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Volume 49 May 2011, Issue 5

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May 1


John Hamilton, President

Is it May, already? So 1/4 of 2011 has

passed by and we didn’t realize it? We

must have been having FUN!

By the time you read this several fun

events will have occurred: the Bluebonnet

Sunday drive, the Autocross Academy,

April’s Happy Hour at the Wildwood

Grill and April’s DE at Motorsport Ranch.

DON’T DESPAIR! Many more events are just around the


May at Mayo’s We’re bringing back a very popular get

together at Mayo Performance in Euless on Saturday, May

7th. A people’s choice concours where you get to shine and

show your Porsche and/or check out everyone else’s. Usually

there are some 914’s, 356’s and other Porsches through the

years in attendance. PLUS we get to enjoy some Babe’s

chicken! Sign-up online by emailing concours@mavpca.


Red River Derby Tour and Rally on Saturday, May

14th. You’ve asked for it: “how about a Sunday Drive on

a Saturday?” Well here it is, so NO MORE EXCUSES! A

great drive, with a gimmick rally included, ending with a

BBQ Dinner and wine-tasting. It doesn’t get much better

than that!

Happy Hour at BJ’s Plano on Thursday, May 19th, at

1101 N. Central Expressway.

I know that not every HH is conveniently located for

everyone, but this is a good one for many

of us! C’mon out and join us, especially if

you’re new to the club. It’s a great way to find

out about the people, their cars, and what we

like to do. (Right, Steven and Karen?)

Plus Driving Events like the Time Trial on

May 21, Autocross on May 22, and Drivers’

Education on May 28-29.


BOX? Now up and running on our home

page,, is a suggestion box for

YOU to send in ideas and suggestions directly

to ME! Why? Because we don’t know what

we’re not doing (right or wrong) unless we

hear it from your objective point of view! So I can take

it! Send me your ideas, suggestions, criticisms, whatever.

We need to know so we can continue to be more inclusive,

which means doing things that will include YOU!

Enjoy this issue of Slipstream, whether you read it online

or in print. I hope you’ll circle a few activities where you’ll

join us. Hey- I believe that life is too short and we all need

to enjoy it along the way. I hope you’ll take the time and

come out and have some fun with your Porsche AND with

the People who, just like you, are making “having fun” a

priority in life!

Mav(s) of the Month:

This month we celebrate a couple who have jumped in

with both feet (okay, all four feet...) to run our Sunday Drive

program. Congratulations to John and BJ Harvey! You

may not realize all the planning, work and time that goes

into creating a Sunday drive: first you try to select a route,

then you pre-drive it to make sure they haven’t torn up the

roads or added detours, then you make copies of maps and

instructions (while guessing how many might show up),

then you show

up (rain or shine)

and try to keep

the herd of cats

together! Well

John and BJ do a

fantastic job (as

we saw on the 38-

car Bluebonnet

drive) and they

continue to drive

the program

month after

month. Congrats,

John and BJ: you really deserve our Mavs of the Month


For being the Maverick(s) of the Month, The Silver Fox

in Grapevine is giving John and BJ dinner for two at their

award winning steak house.



May 3


John Hamilton


John enjoys DE’s, Happy Hours, Porsche

Parade and other social events. He and

wife Chris have owned Porsches since

1996 and joined the Club in 2002. John’s

Grandfather in New Jersey owned a 1960

356B Coupe and later a 1965 356SC Cab

so that’s how it got in his blood.


AX Chair Tannia Dobbins

Lewisville Milton, James

TT Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Lewisville Registrar Michael


AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Safety Chuck McCoy

AX/TT Schools Robyn Howard

& Lisa Steele

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Timing Darron Shaffer

AX/TT Workers Mike Lockas

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller

Club Race Ads/PR Lori Mauthe

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

DE Chair Mike Brodigan

DE Chief Dvg Instr. John Sandusky

DE Equip. Mang. Luke Edson

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Modr. Bob Benson

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Happy Hours Chris

& Mentors Christensen

Monda Hanna

& Mike Lockas

Membership Joel Nannis

Past President James Shoffit

Public Relations Andrea Bell


Carey Spreen


Advertising Pat Friend

Editor Richard


Event Ad Design Christy Payne

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Staff Wendy Shoffit, Matt Platts,

Andy Mears, Jan Mayo

Tannia Dobbins


Christy Payne

Sponsorship Keith Olcha

Sunday Drives John Harvey

Swap Meets Robyn Howard

Tech Sessions Ed Mullenix

Trivia Chair Jerry DeFeo

Web Site Denny Payne

Zone 5 Rep. James Shoffit


Vice President

Chris Christensen


Chris has been a Maverick for over ten

years and owned a 2000 Boxster S. He

recently sold it with tears in his eyes…

Welcome, dream car; a 2010 Carrera

Cab. Now that the tears have dried up,

he’s having a blast! Here’s to sharing

the fun in our events with many Mav’s

throughout 2011.

Andrea Bell


Bob Benson


Richard Bradley


Frank Briggs

Mike Brodigan


Your Name

Chris Christensen


Jerry DeFeo


Tannia Dobbins


Pat Friend


Jack Griffin


Madhu Rao


Madhu has been a member of the

Maverick Region since 2009. He and

his wife, Roshni, really enjoy meeting

members of the club at various social

and driving events. “It’s not the

cars... it’s the people” that make this

club great. He is currently driving

a red 2008 Carrera S and loves it!

Monda Hanna


John Harvey


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Mike Lockas


Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Bill Miller


Ed Mullenix


Your Name

Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim just joined Maverick Region in

August, 2008. He drives a 1992 968

cab and has recently enjoyed several

social events. Jim is looking forward to

participating in all the driving events.

Joel Nannis


Keith Olcha



Christy Payne


Denny Payne

Matt Platts



John Sandusky


Darron Shaffer



Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

James Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery




Richard Bradley, Managing Editor

The excitement of spring is in the

air! Storm clouds keep building,

bluebonnets are blooming, and

if you’ve been to the track or any other

driving event for that matter, the smells of

exhaust and rubber have filled your nostrils

while adrenaline runs through your veins.

It’s true, just ask someone, anyone, who’s

been to a driving event. If you think it will be hard to find

someone don’t worry, these Mavericks are easy to spot due

to their permanent smiles. Take a look at our club calendar

and make plans to give a driving event a try. I promise, if

you do you’ll be back for more. There’s no substitute for the

fun and friends you’ll have while driving your Porsche!

In this issue, you’ll notice the many events and fun we have

had and will have throughout our Region. There’s our

Sunday Drive, the local Drivers’ Education, and some

enthusiastic Club Racers who travel far and wide to test

their skills against other racers. If this seems overwhelming,

check out the Red River Tour & Rally, read Wendy’s insights,

a Commentary From the Left Seat, or stop by and talk to

Cliff, he has plenty of fun ideas for those who have too

much time on their hands. It’s not just the cars, it’s the


quarter color_3.5x4.75 11/6/10 5:17 PM Page 1

May 5

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from RAC Performance

3219 Commander Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 •

© 2011 RAC Performance, Glenn Zanotti Art Director/Photographer.


May 7

Maverick Minutes

Madhu Rao

Our April board meeting reviewed

upcoming Regional activities

during Q2 2011. Did you know

we have 29 events scheduled in Q2 2011?

As you read these meeting minutes, I hope

the passion and enjoyment our officers

and committee chairs have for our Region

is obvious. If you are so inspired and want

to help our Region in any of these activities, please contact

any of the officers and committee chairs on page 4 of this

edition of Slipstream.

John Hamilton, our President, opened the meeting at 7pm

with a quick agenda review and introduced our Treasurer,

Jim Falgout. Jim reported that our financial condition is


Luke Edson updated the board about the first Drivers’

Education event in March. Mike Farrar pitched in and

served as the equipment manager. Thanks, Mike! The

event was well attended and fun.

Continuing on the Drivers’ Education subject, Mike

Brodigan noted that more instructors are needed to handle

the increased registrations (+100) for each session. Mike

also noted that reception to the 2011 Drivers’ Education

incentive is very positive. Yellow level drivers receive 1

free event after 4 and white level receives 1 free event after

3 events. Contact Mike at if you have any


Ed Mullenix discussed the idea of holding another Tech

Session in July 2011. These are great opportunities to learn

more about your Porsche. Dates and details are forthcoming.

Frank Briggs and Jack Griffin updated us about the

Concours Event, May @ Mayo’s, scheduled for May 7th at

the Mayo Performance Shop in Euless. Staging begins at

4pm and several categories have been created for all different

types of Porsches. Frank also noted that over 30 Mavericks

were at the March Happy Hour at Abuelo’s Mexican Food

Embassy. The Happy Hour and Social Chairs have plenty of

fun Happy Hour restaurants “on tap” later this year. Check

the Maverick Region website and Slipstream for future

locations. Jack described the Autos in the Park event on

June 5th at the Cooper Aerobic Center in Dallas, Texas. For

more information about either event contact concours@

The ‘Dream Team’ of Linda Bambina, Christy Payne, and

Lisa Steele shared their enthusiasm for our Region’s 50th

Anniversary celebration in 2012. Their enthusiasm was

contagious and it is evident that much hard work has already

gone into the planning process. The formal kick-off for the

2012 anniversary celebration will be at our Founder’s Day

event this year on November 12th. SAVE THE DATE!

Plans are underway to have at least one anniversary event

every month in 2012. Bring your family and make them

part of the fun! Christy Payne described the upcoming

Porsches and Ponies event to be held July 3rd at Lonestar

Park. The park will feature a night time fireworks show.

For more information check the Maverick Region website

or Slipstream.

Wendy Shoffit provided an update about our Maverick

Region directory. Printed copies can be ordered for $5 at If you have recently moved please

update your address with the Porsche Club of America.

Wendy also presented an update regarding some of the other

PCA Regions and their publications. She reviewed the costs

associated with publishing Slipstream in full-color.

Pat Friend manages the Goodie store and advertiser

finances. Both are performing well. He also manages our

badge ordering process. If you are a new member and you

would like a Maverick Region badge please contact Pat at with your name, your city, and

car(s) you drive.

BJ Harvey, John Harvey and Carey Spreen described

upcoming driving events. The May 14th event features a

road rally or a driving tour with a final destination at Rancho

Sereno in North Texas. Rally participants note, one of you

may win the highly coveted “DLBF” award this year. BJ

updated us about the Maverick Region Roundup on July

15-17th. A variety of events are planned. John noted the

popularity of the Sunday Driving Tours with 57 drivers

in March and a similar number expected for the April

Bluebonnet Driving Tour.

Travis Howard described the March Autocross/Time

Trial events in Mineral Wells. Thirty Mavericks attended

the Time Trial and 44 attended the Autocross event. He

described the upcoming April driving events at Rangers

Ballpark in Arlington. Contact Travis at for

more information.

John Hamilton concluded by describing the PCA Zone 5

meeting in San Antonio in late March. At that meeting, he

shared our regional plans to create fun, member inclusive,

and value-oriented events throughout 2011. He described

opportunities to sustain our membership growth by

communicating the benefits of our region in a welcome letter

to new members. He reviewed, and the board approved, a

proposed expenditure to upgrade our computer and software

used by Richard Bradley to create Slipstream. Lastly, he

announced the April 2011 Maverick(s) of the Month: BeeJ

and John Harvey! They have driven a thousand miles

around North Texas planning driving tours and are really

hungry now!


April 6, 2011

Maverick Moments. If you would like a ‘behind the scenes

view’ of regional activities please join us at either our May

4th or June 1st monthly board meeting. Please RSVP to

Christy Payne at to do so. Lastly, plans

are underway to survey our Maverick Region membership

later in Q2 2011. Your feedback will help us to consistently

improve by understanding your needs and expectations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

March Trivia

It’s Easy to Play:

Play here for Fun and Education and find the

Answers below


Play for Prizes on the Web at

with the

Answers and Winners to be posted at the end of

the Month

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this and the

Web Trivia together!

Congratulations to our March Web Winner

Jheri Zinn

getting 4 out of 4 Correct.

Jheri will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to

1. Porsche has made the Boxster for some 12 years now. They are now

coming out with a Boxster Black Edition. It will sell for $______.

a. $59,995 b. $63,950 c. $66,950 d. $68, 995

Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11

2. The new Boxster will have more than the 310 HP of the Boxster S. It is

have _______ HP.

a. 315 b. 320 c. 325 d. 330 Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11

3. The new Black Edition will turn 0-60 in 4.8 seconds in stock form. But

by buying the optional _________ package, that time can be reduced

down to 4.6 seconds.

a. Sport Chrono b. Sport Exhaust c. Sport Rear-end Ratio d. Sport

Cold Ram-air

Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11

4. There will only be ______ units of the Black Edition built.

a. 911 b. 987 c. 993 d. 996 Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11

5. You can order it with any of the following Porsche transmissions you


a. Either 6-speed Manual or PDK b. 6-speed Manual c. PDK

Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11; Since then, we have found

conflicting info, so this question is omitted.

Answers: 1) c 2) b 3) a 4) b 5) omitted

May 9

Red River Derby ~ Update!

By John Harvey, Tourmeister, Carey Spreen, Rallymeister

Remember to join us on Saturday, May 14, for the

Red River Derby Tour and Rally! This will be a fun

afternoon tour from McKinney to Rancho Sereno,

north of Whitesboro near the Red River. And as a bonus for

the competitive, you can enter the Gimmick Rally, which

will be held in parallel with the Tour, although it will use a

different route.

The Tour and Rally will begin at the Westgate Shopping

Center, US 75 (Central Expressway) exit 40A in McKinney,

on the northbound service road. We will meet at noon, and

the first Rally car out will be at 12:30pm, with the Tour group

leaving after the Rally entrants have departed. From there we

will wind our way through Texas horse country over some

excellent “blue roads”, ending up a couple of hours later at

Rancho Sereno, run by former Maverick Region members

Mike and Lisa Maberry.

And if you have been wondering about Road Rallying, this

is your chance to experience it for yourself - optional of

course! It will be an easy one; think of it as an Introduction

to Rallying. If you elect to enter the Rally, you will need to

bring a clipboard, a pencil or two, and make sure that there

are at least two people in your vehicle. You will get a set of

written instructions that describes your route, and, to see

how observant you are on the way, you will answer questions

related to landmarks along the route. This is not a TSD (Time-

Speed-Distance) Rally, so you will not need a stopwatch, just

a working odometer. The car (driver/navigator) that answers

the most questions correctly, and gets closest to the official

route mileage, will be the winner. And yes, there will be


Rancho Sereno (, our destination,

is a 165-acre private ranch with two personalities - it is a

reigning horse breeding operation as well as a Bed and

Breakfast, with a 115-acre wildlife preserve thrown in for

good measure. Our hosts at Rancho Sereno plan to give us

a tour of their operation and then feed us afterwards, with a

wine tasting to boot! To offset the cost of the barbecue, we

will be charging a nominal per person fee of $15.

Please note that we need an RSVP from you to get an

accurate head count for the meal. To RSVP, go to http://mav., click on Events, then Rally or Tour (either one will

get you there), then click on the Red River Derby graphic.

Click “YES” and then on “Click Here to Pay!” Note that the

Quantity will remain at 1 even if you have RSVP’d for more

than one person, so please enter the total amount ($15 per

person x number of people in your party).

We expect to be finished by 7:00pm, and the trip back to the

Metroplex will take a little over an hour on main highways,

although you can go back any way you like!


Ennis Bluebonnets

By B.J. Harvey

After much worry about the

weather forecast for hail and rain,

a beautiful sunny day presented

itself with a cloudless sky, gentle winds

and warm temperatures. We all breathed

a sigh of relief knowing the crown jewels

(our beloved Porsches) would be safe

from any harm as we started out for

the hugely popular Bluebonnet Drive. The Ennis area is

purported to have the

largest collection of

bluebonnets in the

North Texas area and

their Bluebonnet Trails

Festival has grown ever

so popular over the last

60 years.

We had a large number

of new members and

first timers join us for

A great time by all who showed up for an afternoon of fun and friends!

this drive. We welcome

you and hope you all will come to the May drive as well as

join us for other fun club events. See the Maverick website

for more details.

John Hamilton, Club Pres, counted 40 colorful Porsches

including a lovely 356 and a variety of other Porsche models

including the Suttons’ new Cayenne. 71 excited members,

two lucky grandsons of members, Johnnie’s beautiful

daughter, Brandi and the Blackman’s very sweet miniature

schnauzer (a seasoned Porsche event participant) arrived

at the Whataburger off I-45 and Dowdy Ferry Road to

drive the winding back roads of Ferris, Palmer and Ennis.

All participants hoping to see lots of our gorgeous Texas


John Harvey, our new Tour Meister, and his trusty whistle,

(a new addition to the ride) whistled up the group for a

quick pre-drive meeting and away we went. Those

of us with convertibles had our tops down and were

treated to the wonderful smell of the bluebonnets -

it is a powerfully sweet fragrance.

Winding roads took us through some very

beautiful green country side with meadows of

flowers, horse farms and a large herd of our well

known Texas Longhorns. We made one spectacular

photo opportunity stop along the hillside on Sugar

Ridge Road covered in bluebonnets. Lots of

wonderful photos were taken. Wow, the line of cars

pulled over on the shoulder of the curved hillside road was

a beautiful sight.

Photos by Dee & George Luxbacher and Brendan Eagan

The midway pit stop, which included several options:

Starbucks, Exxon, Whataburger, etc, made the bathroom

waiting line time much shorter. More winding roads

afterwards and then on to Bubba’s for some delicious BBQ.

Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie that followed the drive.

It was another wonderful day with our Porsches and pals.

A special thanks to Brenden Eagan (2nd group leader),

Frank Briggs and Jack DuFon (sweeps). Great job guys!

George and Dee

Luxbacher in the

bluebonnets with

their grandson Grant.

Getting ready is

almost as much fun

as the drive itself!

May 11


Mavericks sure have fun

with our cars

as well as other members!

Come out and share in the fun...

“ThE TEChniCiAns don’T jusT

know My CAr, ThEy know ME.”

Chris Harsdorff,

Park Place Porsche Enthusiast and

Porsche Club of America Member

i’ve been a big fan of Park Place dealerships for years, and i’ve bought from

them multiple times. so when it came time for my third, a 2010 Carrera C4s,

purchasing from Park Place Porsche was a no-brainer.

it’s an extraordinary car, but i didn’t realize just how extraordinary it was until i

watched Porsche hand-assemble it at the factory in Europe. i was so impressed,

i purchased my Cayman s the very next year. And Park Place made it possible.

whether it’s sales, service or parts, Park Place really makes you feel like you’re

getting the best. Everyone there bends over backward to help me equip my car

for driver Education and PCA events, and that just goes to show how much

they value ongoing customer relationships.

i know the Park Place Porsche Team on a first-name basis, and they know me.

More importantly, they know my car. That’s what the Park Place ownership

experience is all about.

6113 Lemmon Avenue

Dallas, TX 75209


2 0 1 1

May 13

Cliff’s Ramblings

By Cliff Blackshear

Never Let A Porsche Technician Have Idle Time On Their Hands At Work

Recently I went to Atlanta for

Cayenne S Hybrid training. As

always, we shared many stories

when on break, at lunch, and of course,

while having libations till all hours after

class. The best topic of the week was techs

with idle time on

their hands.

We mechanically minded guys usually

start doing unusual things when we

are idle and have so much equipment

available around us to play with.

Example: I once worked at a dealer

that sold washer solvent in soft plastic

containers. The container held 6 ounces

of highly concentrated cleaner with an

extremely high alcohol content. It had

a twist off top that left a small hole to

dispense the product with. When the

bottle was empty you could lay it on

the floor, hold a flame near the 2-3mm

opening and whoosh, it took off like a rocket. Well of course

that turned into a drag race activity. Complete with a finish

line that had to be crossed and people timing each racer.

Setting things on fire, making potato cannons, buying,

modifying, and of course racing radio control cars, (lots

of cheating goes on here). Radio control helicopters have

become more popular. Building road courses, off-road

courses (complete with water crossings) and the always

popular, “Who can make the biggest flame thrower” is not


Take a ball bearing and wrap the outer race with friction

tape. Use compressed air to spool it up to about 10,000 RPM

then release on the floor. It will usually leap about ten feet

forward 2-3 feet off the ground then take off for unknown

parts at about sixty miles an hour. Spool the bearing up too

high and it grenades into many metal parts flying around

like bullets. It will typically go about a hundred yards when

properly executed. This is one of my favorites.

If air bags are sitting around waiting for disposal, this can

be a major source of entertainment for us. Any replaced

unit that has not been ignited has to be deployed as part of

disposal process. Now here is an item with a lot of pentup

energy just waiting to entertain an idle technician. If

deployed face down it will launch about thirty feet into the

air. The passenger side airbag is the best since it has dual

ignition chambers. The ignition of one of these babies can be

heard from half a mile away. They have been used to launch

gallon bottles filled with water (complete of course with

side betting as to how high it will go and what direction).

Pouring a few drops of oil under an engine that has just

been rebuilt then started for the first time while responsible

technician is not looking happens quite often. Putting an

extra bearing shell or piston ring near a near complete

rebuild is another. Bending

down by the right rear fender

and waiting for a tech to start an

engine he just spent sixty hours

rebuilding and then knocking

lightly on the fender can create

interesting moments.

You never know what you’ll find at one’s work station!

Never give us idle time combined

with energy sources. Compressed

air, flammable liquids, flammable

materials, welding equipment

etc. are things we can be quite

resourceful with.

Don’t even get me started

talking about alarm horns,

batteries or tired electric motors. The possibilities are

endless in a Porsche workshop.




• Track Set-up

• Exhaust Upgrades

• Performance Alignments

• Suspension Modifications

• Performance Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

• 100+ Years of Technician Experience

• 11,000 sq Feet of the Top Technology

• Comfortable Waiting Area with WIFI

• Fully Air Conditioned Shop

• Green Building, Eco Friendly


• Trade your old Porsche

in for a newer model!

• Consignment Sales

• Accessories

Specializing in: Porsche

We service all models


1975 Archer Way • Lewisville TX, 75077 • 972-317-4005

1 mile West of I-35 behind Sonic!

May 15


Epic DE Weekend at MSR

By The “Bud” Family

The sun came up on Saturday morning with greatly

reduced winds. The 30-50 mph dust & smoke-laden

gusts from Friday were gone. Turnout was a bit sparse

due to the Club Race in Kansas. But, that meant all the more

fun to go around for those of us who attended. Session 1 was

a bit tricky. The track was cold & slick from a thin coating

of the remnants of the previous day’s dust storms. Session

2 was much

faster, that

is until

Young Bud

4 decided

to go offroading


Little Bend.

His excuse

to Joel was

that he got


and thought he was driving his Jeep Wrangler at Gilmer

(wrong weekend!!)

The Charity Lap was a blast for Young Bud’s friend, Jeff.

Jeff drove the “Franken-Boxster,” i.e. a 1999 conversion

with a Carrera 3.4L. We may have a new Maverick signing

up soon. The highlight of Session 3 was the misfortune that

befell our fearless DE Chair, Mike Brodigan. His off-road

adventure (second black flag of the day) brought his day to

an early close & cost him most of his front air dam.

Our surrogate family member, Chris Alkier, shared the key

take-away from the Track Walk. Flush hard in the Toilet

Bowel!! Sunday morning started with bright sunshine but

the winds picked up from the south. The Park Place guys

were soon chasing their banners to the north. The “pit crew”

made a run to the Granbury Starbucks. Our friend & “white

(Run Group) guy,” Sanjeeva Balachandra, pulled off from a

aggressive Session 1 to be greeted by a grande mocha with

caramel drizzle. Next time you see him, you have to tease

him about his girlie drink.

The Blue Run Group classroom session on Sunday was

an interesting physics lesson on friction circles. When

the instructor, Dave Curtin, asked the question “What can

you do when you are at the point of critical braking, even

I (RoseBud) knew the answer... NOTHING!! For the 2

guys in the room who yelled out “Turn,” Dave soon set

them straight & hopefully saved them from an unexpected

tangent off the friction circle.

Jeff again made Sunday’s Charity Run. His hand was

shaking so badly at lunch that he drew zig-zags on his

chicken nuggets with the ketchup. Guessing he had a ripping

good time.

Photo by RoseBud (Rose)

The culmination of Sunday’s great driving & the weekend

overall was that both Bud’s got bumped to Blue Solo. Big

Bud 3’s instructor jumped out of the 911S after 3 laps. When

Young Bud 4’s instructor kept on riding, his fans got a bit

nervous & thought he might have messed up big time. But

we could tell he was keeping on his pace & turning some

pretty respectable lap times. Turns out Mike Langford was

having such a good

time in the Franken-

Boxster, he didn’t

want to get out!!

All in all, we are so

blessed to have a son

who is all growed up

and haired over who

not only wants to

spend time with his

Friends Jeff & Kim, Bud 4 (Rene’), RoseBud (Rose) & Bud 3 (Rene’) Beunier

parents, but shares

with us his

wonderful friends. We thank Mavericks and PCA for making

this possible.

May 17

# ! " "

! ! " ,


From the moment

you turn in from

! # $ "

start to notice the

! ! !


$ #

5 4 26+ 5( 4+ . 1-9 5* ( . 045 + / & 3( ' + % -(

+ / ' ( 1( / ' ( / 5 3( 1$ + 3 ) $ & + -+ 59 + / 5* (

8 03-'

5 ( 7( / * $ 4 + 54 08 / $ & ( 3$ & ,

+ . 6-$ 503 $ / ' + ' ( 9 + ' ( --

" * ( ( - 9/ 04

8 8 8 $ 6504& 01( / ( 5

Dallas-Park Cities 214-350-3050 . Plano 972-867-7467 . Dallas N/E 214-320-8280


The $30,000 Martini

By Pat Heptig, co-author Jeff Wiggins

Photos by & Wendy Shoffit

So here I am, early March, one week out from the

“Texas Two-Step” Club Race running a high race

fever. I’ve got the ‘87 Carrera suspended in air, drop

the oil plug, and BAM! -- a chunk of metal drops out --

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

I make an emergency visit to Jim Buckley at Buckley

Racing. It turns out the errant piece of metal is part of a valve

spring that cannot be fixed in time for the race. Just as I see

my race weekend slipping away, out of the corner of my eye

I see a pristine ‘83 911 SC euro race ready machine sporting

Martini racing stripes parked in Buckley’s garage. It didn’t

take long after Jim delivered the verdict on the Carrera for

him to begin his best “Vannah White” impression: “Or...

you could buy this Euro SC.” Ahh, the slippery slope of

racing… and my $30,000 Martini weekend journey begins.

Did I mention I’m still married?

On to College Station... The weather is absolutely perfect

at 75°F with scattered clouds. The race field is stuffed with

over 16 E Class cars and a dozen or more Spec Boxsters

and future National champions in the making. Great friends

and racing competition from all over Texas and surrounding

states gather for this annual race. This is going to be fun.

The car (E Class #714) handled like my Carrera, but lighter

and more nimble in the turns. The Euro SC vs. Carrera

power to weight debate is done (I shaved 4.5 secs). The car

felt great. During the first practice session Saturday morning

Jeff Wiggins (E Class #735) laid down a screaming 1:55.4

(the fastest lap in E Class so far). Jeff’s lap time is only

4/10 of a second off the track record of 1:55 flat – a record

coincidently held by Jim Buckley (E Class #711). Jeff’s

ear-to-ear grin does not go unnoticed by Jim.

In the very next qualifying session, Jim lays down a jawdropping

1:53.9 – a new TWS track record! Now that’s what

I’m talking about! Jim remains “King of the Hill.” To put

this in perspective, Jim’s lap time would have gridded him

4th in the cup cars in the other race group. I was pretty

happy with my qualifying time of 1:56.7, dropping me into

the 3rd grid slot behind Wiggins, while Niels Meissner

(driving yet another Buckley car) gridded 4th with a 1:57.6.

The stage was set for Sprint 1 -- “Battle of the Buckley cars

for E Class.” At the start, George Kopecky (in GT5S class)

got a lightning fast run (is that nitrous under that hood?) and

shot his tie-dyed 911 forward for an impressive kamikaze

dive bomb into Turn 1, squeezing between me and the 1st

and 2nd place runners. It didn’t take long before the leaders

checked out. Game over for the top slot. Leaving no room

for errors, Buckley finished 1st, Wiggins 2nd, Heptig 3rd,

and Meissner took 4th. Another glass boot for the trophy


As the weekend progressed, Sprint 2 played out the same

except Wiggins got pinched by the tie-dyed 911 – leaving

him unable to close the gap with the leaders. Buckley

finished 1st, Heptig 2nd, Wiggins took 3rd, and Colin

Graidage 4th. (Unfortunately, Meissner bent a valve and

was done.) Yet another Buckley car sweep, and a glass boot

to go with it.

Now for those of you unaware of Buckley Race cars,

Jim Buckley has a rare combination of skills: master 911

mechanic, ridiculous driving skills, and fierce competitor --

all while lending a helping hand on and off the track. There

must be something about the Maverick Region since John

Gladwill at Boardwalk Porsche is another master mechanic

May 19

for Spec Boxsters, possesses all the same characteristics and

who swept 1st place in all 4 Spec Boxster races at TWS and

Sebring this year.

After the Saturday races, the Lone Star Region treated us

to a sit-down reception dinner, second to none, in a country

club setting. We ended the day with a cold beverage on the

clubhouse verandah looking out over the 18th green. It just

doesn’t get any better than that.

Sunday’s races kicked it up a notch. Each

race was 40 minutes long, rather than the

standard 30-minute race. Thinking ahead,

I brought out my secret weapon Sunday

morning – a fresh set of tires. Wiggins

rolled his eyes when he saw this. Qualifying

placed me in a pole position for the first

time at a 1:55.5. At this point, I’ve lost all

prior knowledge of car expense.

Getting to choose your lane on the start

was a new experience, so naturally I asked

Jim for advice. With an eye twinkle, he recommended the

outside lane (one I have never seen him take). I chose the

inside lane. The start of Sprint 3 was a rush. I made a bad

shift in Turn 1, which allowed Jim to take the corner and

the lead. I was able to stay glued to his bumper (nothing

like fresh rubber) lap after lap, turning consistent 1:56 lap

times -- doing everything possible to hang on to Buckley as

we pulled together another trifecta. Buckley took 1st, I took

2nd, and Wiggins 3rd.

The final combined race placed us mid-pack. The start was

pretty hairy as we made our way through the field. Jim,

Jeff, and I were all over each other during the first few laps,

until the dreaded double black flag due to a serious single

car incident. Thankfully, the driver was not injured. Kudos

to the emergency response

crew for taking care of the


On the re-start, the

Buckley cars continued

battling again, until Jim

developed a wheel-bearing

problem and Wiggins’

worked on his tire smoke

screens and dirt throwing

tactics to no avail. Wiggins

struggled mightily to keep his car on the track while

simultaneously making his car as wide as possible. Finally,

Turn 1 produced the opportunity one hopes for as he locked

up a rear tire and went wide with enough room for me to

make an inside pass ... and on to the checkered flag.

Martini anyone?


Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


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1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

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May 21

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

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Member Spotlight: Vicki Dunigan

Andrea Bell, Public Relations Chair

This month our new member

spotlight is on Vicki Dunigan.

Vicki has a 2000 black Porsche

Boxster and “absolutely loves it!” They

bought the car in late December, 2010. It

was actually her birthday present from her

sweet husband, Dan.

Vicki says that she enjoys driving

and had always wanted something small and sporty

but never had really thought of a Porsche because

she didn’t think they could afford one. She thought

it was one of those things she would always want

and never have. Finally, in December, her husband

just jumped in and “forced” her to go car shopping

with him. They drove a BMW and a Nissan and

looked at some other cars. As soon as she saw the

Porsche, she knew it was what she wanted. Vicki

shared that she’d been driving a Chevy pick-up for

several years and has kept that. The pick-up lives in

the driveway and the Porsche in the garage!

Vicki has two adult children. Her daughter got

married last year and graduates with her MBA from

UT in May. She will be moving to the DFW area with her

husband. Her son lives in Dallas and has a Master’s degree

in accounting. He’ll be getting married in September. She’s

been married to Dan for…well, many years. Vicki has been

in the DFW area all her life. She was born and raised in Ft.

Worth, and Dan grew up in Dallas.

Vicki loves to walk, read, and putter around in the

flowerbeds. Her daughter is going to work for an airline and

she’ll have travel benefits. They plan to take full advantage

of that as soon as they are able!

Vicki added, “I have to say,

though, that having the Porsche

is a hobby in itself because of

the fun driving it and of working

together to maintain it. I hear

people say that a convertible is

not worth having because there

are ‘only 5 days a year’ you can

drive with the top down. Au


From her picture, it looks like

Vicki is taking advantage of that

top down weather in one of our

Sunday Drives. Please look for

Vicki and Dan at another event

and extend a warm welcome to

our Maverick family. If you are a new member and would

like to be considered for our monthly “SPOTLIGHT”

feature, please contact me at

May 23

Happy Hour - Wildwood Grill

By Chris Christensen

We had about 35 Happy Hour

folks join us at the Wildwood.

All our Porsche’s were neatly

parked in a

line as can be

seen in the

photo. Dave

Garner, owner

of the “Grill” loves Porsches and

so does his son who showed up

with his 1986 vintage 944. It

is like one happy family when

Mavericks visit and that is a good

thing. Dave provides an assortment of appetizers on the

house, and for that we say thanks Dave, to you and your

great crew. We will be back.

Among the many that came out on a clear and warm

evening included a few new Mavs; Steve and Karen Salazar

who have recently purchased a 2000 Carrera. But that is

only part of the story;

Karen purchased the

car for her husband

as a surprise birthday

gift. Now that is true

love, and before I

get into any trouble

with my better half, I

better let it rest. But

Steve and Karen Salazar and Johnnie


wow! Also, Mike and

Denise Schuster are

new Mavs; they have a

2010 Boxster S. So welcome you guys, and hope you join

us at future Happy Hours and the many other events of our

great club.

Photos by Chris Christensen

So, we are back from a long holiday and look forward to

“rejoining” club activities. We have changed up things a bit

for future happy hours; we will have four couples alternating

hosting and

writing followup

articles. I

personally think

this is a good

change, where

we will share the


and at the end

of the day

have more input and hopefully constructive changes. The

couples include: Frank and Bobbie Briggs, Doug and Cheryl

Koeppen and Ralph and Barbara Kauffman. If anyone else

would like to host one or two Happy Hours, please contact

myself or any of the hosts.

Next month’s Happy Hour will be at BJ’s Restaurant &

Brewhouse on May 19th, located at 1101 N Central

Expressway, Plano, Tx. 972-424-4262. We hope to see you

all there.

Mike and Denise Schuster with Clara Lewis



Joseph D. Ray


James L. Falgout


Joseph D. Ray


James L. Falgout


Helping business owners make profitable decisions

and giving people peace of mind about their taxes.


Main Office: 2929 N. Central Expressway, Suite 235

Owned and operated by Jay Walker, II,

Richardson, TX 75080

maverick region member since 1997.

McKinney Office114 1/2 East Louisiana St., Suite 203

McKinney, TX 75069


Main Phone (972) 669-2370 ̶ Fax (972) 669-9202 800-441-2431

1021 W. Prairie at UNT |

1992 968 Cabriolet

Helping business owners make profitable decisions

and giving people peace of mind about their taxes.

Main Office: 2929 N. Central Expressway, Suite 235

Richardson, TX 75080

McKinney Office114 1/2 East Louisiana St., Suite 203

McKinney, TX 75069

Main Phone (972) 669-2370 ̶ Fax (972) 669-9202

1992 968 Cabriolet

Joseph D. Ray


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Specializing in all years and models of

Porsche exclusively for more than 30 years

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

Joseph D. Ray James L. Falgout



Helping business owners make profitable decisions

and giving people peace of mind about their taxes.

Main Office: 2929 N. Central Expressway, Suite 235

Richardson, TX 75080

McKinney Office114 1/2 East Louisiana St., Suite 203

McKinney, TX 75069

Main Phone (972) 669-2370 ̶ Fax (972) 669-9202

1992 968 Cabriolet

Helping business owners make profitable decisions

and giving people peace of mind about their taxes.

Main Office: 2929 N. Central Expressway, Suite 235

Richardson, TX 75080

McKinney Office114 1/2 East Louisiana St., Suite 203

McKinney, TX 75069

1521 Main Phone Baccarac (972) 669-2370 Ct Euless, ̶ Fax TX (972) 76040 669-9202


540 4939

email: 1992

968 Cabriolet

May 25

A HINT from Him...

By Wendy Shoffit

Attention ladies out there! If you’re

reading this article it’s because

your significant other has cleverly

left it in a place where you can conveniently

find it and read it; it’s a hint. :)

Are you tired of being a “track widow” on

weekends? Do you grow weary watching

your husband or significant other walk out

the door to have fun at a Drivers’ Education, Time Trial, or

Autocross event, leaving you behind? Maybe you haven’t

learned how to drive a standard transmission or are terrified

of going too fast. You might also be thinking that these

people in the Porsche Club are either snobs or nuts who only

think or talk about their cars. Perhaps you’re embarrassed

because you don’t know the difference between a 914, 944,

911, and a Boxster and fear you’ll fail the quiz at the end of

the event. Even worse, are you afraid you’ll BREAK the car

and your s.o. will be ticked off and blame you? Whatever

the reason, I’d like to dispel some of these myths and start

getting you out there to enjoy the car that brought you to the


Let’s start with the myth that the club is filled with a bunch

of snobs. Yes, “Porsche” may seem like a word for only the

rich folks out there. You see the $100K + price tags out there

and think that only the uber riche are participating. Well,

that’s simply not true. Not all club members have or plan to

purchase a brand new car. There are tons of older models

that go for much less money, opening up a whole new

world to those of us with more modest budgets. This is not

to say, however, that there aren’t brand new ones out there,

because there are. Drooling over cars is encouraged, just

not close enough to damage the paint. Snobbery is strictly

discouraged and you will be hard pressed to find it. Most of

the club members are friendly and down to earth, regardless

of the car they drive. They will be happy to answer any

question they know the answer to. The motto (if you don’t

already know it) is, “It’s Not Just the Cars, It’s the People.”

It may be the cars that give us the common ground to start

with, but it’s the people who keep bringing you back. Some

of my best friends I’ve met in the club and have a richer life

because of it.

Okay, so how about all those different models? Believe it or

not, there will NOT be a quiz at the end! When I first started

in the club, I was clueless about what the differences were

between a 944 and a 924. I was pretty sure I could pick out

a 911 from a distance, but what in the world was a 914 and

why should I care? The easy answer is... It doesn’t matter.

No one is grading you or judging you on your knowledge

of Porsche models. The only thing we would love is for you

to be able to spell Boxster right if you’re driving one. The

rest will come with time. If you want to know what model a

car is, ask someone about it and I’m sure you’ll get a good

answer. Show up to enough events and it’ll just become

part of your general set of knowledge. Yeah, you still may

struggle with telling the difference between a 944 and 924,

but that’s okay... except if you have one in your driveway. ;)

What if you don’t know how to drive a standard (“stick”)

transmission? If your mom and dad only taught you how

to drive an automatic, ask for help! Most men that I know

would love to have the opportunity to teach you how! They

just might want to start you out on a little rental Honda, rather

than their beloved Porsche. Don’t be offended. Grinding a

transmission is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard, worse

when it’s your OWN chalkboard. If your teacher gets

frustrated, find another teacher. It’s important that you at

least know HOW... even if you’re never good at it. Practice

makes perfect. Over the years, more than one woman has

come to an event not knowing how to drive a stick. None

have left the event still not knowing.

Cars break. That’s a simple fact of life. I’m sure all of us

have been in a car when it’s broken down during normal

use. With all those moving parts inside, eventually things

give out. Driving a car at performance speeds sometimes

accelerates that process (pun intended). Again, it’s a fact of

life. Just because you are in the drivers’ seat does NOT make

you responsible for the breakage... in most cases. Other

than driving it off the road or running it into something,

there are only a few things a driver can do that would cause

him or her to be responsible for breaking something. For

instance, having a huge mis-shift (putting it into first when

you meant third) and letting the clutch out will cause a big

problem. The answer? Be careful and deliberate with your

shifting. If you have a fear it’s in the wrong gear, take it

out and try again... BEFORE letting out the clutch. Without

jinxing myself, I’ve been driving for awhile now and haven’t

had that issue. I’ve been careful and you can be, too. There

are many other things that could go wrong, but with a well

maintained car it most likely won’t go wrong and worrying

about it won’t make that any different. It’s just a car. Don’t

fear it. It won’t bite.

What if you don’t like to go fast? Is it because you REALLY

don’t like going fast on anything? Roller coasters, skiing,

or airplanes? Or does it terrify you because you think you

won’t be able to stop the car in time and be in control?

There’s only one way to find out the true answer. Try. Not

on the public roads, mind you. That’s just crazy. Come to a

driving event and give it a shot. Just once. At every kind of

high speed event we have, you start off slow and build speed

as you go. Trust us... no one wants someone afraid to go

100 miles an hour around Big Bend (a corner at MotorSport

Ranch) in the beginning. They start you off nice and

slow, teaching you everything you need to know, and then


encourage you ever so slightly out of your comfort zone. If

at the end of the weekend you still hate it, not a problem!

You don’t have to drive at a DE ever again. Note... I didn’t

say you couldn’t COME to future events. There have been

many events I’ve never

driven at. It doesn’t

mean you won’t have

fun. Come be with

the people, watch the

action, and you’ll see

the draw. The only way

you won’t have a good

time is if you keep

to yourself and hide

out where the people

Winning ladies from the 2008 Charlotte Parade:

aren’t. I can count on

Five Fabulously Fast First place Females!

one hand the people I

don’t love in the club and even then it’s probably just ME!

The last issue I want to address is if you happen to have a

Neanderthal who is holding the keys to his precious Porsche.

Ladies, there is nothing in the car’s manual that says you

have to have a Y chromosome and a bunch of testosterone to

drive a sports car. If your s.o. thinks differently, he’s wrong.

Box his ears, grab the keys, and show him how it’s done. I

cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard the statement,

“Women are smoother drivers than men.” While it might

not always be true, it is more times than not. Men like to

throw their cars into power slides and hear the tires squeal.

Trust me... that is not always faster. Often times, women are

slightly slower, but more in control. When the tires are going

sideways, they’re NOT going forward. Don’t for a moment

think that all that tire smoke and squealing means the

car is going super fast. Take your time learning, be

patient with yourself, and try to have fun.

Attention Neanderthal men... if you WANT your wife

or s.o. to enjoy herself at events, thereby allowing YOU

more latitude to go to them, make it fun for her. Don’t

be a jerk and keep the driving fun to yourself. Don’t

blame her if something goes wrong with the car (see

the paragraph above). You might just find that she will

ask YOU for a new set of tires for HER birthday. Now

wouldn’t THAT be something? Loosen up the keys

and you might just get a happier relationship where

you both can enjoy driving events. You won’t have to

ask for a “kitchen pass” to go. She’ll be asking YOU if you

want to drive out Friday night or Saturday morning. Bliss.

Now back to the ladies. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading

this little article that your s.o. wanted you to read. If he left it

for you, it means he’s NOT a Neanderthal and WANTS you

to come out and try it. If you had to find this issue on a dusty

shelf behind a bunch of old paint cans... well... hopefully he

has a big club and can grunt really loudly.

Hope to see you at an event soon,


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We specializing in tranplanting GM® engines into the

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* Complete Engine Transplant Services for GM® LS1,

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May 27

Commentary from the Left Seat

By Robert L Turner

How do you research a book? In this instance an

action / adventure novel that focuses much of the

excitement behind the wheel of exotic cars and

takes place around the European continent. The answer:

very carefully, with a lot of due diligence

and Google Maps. But think back 20

years; how did authors get that vibe that

translated to something authentic? If the

author was lucky enough, and maybe

had been published already, they took

a plane across the pond and walked the

city streets wrapped in a drab trench

coat, drove the roads in an old Renault,

stayed in edgy hotels and ate at the seedy

restaurants they wrote about. But most

probably bought a good Michelin map

and travel guide traced their route with

a highlighter and dog-eared each page.

And when it came to cars, maybe they

were fortunate enough to know someone who had the right

car, or access to one.

I’m lucky, having lived in Paris when I was young and

Milano as a teen; I had the opportunity to travel extensively

in Europe and the U.K. so there’s an understanding of the

underlying culture and feel of the street, a head start on

imparting that feeling of being there. But when it comes

to the cars, some authors don’t get it and no doubt put

automobiles into their books because they have to. After all,

people have to get from Point-A to Point-B. But not for me,

the cars in my books take on a life of their own.

So I turned to some local Mav Region PCA members to

help out researching the book. These are the kind of folks

that will go above and beyond the call of duty because they

love the marque, love to help and because they care. John

Hamilton (yes our Mav Region President) did not think

twice before letting me come down to Autobahn Porsche

and take a Panamera out on the road. I thought I would sit

in the passenger seat while he piloted this $100K vehicle

around Ft. Worth traffic. But no…he tossed me the keys and

said let’s go. How great is that?

In my first novel The Driver, protagonist Marc Lange drives

in the FIA GT3 European Championship in…you guessed

it, a Porsche GT3 Cup-S. Well I needed a ride in a GT3

and experience it for myself. So once again I turned to our

Mav Region folks and asked for a lift so to speak. Using the

Mav Group on Yahoo, I posted a topic asking for a ride and

Rob Trollinger stepped up and offered his newly acquired

2008 GT3. Talk about thrilling! This thing, this monster, this

GT3 was something else. It pulls endlessly in every gear,

the engine note angry and brutal and it can slice through a


Author of The Driver, a Marc Lange novel

turn like a scalpel. The ride gave me just enough to give the

reader a bit of insight into this incredible car.

I am writing more and more; for instance doing a weekly

blog called My Life with Porsche (www.mylifewithporsches. and

a monthly column

for Planet-9 (www. In

my first column I

wanted to compare

and contrast the

new Panamera and

Cayenne (v2.0) and

determine if they

could be loved by

us Porschephiles

as cars we can call

our own. This time

I turned to Jason

Durham at Park Place Porsche (a Planet-9 sponsor) and he

did not even hesitate for a second, asking when I could come

out to drive the cars. When I arrived, both were waiting,

Jason telling me to take as much time as I needed to test


And when the time came for the dreaded author photo,

James Shofit lent me his Sparco racing suit and Todd

Opperman at Topp Racing set up a 2011 GT3 Cup racer for

the photo shoot. Amazing! Each of these folks would tell

you that they didn’t do anything special; they just helped

another PCA member. But this speaks to the spirit and the

generosity that makes the PCA and especially the Mav

Region so special. Yeah it may seem quaint but the PCA

slogan: “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people” is alive and


Your Porsche deserves a new home!

Let me help you find one… .




Serving North Dallas Suburbs

Phone: 214-223-7488



May 29

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have

the peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you

in finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized

dealer for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch,

and many others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who

needs race prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your

car running at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane Lane


Royal Royal Lane

Joe Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


New Wheels

Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Bowers, Scott (Sharen)

Fort Worth, TX 76123

1979 911SC

Cepak, Scott

Fort Worth, TX 76124

1974 911 RSR

Evans, Rick

Fort Worth, TX 76108

2006 Boxster

Gagnon, Mark

Benbrook, TX 76126

2000 Boxster

Gibson, Burney

Dallas, TX 75225

2001 911 Carrera

Kidwell, Randy (Ryan)

Tyler, TX 75701

2001 Carrera

Martin, JD (Karla)

Irving, TX 75063

2005 Carrera S

McCall, Sarah

Dallas, TX 75214

2010 Boxster

Nelson, Dave

(Carolyn Knapp-Nelson)

Evergreen, CO 80439

2011 Turbo S

Parsons, Matt

(Cinzia Tona-Stark)

Fort Worth, TX 76132

2006 Cayenne S

Rigdon, Chris

Irving, TX 75061

2006 Boxster

Stewart, Bruce

Dallas, TX 75248

2011 Cayenne

Smith, William (Robin)

Dallas, TX 75206

1968 911

Zalusky, John

Mc Kinney, TX 75071

2011 911 Carrera

Tabor, Clifford

Coppell, TX 75019

1983 911

Maverick Member Totals

Members ~ 1,147

Affiliate Members ~ 772

Total Membership ~ 1,919

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600.

Medanich, David (Cindy)

Southlake, TX 76092

2011 Cayenne


Geoffrey Hamilton

Jeffrey Hammill

Marc Tuno

Floyd Cox

Dragi Bobby Marich

Edward Glover

Brian Scudder

35 Years

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25 Years

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Fort Worth




William Kruder

Paul Saunier

John Terminella

James Chadwick

Jack Labovitz

Mark Wilson

Todd & Karen Imwold

James & Jan Johnson

Kyle & Nicole Metcalf

Jonathan & Flora Lin

R Lynn & Cindy Rea

15 Years

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Fort Worth



Fort Worth




May 31


Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 1987 Targa, Outstanding 1987 Targa. 79,000 miles. G50 trans.

Meticulously maintained. Venetian Blue w/Gray leather. Overhauled A/C, new

Michelins, new shocks, Targa top redone to perfection, current service. No

damage history. Maint. records avail. Not tracked. Always garage kept. Pictures

avail. Priced at $24,900. Call Pat at (214) 616-2477 for more info. (1)

For Sale: 2005 Porsche Boxster, Just hit 41,000 miles. Red/ Black leather

interior. Everything works. New tires. Manuals. No mods, all stock. Garaged.

asking $21,700. contact (1)

For Sale: 2003 Porsche 911 C2, Midnight Blue Metalic, Gray Interior, 6

speed, Bose High End Sound System, Leather Seat Package, Power seat package,

rear window wiper, 18” Turbo wheels, Cd changer. 32,00 miles, this car is as new.

Phone: 214 358 1178 E-Mail: $33,500.00 (2)

For Sale: VERY RARE : 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo Targa, Displayed

indoors for the last 5 years in a private collection. Current professional appraisal

is $62,000. Outstanding example of one of the last true 911’s ever produced

by Stuttgart. Grand Prix White/ Tan Leather interior. This 911/930 Turbo Targa.

Bring your mechanic, paint meter, appraiser and checkbook as this Porsche has no

excuses that it is a 22 year old car - it is fabulous. This may be a once in a lifetime

chance to acquire a real head-turning, drop dead gorgeous, 930 Turbo Targa. I

am asking $39,900, but if you think about it, you can buy this $62,000 Porsche

for LESS than $26,000 when you consider the $14,087 of work just completed to

make it like new. Please call me, Wilf Pinsonneault @ (902) 640-2445 or (902)

982-3764 (3)

For Sale: 2004 James Dean Anniversary Edition Boxster S, 27,000

miles, GT Silver Metallic with Cocoa Top and Interior. Only 1,953 were

manufactured and only 500 are in the United States--I have the Certificate of

Authenticity. This vehicle has been meticulously maintained. It’s been garaged

and the paint and interior are in premier condition. 3.2 Liter, Six-Cylinder Engine,

265 HP, Mid Engine, Hydraulic clutch, Power Steering, Front and Rear Stabilizer

Bars, Cruise Control, Alarm System, Heated Leather Seats, Automatic climate

control with A/C, Bose High-End sound package. For more information, call Tim

Mitchell 916-769-0262 or email asking $32,000 (3)

2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013


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