstore, door and window shop, and custommilling facility in Templeton, in additionto distribution and sales locations inLompoc, Chino and Bakersfield, Calif.•Salt Lake CityWelcomes LancasterS a l t L a k e C i t y , U t a h —Lancasteropened a new 50,000-square-foot distributioncenter here recently. In additionto Utah, the state-of-the-art facility willserve Montana, North and SouthDakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado,Arizona and parts of Nevada.Lancaster is a wholly-owned subsidiaryof The Merit Group Inc., a Spartanburg,S.C.-distributor of residential and commercialpaint supplies and related products.Lancaster, which serves the UnitedStates, the Caribbean, Mexico, CentalAmerica and South America, has distributioncenters in South Carolina,Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, TexasbisTrack offers intuitive software solutions for lumber &building materials pro-dealers, wholesale distributors andcontractor yards.Integrate your sales, purchasing, inventory, logisticstransactions in the latest Microsoft® environment,with MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains) for accounting.Simplify cost, marginand commissionmanagement. Useanalytics and Business Intelligence to prioritize customerretention and profit maximization strategies.Hillsboro, Ore.—Parr Lumber Co.,headquartered here, recently opened anew lumberyard in Tacoma, Wash. Thiswill be the fifth area store for the prodealer, which currently has a lumberyardin Everett, Wash., and Parr CabinetOutlets in Fife, Seattle and Lynnwood.Michael Kruse, former manager of ParrLumber’s Woodland, Wash., facility, willserve as yard manager in Tacoma. Hewill be joined by Tim Jeffries, ScottEricson and Jason Behunin, who willoversee both regional operations andsales initiatives.Parr Lumber operates 41 lumberyards,retail outlets, component plants andcabinet shops in Oregon, Washington,California, Arizona and Utah. Parr carrieslumber in numerous dimensionsand a complete selection of major brandname windows, doors, siding, fencing,decking, cabinets, appliances, tools andmore.•Pittsfield, Mass.—Carr Hardware &Supply Co., located here, recentlyreopened A. De Lollo & Son, Watervliet,N.Y., as De Lollo’s Hardware. Earlier thisyear, Carr Hardware purchased andremodeled A. De Lollo & Son, which hasserved the Watervliet, Latham and Troycommunities since the 1940s.Sam Carr founded Carr Hardware &Supply in 1928. In 1962, the Raser familypurchased the business. Carr has astaff of over 100 career professionalsoperating five stores including CarrHardware/Just Ask Rental in Pittsfieldand Lee, Mass.; Carr Paint & (Just Ask)Rental in North Adams, Mass.; CarrHardware in Great Barrington, Mass.;and De Lollo’s Hardware in Watervliet,N.Y.•Williamson AcquiresRussell Fuel & SupplyW i l l i a m s o n , N . Y . —WilliamsonBuilding Supply LLC, headquarteredhere, recently acquired Russell Fuel &Supply in Wolcott, N.Y. The location hasbeen renamed Wolcott Building Supply& Home Center LLC, but will remainaffiliated with True Value Hardware.•Continued on page 6Smart Software forMill & Wholesale DistributorsbisTrackbisTrack 2 now availableWith advanced pricing, kits and work orders, installedsales and scheduled invoicing, signature capture and more.Learn more at www.bisTrack.net“We bought new, advanced technologyand the reputation of the company thatstood behind it, and Progressive Solutionshas delivered. Progressive Solutions is acompany that’s been in business a longtime, and that counts. I have alreadyrecommended bisTrack to several people.”Steve Beckham, General ManagerStockton Wholesale Lumber CompanyVisit www.bisTrack.net to read full testimonials fromStockton Wholesale and other bisTrack customers usingbisTrack to grow their LBM businesses more profitably.Make the smart choice. Call Russ Maximuik toll-freeat 1-877-746-4774 for an online demo.www.progressive-solutions.comLumber TrackLumber Track is the most widely used software for woodproducts sales, inventory, logistics and accounting.Over 30% of the nation’s softwood and 50% of itsOSB is processed using Lumber Track software. Selectthe industry’s most comprehensive software andcomplementary suite of products to streamline yourentire operation.Lumber Track’s new Microsoftplatform brings increaseddata accessibility with afamiliar user interface.Lumber Track V8 now availablePowerful Reporting, Analytics, Productivityand Efficiency tools. Advanced production and supplychain management. Learn more at www.LumberTrack.com“This is good, solid software that reallyworks. With Lumber Track, we have acomplete, accurate way of tracking ourproduction, inventory, sales, prices. It helpsus move towards directions that are moreprofitable than others.”Mike Beye, Chief Value OfficerVaagen Bros. LumberVisit www.LumberTrack.com to get the full report on howVaagen Bros. uses Lumber Track to improve product quality,customer service, production management and product yield.See us at NAWLA Traders Market, Chicago, IL, Nov 6-8, Booth 820

Page 6Continued from page 5Builders FirstSource AddsAlabama Distribution CenterDallas, Texas—Builders FirstSource,based here, recently purchased a distributioncenter in Chelsea, Ala., fromWheeler’s Building Materials. Wheeler’sfiled for bankruptcy protection earlierthis year.Builders FirstSource bought anotherBirmingham area location, Bama Trussand Components Inc. in Shelby, Ala.,last year.Builders FirstSource is a leading supplierof structural building materials tohomebuilders. Since March 1998, thecompany has furthered its expansion byacquiring 23 other firms.•Orchard Supply ComesTo FairfieldSan Jose, Calif.—As of press time,Orchard Supply Hardware, located here,is set to open a new 51,969-square-footstore in Fairfield, Calif., this summer.Founded in 1931, Orchard SupplyHardware offers a complete selectionand highest in-stock level inventory ofeverything customers need to maintain,RETAIL REVIEWrepair and improve their homes. Formore information, visit www.osh.com.•Alpine Lumber AcquiresA.C. Houston YardsW e s t m i n s t e r , C o l o . —AlpineLumber Co., headquartered here,recently purchased five lumberyards inColorado and New Mexico from A.C.Houston Lumber Co. of North LasVegas, Nev. The deal included locationsin Crested Butte and Durango, Colo., aswell as Angel Fire, Farmington andGallup, N.M.Bill Miller, president and chief executiveofficer of Alpine Lumber, said, “Webelieve that those yards are located interrific markets that will be very viable fora long time to come.”A.C. Houston Lumber Co., founded in1884, retained its five yards in Nevada,California and Idaho. Founded inEnglewood, Colo., in 1963, AlpineLumber Co. operates 15 builder-orientedlumberyards in Colorado and NewMexico, three Alpine Truss shops, threeAlpine Millwork operations, three professionalpaint supply operations, a prebuiltstair shop, Jobsite Services (pneumatictools and fasteners) and RockyDURGINCROWELLMountain Reload (rail-serviced materialhandling).•RONA Recruits NewDealer-OwnersB o u c h e r v i l l e , Q u e . —RONA, aCanadian retailer and distributor of hardware,renovation and gardening products,based here, recently announcedthat it has recruited nine new independentdealer-owners to further the company’sgrowth. Eight of the dealer-ownersoperate stores ranging from 2,000 to24,000 square feet, and one is planningto build a 52,000-square-foot proximitystore.Robert Dutton, RONA president andchief executive officer, said, “Recruitingindependent dealer-owners is one ofRONA’s key growth vectors. Over thelast five years, we have increased ouraffiliated store network by close to 50percent through the recruitment of 140dealer-owners across Canada. Over thenext few years, we will pursue our developmentof this market niche, which stillrepresents over 50 percent of the renovation/constructionmarket in Canada.”RONA operates a network of over 680corporate, franchise and affiliate storesof various sizes and formats. With over27,000 employees working under itsfamily of banners throughout Canada,the RONA store network generates over$6.3 billion in annual retail sales.•The Softwood Forest Products Buyer84 Lumber Adds Wisconsin,Arkansas LocationsEighty Four, Pa.—Months after closingsome 40 locationsnationwide,84 Lumber, locatedhere, recentlyopened two newlocations inMcFarland, Wis.,and Bethel Heights,Ark.The 50,650-square-footMcFarland, Wis.,store will be the prodealer’s secondlocation in Wisconsin, in addition to alumberyard in Wrightstown. 84 Lumberopened a 48,000-square-foot facility inBethel Heights, Ark.Recently, 84 Lumber closed nearly 40stores citing slow housing starts andother unfavorable market conditions.The company exited markets in CorpusChristi, Texas; Milton, Fla.; Meridian,Idaho; Tucson, Ariz.; Forest Grove, Ore.;and Gilroy, Calif. Other facilities throughoutMissouri, New Jersey, NorthCarolina, Ohio, Texas and Californiawere consolidated.84 Lumber operates more than 400locations nationwide, and is one of thelargest privately owned chains of lumberyardsin the United States.•Menards Grows Ohio,Michigan LocationsEau Claire, Wis.—Menards, headquarteredhere, recently announcedplans to open stores in Hamilton, Ohio,and Vienna Township, Mich.The 144,107-square-foot Hamilton,Ohio, store will likely anchor a 52.8-acreshopping center. As of press time,Menards was working on zoningapproval for the site. The big-box retaileralso recently opened new stores inTipp City, Mansfield, Lancaster andMarion, Ohio.Menards was set to open the ViennaTownship, Mich., site after press time.The 200,000-square-foot store includesa main building, garden center andwarehouse, and is part of a 90-acreretail development anchored by a SuperWal-Mart.Menards has 240 stores in Illinois,Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota,Nebraska, North and South Dakota,Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. The companyis expected to enter a 12 th state,Wyoming, later this year.•Lowe’s Continues To ProsperM o o r e s v i l l e , N . C . —Lowe’s Cos.Inc., the do-it-yourself retailer, basedTRIED AND TRUE.Manufacturers of Quality Eastern White Pine• 30 Million BD FT of Production• 630,000 BD FT of Dry Kiln Capacity• Inline Moisture Detectors• Waco 30 XL Moulder• Modernized Cut Up Shopwww.durginandcrowell.comDURGIN & CROWELL LUMBER CO.231 Fisher Corner Rd.New London, NH 03257P: 603-763-2860F: 603-763-4498here, recently announced plans to opena store in Prince George, Va., during thefourth quarter of 2008. The store, whichwill cost $18.5 million to construct, willhave 117,000 square feet of retail salesspace, and an additional 31,700-squarefootgarden center.In related news, Lowe’s recentlyopened new stores in East Gilbert, Ariz.,and Ogden, Utah. The company alsohas plans to open stores in BonneyLake, Moses Lake and Silverdale,Wash.; Hollister, Manteca, Madera andChino Hills, Calif.; Eugene andSpringfield, Ore.Founded in 1946, Lowe’s Cos. Inc. is aFortune 50 company that servesapproximately 14 million customers aweek at more than 1,550 home improvementstores in the United States andCanada.•Continued on page 39

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Page 8The Softwood Forest Products BuyerWest CoastBusiness TrendsBy Wayne MillerExecutive EditorIn mid-June mostsuppliers contactedin the PacificNorthwest indicatedbusiness continuesto be “verytough.” They saythe goal of makinga profit is “extremely challenging” or“downright impossible” in current marketconditions. In most items supplycontinues to far outweigh demand.Most sawmills are said to be bleedingred ink. However, there is a firmresolve to “get through this” and thebelief that once the other side isreached, surviving suppliers will enjoylarger market share and higher profits,too.Some mills in Canada are shut downfor weeks at a time due to a shortageof logs, high log costs and high manufacturingcosts that cannot be offsetadequately by sales to customers.Many mills located further south inWashington and Oregon are alsobeing run intermittently, but the cost tothe companies doing so is partly oneof disgruntled mill workers who haveseen their pay reduced by as much asa third each month. Suppliers alsosaid that some mills in Canada andthe U.S. have been permanentlyclosed during the past year. Risingfuel costs were a complaint heardfrom many.A few wholesale and distributionfirms, as well as some secondarymanufacturers, admit to making aprofit. However, they say businesseach week is a struggle with new challengesand slim margins. Orders arehighly specified and material must beon hand and ready for quick shipmentor the order is lost. In higher gradeclear material, price is not as much ofan issue as is the ability to ship quickly.Cam Cook, in sales for GormanBrothers, of West Bank, B.C., said, “Inour board sales, we have purposefullysold no new clients in the U.S. overthe past eight years. We are insteadshipping more material to the distributorswe have ongoing relationshipswith. We have ‘buying programs’ setup with them and this works great forus – for sales to the U.S. and customersworldwide. When we receiveContinued on page 29MidwestBusiness TrendsBy Paul Miller Jr.AssistantManaging EditorFacing continuedpressure from risinggas prices andthe sluggish housingmarket,sources in theMidwest regionreported mixedresults.An Iowa lumber manufacturer saidhis company is selling well in mostspecies including Pine and Cedar, butweather has put a damper on things.“We’ve had rampant flooding, andthat’s really kept us from doing somebusiness,” he said. “You get a coupledays of dry weather, and then it startsraining again.”The contact described the currenteconomic mindset as cautious. “Everyday, it seems like there’s more bleaknews,” he said. “I think the only thingthat can get this economy going is toget the fuel under control. We need toget gasoline down to where peoplecan afford it and keep it there. It’s eat-ing into people’s pocketbooks tremendously.”A Texas wholesaler said his company,which focuses mainly on millworkin Fir and Cedar, is “ahead of ’07 and’06 as far as volume. Our part has notslowed down, compared to the lumberyardsand other facets of theindustry.”The source said his company’s basein Texas, and the specialty productsmanufactured have kept up business.“Texas is probably still the leader inthe industry, and businesses on thespecialty side are performing betterthan others,” he said. “But, of our top20 customers, 15 of them are on paceor way ahead of last year.”The contact said that he doesn’t thinkthe situation will improve any beforeSpring 2009. “We can’t do a whole lotto change it,” he said. “It’s the way theindustry and the economy are going.Will the election do anything toimprove things? It depends on theoutcome.”Existing Home Sales Fall 6Percent In MidwestAccording to the National Assoc. ofRealtors (NAR), existing-home salesrecently fell 6 percent to an annualrate of 1.1 million units, down nearly20 percent (19.7 percent) year-todate.The median price in the Midwestwas $159,100, down 2.9 percent from2007.Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist,said the unusual mix of market conditionsaround the country continues,with areas including Springfield, Mo.,showing healthy price gains. “On theother hand, some markets are experiencingrising sales after sudden double-digitdrops in local home prices, solower prices and low interest rates arestarting to generate results,” he said.While existing-home sales fell 1 percentto a seasonally adjusted annualrate of 4.89 million units, there arepockets throughout the country thatare seeing yearly sales gains. NARPresident Richard F. Gaylord said theelimination of “declining market” policiesby Freddie Mac and Fannie Maepolicies will give consumers “accessto safe, affordable financing withdown payments of only 5 percent onmost mortgages, with 100 percentfinancing available on some loanproducts, and we could see an upturnin home sales this summer.”Judge Blocks OklahomaIllegal Immigrant LawU.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthronrecently issued a preliminary injunctionprohibiting enforcement of provisionsof an Oklahoma law targetingillegal immigration. The law wouldhave enforced a penalty for employerswho failed to comply with a federalemployee verification system.However, the U.S. Chamber ofCommerce, Oklahoma Chamber andother business groups filed a lawsuit,arguing that the electronic verificationsystem is voluntary under federal law.“Through harsh civil penalties, theOklahoma law unfairly shifts the burdenof immigration enforcement fromgovernment onto the backs of business,”said Robin Conrad, executivevice president of the U.S. Chamber.A state law has been in effect sinceNovember 2007 that prohibits illegalimmigrants from receiving tax-supportedservices and makes it a statecrime to transport or harbor illegalimmigrants. The provisions underattack were set to take effect July 1.In related news, Missouri lawmakersrecently approved legislation thatwould allow employers who misclassifyworkers as “contractors” instead of“employees” to be fined up to$50,000. The bill would also requirepeople to prove they are U.S. citizensor legally in the country when applyingfor food stamps, housing and otherpublic benefits; penalize businessesthat knowingly hire illegal immigrants;Continued on page 39

July/August 2008 Page 9The NAWLA Traders Market ®WHERE FOREST PRODUCTSSUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION MEETA Trade Show Like No Other!November 6-8, 2008Hyatt Regency Chicago on the River Walk - Chicago, IllinoisNetworking Second to None!OSBBoardsRoofingDeckingFlooringPanelingMouldingsBevel SidingFibre CementConcrete FormGluLam BeamsPanel ProductsEngineered WoodPaints & CoatingsDimension LumberMDFTrimLumberTimbersI-beamsReloadsMillworkHardwoodPattern StockTransportationPaints & StainsLaminated BeamsBuilding MaterialsComputer SoftwareScrews & Fasteners320 Exhibiting Companies1800 Expected AttendeesAre You Planning to Attend?Visit www.nawlatradersmarket.com or www.nawla.orgFor questions, call 847-870-7470

Page 10The Softwood Forest Products BuyerNAWLA EXECUTIVE PHOTOS - Continued from page 1Chuck Harris, Wholesale Wood Products, Dothan, Ala.;Marnie Beveridge, Skana Forest Products Ltd.,Richmond, B.C.; Patty Harris, Wholesale Wood Products;and Jack Chase, Sierra Pacific Industries, Redding, Calif.Nick Georgelis, Weaber Inc., Lebanon, Pa.; Charleneand Bob Pippen Jr., J.W. Jones Lumber Co.,Elizabeth City, N.C.; and Stephan Firko, PLM,Philadelphia, Pa.Bill Reedy, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd., Westbank,B.C.; and Linda and Jim Scharnhorst, Bennett ForestIndustries, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoJim McGinnis, The McGinnis Lumber Co. Inc., Meridian,Miss.; Charles Andre, Wholesale Wood Products, Dothan,Ala.; Garey Keltner, Lumbermen’s Wholesale Distributors,Nashville, Tenn.; and Jim Stuckey, Wholesale WoodProductsDavid Jeffers, PPG Machine Applied Coatings,Raleigh, N.C.; Bill Wood, Seemac Inc., Charlotte,N.C.; and Terri, JoAnne and Chris Snavely, SnavelyForest Products Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.Mike and Janet Phillips, Hampton Lumber Sales,Portland, Ore.; and Tammy and Jeff Parnell, GuthrieLumber & Distribution Centers Inc., Austin, TexasE.J. and Ann Langley, Anthony Forest Products Co.,El Dorado, Ark.; and Elizabeth and Garey Keltner,Lumbermen’s Wholesale Distributors, Nashville,Tenn.Todd Hopman, Sunbelt, Phoenix, Ariz.; Steve Weekes,Weekes Forest Products Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; DennisConnelly, PrimeTECH, Grafton, Mass.; Bob Owens,Owens Inc., Shawano, Wis.; and Clint Darnell, Sunbelt,Alpharetta, Ga.Mauricio Bravo, Weston Forest Group, Mississauga, Ont.;Jim Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, Maine;Nancy Bloch, Progressive Solutions Inc., Corte Madera,Calif.; Dennis Allen, Klumb Lumber Co., Point Clear, Ala.;and Barry Schneider, Bear Forest Products Inc.,Riverside, Calif.Nick Kent, NAWLA, Rolling Meadows, Ill.; AbeWalking Bear Sanchez, A/R Management Group Inc.,Canon City, Colo.; and Greg Ryback, Trinity ForestIndustries Inc., Hurst, TexasTed Roberts, Roberts & Dybdahl Inc., Des Moines, Iowa;Buck Hutchison, Hutchison Lumber & Building Products,Adams City, Colo.; Monique Bauer, North Pacific,Portland, Ore.; and Bill Barnett, Marathon ForestProducts Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C.Kevin Rooney, Shuqualak Lumber, with the ScrimtecBrand, Shuqualak, Miss.; Lou Chance, ForesTel LLC,Roseville, Calif.; and Dennis Connelly, PrimeTECH,Grafton, Mass.Joe Galvin Jr., Horstmeier Lumber Co., Baltimore,Md.; Mike Webster, Siskiyou Forest Products,Anderson, Calif.; and Jim Scharnhorst, BennettForest Industries, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoTerry and Chris Hagen, International Wood ProductsLLC, Clackamas, Ore.; and Kathy and Bruce Hall, HallForest Products Inc., Puyallup, Wash.Chris, JoAnne and Terri Snavely, Snavely ForestProducts Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Bill Wood,Seemac Inc., Charlotte, N.C.Adele Pollington, Marathon Forest Products Ltd., NorthVancouver, B.C.; and Steve and Monica Weekes, WeekesForest Products Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; Jennifer and RonGorman, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd., Westbank, B.C.; andDennis Allen, Klumb Lumber Co., Point Clear, Ala.John and Chris Cooper, Duckback Products Inc.,Chico, Calif.; and Terry Miller, The Softwood ForestProducts Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.Jim and Cheryl Hassenstab, DMSi, Omaha, Neb.; andNick Georgelis, Weaber Inc., Lebanon, Pa.Mike Webster, Siskyou Forest Products, Anderson, Calif.;Garey Keltner, Lumbermen’s Wholesale Distributors,Nashville, Tenn.; Dan Blenk, RISI, Bedford, Mass.; andWayne Miller, The Softwood Forest Products Buyer,Memphis, Tenn.Chuck Harris, Wholesale Wood Products, Dothan, Ala.;John Jayne, Disdero Lumber Co. Inc., Clackamas, Ore.;and Chris Beveridge, Skana Forest Products Ltd.,Richmond, B.C.MARITIME PHOTOS - Continued from page 1Monte Jensen, DMSi, Omaha, Neb.; Sam Sanregret,Capital Lumber Co., Phoenix, Ariz.; and JimHassenstab, DMSiJudy Lockhart, Lockhart Saw Ltd., St. John, N.B.; andMarion Fawcett, H.A. Fawcett and Son Ltd., Petitcodiac,N.B.Duane Woods, Chaleur Sawmills, Belledune, N.B.; ClaudePoirier, CN CargoFlo, Moncton, N.B.; and Chris Brodbeck,Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc., Fredericton, N.B.Gino Jobin, JA-Mec, Normandin, Que.; StephanieDoucet, Inotech Sawmill Optimization, Normandin, Que.;and Claude Turbide, MCS-Servo Inc., Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Que.Additional photos on page 12

July/August 2008 Page 11Have Your Customers ChooseAny Color For Their Siding.Let Us Do The Rest.• Fade-Resistant, Nature Inspired Colors• Applied in Factory-Controlled ConditionsCabot Factory Finish • Saves Time and Eliminates Weather Delays• Available with 5-year, 15-year or 25-Year WarrantyTo Learn More, visit CabotFactoryFinish.comor call 1-800-US-STAIN

Page 12The Softwood Forest Products BuyerMARITIME PHOTOS - Continued from page 10Ed MacAulay, Nova Scotia Dept. of NaturalResources, Halifax, N.S.; Brian Gilbert, ActingDeputy Minister of Natural Resources, Halifax, N.S.;and Steve Talbot, Forest Products Association ofNova Scotia, Truro, N.S.Jean-Claude Savoie, Groupe Savoie Inc., Saint-Quentin, N.B.; Stephanie Doucet, Inotech SawmillOptimization, Normandin, Que.; and Alain Bosse,Groupe SavoiePat Hansen, Price and Pierce (Retired), Halifax, N.S.;Vince and Evelyn Clark, Scott Paper Co. (Retired),Truro, N.S.Debbie Hawkins, Ridgetimber Trading Inc.,Fredericton, N.B.; and Robert Canum, Nicholson andCates Ltd., Florenceville, N.B.Andrew Winter, Signode, Atlantic, Canada; CarollSmith, Alpine Forest Trading Inc., Fredericton, N.B.;Ron and Anita Wyer, Abitibi Bowater Inc.,Bridgewater, N.S.Peter MacQuarrie and Ed MacAulay, Nova ScotiaDept. of Natural Resources, Halifax, N.S.; and PaulPerkins, Broadleaf Logistics, Vancouver, B.C.Sara Filbee, director, Government of Canada, IndustryCanada, Natural Resource Development, Ottawa, Ont.;Paul Cramp, Stanley Knight Ltd., Meaford, Ont.Mona and Christer Eyram, BDR Machinery Ltd.,Mississauga, Ont.; and Sharon and Chris Brodbeck,Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc., Fredericton, N.B.SFPA PHOTOS - Continued from page 1Terry and Debbie Balcom, Taiga Building Products,Halifax, N.S.; Debbie and Mac Hawkins, RidgetimberTrading Inc., Fredericton, N.B.Tom Rice, Conner Industries Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas;Buddy Klumb, Klumb Lumber Co., Point Clear, Ala.;and Gary Weaver, Timber Tech Texas Inc., Cobolo,TexasHuck DeVenzio, Arch Treatment Technologies Inc.,Smyrna, Ga.; Hal Storey, S.I. Storey Lumber Co.,Armuchee, Ga.; Brian Hayson, Cox Industries Inc.,Orangeburg, S.C.; Bob McCaughin, WeyerhaeuserHardwoods & Industrial Products, Hot Springs, Ark.; andRichard Kleiner, SFPA, Kenner, La.Mike Warren and Pat Patranella, Temple-Inland Inc.,Diboll, TexasPatrick Harrigan, Harrigan Lumber Co. Inc.,Monroeville, Ala.; and Ned DeJarnette, SFPA, Kenner,La.Philip Starks, Potlatch Corp., Warren, Ark.; and JeffBaumgartner, Lampe & Malphrus Co., Smithfield,N.C.Joe Kusar, Tolleson Lumber Co. Inc., Perry, Ga.; andKerlin Drake, Anthony Forest Products Co., ElDorado, Ark.Mike Redwine, East Coast Lumber Co., Climax, N.C.;and Clif Jones, Osmose Inc., Griffin, Ga.LAT PHOTOS - Continued from page 1Joe Elder, Elder Wood Preserving Co., Mansura, La.;Durand Darbyshire, Viance, Dublin, Ohio; and BrockDescant, Elder Wood Preserving Co.SFPA President Digges Morgan and SFPA Chair LyndaAnthony presented the 2007 Sawmill Safety Awards to 10member mills during SFPA’s Board of Directors meetingat the close of SFPA’s Midyear Meeting. Recognized forsafety achievements in 2007 were Lampe & MalphrusLumber Company’s mill in Smithfield, N.C.; AnthonyForest Products’ mill in Urbana, Ark.; WeyerhaeuserCompany’s mill in Wright City, Okla.; and Georgia-Pacific’s mills in Bay Springs, Miss., Cross City, Fla.,Crossett, Ark., Russellville, S.C., Springhill, La., Sterling,Ga., and Suffolk, Va. Representatives from each companyare shown above with Digges (at left). They are RossLampe and Jeff Baumgartner from Lampe & MalphrusLumber Co., Lynda Anthony from Anthony ForestProducts, Fritz Mason of Georgia-Pacific LLC and BobMcCaughin of Weyerhaeuser Co.Jessica Perera, Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods &Industrial Products, Carrollton, Texas; and JamieHursh, Richardson Lumber & Mfg. Co., Dallas, TexasKory Klein, Mark Niewerth, Telisa Marsh, RickRoberts and Brian Hauerwas, Cedar Creek WholesaleInc., Carrollton, TexasAdditional photos on page 33

July/August 2008 Page 13Quality this good only comes frommother nature.Now meet some of her associates:WRCLA MEMBERSDownie Timber/Selkirk SpecialtyEnyeart Cedar ProductsGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.Haida Forest Products Ltd.InterforNorthwest Forest ProductsNorth Enderby Timber Ltd.OrePac Building ProductsPremier Forest Products, Inc.Power Wood Corp.Quadra Wood ProductsSawarne Lumber Company Ltd.ShakertownSkana Forest Products Ltd.Twin Rivers CedarTyee Timber Products Ltd.Welco USAWestern Forest Products, Inc.AFFILIATE MANUFACTURERSBW Creative Wood IndustriesCedarshed IndustriesD & L Wood ProductsOutdoor Living TodayRainbow Play Systemswww.realcedar.org1.866.778.9096

Page 14WYNNDEL LUMBER SALES Steps UpThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerKey employees at Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd., headquartered inWynndel, B.C., include Dirk Kunze, sales manager; Michael Wigen, generalmanager; and Colin Parsons, mill manager.Wynndel recently installed a LMC 2008 Super Thundermac planer/moulder,which is 9-feet wide, 24-feet long and weighs over 80,000 pounds.The company also added a new finish line building for ESLP(Engelmann Spruce-Lodgepole Pine) boards.This photo shows the infeed to Wynndel’s three slowdown grading stations.This picture shows the moulder infeed landing table.This is a photo of the infeed to the Super Thundermac moulder.Been There, Sawn ThatNeed pine? Then you need these guys.Their quest for good lumber goes into Idaho’s vast timberlands.The finest White Pine and Ponderosa Pine is their quarry.Let ‘em crank up the saws for you.tel: (208) 773-4511fax: (208) 773-1107www.idahoveneer.comWynndel, B.C.—Over the last numberof years, a dichotomy has developedin the S4S board market. There arethose on the lower side of quality whobeat each other up on price, and thenthere are those that compete to put outa surfaced one-inch product that is second-to-none.Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd. hasstepped up and staked its future on thelatter choice. The company recentlyinstalled the most advanced finish linefor ESLP (Engelmann Spruce-Lodgepole Pine) boards in NorthAmerica, and is positioning itself to be aleader in both quality and efficiency ofproduction.The flagship of the new line is a LMC2008 Super Thundermac planer/moulder,which is the largest board moulderever delivered to North America. It is 9-feet wide, 24-feet long and weighs over80,000 pounds. The 7,200-rpm, 20-knifeheads will impart 14 knife cuts per inchon 1x4 thru 1x12 ESLP eased-edgeboards. The control and precision holddownswill give the eased-edge productexacting tolerances. The line is complementedwith three slowdown gradingstations, an automatic trimmer, endstamping for grade and end waxing toeliminate end splits and improve yardability. Trim loss and machine defectswill be minimized, which will allowWynndel to target and maximize optimaltallies.“We are not the first producer to enterinto the arena of premium boards,” saidDirk Kunze, sales manager for Wynndel.“However, we have invested over $6 millionto put ourselves in the best seat inthe house.”The moulder line is the crown jewel ofthe many upgrades made over the pastfive years. Prior to this, capital improvementswere targeted on the sawmill sideof the operation. The sawmill can nowefficiently produce over 70 million FBM(foot board measure) of high-end, oneinchboards. The sawmill bin sorter hasboth quality and moisture pulls, whichtargets the fiber to the proper end finishedproduct.The Creston Valley area in whichWynndel operates is geographically isolatedfrom the major Pine beetle infestations,and allows the company to harvestsome of the brightest cleanest fiberin western Canada.Aside from board production, Wynndelalso runs about 8.5 million FBM of patternstock through a Wadkin moulder.“We are currently running at full capacity,but will benefit from the installation ofa new Weinig Hydromat 2000 also beinginstalled this summer,” Kunze said. “Thiswill more than double our output of paneling,and allow us to expand our customerbase in pattern and siding. Within-house priming, we will also be able toContinued on page 40

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Page 16The Softwood Forest Products BuyerPLUM CREEK Thrives Through Difficult TimesBy Terry MillerKey employees of Plum Creek Timber Co., headquartered in Columbia Falls,Mont., include Chuck Dotson, sales representative; Kathy Bell, customer servicespecialist; Russ Hobbs, lumber marketing manager; Ahren Spilker, studmill coordinator; and Tom Hackman, board mill coordinator.Key employees at Plum Creek’s Columbia Falls, Mont., board millinclude Pete Madison, production superintendent; Cliff Lengstorf, logutilization and quality control manager; Jim Nadeau, shipping superintendent;and Greg Grace, plant manager.Boards display the Plum Creek logo customers have come to knowmeans high quality products.Some solid Fir-Larch studs are shown stacked in the warehouse.Pictured are some rail cars loaded with shipments for some of PlumCreek’s many valued customers.This photo shows an end-matched pattern, which is one of Plum Creek’sspecial services.A New Company with New Products and Servicesbut the same Quality, Reliability and Professionalismthat you Expect from TRI-PRO!2007 Konkolville Rd. Orofino, IdahoSales handled by(208) 437-0653Fax (208) 437-0579E-Mail: terryb@triprocedar.comWeb: www.triprocedar.comTMC o l u m b i a F a l l s , M o n t . —Despitetrying times in the industry, Plum CreekTimber Co., has persevered thanks tothe hard work and dedication of itsemployees as well as customers.Plum Creek can trace its roots back to1945, when D.C. Dunham moved hiscompany, D.C. Dunham Lumber Co.,from Bemidji, Minn., to Columbia Falls,Mont. Renamed Plum Creek after asmall stream in Minnesota, the firm waslater sold to Northern Pacific Railroadafter Dunham’s death. After a successionof railroad mergers, it was ultimatelyspun off as a limited partnership —Plum Creek Timber Co. L.P.Today, Plum Creek, which is now organizedas a REIT (Real Estate InvestmentTrust), is one of the largest privatelandowners in the United States withapproximately 8 million acres of timberlandsin 17 states.Headquartered in Seattle, Wash., PlumCreek has board mills in Columbia Fallsand Pablo, Mont., and Meridian, Idaho,as well as stud mills in Evergreen andFortine, Mont.Russ Hobbs, lumber marketing manager,cites consistently high quality productsand excellent service as factors thatdifferentiate Plum Creek from other producers.“We listen to our customers andfigure out how to make the products thattheir customers want,” he said. “With ourlarge timber base and flexible manufacturingfacilities, we are able to providevalue-added products to our customerswhile maximizing the value of every treewe sustainably harvest.”Ken Judge, lumber production manager,is responsible for the entire lumber divisionat Plum Creek. He credits the division’ssuccess to an experienced andmotivated work force. “We have a greatgroup of employees that are focused onsafely producing high quality products,”he said.Plum Creek’s Columbia Falls Lumberhas the capacity to manufacture approximately90 million board feet annuallyof PPLP (Ponderosa Pine/LodgepolePine) and ESLP (EngelmannSpruce/Lodgepole Pine) boards (mostlyin 4/4), 6/4 Ponderosa Pine shop gradelumber and Douglas Fir flooring.Columbia Falls markets its products to adiverse group of customers, includingwholesale distributors, retail companies,industrial millwork shops and windowmanufacturers.The facility operates a head rig for largelogs and a band mill twin for small logprocessing; Coe Newnes McGeheecurve saw gang; seven double and single-trackkilns with computerizedWellons controls; a StetsonRoss/Kimwood and Irvington-Mooreplaning mill; and Lundeen stackers. The10-acre yard boasts 6.4 million boardfeet of rough and surfaced inventory.Continued on page 40

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Page 18The Softwood Forest Products BuyerWRCLA Offers Decking Trends That Transform HomesAll-natural Western Red Cedar remains one of the most widelyfavored and versatile decking materials, according to the WesternRed Cedar Lumber Association, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.Vancouver, B.C.–Turning the backyardinto an outdoor living retreat is oneof the hottest trends among Americanhomeowners. It makes sense: With televisions,computers and phones in nearlyevery room of the house, the backyarddeck is the final safe haven fromlife’s pressures. Escaping to a quiet cornerof the yard provides a necessaryrespite.But don’t be fooled: Creating a trulyNeed long timbers?Life’s too short to waste time.Call Zip-O-Log for timbers up to 52'.Call the Zip-O-Log Timber Teamfor outstanding solid-sawn timbersand unmatched attention to detail.Sales 541-343-5854Eugene, Oregon541-343-7758 • Fax 541-683-4241www.zipolog.comAdding Western Red Cedar planter boxes at select locations can createfocal points.relaxing setting takes more than a laidback approach. There is work to bedone before it will feel like a restfulplace. However, taking the time to dosome thoughtful planning and creativethinking will pay off in a big way that willmake your deck a favorite spot for yourwhole family.Today’s decks are a far cry from the rectangularslabs of yesterday. They servedifferent purposes than simply sunbathingand grilling, and so they are●●●being designed and built accordingly. Indeveloping your own concept for anoutdoor retreat, be sure to consider thefollowing:Layout. It all begins with knowing theactivities you’d like to include on thedeck. How much area is needed to comfortablyaccommodate every activity?The average size deck is 300 to 400square feet, and the more activities youadd to enjoy the outdoor experience, theForty-foot 12" x 18" timbers areprepared for shipping at Zip-O-Log’sEugene, Oregon sawmill.The warmth and natural beauty of Douglas firtimbers for exposed timber applicationsWe select trees that meet size and quality criteriafrom environmentally managed Douglas fir forests.Zip-O’s hand-crafted production enables customsizes up to 52' lengths and 48" x 48" dimensions.● Rough sawn or surfaced (up to 20" x 28") –clear-wax end seal and anti-stain treatment● Unsurpassed sales and product support –get the right timber at the right time.Natural qualities of Western Red Cedar make it an excellent choice fora wide range of building projects both inside the home and outside thehome, according to Peter Lang, general manager of the Western RedCedar Lumber Assoc.larger deck required.Having those activities in mind can helpyou divide the deck into different zones– one for the grill, one for the hot tub,one for a sitting area, etc. You may wantto consider giving each zone its ownlevel. Levels are a great way to defineareas – a few steps up or down givesthe allusion you’ve entered a newspace.Another way to distinguish deck areas isto change the deck board direction; anangle change or unique board patternprovides the subtle indication that you’rein a separate deck area. “Many of mycustomers are requesting distinctiveboard designs lately. One of the mostrequested is an octagon inlay underneatha Cedar table,” according to TimMeisch, owner of Custom Cedar Decksin Mill Creek, Wash. “It’s so unique, peopleoften mistake it for a decorative rug.”Traffic flow affects the usability of yourdeck. It’s all about remembering thepractical realities. For example, diningareas require extra space. Grilling areasshould be close to the kitchen so you’renot shuttling things back and forth morethan necessary. If you want to include aconversation area with a warm fireplacefor people to gather, make sure youhave enough room to move aroundsafely and comfortably.Weather conditions can also impact layout.If you need protection from thebeating rays of the sun or protectionfrom the wind, a sheltered spot under acanopy of trees might be sensible. Or,consider building an arbor or roof overthe dining area to create more of anindoor feeling and a transition to the outdoorsetting.When choosing a grilling area location,think about the prevailing winds and picka spot where the smoke blows awayfrom the guests and cook. And try not toisolate the grill, as this is a commongathering area for pre-meal conversations.Decking materials. One great way tomake a seamless transition between theindoors and outdoors is by incorporatinga decking material that gives the impressionit is an extension of the room inside.This can be done through the rightselection of color and material.While a number of imitation productshave hit the market in recent years, allnaturalWestern Red Cedar remains oneof the most widely favored and versatiledecking materials. Many people chooseWestern Red Cedar due to its aestheticappeal and physical properties. For centuries,Cedar has been known for itsexceptional beauty, versatility andlongevity. Cedar brings an exceptionalall-natural look, aroma and character tooutdoor spaces.“Natural qualities of Western Red Cedarmake it an excellent choice for a widerange of building projects both inside thehome and outside the home,” said PeterLang, general manager of the WesternRed Cedar Lumber Association. “It isone of the most environmentally-friendlybuilding materials you can use. It’s naturallydurable without the need for chemicaltreatment, dimensionally stable,resilient, and lightweight - unlike someplastic or imitation wood products.”Decorating. Placing some furniture justoutside the main deck entrance providesContinued on page 41

July/August 2008 Page 19SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SUPPLIERS OF SOFTWOOD FOREST PRODUCTS!10,000 copies of this Special Buying Edition targeting wholesalers, stocking distributors, remans and mills.It is mailed four weeks before the convention and handed out at the 2008 NAWLA Trader’s Market ® .Special 2008 NAWLA EditionYou’ll have more sales opportunities than you ever dreamed of!EngineeredWoodLumberYou’ll reach more buyers at the right time when they’re looking forsuppliers.You’ll discover new markets...new buyers andcontact new suppliers.You’ll develop new accounts...and repeat business!PanelProductsTimbersYou’ll be in front of the movers and shakers...the Heavy Hitters withtremendous “Buying Power.”You’ll have editorial support to give you, your personnel, facilities, products andservices maximum visibility in this Special 2008 NAWLA Trader’s Market ® I s s u e .F R E E a r t i c l e (not to exceed 750 words, information and photos supplied by you)f o r 1 / 2 p a g e a n d f u l l p a g e Advertisers.F R E E Who’s Who profile (not to exceed 200 words, on one company representative,head & shoulders photo supplied by you) for 1/4 page Advertisers.These Firms have already signed up for the 2008 Special Edition:Air Systems Mfg. of Lenoir Inc.Anthony Forest ProductsBeasley Forest Products Inc.Boise Bldg. Sol. Dist.Boise Eng. Wood Div.C&D Lumber Co.CabotCedar Creek Wholesale Lbr.Coastal Lumber International Inc.Collins Cos.Columbia Cedar/Lazy SCustom Lumber Mfg. Co.DMSiDiPrizio Pine SalesDurgin & Crowell Lumber Co.Elder Wood PreservingEnyeart Cedar ProductsForest Grove LumberHampton AffiliatesHancock Lumber Co.Idaho Timber Corp.Idaho Veneer Co.Irving, J.D.,ISIS Wood Products SolutionsJ D Lumber Inc.Landry Lumber SalesMalheur Lbr/Ochoco EastMary’s River Lumber Co.Mill & Timber ProductsMULTISACNeiman EnterprisesNewman Lumber Co., Inc.NELMANorth PacificOld Town Lumber Co.Olympic/PPG IndustriesPacific Western WoodworksParton Lumber Co. Inc.Patriot Timber ProductsPotlatch Corp.PrimeTECHProgressive SolutionsRichardson Lumber & Mfg. Co.Roseburg Forest ProductsRobbins Lumber Inc.Scoopsoft/BCE Business Sol.Simply Computing Int’l.Siskiyou Forest ProductsSkana Forest ProductsSouthern PneumaticsSunbeltTaylor Machine WorksTripp Lumber Co. Inc.Tri-Pro Cedar ProductsWeaber Inc.WRCLAWest Bay Forest ProductsWoodSmart SolutionsWynndel Lumber SalesZip-O-Log MillsDON’T MISS OUT! -RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY!FAX or Mail Your Ad Reservation to:FAX OR MAIL --YES, I want aFull Page Ad1/2 Page Island Ad1/2 Page Horizontal Ad1/4 Page AdFirm Name_____________________________Address________________________________City________________State__________Zip____AD RATESSTANDARD$2,485$2,185$1,765$1,365T H E S O F T W O O D F O R E S T P R O D U C T S B U Y E R1235 Sycamore View • Memphis, TN 38134P.O. Box 34908 38184-0908Phone: 901-372-8280 • FAX: 901-373-6180

Page 20The Softwood Forest Products BuyerNAWLA-Boston Attendees Learn To Empower EmployeesPhotos By Glen KulbakoWin Smith, Limington Lumber Co., East Baldwin, Maine; Matt Duprey,Hancock Lumber, Casco, Maine; Sterling Golder, Britton Lumber Co.,Fairlee, Vt.; and Barry Russin, Russin Lumber Corp., Montgomery, N.Y.Jeff Hardy, Cersosimo Lumber Co. Inc., Brattleboro, Vt.; Alden Robbins,Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, Maine; and Henry Poler, L.R. McCoy &Co. Inc., Worcester, Mass.Michael Record, Record Lumber Inc., Oxford, Maine; and DennisConnelly, ZeVo Technologies, Grafton, Mass.Cort McLeod, Capital Forest Products Inc., Hingham, Mass.; LanceHumphrey, Holden Humphrey Inc., East Hampton, Mass.; and BradMorrow, Coastal Forest Products Inc., Bedford, N.H.John Rusell, J. D. Irving Ltd., Saint John, New Brunswick; JeffEasterling, Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Assoc., Cumberland,Maine; and Dan Blenk, RISI, Boston, Mass.Peter Burkley, Mill River Lumber Ltd., N. Clarendon, Vt.; Paul Lennon,Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Bow, N.H.; Rich Quitadamo, L.R.McCoy & Co. Inc., Worcester, Mass.Boston, Mass.–Guest speakerRick Grandinetti, widely recognizedas an authority on altering companycultures to achieve excellence,addressed members and guestsrecently at a regional meeting of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssociation (NAWLA). The meetingwas held at the Marriott BostonNewton.Grandinetti maintains that companieswho invest in their “human capitaland empower their employees intrying times are often able toaccomplish more” than companieswho do not. According toGrandinetti, many companies tendto “fix things that are not broken”when facing challenging economictimes, and this can cause “stress inthe wrong areas.”Grandinetti advocates that companieslearn to be efficient with thingsand effective with people; understanddifferent types of teams andtheir cultures; align team goals withcompany goals; and create behavioralchange to benefit your company.In addition to hearing Grandinetti’saddress, attendees were treated tolunch and then participated in twogroup discussions. Jed Dawson,L.R. McCoy & Co. Inc., and JimRobbins Sr., of Robbins Lumber,served as moderators.NAWLA is headquartered in RollingMeadows, Ill., and strives to be theglobal network of channel partnersin the lumber and building materialsindustry, bringing value to the distributionfunction through networking,education and leadership.•John Smart and Matt Pedrone, Cabot, Newburyport,Mass.; and Scott McGill, Boston Cedar & Millwork,Holbrook, Mass.

July/August 2008 Page 21Poler Wins 2008 NAWLA Mulrooney AwardTucson, Ariz.—Henry S. Poler, formerpresident and chief executive officerof L.R. McCoy & Company Inc. inWorcester, Mass., recently receivedthe 2008 North American WholesaleLumber Assoc. (NAWLA) MulrooneyAward during the 116th NAWLAExecutive Conference, held here.First presented in 1980, the NAWLAMulrooney Award is bestowed on individualswho exhibit exemplary serviceto the North American forest productsindustry and the community at large.The award is dedicated to the memoryof John J. Mulrooney, whose 20 yearsof distinguished service as NAWLAexecutive vice president helped turnNAWLA into a viable and potent forcein the lumber industry.The award itself is a carved eaglesymbolizing the freedom, basic toNorth America, that each of its recipientshas exercised in pursuit of thehighest values of family and country.Idaho carver Loren Pinski used hiscarving skills to develop the 2008NAWLA Mulrooney Award. This year’seagle was carved out of Tupelo, a lighthardwood native to the southern andsoutheastern regions of the UnitedStates.Poler’s 40-year career in the lumberWHO’S WHO - BrownContinued from page 2industry began in 1961, when hebegan working for Lawrence R.McCoy & Co. Inc., in a sales and tradingcapacity. In 1972, he was namedvice president and soon after assumedresponsibilities as president and CEO.Today, he serves on various boards indifferent capacities.Poler contributed significantly to theindustry and to NAWLA throughout hiscareer. In 1983, he was elected toNAWLA’s board of directors and wasappointed to their executive committee.In 1988, he was elected asNAWLA president and chairman forthe one-year term. He was involvedwith several NAWLA committees andkey task forces during and even afterhis regular tenure, and served aschairman of the NAWLA membership,business services, government affairsand nominating committees.The North American WholesaleLumber Assoc., headquartered inRolling Meadows, Ill., is an internationaltrade association of over 650 leadingforest products and building materialindustry wholesalers, manufacturersand industry affiliated companiesthroughout the United States, Canadaand the world.•Gregg Riley, Bloch Lumber Co. and NAWLA chairman, presents the 2008 NAWLA Mulrooney Award to Henry S.Poler, former president and chief executive officer of L.R. McCoy & Company Inc.and wood chips.Brown began his career in the lumberindustry in 1982, selling wholesale lumberfor Woodco Sales Inc. He is a graduateof Grants Pass (Ore.) High School.Brown is single, and has four childrenand three grandchildren. He is an avidhorseman, participating in various rodeoevents including team roping. One ofBrown’s favorite hobbies is buying, sellingand training team-roping horses.Brown finds working with young interestedteam-roping students veryrewarding, and also helps promote andmaintain a healthy rodeo atmosphere.When time permits, he also enjoys trailriding in Arizona and Oregon.•WHO’S WHO - DetkowskiContinued from page 22006. He is a graduate of Clarkston(Mich.) High School, and attendedMichigan State University in EastLansing, Mich.Detkowski and his wife of five years,Lisa, have three children and two grandchildren.He enjoys playing golf andwatching high school wrestling.•WHO’S WHO - JacksContinued from page 2has also worked in delivery and contractsales. Jacks has been in his currentposition for four years.Jacks is a graduate of Jasper (Texas)High School. He and his wife of fiveyears, Lindsey, have two children. Jacksenjoys hunting, fishing, camping andspending time with his wife and children.He is a member of the National RifleAssoc. and Sand Hill Hunting Club.•BC WOOD -Continued from page 2industry to reach out to the architect anddesigner community to educate them onthe scope of our industry, the products itmanufactures and their value includingContinued on page 25

Page 22BOISE Welcomes Customers At Open HousesThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerIn Auburn, Ga., Boise’s Danny Mitchell inspects the full motion NASCARsimulator at the Boise Atlanta branch grand opening celebration.Christina Riddick, Boise Engineered Wood product manager, withFreddie Brisnon and Rinda Lee, Howard Lumber Co., Statesboro, Ga., atthe Auburn facility grand opening.Ron Box and Will Lummus, Lummus Supply Co., Atlanta, Ga., withBoise’s Kevin Scussel in Georgia.Russel Cox, Lee Lumber, Centerville, Ala., and Dennis Muler, ArrowLumber, Suwanee, Ga., play the slot cars at Boise Cascade’s Auburngrand opening.Vivian and James Youngblood of Brand Vaughan Lumber, Tucker, Ga.,with Boise’s Frances King.At the Boise Open House in Spokane Wash., 250 customers attended,including Brad Batterton, Early Bird Supply, Clarkston, Wash.; RonSteward, representing Boise Cascade; and Kim Maurer, Trex, Spokane,Wash.CLEAN, SMOOTH, BEAUTIFUL.(THE LUMBER. NOT US.)OUR YELLOW PINE’S BEEN ALL OF THE ABOVE,BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO“DRESS UP” TO THOSE STANDARDS.A u b u r n , G a . –The Boise AtlantabranchBuilding Materials Distribution(BMD) Division celebrated its grandopening with an extravaganza entitled“Going for the Green.”More than 250 customers and guestswere in attendance, as well as 20 vendorswho displayed their latest products.A fun-filled day was in store for all,including slot car racing, a full motionNASCAR simulator, a full-sized golf simulatorand longest putt contests. Guestscompeted for prizes in each event.“It was great to get a good number of ourcustomers and vendors out to the newlocation to let them see for themselvesBoise’s commitment to the marketplace,”said Ron Lee, Atlanta’s branch manager.“There was a lot of fun stuff to do, greatfood to eat and specials.”Continued on page 41Troy Ford, Boise Cascade, and Niles Seldon,Country Homes, Spokane, Wash., at the SpokaneOpen House.BEAUTIFUL LUMBERBEAUTIFUL PRICESCALL 252-771-2497Brian Gingra, ProBuild Postfalls, Post Falls, Idaho;Ron Stewart, Boise Cascade; Larry Stonum,California Redwood Co., Arcata, Calif.; and JoGingras, Probuild Post Falls.Kelvin Harper, Louisiana Pacific, Spokane, Wash.;and Alan Brewer, Darby Distribution, at theSpokane Open House.WHOLESALE & EXPORTSouthern Yellow PineChip Mill1443 Northside RoadElizabeth City, NC 27909www.jwjoneslumber.comAdditional photos on pages 41

July/August 2008 Page 23Event Attendees Welcomed By RICHARDSONPhotos By Derik VillanuevaSteven Rogers, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Dallas, Texas;Buddy Haile, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Houston, Texas;and Mike Boone, Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc., McMinnville, Ore.Jamie Hursh, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Dallas, Texas;Rick Roberts, Jim Dunse and Pat Miller, Cedar Creek Wholesale Inc.,Carrollton, TexasSteven Rogers, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Dallas, Texas;Dena Waller, CCSI, Dallas, Texas; and Jamie Hursh, Richardson Lumber& Manufacturing Co.Jane Smith, Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods & Industrial Products, Houston,Texas; and Michael Wren, Tuttle Lumber, San Marcos, TexasSan Antonio, Texas–RichardsonLumber & Manufacturing Co.,headquartered in Dallas, Texas,welcomed approximately 40guests, family members andfriends to its annual reception, heldhere in conjunction with theLumbermen’s AssociationConvention, which was staged atthe Henry B. Gonzalez ConventionCenter.Richardson Lumber has been inbusiness since 1949 and has acomplete milling facility, providinga wide range of services, including:custom patterns, rafter tails,barge decking, surfacing, resawboards and dimension, rip boardand dimension and precision endtrim. Richardson offers No. 1 andBetter Green Douglas Fir, No. 1and Better Western Red Cedarand Oak timbers.•Cheryl Riley, Chris Roberson, Cedar Supply Inc., Carrollton, Texas;Steven Rogers, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Dallas, Texas;Carter Smith, Cedar Supply Inc.; Carrolyn and Joe “Bear” Breedon,Montalbano Lumber, Houston, TexasJeff Christensen, Henson’s Lumber Ltd., Cresson, Texas; and BrianHauerwas, Cedar Creek Wholesale Inc., Carrollton, TexasIt doesn’t get Greener than Red.Mary’s River Western Red Cedar, that is.Marcie Heidrich, Diana and Dennis Eberhard,Eberhard Lumber Co., New Braunfels, TexasMiles Thompkins, Snavely Forest Products,Houston, Texas; and Mitch Frieda, WeyerhaeuserHardwoods & Industrial Products, Carrollton, TexasMary’s River Lumber Company has been committedto environmental stewardship since its inceptionover 35 years ago. From our energy efficient, stateof-the-artplants, to our proficient use of timberresources, Mary’s River is a leader in Red Cedar“green” production.Western Red Cedar is by nature “green.” Mary’sRiver Red Cedar is manufactured from abundant,fast growing, second-growth resources. It is durable,decay and insect resistant, has no chemical preservatives,is clean and safe to handle, and is 100%renewable, unlike cement and plastic composites.Mary’s River’s manufacturing requires less energythan steel, cement-based wood substitutes, andplastic-based composites. Our plants are closelyregulated for environmental compliance.Western Red Cedar’s warm tone, naturalgrain, and rich texture make it the productof choice for siding, decking, railing, andfascia, and, no one does Western RedCedar like Mary’s River. Give us a callat 1-800-523-2052Mary’s River Lumber Co.4515 NE Elliott CircleCorvallis, OR 97330Toll Free 800-523-2052Fax 541-752-5143www.marysriverlumber.com

Page 24Hundreds Participate In May Day EventThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerBy Wayne MillerKevin Lang, Central Forest Products Inc., Canby, Ore.; Randy Brown,R.B. Lumber Co., Oregon City, Ore. and Phoenix, Ariz.; Trish Ciaramella,Central Forest Products Inc.; and Greg Sunderland, Idaho Timber Corp.,Carthage, Ark.John Branstetter, Vaagen Bros. Lumber Inc., Colville, Wash.; DaveCarpenter, Tasler Inc., Webster City, Iowa; Jeremy Hosford, SASCO Inc.,Phoenix, Ariz.; Dale Brooks, Central Forest Products Inc., Canby, Ore.;and Glen Craffey, Tasler Forest Products, Phoenix, Ariz.Mike Jones, Western Lumber, Medford, Ore.; Casey Dean, TimberProducts Inspection, Vancouver, Wash.; Scott Swanson, StimsonLumber Co., Portland, Ore.; and Randy Brown, R.B. Lumber Co., OregonCity, Ore. and Phoenix, Ariz.Kevin Paulson, Ed Netter, and Janine and Dale Brooks, Central ForestProducts, Canby, Ore.Brian Benson, Kinzua Resources, Pilot Rock, Ore.; Rick Steers, InterforPacific, Bellingham, Wash.; Matt Dierdorff, MFP of Oregon, Tualatin,Ore.; and Tom Steers, Silverton High School, Silverton, Ore.Glen Craffey, Tasler Forest Products, Phoenix, Ariz.; and RickShoemaker, United Pacific, Tigard, Ore.C o r n e l i u s , O r e . –Guests recentlyparticipated and enjoyed the 15thAnnual May Day Golf classic held hereat the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club andsponsored by Central Forest Products,along with Tasler Inc., Valley LumberSales, Southern Arizona Stud Co. andTasler Forest Products.Continued on page 43Chad Ziegler, Tolko Industries Ltd., Vernon, B.C.; TroyLucas, Valley Lumber, Canby, Ore.; Darin Monen,Valley Lumber, Vancouver Division; Greg Vaudt,Valley Lumber, Canby, Ore.; and Mike Shorten, TrinityRiver Lumber Co., Weaverville, Calif.That describes the relationships J D Lumber strives for with ourvalued wholesalers & wholesale distributors. We are committed toproducing a diversified product mix from Idaho White Fir, WesternRed Cedar, Douglas Fir & Larch, and SPF-S for our wholesalecustomers. We rely on you to bring our products to market.THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PARTNER CALL US!Ryan Oliver and R.J. Larios, Central ForestProducts Inc., Canby, Ore.LUMBER IS PAPER WRAPPED AND PULLED TO LENGTHWe Sell To Wholesalers....ONLYVicki Brooks, Focus North America Inc.,Vancouver, Wash.; Joe Mason, SASCO Inc.,Phoenix, Ariz.; and Gina Tasler, SASCO Inc.John Spalding, High Cascade Veneer Inc.,Carson, Wash.; Rick Tasler, SASCO Inc., Phoenix,Ariz.; and Tim Riley, Daktronics, Brookings, S.D.P.O. Box 55 • Priest River, Idaho 83856TEL: 208-448-2671 • FAX: 208-448-2830SALES: DAVID SLAUGHTER – TERRI LITTLEFIELDe-mail: daves@jdlumber.come-mail: terril@jdlumber.comAdditional photos on page 33

July/August 2008 Page 25QFIC Speakers Encourage InnovationPhotos By Ximena GrisctiYves Turbide, GE Capital Solutions, Québec, Qué.; Alain Lamoureux,Liebherr Canada Ltée, Montréal, Qué.; Guy Chevrètte, president QFIC,Montréal, Qué.; and Claude Girard, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin,Québec, Qué.Pierre Moisan, Abitibi Bowater, Montréal, Qué.; Fabien Simard, AET SQ,Québec, Qué.; and Daniel Ouellet, Abitibi BowaterMarcel Lauzon, Marcel Lauzon Inc., East Hereford, Qué.; and DanielMichaud, Daniel Michaud Inc., Saint-Nicolas, Qué.Quebec, Que.–Guy Chevrette, chief executive officerof the Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC),encouraged hundreds in attendance at the organization’srecently held annual convention to “continue toinnovate” despite the ongoing challenges of the woodproducts industry.The three-day convention was held at Hilton sur Vieux-Quebec and featured more than a dozen guest speakerswho addressed various aspects of the market.In Chevrette’s closing remarks, he asked “Is there afuture for the forest industry” in Canada? “Of course,yes,” he concluded. “The government has to favor woodconstruction, whether it is by a law, a policy or a regulation.The scientists must speak…and the leaders mustget up and stop being afraid of being politically incorrectby crusaders for whom only one of thedimensions of the sustainable developmentprevails. The workers mustexpress themselves and the manufacturerswill have to continue to expresstheir point of view even if their weightremains rather weak in the public opinion.Chevrette surmised that if all thesevoices in the industry are heard, “Wecould then see a rebirth of a progressiveand competitive industry.”QFIC is the voice of Quebec’s forestindustry. It represents the vast majorityof Softwood and hardwood lumber,veneer, pulp, paper, cardboard andpanel companies in Quebec. It championsthe interests of these enterprisesand encourages their contribution tosocio-economic development, the integratedand sustainable management offorests and the optimal use of naturalresources. The Council works with governmentauthorities, public and parapublicbodies, organizations and thegeneral public. It strives to fosterresponsible behavior from its memberswith regard to the environmental, economicand social aspects of their activities.BC WOOD -Continued from page 21•environmental, quality, innovation andcompetitiveness.A preliminary survey indicates thatthere are well in excess of 1,000 architectsand designers in B.C. alone – theactual number of companies beingsomewhat less as in most cases thereare multiple architects and designers ineach company. As many manufacturingcompanies in our industry are small tomedium-sized, for them, as individualcompanies, to attempt to access thesearchitects and designers is difficult atbest and in most cases, a virtual impossibility.BC Wood is ideally positioned to carryout the role of educator and facilitator onbehalf of all of industry and it is within itsmandate to do so. Furthermore, toenhance accessibility of our industry,BC Wood is also ideally positioned to bea one call resource for the architectsand designers to access B.C.’s secondarywood industry, and are currentlyworking on programs to accomplishthat.•Alain and John Roy, Norman G. Jensen Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.A C O M M I T M E N T T OService and SustainabilityHampton Affiliates offers a wide selection of exceptional Pacific Northwest forest products,sold by the container, railcar, and truckload. Our transportation services meet our wholesalecustomers’ needs for consistent performance and just-in-time delivery. Hampton’s flagshipmill in Willamina, Oregon, is the largest single-site producer of lumber in the U.S. We also own167,000 acres of timberland in Oregon and Washington, and manage nearly 300,000 acresof public forestlands in British Columbia. With our size comes responsibility. We’re committedto meeting and exceeding best practices for sustainable forestry. Our dedication to landstewardship enables us to fulfill today’s needs without compromising the ability of futuregen erations to enjoy and benefit from our forests. Hampton’s operations in our mills andtimberlands demonstrate that production and sustainability can go hand in hand.HAMPTON LUMBER SALES • CORPORATE OFFICE PORTLAND, OR503/297-7691 • www.hamptonaffiliates.comHugues Simon and Richard Kenoack, Abitibi Bowater, Montréal, Qué.Hampton Lumber Salescarries a full range of productsthat we ship from our sevenmills and four reload locations inOregon, Washington, California,and British Columbia.DIMENSIONLUMBER• Green/Dry Douglas Fir• Green/Dry Hem-Fir• Spruce, Pine, Fir (SPF)• European SprucePANELPRODUCTS• OSB• Sanded Plywood• Sheathing• Underlayments• Marine Grades• Melamine• Particleboard• Rough Sawn SidingsSTUD LUMBER• 2x4 5’ to 10’ PET• 2x6 6’ to 10’ PET• Web StockENGINEEREDWOOD• Roseburg FramingSystem; Joists,Headers, Beams,RimboardCLEARS &INDUSTRIALLUMBER• 1x2 to 4x 12• Lengths 2’ to 24’• Domestic andExport Grades• Surfacing andStandard Patterns• Custom Patternsand Packaging• Bar Coding• LengthMerchandising

Page 26The Softwood Forest Products BuyerUniversity of Pittsburgh.Also elected to officer positions include:first vice chairman, George (Buck)Hutchison, Hutchison Lumber andBuilding Products, Adams City, Colo.;second vice chairman, Chris Beveridge,Skana Forest Products, Richmond,B.C.; secretary/treasurer, Bill Barnett,Marathon Forest Products, NorthVancouver, B.C.; and president/chiefexecutive officer, Nick Kent, NAWLA,Rolling Meadows, Ill.Also during the NAWLA ExecutiveConference Program, Henry S. Polerwas presented the 2008 MulrooneyAward, which honors the memory of JonMulrooney, who dedicated 20 years ofservice to NAWLA as executive vicepresident.The annual meeting began with variouscommittee meetings taking care of business,followed by a board of director’smeeting, a silent auction and the chairman’sbanquet, which included remarksby chairman Gregg Riley.An exhibitors’ showcase opened on thesecond day of the conference, whichalso included an educational/businessprogram and a presentation by AbeWalking Bear Sanchez, president, A/RManagement Group Inc., entitled ‘Creditas the profit center/the profit system ofB2B credit management.’On the final day of the event, NAWLAmembers and guests enjoyed a golftournament at the Ventana Canyon GolfClub. The day also included a generalsession for NAWLA members, whichincluded such business as the chairman’sannual report, the treasurer’sreport, golf awards and membershipawards.•TRADERS MARKET -Continued from page 1unifying force for efficient forest productsand building materials distribution.The forest and building products industrieswithin which NAWLA membersoperate has highly developed characteristicsthat help shape the role of both thewholesale distributor and the role ofNAWLA. The industry is highly diversifiedboth in terms of product and geography.Aside from species differences,products of the tree include solid lumber,veneer and non-veneer panels, andmanufactured products such as fencingand decking.Lumber wholesalers have evolved themost efficient distribution system in theworld, helping to make possible thewidespread use of wood products in theconstruction of residential, commercialand industrial buildings across theUnited States and Canada. NAWLA’srole is to aid wholesale distributors inaddressing and solving common industrychallenges in the areas of transportation,government and environmentalregulations, e-commerce and technologyand certainly ongoing education.•MARITIME -Continued from page 1The multi-day event opened with anaddress about new approaches in determiningmill efficiencies by Don Barnett,industry advisor, FP Innovations-Forintek, Cornwallis, N.S. Following this,producers, wholesalers/brokers andsuppliers were provided an opportunityto discuss issues one-on-one during acontact session and icebreaker party.Fact-packed sessions the following dayincluded: Opportunities and Challenges-A Coast to Coast Comparison by RickJeffrey, Coast Forest Products Assoc.;and Biomass Technologies & Trends:Opportunities and Challenges in aChanging Forest Sector by Peter Milley,Halifax Global Inc., Halifax, N.S.The final day of the convention includedmeetings that focused on green buildings,the brown Spruce longhorn beetleand improving company competitiveness.In addition to covering various businesstopics, attendees enjoyed a leisurelygame of golf, a cruise on the HalifaxHarbor and a tour of Georges Island.The MLB was organized Sept. 7, 1938.Its purpose has always been to dispersethroughout the industry marketing information,to collect and compile informationon lumber prices and stocks and todistribute this information to the industryat regular intervals. The Bureau is comprisedof voluntary membershipthroughout New Brunswick, NovaScotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec,Ontario, the New England states and theUnited Kingdom. There are 18 directorselected from the members for a threeyearterm plus one each from theforestry departments of New Brunswick,Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Islandgovernments.The MLB is headquartered at FortLawrence on the New Brunswick-NovaScotia border.•NAWLA EXECUTIVE -Continued from page 1Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.Fitzsimmons has achieved two milestones;following in the footsteps of herfather, Chris Snavely, and brotherStephen, who both served as NAWLAchairmen in 1971 and 1996 respectively,and becoming NAWLA’s first chairwoman.She was appointed to NAWLA’s executivecommittee in 2006 and has extensivecommittee and industry involvementthrough her tenure with NAWLA.Fitzsimmons received her bachelor’sdegree from West Virginia Universityand her masters work in communicationfor business and industry at theSFPA -Continued from page 1Participants began the meeting byboarding buses for a firsthand look atthe rebuilding efforts throughout NewOrleans. Stops included a raised floorhome featured on a Green Homes Touras part of the National Association ofHome Builders (NAHB) National GreenBuilding Conference. The home – forwhich a number of Southern PineCouncil members donated materials – isbeing built according to NAHB greenbuildingguidelines. It also demonstratesthe advantages of using raised floorconstruction and treated wood productsin New Orleans and similarly extremeenvironments. More than 200 peopletoured the home during the NAHBevent. The home was also featured asthe cover story in the weekly real estatesection published by The Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans.Once convened downtown for the businessportion of the meeting, CraigWebb, editor of ProSales magazine,delivered the keynote address, givingattendees his take on green building andexplaining what he had learned in interviewswith lumber dealers over the pastyear. Dealers’ interest in green buildinghas “skyrocketed” just since January, hereported.From his viewpoint, though, most“green” spending at this point is comingfrom government agencies and “bigfirms” focused on achieving green statusfor their projects. The typical consumer’sbiggest concern when it comes to greenbuilding, however, relates to using insulation,high-performance windows andenergy-saving appliances. The questionof whether the lumber in their homes iscertified hasn’t yet surfaced as an issue.Following through on the “GREEN”theme, a group of speakers on the secondday of the meeting explained howcertification and chain-of-custody systemswork. A panel discussion withmembers followed, generating somelively exchanges.Other business included updates onSPC’s Raised Floor Living campaign,including the premiere of a new collectionof TV spots targeting Gulf Coastmarkets. The spots rely on comments byrespected building professionals – ahomebuilder and two engineers – todrive home the importance and advantagesof building raised wood foundationsin high-wind and flood-proneareas.•

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