Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine #70

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ISSUE 70 • NOV-JAN 2016<br />

200+<br />

BEAUTY<br />


TO COVET<br />

FACIAL<br />


UPDATE<br />


ON LIGHT<br />


9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

02<br />

THE<br />

CHEAT’S<br />

WAY TO<br />

A BIKINI<br />

BODY<br />

NEW FAT<br />



70th<br />


Change<br />

the way you age,<br />

naturally *<br />

Before<br />

After 120 days<br />

The photos above are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary<br />

Time ages your skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it. *Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment that<br />

harnesses your body’s natural healing processes to gradually lift and tighten sagging skin under the chin,<br />

on the face, neck and décolletage.<br />

• Non-invasive • No downtime • Non-surgical • Single treatment • Build collagen<br />

Learn more at ultherapy.com.au or follow Ultherapy Australia on Facebook<br />

Copyright © 2015 Merz Australia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Merz Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 151 073 559), Sydney Australia, Ph: 1800 268 820. Merz Aesthetics and the Merz<br />

Aesthetics logo are trademarks of Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA. AU_ULT_BAD_V1:NOV15. Saatchi & Saatchi Health MRZ0053_CSBM_U Date of preparation: October 2015.<br />

ULTHERA ® is a Medical Device Class IIb. Please refer to Ultherapy Instructions for Use before treatment. 2015 Ulthera Inc. Ulthera ® and Ultherapy ® are registered trademarks of Ulthera, Inc.

Find an<br />

Ultherapy<br />

clinic near you<br />

NSW<br />


Suite 3, First Floor, 383 Sydney Road<br />

Balgowlah, 2093 Ph: 02 9949 9988<br />


54 Slade Road<br />

Bardwell Park, 2207 Ph: 02 9556 2000<br />



Suite A11, Level 1 24 Lexington Drive<br />

Bella Vista, 2153 Ph: 02 8883 3699<br />


Level 4, 75 Grafton Street<br />

Bondi Junction, 2022 Ph: 02 9387 3900<br />


Suite 55, Level 2, Block C<br />

1 Railway Street<br />

Burwood, 2134 Ph: 02 8964 8281<br />



Suite 103-104, 2 Rowe St,<br />

Eastwood, 2122 Ph: 9858 1200<br />


Suite 4, Level 1, 76A Archer Street<br />

Chatswood, 2063 Ph: 02 9211 6916<br />


Suite 66, 47 Neridah Street<br />

Chatswood, 2067 Ph: 02 9904 7279<br />


Suite 109 -19a Boundary Street<br />

Darlinghurst, 2010 Ph: 02 8356 2888<br />



Suite 302, 393 Bourke Street<br />

Darlinghurst, 2010 Ph: 1300 142 536<br />


Suite 2, 2A Mona Road<br />

Darling Point, 2027 Ph: 1300 375 934<br />


Suite 10, Level 4, 405-411 Sussex Street<br />

Haymarket, 2000 Ph: 0433 317 820<br />



Level 1, 357 Military Road<br />

Mosman, 2088 Ph: 02 9904 9900<br />



Suite 112, 451 Pitt Street<br />

Sydney, 2000 Ph: 02 9211 6916<br />

NT<br />


Shop 16/159 Dick Ward Drive<br />

Coconut Grove, 0810 Ph: 08 8985 6088<br />

QLD<br />


Level 2, 70 Mary Street<br />

Brisbane, 4000 Ph: 07 3003 4000<br />


7/50 Sherwood Road<br />

Toowong, 4066 Ph: 07 3870 0111<br />


Suite 2, Clifford Place, 25 Isabel Street<br />

Toowoomba, 4350 Ph: 07 4639 1250<br />


Level 1, 222 Lutwyche Road<br />

Windsor, 4030 Ph: 07 3106 3342<br />

SA<br />


81 King William Street<br />

Kent Town, 5067 Ph: 08 7225 8810<br />

VIC<br />


Shop G37 Centro<br />

Box Hill North, 3128 Ph: 03 9939 3886<br />



30-32 Glenferrie Road<br />

Malvern, 3144 Ph: 03 9500 8888<br />


SPA & CLINIC<br />

7/401 St Kilda Road<br />

Melbourne, 3004 Ph: 03 9867 2992<br />


55 Claremont Street<br />

South Yarra, 3141 Ph: 03 9829 7777<br />

WA<br />


5/15 Ommanney Street,<br />

Bunbury, 6230 Ph: 1300 725 268<br />



1/257 West Coast Highway<br />

Scarborough, 6019 Ph: 08 9205 1995<br />

Ultherapy enables doctors to see and then treat the deepest support layers of the skin – usually only addressed<br />

in cosmetic surgery – without the need to disrupt the surface of the skin.<br />

Learn more at ultherapy.com.au or follow Ultherapy Australia on Facebook<br />

Copyright © 2015 Merz Australia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Merz Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 151 073 559), Sydney Australia, Ph: 1800 268 820. Merz Aesthetics and the Merz Aesthetics<br />

logo are trademarks of Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA. AU_ULT_CAD_V1:NOV15. Saatchi & Saatchi Health MRZ0053_CSBM_C Date of preparation: October 2015. ULTHERA ®<br />

is a Medical Device Class IIb. Please refer to Ultherapy Instructions for Use before treatment. 2015 Ulthera Inc. Ulthera ® and Ultherapy ® are registered trademarks of Ulthera, Inc.


The proven Regen Lab PRP system concentrates powerful growth factors, contained in your own<br />

blood, to be used for reinjection to promote tissue regeneration.<br />

Regen Lab PRP accelerates and increases tissue regeneration by stimulating production of<br />

collagen and new blood vessels; stem cell migration, differentiation and proliferation; and<br />

production of nutrients, antioxidants and the other components of the extracellular matrix.<br />

www.regenlab.com<br />

Skin<br />

Hair<br />

Loss<br />

Sports<br />

Injuries<br />

Fat<br />

Transfer<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Gynaecology<br />

<strong>Surgery</strong><br />

and Wounds<br />

P 1800 201 760 E amsl@amsl.com.au<br />

W www.amsl.com.au


TO A NEW ERA<br />

IN SKIN<br />


FACTOR4 is an autologous, highly concentrated and<br />

super-rich plasma containing 4 times more growth<br />

factors and cytokines than any other blood product.<br />

FACTOR4 naturally stimulates collagenases in the skin. It signifi cantly slows down the skin’s<br />

ageing process, reduces fi ne lines and wrinkles and improves the skin’s overall texture.<br />

• Delivers growth factors plus anti-inflammatory cytokines<br />

• Stimulates collagen types I and III<br />

• Contains no cellular matter to limit the risk of infection<br />

• Treats wrinkles and crepiness in areas of the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands<br />

and dark eye circles, as well as the appearance of stretch marks and scars<br />

Call 0414 701 998<br />

email shaun.baldwin@klinicsolutions.com<br />

www.klinicsolutions.com<br />

LIPOGEMS® is<br />

distributed in Australia<br />

by Klinic Solutions

Brought to you by MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

Total Facial Makeover<br />

Minor Surgical & Local Anaesthetic Procedures<br />

Astarte Threadlift Facelifts<br />

Non-Surgical Mini Facelifts & Neck lifts<br />

• Revolutionary new Absorbable Threads<br />

• Simple non-surgical clinic procedure<br />

• Minimal discomfort or downtime<br />

• No general anesthesia or skin incisions<br />

• Immediate results lasting 3 – 5 years<br />

• Treatment for Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Brow<br />

Lifts, Jowl Correction, Cheek Augmentation BEFORE AFTER<br />

Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Treatment of unsightly Eyelid Hooding<br />

• Minor surgery with minimal bruising,<br />

discomfort or downtime<br />

• Treatment performed under light sedation<br />

& local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

• May be combined with Threadlift Facelift<br />

Bat Ear Correction Procedure<br />

Non-Surgical Bat Ear Correction<br />

• Reduction of unsightly Bat Ears<br />

• Simple procedure utilizing the most<br />

advanced techniques<br />

• Minimal bruising, discomfort or downtime<br />

• No risks of unsightly scars<br />

• Treatment performed under local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

Why choose<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions …<br />

• Over 5,500 Facelift Treatments<br />

• Over 35,000 Laser Treatments<br />

• 100% Safety Record<br />

• Renowned Worldwide Reputation<br />

• Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Medical Team<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

AFTER<br />

Anti-Ageing &<br />

Rejuvenation Specialties<br />

• Threadlift Facelifts<br />

• Thermage CPT Facelifts<br />

• Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Bat Ear Correction Procedures<br />

Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser<br />

• Fraxel Repair Dual Laser<br />

• Fraxel Restore Laser<br />

• Wrinkle Injections & Fillers<br />

• Vein Removal Lasers<br />

• Lipomedix Body Contour<br />

• Mesotherapy Injections<br />

• Acne & Scar Treatments<br />

• Pigment Treatments<br />

• Stretch Marks Treatments<br />

• Excessive Sweat Injections<br />

• Tattoo Removal<br />

• <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattooing<br />

• IPL Photorejuvenation<br />

• Laser Hair Removal<br />

• Hair Stylists<br />

• Make-Up Courses<br />

NEW Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />



Specialist Doctors & Registered<br />

Nurses performing cosmetic medical<br />

treatments Dr Buddy Paul Beaini<br />


Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Clinics<br />

25% DISCOUNTS<br />

Sydney CBD Sydney Sheraton, CBD Sheraton Wahroonga & Wahroonga & Canberra<br />

P. 1300 885 808<br />

www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

Award winning Threadlift Facelift, Thermage CPT & Fraxel Clinics

Introducing a game-changer in diy hairstyling<br />

3-in-1<br />

hair dryer,<br />

straightener<br />

and styler<br />

Get a salon-quality blowdry at home<br />

with the world’s first 3-in-1 hair dryer,<br />

straightener and styler by awardwinning<br />

stylist and hair extension<br />

specialist Joseph Mourad.<br />

• Unique design and mechanism for<br />

that fresh-from-the-salon look<br />

• Blowdryer, brush and straightener<br />

can be used together or separately<br />

• Transform your look in minutes –<br />

slick and straight, soft waves and<br />

body, or flowing curls<br />

Mention<br />

this ad<br />

for special<br />

offer!<br />

475 New South Head Rd Double Bay Sydney<br />

02 9328 2277<br />

www.josephmourad.com.au<br />

Joseph<br />

Mourad<br />

Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

As seen on Channel 10’s ‘Shark Tank’

Body Balance<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

cosmedic&<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

skin clinic<br />

Reshaping can create<br />

cosmedic&<br />

the look you want<br />

skin clinic<br />

Breast augmentation can<br />

enhance the natural size<br />

and shape of your breasts<br />

Refi nement in <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be<br />

enhanced and complemented. This results in a balanced<br />

and symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type<br />

and achieves a feminine silhouette.<br />

Liposuction to Shape and Contour<br />

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape and contour<br />

your form to achieve balance between your body’s<br />

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen and inner and<br />

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.<br />




Dr John Flynn<br />

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.<br />

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.<br />

Fellow of the Australasian College of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as<br />

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />

For more information or to make an<br />

appointment call Cosmedic and Skin Clinic<br />

07 5588 4777<br />

Southport | Gold Coast<br />

Level 2, Pivotal Point<br />

50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au | info@cosmedic.com.au<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

cosmedic& skin clinic<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

contents<br />

regulars<br />

14 Editor’s letter<br />

16 Newsfront<br />

130 Directory<br />

features<br />

28 Survive the party season<br />

34 The cheat’s way to get a<br />

bikini body<br />

Latest ways to eliminate fat<br />

without surgery<br />

46 The face fixers<br />

Your facial surgery options<br />

52 Butt it out<br />

How smoking increases the risks of<br />

cosmetic surgery<br />

62 Light therapies explained<br />

82 Your best accessory<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> dentistry options to<br />

beautify your smile<br />

92 Making sense of sunscreen<br />

Protect your skin against the<br />

different types of pigmentation<br />

body<br />

38 Non-invasive body<br />

contouring in 25 minutes<br />

40 Freeze the fat away with<br />

Clatuu 360°<br />

breasts<br />

42 Body in balance<br />

How breast rejuvenation surgery<br />

can enhance the entire body<br />

face<br />

54 Small changes, big rewards<br />

Combination minimally invasive<br />

procedures for maximum results<br />

skin<br />

58 Lift & tighten with<br />

Ultherapy<br />

66 Use light to energise your<br />

skin with Healite II<br />

68 Fighting ageing skin deep<br />

Energy based systems to tighten<br />

and brighten skin from within<br />

70 HydraFacial, the new<br />

way to facial<br />

72 A new era of skin<br />

rejuvenation<br />

Use your body’s own growth<br />

factors for skin health and beauty<br />

74 A natural approach to<br />

age reversal<br />

Platelet rich plasma therapy to<br />

rejuvenate your skin and body<br />

104 Selecting a skincare brand<br />

genital<br />

78 Lasers & gynaecology<br />

A look at the growing popularity<br />

of lasers in a gynaecology setting<br />

80 Non-invasive vaginal<br />

tightening<br />

teeth<br />

86 Smile makeover<br />

Beautiful smiles made possible in<br />

just one visit

Acne Rosacea<br />

Post Chemical Peel (AHA) Irritant Contact Dermatitis<br />

Courtesy of W. S. Kim, MD, South Korea<br />

Courtesy of W. S. Kim, MD, South Korea<br />

Dr Glen Calderhead, the father of<br />

830 nm LED phototherapy and<br />

a key figure in the development<br />

of the Healite II.<br />

Distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals Medical<br />

38 Automotive Drive Wangara WA 6065 | T: 08 9409 5433 | 1800 242 011<br />

| SA | NT | WA | QLD | VIC | www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au

contents<br />


cosmetic tattooing<br />

88 24/7 perfect pout<br />

Lip liner and full lip colour<br />

permanent makeup<br />

90 Brow down<br />

Reclaim bold and beautiful<br />

eyebrows<br />

beauty & spa<br />

96 Simplify your skincare<br />

The essential skin products<br />

106 Unwrap your summer body<br />

Lose a guaranteed 15cm<br />

108 Body talk: the luxe way<br />

to bathe<br />

112 Work it, girl<br />

Products to take your makeup<br />

from day to night<br />

118 Lash out<br />

Our top 10 mascaras<br />

122 The mane tips to boost<br />

your style<br />

Tips and tools for summer hair<br />

126 For hair that turns heads<br />

Revolutionary 3-in-1 DIY<br />

hair styler<br />

128 Editor’s faves<br />

cover stories<br />

RRP $14.95 (incl. GST) (NZ $15.95 incl. GST)<br />

ISSUE 70 • NOV-JAN 2016<br />

200+<br />

BEAUTY<br />


TO COVET<br />

FACIAL<br />


UPDATE<br />


ON LIGHT<br />


9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

02<br />

THE<br />

CHEAT’S<br />

WAY TO<br />

A BIKINI<br />

BODY<br />

NEW FAT<br />



70th<br />

ISSUE<br />

34 The cheat’s way to a<br />

bikini body<br />

46 Facial surgery update<br />

62 Light therapies explained<br />

108 <strong>Beauty</strong> products to covet<br />

Read the FREE online version at<br />



Welcome to our 70th issue of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>. The years have passed so quickly, yet this<br />

industry never fails to remind us that everything old<br />

Wbecomes new again; fashion trends come and go, and beauty is<br />

no diff erent.<br />

While ‘less is more’ is still the catch-cry, and non-surgical<br />

procedures such as fi llers and wrinkle-relaxing injections have<br />

become mainstream, the move away from facial surgery has<br />

reversed. This is due to the realisation that sometimes surgery is<br />

the only option to achieve the best anti-ageing result for a suitable patient. On page 46 we<br />

have a rundown of all the surgical options for facial rejuvenation.<br />

You’ll also want to read our feature on light-based therapies (page 62) and their infi nite<br />

applications in aesthetic enhancement, as well as our skincare essentials feature on<br />

page 96. Probably the cheapest and easiest way to look younger is to stop smoking. On<br />

page 52 we outline the dangers of this frowned-upon habit and the benefi ts of quitting.<br />

From page 34 we showcase the newest in fat-busting technology, with a focus on two<br />

treatments that off er signifi cant fat reduction – with no surgery and no downtime.<br />

At this festive time of year, we all want to look our best and still party hard. Our article<br />

on Survive the Party Season on page 28 gives you tips on how to make sure you can look<br />

good while still backing up for more celebrations.<br />

As always, our beauty pages are packed full of tried and tested products, including<br />

the makeup must-haves to turn your look from day to night (page 112), tips and tools for<br />

head-turning hair (page 122), and some luxurious bath products to unwind from the end<br />

of the year rush (page 108).<br />

The team at Bella Media wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep<br />

safe and may 2016 be a wonderful year for us all.<br />

Michelle Kearney<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

michelle@bellamedia.com.au<br />

Michelle Kearney is sole director of The Bella Media Group and no other parties or individuals have any fi nancial interest in the<br />

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the written authorisation of the publisher. All reasonable efforts have been made to trace copyright holders. All manuscripts and<br />

articles submitted for publication remain the property of The Bella Media Group. This magazine contains general information only and<br />

does not purport to be a substitute for medical advice. All readers are advised to seek medical advice from a doctor if considering<br />

cosmetic surgery. The publisher and the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of an action taken by readers in<br />

reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. Except where specifi ed in captions, photographs depict models who have<br />

not necessarily received treatments described in this magazine.<br />

Advertising Policy ACSBM follows and upholds the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Guidelines to<br />

Advertising Medical Services, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) advertising regulations for therapeutic goods and services,<br />

and individual state Medical Board guidelines. All reasonable effort is made by ACSBM to ensure that all advertisements accepted<br />

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reserves the right to reject advertising that is in breach of these guidelines. All ACSBM advertisers assume sole responsibility and<br />

liability for statements contained in their advertising copy, and hold harmless and indemnify ACSBM, Bella Media, and offi cers,<br />

directors and employees from and against all liability, loss, claim, damages, costs or expenses arising out of matter contained in the<br />

advertising. Advertisers accept these terms and responsibilities when signing an advertising contract with ACSBM.<br />

Read the online edition at<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />

Issue 70<br />

NOV-JAN 2016<br />

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All ‘before and after’ photographs in<br />

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articles are of genuine patients. It is<br />

important to understand that they represent<br />

one person’s experience and there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will<br />

experience similar results.<br />


Prosthodontics<br />

& Implant <strong>Surgery</strong><br />


Centre for cosmetic, reconstructive<br />

and implant dentistry<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian completed his Bachelor of Dental <strong>Surgery</strong> with<br />

Honours in 1983 and Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) in<br />

2000 at The University of Sydney. He also completed his Masters in<br />

Prosthodontics in 2004 at the prestigious King’s College, University<br />

of London with distinction. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian<br />

College of Dental Surgeons.<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Uni.Syd.<br />

FRACDS<br />

Grad. Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd.<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni. London<br />

Dr Nalbandian specialises in Dental Implants and Prosthodontics<br />

for treating simple to complex dental, functional and aesthetic<br />

problems.<br />

He lectures on topics including Dental Implantology, Prosthodontics<br />

and Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

He maintains a specialised practice in Sydney limited to Aesthetics,<br />

Prosthodontics & Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd. FRACDS<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni.London<br />

Designer Smiles<br />

17 Gerard Street Cremorne NSW 2090<br />

For more information call<br />

02 9953 4189<br />

Fax 02 9953 4358<br />


newsfront<br />



mediTerranean dieT<br />

sloWs ageing of Brain<br />

Following a Mediterranean-style diet slows the rate<br />

at which the brain shrinks by fi ve years, research<br />

suggests. The study indicates a diet consisting of fruit<br />

and vegetables, fi sh and olive oil but little red meat or<br />

dairy products may be associated with losing fewer<br />

brain cells due to ageing. The fi ndings add weight to<br />

the theory that a healthy diet can stave off the onset<br />

of Alzheimer’s disease by stopping the brain from<br />

growing older.<br />

The Columbia University study, published by the<br />

journal Neurology, shows that people following a<br />

Mediterranean-like diet had a larger brain volume than<br />

those who didn’t.<br />

Researchers say the diff erence between the two<br />

groups was about the same as fi ve years of ageing.<br />

Study author Dr Yian Gu, of Columbia University, said,<br />

‘These results are exciting, as they raise the possibility<br />

that people may potentially prevent brain shrinking<br />

and the eff ects of ageing on the brain simply by<br />

following a healthy diet.’<br />

The diet in the study included a high intake<br />

of vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, fi sh and<br />

monounsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil; a low<br />

intake of saturated fatty acids, dairy products, meat<br />

and poultry; and mild to moderate amounts of alcohol.<br />

University of Nottingham Professor of Dementia<br />

Research Tom Dening said: ‘These are interesting<br />

fi ndings and off er encouragement to people who think<br />

that the Mediterranean diet has preventative value<br />

in dementia.’<br />

Derek Hill, professor of medical imaging science<br />

at University College London, said: ‘Brain shrinkage –<br />

or atrophy – is a natural consequence of ageing, and<br />

this shrinkage proceeds more rapidly in people with<br />

cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease.’<br />

16 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />

more women<br />

trading in<br />

large implants<br />

for smaller sizes<br />

Demand is growing for “explant” procedures – the<br />

removal of implants altogether or in exchange for smaller<br />

sizes, according to the American Society of Plastic<br />

Surgeons. Demand grew by almost 10 percent from<br />

2010 to 2014, and nearly 24,000 women had an explant<br />

procedure last year.<br />

‘Surgeons are seeing a defi nite shift in the look<br />

many women are asking for, away from the very round,<br />

prominent ‘stripper boob’ toward something more<br />

in keeping with their natural shape,’ said American<br />

Society for Aesthetic Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> President-Elect<br />

Dr Daniel Mills.<br />

‘It’s early in the trend, and not every woman is on<br />

board—I had a 50-year-old patient just yesterday who<br />

wanted to be a G-cup! – but we seem to be moving<br />

away from the ‘bigger is better’ attitude.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 17

newsfront<br />

The Kardashians<br />

are influencing<br />

the cosmetic<br />

surgery industry<br />

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

While some people couldn’t care less about keeping<br />

up with the Kardashians, some are going to extreme<br />

lengths to look like them.<br />

The Kardashians are influencing lives right down to<br />

the plastic surgeries people are choosing to get.<br />

A UK cosmetic group has seen a 73 percent yearon-year<br />

rise in enquiries for achieving Kardashian-like<br />

features. This has been credited to the Kardashians’<br />

openness about surgery. Both Kourtney and Kris have<br />

admitted to breast implants, and Kim has also said that<br />

she has had facial injections. While both Kim and Khloè<br />

strongly deny rumours of buttock implants, enquiries<br />

for such enhancement procedures have seen a 54<br />

percent increase.<br />

With Kylie the new poster girl for lip fillers, the family<br />

has been attributed to doing more for the popularity of<br />

cosmetic surgery than anyone before.<br />

Victoria Beckham<br />

hints release of<br />

new beauty line<br />

Forty-one-year-old fashion-force Victoria Beckham revealed that a<br />

beauty line is on her list ‘to go into at some point’.<br />

This will be the first time she will be launching her own beauty<br />

creations as part of her award-winning brand.<br />

In an interview, Victoria talked about how her brand has evolved<br />

over the years, saying, ‘I think we have grown in confidence... I never<br />

want to be one of those brands where people know what they’re going<br />

to see. I always want an element of surprise. One thing I never want to<br />

do is copy what anybody else is doing. I have a signature, and it’s very<br />

important to me to stay true to that.’<br />

With her makeup always on point, we are more than a little bit<br />

excited to see what the line will include, and whether it will be based<br />

on Posh’s own luminous beauty looks.<br />

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com<br />

18 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />

lens imPlanT<br />

Brings hoPe for<br />

1.3m PeoPle<br />

Over 1.3 million Australians suff er from presbyopia, the<br />

age-related deterioration of the eye, which prevents<br />

reading small print and seeing detail up close.<br />

This natural part of ageing, which necessitates reading<br />

glasses, can now be reversed with a small disk that’s put<br />

into the eye. Called the Kamra inlay, this opaque 3.8mmwide<br />

disc is placed into one eye, correcting presbyopia,<br />

and removing the need for reading glasses.<br />

Dr Chandra Bala, eye surgeon with PersonalEYES,<br />

Australia’s largest network of eye care clinics, says: ‘This<br />

inlay works by only allowing focused light to reach the<br />

retina. With focused light rays, you receive a wide range<br />

of improved vision for all distances, near and in between.’<br />

The small-aperture technology off ers an alternative<br />

to implantable lenses that use a multi-focal approach.<br />

Thousands of tiny perforations around the surface of<br />

the inlay help your cornea stay healthy after implantation.<br />

The inlay will not be suitable for everyone, however,<br />

an eye examination will determine each patient’s<br />

treatment options.<br />

The Kamra inlay can be used in conjunction with laser<br />

eye surgery, depending on the needs of the patient. This<br />

enables a correction to be made to distance vision if<br />

this is needed while the Kamra inlay will correct your<br />

near vision.<br />

DO<br />


HAVE<br />

MORE…<br />

HAIR?<br />

Blondes may or may not have more fun, but they defi nitely<br />

have more hair. Hair colour helps determine how dense<br />

the hair on your head is, and blondes (only natural ones,<br />

of course), top the list.<br />

Just two percent of the world’s population is naturally<br />

blonde. The average human head has 100,000 hair<br />

follicles, each of which is capable of producing 20<br />

individual hairs during a person’s lifetime. Blondes<br />

average 146,000 follicles. People with black hair tend to<br />

have about 110,000 follicles, while those with brown hair<br />

are right on target with 100,000 follicles. Redheads have<br />

the least dense hair, averaging about 86,000 follicles.<br />

Hair colour is based on how much melanin, or<br />

pigmentation, is in the hair. Two types of melanin create<br />

hair colour: eumelanin and phaeomelanin. The more<br />

eumelanin a person has, the darker their hair will be.<br />

Phaeomelanin works in a similar way, except instead<br />

of causing hair to be blacker, it causes hair to be more<br />

red. Low levels of both eumelanin and phaeomelanin<br />

characterise blonde hair. Blonde hair can range from<br />

practically white (platinum blonde) to a dark golden<br />

blonde. Strawberry blonde, the mixture of blonde and<br />

red hair, is the rarest type of blonde hair.<br />

firefighTer undergoes World’s mosT eXTensiVe face TransPlanT<br />

A marathon 26-hour surgery took place at NYU Langone<br />

Medical Center in New York, to successfully complete the<br />

world’s most extensive face transplant.<br />

Volunteer fi refi ghter Patrick Hardison was left with<br />

disfi guring burns across his entire face, head, neck and<br />

upper torso after entering a burning house in the line of<br />

duty back in 2001. Hardison had lost his ears, lips, eyelids,<br />

eyebrows, most of his nose and all of his hair. Fourteen years<br />

later, he has undergone a surgery that sets new standards<br />

in facial transplantation<br />

Led by chair of plastic surgery, Dr Eduardo D Rodriguez,<br />

the surgery involved a team of more than 100 people,<br />

including physicians, nurses, technical and support staff .<br />

Hardison received the donor’s eyelids and the muscles<br />

that control blinking – a procedure that had not been<br />

previously performed on a seeing patient. Hardison was in<br />

danger of losing his sight and had been unable to perform<br />

independent daily tasks, such as driving.<br />

Hardison says he is “deeply grateful” to the donor and<br />

his family, ‘Even though I did not know who they would be,<br />

I prayed for them every day, knowing the diffi cult decision<br />

they would have to make in order to help me. I hope they<br />

see in me the goodness of their decision.’<br />

The donor was David P Rodebaugh, a 26-year-old Ohioborn<br />

Brooklyn artist and cycling enthusiast who died from<br />

injuries sustained in an accident. He was a registered organ<br />

donor. His family decided to donate his face as well as his<br />

heart, liver, and kidneys to other recipients, and to research.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19

industry<br />

ASAPS<br />

Annual<br />

Conference<br />

2015<br />

Leading plastic surgeons from around<br />

the world gathered in Sydney for the<br />

annual Australasian Society of Aesthetic<br />

Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> (ASAPS) meeting.<br />

The 38th annual ASAPS Conference was held over five days<br />

at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney this past October. There was<br />

a wide range of presentations and workshops focusing<br />

on body contouring, breast surgery and facial plastic surgery by<br />

some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons.<br />

Among the stellar list of keynote speakers was Dr James<br />

Grotting from Alabama, USA – the current President of ASAPS<br />

(US). Dr Grotting shared his insights on revisionary breast surgery<br />

and presented extensively on facial plastic surgery.<br />

Dr Joseph Hunstad, from North Carolina, USA, was also a<br />

highly anticipated speaker. His presentation on body contouring<br />

examined new methods of treatment and innovative techniques<br />

in liposuction procedures. Dr Hunstad also spoke on creating<br />

and maintaining a positive doctor-patient relationship to better<br />

manage complications, outlining how pivotal a strong preoperative<br />

relationship can be.<br />

In addition to a strong focus on the breast and general<br />

aesthetics, this year the program also delved into some current<br />

body contouring procedures such as fat grafting.<br />

Israel-based Dr Nimrod Friedman shared his experiences in<br />

undertaking the procedure, confirming why there is such a hype<br />

surrounding the new techniques of fat grafting: ‘First of all, we<br />

are not using something foreign like an implant; we are using<br />

something that is a part of our body. And, what we have found<br />

in the last year, is that with fat comes a lot of stem cells , which<br />

do an excellent job of beautifying many areas of the body. It’s not<br />

just the fat that is liquid gold; it’s the stem cells that come with it,<br />

20 www.cosbeauty.com.au

industry<br />

and now we are even talking about using the stem cells from fat to<br />

treat the brain and the heart, among other things. The future is fat.<br />

Dr Friedman discussed the limitations of fat grafting, including<br />

the lack of protocols for technique, stressing the importance<br />

of understanding the anatomy and the ageing process for each<br />

individual person.<br />

Dr Klaus Ueberreiter from Germany also drew on the topic,<br />

discussing his experience in fat grafting, especially for breast<br />

reconstruction and augmentation. Proving to be an innovative<br />

approach to body sculpting, surgeons agreed that less is more when<br />

it comes to utilising a patient’s own fat to enhance certain regions.<br />

There was also a large focus on the changing landscape of<br />

plastic surgery and the complications that lie ahead as advances<br />

in technologies arise. Dr Alastair Taylor, a plastic surgeon based in<br />

Canberra, provided an interesting insight into the future of plastic<br />

surgery, taking a look at the issues surrounding today’s practices,<br />

including Medicare and hospital privatisation issues and ‘bargain<br />

basement’ surgeries.<br />

“It’s a race to the top, not to the bottom – the importance<br />

lies with practising patient care and value. The future of plastic<br />

surgery is about delivering the prestige product that everyone<br />

wants and creating the best experience possible for the patient,’<br />

said Dr Taylor.<br />

The program was a thought-provoking, dynamic and relevant<br />

mix of surgical technique and practice management. The social<br />

program was also eagerly received, with conference attendees<br />

treated to a cocktail party on Sydney’s most exclusive floating event<br />

space – The Island. The gala dinner was held at Zest, Point Piper<br />

where guests indulged in relaxed luxury with a view second to none.<br />

The 39th Annual Conference will be held in the Marriott, Gold<br />

Coast on the 6-9 October 2016. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 21

industry<br />

Rhinoplasty<br />

Masters’<br />

Symposium<br />

The worlds best in facial plastic surgery and plastic<br />

surgery collaborated to discuss new ideas and<br />

innovative technologies at the Rhinoplasty Masters’<br />

Symposium in Sydney.<br />

Dr George Marcells, co-convenor<br />

On October 8 to 10, 2015, the Australasian Academy<br />

of Facial Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> (AAFPS) joined forces with<br />

the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)<br />

to deliver the most comprehensive and insightful rhinoplasty<br />

meeting in Australia, with the leading rhinoplasty experts<br />

from around the world all under one roof.<br />

Held at the waterfront National Maritime Museum in<br />

Sydney, Dr George Marcells, President of the AAFPS and<br />

Symposium Co-Convenor, and Dr Peter Callan, ASPS<br />

Member and Co-Convenor, welcomed delegates to the<br />

Annual Conference & Masters’ Symposium on Functional<br />

and Aesthetic Rhinoplasty.<br />

‘Nobody knows more about noses than the keynote<br />

speakers we have attracted to this meeting,’ said Dr<br />

George Marcells.<br />

The collaborative nature of the meeting provided an<br />

opportunity for sharing close to 1500 years of combined<br />

knowledge and hands-on experience with what is regarded<br />

as one of the most difficult procedures to perform.<br />

Delegates were given the unique opportunity to share<br />

their local expertise and discuss their most challenging<br />

cases. This allowed for extensive and in-depth discussions<br />

on cases that require the implementation of novel<br />

22 www.cosbeauty.com.au

industry<br />

Delegates<br />

Dr Peter Callan, co-convenor<br />

techniques such as grafting, the use of cartilage and<br />

the remarkable tool that is 3D computer imaging. It<br />

was agreed that these groundbreaking techniques in<br />

rhinoplasty require further development and flexibility to suit<br />

individual cases.<br />

Among the stellar list of speakers, Dr Dean Toriumi from<br />

Chicago, USA gave an interesting and important insight<br />

into ethnic rhinoplasty and how to preserve one’s ethnicity<br />

while creating a pleasing aesthetic result. He also spoke<br />

about a strong focus upon patient care and creating the<br />

best possible experience for each individual. ‘I will not<br />

compromise function for aesthetics,’ he stressed.<br />

Another highly anticipated speaker was Dr Andrew<br />

Frankel, who shared his wisdom and experience of having<br />

a highly visible “celebrity” facial plastic surgery clinic in<br />

image-obsessed Beverly Hills.<br />

The collaboration of like-minded experts is a critical<br />

element for the continued excellence and education in<br />

the field of facial plastic surgery. The scientific program,<br />

interactive discussions and masterclass sessions proved to<br />

be an essential component to the evolution of rhinoplasty<br />

excellence. ‘It is through events such as the Masters’<br />

Symposium that we are able to improve our techniques<br />

and evolve our approach,’ said Dr Marcells. ‘This ultimately<br />

results in better, safer and more predictable results for<br />

patients.’ csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

industry<br />

The11th<br />

National<br />

Laser &<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Medicine<br />

Conference<br />

The world’s best in laser and<br />

cosmetic medicine recently<br />

convened in Surfers Paradise.<br />

The 11th National Laser & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Medicine<br />

Conference was held on the 14-15 November<br />

at the Marriott Resort & Spa in Surfers Paradise,<br />

bringing together key thinkers and innovators in laser<br />

and cosmetic medicine.<br />

Practitioners were able to gather with like-minded<br />

experts in the field, to discuss, enhance and update their<br />

knowledge on evolving technologies and techniques in<br />

laser and cosmetic procedures.<br />

The scientific program consisted of a selection of<br />

speakers who delivered thought-provoking plenary<br />

sessions, followed by hands-on product demonstrations.<br />

The major sponsor of the conference was Cryomed<br />

Aesthetics who launched Clatuu, the latest in cryolipolysis.<br />

Featured speakers included Dr Samantha Eisman,<br />

who discussed non-surgical skin management of skin<br />

cancer to achieve the best cosmetic outcome, and<br />

Professor Rodney Sinclair who delivered a presentation<br />

on alopecia areata and female pattern hair loss.<br />

Dr Michael Freeman also presented, discussing the<br />

benefits of cool-assisted lipolysis to practices, while<br />

plastic surgeon Dr Peter Laniewski examined the<br />

application of LED in wound healing and surgery.<br />

Further, there were advanced discussion sessions<br />

featuring the important topic of complications – how<br />

24 www.cosbeauty.com.au

industry<br />

they happen and how to manage them – with key speakers<br />

including Dr Adrian Lim, who also looked into the most<br />

popular fillers in Australia.<br />

The trade display featured leading companies from the<br />

cosmetic and aesthetic industries, showcasing some of the<br />

latest technological advancements and technologies where<br />

practitioners could learn more about the science behind<br />

emerging aesthetic medicine-based products and devices.<br />

The conference provided an ample opportunity for the<br />

world of laser and cosmetic surgery to congregate, enable<br />

practitioners to further their ideas, and learn about new and<br />

revolutionary technologies that are evolving the cosmetic<br />

landscape in Australia and around the world. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

profile<br />


THE<br />





Dr William Mooney, renowned facial plastic surgeon,<br />

invites you to experience a new kind of medispa,<br />

with the opening of his luxe spa and wellness<br />

complex in the heart of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.<br />

Face Plus Bondi Beach, due to open early 2016,<br />

is part of the new prestigious<br />

beachfront development on the famed<br />

Campbell Parade.<br />

Under the management of QT<br />

Hotels and Resorts, the old Swiss<br />

Grand Hotel will be transformed into<br />

a modern, funky getaway, overlooking<br />

the world-famous stretch of sand. In<br />

addition to a hotel and residences, the<br />

$440 million development will house<br />

only the best of the best restaurants<br />

and a retail precinct – plus Dr<br />

Mooney’s popular Face Plus<br />

Medispa’s third location.<br />

‘This will be a true integration of<br />

wellness and beauty like nothing seen<br />

before, inspired in part by the leading<br />

wellness spas of London and Paris,’<br />

says Dr Mooney.<br />

In zen-like surrounds, complete<br />

with vertical gardens and that magical<br />

oceanside view, Face Plus Bondi<br />

Beach will be catering to the discerning client looking for<br />

the total package. ‘Just giving anti-wrinkle injections or<br />

laser treatments is outmoded,’ he says. ‘It’s like a Michelinstarred<br />

meal: one ingredient isn’t going to cut it. It’s the<br />

combination of ingredients and how they enhance each<br />

other that creates a standout dish.’<br />

‘Whether it’s good quality skincare, laser skin resurfacing,<br />

injectables or medical-grade facials, my philosophy to<br />

achieving the best possible results involves smaller,<br />

incremental changes that target<br />

diff erent layers of the skin to yield<br />

the most satisfying and naturallooking<br />

results,’ he says.<br />

Face Plus Bondi Beach will off er<br />

all the treatments clients know<br />

and love from Dr Mooney’s Bondi<br />

Junction medispa and clinic – but<br />

what is especially exciting is the<br />

never-seen-before integration of<br />

wellness treatments with cosmetic<br />

medicine. Looking good and<br />

feeling good should go hand in<br />

hand – and the philosophy behind<br />

Face Plus is to treat each client<br />

holistically and individually, off ering<br />

services to help reverse the<br />

external signs of ageing but also<br />

cutting edge nutrition and wellness<br />

treatments to help slow down the<br />

internal ageing process, such as IV<br />

vitamin and hydration therapy.<br />

‘The cosmetic medicine industry has progressed from<br />

traditional “doctor-type” rooms to beautifully styled clinics –<br />

and now Face Plus Bondi Beach is set to take it to the next<br />

level,’ Dr Mooney concludes. csbm<br />

26 www.cosbeauty.com.au



An exciting new concept in Medispa and Wellness is<br />

opening in the New Year right on Campbell Parade at<br />

Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.<br />

We are currently looking for highly skilled and<br />

committed staff to build our A team!<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> physicians, cosmetic nurse injectors, dermal therapists,<br />

spa managers, consultants, nutritionists and retail experts.<br />


• You will be expert in your chosen profession, with a proven track record<br />

• You will have a willingness to deliver the highest standards in client care and treatments<br />

• You will know how to deliver an outstanding client experience<br />

• You have passion for the wellness and cosmetic medicine industry<br />

• You would love to be part of something different, innovative and cutting edge<br />

Expressions of interest to jobs@carenekiss.com.au with your CV and a covering<br />

letter outlining your interest and skill set. Only successful candidates will be contacted.<br />

Some apprenticeships will also be offered.<br />


feature<br />

Survive<br />

the<br />

Here are our<br />

tried and tested<br />

ways to survive<br />

this summer in<br />

good shape.<br />

Another year has passed and it’s that<br />

time again. Christmas parties, New Year<br />

celebrations, day after day of hot weather<br />

and school holidays conspire against the best efforts<br />

to stay trim, healthy and, above all, sane. Here are<br />

some ideas for making it through in one piece.<br />

28 www.cosbeauty.com.au

P<br />

R A<br />

Y TA Y TA T<br />

feature<br />

SeaSon<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

feature<br />

Pick your<br />

battles<br />

It’s neither fair nor feasible to maintain a strict diet all the way<br />

through the party season. Choose two or three occasions<br />

when you will allow yourself to indulge and then revert back to<br />

healthy eating for the remainder of the summer. For example,<br />

sticking to a salad and a mineral water at the office Christmas<br />

lunch might do more to damage your relationship with<br />

colleagues than a blow-out would to your waistline. No one<br />

likes a party pooper.<br />

Christmas<br />

calorie<br />

catastrophes<br />

The old-fashioned Christmas feast with roast turkey, hot<br />

vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, all smothered with<br />

lashings of bread sauce and rich gravy is a delightful idea<br />

for those dining in the chilly Northern Hemisphere. However,<br />

for those celebrating in the sunshine of an Australian<br />

summer, it just doesn’t make much sense.<br />

Follow the lead of clever Aussie families by abandoning<br />

hot and heavy Christmas lunches in favour of a summery<br />

selection of seafood and salad. In terms of calorie counting,<br />

a light lunch of lobster, prawns and salad doesn’t even<br />

compare with the old-fashioned Christmas fare. Make sure<br />

you have some treats for guests who aren’t worried about<br />

their weight. A cheese board is a great idea, as it can be left<br />

out from the time guests arrive until the end of the day. As<br />

a guide, include a good cheddar, a creamy Brie, a mild blue<br />

vein and perhaps a hunk of something strongly flavoured.<br />

Accompany that with some sliced pear, dried fruits, quince<br />

paste and a selection of crackers.<br />

For dessert, put out platters of seasonal summer fruits<br />

such as strawberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar, sliced<br />

melon, mango, kiwifruit, pineapple and paw paw and big<br />

bowls of cold grapes in different colours. Set out a couple<br />

of dipping bowls of King Island Creme Fraiche for a bit of<br />

extra indulgence.<br />

If you’re hosting the festivities, get rid of the leftovers<br />

when your guests depart. Often it isn’t Christmas Day that<br />

adds the extra kilos; it’s the week that follows of grazing<br />

endlessly on all the goodies left in the fridge.<br />

30 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Liquid<br />

calories<br />

A huge health trap to watch out for during the holiday season is alcohol<br />

consumption. Even if you watch what you eat and sometimes even skip<br />

meals as the year winds up to warp speed, all the celebratory drinks<br />

will add up and eventually take their toll on your weight and your health.<br />

Alcohol is loaded with calories in the form of carbohydrates. One 200ml<br />

glass of white wine contains around 135 calories – that’s the same calorie<br />

count as a bowl of Coco Pops.<br />

Stick to one glass of your chosen tipple at any party (aside from the few<br />

you’ve chosen as your ‘blow-out’ events) and opt for low-calorie drinks<br />

where possible. Choose a diet mixer rather than the full sugar version<br />

and light beer instead of full strength. Avoid drinking sparkling wine on an<br />

empty stomach, as the bubbles encourage the stomach to absorb the<br />

alcohol more quickly.<br />

The morning after<br />

Despite your best efforts, there will inevitably be mornings<br />

during the coming season when you’ll wake a little the<br />

worse for wear. Hangovers are the result of a number of<br />

factors, most commonly lack of sleep, dehydration of the<br />

brain, thiamine (Vitamin B1) depletion and high levels of<br />

intermediate metabolites of alcohol still in the blood.<br />

Thiamine is essential for metabolising carbohydrates<br />

(including alcohol) and for the membrane polarisation and<br />

depolarisation process involved in nerve transmission.<br />

Without sending your brain into a tailspin, here’s what<br />

happens when you drink more than two or three alcoholic<br />

drinks in one sitting. All available thiamine in the body is<br />

diverted away from the brain to metabolise the alcohol as it<br />

is consumed. By-products of the alcohol breakdown, many<br />

of which are toxic in large quantities, float around the body<br />

and enter the brain.<br />

Once the body’s supply of thiamine is exhausted, the<br />

alcohol in the blood is converted to fat. The body draws<br />

water from its tissues, including the brain, in an effort to dilute<br />

xxxx the excess alcohol and the by-products of its breakdown.<br />

The drinker wakes up the following morning with a<br />

pounding headache (the result of a shrivelled-up brain),<br />

nausea, a dry mouth and a few extra fat deposits.<br />

The best plan for cheating a hangover (aside from not<br />

drinking too much in the first place) is two-fold: Firstly,<br />

load up on thiamine before you start drinking. Keep levels<br />

up throughout the night and then replenish your stores<br />

the following morning. The other obvious rule is to stay<br />

hydrated. For every glass of alcohol you drink, add a glass<br />

of water.<br />

Thiamine-rich foods include Vegemite, pork (hence the<br />

classic bacon breakfast cure), brown rice, wholegrain cereals<br />

and beer nuts. It’s also readily available in supplement form<br />

from chemists and health food store. Thiamine is water<br />

soluble so you can’t overdose – any excess will simply be<br />

excreted by the body in your urine.<br />

This takes care of the hangover from the inside. The<br />

outside, however, might take a little more work. Staying<br />

hydrated should help with the problem of dull, dry skin the<br />

following day. If you can manage it, remove your makeup<br />

and apply a rich moisturiser before you go to bed. Keep<br />

some makeup removal wipes and a night cream on your<br />

bedside table, in case a trip to the bathroom to wash your<br />

face is just too much to handle.<br />

The next morning, start your day with a cool shower and<br />

finish up with a blast of icy water on your face. This should<br />

get your circulation flowing and help reduce any puffiness<br />

around the eyes.<br />

If your face still looks like a half-deflated party balloon, lie<br />

down with a cold compress over your eyes. Buy a reusable<br />

gel eye mask and keep it in the fridge ready for beauty<br />

firstaid emergencies. Failing that, soak a face washer in<br />

icy cold water with a dash of elderflower water, lie down<br />

and place it over your whole face. Banish puffy bags and<br />

dark circles with cold slices of raw potato or wet tea bags<br />

straight from the fridge.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

feature<br />

Incidental<br />

exercise<br />

December and January fly by in a flash, with gym<br />

sessions easily replaced by parties, long lunches and<br />

lazy days by the pool. If you don’t want to suffer the<br />

consequences come March, make sure you get in as<br />

much incidental exercise as you can.<br />

Instead of catching up with friends for a boozy lunch,<br />

suggest a day of tennis (okay, with maybe a Pimm’s<br />

afterwards). Walk instead of driving or catching public<br />

transport. Enjoy the sunshine and the warm balmy<br />

evenings while they’re here and go for a stroll. Climb<br />

the stairs instead of taking the lift.<br />

Use grocery bags as weights and do some bicep<br />

curls on the way home from the supermarket. Clench<br />

your bottom cheeks together while you’re standing in<br />

line to see Father Christmas with the kids. Brace your<br />

stomach muscles as you walk, wherever you are, to<br />

improve your core strength.<br />

Slip slop<br />

slap<br />

No feature on surviving summer would be complete without<br />

hammering the point of sun protection. You. Must. Cover. Up.<br />

Every single day. It’s as simple, and as inconvenient, as that.<br />

Item one on your summer shopping list should be a broadspectrum<br />

sun block. Broad-spectrum protection blocks both<br />

UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and an SPF factor of at least<br />

30 is essential.<br />

Sun protection isn’t just an issue at the beach or by the<br />

pool. Every morning apply a sunscreen to all exposed areas,<br />

including your face. These days there are plenty of good-quality<br />

sunscreens for the face so there’s no excuse for not applying<br />

one. To boost protection, apply a topical antioxidant serum<br />

containing free-radical guzzling goodies such as Vitamin C.<br />

Reapplying during the day is admittedly not a viable option<br />

for those of us who wear makeup to work. To keep your<br />

protection levels going, touch up with mineral makeup, which<br />

acts as a sunblock, during the day.<br />

If you’re in the sun for an extended period, you’ll need to<br />

cover up with more than just a lotion. Wear loose longsleeved<br />

clothing, sunglasses with UV protection and a hat.<br />

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feature<br />

Don’t<br />

sweat it<br />

Whether you sweat, perspire or glow, it’s<br />

a normal and essential bodily function that<br />

prevents us from overheating when it gets<br />

too warm, but damp patches under the arms,<br />

runny makeup and lank hair are not good looks<br />

for the party season.<br />

Here’s how to<br />

keep your cool:<br />

• Wear an antiperspirant as opposed to<br />

a deodorant. An antiperspirant contains<br />

aluminium, which temporarily blocks<br />

the pores from which your perspiration<br />

flows. A deodorant only masks the odour<br />

of perspiration.<br />

• Carry a pack of wet body wipes in your<br />

handbag to freshen up during the day.<br />

Personal hygiene is a must during summer.<br />

Daily showers are essential and, as the<br />

days start to really heat up, a shower before<br />

bed. Body powder helps to soak up excess<br />

perspiration on the feet, body and scalp.<br />

There are talc and talc-free options available,<br />

with or without fragrance. Dust yourself<br />

after your morning shower to stay fresh<br />

throughout the day.<br />

• Stay hydrated. The more you perspire, the<br />

more dehydrated you become. Not only that,<br />

essential salts are excreted. If you perspire<br />

too heavily without replenishing what you are<br />

losing, the result might be muscle cramps<br />

and headaches.<br />

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feature<br />

The<br />

cheat’s<br />

way to<br />

get a<br />

bikini<br />

body<br />

34 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Fat won’t budge?<br />

Find out the latest<br />

way to lose fat<br />

for good – without<br />

surgery. aimÉe<br />

surtenich reports.<br />

Over the past couple of decades body contouring<br />

surgery has become one of the most popular<br />

surgical procedures. But not everyone needs or<br />

is willing to undergo surgery to remove excess fat and<br />

reshape the body.<br />

Thankfully, advancements in the field of body contouring<br />

now offer non-surgical procedures that can achieve<br />

noticeable results with no downtime, no surgery and<br />

minimal (if any) discomfort.<br />

As with liposuction surgery, for optimal results you<br />

should be in good health with skin that has sufficient<br />

elasticity. The best candidates are usually those with<br />

small to medium localised fat deposits that are resistant to<br />

diet and exercise, rather than those seeking large-volume<br />

fat removal.<br />

While non-surgical body contouring can deliver<br />

significant results, you should have realistic expectations of<br />

what it can achieve for you. It should also be noted that, like<br />

liposuction, it is not a solution for weight loss or a treatment<br />

for obesity.<br />

This type of procedure typically does not require any<br />

anaesthesia or sedation and is usually performed in an<br />

in-office setting. There is normally no downtime, minimal<br />

patient discomfort and complications are rare. In conjunction<br />

with a healthy diet and exercise regime, results should<br />

be long lasting, if not permanent.<br />

Most devices harness some form of energy – be it<br />

radiofrequency, ultrasound, freezing temperatures or<br />

hyperthermic laser – to penetrate the skin and break down<br />

underlying fat.<br />

Here, we summarise the main technologies that underpin<br />

the most effective non-surgical body contouring devices<br />

available in Australia.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

feature<br />

Hyperthermic laser<br />

Cryolipolysis<br />

Cryolipolysis uses almost-freezing temperatures to<br />

kill fat cells without traumatising the surrounding<br />

tissues or harming the skin. The treatment is most<br />

suited to patients of average weight with pockets of<br />

fat which don’t respond to diet or exercise.<br />

The CLATUU 360˚ is the latest fat-freezing device<br />

utilising cryolipolysis to eliminate those hard-to-getrid-of<br />

pockets of fat.<br />

During treatment, a gel drape is placed onto the<br />

target area to protect the skin before the applicator<br />

head is placed onto the fat pocket, where it remains<br />

for approximately one hour.<br />

The applicator acts in a similar way to a vacuum,<br />

sucking the treatment area into position and directing<br />

the cold temperature to the target fat cells under<br />

the skin.<br />

Patients experience a gradual cooling sensation,<br />

similar to placing the area in iced water, but this<br />

subsides as the body gets used to the change. The<br />

initial suction may be uncomfortable depending on<br />

the laxity of the skin, but any discomfort usually<br />

subsides about 10 minutes into treatment.<br />

Post treatment, the target area feels stiff and<br />

cold, appearing squarish as if still moulded to<br />

the inside of the applicator. This can look strange<br />

immediately after the treatment, but it subsides after<br />

about 30 minutes as the skin and underlying tissues<br />

soften back to room temperature.<br />

Generally, at least two to three treatments are<br />

recommended. The results of cryolipolysis take a<br />

couple of months to appear, depending on the size<br />

of the area treated.<br />

Non-invasive fat reduction using laser is the newest<br />

treatment on the market. Launched in Australia in<br />

November 2015 by Cynosure, the innovative treatment,<br />

called SculpSure, is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment<br />

for non-invasive fat reduction of the flanks (love handles)<br />

and abdomen.<br />

It uses a 1060nm laser to target and destroy fat cells<br />

below the dermis. Multiple areas can be treated at once in<br />

just 25 minutes, and all skin types are suitable.<br />

The controlled hyperthermic laser induces fat cell injury<br />

by raising adipose temperature to a range of 42 to 47˚ C –<br />

the ideal temperature to eliminate fat cells, without damage<br />

to surrounding tissue.<br />

There is no downtime and minimal, if any, discomfort.<br />

Results can be seen around six weeks after treatment as<br />

the body naturally metabolises the destroyed fat. A series of<br />

treatments is typically recommended for optimum results.<br />

Radiofrequency<br />

body contouring<br />

This non-surgical treatment uses radiofrequency (RF)<br />

energy to reduce pockets of fat. The energy is emitted via<br />

an applicator through the skin without damaging the outer<br />

layers, only targeting the underlying fat and tissues.<br />

Treatment typically takes about one hour and patients<br />

generally experience a warm to hot sensation around the<br />

target area during the procedure. The heat generated from<br />

the RF energy causes microscopic changes to tissues and<br />

collagen fibres, with further collagen remodelling occurring<br />

over the subsequent months following the procedure. The<br />

broken down fat cells are drained via the lymphatic system<br />

and then excreted as urine.<br />

Localised fatty deposits such as on the abdomen,<br />

hips and thighs are most suited to RF body contouring<br />

treatments, with patients also noting a reduction in the<br />

appearance of cellulite. Temporary side effects may include<br />

temporary swelling, redness or bruising around the treated<br />

area, which normally disappear after a week or so.<br />

Depending on the device being used, results can<br />

be observed after a single treatment, although a series<br />

of treatments is usually recommended for significant<br />

results. The patient will gradually notice changes such as<br />

circumferential reduction of the treated area, a reduction in<br />

cellulite and a more streamlined body shape.<br />

36 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

ulTrasonic body<br />

conTouring<br />

Ultrasonic body contouring treatments use targeted<br />

ultrasound frequencies to break down fat, particularly<br />

on the abdomen, hips, thighs and ‘love handles’. The<br />

best candidates are close to their ideal weight but<br />

have stubborn areas of localised fatty deposits that<br />

do not respond to changes in diet and exercise.<br />

The focused ultrasound waves are delivered in<br />

short bursts of energy, or pulses, to destroy fat cells<br />

while leaving surrounding tissue, nerves and blood<br />

vessels unaff ected. The ultrasound waves create<br />

a cavitation eff ect in the target fat cells – a process<br />

where the fat cell membranes are damaged with each<br />

pulse of energy so that the contents of the fat cells<br />

(triglycerides) are dispersed and processed by the<br />

body. The fat cell contents are then fl ushed out by the<br />

body’s lymphatic system.<br />

Generally, a series of treatments per area achieves<br />

noticeable, measurable results, although some<br />

patients note a circumferential reduction in the area<br />

after the fi rst treatment. It can take around four weeks<br />

for fi nal results to be visible as the body gradually<br />

eliminates the fatty debris. csbm<br />

mosT deVices harness some<br />

sorT oF energy To peneTraTe<br />

The skin and break down<br />

underlying FaT<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37

ody<br />

non-invasive<br />

body<br />

contouring<br />

in 25 minutes<br />

Welcome to the new era in<br />

non-surgical fat reduction<br />

and body contouring.<br />

AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

38 www.cosbeauty.com.au

ody<br />

24%<br />

fat reduction<br />

in 25 minutes<br />

In a clinical trial, those treated<br />

with SculpSure saw reduction<br />

in fat layer thickness of up to<br />

24 percent, six and 12 weeks<br />

post-treatment.<br />

SculpSure can treat multiple<br />

anatomical areas in 25<br />

minutes – that’s less than<br />

half the treatment time of<br />

other non-invasive body<br />

contouring devices.<br />

What if I told you that you could lose 24 percent<br />

of fat off your abdomen in 25 minutes? You’d<br />

probably say I was dreaming. Well, dreams can<br />

come true.<br />

Cynosure, a leader in energy based aesthetic solutions<br />

spanning 120 countries, has just launched SculpSure, the<br />

latest in non-invasive body contouring.<br />

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment<br />

for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks (love handles) and<br />

abdomen. It is also being used to target fat on the upper<br />

arms, thighs and knees, with effective results. It offers no<br />

downtime, no post-treatment discomfort, shorter treatment<br />

time and measurable results.<br />

In clinically tested multisite trials with more than 100<br />

patients, a 24 percent reduction in stubborn fat was seen<br />

in the treated area, with a patient satisfaction rate greater<br />

than 90 percent.<br />

Using patented technology, SculpSure uses a<br />

1060nm laser to reduce fat by non-invasively disrupting<br />

subcutaneous fat cells. It does this by raising adipose<br />

temperature to a range of 42 to 47˚C, with no damage to<br />

the surrounding tissue. Being the first hyperthermic laser<br />

treatment for non-invasive fat reduction, it represents an<br />

entirely new approach to non-surgical body contouring.<br />

‘In the aesthetic industry we have hoped for something<br />

simple and non-invasive to remove stubborn fat,’ says<br />

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steven Liew, a primary adopter<br />

of the new technology and who is offering SculpSure<br />

treatment at his Darlinghurst clinic. ‘That day has arrived,<br />

and it has arrived as SculpSure.’<br />

Today’s patients are discerning and somewhat<br />

demanding. ‘Treatment needs to be effective, it has to be<br />

quick, to treat multiple regions at once for the time-poor,<br />

and to cause minimal discomfort and no downtime,’ says<br />

Dr Liew. ‘SculpSure meets this brief.’<br />

The 1060nm diode laser does not require anaesthesia<br />

and can treat multiple areas simultaneously in just 25<br />

minutes, making it a true “lunch-time” procedure requiring<br />

no downtime.<br />

The device has four versatile non-suction applicators and<br />

can treat numerous areas at once, as well as both pinchable<br />

and non-pinchable areas of fat. The four applicators can be<br />

applied to many different body shapes and size – offering<br />

versatile and customisable treatments for each patient and<br />

is not just a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.<br />

It’s comfortable and well tolerated by patients thanks to<br />

its patented contact cooling. Another bonus is that it has a<br />

simple handsfree mechanism, which means the operator<br />

can apply the applicators and literally walk out of the room<br />

for 25 minutes while you read a book, listen to music or<br />

enjoy a quick power nap.<br />

We have hoped for<br />

something simple and<br />

non-invasive to remove<br />

stubborn fat. That day has<br />

arrived, and it has arrived<br />

as SculpSure<br />

Importantly, SculpSure does not damage dermal tissue<br />

so it can be used on all skin types. In addition to disrupting<br />

subcutaneous fat cells, the heating energy of the diode<br />

laser also can also promote the production of collagen and<br />

elastin to help the treated area look firmer and younger.<br />

For the best outcomes, three to four treatments are<br />

recommended six to 12 weeks apart, but results can be<br />

seen after just one treatment. Results from each treatment<br />

can be seen around six weeks after treatment, as the body<br />

naturally metabolises and eliminates the destroyed fat.<br />

Suitable for both men and women – and proving most<br />

popular for ‘mummy tummies’ and love handles – SculpSure<br />

helps you look your best, whether you’re preparing for your<br />

wedding day, going on holiday or simply looking for a little<br />

help to reduce fat in hard-to-shift places. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

ody<br />

CLATUU 360˚<br />

FREEZE<br />

THE FAT<br />

AWAY<br />






Done the hard yards with your diet and exercise but<br />

your tummy’s still more tubby than taut? Let me<br />

introduce you to CLATUU – a new non-surgical<br />

body sculpting technology that uses controlled cooling to<br />

‘freeze’ and permanently destroy fat from stubborn areas<br />

such as the abdomen and thighs.<br />

In both clinical and pre-clinical trials, CLATUU, distributed<br />

in Australia by Cryomed, has demonstrated its effi cacy in<br />

eliminating stubborn fat. It works by gently drawing fatty<br />

areas into the patented 360˚ applicators and cooling the<br />

area to a temperature that causes fat cell apoptosis – while<br />

keeping normal cells intact.<br />

To be a good candidate, you should be at or near your<br />

ideal body weight, eat well and exercise regularly but<br />

still have stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to a healthy<br />

lifestyle. You should also have realistic expectations<br />

about what the procedure can achieve and not rely on it<br />

as a weight loss treatment.<br />



CLATUU freezes your fat away by using precisely controlled<br />

cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that is resilient to exercise<br />

or diet. Cooling fat cells to an optimal temperature brings<br />

about a sequence of events that leads to the destruction<br />

and elimination of fat cells without aff ecting any of the other<br />

surrounding tissue.<br />

The CLATUU maintains a constant target temperature<br />

for the best possible reduction, and its 360˚ DualSculpt<br />

handpiece system means it delivers maximum coverage for<br />

faster and better results.<br />

The results of CLATUU are proven and visible, and with<br />

the ability to treat two sites at once, you can cut down<br />

treatment time in half, giving you more time to do the things<br />

you love.<br />


During a CLATUU treatment the dual handpieces are placed<br />

on the treatment areas. These deliver precisely controlled<br />

cooling to specifi cally target underlying fat, leaving the<br />

surface skin tissue unaff ected.<br />

A typical treatment takes 60 minutes, and most patients<br />

fi nd it very tolerable (it’s more of a tingling, numbing<br />

sensation). There is no downtime and you can return to<br />

your usual activities straightaway. Results gradually occur<br />

in the ensuing weeks and months after treatment, as the<br />

40 www.cosbeauty.com.au

ody<br />




360˚ SURROUND<br />




One of the biggest breakthroughs in non-surgical<br />

body contouring was reportedly inspired by the<br />

observation that babies given ice blocks to suck over<br />

Clatuu Clatuu targets targets several several stubborn fat areas fat areas<br />

a prolonged period of time lost fat in their cheeks.<br />

This sparked years of research into the role freezing<br />

plays in the destruction of fat cells.<br />

It was found that, under carefully controlled<br />

conditions, subcutaneous fat cells are more<br />

Clatuu targets several stubborn fat areas<br />

vulnerable to the eff ects of cold than the surrounding<br />

tissue. Further, once a certain level of cooling is<br />

achieved, a natural ‘cascade’ of fat destruction<br />

known as selective cryolipolysis begins. The body<br />

goes on to expel the destroyed fat cells through<br />

natural excretion over a two to four month period.<br />

body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat through the<br />

body’s lymphatic system.<br />

Visible, measurable results can be seen from just one<br />

treatment, however a series of sessions will yield the most<br />

dramatic fat-busting results in most cases. As an added<br />

bonus, if you take care to maintain your proper weight<br />

by eating right and exercising regularly, the results are<br />

permanent. csbm<br />

How Clatuu freezes your your<br />

fat fat away.<br />

HOW How Clatuu CLATUU 1 1freezes 360° your 2 2<br />

FREEZES fat away. YOUR FAT AWAY<br />

Some areas of our body have bulges<br />

of stubborn fat<br />

1<br />

Some Some areas areas of our of body our have body bulges have bulges These These areas areas due are to due underlying to underlying<br />

of stubborn of stubborn fat fat<br />

fat cells fat that cells are that resilient are resilient to exercise to exerc<br />

or diet or diet<br />

3<br />

3<br />

Controlled Controlled cooling cooling with the with CLATUU the CLATUU<br />

targets targets and freezes and freezes these these fat cells fat cells<br />

3<br />

These areas are due to underlying<br />

fat cells that are resilient to exercise<br />

or diet<br />

2<br />

4<br />

4<br />

Through Through a process a process called called Cool-Assisted<br />

Lipolysis, Lipolysis, these these fat cells fat gradually cells gradually die<br />

and are and eliminated are eliminated from the from body the body<br />

4<br />

5<br />

Controlled cooling with the CLATUU<br />

targets and freezes these fat cells<br />

5<br />

Through a process called Cool-Assisted<br />

Lipolysis, these fat cells gradually die<br />

and are eliminated from the body<br />

6<br />

6<br />

BEFORE<br />

Before Before<br />

Six weeks AFTER two Clatuu treatments<br />

6 weeks 6 weeks after second after second treatment treatment<br />

5<br />

6<br />

Before<br />

6 weeks after second treatment<br />

Reduction Reduction in the in fat the layer fat layer occurs occurs<br />

in the in following the following weeks weeks and months and months<br />

after treatment after treatment<br />

This results This results in a a natural-looking<br />

and contoured and contoured appearance appearance without witho<br />

the surgery the surgery<br />

BEFORE<br />

Four weeks AFTER one Clatuu treatment<br />

This results in a natural-looking<br />

You You get get visible, visible,<br />

and contoured<br />

measurable<br />

appearance<br />

and<br />

without<br />

and lasting lasting<br />

the surgery<br />

results results without the the surgery.<br />

You get visible, measurable and lasting<br />

Reduction in the fat layer occurs<br />

in the following weeks and months<br />

after treatment<br />

Before Before<br />

4 weeks 4 weeks after second after second treatment treatment<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

easts<br />

BODYin<br />

balance<br />

We talk breasts, balance and<br />

proportion with Dr John Flynn.<br />

aimÉe surtenich reports.<br />

42 www.cosbeauty.com.au

easts<br />

While many of us assume breast surgery only<br />

applies to younger women seeking augmentation,<br />

age-related changes to the breast such as loss of<br />

volume and shape are also common reasons for cosmetic<br />

breast surgery.<br />

‘There are a number of issues associated with ageing that<br />

affect the breasts,’ says Dr John Flynn from Cosmedic &<br />

Skin Clinic on the Gold Coast. ‘These include loss of volume,<br />

texture and tone of breast tissue, and the inevitable sagging<br />

of the breasts. All women will be affected by some of these at<br />

some stage of their lives due to the natural ageing process.’<br />

Breast rejuvenation surgery – whether augmentation,<br />

reduction or lift (mastopexy) – can significantly boost a<br />

woman’s self-esteem and confidence when chosen for the<br />

right reasons.<br />

Dr Flynn says many breast rejuvenation patients are<br />

simply looking to bring their body into proportion, perhaps<br />

due to underdevelopment, asymmetry or changes<br />

associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as<br />

the natural ageing process.<br />

‘The overall aim of breast rejuvenation procedures is to<br />

balance the body’s proportions into a pleasing, feminine<br />

silhouette,’ Dr Flynn explains. ‘Although changing your<br />

breasts will not, in itself, change you, it can be effective in<br />

restoring self-esteem and body confidence.’<br />

As we age, gravity, a loss in skin quality and a reduction<br />

in renewal processes can leave all parts of the body – not<br />

just the face – somewhat deteriorated. Such age-related<br />

changes to the breast, for example a loss in volume and an<br />

‘empty’ look or a change in shape, are common reasons for<br />

women seeking surgery.<br />

Procedures that restore volume, but also lift the breast<br />

tissue, are effective in creating a more youthful and<br />

natural-looking result in breast rejuvenation. A breast lift,<br />

or mastopexy, can improve the shape and position of the<br />

breasts, while also adjusting the nipple areola complex.<br />

‘Certainly, restoring volume using breast implants is<br />

a key measure, however there are times when lifting and<br />

tightening of the breast tissue is of equal importance and<br />

sometimes I perform a combination of these procedures,’<br />

Dr Flynn says. ‘The principle purpose is to create body<br />

balance, where the proportions are in harmony.’<br />

A breast lift, combined with augmentation or reduction,<br />

encompasses a total rejuvenation of breast tissue. The<br />

size and shape of the breasts are adjusted, excess skin is<br />

removed and the tissue is remodelled.<br />

‘In a mastopexy, the available breast tissue can be<br />

compressed and lifted to help restore a fullness of texture<br />

and tone,’ Dr Flynn says. ‘The lifted breasts will have a<br />

more pert, youthful appearance. This can be combined<br />

with volume reduction, in a reduction mastopexy, or implant<br />

insertion, in an augmentation mastopexy.’<br />

Dr Flynn explains that patients should be aware that<br />

mastopexy involves a different type of scarring from<br />

traditional breast implant surgery: ‘Typically, the surgical<br />

approach is through an incision around the nipple, and in<br />

Procedures that restore<br />

volume, but also lift the<br />

breast tissue, can create<br />

a more youthful and<br />

natural-looking result<br />

some cases there may also be a vertical scar from the nipple<br />

to the inframammary fold (the breast crease),’ he says.<br />

When contemplating breast surgery, education and<br />

realistic expectations are paramount to achieving a positive<br />

result. Dr Flynn believes women who are well informed of<br />

the procedure, and realistic in their expectations, are most<br />

likely to be pleased with the result.<br />

‘We recognise that patients may differ in what they regard<br />

as ideal body proportions, so this is something that needs<br />

to be discussed with their chosen doctor at consultation,’<br />

he says. ‘In an initial consultation, the surgical options<br />

should be fully explored, including the risks, limitations and<br />

potential complications.’<br />

For patients looking to also recontour their lower half,<br />

Dr Flynn has refined the “Body Balance” approach, where<br />

the patient’s own fat is harvested to help improve body<br />

shape. In this, fat is removed during liposuction and then<br />

redistributed into the breasts for an enhanced effect.<br />

According to Dr Flynn, an emerging concept in this area<br />

involves the use of stem cells in fat transfers, which help<br />

improve the consistency of the result.<br />

Whether it is to fill volume, reduce tissue or lift heavy<br />

breasts, there is a range of surgical options to help achieve<br />

a more youthful and aesthetic contour. In balancing<br />

proportions, correcting asymmetry or rejuvenating the<br />

breasts, results can help boost confidence and heighten<br />

body image.<br />

Dr Flynn believes breast rejuvenation is a highly<br />

personalised process and everything – from the initial<br />

consultation to choosing the most suitable implant type –<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

easts<br />

should be a personal decision. ‘Each woman is different in<br />

their reasons for, and expectations of, breast rejuvenation<br />

surgery. Even in deciding upon an implant, there are a variety<br />

of shapes and sizes to choose from because every patient<br />

is unique,’ he adds. ‘It is important to find a personalised<br />

solution to suit each individual.’<br />

‘The overall aim of breast rejuvenation procedures is<br />

to balance the body’s proportions into a more pleasing<br />

feminine silhouette,’ he concludes. csbm<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Flynn<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast reduction by Dr Flynn<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER breast lift by Dr Flynn<br />

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ISSUE 70 • NOV-JAN 2016<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


TO COVET<br />

FACIAL<br />


UPDATE<br />


ON LIGHT<br />


9 771833 383011<br />

02<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

THE<br />

CHEAT’S<br />

WAY TO<br />

A BIKINI<br />

BODY<br />

NEW FAT<br />



70th<br />

ISSUE<br />



feature<br />

The<br />

Face<br />

fixers<br />

46 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Today there<br />

are many nonsurgical<br />

options<br />

for wrinkles and<br />

volume loss, but<br />

sometimes only<br />

surgery will<br />

suffice in lifting<br />

sagging skin –<br />

and creating<br />

truly age-defying<br />

results. aimÉe<br />

surtenich reports.<br />


First performed more than 100 years ago, surgical facelift techniques have<br />

continued to evolve and today can enhance virtually any part of the ageing face.<br />

Predominantly used by women to restore the contours of youth, a facelift, or<br />

rhytidectomy, can correct sagging, loose skin and reposition fat and tissues to<br />

add volume back to the face.<br />

Over time, the effects of gravity, sun damage and the stresses of everyday life<br />

appear on the face, altering the way people appear to the outside world. Deep<br />

lines may appear around the eyes and mouth, sagging skin may fall from the<br />

cheek, jawline and neck, and fat deposits that were once full and firm deplete,<br />

leaving hollow and sunken areas of the face. As people are living increasingly<br />

lengthy lives, a facelift is designed to address these age-related changes and<br />

help both men and women look as young as they feel inside.<br />

By repositioning both the skin and the layer of muscle and tissue beneath<br />

(known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS), the modern<br />

approach to facelifting restores facial elements to a more desirable position to<br />

create a younger looking appearance while avoiding the tell-tale signs of surgery.<br />

While the modern approach to facelifting predominantly addresses volume<br />

replacement and vectors of lift, the procedure also helps smooth lines and folds.<br />

A facelift does not, however, address overall skin texture, skin thickness, or<br />

wrinkling and creases around the nose and mouth.<br />

Facelifts can be divided into full, lower and mid-facelifts. Typically, a full facelift<br />

will begin with incisions made and concealed within the hairline. From here, the<br />

skin is separated from the muscles and tissue beneath, and the SMAS layer is<br />

then tightened in the mid and lower face, as well as the neck. The skin is then<br />

pulled back, reducing lines and wrinkles. Excess skin and fat is removed, and<br />

the incisions are closed.<br />

A lower facelift addresses the appearance of ageing features in the lower<br />

part of the face. It is common for a single incision to be made within the hairline<br />

extending down around the perimeter of the ear and into the hairline on the back<br />

of the head. Through these incisions, the skin is lifted from the underlying tissue<br />

of the lower face, jaw line and neck to expose the muscle and fibrous tissue<br />

beneath. The SMAS is repositioned to elevate and tighten the underlying facial<br />

structures and the skin is repositioned, with any excess being removed. A lower<br />

facelift procedure typically takes three hours, depending on the extent of surgery.<br />

A mid-facelift is concerned with tightening the underlying tissues and elevating<br />

the fat pads to give improved shape and volume to the face. Although capable<br />

of restoring a firmer, younger-looking appearance, a mid-facelift cannot correct<br />

loose skin in the neck and jaw line.<br />

A mid-facelift can be performed using a variety of different incisions and surgical<br />

techniques. For example, when combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty),<br />

the surgeon may choose to make incisions in the lower eyelid. When performed<br />

in conjunction with a lower facelift, the surgeon may make additional incisions<br />

inside the mouth along the gum line to help release the mid-face tissues.<br />

Another approach is the endoscopic technique, whereby small incisions are<br />

usually made just above the hairline, above the ear or by the temple. Additional<br />

incisions are made inside the mouth over the cheekbone. With the aid of an<br />

endoscope, the surgeon can gently manipulate the facial tissues and lift them to<br />

a more youthful position.<br />

A mid-facelift procedure takes around one and a half hours, depending on the<br />

extent of treatment.<br />

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feature<br />

Recovery from modern facelifts is typically much less<br />

extensive and lengthy compared with facelifts of the past,<br />

with less swelling, bruising, pain and recovery time. There<br />

are also different procedures, such as mini-lifts, which use<br />

smaller and fewer incisions, offering less recovery and<br />

downtime.<br />


As the ‘windows to the soul’, the eyes offer an indication<br />

of someone’s age, level of fatigue and even overall state of<br />

health. Studies have shown that factors such as the degree<br />

of wrinkling, skin texture and upper eyelid ‘hooding’ can<br />

indicate poor health and lifestyle to others.<br />

As the effects of ageing take their toll, a blepharoplasty<br />

procedure, which addresses the upper and/or lower<br />

eyelids, can help not only recapture a sense of youth but<br />

also express an overall sense of health and happiness<br />

to others.<br />

From skin laxity to thinning and fat depletion, ageing can<br />

take its toll on the eye region, resulting in delicate changes.<br />

The muscle layer beneath the skin starts to lose its tone;<br />

the fat of the eyelid can protrude forward to cause a dark<br />

shadow; the cheeks begin to shrink, leaving a groove-like<br />

valley known as a tear trough; and the brows descend. The<br />

result is a tired-looking, aged appearance.<br />

The effects of ageing can also be exacerbated by sunexposure<br />

and smoking.<br />

Despite the largely uniform ageing process, however, the<br />

variety of ways in which these effects present themselves<br />

on each individual means that blepharoplasty is not suitable<br />

for everyone. Even when someone is convinced an upper<br />

or lower blepharoplasty procedure is right for them,<br />

this may not be the case, and it is the surgeon’s job to<br />

identify where the real opportunity for improvement lies. A<br />

thorough consultation, including a review of past photos,<br />

can help determine whether someone will benefit from<br />

blepharoplasty.<br />

The approach to eyelid surgery will be individualised<br />

to each patient. Skin quality, ethnic features, as well as<br />

anatomical differences will dictate the ideal approach for<br />

each patient.<br />

Surgeons will typically consider the aesthetics and<br />

function of both the upper and lower eyelid, and consider<br />

whether altering one or both is the appropriate surgical<br />

approach. Often, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty is sufficient<br />

in rejuvenating the appearance of younger patients,<br />

whereas a lower lid blepharoplasty may be needed to<br />

remove redundant skin and bags in older patients. In<br />

48 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

others, a brow lift or fat sculpturing may be the best option<br />

to address specific concerns.<br />

Upper blepharoplasty<br />

Considered a more straightforward procedure than lower<br />

eyelid surgery, upper blepharoplasty is well suited for those<br />

with excess skin that creates a ‘hooded’ effect over the<br />

eyes. Typically, the procedure involves removing excess<br />

skin to create a more ‘open’ appearance in the eye area,<br />

revealing the contour of the brow and inner eyelid crease.<br />

Upper eyelid surgery is usually approached from the<br />

skin crease in the outer surface of the eyelid. The incision<br />

is typically made in the lid crease and is made with either<br />

a scalpel or CO 2<br />

laser that seals the blood vessels as it<br />

incises. Skin and muscle are removed to reduce hooding<br />

in the upper eyelid. In some cases, fat pockets may need<br />

to be repositioned during surgery, but this is dependent on<br />

the patient.<br />

For suitable patients, upper blepharoplasty can produce<br />

dramatic results and is a minimally invasive surgical<br />

procedure when no fat transfer is required.<br />

Lower blepharoplasty<br />

Approaches to the lower lid are more likely to require a<br />

combination approach, which may involve surgery, filler and<br />

laser to give the best result.<br />

Incisions for the lower lid blepharoplasty can be made<br />

either inside the eyelid or just below the lower lash line.<br />

Excess skin in the lower eyelids is removed through these<br />

incisions to correct undereye bags or sagging.<br />

Eyelid heaviness caused primarily by excess fat may<br />

be corrected by a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. The<br />

incision in this case is made inside the lower eyelid, and<br />

excess fatty material is removed.<br />

The supporting muscles and structures surrounding the<br />

lower lids play an important role in the appearance of the<br />

eyes, and therefore lower blepharoplasty requires an intimate<br />

understanding of the periocular anatomy. Damage to any of<br />

the surrounding structures can lead to complications such<br />

as scarring and droopy lids. The preservation of the blinking<br />

mechanism is also of critical importance in order to avoid<br />

problems with eye irritation post surgery.<br />

The results of eyelid surgery become apparent gradually,<br />

with swelling and bruising usually subsiding after around<br />

two weeks to reveal a smoother, better defined eye region<br />

and a more alert and rejuvenated appearance. Results<br />

typically last around seven to 10 years. Some patients<br />

may also elect to have their eyelid surgery combined with<br />

a facelift or brow lift to maximise the rejuvenating effect and<br />

further enhance results.<br />


The eyebrow area can be especially influential in the<br />

appearance of ageing eyes, as the brow can descend<br />

and cast an aged, tired and often angry expression<br />

across the face.<br />

The brow and the forehead can be the first part of the<br />

face to show early signs of facial ageing. Deep creases<br />

across the forehead and between the eyebrows can<br />

appear, even when the face remains in a static position.<br />

The effects of gravity, sun damage and the natural<br />

ageing process all contribute to a gradual descent of<br />

the brow, giving a ‘heavy’ or ‘hooded’ look to the upper<br />

face, which can make a person appear angry, sad or<br />

older than their years.<br />

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift elevates<br />

a low or sagging brow to a more youthful position,<br />

minimises the creases and wrinkles that develop across<br />

the forehead, and improves frown lines that develop<br />

high on the bridge of the nose. It can also rejuvenate<br />

the upper eye area, reducing heaviness and sagging<br />

over the eyelid and at the outer edges of the eye.<br />

Brow lift surgery can be performed using several<br />

different techniques. Generally there are two commonly<br />

used methods of performing a brow lift: the traditional<br />

coronal open incision brow lift and the endoscopic<br />

brow lift.<br />

The traditional brow lift procedure involves an<br />

incision made behind the hairline across the top of the<br />

head from temple to temple. The forehead skin is lifted<br />

from the underlying tissue and tightened along with<br />

the muscle using sutures under the skin. The incision<br />

is then closed with stitches. <strong>Surgery</strong> typically takes<br />

around one to two hours.<br />

Instead of one long incision, the endoscopic<br />

approach to lifting the brow involves three to five short<br />

incisions above the hairline, each about 2cm long. An<br />

endoscope is passed through an incision and positioned<br />

near the brow. From there, surgical instruments are<br />

inserted through another incision to allow the tissue<br />

and muscle beneath the skin to be repositioned.<br />

Gauze is placed over the closed incision and an<br />

elastic bandage may be wrapped over the area to<br />

reduce swelling for the first few days. Most patients<br />

can resume everyday activities within a week, although<br />

rigorous activity should be avoided for several weeks.<br />

Bruising and swelling typically subsides after around<br />

three to four weeks and some temporary numbness of<br />

the scalp is normal. Healing is usually complete and the<br />

final results apparent within around two months.<br />

A brow lift is often combined with a facelift or<br />

blepharoplasty to provide a harmonious rejuvenation.<br />

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feature<br />

EAR<br />


Affecting around one in 20 people, overly large<br />

ears often result in a significant aesthetic and<br />

psychological handicap.<br />

Many people with protruding ears often learn<br />

to hide them from a young age, be it with a hat or<br />

hairstyles, to avoid unkind remarks.<br />

Otoplasty (or ear correction) is a surgical<br />

procedure that reduces the appearance of<br />

prominent ears, pulling them back closer to<br />

the head and making them less noticeable. An<br />

otoplasty is a relatively simple operation to correct<br />

protruding ears, and can result in a pleasing and<br />

long-lasting outcome.<br />

Suitable for both adults and children, the<br />

procedure usually takes around two hours. The<br />

surgeon makes a small incision, using either a<br />

scalpel or laser, at the back of the ear so that the<br />

cartilage is exposed. The cartilage is then sculpted<br />

and bent back toward the head. In cases where<br />

only one ear may protrude, the surgery is usually<br />

still performed on both ears for better balance.<br />

After the surgery, a bandage is wrapped<br />

around the patient’s head to help with moulding<br />

and healing. This stays on for approximately one<br />

week, after which a lighter and smaller headband<br />

is usually worn during sleep for the next two to<br />

three weeks. In most cases the incision leaves<br />

a faint scar at the back of the ear, which fades<br />

over time. Swelling and bruising post-surgery is<br />

usually minimal.<br />


A neck lift is designed to reduce excess skin and fatty<br />

tissue of the neck and correct poor definition of the chin/<br />

neck angle and jaw line. The technique used will depend on<br />

several factors, such as the degree of excess skin, the level<br />

of skin laxity and the presence of fatty tissue.<br />

The traditional neck lift incision begins in front of the<br />

ear lobe and loops under and behind the ear, ending<br />

in the scalp towards the back of the neck. An additional<br />

small incision under the chin may be made to tighten the<br />

platysma muscles.<br />

Other techniques may involve an incision only inside the<br />

hairline at the back of the neck (known as a posterior neck<br />

lift), or behind the ear only (for some suspension techniques).<br />

During a typical neck lift procedure, the platysma<br />

muscles of the neck, which weaken and separate with<br />

age, are tightened and sewn back together in the centre.<br />

In some cases the surgeon may choose to remove a small<br />

part of the muscle to further reduce the appearance of skin<br />

laxity and neck banding.<br />

NECK & CHIN LIpo<br />

Two of the defining features of a youthful face are a welldefined<br />

jaw line and a pleasing angle where the neck and<br />

chin meet. Chin and neck fullness or a poorly defined<br />

jaw line can create the appearance of excess weight and<br />

premature ageing.<br />

Facial liposuction is a relatively minimally invasive surgical<br />

procedure and is best suited to patients presenting with<br />

excess fatty tissue but minimal excess neck skin. Through<br />


Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for the cheek, jaw, nose and chin, facial implants are designed to restore<br />

the contours and proportion of the face, which may be left depleted by the natural ageing process. Facial implants<br />

are used to correct sunken cheeks, a receding chin or enhance the jaw and also to create structural balance in<br />

the face.<br />

Chin augmentation, for example, can build up a weak chin and contribute to an overall balanced profile. Facial<br />

implants are often inserted in conjunction with rhinoplasty to achieve facial proportion. It is also possible to add<br />

balance to the face by building up and enhancing the cheekbones using implants. Placed through a small incision<br />

in the mouth, they give the ‘high cheekbone’ look. Incisions for cheek implants can also be made through the<br />

hairline or lower eyelids. Chin and jaw implant incisions are usually hidden in the mouth.<br />

The implants themselves are specially formed from solid, biocompatible materials and are designed to augment<br />

the physical structures of the face and create more defined contours and angles. The incisions are normally<br />

closed with absorbable sutures that dissolve over the next seven to 10 days.<br />

50 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

several tiny incisions, the fatty tissue is removed by way<br />

of a specialised suction device. The procedure is most<br />

often performed with a microcannula using a tumescent<br />

technique that involves injecting fluid into the targeted area<br />

while suctioning the fat out.<br />

Swelling and bruising should typically subside in around<br />

seven to 10 days, after which most patients can return to<br />

normal everyday activities. Final results can take several<br />

months to become evident.<br />


Today, surgeons are equipped with a repertoire of<br />

procedures aimed at rejuvenating facial features. One<br />

technique used to lift sagging features – typically in the<br />

mid-face – to create a fresher, more contoured look, is a<br />

thread lift. By inserting threads into the cheek area, not<br />

only can the cheek be suspended to a higher position but<br />

collagen production can also be stimulated, thus improving<br />

the hydration, tone and texture of the skin.<br />

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive technique that<br />

elevates the soft tissues of the face using specially<br />

designed internal sutures and can deliver subtle yet<br />

effective results. The procedure involves the use of multiple<br />

fine biocompatible threads to lift and support sagging skin<br />

on the face and neck. Tiny ‘nicks’ are made to the skin,<br />

which are hidden in the sideburn area. Threads are then<br />

looped to the sagging soft tissues that support the face and<br />

neck, lifting and anchoring the facial tissue to an elevated,<br />

more youthful position.<br />

This process allows the threads to have a firm hold<br />

on the underlying tissues, without causing trauma to the<br />

outer layers. Acting as a kind of scaffolding, the soft barbs<br />

gently hold to the tissue as they lift the skin, complementing<br />

the natural line of the face or neck. Once in position, the<br />

body generates new collagen that surrounds each thread<br />

to maintain the lifting effect. Excess skin is then removed<br />

through a fine incision along the ear.<br />

New-generation threads are completely absorbable.<br />

This means the threads dissolve within around nine to 12<br />

months, whilst maintaining the revitalising and lifting effect<br />

for several years to come.<br />

The procedure is typically performed under local<br />

anaesthetic and usually takes around one hour to perform.<br />

Patients can usually return home within one to two hours<br />

after the procedure. However, patients should be aware the<br />

threads take a few weeks to settle and integrate properly<br />

with the skin.<br />

This procedure does not replace a conventional facelift;<br />

rather, it offers patients a minimally invasive approach to<br />

address the early signs of facial ageing. Results tend to last<br />

around two to four years.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

feature<br />

Butt<br />

it out!<br />

Besides the obvious and<br />

well-documented negatives,<br />

smoking also increases the risk<br />

of complications during and<br />

after cosmetic surgery.<br />

Today, the health risks of smoking are well understood<br />

and are graphically communicated on the back of<br />

every packet of cigarettes smokers purchase. But for<br />

those considering cosmetic surgery — indeed any kind of<br />

surgery — the risks posed to their health both during and<br />

after surgery by smoking may be less well understood.<br />

Recovery from any surgery can be a slow and gradual<br />

process and, in order to minimise discomfort and downtime,<br />

it’s important to be well prepared. Physically, the body<br />

needs to be strong and healthy before undergoing surgery<br />

and, as part of this, some cosmetic and plastic surgeons<br />

will advise smokers to quit their habit for between two and<br />

six weeks prior and post procedure.<br />

In 2004, the head of thoracic medicine at Sydney’s<br />

Concord Hospital, Dr Matthew Peters, published an article<br />

in the Medical Journal of Australia outlining the high rates<br />

of post-operative infection suffered by chronic smokers and<br />

their consequent need for intensive post-operative care.<br />

The article caused debate among doctors and human<br />

rights activists by controversially suggesting a wide range<br />

of elective surgical procedures should not be offered to<br />

smokers who do not try or don’t succeed in quitting. Dr<br />

Peters recommended smokers be given a lower priority<br />

52 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

on surgical waiting lists, and admits his point of view may<br />

be ‘overtly discriminatory and controversial, but it is also<br />

evidence-based’.<br />

Rather than basing his argument on the well-recognised<br />

cardiac and respiratory risks caused by smoking, Dr Peters’<br />

recommendations centred on the increased risk of wound<br />

infection and high incidence of adverse complications<br />

suffered by smokers.<br />

Dr Peters found wound infection rates to be higher<br />

in smokers than in non-smokers who have had breast<br />

reconstruction, facelifts, and a variety of other plastic surgery<br />

procedures. He believes the risk of adverse outcomes from<br />

wound infections alone is clear enough evidence to suggest<br />

aesthetic plastic surgery should not be offered to current<br />

smokers, and that surgery should be delayed for six weeks<br />

after cessation.<br />

Although the mechanism for the high wound infection<br />

rates seen in smokers is not clear, Dr Peters reinforced that<br />

the same rates were not seen in those adhering to nicotine<br />

replacement therapy.<br />

Anaesthetist and assistant professor of anaesthesiology<br />

at the University of Virginia Health Centre, Dr Paul H Ting<br />

has also collated evidence suggesting continued smoking<br />

increases the incidence of pulmonary complications after<br />

anaesthetic by as much as six times.<br />

According to Dr Ting, the reasoning is two-fold. Firstly,<br />

smoking increases the amount of carbon monoxide<br />

attached to haemoglobin in the blood, which decreases<br />

the amount of oxygen available to tissues, including the<br />

heart. At the same time, the nicotine in cigarettes increases<br />

the amount of oxygen the body needs, meaning that the<br />

oxygen supply to the body is compromised at the very time<br />

more is needed.<br />

Smoking also affects the lungs and increases the<br />

amount of mucous secreted while at the same time<br />

decreasing the ability of the lungs to clear these secretions.<br />

The small airways in the lungs are more prone to collapse<br />

in people who smoke, therefore increasing the susceptibility<br />

to infection, chronic cough and pulmonary complications.<br />

Dr Ting says that people who quit smoking for more<br />

than four weeks prior to an operation have a decreased<br />

risk of complications, and that smoking cessation should<br />

be actively encouraged in patients who have surgery and<br />

anaesthesia scheduled for more than a month in advance.<br />

Despite the decreasing number of smokers in Australia,<br />

tobacco smoking remains the country’s leading preventable<br />

cause of death and disease, according to the Cancer<br />

Council Australia. With links to a wide range of diseases<br />

including many types of cancer, heart disease and stroke,<br />

smoking claims the lives of about 15,500 Australians every<br />

year. For those considering cosmetic surgery, the added<br />

risk of complications surrounding anaesthesia and surgery<br />

adds up to a compelling argument to kick the habit for<br />

good. csbm<br />

How<br />

smoking<br />

ages you<br />

When it comes to giving up tobacco smoking, the<br />

health benefits are both obvious and plentiful. As well<br />

as enjoying improved health and wellbeing, quitting<br />

smoking can lead to a younger looking appearance.<br />

Professor of Medicine at the University of Nebraska,<br />

Dr Denham Harman first prophesied the free-radical<br />

theory of ageing in 1956, claiming people age as a<br />

result of changes caused by reactions in the body<br />

initiated by highly reactive molecules located inside<br />

cells, known as free radicals. The changes induced<br />

by free radicals are believed to be a major cause of<br />

ageing, disease development and even death. Free<br />

radicals may be produced endogenously (within<br />

the body) through normal metabolic processes, or<br />

exogenously (outside the body) from sources such<br />

as sunlight, pollution, certain foods and smoking.<br />

Free radicals cause damage to the cellular DNA,<br />

proteins and other structures. They are neutralised by<br />

antioxidants, and in normal circumstances within the<br />

body there is a natural balance between antioxidants<br />

and free radicals. However, smoking greatly increases<br />

the number of free radicals invading the body, to the<br />

extent that the body’s antioxidant defence system is<br />

completely overwhelmed.<br />

Because of the increased number of free radicals<br />

in the bodies of people who smoke, they are<br />

predisposed to the development of a number of<br />

degenerative and ageing diseases. Free radicals are<br />

thought to contribute to a range of other diseases<br />

including stroke, heart disease, arthritis, vision<br />

problems, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and<br />

many types of cancer.<br />

Smoking is also one of the biggest causes of<br />

premature wrinkles. In 1985, Dr Douglas Model added<br />

the term ‘smoker’s face’ to the medical dictionary after<br />

conducting a study published in the British Medical<br />

Journal in which he identified long-term smokers by<br />

their facial features alone. The characteristics of a<br />

smoker’s face, which tend to make people look older<br />

than they are, include many lines and wrinkles – deep<br />

lines on the cheeks, numerous shallow lines on the<br />

lower jaw – and a subtle gauntness of features.<br />

Smokers also often have a dull or grey complexion<br />

because nicotine constricts blood vessels, impeding<br />

oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin, plus the<br />

carbon monoxide produced by smoking robs the<br />

skin of oxygen.<br />

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face<br />

small<br />

changes,<br />

big<br />

rewards<br />

54 www.cosbeauty.com.au

face<br />

you don’t have to have major<br />

surgery to notice a big<br />

improvement in your looks.<br />

Tara Casey reports.<br />

THREAD<br />


Minimally invasive procedures are key to rejuvenating the<br />

appearance and reversing the signs of ageing, believes<br />

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Buddy Beaini from<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions. ‘When selected appropriately and<br />

used in combination, minimally invasive procedures can make<br />

you look five to 10 years younger,’ he says.<br />

Minimally invasive options to refresh the ageing face have<br />

become one of the most popular areas of cosmetic enhancement.<br />

And for good reason – minimally invasive options can help<br />

reverse the outward signs of ageing without the need for more<br />

aggressive surgery.<br />

With a range of light therapies, thread lifting procedures and<br />

injectables at his clinic, Dr Beaini works with a range of modalities<br />

to tailor results to each individual patient. ‘Patients of all ages have<br />

been treated with excellent results,’ he says. ‘With the current<br />

When used in combination,<br />


CAN MAKE you look five to 10<br />

years younger<br />

advanced technology and techniques, facial rejuvenation has<br />

developed dramatically, giving patients the options to look and feel<br />

younger without the need for major surgery. In particular, thread<br />

lifting, blepharoplasty and bat ear correction (otoplasty) are less<br />

invasive procedures that can achieve significant results.<br />

‘During consultation, I ask my patients to describe their main<br />

concerns and I will outline the advantages, disadvantages, success<br />

rates, downtime and budget involved with a number of relevant<br />

treatment options,’ Dr Beaini adds. ‘For those patients who are<br />

less specific, and are hoping to look younger, fresher, rejuvenated<br />

or “happier”, I make an assessment of how we can improve the<br />

patient’s overall image and appearance.’<br />

This is a minimally invasive way to lift the<br />

skin on the face to achieve a younger and<br />

more contoured appearance and counter<br />

the inevitable effects of gravity.<br />

Threads can be used to lift the brow,<br />

face and neck, as well as reposition<br />

the cheeks, reduce signs of jowling and<br />

enhance the lips.<br />

The procedure involves inserting<br />

dissolvable threads into the skin’s dermis,<br />

or support structure, to trigger the<br />

synthesis of collagen and elastin at the<br />

site. The threads act as scaffolding for<br />

the production of these new connective<br />

fibres, lifting and bolstering the tissue for<br />

an anti-ageing and rejuvenating effect.<br />

‘I have been performing mini-facelifts<br />

and neck lifts with threads over the<br />

past two years,’ Dr Beaini explains. ‘We<br />

have seen exceptional face lifting and<br />

rejuvenation results in more than 95<br />

percent of our patients.’<br />

Thread lifting is suitable for those<br />

patients hoping to reverse the descent of<br />

facial soft tissue associated with ageing,<br />

or to waylay the need for a surgical facelift.<br />

It is performed under local anaesthetic,<br />

and incurs some mild swelling and<br />

possible bruising post-procedure.<br />

‘Thread lifting is commonly used<br />

to address mid-face drooping, deep<br />

cheek wrinkles, deep nasolabial lines,<br />

excessive jowling, and neck laxity,’ Dr<br />

Beaini explains. ‘Other concerns include<br />

brow droop, facial asymmetry and loss of<br />

cheek positioning.’<br />

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face<br />

EYELID<br />



‘When we look at an individual’s face, our attention first<br />

focuses on the eyes, and any abnormality or asymmetry,’<br />

Dr Beaini explains. For this reason, blepharoplasty – or<br />

eyelid hooding surgery – can achieve significant results in<br />

rejuvenating the entire face.<br />

The procedure involves excising excess fat and skin<br />

from the upper and/or lower eyelids to open the eyes<br />

for a fresher, more alert appearance. ‘The day surgery<br />

is performed under local anaesthesia, and can be used<br />

in conjunction with other treatments such as brow<br />

thread lifting, non-invasive skin tightening and laser skin<br />

rejuvenation,’ he says.<br />

‘If an individual has droopy, tired and ageing eyes, the<br />

first impression is that is individual is sad, tired or unwell,’<br />

Dr Beaini continues. ‘Eyelid surgery is a very effective and<br />

long-term solution for such individuals, and automatically<br />

has the effect of revitalising the entire face.’<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER Astarte Thread Lift by Dr Beaini<br />

AFTER Astarte Thread Lift by Dr Beaini<br />

BAT EAR<br />


Dr Beaini offers a permanent non-surgical treatment<br />

to correct and reshape protruding ears (bat ear<br />

correction). He performs the procedure with a mild<br />

sedative and local anaesthesia; no hospitalisation,<br />

general anaesthetic or surgical incisions are required.<br />

‘Any abnormality and asymmetry in facial<br />

appearance will attract attention, which is particularly<br />

relevant to individuals with bat ears,’ Dr Beaini explains.<br />

‘These patients were born with this problem and, in<br />

most cases, are burdened with underlying emotional<br />

issues relating to the appearance of their ears. The joy<br />

and relief they experience once their ears are corrected<br />

makes this treatment extremely desirable.’ csbm<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER Astarte Thread Lift by Dr Beaini<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER blepharoplasty by Dr Beaini<br />

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CUSTOM<br />







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skin<br />

lift &<br />

Tighten with<br />

Ultherapy<br />

58 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Say goodbye to sagging<br />

skin on the neck, under<br />

the chin and on the<br />

décolletage with Ultherapy.<br />

erin docherty reports.<br />

Ultherapy is a type of non-surgical cosmetic<br />

procedure designed to rejuvenate the appearance<br />

of facial ageing by lifting the skin. Well known to be<br />

highly effective for lifting skin on the face and neck areas,<br />

Ultherapy can also effectively address the décolletage,<br />

targeting lines, wrinkles and sun damage with no surgery<br />

and minimal downtime.<br />

Dr Joseph Hkeik, director and founder of All Saints<br />

Cosmedical, has been an early adopter of Ultherapy and<br />

is particularly impressed by the results that can be seen in<br />

just one treatment.<br />

The history<br />

behind<br />

Ultherapy<br />

High intensity focused ultrasound, which the<br />

Ultherapy system uses, is probably the most<br />

interesting type of energy, achieving a level<br />

of precision that have not been successfully<br />

achieved by other energy-based systems using<br />

Radio Frequency (RF) and lasers.<br />

The technology was originally developed<br />

for tumour ablation in liver cancer patients in<br />

collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, but it<br />

was noted that this use of ultrasound therapy<br />

could be used to increase collagen production<br />

in the skin. With its precision and ability to<br />

target very specific structures in the skin, the<br />

technology was bought and developed further,<br />

used initially in the USA, Japan and Europe<br />

(plus many more) and now in Australia.<br />

Am I suitable<br />

for Ultherapy?<br />

Ultherapy is ideal for both men and women, of all skin<br />

types, with mild to moderate wrinkles and skin laxity,<br />

loose neck skin and wrinkles on the chest/décolletage<br />

who desire a natural degree of firmness and minimisation<br />

of wrinkles and lines.<br />

The treatment is suitable for those in their early 30s<br />

onwards who want to maintain higher levels of collagen<br />

and elastin in the skin and help delay the ageing process.<br />

Jesse Chan, practice manager at <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Medical<br />

Clinic, in Sydney’s CBD, is especially impressed by<br />

Ultherapy’s suitability for the treatment of Asian skin.<br />

‘Ultherapy provides excellent skin tightening and lifting for<br />

all skin types without the risk of hyperpigmentation found<br />

with many other devices,’ he says.<br />

Ultherapy can also be used to help prolong the effects<br />

in patients who have already undertaken surgical options,<br />

or as a complement to non-surgical procedures.<br />

‘Technology in the area of aesthetic facial treatments<br />

has improved dramatically over the past 15 years, but<br />

what was lacking was a non-surgical option to treat loose<br />

skin on the neck and facial laxity under the chin,’ he<br />

says. ‘We had been achieving beautiful results with faces<br />

in our clinics, but it was frustrating not being able to<br />

find equivalent non-invasive treatments for the neck<br />

and décolletage.’<br />

‘Thanks to Ultherapy, we can now treat these key areas,<br />

in just one treatment, so that we have beautifully rejuvenated<br />

necks, jawlines and décolletages to match their beautifully<br />

rejuvenated faces,’ he says.<br />

The décolletage is one of the first places to show ageing<br />

and is in the prime position to soak up Australia’s harmful<br />

UV rays. Perhaps one of the most neglected, hard-to-treat<br />

areas of the body, the décolletage is particularly prone to<br />

photo ageing which can often result in crepey or leathery<br />

skin, cleavage, wrinkles and age spots.<br />

‘The new indication for décolletage rejuvenation with<br />

Ultherapy is exciting as it provides a no-needle, nodowntime<br />

treatment of the area,’ says Dr Robin Chok,<br />

from Regenesis <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> in Adelaide. ‘Some of<br />

my patients have reported a mild lift of their upper breast<br />

segment which is helpful in providing a better cleavage.’<br />

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skin<br />

The addition of new, lower energy settings<br />

has allowed even better comfort levels with no<br />

reduction in effect. Being more comfortable, the<br />

procedure can be performed more precisely with<br />

better coverage of tissue for lift.<br />

‘Studies have shown that when reducing the<br />

energy level, the results remained the same. This<br />

reduction in energy levels means the procedure is<br />

much more comfortable, with only a few spots of<br />

heat experienced by most patients,’ says Dr Hkeik.<br />

How does<br />

Ultherapy<br />

work?<br />

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy in two ways.<br />

First, it uses imaging technology to see beyond<br />

the skin, allowing the practitioner to see key areas<br />

to be treated. Then, similar to a magnifying glass,<br />

it delivers this energy to its precise target, leaving<br />

the surrounding skin intact. Through ultrasound<br />

imaging, the practitioner can see beneath the skin<br />

about 8mm deep, which allows for unprecedented<br />

control. Ultherapy is the only treatment to allow this<br />

level of visualisation.<br />

Dr Chok says: ‘The effectiveness of Ultherapy<br />

is largely from the sophistication of its ultrasound<br />

real-time imaging, allowing precise placement<br />

of thermal coagulation heat points. These heat<br />

coagulation points lead to specific denaturation<br />

of collagen within the dermal muscle layers. This<br />

leads to progressive repair and tightening of tissue<br />

to create a lift of the face and neck.’<br />

During the procedure, the practitioner gradually<br />

moves the flat surface of the ultrasound applicator<br />

over each region of the face. The sound waves<br />

deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the<br />

deep layers of skin and soft tissue while sparing the<br />

upper layers.<br />

The length of the treatment varies, depending<br />

on the individual treatment plan, however a<br />

face and neck procedure typically takes 60<br />

to 90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes<br />

approximately 30 minutes. These treatments are a<br />

much quicker, easier alternative to often costly and<br />

time-consuming surgical means of skin tightening,<br />

where post-treatment care is usually required.<br />

After treatment &<br />

results<br />

The treatment requires minimal downtime and patients<br />

can usually return to normal activities immediately after<br />

the procedure, without any post-treatment restrictions or<br />

requirements. The skin may appear red immediately after<br />

treatment, however this often disappears within a few<br />

hours. Some patients experience a slight swelling, tingling<br />

or tenderness to touch, but these are mild and temporary<br />

in nature.<br />

The beauty of the procedure is that it forms new,<br />

naturally occurring collagen, which continues to form for<br />

two to three months after treatment. Initial effects may be<br />

seen right after the first treatment, however the effect will<br />

build gradually as new collagen begins to lift and tighten the<br />

skin on the neck, chin and brow, as well as smoothing the<br />

skin on the chest.<br />

Dr Chok has used Ultherapy on his own skin and has<br />

been very satisfied with the results, highlighting that he has<br />

seen continued improvement in the tightening of his skin<br />

even up to six months after the first treatment. ‘I had<br />

Ultherapy performed to my own face last Easter and I still<br />

discover a better lift effect along my jawline and mid-face<br />

even after six months. It’s quite an extraordinary experience<br />

to see and feel your face firmer, rejuvenated and refreshed.’<br />

Ultherapy can be used on all skin types, and does not<br />

hold the risk for hyperpigmentation often found in other<br />

non-surgical devices. ‘Ultherapy is especially popular<br />

amongst Asian patients as the treatment does not have<br />

a pigmentation complication and the effect is a natural,<br />

slimming lifting effect of the face,’ says Dr Chok.<br />

Patients are equally as impressed by Ultherapy’s<br />

excellent level of results. ‘We have combined Ultherapy with<br />

several modalities of rejuvenation within our practice with<br />

consistent results,’ he continues.<br />

‘The lack of downtime and no residual marks on the<br />

skin are the main reasons our patients prefer Ultherapy.<br />

It represents the next generation of aesthetics and<br />

has become a revolutionary tool in my practice. The<br />

effectiveness of Ultherapy has seen it become one of our<br />

most popular treatments.’<br />

Treatment is long-lasting and can be maintained with a<br />

repeat session after 12 to 18 months, depending on the<br />

age and health of the person. According to Dr Hkeik, he<br />

receives a lot of positive feedback about the treatment from<br />

60 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

The<br />

science<br />

behind<br />

Ultherapy<br />

A clinical study has shown that collagen contraction<br />

and denaturation are optimised at temperatures<br />

between 60 and 70˚C, resulting in neocollagenesis<br />

(the creation of new collagen).<br />

Ultherapy reaches these optimised temperatures<br />

(around 68˚C) at depth, without causing surface<br />

effects. There is no breaking, cutting or disruption<br />

of the skin, unlike needles, toxins or lasers. The<br />

epidermis and melanocytes are avoided, making the<br />

treatment suitable for all pigmented skin types. The<br />

discrete spacing between the thermal coagulation<br />

points also helps to promote healing post-treatment,<br />

resulting in minimal downtime.<br />

Independent physician evaluators found nine out of<br />

10 treated subjects demonstrated clinically significant<br />

eyebrow lifts at 90 days, resulting in less hooding and<br />

a more open look to the eyes. Patients reported skin<br />

feeling firmer and tighter all over the face, especially<br />

in the upper face area, as well as an overall more<br />

refreshed appearance.<br />

his patients, and some have seen good results in as little<br />

as six weeks.<br />

While it is a clinically proven non-invasive alternative<br />

to surgery, Ultherapy can also be used as an option for<br />

patients who wish to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery.<br />

The treatment provides an excellent post-surgical top-up<br />

option to maintain and extend the longevity of a surgical<br />

result. Ultherapy can therefore also be used effectively in a<br />

combination treatment.<br />

An exciting alternative to cosmetic surgery, Ultherapy is<br />

fast becoming the treatment of choice for targeting ageing<br />

and sagging skin both on the décolletage, neck and under<br />

the chin. With minimal downtime and improved comfort,<br />

Ultherapy offers patients seeking non-invasive treatments<br />

effective skin lifting and tightening for a rejuvenated, naturallooking<br />

appearance. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61

feature<br />

light<br />

therapies<br />

explained<br />











The healing power of light has been<br />

recognised and used for thousands<br />

of years, dating back to the Ancient<br />

Greeks and Romans. Over the millennia,<br />

our understanding and use of light-based<br />

therapies have continually evolved to<br />

optimise results, reduce downtime and<br />

treat a wide range of skin conditions and<br />

ageing concerns.<br />

For cosmetic indications, light-based<br />

treatments can be broadly categorised<br />

as intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy,<br />

light-emitting diode (LED) therapy,<br />

photodynamic therapy and laser therapies.<br />

62 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Today’s light-based technologies can significantly<br />

diminish and even reverse many of the tell-tale signs of<br />

ageing – from early lines, uneven pigmentation and broken<br />

capillaries to deep wrinkles and severe sun damage.<br />

They can reach much deeper levels and affect far more<br />

significant changes than would be possible with most<br />

other cosmetic treatments, and without needing to invest<br />

significant money.<br />

Moreover, a procedure can often be performed in less<br />

than an hour and may require little or no downtime.<br />

There is a dizzying array of choice – and much potential<br />

confusion for the consumer. It’s always best, therefore, to<br />

seek the advice of a doctor or clinician who is fully qualified<br />

and experienced in using laser and light devices and who<br />

will be able to advise which treatment is best for different<br />

concerns.<br />

While lasers may sound like magic wands, it is important<br />

to have realistic expectations. Some skin tightening is<br />

possible, but lasers cannot produce the same degree of<br />

lifting seen after a surgical facelift or eyelid lift. Wrinkles<br />

caused by constant muscle movement such as frown lines<br />

can be hard to treat with lasers alone; anti-wrinkle injections<br />

may be used in conjunction. Laser skin rejuvenation cannot<br />

stop the skin from continuing to age; crow’s feet may<br />

reappear and new age spots can develop.<br />

Lasers and other light therapies have fewer side effects<br />

than more traditional skin resurfacing procedures such as<br />

chemical peeling and dermabrasion, but there are still risks.<br />

The most common is unwanted temporary darkening or<br />

lightening of the treated skin (hypo or hyper-pigmentation).<br />

There also is a relatively small risk of scarring.<br />

As with any procedure, the success of treatment is highly<br />

dependent on the skill level and knowledge of the person<br />

performing it, so it is important to ‘do your homework’<br />

before choosing a laser practitioner.<br />

Intense pulsed<br />

light therapy<br />

Intense pulsed light (IPL) in cosmetic therapy uses<br />

light wavelengths that safely target either melanin or<br />

haemoglobin in the skin. It can be used to permanently<br />

reduce unwanted hair growth, fade brown spots and<br />

cauterise enlarged or broken capillaries and port wine<br />

stain birthmarks. Some treatments have been developed<br />

specifically to treat rosacea.<br />

Unlike lasers, IPL devices produce a broad spectrum of<br />

light in a range of wavelengths. The emitted light is further<br />

adjustable through the use of filters, allowing any skin colour<br />

to be treated. The range of light is typically between 500-<br />

1500nm, depending on the machine and filter used. This<br />

versatility allows the characteristics of the light energy to<br />

be adjusted according to each patient’s skin type, specific<br />

condition and location of the area to be treated.<br />

Another difference is in the size of the area that can be<br />

treated in one session. Generally IPL treatment heads are<br />

up to eight times larger than the small spot size produced<br />

by lasers, so treatments are quicker but not as targeted<br />

as laser.<br />

In terms of safety, the two types are similar, but with both<br />

IPL and laser facial rejuvenation treatments the practitioner<br />

and patient each need to use eye protection, and treatment<br />

needs to occur in a controlled area where people cannot<br />

wander in and be exposed to the light.<br />

While lasers and IPL treat many of the same conditions,<br />

IPL is a single technology for a multitude of applications<br />

– from unsightly veins and birthmarks to ageing and sundamaged<br />

skin, unwanted hair and rosacea.<br />

During the procedure pulses of intense light are<br />

fired at the skin through varying filters which isolate<br />

specific wavelengths of light. Various targets (such as<br />

haemoglobin in the blood to remove vascular lesions,<br />

or melanin to treat hyperpigmentation) are preferentially<br />

absorbed, heated and selectively destroyed by certain light<br />

wavelengths (called selective photothermolysis) without<br />

damaging surrounding tissues.<br />

IPL treatment cannot typically address extensive sun<br />

damage and skin discolourations but it can reduce surfaced<br />

capillaries and brown spots, as well as help revitalise<br />

and even out the overall complexion. Typically four to six<br />

treatments are required for optimal results.<br />

The usual downtime with IPL modalities is minimal to<br />

none, depending on the intensity of treatment, however<br />

full recovery can take around two weeks in some cases.<br />

Immediately after IPL a slight burning sensation can occur<br />

for a few hours but there is generally little discomfort.<br />

Temporary discolouration can occur for around three to<br />

four days after the procedure and this skin will flake off<br />

slowly. Short-term side effects include reddening of the<br />

skin (erythema), temporary bruising and oedema (swelling).<br />

Reactions such as scabbing and blistering are possible,<br />

though rare. It’s important to protect skin from UV light with<br />

daily sunscreen application.<br />

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feature<br />

LED therapy<br />

Treatment with light emitting diodes (LED) delivers light<br />

at certain wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity and<br />

collagen production in the dermis. This delivers an antiageing,<br />

rejuvenating effect, and LED treatment is often<br />

recommended before and after surgery, as well as a<br />

standalone skin revitalisation treatment.<br />

It uses different wavelengths to increase blood flow to<br />

the skin, accelerate cellular turnover and address specific<br />

concerns such as acne or pigmentation.<br />

An is a shallower, gentler treatment than IPL, and is<br />

often used for collagen boosting and rejuvenating the skin.<br />

LEDs are very small light bulbs that, in contrast to<br />

ordinary incandescent bulbs, don’t get especially hot and<br />

don’t burn out. LEDs have been found to trigger natural<br />

chemical processes inside the cells, boosting the body’s<br />

own production of collagen, which make them particularly<br />

useful for skin rejuvenation.<br />

During treatment, certain light wavelengths are used to<br />

cause different reactions in the skin. Infrared light deeply<br />

penetrates the dermis and stimulates blood flow and<br />

collagen rebuilding in the skin’s deeper layers. Blue light,<br />

which is a shorter wavelength, doesn’t penetrate as deeply<br />

and is used for its anti-microbial effect, inhibiting the growth<br />

of acne-causing bacteria.<br />

Photodynamic<br />

therapy<br />

Photodynamic therapy uses a chemical reaction activated<br />

by light energy to selectively destroy specific tissues and<br />

can be used to treat sunspots, certain types of skin cancer,<br />

rosacea, acne and sun-damaged skin.<br />

A photosensitising medication is applied topically on<br />

the skin and a narrow band of light (red or blue light) is<br />

administered to cause a moderately deep exfoliation and<br />

target damaged tissue and sebaceous glands.<br />

When skin is exposed to a light source of an appropriate<br />

wavelength, its photosensitiser molecules are activated to<br />

produce oxygen intermediates that destroy the targeted<br />

cells. Recovery time is around two weeks after each<br />

treatment and usually one to three sessions are required.<br />

Laser therapy<br />

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification for the Stimulated<br />

Emission of Radiation. Laser light is different to normal<br />

light for many reasons: it travels in a synchronised fashion;<br />

retains its intensity over a long distance; is monochromatic<br />

(of the same wavelength or colour) and can be pulsed.<br />

Laser therapies work by targeting tissue and can be<br />

light-based<br />

therapies reach<br />

much deeper levels<br />

and affect far more<br />

significant changes<br />

than would be<br />

possible with<br />

other cosmetic<br />

treatments<br />

used for a number of treatments, including pigmentation,<br />

scarring, unwanted hair, spider veins, sun-damaged skin,<br />

wrinkle reduction and overall complexion rejuvenation.<br />

The principle behind lasers is light absorption. The same<br />

as a black car will be hotter than a white car because it<br />

absorbs more wavelengths of light, certain target tissues<br />

will absorb certain wavelengths of light more effectively.<br />

As the laser light is monochromatic, the target tissue<br />

will take on maximum absorption while the surrounding<br />

tissues won’t. This allows the target to be isolated<br />

and treated. In other words, the laser emits a single<br />

frequency of light with all the light waves going in the same<br />

direction, allowing the target tissue to absorb the maximum<br />

amount of heat.<br />

The target tissue is all-important when treating skin<br />

problems with a laser. For pigmentation it is melanin; for<br />

spider veins and other vascular conditions it is haemoglobin<br />

(blood); and for wrinkles it is water. Each of these target<br />

tissues absorbs a different wavelength of light, meaning a<br />

different laser is needed for each specific problem.<br />

Recent advances in laser technology mean that laser<br />

skin resurfacing, once reserved for the treatment of severe<br />

conditions such as acne scarring due to the extensive<br />

downtime involved, has become an effective option for<br />

many people seeking reduction of lines and wrinkles and<br />

uneven skin colour, tone and texture.<br />

64 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Which<br />

laser<br />

and why?<br />

Most resurfacing lasers work by removing<br />

microscopic quantities of skin and stimulating the<br />

production of new collagen. Non-ablative lasers<br />

use wavelengths which do not burn away skin and<br />

are suitable for the treatment of melasma, scarring,<br />

fine lines and wrinkles and typically do not require<br />

any downtime.<br />

Ablative lasers include carbon dioxide (CO 2<br />

) and<br />

Erbium:YAG lasers. These use a process where<br />

the upper layers of aged or damaged skin are<br />

vaporised by the controlled laser. It is this damage<br />

that stimulates the healing and restructuring of the<br />

skin, resulting in a more even complexion and a<br />

significant reduction in lines and wrinkles.<br />

Carbon dioxide lasers can dramatically reduce<br />

wrinkles but downtime and side effects such as<br />

redness and peeling are extended, usually taking<br />

many weeks to heal. Erbium lasers have a great<br />

accuracy with fewer side effects but cannot treat<br />

deep wrinkles as successfully.<br />

most lasers<br />

work by removing<br />

microscopic<br />

quantities of skin<br />

and stimulating<br />

new collagen<br />

Fractional<br />

laser therapy<br />

The advent of fractionated laser, where microscopic<br />

columns of skin are treated while surrounding skin is left<br />

intact, has made it possible to achieve results comparable<br />

to traditional CO 2<br />

laser resurfacing with fewer side effects<br />

and profoundly less downtime.<br />

Fractional skin resurfacing can utilise both non-ablative<br />

and ablative lasers – the breakthrough difference of this<br />

technology is the fractionated delivery system of light.<br />

Fractional laser technologies break up light beams<br />

to allow columns of untreated tissue to activate healing<br />

mechanisms beneath the skin’s surface, treating skin<br />

conditions ranging from scars and birthmarks to wrinkles.<br />

These lasers work by creating microscopic thermal<br />

injuries that trigger collagen production, stimulating cell<br />

renewal and plumping out the tissues. In other words, the<br />

laser works by creating tiny holes, or ‘dots’, in the skin’s<br />

surface, penetrating deep into the dermis which triggers<br />

the body’s natural healing responses. It leaves the skin<br />

around each dot intact, enabling the surrounding tissue to<br />

heal these microscopic thermal injuries by stimulating the<br />

production of new collagen.<br />

The anti-ageing benefits of fractional laser technology<br />

include improving evenness of skin tone and texture,<br />

reducing pore size and the appearance of lines and<br />

wrinkles, and helping to reverse the effects of sun damage.<br />

A more mild treatment may take several sessions,<br />

while one procedure is usually sufficient for a more<br />

aggressive treatment.<br />

Because laser treatments use heat, a mild to moderate<br />

burning sensation is experienced during treatment and<br />

slight swelling, redness and bronzing afterwards. This can<br />

be covered with mineral makeup and normally subsides<br />

after a few days, however full healing can take several<br />

weeks, depending on the intensity of treatment and the<br />

areas targeted.<br />

Results of light-based therapies vary, depending on<br />

the technique and experience of the practitioner, and<br />

the individual patient. Patients should always ask their<br />

practitioner how new the laser or IPL machine is and when<br />

it was purchased. Recent models are far superior to earlier<br />

ones in terms of achieving predictable and precise results.<br />

With a wealth of medical, cosmetic and scientific<br />

applications, research into laser and light-based technology<br />

is constantly evolving. What offers outstanding results<br />

today may one day be superseded by the next advance<br />

in laser-based therapies. One thing is certain, however:<br />

a wealth of conditions once untreatable can today be<br />

improved rapidly and with minimal discomfort thanks to<br />

laser and light-based technology. csbm<br />

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skin<br />

Use light to<br />

energise your<br />

skin<br />





Healite II is a therapeutic system that boosts<br />

skin health, heightens cellular activity,<br />

increases blood fl ow and stimulates collagen<br />

production in the dermis. It calls upon light energy<br />

to kick-start cellular processes in the skin and<br />

underlying tissue. It is eff ective in facial rejuvenation<br />

and commonly used to optimise healing following<br />

more invasive procedures.<br />

The system, by medical device company Lutronic<br />

and distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals,<br />

harnesses light energy at a certain wavelength<br />

to stimulate cellular activity and enhance<br />

microcirculation. Blood, oxygen and nutrients<br />

fl ood the treatment area, increasing cellular activity<br />

for non-ablative, and painless, skin rejuvenation.<br />

Healite II is used to help treat active acne, reduce the<br />

appearance of wrinkles, scarring and photoageing,<br />

and improve skin tone, texture and luminosity.<br />

It bio-stimulates the skin at subcellular, cellular<br />

and tissue levels to help existing cells work better,<br />

repair damaged ones and stimulate collagen<br />

production. As well as skin rejuvenation to address<br />

lines and wrinkles and other signs of photo-ageing,<br />

it is well recognised for its ability to improve wound<br />

and soft tissue healing and reduce infl ammation as<br />

well as treat acne, chronic pain such as arthritis,<br />

muscle spasm, superfi cial skin lesions and more.<br />

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skin<br />


Rejuvenation with Healite II uses both yellow and nearinfrared<br />

light. The yellow light, at 590nm, is designed<br />

to ‘precondition’ the tissue before treatment with nearinfrared,<br />

at 830nm. This ‘preconditioning’ enhances dermal<br />

responsiveness and maximises treatment effi cacy.<br />

During treatment, the fi rst minute involves only yellow<br />

light, which targets the epidermis. Following this, nearinfrared<br />

is introduced to aff ord deeper penetration. Total<br />

treatment time with Healite II is 11 minutes.<br />

‘Yellow light is delivered at a low intensity and low<br />

dose to activate cells in the epidermis,’ explains Dr Glen<br />

Calderhead, director of scientifi c aff airs at Lutronic. ‘We<br />

aim for keratinocytes and merkel cells, as both of these are<br />

highly endowed with mitochondria – which release energy.<br />

Following this, the near-infrared at 830nm is introduced.<br />

This penetrates the deeper dermis and beyond.’<br />

Healite II uses a system called ‘optical lens array<br />

technology’ to concentrate the light energy and achieve<br />

faster, eff ective and consistent results.<br />

‘Optical lens array technology allows us to achieve the<br />

optimum level for tissue regeneration, which is 60 joules<br />

per square centimetre, more quickly,’ Dr Calderhead says.<br />

‘Studies have shown greater light concentration, over a<br />

shorter time period, induces a signifi cantly higher increase in<br />

cell activity compared with other systems. Eleven minutes<br />

with Healite II, compared with 20 minutes with another<br />

system, is good for the patient and for the doctor.’<br />

Each wavelength targets various diff erent indications.<br />

Patients of all ages and skin types can benefi t from the<br />

athermal and easy to apply Healite II treatments. It is a<br />

painless and well-tolerated treatment, with no side eff ects<br />

or downtime.<br />



• Encourages wound and cellular healing<br />

post laser or post surgery<br />

• Reduces pain, swelling and redness<br />

• Increases blood fl ow to the wound<br />

• Decreases the risk of bruising<br />

• Decreases recovery time<br />

• Off ers prophylaxis against scar formation<br />

• Reduces post-infl ammatory hyperpigmentation<br />

• Improves clinical results of cosmetic procedures<br />


Because Healite II is considered a therapeutic and healing<br />

treatment, it is commonly used following more invasive<br />

procedures such as laser treatment or cosmetic surgery.<br />

It assists in reducing post-procedure bruising, swelling and<br />

redness and can help prevent scar formation. Because of<br />

its regenerative properties, Healite II can help maximise<br />

results and minimise recovery time after certain procedures.<br />

Yet the benefi ts of Healite don’t end at the treatment site.<br />

Dr Calderhead explains Healite II has a systemic eff ect that<br />

can impact the body as a whole.<br />

‘Healite II incurs a larger systemic eff ect due to blood<br />

fl ow,’ he says. ‘During treatment, all sorts of interesting<br />

photoproducts, such as growth factors, are produced.<br />

These get picked up in the blood and carried throughout<br />

the body. Patients leave a treatment feeling revitalised<br />

and relaxed.’<br />


Arguably, one of the most remarkable results of treatment with Healite II is the way it boosts the body’s natural<br />

reservoirs of anti-ageing constituents. When it targets fi broblasts (which produce collagen and elastin), Healite II<br />

doesn’t just improve skin structure but also boosts the reservoir of collagen-producing stem cells. Similarly, the nearinfrared<br />

light triggers the release of antioxidants in the dermis, which provide protection against UV stress.<br />

‘When the near-infrared light hits mast cells in the dermis, they release a product called Superoxide dismutase<br />

(SOD),’ Dr Calderhead says. ‘This is a super antioxidant that remains in the tissue for up to six months. The minute<br />

you’re exposed to some UV oxidative stress, the damaging eff ect is quenched because the SODs are waiting.’<br />

Treatment with Healite II improves skin radiance and fuels the body with energising cellular activity. By targeting the<br />

body’s natural regenerative processes, Healite II enhances skin structure, texture and resilience. ‘Healite II improves<br />

skin health, stimulates collagen production and increases cellular activity. The great thing is the skin is doing it naturally,<br />

and Healite II just accelerates the process,’ Dr Calderhead concludes. csbm<br />

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skin<br />

fighting<br />

ageing<br />

skin deep<br />

Tackle ageing on all fronts with a combination of<br />

non-invasive treatments to produce effortlessly<br />

beautiful results. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

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skin<br />

Ageing is a multifaceted process, and can result in a<br />

number of changes to our appearance, including the<br />

emergence of fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration,<br />

uneven texture, surface veins and lax skin. So a multifaceted<br />

cosmetic approach to anti-ageing makes sense.<br />

If you’re serious about looking your best without looking<br />

‘done’, and without the downtime of surgery, nothing beats<br />

combining different modalities to tighten and brighten skin<br />

and restore facial volume.<br />

Skin Renu laser and skin clinic in Balmain, Sydney has<br />

an all-encompassing approach to anti-ageing and provides<br />

patients with an individualised program of non-surgical<br />

facial rejuvenation options.<br />

‘A personalised programme of skin rejuvenation that<br />

deals with issues such as skin laxity, fine lines, pigmentation<br />

and vascular imperfections can achieve significant results,’<br />

says Sylvia Down from Skin Renu. ‘Whatever the reason<br />

a client presents to us, we devise a workable programme<br />

within their time constraints and budget to help them<br />

achieve their best skin ever.’<br />

To achieve a refreshed, natural-looking result, subtlety<br />

is the key. Non-surgical anti-ageing combination therapies<br />

which offer little or no downtime can effectively help delay<br />

the signs of ageing, turn back the clock and boost natural<br />

beauty. And by natural beauty we mean stimulating your<br />

own collagen.<br />

‘If you’re serious about anti-ageing, increasing collagen<br />

production is the name of the game,’ Down agrees. ‘There<br />

are numerous devices available that help boost dwindling<br />

collagen supplies; tightening existing collagen and<br />

stimulating new collagen production. This means lax skin<br />

is tightened, deep lines and wrinkles are softened and a<br />

luminous texture is achieved, all from the outside in.’<br />

Combining collagen-boosting treatments has a<br />

synergistic effect, meaning the results of each treatment<br />

are enhanced, giving an even better final result. Two such<br />

synergistic procedures that are offered at Skin Renu are<br />

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing and Thermage non-surgical<br />

skin tightening.<br />

Fraxel laser<br />

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing can improve a wide<br />

range of skin concerns, such as lines and wrinkles,<br />

loose skin, pigmentation, acne scarring and<br />

moderate to severe sun damage.<br />

Rather than removing the top layer of skin (with<br />

significant downtime) like traditional ablative laser<br />

resurfacing, Fraxel laser treats a fraction of skin at<br />

a time, creating thousands of tiny microscopic sites<br />

of thermal impact, known as microthermal zones.<br />

These microscopic laser columns penetrate<br />

deep into the dermis to create tiny wounds,<br />

triggering the body’s natural response system<br />

to heal those wounds. This process expedites<br />

the body’s remodelling of collagen and elastin,<br />

resulting in tighter, fresher, more youthful-looking<br />

skin. It operates on the concept of damaging small<br />

amounts of tissue to stimulate collagen and elastin,<br />

activating new cells.<br />

There are three kinds of Fraxel laser treatments,<br />

depending on each patient’s needs and<br />

requirements. These vary in strength, downtime,<br />

the amount of procedures needed and the final<br />

results. A less aggressive treatment is Fraxel<br />

re:store, which can achieve impressive results for<br />

mild to moderately damaged skin over the course<br />

of three to six treatments. There is typically no posttreatment<br />

wound care and downtime is minimal in<br />

most cases, with some swelling to be expected. It<br />

is particularly effective for treating pigmentation and<br />

scarring, as well as sun damage, acne and acne<br />

scars, and broken capillaries. With each treatment,<br />

a significant improvement is usually evident.<br />

Each age bracket (and, indeed, each patient)<br />

comes with its own set of skin concerns. All Skin<br />

Renu doctors, nurses and skin therapists are<br />

experienced in using effective technologies and<br />

products to treat a wide range of skin concerns,<br />

individualised for each patient. csbm<br />

Skin tightening with thermage<br />

If your jawline was firm and defined, and it’s now jowly and<br />

heavy; your eyes were once bright and expressive but now<br />

have a permanently tired or sad look to them, you do not<br />

necessarily need major surgical intervention.<br />

The Thermage system uses radiofrequency (RF) energy<br />

to stimulate the production of new connective tissue in<br />

the dermis. This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles,<br />

smooth the skin’s surface and – quite literally – rebuild the<br />

skin from within. The system works by delivering RF energy<br />

to the skin’s deeper layers. This heats the deeper layers of the<br />

skin to tighten and stimulate collagen and elastin to improve<br />

skin tone and elasticity.<br />

A key benefit of RF energy is that it can be used on all skin<br />

types without the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation,<br />

which sometimes occurs in darker skin types following<br />

collagen-inducing treatments.<br />

Results following Thermage treatment arise gradually,<br />

and continue to improve for up to six months following<br />

the procedure. This is because neocollagenesis, or the<br />

production of new collagen, typically takes around 12 weeks<br />

to occur.<br />

Thermage can be used as a stand-alone treatment or, for<br />

best results, in conjunction with other modalities, such as<br />

light-based therapies and injectables.<br />

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skin<br />

The<br />

Über<br />

Facial<br />

The HydraFacial<br />

elevates the facial to<br />

the top of its game,<br />

deeply cleansing,<br />

decongesting and<br />

nourishing the skin<br />

for a more beautiful<br />

complexion. aimÉe<br />

surtenich reports.<br />

There’s something indescribably refreshing about<br />

cleansing the skin. The same way congested pores<br />

and an oily surface can leave the skin looking dull and<br />

lacklustre, a deeply cleansing facial can fuel the complexion<br />

with vibrancy, luminosity and youthfulness.<br />

HydraFacial from High Tech Laser is a non-invasive<br />

resurfacing procedure that combines exfoliation, acid<br />

peels, pore extractions and antioxidant infusions to cleanse,<br />

nourish and brighten the skin.<br />

The system uses five steps: cleansing and exfoliation<br />

removes dead skin cells, an acid peel dislodges grime from<br />

the pores, and a vortex suction extraction system unclogs<br />

the pores completely. This cleansing is followed by the<br />

infusion of a highly active hydrating serum to nourish and<br />

protect the skin.<br />

‘The HydraFacial is great for skin maintenance, or skin<br />

“fitness”,’ explains Sydney cosmetic doctor Dr Bruce<br />

Williamson. ‘It noticeably decongests and shrinks pores,<br />

and then plumps skin with antioxidant and hyaluronic<br />

acid infusions. The skin is left healthier and glowing after a<br />

HydraFacial treatment.’<br />

‘The HydraFacial system uses the benefits of glycolic<br />

acid, salicylic acid and peptides to soften the bonds<br />

that bind our dead cells together and to decongest the<br />

blockages within our pores,’ explains Queensland cosmetic<br />

physician Dr Linda Williams. ‘It uses a vortex-fusing method<br />

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skin<br />

The 5<br />

steps<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

Cleansing and<br />

Exfoliation<br />

Dead skin calls are removed<br />

to reveal healthy new skin<br />

Acid Peel<br />

This gentle peel helps loosen<br />

dirt and debris from pores<br />

without irritation<br />

Extractions<br />

Automated extractions<br />

use vortex suction to clean<br />

out pores<br />

Hydration<br />

Antioxidants and hyaluronic<br />

acid are vortex-fused to<br />

nourish and protect the skin<br />

Protection<br />

The HydraFacial Daily<br />

Essentials skincare helps<br />

maintain and protect results<br />

to provide cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration<br />

using antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. From the<br />

patient’s perspective, it’s a quick 30-minute treatment with<br />

immediate results and no downtime.’<br />

The non-invasive nature of HydraFacial means anyone is<br />

suitable for treatment. However, the process can be tailored<br />

to accommodate the needs and skin types of individual<br />

patients. ‘The five-step process can be adjusted depending<br />

on the needs and concerns of the individual patient,’ Dr<br />

Williamson explains. ‘First we cleanse and exfoliate the<br />

skin. Then we perform an acid peel where the level of peel<br />

is chosen according to the patient’s skin type. The vortex<br />

suction comes next, which vacuums out the plugs in<br />

congested pores. Again, the strength of the vortex system<br />

can be tailored to the patient’s skin sensitivity.’<br />

The facial system can improve the appearance of<br />

congested, acne-prone, aged, dulled or dehydrated skin.<br />

It can also be used in conjunction with other therapies – for<br />

example, light-based treatments – to achieve more holistic<br />

and long-lasting results.<br />

‘Consultation before undergoing treatment is always<br />

important to discuss the potential for minor bruising or<br />

grazing on finer skins, and whether it is suitable for clients<br />

with a lot of fragile capillaries,’ says Dr Williams.<br />

‘In some situations, removal and decongestion of<br />

blocked pores may be the main focus whereas, at other<br />

times, the treatment may be modified to give an overall skin<br />

revision with a focus on refreshing texture and improving<br />

hydration.’<br />

Dr Williamson recommends patients undergo treatment<br />

with HydraFacial every two to four weeks, and says the<br />

results can be seen and felt immediately following treatment.<br />

‘Every patient should see the benefits from their very first<br />

HydraFacial. It instantly leaves the skin with a plump, wellhydrated<br />

healthy glow, visibly clear pores and irresistibly<br />

“soft to the touch” refined skin. The procedure is soothing,<br />

moisturising, non-irritating and immediately effective,’ says<br />

Dr Williams.<br />

To extend the results and retain the skin’s lustre and<br />

brightness between treatments, the final step in the<br />

HydraFacial is the introduction of the ‘daily essentials’<br />

skincare. Tailored to certain skin complaints, the range<br />

incorporates topical moisturisers, refining eye gels and<br />

daily sun protection. Each product is infused with select<br />

concentrations of the same active ingredients found in the<br />

salon treatment, providing detoxification, rejuvenation and<br />

protection in between visits.<br />

‘The easy monthly maintenance programme is<br />

convenient for the patient and easy to maintain and is also<br />

great for ongoing continuity of care,’ says Dr Williams.<br />

‘I liken the HydraFacial to vacuuming the floor; you are<br />

not making major changes in the skin but you can see the<br />

difference straightaway,’ adds Dr Williamson.<br />

‘At the end of treatment patients can see the cloudiness<br />

in the vortex solution; this is the blackhead plugs and<br />

congestion that was initially in the skin. The results from<br />

such a deep cleansing, combined with antioxidant<br />

nourishment, can be seen for months after treatment,’ Dr<br />

Williamson concludes. csbm<br />

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feature skin<br />

A<br />

new<br />

era<br />

of skin<br />

rejuvenation<br />

Get the Factor4 advantage of plumper, smoother<br />

and revitalised skin – using your body’s own<br />

growth factors. aimÉe surtenich reports.<br />

There’s a way to regenerate and smooth your skin<br />

from the outside in – with no artificial product,<br />

drugs or scalpel in sight. Its aficionados include Kim<br />

Kardashian, Bar Rafaeli and Cindy Crawford and it’s fast<br />

gaining traction as the go-to skin rejuvenation treatment. It<br />

is of course platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment.<br />

Platelet-rich plasma is a biological skin rejuvenation<br />

treatment that uses the patient’s own cells (in the form<br />

of platelet-rich plasma) to repair and regenerate new skin<br />

tissue and increase collagen production.<br />

Extracted from the patient’s own blood, PRP spurs<br />

the skin’s stem cells into action and contains high<br />

concentrations of growth factors, which are bioactive<br />

stimulators known to accelerate the natural healing<br />

process. Injected into areas such as the face, décolletage<br />

and hands, PRP triggers the skin’s stem cells, enhancing<br />

72 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

the formation of new collagen at the site. The result is a<br />

natural rejuvenation that continues to improve over time.<br />

FACTOR4 is a new-generation PRP system to extract<br />

only the highest quality and concentration of serum. In<br />

fact, it is designed to deliver four times as many growth<br />

factors than any blood-rich injection product. It is used<br />

to treat wrinkles and crepiness in areas of the face, neck,<br />

décolletage, back of hands and under-eye circles, as well<br />

as the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.<br />

FACTOR4’s difference is in its high concentration of<br />

autologous growth factors. This concentration is achieved<br />

using technologically advanced tubing to encapsulate and<br />

incubate venous patient blood.<br />

‘FACTOR4 is appealing to clients and practitioners alike<br />

as it is a ‘natural’ product which gives a natural-looking<br />

result,’ says Sydney facial plastic surgeon Dr William<br />

Mooney. ‘It’s a ‘turn back the clock’ treatment which allows<br />

our clients to look refreshed, hydrated and fantastic for<br />

their age. FACTOR4 treatments give them an unfair<br />

advantage compared to their similarly aged friends.’<br />

‘We have experienced great results for skin tightening<br />

with FACTOR4; it’s easy to use, comfortable for the patient<br />

and affordable,’ he adds.<br />

factor4 is a turn-backthe-clock<br />

treatment,<br />

allowing clients to look<br />

fantastic for their age<br />

What can Factor4 treat?<br />

‘Most commonly we treat the full face (most popular area is<br />

the eyelids and tear troughs as they are so hard to tighten<br />

via other methods) and the entire neck surface area,’ Dr<br />

Mooney explains. ‘We also frequently use FACTOR4 for<br />

sagging skin around the elbows, knees, mummy tummies<br />

and even the backs of the hands.’<br />

And the results?<br />

FACTOR4 treatments tighten skin as the<br />

collected serum contains several different<br />

growth factors that stimulate healing of tissue.<br />

These growth factors stimulate collagen and in<br />

turn tighten skin and improve skin quality over<br />

the ensuing months.<br />

‘My patients are loving the FACTOR4<br />

treatment system, particularly if they attend<br />

all four recommended treatment sessions.<br />

They love that the treatment does not involve<br />

the injection of any chemical-based product<br />

and also the natural-looking results,’ says<br />

Dr Mooney.<br />

‘Where once we were only able to offer antiageing<br />

injectable treatments with pharmaceutical<br />

bases, we now have an all-natural product that<br />

uses only the patient’s own blood. This enables<br />

us to treat individuals who prefer to take a more<br />

natural, holistic approach to their beauty and<br />

wellbeing,’ he concludes. csbm<br />

What’s involved?<br />

First, blood is taken from the patient (just<br />

like a regular blood test) and placed in an<br />

incubator. During the incubation period –<br />

which can be between six and nine hours<br />

– the blood is exposed to pyrogenic-free<br />

surfaces, which elicit a vigorous and rapid<br />

increase in the synthesis of growth factors.<br />

Following this, centrifugation, extraction and<br />

filtration take place and give rise to a serum<br />

rich in growth factors, suitable for re-injection<br />

at the treatment site.<br />

‘In my experience, the treatment is quick<br />

and easy to administer, and there’s no need<br />

for any local anaesthetic,” says Dr Mooney.<br />

Before<br />

AFTER treatment with FACTOR4 by Dr Mooney<br />

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ody<br />

A natural<br />

approach to<br />

age<br />

management<br />

74 www.cosbeauty.com.au

ody<br />

Regen PRP uses your own blood<br />

platelet cells to regenerate<br />

your skin and body from within.<br />

Tara Casey reports.<br />

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy helps kick-start<br />

the body’s natural processes that stimulate healing,<br />

repair and tissue strengthening, effectively reversing<br />

signs of ageing from within.<br />

With a history spanning decades in the medical<br />

industry, PRP is a regenerative and rejuvenating procedure<br />

with countless options for application. It has been used<br />

to combat autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s<br />

syndrome; in sports medicine for treating injured joints and<br />

muscles; and now – thanks to companies such as Regen<br />

Lab PRP who were first to market in the cosmetic medicine<br />

field eight years ago – PRP has entered the cosmetic<br />

anti-ageing arena as a ‘natural’ way to rejuvenate and<br />

beautify skin.<br />

PRP can be used to treat a number of different<br />

concerns, including pigmentation, sagging skin, fine lines,<br />

scarring and uneven skin tone. ‘I’ve been using Regen<br />

PRP since 2008 and have found a wide range of patients<br />

benefit from this treatment,’ says Dr Georgina Konrat from<br />

Brisbane <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Clinic. ‘I’m treating concerns such as<br />

scarring from acne or trauma, ageing and sun-damaged<br />

skin, vaginal atrophy symptoms, and even hair loss.’<br />

‘I primarily use it for the face, décolletage and arms,<br />

to address ageing skin and sun damage,’ she continues.<br />

‘PRP treats these conditions by restructuring and<br />

regenerating the skin from within.’<br />

The procedure involves extracting a sample of the<br />

patient’s blood, centrifuging this sample to concentrate the<br />

blood’s platelets and then re-injecting the concentrated<br />

solution into the treatment area.<br />

Once the PRP is injected into the body, the platelet-rich<br />

solution works to kickstart the body’s cellular processes,<br />

stimulate collagen production, skin cell turnover and<br />

invigorate the area with stem cells and growth factors.<br />

Treatment with PRP is used to regenerate tissue, initiate<br />

vascular growth, induce cell differentiation and recruit<br />

other cells to help rejuvenate the area.<br />

‘Patients are very attracted to the idea of using their own<br />

plasma to regenerate and restructure their skin and tissues.<br />

The results thus far have been very pleasing. Also, because<br />

we are using the patient’s own cells, there is no risk of<br />

allergy, and with an experienced professional performing the<br />

treatment, there are few risks or complications associated<br />

with this procedure,’ says Dr Konrat.<br />

PRP offers a great option for younger patients seeking<br />

to reduce the early signs of skin ageing, but it is also ideal<br />

for older patients to incorporate Regen PRP with other<br />

treatment modalities to achieve even greater results. ‘In our<br />

practice, PRP is typically performed in combination with<br />

either fractionated laser resurfacing or microneedling with<br />

radiofrequency for enhanced results,’ says Dr Konrat.<br />

‘Depending on the patient’s condition, regular PRP<br />

is a wonderful way to maintain the health and integrity of<br />

the tissues. The results are permanent, in that permanent<br />

restructuring and regeneration occurs; however, skin and<br />

tissues will continue to age with time. The treatment,<br />

although a little uncomfortable, is well tolerated. Downtime<br />

is usually minimal and this makes PRP a very attractive<br />

treatment option.’<br />


Platelet-rich plasma is a regenerative and rejuvenating<br />

procedure with seemingly endless options for application.<br />

One such application is in the field of gynaecology.<br />

Regen PRP can be effective in repairing, rehydrating and<br />

stimulating collagen in the vaginal walls. It is also used for<br />

restoring vaginal muscle tone, boosting the strength of the<br />

vaginal skin and assisting in optimal lubrication.<br />

‘PRP represents a great advance in complementary<br />

therapy for the treatment of vaginal atrophy symptoms,’<br />

says Dr Konrat. ‘I have an extensive surgical practice of<br />

labiaplasty surgery (using my own ‘DOVE’ technique), and<br />

I have adopted Regen PRP treatment to assist with the<br />

regeneration of vaginal mucosal atrophy in a significant<br />

number of patients. The patients who particularly benefit<br />

from PRP are peri- and post-menopausal patients, as well<br />

as patients who have undergone or are undergoing surgical<br />

or medical menopause.’<br />

‘We are in the early stages of using PRP in this<br />

combination, but we are very pleased with the results thus<br />

far,’ she continues. ‘This is an example of the potential role<br />

of growth factors, stem cells and stem cell stimulants in the<br />

future of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.’<br />

Regenerative medicine is critical to the future of medicine<br />

in many fields, and cosmetic medicine and surgery is just<br />

one aspect of research and development in this area. ‘For<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75

ody<br />

cosmetic medicine and surgery, PRP has an important<br />

future, both in its own right and in combination with other<br />

therapies,’ says Dr Konrat.<br />

Regen PRP for hair loss<br />

Regen Lab is tackling hair loss from all fronts. By<br />

boosting scalp health, accelerating hair regrowth and<br />

promoting regeneration of the hair follicle, Regen PRP is<br />

both a restorative and preventative measure against hair<br />

loss. Most importantly, it’s also natural, homogeneous<br />

and non-surgical.<br />

Sydney hair transplant surgeon Dr Johnathan Chan has<br />

been using Regen PRP treatment alongside surgical hair<br />

transplant procedures for the past two years. He explains<br />

it can achieve effective results both as a standalone and<br />

conjunctive procedure.<br />

‘One patient, a 53-year-old gentlemen, presented to me<br />

hoping to thicken his thinning hair with surgery,’ says Dr<br />

Chan. ‘I suggested trying Regen PRP to rescue as much<br />

hair as possible, and then use surgery to thicken up any<br />

areas that did not respond. In the end, the PRP-treated<br />

area became much thicker, beyond what we initially<br />

expected. Because of this, the patient only needed a<br />

small hair transplant, just to make the hairline perfect. This<br />

wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t have so much hair<br />

restored by PRP.’<br />

Once PRP is injected into the treatment site, the<br />

concentrated blood platelets release proteins called<br />

growth factors, which communicate with the body’s cells<br />

to trigger natural regenerative processes. ‘PRP provides<br />

a concentrated dose of growth factors to stimulate tissue<br />

repair and rejuvenation,’ explains New Zealand cosmetic<br />

physician Dr Paul Nola, who has been using PRP to treat<br />

hair loss since 2008. ‘Hair follicles respond to these growth<br />

factors and can reactivate if resting, or grow thicker, healthier<br />

hair if active. Treatment has been shown to hasten reversal<br />

of alopecia areata and to slow or temporarily reverse male<br />

and female pattern hair loss.’<br />

Although there are several PRP systems on the market,<br />

RegenLab PRP has a unique centrifugation process.<br />

Designed to yield the optimal concentration of blood<br />

platelets, Regen PRP gives the physician the options<br />

to increase the platelet concentration to four times the<br />

patients baseline if needed. PRP is totally autologous; the<br />

patient’s plasma is harvested within five minutes and then<br />

injected immediately back into the patient, without any<br />

extra manipulations or incubations to the patient’s PRP.<br />

‘Regen is an easy-to-use system that is cost- and<br />

time-effective for the patient,’ Dr Chan explains. ‘The PRP<br />

Regen PRP<br />

for treating<br />

hair loss<br />

• Regen PRP fuels the scalp with growth<br />

factors to stimulate hair follicles and<br />

encourage hair regrowth<br />

• Increased blood flow after Regen PRP<br />

treatment aids in hair restoration<br />

• Regen PRP boosts the health and condition<br />

of the scalp to facilitate hair growth<br />

• Collagen and elastin production is promoted<br />

with Regen PRP; this can help yield more<br />

grafts in hair transplant surgery<br />

• Regen PRP can help accelerate the recovery<br />

of the scalp post hair transplant surgery<br />

• Regen PRP prevents and slows down<br />

further hair loss by improving the condition<br />

of the scalp and hair follicles<br />

concentration can be easily adjusted to tailor the treatment<br />

according to each individual patient.’<br />

A thorough consultation process is required to establish<br />

the best treatment plan with Regen PRP. In some cases,<br />

Regen PRP is used alongside hair transplant surgery to<br />

achieve optimum results. The PRP treatment assists in<br />

recovery following surgery, and helps optimise hair growth<br />

following a hair transplant procedure.<br />

‘The fact that PRP is a biological product means there is<br />

variability between individuals, in how many platelets they<br />

have and how effective their platelets and PRP will be in<br />

regrowing hair,’ Dr Nola explains.<br />

‘I treat hair loss with multiple modalities, including<br />

Regen PRP, prescription medicine, supplements, lifestyle<br />

adjustments, needle rolling and light-based therapy. Antiinflammatory<br />

tablets must be avoided for two weeks before<br />

PRP treatment, as they can disable platelet activity.’<br />

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, a thorough<br />

consultation between patient and practitioner is necessary.<br />

Generally, the healthier the patient, the better the results.<br />

Commonly, a series of three treatments, four to six weeks<br />

apart, are performed to achieve the best result, however this<br />

can be altered according to the patient’s needs. ‘Every case<br />

is different, however, good results have been witnessed in<br />

many hair loss patients. Importantly, PRP triggers natural<br />

processes inside the scalp, which means effective results<br />

can be achieved with minimal risk and downtime. In fact,<br />

most patients return to work right after the procedure,’ Dr<br />

Chan concludes. csbm<br />

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ody<br />

Is Regenerative Medicine<br />

the way of the Future?<br />

Regenerative medicine<br />

research:<br />

• Investigates ways to help the human body<br />

repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged<br />

tissues and organs<br />

• Uses cells, genes or other biological building<br />

blocks, along with bioengineered materials and<br />

technologies<br />

• Focuses on restoring the remarkable tissue<br />

regenerative capacity that all humans have<br />

before birth<br />

Regenerative medicine<br />

scientists are asking:<br />

• How do some human tissues (our skin, blood<br />

cells and lining of the digestive tract) naturally<br />

regenerate?<br />

• What determines this ability of cells? What<br />

switches it on and off?<br />

• How do newts re-grow their tail or limb, or fish<br />

regenerate their fins or heart? What biological<br />

and molecular processes make this happen?<br />

• Do the parts of our bodies that do not<br />

regenerate (such as the brain and heart) retain a<br />

latent ability to regenerate?<br />

Regenerative medicine could:<br />

• Halt, reverse and prevent damage to vital<br />

organs such as kidneys, livers and even hearts<br />

• Grow new vital organs for people with<br />

organ failure due to disease, injury or<br />

genetic conditions<br />

• Treat and cure diabetes through stem<br />

cell therapies<br />

• Reverse the effects of neuro-degenerative<br />

diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s<br />

disease and Parkinson’s disease<br />

• Stop the body attacking itself in autoimmune<br />

diseases including multiple sclerosis,<br />

type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease and<br />

rheumatoid arthritis<br />

• Treat cancer by building on current stem cell<br />

therapies such as bone marrow transplants<br />

for leukaemia<br />

• Prevent ageing<br />

Regenerative medicine<br />

can involve:<br />

• Regeneration of tissues by injecting or implanting<br />

regeneration-competent cells (usually derived<br />

from adult or embryonic stem cells)<br />

• Protecting cells and tissue from damage due to<br />

disease or injury (eg, by preventing cell death)<br />

• Inducing regeneration in tissue by recruitment<br />

of a patient’s own cells to the tissue or using<br />

proteins or gene delivery to stimulate cell<br />

division in the tissue<br />

• Prevention of inflammation and scarring in tissues<br />

to better enable the use of these methods<br />

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genital<br />

lasers&<br />

gynaecology<br />






Lasers are one of the most well-known tools of medicine<br />

today, and there is a huge variety of lasers with very<br />

specific applications in many industries. Within<br />

medicine, lasers were originally used for their destructive,<br />

excisional and coagulation properties and recently they<br />

have become synonymous with cosmetic medicine and<br />

facial rejuvenation.<br />

Gynaecology was one of the earlier adopters of laser<br />

technology. In 1973 it was used to treat erosions of the<br />

cervix, and soon after for excising or coagulating cervical<br />

pre-cancer lesions and fallopian tube micro-surgery. The<br />

CO 2<br />

laser, originally developed in 1961 was the first laser<br />

used in gynaecological practice in 1973. It was the cost<br />

of laser technology, particularly in the 1990s, which limited<br />

its wider adoption.<br />

In gynaecological practice, depending on the doctor’s<br />

preference and availability, lasers can be used to treat<br />

endometriosis, utero-sacral nerve ablation, division of<br />

adhesions, excision/ablation of cervical and vulval lesions<br />

and ovarian/fallopian tube surgery.<br />

Within the past 20 years, there has been an addition to<br />

the scope of gynaecological use of lasers: the improvement<br />

of quality of life issues such as sexual function. Laser<br />

Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR), a term coined by a US<br />

gynaecologist, refers to a technique of using a diode laser<br />

as a cutting/dissecting tool when performing prolapse<br />

surgery - surgery designed to correct physical defects but<br />

not addressing sexual issues, rather, simply concerned with<br />

the size of a lump. Laser-assisted vaginal surgery is a more<br />

accurate description of this treatment.<br />

Lasers are now being used in<br />

gynaecology to improve quality of<br />

life issues such as sexual function<br />

The surgery remains controversial, not due to its efficacy<br />

but rather because the concept of female sexual function<br />

is not routinely taught in specialist gynaecological training.<br />

There has been a struggle to place women and their needs<br />

at the forefront of treatment and this remains a significant<br />

issue in current gynaecological practice. A variety of<br />

terminologies, seemingly pejorative, such as vaginoplasty,<br />

vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic gynaecology, cosmetogynaecology,<br />

designer vagina, has been used for laserassisted<br />

vaginal therapy adding to the controversy.<br />

78 www.cosbeauty.com.au

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

The advantage of laser dissection includes the ability<br />

to dissect, coagulate, cut and, at the same time, promote<br />

collagen formation, which assists healing and reduces scar<br />

tissue formation. Surgeons believe this results in a greater<br />

improvement in sensation during intercourse compared to<br />

conventional cold-knife techniques.<br />

The two main types of laser used in non-surgical<br />

treatment of the vagina are the CO 2<br />

and Erbium-YAG. They<br />

produce their effects by photothermal damage to both the<br />

surface epidermal mucosa and more importantly to the<br />

deeper lamina propria where most of the therapeutic effects<br />

are achieved. The CO 2<br />

laser is more aggressive than the<br />

Erb-YAG laser being subablative (deeper) throughout the<br />

whole application, with the photo thermal damage higher on<br />

similar energy levels and passes. The Erb-YAG laser system<br />

employs two distinct delivery methods: a multipulse delivery<br />

that is not subablative and a single shot, long-pulsed mode<br />

that is subablative and produces a deeper thermal spread.<br />

Photothermal damage results in the vaginal surface<br />

epidermal mucosa becoming thicker, more dense and<br />

cellular, with less keratin. The arrangement of the connective<br />

tissue in the lamina propria (deeper layer) is more dense,<br />

suggesting increased collagen.<br />

New technology or the application of pre-existing<br />

technology to new indications requires a robust examination<br />

of any available evidence, evaluation of the technology and<br />

monitoring of the outcome. It is possible that the makers of<br />

the CO 2<br />

laser are being over cautious or that the makers of<br />

the Erb-YAG laser are being too optimistic in their indications<br />

for use of their technology.<br />

There is a clear differentiation between non-surgical laser<br />

vaginal treatments and traditional vaginoplasty and laserassisted<br />

vaginal surgical procedures.<br />

Whilst non-surgical laser vaginal treatment shows the<br />

most promise for improving or curing symptoms related<br />

to atrophic vaginitis, it is of little value in correcting pelvic<br />

organ prolapse. Non-surgical laser vaginal treatment can<br />

improve very mild stress incontinence or reduce vaginal wall<br />

relaxation, however it is unlikely to cure any significant stress<br />

urinary incontinence or improve sensation during intercourse<br />

where the vagina and the vaginal opening are widespread<br />

because of detached or torn muscles and fascia.<br />

We can say non-surgical laser vaginal treatment/<br />

rejuvenation/therapy is an excellent addition to the limited<br />

arsenal available for treating some symptoms of female<br />

pelvic floor dysfunction. The risks associated when properly<br />

performed are almost negligible. Treatment should be<br />

carried out by doctors properly trained in assessing the<br />

vagina and knowledgeable about both the theoretical and<br />

clinical aspects of laser therapy.<br />

A discussion about your symptoms with a doctor who<br />

has a clear understanding of all the modalities of treatments<br />

is imperative. Your doctor is able to guide you towards the<br />

optimal treatment offering you the best outcome. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />

Empowering women through<br />

knowlege, choice and access to<br />

world class care<br />

Dr Oseka<br />

Onuma<br />

Gynaecologist & Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,<br />




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081<br />

08 8344 6085<br />

Facsimile 08 8344 6087<br />

Email reception@dronuma.com.au<br />


genital<br />

non-invasive<br />

vaginal<br />

tightening<br />

MonaLisa Touch offers a simple laser<br />

treatment to counter the effects of<br />

vaginal ageing, including dryness, laxity<br />

and incontinence. Tara Casey reports.<br />

MonaLisa Touch, distributed in Australia by High<br />

Tech Laser, is a new non-surgical way to treat<br />

vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch can also be used<br />

for aesthetic purposes, to counter the effects of ageing and<br />

achieve a rejuvenating effect by restoring vaginal tissue.<br />

‘MonaLisa Touch has been developed to help patients<br />

suffering from symptoms such as urinary incontinence,<br />

painful intercourse, dryness, itchiness, burning, vulval and<br />

vaginal pain, prolapse and laxity or looseness,’ explains<br />

Dr Fariba Behnia-Willison, a gynaecologist from South<br />

Australia. ‘These symptoms are part of a common condition<br />

known as vaginal atrophy. Additionally, because of how the<br />

treatment works, it can be used for vaginal rejuvenation.’<br />

‘Almost all of my patients have noticed a significant<br />

improvement following the MonaLisa Touch procedure –<br />

some have even described the treatment as life-changing,’<br />

she continues. ‘I hope it becomes the new standard of<br />

care for the many women suffering from these often painful<br />

symptoms that affect their everyday life. It certainly has in<br />

my practice.’<br />

The versatility of MonaLisa Touch stems from the<br />

technology it uses to improve the genital mucosa and<br />

restore proper function in the treatment area. Using<br />

fractional laser light, the MonaLisa Touch probe – which is<br />

inserted into the vagina – delivers thermal energy into the<br />

deeper layers of the vaginal tissue.<br />

80 www.cosbeauty.com.au

genital<br />

This kick-starts the body’s natural processes to increase blood flow and stimulate<br />

the formation of collagen, which improves the integrity and elasticity of the genital<br />

mucosa. This can be effective in alleviating vaginal pain in those patients experiencing<br />

gynaecological problems or vaginal atrophy, or in simply tightening the vaginal walls<br />

for a rejuvenating effect.<br />

‘To put it in simple terms, the MonaLisa Touch procedure stimulates the body’s<br />

natural processes,’ Dr Behnia-Willison explains. ‘It creates more hydrated and<br />

healthy cells which help to increase vascularisation, hydration and acidity, which are<br />

all important components of vaginal health.’<br />

According to Dr Behnia-Willison, treatment to improve vaginal function is sought<br />

out by a significant number of patients, and of different ages. ‘Although many are<br />

going through menopause or are post-menopausal, there are also many younger<br />

women suffering from similar symptoms,’ she says. ‘I have found this treatment to<br />

be particularly effective for women who find it painful to have sexual intercourse.’<br />

My patients have noticed a significant improvement<br />

following the MonaLisa Touch procedure – some have<br />

even described the procedure as life-changing<br />

MonaLisa Touch delivers thermal heating at specific depths in the tissue to achieve<br />

an optimum, targeted result. Also, the fractionated effect means there are areas of<br />

untouched tissue left between laser columns. This healthy tissue helps promote<br />

healing and minimise downtime after treatment.<br />

‘The advantage of the MonaLisa Touch procedure, for both results and safety, is<br />

that it uses a fractionated CO 2<br />

laser, which means the heat is deposited at the ideal<br />

depth in the tissue,’ Dr Behnia-Willison explains. ‘And because it is a fractional laser<br />

treatment it leaves most of the superficial layer untouched, which is important from<br />

a safety perspective.’<br />

The treatment is non-invasive and no anaesthesia is required. Often a series of<br />

treatments is recommended for best results. ‘MonaLisa Touch is a straightforward<br />

and simple procedure. It involves a probe placed inside the vagina and the<br />

fractionated CO 2<br />

energy delivered to the vaginal tissue,’ says Dr Behnia-Willison.<br />

‘The published research has shown that the best results are obtained from<br />

three MonaLisa Touch treatments, performed a month apart. Most patients notice<br />

a significant improvement after the first procedure. I also recommend to patients<br />

they may need a follow-up procedure every year or so, after the initial course of<br />

treatments.’<br />

As with any medical procedure, there are some potential side effects with the<br />

MonaLisa Touch treatment. ‘In my experience, which is similar to that of overseas<br />

practitioners, the likelihood of post-treatment complications following a MonaLisa<br />

Touch treatment is minimal,’ she says. ‘The worst side effect I have seen has been<br />

some mild discomfort for 12 to 24 hours following the procedure, but this is in only<br />

a handful of patients and I have now performed more than 2,500 MonaLisa Touch<br />

treatments in Australia.’<br />

Whether you’re looking to relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, or seeking<br />

a rejuvenating effect, MonaLisa Touch is worthwhile to explore; it’s also backed by<br />

clinical research and a history of success in a gynaecological setting. csbm<br />

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feature<br />

your<br />

best<br />

accessory<br />

the advantages of having<br />

beautiful teeth go well<br />

beyond aesthetics.<br />

learn the current<br />

procedures available to<br />

perfect your smile and<br />

radiate confidence.<br />

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feature<br />

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com<br />

Being born with a perfect smile used to be a highly<br />

enviable genetic gift, but now even those who didn’t<br />

make the cut in the gene pool can achieve a pearly<br />

white smile with some cosmetic dental assistance.<br />

while traditional dentistry is integral in oral hygiene and<br />

preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disease, the current<br />

wave of dentistry is focused on improving the appearance<br />

of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile. restorative and<br />

general dental practices address necessary treatment,<br />

whereas cosmetic dentists provide desired services.<br />

the choice of treatments is wide and varied, from<br />

veneers, bridges, crowns and white fi llings to computerised<br />

smile analyses that look at the harmony between lips,<br />

gums and teeth. on the following pages, we do the rounds<br />

of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments.<br />

crowns, BriDges<br />

anD Fillings<br />

common methods for correcting slight aesthetic<br />

discrepancies or issues of tooth quality are crowns,<br />

bridges and fi llings.<br />

Crowns or caps are used to restore chipped teeth<br />

or replace broken teeth. an impression of the tooth is<br />

taken and the crown – made from metal or porcelain<br />

– is built in a laboratory to individual prescription,<br />

using a gold alloy covered with bonded porcelain. the<br />

old tooth is then cut down a millimetre or so to make<br />

room for the crown. the crown is then cemented to<br />

the tooth.<br />

Bridges cover the gap where a tooth is missing or<br />

a gap is present. it entails a metal unit of three crowns<br />

and is fashioned from porcelain to blend with existing<br />

teeth, which is cemented to the teeth either side of the<br />

gap. these teeth are drilled down to attach the bridge<br />

either side of the gap. the middle crown is solid to<br />

mimic a tooth, the other two are hollow in order to fi t<br />

over the teeth. generally a couple of appointments are<br />

required and the results last from three years to fi fteen<br />

years, if maintained properly.<br />

White fillings are for people with smaller gaps,<br />

chipped teeth or fi lling the edge of a tooth. They are<br />

made of a composite of resin and glass particles,<br />

cemented onto the existing tooth using a bonding<br />

agent. one appointment is required and, while they<br />

are less resilient than veneers, results should last for<br />

around 15 years if cleaned properly.<br />

chipped, broken, discoloured or decayed teeth<br />

may be repaired or have their appearance corrected<br />

using a procedure called composite bonding. a dental<br />

composite material with the look of enamel is applied<br />

into the cavity or onto the surface of a tooth, where it<br />

is then sculpted into shape, contoured and hardened<br />

with a high-intensity light. the result is a restoration that<br />

blends invisibly with the remainder of the surrounding<br />

tooth structure and the rest of the natural teeth.<br />

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feature<br />

Teeth<br />

whitening<br />

In the blossoming world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening<br />

reigns supreme as arguably the most commonly recommended<br />

procedure. Teeth are often stained from poor oral hygiene or<br />

smoking, food, coffee, tea or red wine. Bleaching the teeth can<br />

enhance the appearance of your smile.<br />

Universally valued by men and women alike, whitening (or<br />

bleaching) treatments are available to appeal to every budget and<br />

time frame. Whether in the form of one-hour bleaching sessions<br />

at your dentist’s office, or at-home bleaching kits, teeth whitening<br />

solutions abound. Virtually everyone who opts for this cosmetic<br />

treatment will see moderate to substantial improvement in the<br />

brightness and whiteness of their smile. However, teeth whitening<br />

is not a permanent solution and requires maintenance and repeat<br />

treatments for a prolonged effect.<br />

There are three types of teeth whitening techniques to choose<br />

from: pure laser, kick-start laser and at-home kits. The pure laser<br />

technique is a quick fix to whiten teeth. It involves laser beams or<br />

light emitting wavelengths to provide an intense light that activates<br />

a whitening agent made from carbamide peroxide or hydrogen<br />

peroxide pasted onto the enamel of the tooth. This chemical<br />

reaction lifts the stain out of the enamel and is then washed away<br />

by the dentist. It takes about one-and-a-half hours and needs<br />

topping up once every three to six months.<br />

With the second method, a mould of the teeth is taken by the<br />

dentist and a mouth guard made to exact specifications. The<br />

patient wears the mouthguard filled with a whitening gel made from<br />

carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide of professional strength.<br />

‘Kick start’ laser beams, or light emitting wavelengths, activate the<br />

gel pasted onto the enamel of the tooth. Two appointments, two<br />

weeks apart offer results of three to six months.<br />

At-home teeth whitening can be in the form of a mouthguard<br />

filled with whitening gel or whitening strips. Both do not harm the<br />

teeth but slightly change the composition of the dentine – the<br />

part of a tooth that is hard, contains calcium and lies underneath<br />

the enamel – making it appear whiter. Results last between three<br />

and six months. Typically the home-use whitening products can’t<br />

achieve the bleaching effect from the dentist’s office, but it’s a<br />

good alternative for more superficial staining.<br />

Dental<br />

Implants<br />

Dental implants are artificial tooth root<br />

replacements that are used as a part of<br />

prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry to<br />

compensate for tooth loss. Often the result is<br />

not only an enhanced smile, but also a more<br />

youthful appearance, since missing teeth<br />

cause the face to collapse and make you look<br />

older than you actually are.<br />

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feature<br />

Dental<br />

veneers<br />

Dental veneers are custom-designed shells of tooth-like material that, when<br />

applied over the surface of a tooth, can cover worn tooth enamel, uneven<br />

tooth alignment or spacing, crowding, staining and chips or cracks. Veneers<br />

can also increase the dimension of the tooth, thicken them, and make them<br />

squarer or longer. Regardless of what causes unattractive teeth, dental<br />

veneers may solve most or even all cosmetic dental issues.<br />

Second to this, the translucent quality of today’s veneers provides a more<br />

natural look than what’s been available in the past.<br />

The veneer is bonded onto the front surface of the tooth using a chemical<br />

bonding agent, with some minimal drilling to curve the contours of the<br />

veneers in most cases.<br />

The two most common materials used in the manufacture of dental<br />

veneers are composite resin and porcelain veneers. Both porcelain veneers<br />

and composite veneers can be fabricated by a dental technician in a dental<br />

laboratory and are bonded to the tooth with resin cement, but composite<br />

veneers can also be directly fabricated inside your mouth at the dentist. Of<br />

the two, porcelain veneers are longer lasting and more expensive.<br />

Teeth<br />

straightening<br />

There are two ways to straighten teeth, either<br />

cosmetically or with orthodontics (the area of<br />

dentistry concerned with the prevention and<br />

correction of irregularities of the teeth).<br />

For people with crowded, crooked or tilting<br />

teeth, this is a viable solution.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> teeth straightening can include<br />

reshaping the gums or applying veners (see<br />

previous page), whereas orthodontics uses<br />

metal or tooth-coloured braces or clear<br />

aligners (Invisalign) fitted inside the mouth.<br />

These are usually worn for one to three<br />

years, with appointments every four to eight<br />

weeks depending on the individual. Patients<br />

will be advised to wear a retainer after they<br />

are removed.<br />

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teeth<br />

smile<br />









Actual patient of<br />

Dr Nalbandian<br />

A<br />

beautiful smile should be<br />

natural looking, symmetrical<br />

and striking. Sydney aesthetic<br />

reconstructive dentist Dr Sarkis<br />

Nalbandian takes a minimally invasive<br />

approach in preserving, improving and<br />

maintaining a patient’s natural smile.<br />

‘Optimising the smile should be<br />

about imitating nature and working with<br />

what’s already there,’ Dr Nalbandian<br />

explains. ‘It is essential that the smile<br />

is considered in relation to the rest<br />

of the face. The shape and shade<br />

of the teeth, as well as the arch<br />

shape, should be recreated according<br />

to the facial frame. It’s really about<br />

the face, not about the teeth – that’s<br />

true aesthetics.’<br />

While Dr Nalbandian uses a variety<br />

of techniques to create aesthetic and<br />

functional results in smile rejuvenation,<br />

he often recommends composite<br />

porcelain and ultra-thin porcelain<br />

veneers to achieve noticeable results<br />

with minimal intervention.<br />

Dr Nalbandian performs his<br />

renowned One Visit Smile Lift, where<br />

he uses composite and ultra-thin<br />

porcelain veneers developed by him<br />

and his technical team to rejuvenate<br />

the smile without damaging the<br />

existing teeth – these are placed in the<br />

one visit.<br />

‘My ultra-thin veneers require<br />

no local anaesthetic and, most<br />

importantly, the existing enamel is<br />

always preserved.’<br />

On the following page we showcase<br />

a selection of Dr Nalbandian’s One<br />

Visit Smile Lift case studies. csbm<br />

86 www.cosbeauty.com.au

teeth<br />

makeover<br />

CASE STUDY 1<br />

This patient had worn upper front teeth which impacted negatively on her overall<br />

appearance, speech and confidence.<br />

Initially during diagnosis, Dr Nalbandian established the patient’s ideal<br />

tooth length and aesthetic and she was happy to proceed. Eight composite<br />

reconstructions were completed in one visit with no drilling of the tooth structure<br />

and no injections – for a complete smile rejuvenation.<br />

BEFORE (note the worn, reverse smile line)<br />

AFTER non-invasive treatment in one visit by Dr Nalbandian<br />

Note the improved smile line and teeth display.<br />

BEFORE (note the obvious reverse smile line)<br />

AFTER smile rejuvenation in one visit by Dr Nalbandian,<br />

enhancing this patient’s whole facial aesthetic.<br />

CASE STUDY 2<br />

‘This patient had become self-conscious about the shape and colour of her<br />

teeth,’ says Dr Nalbandian. ‘The top teeth were spatially shorter and had a worn<br />

appearance. The patient opted to undergo a minimally invasive procedure, using<br />

ultra-thin porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of her smile. Both the<br />

upper and lower 10 teeth were treated with ultra-thin porcelain veneers developed<br />

at Designer Smiles, and her worn smile and bite was also improved.<br />

‘The patient loves the colour, shape and symmetry of her new smile.’<br />

BEFORE (note the severe tetracycline discolouration)<br />

AFTER ultrathin porcelain veneers requiring no injections, and<br />

preserving the tooth structure. Procedure completed in two visits.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 87

cosmetic tattoo<br />

24/7<br />

perfect<br />

pout<br />






We buff them, moisturise them and slather them in<br />

colourful gloss. They frame the words we speak<br />

and soften the most intimate of moments. Indeed,<br />

a voluminous set of lips is thought to hold a thrall over the<br />

opposite sex like no other part of the body. But how can<br />

you maximise this asset if your own lips are lacking in both<br />

colour and volume?<br />

Sydney cosmetic tattoo practitioner Val Glover-Hovan<br />

has been using cosmetic tattoo to enhance the appearance<br />

of her clients’ lips for more than 30 years. Having learned<br />

the technique in the 1980s, she has been pioneering<br />

permanent makeup ever since, and is at the forefront of<br />

using tattoos as a cosmetic procedure.<br />

‘Permanent makeup has many beauty benefits, not to<br />

mention the economic and time-saving factors,’ she says.<br />

‘Its roots trace back to the 1930s and, while both the<br />

technique and its popularity have advanced considerably<br />

since this time, the reasons for its continued popularity<br />

remain the same.’<br />

According to Glover-Hovan, cosmetic tattooing helps<br />

highlight a person’s best features while camouflaging the<br />

worst. ‘Many of my clients have said they wonder why it<br />

took so long to make the decision to have a cosmetic tattoo<br />

procedure,’ she says.<br />

Glover-Hovan draws on a number of techniques,<br />

including permanent eyeliner and eyebrow procedures.<br />

However, lip enhancement is one of the most popular<br />

requests amongst her clientele.<br />

Lip Liner<br />

‘Permanent lip liner is for people who have no definite<br />

lip shape, pale lips, sun-damaged lips, uneven lips,<br />

or lips that have lost their shape as a result of cold<br />

sores or injury,’ says Glover-Hovan. ‘It’s ideal for people<br />

who prefer a definite lip shape to emphasise or enlarge<br />

the mouth or for ladies with “crease lines” around the<br />

mouth area.’<br />

During the procedure, colour is tattooed in a fine or<br />

thick line on the outer edge of lips. ‘This gives definition<br />

to the shape of the mouth,’ notes Glover-Hovan. ‘The<br />

lips are a sensuous feature of the face and having a<br />

definite lip line can also help many ladies apply their<br />

lipstick correctly.’<br />

Full lip colour<br />

Lip blending goes one step further, blending colour into<br />

the inner part of the lips. ‘This can help disguise the lip<br />

line, making it appear more natural,’ says Glover-Hovan.<br />

‘I also use this technique to fill in white areas where the<br />

lip line has been extended away from the natural lip line<br />

or to balance crooked lip shapes.’<br />

According to Glover-Hovan, lip blend and all-over<br />

colour helps make the lips look fuller and is therefore<br />

ideal for anyone lacking volume and colour in their<br />

lips but who might not want to augment their lips with<br />

cosmetic injectables.<br />

Glover-Hovan says subtlety is the key to successful<br />

cosmetic tattooing, and the result is always subjective.<br />

‘To be honest, the people closest to you may not notice<br />

that a cosmetic tattoo procedure has been performed;<br />

we aim for a natural-looking result and the procedure<br />

has little to no downtime,’ she says. ‘A full lip procedure<br />

is the only one that shows swelling afterwards, whereas<br />

lip liner alone is likely to escape their notice.’ csbm<br />

88 www.cosbeauty.com.au

9:40 AM Page 1<br />

9:40 AM Page 1<br />

DESIGNING 9:40 AM Page 1<br />


FACES IS<br />

IS<br />

OUR<br />





For AESTHETIC PURPOSES, tattoos<br />


For can AESTHETIC flatter the COSMETIC existing PURPOSES, features tattoos<br />


the tattoos<br />

For<br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

can flatter the existing features of the<br />


TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

face, Reshaping achieving and colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />



face, achieving a natural look.<br />

VAL GLOVER-HOVAN Reshaping will give you and instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />


Reshaping and colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />




give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />



can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

IALIST COSMETIC TATTOO defines the eye shape,<br />

LIPS outlined<br />


can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val Glover-Hovan<br />


LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

FACES<br />


IS<br />

outlined or coloured FACES like lipstick. IS Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

annel OUR 9 Body AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

and<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo<br />

of<br />

nsformation annel BUSINESS FACES IS<br />

AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective<br />

OUR 9 Body following Work) BUSINESS<br />

For Eyebrow AESTHETIC tattooing PURPOSES, tattoos<br />

Australia<br />


Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

and The Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

annel ut <strong>Surgery</strong> 9 Body Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

For can AESTHETIC flatter the existing PURPOSES, features tattoos of the tattoos<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

Image &<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

For of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

Tattoo in Australia which<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

ter Colour Result can Tattoo Val Glover-Hovan<br />


Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

flatter the existing features of the<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

face, Reshaping achieving and colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

face, Tattoo Director of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />


she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

achieving a natural look.<br />

Reshaping will give you and instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Reshaping and colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will<br />

she Australia, The Academy<br />

• improves shape has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She<br />

EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />

will for of her Image excellence & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> in practice<br />

give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />


LIPS can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

• solid colour or hair has<br />

for Corrective her<br />

been<br />

excellence<br />

recognised<br />

Tattoo in and practice<br />

worldwide<br />

EYELINER defines the eye shape,<br />

and education. Her team of<br />

LIPS outlined can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val strokes Glover-Hovan<br />

give for<br />

and<br />

her<br />

Hovans education.<br />

excellence<br />

Group, Her<br />

in<br />

is the team<br />

practice<br />

LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

mother of<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

instant of lift <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

highly skilled and experienced<br />

and<br />

highly of<br />

education.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> skilled and Tattoo<br />

Her<br />

experienced<br />

team<br />

in Australia,<br />

of<br />

AFTER<br />

outlined or coloured like lipstick.<br />

Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

practitioners assist her to<br />

dy AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />


Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

and<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo highly<br />

practitioners which skilled she pioneered assist<br />

and experienced<br />

her in to 1985.<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

fulfil<br />

of<br />

ion AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective the demand for quality,<br />

ody following Work) Eyebrow tattooing<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

• Australia<br />

Image defines & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

and the The eyes Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

ery<br />

practitioners<br />

fulfil<br />

Val<br />

the<br />

has<br />

demand<br />

been assist recognised<br />

her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

ody Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

lour Result<br />

Image hygienically<br />

LIPS<br />

fulfil worldwide<br />

performed<br />

&<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

Tattoo in Australia which of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

for her excellence<br />

hygienically<br />

the demand<br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

lour Result<br />

Tattoo<br />

Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• reshaped made fuller hygienically in practice Tattoo and procedures.<br />

lour Result<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

education.<br />

Tattoo <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• full lip colour gives<br />

SPCP Industry Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Leader procedures. Award<br />

she<br />

has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo procedures.<br />

for her excellence in practice proudly presented to Val<br />

AFTER has<br />

for your her<br />

been<br />

excellence lip recognised power in practice<br />

worldwide<br />

and education. Her team of Glover-Hovan CPCP, who<br />

• for<br />

and colour her<br />

education.<br />

excellence that lasts Her<br />

in<br />

team<br />

practice<br />

highly skilled and experienced<br />

for of<br />

“I just love the makeup Val has created for me. My friends are amazed and exemplifies the true spirit of<br />

ical area, years<br />

when<br />

tattoos<br />

I show them<br />

can<br />

my<br />

be<br />

new<br />

used<br />

work of<br />

to<br />

art.<br />

camouflage<br />

They are all envious<br />

the white<br />

and are<br />

scars highly<br />

education. face skilled and<br />

Her<br />

body. experienced<br />

team of<br />

olour Result<br />

practitioners assist her to For women membership, after a mastectomy fellowship and and<br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

• highly <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

amazed tattoos that it’s can so natural be used looking. to I am camouflage so grateful for the what white Val has scars practitioners<br />

skilled face assist<br />

and experienced<br />

fulfil the demand for body. her quality, to<br />

scars For women on generosity face after in a and the mastectomy permanent body. and<br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

done<br />

tattoos<br />

for me. She<br />

can<br />

breast<br />

made<br />

be<br />

me<br />

used<br />

reduction,<br />

feel so<br />

to<br />

special,<br />

camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

important<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

and loved”.<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create practitioners an<br />

Treatments face<br />

areola body.<br />

and nipple.<br />

fulfil the demand<br />

assist her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

hygienically performed For women after a mastectomy and<br />

en after a mastectomy breast reduction, and breast colour reduction, is tattooed to colour create an areola and nipple. cosmetics industry 2013<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

– Gail, NSW everlasting<br />

is tattooed<br />

beautyto create an areola and nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney, fulfil<br />

hygienically<br />

the<br />

create an<br />

Melbourne, demand<br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo areola procedures. and<br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

and Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney,<br />

hygienically<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

procedures. Brisbane and Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney, <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo procedures. Brisbane and Perth.<br />




CADEMY SSIONAL tattoos can be<br />


used<br />



IMAGE AND IN the THE white scars<br />

IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART on face OF and COSMETIC body. For women<br />



after a mastectomy and<br />

a, tattoos can be used to camouflage the white scars on face and body. scars For women on face after<br />

TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

a and mastectomy body. and<br />

a, tattoos can<br />

breast<br />

be used<br />

reduction,<br />

to camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create<br />

on<br />

an<br />

face<br />

areola<br />

and body.<br />

and nipple.<br />

For women after a mastectomy and<br />

Our r standard SSIONAL a <strong>Cosmetic</strong> mastectomy Val’s breast of training high TRAINING reduction, and standard is breast accepted colour of training reduction, IN is tattooed by THE is <strong>Beauty</strong> accepted to colour ART create and by is OF <strong>Beauty</strong> tattooed <strong>Cosmetic</strong> areola COSMETIC and to nipple. <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo create Associations Tattoo an TATTOO areola Associations and in nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney,<br />

create Melbourne,<br />

areola and<br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

and Perth.<br />

and Our standard <strong>Cosmetic</strong> the USA. in of Australia Tattoo training Her treatments expertise and the accepted USA. are as available Her a presenter by expertise <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney, as and and a Melbourne, presenter educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> and Brisbane Tattoo educator sought and Associations is after Perth. sought from around in<br />

Our standard <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the USA. after of Tattoo training treatments<br />

from Her around expertise accepted are available<br />

the world as a and by presenter she <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney,<br />

continually and and Melbourne,<br />

educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Brisbane<br />

keeps abreast is Tattoo and<br />

sought and up Associations Perth.<br />

and after to date from with around in<br />

and Y OF she<br />

and the IMAGE continually<br />

she USA. information continually Her AND keeps<br />

expertise COSMETIC abreast<br />

for keeps the profession. abreast as a presenter CORRECTIVE and up to date<br />

and up and to date educator TATTOO with information for the profession.<br />

with information is sought after for the from profession. around<br />

s MY<br />

and training OF IMAGE<br />

she programs AND<br />

She continually offers training<br />

in COSMETIC<br />

keeps all aspects<br />

programs abreast of CORRECTIVE<br />

in all and <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

aspects up to of<br />

Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

MY AL<br />

date <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with Individual<br />

Tattoo, information offers<br />

Tuition,<br />

NAL<br />


Individual for the profession.<br />

Tuition<br />

s training TRAINING<br />


and programs IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART OF COSMETIC an Importer in all ART aspects OF<br />

and Distributor of COSMETIC<br />


<strong>Cosmetic</strong> of Quality Machines Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

NAL and d of training<br />

Individual & Pigments. Tuition,<br />

s Distributor TRAINING accepted<br />

programs<br />

of IN quality by THE <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

in all<br />

Machines ART and<br />

aspects<br />

OF <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

of<br />

COSMETIC &<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments. Tattoo Associations<br />

Tattoo.<br />

TATTOOin<br />

rd<br />

Individual Tuition,<br />

USA. and of training Her Distributor expertise Val accepted certified of as a quality presenter by by <strong>Beauty</strong> the Machines Society and and educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> of & Permanent Pigments. is Tattoo sought Associations <strong>Cosmetic</strong> after from Professionals around in (SPCP).<br />

rd<br />

RAINING and USA. continually<br />

of training<br />

Distributor Her expertise keeps accepted<br />

abreast of as quality a by presenter BROWS, and<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><br />

up Machines to and and<br />

EYELINER, date educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

with & Pigments.<br />

information is Tattoo sought Associations<br />

LIPLINE after for the from profession. around in<br />




continually Her expertise keeps abreast as a presenter<br />


and up and to date educator<br />


with information is sought after<br />


for the from profession. around<br />

e programs continually in<br />

RAININGADVANCED keeps all aspects abreast of<br />


FULL and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> up LIP to COLOUR, Tattoo. date with Individual<br />

FULL information CHEEK Tuition,<br />

COLOUR, for BLUSH, the DESIGNER profession. EYESHADOW,<br />



g programs<br />


in all aspects of<br />



<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

LIP EYELINER, Tattoo.<br />

COLOUR,<br />

Individual<br />


g<br />

ributor<br />

programs<br />

of quality<br />

in all<br />

Machines<br />

aspects of<br />

&<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments.<br />


tributor<br />

L<br />

ED<br />



of quality Machines<br />


FULL & Pigments.<br />






tributor BREAST<br />

G of quality BROWS, Machines EYELINER, & Pigments. LIPLINE<br />











BREAST<br />


OOING<br />

AINING<br />






SCAR<br />













BODY<br />

SCAR<br />




BREAST<br />




AREOLA/NIPPLE BREAST Coast, Melbourne and Perth<br />



sultation <strong>Cosmetic</strong> – Sydney, Tattoo Australia Brisbane,<br />



Clinic<br />

CONSULTATIONS Gold Coast, Melbourne<br />

ARE FREE<br />


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cosmetic tattoo<br />

Brow down<br />





dIFFErEnT<br />

PoPULAr TErMS<br />

For EYEBrow<br />

rESHAPInG:<br />

1. Hair stokes<br />

2. Featuring<br />

3. Shading<br />

4. 3D brows<br />

5. Embroidery<br />

6. Soft tap<br />

7. Blading<br />

Bold brows are back and they’re trending all by<br />

themselves. From the thin face framers of Greta<br />

Garbo, to Cara Delevingne’s thicker power brows<br />

and Kim Kardashian’s bleaching experiments, the eyebrow<br />

game is ever evolving. Eyebrows are forever the centre of<br />

beauty talk and are now the latest fashion accessory – just<br />

search the hash tag #EyebrowsOnFleek and brace yourself<br />

for the endless styles, colours and adornments gracing<br />

eyebrows the world over.<br />

As eyebrows have taken centre stage in the world of<br />

fashion, the art of cosmetic tattooing to reshape and<br />

emphasise the brows has become more popular.<br />

However, Sydney permanent makeup practitioner<br />

Rita Porreca of Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre says<br />

consumers are more confused than ever before about the<br />

diff erent brow tattooing methods available.<br />

‘I have been in this industry for over 25 years and only<br />

recently have I noticed that clients are so confused about<br />

brow tattooing methods,’ says Porreca. ‘An experienced<br />

cosmetic tattooist should know the diff erent methods<br />

for brow tattooing, and be able to tailor their approach<br />

according to the client’s preferences and the look they’re<br />

trying to achieve.’<br />

‘Blading, soft tap and feature, all refer to a similar method<br />

for eyebrow tattooing, performed with a hand tool,’ Porreca<br />

90 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

explains. ‘This method goes back to when Japanese geisha<br />

girls wanted to distinguish their eyebrows elegantly. Using<br />

a thin blade, a pattern is applied to the brows and ink is<br />

SPMUC FP(NEW) 30/4/07 1:30 PM Page 1<br />

applied over the top.’<br />

‘In my experience, blading is an exquisite technique that<br />

creates a very natural look. However, the pigment fades up<br />

to 50 percent within five days of the procedure,’ she adds.<br />

The art of blading has been reinvented again. Porreca<br />

takes a combined approach, using the blading technique timeless and<br />

timeless and with the faster, more permanent machine method. She<br />

believes this approach takes eyebrow tattooing to the next effortless beauty<br />

level, achieving the best possible results for her clients.<br />

‘Hair stroke, featuring and shading can be achieved<br />

SPMUC with FP(NEW) a machine 30/4/07 method,’ 1:30 she PM says. Page ‘Different 1 sized needles ‘In When 1984 it my comes dream to eyes, was to lips, create face, a<br />

can help achieve different looks, and the results are more Centre body, skin that and provided training, personalised we are the<br />

permanent than the traditional method using a hand-tool. beauty experts’ solutions expert. With with more natural than and 24<br />

However, results with the machine method tend to be a little lasting years’ experience results – a world we have above developed<br />

too heavy at first.’<br />

traditional<br />

an excellent<br />

beauty<br />

reputation<br />

salons.’<br />

with doctors<br />

‘I blend the two methods together to achieve a longlasting,<br />

natural look,’ Porreca continues. ‘That way you can with surgeons in post-operative<br />

– and Rita surgeons. Porreca, We Founder also work & MDclosely<br />

timeless and effortless beauty<br />

care.<br />

achieve the natural, softer look of blading while enjoying the When it comes to Eyes, Lips, Face, Body, Skin and<br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder & MD<br />

longevity of the machine method.’<br />

Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />


Accentuating the brow area can shape the entire face. with surgeons on post-operative care.<br />

Brows speak volumes – they can add symmetry, frame the<br />

eyes and ooze sophistication. Which is why more and more ‘In 1984 my dream was to create a<br />


people are turning to cosmetic tattooing to highlight and Centre that provided personalised<br />

shape<br />


the brows<br />

WE<br />

for<br />


a permanently perfect result.<br />

beauty solutions <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with natural Tattooing<br />

and<br />

lasting results – a world above<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> ‘It’s important Tattooing consumers do their research, and find an<br />

traditional beauty Medical salons.’ Tattooing<br />

experienced Eyebrows Hair tattooist stroke that to knows shaded how brows to incorporate to give you many more of a<br />

different natural appearance<br />

techniques to achieve a natural-looking result.<br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder Skin & Needling<br />

MD<br />

The Eyeliner aim is Subtle always to to Dramatic create long-lasting, or to define natural-looking,<br />

BEFORE<br />

your eye shape<br />

Dermal Planning Peels<br />

beautiful brows,’ Porreca concludes. csbm<br />

When it comes<br />

Lips From lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with Non to Laser Eyes, Lips, Tattoo Face, Removal<br />

Body, Skin and<br />

Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />

an ideal shape and colour all the time.<br />

with surgeons <strong>Cosmetic</strong> on post-operative Tattooing care. Courses<br />

Medical Tattooing<br />

Areola re-pigmentation Is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />

also considered by those with areola colour loss.<br />


Corrective Camouflage Can bring a natural skin colour back to scars<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> and burns Tattooing<br />

Eyebrows Hair stroke to shaded brows to give you more of a BEFORE FULL LIP COLOUR<br />


natural Skin Needling appearance<br />

Eyeliner<br />

Needling<br />

Subtle<br />

treatment<br />

to Dramatic<br />

for wrinkles,<br />

or to<br />

acne<br />

define<br />

scars<br />

your<br />

&<br />

eye<br />

scar<br />

shape<br />

relaxation<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

Lips Skin From Rejuvenation lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with<br />

an Is ideal for shape the rebuilding and colour of all new the collagen time. and lightening pigmentation.<br />

BEFORE<br />



Medical IPL Hair Tattooing Removal<br />

Areola Enables re-pigmentation hair removal from Is nearly the final every stage part of of breast the body reconstruction quickly and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />


also and efficiently considered by those with areola colour loss.<br />

Corrective Camouflage Can bring a natural skin colour back to scars<br />

Medical Skin Peels/Microdermabrasion<br />

and burns<br />



Skin treatments ranging from Green Peel, CosMedix Peels<br />

Skin & Microdermabrasion Needling to give you a natural healthy glow.<br />

Needling treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Dermal Fillers & Mesotherapy<br />

02 9712 4133<br />

BEFORE<br />

follow us on<br />

Skin Bella Building, Shop 4/239<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Rejuvenation Tattooing Courses<br />

Is Learn, ideal up-skill for the and rebuilding expand of with new professional collagen and cosmetic lightening tattooing pigmentation. Great<br />

training.<br />

North Rd, Five Dock<br />


AFTER cosmetic tattooing using a blading technique<br />

located in Cosmedic Professionals<br />

IPL Hair Removal<br />

Email: info@spmuc.com.au<br />

Enables hair removal from nearly every part of the body quickly Web: www.spmuc.com.au<br />

and efficiently<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au AFTER EYEBROW TATTOOING<br />


feature<br />

making<br />

sense<br />

of<br />

sunscreens<br />

Do not fall victim to sun-damaged skin<br />

or, worse yet, skin cancer. Here’s a<br />

timely reminder of why sun protection is<br />

essential. tara casey reports.<br />

92 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Despite having the highest rates of melanoma<br />

in the world, Australia has been slow to adopt<br />

the heightened protection offered by SPF 50+<br />

sunscreen. Having already been successfully introduced<br />

to Europe, North America and even to our neighbours in<br />

New Zealand, 2013 saw the super-strength sun protection<br />

introduced Down Under. Here we revisit what SPF 50<br />

actually means, and how it differs from other SPFs.<br />

SPF 50+<br />

Since 1998, Australia has abided by the Australian/New<br />

Zealand Sunscreen Standard ruling, allowing products to<br />

be labelled with a maximum SPF claim of 30+. In 2013,<br />

however, a revised Standard was published, upping the<br />

limit to 50+.<br />

According to the Department of Health and Ageing,<br />

approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed<br />

with skin cancer before the age of 70 and are four times<br />

more likely to develop a skin cancer than any other form<br />

of cancer. So why has it taken so long to introduce these<br />

higher levels of protection to our shores?<br />

The concern has always been that people will think<br />

that, by using a sunscreen labelled SPF 50, they can<br />

either use less of it or won’t have to apply it as often.<br />

And while an increase from 30 to 50 sounds like a lot, in<br />

reality the extra protection offered by SPF 50 isn’t nearly<br />

as significant. Add to this the fact the average person<br />

puts on between 25 and 50 percent less sunscreen than<br />

the recommended amount, and you can see why the<br />

authorities may have urged caution over introducing what<br />

merely appears to be a significantly more effective level<br />

of protection.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 93

feature<br />

Diminishing<br />

returns<br />

No sunscreen affords 100 percent protection from the<br />

harmful rays of the sun. According to Ric Williams,<br />

research and development manager at NexGen<br />

Pharmaceuticals, a sunscreen with SPF 15 blocks 93.3<br />

percent of UVB rays, whilst a sunscreen with SPF 50<br />

blocks as much as 98 percent.<br />

‘Arguably, an SPF 15 sunscreen provides full UVB<br />

protection for healthy individuals,’ he says. ‘The<br />

difference of 4.7 percent between a SPF 15 and SPF<br />

50, would not seem significant to most individuals.’<br />

However, Williams also notes that, whilst the UVA<br />

protection given by any sunscreen is minimal, the<br />

higher the SPF, the better protected you are from UVA,<br />

and especially UVA II radiation.<br />

Although UVB radiation is the primary cause of<br />

sunburn and skin cancer, UVA radiation is what causes<br />

photoageing – ageing from the sun that can result in<br />

wrinkles, sun spots and uneven pigmentation. In high<br />

doses, UVA radiation can also cause skin cancer.<br />

The proper way to<br />

use sunscreens<br />

‘The use of sunscreen is an important preventative measure<br />

to help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and<br />

premature skin ageing,’ says Williams. ‘Skin is susceptible<br />

to attack by the sun, resulting in the destruction of collagen<br />

and elastin structure, and more seriously the damage to<br />

cells’ DNA leading to possible cancer formation.’<br />

No matter what level of protection you choose, therefore,<br />

the best advice is to apply your sunscreen properly.<br />

‘Sunscreen should be applied liberally enough to<br />

all sun-exposed areas that it forms a film when initially<br />

applied. If you’re not using this much — about half a 100g<br />

tube (every time you put sunscreen on your whole body);<br />

you’re probably not getting enough protection from UV,’<br />

says Williams.<br />

94 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

According to Williams, scientists use a simple formula<br />

to determine how much sunscreen should be used. ‘As an<br />

example, for a person about 175cm tall and weighing about<br />

82.5kg they will require approximately 40g – almost half a<br />

typical 100g tube, of sunscreen to cover their body to the<br />

same level as is specified in the Australian Standard test<br />

procedure,’ he says.<br />

Using this amount means you are using the effective<br />

level as stated on the label. Using less means you are not<br />

getting the SPF stated on the label.<br />

‘The prudent course is to reapply the sunscreen at<br />

regular intervals to ensure an adequate film is maintained,’<br />

says Williams, who also stresses that using sunscreen is a<br />

filter only.<br />

‘What that means is that the sunscreen continuously<br />

allows the passage of a low level of ultraviolet radiation –<br />

even if it is SPF 30. Reapplication of the sunscreen does not<br />

remove the damage that has already been caused by the<br />

What<br />

is SPF?<br />

SPF refers to the Sun Protection Factor offered<br />

by various sunscreens. The level of SPF<br />

given to each sunscreen is measured using<br />

a complex mathematical equation, and refers<br />

to the amount of ultraviolet raditation required<br />

to cause sunburn with the sunscreen on, as<br />

a multiple of the amount required without the<br />

sunscreen.<br />

Traditionally the SPF is rated for sun damage<br />

by UVB rays only. However, the new legislation<br />

requires the industry to change these standards<br />

and include information about the potential to<br />

protect from UVA radiation, too.<br />

The protection given to individuals by a certain<br />

level of sunscreen will vary depending on:<br />

• the amount applied<br />

• the frequency of application<br />

• the skin type of the user<br />

• immersion in water through swimming<br />

• amount of sunscreen absorbed by the skin.<br />

transmitted radiation,’ he explains. ‘When you reapply the<br />

sunscreen, unlike a cure, you do not “start the clock again.”<br />

So the purpose of reapplying the sunscreen is to ensure<br />

that it is still covering the skin properly. Even if an SPF 30<br />

sunscreen is reapplied regularly, if the intensity of the UV<br />

radiation is high enough and if the skin is exposed for long<br />

enough, invisible damage, or even physical damage in the<br />

form of sunburn, could occur.’<br />

Williams says that another misapprehension is that<br />

the sunscreen starts to work immediately it is applied.<br />

‘All sunscreens in Australia come with the warning that<br />

the sunscreen should be applied 15-30 minutes before<br />

going into the sun and it should read 15-30 minutes before<br />

entering the water,’ he says. ‘This time allows the water in<br />

the product to evaporate and the waterproof sunscreen film<br />

to properly form on the skin surface.’<br />

Nature’s<br />

protection<br />

The mineral zinc oxide has long been known to provide<br />

complete protection from UVB and UVA radiation, and is the<br />

only FDA-approved sunscreen for children under 6 months<br />

of age. However, zinc oxide can leave an undesirable white<br />

residue on the skin.<br />

Modern advances in nanotechnology have meant that<br />

scientists have been able to reduce the particle size of the<br />

zinc oxide to just 80 to 120nm. At this size, the zinc oxide<br />

can sit on the surface of the skin, still working effectively as<br />

a sunscreen, without causing a white appearance.<br />

Nanotechnology, however, has sparked scientific debate<br />

with some fearing the escape of particles into the blood<br />

stream. ‘In early 2009, the Therapeutic Goods Administration<br />

(TGA) conducted an updated review of the scientific<br />

literature in relation to the use of nanoparticulate zinc oxide<br />

and titanium dioxide in sunscreens,’ says Williams.<br />

‘The TGA review concluded that the potential for titanium<br />

dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreens to<br />

cause adverse effects depends primarily upon the ability of<br />

the nanoparticles to reach viable skin cells; and to date, the<br />

current weight of evidence suggests that titanium dioxide<br />

and zinc oxide nanoparticles do not reach viable skin cells;<br />

rather, they remain on the surface of the skin and in the<br />

outer layer of the skin that is composed of non-viable cells.’<br />

The TGA is continuing to monitor the emerging scientific<br />

literature to ensure appropriate action is taken should any<br />

tangible safety concerns be identified. Currently, however,<br />

no specific warnings about nanoparticles need to be placed<br />

on labels of sunscreens.<br />

In Australia, all active ingredients, such as zinc oxide and<br />

titanium dioxide, must be declared on sunscreen labels, to<br />

help consumers make informed choices. However, it is not<br />

a requirement for sunscreen labels to declare the particle<br />

size of the active ingredients. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95

eauty & spa<br />

Simplify<br />

skincare<br />

What you need<br />

for skin health.<br />

nothing more,<br />

nothing less.<br />

The essentials for a simplified yet<br />

effective skincare starts off with<br />

a gentle cleanser to prep skin for<br />

penetration of active ingredients (we’ll<br />

get into that later!), a good exfoliator to<br />

buff away dead skin cells and an SPF<br />

moisturiser to protect your skin from<br />

those harsh UV rays.<br />

Understanding skincare products<br />

and how to use them is the first step<br />

in implementing an effective skincare<br />

regimen. With the myriad of products on<br />

the market, it’s helpful to get the basics<br />

right first, and then venture to more<br />

targeted skincare solutions.<br />

96 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

cleansers<br />

Cleansers are an essential part of a basic skincare<br />

routine. They wash off makeup, dirt and oil and leave<br />

the skin feeling clean, smooth and oil free. Your skin<br />

should be cleansed at least twice a day – in the morning<br />

and in the evening. There are cleansers for every<br />

skin type: If you’re prone to blocked pores, use gel<br />

formulations; for delicate skin, use milky products. Both<br />

gels and milky products usually can be washed off . For<br />

dry skin, use cream products, which generally are wiped<br />

off . If using a cream cleanser, you probably will need to<br />

use a toner afterwards.<br />

1. 2. 3.<br />

4. 5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

our<br />

Picks<br />

1. Aspect Purstat 5 Cleanser,<br />

$61.60 for 240ml, 2. Clarins Gentle<br />

Foaming Cleanser, $38 for 125ml,<br />

3. Elemis Pro Radiance Cream<br />

Cleanser, $69 for 150ml, 4. Glõ.<br />

Therapeutics Conditioning Milk<br />

Cleanser, $40 for 200ml, 5. Jurlique Clarifying Deep<br />

Cleansing Gel, $38 for 125ml, 6. Kiehl’s Calendula<br />

Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, $29 for 230ml, 7.<br />

Neostrata Facial Cleanser, $35.95 for 100ml, 8. Obagi<br />

Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser, $49.95 for 200ml, 9. Paula’s<br />

Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser,<br />

$30 for 190ml, 10. Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection<br />

Gentle Cleansing Foam, $24 for 120ml, 11. Synergie<br />

Skin UltraCleanse, $69 for 120ml<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97

feature<br />

Toners<br />

Toners are a matter of personal taste. They can remove<br />

the traces of makeup, dirt and oil that your cleanser<br />

may have missed. Toners can help to reduce pore size<br />

and refine the skin but some people get the same effect<br />

from rinsing their face with cool water after cleansing.<br />

Most toners are available for both dry and oily skin, but a<br />

gentle toner with little or no alcohol is good for all skin types.<br />

Actives<br />

Actives refer to the ingredients that induce healing<br />

and other changes in skin cells, also known as<br />

‘cosmeceuticals’. These mavericks of the skincare<br />

world deliver age-busting ingredients such as vitamins,<br />

peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and stem cells<br />

to the skin. They are absorbable, can be placed under<br />

other products and can penetrate the superficial layers<br />

of the skin, enabling the delivery of highly concentrated<br />

ingredients. These ingredients can brighten the skin and<br />

help to improve the appearance of premature ageing.<br />

They can also help smooth and refine dull, lacklustre<br />

skin, boost skin renewal and reduce the appearance of<br />

pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Used after cleansing and<br />

before moisturising, the most popular (and effective)<br />

actives include:<br />

Vitamin A<br />

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative (retinoic acid). It is a<br />

powerful antioxidant clinically proven to stimulate better cell<br />

turnover in the upper layers, normalising skin turnover to<br />

fight wrinkles and promote overall better functioning (and<br />

looking!) skin.<br />

Hyaluronic acid<br />

Hyaluronic acid (HA), also found naturally in the skin, is<br />

used in hundreds of anti-ageing products due to its fastworking<br />

moisturising properties. Leading dermatologists<br />

recommend patients invest in a good anti-ageing<br />

moisturiser with HA.<br />

Vitamin C<br />

Famously linked to vitamin pills and oranges, its goodness<br />

is found in beauty products, too. Vitamin C is an antioxidant<br />

that works to prevent free radical damage. These are<br />

volatile molecules so look for a stabilised Vitamin C product<br />

to help reinforce the skin’s own defences and prevent longterm<br />

damage.<br />

Vitamin B<br />

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) has really come to the fore in the<br />

anti-ageing war, taking its place alongside skincare veterans<br />

Vitamins A, C and E. Typically used in serum form, Vitamin<br />

B3 can effectively treat acne, fade hyperpigmentation and<br />

improve the skin barrier functions, as well as help reduce<br />

fine lines and wrinkles. It provides antioxidant properties<br />

for the skin and it has also been shown to have antiinflammatory<br />

and healing properties, as well as help reduce<br />

skin sensitivity.<br />

Antioxidants<br />

Antioxidants (including Vitamins A, E and C) help protect<br />

skin by combating free radicals, which attack healthy skin<br />

cells and collagen. This attack of the skin’s vital structures<br />

can cause damage, mutations, cell death and inflammation,<br />

resulting in lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sensitivity and<br />

even cancers.<br />

Peptides<br />

The science behind peptides came from the discovery<br />

that when collagen is damaged by sunlight it is broken up<br />

into peptides. Certain peptides formed were able to act<br />

as a signal to skin cells to make new collagen, meaning<br />

wrinkled skin could be improved by fooling it into thinking it<br />

had been damaged by applying this peptide. Peptides offer<br />

a way for the skin to repair itself naturally, so that they might<br />

improve wrinkles, firmness or age spots. Hexapeptide, in<br />

particular, is a component of many anti-ageing products<br />

as it works to ‘relax’ facial muscles for a plumper, more<br />

youthful appearance.<br />

Stem Cells<br />

Skincare specialists are creating specialised peptides and<br />

enzymes that help stimulate the skin’s storage of stem cells.<br />

It is believed the skin contains a ratio of approximately one in<br />

10 to one in 10,000 stem cells. These specialised cells are<br />

dormant until they receive signals from the body to begin<br />

the repair mode. The use of topical products stimulates the<br />

stem cell to split into two types of cells: a new, similar stem<br />

cell and a ‘daughter’ cell. This stem cell can receive the<br />

message to create proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to<br />

help repair fine lines and wrinkles and restore and maintain<br />

firmness and elasticity.<br />

98 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

our<br />

Picks<br />

1. Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum, $121 for 30ml, 2. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-<br />

Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, $89 for 50ml, 3. Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle<br />

Anti-Wrinkle Serum, $29.99 for 29ml, 4. Nude by Nature Nude Miracle Serum, $29.95 for 30ml,<br />

5. Obagi Professional C 20% Serum, $99.95 for 30ml, 6. Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Spot Treatment,<br />

$70 for 0.15ml, 7. Synergie Skin Suprema-C, $110 for 30ml, 8. PCA skin Intensive Age Refi ning<br />

Treatment: 0.5%, $149.60 for 29.5ml, 9. Pevonia Micro Retinol Essential Serum, $129 for 30ml,<br />

10. Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder, $45 for 7.1g, 11. SCOUT <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s Organic Six Oils of Rejuvenation, $39.95<br />

for 25ml, 12. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, $129 for 30ml, 13. SkinMedica C+E Complex, $161.50 for 28.3g,<br />

14. Synergie Skin Ultimate A, $129 for 30ml<br />

8. 9. 10. 11. 12.<br />

13. 14.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99

eauty & spa<br />

moisturisers<br />

Moisturise morning and night to help retain the skin’s<br />

natural moisture and provide a physical barrier against<br />

environmental pollutants.<br />

While you can use one product, it is advisable to use a<br />

richer moisturiser at night as the skin absorbs products more<br />

eff ectively while you sleep, undisturbed by environmental<br />

factors such as the sun and wind. During the day, it is essential<br />

to use a moisturiser with a sun protection factor.<br />

Which type of moisturiser suits you is personal – it’s worth<br />

getting samples to try them out. Your clinician can help you<br />

establish if you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin.<br />

If skin is dry, you want humectants and ingredients such as<br />

plumping lipids.<br />

For sensitive skin, look for anti-infl ammatories. For<br />

combination or oily skin, you also want anti-infl ammatories as<br />

well as ingredients that prevent oil slicks from breaking out.<br />

There are also fi rming moisturisers to help with sagging tissues.<br />

Formulations vary from emulsions (water-based and better<br />

for oily skin) to dense creams (oil-based, better for dry skin).<br />

The importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it<br />

helps keep those harsh UVA and UVB rays from damaging<br />

the skin. While UVA is responsible for sunburn, UVB has more<br />

long-term eff ects that include premature-ageing and wrinkles.<br />

Make sure to protect your skin all year round and look for<br />

moisturisers that include SPF.<br />

1. 2. 3. 4.<br />

5. 6. 7.<br />

8. 9. 10.<br />

100 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Our<br />

picks<br />

1. Antipodes Immortal SPF15 Face & Body Moisturiser, $47.50 for 60ml, 2. Clarins HydraQuench<br />

Lotion SPF 15, $65 for 50ml, 3. DNA Renewal DNA Intensive Renewal, $135 for 30ml, 4. Dr.<br />

LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence, $69.95 for 30ml, 5. Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth<br />

Luminosity Day & Night Cream, $69.95 for 50g, 6. Dr. Spiller Collagen Crème, $126 for 50ml,<br />

7. Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream, $119 for 50ml, 8. Jean D’Arcel Cosmetique SPF 15 Vital<br />

Day Cream, $80 for 50ml, 9. Medik8 White Balance Duo Brightening Day & Night Creams, $129 for<br />

2 x 30ml, 10. NeoStrata Daytime Protection Cream, $49.95 for 40g, 11. Neutrogena Hydro Boost<br />

Water Gel SPF15, $24.99 for 40ml, 12. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF 15, $69.99 for 50ml,<br />

13. Synergie Skin Über Zinc, $110 for 50ml<br />

Masks<br />

Using a facial mask can soothe and nourish skin, oxygenate,<br />

improve the circulation, help clear up blemishes and even reduce<br />

the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tightening masks help<br />

firm and tone sagging skin, and moisturising masks add moisture to<br />

dehydrated skin. For oily or acne-prone skin, a purifying mask can<br />

deep-cleanse skin and absorb excess oil. The benefits of masks<br />

are often underestimated but they can give the complexion a real<br />

boost. Generally, they should be used weekly after exfoliating.<br />

1. Racinne Ultimate Hydra<br />

Perfection Gentle Refining Scrub<br />

Mask, $24 for 75ml<br />

11. 12. 13.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101

feature<br />

exfoliants<br />

and Peels<br />

our<br />

Picks<br />

1. Antipodes Reincarnation Pure<br />

Facial Exfoliator, $42 for 75ml,<br />

2. Aspect Exfol L 15, $79.20<br />

for 30ml, 3. Bliss Micro Magic<br />

Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion<br />

Treatment, $59.95 for 85g, 4. Elizabeth Arden Pro<br />

Brightening Peel Pad, $79 for 67ml, 5. Rosehip by<br />

essano Gentle Facial Exfoliator, $14.99 for 100ml, 6.<br />

Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, $40 for 100ml,<br />

7. Stem Organics Smooth Skin Exfoliant, $45 for<br />

125ml, 8. Synergie Skin MediScrub, $79 for 100ml.<br />

When you exfoliate you remove dead surface cells<br />

that contribute to dryness and oil that can cause<br />

blocked pores and problems like acne. Exfoliating<br />

also stimulates circulation.<br />

Scrubs treat the surface of the skin and help unclog<br />

pores, while exfoliants remove surface cell debris and<br />

leave skin fresher and looking brighter. Common<br />

types contain lactic acid – the acid found in sour milk<br />

– and glycolic acid found in plant extracts.<br />

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that occurs<br />

naturally in our bodies and helps stimulate the<br />

production of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer. It<br />

is also a humectant, which attracts water molecules in<br />

the skin to the surface, giving a plumper appearance.<br />

A glycolic peel contains a higher potency of alpha<br />

hydroxy acid. It can cause some tingling and pinkness,<br />

especially in fi rst-time users, but beauty therapists<br />

are adept at matching ingredient strength to your<br />

skin type. As well as promoting a brighter, fresher<br />

appearance it helps fade freckles and sunspots. Lowconcentration<br />

lactic or glycolic peels are available as<br />

at-home treatments. While light peels will help the<br />

skin look refreshed and smoother, they can’t remove<br />

deeper lines and sun damage. For this a deeper peel<br />

is required, under clinical conditions.<br />

5.<br />

4.<br />

1. 2.<br />

3.<br />

6. 7. 8.<br />

102 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

sPecialty<br />

Products for<br />

sPecial<br />

ProBlems<br />

redness/rosacea<br />

1. Clinique Redness Solutions Daily<br />

Corrective Base SPF 15+, $36 for<br />

40ml, 2. Jurlique Calendula Redness<br />

Rescue Calming Mist, $55 for 100ml,<br />

3. Pevonia Botanica RS2 Care<br />

Cream, $125 for 50ml.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

Pigmentation<br />

1. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, $62 for<br />

30ml, 2. Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream<br />

SPF30, $70 for 40ml, 3. NeoStrata Enlighten Pigment<br />

Controller, $49.95 for 30ml, 4. Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc<br />

Brightening Cream, $50 for 50g, 5. Sisley Paris Phyto Blanc<br />

Intensive Dark Spot Corrector, $165 for 7ml, 6. The Jojoba<br />

Company Natural Pigmentation Oil, $39.95 for 30ml.<br />

after sun care<br />

1. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing<br />

Mist, $49 for 100ml.<br />

1.<br />

5.<br />

2.<br />

4. 6.<br />

eye area-sPecific<br />

3.<br />

1. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel, $50 for 15ml, 2. Clinique Clinique Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment,<br />

$65 for 15ml, 3. Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Day & Night Eye Cream, $69.95 for 15g, 4. Jurlique Nutri-Defi ne<br />

Eye Contour Balm with BIOSOME5, $95 for 15ml, 5. Grown Alchemist Hydra-repair Eye Balm, $89.95 for 15ml, 6.<br />

Medik8 eyeCleanse, $35.50 for 100ml, 7. Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, $32 for 15ml, 8. Nude by<br />

Nature Bright Eyes Oil Free Gel, $19.95 for 14ml, 9. Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Eye Care, $41 for 10ml, 10. Timexpert<br />

Rides Eye Duo Contour Treatment Night & Day, $143 for 10ml.<br />

4.<br />

10.<br />

5.<br />

1. 2. 3.<br />

6.<br />

7. 8. 9.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103

skin<br />

HOW TO<br />

SELECT A<br />


BRAND<br />






Consumers are constantly bombarded by<br />

the global corporate brands with marketing<br />

claims and media hype promising much<br />

and delivering little. Skin professionals and clinical<br />

therapists are highly skilled in the area of skin analysis<br />

and recommending clinical-grade products containing<br />

active ingredients that actually make a difference.<br />

Of course, the condition of our skin is due to<br />

numerous factors, including genetics, environmental<br />

stress, nutrition, health status, topical skincare and<br />

clinical treatments. All of these factors must be<br />

considered both independently and in relation to<br />

each other.<br />

A cosmeceutical skincare regimen is an integral<br />

part of the equation. Mass market department store<br />

brands are generally unable to off er the high grade of<br />

skincare that clinical skin professionals can off er for<br />

the following reasons:<br />

Packaging vs product<br />

High street brands often spend more money on<br />

marketing and packaging than on the actual product<br />

inside the bottle. Cost and economics is the driving<br />

factor for this sector and the level of active ingredients<br />

may be insuffi cient to give results.<br />

104 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Skilled professionals<br />

Skin professionals are trained in educating clients on<br />

managing skin concerns. Sales assistants in multibrand<br />

mass-purchase department stores are not skilled<br />

therapists. They often lack detailed knowledge of the skin<br />

and are unable to address individual skin concerns.<br />

Clinical-grade skincare companies will pride themselves<br />

on supporting their clinics, and therapists will have a high<br />

level of training regarding key ingredients and benefi ts<br />

of cosmeceuticals.<br />

Dosage of active ingredients<br />

As a formulator, I have suppliers present ingredients to<br />

me on a regular basis. Many of these raw ingredients are<br />

novel and new. However, formulators supplying clinics must<br />

evaluate the ingredient in terms of its effi cacy and safety<br />

profi le. This involves a thorough analysis of both in vivo and<br />

in vitro clinical data.<br />

Furthermore, the formulating chemist must use the<br />

optimal dosage of active ingredients to ensure effi cacy.<br />

Many over-the-counter brands add just a whiff of active<br />

ingredients simply to make marketing claims.<br />

Synergy and stability<br />

of combined ingredients<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> scientists must also understand the interactions<br />

of ingredients within the fi nal formula. Formulating is not<br />

simply a matter of adding a number of ingredients together<br />

and mixing them up.<br />

Ingredients must be compatible and must also work<br />

together in synergy. For example, retinol and niacinamide<br />

should not be formulated in an acidic environment.<br />

Additionally, adding acids such as AHAs, BHAs or<br />

L-ascorbic acid to formulas with these cosmeceuticals<br />

results in retinol being rendered ineff ective and niacinamide<br />

being hydrolysed.<br />

Ability to adapt<br />

Many non-clinical brands are unable to react to market<br />

needs rapidly. The large corporates must create marketing<br />

campaigns well in advance and a need to adapt to new<br />

technology may take years. Smaller specialist companies<br />

can more readily react to dynamic changes in the<br />

appearance medicine industry. csbm<br />


• Does the range cater to most skin concerns: ageing,<br />

blemishes, uneven skin tone, sensitivity?<br />

• Does the range offer key actives such as stableactive<br />

forms of Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin<br />

C, along with broad spectrum UV protection?<br />

• Does the manufacturer have a core brand<br />

philosophy that resonates with you?<br />

• Does the range offer optimal levels of<br />

cosmeceuticals supported by readily available<br />

clinical data?<br />

• Are you offered guidance and information on the<br />

products by qualified skin professionals or medical<br />

staff when making your choice?<br />

• Is the manufacturer of the range able to readily<br />

adapt formulations to this dynamic industry?<br />

• Is the manufacturer readily available for interaction<br />

with the consumer via email, social media or<br />

telephone should you have any queries?<br />

• There is one final and fundamental factor in selecting<br />

good skin care: TRUST. If the customer trusts the<br />

advice of their skin therapist and the ethos and<br />

quality of the brand they have chosen, they will feel<br />

their decision is valid and positively embrace their<br />

new skin routine.<br />

A trained therapist will advise clients not only of the<br />

ideal products but also advice on lifestyle, nutrition and<br />

treatments to address their skin concerns. When a<br />

cosmeceutical home routine is adopted in a positive way,<br />

the best results can be achieved.<br />

In my opinion, clinical-grade skincare really does<br />

stand apart from the white noise of department store<br />

brands. If the customer is prepared to take the time to<br />

research the best cosmeceutical brands and the right<br />

skin therapist, great results – not seven-day miracles –<br />

are possible.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105

eauty & spa<br />

UNWRAP<br />

YOUR<br />

SUMMER<br />

BODY<br />



If you want a last-minute centimetre-stripping option for a<br />

special occasion or to kick-start your body after the partyfuelled<br />

festive season, the International Body Wrap off ers<br />

a solution. It’s guaranteed to take 15cm off your total body<br />

circumference. And the best part? The treatment is free if<br />

you don’t blitz the minimum 15cm.<br />


The International Body Wrap uses Dead Sea clay to cleanse<br />

and detoxify your body of impurities such as toxins and free<br />

radicals. Your body is fi rst measured and marked up so<br />

that your exact centimetre loss can be calculated after the<br />

treatment. Then you are wrapped from head to toe with<br />

bandages soaked in natural Dead Sea clay.<br />

‘The all-natural clay solution acts like a giant poultice<br />

and draws out toxins and impurities from your body while<br />

cleansing your skin and leaving it softer, smoother and<br />

more toned,’ says Nicole Gruodiene from Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Salon in Double Bay, Sydney. ‘As the clay particles become<br />

hydrated, they expand and absorb many times their own<br />

weight in body toxins.’<br />

After an hour, the wraps are removed to reveal skin<br />

that is more radiant and toned with an improved overall<br />

appearance. Skin tissue is compressed and the soft fatty<br />

tissues are compacted, resulting in a reduction of body<br />

circumference. The result? Your body ends up trimmer and<br />

more toned without any weight loss. The centimetres lost<br />

are not a result of water loss and therefore results should<br />

last at least 30 days – and signifi cantly longer if you watch<br />

your weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.<br />

‘A full body wrap is a great treatment to detoxify, hydrate<br />

and slim the body,’ adds Gruodiene. ‘It produces results<br />

after just one treatment, or you can opt for a course to gain<br />

even greater results.’<br />

The benefi ts don’t stop there. Detoxifying the body off ers<br />

a host of beauty and health advantages, including improved<br />

circulation, refi ned skin texture and higher energy levels.<br />


If the festive season is taking a toll on your body, it’s<br />

likely your face will also benefi t from a little detox. A<br />

summer treatment plan incorporating sea salt scrubs<br />

and moisturising facials can help combat sun damage,<br />

dullness and skin dehydration.<br />

‘Sun can damage the skin cells deep in the dermis,<br />

diminishing the production of collagen and elastin,’<br />

says Gruodiene. ‘The damaged cells do not renew<br />

properly and skin becomes dull, thick and sallow.’<br />

With the right salon treatments and at-home<br />

skincare, you can reclaim radiant, hydrated and more<br />

even-toned skin. For best results, ensure you visit a<br />

highly trained, qualifi ed aesthetician – and look forward<br />

to your best skin yet. csbm<br />

106 www.cosbeauty.com.au


Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon offers only the very best treatments available,<br />

including the International Body Wrap which improves the appearance<br />

of cellulite, stretch marks and scar tissue and is guaranteed to take 15<br />

centimetres off your entire body size - or your money back!<br />

With highly trained aestheticians and stunning surroundings, any<br />

treatment you have at Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon will be a luxurious<br />

experience you’ll long for time and time again.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />


eauty & spa<br />

Body<br />

talk<br />

the luxe<br />

way to bathe<br />

108 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

KeeP youR Cool<br />

thIS SuMMeR aND<br />

INDulGe youR SKIN<br />

wIth hyDRatING boDy<br />

PRoDuCtS to leaVe<br />

youR SKIN SoFt, SuPPle<br />

aND SeNSatIoNally<br />

SMooth. eRIN<br />

DoCheRty RePoRtS.<br />

boDy<br />

CleaNSeRS<br />

There’s nothing quite like delightfully clean, nourished<br />

and wonderfully fragrant skin. From creamy body<br />

cleansers, to gentle and hydrating gels, we’ve got<br />

you sorted for your next steamy adventure! Simply<br />

add cleanser to a running bath or apply to skin in the<br />

shower, rubbing in circular motions to leave skin soft<br />

and supple.<br />

We all love to unwind, relax and take care of<br />

ourselves. And after coming home after a<br />

long day, indulging in some good quality<br />

bathing products can make all the diff erence. Destress<br />

and treat your senses to our wonderful selection<br />

of bath and body essentials, calming oils and mists.<br />

We’ll have you fl oating on a cloud of relaxation in<br />

no time!<br />

1. Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower<br />

Cream, $47 for 200ml, 2. Peppermint Grove<br />

Lemongrass & Lime Bath & Body Gel, $19.95 for<br />

500ml and Hand Cream, $24.95 for 500ml, 3. CEDAR<br />

+ STONE Cleanse, Ginger and Charcoal Bar, $12 for<br />

127g, 4. Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Body Wash, $30<br />

for 480ml, 5. Germaine de Capuccini Sperience<br />

Grape Shower Gel, $36 for 200ml.<br />

3.<br />

1.<br />

2. 4.<br />

5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

exFolIatoRS<br />

Buff away dull, dry skin and prep those lovely limbs for summer! Apply exfoliator all<br />

over and rub product in circular motions to rejuvenate and polish the skin. Natural<br />

antioxidants contained in some exfoliators can help target skin aliments such as<br />

dryness and fl aking. Here are our top picks to combat dead skin and reveal that soft,<br />

supple and glowing goodness hiding underneath:<br />

1. MUSQ Face & Body Exfoliant - Rose, Rice and Clay, $42 for 70g, 2. Kiehl’s Gently<br />

Exfoliating Body Scrub “Grapefruit”, $30 for 200ml, 3. Germaine de Capuccini<br />

Sperience Spa Exfoliating, $61 for 250ml 4. The Aromatherapy Co. Exfoliating Body<br />

Scrub – Cocoa Vanilla & Cassia, $24.95 for 250g<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

1.<br />

boDy<br />

MoIStuRISeRS<br />

Moisturisers are an essential part of taking care of your skin.<br />

Keep hydration in check by feeding it the fi nest skin-nurturing<br />

ingredients to energise and restore. Shoot your freshly polished<br />

skin some intense hydration with the top essential moisturisers<br />

tried and tested by our beauty team.<br />

1. The Aromatherapy Co. Coff ee Body Balm - Cocoa Vanilla<br />

& Cassia, $24.95 for 250g, 2. Jergens Hydrating Coconut<br />

Moisturiser, $8.99 for 400ml, 3. Kiehl’s Creme De Corps,<br />

$29.50 for 250ml, 4. Medik8 Hydr8 Body, $66.70 for 250ml,<br />

5. Sisley Paris Eau Tropicale Body Lotion, $110 for 150ml,<br />

6. Sisley Paris Sisleÿa Essential Skin Care Lotion, $180<br />

for 150ml.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4. 5. 6.<br />

110 www.cosbeauty.com.au

oIlS<br />

Indulge yourself in treatment oils to combat stress, dehydration<br />

and tension. Oils can become part of your everyday luxury body<br />

routine to provide superior hydration, promoting elasticity and<br />

radiance. Nourish, repair and regenerate with our selection of<br />

favourite oils to relax and soften the skin.<br />

1. Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil, $62.00 for 100ml, 2.<br />

Rosehip by essano Body Oil with Pomegranate Antioxidant,<br />

$27.99 for 100ml, 3. SCOUT <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s Organic Six Oils of<br />

Rejuvenation, $39.95 for 25ml, 4. Bio-Oil, $14.95 for 60ml,<br />

5. The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Range Body & Bath Oil<br />

Lavender & Wild Chamomile, $16.95 for 150ml.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

MISt<br />

Spray yourself into calms-ville with<br />

Spray yourself into calms-ville with<br />

instantly soothing and relaxing<br />

mists to refresh and relax the skin.<br />

They can be used at any time<br />

to de-stress and unwind, and<br />

also can be used to set makeup<br />

(bonus!). Hold the spray a distance<br />

of 15 to 20cm, apply and allow to<br />

dry for a few moments.<br />

1.<br />

Sisley Paris Floral Spray Mist,<br />

$110 for 125ml<br />

5.<br />

CaNDleS<br />

Relax and unwind with a beautifully scented<br />

candle. From delicious party-starting blends<br />

to classic handmade gems, light em’ up and<br />

let the gorgeous fragrances fi ll your bathroom<br />

and treat your senses.<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

1. Circa Home 1969 Narcissus & Patchouli<br />

Classic Candle, $29.95 for 260g<br />

2. Glasshouse Fragrances Beverly Hills<br />

Miniature Triple-Scented Candle, $18.95 for 60g<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 111

Take your makeup<br />

from day to<br />

night and from<br />

corporate to<br />

kapow with these<br />

makeup bag<br />

essentials.<br />

112 www.cosbeauty.com.au

it, girl<br />

I<br />

think we’re all in agreement that when it comes to packing<br />

your evening bag with cosmetics: less is inevitably more.<br />

Unless you fancy sitting down all night babysitting a<br />

product-plumped, over-sized handbag that could fi t a small<br />

dog in it, you will probably want to carry a small handbag<br />

or clutch. So when space is at a premium, think like a<br />

strategist – weighing up the minimum number of tools to<br />

turn your look from day to night with maximum impact.<br />

If you stock your purse or a desk drawer with these<br />

items, you’ll never be caught short transitioning from offi ce<br />

to evening out. Pare it back to basics but don’t forget to<br />

tailor your makeup itinerary to include what works best<br />

for you.<br />

The makeup<br />

essenTials<br />

1.<br />

coVer<br />

Achieve long-lasting, fl awless foundation throughout the<br />

entire day and well into the night, minus touch-up time. The<br />

best foundations and concealers have a beautiful workable<br />

coverage that will stay with you until the end of the night!<br />

Apply foundation around the centre of the face in a butterfl y<br />

formation (wings around the nose, antennae on the<br />

forehead and a v shape on your chin) and blend the base<br />

outwards using your fi ngertips, sponge or brush. Apply<br />

concealer after foundation, focusing on any blemishes,<br />

under eye circles, marks or redness.<br />

1. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand, $58, 2.<br />

Colorescience Tint Du Soleil SPF 30 Foundation, $72.20,<br />

3. glõ.minerals Luxe Liquid Foundation, $72, 4. Kryolan<br />

Professional Make-up Shimmering Event Foundation, $69,<br />

5. Rimmel London BB Radiance Cream, $12.95.<br />

2. 3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 113

feature<br />

1.<br />

illuminaTe<br />

Daytime makeup should look soft and natural, but as<br />

the light fades you want your face to glow in its place.<br />

Steal the limelight from the candles in restaurants and<br />

bars with an illuminating product. This can be a dusting<br />

of highlighting loose powder, an illuminiser stick or even<br />

an illuminating concealer. Applied to the brow bones<br />

under the brows, top of the cheekbones, bridge of the<br />

nose, inner corners of the eyes and on the lip contour<br />

for added fullness, it will both smooth and highlight.<br />

Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.<br />

1. Sisley Paris Phyto-Touche Illuminator, $120, 2.<br />

Elizabeth Arden Golden Opulence Limited Edition<br />

Colour Collection Beautiful Colour Highlighter, $45,<br />

3. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, $76 4. ELES<br />

Liquid Illuminator in Bronze $37.50, 5. glõ.minerals<br />

Sheer Tint Base Illuminator, $47, 6. Nude by Nature<br />

Soft Focus Illuminator, $22.95.<br />

2.<br />

define<br />

Eyeliner is the quickest and easiest way to intensify your<br />

eyes. While browns and charcoals cut it in the daytime, we<br />

love the strength of black, deep plum/purple or bold slate<br />

grey for night. Line the top lashes with a pencil or liquid liner<br />

(extended out with a fl ourish). If you’re not planning on making<br />

your lips a colour feature, line the inner rim of your lower lid,<br />

which will draw attention upwards and give the illusion of<br />

denser lashes. If you’re seeking to smoulder, smudge liner<br />

along the outer corner of the eye at the lash line.<br />

1. Sisley Paris So Intense Eyeliner, $72<br />

2. 1000 Hour Xpress Lash-Gro Eyeliner, $29.99<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

4. 5. 6.<br />

114 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

shadow<br />

Dramatic eyes will never go out of fashion for a night<br />

out on the town. If you’re pressed for time and need<br />

to transform your day look into an evening look,<br />

have no fear. With a few simple alterations, the look<br />

of your eyes will turn from droll to doll in no time. For<br />

a quick eye colour update, select a shade several<br />

shades darker than your day hues. A shimmery or<br />

shiny metallic colour adds a dramatic fl air while a<br />

lusty charcoal gives a sultry stare.<br />

Dab a shadow brush into the medium shadow<br />

and tap it on the edge of a counter or sink to get rid<br />

of the excess, then apply all over the lid and blend<br />

up the crease. Apply the darkest eye shadow in the<br />

outer crease of the eye, layering the shadow a little<br />

at a time to intensify the result.<br />

You may also like to blend it into the lash line of<br />

the lower outer lid. Highlight the brow bone area by<br />

sweeping a shimmery neutral shade from the top of<br />

the eyelid up to the underside of the brow. Silvers,<br />

whites and soft golds are good for this and they also<br />

complement most skin tones.<br />

3.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

1. Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette, $90, 2. Nude<br />

by Nature Pressed Eye Shadow Palettes, 3. glõ.<br />

minerals Metallic Smokey Eye Quad Kit, $59, 4.<br />

Paula’s Choice 4 Mattes & A Glam Eyeshadow<br />

Palette, $70, 5. Sisley Paris Phyto 4 Ombre Mystery<br />

Palette, $110 6. SCOUT <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s Mineral Eye<br />

Shadow in Call Me $29.95, 7. Rimmel London<br />

ScandaleEYES Shadow Sticks, $12.95, 8. ELES<br />

Mineral Shadow in Emerald Mist, $26.90<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

7.<br />

blush<br />

While we all love the coquettish eff ect of a blushing cheek, we want to avoid<br />

looking like an overly made-up doll. Save blush for last when you’ll know if<br />

you’re being too free and easy with it. You can choose a deeper or more punchy<br />

shade for night, as plums and bronzes show up well in dim lighting. However, if<br />

you’re going to a well-lit locale, stick with a hue that is a slinkier version of your<br />

daytime blush.<br />

For a fresh appearance, a crème blush blended lightly on the apples of your<br />

cheeks and gently smoothed upward towards your temple can create a subtle<br />

illusion of higher cheekbones. Alternatively, use a stain that will tend to both your<br />

lips and your cheeks. Our latest crush? Benefit Blush in Hervana, $51<br />

1. Benefit - Blush in Hervana, $51.00 for 70g<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 115

1.<br />

feature<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

11.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

2.<br />

pouT<br />

Nothing steals the show like a perfect pout, so pay heed to<br />

dressing your lips for the occasion. For dramatic lips, a richly<br />

pigmented red, pink or burgundy lipstick is a makeup bag<br />

must. If you’re colour shy, go for a gold or bronze hue to add<br />

depth to your lips without being excessive. Don’t forget the<br />

matching liner to add some depth to the mouth and enhance<br />

your existing lip colour. If you’ve gone for big eyes, steer clear<br />

of big lips – a coloured gloss or more delicate nude tones<br />

overlayed with gloss will leave you subtle yet sexy.<br />

12.<br />

7. 8.<br />

1. Antipodes Lipstick in April Sun In Cuba, $28, 2. REVO<br />

Lip Balm, $4.99, 3. ELES Moisture Crème Lipstick in<br />

Cool Red, $35, 4. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in<br />

Glastonberry and Sexy Sienna, $48.00 each, 5. Antipodes<br />

Lipstick in Dusky Sound Pink, $28 6. glõ.minerals Suede<br />

Matte Crayon in Crush, $30, 8. SCOUT <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s<br />

Mineral Lipstick in Destiny $29.95 9. Neek Skin Organics<br />

Australia Sweet About Me, $36, 10. SCOUT <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s<br />

Lipgloss in Heart $24.95, 11. Rimmel London Provocalips<br />

Lip Colour $17.95, 12. Sisley Paris Phyto-Levres Perfect<br />

Lipliners, $62 each.<br />

1.<br />

powder<br />

Finish off your makeup with some lightweight perfecting powder to keep<br />

your face looking soft, smooth and gorgeous around the clock. Be sure<br />

to stray away from heavier, oily or waxy products that will clog pores<br />

and irritate skin. Look for something that will still off er coverage but<br />

is completely free from all the nasties, so you can keep your pores<br />

sparkling clean.<br />

Run a fl uff y brush over pressed powder and apply to your forehead,<br />

down the bridge of your nose and onto your chin. This will help set your<br />

foundation, minimise shine in the areas that tend to get oily, while keeping<br />

your cheeks dewy for that more natural look.<br />

2.<br />

1. glõ.minerals Pressed Base, $69<br />

2. Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder, $49.95<br />

116 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

Tools<br />

of The<br />

Trade<br />

Always carry a compact with a mirror<br />

and, of course, the usual suspects like<br />

your identifi cation, money, a credit card<br />

and your mobile. Don’t forget the tools<br />

you need to complete your itinerary –<br />

these may include eyeshadow, blush,<br />

loose powder or bronzer brushes, an<br />

eyelash curler or eyebrow comb and<br />

makeup sponges. If you are single<br />

and ready to mingle, you may want to<br />

pack a small toothbrush and travel-size<br />

toothpaste. Stick to the essentials and<br />

you should have no problems painting<br />

the town a bright shade of red (to match<br />

your lips, of course!).<br />

bronZed babes<br />

While a highlighted and natural radiance is the way to go for daytime,<br />

after the sun goes down it’s prime time to show some sun-kissed skin<br />

and get your glow on.<br />

To get that tanned radiant look, apply bronzer or shimmer powder on<br />

key areas — the brow bone, cheekbones, and décolletage. Remember<br />

to adjust your application to the darkness of your surroundings, but be<br />

careful not to overdo it!<br />

1. glõ.minerals Bronzer $69, 2. Jane Iredale So-Bronze 2<br />

Bronzing Powder, $89, 3. Paula’s Choice SunKissed Custom Colour<br />

Bronzer, $30.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

preen<br />

Turning work hair into evening hair is as simple as<br />

product and a comb, no matter what look you’re<br />

after. Be aware of what atmosphere you may be<br />

exposed to as well. If you’re going to be outside,<br />

depending on the weather you may want to carry<br />

a small bottle of anti-frizz serum to tame any hair<br />

fl yaways you may encounter. If it’s windy, carry bobby<br />

pins to execute a smooth up-do, while hairspray<br />

and a teasing comb can help you transform into a<br />

sexy bedheaded bombshell in seconds fl at.<br />

fake<br />

iT!<br />

Make a scene and throw on a pair<br />

of long, luscious lashes for a special<br />

night out! They’ll add that little bit of<br />

depth and drama to the eyes when<br />

you’re batting coyly from across<br />

the room! Try our pick, 1000 Hour<br />

Natural Lashes ($8.95 for 1 set) for<br />

natural, professional quality lashes,<br />

available in a variety of colours<br />

and styles.<br />

3.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 117

eauty & spa<br />

118 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />










REPORTS.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

We all want our eyes to pop with a fl ick of mascara,<br />

but when you’re trying to choose ‘the one’ it can<br />

be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Whether<br />

you’re looking for length, volume or curl (or all of the above)<br />

we have brought together the best of the bunch – here are<br />

the top 10 mascaras we can’t get enough of!<br />

1. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara, $44<br />

After some ‘OMG, WOW’ lashes? Bobbi Brown is taking<br />

mascara to extreme heights. Hitting shelves early 2016,<br />

Bobbi Brown delivers her most dramatic formula for<br />

lashes yet, designed to magnify every lash from root<br />

to tip. Eye Opening Mascara delivers the longest,<br />

thickest and most curled lashes to date, for a beautiful<br />

wide-eyed look.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

2. Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, $46<br />

This is a super luxe, multi-tasking mascara that creates<br />

the perfect “Full Fat Lash” to keep every girl satisfi ed.<br />

This mascara does it all – curl, separation, volume,<br />

length, and drama. Some things in life just look better<br />

Full Fat – this includes your lashes!<br />

3. Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara, $38<br />

Not a fan of clumpy lashes? Neither are we! This<br />

little gem is clump-resistant and formulated with<br />

pullulan, an ingredient that has a honey-like consistency<br />

to stretch lashes out easily upon application. The<br />

mascara features a soft brush that has been designed<br />

to create feathery lashes.<br />

4. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing<br />

Mascara, $35<br />

Enhance those lovely lashes with Elizabeth Arden’s<br />

unique volumising and lengthening mascara. Formulated<br />

with a peptide complex, the mascara is free from clumps<br />

and fl akes and makes lashes appear visibly longer.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 119

eauty & spa<br />

5.<br />

5. Lancôme Paris Défi nicils Mascara, $52<br />

If long, defi ned fabulous lashes are what you’re after,<br />

Défi nicils Mascara is the one for you! Polymers coat each<br />

lash from root to tip to help lengthen lashes. The unique<br />

brush applicator has specially grooved bristles that hold the<br />

right amount of product for a gradual, even application. Say<br />

goodbye to clumpy lashes!<br />

6. Paula’s Choice FANtastic Lash Mascara, $19<br />

A mascara that lengthens, separates and adds volume to<br />

lashes? Yes, it exists! FANtastic Lash Mascara is a longwearing<br />

formula that doesn’t clump, smudge or fl ake. The<br />

fl exible rubber-bristle brush is specially designed to grab and<br />

coat each lash for a fan-like eff ect.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

7. Rimmel London 24HR SuperCurler Mascara, $17.95<br />

Rimmel has delivered with the 24HR SuperCurler volumising<br />

mascara that works to thicken and curl lashes. The formula<br />

contains a curling polymer, which helps deliver a long-lasting<br />

curl to take you from day to night without upkeep. Lashes<br />

appear volumised and curled for up to 24 hours!<br />

8. Sisley Paris So Intense Mascara, $70<br />

Sisley Paris has brought its A-game with a thickening and<br />

strengthening formula that works to improve the length and<br />

thickness of natural lashes in up to four weeks. The mascara<br />

contains vitamin H, renowned for treating hair loss. Castor<br />

oil in the formula smoothes lashes and pro-vitamin B5<br />

makes them more supple. The architecture of the brush’s<br />

comb pins ensures the best distribution of mascara for a<br />

volumising eff ect. So Intense Mascara is creamy, non-drying<br />

and long-wearing.<br />

9. Colorescience Mascara, $33<br />

Add length and volume to your lashes and achieve a<br />

stunning eff ect with Colorescience Mascara. Enriched with<br />

a blend of peptides, your lashes will not only look luscious<br />

and full all day long but also healthy and nourished. This<br />

mascara provides volume, length and drama, minus the<br />

dreaded clumping!<br />

10. Thin Lizzy All Day Flexi Mascara, $29.99<br />

No more smudging, ever? We’re up for that! This new<br />

mascara incorporates an advanced formulation in mascara<br />

technology that features fl exible, micro-tubing polymers that<br />

wrap around your lashes individually. Ideal for sensitive eyes<br />

(including contact wearers), another bonus is it’s simple<br />

removal – simply warm water and gentle pressure. No harsh<br />

tugging around the eye area required!<br />

8. 9. 10.<br />

120 www.cosbeauty.com.au


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your<br />

style<br />

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eauty & spa<br />









BOHO<br />

BEACH<br />

WAVES<br />

We all love that soft and tousled, just-rolled-out-of<br />

bed, beach waves look, without stepping a foot<br />

on the sand. However, this seemingly ‘eff ortless’<br />

and messed-up summer style can actually require a lot<br />

of eff ort! Luckily we’ve rounded up some of our favourite<br />

products to get beach-ready, perfectly unkempt waves,<br />

no sweat!<br />

Starting off with De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist<br />

($24.50 for 195ml), spray onto damp or dry hair and hand<br />

surf your style for a ruffl ed, beach look. Scrunch and allow<br />

hair to dry naturally. With a unique fragrance of coconut<br />

goodness, it’s a win-win!<br />

Next up we have the De Lorenzo Elements Barrel Wave<br />

Curl Defi ning Lotion ($23.50 for 150g) which you can apply<br />

directly to wet hair. Scrunch and leave to dry naturally or<br />

gently blow dry to create those envious barrel waves.<br />

Pure Hair Food Curl Your Hair ($28.90 for 125ml)<br />

is a luxurious anti-frizz curl cream that feeds your hair all<br />

the good stuff without the nasties. Apply the product to<br />

damp hair before styling, letting hair dry naturally for the<br />

best results.<br />

You can also achieve those beautiful beachy texturized<br />

waves and dishevelled layers with Catwalk by TIGI<br />

Session Series – Salt Spray ($32.95 for 270ml) by spraying<br />

the product onto damp or dry hair for texture, body and<br />

volume with a light pliable hold.<br />

Another one of our cult favourites is a sea-esque mist<br />

from Evo called Salty Dog Salt Spray, ($29.95 for 200ml).<br />

Fresh from the beach malleability, the product delivers a<br />

salty texture and fullness with a soft matt fi nish.<br />

For the fi nal touches on long-lasting beach waves, set<br />

everything up with TRESemmé’s Perfectly (Un) Done Ultra<br />

Brushable Hairspray ($8.99 250ml). This lightweight formula<br />

will guarantee long lasting control without the sticky fi nish.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 123

eauty & spa<br />

SLEEK<br />

AND<br />


There’s nothing quite like a simple, sleek and<br />

sexy hairstyle. Whether it’s an elegant topknot<br />

or a chic, smoothed do, you can never go<br />

wrong with a sophisticated and classy look –<br />

it’s a fail-free style. Rock the ultimate polished<br />

hairstyle from work to happy hour with some of<br />

these great products.<br />

Give your hair a little extra lovin’ with Pure<br />

Hair Food Smooth Your Hair ($28.90 for<br />

125ml). A luxurious anti-frizz and smoothing<br />

leave in treatment for all hair types, apply the<br />

product to damp hair before styling. Enjoy<br />

those sleek, frizz-free feels!<br />

S-Factor by TIGI Flat Iron Shine Spray<br />

($34.65 for 125ml) works wonders to give you<br />

that sleek fi nish after straightening. As well as<br />

providing UV protection and a thermal shield,<br />

S-Factor delivers a soft healthy fi nish with a<br />

deliciously strawberry scent.<br />

To tame curls and fl yaways without the<br />

heat, get into the luxurious Evo Easy Tiger<br />

Straightening Balm ($29.95 for 200ml), a<br />

weighted conditioning for smooth, straight hair,<br />

which can be used on all hair types.<br />

For a perfectly pristine and glossy fi nish you<br />

can’t go past Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready<br />

Shine Spray ($29 for 150ml). Formulated with a<br />

generous shine shot, the product helps to fend<br />

off from the dreaded frizz. Spray evenly over<br />

blow-dried hair and brush through, or spray<br />

while blowdrying with cold air.<br />

124 www.cosbeauty.com.au

VOLUM<br />

ISING<br />

Has your hair fl at-lined? It’s time for revival. Infl ate that limp mane<br />

with some long-lasting volume! Add some thickness and body<br />

to fi ne hair by applying some killer volumising products to the<br />

roots for an extra boost. Here are some of our faves to pump up<br />

the volume:<br />

If you want more volume from your blowdry we recommend<br />

the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Brush Full Paddle ($44.95). The<br />

patented Smart Teeth technology gives faster drying time, less<br />

frizz, more shine and most importantly more volume.<br />

Create a texturing and lasting style with a fi erce gripping gel<br />

that will hold all day long. De Lorenzo Elements Titanium Super<br />

Strong Styling Gel ($20.50 for 100g) will hold any style on any hair<br />

type. Apply a small amount and rub between palms or fi ngertips.<br />

Sculpt it, piece it and slide through the hair to create the look.<br />

For a long-lasting hold featuring a sneaky dose of Vitamin E<br />

(bonus shine!) get into the Pure Elements Lime Blossom Medium<br />

Hold Finishing Spray ($32 for 300ml). Hold the can 20 to 30cm<br />

from hair and spray evenly to achieve some daily support, volume<br />

and shine. Grab some Gliders Bobby Pins ($3.99 for 36pc) to<br />

keep it all in place!<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 125

eauty & spa<br />

for<br />

hair<br />

that<br />

turns<br />

heads<br />

Enjoy the feeling<br />

of beautiful,<br />

styled, healthy<br />

looking hair<br />

everyday with<br />

the world’s<br />

first 4-in-1 hair<br />

styling device.<br />

126 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

Transform your look in only<br />

minutes, whether you’re after slick<br />

and straight shine, soft waves and<br />

body, or large, flowing curls<br />

about<br />

the<br />

inventor<br />

Joseph Mourad is renowned for his<br />

quality “I can’t believe they’re not real” hair<br />

extensions. His salon in Sydney’s Double<br />

Bay, Joseph Mourad Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong>, is<br />

the hot spot for premium quality human<br />

hair extensions, each applied with expert<br />

precision and care by Mourad himself.<br />

With the likes of Miranda Kerr, Mya and<br />

Mel B on his client list, Mourad knows<br />

how to turn hair from drab to fab. With<br />

more than 30 years’ experience in the<br />

hairdressing industry, his skills are highly<br />

sought after – and now with his new 4-in-<br />

1 styler, everyone can get that straightfrom-the-salon<br />

blowdry look everyday.<br />

To get your hands on this revolutionary<br />

DIY styler, call 02 9328 2277 or<br />

www.josephmourad.com.au<br />

There’s nothing better than a salon<br />

blowdry and straighten – but, for a style<br />

that seems so easily done in-salon, the<br />

same look can become near impossible to<br />

achieve at home. Not any longer.<br />

Joseph Mourad is an established and<br />

celebrity-renowned hairdresser in Sydney’s<br />

Double Bay. Now, he’s released a gamechanging<br />

invention after 10 years in<br />

development – the first and only hairdryer and<br />

styler combined.<br />

The frustration associated with DIY styling<br />

comes down to coordination, Mourad<br />

believes. The secret behind that fresh-fromthe-salon<br />

look is the ability to move seamlessly<br />

between a blowdryer, brush, straightener and<br />

curler. The answer? Mourad has combined<br />

these four tools into one device.<br />

With hot plates for straightening, hot air<br />

vents for blowdrying and attachable brush<br />

bristles, Mourad’s system dries hair, adds<br />

volume and straightens for a smooth, slick<br />

finish or curls for beautiful flowing waves.<br />

Most importantly, it’s fast. Mourad’s device<br />

can transform your look in only minutes,<br />

whether you’re after slick and straight shine,<br />

soft waves and body, or large, flowing curls.<br />

The blowdryer, brush and straightener can<br />

be used as a combined system, or separately<br />

as a stand-alone blowdryer or straightener.<br />

In short, this is an all-in-one solution to DIY<br />

styling. Mourad’s invention brings professional<br />

styling home with you; it’s easy to use and<br />

achieves fast, runway-ready results. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 127

F<br />

beauty & spa<br />

O<br />

DITOR’S<br />

AV<br />

UR<br />

TES<br />

Medik8 Hyd8 Day<br />

360 Total Anti-Ageing<br />

Moisturiser, $119. An<br />

anti-glycation, free<br />

radical-scavenging<br />

moisturiser, the formula<br />

is enriched with<br />

antioxidants and broad<br />

spectrum SPF for<br />

ultimate protection adn<br />

hydration.<br />

Florabotanica<br />

Balenciaga Paris, $125<br />

for 50ml. Inspired by<br />

Balenciaga’s fl oral<br />

collection, it features<br />

a dark wood base<br />

with notes of rose<br />

and carnation for an<br />

enhanting and<br />

inviting scent.<br />

I<br />




128 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Revlon Colorstay<br />

Makeup, $34.95.<br />

Minimise your touchup<br />

time and enjoy a<br />

24-hour coverage,<br />

featuring a timerelease<br />

technology.<br />

Suitable for normal/<br />

dry skin.<br />

Jane Iredale So-Bronze 2 Bronzing<br />

Powder, $89. This long-lasting breathable<br />

bronzing duo provide a natural, sun-kissed<br />

look. Use them separately (use shimmer on<br />

eyes or lips) or together.<br />

Revlon ColorStay<br />

Eyeline Shades in Topaz<br />

& Jade, $23.95 each.<br />

Longwearing eyeliner that<br />

won’t smudge or wear off ,<br />

giving up to 16 hours of<br />

continuous wear.<br />

beauty & spa<br />

glõ.minerals Protective Liquid<br />

Foundation Satin II, $52.<br />

Enhanced with skin benefi ts<br />

(with an exclusive blend of<br />

antioxidants) to treat and protect<br />

the skin, this liquid foundation<br />

goes on fl awlessly for a medium<br />

yet featherlight coverage.<br />

MAC Lip Pencil in<br />

Rosy Rim, $30. A<br />

smooth, creamy texture<br />

that is long lasting.<br />

GUESS Double<br />

Dare Fragrance,<br />

$39 for 30ml.<br />

Capturing the spirit<br />

of American beauty<br />

and glamour, this<br />

has unique fruity,<br />

fl oral, woodsy and<br />

amber tones.<br />

MAC Large Angled Contour Brush 168,<br />

$65. Contour correctly with this musthave<br />

large angled contour brush.<br />

DNA Renewal DNA Intensive Renewal, $135.<br />

This lightweight day and night formula activates<br />

the recovery of youthful skin with the highest levels<br />

of DNA repair enzymes for a visible surge in skin’s<br />

moisture levels and skin vitality.<br />

Elizabeth Arden<br />

Pro Skin Brightening<br />

Serum, $160. A<br />

serum formulated<br />

with unique skin<br />

brightening<br />

properties that<br />

normalise the<br />

appearance of<br />

uneven skin tones.<br />

Philosophy ‘No<br />

Reason to Hide’<br />

Instant Skin-Tone<br />

Perfecting Moisturizer,<br />

$50. A daily SPF<br />

moisturiser that<br />

improves uneven skin<br />

tone and helps prevent<br />

further imperfections<br />

from appearing.<br />

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting<br />

& Beautifying BB Cream,<br />

$36. Clinically proven<br />

to correct skin tone<br />

irregularities, reduce the<br />

appearance of pores and<br />

fi ne lines while providing<br />

all-day hydration and SPF<br />

30 protection.<br />

Clinique After Sun Rescue<br />

Balm with Aloe, $39. The ultramoisturising<br />

balm with soothing<br />

aloe calms sun-exposed skin and<br />

helps minimise peeling.<br />

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin<br />

Renewal Booster, $85. This serum<br />

helps boost skin’s natural defences<br />

and ability to renew itself.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 129

Directory<br />

Bella Media<br />

Phone +61 2 9398 2755<br />

info@bellamedia.com.au<br />

www.bellamedia.com.au<br />

Dr Buddy Beaini<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

Phone 1300 885 808<br />

info@mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

Clatuu 360°<br />

Cryomed<br />

Phone 1300 346 448<br />

www.clatuu.com.au<br />

FACTOR4<br />

Klinic Solutions<br />

Phone 0414 701 998<br />

shaun.baldwin@klinicsolutions.com<br />

www.klinicsolutions.com<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

Cosmedic & Skin Clinic<br />

Phone +61 7 5588 4777<br />

info@cosmedic.com.au<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au<br />

Healite II<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

Phone 1800 242 011<br />

www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo Australia<br />

Phone +61 2 9938 2111<br />

www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

HydraFacial<br />

High Tech Laser<br />

Phone 1300 309 233<br />

www.likeyourlook.com.au<br />

MonaLisa Touch<br />

High Tech Laser<br />

Phone 1300 309 233<br />

www.likeyourlook.com.au<br />

Dr William Mooney<br />

Face Plus Bondi Beach<br />

Phone 1300 939 095<br />

www.faceplus.com.au<br />

Joseph Mourad Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Phone +61 2 9328 2277<br />

contact@josephmourad.com.au<br />

www.josephmourad.com.au<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian<br />

Designer Smiles<br />

Phone +61 2 9953 4189<br />

www.designersmiles.com.au<br />

Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Phone +61 2 9327 7728<br />

Phone 0410 627 767<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma<br />

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

Phone +61 8 8344 6085<br />

www.dronuma.com.au<br />

Regen PRP<br />

Australasian Medical & Scientific<br />

Phone 1800 201 760<br />

amsl@amsl.com.au<br />

www.amsl.com.au<br />

SculpSure<br />

Cynosure<br />

Phone +61 2 9484 4546<br />

www.sculpsure.com.au<br />

Skin Renu Laser &<br />

Rejuvenation Clinic<br />

Phone +61 2 9555 9506<br />

info@skinrenu.com.au<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

Sydney Permanent<br />

Makeup Centre<br />

Rita Porreca<br />

Phone +61 2 9712 4133<br />

info@spmuc.com.au<br />

www.spmuc.com.au<br />

Synergie Skin<br />

Phone 1300 689 619<br />

info@synergieskin.com<br />

www.synergieskin.com<br />

Ultherapy<br />

Merz Australia<br />

Phone 1800 268 820<br />

www.ultherapy.com.au<br />

130 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Tried dieting and exercise<br />

but neither is working?<br />


The CLATUU 360° treatment uses the most advanced<br />

non- surgical body contouring system that gets rid of fat<br />

naturally and with no downtime.<br />

CLATUU freezes your fat away faster by using precisely<br />

controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat areas that are<br />

resilient to exercise or diet. CLATUU works by gently drawing<br />

tissue into the patented 360° applicators and cooling the area<br />

to a temperature that causes natural fat cell death – while<br />

keeping other cells of the body intact.<br />

The results of CLATUU are proven and visible, and with the<br />

ability to treat two areas of the body at once, you can save<br />

half the time in treatments, giving you time to do the things<br />

you love to do.<br />

Freezing fat away gets your body to a slimmer, tighter<br />

shape that was meant for you – naturally.<br />

To find a clinic near you, go to www.clatuu.com.au today!<br />


Exclusively distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Cryomed<br />

cryomed.com.au | 1300 346 448

SculpSure Australia<br />

sculpsure_<br />

Latest Non-invasive Body Contouring<br />

Get rid of stubborn fat quickly and effectively!<br />


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