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Slipstream - September 2007

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


2007 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs President James Shoffit H: 972-506-7449 C: 972-786-6246 James joined PCA in 97 and is active in Club Racing, Drivers Ed, Autocross and Time Trial. He instructs at DE, AX, and TT. The track Car is a 78 911SC. James is a co-owner of a software development company in Lewisville. Vice-President Mark Gluck C: 817-706-9061 Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a Maverick member since 1999. He is active with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social events, as well as with many Hope Shelter charity projects. Secretary Charlie Davis H: 940-682-4719 Charlie joined PCA & MR in 1970, having a 1969 911S. He's been Pres. V-Pres, Zone Rep, & PCR Chair. He's currently the 914 Advocate and drives the Truxster to AX/TT events. He has a 1972 911S and a 1973 914 2.0. Treasurer Bob Kuykendall 15801 Ranchita Dallas, TX 75248 W: 214-535-9852 H: 972-385-9008 Bob has been a member of PCA since 2004 and is active in Autocrosses and Time Trials. He is also an instructor for Driver’s Ed events and drives a 1988 911 Carrera. DE Co-Chair / DE Co-Chief Instructor John Sandusky W - (817) 777-0421 AX, TT Chair, Chief Instructor Bryan Bell C - (214) 789-6895 Membership Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis H - (972) 722-2735 Managing Editor Jan Mayo H - (817) 595-4651 C - (817) 313-9406 Sponsorship & DE Co-Chair / DE Co-Chief Instructor Keith Olcha W - (817) 706-7678 H - (817) 251-6865 AX/TT Timing & Scoring Darron Shaffer H - (972) 390-9709 C - (972) 898-3002 Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller W - (972) 830-2676 Photo & Layout Editor Matt Platts C - (817) 919-1253 W - (817) 440-2090 DE Registrar Michael Wingfield H - (972) 491-2766 AX/TT Tech Inspection Travis Howard C - (214) 616-6152 Socials Ed & Tracey Gross (H) - (972) 491-2104 Content Editor Wendy Shoffit H - (972) 506-7449 C - (972) 977-9821 DE Safety & Tech Insp Joe McGlohen W - (817) 366-1678 H - (817) 861-2792 AX/TT Registrar Andrea Bell H - (817) 270-4132 Goodie Store Christy Dominick (H) - 817-909-0966 Event Ad Design Mark Gluck C - (817)706-9061 Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit H - (972) 506-7449 C - (972) 977-9821 AX/TT Worker Chair Mike Lockas C - (972) 422-0264 Web Site Denny Payne AX/TT Rules Chair Charlie Davis H- 940-682-4719 Rally Chair Teri Davis H - (940) 682-4719 AX/TT Schools Tom Snodgrass H - (972) 939-7967 C - (972) 754-2064 Email List Moderator Bob Benson W - (817) 264-8357 H - (817) 457-8833 Printing Fran Ussery W - (972) 438-8344 H - (817) 481-8342 Swap Meets Chair David Mock H - (817) 795-4149 C - (817) 907-5413 AX/TT Schools Kevin Hardison Email List Moderator Matt Platts C - (817) 919-1253 W - (817) 440-2090 Advertising Lisa Steele H - (214) 709-6418 Concours Chair Bob Bianconi C: (817) 932-4155 Sunday Drive Chair Clint Blackman H: (214) 696-8000 Mentor Program Dennis Chamberlain W - (972) 788-0871 Mailing & Technology Andy Mears H - (940) 321-8683 W - (214) 360-9221 Zone 5 Representative Caren Cooper C - (512) 698-2747 Past President Rocky Johnson H - (903) 356-6531 C - (972)816-1769 Please help us to keep growing! 4

Catch my Draft by James Shoffit, the Maverick Region President Well Wendy, Jasmine, and I just got back from another Davis and Davis Rally. Teri and Charlie make a wonderful team for these lighthearted, fun, rallies. This last one was at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, so in addition to having a blast with fellow Porsche people, we also got a little bit of culture. Which I desperately need! Charlie took the photographs, and Teri set up the sheets and did the timing and scoring. This was a Photo Rally which is kindof like a scavenger hunt where you go and find the artwork shown in the picture. Charlie is very tricky with those, so it took a lot of work to figure some of them out. There was a lot of camaraderie and helping each other out, since we were in such a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone got every answer right, so it came down to who got the answers the fastest. There are other photo rallies where you have to drive to find the things you are looking for. There are no specified courses for the photo rallies – you just wander around until you find everything. Or time runs out! Another type of Rally is the Tulip Rally. I don’t think we have had one of those in a few years, but it is a Time Speed Distance rally where you get small diagrams of each intersection you come to, directing you through it. These small illustrations often look like Tulips, thus the name. The goal for these is to go the speed specified in the instructions, find all the turns, and complete the rally at the right time based on when you left. That’s where the time, speed, and distance come into play. The traditional Porsche Club TSD Rally (like the competitive one at Parade) is more tricky – you have a set of instructions and things to look for to guide your path rather than diagrams of intersections. The goal is the same – arrive at the perfect time based on when you left. Charlie and Teri put a lot of effort into these rallies, and they have been pretty well attended this year. If any of these sound like fun, send an email to Teri at, and let her know what you would like. She is also asking for help with ideas and initial layout of Rallies. Typically we look for interesting roads and scenery (could be city or country). If you are interested in helping out – she can fine tune the details and the timing, let her know at the above email address. Other job openings I should mention are Editorial Assistance. Familiarity with a computer is required – and not much else. We can do the on-the-job training. We are moving towards using Adobe InDesign to lay out Slipstream now so we can use both Macs and PCs more efficiently. If you have InDesign experience,WE WANT YOU. So if you think you can help out in ANY way – and there are lots of ways to help, some that don’t require much time at all, please let Jan know at She will love you forever! We have had a few shifts in the board as well – Dennis, who has given us about a thousand Happy Hours now, is turning over the reins to Monda Degan and Mike Lockas. And we have a new Calendar Person to help us keep all our calendars (web, slipstream, events, etc) straight – please welcome Robyn Howard! We also have a nominating committee consisting of Wendy Shoffit, Jan Mayo, and Travis Howard. If you want to run for any elected position (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer), please let them know at Crickets ? All I can hear is Crickets ? I haven’t heard many reports from the lunches, except the Lewisville one. Hey, if ANYONE is going to ANY of them (besides Lewisville), please write me at if you haven’t figured out the pattern by now. The hot season (can you call it that since it took so long to break 100 degrees?) is almost over, and our driving season is about to get started and finish off with a bang. We have an AX/TT weekend coming up on Sept 15/16 in Mineral Wells and our Season Finale Charity Autocross is on Oct 14th at Texas Motor Speedway. The DE season is going to be rolling again with Drivers Education events at Motorsport Ranch in September and October so you can get your skills up to try out Eagles Canyon in November. They have been doing a lot of work there to get the track ready for us, and we can’t wait to try out the new track. And Founders Day will be on November 10th at a place called Austin Ranch in Grapevine. Stay tuned for more details. Come on out and join the fun! See you soon! 5

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