23 June 2016



Thursday June 23, 2016

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Creative talent

DADDY’S GIRL: Little Carli from aunty Penny’s class at PAHS Pre-Primary gave dad, Ryan

Owsley a big kiss after finishing art together


Good news

for EC rhinos

Cops nab alleged poachers

suspected of nationwide attacks



OUTH African

Police Services

officers have

made what they

regard as a major

breakthrough in the

fight against rhino

poachers in the

Eastern Cape by

arresting three men

alleged to have been

responsible for the

killing of rhinos in the

Eastern Cape,

Mpumalanga and

K wa Z u l u - N at a l .

In the early morning

of Saturday June 18,

Iain Stuart, general

manager of the familyowned


Private Game Reserve,

found the body of the

reser ve’s resident

white rhino bull,

Campbell, who had

been poached

sometime during

Friday evening.

“Campbell was a

magnificent animal

with a beautiful

temperament, to see

him lying there,

motionless, lifeless

with his face

destroyed, was gutwrenching,”

w r ot e

Stuart on the reserve’s

Facebook page.

“My heart was

instantly broken,

shattered into a

thousand pieces. I

thought I knew what

sadness felt like but

the sight of this gentle

giant lying there with

his horn removed in a

pool of blood was like

nothing I had ever felt

before. The sight of

Campbell lying slain on

the ground, the motive

being pure greed,

broke me.”

In an operation

code-named “Full

Moon”, SAPS officers

pounced on a chalet in

Makana Street,

Grahamstown, and

arrested three men in

connection with

poaching at Bucklands,

as well as several

other poaching attacks

elsewhere in South


The three suspects,

two Zimbabwe

nationals and one

South African,

appeared briefly in the

G r a h a m st o w n

Magist rate’s Court on

M o n d ay.

The three have been

remanded in custody

and were due to

appear again yesterday

for a formal bail

a p p l i c at i o n .

The items recovered

during the arrests were

listed as one 72cm

rhino horn, which had

been freshly harvested,

estimated at

a p p r o x i m at e l y

R1.2-million; one

darting rifle; saws and

knives; drugs used to

dart animals; various

darts and percussion

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June 23, 2016

Arrests of poachers praised

but won’t bring ‘big guy’ back

From page 1

caps; a variety of camping gear

and rations; several cellphones;

and two rental vehicles which

were rented by the suspects.

All items were seized and will

be used as evidence.

The suspects have been

identified as the group linked to

the killing of Campbell.

It is suspected that the

rhino was darted using the

equipment and items that

were found by operation

Full Moon.

Acting Eastern Cape

Provincial Commissioner,

Major General Zamuthango

Mki thanked all the

members and officials

deployed at the operation.

“Operation Full Moon is aimed

at curbing rhino poaching

activities in a structured and

co-ordinated manner.

“This is a major breakthrough

for the police in the province. The

arrests must send a message that

SAPS members in the rural areas

are as vigilant [as anywhere

else]”, Major General Mki said.

However, back at Bucklands, the

misery of having lost their iconic

rhino has caused a great deal of

sadness among both the

management, rangers and the

general public.

“It is difficult to feel positive at

this point although I’m glad they

have been caught,” Stuart said.

“I hope our justice system will

not let us down. I’m also hopeful

that it will mean something

to other reserves that have

been hit as well, and help


“I am grateful for the

breakthrough although it

won’t bring our rhino back.

Those of you who had

encountered Campbell on game

drives, while on a guided walk or

observing him from the lodge,

knew what a special character he

wa s .

“Campbell was, without a doubt,

a true member of our family. Rest

safely, big guy.”

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Residents win case

Court orders Ndlambe to fix dump and maintain

sewage tank, while Dumezweni found in contempt


NDLAMBE municipal

manager Rolly Dumezweni

has been found guilty of

contempt of court for failing

to heed a high court order

from 2009, compelling the

municipality to rectify an

overflowing sewage

conservancy tank in Marselle

to prevent raw sewage from

polluting the Bushman’s

R i v e r.

In a judgment handed

down by Judge Murray Lowe

last week, the Grahamstown

High Court also found the

municipality had “breached

its constitutional and

statutory obligations in

respect of refuse removal,

refuse dumps and solid

waste disposal” at the

Marselle/Bushman’s River

dumpsite, and failed to take

timeous steps to

decommission the site and

find an alternative

appropriate site.

Dumezweni escaped with a

warning, but the court placed

a more severe burden on the

municipality to attend to the


Lowe described the case as

“a sad tale of frustration and

anxiety on the part of the

residents of Kenton-on- Sea

and Bushman’s River”.

“It raises issues relevant to

the local residents’

entitlement to basic essential

municipal services and the

maintenance thereof to a

reasonable standard,

particularly relating to

sewage reticulation, sewage

works and an adequate and

functioning refuse removal

system and waste dumpsite,

properly maintained in

accordance with regulatory

st a n d a r d s , ” Lowe said.

The case was brought by

the Kenton-on-Sea

R at e p ay e r s ’ A s s o c i at i o n

(Kosra), Nature’s Landing

Homeowners’ A s s o c i at i o n

and Bushman’s Kariega

Estuary Care in October 2014

and only heard last month

after several postponements.

By the time Kosra and its

co-applicants brought the

suit, the municipality had

installed a pump station at

the conservancy tank, but the

pump was not operational as

there was no electricity


During this time, sewage

had been observed

overflowing from the

conservancy tank and into

the Bushman’s River estuary

on numerous occasions.

In answering affidavits,

Dumezweni denied any

contempt of court, and said

he had no direct knowledge

of the circumstances of the

giving of the order in 2009,

and that he was appointed

municipal manager in

September 2009 in an acting

capacity and later

p e r m a n e n t l y.

The municipality conceded

there may have been sewage

spills, but that it had done its

best to empty the tank with

vacuum tankers and had not

acted mala fide (in bad faith).

Lowe, however, said his

“distinct impression” wa s

that Dumezweni and other

municipal officials were “less

than diligent in seeking to

comply with the order”.

He found Dumezweni’s

explanations inadequate and

said the municipality’s failure

to come up with a permanent

solution “has been

demonstrated beyond

reasonable doubt to have

been ... wilfull and mala


Lowe accepted that the

municipality had eventually

remedied the conservancy

tank and pump station, but

said the municipality and

Dumezweni “were in

contempt of court for a

considerable period”.

He said Dumezweni

escaped with a warning due

only to the passing of time. In

their arguments about the

dump, Kosra and its

co-applicants stepped back

from the suggestion that the

municipality was deliberately

burning rubbish, conceding

that this was a “spontaneous

combustion problem” due to

overloading at the site and

improper waste management,

including the failure to cover

refuse with sand from time to


A decommissioning license

for the dumpsite was granted

in March last year.

Kosra argued that pending

its closure and rehabilitation,

the dumpsite should not be

utilised at all.

Lowe granted a structural/

supervisory interdict ordering

the municipality and

Dumezweni to report to the

court no later than July 14 on

what steps would be taken

for maintenance of the Rivers

Bend pump station and the

Marselle/Bushman’s River

dumpsite; and compelling the

municipality to take all

reasonable steps to prevent

the burning of rubbish at the

dumpsite, ensure waste is

confined and collect

windblown refuse in a 1.5km


He ordered that the

municipality and Dumezweni

be jointly and severally liable

for the contempt application.

The municipality was ordered

to pay the other costs.

























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Talk of the Town 3


THE on-going danger of cattle

roaming freely on Ndlambe’s

major roads is a factor

residents and visitors have

had to deal with for years.

But Michael Konatha of

Kenton-on-Sea recently had

cause for even greater concern

when the animals invaded his

property and nearly killed his

10-year-old daughter.

Poachers plague farm


BLOOD and guts

poured from the back

of Rob Greyling’s

bakkie at Green

Fountain Farm on

Monday morning from

the carcasses of

several dead animals

he recovered after a

syndicate of youths

fled the scene while

attempting to kill a

bush pig.

The youths and their

dogs quickly

scarpered when

Greyling witnessed the

savage act, whereby

they abandoned the

attack on the bush pig

which they had

trapped at a watering


On reaching the

scene, Greyling found

two backpacks and a

separate plastic bag

filled with butchered

meat from bushbuck

and duiker that

belonged to Green

Fountain Farm.

A visibly distressed

Greyling said that

poachers had invaded

his farm at Green

Fountain many times

in the past and, on a

previous occasion, an

ostrich was killed.

“The youths

responsible for the

slaughter are usually a

gang of two or three

with up to 15 dogs

with them,” Greyling

said. “I caught them

trapping a bush pig,

and when they saw

me they ran, leaving

the bags with the

animal meat lying on

the ground.”

E-mail your view to


Chaos-causing cattle almost kill child

At about 1pm on Friday last

week, a large untethered ox

entered Konatha’s property

and leant against the wall of

his house, pinning Konatha’s

daughter under its weight.

“Fortunately, she was saved

by a neighbour,” Konatha said.

“I was asleep at the time but,

HORRIFIC END: The booty collected from a group of young poachers at Green

Fountain Farm. The backpacks have carcasses of four bushbuck and a

duiker. The plastic bag holds livers of eight animals. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Greyling believes he

has lost perhaps six or

more animals in this

one attack alone.

“I reported the case

to the police, but they

probably won’t even

follow-up. Poaching is

rife in this area, so I

don’t expect much

assistance from

them,” he said.

Greyling said the

meat from the animals

was not for personal

consumption but is

rather sold to the

communities as game

m e at .

“It seems that these

poachers [Greyling

estimates they are

between the ages of

18 and 30] are only

part of the problem.

“The people who buy

the meat from them

are also to blame for

supporting this illegal

industr y,” he said.

“The youths bring

around 15 dogs with

them. They get

through the game

fencing surround the

farm and then allow

the dogs to bring

down any large


Greyling described

the method of

poaching involved

on hearing the noise outside, I

got up and opened my back

door. There were about 10

cows all on my property,

destroying fences and garden.”

Konatha said that this must

stop, “before a child is

seriously injured or even

killed”. Free-ranging cattle

dogs chasing,

catching and then

tearing the flesh from

the unfortunate animal

as it attempts to

escape. He said it was

a “horrific way to die”.

within the Ekuphumleni

Township, as well as others in

the Nldambe area, have been

responsible for several traffic

accidents in the past.

Konatha believes the

municipality lacks the political

will to impound animals.

Recently cows have been

“Everyone gets

upset when a rhino is

poached, but they

miss the fact that it all

begins here, with the

youth and their dogs

illegally hunting buck

and other animals. We

need to get the

members of the

communities who

purchase meat from

the poachers to stop

buying it,” he said.

Greyling estimated

that the meat was sold

for around R10/kg,

whereas the value of

the animals are

between R5000 to

R20 000 each.

Port Alfred SAPS

was contacted for any

further information but

no reply had been

received by the time of

going to press.

seen walking along Albany

Road with no markings,

making it virtually impossible

to identify ownership.

Non-branded cattle are

supposed to be taken to the

animal pound in Alexandria

but, since this facility has

been closed for some time,

and with the lack of municipal

vehicles available to transport

the cattle, this issue is unlikely

to be resolved in the near


TotT contacted the

municipality, whose job it is to

clear the area of stray cattle,

to establish what its plan is to

ensure the safety of road users

and residents, but had

received no answers by the

time of going to press.

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June 23, 2016

Protest over alleged corruption

ANC members level accusations against SAPS

WAVE OF YELLOW: The bright yellow T-shirts of more than 100 ANC party members descended on the Port Alfred police

station and the municipal offices on Tuesday lunch time in protest of what they consider some serious demands

regarding corruption in the SAPS



THE ANC Ndlambe sub-region

marched on the Port Alfred SAPS

offices on Tuesday lunchtime to

hand over a petition in which they

demanded that action be taken

against officers who they allege

flagrantly work outside the law.

Specifically, the petition, signed

by Ntombekhaya Mgangatho, the

deputy convenor of the

sub-district, demanded action to

some of the most pressing

problems being experienced in

town, particularly in the Nemato

To w n s h i p .

The demands, handed to

Colonel Nosipho Nodwala,

included issues such as demands

that police arrest the organisers of

illegal marches, that the police

arrest drug dealers in the society

and make sure they are not given

bail, and that police address the

slow response to calls from the

communit y.

The petition went on to demand

changes to ill-disciplined police

officers who drink in uniform and

use state vehicles for private

business. The petition goes

further in stating that police do

not investigate cases due to their

relationships with suspects.

Demands were also made to

arrest women, child-abusers and

murderers without bail.

The petition also stated that

offers driving recklessly in the

townships should be disciplined

and that state vehicles should not

be parked for long periods outside

private residences but should

rather be on patrol.

The petition concludes by

stating, “When we come here

again we will make sure we bring

the proof of these officials on

camera, and those delaying the

progress of cases due to their

unholy relationships.”

SAPS was given seven days to

address the issues.

Kenton Rotary celebrates double induction


LAST Saturday evening

the red carpet was

rolled out to welcome

the friends, family and

fellowship of local and

far-away ser vice

organisations at the

annual Kenton Rotary

induction dinner.

The glamorous

evening welcomed and

honoured Kenton local

Tony Swift as the new

president and a n ot h e r

local, Bruce

Steele-Gray, as the new

DG (district governor).

The outgoing

president and DG were

celebrated and

awarded and in turn

welcomed the newbies.

The Rotary 9370

district which Steele-

Gray governs ranges

between Jeffreys B ay,

Mtubatuba, Klerksdorp

and Bloemfontein and

it was deemed an

honour to have both

him and Swift in the

same town.

Swift was induced as

the eighth president for

Kenton Rotary which

as a club has grown

from strength to

strength, not only in

members but in

ser vice.

Rotarian Peter Reed

gave credit as an

excellent master of

ceremonies welcoming

all including the more

than 60 visitors from

different clubs and


Before the delicious

butternut soup starter,

Kenton’s Reverend

Glen Craig said grace

and blessed the meal

and the event.


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& fast. We also do

typing, ring binding,

faxes & emails.

Cnr Campbell & West Street Tel/Fax: 046 624 2373

Reed in turn took

over the proceedings

and honoured Jo

Wilmot and Barrie

Brown each with

awards for attendance

and dedication to

ser vice.

He also thanked his

board for all their

support and

achievements of

projects throughout his


“You have all been

most innovative and

active and together

you have undertaken

numerous very

successful projects.”

He reflected back to

projects such as the

library project, teacher

workshops, Marselle

vegetable project,

Middle Beach pathway,

tree of joy, SPCA

support and the

garden beautification


Reed pledged his

support to S t e e l e - G r ay

and c o n g r at u l at e d

Swift and outgoing DG

Tom McGhee.

To conclude, he

quoted Winston

Churchill: “We make a

living by what we get,

but we make a life by

what we give.”

Swift said he

counted it a privilege

that club had the

confidence in him to

vote him as president.

“Thank you, and I

can assure you we will

do our utmost to

ensure this special

club grows into the

future and continues to

be a happy and active


Swift revealed that

the theme for this year

is Rotary serving

humanit y.

“We trust that as the

year unfolds we will

certainly not be

standing still and that

the support of all

Rotarians and their

partners, working

together, will be what

SA NEW ERA: Kenton Town Hall held a glitz and

glamour evening fit for the stars last weekend

as Kenton Rotary held their annual induction

dinner, left, Mike Peter hands over the reins as

president to Tony Swift Picture: LOUISE CARTER

keeps this club

successful,” he said.

The new DG

dedicated his year to

the memory of g r e at

rotary friend and

mentor Dave Slater

who, together with

Roger Carthew, was

instrumental in the

formation of the club.

“Suffice to say I am

truly grateful to all of

you who have travelled

from as far as Harare,

Durban, Klerksdorp,

Stutterheim, Port

Elizabeth and Port

Alfred,” said

S t e e l e - G r ay.

“It’s my duty and my

pleasure to thank our

outgoing DG Tom for

his total commitment

to serving the district

this past Rotary,” he


After sharing some

of the forthcoming

goals for Rotary this

year, S t e e l e - G r ay

honoured McGhee with

a sapphire pin to his

Paul Harris as well as

Gussie Augustus with a

sapphire to his Paul


The awards were

announced as t o ke n s

of gratitude for their

work and tireless

contributions to the


“I am prouder than

ever to be part of this

great organisation, one

that makes the world

not poorer, but richer,”

Steele-Grey said.

The Kenton Rotary

board for the year

ahead is: Peter Reed as

president elect, Barrie

Brown as secretary,

Steve Tredoux as

treasurer, Mike Wilmot

on service projects,

Sandi Peter on the

youth board, Tom

McGhee on foundation,

Val Hill on club admin,

Pippa Steele-Gray on

public image and Mike

Bailey on membership.

Guests enjoyed

chicken and roast lamb

served with roast

potatoes and vegetable

for dinner and red

velvet cake for dessert.

Communit y

Po l i c i n g

Fo r u m


Road issues

ISSUES regarding the Main Street/Biscay

Road intersection were discussed

extensively at the CPF meeting, held at the

Port Alfred SAPS offices on Tuesday.

The members of the committee

expressed concerns that the intersection

was not planned well enough, and that

large trucks delivering goods to the

Nemato SPAR and Kentucky Fried Chicken

were forced to turn in Biscay Road or

continue down Biscay Road and turn

around at West Street.

Municipal traffic chief Fred Cannon

listened to the concerns of the members

and suggested the CPF call a meeting with

the municipality to air their grievances and

come up with a reasonable alternative.

B r e a k- i n s

There has been an increase in the

number of break-ins at homes throughout

the Port Alfred sectors, but particularly on

the West Bank.

The beachfront was also mentioned as an

area of concern with respect to break-ins.

It was mentioned that burglars seemed

to be using more sophistication when

breaking into homes, and it was pointed

out that many break-ins occurred when

residents failed to arm their alarm systems.

Police focus

Sergeant Sindy Pienaar said that, due to

the number of break-ins around the golf

course, special focus would be given to

areas around Dickinson and Lambert Roads

as well as George Street.

There would also be special attention

paid to the industrial area.

Mike Millard of MultiSecurity said that

residents were making far more calls to his

offices to report suspicious behaviour.

“This is a good thing,” he said, “as it

means the community is being more

vigilant in preventing crime.”

Heritage Mall

It was reported that the 24-hour video

surveillance system at the mall was not

operational. The cameras within stores are

still working, but the main mall cameras

used to survey the mall itself, including the

car park, were defunct.

This was of particular concern to the

members as they are aware of the threat to

shopping malls throughout South Africa.

They decided to speak to the new mall


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Talk of the Town 5


it is important for



Unfortunately I can’t, I

don’t have an ID book

but my family will vote.

Without the municipality

we won’t have houses

and running water.



will, without a doubt.

First of all we need this

government out; they

are not serving anyone

but themselves. We

need change.

... vox pops on the street

Will you be voting in the upcoming municipal election August 3?


Definitely, especially

now. I wish we could

implement a proper

democracy that is not

so riddled with



absolutely, now more

than ever, every vote

counts and I’m voting

for change.


I will be voting, I’m

trying to affect some


Great competition for coffee connoisseurs


“FRESH coffee rocks,” said Alan

Hawkins, founder of the East

London Coffee Company.

Hawkins said fresh coffee is far

better than instant coffee.

He said it is just like baking

bread at home compared to buying

it from the shops – the one you

bake is always nicer.

After years of having nothing

better available and tolerating stale

coffee, he is now able to take his

own freshly roasted beans and

grind these a few seconds before

use in East London.

With the benefit of easy

shipping, East London Coffee

Company can deliver coffee

anywhere in South Africa.

The company also has two coffee

shops, one situated inside Body

SAPS work sees success

in three child rape cases

One man jailed, second arrested for two cases

THE arrest of a 43-

year-old man for

allegedly raping two

minor children and the

imprisonment of

another man, aged 21,

for 15 years for the

rape of a four-year-old

girl are just some of

the successes attained

by Port Alfred cluster

police in recent days.

The 43-year-old

suspect was arrested

late last week and

appeared in the


Magist rate’s Court this

morning on rape

charges involving two

girls, one aged six and

the other nine years


It is alleged the

suspect, who cannot

be named because he

has not yet pleaded to

the charges, raped the

two girls in a shack on

a farm in the

Alexandria area about

two weeks ago.

The incident was

discovered at the girls’

school during an

e d u c at i o n a l

programme to

c o m m e m o r at e

National Child

Protection Week.

It is alleged that one

of the victims

COFFEE TIME: The Go! & Express and

The East London Coffee Company

(owned by Alan Hawkins, pictured)

are giving away great weekly prizes


Culture Gym at The Hub in Beacon

Bay and the other one is in Orange


“When it [freshly ground coffee]

is available, freshly roasted coffee

should be the first choice of coffee

lovers” he said. Freshly roasted

informed a teacher

who, in turn, reported

the alleged rape to a

social worker who had

attended the event at

the school.

The social worker

then alerted the police

and an Alexandria

SAPS member visited

the school and took

statements from the


Sergeant Mlulami

Mafani of the Port

Alfred Family Violence,

Child Protection and

Sexual Offences (FCS)

unit later arrested the

suspect, who was then

charged with two



Tel/Fax. (046) 624 4957 Cell: 083 360 6949



Burglar Bars

Diamond Mesh Fencing

Intercom & Remote Control System

Pool Fencing & Gates

Security Gates

Trailer Building & Repairs

Wall Spikes


Hilladam Sliding Door Gear

Fancy Decorates

Centurion Gate Motors

We also offer a

galvanising and

powder coating service

artisan coffee will usually have a

far superior taste to coffee that has

been shipped around the world for

weeks or months.

“Coffee is a foodstuff, and the

degradation over time is quite

noticeable in the flavour,” said

Hawkins. He says when he

prepares coffee he doesn’t only

want you to buy a cup of coffee but

to be a coffee friend for years to


“My name is on that bag so I

must ensure it’s perfect. I know

once you have tasted it, you will

come back again and again and


Hawkins does not claim to be an

expert but is very fortunate to

enjoy the guidance and feedback

from the many experts who are

assisting him, from the selection of

the world’s best beans through to

counts of rape. His

brief court appearance

on Monday saw the

case postponed to

June 28 for a formal

bail application.

He was remanded in

custody until that

d at e .

Meanwhile, a

21-year-old man was

last week sentenced

to 15 years’

imprisonment in the

Grahamstown High

Court for the rape of a

four-year-old Nemato,

Port Alfred girl.

Khayalethu Qwayiza

was convicted of

raping the girl in her

family home in June


The girl’s mother

identified Qwayiza

after she chased him

as he tried to flee.

“With National Child

Protection Week

c o m m e m o r at e d

roast profiling and expert blending.

“Like any drink, it’s really the

flavour that makes coffee what it

is,” he said, adding that flavour

starts deteriorating within 24 hours

from the roasting process.

To enter simply answer the

following question: Who is the

master coffee blender at East

London’s Coffee Co? Hand in your

answer at the Talk of the Town

offices before Tuesday of the

following week.

All the weekly lucky prize

winners from all three of the Times

Media Community Newspaper

titles including Talk of the Town will

receive automatic entry into the

grand prize draw to win either a

350ml or 800ml coffee plunger

plus more coffee.

Winners’ names will be posted

on the applicable Facebook pages.

countrywide recently

and the world having

marked International

Children’s Day on

June 1, the positive

results send a

message that Port

Alfred cluster police

are serious about

ensuring the safety

and well-being of all

children,” SAPS

communication officer

Lieutenant Luvuyo

Mjeluka said.

Picture perfect

GET out your cameras and join in the ES

Young/Talk of the Town Photographic

Competition, with a grand prize of R1000 for

the winner and R500 for runner up.

Talk of the Town is making the competition

more interesting this year. The 12 best photos

submitted will become part of a one-of-a kind

collector’s 2017 calendar.

The calendar will include the best Ndlambe

depictions, working as a unique pictorial gift

and showcase of our home.

“The competition is in memory of one of

the most beloved men I have ever known,

Eaden Stanley Young,” said his widow, Bev

Yo u n g .

Eligible photographs will be ones of local,

original or scenic subjects – local interest

photographs including ones of h i st o r i c a l

structures or scenic views. Please

do not submit social photos of

people or animals unless they

are an integral part of the

picture. The silhouette of two

people walking on a beach at

sunset is acceptable, while a photograph of

two people on a beach is not.

Local means Alexandria to the Fish River,

and beyond Bathurst to Grahamstown.

Photographs must be at least 1MB in size

(hi-res) and must be sent by e-mail to

mcharter@timesmedia.co.za or delivered on a

flash-drive to the TotT offices by close of

business on the Friday before publication.

Photographs must be accompanied by the

p h ot o g r a p h e r ’s name and contact details as

well as a caption or explanation of where and

when the photograph was taken and a title.

Photographs must be sent in the original

format, unaltered.

The best photograph for the week will be

judged by Talk of the Town and it will appear

in the following edition of the paper. It will

also be published on the TotT Facebook page.

The competition starts this week, and is

open to all casual, social or even professional

photographers. The competition will be open

for submissions until the end of August when

the final winner will be announced.

3 3 2

Sole Mandate

Port Alfred

4 3 2

Port Alfred

3 1 1

West Bank Bargain!


50 Masonic Street, Port Alfred.

Tel 046 624 5607

Shop 23 (Opp Woolworths), Rosehill Mall

Tel: 046 624 8710



6 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

June 23, 2016





IT is great news that the police have managed

to apprehend and incarcerate three

suspects in connection with rhino poaching

in our area, as well as other outstanding

cases in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

Officers swept through a Grahamstown

home and recovered many items used in the

poaching of rhino. Two Zimbabweans and a

South African were arrested and are linked

to the killing of Campbell, a large bull on

the Bucklands Private Game Reserve.

At the PAWS mountain bike and trails

challenge, held at Kenton-on-Sea two

weekends ago, conservation of all our

animal species was a focal point.

James Williams of the Wild Dogs MTB

Club in East London spoke about the plight

of the African wild dogs, how their numbers

had been decimated and how his club

wanted to draw attention to the problem.

And then, on Monday morning, we

received a call from Rob Greyling at Green

Fountain Farm who informed us a group of

poachers had killed many of his animals.

We immediately drove to the farm where a

gruesome sight awaited us.

Packed into two rucksacks were the

remains of at least half a dozen animals:

duiker and bush buck. Ostensibly the

poachers are hunting for food, but it is not

a lack of sustenance that drives them, but

rather greed for money.

As Greyling said, “They are not hunting to

feed their families, they are taking animals

to sell the meat. Why would they have to

work for a living when they can break in to

private farms and steal the animals?”

I asked: “Why are the heads of a bush

buck and a duiker with the rucksacks?”

“That is so the customers are assured of

what meat they are buying,” he answered.

So, who is really to blame here? Is it the

poachers or is it the customers who buy the

meat knowing it is stolen? Anyone

knowingly purchasing stolen property is as

guilty as the thief who stole it.

And, there is also a problem with the lack

of municipal management and enforcement

of our own bylaws. The municipal office

seems more gung-ho about fining people

for not having their dogs on leads than in

fining people for having more than two

dogs on their property.

But these poachers use dogs to hunt

down the animals, biting into the terrified

animal’s flesh and downing it in order for

the poachers to have an easier time in

slaughtering the animal.

If you drive through the Nemato Township

you can pass 20 or more stray dogs just on

Runeli Drive alone.

Poaching farm animals seems to be a

pastime in the area, and much more has to

be done by the police and the municipality

to curb this trend.

However, nothing will probably be done

about the poachers, and it is far easier to

steal another person’s property than to put

in the hard work to earn a living legally.










Tide Guide

Kind courtesy-SA Navy


0512 1740

0552 1821

0636 1909

0725 2004

0824 2112

0937 2228

1101 2342

1221 –


1122 2343

1159 –

0027 1241

0117 1328

0216 1426

0328 1543

0451 1713

0608 1831


Letters to PO Box 2871, Port Alfred - or e-mail to houzetj@timesmedia.co.za

This is an open forum for readers to express their opinions. However, the publishers reserve the right to shorten letters. Those printed are not necessarily the views of Talk of the Town. Although noms de plume may be used,

letters must be signed and have an authentic contactable address & telephone number. Talk of the Town reserves the right to not publish letters. Please limit letters to 250 words or less.


Glen Craig, Helen Putterill, Ruth Fick and Martin

Fick at the Salem ‘Call back the Past’ church



Emergency numbers

Port Alfred hospital – (046) 604-4000

Police station – (046) 604-2001/2

Multi-Security – (046) 624-2508

Chubb Security – (046) 624-4810

Sky Alarms – (046) 624-2806

NSRI – 082-990-5971

Electricity (a/h) - (046) 624-1111

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) – 10177

Gardmed –082-759-2134

Holistic EMS – 063-460-0042

Fire Department – (046) 624-1111

Time-travelling service

mixes fun, reflectivity

THANKS so much for including

our special Salem “Call back the

Pa st ” service in your newspaper.

I thought your readers might

enjoy some feedback from the

service – especially as many of

them attended the service.

Strains of the old harmonium,

clerical robes, ladies in hats and

men in suit and tie were all part

of a wonderful nostalgic service

as the Salem congregation

stepped back in time on Sunday

June 12.

The Salem congregation was

joined by old friends, past pupils

of the Salem School, settler

descendents and those just

taking advantage of this

Vote for fairness, opportunity

IN JUNE, we celebrate the diversity of young

people and dream of the future for our country.

In this vision of a non-racial, vibrant and

prosperous South Africa, our future is our

youth. While we celebrate, we must

acknowledge the jobs crisis. Six million young

people cannot enter the job market. They

cannot build a life for themselves because they

are left out and left behind. Without a growing

economy and job opportunities, our young

people’s dreams are shattered.

The biggest disgrace is that, under President

Jacob Zuma’s presidency, we now have 8.9

million unemployed people. Yet THE ANC

government finds it appropriate to announce

that the president will receive a new R4-billion

jet. This money could pay for more than

606 000 work opportunities for young people.

We hear that R8.6-million was spent on new

cars for the president’s wives. This could have

funded 116 university students for a year.

The DA believes the state must bring

economic stability so more people will want to

invest in South Africa. Where the DA governs

we make sure the money is spent on the people

to create jobs and deliver better services.

The ANC is failing the people of South Africa.

Like President Zuma, it only cares about putting

itself first. This is unfair and steals

opportunities from those most in need.

On August 3, vote for change, change that

will bring freedom, fairness and opportunity.


TIME WITH DAD: Super Dad Mark Denson had a

lot of fun partaking in the Happy Hours

Superhero Walk for Father’s Day with his

‘Fr oz e n ’ princess, Ellie Denson

wonderful opportunity to

celebrate the past and worship

t o g e t h e r.

The little historic church

bulged at the seams to

accommodate the numbers, the

village was filled with the

enthusiastic strains of the old

Methodist hymns, and there was

much reminiscing over a

sumptuous tea in the old Salem

Academy after the service.

There was a real feeling, as

the congregation lustily sang

Onward Christian Soldiers,

t h at … “Brothers, we are

treading where the saints have

t rod”.


Thanks for

suppor t

THE Round Table of Port

Alfred would like the

following businesses for

sponsoring our Round

Table golf day: Eco

Planet Bamboo, Country

Meat Market, ABSA,

IHire, Glasfit, RE/MAX,

Kowie Cellars, Multi

Security, Halyards Hotel,

Mooifontein Quarries,

Marco Polo, BUCO, Spur,

Trellidor, Guest Revu,

Penny Pinchers, Pick n

Pay and Wimpy.



MEN OF STEEL: Super dad Ryle Murray with his

son, Leo, had fun dressing up for the Happy

Hours Superhero walk in honour of Father’s Day

last week at the Country Club

June 23, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

Talk of the Town 7

Question: Tell us about your job.

Answer: Facilities manager at

Stenden South Africa. I am

therefore responsible for the

infrastructure of Stenden SA and

making sure that the environment

is conducive for all role players.

Q: What made you get into that

line of work?

A: I am an opportunist by nature

and I enjoy challenges. After

working for six years as the

practical instructor and campus

manager for Stenden South

Africa’s Wildlife Campus, I

realised that the job was not as

challenging as it was when I

started. In 2014, when the

opportunity of working in the

main campus was presented to

me, I decided to take it. The

campus in Alicedale could only

cater for a maximum of 24

students. You can imagine how

challenging it was when I started


Q: Describe the most

memorable experience that you

have had in your line of work.

A: One weekend I decided to go

home to Alicedale after a long

time of spending my weekends in

Port Alfred. I received a call on

Friday night from security at

Stenden South Africa and they

informed me that there was a

storm in Port Alfred and the roof

in the student accommodation

had been blown off. After

assessing the damage from the

pictures I requested from the

security and students, I jumped

out of bed and called my team to

meet first thing in the morning.

We managed to put the roof back

on the same day.

Port Alfred


Business workshop

inspires entrepreneurs


ASPIRING small business

entrepreneurs in the

Kenton-on-Sea area

received tips and tools on

how to start and grow their

businesses from

Ziglar-certified coach Shona

Bell recently.

About a dozen small

businesspeople took

advantage of the free

workshop offered by Bell,

who has experience in

starting her own small

businesses and recently

took up business coaching

and development training.

“For every corporate

workshop I do, I want to do

one of these community

workshops,” she told TotT.

“I have a passion for

helping develop businesses

in this area.”

Among the participants

were fashion designers, DJs

and people in the tourism

industr y.

Participants first

brainstormed on challenges

that face people who want

to start their own

businesses, including

cashflow, the need for

equipment, time

management and fear of

the unknown.

Bell urged the

entrepreneurs to focus on


coach Shona Bell held a

workshop recently

Pictures: JON HOUZET

what people want.

“Consider the Apple

iPhone,” she said. “Twent y

years ago cellphones were

bricks. Nokia were making

them smaller, now

smartphones are bricks

again, but they’re beautiful.

“Steve Jobs sold your

desire for beauty. People

will spend money on

something beautiful.

“You have to find where

your passion and the

money meet,” she said.

Sinethemba Mapapu, who

makes his own music, felt

that focusing on what

people want only applied to

certain businesses.

“But if you just pleased

yourself, you’d make no

m o n e y, ” Bell replied.

Mapapu was concerned it

would mean settling for


Q: What do you do to unwind

when you are not working?

A: I used to travel home to

Alicedale and play rugby for my

local team every weekend. I

realised how unsustainable that

was and now I play golf every

...with Bongani Bavumba

minute I get, which is only about

twice a month.

Q: What is your motto in life?

A: To quote Michelangelo

Buonarroti, ”The greater danger

for most of us isn’t that our aim is

too high and we miss it, but that it

is too low and we reach it”. You

never know who you might end up


Q: What makes you happy?

A: Setting goals and achieving

them is what makes me happy,

but helping others makes me

h a p p i e r.

Q: What makes you angry?

A: I don’t often get angry. But

people who do not listen work on

my nerves.

Q: What do you think about the

youth of South Africa? Do you

have any advice for them?

A: I think we have a great

potential to steer South Africa

towards the right direction. My

advice to the youth is that we

must never underestimate the

power of education and for us to

be better leaders we need to learn

from the mistakes of the current

leaders and that of the past and

use their experience to take South

Africa to greater heights.

Q: What do you like most about

Port Alfred?

A: I like the laid-back nature of

Port Alfred and the friendliness of

the residents.


Mtshotane in one of the

ice-breaker games

Q: If you could change one thing

mediocrity by producing

music for the masses.

“Is Adele mediocre?” Bell

asked. “Who is your biggest

selling artist today?”

Another important aspect

of business was

communication, Bell said.

She encouraged all

participants to have an

e-mail address and learn to

write letters.

“Online today there are

incredible apps and

templates. The biggest

growth in online marketing

today is e-mailed

newsletters. I would have

thought it was Facebook,

but it’s not,” Bell said. “But

social media is also great –

keep that Facebook page


Another challenge

mentioned was

Catch up with what’s happening on the PA business front


“Sometimes people

disappoint you and you

don’t want to try again,”

Khanya Matolengwe said.

“Disappointment is not

fa i l u r e , ” Bell replied. “It’s

only failure when you stop

trying. Just realise you will

disappoint people along the

way. ”

Success factors include

passion, self-motivation,

optimism, integrity,

maintaining focus,

attending to customer

complaints, hard work,

“enjoying the journey”,

trusting your gut, being

flexible but persistent, and

relying on your team.

Bell had participants take

part in a few ice-breaking

games to illustrate the


Using workbooks, she

helped the entrepreneurs

develop their own goals

programme. “A goal is a

dream with a deadline,” she


Bell said SA Breweries

would soon hold an

entrepreneurship course in

Kenton and she had been

asked to identify people

who would benefit from

such a course.

about Port Alfred…

A: Crime for me is the most

frustrating thing about Port Alfred

(this is not unique to Port Alfred,

but where I am from we have a

very low level of crime). The most

disturbing thing is that people

seem to have accepted crime as a

part of their daily lives and do not

do much to fight it. In other

places, you hear that people call

community meetings and address

crime. In Port Alfred no one

attends such meetings when they

are called, or only a few at tend.

Q: What is your favourite music

of all time?

A: I enjoy old Mbaqange or

Maskhandi music. My dad is one

person that made me love the

music. He had tons of cassettes

with all his favourite artists. The

likes of Mfaz’ Omnyama, Phuz’

eKhemis and Vusi Ximba.

Q: Three wishes for South

A f r i c a?

A: I wish we can all honour the

wish of Mandela, the wish of

having all kinds of people in

South Africa living together in

harmony. I wish that people can

find other ways of voicing out

their frustrations besides

destroying the things they will

need tomorrow to better their

lives and it would be nice if we

could have leaders that are

accountable for their actions and

do not sell the truth.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: My dad is my role model.

Q: Who would you take on

Amazing Race given the

oppor tunity?

A: It would have to be the actor

Kevin Hart.



... with Pastor Theo Snyman

Where does my

help come from?

I HAVE been constantly reminded that “old age

is not for sissies”.

Tragedies of life affect people of all ages and

not only the elderly. There are people of all ages

battling with health issues, emotional issues,

financial issues… and so the list goes on.

Many of the younger generation seem to have

to contend with more than they can handle.

Unfortunately, some seek help in things that are

so detrimental to them, and so drug and

alcohol abuse is rampant.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my

help come from? My help comes from the

LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth” (Psalm

121:1, 2). The Psalmist had an immediate

a n s w e r. What an important question to ask

ourselves: “Where does my help come from?”

Timothy was privileged to have had a godly

mother and grandmother whose lives were an

example to him. So much so that Paul wrote:

“But as for you, continue in what you have

learned and have become convinced of,

because you know those from whom you

learned it, and how from infancy you have

known the holy Scriptures, which are able to

make you wise for salvation through faith in

Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:14, 15).

Parents and grandparents, our children need

role models when it comes to matters of faith.

We need to teach them that the “Maker of

heaven and earth” can help them through any

c i r c u m st a n c e . He is not only able, but willing!

“If the LORD delights in a man’s way, he

makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he

will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his

hand” (Psalms 37:23, 24). Have faith in God.

Celebrity gardener to

address PA Garden Club


MOST horticulturists around the

country will be aware of TV

personality and gardener

extraordinaire Keith Kirsten, and

the Port Alfred Garden Club is

proud to have secured Kirsten who

will address the club members at

Memorial Hall on July 5.

“We are very honoured to have

someone of Keith’s reputation

address us,” said PA Garden Club

president, Liezl Kleynhans. “I think

anyone attending will get a lot of

very useful information and will

walk away with some new ideas for

improving their gardening skills.”

The theme of the talk is

sustainable gardening, and Kirsten

will also be discussing new plants

to look forward to this coming year.

Tickets will cost just R100 each,

and the presentation will begin at


“This is a very exciting

presentation, and we are looking





forward to learning more about

looking after our gardens and

plants,” said Kleynhans.

Tickets may be purchased from

Top Carpets at Rosehill Mall and

Red Leaf Nursery.

31 v d Riet Str

Port Alfred

046-624 2901

Pig & Whistle Bldg


046-625 0308




Commercial property.

Prime corner site within

walking distance of the

CBD, 4 offices plus

kitchen & 2 restrooms.

Excellent investment

Gill Turner

082 450 7720


8 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

June 23, 2016

Port Alfred


Bulk up on your

retirement fund

Channel more income to your RA

THERE has never been

a better time than now

to bulk your retirement

savings Sanlam

financial planner at

Strata BlueStar

Financial Solutions in

Port Alfred, Sticks

Stiglingh says.

The taxable

deductions have

increased to 27.5% of

individuals’ gross

taxable income, and if

you are saving

through a retirement

annuity (RA); that

means getting an

extra 12.5% tax

deduction if you

choose to contribute

up to the allowed


Previously, you

could contribute up to

15% of your annual

taxable income to your

RA, but now that this

has been increased, it

means you may defer

more of your income

tax to after retirement,

since this contribution

is made from your

pre-tax income. This is

a major benefit as

your individual tax

rate, rebates and

allowable deductions

will be more

favourable at

retirement than now.

Stiglingh believes

that a retirement

annuity is one of the

best vehicles to use

for retirement savings

because, apart from

the fact that it saves

you income tax during

your working years, it

also earns tax-free

investment returns.

Furthermore, funds

accumulated in an RA

are exempt from

estate duty and are

protected from


RAs have evolved a

lot over the years to

appeal to a wide

investor audience.

Sanlam’s Cumulus

Echo RA, for instance,

offers a bonus for

every single payment

you make. This is a

very appealing factor

and is particularly

popular among

younger investors.

Sanlam designs

products with people’s

needs as well as their

challenges in mind.

We know that many

people find it

challenging to

continue investing

once they have started

a savings plan. This is

why our Cumulus Echo

RA includes an

incentive bonus

structure that rewards

people for staying the

course. The more and

longer you save, the

higher the bonus.

Contact Stiglingh on

(046) 624-4948/

071-612-7339 or


stratabluestar.co.za fo r

expert advice.

Sanlam is a licensed

financial services

p r o v i d e r.

Catch up with what’s happening on the PA business front

New primary school is opening in Kenton

A NEW era of education and

learning is set to commence

in Kenton early next year

when new school Bushwillow

Primary School is opening its

doors in January providing

primary education from Grade

R to Grade 7 to Kenton and

surrounding communities.

The main aim of the school

is to create a learning

environment that is sensitive

to each child's learning style

and needs. The school

curriculum is focused on

holistic development of

children, nurturing curiosity,

critical thinking, self-initiative,

problem solving and

creativity in the learners’

approach to the work.

“Children most effectively

learn through play and

discovery. At Bushwillow

Primary School we want to

nurture their natural love for

learning,” teacher Jessica van

Graan said.

The school is organising its

first fundraiser, a five-day

holiday camp from July 4 to

8, for children aged six to 12

at Beehaven smallholding,

2km outside Kenton-on-Sea.

Advanced life support with Holistic EMS


A NEW private

ambulance service,

Holistic EMS

(Emergency Medical

Services), opened in

Port Alfred last week.

They offer advanced

life support, 24 hour

emergency care in

medical and trauma,

ICU transfers, events,

The camp offers a range of

activities, including kayaking

on the Bushman’s River,

bamboo lantern making,

wood work, fishing, dancing

workshop, art lessons, bird

walks and drumming around

the fire.

Anouk Verheijen, one of the

initiators of Bushwillow

Primary and a camp

counsellor, said the camp

focuses on each individual

child's needs within the group

and first aid training.

Holistic EMS is

headed by Karen

Romans, an advanced

life support

paramedic. Romans

obtained a national

diploma in emergency

medical care and

rescue at Durban

University of

Technology, and has a

BTech partner and two

NEW LEARNING: Bushwillow Primary School is set to open in

January and will offer a child-centred educational environment

consulting doctors.

Romans said she

has a silent partner

who comes from a

d i s a d va n t a g e d

background, whose

motivation was to

provide education and

training opportunities

for the community.

“We chose the name

Holistic because we

care for the body, mind

and spirit of the

person, and because of

our desire to give back

to the community.

We ’re starting small

but our goal is to have

two ambulances in

Port Alfred,” she said.

“I moved here in

November last year.

We recognised the

need for an advanced

life support

ambulance service,”

Romans said.

“We visited many

towns to see where

there was a need. We

recognised a gap in

the market and reports

of poor service

delivery in this area.”

Romans related the

story of a local woman

who was having a

setting, and offers the

opportunity for each child to

build self confidence as they

learn new skills.

The camp fee for five days

is R1 500 including food and

a c c o m m o d at i o n .

Day tickets are available at

R300. Bookings can be made

till June 29.

For further information,

contact Verheijen at

Anouk@bushwillow.co.za or

07 1 - 6 2 8 - 6 6 5 6 .

heart attack driving

herself to Greenacres

Hospital in Port

Elizabeth, as she had

called for help but no

ambulances came to

her aid. Another man

told of how often the

community had to

transport ill relatives

in their private

vehicles because

ambulances don’t

arrive after hours of

wa i t i n g .

Romans has

previous experience

working for

Government EMS,

Netcare and ER24,

and has been in the

emergency care

industry for 32 years.

She was one of the

pioneers of the

motorcycle response

unit at Netcare in


“At Holistic EMS

we’ve got top of the

range equipment. We

can respond to

neonatal and ICU

transfers, cardiac

arrest, motor vehicle

accidents, drownings,

any type of trauma

and medical

emergencies, ” she


“We have a fully

equipped and manned

ambulance and a

response vehicle with

advanced life support

– the vehicle I’m in.

“I’m a really

passionate paramedic

–I will make sure my

staff and I offer

excellent service

delivery and patient

care, always putting

the patient’s best

interest first,” she


Their office number

is 063-460-0042, or


info@holistic-ems.co.za or

k a re n ro m a n s 6 2 @ g m a i l . c o m

June 23, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

Talk of the Town 9

Celebrating Father’s Day

LOTS OF LOVE: Dominique Averbuch and Jack had a lot of fun drawing last

Wednesday at PAHS Pre-Primary


C O M PA N Y :



joined in on

the fun and


Hayley and

son Dan


during the


c e l e b r at i o n



Dads join their kids for classroom fun at PAHS

Last Wednesday Port Alfred High School invited dads, grandpas and guardians to visit the little ones at

the pre-primary last Wednesday for a Father’s Day celebration. Dads joined in on the fun and took part in

arts and crafts, building exercises and a hamburger braai to celebrate being dads!

HAVING FUN WITH DAD: Lindsay Hilpert and little Caiden Kettledas had a

great time bonding and drawing pictures together during the school’s fun


BUILDING FUN: Bongani Mdlalo helped his son

Inganathi figure out which pieces go together









CHERISHED MOMENTS: Little Kian Swanepoel with his dad,

Chris, enjoyed playing with building blocks

HANDS ON: Dad John Paul and his daughter, Alyssa, had

fun making handprint paintings last Wednesday, among

other activities

10 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

June 23, 2016



MANY of our readers might have noticed a

peculiar moon on Tuesday evening. For those who

don’t know, Tuesday was a rare occurrence in our

astronomical calendar with the full moon

coinciding with the June solstice (the shortest day

and longest night of the year). The moon,

commonly known as the strawberry moon,

appeared slightly orange/rouge in colour and

could be seen clearly, early in the evening. If you

did see it, you were lucky – and for those who

didn’t, don’t worry, you can see it again in 2062.

T h at ’s right, it is such a rare occasion that the last

full moon on the winter solstice occurred in 1967.

For astro-buffs and for interest’s sake, at the

solstice the sun does not rise precisely in the east

but rises to the north of east and sets to the north

of west.

OH DEAR, is Pretoria burning? If one has caught a

glimpse of the news (mind you not SABC news

since they banned broadcasting violent protests)

one would believe that the apocalypse has

started. It is unsettling to see the riots and

anarchy taking place among ordinary citizens and

the devastating toll on affected business and

commerce that fall in the line of fire. The threat is

real, and it is frightening. It is far from the

“u n r e st ” which it has been deemed by the ANC

government, which is still not taking responsibility

for the chaos. Is this more evidence of an

implosion taking place within the ANC? In

mid-May Zuma addressed the Gauteng provincial

general council where he shot down the notion of

state capture and preached party unity. But so far

the ANC is refusing to admit that the

announcement of Thoko Didiza as its mayoral

candidate for Tshwane sparked a wave of violence

it is unable to control. The ANC is blaming the

burning of public property and looting on “thugs”,

“a n a r c h i st s ” and “hooligans” but the initial

stoking of fires clearly came from inside.

Disowning its supporters does not exonerate the

ANC from responsibility for allowing factionalism

and patronage to engulf the organisation, and for

the state of unrest in the country.

WE HOPE the cold mornings and evenings have

not kept our local mountain bike riders and

cyclists tucked indoors. It’s time to start warming

up the legs and stretching the quads for this


Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club Museum

opens on the last Saturday of each month – 9am

to 12 noon – Hawkins Industrial Park, Alfred Road,

Port Alfred.

Bathurst Farmers Market – Every Sunday, rain or

shine, at Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Nursery,

Kowie Road from 9am to 12.30pm.

Birdwatching Tours and Three Sisters Saunter –

Book with Anne (046)675-1976 or 083-719-4950.

w w w. a n n e s b i r d i n g . c o . z a

Duck Pond Morning Market every Wednesday,

Friday and Saturday from 9am to 2pm, between

Buksies Coffee Shop and Penny Farthing

restaurant. Jams, pickles, second-hand books and

clothing, cakes, quiches, crochet knitting, plants.

All stallholders welcome. Contact Wendy on

0 8 1 - 3 47 - 9 5 6 2 .

FAST (Forum for Astronomy, Science and

Technology) meets on the first Thursday of each

month at the cellar of the Wharf Street Brew Pub

at 2.30pm. Visitors welcome. Please contact

Shirley Marais at shirley@theannouncer.co.za or on

082-928-8671 for more information.

First Port Alfred Scout/Cub meetings – Ever y

Friday at the Girl Guide Hall, from 3pm to 5pm.

Visitors welcome. For more information contact

Dot Fethers on (046)624-3192.

Kenton Pub Quiz – at 6.30pm on the first Sunday

of every month at the Kenton Bowls Club. A cash

bar is available. Cash and other prizes. Teams of

four to six. All are welcome. For more information

contact Walter Grisdale on (046)648-2440.

Kowie History Museum – at The Old Railway

Station, Pascoe Crescent. Open 9.30am to

12.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Closed

Sunday/Monday and public holidays.

Lower Albany Historical Society meets on the

third Thursday of the month – some meetings are

held in the Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park, and

others are outside trips. Call Suzette on

083-581-5777 for details.

Lower Albany Woodworkers’ Guild meets on the

first Tuesday of every month. Call Brian Edwards

on (046)624-2945, or John Moss on

082-829-5484 for more information.

Memory Book Scrapbook Club meets twice a

month on a Thursday afternoon. All welcome.

Contact Cheryl on (046)624-2733 or 083-556-7562.

National Sea Rescue Institute practises every

Wednesday at 5pm. To join the NSRI visit the base

in person to undergo an evaluation.

Port Alfred Floral Art Group meets on the third

year’s G2C race, which is almost here. The muchanticipated

event, which has grown significantly

in popularity, is a fun mountain bike challenge

that starts in Grahamstown and ends in front of

Rosehill Mall in Port Alfred. Judging from

previous years, the race is tough in some spots

and tricky, with downhill slopes, but r e l at i v e l y

moderate to easy for the rest of the 58km.

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Kenton Rotary

president Tony Swift and to another Kenton local,

Bruce Steel-Gray, for being elected as the district

governor for Rotary. It is an honour for Kenton to

have two men of this calibre who are so dedicated

to serving humanity.

HAPPY birthday to Harold Holt who will be

turning 90 years young on Monday. We hope

you are spoilt by your loved ones and wish you

many more.

A VERY special happy birthday to Happy

Hours little one Roarke Penn who turned five

yesterday. We hope you get spoilt with lots

of presents and enjoy your birthday party at

the end of the month!

CONGRATUL ATIONS and happy birthday

greetings to everyone who is celebrating a

birthday in the week ahead. Special greetings

and many more to Beverley Welsh, Des

Gallagher, June Kidd, Madelaine Murray, Lizzy

Gouws, Fuzeka Runeli, June Keeton, Robert

Godfrey, Marsha de Kock, John Champion,

Margaret Ilderton, Isabella Coetzee, Ann de la

Rey, Marjorie Wilmot, Lucille Scheepers,

Rosemary Wood, Vaughn de la Mare, Harold

Holt, Lyndon Coltman, Amber Berry (nee Briant),

Marion Konig, Pat (Paddy) Thorp, Liza Kohler,

Melville Vogel, Ann Hewitt, Peggy Goosen, Anneke

Steyn, Deirdré-Anne Odendaal, Mollie Jordaan,

Beatrice Crawford, Lloyd Stevenson, Andrew Nell,

Megan van Niekerk, Yvonne Surtees, Lee Botha,

Claire Burriss, Beverly Oosthuizen, Peter van der

Merwe, Matthew Dell and Delina van Heerden.

WISHING Beverly Young “-as-ever” a fantastic,

sparkling BIG 7-0 on June 28. Have a blast!

CONTINUED success and warm congratulations to

the following businesses/organisations on

another anniversary, especially Voila

Rob Knowles at knowlesr@timesmedia.co.za or fax (046) 624-2293

or drop in at 29 Miles Street from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday


E-mail houzetj@timesmedia.co.za or fax (046) 624-2293 or drop in at 29 Miles Street from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

Saturday of the month at the Settlers Park hall at

2.30pm. For more information contact Hennie de

Bruin on 082-464-4606. All welcome.

Port Alfred Garden Club meets on the first

Tuesday of every month at 9.30am at the Red Leaf

Nurser y.

Probus Club of the Kowie meets on the second

Tuesday of every month at 10am at the Port Alfred

River and Ski-boat Club.

Richmond House Museum and Music Room –

Private non-profit museum established in 2007.

The building (1948) is a replica of the castle, and

the displays trace 175 years of owners and

alterations. No admission fee, but donations are

welcomed. Tours by appointment only: contact

082-456-7437. For Classics at the Castle

classical/jazz concerts check the press or

w w w. fa c e b o o k . c o m / r i c h m o n d h o u s e m u s e u m m u s i c

Rocky Ridge Farm Market opens every Saturday

and Sunday from 9am with a variety of homemade

delights, free-range eggs, honey, biltong,

droewors, and its popular morning breakfast.

Contact Desia Holmes on 083-589-0765 for details.

Rosehill Mall Art & Crafters Market is held on

the first Saturday of every month, from 9am to

4pm. Only handmade items are available by our

local crafters. Large selection of goods.

Scottish Country Dancing at Don Powis Hall,

Settlers Park, every Wednesday from 5.30pm to

7pm. For more details contact (046) 6 0 4 - 0 478 .

Sunshine Coast Women’s Forum meets every

fourth Tuesday in the Don Powis Hall, Settlers

Park, at 2.30pm. Visitors welcome. For details

contact Muriel MacGregor on (046)624-1963.

The Riverside Ramble – a new self-guided tour

(map R10 from Sunshine Coast Tourism or Kowie

History Museum) of historic Wharf Street and Van

der Riet Streets.

The Village Green Market – first Sunday of every

month. Join us in the garden at The Village Green

in Bathurst for a festival of antiques, books, junk,

collectables, bric-a-brac, crafts, art and more from

9am to 2pm. For more details or to book a stall,

contact Lynette on 076-349-2246.

U3A – Port Alfred Branch meets on the fourth

Thursday of every month at 10am at the Don Powis

Hall, Settlers Park village. All welcome.

Woodlands Market is held every Saturday from

8am to 12 noon at Woodlands Cottages and

Backpackers, just outside Kenton on the R343

Grahamstown Road. Yummy breakfast and treats,

fresh produce, arts and crafts available. There is

MOMMY TO BE: We are looking forward to

welcoming baby Jessie Winnaar to the world.

Mom Laura Winnaar Frey and dad Elroy are

expecting their little bundle in August. Last

weekend friends threw a surprise baby shower

bestowing her with gifts, good wishes and baby



(Kenton-on-Sea), Siliseal, Noel’s Cartage, Olofs

24/7 Motor Spares, PA Art Club – on 58 amazing

years – and PA Scouts Club.

AS WE go to press, and with last year’s figures in

brackets to compare against, the rand was trading

no charge for traders of local arts and crafts and

produce – to encourage and support local tourism

and businesses. For more information contact

082-808-5976 or info@woodlands.co.za

Thursday June 23

U3A meeting – 10am – Don Powis Hall, Settlers

Park. Reddie Ndoro from the Plight Centre in Port

Alfred will be talking on the Plight Community

Cent re’s combating of social ills.

PA Art Club – (out) Outing to Van der Riet Street

for Abstract Painting. Please bring your art

materials. All welcome – visitors R20. Bring an

extra easel to display a work for sale.

Memory Book Scrapbook Club – 2pm to 5pm –

Presbyterian Church Port Alfred. All welcome.

Contact Cheryl (046)624-2733 or 083-556-7562.

Friday June 24

Sunshine Coast Hospice book sale at Heritage


Saturday June 25

Diaz Cross Bird Club outing at Belmont Golf

Course, Grahamstown. Bring a picnic brunch.

Visitors welcome (R10 per person). Meet at

Heritage Mall car park at 6am or Preston’s, Kenton

at 6am. Rendezvous at Belmont Golf Course,

G r a h a m st o w n .

Kiddies Garden Club – At the Red Leaf Nursery.

Starts 10pm Booking essential. For more

information contact Adele on (046)624-8530.

Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26

The Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea presents El

Blanco: Tales of the Mariachi, a one-man comedy

show which received a Gold Standard Bank

Ovation award at the National Arts Festival. Both

shows will be held at the Kenton Town Hall.

S at u r d ay ’s show is at 6.30 for 7pm (proceeds to

Rotary projects) and Sunday’s show at 12.30 for

1pm (proceeds to Bushken Pre-Primary). Tickets

are R150 (includes show and two-course meal).

Cash bar available. Booking: Chas Everitt, 21

Kenton Road, Kenton – contact (046)648-1212.

Sunday June 26

Port Alfred Ministers Fraternal’s bimonthly

combined service will be held at 6pm at the Dutch

Reformed Church. All are welcome.

Tuesday June 28

Port Alfred Rotary Induction – New president to

be inducted at the Ski-boat Club. Starts 7pm.

Wednesday June 29

DA public prayer meeting – 1pm to 2pm – Por t

Alfred library lawns. Pray for peace and political

tolerance during elections. Prayers to be

at R14.74 to the dollar (R12.15), R21.66 to the

pound (R19.20) and R16.59 to the euro (R13.63).

Gold was trading at $1269.80 ($1176.40) per fine

ounce, platinum at $980.30 ($1068.00) and Brent

crude oil prices are $51.04 per barrel ($64.77).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those

folk who are not well, who are having or have

already had tests, operations and treatments.

“Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, June

Hart, Linda Hulley, Val Kilian, Ben Kember, Blake

Squires, Llewellyn Wicks, Philly Dell, Myrna Keet,

Barbara Tee, Janet Hyde, Bevan Edwards, Colleen

Mackin, Beryl Pancoust and Brenda Shelton.

OUR heartiest congratulations to all celebrating

the wonderful occasion of their wedding

anniversaries, especially Terry and Margaret

West, Douglas and Nancy Meyer, Colwyn and

Marie Holshausen, Johan and Anne Roos (53),

Len and Pat Holford (59), Robert and Emily

Blenkinsop, Stephan and Kelly Ferreira, Neil

and Tarryn van de Linde, John and Debbie

Ford (30), Mariane and Chris Walwyn (45).

WOW, we almost got trumped by Ireland in

last week’s fixture in the three-match

international rugby union series. The Boks,

having lost for the very first time against Ireland

at home, were far too complacent in that match,

and new coach Allister Coetzee could not have

wished for a less auspicious introduction to his

Springbok coaching job. So, all pressure was on

him last Saturday when the Boks took to the field

to restore some pride and to ensure that the

series was not lost. Even though they were trailing

by 16 points at halftime, the Boks began the

second half with zeal and, thanks to Ruan

Combrinck, managed to get us back on an even

keel and win the match 32-26. Let’s hope that this

S at u r d ay ’s match at the Nelson Mandela Bay

Stadium in Port Elizabeth will bring even more

pride to the country.

THOUGHT for the week: “If you don’t have a

plan for personal growth, then don’t expect to


BEST regards as always,

The Team

conducted in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. All

are welcome.

Alexandria Art Exhibition – 6pm to 8pm –

Heritage Guest House, Alexandria. Featuring the

paintings of Sandy Lavin and leather craft of

Felicity McNamara. Come and enjoy a glass of

wine while browsing the work. Cash bar available.

Thursday June 30

PA Art Club – (In) Month-end meeting. Visit the

library and bring your paintings for a review.

Followed by tea and coffee.

Saturday July 2

Christian Men’s Association breakfast – 7 for

7.30am at the Celebration Centre (Old Vic Hotel).

The guest speaker, Pragasen Ganas “PG” M o o d l e y,

the manager of Market Square Volkswagen, is an

ordained minister, who served as a teacher and

chaplain at All Nations Academy in KZN. Having

recently moved to Port Alfred, he will share his

walk with Christ and the amazing plan he sees

unfolding for our community. A suggested R40

donation will cover the cost of the breakfast.

Lions Club of Port Alfred will hold an induction of

their fourth president at 6.30 for 7pm at the

Kleinemonde Hall. Dress: suit/jacket and tie.

Thursday July 7

PA Art Club – (In) DVD: 9.30am at the Settlers

Park hall on ‘Movement’ (quick sketching). Please

bring a plate of eats. All are welcome – visitors

can join for R20.

Benevolent Society AGM – 3pm at the Goodwill

Centre, with reports from welfare, education, the

Goodwill Centre and Damant Lodge. All welcome.

Thursday July 14

PA Art Club – (In) “One Breath, One Line”

exercise. Bring A4 or A3 paper and a variety of

drawing media (pencils, charcoal, pastels or paints

with brushes of varying sizes etc.) Three-minute

quick sketching sessions will be held. Bring your

own materials. All welcome – visitors R20.

Sunday July 17

Kentones Male Choir – 2.30pm for 3pm at the

Port Alfred Presbyterian Church. The annual

fundraiser is R40 per person and includes coffee,

tea and eats. To book tickets contact Errol Parsons

on (046)624-4471 or 084-800-3033, or Andre and

Heather Naude on (046)624-5486 or 071-687-9635

or Christel Erasmus on 083-254-7554.

Thursday July 21

PA Art Club – (Out) Sketches and sketching of

people going about their business. Bring an extra

easel to display a work for sale. Venue to follow

l at e r.

June 23, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

Talk of the Town 11

Shop online at www.picknpay.co.za




Frozen Chicken

Braaipack 2kg










Maggi 2-Minute

Noodles Assorted


Knorr Packet Soup

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PnP App

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12 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

June 23

advertising feature

Explore Rosehill Mall

Vast array of tenants makes for a unique shopping experience


Port Alfred

area received a

Shuge boost in

2009 with the

opening of Rosehill

Mall, offering more

variety and some

big-name stores to

serve its customers.

Walking through

the vaulted wide-open

passageways within

the mall is a pleasure,

with a light and airy

atmosphere and big

store frontages

advertising all

manner of goods;

from carpets to

fitness, food to

clothing and even

home purchases.

Showing from Friday 24 June- Thursday 30 June

Top Carpets &

Flo ors has been in

Port Alfred since

September 1996 and

has been part of the

Top Carpet group for

the past 10 years. Top

Carpets & Floors

Grahamstown was

established three

years ago and last

year won their biggest

flooring contract in 30

years in

Grahamstown, with

the new science

building and Rhodes

Universit y.

“We also did over a

thousand blinds for

the justice

department in East

London,” owner

Derick Kleynhans

said. Top Carpets &

Floors now also stock

a large variety of

curtains and throws,

and imports a range

of budget carpets

unique to the group.

“Our latest innovation

is our range of petfriendly


which combats

animal smells and are

easy to clean when

messed on,” said

Kleynhans who urges

customers to enquire

about Pet-X carpets.

Quest Leisure &

Gear has recently

moved to Shop 21 at

the Rosehill Mall

where they have

expanded premises,

and continue to stock

a wide range of

branded clothing for

both men and

women. Visit Quest

Leisure & Gear today

and ensure that you

are warm this winter.

Among the many

other products

available, include

gadgets, handbags,

wallets, purses,

multi-tools, LED

torches and

headlamps, knives

from Kershaw and

CRKT and also ladies

and men’s clothing.

Lew Geffen

S ot h e b y ’s

International Realty

opened in Port Alfred

in 2005/2006 – 10

years ago – with a

strong team of

experienced agents.

They soon afterwards

opened a second

office at Rosehill Mall

which is open seven

days a week.

“When you

associate yourself

with a brand that

carries a history so

rich it can be traced

back to 1744, you can

expect great things,"

Lew Geffen Sotheby’s

Dealer Principal,

Heather Tyson says.

“We are a happy,

pop in and chat over

a cup of tea in

connection with

property matters.

Enjoy a cooking

experience with Big

Green Egg, known for

producing amazing

culinary results for

‘Quest and Leisure Gear

has recently moved to

Shop 21 at Rosehill Mall’

hard-working team

and are currently

celebrating our best

sales quarter; the

property market is

unpredictable but the

harder you work the

luckier you become”

said Tyson who

welcomes everyone to

entrees to desserts,

the Big Green Egg will

exceed all your

expectations for

culinary perfection

and is available in

several convenient

sizes to ensure that

there is a Big Green

Egg to fit any

lifestyle. Make sure to

visit the Rosehill Mall

on June 30, where

the Big Green Egg will

be holding a

demonstration in the

food court to show off

its abilities as a grill,

oven, and smoker.

novice and experts

alike for over 30

Those with a

years. The Big Green

creative flare or

Egg is a versatile

wishing to cultivate

braai or outdoor

their creativity have

cooking product, with

only to step into

more capabilities than

B C r e at i v e where you

all other conventional

cookers combined.

From appetisers to Turn to page 13


We always knew they were coming back. After ‘Independence Day’

redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global

spectacle on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology,

the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program

to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’

advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave

men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

SHOW TIMES: 11:00, 17:30, 20:00 (FRI – THURS)


A failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses

by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy


SHOW TIMES: 11:00, 15:00, 19:00 (FRI – THURS)


Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory reunites everyone’s favourite forgetful

blue tang, Dory, with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for

answers about her past.

SHOW TIMES: 13:30, 15:30 (FRI – THURS)


Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen kitten by posing as

drug dealers for a street gang.

SHOW TIMES: 13:00, 17:00 (FRI – THURS)

R50 Adults - R40 Children (U/13). 3D Movies - R65 per person.

Pensioner’s Special Wednesdays - R30

Times are subject to change due to demand.

Like our FACEBOOK page and stay informed of


For further information: Tel: 046 624 1558

046 624 8286 / 079 499 6864


30% off Selected Treatments

on Mondays and Tuesdays

Permanent make-up


Medical needling.

Professional makeup

available for





Shop No. 19B, Rosehill Mall, PA

, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

Talk of the Town 13

advertising feature

KEEPING FIT: Oxygen Fitness instructors and personal trainers, Michael St.Kea Dunstan, Riri Dumezweni and Avril

Beyleveld show you how to keep fit and healthy with weight training, cardio equipment, body transforming spinning,

studio classes and more

HEALTH AND BEAUTY: Charisma A manager Belinda Nel, together with

owner Adelina Snyman, are ready to provide clients with excellent service

to improve health and beauty. The business will soon be opening a beauty

academy and they welcome applicants to apply


General assistant

at Siloam Persian

Rugs & Carpets,

Vuyani Harrison

Yose and

Nkosinathi Raul

Mxube with one

of the many

splendid carpets

on offer. Take

advantage of

their winter sale


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advertising feature

June 23, 2016

Rosehill Mall puts shoppers needs first

From page 12

will find all that you need to

pursue scrapbooking and

unleash not only your

creativity but also the fun

element, while you create

beautiful memories with

embellishments, glue, chip

boards, stencils, glitter,

albums, paper, Instant photo

printing, canvases and more.

The business also offers

scrapbooking classes as well

as gift vouchers for all those

who wish to make something

truly unique and special.

Goshawk Printers is your

one-stop business emporium

for all your stationery, digital,

litho and printing needs,

offering services such as

business cards, flyers,

brochures, colour printing,

photo printing, booklets,

screening, design, rubber

stamps, lamination and much,

much more.

HFA – Hendri Frankenfeld

Architect was established in

1991 and has developed into a

self-sufficient architectural

practice with a growing client

base. Visit HFA where you will

find expertise for tailored

architect design and 3D

presentations, drafting

services, as-built plans,

municipal approval plans,

compliance with energy

efficiency, tenders, site

inspections, project

development and much more.

Find HFA at the Rosehill Mall,

Shop 20, for expertise you can

t rust.

Pam Golding Port Alfred

operates under the leadership

of Isobel Meyer, who has been

the dealer principal for 14

years. The Rosehill Mall

branch of Pam Golding

Properties opened five years

ago and currently has four

sales agents, namely Margie

Siegers – Goldclub agent

2016, Lauren Meyer, Zanel

Venter and Anzelle Ford.

Joining the ranks as a farm

agent is local farmer Adrian

Reed, whose experience in the

farming industry, as well as

his knowledge of farming, will

undoubtedly contribute

toward his success in the real

estate industry.

Andrew Meyer is head of

REAL ESTATE: Terry Kukard, Leanne Bushell, Heather Tyson (sitting on wall) Angelique Tzouves, Fiona Timm, Lilian Neave, Holly Colville Reeves (sitting on wall) Carole Hill,

John Muirhead and Gill Wannell are the dedicated team of property gurus at Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty, who have been a tenant at Rosehill Mall since its

opening in 2009

the rental division and

Marizka Burgess is the rental

agent, with the office

administered by Ziyanda

Molelle and Leigh-Ann Horne,

under the leadership of office

manager Philli Dell. We can

not however forget Bosko, the

German Shepherd, who in

partnership with Andrew

Meyer, is a crowd favourite.

The “I am Pam” campaign

strives to represent the spirit

of Pam Golding in each and

every one of her agents. “The

greatest reward of a 40-year

legacy, is seeing the spirit of

Pam in each and every one of

our extraordinary people” –

Pam Golding Properties Chief

Executive Andrew Golding.

Authentic East Asian

Cuisine can be found at

Kawayan Restaurant and

Take-away but there is much

more to enjoy than sushi, with

the menu including

breakfasts, a la carte menu

with soups, salads, seafood,

cakes, tea/coffee, milkshakes

and more. The specialities

include dishes such as

teriyaki, south east Asian

dishes, curries, chow mein

and, of course, the always

popular sushi bar, where

authentic sushi is prepared.

Make sure to visit Kawayan

for delicious food that will


Take a break with Coffee at

the Mall, where you will find

delicious cakes, coffee and

tea served daily as well as

scrumptious breakfasts and

lunches in a relaxing

atmosphere; sit down and be


If you are going on a trip

you need luggage and it can

all be found at Ladybird

Fashions which stocks

fantastic suitcases and travel

bags to suit any traveller and

destination. Also in stock are

gloves, hats and scarves to

keep you warm this winter in

style, as well as party gear

and accessories for that

special occasion or bit of fun.

Turn to page 15

NEW HOME: Quest Leisure and Gear finds a new home at Rosehill

Mall with bigger premises where customers can find a variety of

clothing, gadgets, gifts and more

Pet-X is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and non

porous carpet, and is installed in conjunction with

the Spillguard Underlay that forms part of the


Top Carpets and Floors.

urinate on the carpet, the urine sits on the surface of

Cnr Hill & New Str, GRAHAMSTOWN

Ph: 046 622 3534 / 083 381 4462

Email: lindy@topcarpetsgrahamstown.com

Shop24b, Rosehill mall, PORT ALFRED

Ph: 046 6242093

Email: admin@topcarpetsportalfred.com

June 23, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356

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advertising feature

Rosehill Mall

stocks all the

main brands

From page 14

FURNITURE AND MORE: When entering Marko Polo customers can certainly see that there is a lot on offer, from beautiful lounge suites to appliances,

electronics, bedding and more, everything you need to furnish your home

Marko Polo Furnishers located at the

Rosehill Mall and in the Port Alfred CBD, are

stockists of all the main brands from

Panasonic, Samsung to Defy in appliances,

electronics, bedding and lounge suites. The

wonderfully friendly staff are always ready to

assist and provide terrific service. “We offer

the best deals guaranteed to best any price,”

owner Mark Pauls said. Make sure to take

advantage of the yellow dot sale, now on at

Marko Polo, where you can find unbelievable

deals as the business prepares to revamp

their stores and need to make room, with an

“out with the old, in with the new” approach

Pauls said. Call or visit, town branch manager

Chris Avis, or Rosehill Mall branch manager

Nickson Chingoma, who are eagerly awaiting

to assist you.

Tahoe Spur has truly found a home at

Rosehill Mall, located at the food court of the

mall, the popular family restaurant and South

African favourite offers delicious food, from

their mouth-watering burgers, ribs, hot dogs,

seafood to their breakfasts, coffees and more.

The restaurant also has a kiddies play area

which allows parents to enjoy a meal stressfree

and now offers a delivery service within

Port Alfred area.

In conjunction with the Spur, the Ro s e h i l l

Cinema is a terrific addition to Port Alfred and

the Rosehill Mall, showing the latest movies in

quality surround-sound. The cinema brings the

latest releases to the public and even provides

3D movies for the enjoyment of viewers. Make

sure not to miss out on the coming

at t ractions.

MAKE A HOUSE A HOME: Visit Home Essentials where you will find everything you need around the home to make life that much easier




























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June 23, 2016


Receiving merit

awards for their

service to

communities through

their different

organisations are,

from left, NSRI deputy

head Steven Slade,

Juan Pretorius, Rotary

president Ren Mouton,

Rosemary Mogale,

Margaret Mogale and

Jan Blom


Honouring local heroes


THREE non-Rotary members

and the organisations they

serve were honoured last

Tuesday evening at the Rotary

Merits Awards evening held at

the Port Alfred River and

Ski-boat Club.

The award ceremony was a

tad emotional for president

Ren Mouton as this was one of

her last duties as Rotary

president for the year. Next

Tuesday Mouton will be

handing over the reins at the

annual Rotary Induction dinner

to Rotarian Dave Hawkins.

For Mouton it was

bittersweet as she

congratulated and singled out

health care worker Rosemary

Mogale and bestowed the

excellence in service award to

her for dedication to helping

and running the eye clinic.

Mogale is an integral member

of the eye clinic and over and

above her work, assists with

organising transport for

patients and helps p at i e n t s

and optome- trists with

interpretations and explaining


Juan Pretorius, as the

station head at National Sea

Rescue Institute, was awarded

the certificate of appreciation

of service to community. He

has been a member for 11 years

and for seven years served as

Thank you for the award

and also the boost in

morale. We give our lives

over to the organisation

station head, keeping watch

over a vast area on the water

and on land. NSRI is an

organisation that relies on

donations, sponsorship, donors

and volunteers and assists in

training camps as well as

educational workshops for

children about water safety.

“Thank you for the award

and also the boost in morale.

We give our lives over to the

organisation, like you do to

Rotar y,” Pretorius said.

He was happy to report that

the Port Alfred NSRI had a

quiet year and had done only

12 operations over 12 months;

four in one month and the rest

scat tered.

Founder of Nemato Change,

a Life, Jan Blom, received the

Rotary merit award for

leadership and was honoured

for the tireless work he has

done for the Port Alfred and

Nemato community.

He started Nemato Change

a Life as a rowing initiative to

help spark interest in

previously disadvantage

youths in the sport.

The organisation quickly

grew to a youth empowerment

organisation and now offers a

gymnasium, maths classes,

pre-school teacher training,

fencing and tumbling classes.

The organisation has

spawned many sport

champions and cultivated

youth in positive directions.

“Thank you for an award that

says ‘keep going when it’s

tough’,” Blom said.


Tales of the Port Alfred Harbour


REPEATED requests

for this photograph,

which we have

shown before,

naturally leads to a

more in-depth story regarding

the first harbour in Port


Tucked into bank of the

east-bank section of the river

mouth, a facility was

constructed for the

harbourmaster; his home,

office, store rooms, dungeon,

which served as a jail as well.

While telling this tale, one

must picture the mouth of the

Kowie River as a shallow inlet,

barely deep enough to allow

any ship of significant size to

enter there.

It was not the large river

mouth of today. The old

entrance was closed off by

one William Cock when he

dug through the sandbanks

and built the two piers. The

marina is now on the old river


Ships would anchor

offshore and longboats sent

into the river to trade, explore

and restock the ships with

fresh water and any


please collect voucher (must show ID)ſ

attempting to redeem prize. Last week’s winner is Evie Mackay

Wharf Street

... with Bev Young

RIVER MOUTH: Prior to the

construction of the marina

comestibles available; usually,

fresh fish, or meat if they


The town fathers needed to

generate income and so

appointed a harbourmaster

and built the facility. Entering

the old mouth, sailors or their

captains had to report to the

“m a st e r ” and pay a standard

tax on anything they brought

in to trade, as well as on

goods they were taking out.

One of the favourite and


commodities was

alcohol. Misuse of

this was common,

hence the necessity

for a jail, which was

also used for more

serious occurrences such as

murder or theft.

It is difficult to imagine

exactly what the house and

buildings looked like, as the

place was abandoned once

the new river mouth and

harbour were functional.

Exploring there in 1997, we

found old foundations built of

rock and, sadly, small pieces

of pink marble.

We were told that a

developer had purchased the

land and demolished

everything, including

unearthing huge slabs of pink

marble which he took away

from there.

What was exciting however,

was when we discovered a

fully intact well in the

grounds, thankfully covered

by a slab of stone.

As an added bonus, on

being tested, it was found to

contain the purest water.

D I L A P I D AT E D :

The old


M a st e r ’s

building in



Tel No:...................................................................................................



Winners of last

week’s crossword:

Fish River Sun

Midweek Breakfast

for Two –

Erika Freeme

Pick n Pay Voucher

– D.Nicholas

Winners to please

collect voucher

(must show ID) from


attempting to redeem



Address:....................................................Tel No:......................................................

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Talk of the Town 17



Newsdesk: (046) 624-4356 (Jon Houzet) Advertising: (046) 624-4356 (Mauneen Charter)


Special guests at the

Brenda Lear Hospice

Bridge Drive last

Friday included, from

left, Peter Lear, and

Kay and Tommy

Har tzenberg

Pictures: JON HOUZET

LEADING LADIES: Brenda Lear Hospice Bridge Drive organiser Trish Versfeld, left, and tournament

director Elzabe Rodriguez, right, received bouquets from Hospice manager Zelda Elliott

Bridge drive a money

spinner for Hospice


SUNSHINE Coast Hospice

raised R20000 at its 14th

annual bridge drive at Don

Powis Hall, Settlers Park, last

Fr i d ay.

Seasoned and novice bridge

players from Grahamstown and

Kenton-on-Sea joined locals for

the well-supported event,

which will henceforth be

named the Brenda Lear

Hospice Bridge Drive in honour

of the woman who started it.

Special guest Tommy

Hartzenberg was commended

for selling R10 220 in raffle

tickets, with the assistance of

Trish Versfeld and the Hospice


Glen’s Den donated the first

prize, R1 000 cash, for the raffle

and Hugh Wormald donated

second prize, R750 cash.

First-prize winner, known

only as Robbie M, left

instructions that if his name

should be drawn, the money

be donated to Hospice.

Second-prize winner was

Mitford Thompson.

No grand slam was called or

made, but the winners of a

small slam were Andrew

Osinski and Hubert Webber.

The highest score in the

green section was made by

Helen Clohessy and Gay Ford,

while the winners of the red

section were Sue Purdon and

Louise Butler.


winners of a small

slam at the Brenda

Lear Hospice Bridge

Drive last Friday were

Hubert Webber, left,

and Andrew Osinski



manager Zelda Elliott,

centre, presented

bouquets to Marion

König, left, and Berry

Schmidt for their work

arranging table decor

and food preparation

at the Brenda Lear

Hospice Bridge Drive

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June 23, 2016


Errors reported before Tuesday will not be charged for. Deadline: Friday 10am




1010 Births

1040 Engagements

1050 Marriages

1070 Deaths

1100 In Memoriam

1220 Congrats / Best Wishes

1230 Birthday Greetings

1290 Thanks


2070 Health & Beauty

2110 Lifts

2140 Lost

2142 Found

2240 Personal Services


3060 Entertainment General


5010 Education & Tuition

5090 Plumbing

5100 Electrical Services

5120 Building Services

5122 Home Maintenance

5160 Walls / Fencing

5190 Painting / Decorating

5210 Pools, Spas, Accessories

5260 Computer Services

5330 Photography

5360 Garden Services

5380 Special Services

5451 For Sale

5480 Horses

5510 Kennels and Pets

5550 Misc Wanted

5551 Wanted Known

5570 Removals and Storage

5630 Services Offered

5640 Shuttle Services


6140 Education & Training

6150 Employment Wanted

6151 Employment

6170 Estate Agents

6370 Employment Wanted Domestic


7020 Accomm. Off / Wtd

7060 Flats to Let

7090 Houses to Let

7151 Holiday Accommodation


8010 Flats For Sale

8050 Houses For Sale

8161 Business Premises To Let

8163 Business Premises For Sale


9070 Used Car Sales

9440 Motorcycles




























Health & Beauty























Personal Services










Building Services









Building Services


Home Maintenance









Garden Services


Kennels and Pets


Misc. Wanted














Removals & Storage


Services Offered







Services Offered







Houses Wanted












Used Car Sales

Quality Select Used Vehicles


AUTO R 55 000

2006 HYUNDAI TUSCON 2.0 GLS R 89 900

2007 VW CITI 1.4 R 47 500

2010 HYUNDAI i20 1.6 R102 500


+ XGEAR R102 500

2011 VW POLO VIVO 1.4 A/C 5DR R 92 500

2012 TOYOTA ETIOS 1.5 XS R 99 900

2014 VW POLO VIVO 1.4 A/C 5DR R124 900





P/U D/C R 234 900


SPORT R172 500

2015 NISSAN NP200 1.6 A/C SAFETY

PACK R 99 900


Tel : 046 624 8468

Shop A1, 90 Albany Road

Advertising Deadline:

Friday 10am for the

following week’s publication.




Employment Wtd.

ELLIOT is looking for

general employment. Has

FoGe GriYers liFense

with PDP. Previously

employed as a painter. Has

contactable references.

Contact no: 083 770 0553

EMELINA is looking for

domestic/sleep-in position.

Phone: 063 202 1705/

082 708 3273

FADZAI is a Zimbabwean

female looking for

housekeeping work.

Phone: 083 477 1324


is looking for

work in a garden nursery,

bookshop or reception

work. Not computer literate

but willing to learn. Phone:

079 865 4281

MELODY is seeking

full/part time housekeeping

work. Hardworking and

reliable. Also willing to do

aftercare for kids. Phone:

084 965 9563

NOZI is looking for full/part

time domestic work.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays

and Fridays only. For

reference please phone

082 210 2844 or contact

Nozi @ 073 3930 574

TRYPHINE is looking for

domestic work. Phone:

063 393 1988

YVONNE is looking for

housekeeping work.

Phone: 062 897 4753


Employment Offered














Estate Agents






All Tenants are screened and

Credit checks are done.

We update payment profile

at the national credit bureau.

Contact us for professional

and Experienced property


Contact Arlene Du Plessis

at Remax Kowie

Tel: 046 624 1110



Estate Agents



























,1 7+( 0$*,675$7(6 &2857 )25 7+(











%( 3/($6(' 72 7$.( 127,&( WKDW WKH 6DOH


KHOG RQ -8/< DWKDW08,692*(/


[ %HQFK 6DZ -(7


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Talk of the Town 19


Motor Mate

Tel: 046 624 5508


Phil's Car Wash + numberplates

Cell: 082 600 2885


L&W Couriers

Tel: 046 624 8043, Cell: 072 711 0094


Dr. D. de Vos

Tel: 046 624 5111




The Shade Factor

Murray & Sandy: 082 366 9878


Trimax Construction - Jacques Broodryk

Cell: 082 367 7801 or Cell: 082 565 3205


Long distance - Greyhound, Intercape &


Nombulelo: 046 624 4044



Sunshine Cleaning / Homecare

Michael: 076 792 4884 or 083 442 8208

Kwikdri Cleaners/Carpets/ Walls etc.

Darryl Holland 071 429 0028



Com Office

Tel: 046 624 3123 / 3175

CalComp Technologies

Cell: 0793 358 277

Nationwide Port to Port Couriers

Tel: 046 624 1215, Cell: 087 354 0804



Tel: 046 624 3630


Icon Hair

Tel: 046 624 1265


JD Electrical

John Dacombe 083 276 4627

LP Gaz

Tel: 046 624 8070


PG Glass - Grahamstown

Tel: 046 622 2950, Cell: 082 800 9276



Sotheby's - Angelique Tzouves

Tel: 046 624 5607 | 060 986 7677

Harcourts - Glynis Mather-Pike

Tel: 046 624 5222, Cell: 082 604 2733


Mr. Water Yamaha

Landline: 046 624 4012

Andre: 082 566 7774, Karen: 084 814 1139

Tricks and magic in new

illusion thriller sequel


Now You See Me 2 – The Second Act with

Morgan Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe, Dave

Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and

Woody Harrelson, directed by Jon M Chu.


IF tricks and illusions tickle your fancy then

the sequel to Now You See Me will be right up

your alley. After fleeing from a stage show, the

master illusionists J Daniel Atlas (Jesse

Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody

Harrelson) and Lula May (Lizzy Caplan), the

remaining members of the Four Horsemen, find


D.M. Radue Optometrists

Tel: 046 624 4558



The Frameworks & Sign Co.

Kerry: 046 624 1716, Cell: 082 730 7573


GoTravel.co.za - Port Alfred

Tony King: 046 624 4044


Supa Quick

Tel: 046 624 4190


Tel: 046 624 9034

themselves in more trouble in Macau, China.

After hiding there for a year, the Four

Horsemen plan to infiltrate a corrupt

businessman’s company and expose him as a

crook whose new software secretly steals data

from its users for his personal benefit.

Their handler, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark

Ruffalo) assigns them on a mission to hijack an

event and expose the software criminal for what

he is. With all the razzle-dazzle from the first

movie, the illusionists, popular

among the public,

unexpectedly have their big

reveal backfire when they are

interrupted by a mysterious

individual who reveals to the

world that Jack Wilder (Dave

Franco), believed to be dead,

is actually alive, and that Rhodes is their mole,

forcing the agent to evade justice and flee.

While attempting to escape, the Horsemen

are captured by mercenaries who in return force

them to steal a powerful chip that can control

all of the world’s computers. Meanwhile Rhodes

hatches his own plot against Thaddeus Bradley

(Morgan Freeman), the man he blames for the

death of his father.

The Horsemen infiltrate the facility and steal

the device, evading the authorities and



successfully escaping the casino – but not

before some plot twists and a build-up to final

act; another trick of ginormous proportion that

exposes the mercenaries once and for all.

The joy of a really good magic trick is not in

genuinely believing that someone has made, fo r

example, an airplane disappear but realising

they have outsmarted you.

While engrossed in the plot one finds oneself

on the edge of the chair anticipating the next

move because, despite

following closely, tricks


reveal themselves when

least expected.

The film is fun because

as viewers we know real

magic does not exist and

it’s only our perception that

is being tricked. The foursome plan and plot the

biggest illusion and in their grand finale – while

managing to make rain stop – people disappear

behind life size cards and there is a fake

hijacking of a plane.

The sequel, like the first movie, has a sort of

Ocean’s Eleven feel with magicians, mind

readers and escape artists who are brought

together by a mysterious overlord who upholds

a twisted belief in what’s right and wrong. The

film is good, fun-filled entertainment.



What’s hot or not at the box office


Mind reader and

illusionist Merritt

McKinney (Woody

Harrelson) with the

other Horsemen

manage to steal and

conceal a specialised

software chip while

being searched in

illusion thriller ‘N ow

you see me 2’ n ow

showing at Rosehill


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June 23, 2016


Chris with

fo u r - ye a r - o l d

Craig Houston

had a good time

taking part in the

Happy Hours

Superhero Walk

for Father’s day



INCOGNITO: Neil van der Linde with sons Connor and Kyle dressed up like

superheroes for the Happy Hours Superhero Walk held in honour of dads

and special male role models for Father’s Day at the Port Alfred Country




The Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM) is in the process of updating the

database of all prospective suppliers in accordance with Section 14(1)(a)(ii) of the

Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations and in terms of the National

Treasury Circular no 81.

Prospective suppliers must be registered on the Centralised Supplier Database

(CSD) in order to do business with all Organs of State, e.g. municipalities,

departments, etc. effective 1 July 2016.

A completed original Declaration of Interest form is required by SBDM and must

reach the following address:

Supply Chain Management Unit or Supply Chain Management Unit

32 Govan Mbeki Avenue P.O. Box 318

Standard Bank Building

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth 6000

To register on the CSD, visit the CSD website: https://secure.csd.gov.za/

Account/Register and the Declaration of Interest form can be obtained on the

SBDM website: www.sarahbaartman.co.za

Please note that registration on the database is free of charge and a registration

number (MAAA…) will be allocated by the CSD system to all successful applicants.

In addition, this process ensures eligibility to conduct business with the SBDM, but

does not guarantee immediate business opportunities.

For further enquiries or for assistance, please contact 041 508 7071.


NOTICE NO. 31 OF 2016 DATED 22 JUNE 2016

Standard Bank Building

32 Govan Mbeki Avenue

P O Box 318

Port Elizabeth, 6001

Tel: 041 508 7111

Fax: 041 508 7000



URS 19597


Enjoying the

Happy Hours


Walk held by

Happy Hours in

celebration of

Fat h e r ’s Day is,

dad Doggie

Wright with


Kyrah and

Kour tney


Susan Harty identified and thanked

the winners of the recent Child

Welfare raffle winners. Three winners,

Wayne Wiblin, Jacques de Villiers and

Gary Fletcher each donated their

prizes back for Child Welfare to enter

for the next raffle. Happy to support

the organisation are, from left, Martin

Neethling, Marius de Beer, Joani

Stotter, Miles Purdon, Sam Sharper,

Jo Betts, Michelle Alberts, Tienie

Lindeque, Travis Henderson and baby

Alexander Henderson, Susan Harty

and Theresa Alexander. Port Alfred

Child Welfare would like to thank the

Port Alfred Community for the

on-going support Picture: LOUISE CARTER


All E/W pairs were in 4 Spades and received the Ace of Clubs Lead. Indeed,



good case to be made for South, with his uneven distribution, to call 2

Clubs. This would inform his partner of his Club suit. Then they can happily


MBC RESULTS……….16 June ‘16

1. H.Clohessy & G.Wansell 72.0%

2. P.Bailes & G.Ford 65.0%

All other scores were below average.


Results for Monday, 20 June 2016

A Section (7 tables)

N-S 1st J Wright & P Southey 65.5%

2nd E Rodrigues & K Botha 60.1%

E-W 1st R Rodrigues & A Ridderhof 57.1%

1st L Inglis & H Clohessy 57.1%

C Section (9 tables)

N-S 1st W Jurgensen & A Ward 63.0%

2nd D Lang & R Morgan 55.1%

E-W 1st Patricia & David Townsend 64.8%

2nd L Butler & C Lardner-Burke 60.9%

Board 26: Dealer E, game all

The bidding on this deal could possibly be:

¹RKCB. ² 3 key cards.

North leads the JC and you count your winners and losers. The danger to the

hand is that once the Ace of clubs is gone you have losing clubs in your hand;

so your only way to make the slam is to play for a 3:3 break in hearts and a

3:3 break in spades. Therefore you ruff the jack of clubs in dummy and lead a

small diamond to the Ace, followed by three rounds of trumps. Now you lead

the spade Jack and duck it even if North covers with the King. Most Souths

will win the Jack with the King and play the King of clubs. Now you win the club with the Ace and lead a

spade to dummy which enables you to discard three losing clubs on the established spades. Note that

South can scupper your plans by ducking the spade jack which will prevent declarer from ever establishing

the spade suit. If you play the hand in four hearts, a safer way to plan the play is to win the club jack

with the Ace, cash the Ace of diamonds, ruff a club in dummy and discard a club on the diamond King.

Unfortunately in this case South ruffs the second diamond!!

Results by section

A Section 3NT=; 4H=(2); 4H+1; 4H+2; 6H=; 6NT-1

C Section 3NT+1 (2); 4H-1; 4H= (2); 5D=; 5H+1; 6H-2 (2)

Full results at: www.pabridge.co.za, including details of all the hands.

Need a partner, or want to improve your bridge? Contact us; phone Joy at 084 242 7777

SCHOOL’S OUT: Sethu Toto, left, and Vuyo

Faaltein from Rosehill SUPERSPAR dressed up in

school uniforms last Thursday to celebrate

Youth Day


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Talk of the Town 21




Newsdesk: sidp@imaginet.co.za; Cell: 071-969-6330

... with Sid Penney


Accommodation establishments across the city

and surrounding districts, as far as the coast,

are fully booked; school, community and church

halls in “Festival City” are being transformed

into show venues complete with stages and

mini-grandstands; hundreds of colourful and

eye-catching posters publicising shows are

going up on walls all over the place; huge

quantities of food and liquid refreshments in all

their forms will soon be trucked in; marquees

and tents have been rising like mushrooms on

the Great field which will soon become the

Village Green; traffic volumes have started to

increase; and local residents are beginning to

savour their annual dose of “fe st i va l - fe v e r ”.

Oh yes, Grahamstown and its residents are

gearing up for the 2016 edition of the National

Arts Festival which runs from June 30 to July 10.


It was a hectic few days leading up to the

official opening of the new Oak Cottage SPAR

last week, what with finishing touches being

put to the building, packing of shelves, training

new staff and bringing the computer network

up and running smoothly.

The frenetic on-site activity came to a head

on Tuesday last week when SPAR owners Guy

and Jill White cut the ribbon at the front door to

declare the store open. No sooner were

formalities done with, than a few dozen eager

customers poured into the store. Already inside

were numerous SUPERSPAR and SPAR owners

and managers from other cities and towns,

supporting and congratulating the owners on

the latest addition to the SPAR family.

Once the excitement of the opening

proceedings had died down, Jill White s p o ke

about the new store and her journey over the

past 11 years with the SPAR group. The big news

is the new SPAR will open 24 hours a day,

seven days a week, the same as Oak Cottage

KWIKSPAR next door. Due to the increase in

store size and expected volume of business, the

staff complement has almost doubled from that

of KWIKSPAR to the 70 of the new SPAR.

White added that all the KWIKSPAR staff

members had been transferred to the new

store, some on promotion, and several new

employees appointed.

“Some staff members have been with us from

the beginning,” she enthused, heaping praise

on them for their loyalty and hard work.

White has seen the new store grow from a

convenience shop to a KWIKSPAR and

eventually to the new store.

She mentioned that the parking issue was

being attended to. “The KWIKSPAR building is

being demolished to create on-site parking, and

the parking area should be completed in time

for the festival,” she added.

White commented that the opening few days

had been amazing, with great support from the

community and K-Day visitors.

The ground floor of the SPAR comprises retail

sections, while the first floor houses the various

preparation divisions for the bakery, butchery,

delicatessen and fresh produce. Also on the

ground floor are separate sections for fried

chicken, a smoothie bar, sushi bar, coffee bar

and delicatessen. The attractive interior design

and layout of the new SPAR was the work of

head of design at SPAR’s regional offices in Port

Elizabeth Abegail Witbooi.


A new venue on the Fringe programme at this

year’s National Arts Festival is The Museum of

Theatre which is, in fact, the recently completed

National English Literary Museum (NELM) in

Worcester Street. Meanwhile, a post on the

NELM Facebook page says they have moved to

their new premises in Worcester Street.

“All the collections and most of the staff are

safely in the new building. Now the unpacking

star ts,” says the post.


On several occasions I have written about the

garden refuse accumulating into a huge heap in

Hillsview Road at the entrance to the lane

leading to Beadle Street. Well, the good news is

that the rubbish has been removed. Hope it

stays clean and clear.


Playing in front of a typically huge K-Day derby

crowd on City Lords on Saturday afternoon,

home side Kingswood College defeated St

Andrew’s College by 34 points to 22 in their

First 15 rugby encounter. Kingswood led 26-10

at half time. The home team scored five tries to

the visitors’ three.

Another large crowd witnessed the first-team


Cottage SPAR owners

Jill and Guy White,

right, about to cut the

ribbon to declare the

new store officially

open last week.

Looking on is S PA R

operations director

Mike De St Pern, who

is based in Port


See story on

this page


girls’ hockey match on the adjacent astro,

where Diocesan School for Girls beat hosts

Kingswood 4-0. Among those watching the

d ay ’s action were scores of Old Kingswoodians

from the 1996 and 2006 matric classes,

celebrating their 20- and 10-year reunions.


The National Arts Festival (NAF) Fringe

programme, sporting 369 productions this year,

has received a R10-million boost from the

National Lotteries Commission (NLC). As part of

the agreement, Fringe artists will receive R1 000

rebates on their venue hire costs.


The local Brian Mullins/Alan Weyer duo is back

at NAF this year for three Boet ’n Swaer shows

in the Scout Hall (July 2 and 3) and Drill Hall

(July 4). Check out the festival programme for

more information.


Congratulations to director at Rhodes

Universit y’s Institute for Water Research

Professor Dennis Hughes upon receiving the

2016 International Hydrology Award for his work

that has centred around rainwater harvesting as

a way of addressing water shortages in

sub-Saharan Africa.


The solo theatre performance of Immor tal,

featuring Jenna Dunster, is a drama based on

the events of the Blaauwkrantz Bridge train

disaster between Port Alfred and Grahamstown

in April 1911. A special token of thanks is given

in the programme to Grahamstown resident Ben

Bezuidenhout who researched the disaster and

wrote a book on the incident several years ago.


Tomorrow sees the student body of Rhodes

University proceeding on their mid-year

vacation after a lengthy second term. They

return to Grahamstown and campus for the

start of the third term on July 18.


Former Grahamstown general practitioner Dr

Johan Dippenaar died in Port Elizabeth last

Thursday. After leaving Grahamstown some

DESIGNER MAGIC: Oak Cottage SPAR owners Guy and Jill White have

received numerous compliments and accolades on the layout and design

of the new store’s interior. Here, Jill White thanks Abegail Witbooi,

designer of the store’s interior, on a job well done. Witbooi is head of

design at SPAR’s regional offices in Port Elizabeth Picture: SID PENNEY

years ago, he became a senior staff member of

Aurora Rehabilitation Hospital.


Pieter-Dirk Uys writes on page 38 of the

programme, a page devoted to the play The

Echo of a Noise: “This picture [a photo of Uys

with Table Mountain in the background] was

taken on Blouberg beach on February 11 1990,

the day Nelson Mandela was freed from jail.”

Uys continues: “Neither I nor South Africa

look the same today.” In the photo he appears

to be looking in the direction of Robben Island.

This year he will be visiting the National Arts

Festival for the umpteenth time.


Of the first test between South Africa and

Ireland I wrote in last week’s column about the

loud and lively music played at every break

during the match, and that it had annoyed me. I

regarded that as a “no-no”.

Another “no-no” came during the second test

in Johannesburg this past weekend when

certain elements in the crowd booed the

Springboks as they left the field of play. But the

mood changed and the crowd cheered the Boks

vociferously after they defeated the Irish.

And now the Port Elizabeth test on Saturday

will be the decider.


Former Rhodes University student and De Beers

House resident of not so long ago Tyson

Ngubeni is one of eight comedians featured in

The Very Big Comedy Show in the Guy Butler

Theatre on July 6, appearing alongside Marc

Lottering, Rob van Vuuren and others.


The Fountain Foyer in the Monument will be the

venue, each evening from 5pm during the

festival, of the free Sundowner Concerts,

featuring some of the best on the Fringe.


Making its debut appearance on the National

Arts Festival main stage is Johannesburg band

Prime Circle, fresh from its tour of Europe.

They’re in the Guy Butler Theatre on Wednesday

July 6 in what could well be a sold-out

per formance.

ON COURTS ABROAD: The Graeme College senior tennis team left yesterday on its three-week tour of the UK, during

which they will play matches against Wellington College, Bedford School, Sevenoaks School and Kings College. The

touring party will also watch tennis at Wimbledon and cricket between Oxford and Cambridge at Lords. Accompanying

the team will be Hanlie van der Meulen (coach) and Nico van der Meulen (master-in-charge of sport). The touring party

comprises, from left, back row, Aaron Richardson, Christopher Gleaves, Nicholas Zimmerman, Richard Beyleveld, Mark

Amm, Theodore Repinz, Jeremy Beyleveld and Rudolph Botha; in front, Nico van der Meulen, Jonathan Maasdorp,

Riaan Labuschagne, Tristan Pullen, Bryn Reynolds, Bryan Geyer and Hanlie van der Meulen

WAR DANCE: Tradition has it that Grade 8 pupils of Kingswood College and

Diocesan School for Girls perform a dance before the first-team girls’ h o c ke y

match on K-Day. Last Saturday, DSG opened proceedings, followed by Kingswood

(above). DSG won the first-team hockey match 4-0


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June 23, 2016

Kingswood takes K-Day crown!

Nail-biter sees their first win

on home turf since 1980

THE annual clash between St

Andrew’s College/DSG and

longtime rivals, Kingswood

College, known fondly by pupils

and alumni as K-Day, remains

one of the biggest sporting

highlights in Grahamstown every

y e a r.

This year, K-Day returned to

the Kingswood turf and dished

an exciting hand of Kingswood

competitiveness and triumph

over the St Andrew’s/DSG

counterpar ts.

The three-day-long clash has

long-existed as a day to divide

Grahamstonians, with its footing

strongly planted in more than a

100 years of competitiveness and


Anyone, no matter what school

affiliation, who has been on the

sidelines, will recall what a

unique atmosphere it is as the

school spirit can be very easily

seen both on and off the field.

Once again this year, pupils,

parents and members of the

Grahamstown community

flocked from field to field,

eagerly watching the high level

of sport on offer, as the three

Kowie Bowling Club

TUESDAY on we played our SUPERSPAR

competition with a fairly small field, I

would imagine because of the imminent

weather. Michael van de Sandt and his

team of Mike Beaumont and Gerald Mills

were in top form to beat Bob Ford’s team

by 8/+13 and Rob Owsley’s team of 4’s

was the runner up beating Pieter

Stegmann’s team. The winning team took

home the SPAR vouchers, thank you SPAR.

Thursday, June 16, public holiday has

now been dedicated to a new competition

“Eastern Areas presidents Day” mixed trips

competition with each EA club entering 2

teams and the host club an additional

team with the president entering his own

team. The comp it played over three games

of 15 ends with tea and lunch served

between games. It was a very enjoyable

day played in fine weather with a three

skins scoring system. Albany, Kallie

Calitz’s team finished on top after winning

their three games played with 27 points. In

second place was Kowie’s Michael vd

Sandt’s team also winning all their games

but finishing two points behind and Dave

Lang’s Port Alfred team was in third place

on 20 points. Eastern Areas provided three

small cash prizes for the top teams.

General consensus was that it had been a

very good idea for the district to give back

to the bowlers in the district and it should


schools competed in netball,

hockey and rugby.

St Andrew’s first team rugby

boys marched onto the field last

Saturday for the ultimate K-Day

showdown against the

Kingswood firsts.

It was St Andrew’s game to

win since they suffered a close

defeat last year, losing to

Kingswood with only one point

but, unfortunately, home ground

gave the Kingswood gladiators

enough reason to pummel the St

Andrew’s first team, beating

them by 34-22.

It was their first victory on

home soil (played on Gane Field)

since 1962 and, while they faced

intense pressure to perform,

Captain Olehile Losaba stated in

the build-up that the pressure

had been a privilege.

Ultimately, Kingswood

triumphed at City Lords last

Saturday in front of the biggest

crowd seen at the derby in years.

According to Kingswood

College marketing coordinator,

Mfundo Ncube, the game got off

to a flying start, with St Andrews

setting the pace and drawing

BREAKING THE LINE: Kingswood College first rugby team smashed the St Andrew’s College boys

last week in their first victory on home ground since 1962 during last week’s K-Day sports festival

first blood with a try from Ross

Ferguson three minutes in.

Centre Matt Moore made no

mistake in converting.

Not letting the quick try and

conversion break their spirits,

the Kingswood boys held their

composure and hit back straight

away with a try of their own.

Kingswood’s Lutho Nomoyi put

through a clever grubber for

fellow centre Siba Mzanywa to

dart through for a try, which was

converted by fly-half Weston

Pot g i e t e r.


... what’s happening

be kept up. Thank you Eastern Areas and

this competition will be played at the EA’s

Presidents Club on the public holiday. On

the same day the club played our

sponsored Ocean Basket competition

within the club and this was Pieter

Stegmann’s day for his trip of Dave Tyrrell

and Pam Taylor with a big win over Eddie

Hoseck’s team and runner up on the day

David Bank’s trip over John Hubbard’s

team in a very closely contested game.

Both Winner and runner up took home

Ocean Basket vouchers.

It was a busy bowls weekend with the

seven section winners of the EA Men’s

Pairs competition heading back to Albany

for the playoffs in two sections. Well done

to Rob Owlsley and Pieter Stegmann on

winning their section and will play Kallie

Calitz in the final (believed to be played at

Kowie on Sunday morning). Our ladies

Delene Deenik and Dot Rohrs are the EA

Ladies champions, well done ladies with

Thelma du Preez of Albany as the runnerup.

The weekend also saw the start of our

club open singles championship with 3

sections playing. With the bowls

commitments we have had to spread the

competition over a couple of weeks with

our final due to be played on Sunday July

10.. For Saturday’s tab bowls, we played

From there on, a nail-biting

bat tle followed, and with only 12

minutes from half-time,

Lubambo Sibam broke through

the tight St Andrew’s defence

after sustained pressure on the

side’s try line, to put the hosts

ahead. This time, Potgieter failed

to convert. Five minutes later,

St Andrews’s’ Moore nailed a

penalty to place them within

touching distance.

However, Kingswood once

again wasted no time

responding with Sibam scoring

our delayed Courtyard competition and

Delene Deenik’s fours of Allan Sheridan,

Basil Clark and Pam Taylor were on their

winning ways in defeating Tony Brown’s

team two points/nine shots under par.

Dave Bank’s team defeated Gavin Deenik’s

team to take the runner-up spot, but only

the winning team took home Courtyard

vouchers, thank you Allan.

Duties for week June 27-July 3:

Greens: Roll – Pieter Stegmann. Mark –

Siggie Rohrs and Allan Sheridan. Tabs:

Cash – Lucia Nel. Select - PW Tomlinson.

Bar: Gavin and Delene Deenik.

Kenton Bowls Club

REMEMBER that the closing date for the EA Men’s

and ladies fours competition to be started at

Kenton for the Men on the July 16 and 17 is the

June 25. First games for the ladies is at

Grahamstown BC also on July 16 and 17.

Last weeks Supa Bucks saw Richard Beresford’s

team winning with a score of nine points (out of a

possible 10) and a shot profit of eight. Second was

Langham Carter’s team with 8 + 7.

On the same day two teams went and played in

the EA Presidents Fun Day at Kowie BC. Three

games of 15 ends with three sets of five ends with

a total of 10 points a game. No green fees, round

Robin, pre drawn. At the end Albany won the day.

Last Friday’s Personal Trust Sponsored Trips saw

20 teams on the greens in nice sunny weather.

There were several ends with score of six shots by

teams of Terry Bowen, Ruth Low, Don Baillie and

Bob Burrows. The winners were Langham Carters

team of Helen Birch and John Gaylard with a score

of 22 +15, second was Denis Stirk team with 21 +

10 and 3rd Ruth Lows team with 20 + 18.

The Friday night draw done by new social

member Sandy Rule which was worth R800 was

WON by Stella Baillie on number 11, so tomorrow

night the prize will go back to R500.

In trying to improve membership management

have arranged that from Wednesday June 29 and

every Wednesday from then to have a green ready

for any person that wants to play the game

starting at 2pm at a cost of R20. Tea/coffee


... rolls that count

WHAT a great turnout we had

on Saturday with perfect

weather conditions playing

ball for a change.

The first day of the B section

club championship was played

last Wednesday and

congratulations to Roger

his second try of the game.

Potgieter added the extra two


On the stroke of half-time,

winger Matthew Takeloo burst

through for Kingswood, handing

off two tacklers to score a

sensational try. Potgieter

converted once more.

Moore had a chance to close

the gap on the stroke of halftime,

but his penalty kick from

roughly 40m out went wide.

Kingswood went into the

break with a 26-10 advantage.

Darkes on winning all his

matches. A reminder that the

club is having a Christmas in

July Sunday lunch on the

third. Please enter your name

on the list on the noticeboard

if you want to attend.

This week Correen Gie will

be going to Port Elizabeth for

The second half began as a

tough arm-wrestle, although the

power of Kingswood’s forward

pack was now beginning to tell

as they kept making ground

charging up field.

With only 17 minutes from

full-time, Potgieter’s penalty kick

increased Kingswood’s lead to

19. Right after the penalty kick,

St Andrew’s put the Kingswood

defence under sustained

pressure for the next 10 minutes,

but failed to break through.

Then eventually, after a 40m

break up field from lock Shane

Weweje, Kingswood scored a try

through full-back Athi Halom –

which Stevens failed to convert.

As Kingswood rolled on all

seven of their substitutes, the St

Andrew’s fullback Ferguson hit

back with his second try of the

game. Ferguson tried his hand at

converting the try, but was


As the clock ticked down, St

Andrew’s prop and captain Sazi

Sandi scored a consolation try.

Moore returned to kicking

duties and converted.

However, it was too little, too

late – as Kingswood College

kept their K-Day crown.

The hockey and netball

clashes also saw some excellent

p l ay.

included. Bowls can be provided. Bar will be open

after game. Flat shoes necessary and Di

Gruneberg will be on hand to arrange matters. For

any further info contact Di on (046) 648-1666.

In the EA Men’s Pairs father and son, Luan and

Luther O’Connell won through the preliminary

rounds to play last weekend at Albany BC in the

final play off but unfortunately did not get through

to the final.

Catering will be cooking up a meal of Cornish

mince pasties with veg, rice and gravy plus a

pudding for R35 on Friday July 1, so members

please note in your diaries. A list will go up for all

wanting to participate so that the caterers can get

the necessary supplies.

This coming week end the Kowie GBS will be

played all day Saturday June 25. Kenton have

several teams entered.

Duty for week June 27-July 3: Tabs In cashier

Ken Nixon. Bar Ivor Rule and Brian Aldag.

Tail piece:The biggest lie I tell myself is ... “I

don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it…”

Port Alfred Bowling and Croquet Club

On Tuesday 14th the mixed fours final was played

and won by David Freeme, Chris Armitage, Dix

Lang and Emil Jurgensen. The Ocean Basket

sponsored competition was won by Noel Heale

and his team. Well done everyone. The President’s

Cup was played on Thursday July 16. Dave Lang

and his team came in third. The competition was

sponsored by Eastern Areas as a thank you to the

bowlers from each club who have given much to

bowls in their areas. We thank them all for their

efforts and input. The Guido’s sponsored

competition was played on Saturday July 18 and

was won by Neil de Villiers, Stan Weyer, John

Bennet and Peter Wansell.

Ten players from our club have been invited to

attend the EP Squad Trial on Sunday June 26. Our

club is very proud of their achievement and we

wish them good bowling in PE. The men are: David

Freeme, Phillip Taylor, Trevor Frost, Hein

Strombeck and Noel Heale; and the ladies are:

Jane Armitage, Maureen Heale, Sandra Wiblin,

Carol Grobbelaar and Adele Wood.

Rounds one and two of the men’s open singles

competition will be played on Wednesday

afternoon. The Radue trips competition will be

played on Saturday June 25.

Duties for the week June 28-July 3: Tabs –

Sylvia Provost and Anton Strombeck; Bar duty –

Dave Lang, Gordon Goff and John Bennet; Ironing

– Trevor Frost.

an appointment and you will

be very much in our thoughts.

After our very successful day

in East London last Sunday we

have arranged for them to visit

us on Sunday September 17.

A list will be on the

noticeboard for those wanting

to play.

June 23, 2016 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook

Talk of the Town 23

Wednesday June 15: Pick n Pay

four-ball alliance with 83

p l ay e r s .

1st: Marius Lombard, Marius

Wolmarans, Joost Vos, Dion van

Deventer - 91

2nd: Garry Botha, Harold Horne,

Rocky Rowe, Desmond Mjimla -


3rd : Mick Rushmere, Norman

Smith, Geoff Bladen, Nick Fox -


4th: Tommy Webster, Rick Pryce,

Trevor Taylor, Russel Dales - 88

Two clubs:

6th: N Loundar, R Rowe

8th: W Solz, K Heny, E Lindsay

13th: B Brady

Best gross: 73 – Ian Moncur

Best nett: 65 – Garry Botha

Nearest the pins:

Wimpy – 6th: Derrick Sinclair

Kowie River Cruises - 8th:

Dennis White

The Wharf Street Brew Pub –

11th: Alan Corrans

Dulux- 13th: Geoff Bladen

Debonairs Pizza Longest Drive –

14th: Mick Rushmere

VW Nearest the pin for two on

the 1st: Wollie Wolmarans

Saturday June 18:

Pennypinchers better ball

stableford with 61 players.

1st: Charlie Poulton, W Chemarly

- 49

2nd : Arnie Schultz, Mike Leg -


3rd : Johan du Plessis, Dave

Painting - 46

4th: John Muggeridge, Ross

Grainger - 45

5th: Geoff Bladen, Nick Fox - 45

Two clubs

6th: B Wright, C Poulton,

M Legg

11th: T Shanks, B Wright

13th: E Segers

Best gross: 63 – Johan du


Best nett: 64 – Johan du

Plessis, Ross Grainger

Nearest the pins:

Mooifontein Quarry – 6th: Bryan


Auto Smart Body Shop – 8th:

Alan Corrans

Lalibela – 11th: Sean Coetzee

The Wharf Street Brew Pub –

13th: Charlie Poulton

Wimpy longest drive – 18th –

le Roux Ferreira

Royal St Andrews – Nearest the

pin for two on the 1st: Nick Fox

1820s Golf

Monday June 13: With 24

players in excellent windless


... the results


Winners on 40: Wollie

Wolmarans, Juan Southey, Guy

Hilton-Barber, Cecil


Moosehead on 47: Mike Reid,

Ernest Allen, Dave Page, Noel


Good scores:

49: Juan Southey, Ken Banks

48: Don Howarth

47: Wollie Wolmarans

Two clubs:

8th: Wollie Wolmarans

11th: Ken Banks, Wollie

Wo l m a r a n s

13th: Wollie Wolmarans

Thursday June 16: With 21

players in very strong wind

Winners on 41: Andy Simpson,

Stan Weyer, Mick Parker, Dennis


Moosehead on 50: Ernest Allan,

Dallas Cowie, Guy Hilton-Barber

Good scores:

48: Peter Rinaldi

Two clubs: Nil

Fresh Stop Port Alfred mixed

June 18: It was cold as 20

players teed off on Saturday

morning, but it did warm up as

the morning progressed. The

players were drawn into five

four-balls, all consisting of one

lady and three gents in the

usual Fresh Stop two-to-count

stableford alliance.

Glynnis Renecle, Derek Sinclair,

Andy Manson and Terry Harris

counted out Jarred Hearty, Joe

Buys, Brian and Margie Reid

into second place, both covies

recording 85 points. This week’s

energy drinks (used for

recuperation purposes) were

issued to Lynne West, Eric

Lindsay, Fanie Smit and Lizzy

Lambrechts, although their 80

points were not that shabby in

comparison to the norm.

Tim Shanks (11) and Eric Segers

(13) both sank birdies on the

holes indicated. Andy Manson’s

tee shot on the eighth was the

only one to hit the eighth green

winning him the sponsor’s

bottle of wine on offer. Tim had

the best nett round of the day


KGB results

June 17: A muggy morning with

passing showers did not deter

15 drenched players from

entering the draw for a

one-to-count medal alliance

played in three balls.

John Abbot, Neil Loundar and

Eric Segers ended on nett 62 to

win the competition. Mike

Beaumont, Barrie Brady and

Heinz Czepluch were two off the

pace on nett 64.

Somebody had to pick up the

Hamer en Sukkel and the nett

67 carded by Peter Reed, Colin

Armstrong and visitor Matt

Mullins proved insufficient to

avoid this dubious honour.

There were no sub-70 individual

nett rounds and nobody holed a

t wo-club.

Friday June 20: A chilly start

that gradually warmed up as the

morning progressed saw 34

players play a two-to-count

stableford alliance in three three

balls and seven four balls.

The 93 points carded by Heather

van Harmelen, Barrie B Brady,

Mick Rushmere and Eric Segers

proved to be sufficient to win

the competition. The runners-up

position was shared by (1) Bryan

Robinson, Derek van Harmelen

and Peter Longhurst and (2)

John Abbott, Dale Wisener, Roy

Hicks and George Lake way

behind on 86.

The Hamer en Sukkel was also

shared, this time by (1) Jan

Immelman, Paul Fryer, Wilton

Adcock and Mike Brown and (2)

John Crandon, Tommy Meyer,

Jimmy van Rensburg and Mike


Brian Connack sank the only par

three birdie of the day (11th).

The best nett rounds were made

by Mick Rushmere (66), Heather

van Harmelen, Mark Warren

(68), Eric Segers and Dale

Wisener (69).

RPAGC Ladies results

June 14: The persistent rain in

the morning caused the

scheduled Sanlam Cancer

Challenge to be postponed. The

competition on the June 28 will

be an individual stableford

sponsored by Viv Jordan with

the Lady Graham Cup at stake.

GIRL POWER: Ladies team Tracy Almirall, left,

from Port Elizabeth, and her riding partner,

Monique Beattie from Cape Town, finished as

the first wo m e n ’s team at the Fish River

Mountain Bike Challenge last Sunday

PIECE OF CAKE: Jacques Herselman from

Jeffreys Bay looked extremely relaxed and did

not even break a sweat as he rode over the

finish line of the mountain bike challenge last

we e ke n d . He said although the course was

tough, he had thoroughly enjoyed the

experience and would be back to compete again


Liezel and Ken Prentis

finished in an

impressive collective

time of 5:32 for both

stages of the race and

clocked in as the

second mixed team

home. They share a

warm embrace at the

finish line

HELPING IMPROVE LIVES: Stenden South Africa students recently participated in a fun sports

event to raise money for a daycare facility in Bathurst, which caters for 50 children

Students get sporty for daycare fundraiser

A GROUP of event

management students

from Stenden South

Africa recently hosted

the “Stenden Games” to

support Bessie’s

daycare in Bathurst.

“Bessie, who prefers

just to go by her first

name, is a hardworking

lady who felt the

responsibility to fulfill

the need for a daycare

in her township.

“About 50 children

from naught to five

years old come to the

daycare every day,”

student Quimar Hooten


“Bessie opened a

daycare so the kids will

not be exposed to the

dangerous streets of

the township. They have

a safe place to go to –

a place where they can

play, learn, eat, be

watched and be t a ke n

care of,” he said.

However, the building

the daycare is situated

in is in a very bad state.

In order to improve

the facility, a plan has

to be worked out and

money raised to pay for

it, Hooten said.

Doing their bit to

help, The Stenden

Games, which were

held on June 9, saw

many st u d e n t s

participating and

raising more than

R5 000 for the daycare

centre. Hooten’s

co- organisers were

Marije ter Haar, Floor

Nieren and Koen van

der Haar. “We are very

happy we got the

chance to do something

for Bessie,” H o ot e n


IT has been a busy

fortnight for Carol and

Jean Nepgen who

braved icy

temperatures, wind and

rain in their quest to

rack up the kilometres.

On June 11 they were

in Port Elizabeth for the

Hydrassist Half

Marathon where the

inclement weather

made for a tough walk.

Carol finished in

3:26:30 with Jean a

second behind her.

On June 16 they

competed in the Total

Youth Day 10km event


... runners with pride

in George. Carol

finished the race in

1:19:50 and Jean in


On Saturday 18 June

they were in Napier for

the Napier Patatfees

Half Marathon and

10km. Both events are

tough, finishing with a

2km climb to the finish.

Carol took part in the

half marathon,

finishing in a time

of2:54:49. Jean opted

for the 10km, finishing

in 1:32:10.

The following day

they were in Greyton

for the Greyton Classic

10km Trail Run/Walk.

This event involves a

lot of climbing and

includes two river

crossings. Carol and

Jean finished together

in 2:15:12.

Marlene Wiese, Sally

Davidge-Pitts and Theo

van der Walt all

competed in the 10km

Fish River Trail Run on

Youth Day. Theo

finished in 1:11:00,

Marlene in 1:28:14 and

Sally in 1:46:00.

Time Trial Results

14 June 2016

5km Run

Sticks Stiglingh


Imran Kamedien


Andrew Philpot 24:37

Kevin Lee 26:00

Chris Roberts 28:00

Justin Philpot 30:39

Wendy Sweetenham


8km Run

Rick Betts 37:21

Alex Weed 39:17

Noel Maddocks 39:17

Scott Harvey 39:21

4km Run/Walk

Mia Harvey 39:38

5km Walk

Pauline Weed 45:34

Stella Kamedien


Contact us with any sports news: (046) 624-4356 (Jon Houzet)

Sp ort

Thursday June 23, 2016

NUMBER 1 SUPPORTER: Ava Turner from Franklin

stood eagerly waiting to give her mom and dad,

Leith and Paula, a medal at the finish line at

last weekend’s Fish River Sun Mountain Bike




TEL/FAX: (046) 653 0189


Pedal power rules

in Fish River epic

PE champions finish first in 110km bike challenge


LAST weekend’s Fish River Mountain Bike

Challenge was another huge success,

attracting almost triple the entries it did

last year. The event, which had slightly

changed its course in its fourth year, was a

two-day event over a distance of 110km.

The challenge attracted extreme mountain

bikers from all over the Eastern Cape and far

corners of South Africa, with some entrants

travelling from as far afield as Bela-Bela in

Limpopo and Pretoria.

The weekend had an air of festivity about it, with

Fish River Sun crawling with mountain bikers and

their families, who stayed at the resort to support

the participants.

The race attracted male and female riders from

various age groups, who competed either as

individual competitors, team riders or in mixed


There was also a fun bike challenge event for

children on the Saturday afternoon on the Fish

River Sun resort grounds and an Amazing Race

event for families.

Fish River Sun operations manager Jabu

Maseko said the mountain bike challenge had

been a great event.

“This is where people who don’t know each

other meet and become friends.

“The fact that the event has grown so much

shows we are doing something good here – it

really was a great weekend,” he added.

Stage one of the race took the form of a 50km

course on the western banks of the Fish River in

and around the Kap River Nature Reserve. Riders

had the opportunity to ride alongside an

abundance of wildlife through a beautiful kloof.

Defending champions Richard Allen and Bruce

Campbell, from team Cyclo Pro in Port Elizabeth,

finished the first stage in first position in an

impressive time of 2:04.

Newcomers to the event Willie Jansen van

Rensburg and partner Harry Abourizk were placed

second, 11 minutes after the first team came in.

Stage two of the race took place on the eastern

bank of the Fish River, taking riders over a tough

60km with some scenic gravel roads, jeep track,

excellent single track and a few unavoidable cattle

paths. The end of the leg takes riders through a

unique loop through the Fish River Sun golf

course, crossing the bridge over Old Woman’s

River and finishing on the top of the hill in front of

the Wahoo Restaurant.

In the end competition favourites Campbell and

Allen finished in a time of 2:45; five minutes faster


than last year. Late morning excitement grew as

the little ones gathered next to the finishing line

cheering their moms and dads back home.

“It still is a tough race but it was better than last

year; they have trained the cattle to make a

beautiful single track,” Campbell said.

Gary Davies from Jeffreys Bay arrived soon

afterwards and paddled in over the finishing line

as the first individual rider in the

open male category.

Short on his heels was secondfastest

rider in the open men’s,

Dylan Petzer.

Janse Van Rensburg and

Abourizk came in second and

were greeted by an entourage of

happy supporters in an excellent

time of 2:57.

Husband and wife team Liezel and Ken Prentis

were elated as they finished in second place and

rode over the finish line in a happy embrace with a

good time of 5:23.

Taking part with his wife and son, Katrien and

Peter, Camryn Middleton sat on the lawn cooling

off with a cold beer.

I did have a funny

experience with

two cows

As a first-time rider to the challenge, Middleton

had a good time.

“It was really good, lots of great single track too.

Although I didn’t see much wildlife, I did have a

funny experience with two cows.

They started to chase me slowly and steer me

off the track and onto a different cattle track for a

while before I realised. It did help to ride faster,”

he joked with relief.

Inside the restaurant,

families enjoyed the

champagne breakfast for

Fat h e r ’s Day and a fun and

action-packed backdrop with

jumping castles, kids’

entertainment and good old

extreme sport.

Fish River Sun’s own rising

mountain bike star, Siyabonga Ntando, bettered

his time in his second race by 15 minutes after

falling in love with the sport three years ago.

He was once again greeted with lots of support

from the resort and his fans.

BACK FOR GOLD: Defending champions Richard Allen, left, and Bruce Campbell, cycling in the colours

of Cyclo Pro from Port Elizabeth, crossed the finish line first last Sunday at the fourth Fish River

Mountain Bike Challenge


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