de stad brussel stelt voor la ville de bruxelles présente - VisitBrussels

de stad brussel stelt voor la ville de bruxelles présente - VisitBrussels

A tailor-made show designed by Patrick Rimoux and Dan LacksmanRenowned French light sculptor Patrick Rimoux and Brussels-born Godfather of electronic musicDan Lacksman worked on an original creation at the scale of the Grand Place’s prestige. “MagicalHistory City” is a brand new, 15-minutes long sound and light show that will take visitors backin time through the rich history of the Grand-Place, with the music retracing the medieval andbaroque eras, 1695 bombing, reconstruction under the aegis of Charles Buls and the entry of thearchitectural jewel into the XXI century, with new and futuristic sounds.From Telex to “Born to be Alive” and from Lio to Deep Forest, Dan Lacksman is one of Belgium’smost-renowned musician-producers worldwide.Patrick Rimoux is one of today’s most famous light designers and the man behind the permanentlighting with Isabelle Corten. He has completed many projects in our beautiful city, including thelighting of the Atomium and the rue de la Loi.Information :22.11 at 6pm: Official inauguration of the permanent illumination – 6pmFrom 29.11 to 05.01, from 5:30pm to 11pm, HistoryCity show – every 30 minutesA BELGIAN TREE ON THE GRAND-PLACEBelgium being Europe’s second producer of Christmas trees, it is only natural that the 17-meter tallspruce tree that will adorn the Grand Place this winter should have been grown in our country. Bowingunder the weight of shining garlands, it will about the traditional life-sized Christmas manger, surroundedby the bewitching illuminations of the Grand Place.The PEFC-labelled spruce tree was meticulouslychosen in the Soor valley and originates from thewestern Hertogenwald Forest in the Hautes Fagnes.The PEFC is an international non-profit organisationregrouping all the actors of the forest world. Thelargest player of forest certification worldwideguarantees the sustainable management of forestsfollowing strict criteria and a balance between theecological, social and economic functions of a forestensuing its future.The chosen tree will be fell on 18 November to beerected on the 19th on the Brussels Grand-Place.During the Winter Wonders, visitors discover the Grand-Place Christmas tree with stars in their eyes.They demonstrated their attachment to this tradition very clearly.Info: www.wallonie.bewww.pefc.be4

ICEBERG - ELECTRABEL LIGHT EXPERIENCEAn interactive, multi-sensation installation on the place de la MonnaieIceberg, a brand new interactive, innovative, creative sound and light installation makes its premièreat Winter Wonders this year, warming up those chilly nights.Within the framework of a privileged partnership between Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles andthe City of Brussels, with the renewed support of Electrabel, the completely refurbished place de laMonnaie has become the innovative hub of the Winter Wonders by welcoming ICEBERG.Sound and light become a source of immersive experiences redefining the relationship of visitorswith the public space.A heart-warming icebergThis year Winter Wonders will blow a wind of originality by presenting Iceberg, an immersive, playful,sound, architectural and luminous journey at the heart of the city in the form of an ice-monumentfrom Antarctica. On the place de la Monnaie, from north to south, the installation invites visitorsto follow the course of a reinterpreted iceberg, from its virtual descent into polar waters until itscomplete dissolution in southern seas. The installation offers three skeletons of one same icebergat three various stages of its existence... Three forms, sizes, distinct luminous spaces and soundatmospheres.Guaranteed immersionThese thousand-year-old monuments shaped by timeand elements emit very peculiar sounds. The seawaterinfiltrating inside the crevasses and cracks that have formedresound like so many organ pipes, the tonalities of whichmodulate and transform throughout their slow meltingprocess.At the image of this monumental musical instrument,Iceberg consists of a series of metallic archways equippedwith speakers that diffuse singular sounds. These luminousarches are organised in tunnels and invite visitors to penetrate to listen and to play of this giganticorgan whose notes and light travel from one end to the other of these musical corridors.The visitor, source of energyThrough movement detecting devices hidden within these structures, the presence and behavioursof visitors animate the iceberg by modulating the light and sounds produced by the arches. Whetheralone or in a group, going under an archway or stopping before the latter, the visitor heats themonument, transforming its original boreal nature in a veritable symphony of sound and sights.Like these structures, the shape and dimensions of which recall the movements and melting ofthese floating glaciers, the sound ambiances on offer accompany this slow, long derive into southernwaters. Real-life sounds at the north provoked by the human activity under the archways intensifyand harmonise throughout the journey. As the iceberg slides southwards and approaches inhabitedcoastlines, music builds up in the presence of visitors.Produced by the Quartier des Spectacles de MontréalCreated by ATOMIC3 and Appareil ArchitectureWith the support of Electrabel (logo), the Brussels Capital Region and the City of Brussels.Info: installation accessible 24/7, from 29.11 to - - www.appareilarchitecture.com5

POETRY AND HUMOR WITH LIGHTSpresented by the French collective « Tilt »ECHINODERMUS - place Sainte-Catherine :like fireworks, frozen in mid-flight, that’s how the Echinodermus unfolds his long branches, ontowhich strange enlightened fruit is pending. Softly waving in the wind, this majestic plant standsproudly in the midst of the people and incites dreams.LAMPOUNETTE - rue des Fripiers :inspired by the welknown desk lamp, the Lampounette got hername as a warm and touching blink toward this everyday object.The revised version by Tilt offers an oversized image that leavesthe closed spaces to move to public places and illuminate thepublic with his warm bundles of light.NID’LUM, ENCHANTING TREESLast year, the City of Brussels acquired an artwork of light “Nid’Lum” by French artist Erik Barray.This year, this magnificent piece may be admired on the place du Vieux Marché aux Grains, wherearound 60 light nests will be hung around this lively, convivial square that is so loved by Brusselsdwellers.THE CHRISTMAS MARKETElected by British Tour Operators as the most original inEurope the Brussels Christmas market stretches for 2 kmwith a series of shops, chalets, attractions, activities andoutdoor eating and drinking areas. The journey is set at thevery heart of the city of Brussels and gives locals and touriststhe opportunity of (re)discovering the charms of Brusselsin winter, the conviviality of its inhabitants and the manyseasonal traditions from around the world… allowing all totest some truly delicious delicacies and finding the perfectChristmas and New Year’s eve present for loved ones.You will find over 200 stallholders – some of whom werethere from the start – working in approximately 2é0 businesses. For the most part, artisan producerspresent novelties.THE AUTHENTIC SWISS CHALET - NEWIn collaboration with the Montreux Noël team, which has organisedone of Switzerland’s most enchanting Christmas markets around theLeman Lake for the past 20 years, you will discover an authentic Swisschalet with a capacity of 150-seated guests on the spot of the Brasserie.This will no doubt prove one of this year’s edition greatest hit!This magnificent building will be set up as a food area where visitorswill be able to enjoy specialities from the Swiss terroir, including the essential fondues and raclette,as well as a plethora of other typical dishes, each accompanied with its perfect wine partner fromthe Lavaux and the Fendant. You can also drop by the takeaway chalet to take a bit of Switzerland onyour dining table.Success guaranteed!6

NEW OUTDOORS EATING AND DRINKING AREAS - NEWIntent on the comfort of visitors, the organisers will set up common covered outdoor areas where thepublic will be able to enjoy the many drinks and delicacies available away from the rain. Furthermore,this will contribute to ease the circulation on the market.CHALETS IN THE RUE DEVAUX - NEWLast novelty: the street will also welcome shopkeepers to guarantee the continuation of the path ofthe Christmas Market between the Bourse and place Sainte-Catherine.A QUALITY LABEL - NEWThis label was created to identify and put forward craftsmen on the trajectory of Winter Wondersand appreciate the true value of their work.TRADITIONAL ATTRACTION FOR EVER-RENEWED PLEASURE!Winter Wonders’ ice skating rink is the most popular winter attraction for visitors. Beginners,professionals and children all rub shoulders on the ice in a magical balletfor the pleasure of the spectators gathering around the rink. Recognisedby the Wall Street Journal, the 60-meters long Winter Wonders ice-skatingrink consists of more than 1000 square meters of ice with a skating areathat can accommodate up to 300 persons at once. Skaters of all agegather around, and a especially dedicated children’s corner will welcomefuture skating champions.The 55 meters tall Ferris wheel offers a fabulous view over the magical lights of Winter Wondersand a very festive Brussels.Andrea’s magnificent merry go-rounds and their fantastic characters take their passengers on abaroque and magical journey.The Slalom, a great slide that will have children screaming with joy… and grown ups too!The Ice Monster, unique European duplicate out of only seven worldwide, was designed by anAmerican firm best known for its creation of sets for large Hollywood productions such as “Lordof the Rings” or still, “Harry Potter”. The 54-meters long dinosaur has a ferocious appetite andwill devour children and adults alike during a 15-minutes long journey, during which learning, lightand sound effects, laser beams and wind will alternate for the greatest joy of all. Let yourself bedevoured alive by this exceptional attraction.THE INDISPENSABLESA FESTIVE AND SPARKLING INAUGURATIONThe inauguration launch of this 5-week long party always provesbubbling. As night falls on Friday 29 November, the Grand-Place willsparkle as never before with the lightshow Magic History City, whichwill set alight the start the start of a dazzling inauguration evening.Visitors will then accompany the festive wandering of light and soundartists that will pace the Brussels paving in light-bathed streets: from the Grand-Place to the Bourse andgoing through the place de la Monnaie, place Sainte Catherine and the marché aux Poisson.The parade ends near the ices-skating rink with an enchanting show on ice.7

THE GRAND PLACE BALLLast year, waltzing, turning and spinning on the Grand-Place proved a magical moment that gathered150 persons!The event proved so successful that it will take place again this year. On Friday 20 December at8pm, two sessions of urban waltz are organised in collaboration with the Belgian Waltz Committee,alternating with the light and sound show.Waltz lovers are invited to share a great, festive and relaxing moment of dancing… regardless oftheir level of expertise!Whilst there is no dress code, ladies are advised to dress warmly and to take a long, full skirt ordress.Info: Friday 20.12 – Brussels Grand-Place de Bruxelles – time to be confirmedContact: Raphaël de Witte: raphaeldew@gmail.comWINTER WONDERS SUPPORT MAKE-A-WISHWhen the magic of Christmas returns, it brings with it a great gust of generosity and solidarity.The Make-A-Wish charity is a veritable artisan of happiness for seriously ill children. The objective of thecharity consists in bringing them hope, strength and joy; its mission is to realise their dearest wishes.On 14 and 15 December, volunteers from the charity will mobilise at the foot of the Grand-PlaceChristmas tree and will give visitors the opportunity to acquire one of these magical stars that, one byone, will together form a scintillating constellation that will gently sway to the force of your wishes.Thanks to your generosity, become one of Christmas’ magicians and contribute to realising thedream of one of the many children who entrusted the charity with their wishes.‘Des Rêves et des Étoiles’ concert on 13.12.2013 at Palais 12Info: www.makeawish.beWINTER WONDERS FOR INFANTS & TODDLERSFrom 4 to 22 December, infants and toddlers will be celebrated for the fifth year running.A friendly place for relaxing and creativity is open to children from 0 to 3 accompanied by an adult.Every Wednesday afternoon, Saturdays and Sundays in December, the childhood network of theCity of Brussels will offer families a wide range of activities especially designed for small children:tales and stories, magicians, painters… upon registration.At a stone’s throw from the Christmas Market, the “Winter Wonders for Infants and Toddlers”offer a convivial moment while taking part to one of the many activities for children of their age.Information on the various resources on offer by the City of Brussels for small children is alsoavailable (places in nurseries, day-care, family activities…). Changing, breastfeeding and bottleheatingfacilities available.Registration is compulsory for every activity.9

Antenne de la Petite Enfance, place Sainte-Catherine 17-18, 1000 Brussels.Info and registration: Christel De Meyer 02/279 36 62 christel.demeyer@brucity.bePROGRAMMEWednesday 04/12/2013:1:30pm: Inauguration of Winter Wonders for Infants and ToddlersFrom 2 to 3 pm: Mukashi by the Centre de Littérature Jeunesse de Bruxelles‘“Mukashi”, a tender and soft animation was borne from the weaving of kamishibaï picture scrollswith some stories, the whole being put to sound and light for the enjoyment of young eyes.Saturday 07/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “coccinelle –demoiselle” by Mag’AnimMag’Anim is a specialised storyteller for infants and toddlers. She will introduce them to her puppetladybird “Coccinelle – Demoiselle” and will open her story box for a very tender moment.Sunday 08/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Let’s all paint!” by the Service Petite Enfancede la Ville de BruxellesIn this activity, children discover painting in an original manner… as the paintbrush will not be theonly guest to this animation!Wednesday 11/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows):“Easy peasy clay” by the Service Petite Enfancede la Ville de BruxellesInfants and toddlers will familiarise with the peculiar texture of clay whilst older children will createcountless characters using natural decorations.Saturday 14/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Thao and the enchanted flute” by Brimthe MagicianBrim the Magician takes the audience up into his attic, which is filled with unexpected objects andstories. At the end of the show, a surprise is in store for balloon lovers!Sunday 15/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Les petits Miro” by LaurentOur painter takes you on a journey to discover Miro. Children and adults will have the opportunity offeeling the sensations conveyed by oil painting. At the end of the animation, everyone takes his/herwork home.Wednesday 18/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Homemade plasticine” by the Service PetiteEnfance de la Ville de BruxellesMeasure, mix, colour, create… that’s some programme! Our animators will teach you to make yourown plasticine.Saturday 21/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Music workshop” by the Jeunesses MusicalesDeborah takes you on a journey with her lullabies and unusual musical instruments.Sunday 22/12/2013:From 2 to 3 pm and from 3:30 to 4:30 pm (2 shows): “Self-portrait” by the Service Petite Enfancede la Ville de BruxellesColouring, painting, pastels, collage… we’ll use all these techniques to make our own life-sizedself-portrait.10

THE BOURSE: A PRESTIGIOUS CULTURAL CENTREIn 2011, the City of Brussels decides to recover the full ownership of the Bourse and to give it backits public character.Since then, the refurbishment of the building has served as a lever for everyone in the city centre inthe aim of boosting culture, both from a touristic and economic perspective.The history steeped building designed by architectLéon Suys and erected in 1874 on the former Récolletconvent dating back to the 13th century already servedas the magnificent setting for two hugely successfulexhibitions: Terracotta Army (65.000 visitors) and DaVinci (100.000 visitors).From 22 November 2013 to 21 April 2014, the Boursewelcomes a new remarkable exhibition that starts itsEuropean tour in Belgium: “The Art of the Brick”.Aimed at a wide audience, the exhibit has alreadyattracted more than 1,5 million visitors worldwide.Television channel CNN defines it as “one of the tenmajor exhibitions worldwide and one that can not bemissed under any pretext”.Over more than 1300 square meters, discover 70grandiose, amazing and fascinating artworks created by American artist Nathan Sawaya, whoused more than an million LEGO® bricks!Some of the 3D creations include reconstitutions of world-renowned artworks, such as Rodin’s“Thinker”, the “Venus de Milo”, Munch’s “The Scream” or still, Jan van Eyck’s “Arnolfini Portrait”.Visitors will also admire a replica of North window of the Chartres Cathedral, a monumental Buddhaor still, a 6-meter long T-Rex skeleton made up of 80.020 bricks!Other previously unseen works are the product of the artist’s wild imagination!Brussels is very privileged to have received a unique work to celebrate the exhibition: Manneken-Pisin bricks.INFORMATION :www.expo-artofthebrick.beBrussels Bourse,1 place de la Bourse, 1000 Brussels, from 22.11.2013 to 21.04.2014,7/7, from 10am to 7:30pm(last admission at 6:30).Night shows on Wednesdays until 9pm (last admission at 8pm).Estimated duration of visit: 1h30 – audio guide available.11

MOBILITYFestivities organised around Winter Wonders result in a huge affluence of visitors in the city centre.To lighten the load of the Pentagon’s car parks during the festive season, an action plan was put inplace this year.It consists in a unique collaboration of the City of Brussels, Interparking, the STIB, non-profitorganisation Brussels Major Events and Leonidas. The collaboration aims at relieving the citycentre of car traffic during weekends and the Christmas holidays during Winter Wonders.Three perimeters will be set up, thus creating a diversion to car parks – which will be stronglyinadvisable – in the city centre.The STIB’s Delta car park in the first perimeter will be free of charge. Furthermore, the City ofBrussels will offer each traveller a STIB return ticket and a voucher for a hot chocolate at Léonidas.In the second perimeter, cars will be able to park near the Pentagon, in the Rogier and Loi carparks. Interparking will offer special conditions for parking cars at a mere € 5/day. The preferentialrate of the Rogier parking will be valid during the Christmas holidays and weekends (€5/evening)from 6pm. Exceptionally, the Loi car park will stay opened at weekends. Preferential rate will beapplied on weekends (€5/day) and during the Christmas holidays (€5/evening) from 6pm. The City ofBrussels will offer each traveller a STIB return ticket and a voucher for a hot chocolate at Léonidas.The third perimeter consists of the Pentagon. At the heart of the latter, a temporary car parkguidance route will be put in place to guide visitors towards public car parks as effortlessly aspossible. There will be no preferential parking rate in city centre car parks.Winter Wonders will also be accessible by the STIB and Train Brussels–Central station. Cyclistswill be able to park their bikes onto one of the 100 recently installed bicycle racks.The aim of this action plan consists in discouraging surface parking to reduce any disruption forinhabitants of the city centre.Addresses:Delta car park:rue Jules Cockx, 1160 AuderghemDelta métro stop: Line 5 (Erasme). Last stop accessible: De Brouckère or Sainte-CatherineWeekends (from 29/11/2013 to 5/01/2014) and Christmas holidays.Loi car park:rue de la Loi 19, 1040 BrusselsArts-Loi métro stop: Line 5 (Erasme). Last stop: De Brouckère or Sainte-CatherineWeekends (during Winter Wonders: 29/11/2013 – 5/01/2014).Rogier car park:place Rogier, 1000 BrusselsMétro stop: Line 3 (Churchill) and line 4 (Stalle): Last stop: De Brouckère or Bourse(During Winter Wonders: 29/11/2013 – 5/01/2014).Public car parks in the Pentagon:

Public transportation STIB lines efficiently serve the Winter Wonders site.Visitors are advised to get off at• Sainte-Catherine : Metro and• Bourse: Tram - after 8pm : Tram and busesAt night, a metro every 5 minutes will allow everyone to quickly get home and, for more comfort,STIB Smartphone applications will inform users of departure times in real time to go to… WinterWonders of course!SPARKLING INFORMATIONFREE WIFI ON WINTER WONDERS SITE!Winter Wonders are working with Numéricable to offer every visitor a temporary WIFI network100% free of charge.For the second year in a row, Winter Wonders ally forces with Numéricable to offer a FREE ANDRELIABLE professional Internet connection.Last year, Wi-Fi was only available in the Winter Wonders Brasserie but after the great success thisproved, the connection was extended to the entire site.Simple and efficient access.There’s nothing simpler than connecting to the free WIFI!On the welcome page, visitors will find useful information on Winter Wonders, the programme,essential attractions, etc.Partnership created to respond to the latest needs in communications.This project results from an exceptional collaboration between Winter Wonders and Numéricable.During the event, a total of 6 high bandwidth wire line communication networks will be deployed(6x100 Mbps in optical fibre).GREEN CURIOSITIESThe bag that you have received during this press conference was designed and produced byDESIGNpoint, a Belgian firm that envisages eco-design using social economy and local production.The tarpaulin used to produce this bag served as decorations along the course of Winter Wonders 2012.The straps are “Made in France” by an automobile manufacturer: 95% of components are recyclable!DESIGNpoint designs and offers products and service using recycled materials or products andindustrial production surpluses that have not / or were only used for a short period of time. Thismeans that the waste and production excesses of one industry become the manufacturing resourcesfor another business.Info:

WE SHOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR PARTNERS FOR THEIR SUPPORTPRESS CONTACTCity of BrusselsCAROLE AROCA - +32/2/279.50.34PHOTO CREDITSChristmas market, Manneken Pis Corrida,Grand-Place, ice rink, parade © Eric DanhierIceberg © Martine DoyonChristmas parade © RTLLampounettes © TILT15

HOEDENMAKERSSTRAATRUE DES CHAPELIERS /RUE DES FRIPIERS / KLEERKOPERSSTRAATBOULEVARD ANSPACHLAANRUE DE LA BOURSE / BEURSSTRAATRUE AU BEURRE / BOTERSTRAATPL. DE LA BOURSEBEURSPLEINMARCHÉ AUX POISSONSVISMARKTS te CATHERINES t KATELIJNELA MONNAIEDE MUNTDE BROUCKEREBOURSEBEURS3GRAND PLACEGROTE MARKTRUE P. DEVAUXSTRAAT421R. ANTOINE DANSAERT / ANTOINE DANSAERTSTRAAT109677865Chalet suisseZwitserse ChaletSuisse ChaletPatinoireSchaatsbaanSkating rink910SlalomIce MonsterDinosaure de 45m45m lange dinosaurus45m long Dinosaur8Grande RoueReuzenradBig Wheel2Magical History City show1 Grand-Place - Grote MarktIcebergElectrabel Light Experience3The Art of the BrickExpo @ La Bourse/BeursArtist: Nathan Sawaya4Nid’lumInstallation/installatieArtist: Eric Barray5Manèges d’AndréaDraaimolens van AndréaAndréa’s merry-go-rounds16

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