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Volume 53, Issue 6, June 2015


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“. . . it’s the people”.......................................8

Glass Blowing at SiNaCa............................12

Destination Restoration...............................23

Upcoming Events

Autos in the Park...........................................7

May Board Meeting......................................7

Autocross 5: MW..........................................9

Photo Workshop 2.......................................13

June Maverick Social: Love & War in Texas.27

Member Directory Info.................................... 27

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Past Event Recaps

Gimmick Rally............................................16

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Ennis Bluebonnet Tour................................22

Maverick Social: Shuck N Jive...................26

Day June

3 Board Meeting

7 Concours: Autos in the Park

9 Lewisville Lunch

18 Mav Social: Love and War, Grapevine

21-27 60th Porsche Parade, French Lick, IN

25 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

28 Autocross 5: MW

Day August

5 Board Meeting

11 Lewisville Lunch

15 Photo Workshop 2

16 Autocross 7: LSP

20 Mav Social: TBD

27 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

Driving Event Venues

COTA Circuit of the Americas, Austin

ECR Eagles Canyon Raceway, Slidell

LSP Lone Star Park, Arlington

MMS Mesquite Memorial Stadium, Mesquite

MSR MotorSport Ranch, Cresson

MW Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells

Day July

14 Lewisville Lunch

16 Mav Social: Bruno’s, Irving

23 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

26 Autocross 6: LSP

Day September

2 Board Meeting

6 Autocross 8: LSP

8 Lewisville Lunch

17 Mav Social: TBD

19 Saturday Drive: Ben Wheeler

24 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

26-27 Drivers’ Education 5: MSR

On the Cover: A bit of wet

weather at the Club Races held

at COTA in May did not slow the

participants down.

Photo by John Harvey

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Kirk Bristol


Bryan Kerrick

2015 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Michael Globe


Rick Payton


John Bullen


Henry Carter


Randy Kaplin


Robert Price


Jack Merrell


Jim Falgout


Grady Buckhalter



Leonard Zechiedrich



Lynn Friedman


Shifting Gears: Drivers’ Education – Try It, You’ll Like It!

By Jim Falgout, Region President

Wow! Your club is still growing.

At the end of April we were

three members shy of 2,400.

That is great. I hope it is because we

offer plenty of opportunities for folks

to enjoy their special auto, a Porsche,

and fellowship with others.

Another milestone: this year PCA, Porsche Club of

America, celebrates its 60th anniversary. PCA is the largest

auto club for a single marque in the world.

As I write this, some of our members are on their way

to Austin to participate or volunteer in the Club Race

and Solo DE at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack.

What a great opportunity! Word is that volunteers will

get to drive on the track during charity laps. If you are

not familiar with charity laps, let me enlighten you.

“If you are

not familiar

with charity

laps, let me

enlighten you.

They give nonparticipants

an opportunity

to see how it

feels to drive

their Porsche

on a track.”

At all of our Drivers’ Education

(DE) events, we offer an opportunity

for both DE participants

and non-participants to drive

the course in a follow-the-leader

formation. It gives participants

another opportunity to determine

their lines, and it gives

non-participants an opportunity

to see how it feels to drive their

Porsche on a track. The speed is

controlled and there is no passing,

so it does not put any wear

on the vehicle. I would encourage

you to go out to our next DE,

which will be in September, and

do two things: observe how others are driving on the

course during the sessions, and then drive in the charity

laps to see how it feels. (A donation is required to

participate in charity laps. The funds go to our charity,

Hope House.)

Early in my membership, we had

a Sunday Drive which ended at a

DE. All of the Sunday Drivers were

invited to take the charity laps. I

determined during that event that I

wanted to really enjoy my Porsche on

a track, driving it fast in a safe environment.

I do not get to participate

in many DE’s but when I do, I really

enjoy them.

While we do not have a DE in

June, we have many other events for

2 June

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor

1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051


you to enjoy your Porsche and fellowship. Please

check out the calendar in Slipstream or on our website,

Of course, I was not going to omit an appeal for volunteers.

I have challenged all committee chairs to get



involved. You will really be glad you did.

Mav of the Month

We have many members who have passion for their

Porsche and the club. No one exhibits that more than

our MAV of the MONTH. I asked

her to take on a committee and she

has gone above and beyond in fulfilling

that role. She cares especially

deeply about new members. Even

with a career that demands a great

amount of her time, she finds time

to not only do an outstanding job

with her committee, but also help

other committees. Our MAV of the

Month is Stephanie Ho. Thank you

Stephanie for all you do.

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Jim Falgout

Jim joined Maverick Region in August,

2008. He drives a 2003 996, which is

the third Porsche he has owned. Jim

enjoys attending Maverick Region

social and driving events.


AX Chair Wesley Lincoln

TT Chair Travis Howard

TT Registrar Robyn Howard

AX/TT Rules Travis Howard

AX/TT Schools Robyn Howard

Charity Chair Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chairs Jim Buckley

Pat Heptig

Joel Nannis

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Chair Andy Kay

DE Chair Chris Tabor

DE Chief Drvng Instr. John Sandusky

DE Equip. Mgr. Wesley Lincoln

DE Registrar Wendy Shoffit

DE Safety

DE Sponsorship Daren Kirbo

Email List Moderator

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Histographer, Tenured Charlie Davis

Membership Susan and Tom


Monthly Socials Stephanie Ho

Member Welcome Chair Stephanie Ho

On-line Calendar Brendan Eagan

Past President John Hamilton

Public Relations Linda Bambina

Rally Co-Chairs Don Sebert

George Luxbacher


Advertising Pat Friend

Editors Carey Spreen

Jim Hirsch

Event Ad Design Jasmine Shoffit

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Content Wrangler Linda Bambina

Mentor Wendy Shoffit

Social Chair Tracy Robertson

Sunday Drives Tom Martin

Neill Flood

Swap Meets Robyn Howard

Tech Sessions Ed Mullenix

Trivia Chair Jerry DeFeo


Denny Payne

4 June

Vice President

Gareth Maurice

C 817-821-2940

Gareth still remembers the cover of

the car magazine that drew him into a

lifetime of loving cars. He spent many

afternoons riding his bike as a young

kid to the local newsstand to buy and

read everything he could. He now

owns a Midnight Blue 911S and enjoys

driving it in wonderful Texas!

Linda Bambina


Jim Buckley

Charlie Davis

Jerry DeFeo


Brendan Eagan

Neill Flood

Pat Friend


Susan & Tom Froehlich

Chris Hamilton

John Hamilton


Pat Heptig



Wendy Shoffit

C 972-977-9821

Wendy and husband James joined

Maverick Region in 1997, when their

daughter was only 9 months old.

Jasmine is now 17. They own 3 Porsches

including a 1978 911SC as a dedicated

racecar, which she enjoys autocrossing.

Her daily driver is a 2000 Boxster.

She also serves as the PCA National

Newsletter Chair.

Jim Hirsch


Stephanie Ho

Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Andy Kay


Daren Kirbo


Wesley Lincoln


George Luxbacher

Tom Martin

Andy Mears


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Richard Solomon

C 903-530-8281

Richard joined Maverick Region in

2012 when he fulfilled a 30+ year

dream to own his first (of many) 911,

a 2009 Silver Carrera! Although fairly

new to the club, he is excited about

being more involved and meeting more

Porsche fanatics!

Joel Nannis

Denny Payne

Your Name Here!

Tracy Robertson


John Sandusky


Don Sebert


James Shoffit


Wendy Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Chris Tabor


Fran Ussery



Around the Bend...

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor

With an unusally wet spring

that continued through the

month of May this year, Mav

members have had a challenge keeping

their rides clean after their exercise

regimen. Fortunately, our drives,

rallies, and many other club events

have somehow been able to miss these

showers and carry on as planned.

Each month, Slipstream attempts to bring our members

highlights of the multitude of club happenings as well

as updates on the many upcoming opportunities for

your participation. I appreciate the many members who

serve as authors of these articles in addition to those

members who actively contribute photographs to provide

visual interest to the stories.

Beginning with this issue, I’m going to introduce the

concept of a “hybrid” magazine. No, don’t worry, theprint

version of Slipstream you’ve come to know

and love is not undergoing any radical changes.

For example, Wendy Shoffit publishes each

Slipstream in PDF format via our club website. The

advantage of that version starts with it being in

full-color and continues with online links being

available to give you even more content than what is on

the printed pages. You can get each issue in PDF format

at under the Newsletter tab.

I’ll also begin including QR codes to enable you to use

your mobile device to access even more information.

Search “QR code” to get a reader for your phone or

other mobile device.

As an example of the concept for

the Slipstream hybrid, use this QR

code to check out what Porsche

is thinking about a possible 911

hybrid option with the next scheduled

update of that model.

And remember, I provide daily

updates to remind you of club and other Porsche events

and news via our Twitter feed at

MaverickPCA and hashtag of #mavpca.

Finally, don’t forget to update your wardrobe

for this summer driving season by visiting our

online club Goodie Store as noted below.

Read on to see what’s “around the bend” in this

month’s issue!


Gimme a Minute: May Board Meeting

By Wendy Shoffit, Region Secretary May 6, 2015


Jim Falgout

started the

meeting at 6:59

PM. He continues

to encourage Event

Chairs to find assistants

to help out or

step in should the

need arise.

Secretary Wendy Shoffit reported

that she and James had a fabulous

time in Germany, thanks to the support

of Maverick Region (the trip

was a raffle prize at the 2012 Founders’

Day celebration) and the help

of Linda Bambina. The Club Race

at COTA was the following weekend

and was looking good. We should be

financially profitable with it. There

is an upcoming DE on May 23-24

(Memorial Weekend) that could use

an entrant boost.

Autocross Chair Wes Lincoln

couldn’t attend the meeting, but

sent a report that the autocross

school will be Saturday, May 30 (entry

fee $40) followed by an autocross

(a “mirror-cross”) on Sunday, May

31, which is free for school entrants

and $35 for others. He is also working

with the BMW club for a combined

event in the fall. Details to


Concours Chair Andy Kay said he

enjoyed the DE he participated in

very much and had excellent instruction.

He reported that the April

Detailing Clinic at Jack’s Garage had

about 30 attendees (including some

new members), which was a great

success. The May at Mayo’s event

had 120 for dinner and 38 cars in

the show. He presented two “Best

in Show” awards (one for air-cooled

and one for water-cooled cars). He

has products generously donated by

Griot’s Garage to give away at several

events. Next is Autos in the Park on

Sunday, June 7 at the Cooper Aerobics

Center in Dallas.

Treasurer Richard Solomon said

we have roughly $137K in the bank.

We are a little above break-even for

last year (income versus expenses).

DE is currently operating with a

small loss this year, but that should

change. He suggested we promote

the Goodie Store more.

David Robertson filled in for wife,

Social Chair Tracy Robertson.

Founders’ Day will again be at Bent

Tree in November. He also reported

that May at Mayo’s was a great event.

PR Chair Linda Bambina commented

that Jim and Carey are

doing great with the Slipstream

schedule! She will be looking for an

article about the COTA race. She is

also looking for the Maverick Region

banners for use at the upcoming

Autos in the Park event.

Editor Jim Hirsch expressed his appreciation

for all the article writers

and photos sent (complete with captions!).

We are increasing the print

number again for mailings, as needed.

The deadline for the July issue

will be June 8 (instead of June 10)

to accommodate his travel schedule.

He asked about a club calendar that

was mentioned earlier this year. Distribution

was discussed, mailing or

selling in person at Founders’ Day.

He also mentioned the upcoming

printed directory. We will give members

two months to opt out.

Co-Editor Carey Spreen is glad to

be Jim’s assistant. To show appreciation

for the donated goodies, we will

be sending Griot’s Garage a copy of

the newsletter each month.

Sunday Drive Chair Tom Martin

reported that Neill Flood is his assistant

and is actively working to

recruit a few more helpers. The

April Bluebonnet drive was great.

Despite a bad forecast, it turned out

to be good weather. Unfortunately,

because of the Bluebonnet Festival,

the roads were a bit too crowded

and the restaurant that promised

space was also overwhelmed. That

won’t be a problem for the May 30

“Little Ranch on the Prairie” drive,

which will have a catered meal. That

event might be the first ever drive

to make a small profit. A beautiful

drive is coming up in the fall thanks

to the help of some of our East Texas


Rally Chair Don Sebert said he had

a wonderful rally on April 25 with a

great 21-car turnout. George Luxbacher

is his Rally assistant. At the

rally they gave trophies out to 5th

place, plus a “Dead Last But Finished”

and ”Good Job” award (given

to enthusiastic new members). Unfortunately,

they didn’t have a good

place or time during the event to

hand out awards, but they will work

on improving that for next time.

He has received THREE articles

for Slipstream about the event. The

next rally will be in the fall. Check

back for dates and details.

Calendar Chair Brendan Eagan

has worked to improve the look of

online calendar events, including

pictures. He will work to get a 6th

grader to assist, since he admits that

most 6th graders could do his job!

DE Chair Chris Tabor has Daren

Kirbo as an assistant. He commented

that when picking dates last year for

this year’s events, he unfortunately

picked some bad ones, but will work

to improve that for next year. For

example, he will be dropping the

March (spring break) event next

year. The track costs have gone up

and attendance has gone down,

which has put us a bit financially in

the hole for the year. We will continue

to encourage DE attendance.

Mark Schnoerr suggested that we

promote the gentler side of DEs.

Drivers do NOT have to beat their

cars up and run through tires excessively.

He would also like to promote

other driving events of interest to


Membership Chairs Tom and Susan

Froehlich reported 1539 primary

and 857 affiliate members for

a total of 2396. Slightly down from

last month.

Monthly Dinner Social Chair

Stephanie Ho is excited that the

event at Lavendou is coming up. She

has 130 interested, but only 115 slots

guaranteed. There is great interest

and wishes there was more space.

Jim Falgout ended the meeting

reporting that Stephanie Ho is our

Mav of the Month. Congratulations!

Meeting was adjourned.

6 June


It’s Easy to Play!

Play here for fun and education

and find the answers below


Play for prizes on the web at, with

the answers and winners to be posted here after each

month’s contest has closed. Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for

putting this and the Web Trivia together.

Congratulations to this month’s winner,


getting 3 out of 5 correct. Tom, please contact Kirk at

Zim’s to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.

Thanks to all for playing!

1. On Page 144 of a Panorama dated in 2015 there is a racing

Porsche. How many Headlights does it appear to have?

a. Two b. Four c. Six d. Eight

Source: Panorama, Feb, 2015, p 144

2. There is a Porsche Factory publication that says back in the

early mid 90’s that Porsche was the only car manufacturer in

the world to offer a certain optional feature.

a. Phone controls on the Steering Wheel b. Leather Covered

Instrument Rings c. Leather Covered Radio Knobs d.

Contrasting Stitching for Steering Wheels

Source: Porsche Museum Handbook, p 142

3. About this same time Porsche would also offer Contrasting

Seat Belt Colors. How many different Colors were offered?

a. Six b. Ten c. Twelve d. Fifteen

Source: Porsche Museum Handbook, p145

4. At the 1992 Geneva Motor Show Porsche unveiled a new

limited production run of a special 911; the 911 Turbo S!!!

It had 381 HP out of 3.3 Liters, but had no A/C, Radio,

Power Steering, nor Rear Seats. They saved some 180Kg by

eliminating many ‘creature comforts’. How many of these

VERY expensive 911’s were originally planned to be built?

a. Three b. Five c. Nine d. Fifteen

Source: Porsche Museum Handbook, p 151

5. How many did they finally build for that Model Year?

a. 25 b. 52 c. 73 d. 86

Source: Porsche Museum Handbook, p151

Answers: 1) d 2) b 3) d 4) b 5) d


“ . . . it’s the people”: Team Howard

By Linda Bambina, PR Chair

Travis and



have been very

active members of

Maverick Region

since 2003. They

are approachable,

dedicated to the club, and excellent

drivers in a Region filled with many

top-notch drivers. Their contributions

to the Region and area are of

epic proportion.

“Robyn and Travis have a passion

for Porsches, but a bigger passion

for helping others.” - Bryan Bell

(past AX Chair and Maverick VP)

Travis has been Time Trial Chair

since 2008, and in 2013 also assumed

the position of Autocross

Chair, stepping down at the end of

2014. Prior to taking on that additional

position, he worked very hard

to train prior AX Chairs and worked

seamlessly with them to put on great

driving events.

Since 2011, Robyn has contributed

in a major way to the AX/TT program,

having been the Registrar for

every event. As

Registrar, she handles

all pre-event

advertising and


with registrants.

The day of the

event she checks

them all in, handles

any classification

changes, and

generates the list

of corner worker

assignments. She

often works in the

timing trailer to

ensure that the

official scores are

8 June

correct. All this she does when she’s

NOT driving IN the event. When she

drives, she wins her class and tries

to beat her husband’s times. She

was even the Region’s Top Ladies’

Driver in 2011. Not be outdone,

Travis won the Mens’ Top Driver the

following year! Now that’s a great

driving team!

Not only did Robyn and Travis run

the AX/TT events, but they continue

to participate in other organizations’

events to get other ideas and

build camaraderie. Robyn actively

promotes our events using social


As a couple, they have put on the

annual Autocross School event since

2010. This is the introductory level

event for many new drivers who are

curious about how these beautiful

cars are REALLY meant to be driven.

Not only do they set up the logistics

of the event, they recruit instructors

and workers to make it an event that

is unforgettable for attendees.

Travis also maintains a critical piece

of equipment for the program. We

lovingly call it the “Truxster,” which

is a step van that houses all of our

necessary apparatus (cones, timing

Travis and Robyn at the Monterey Autocross Awards

Photos by the Author

devices, flags, loaner helmets, etc.),

and which requires a great deal of

maintenance, including fabricating

door panels from scratch. It’s a constant

battle keeping the thing moving,

but he’s always up for the task.

Robyn has chaired our annual Swap

Meet event since 2010. She provides

enthusiasm sweeter than the doughnuts

they bring in the morning. This

is a great opportunity for members

to come find great deals while socializing

with PCA friends.

Our Driver Education program was

enhanced when Travis took over the

very difficult task as Gridmaster in

2010. He did such a great job, he

was invited to be Gridmaster at our

PCA Club Race that same year. He

is now “Gridmaster T” at the multiregion

Club Race at Circuit of the

Americas. The COTA event is one

of the largest Club Races in the

country and Travis, along with wife

Robyn and a grid team, do a job that

is second to none.

Travis and Robyn don’t just care

about the Porsche Club and its

members. They are also huge supporters

of our Region’s charity, the

Hope House. They find ways during

the year to raise

money, and have

put on a “Run

What You Brung”

Charity Autocross

in years past. During

their work at

the DE events,

Travis sacrifices

his lunch hour

(his only break)

to make sure that

Charity Laps happen.

These events

alone raise hundreds

of dollars

for the women’s

shelter. At our

annual Founders’

Travis and Robyn with Region VP Gareth Maurice

stirring up trouble at an All Member Party

Day event, Robyn is a happy bidder for the silent auction,

from which all proceeds go directly to the shelter.

Travis takes it even one giant step further. He considered

the cause so important that he selected the Hope

House to be his charity of focus with his employer, who

matches 50% of Travis’ donations. Travis has even gotten

three of his co-workers to support the Hope House

as well, and their donations also receive the company

match! This is an amazing charity, and the Howards’

dedication and support of this cause is evident.

The Howards aren’t content with owning just one

Porsche. Their love of the marque has drawn them to

purchasing SEVEN of them. Travis has chosen for himself

a 1974 914, 1985 911 Targa, and a 2003 996, while

Robyn has a 1986 944, 1987 924S, 2002 Boxster S, and

a 2003 Boxster. Travis’ first Porsche (his self-proclaimed

mid-life crisis car) was the ‘85 911. Mechanic Travis does

the work on all of their Porsches (and a few other cars

we won’t mention here). Their backyard has turned

into a fabulous looking parking lot -- the envy of the


Maverick Region has realized the importance of the

contributions made by both Robyn and Travis. As such,

Travis has been recognized twice as “Maverick of the

Month” and received the coveted Richard F. Selcer Memorial

Award in 2013. Robyn was honored with the

Gregg Murrell Driving Enthusiast Trophy in 2014.

“I have been going to races almost every year since

the late 80s and I can say that Travis runs the TT & AX

as well as the best have done it in the past. Our weekends

run smoothly and he is the guru who keeps the

electronics going. To his credit he does two jobs with

a smile on his face. The Club has lots of great folks—

Travis is at the front of that pack.” - Richard Diller (30

yr. Mav, driving 152 miles each way to attend our



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10 June

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.2400

©2014 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

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Others sculpt marble.

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Park Place Porsche

6113 Lemmon Avenue

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The Tub Club Gets Creative: Glassblowing at SiNaCa

By Barbara Madsen

Twelve Tub

Club members


an opportunity on

April 11 to express

their creativity

while attending a

glass blowing session

at SiNaCa Studios’ School of

Glass and Gallery. The studio is

housed in an antique service station

close to the historic district in Fort

Worth. Janet Brown, a Tub Club

member, organized the event. She

did a fabulous job of disseminating

information about the event to

other members, plus she made sure

everything ran smoothly on the day

of the activity.

Clifton Crofford uses a torch

to fire polish the imploded bowl

as Fran Ussery looks on

Blowing glass is definitely an art,

and Clifton Crofford from SiNaCa

Clifton guides Dennis Mokaren as

he heats the glass in the glory hole

12 June

carefully demonstrated the step-bystep

process of making a bowl from

a glob of molten glass, the object

d’art being made during this session.

Everyone listened carefully to

both the instructions and cautions

in working with hot glass. A long

metal pole called a blow pipe was

dipped into a furnace filled with

molten glass, and there were several

steps to be followed after this point

in creating a finished product.

The process began by adding colored

crystals to the molten glass,

and culminated with a unique bowl

ready to go into the annealer, where

it would slowly be allowed to cool

over several hours. Throughout

each of these steps, SiNaCa employees

individually guided each person

Photos by the Author

Tub Club members watch the demonstration attentively

Chris Morris observes as Kelley

McCabe shows her how to shape

the hot glass before blowing

during the procedure. Since there

were four SiNaCa instructors, only

two people at a time could make

their bowls. This was still enjoyable

for the ones waiting, however, as

everyone could watch the activity repeatedly

while learning more about

blowing glass. No two bowls were

alike, and it was fun to see how different

color combinations turned


After all the bowls were made, Clifton

gave a brief lesson on glass and

the history of glass blowing. It was

both an informative and creative

day for all who attended.

Janet Brown blows into a tube

as the molten glass expands

and is shaped by Clifton


• Track Set-up

• Exhaust Upgrades

• Performance Alignments

• Suspension Modifications

• Performance Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

• 100+ Years of Technician Experience

• 11,000 sq Feet of the Top Technology

• Comfortable Waiting Area with WIFI

• Fully Air Conditioned Shop

• Green Building, Eco Friendly


• Trade your old Porsche

in for a newer model!

• Consignment Sales

• Accessories

Specializing in: Porsche • We service all models

Set up an

appointment today! 1975 Archer Way • Lewisville TX, 75077 • 972-317-4005 1 mile West of I-35 behind Sonic!


The Art of Paint Protection

After Installation

A virtually invisible urethane film

professionally applied to high-impact areas

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.

During Installation

Owner Installed

Highest Quality Guaranteed

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100

Carrollton, TX 75006

14 June

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.


Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


Visit us online at:


1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.


Bartonville-Frisco Gimmick Rally: A New Rallyist Perspective

By Meg Moore

Photo by George Luxbacher

After a week

of chilly


weather, the morning

of the Maverick

Porsche Rally

dawned bright and

dry. Except for the

rare puddle, it was going to be a

good day for a rally.

We pulled into the Bartonville

Shopping Plaza, and there they

were, 20 or more sparkling Porsches

. . . and that little tickle in my stomach

that I get when I see one is multiplied

into a frenzy of calm excitement.

As we walk over to the other

team members, we visit and enjoy

Starting point at the

Bartonville Shopping Plaza

getting to know new people and

their different stories of how they

came to be Porsche owners.

Rally Co-Chairs Don Sebert and

George Luxbacher called a drivers’

meeting for some general housekeeping,

to give details of the route,

and to note what we could expect

and what we would not encounter.

They joked about how some couples

may require therapy afterwards, and

implored us to try not to take it all too

seriously. Different acronyms were

used and defined, and hints were

dropped. We struggled to absorb

it all and try not to get too stressed

over it. Then they handed out the

packets of rules, cryptic directions,

24 images of things to make note of

along the way, score sheet with more

items to notate, and even a glossary

-- who’s going to have time for that?

One of the tiebreaker elements was

to circle each state we “drive over,

through or by” and my husband immediately

said, “Oh my gosh, they

have us going all the way to Oklahoma!”

The other tiebreaker was

to count all of the birdhouses along

the way. As the navigator, I freaked a

little at the thought of that.

We reviewed all those pages (so

many pages) quickly and walked to

our car, telling ourselves that we’re

not going to take this too seriously.

It’s all for fun, right? Then we got in

the line-up of beautiful cars to take

our turn at the fun. Just listening

to two dozen Porsches idle is worth

it, then to look around and see

passersby stop and point is kind of

heady. Of course most Porsche owners

don’t get a car for that reason,

it’s just the love of the machine; it

can still make you feel proud.

The route was amazing, bringing

that old song, “Over the river

and through the woods…”

to life. Beginning in the

contemporary community

of Lantana, we quickly

found ourselves in a much

more rural setting, passing

by horse ranches and

farmland. Then before we

knew it we were crossing a

bridge over a now-full Lake

Lewisville. We passed, and

took note of “fantasyful”

birdhouses, billboards that

seemed out of place, rusty

tractors that looked like

huge pieces of art, signs

that filled us with relief that

we were still on the right

path, storefronts that were

straight out of yesterday,

and so on. With just over

68 miles racked up, we

ended at the Museum of

the American Railroad in


There were Don and George again,

accepting our score sheets and asking

how we liked the rally. We chatted

a bit, then headed over to the

railroad museum. We toured giant

steam locomotives, diesel locomotives,

passenger cars, a caboose, and

the once first class of the railways,

Pullman cars, all brought to life by

a very knowledgeable guide. Hungry,

we made our way over to Babe’s

Chicken to join the club for a hearty

meal and exchange stories of the

rally. We were amused to learn that

we tied for second place with two

other teams. Remember those tiebreakers?

Well, we walked away with

a 3rd place award!

At the end of the day, it’s not for an

award, it’s entirely for the adventure,

sights, and fellowship that we

participate. Thank you Maverick

Region for another wonderful

event. We are proud to be members

and fortunate to be Porsche


Bartonville-­‐Frisco Railway Rally

April 25, 2015

Car Driver/Navigator Place

10 Frank/Laura Holaday 1

9 Tom Cundari/Mary Anderson 2

13 Hayward/Meg Moore 3

21 Myra/Jerry Sutton 4

11 Mathew/Linda Krebs 5

12 Victor/Zeza Verissimo 6

18 David/Kathy Ward 7

16 Jim/Phyllis Gallegos 8

8 Gig Philipp/Cathy Toledo 9

14 Joe/Melanie Fernandez 10

15 Pam/Jim Adams 11

4 Mark/Cyndee Ebbeling 12

17 Randy Osgerby/Mike Krifger 13

5 Chris/Gabe Sorrells 14

20 Mitch Mitchell/Gary Phelps 15

2 Tom/Jan Martin 16

7 Brenda Dranow/Pam Swan 17

3 Robert/Joyce DiRienzo 18

19 Greg/Mathew Sebert 19

1 Alex Mackenzie/George Hern 20

6 Bill/Judy Bradley DLBF

16 June

The Concours Corner: Jack’s Garage and May at Mayo’s

By Andy Kay

Photos by Charlie Davis

was the lucky winner

of the Griot’s

Garage drawing,

walking away with

an assortment of

Griot’s goodies.

Our annual May

at Mayo’s Dinner

Social and People’s

Choice Concours


held on Saturday,

May 2, was a huge

Car detailing can feel a little

overwhelming, especially when

you have a fine automobile.

Knowing that, we held a detailing session

at “Jack’s Garage” on Saturday,

April 25. It was a great showing, with

more than 30 attendees. Bill Young

success! Social Chair Tracy Robertson says that about

120 folks turned out to have Mexican food, catered by

Blue Mesa Grill, with a

few more that just came

for the Concours. Many

thanks to Ed Mayo, Tom

Petrushka, the rest of

the staff at Mayo Performance,

and of course to

Myra Sutton and

Stephanie Ho enjoying the

May at Mayo’s event

The dinner portion of

this event has become

so popular that we have

to eat in shifts so that

everyone has a place to

sit down, so be sure you

RSVP next year if you

plan to attend.

Andy Kay provides a detailing

presentation at Jack’s Garage

(Photo by Alex Kader)

Tracy and David Robertson

for putting on

this popular event once


Brenda and Greg Dranow

were happy to attend

We had 38 Porsches compete, and the quality and variety

of cars was exceptional. Griot’s drawing winners at

Mayo’s were Bridget Guccione and Zachary Manaois.



356, All years Jeff Hammill

914, All years Mark Hanna

Early 911/912, 1964-1977 Matthew Baker

911SC Carrera, 1978-1989 Robert Pritchett

964/993, 1990-1998 Jay Moore

996/997/991, 1999-2014 Stephanie Ho

Boxster/Cayman, All years Fred Payne

924/944/968/928, All years Patrick (Patman) Hall

The eight winners brought their beautiful

Porsches for everyone to enjoy

Best in Show Air Cooled was Jeff Hammill’s classic

red 1959 Convertible D, a very rare 356, as Porsche

only made this model for one year. Best in Show Water

Cooled was Patman’s gorgeous 928.

Don’t miss the next Concours d’Elegance at “Autos in

the Park” Sunday, June 7, at the Cooper Aerobics Center

in Dallas, benefitting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital &

the Cooper Institute. Advance entry fee is $20; contact

Jack Griffin at Entry fee on the

day of the show is $25.

Autos in the Park schedule:

• Porsche staging begins 8:30am

• Show begins 10:00AM

• Porsche trophies awarded 2:00pm

• Overall trophies awarded at 2:30pm

• Show ends 3:00pm

We’ll have medals, Griot’s goodies and Best in Show

awards at 2pm. See you there!







Introducing Garages of Texas, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites.

Here, you don’t rent space. You buy it. Giving you complete financial control and the power to make it your own

with unlimited customization options. So, stop fighting for space in your family garage. Upgrade to a garage suite

and move your motorhome, boat or show cars to the showroom they deserve.

Contact our sales team at 214.435.4898 or for more information. •

Located at W. Plano Pkwy. & W. Park Blvd., in Plano, Texas

18 June


20 June

Certified Master Technician

General Maintenance

Performance Upgrades

Suspension Modifications

Alignments (Track and Street)

Track Preparation

Tech Sheet Inspections

Custom Built Spec996s and SPBs

Custom Fabrication

2520 Tarpley Rd, Suite 100

Carrollton, Texas 75006



Saturday Drive: Ennis Bluebonnet Tour

By Neill Flood, Sunday Drive Co-Chair

Spring driving

tours can

sometimes be

a little tricky due to

the increased possibility

of rain, but

we were truly fortunate

with the Ennis

Bluebonnet Tour as blue skies were

plentiful on a gorgeous Saturday.

The event began at an abandoned

bank parking lot in Hutchins, where

we counted 54 Porsches. I’ve always

looked forward to seeing the variety

of cars that

attend these

events, and this

tour was no different,

with aircooled

911s up

to the current

model lineup

present. Once

everyone had

the opportunity Drive Co-Chairs

to do some tire Neill Flood and

kicking and Tom Martin

chat, Tom Martin

gave us a

brief the group

safety briefing, and we were off!

With this drive, there was an emphasis

on taking in the excellent

scenery and each attendee was encouraged

to bring a camera to capture

the sights. The route was about

85 miles and included straights and

of course some twisty sections for

everyone’s enjoyment. I’ve heard a

A few of the gathering of

54 Porsches in the drive

22 June

Two yellow Porsches hoping

for some good contrast

with the Bluebonnets

lot about how beautiful the fields

of Bluebonnets are in this part of

the state, and this drive didn’t disappoint.

In fact, the rolling hills of

bright floral colors must be seen

especially when the Bluebonnets

are in full bloom. Each drive group

made several stops along the route

to allow everyone the opportunity

to stretch their legs and snap a few

photos. I was surprised to see the

amount of tourists we experienced

on the remote country roads, and

even a couple of chartered buses

Stopping along the drive to grab

some great photo ops

(Photo by Kevin Creed)

joined us on the winding route. It

was actually quite amusing to see

some of the tourists taking pictures

of our cars, as it appeared they were

as much of an attraction as the Bluebonnets.

Being a drive leader on this tour was

actually somewhat of a challenge to

find the “best” parking spots to take

photos, as there were so many sce-

Photos by George and Dee Luxbacher

nic opportunities to be found. Each

stopping point included unique settings

from rolling hills to rustic farm

houses. My favorite spot was an old

abandoned house just off the road,

with Bluebonnets everywhere!

The final destination was at Bubba’s

Bar-B-Q in Ennis. The Barbecue

choices at Bubba’s were numerous,

along with traditional items such as

brisket and sausage. The food and

service at Bubba’s was great and the

restaurant did a nice job of accom-

Capturing John Harvey in

his Carrera Cabriolet while

moving is quite a feat

modating us. This was also a good

opportunity to catch up with fellow

Maverick members, another reason

the driving tours are so fun.

Special thanks

to the drive

leaders and

sweeps who help

make the tours


By the time you

read this, our

The weather



at times

May Saturday

Drive will have

taken place, and

we’ll be into our

summer hiatus.

Be sure to join

us on September

19 for our special East Texas

Saturday Drive! Hope to see you


Destination Restoration:

A Suspension Odyssey Part 6: Brake Caliper Rebuild

By Ash Seidl-Staley

The long awaited article about

rebuilding brake calipers has

arrived—well part one of it

at least! As previously mentioned in

other articles, I will only be focusing

on how to rebuild the front calipers,

although the procedures outlined below

could be used on the rear calipers

in a very similar manner.

Questions you might ask yourself are why and when

should I rebuild my calipers? More often than not your

car’s calipers will be just fine, even with years and years

of use. Many well-maintained and regularly driven cars

have fully functioning calipers that last beyond the life

time of the car. Cars that spend their days sitting inoperable,

decaying in fields, and forever stay on the back

burner have a higher chance of calipers rusting and


A general rule would be to check the condition of the

caliper and its pistons when you are changing brake

pads. When looking, take note of the overall condition

of the caliper, making sure to document the existence

of any chips or rust spots on or around the piston faces.

A little surface rust is actually ok,

but if there are any heavier areas or

deep pitting the caliper will probably

need replaced. In other drastic

cases you might find that the

pistons on your caliper are acting

like they are stuck, i.e. they won’t

go in when you try to press them

back into their housings. This was

the case with my car’s brakes. The

driver’s side caliper had a stuck

piston that just wouldn’t budge.

Rusty piston

Rather than spend many dollars on a refurbished set

of calipers, I decided to tackle the rebuild myself. To

my surprise the process is actually quite simple, and if

you’re lucky you won’t even have to split the caliper into

its two halves.

To start the rebuild you must first get the caliper off of

the car. As always, start by safely jacking up the car. Then

remove the wheel, unbolt the caliper from the strut assembly,

and pop it off the brake disc, all the while taking

care not to bend or break the metal brake line. Taking

a 10mm wrench, carefully back out the brake line bolt/

plug on the back of the caliper. Be sure to have extra

rags underneath the caliper and around you as these

next steps can get a little messy. Remove the bolt/plug

Photo by the Author

that feeds brake fluid into the caliper and set your caliper

down, being careful not to let brake fluid gush out


Some tips to stop the fluid from freely flowing out of

the brake line include: crimping the rubber brake line

coming from the inner fender well, rigging a system

to keep the brake pedal in the cabin depressed, or my

personal favorite, plug up the bolt with one of the cars

brake bleeder grommets.

Once you find your method and have removed the

caliper, take it over to your work station and let the remaining

fluid drain out of the caliper. Now it is time for

the fun part - getting pistons out of their housings. This

step can be difficult with a stuck piston but with a little

patience all can be achieved. Take a small screwdriver

and pop off the retaining clip and rubber boot that surround

the pistons. Take a C-clamp and clamp down one

of the pistons to keep it in its housing, and then place

a small block of wood in between the pistons. Hook up

the hose from an air compressor to the hole where the

brake line was attached and slowly blow air in to get the

piston to creep out. Before it falls completely out, take

the C-clamp off of the piston while still in its housing

and gently attach it to the extended piston. This keeps

the extended piston from moving, and keeps the necessary

vacuum needed to push the other piston out. Next,

pump in some more air and eventually you should have

two extended pistons on your caliper. Remove the wood

block and take a rag and pull out each piston. A pair

of vise-grips can be used but take care not to scratch or

score the smooth sides of the pistons.

If an air compressor is unavailable to you, you can hook

the caliper back up to the car sans brake pads, and have

someone push down on the brake pedal. Similar to the

previous method take care not to let just one piston fall

out of the caliper. This process should extend the pistons

enough to get a grip on them for removal. If neither

of these methods has dislodged the stuck piston a

final, more barbaric method would be to split the caliper

into its two halves, and hit the back side of the calipers

with a 2X4 or something similar. You might laugh

at this procedure but I have done it and it works wonders,

especially for a stubborn 40+ year old rusty 914

caliper.Now that you have separated the caliper and the

pistons it is time to clean everything, and replace the

inner housing seal. Unfortunately we are out of space

for this month, so stay tuned for the caliper clean up

and reinstallation in next month’s issue!


For hassle free information on

any property in the DFW area,

call 972.365.7370

When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

A+ Rated

(817) 692-8496

Michael Picolo


Showroom by Appointment

5500 Meandering Rd

Ft. Worth, 76114

Since 1971

Providing personalized service

on all Porsche automobiles.

• Complete servicing and repairs

on all air or water cooled models

• In-house machine shop

• M96/M97 reconditioning

• Performance and track mods

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 417-0997

24 June

Body repair experts as


as your Porsche.

Trust your Porsche to Park Place Bodywerks. It’s the only Porsche-certified dealer collision

center in the Metroplex. Where you’ll find factory-trained technicians, working in modern facilities

with state-of-the-art equipment. And the same award-winning level of service you’d expect from the

area’s premier dealership for Porsche and other exceptional vehicles. Don’t settle for anything less

than true Porsche expertise—schedule your Bodywerks appointment at

Bodywerks is certified to service:


PARK PLACE BODYWERKS FORT WORTH | 5760 Bryant Irvin Rd. | 817.263.3965

PARK PLACE BODYWERKS DALLAS | 3316 Atwell St. | 214.443.8250

PARK PLACE BODYWERKS GRAPEVINE | 1300 Texan Trail | 817.310.7685


Maverick Monthly Social: Shuck N Jive

By Zydeco Boudreaux

Bonjours, tout

le monde!

C’est ton bon

ami, Zydeco Boudreaux.


ça va aujourd’hui?

Mais cher, Mardi

Gras may be over,

but dat don’t mean we can’t laissez

les bons temps rouler, n’est- ce pas?

Again...even with the threat of

thunderstorm, about 80

fun-loving Porsche owners

attended our April Social event

No, no, cher. Le bon restaurant

Shuck-n-Jive hosted the April social,

so Maverick members could

celebrate la

joie de vivre

avec good

friends and

good food

and drink,

and “make

the veiller,”

as we say en


Some handsome

Porsche attendees

About 80

Mavericks attended the event, and

tout les Porsches lined up in the

parking lot, like sparkling jewels, in

First-time attendee Bob Kuykendall,

Maverick Monthly Social Chair

Stephanie Ho, new member

Jeffrey Komenda, Matthew Cords

the section cordoned off for us by le

meilleur hôtesse Stephanie Ho.

We feasted on some bonne cuisine

Cajun; les fruits de mer, or

“marecage”, as we call it dans le

bayou. Regarde le menu; il y’a les

tooloeloe, sea bob, costeau, mashwarohn,

gumbo; even some jambalaya,

étouffée, andouille sausage,

et le blackened poulet. Mais cher,

dere’s some good eatin’ -- woo whee

-- I gar-aun-tee! Et bien sûr, there

was rice avec tout les entrees! Just

like back home, when ta mère starts

cooking rice while she makes coffee

in the morning, even though she

don’t have any idea what she’s serving

for dinner.

The food was spiced nicely, but not

spicy enough for this Cajun palate.

Photos by Stephanie Ho

Like I tell my cousin Thibodeaux;

when I’m in Dallas and take a bite

of some of dere five-alarm chili, I

always end up reaching for some Tabasco

to heat it up! Mais cher, dere

is some spicy victuals -- woo whee -- I


You know cher, when Porsche wants

to make a smaller version of one of

dere models, they call the prototype

a “jun”, as in “junior”. So when they

decided to make a smaller version of

the Cayenne, they named it a “Cajun”.

I think that name was better

than “Macan,” mais non?

New members

Melissa and

Adren Jackson

Pat Frye, Larry


Mark Berry

The next Maverick Social is at the

Love & War in Grapevine, where ils

parlent anglais au Texas I don’t understand

- I gar-aun-tee!

Et cher, like we always say, “c’est pas

que les voitures, c’est du peuple,


New member

Maria Wei with

friend Jon Cochran

New members Dan

and Jennifer Sellers

Duncan Welch

with new member

Yvonna Lynn

Karen and Ed Reynolds,

Judy Brodigan, Donna

Mullenix, Mike Brodigan

26 June



Social Chair


Ho along

with Club


Jim Falgout presented restaurant

gift certificates to 7 Porsche-loving


Myra Sutton

Walter Otstott Michael Parma David Cavazos

Sylva Cohen Amanda Newman Phyllis Parma

Specializing in all years and models of

Porsche exclusively for more than 30 years

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

1521 Baccarac Ct Euless, TX 76040

817 540 4939



28 June


490 Oakbend Drive

(35E - North of Round Grove Rd.)

Lewisville, Texas 75067



3500 Preston Road

(at Parker)

Plano, Texas 75093



6407 Colleyville Blvd.

(Highway 26)

Colleyville, Texas 76034



111 Central Expressway North

(Inside Stacy Furniture Center)

Allen, Texas 75013



1900 S. Main Street

(Inside Stacy Furniture Center)

Grapevine, TX 76051




2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013


30 June

New Mavericks

By Susan and Tom Froehlich, Membership Co-Chairs

Jim Martin


2011 Carrera

Patrick Hall


1984 928 S

Patrick Sanger


2007 Cayman S

Sam Moon


2015 GT 3

Kenneth Everill


2013 Carrera S

Shane Smith


2015 Cayman GTS

Russell Tarver


2015 Macan S

Brett Taylor

Fort Worth

1991 Carrera 4

Jack Davis


2008 Boxster S

Bryan Tate


2015 Cayman GTS

Anibal Sarmiento


2015 Carrera 4

David Bowhall


2003 Carrera Cabriolet

Larry Thomas


2015 Boxster

Douglas Santiago

Fort Worth

1999 Carrera 4

Renee Hayden


1972 911 E

Michael Gilster


2015 Macan S

Marston Alexander (Claudia)


2011 Turbo S

Jimmy LaGrenade


2012 Panamera

Bill Orr


2000 Boxster S

Chris Paladino


2004 Turbo

Matthews McHargue


2013 Carrera 4S

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide,

contact the Froehlichs at

Maverick Membership Totals

Members ~ 1,554

Affiliate Members ~ 857

Total Membership ~ 2,396

Alfredo Bala

Flower Mound

2015 Panamera

Charles Curtis


2010 Carrera 4S

Fred Cornwall


1989 911 Speedster

Transfers In

Richard Distefano

Los Angeles

2000 Boxster S

Michael Walker

Flower Mound

2012 Cayman R

Fred Lin


2003 Carrera 4S

Sri Srikanth (Nimmy)

Flower Mound

2015 Macan S

Edward Han


2015 Macan S

Phillip Cavender (Kimberly)


2014 Cayman S

Robert Knowlton


2009 Carrera

Say hello to your fellow

Porsche drivers!

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .

keep the flash alive!

Anniversaries: June

35 Years

Virgil Rink

Naperville, IL

15 Years

Wallace Martin (Sheila)


Stephen Watkins (Julie)


Van Cohen (Alisa Thompson) Arlington

Stephen Davis (Anne)


5 Years

Sheree Havlik (Joe)

Arnoldo Easterly (Susan)

Gary White

Kenneth Johnson (Jeanne)

Steve Collette (Lance)

Jacki Billings







10 Years

Randy Csanadi

Scott Gerrish (Windsor)

David McBee (David)

Fort Worth

Hudson Oaks




Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the

following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!

For Sale: 2007 911 (type 997) Targa 4, Guards

Red/black, all-wheel drive, wide body. Excellent,

pampered, well-maintained condition. No damage

history. 31,350 miles, all service records/books/

manuals/tools, 19” Turbo wheels, recent new set

Michelin Super Sport tires, garage-kept/covered,

non-smoker, more. Previous CPO car. $47,500 (new

MSRP $93,125 + clear bra, etc.). Contact Rob at (06)

For Sale: 2004 Boxster S, Beautiful Lapis Blue

Metallic with Graphite Gray Convertible Top &

Leather Interior, 22k, Tiptronic Auto, PS, PB, Bose

Sound Package with CD, Bi-Xenon headlights, 18”

Turbo II Wheels, Porsche Stability Management

Package, L&N IMS Upgrade, 4 new Michelin Super

Sports, Battery & Alignment. Superb Condition!

Looks, drives & smells like a brand new car. Have 2

keys, Owners Manual, Window Sticker. Never Raced.

Clean CarFax. No Wrecks. Needs Nothing. $24,750.

Call for photos. Contact James Ford, 214-886-6141 or (06)

For Sale: 1998 Spec Boxster (SPB), Black body now

professionally wrapped, fiberglass top. Professionally

built (2008), updated (2012), and maintained

1998 Spec Boxster. 2015 PCA Club Racing Rules

compliant. Has all the right stuff: Bilsteins, GT3 and

Tarrett bars, Toelinks, OMP Seat and Schroth Harness,

etc. 2.5 L Engine (2008 crate) with approximately

12.5K miles, rebuilt transmission (2015). All service

and maintenance records since 2008. Last raced

March 2015. $37,500 or OBO. Additional photos and

details on request. Contact or

text 214-213-7705 (06)

For Sale: 2003 Porsche Boxster S, Speed yellow w/

red and black racing stripes, aero kit, Black interior w/

yellow console and seatbelts. 3.2L 6 cyl, 6 spd manual

transmission, convertible, 71,400 miles. New Porsche

crate motor installed at approx 66,000 miles. PSS9

coilovers. 17” Porsche wheels, additional set of new

tires, new-in-box f/r Hawk HT10 brake pads. $21,000

obo. Contact Tim Machala, 972-527-0566 hm, 972-

742-8466 cell, or (06)

For Sale: 1992 964 Carrera 2, red/black, 98k, 16”

OEM wheels, plus choose 17” Cayman wheels w/

good tread, or 17” C2 turbo wheels w/worn tread.

Steve Wong chip, premium sound system, tint, dlr

svc, nearly complete history, nice condition. $29,964.

Vaughan Garrett, (06)

For Sale: 2008 911 C4S, Macadamia brown exterior/

brown interior, 20 K miles, excellent condition, 6

speed MT, sport exhaust, clear bra on front bumper,

hood, fenders, and mirrors. Located in Paris, Tx. Price:

$59,500. Contact Jay at 903-517-6743 or jkguest29@ (05)

For Sale: 1997 Caterham Super Seven, Ex CVAR

race car - street legal! Rebuilt Ford 1700cc sprint

cross flow motor, dual 40mm Weber carbs, dry sump,

MSD ignition w. rev limiter, approx. 135 to 150hp,

approx 350 street miles. Quaife ltd. slip rear end, coil

over shocks w/adjustable springs, disc brakes front,

drums rear. FIA roll bar, new quick release Momo

steering wheel, racing fuel cell (needs new bladder).

9500 miles. 3/15 inspection, Texas title as 1967 Lotus.

Track day, autocross, or just for fun. Asking $14,750.

Email Ralf at (05)

For Sale: 1986 944, White/burgundy, all original

unrestored, telephone dial wheels. Updated clutch,

belts, water pump, radiator and brakes. Second owner

and have all documents. 114,000 miles, $5000.

Contact Taylor at 817-688-7161 or


For Sale: 2000 911 Carrera Convertible, Black ext/

black int, 6-speed manual, very clean. CD Changer

wind screen and spare tire. 2nd owner; 1st owner close

friend so car has a complete history. Always wellmaintained

and covered in the garage. 84,000 miles.

Excellent condition. $21,000. Plano, TX. Contact

Allen Liebnick, 214-366-7027 (cell) (05)

For sale: 2001 Carrera, 64,000 miles, second owner,

black exterior, interior and wheels. 6 speed, sun

roof, CD player, bumper/hood bra, upgraded control

arms. Extra set of wheels. Good Michelins. Great

inexpensive car for daily use or DE. $23,000. Contact

Bud @ 214-202-3390. (05)

For Sale: Antique Texas License Plates: I have 2

Sets from 1971; STB-366 & STB-367 and 2 Sets from

1973; GCL-584 & LXC-696. Each Set of TWO Plates

(front & rear) are Used, but in very good shape. $100

per Set, OBO. Make your Classic Porsche just a bit

nicer and let all see what a Classic Machine you have.

Jerry at 972-897-5800 or (05)

For Sale: 1992 911 (964) Turbo, Black ext./Tan int.

103,830 mi., Odometer recently repaired. All records

with recent engine service. Engine and turbo are both

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32 June

very strong, excellent driver with showroom looks.

Good Pilot Sport tires. Cold A/C. Superb condition

inside and out. $89,000. Call or email for more info:

972-317-4005 or (04)

For Sale: 2011 Porsche Carrera GTS, Black

exterior/Black interior. Texas car. In perfect shape in

and out. Clear bra on front bumper, hood, fenders and

side mirrors. This is a rare non-Alcantara full leather

interior GTS. PDK transmission, center lock wheels,

sport chrono, sports steering wheel, PASM, Bose,

nav & lots more ! Dealer serviced. Porsche extended

warranty to 4/7/2017. 24,000 miles. $74,900. Contact

Ronald Santos, 214-674-7212 (04)

For Sale: 1983 928S Track Car, Owner since 1990.

Engine is stock, 5 speed, lsd, MSDS headers, Eibach

springs, Bilstein shocks, 928 International front

swaybar, Devek radiator. Recaro SPG seats, Brey-

Krause seatback brace, 5 point harnesses, kill switch,

roll cage by RaceFab, BBS and Forgeline 8x16 wheels.

Asking $5,000. Contact Brian Scudder, 972-548-0380

or (04)

For Sale: 2011 Featherlite Model 3110 20’

aluminum open car trailer, Only 1975 lbs empty

and ideal to tow with SUV. Rock shield, lockable

tool chest, aluminum ramps in lockable storage

underneath, removable fenders for easy car door exit,

new spare wheel, plenty of space for extra wheels.

Current list price $9,500. Asking $6750. Email Ralf, (04)

For Sale: 1988 944 Turbo S, 1 of 64 imported in

Maraschino Cherry. Very nice Original Turbo S, not

concours condition, but 8+. Original paint, weakest

part. Complete “tuned-up” by ZIMS this 2015.

78,000 +/- original miles. All stock except exhaust

modifications by Lindsey Racing; adjustable boost

control (12–21 psi), silicon hoses, +/- 310 hp at rear

wheels. Non stock stereo. Tires great. Asking $25,000,

taking offers. Contact Hugh Kelly, 972-937-1061 (04)

For Sale: 2000 Porsche C-4 Cabriolet, Just returned

from Flat 6 Renovations, completely gone through.

Also just prior rear main bearings at Park Place;

new pads and Michelins up front. Becker audio

AM/FM/CD/AUX/Phone system. 3rd Owner-Clean

carfax-never tracked. 109,450 miles, 200 miles

since major work. This car is now better than new.

$22,500.00. Contact Chris Blackman, 214-458-1747

or (04)

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