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Slipstream - July 2008

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Club Race... Or~ Maverick Region hosted more than 60 racers at the inaugural Eagles Canyon Raceway Club race May 24-26, sponsored by Boardwalk Porsche. It was a weekend of intense wheel-to-wheel competition and a lot of spirited fun and camaraderie. Racers came from seven or more PCA regions, including Mark Foley who towed his spec Boxster all the way from San Diego just to dice it up with the Mavericks. It started Saturday morning when racers got their first chance to experience Eagles Canyon under racing conditions. The wide turns and dramatic elevation changes of Eagles Canyon did not disappoint. Everyone quickly discovered that side-by-side racing and passing are possible virtually anywhere. The day was capped off with practice starts and a fun race that gave racers a chance to experiment with the best way of getting through turns one and two, often three wide, after the green flag dropped. Rookie racers, Guy Danielson and Shelly Burbank earned their provisional racing licenses on Saturday and were welcomed into the Club Racing family. Sunday brought intense action from start to finish with two sprints for each of the run groups. Spectators found great viewing from atop the hill overlooking the main straight where they witnessed some heart-stopping action as cars passed with tires smoking through turns one and two. We had a sizeable contingent of the all-new spec Boxsters and local racer Steve 10 By Bill Miller, Racer & Maverick Club Race Co-Chair A Happy Lou Bouchier with (upside down) award! May 25 Feature Race Class GTC3 1 11 M Harvison 2 125 C Amond 3 47 D Wright Class GTP2 1 208 L Bouchier Class GT2S 1 128 W Dillard Class GT4S 1 946 W Brown 2 346 JC Castillo Class G 1 150 J Gladwell 2 708 C Harbold Class I Class F 1 31 S Higgins 2 257 N Takahashi Class E 1 449 S Coomes 2 66 B Henderson 3 711 J Buckley Class D 1 273 Y Bebic 2 735 J Wiggin 3 134 G Krupp Class SPBOX 1 116 S Watkins 2 299 M Foley 3 626 B Amond 1 5 R Johnson Class SP2 Class J 1 30 M Richard 1 561 R Mohan photos by Wendy Shoffit & Blair Hartsfield Watkins set the bar with a blistering 2:05.3 lap. Steve Coomes and Bryan Henderson showed no shortage of whoop-ass as they dominated the E Class Sprints. Right behind them Boardwalk’s Pace Car, driven by Pat Heptig traded Tom Snodrass, tended to positions no less leave the race pack behind!. than eight times in one race before the car he was sparring with explored the turn six runoff area and Pat went on to the podium. I’ll get you next time Pat! May 25 Mini Sprint Race Class GTP2 1 208 L Bouchier Class GTC3 Class D 1 735 J Wiggins 2 134 G Krupp 1 969 R Bowman 3 35 S Burbank 2 103 D Mayer Class GT2 1 128 W Dillard Class GT4S 1 946 W Brown Class SPBOX 1 116 S Watkins 2 299 M Foley 3 525 J Walker Class SP2 Class G 1 30 M Richard 1 150 J Gladwell 2 708 C Harbold Class I 2 142 P Lahaye Jr 3 492 G Small Class GT5S 1 5 R Johnson 1 25 R Tilton Class E Class B 1 449 S Coomes 1 60 B Jacobi 2 66 B Henderson 3 714 P Heptig Monday began with a 60-minute combined Enduro where the GTC3 cars of Mike Harvison and Carl Amond led the way. The Enduro utilized a new electronic timing loop that eliminated the complicated manual system we used in the past for timing pit stops. Michael Wingfield handled timing and scoring for the event and reports that Mark Kemp (Corpus Christi) and Wayne Brown (Palestine) congratulate each other on a well done race it worked flawlessly. The Enduro was followed by a combined Mini Sprint that completed the week-

Who Could Ask for More Fun with a Driving Suit on ? May 26 Enduro Race Class GTC3 Class E 1 11 M Harvison 1 449 S Coomes 2 125 C Amond 2 66 B Henderson 3 360 G Danielson Class GT2S 1 128 W Dillard 3 176 B Miller Class D 1 735 J Wiggins Class GT4S 2 35 S Burbank 1 946 W Brown Class GT4R 3 134 G Krupp Class SPBOX 1 31 S Higgins 1 116 S Watkins Class G 1 150 J Gladwell Class I 2 299 M Foley 3 626 B Amond Class SP2 1 5 R Johnson 1 30 M Richard Class F 1 257 N Takahashi end and was won overall by rookie driver Guy Danielson. Eagles Canyon proved to be great track layout and while the facility is still under development, there is no doubt it will be even better next year. Many thanks to the owners David and Linda Cooke who worked tirelessly to make sure we had a great event. Thanks to our corners workers who made sure Jim Buckley (711) does a good job of avoiding a typical mistake made by Rookie (179) A very Big Thank You to Boardwalk, the Premier Sponsor for our fantastic Club Race we were safe. Thanks to the many MRPCA volunteers who devoted their time and effort to staging the race. And thanks to Boardwalk and all of our valued sponsors who help make our Club Race possible. See you at the track. weekend, providing, among other things, the beautiful Cayenne Pace Car. Cliff Blackshear, Boardwalk’s Service Manager and Club Race Master Tech Scrutineer, delivered cases and cases of water, and even restocked part way through the weekend as we all guzzled. Other major and not-so-major sponsors for the weekend are: National Club Racing Zims Autotechnik Fifth Gear Motorsports RUF Auto Centre Autoscope Motorsports, Inc. ExxonMobil Performance Speed Tech Mean Green Travel Lee Wilkins, Attorney at Law Buckley Racing BTH Sales & Marketing Hart Photography Istook’s Motorsports Services Community Pharmacy May 26 Mini Sprint Class GTC3 1 360 G Danielson Class GT2S Class D 1 735 J Wiggins 2 737 J Fraizier 1 128 W Dillard 3 35 S Burbank Class GT4S 1 946 W Brown Class GT4R Class SPBOX 1 116 SWatkins 2 299 M Foley 1 31 S Higgins Class SP2 Class G 1708 C Harbold 1 142 P Lahaye Jr. 2 492 G Small Class E 1 76 B Miller 2 21 C Graidage 3 714 P Heptig 11

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