Peninsula People March 2016


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Volume XX, Issue 9 March 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 3

Volume XX, Issue 9

March 2016




PVAC Home tour

photo by David Fairchild

June and Derek Treherne prepare to

welcome Palos Verdes Home Tour

guests to their garden of succulents and

ornamental grasses.


Mid-century Modern Palos Verdes

by Bondo Wyszpolski

PV Art Center director Joe Baker presents an exhibit of

Mid-Century Modern’s influence in Palos Verdes.




David Fairchild ’s photography is frequently seen in Peninsula

People and Beach magazines.

Richard Foss is a restaurant critic and author of “Rum: A Global History”

and “Food In The Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food

and Drink in the Skies.”

Roger F. Repohl is a widely published freelance writer and English


Paul Teetor is a regular contributor, focusing on sports.

Bondo Wyszpolski is the arts and entertainment editor at Easy


6 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016






Designing women

Roger F. Repohl

“Unexpected revealed” is the title of this year’s Palos Verdes

Homes Tour, featuring four homes, all designed by their

female owners.

Crushing it

by Richard Foss

Rebel Coast Winery’s Peninsula owners are bringing a

millennial’s attitude to the traditionally staid wine industry.

Love Pedro

by Paul Teetor

Pedro Alipio recalls his journey from ball boy in Brazil to

head pro at the Palos Verdes Tennis Club.

Think Prime time for steak

by Richard Foss

Think Prime evokes memories of its Tasman Sea past, but

with a well executed, contemporary menu.

14 The Circle Valentine Tea

18 Las Niñas de Las Madrecitas

22 Peninsula High Walk for Life

26 Providence LCM honors Rosalind F. Halikis

30 PV High Project Runway

46 Around & About

48 Community Calendar

60 Home and Garden

64 Service Directory



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Tamar Gillotti, Amy Berg,

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March 2016Peninsula People 7

You can’t own the sunsets, but you can own a front row seat to them.




PEOPLE WILL BE SELECTED by April 30, 2016.


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Rolling Hills Estates




March 2016Peninsula People 9

10 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 11


Palos Verdes Art Center

Circle Valentine Tea

Ann Buxton opened her home to 60 members of The Circle, a major

support group of the Palos Verdes Art Center. This was a traditional

English Valentine Tea. Jo Margolf and Sara Balough asked members to

bring their sweets and savories. Among the sweets were scones with clotted

cream, raspberry jam and homemade lemon curd, chocolate pecan

bars, macarons and chocolate truffles. On the savory side there were

dainty tea sandwiches and pinwheels. Free-flowing champagne and Darjeeling

tea were the beverages du jour.

1. Homeowner Ann Buxton flanked by

co-chairs Sara Balough, left, and Jo


2. Evelyn Kita, Donna Duperon and

Peggy Higuchi.

3. "Champagne Baristas" Pat Brown

and Cheryl Hellberg.

4. Current President Debra Attridge

and incoming President Gail Johnson.


5. Lee Jester and his mother, Lois.

6. Well-known ceramicist Pat Hinz.

7. Laura Lamping and Susan Ritter.

8. Harpist Ezra Pena.

9. Dottie Keye pouring Darjeeling tea.


2 3

4 5





14 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016







3300 Palos Verdes Dr. West, Rancho Palos Verdes

$10,800,000 |

525 Palos Verdes Dr. W., Palos Verdes Estates

$3,199,000 |



28043 Lobrook Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes Dr. W.., Palos Verdes Estates

5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | Approx 4,000 sq ft | Lot size 10,000+ sq ft | Extensively renovated in 2012

$1,999,000 |

8 Ringbit Road East, Rolling Hills

$2,799,000 l

717 Via Bandini, Palos Verdes Estates

$2,299,000 l


The Las Niñas honorees are Front row: Shanaya Pudumjee, Alexandra Hill, Isabella Sanders, Jordan Munsell, Paige Pennington; Middle: Olivia Bastasch, Annika

Aguirre; Curved row: Hadeel Saab, Sophia Khoury, Rachel Mills, Madison McAuley, Mariah Watts, Dominique Augello, Jade Lactaoen, Jessica White, Makena Agilpay;

Back row: Bailey Lekavich, Julia Hitzel, Claire Mihm, Brooke Littman, Nicole Shearin, Alissa Messenger.



Las Madrecitas, an auxiliary of the Charitable Children’s Guild of the

Orthopædic Institute for Children (OIC), held its 50th annual Evergreen

Ball in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday,

January 2, 2016. The event recognized the Las Niñas 2016 senior

class for their exemplary volunteer service to OIC and their community.

Each of the 22 members of the Las Niñas senior class contributed between

320-650 hours of volunteer service throughout their high school


At the event, Dr. Anthony Scaduto, OIC’s president and chief executive

officer, awarded each Las Niñas honoree with a special white gold medallion

as recognition for service to OIC during high school. Since it was

founded, Las Niñas has donated more than 71,000 hours of service to

OIC. In addition, through its annual fundraising activities, Las Niñas

has donated more than $585,100 to the Children’s Brace Fund at OIC.

The Evergreen Ball planning committee was led by co-chairs Donna Bastasch

and Katie Cromer. Dozens of Las Madrecitas members also donated

their time to planning the event.

Las Niñas and Las Madrecitas raise money from multiple fundraising

initiatives throughout the year, including the annual fall fundraiser, holiday

luncheon, raffle ticket sales, Sees candy sales, and annual fashion

show boutique sales. Las Niñas members donate their time throughout

the local community and have the unique opportunity to volunteer at

OIC where they can gain experience working with orthopedic patients

and health care professionals.

Las Ninas and Las Madrecitas membership is open to mothers and

daughters interested in the aims and purposes of the organization. This

spring, Las Madrecitas will host its annual Fashion Show on Saturday,

April 23, 2016 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. With the

theme, “Un Jour Aux Champs Elysees - Paris Fashion Week,” the event

will feature the Las Niñas 2016 senior class in the latest fashions and

will raise funds for OIC through its fashion show boutique sales. For

more information about membership, contact Becca Davis at

Informational meetings will be held on March 15

and March 24.

18 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

The Spirited Style of Mid-Century Modern

by Bondo Wyszpolski

IThrough architectural concepts and home decor, PV Art Center’s Joe Baker evokes memories of the

Peninsula in the 1950s and 1960s

n Palos Verdes, an entire show has been built around one simple statement:

“There are beautiful examples here in our community of mid-

“It was a radical departure in terms of outdoor pottery,” Baker says.

white in color.

century architecture.”

“It was considered bold; it was unique, it was geometric, it was very

“Palos Verdes Modern: Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, Paul R. different from what was being found in garden vessels at that time.

Williams, and A. Quincy Jones” opened in January at the Palos Verdes The pure forms — the cone, the cylinder — are just exquisitely expressed.

And it’s as pure and as good today as it was then.” He pauses.

Art Center, and it has just been joined by “Crafted: Rugs from the Ahmadi

collection and Architectural Pottery.”

“That’s the thing about good design, it’s timeless.”

Regarding the works and documents now on view, Art Center director

and chief curator Joe Baker continues: “They were developed consive”)

Walker Gallery, the walls a deep forest green which nicely sets

Adjoining the Main Gallery is the smaller (and, I want to say, “recluceptually

at the same time. My goal is to celebrate Southern California off David Cressey’s ornamental, earth-toned pots for Architectural Pottery.

Cressey (1916-2013) came to the company in 1961 and remained

mid-century design and architecture in this exhibition.”

As we step into the Main Gallery, there is a cantilevered island, a with it for many years. The business itself shut its doors in 1985.

large plywood square upon which numerous ceramic vessels have been Baker replies to a comment about the visual contrast between the


two galleries:

The vast majority of these works, on loan from a private collector, “I think there’s hopefully a conversation that goes on. This (the

were created by Manhattan Beach-based Architectural Pottery, a company

founded in 1950 by Max and Rita Lawrence, with designers La We step back into the well-lit Main Gallery. “And then you walk into

Walker) room feels almost religious to me, very quiet, serene.”

Gordo Tackett, John Folis, and Rex Goode, and later joined by David a different kind of space,” he says.

Cressey, their first artist-in-residence (the stunning display is augmented

by two or three reproductions from San Diego-based Vessel from Amadi Carpets, based in West Hollywood but also in Kabul,

However, the walls of both galleries are hung with tapestry-like rugs


Afghanistan. Apparently it’s run by ten brothers (which makes it sound

The work is austere, minimalistic, and mostly white or gently off-

like an Arabian Nights fairy tale), and rare works from their holdings

20 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

Installation photos of “Crafted”

courtesy of Palos Verdes Art Center.

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent

Insurance Lic#: OF71296

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite


Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Bus: 310-377-9531

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State Farm®.

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1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

adorn the two rooms.

The specific rugs were chosen by Zubair Ahmadi (the family name

seems to contain an “h” whereas the name of the company does not),

and they truly have global origins — Moroccan, Persian Sultanabad, Indian

Agras, Mogul and Ottoman as well as Native American.

The Navaho rug on view, Baker says, dates from the early 1900s, and

is unique for its size. “It would not be unusual,” he adds, “to find Navaho

weaving on the floor in a mid-century house.”

Pointing to yet another impressive piece, he informs us that “It’s Chinese

or Mongolian, one of seven panels — and the Ahmadi brothers have


“So, within the iconic mid-century residence one would frequently find

and experience these pots, as well as similar rugs.”

The florescence of the Art Center itself, Baker says, is related to the

development and growth and influence of mid-century design, and this

takes us up the stairs and to “Palos Verdes Modern,” which reveals that

several notable architects created work, home as well as public institutions,

that grace the Peninsula. This writer was not aware, for example,

that Richard Neutra, with Robert Evans Alexander, designed the Palos

Verdes High School campus.

“I want to comment about the Beckstrand House,” Baker says, which

was designed and built between 1937 and 1940, “because it’s one of the

earliest example of Richard Neutra’s residential architecture. It’s also

very much related to our history at the Palos Verdes Art Center because

the Beckstrands were great supporters and patrons of the Art Center during

the same period of time.”

He points to blueprints and designs on display.

“This is really an interesting story about the architectural committee’s

requirement of a red tile, pitched roof on all residences in Palos Verdes

Estates and the architect’s solution to that requirement — which is really

a parapet that hides that pitched room and maintains the integrity of his

aesthetic within this community’s guidelines.”

“Palos Verdes Modern,” which was curated by Baker along with Gail

Phinney, was given valuable assistance from the Palos Verdes Library

District, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, and the Palos

Verdes Homes Association, in addition to individual homeowners. It is a

concise, thoughtful exhibit.

There is an Antiques Rug Show and Sale on Sunday, April 3, from 2 to

4 p.m. The Ahmadi Brothers, although probably not all ten, will be on

hand to identify — although not to appraise — mid-century and antique

rugs, so pile them into the back of the station wagon: It’s an opportunity

to find out what you’ve been walking over all these years.

Palos Verdes Modern: Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, Paul R.

Williams and A. Quincy Jones remains on view through May 29. Crafted:

Rugs from the Amadi Collection and Architectural Pottery is up through

April 24. The Palos Verdes Art Center is located at 5540 Crestridge Road,

Rancho Palos Verdes. (310) 541-2479 or go to PEN

Joe Baker of the Palos Verdes Art Center.

Photo by Bondo Wyszpolski

March 2016Peninsula People 21


PV Peninsula High “Walk for Life”

Benefits Cancer Patients

Cancer Support Community-Redondo Beach (CSCRB) was one of

two beneficiaries of the 14th Annual “Walk for Life” to support

cancer patients on Wednesday, February 24, at Palos Verdes Peninsula

High School. More than 1,300 students, faculty, and members

of the community took part in the walk, which raised $48,000. The

proceeds were divided between CSCRB and Duarte based City of

Hope. Peninsula High principal Mitzi Cress congratulated participants

for their efforts in the pre-walk ceremony led by Peninsula

High Activities Director Season Pollock. Appearances were also

made by Palos Verdes Unified School District superintendent Don

Austin and assistant superintendent Joanne Culverhouse.

Students took part in a moving floral tribute to remember those

in Peninsula High’s community whose lives were impacted by cancer.

Pollock then presented checks for $24,000 to City of Hope Development

Coordinator Hector Campos Jr. and CSCRB, Executive

Director Judith Opdahl and Development Director Paula Moore.

The funds received from this walk will benefit over 160 free programs

of support and education offered monthly at CSCRB for those

affected by cancer in the community,” said Opdahl. “It is very gratifying

to know that these students care so much to make a difference

in the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones.”

The ceremony concluded with dance students performing to

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” culminating in explosions of purple

powder thrown in an outpour of “Panther Pride.” For more information

about CSC-RB call (310) 376-3550 or visit the website at

1. L/R Cancer Support Community-

Redondo Beach Executive Director/CEO,

Judith Opdahl, Operations

and Events Manager, Lori Moore,

Development Director, Paula

Moore, and Public Relations Director,

Theresa Plakos gratefully receive

a check for $24,000

representing half of the proceeds

raised by the 14th Annual “Walk for

Life” to support Cancer patients.

2. Peninsula High students erupt

with an explosion of purple powder

after raising a total of $48, 000 for

the “Walk for Life.” Proceeds were

split between Cancer Support Community

Redondo Beach and the City

of Hope.

3. Walk for Life “Ambassadors”

gather purple/black roses for the

floral tribute. These students were

responsible for organizing sponsors

& donors—raising more than

$14,000 alone.

4. Peninsula High dance students

perform “Fight Song” at the prewalk

ceremony to commemorate

those who have fought the battle

against cancer.

5. Cancer Support Community

Redondo Beach Executive Director,

Judith Opdahl with Peninsula High

student, Zack Gold displaying

“Panther Pride” before the walk.




Gated Estate in PVE. Over 6,250 square feet, beautiful views, Tennis

Court, pool, spa, wine cellar, and so much more!!! $5,250,000

Chris Adlam


4 5

Unobstructed, panoramic views from Malibu to DTLA and beyond!

Over 10,000 square feet on 2.75 acres in Rolling Hills. $5,999,000

22 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

Beautiful PVE home in great Lunada Bay neighborhood. Over 3,900

square feet, 4 bedrooms, pool, spa and ocean views! $2,499,000

Spectacular, panoramic views from this brand new construction in PVE! Approximately

4,100 square feet, 5 bedrooms and a large, flat backyard too! $4,998,000

Chris Adlam


Chris Adlam


Great 5 bedroom home in prestigious Resort Point neighborhood of PVE.

Ocean views, large, flat backyard and over 4,100 square feet. $2,599,000.

Classic 1931 Old Spanish in Palos Verdes Estates. Two separate, legal lots, guest

quarters, pool, sprawling grounds and mature, lush landscaping. $2,750,000.


Providence Little

Company of Mary


he Providence Little Company of

Mary Foundation honored Rosalind

F. Halikis on Feb. 9 with the

dedication of the Rosalind F. and

Michael N. Halikis Reception Room

in the Women & Children’s Health

Unit at Providence Little Company of

Mary Medical Center Torrance. Rosalind’s

one million dollar anchor gift

catalyzed the fundraising efforts for

the “Women & Children’s Health

Campaign: Nurture and Heal”. This

three year, $5 million capital campaign

will transform how women and

children’s healthcare is delivered in

the South Bay. Rosalind and her late

husband, Dr. Michael N. Halikis, embody

the spirit of Providence’s mission

to deliver compassionate and

quality care. Rosalind is a community

leader and visionary philanthropist

and Dr. Michael Halikis enjoyed a

long career as an OB/GYN at Providence

Little Company of Mary. Rosalind

said, “I get a lot of satisfaction

in giving back to the community. The

community has been good to us and

I can’t think of a better place to give

back than Providence Little Company

of Mary.” Over 120 guests were in attendance

to honor Rosalind, including

her loving family and friends,

hospital leadership, clinicians, Community

Ministry Board members and

Foundation Trustees.

1. Rosalind Halikis & Mary Kingston,

CE South Bay Community.

2. Sean Armstrong, Board Chair,

Rosalind Halikis, Trustees Mark

Paullin & Tom Connaghan.

3. Rosalind Halikis with children:

Maureen Halikis, Dr. Nick Halikis, and

Georgene Mitsanas.

4. The Halikis and Mitsanas Families:

George Michael, and Trianna

Mitsanas, Rosalind Halikis, Georgene


and Harrison Mitsanas, Nick Halikis,

M.D., Maureen Halikis.

5. Stella Schiewe, Angela Furkioto,

Rosalind Halikis and Paula Del


6. Chris and Joan Caras, Jennifer

and Chris Caras, Jr.

7. Rosalind Halikis, Sister Terrence

Landini, Lori Nolan, Director Women

and Children’s.

8. Honoree Rosalind Halikis.

3 4


9. Harry Pappas, Alek Haidos, Rosalind

Halikis, Christine Haidos.

10. Robert & Connie Constant,

Emily Mitsanas, Rosalind Halikis.

11. Linda Bhatia, Rosalind Halikis.

12. Helen Dalis, Sophia Peratis,

Christine Haidos.

13. Rosalind Halikis, Angelica and

Phil Rausch.







11 12 13

26 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 27

Congratulations to The Stephen Haw Group

#1 Real Estate Team Again in 2015











ocean terrace

paseo la cresta

paseo de la luz

palo vista drive


5 Bedrooms+Office, 5.5 Bathrooms, 5,357 sq ft Home, 22,607 sq ft Lot

Amazing Ocean Views!!! Rare to Find Gated 1-Story View Estate

Beautiful Remodel in 2016. Great Curb Appeal. Ready to Move In.


7 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, 10,400 sq ft Home, 42,412 sq ft Lot

Magnificent Gated Estate offering a Unique Combination of Luxury and Comfort

Sweeping Ocean, Bay and Treetop views. Exquisite Finishes and Fine Appointments Throughout


5 Grand Bedrooms Suites, 8 Bathrooms, 7,925 sq ft Home, 27,119 sq ft Lot

This Magnificent Ocean Front Estate offers Luxury Living with Stunning Ocean & Sunset Views

Custom Designed with Elevator, Home Theater, Gym, Entertainer’s Backyard & Many Superb Building Features


5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms, 6,181 sq ft Home, 30,682 sq ft Lot

One-of-a-Kind Oriental Palace with Spectacular Catalina, Ocean,

Golf Course & Sunset Views, Spacious Master, Entertainer’s Backyard

OFFERED AT $4,500,000

OFFERED AT $10,450,000

OFFERED AT $6,300,000

OFFERED AT $3,988,000












Bridlewood Circle

rolling hills estates

4 Bedrooms + Office, 3.5 Baths, 5,152 sq ft Home, 16,665 sq ft Lot

Gorgeous Custom Executive Home. Master Suite in Entire Upper Level

Many Luxurious Features. Walking distance to RH Country Club

Thorley Road


5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 5,241 sq ft Home, 15,307 sq ft Lot

Gated 1990 Custom Built Manor in sought after Lower Lunada Bay

Luxury Interiors, Great Curb Appeal, Walk to Schools

softwind way


3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 1,852 sq ft Home, 6,194 sq ft Lot

1-Story Home on a Corner Lot across from De Portola Park. New

Floors, Paint, Granite Counters & Lights. South High School District

Via Valdez


4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 3,684 sq ft Home, 8,229 sq ft Lot

Exceptionally Designed Home, View from Catalina to Santa Monica

Gourmet Kitchen, Dry Sauna, Steam Room, Elegant Living Space

Covered wagon Lane


Gated Estate with 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms

4,048 sq ft Home, 15,719 sq ft Lot

Large Entertainment Room, Cul-de-Sac

avenida corona


4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 3,860 sq ft Home, 25,396 sq ft Lot

Beautiful Ocean, Mountain, Harbor & City Views from Most Rooms

Newly Remodeled. Large Guest Quarter. View Deck.

OFFERED AT $2,250,000

OFFERED AT $3,680,000

OFFERED AT $890,000

OFFERED AT $3,980,000

OFFERED AT $1,799,000

OFFERED AT $1,799,000

#1 Real Estate Team 2010 - 2015, RE/MAX Estate Properties

Local Experts with International Connections to get YOUR Properties SOLD

Stephen Haw/Team Leader

何 精 益


Kim Hall

Serving the South Bay


Cristina Go

Short Sale Specialist


Lauren Yoon

로렌 윤


Natsuko Fujii

藤 井 奈 都 子


Alicia Sialana

Real Estate Specialist


Dede Hsu

郝 蒂 蒂


Rod Yoon

롸드 윤



Prompt Professional Discreet

Palos Verdes High School

9th Annual Project Runway Fashion Show

Palos Verdes High School's Project Runway Fashion Club held their 9th Annual Fashion

Show February 9th and 10th. Over 700 guests attended the Pretty in Pink themed 2 day

event. The fashion show included collections from several South Bay boutiques including

BLVD, LF, BKB, Marea, Korner Kloset, Urban Clothes Horse, Waverly, Cason Couture, ET

Surf, Roark, UNLC, and The Stylist L.A. Over 70 models participated from PVHS, Miraleste,

Ridegecrest, PVIS and Lunada Bay Elementary Schools. The fashion show raised $16,000 for

the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Greater Los Angeles which will grant wishes to those children

diagnosed with life threatening medical conditions. The club also collected letters written to

Santa in December in partner with the Macy's Believe Campaign and raised an additional

$1,700 for Make-A-Wish. This year’s club presidents are Julia Hitzel and Erin McCann. The

fashion show was choreographed by seniors Roxy Ghadimi and Gabby Morrow.

1. Gabby Morrow.

2. From left Nicole

Halverson, Bella Sanders,

Jordan Munsell and Haley


3. From left Julia Hitzel

and Erin McCann.

4. From left Allie Durnell

and Roxy Ghadimi.

5. From left Nikki

Walker,Caillie Horner,

Roxy Ghadimi, Gabby

Morrow and Tatum


6. From left Roxy

Ghadimi and Gabby


7. Amy Ymazaki.

8. Tatum Contreras

"We have been through many real estate transactions and never had a smoother, easier process, which was

due to Kathy and Michele’s expertise and caring attitude.”

Susan and Bob Hickman


2 3

4 5

Kathy Siegel & Michele Swift Chodos

310 729.0913 • 310 897.6488

6 7


30 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

CalBRE 01877303 / 00890714

32 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

29870 Knoll View Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes

3 Bedrooms । 3.5 Bathrooms । 2950 Sq.ft.




Over 600 Homes Sold and Counting

Your Home Deserves the Best EXPOSURE

(310) 480-3601

7212 Berry Hill, Rancho Palos Verdes

5 Bedrooms । 3 Bathrooms । 3095 Sq.ft.



Designing women

This year’s Peninsula Homes Tour visits four homes whose only

commonality is that each was designed by its female owner

by Roger Repohl

This year’s 30th Anniversary Peninsula Homes Tour, on Friday and Saturday,

April 8 and 9, features four very different homes, each designed by their female


The tour benefits the Palos Verdes Art Center, where tour guests are invited to stop

for lunch and to shop for art and collectibles before or after touring the homes. A

shuttle bus will take guests to the first home on the tour, a 2,000 square foot, loftstyle

townhome filled with heirloom furniture and an eclectic collection of street art.


of the



street art

The townhome exemplifies the theme of the tour,

“The Unexpected Revealed.”

“The art looks like it was picked up from SoHo in

New York and dropped in Palos Verdes,” said tour

chairperson Nancy Bond.

The owner, a self-described city woman, gutted the

original 1970s interior and added an underground boy

cave and a soaring meditation room. The husband

filled the home with street art from his Venice skating

days, including work by Shepard Fairey, Drew Roth

and Dez Einswell, a red Italian racing motorcycle and

a single plank, mango wood dining room table.

The tour’s 4,100 sq. ft. contemporary home overlooking

the Palos Verdes Country Club golf course was designed by

its female contractor to fit her active lifestyle. Glass doors

slide into the walls, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space.

The open kitchen, with its walnut cabinetry and white

Quartzite countertops and backsplash is testament to a cook

who knows exactly how every inch of a kitchen is used.




owner of the 2,500 sq. ft. Valmonte

cottage, built in 1947, remodeled the home

to make room for her two teenage sons. The

Spanish flavor was enhanced with Talavera

tiles, Mexican wrought iron and punched

tin lighting fixtures. French and Italian antiques

combine with plush couches and

window seats that invite one to spend an afternoon

with a good book and a cup of tea.



Proceeds from the tour will benefit the Palos Verdes Art Center. In addition to its free

gallery exhibitions, the Center offers studio art classes for all ages, school-based art education

programs and awards and scholarships for students and artists. Over the years,

The Circle has raised almost $1.5 million for the Center.

The Palos Verdes Homes Tour takes place Friday and Saturday, April 8 and 9, from 10

a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $60 and include lunch. They may be purchased on line at or at the Art Center, 5504 West Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes.

For more information, call (310)541-2479 or visit the web site. PEN

Other events

On Friday, April 1, from 5 to 7 p.m., The Circle will host its Collectibles

Estate Sale Party. Tickets are $15 and $25 for couples. Collectibles will be

open for shopping Saturday, April 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Center’s “Celebrate Chefs and Cellars” fund-raiser will be held July

17 at the Catalina View Gardens. For reservations, contact Sharon Holman

at (310) 375-6917. PEN

The highlight of this year’s home tour may not be a home, but

rather a garden, where the Garden Gift shop will be located.

When English natives June and Derek Treherne bought their Palos

Verdes home in 1983, the landscaping was lawn and shrubs, typical

of the time. Inspired by the flora of her homeland, June replanted

the area with roses, hydrangeas, wisteria, and other plants that thrive

in the cool, rainy weather of the northern climes – a proper English


Seven years ago, after attending a garden show in Seattle with her

daughter Tisha, a garden designer and owner of Bliss Garden Design

in Seattle, June realized the incongruity of a cool, moist garden in a

hot, dry place. With her daughter providing the design, she replaced

the sprinklers with a drip-irrigation system and the water-hungry

plants with drought-resistant ones, including succulents and ornamental

grasses. The result is a diverse and colorful garden, appropriate

for the arid conditions of Southern California.

June, a ceramic artist, incorporated her work into the garden. Her

ceramics, as well as arrangements of succulent plants, will be available

for purchase. PEN

“Lunada Bay Charmer”

Kriss Light, M.F.T


Jungian Depth Work

Individuals, Family, Children

Working With The Creative

Offices in El Segundo

(310) 880-8514


2825 Via Neve,

Palos Verdes Estates

Get Your

Free Copy of our Book

Six Secrets to

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or by calling 310.815.4815

This charming Cape Cod is located among $3 million - $5 million

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home is being sold as a beautiful promising fixer. 3,497 sq ft, 5

bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, huge family room, massive backyard

with pool. Front is complimented by an oval driveway and incredible

curb appeal. Sits one house away from the Paseo del

Mar bluffs overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean. This is pure

Cape Cod design with French doors, double hung windows and

cozy fireplaces. Wonderful neighborhood.

Offered at $1,995,000

“Life is a Journey measured and

remembered by the Homes in which we live”

(310) 544-8455

LINDA CAVETTE, Realtor BRE#01294739

Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes and Beach Cities •

38 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

P E N I N S U L A P E O P L E | B U S I N E S S

Crushing it

Rebel Coast Winery’s Doug Burkett. Photo courtesy of Rebel Coast Winery

Rebel Coast’s irreverent attitude is kicking butt in the traditionally staid wine industry

by Richard Foss

The Palos Verdes Peninsula isn’t generally

regarded as a haven for hard-partiers who

dress like Western outlaws. Nevertheless it

has become home for one trio of rebels who

found exactly the environment they needed.

“We moved to Palos Verdes because we were

getting into too much trouble when we lived in

Hermosa. There was a bar we liked just a few

blocks away from our home and when Chip and

I would come in the bartender would call, “Hey

cowboys, a shot of Jack and a Budweiser again?”

There were days when we’d say, well, 2 o’clock,

that’s close to 5, let’s go.”

“One day we looked at each other and said,

‘Hey, we’re going out too much.’ We needed to

focus and that wasn’t going to happen when

there were all these places to be social a few minutes

walk from where we lived. Palos Verdes is a

place where there was a great environment and

fewer distractions.”

The speaker there was Doug Burkett, sales

manager for Rebel Coast Winery. The Chip referred

to is winemaker Chip Forsythe. Both men

usually dress in denim and Stetsons. Forsythe actually

is from Texas. Burkett picked up the look

while in college in San Luis Obispo, where the

two men met. As La Crescenta native Burkett explains

it, he wasn’t a particularly motivated student

and knew nothing about wine when an

accident of geography brought him into contact

with someone who did.

”I went to college because it was what you

did… I didn’t have a whole lot of direction, but

was studying rec and leisure management. Somewhere

in another world there’s a guy in the hospitality

or recreation business who is the me that

could have been. Anyway, Chip was the cattle

prod who helped me jump feet first and blindly

into the wine industry. He was my next door

neighbor who would hold these big parties with

all these wine barrels and lots of girls and when

I held a party with beer there was maybe half the

number of people, all guys. The girls liked wine

and I liked them so I started drinking it pretty


Forsythe was making wine on an amateur

basis, creating blends using grapes he obtained

from growers. (Or may have been stolen from

growers – at that point in his career he wasn’t

asking questions if the price was good.) He was a

talented blender with an instinct about how juice

would age and used those skills when he went

pro, and he enlisted Burkett as an ally. Burkett

had a certain, easygoing charisma along with the

sheer audacity that was needed for two college

students to create a company from nothing.

40 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

“I knew how to market myself and whatever I

had in my hands and I could bring that enthusiasm

to other people. At the beginning the winemaking

wasn’t done in any businesslike manner.

He made it, bottled it, put a case in my hands and

I went out to sell it. I did that at parties and I literally

sold it on the street. I once handed some

out to people stuck in traffic in their cars.”

Beginning in 2009 Forsythe gained experience

with another winery, SLO Down Wines, where

he honed his skills making a wine called Sexual

Chocolate. Burkett joined him as a salesman after

a brief career as a bartender and professional mechanical

bull rider. In 2011, the pair left to start

Rebel Coast, and after a short time discovered

something important – a real company needs

somebody who pays attention to details. A friend

named Kate Seiberlich decided she was going to

take on the task and became an indispensable

third partner. The company got its name not because

of anything having to do with the Confederacy,

but as a combination film reference and

expression of the California dream.

“It’s not about the South, never has been. We

have ‘Rebel’ because we were thinking of James

Dean and ‘Rebel Without A Cause,’ the idea of

someone doing his own thing because his ideas

and instincts lead him to it. ‘Coast’ is because

when you think of the coast it’s about sunshine,

beaches… We came up with it when we were sitting

around tossing around ideas. The name

Rebel Coast sounded sexy and it just stuck.”

Their marketing was distinctive from the beginning.

Bottles of their Reckless Love red blend

were emblazoned with Forsyth’s handlebar

moustache. Rebel Coast’s promotional emails

sometimes include random free verse poetry, pictures

of extreme sports, real and imagined, and

scantily clad and copiously tattooed people of

both genders. Their whimsical branding went

viral, and Burkett reinforced it with his easygoing

style of sales calls.

“I am on the road two weeks of every month. I

fly out to Texas, Georgia, and Florida next week.

It goes a long way with our customers and distributors

when one of the owners comes out as a

rep. Sometimes people are shocked by the cowboy

hat and lack of a collared shirt and tie. They

can’t believe that wine can be this fun. The rep

they met before me was wearing a suit and had

a rolling backpack with bottles in it and an order

book and he’s all business and that’s all it’s going

to be. We bring the lifestyle to the wine.”

As the Rebel Coast partnership progressed the

lines of responsibility blurred, and management

evolved into a collective. All the partners and

their employees seem to be involved in every decision.

Burkett found it hard to explain the dynamic.

Asked how his personality affected the

collaboration, he hesitated some time and finally

volunteered, “I’ve been labeled as ‘The No Guy’.

Some ideas come up that are too goofy or out

there and somebody needs to be the voice of reason.

It’s surprising even to me that it’s me, but it

is something I do. I also bring some calm collectedness

to the group, not exactly the calm center

but less crazy.”

The trio lives in a rambling, multilevel house

that has a menagerie of vehicles parked out front.

The pair of vintage Volkswagen microbuses emblazoned

with the company’s logos have been

part of the company’s branding from the beginning.

A pile of skateboards was in the garage next

to several motorcycles, one of them a Russianmade

Ural with a sidecar that looks like a World

War 2 relic. As Burkett observed ruefully while

sitting on his new Harley-Davidson, “We’re pack

rats and we love toys. We get in trouble because

we all have a problem with impulse buys… We

have had to call our moms and apologize for

some of the things we’ve done and mine still

doesn’t know about this motorcycle.”

Rebel Coast has been shaking up the wine business

and is growing rapidly. Their wines are now

available in 31 states and two Canadian

provinces. It’s an astonishing success story given

their short history and casual attitude toward

business. Burkett said their irreverent attitude has

led people to underestimate them.

“Some people don’t take us seriously… they see

our social media and think we’re a bunch of

partiers who have fun with grapes. We are, but

we also work our asses off seven days a week.

We’re here to stay, and we’re going to kick the

crap out of this industry.”

Will their assault on the wine world still be

headquartered in Palos Verdes in five years? Burkett

was equivocal, pointing out that the distance

to the freeways complicates all their jobs.

“We’ve moved three different times in the

South Bay because we’re growing. Palos Verdes

has been a big step, but we may need more space.

We’ll see how long we can handle the long commute

to get off the hill, and we’ll see how long

Palos Verdes can handle us.” PEN

March 2016Peninsula People 41

P E N I N S U L A P E O P L E | S P O R T S



by Paul Teetor

hen Pedro Alipio was a small child in Santos, a port city in southern

Brazil, his father found work as a ball boy at the local tennis club.

“We had three brothers living in one room,” he recalled of his childhood.

“We weren’t starving, but we were fairly poor. Our family never had vacations

or anything like that.”

“My dad came from a family of 13 kids, so he had to take any work opportunity

he saw,” Alipio said. “He had never played tennis.”

Soon, Alipio’s father picked up an old wooden tennis racquet and started

hitting the ball on the club’s clay courts, imitating the way he saw the pros

demonstrate proper strokes.

“He got pretty good and started making a name for himself,” Alipio said.

“He never made it to the pro tour, but he started giving lessons at the club

to people like doctors and teachers and making a little money for his family.”

In short time, tennis became an Alipio family affair.

“Tennis opened all the doors for me,” Alipio said. “That’s why I’m here

today. I owe it all to tennis and the people who helped me get here.”

Alipio is the head pro at the prestigious, 400 member Palos Verdes Tennis

Club, a beautiful, 12-court facility in Palos Verdes Estates, adjacent to the

Rolling Hills Golf Club. It’s on city parkland, surrounded by groomed

grounds filled with blooming gardens and towering trees. The tennis facilities

includes a spacious clubhouse, a pro shop, state-of-the-art locker rooms

and five teaching pros.

More important than the physical setting and luxurious facility, however,

is the love and respect Alipio is accorded daily by club members.

“Everybody loves Pedro,” said JoAnne Sanger, a long-time student who

takes weekly lessons in a never-ending quest to improve her 3.5 USTA ranking.

“Pedro is an incredibly good man with a kind, gentle personality. He

Palos Verdes Tennis Club

head pro Pedro Alipio

Pedro Alipio took up tennis to escape poverty in Brazil. Today, he is the head pro at the Palos Verdes Tennis Club.


always has a smile on his face and it’s clear that he loves his job.”

The amenities at the Palos Verdes Tennis Club may differ, but the game

is the same as the one he learned as a child.

“My two brothers and I grew up at the club,” he said. “We would spend

all day every day chasing balls, helping out any way we could and even hitting

with people who needed someone to hit with.”

Alipio became a top Brazilian junior player.

“I started traveling to tournaments and that got me the connections to get

to Hampton University in Virginia,” he said.

He enrolled at Hampton on a full scholarship in 1984. Tennis coach Dr.

Robert Screen took him under his wing.

“Dr. Screen was like a second father to me,” he said.

After compiling a 28-0 singles record in his senior year, 1988, Alipio was

faced with a tough choice. Try to make it on the pro tour where only the

top 100 players make the big bucks while everyone else scratches just to

make travel and living expenses week to week, or earn a steady paycheck

by teaching tennis.

“I chose the safe route,” he said.

Dr. Screen introduced him to tennis pro Ken Porter, who was teaching in

Southern California. Alipio went west and stayed in Porter’s home for six

months while teaching at the West End Tennis Club in Torrance.

Not long after arriving, he received a sponsorship from racquet maker

Yonex, which continues to this day, along with sponsorship from Body One


But more importantly, that’s where Alipio met Robert Lansdorp, a SoCal

tennis legend.

Tennis pros come in two basic categories: drill sergeants and guidance


42 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

The drill sergeants insist student do things their way and believe improvement

only comes through endless hard work, repetition and lots of

tough-love criticism. The guidance counselors suggest rather than demand,

feel their student’s frustration and glory in every incremental improvement,

no matter how small.

Lansdorp, who made his reputation by turning Peninsula kids Pete Sampras,

Tracy Austin and Lindsay Davenport into Grand Slam champions, is

the preeminent example of the drill sergeant. Alipio is a perfect example

of the guidance counselor. He’s thoughtful, soft-spoken, endlessly supportive

and so sensitive to his student’s struggles to learn that he taught himself

to play left-handed so he would have a better understanding of lefthanders’


Despite their differences in approach and temperament, Lansdorp recognized

Alipio as a talented instructor and helped him advance his career.

“I learned a lot from Robert about commitment to the sport, that teaching

kids is almost like parenting, and that you have to have discipline on the

court so the student will really respect the pro,” he said. “But it’s not my

personality to be the way he was, so I took what he taught me and used it

in my own way. I made it my own.”

That Lansdorp-lite approach was in evidence last week when club member

Peter Cody was taking a lesson from a teacher on Alipio’s staff. Alipio

happened to walk by the court just as the pro was urging Cody to splitstep

– to bend his knees and give a little hop when his opponent is striking

the ball, much like a baseball infielder does just after the pitch is delivered

– so he will be able to react quickly in either direction, depending on where

the ball is hit.

Alipio, who had taught Cody in the past and had also urged him to splitstep,

offered a sarcastic remark – “The next time Peter split-steps we’re

going to throw a party.” That brought chuckles from everyone within

earshot because of the gentle way it was delivered. Coming from Lansdorp,

it would have been perceived as a scornful put-down.

An even better example of Alipio’s natural laid-back approach is the way

he deals with Carol Flick’s bad habit of jumping when she hits the ball.

“I’m a jumper,” Flick, another 3.5 player striving to reach that coveted

4.0 level, admitted ruefully. “I know I shouldn’t but sometimes I still do


Alipio has explained that jumping at the same time you’re hitting the

ball makes for an unstable base and leads to erratic shots so often that he

no longer says anything to Flick when she does it.

“He just gives me a look, and we both know what it means,” she said

with a chuckle.

Flick, who recently joined the club’s board of directors, said she was surprised

to learn how much work Alipio does off the court in addition to his

daily teaching sessions.

“He runs a lot of social activities, he runs the leagues and even the club

tournaments,” she said. “Every summer he organizes a Brazilian barbeque

where these scantily clad Brazilian dancers come in and teach everybody

the samba. And they serve these famous Brazilian drinks that I can’t pronounce

but they sure are good.”

Alipio said the drink is called a Caipirinha and consists of rum, lime,

sugar and ice.

People really seem to like them,” he said.

Five or six years into his teaching career, Alipio said, he had an insight

that has guided him ever since.

“It hit me that I wasn’t just teaching tennis, that I was making an impact

on people’s lives,” he said. “As the years went by, I remember thinking that

I taught this guy and now I’m teaching his kid and someday I will be teaching

his kid’s kid.”

He admits there are some students he would rather not teach.

“I hate teaching someone who I know is there because mom and dad

want them to be there,” he said. “But if you love the game and you really

want to learn, then I’m going to teach you a game that will last a lifetime.”

Alipio just turned 50 and with two grown sons he’s starting to think

about his legacy.

“I want people to remember me as a fun teacher and a guy who loved

what he does,” he said.

As far as his students are concerned, the verdict is already in: Game, set

and match.

Contact: Follow: @paulteetor PEN

Pedro Alipio with student

Audrey O’Toole.

Photos by Brad Jacobson

March 2016Peninsula People 43





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44 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 45

Brennen Bates Earns Eagle Scout

n The members of Boy Scout Troop #191 of Redondo Beach are proud to announce

that Brennen Bates has achieved the rank

of Eagle Scout. Bates is currently a senior at

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. He is a

member of the National Honor Society, Mu

Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, and the California

Scholarship Federation. Bates has earned

3 Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and enjoyed

many years participating in the Palos

Verdes Assembly. Bates is also an accomplished

musician, with 45 songs on iTunes. He is a vocalist

and also plays the bass guitar. Over the

past 2 years, he has performed in 75 concerts.

He is currently a member of the alternative rock

band, Weathers, who are working with

Warner/Chappell Music on a new album and

national tour. Bates has completed his Eagle project

which consists of three oversized equestrian

bulletin boards for Ernie Howlett Park, as well as


Brennen Bates.

Dapplegray and Chandler parks in Rolling Hills Estates. The Eagle project included

designing, fundraising, assembling and installing the bulletin boards, while

overseeing and managing 70 volunteers over 4 days for a total of 413 hours.

Each of these parks has benefited from the bulletin boards, which provide a centralized

location for information for the various community members who utilize

these parks. Bates commented that he is, "Really proud to become an Eagle Scout

for the rest of my life and having the opportunity to continue to serve my community

and the various charities that I support for many years to come."

Freedom for You

It was an inspiring

night of youth performances

at the

Freedom4U Jazz Expression

Night: Fred

Steiner (Pen High),

David Benoit (Mira

Costa/AAYS), Ray

Vizcarra (RUHS),

Shellie Parkinson

(PVHS), Greg Allen


Affinity Legends

Affinity Legends In Our Time (from left to right): Donald Crocker, Richard

Moe, William Ailor, and Robert Medawar will be honored Sunday, May

1 at the Norris Pavilion.

46 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 47



Compiled by Mary Jane Schoenheider

You can email your event to our address:

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.

Saturday, April 2

South Coast Rose Society

Annual plant sale at the South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw

Boulevard, Palos Verdes Peninsula. Members are invited to an early viewing

between 7 and 9 a.m. and the sale is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4

p.m. The Society is offering a small selection of rare and unusual fragrant

roses along with popular ones. The Society’s famous rose cocktail will be

available for purchase. Roses love it! For more information, see them on Facebook.

Wisteria Regale –“Hollywood’s Golden Age”

Friends of Banning Museum annual fundraising event, the Wisteria Regale,

from 6 to 10 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel, 2800

Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro. The theme of this festive evening is, “Hollywood’s

Golden Age”. Enjoy a silent auction, elegant sit down dinner, hosted

bar, live music provided by the Fabulous Esquires Big Band, dancing and the

Wisteria Scholarship presentation. You will also enjoy a special presentation

by professional dancers from Rusty’s Rhythm Club. Come dressed as your favorite

Hollywood star or in formal attire. Tickets are $150 and reservations

are required. Please call Friends of Banning Museum at 310- 548-2005 for

further information or to make a reservation.

Monday, April 4

Art Exhibit

The exhibition "Breaking the Boundaries", featuring gourd artists Stephen

Browning and Valentin Ruesga, painter Val Simon and watercolor artist Joyce

Welsh,opens at the Artists Studio Gallery in the Promenade on the Peninsula

on Monday, April 4 and continues until Sunday, May 15. There will be an

Opening Reception for the artists on Sunday, April 10 from 2 to 5 p.m. and

a Closing Reception on Sunday, May 15 from 2 to 5 p.m. The Artists Studio

Gallery is located in the Promenade on the Peninsula, across from the fountain,

at 550 Deep Valley Drive, Rolling Hills Estates. It is affiliated with the

Palos Verdes Art Center/Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts Education, a non

profit community organization which has been serving the South Bay for over

80 years.

48 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016


Wednesday, April 6

Peninsula Seniors Lecture Series

Popular anglophile Dr. C. W. (Chuck) Spurgeon, Professor Emeritus, Marymount

California University, will graciously be returning. We look forward to

his presentation titled "The Quest for Meaning in the History of an English

Country Church in Nature, Art, Literature, and Music." 10:30 AM, Hesse Park,


Friday, April 8

30th Anniversary Palos Verdes Homes Tour

This weekend the Circle presents its 30th Anniversary Homes Tour, The Unexpected

Revealed, featuring three diverse homes and a spectacular garden on

the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. The homes were selected

for aesthetics as well as efficient work spaces, innovative storage solutions

and use of unique finishes and materials. Hop on the map and self-drive

to two diverse homes and the garden stop. Shuttle from the Art Center to a

bonus loft-style town home. Complimentary valet parking is available at the

Art Center where you will also enjoy a STRIPES gourmet lunch, shop collectibles

and boutiques, have an opportunity to buy fine art and a chance to

win a door prize. General Admission $60, PVAC members $55. Tickets available

at the Palos Verdes Art Center, 5504 West Crestridge Road, Rancho

Palos Verdes. For further information call the Art Center at 310-541-2479.

Another Evening of Standup Comedy

Palos Verdes Performing Arts presents "Another Evening of Stand-Up Comedy”

with three top funny men. The Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion will be transformed

into an intimate comedy club with cabaret seating, no-host bar and cocktail

service, and featuring hilarious performances by Dick Hardwick, Steve Bruner

and Tony Russell. Tickets are $28. For more information or to purchase tickets

call the box office at 310- 544-0403 or go to

The Norris Pavilion is located at 501 Indian Peak Road in Rolling

Hills Estates.

Musical, Big River

In its 60th year of musical and theatrical productions, MBCC Theater Board

announces the 2016 Spring musical, Big River. Twain's timeless classic sweeps

us down the mighty Mississippi as the irrepressible Huck Finn helps his friend

Jim, a slave, escape to freedom at the mouth of the Ohio River. MBCC Theater

is located at 303 S Peck Avenue, Manhattan Beach. 8 p.m. performances will

be held: Friday April 8; Saturday April 9; Friday April 15; Saturday April 16;

Friday April 22; Saturday April 23. Sunday, 2 p.m. Matinee performances

will be held: Sunday April 10; Sunday April 17. General Seating Tickets Available

Online at:

Saturday, April 9

Guided Nature Walk

By Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy at Forrestal Reserve, 9 a.m. View

dramatic geological formations and spectacular wildflower blooms following

El Niño’s rains. This is a moderate to strenuous walk. Park along Forrestal Dr.

or park in lot at Ladera Linda Community Center. Meet near gate. 32201 Forrestal

Drive, RPV. Free and open to the public. For more information, contact

(310) 541-7613 ext. 201 or sign up at


DAR Meeting

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, El Redondo

Chapter Monthly Meeting at 1 p.m. "Honoring our Heritage" at St. Francis

Episcopal Church, 2200 Via Rosa at Palos Verdes Blvd. Palos Verdes Estates

Come learn more about Daughters of the American Revolution at their monthly

meeting. Refreshments will be served. Free Admission. For more info contact

April Specials


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$550 (for 2cc)


$2.75 a Unit



$325/syringe 2 or more

Radiesse or Restylane LYFT


Restrictions apply, call for details


432 S. Pacific Coast Highway

Redondo Beach, Ca 90277

March 2016Peninsula People 49


Chamber Orchestra Features Award Winning Cellist

Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay, the resident classical orchestra of the

Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center concludes its 2015-16 season at the Norris

Theatre at 8 p.m. The featured soloist is Tchaikovsky International Competition

Gold Medalist, cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan. Under the direction of

Frances Steiner, the program will open with Prokofiev's Classical Symphony

and Mr. Hakhnazaryan will join the COSB in Tchaikovsky's Rocco Variations.

Following intermission Mr. Hakhnazaryan will return to perform Tchaikovsky's

Nocturne and will conclude with Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 in A Major,

Op. 90 "Italian." Prior to the concert, there will be a Preview Talk by Stephen

Richards, starting at 7:15 p.m. Single tickets are $58 and will be available

through a waiting list at the Norris Theatre Box Office, 310- 544-0403, ext.

221. Further information on the COSB and its future concerts can be found

by visiting

Cactus & Succulent Show & Sale

For two days April 9-10 thousands of rare, unusual, and beautiful plants will

be for sale at very reasonable prices. The accompanying show displays will

be stunning and provide an opportunity to get tips and advice from experts.

Whether you are adding succulent color to your landscape or selecting a

sculptural beauty for a handmade pot, you will be dazzled by the variety and

choices. Attend the Show & Sale and tour the botanical garden while you are

there. South Coast Botanic Garden, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days, 26300 Crenshaw

Blvd., Palos Verdes Peninsula. Entry included in paid admission to the

Garden: adults $9; seniors and students $6; child 5-12 $4; under 5 free. For

more information see or the garden at 310-544-6815.


Run to


Southern California’s Newest Marina

Marina Amenities

• SLIPS from 28’ to 130’

• Dry Storage w/Crane Launching

• New Restrooms w/Showers

• Ice Machines & Laundry

• Pumpout - Public & In-Slip

• Ample FREE Parking

Marina (310) 514-4985 • Dry Storage (310) 521-0200 •

2293 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731



Reduced Price


Sunday, April 10

Medicare 101

Palos Verdes Library District presents Medicare 101: Understanding Your

Medicare Plan Options 1 p.m. Peninsula Center Library Community Room.

Do you have questions about Part A, B, C, D, enrollment windows, cost sharing

or “Extra Help”, the difference between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage

Plans and Supplement Plans? Join them for a presentation with Carol

Clement (CA License 0H80524) and have all of your questions answered.

Sponsored by Palos Verdes Library District, this informational seminar is free

and open to the public. This event is for educational purposes only. Medicare

has neither reviewed, nor endorses, this information.Questions? Please contact

Mary Cohen at or 310-921-7519.


Highly competent, compassionate caregivers,

trained and supervised by

Licensed Nurse/Case Manager


• Companionship / Activities of daily living

• Home Maintenance: Meals, Light Housekeeping, Errands & Appointments

• Care for Dementia / Stroke / Hospice Clients

• Complex Care of: Wounds, Feeding Tubes, Foley/Ostomy/Trach/Home Vent Clients

• Psychosocial Support: One on one conversation, Games, Walking, Shopping

• Clients are visited by Licensed Nurse Twice a Month

Accepted form of Payments:

Long Term Care Insurance/VA Insurance/ Private Pay

E-mail us at

Licensed, Bonded, Workers Comp

Caring Is What We Do Best




March 2016Peninsula People 51


"Its Like You’re There All Over Again"



Monday, April 11

Palos Verdes Gem and

Mineral Society

Jason Badgley will present a program

on "California Agates" focusing

on the agates found in the local

Santa Monica Mountains. Community

Room of Palos Verdes Main Library,

701 Deep Valley Dr.,

RHE.Meet and Greet at 6:30 p.m.

Program at 7 p.m. park on roof as

program goes past the closing hours

of the library. Everyone is welcome.

There is no charge to the public.

Please call 310-373-2696 for more


Adult Education Classes

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified

School District-Adult Education,

Spring 2016 Session begins today.

Classes included are: Oil Painting,

Handmade Greeting Cards, One

Stroke Painting, Mosaic-Pique Assiette,

Beginning & Intermediate

Bridge, Mah Jong, Wine Tasting, Astronomy,

Learn To Speak English, Italian-All

Levels, Spanish-All Levels.

Exercise classes included are:


Yoga-Beginning-Level I-Intermediate,

Mind, Body & Spirit workout, Gentle

Yoga, Yogilates, Yoga Stretch &

Meditation, Group Golf Lessons,

Computer classes include: Basics

Computer, Ipad Basics and Internet

Basics, Beginning & Intermediate

Computer, Beginning & Intermediate

Excel 2010, Power Point 2010,

Email Savvy, Plus much more. For

more information or to request a catalog

please call: (310) 541-7626

x289 or visit our website at

Most classes are

held at Rancho Del Mar High/Adult

Education Campus: 38 Crest Road

West. Rolling Hills.

Wed., April 13

Peninsula Seniors

Lecture Series

Brian Weiss, South Bay native and

manager of the PV Farmers Market

for more than eleven years will

speak about the inner workings, history

and future of the Farmers Market.

The discussion will cover where

products are sourced, what products

are offered and some of the rules

and regulations that govern a market.

Brian is a fountain of food-related

information. 10:30 a.m. at

Hesse Park.

52 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016


Palos Verdes Woman’s Club

The Palos Verdes Woman's Club will meet at noon, at Trump National Golf

Club. The guest speaker will make it simple to understand the many options

of Medicare. Cost of the luncheon is $32. For reservations call Beverly Teresinski

at 310-378-1349.

April PhunNight

The non-profit Jester & Pharley Phund’s April PhunNight will be part of laughs

a-plenty at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, 1018 Hermosa

Ave. Those joining the party will be helping children with cancer while enjoying

a night of comedy. Proceeds will provide copies of David Saltzman’s “The

Jester Has Lost His Jingle” to hospitalized children. Reservation deadline is

April 1. To make reservations, call The Jester & Pharley Phund at 310-544-

4733 to reserve your ticket.

Thursday, April 14

Guided Meditation and Labyrinth Walk

A labyrinth circular path is available for you to walk free on 5:30 to 7:15

p.m., at the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living, 907 Knob Hill, 90277.

At 6 p.m., Dr. Kathi Wolfrum will give a 15 minute pre-walk guided relaxation

meditation with an emphasis on the chakra energy centers in your body before

you walk the labyrinth path. Meditation helps to develop the skill to manage

your thoughts to create the life you want. No shoes on the labyrinth canvas

with the twinkling lights – socks work. For more information: Vernetta Lieb 310-

750-6857; or Jane Zumbro 310-782-9750;

Friday, April 15

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

One of the most enduring shows of all time, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s

hit musical, will be presented by the Palos Verdes High School Drama

Department for eight performances April 15-24. The Biblical saga of Joseph

and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable.

n which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. Set to an engaging

cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to

bubble-gum pop and rock 'n' roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely

and timeless. Performances are April 15-16 and 21-23 at 7 p.m. and April

17 and 23-24 at 2 p.m. in the MPR at Palos Verdes High School, 600 Cloyden

Road in Palos Verdes Estates. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for students and

$20 for premium tickets, which includes a light snack and beverage. Tickets

can be purchased at or at the door if seats are still available.

For further information, visit the website, or call (310) 378-8471, ext.


Online auction benefits PEF

Main Event’s online auction,, runs April 15- 25

and features over 400 items and services donated by generous local businesses.

For more information on the Peninsula Education Foundation or the

Main Event, call 310.378.2278, visit or email

Saturday, April 16

Palos Verdes Art Center Gala

The Palos Verdes Art Center / Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts Education cordially

invites the community to THE GALA, celebrating their 85th Anniversary.

Join them for a memorable evening of performance, food and wine. Cocktails

and Auction 6 – 7 p.m. Dining and Program 7 – 10 p.m., Dancing 10 p.m.

– midnight. Cocktail attire, black tie optional. Valet parking available. Proceeds

support PVAC education and exhibition programs. Tickets $250 per

person. For further information call the Palos Verdes Art Center at 310-541-


$50 Instant Rebate

on Dysport (Botox)

*Minimum 75 units.

March 2016Peninsula People 53



Celebrate the Peninsula with

Author Mary Jo Hazard’s latest books…

Available at Terranea, Nantucket Crossing,

Point Vicente Interpretive Center and

other Peninsula shops and

Also by

Mary Jo Hazard

ABBA-Fab –Tribute to Sweden’s Pop Giants

AbbaFab will send you back in time to the heyday of the celebrated Swedish

pop group to experience their classic hits performed live, in an electrifying

multimedia production at the Norris Theatre. The premier tribute band's infectious

energy, costumes and colorful staging perfectly recreate the look, feel

and sound of Abba -- who have sold more than 375 million records worldwide,

making them one of the top-selling recording artists of all time. AbbaFab

features the original group’s biggest hits like "Dancing Queen," "SOS," "Take

a Chance on Me," "Waterloo," and "Mamma Mia" for an unforgettable

evening of entertainment that thoroughly captures the magic of a live Abba

concert. . Tickets for the 8 p.m. performance are $48-$58, with a $10 discount

for children ages 12 and under. For more information or to purchase

tickets call the box office at 310- 544-0403, ext. 221, or go to The Norris Theatre is located at 27570

Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates.

Sunday, April 17

Palos Verdes Ballet

One day only, 36th Anniversary production of “Les Ballets Classiques” featuring

full length of “Paquita””, Act !!! wedding scene from “Sleeping Beauty”,

“La Esmeralda, “Giselle”, “Grand Waltz”, “Umbrella Dance” and variations

from “Youth American Grand Prix” danced by talented and promising young

dancers of Palos Verdes Ballet and many guest artists performed at the Norris

Theatre 1 and 5 pm.Norris Theatre; Adult tickets $25, child $25n sale at the

Norris Theatre Box Office, 310- 544-0403.

Wednesday, April 20

Peninsula Seniors Lecture Series

David Hart, Ph.D., Director of Memory Care and Clinical Services at Always

Best Care South Bay and faculty member at California State University, Fullerton

will offer another fresh, new and exciting installment of his Memory Boosters

workshops. Are you ready to make your brain sweat? This advanced

cognitive fitness regimen will encourage attendees to develop brain health

routines that stimulate neuroplasticity and strengthen memory and other cognitive

functions. Previous attendance not required. 10:30 a.m. at Hesse Park,

Rancho Palos Verdes.

Thursday, April 21

South Coast Rose Society

Will hold its April meeting at 7 p.m. at the South Coast Botanic Garden,

23600 Crenshaw Boulevard, Palos Verdes Peninsula. The topic will be on creating

sustainable gardens using innovative water storage systems and other

ideas. For further information, please see them on Facebook.

Friday, April 22

Thoroughly Modern Millie

The jazz age is in full swing as flapper Millie Dillmount takes on the bright

lights of New York City. Don't miss Miraleste Intermediate School Booster

Club’s high-spirited musical romp, "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Directed by

Paula Dawson, musical direction by Blake Dylan Pilger, and choreography

by Liz Cantine. Performances run for two weekends only: Friday and Saturday

night at 7 p.m., Saturday matinees at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m., through

May 2. $15 for reserved rows 1-8. $12 general admission for evening performances

and $10 general admission for matinees. To purchase tickets, call

310- 344-4501 or email Tickets are

also available at the door (cash or check only). Miraleste Intermediate School,

29323 Palos Verdes Drive East, Rancho Palos Verdes 90275.

Fiddler on the Roof

Winner of nine Tony Awards, “Fiddler

on the Roof” is one of the most

illustrious and beloved stage and

film musicals of all time. Produced by

the Palos Verdes Performing Arts

Center, the musical will play at the

Norris Theatre for a limited engagement

through May 8 for 11 performances.

In this classic tale, set in a

poor Jewish village, Tevye attempts

to honor and maintain ancestral and

religious customs in his family, but

times are changing. When dangerous

forces threaten the village's way

of life, Tevye's faith and love for his

family give him strength to fight for

his home and the traditions of his

people. The heartwarming show features

such illustrious songs as "If I

Were a Rich Man," "Matchmaker,

Matchmaker," "Sunrise, Sunset" and

"To Life." The production features a

professional cast and live orchestra.

Performances are 8 p.m. Fridays

and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays

and April 30 and May 7. Ticket

prices range from $48-$58, with

$10 off for children ages 12 and

under. For more information or to

purchase tickets, call the box office

at 310- 544-0403 or go to

m. The Norris Theatre is located at

27570 Norris Center Drive, Rolling

Hills Estates.

Freedom 4U Fundraiser

Releasing Youth into Purpose, a

fundraiser to benefit Freedom 4U

youth programs at Palos Verdes Golf

Club, 5:30 - 8 p.m. Honoring

Jacqueline Glass with the George

and Betty Allen Lifetime Achievement

Award. Evening includes music, live

and silent auction and dinner. Tickets

are $150 per person by April 9,

$175 after April 9. For more information

go to

Saturday, April 23

Earth Day Celebration

At White Point Nature Preserve, 9

a.m. – noon. Help beautify the native

plant garden plus activities for

the whole family. Sign up at Presentation:

Backyard Birding with Bob

Shanman of Wild Birds Unlimited,

11 a.m.. Get tips for attracting birds

to your home garden. RSVP at

PointWorkshopRSVP.asp. Native Plant

Sale, noon – 2 p.m.. Every fourth Saturday.

Come early for best selection.

White Point Nature Education Center,

1600 W Paseo Del Mar in San

Pedro, 90731. For more information,


South Bay Contemporary

FRESH 2016

In beautiful Portuguese Bend, Rancho

Palos Verdes, supporting continued

programming, education and events




3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2343 sq.ft. Home.

43,005 sq ft Lot. Mid Century Modern Home with

Panoramic City, Mountain, Harbor & Ocean Views

Offered at $1,400,000

for South Bay Contemporary. This

year the gala event will take place at

the historic Italian Villa courtyard of

the Shriver Family at 21 Pomegranate

Road in Portuguese Bend, Rancho

Palos Verdes. Event includes fresh

food, signature cocktails, hat and

brooch making, performance and interactive

artists, music, sculptural installations,

artist-made centerpieces

for silent auction, and live art auction

with a selection of their favorite collectible

artists from South Bay, LA, San


Pedro, and Long Beach. Tickets are

only $50 each and all proceeds from

the event will be tax deductible and

support South Bay Contemporary in

its journey to bringing cutting edge

contemporary art programming and

art education to the South Bay Region.Purchase

Tickets online at SBC

website under: Exhibitions / Events:

Ticket prices are $50 each.Table Price

is $400/8 people.

or call 310-429-

0973 for more information.



Located in the "Red Tile Roof District" of Miraleste!

Fabulous Spanish Style 3 bedroom, 2 bath,

2100+ SQ FT, home is an entertainer's dream!

Gourmet Chef's kitchen with premium

appliances, hardwood floors, spectacular

views, multiple fireplaces, vaulted ceilings,

just to name a few! Must See!!

Offered at $ 1,400,000

(310) 339-5301 | Keller Williams Realty | Email: | CalBRE#01800973



54 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 55

The Master


The clock motor

and Patek

Philippe master

time-base in this

photo was designed

and built to operate

the biggest tower

clock in the world.

Available for sale,

this timepiece with

neon lit hour, minute

and second hands

measuring over seventy-five

feet can

serve as an entrance

to a city or an airport.

When Michel

Medawar designed

this clock motor almost

twenty years

ago he insisted on precision of the highest caliber built to last generations.

A properly maintained clock not only extends its life indefinitely,

it also insures its accuracy. Your clock has a complex mechanism

of inter-working parts. Yet unfortunately this precious item does

not warn you prior to any major malfunction, therefore it becomes

imperative to maintain and service your clock regularly. Oil gets

old and dry forcing the train of gears to work twice as hard to accomplish

their goal. This results in damage that drastically shortens

the life of a fine timepiece.

Your clock reminds you of its’ presence every time you wind it,

and if its’ accuracy is not what it used to be, or its’ chimes are not

as healthy, or maybe it just stops. That means it’s talking to you,

telling you that its endless life is in jeopardy.

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of timepieces for

sixty years as his father did sixty years before. He is the inventor

of the first talking clock in the world. He is a graduate from Patek

Philippe in Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod Wagner clock Co. in

Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Howard Miller Clock Co. in Zeeland,

Michigan. Call him so that he may come to your home the same

day and offer you a free estimate for servicing your clock. Or bring

your wall or mantel clock to our store to see our showroom and receive

the same complimentary diagnosis.

We are located at 810C Silver Spur Rd., in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca.

90274. Or call us at (310) 544-0052.

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday

810C Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274

Call 310.544.0052


Monday, April 25

Seahorse Classic

This charity golf tournament will be held at Palos Verdes Golf Club. Hosted by

the Peninsula Committee Children’s Hospital (PCCH) a nonprofit organization

founded in 1957 by a group of women from the South Bay. Proceeds from

the tournament will be directed toward the Associates Rehabilitation Center

Caregiver Wing and the Associates Sarcoma Program Chair at Children’s

Hospital Los Angeles. The day’s activities will include golf, lunch, dinner, silent

and live auctions and raffle. Special events include, the Helicopter Ball Drop,

Longest Drive, Hole-in-One Opportunities and more.To register: go to For more information, call 310-373-2173.

Tuesday, April 26

PV Peninsula Republican Women Federated

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Women’s Club Federated will meet at Palos Verdes

Golf Club. Meet and Greet at 10:30 a.m.; meeting at 11 a.m., followed by

lunch and our featured speaker. This month we are honored to have U.S. Senate

candidate, Tom Del Becccaro. Tom is running to fill the seat of Democrat,

Barbara Boxer. He will tell us about his campaign and strategy in this crucial

race for U. S. Senate. Cost of lunch is $30. Husbands and friends and significant

others are welcome. Reservations: Hildegarde Kurtz – 310-377-1640 or Kay Poss – 310-377-8319 of FK- or

Peninsula Seniors Special Tuesday Lecture

Steve Simon, grandson of Fanchon Simon (Wolf), theatrical pioneer and half

of the team of Fanchon & Marco will share a fascinating and entertaining

presentation. In 1929, Variety Magazine declared Fanchon & Marco, “The

most famous brother and sister producing team” and “The standard by which

stage shows are judged.” Their work included productions for Paramount,

Fox, MGM, and large scale national theatrical production tours and dance

companies through the 1920s and 1930s. His presentation will cover many

of the highlights of their work and history. Stars who worked with or got their

start with them include Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Dorothy Lamour,

Cyd Charisse, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rodgers, Will Rodgers, May West

and more.

Thursday April 28

Las Candalistas Spring Event

It’s that time of year again. Las Candalistas is working hard on their newest

Spring Event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Once again they will be at the beautiful

Catalina View Gardens in Rancho Palos Verdes. Theme is “A Word of Flavor”.

Chef Bernard Ibarra, Executive Chef at the Terranea Resort will be the featured

speaker. He will explore a world of spices. Guests can watch a demonstration

of authentic Nepali cuisine by Chef Pramila Dugel. Learn the latest secrets of

seafood preparation from fish master Rex Ito. There will be delicious and creative

offerings from the Las Candalistas Marketplace, boutique vendors, silent

auction, and the opportunity drawing where guests will have a chance to win

a trip for 2 to Costa Rica including lodging at the luxury boutique hotel and

spa El Mangroove. Las Candalistas will once again cater the gourmet luncheon.

All proceeds from this event will benefit their Philanthropies; TrinityKids

Care Hospice, Community’s Child, and Pediatric Therapy Network.To make

reservations online visit Pick up reserved tickets at

the entrance. For further information 310-798-7499.

Saturday, April 30

Ride to Fly Country Carnival

Ride to Fly, the local therapeutic riding center, will hold its annual fundraiser

at the Empty Saddle Club, 39 Empty Saddle Lane, 11-3 p.m. Children can

56 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016


while everyone can watch local equestrians compete in barrel racing competitions

.Non-stop country music presented by the Jay Hollister Band and delicious

food plus raffles and a silent auction will be available. Free admission

and parking. Nominal charge for food and some activities. Contact Sheri

Sprague 310- 544-9757;

Relay for Life

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society will

be held at the Rolling Hills Preparatory School on One Rolling Hills Prep Way,

San Pedro. The fun 6 hour event starts at 3 p.m and ends at 9 p.m. Survivors

walk the Opening Lap, and the emotional Luminaria Ceremony is at 8 p.m.

Entertainment, Silent Auction/Raffle, teams walking throughout and teams are

forming now. Any questions call Rosie at 310-541-2608.

YPPA Hosts First Annual Casino Night

Torrance Memorial’s Young Physicians and Professionals Alliance (YPPA) will

host its 1st annual casino night at 6:30 p.m It will take place at Knights of

Columbus Hall, Redondo Beach, where cocktails and BBQ dinner will be

served. Tickets are $50 for YPPA members and $95 for non-members. Proceeds

will support construction of Torrance Memorial’s new Pediatric and Neo-

Natal Intensive Care Unit. YPPA was established to bring together young

physicians and professionals in the South Bay to engage in dynamic social

gatherings to increase support for Torrance Memorial. Grab your best western

gear and RSVP by April 1 to Danielle at 310-517-4728 or

Sunday, May 1

Legends in Our Time

Four prominent Palos Verdes men have been named by the Affinity Group.

William Ailor, Donald Crocker, Robert Medawar and Richard Moe will be

honored at a special event from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion

in Rolling Hills Estates. Tickets to Legends in Our Time cost $110 per person.

Tickets are limited. Checks should be made payable to Affinity Group and

mailed to Joyce Kochanowski, Affinity Group Treasurer, 31022 Hawksmoor

Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. For more information about the event

call the Volunteer Center at 310-212-5009 and ask for William Welch.

Saturday, May 7

Peninsula Education Main Event Gala

The Peninsula Education Foundation’s (PEF) Main Event gala fundraiser will

be held at Terranea Resort. An SNL-inspired theme with a New York City night

club vibe is generating excitement for this year’s event. The evening includes

live and wine auctions, dinner, and of course lots of dancing. They’re shaking

it up with open seating so guests can mix and mingle, and a comedian as the

emcee for the evening to keep it fun. The highlight of the evening will be the

infamous live auction with packages including The Who concert with seating

for 12 in a Staples Center luxury suite, an exclusive family resort membership

to Terranea Resort, exotic vacation destinations including Costa Rica, Hawaii,

and a 10-day luxury African Safari from Micato, membership to the Portuguese

Bend Beach Club, jewelry from Medawar Fine Jewelers, chef dinners

and more. Main Event’s online auction,, runs

April 15- 25 and features over 400 items and services donated by generous

local businesses. Auction items are still being accepted for Main Event through

April 8. For more information on the Peninsula Education Foundation or the

Main Event, call 310.378.2278, visit or email PEN





MAKE UP ~ $50.00

BLOW OUTS ~ $60.00

A DOLL UP ~ $90.00





PH: 310.200.1606

March 2016Peninsula People 57

P E N I N S U L A P E O P L E | D I N I N G

Think again

Think Prime evokes memories

of its Tasman Sea past,

but with a well executed,

contemporary menu

by Richard Foss

Kaylyn McKinley with

Think Prime’s 32-ounce

tomahawk steak.

Photo by

Brad Jacobson


Sometimes architecture can provoke intense feelings of nostalgia, as when

you visit your childhood home, or that of a loved older relative. Perhaps you

have stopped in at your old school for the first time in decades, remembered

standing on your toes to reach a drinking fountain that is now at your hip.

I had a moment like that when I visited Think Prime on Western Avenue and

saw the three ornate chimneys. Memories came flooding back of donning a necktie

and being on my best behavior as my parents took us to a grown-up steakhouse.

I have vague memories of a glittering bar full of pretty bottles, a wide,

dark dining room and big dinners of steaks and Italian food.

The place was called the Tasman Sea then and when I entered Think Prime I

didn’t expect the nostalgia trip to continue. Surely in the intervening decades one

of the subsequent owners had gutted the place, opened it up and exposed the

beams, and done all the other things you’re supposed to do to attract the hip


They hadn’t. There had been some changes, but it was recognizably the same

mid-century architecture and the oddly shaped bottles behind the bar still reflected

colored light. The menu wasn’t quite as retro, though. Alongside the

steaks, chops, and cioppino were shrimp curry, seabass in chilli mango

sauce, and some other concessions to modernity.

My brother and I happened to be there on a Monday, when all items on

the long bar menu were half off and it was tempting to order a raft of appetizers

and call it a tapas evening. On the other hand, we were at a place

called Think Prime and the steaks on a nearby table looked darn good, so

we decided to order full meals and dine in classic style. A proper gin martini

seemed like a good place to start, followed by an order of calamari and

a Caesar salad.

Neither item was exactly traditional. The calamari had been fried with

jalapeno chips and served with a spicy Pomodoro sauce and though the

peppers had been de-seeded so that they were less virulent, they still

packed a kick. The tempura batter on the calamari wasn’t quite as crisp as

I like but I’d order this again and another martini to go with it in order to

enjoy the fresh coolness after each bite of jalapeno.

The Caesar salad was more conventional in flavor, but served in the modern

deconstructed style, the uncut leaves of romaine topped with parmesan

shavings, croutons, slices of tomato and (since we requested them) slices

of anchovy. I have never seen the point of serving a Caesar this way, since

the joy of eating this salad is the balance of flavors, and they are best when

thoroughly mixed. Making me cut the long leaves topped with the other

ingredients on a shallow plate and then mix them raises the likelihood that

some of it will end up on the tablecloth, floor or my pants. There were no

spills this time and it was a pretty good Caesar once it was mixed, though

I prefer slightly more assertive shots of garlic and pepper in the dressing.

For our mains we ordered a special of Copper River salmon in dill sauce,

a bone-in ribeye and greens beans almandine with onion and roasted garlic.

The terse menu did not adequately explain the preparation of these dishes

and we were glad that our server took the time to tell us about them.

The steak was a hefty portion of meat that had been mildly seasoned

and expertly cooked to the medium-rare we requested. (Given the number

of steaks that have been grilled here over more than half a century, the

building might be able to turn out a steak even if no humans were present.)

It went nicely with the green beans, which had been lightly sautéed in butter

and herbs. Our server Lauralee had let us know that we wouldn’t need

a starch or pasta and she was right. We ended up taking half the beans


The salmon was a substantial portion of excellent quality fish. They may

not still have the Copper River wild fish when you go because the season

is short, but if they do you should order it. It had been served over roasted

red potatoes with asparagus, all of which played nicely with the tangy dill


We paired our meals with a Cigarzin Zinfandel and a Penfolds Shiraz

from their wine list, which is of fair size and modestly priced. Some very

good wines are available by the glass and if we had a designated driver we

might have also investigated the Scotch and Cognac flights.

As we were finishing our main courses the chef came by to say hello. It

had been a quiet evening and he was interested in saying hello to his customers.

Paul Aghilipour is the brother of Think Prime’s original owner and

took over about six months ago, changing some of the recipes to reflect

the skills he learned growing up in France. We talked for a bit about the

history of the restaurant and the local dining scene and then asked his suggestions

for dessert. He excused himself from the table for a moment and

then came back and presented us with a slice of apple torte drizzled with

chocolate and strawberry, with fresh whipped cream and ice cream on the

side. It was a nice gesture and a lovely way to finish the meal.

As we left our table the singer and pianist performing old standards at

the piano bar were just packing up. We complimented him on his playing

and dropped a love offering in the tip jar. Our meal ran $157, of which

about $45 was wine and it had been a relaxed and delightful evening.

Think Prime has updated their menu just enough to be interesting to a

modern diner while retaining the classic elements that give this place character

and style. You can savor the sense of history even if it’s your first

time there.

THINK PRIME is at 29601 Western Avenue in Rancho Palos Verdes. Open

daily at 4:30 p.m., close 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Midnight Friday

and Saturday. Parking lot, wheelchair access good, corkage $20, full bar. Some

vegetarian items. Menu at, phone (310) 221-0415.


We reimburse UBER & LYFT up to $10

Join Us For


2325 Palos Verdes Drive West , Palos Verde Estates, CA (310) 750-6877


Join Us On

Easter Sunday!

For a Special



Complimentary Dinner

Buy 1 Dinner and 2 Drinks, Receive Free Dinner

Live Piano





(310) 378-0267

($17 Max Value. Dine in only. One per table. Not Valid with other offers or holidays. Expires 4/30/16)

Open for


Sunday Brunch

10am - 3pm

Including Filet Mignon Medallions,

Crab Caesar, Salmon Mediterranean,

Veal Scallopini and more!

Served with Soup or Salad

Tues - Sun 4pm - 6pm Only $14.95

$17 $17

320 Tejon Place Palos Verdes Estates (310) 378-0267


Dine & Enjoy Our Lunch & Dinner Specials!

58 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 59

CONCRETE - For the Drought-Conscious

] u


• Stamping

• Driveways

• Pool Decks

• Arificial Turf

• Patios

• Stonework

• Pavers

• Foundations


Casey Lindahl - Founder & President of Lindahl Concrete Construction, Inc.


Call for Showroom address

Call for estimate






1st Windows low prices, high quality

Find 24/7 convenience shopping at or visit the Signal Hill showroom.

1st Windows promises the best prices in the South Bay -- no games, no commissions

paid salespeople, no high-pressure sales. A volume, repeat-business dealer

since 1995, 1st Windows is known for its straightforward and efficient service as

well as its quality products, lines and workmanship.

1858 E. 20th Street, Signal Hill (562) 494-9069

Thinking About Remodeling Your Home?

When making major improvements to your home, there are many different aspects

that are taken into consideration. With the abundance of styles and trends, it can be

difficult to figure out what you like. That’s why our Design Center is the perfect place

to inspire your dreams with kitchen and bath displays, innovative tools and galleries

to help you create your vision. Visit the Design Center in El Segundo and you'll be

surrounded by the latest styles in kitchen, bath, and lighting design from the industry's

leading manufacturers. From appliances, to cabinets, to fixtures and more; inspiration

is around every corner. Call Custom Design & Construction today and Love Your

Home Again! License # 524561.

(310) 815-4815

Good Night Mattress

Good Night Mattress, a ten-time South Bay's Best winner for best mattress store, has

been specializing in high quality and value sleep products for 17 years. Good

Night focuses on customers' needs and sleep issues, while providing top-notch service

without commission-based and high pressure sales tactics. All of the sleep technologies

are represented, including latex, organic, innerspring, and foam, and includes

Simmons, Sealy, Aireloom, Berkeley Ergonomics and Tempurpedic. Good Night





also specializes in alternative sleep products like sofa sleepers, and adjustable beds.

2207 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach (310) 793-2600

28733 S. Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes (310) 832-9600

Pools, spas by Horusicky Construction

Beautiful swimming pools, creative spas and artistic masonry work projects of all

sizes, Horusicky Construction makes your ideas of a dream yard into a reality. Started

by Michael Horusicky and now run by son Mike Jr. and daughter Andrea, the family

has been in business for over 45 years and is known for its quality work. From complete

new pool and spa construction and remodels, to hardscape, decking, outdoor

kitchens, brick and stone projects of all sizes as well as the landscaping, Horusicky

Construction is the company that can take care of it all with the experience and expertise

you can trust. Log onto to see photo gallery and customer comments.

Call or email to schedule a free estimate.

(310) 544-9384

Kitchen Collection team creates timeless results

Jackie Balint, CKD has been designing in the kitchen and bath industry since 1981

and is the owner of The Kitchen Collection in the charming Riviera Village in Redondo

Beach. Jackie and her daughter Debra offer years of expertise in practical and personalized

kitchens and baths. They work with clients and contractors to create timeless

projects, utilizing quality products and providing personal attention from concept to

completion. Jackie and Debra have worked on projects throughout the states and

have had many of their projects published. The Kitchen Collection is a member of

the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the Bath & Kitchen Buying Group.

Jackie has served on the boards of both organizations.

241 Avenida del Norte, Redondo Beach (310) 540-4090

ON SALE March 4 - April 5

2207 Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach


28733 S. Western Ave., Rancho Palos Verdes


M-F 10-7pm / Sat 10-6pm / Sun 11-5pm

Beautifying homes in the South Bay since 1983!

Lindahl Concrete Inc. is the leading concrete and masonry company in the South

Bay. We value good relationships with our customers and producing high quality

work in every job we complete. View our work of driveways, pool decks, patios,

sidewalks, walkways, stairways, barbecues and more on our website. Set up an

appointment to visit our garden showroom to see samples of many types of colors

and finishes! We look forward to working with you! License #531387; Workman’s

Comp and General Liability insured.

(310) 326-6626

Mattucci Plumbing

At Mattucci Plumbing, the level of service you receive is a guarantee. For plumbing,

heating and cooling repairs and installations in the South Bay and Greater Los An-

Vinyl Windows

Replacement and New Construction





Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games

Show Room 562-494-9069

CONTRACTOR REFERRAL • Fax 562-494-2069

60 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

March 2016Peninsula People 61

Simply Tiles Design Center

Fine Ceramics, Natural Stone, Hardwoods, Cabinetry, Faucetry.

Kitchen & Bathrooms Specialist.

3968 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance • (310) 373-7781 •

License #904876


Custom Concrete & Masonry

• Pools, Spas, Fountains

and Waterfeatures

• Firepits and Fireplaces

• Outdoor Cook Centers

• Stone and Tile Patios





geles area you will be glad you came across Mattucci Plumbing. Our professional

technicians are all about making your services and equipment work as great as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Call today or book an appointment

online. Our professional team is available whenever you need them and a live person

will gladly assist you 24 hours a day. Call today for your free estimate.

(310) 543-2001

Paradise Pool & Spa puts the play in pool, spas

Paradise Pool and Spa owners Jason and Adam are LA County Health Certified; C-

53 (pool builder) licensed and nationally Certified Pool Operators. They offer regular

maintenance including cleaning, testing and balancing the chemistry and checking

the equipment. Paradise Pool also fixes and replaces equipment and makes structural

changes such as adding a water feature. They also remove calcium buildup on tiles.

Their goal is to take away the maintenance responsibility of your pool, spa or aquatic

feature so you can spend your time enjoying it.

2785 Pacific Coast Hwy, E809, Torrance (310) 370-2144

Peveler’s Custom Interiors

Peveler's Custom Interiors has been serving the South Bay and beyond for over 37

years. A full service design-build construction company, their scope of work includes

additions, second floors, complete house renovations, new construction, kitchen and

bath remodeling. They manufacture their own custom cabinetry. Fully insured, licensed

and bonded, as are all of their subcontractors, Peveler’s is not going to be the lowest

price nor will it be the highest price in town. They will be the company that provides

high value for your investment. Please visit their showroom.

4203 Spencer Street, Torrance (310) 214-5049

Quinn Pools

The philosophy of Quinn Pools has always been and always will be about integrity

and quality with an edge for creativity in high-end residential, difficult sites and technical

applications. Brothers John and Jim Quinn originally worked with their father as

swimming pool plumbers and repairmen in the Palos Verdes area. Individually, the

Quinn brothers have been in the business since 1974. For personal and professional

services, call J Quinn Construction for all your pool, spa, fountain, water feature or

pond construction needs. They are always as excited about your project as you are.

(310) 325-6790





Pete Fer Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Pete Fer Plumbing is a complete mechanical contracting company, providing plumbing,

heating and air conditioning for new construction, remodel, service and repair

to commercial and residential customers. They provide 24 hour service, seven days

a week through an automated emergency dispatch paging system. Mention Peninsula

People to their service technicians and receive $20 off your first service call.

(310) 831-0737

Simply Tiles Design Center brings dreams home

Visit Simply Tiles’ showroom for a gathering of fine ceramic, natural stone tiles and

slabs. Simply Tiles also offers expert design, fabrication and installation. Let Simply

Tiles help your dream home become a reality. Enjoy the ease and comfort of one

stop shopping. Visit the new design showroom for all your remodeling and contracting

needs. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom design and construction from start

to finish. Featuring custom cabinets and plumbing fixtures for every budget and suggestions

and recommendations on flooring to match. And before you finish, ask

about custom backsplash designs from their exclusive collections. License #904876.

3968 Pac Coast Hwy, Torrance (310) 373-7781

South Coast Botanic Garden

Covering 87 acres, the South Coast Botanic Garden offers a wide variety of blooming

trees, shrubs, and flowers all year. Visit the Garden often and you won’t miss

out! Right now the garden has transitioned from the spring bloom time into early summer,

and everywhere you look is color. The flowering fruit trees look spectacular, but

they won’t last long. Open daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (last ticket sale at 4:30 p.m.

26300 Crenshaw Boulevard, Palos Verdes Peninsula (310) 544-1948 b


Plumbing • Heating • Cooling

Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42 C-20 A


$ 9 8 0

Residential Water Heater

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)

Includes hot & cold water supply lines

Expires April 30, 2016

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503

(310)214-5049 •

Appointment Recommended

Showroom Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-5

Closed Saturday and Sunday

License #381992

$ 7 5

Rooter Service - Main Line

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.

Expires April 30, 2016

Thank You

For Your


D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E

• Serving the South

Bay for over 35 years

• Full Service Contractor

• Complete Installation

• New Construction

• Remodeling

• Second Floors

• Additions

• Cabinets

Visit Our

Kitchen &




• Interlocking Pavers

• Retaining Walls

• Driveways

(310) 325-6790

License B, C-8, C-53 #775677

62 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m







M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1




March 2016Peninsula People 63

Classifieds Your Local Expert Community 424-269-2830



Concrete & Masonry

Residential & Commercial


Lic. #935981 C8 C29


Call us to Discuss the



Hillside Specialist

Foundation Repair Experts

Grading & Drainage

Retaining Walls,

Fences & Decks


Lic. #906371









Room Additions

New Construction


your space in

the next

Call direct 424-269-2830

Pub Date: April 30

Deadline: April 15


Your Ad Here

62,000 Readers



Charles Clarke

Local Owner/General Contractor

Ph: (310) 791-4150

Cell: (310) 293-9796

Fax (310) 791-0452

“Since 1990” Lic. No. 810499







• Residential


• Remodel Specialist

Scott K. Lynch

P.V. Native

Licensed & Insured



Office & Fax


Lic 701001











Fix It Right the

First Time

We like small jobs

/ Free estimates

What we do…

Plumbing, Electrical,

Drywall, Painting

& more.

Valente Marin





Vocal Technician

Piano Teacher


Jeannine McDaniel

Rancho Palos Verdes

20 year experience

All Ages






Quality Workmanship

Interior • Exterior

• Pressure Washing

• Decks

Free Estimates


Lic #614749









Lic. #770059

C-36 C-20 A


Patch Master


Patch Plastering

Interior • Exterior

• Venetian Plastering

• Ceiling Removal

• Drywall Work

• Acoustic

Ceiling Removal

• Water & Fire Restoration


Lic. # 687076 • C35-B1


Thank You South Bay for

50 Years of Patronage!

Residential • Commercial • Industrial

Plumbing 24/7 • Heating

Air Conditioning

800-354-2705 • 310-831-0737


Tile Reroof and

repair specialist


Family owned

business since 1978

Lic 831351




Licensed & Insured



New Construction

& Remodeling

Excellent References

Horusicky Construction


Credit cards accepted

Lic #309844, Bonded, Insured


Your Ad Here

62,000 Readers


Simply Tiles Design Center

Fine Ceramics, Natural Stone, Hardwoods, Cabinetry, Faucetry.

Kitchen & Bathrooms Specialist.

3968 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance • (310) 373-7781 •

License #904876

64 Peninsula PeopleMarch 2016

A & J Plumbing

St. Lic. #889571 Bonded & Insured

Clogged Drain?

Sewer Backup?

Need a Hydro-Jetter?

Water Heater?

Gas Leak?

Faucet Leak?

• Fully Stocked Truck

• Clean Professional Technicians

• Family Owned & Operated

• Copper Repipes

• Faucet

• Garbage Disposal

• Trenchless Sewer


• Tree Root Removal

• Sewer & Drain Cleaning


35 off

any service

A & J Plumbing


Must present coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. No Exp.



any drain, any time

A & J Plumbing


Must present coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. No Exp.


sewer camera inspection

with any drain service

A & J Plumbing


Must present coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. No Exp.

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