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FALL 2016

Distributor's Link Magazine Fall Issue 2016 / Vol 39 No4


92 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BEACON FASTENERS AND COMPONENTS 198 West Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090 TEL 1-800-669-2658 FAX 847-541-1789 EMAIL WEB BUY FROM BEACON: GOING BEYOND OUR CORE PRODUCTS At Beacon Fasteners and Components our advertising gives you a glimpse of our fun and spirited nature, but our reputation is built on quality processes. When it comes to high performance screws we are the experts with the largest inventory in North America! Beacon is your primary source for Thread Forming, DIN 7500 Metric Thread Forming, Thread Cutting, SEMS and High- Low Tapping, plus complementary sizes of Sheet Metal Tapping Screws. Instead of offering you pre-determined box quantities that are either too small or too large, we supply high-quality fasteners in the exact quantities you want so you can keep your inventory turning. Meanwhile, You May Not Know… Beacon Fasteners and Components is more than just your primary source for stock performance screws as our capabilities go well beyond the core products we offer in our catalog. We also focus on the components side of our business and are a leading supplier of quality cold headed non-standard and per print specials that can be found in many OEM applications. We specialize in meeting your fastener requirements from #2 through 1/2” diameter and up to 5” in length and can supply a variety of head styles, recesses, point styles, and drive systems. In addition to complete dimensional inspections, every case hardened lot is tested in Beacon’s in-house quality lab for compliance according to the four critical ASME specifications: Drive, Ductility, Torsional Strength, and Hydrogen Embrittlement. Because of Beacon’s relentless pursuit of quality improvement and assurance, our customers can feel confident that every part will perform as designed. We can also set up a stock and release program that is easy and flexible or deliver parts in one shipment. Have a PPAP requirement? Beacon can supply a comprehensive PPAP for any production part per the AIAG or we can customize to meet your specific requirements. We only work with select pre-approved suppliers that share our same goals and visions. PPAP copies can be provided electronically and we maintain original copies for a minimum of three years. If you do not see a part listed on our website, it does not mean we can’t supply it. Let Beacon be your source for specialty cold headed fasteners. Contact your Beacon representative today to learn more about how we can supply your non-standard and per print specials! BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 124