Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

The attached pictures show how handy this little beauty really is. You will notice the picture of Marc Cherry trying

to see what he is doing to his Jaguar while using a typical trouble light. The light is almost worthless. You will also

notice the picture of Marc Cherry with a big glob of grease on his forehead, displaying the serenity more typically

reserved for the insane. All this would have been prevented if my new wheeled pole light was available.

Now feast your eyes on the pictures of the pole light in action. Notice that the (cool) light can be directed

anywhere. No more dark places. If using a lift, the light is perfect for any work height. If you are working under

the bonnet the light can be right against the car and shine exactly where you need it.

I forgot one of the components. To work “right against the car” I added a piece of ¾” pipe insulation (very cheap

stuff) to the lower part of the I.V. pole. Walmart again- It was not far from the goose-neck clamping lamp. Just put

it around the lower pole, remove the paper strips and It has super sticky stuff to make the insulation stick together

quite well. Once the insulation is installed the chrome pole will never scratch a fender.

The entire affair can be purchased for about $40. Yes, there are more modifications that can be done to make the

now famous I.V. pole rolling garage light even more garage useful. A small tray or even a cup holder can be added.

The pole is hollow all the way down and it would not be difficult to avoid the hanging wire, but I may want to use

the lamp alone, off the pole. There are endless possibilities for the little curly ended rods at the top of the pole.



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